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  1. Jenna

    Hi there! Everyday, I just go home and practice lines and lines and lines:)
    Age: 13 (almost 14 February 14th!) People see my youngest as 13 and oldest as 16!
    Skin tone: Pale
    Hair colour: brown hair, golden
    Eye colour: blue (husky)
    Body build: athletic and slim
    I was a synchronized swimmer for four years and reached the national level. Now, I compete in dance; hip hop and contemporary. I can speak French, getting my grade 11 half way through this year (gr.9) I can pick up lines quickly, that’s how I learnt languages so quickly! I go to an IB school, so I know the definition of handwork. I have been in front of judges/ on stage/ try-outs that anxious/nervous isn’t even in my vocab! Acting is my dream! I am in love with acting! You won’t regret it if you pick me! I can be sweet, rebellious, sneaky, rude, sarcastic, dramatic etc… If you want to see what I look like just send me a quick email and I will reply! Honestly this has been my dream.

  2. gabrielle flaishans

    HEIGHT: 5’5″
    AGE: ALMOST 19

  3. Samantha Schlaiss

    I am 15 years old and have worked in Tv/Films before and love the experience! I would like to continue on this career path and see what the future holds! For more information please feel free to email me and/or call me at <hidden from public> thank you

  4. Belle

    I am 5’4 and I have curly wavy brown hair and Hazel eyes

  5. Belle

    My name is Belén Ortega, but people call me Belle. I live in San Jose California and I love acting I have always wanted to be in a movie. I’m 14 years old and look young for my age. I’m Mexican I can speak Spanish and I can do a pretty good British accent. I love animals and it would be a dream of mine to on the show. Please email me back.

  6. Isabel Forrest

    Hi! I’m Isabel Forrest and I would like the chance to audition for a role.i am Aged 15
    And my birthdate is 13/06/2000

    i have hazel/ green eyes with Brown hair, mid back length. I am 5’4-5’5 and I am Of Caucasian decent. I Live in Brisbane, Australia and willing to travel for filming if I get a role. My email is <hidden from public> . I am in Grade 10 at school and I am on average a ‘B’ student

    I’m a team player and I would be astounded to have an opportunity to audition. I have been apart of school musical such as Mulan and I am an International Synchronised Ice skater. I know what level of commitment is required and I am willing to put in all the time required.

  7. Helwan

    Wasup, my name is Helwan and i would really love to be an actress for Twisted! My family abd i always watch abcFamily so the fact that i can be an actress for twisted is really awesome. I am 17 years old, a senior in highschool. This would be my dream if i get this offer and i would not disappoint you guys. I live in the bay area so hopefully location wise wont affect this job. My ethnicity is african american (eritrean) to be exact, my height is 5’4 and I weigh 115 pounds. Hopefully ill get a email response back but thank you anyways for reading and i hope you have a good day.

  8. Gabe

    I am trying to get my foot into the world of acting I’ve already had a few auditions that just wanted me to sign up for expensive classes. But I already believe I have what it takes. I’m 18 about 5 something. Brown skin.

  9. Claire

    Hi there! My name is Claire, and I am am a Caucasian teenager from BC Canada as well as an actress. I have been acting in local plays ever since I was about three or four, and things have only gotten better from there. I have experience with multiple different musical instruments that include bass guitar, viola, vocals, and saxophone. A brief description of my overall appearance is that I have wavy dull red hair, grey eyes, and pale skin. I am 5’3, female, skinny for the most part, and have an hourglass body type. I have a lot on energy, and a lot confidence in how I look and my body. I would be very keen on taking a role of some sort if you guys are interested! Thanks for taking the time to look at my submission, and best wishes.

  10. Lizzy

    Hello my name is Lizzy and I am a 17 year old Caucasian female. I absolutely love twisted. I have watched the first season 4 times now because that’s all that has been on Netflix. I would be so honored to act in the next season of twisted. I can’t wait to hear back from you!

  11. Noor Ali

    Age: 15 (turning 16 in September)
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: dark Brown
    Height: 5’3
    weight: 98 pounds
    Body: Slim
    Place of residence: Vancouver, Canada
    skin color: light brown
    Have been acting in school acting classes since grade 8 (got accepted in theater 11 in grade 10)

  12. Lauren Opara

    Name: Lauren Opara
    Age: 14 but can play roles up to age 17
    (September 11, 2000)

    Height: 5’6 (167cm)
    Weight: 119 lbs (54kg)
    Race: 3/4 African American 1/4 Hispanic
    Nationality: American
    Residence: Atlanta, Georgia

    I’ve never acted for television although I’ve been in countless plays and live performances. I recently began watching ‘Twisted’ after I was introduced by a close friend; the show is one of my all time favorites and I’m so happy that they’re finally bringing it back. I would love to be on the show and I will put my heart and soul into any part I receive. I’m available all year round and have no issues with transportation or schedule changes. I’m a very versatile actress and I’m ready to expand my horizons and act on TV.

  13. Paulo

    Im Paulo, a 5’11” 23 year old canadian male. Im portuguese italian, olive skin, slightly resemble Avan and I am an absolute fan of his. I love to perform and I am commited 100% in everything I do. I want this role more than anything as I am a fan of the show, and its a dream of mine to work with such a talented cast. Thanks for taking the time to consider me and please feel free to contact me regarding photos or more info. I look forward to the opportunity, and will keep my fingers crossed.

  14. Ibis Alvarez

    Location Florida
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5’3
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Hazel

    Hello, I don’t have much experience in acting,but I took Drama in Middle school and highschool and dance while in highschool as well. I really love this show and it would be a dream to get this opportunity. I’m also bilingual and a college student with two majors about to graduate in the next year.

  15. Makayla

    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 155
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    State: Illinois

    Interest: Disney, horror, comedy

    Hello! I am very interested in any character that i would fit best. I can sing i can act im very open on and off camera. Im not afraid to show my feelings. I would love to work with your cast! I can play a straight or gay women or even a transvestite im very open to anything!
    I am very comfortable with new and old friends. Im not a shy person i am very outgoing and love adventure. I live every day to its fullest. I would give 110% on any character i would be given. Im a new face and love every part of myself! I can cry on demand i can scream i can laugh and sure can crack a joke! If you would like to contact me please don’t hesitate i am eager to hear who you chose to cast! I am also looking to be an extra if i don’t fit your requirements if you feel i would be great for another role for another movie i am open for change

  16. Jale Alkin

    Hi my names Jale ( pronounced jaylee )
    I’m 15yrs old, 160cm in height, weigh 43 kg, size 4/6 (Australian sizing), long brown hair and light brown eyes. Good facial structure (just saying) ;white (Turkish background). I can also do really good accents. I would love to be apart of this and to gain more experience in acting and to someday become a professional actress. Reach me at <hidden from public>

  17. Haley Meunier

    Hi! I have been involved in acting ever since I was 9. I would love to be considered for a part in this show. I have a decently loud personality, but I also know when to be quiet. As to one of the reasons I am on my high school varsity cheer leading team since I tried out. I am 16 years old and get along with others very well(or at least no one has told me so far if I don’t :)
    This show sounds fun and mysterious, I would make a great cast member.
    This is me:
    Age: 16
    Height: 5′ 6”
    Weight: 144 lbs
    Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
    Hair Type: Curly, but can be straightened
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Freckles: Check!
    Skin Tone: Fair… I think(have not had a professional opinion)
    Talents: Acting, Cheer leading, Dancing(mostly to choreography)!
    Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

  18. Michealyn Crauswell

    Hi, I’m Michealyn. I am 15 years old and I believe I would be of great use to your show. I love thrillers and work with them very well, it is my favorite genre. They have always made me excited. My schedule is very flexible and I look older than I actually am.
    However, I am only 5’1, and I am of the mixed race (farther is black, mother is white) . I have long brown hair and a semi-light complexion, but it’s easy to tell that I am mixed. I have no pro acting experience, but I’ve been in several plays. Please contact me. Thanks!

  19. Skyler Nicole

    Age: 19

    Hair: Light Brown


    Height: 5’4″

    Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Musician. I believe I would be an asset to your production. I will audition for any role, I have a flexible schedule, and I have been acting/singing my whole life. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to audition for a role in this show. It’s absolute genius at work! And, I would love to be a part of it.

  20. Caroline Galvez

    Hello! My name is Caroline and I am from Texas. I used to be in theater in college so I have some acting experience and I am currently looking for roles to jump start my acting career. I have always been inspired by major motion picture films and definitely would want to be part of one soon not just to get a role but to help jump start my career as an actress because I live for movies and television shows! I also will add here that I am an extremely hard-working individual and will always strive to reach any goal I have in mind. It would be an extreme blessing if you ever come across me. A brief physical description of me is I’m 18 going on 19, 5’4, Asian-American, strawberry blonde-ish hair, and brown eyes.

  21. lexy symone

    i cannot believe this show is airing again. i felt i was not alive when it went off air!!!
    so for years i have been stuck between a plan and a dream. both which drive my parents insane. the plan was for me to join the marine core straight out of high school, and that sounds amazing to me, but my dream is to act. of-course to them this isn’t realistic, but when you want something this bad, i don’t see how it cant be real. i have made them a deal. i have a short amount of time to work my butt off and find a gig somewhere in something to prove my determination, and then i will enlist. even tho i am in love with the marine core, i cant sleep at night knowing that my dream is waiting for me, i cannot just abandon it without even trying. so i would love to be given a shot at this. i am currently enrolled in acting classes and was also featured on “the talk”. thanks for taking the time to read.
    height “5’7
    age: 19
    race: african american/italian
    weight: 150

  22. SheJana Venable

    I love acting I have a lot of energy and I’m always out going . I’m 21 but I look younger slim 5’4 long hair . Tan skin . I feel like actions speak louder than words

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