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  1. Lindsey mitkish

    Name: Lindsey Anne mitkish
    Birth date: April 19, 1999
    Age: 15 pass for 17 or 18
    Hair: any color you like. Right now it is blackish brown
    Eyes: brown sometimes hazel
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 120
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Further information: my hair is swishy skater bangs. I can send a picture if you would like to see, had braces, I was an extra in a zombie movie.
    Sex: girl

  2. sergio

    hello i’m 13 i was born in phoenix im 5.4 black hair dark brown eyes. ever sence i was little and thats all for me

  3. De'Janae Mckinnie

    NAME: Ja’Nae
    AGE: 13
    DOB: 06/22/2001
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 99 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Brown
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female
    ENTERTAINMENT: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Rapping, Stepping,…..

  4. Rachel Davis

    I would absolutely love to be apart of Faking It. Please consider me!!!
    Name: Rachel Davis
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: African-American
    Education: Sophomore in High School
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Height: 5’3″

  5. Roshni Saxena

    Hello, my name is Roshni Saxena and I should be considered for a role because I have actual training. I have trained for some time with Frank Rossi and he is a phenomenal teacher. I absolutely love acting and the chance it gives me to take on new challenges. Even if cast as an extra I think I could bring a lot to the show. By the way my appearance is as follows:
    Birthday: March 31st 1998
    Age: 16 years old
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 143 lbs
    Hair: Black, Blonde Highlights Underneath
    (Hair is also very long, but can be cut if need be)
    (Also can be dyed any color)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Eastern Indian

    Other skills/talents/good things include:
    Playing Violin & Piano
    Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
    Grade point average above 94.00

    I would be overjoyed to be part of this show, please do not hesitate to contact me through email/calls/text message at any given time.
    Email: <hidden from public>
    Phone Number <hidden from public> 

    All the Best,
    Roshni Saxena

  6. Bless

    My name is bless Clarke I sing , dance , and act! I have been cast for many role but I always had to turn them down because they were in Cali or somewhere far! Don’t just look at this reply and think it’s just another wannabe be cause I have a passion for acting! I watch all abcfamily shows including switch at birth, The foster, pretty little liars, Twisted which I wish would come back on and many more! Please All I just Want is to be know and to be able to have an acting dream isn’t what this website for to make little kids dream come true.

  7. Jamie Patterson

    Hello my name is Jamie
    Patterson and I believe that I should be considered for this role because I have experience acting and working with others. A cast is a family that worked together for the better of the show. I am passionate about acting and I’ve been told do something that you love and this show has been a huge hit. At first I wasn’t feeling the show but the best shows are the ones that make you like them. Next thing I know I was faithfully watching. I hope I can be considered for a role I’m your show. Thank you

  8. Jennifer Costello

    I’m a social worker with a degree in psychology and a passion for acting. What other type of role could be more perfect for me?

    Red hair, blue eyes, 5’6″, 124 lbs,

  9. Kari

    Hello, I am
    16 years old
    junior in high school
    Indian background
    long thick dark hair, hits right about pelvis bone
    dark brown eyes
    110 lbs.
    I would love to be on the show Twisted because I have acting experience as an extra, have danced on television for 3 years, and I am comfortable on camera. I am also very athletic and am in numerous sports teams in my school while holding great grades in school. I love the plot twists and amazing characters on the show, and it would be an AMAZING experience to be on set with such talented people. Thank you for your time!

  10. Briah Ann Krueger

    Hello Ladies & Gents!

    I am a very determined eighteen-year-old young lady who is ready to make a mark on camera. I have been involved in choir for eight years, and have been in productions through Theater Arts since the age of seven. Being on stage, or being given a character to portray is what I do best. Some people have Math or Science, some people can rock a Football field or Basketball court, but as for me; I have always felt my confidence soaring on the stage or on camera. If I or my friends and family had to describe me in a single phrase, I believe they would say I am an old soul in a young body. I am in LOVE with everything from Frank Sinatra to The Beatles. I am also a writer of poetry and have had my poems published in four different books.

    I am 5’3, and weigh about 115 lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I have a few freckles. I do not wear makeup except for foundation, I do not like to wear other products.

    I am a small town Wisconsin gal, but my heart-filled dreams are too big for this little place.
    I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  11. Taylor Nettles

    I love the show and I am suddenly interested in acting.

  12. Bailey Reynolds

    Hm..well there are a lot of people who have replied, and I will be one of the many. But hopefully, I may be a consideration. I’m 19 years old, and I want more than anything to be an actress. Ya know, I really wish it was easier to convey feeling and emotion through text. But I digress. Anyway, I have some experience, taken classes and been in college productions, but I just need a start somewhere. I only need a chance to prove that I can stand out, and be great.

  13. Mariza Marquez

    Hi my name is Mariza Marquez and I would love to be apart of this show.

  14. Keli chubb

    Hi, I’m keli! I feel that I should be apart of Twisted because I’m skilled in acting, I have so much experience knowing how to cry on spot, be dramatic, angry, any type of emotion actually without seeming too cheesy. I took acting classes, musicals, plays all throughout high school and even took the time out of my day(Still do) to reenact certain scenes from different types of movies learning from famous actors/actresses. I love to act/ entertain and me always seeking perfection in my work and following orders I know that this would be the right place for me. Im a female, 5’7, dark brown hair, african american, and I’m 17 but will be 18, august 8th.

    Excited for possible opportunity. :)

  15. Maia

    Hi, I am maia and im 12 years old I have always wanted to act and I think I might have a good chance. I got the leading part in two school plays. One in fourth and one in fifth. About 20 people tried out.

  16. Yoaly Suarez

    Well I’m Yoaly and I would really love to be part of the new show. All I’m asking is for a chance. I’m from Austin TX, and I’m 16 years old. I don’t have any experience whatsoever but it doesn’t matter. Since I was 3 I mimic a lot of people on TV. I love to sing and act in my room. I act in front of the mirror or even in front of my family. I do body motions, and different languages from what I see/ hear. I’ve been looking everywhere just to get an opportunity. But I’m positiveone day I will be somebody. I don’t give up so easily. Here are some ideas of my appearance. I have thick dark brown hair, big dark brown eyes.( I wear glasses) I speak Spanish and English, I have a dimple you can see in a certain angle. I’m around 5’6 tall, weight 130pds. I do track and I’m very flexible. I’m not shy at all, I’m very talkative and very outgoing. I like to do things out of the extraordinary. Hope you can contact me as soon as possible. I’ll be looking for more (:

  17. Braya Candelaria

    My name is Bryan Candelaria I am 20 years old I am Puerto Rican and Spanish. I have many qualities that make me the best choice for you too pick. I am a very dynamic guy. I always give the best of me in every situation. I always try my hardest to surpass my expectations. And there’s nothing that I can not do if I put my mind. I have some experience and I’m always looking to expand my horizons. Ever since I started acting I discovered it’s the most beautiful talent that you could ever have. To be able to interpret someone story in real life it’s one of the most satisfying feelings you could ever have in your life. If your looking for someone that will give they’re hard in every seen that they do I’m your guy.

  18. Andrea Guevara

    Hey my name is Andrea Guevara ,I wish i could sound more alive in my writing and that I can show my personality through writing but that’s sort of difficult my English teacher always says ¨what you write is what you feel.¨ I guess it’s true my teacher is very wise.But my mom always says ¨keep it short or you’ll bore people.¨ she says that because I’m a very talkative person and love going on and on about stories.When we write we are suppose to be ourselves and feel confident about what we write.I’m 15 turning 16 in August 5th ,I was born in New York but then i moved to Florida but now I’m moving back. I love the movie and the book because i can relate my self to a lot of the characters and I love action filmed movies ,I also love books that deal with dystopia.I’m very active and athletic I do sports like track,lacrosse,and raiders(military sport) I’m also very competitive and passionate when it comes to things I love or want to do.I’ve never done any acting jobs but i feel like my personality fits .People usually think I’m older.I have short hair because I wanted to try something new.I’m a junior in high school ,I use to go to Hollywood hills military academy in Hollywood,Fl.My instagram name is @Lunaslegands.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5,4
    Race: Hispanic (Venezuelan)
    Hair: thick dark brown
    Weight: 105
    Skin: tan
    Eyes: brown
    Languages spoken: Spanish, English

  19. Cyarra

    Hi .. He he I’m beautiful and confident, I’m sure you’d pick me because I’ll simply make your show better! I’m 18 and no I’m not cocky I’m confident ;) . until we meet. Yes it shall be soon! Adios

  20. Iris

    What can be better than playing in series that you enjoy?
    I should be considered for a role in TWISTED because a have modeling and some acting experience. My appearance is so unusual that it is hard to say to which ethnicity I belong (in fact, my ethnicity is mixed). Plus, I really enjoy the plot of the series and I can’t wait to see new series. It means that I will be an enthusiastic performer.
    Kind regards.

  21. Iroda Iris

    I have some modeling and acting experience. I’m 21, but I look younger.Many people say that may appearance is unusual. I really enjoy an unusual plot of TWISTED. Is it possible to apply for a role in this movie?If yes,then how?
    Kind regards,

  22. Ceana Williams

    Hello i’m Ceana Shonia Williams. i live in Michigan. I am 15 years old until the 30 of July i’ll be 16, i’m biracial and 5’4. i love to sing and act and i’m a very hard working person. i have a little acting experience with the drama club and im in vocal ensemble in my schools choir. i would be entirely grateful to have a casting audition. Please contact me for any further information <hidden from public> 

  23. Christal Stokes

    Hi there! My name is Christal Stokes (my real name is Christina but I go by Christal) and I would love to be in this new series. Before I explain why i’ll give some information about myself.

    Age: 16 almost 17 years old.
    Birthday: August 11th 1997.
    Appearance: I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I am around 5’2 and have a curvy build.
    My acting/singing experiences: Nothing ever big like commericals or movies but I do have a lot of acting and singing experience. I have been singing and acting for my churches since the 3rd grade. Every year my church puts on these live action dramas called Summer Explosion and Hell Night, and every year about 2000-3000 people come. (Check out Countryside Christian Center if you dont believe me) and every year I’ve been apart of it, whether if its voice-overs, lead roles, extras, or stunt doubles for some of the video scenes they’ve done.

    I cant give you the perfect actress background with a ton of experience, but the one thing I can give you

    is dedication.

    Acting has been my life for as long as I can remember. Its pretty much a part of me. When I play a character I don’t just “act” them, I transform into them. I take my characters to heart, and transform myself into them, when i’m on stage or recording, its no longer Christal standing there, its whatever character I am.

    I’ve always wanted to be a part of ABC and their shows and movies, but until now I’ve never had the financial ability to do so. Now since I have my own job to support myself, I can finally chase my dream while still having money coming in to lean on. I left public high school this year to do virtual school while I chased my acting dream. I hope I finally have a chance to show you guys that I am what you’re looking for, and that I will not let you down.

    This production would be a great way to open up many doors for me and to allow me to share what i’ve always wanted to do with the world, it would be such an honor to be even considered for this production.

    contact information: <hidden from public>
    phone number <hidden from public> 

    I hope you guys consider me, thank you :)

  24. Emily Jasani

    Hi I am Emily Jasani from Delaware. I am going to be 15 in December and attend high school as a freshman. I have always secretly wanted to be an actor, but have kept this from my family. I would really love a shot at an acting job. I am a very hard working young woman with the courage to face my fears and give acting a shot. Whoever is reading this now please take my not into consideration as I would be pleased to get a call back. I would also like you to know I mad Indian and am 5’2. I have also had some experience in a few plays in school. Thank you for your consideration.
    Sincerely Emily Jasani

  25. Sarah Stokes

    Hello I might be a little young to even be considered but what the heck. I’m Sarah I’m 16 from Lubbock… A town that is just bursting at the seams with opportunity…. Haha. I would love to be considered for any role of any show of abc family. I maybe young but I have talent. I have been trained in all areas entertainment. Acting,singing,and dancing both classically and mainstream. I’m determined and zealous and have been told I’m exotic and charming. I’m a half black half white strong female with a kick mentality and skills that kill.
    Thanks for your time,

  26. livie simpson

    I AM ……
    I live in Denton,Texas
    I’m white
    I have duty blond-ish hair
    Eye color:Blue
    I’m a gymnast and I cheer for my school and all
    MY LIFE I’VE BEEN performing for people.
    F.Y.I alot of people say i’m beautiful.

  27. Jaricsa Frias

    My name is Jaricsa Frias I am turning 19 years old on June 19. One of my biggest dreams since I was a little girl has been to become an actress one day. This is the one thing that I am most passionate about in my life. I am a very unique character and would to show it to others. Like I said becoming an actress is what I want most in life, so if I could have an opportunity to show I have what it takes, that would mean the world to me. I love a good mystery series. I am positive that I would surprise you if you have me a chance. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

  28. Jessica

    My name is Jessica and I am 15 years old. I am 5’2 and weigh about 100 pounds. I have dirty blonde hair that falls to my mid-back, blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. I have very little experience in acting professionally but I have a lot of experience performing. I’ve been told that I should be an actress before and I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I took voice lessons when I was younger, I’ve done a couple acting classes with my school, and I was in school plays when I was in middle school. I am an all-star cheerleader (competitive cheerleading) and am very athletic. I am out-going and make friends easily. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and it’s getting pretty boring. I would love to be considered.

  29. Michael Tinsley

    Hey I’m Michael I would like to share something’s about myself I’m around 5ft 9in and about 130pounds with brown medium length hair I was born February 12th 1996 18years old. I’ve never had any professional acting experience but I have definitely had some personal acting experience. Acting is something I’m incredibly passionate about I’ve always felt that our lives are like a set and we’re playing a roll in peoples lives everyday. Personally I can relate to the series in ways so I feel I could really emotionally connect to the characters in the story that would be genuine. I would love to be considered for rolls in the series Twisted. Warmest Reguards, Michael Tinsley

  30. Jelissa griffin

    Hi my name is Jelissa I am 15 years old in the 9th grade. I would be a great fit into this show. I have taken acting classes for 2 years and hip hop for 1.
    Please give me a chance and I won’t let u down.

  31. Hope Garcia

    Hello my name is hope and I’m 16 years old. Iv had many many opportunities to be in plays and musicals. Iv done plays since I was 3 and I would love I be a new face in your tv show. Iv never had time on tv before so I’m a new fresh faced actress. I’m very dedicated and hat working and can do anything Im asked to do as a character. Please consider me for this show! Thank you!

  32. Melody Bragdon

    I am a 14-year-old girl graduating 8th grade with brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m a straight A student and participate and multiple extra-curricular activities that vary between mental and physical. I enjoy spending my free time reading, writing my own stories or poems (some of which have been published), doodle, or just listen to music and/or sing. I am also 5’4″ and am slightly experienced with acting. I recently received the IESA Scholars Award representing my school.
    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Melody H. Bragdon

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