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  1. Natalia

    How to move after an affair?I would like pisotve feedback with how to move forwarded in life. My husband of 12 years cheated once before we were married and twice in the last 6 years. The last time was just 6 mths ago that he had a relationship for 4mths with an old girlfriend. I know in my heart he is the love of my life and they always say you married your father and i did. I could not imagine a day without him and some people might think that is sad but it is true. I’m seeking advice on how to move forward for the sake of my children and my family. Is there hope?

  2. Hanan Hailey

    Hi my name is Hanan and I am seven years old… I know I’m young and don’t know where life will lead me… The only thing I know is I want to be on a big screen and want people to know who I am and what my dreams is about… I am very unique and have a big personality… When you get to know me, you’ll find me very interesting and smart… From what I can remember, is always being on television… I watch, Good Luck Charlie and I am fascinated by all the acting and act like Jessie all the time.. I don’t have any acting experience but, I know you will love to have me on any of your movies…

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