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  1. Skittles1st

    Name: Skylar Stark
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    When I was about 6 I loved to sing and I really wanna audition for The XFactor. Me and my friend love to sing and she is about to go to an acting school and I really wanna audition and maybe she’ll audition with me. Thanks for reading and if you want me to audition here’s my email. <hidden from public>

  2. Maelen DuBois

    My name is Maelen DuBois, and im from Wyoming. Ever since i was little, all i remember doing is singing, and dancing, to alot of Taylor Swift. I grew up listening to different varieties of music, and different ways to use your vocal chords, and your diaphragm. I have a wide range. I can hit low notes, and the really high ones. I am 14 years old, and a freshman in High School. Growing up i was bullied alot, because i was not what people would call “Normal”. I am very weird and im proud of it! Its who i am. I believe that i have what it takes to win the XFactor, So please consider me for the XFactor, at some point in the future! Please and Thank You!
    ~Maelen DuBois

  3. Patrick Carr aka Collin Grey

    Hi my name is Patrick L. Carr aka Collin grey I am a 45 year old disabled vocalist from Freeport IL. with a great vocal range and a wide range in vocal style who is ready to show the world that just because your my age and or disabled you should never give up on your dream or the gift that God gave you that you have a voice and message the world will want to be a part of so here I am awaiting your response so I can show you I’m what the X – Factor is all about

    Patrick L. Carr
    <hidden from public><hidden from public> or <hidden from public> 

  4. Amber Lynne Angwin

    hey i want to sing a song called Break Free Ariana Grande ft Zedd.
    also ive been singing since i was a little girl. i didnt performed on stage before. my friends said i sing like Sam Smith. piz let me join the X Factor.

  5. Kisha

    Hi my name is Kisha mae Eva, and im frome Victoria, Britisha, Columbia and i love singing and i want to be a singer..

  6. Stephy Lee

    Hi! My name is Stephy Lee from Edmonton, AB. Im 25 yrs old and still waiting for my dream to come true. I always love singing and want to be a singer!. Hopefully you’ll give me that opportunity, to show you I have what it takes to make it. I already have a couple songs on youtube called “Angel” & Fairytale” . So you can hear for yourself if Im worth your time. Happy listening :)

  7. Avery Queen, Sydney Buck, and Madison Duncan

    Hi! this is Avery speaking on the behalf of all three if us (me, Sydney,& Madison) we are very passionate about singing and have dreamt about it being our careers from time-to-time. we decided to do this together since we know each other and share the same interests/passions. we are all fourteen years-old and all live in Alabama. we are freshman in high school and love the typical teenager things. we have all had to overcome huge obstacles in our lives and me, Avery speaking would like to put that I believe singing is our gateway to show how we feel. We all want to be in a group together and it would mean the world to be chosen. We are very privileged girls that would like to show our strengths in singing. We believe we all bring something unique to the table wether it be with singing or just in our presence. for Sydney she has an amazing voice that deserves to be found like all of us and Madison is just an amazing person all around as for me… you’d have to ask someone about that.
    Thank you for taking the time to read over this and considering us to be on the X factor. it really means a lot and we hope you choose us, thanks for you time!
    Avery Queen, Sydney Buck, & Madison Duncan

  8. Christine Malke

    I not cocky, but I am very confident. College grad with 4 degrees. I can sing and dance, it comes naturally. I am interested. beautiful and smart :)

  9. Rebecca Webb

    I would like to audition for x factor because I absolutely love melodies, harmonies, and good music. I am an absolute hard worker raising an 11 yr. Old boy alone. Music keeps me happy and grounded.. I owe it to my voice to use it for great things. All I have is my dream and goals, please help me.. become a LEADER OF THE NEW SCHOOL.
    A Girl saved by music, pushed by faith.

  10. Vanessa Orellana

    Hi, my names Vanessa I’m 14 a freshman in high school. Singing is my life. It’s everything to me and it’s been like that for a while now. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about and something I would like to pursue. I now that if you give me chance I could prove to you I have what it takes. I just need the opportunity. I believe everybody’s born with a passion or something they love and want to be. I was born for this I can’t see myself doing anything else but singing. I know I need to improve in some things and I’m aware but if you give me chance I could do it. My confidence is something that I’m trying to improve but with your help I can do anything just give me a chance. I need this.

  11. karla burnett

    hey, so i think i should be on x factor cause im young and very out going my dream is to meet demi lavato and i love to sing i was inspired by my mother at a very young age unfortuntly she past away in 2011 but i still believe i can make if u a chance ….text me at <hidden from public> 

  12. benedicta adama

    I am 21 year of old I will like to be a part of this show I always love to sing I will like to show my talent for the world to see plase I will every happy if am given the chance God bless us all

  13. akyna

    I think i should be considered for the x factor because i love to sing and i just want a chance to show the world what i can do

  14. alexander renaud

    Hay my name is Alexander at have 12 years at like sing old my life at sing is may passion and my hobbi ay go to a music school

  15. Alannah Conley

    Hey!! I am a 24 year old mother and wife I am from Ennis Tx. I have been singing since I could talk!! The feeling of being on a stage and being able to bring people to their feet or to move them is the best gift god can give a person. I have been thru alot in my life but no sob story here yes my lfe was hard but I am a strong god fearing woman because of, I know even at your lowest good will come you just have to have faith and hold on. I tend to surprise people once they hear me sing they can’t believe what they just heard came from little old me ;)) If you give me a chance I will blow your minds ;)) please give this sweet southern redhead a chance to show you what I’m made of I promise you won’t regret it ;))

  16. kyle-mae hart

    Hi I’m kyle-mae and I am 16,I sing at my church as a worship leader.People have told me how great my voice is. This would be a great opportunity to be on the x factor,and the thing is I love to sing for fun and I know if I don’t make it at least I did my best and I did what I love and I would be proud. And if I did win and got the $5 Million dollars I would buy my family a bigger house and then I would give the rest to my church so then they can pay their bills and mabye get some better chairs to sit in and more music that we can sing. I would be honored if you gave me the chance to be on the x factor and sing for you guys and give it my all. Thanks for your time. Sorry to tell you at the end but I live in Davison,mi.
    Sincerely kyle-mae hart

  17. kyle-mae hart

    Hi, I’m Kyle-Mae and I am 16. I sing at my church as a worship leader. People have told me how great my voice is. This would be a great opportunity to be on the Xfactor, and the thing is I love to sing for fun. I know if I don’t make it, at least I did my best, I did what I love and I would be proud. If I did win and got the 5 Million dollars, would buy my family a bigger house and then I would give the rest to my church so then they can pay their bills and maybe get some better chairs to sit in! It would also be great to get more music that we can sing. I would be honored if you gave me the chance to be on the Xfactor and sing for you guys and give it my all. Thanks for your time. I live in Davison, Michigan.

    Kyle-Mae Hart

  18. kaileigh rogers

    age: 12
    i love to sing and ive been singing ever since i was 2 or 3. i have had experiences of singing infront of audiences. i have a youtube account were i will be soon posting videos of myself singing and it would be awesome to appear on the Xfactor.

  19. pinkan mambo

    Hi,My name is Pinkan Mambo.I am a singer artist under Sony Music Indonesia this 14 years and still contract until 2020.I live in Los Angeles.I released 4 albums and many compilation with more than 10 hits singles.I am one of the very famous singer in Indonesia,I shows in many countries around the world.I win Mtv award.I am a very great talented singer performer entertainer dancer producer writer like Mariah Carey ,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Christina Aguilera.I have a very great voice. Please check my video link at :
    And please check my wikipedia .Thank You so much God bless You.Regards.You can reach me at <hidden from public> .

  20. Makayla Kratcha

    Hi, my name is Makayla, im am 13 years old, and I am from Door County WI. I love to sing. I have been singing ever since I was about 3 or 4. I think I should be on X Factor, because singing is my passion. I sing everyday. I couldn’t go one day without singing. I want to show people my talent. I have always wanted to make a career with my singing. I am also a competing gymnast. I have always wanted to go to the Olympics, but my dream slipped away as I got to old. But singing is my biggest passion. I love it. I have never sang in front of thousands of people before, but im hoping this opportunity will make that all change. Please read this:) I have had this dream forever. I have not had the chance because my parents do not believe I am ready, I have been ready for a long time. I have tried to audition for America’s got talent, but missed my chance. I really hope you let me join the X Factor :)
    Sincerely, Makayla

  21. Christina Capek

    Hi my name is christina . I am 11 and I have always wanted to be a singer and I had never sang in front of anyone EVER. So please right me back and I would like to be a next big singer and face my fears

  22. analise wright

    Hi my name is Analise i love to sing I’m 11 turning 12 I’m from Maryland . I can sing any songs and I love your show I watch it when it comes on and I imagine myself sing for you guys the judges i just want a chance to do what i love to do which is singing. I been sing since i was in diapers and when ever I listened to songs when i was little i used to sing and shake my little hips. I sang in front of my school and in front of my family thats it. i’m shy. I would love if u give me a chance and i would love to join x factor so please let me join. thank u for reading this i love u guys and hope to see u judge on xfactor……..BYE ;) AND THANK YOU ;)

  23. Angel

    Hey my name is angel and I have a group called The Rebels and we are a group of three ages 14-16 I’m the middle kid of the group.. I’m known to be the shy one but I do most the talking

  24. Angel

    Hey my name is angel and I have a group called The Rebels and we are a group of three ages 14-16 I’m the middle kid of the group.. I’m known to be the shy one but I do most the talking

  25. Reneeee

    Hi , I am 14 years old and I think I should be considered because I like music and people said I have a good voice.

  26. Amanda Zarba, Emily Calderon

    Our name is Amanda and Emily and we think we should not only be accepted but Given the chance to show our talent its not much now but we have something to show and we don’t care if we don’t make it but at least we were given the opportunity thank you for your time!
    If you consider and give us a chance which will be a dream, please contact us at <hidden from public>  <hidden from public> .
    Thank you so much!

  27. Elizabeth Irons

    My name is Liz and I want to be on the x factor because music is my life.Ive only 3ver wanted to be a singer and I feel it is my calling. I know that I can make america proud and only want a chance. Not only for myself but my family.

  28. cassisy martin

    Hello! My name is cassidy Martin I am 11 years old and I will be 12 march 10 I have ben told by many people I have a great voice and this is my dream and I know lots of people say that and kids always say it but I don’t want it to have money and look cool I want it to inspire people show them who I am and just sing my heart I am so glad that I found even this oppuritunty because I am from Michigan and there are not a lot of oppouritunys I have a mother who works so hard and cares for me but I have to this myself but I am overweight and I get made fun of so my singing takes me to another world and it sets me be free nobody can tell me I’m wrong and I can just be me and be free thank you

  29. Destiney Hart

    Hola my name is Destiney Hart am a singer a natural born singer
    I love music and I really just want to be able to showcase my talent for the world !!!!!

  30. Lauren Lippens


    I would love to be on X Factor!! I have been singing since I was young and it is my ultimate passion! I love to share my singing on my soundcloud and youtube. I love to sing Disney, jazz, classical as well as more modern music. I have around 12 years of dance experience in tap, jazz and ballet as well as playing piano and accompanying for over 12 years. I think being in this film would be an absolute blast and I hope I get the opportunity to audition for you! Here is some of my singing if you’d like to have a listen.

  31. gabriela

    Hi my name is Gabriela Torrecilla, I’m 15 years old, and i’m from Anaheim Ca and I think I should join the X Factor because it is my dream to be a singer and I have been singing for as long as I can remember and it would be the greatest opportunity to be working with the great artist to mentor you .

  32. Naomi McGlone

    Hi. My name is Naomi Rose, but I go by Rosie. I am a soon to be fourteen year old girl. I love to sing, and I’ve been singing for as long as I could talk. I write my own music, and do covers. I would love to be able to compete in a singing competition, or just to even sing in front of people and be noticed for how I sound and not only how I look. I’ve always loved music, and singing. There’s nothing I’ve ever loved more, other than my family and friends. I really hope you pick me, but if not I completely understand, for I know you can only choose so many people, and not everyone gets a chance. If you are interested in picking me, please do email me, or ask for my number so we could possibly speak over the phone or email one another. Thank you for the opportunity. Good Bye. :)

  33. Sebastian Ramirez

    Hello my name is Sebastian Ramirez, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Los Angeles
    California. The reason I wanna go on this show is because singing is my passion and I wanna do it for the rest of my life. So If I would get the opportunity to go on the show it would mean the world to me I’ve been singing since I was 8 ,when I got this solo at my school it made me wanna sing even more :). So please give me this opportunity it would mean a lot :)

  34. Kedale Carroll

    Hello my name is Kedale Carroll and im 15,years young and I live in Hesperia c.a and the reason why you should consider me to join is because I’ve been singing since i was a small little philly Ive always had a compassion for singing and basically,its all I have left really and a long time ago I told myself that im gonna leave a change and an impact on the word before I die..anyways ive joined chior and I practice every chance I get so I would say im prepared for this year thank you and hope you consider.

  35. Kaitlyn Escobar

    Kaitlyn Escobar at 15 years of age (16…Sept. , 2014))

    Hello. My name is Kaitlyn. I would love a chance to perform on X-Factor. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and it’s what frees me. I’ve always dreamed of somehow being able to sing for a living…I mean seriously why not do what you love right? Singing has been my life, almost literally. It has gotten me through the worst times in my life which , might be hard to believe at my age, weren’t just dramatizations. When I sing the feeling is beyond compare…it’s just an unequaled passion that wells up in my chest and fights to break free and escape through my vocal cords…it’s so powerful that if I don’t release it then I begin to feel like my chest will burst with the effort. I know I’m young, but I will always give my all in all that I do and my soul is made up of notes and lyrics. I would give my everything on any stage and I will prove that I can do so in front of a huge crowd if you give me the chance because I can and will give it all anywhere, anytime, and any place that I’m given a chance to.

  36. ricaria

    Im am 13 years o;d with a powerful voice im finding singing auditioning sites and I found this one so im ready to show my talent if you give me a chance if not thanks for your time :P

  37. caymen stockbauer

    Hello my name is Caymen and i want to be in the X-Factor! I am only 14 years old but i sing everyday i write my own songs and create music using my Garage Band app on my laptop. Music and singing help me escape from the world and help me show who i really am. If i get put in front of a microphone i will sing anything.. i think i will be good for this show because i can prove that young voices can be just as strong as the others and this will help me follow my dream of music.

  38. Cristine Arellanes "Noell Acuna"

    My name is Cristine but have always gone by my middle name, Noell. Im a single mom of 4 beautiful children. Ive been singing since i was 3 years old. I can sing anything from Gospel/R&B to Rancheras/Corridos. I can guarantee anyone who hears me sing will be impressed and blown away by my singing. You wont be disappointed.. i can guarantee you that. I just need an opportunity.


    hi…I’m Zepora a 24 year old Ghanaian girl and in Ghana at the moment.I’ve never traveled outside Africa and have been singing since childhood.I have gone for several singing competitions but each timethe winners seem to be predetermined.As a shy and somewhat timid person I get intimidated as I realise this along the line as I believe as a discovered talent am supposed to be helped and mentored to come out of my shell and shine on stage.I don’t have much and music is my life and the only stable thing I can always depend on apart from God.I believe in miracles and a chance to be discovered even tho I’m all the way across the world from where you are.Thank you.

  40. Stephanie Valle

    since the age of 6 ive been writing music and singing. I am now 20 years old and an art college student. I put music aside for 5 years now but keep dreaming of a spot light. ive whitnessed myself on a highchair playing the song over and over again with an empty stage. honestly if I had the opportunity to perform one song that can get me where I dream of, id take it in a heart beat.

  41. Deshawn Washington

    Hi my name is DeShawn Washington I’m from natchitoches Louisiana been living here all my life its a small town I’ve been singing sense I was 4 years old I’m 23 now I recently was on the hit talent show The Voice season 6 being on Shakira team I made it to top 48 out 400,000 people that tried out. I also song the national anthem for the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies it was a great experience

  42. felicity

    Hi, my name is Felicity Ann Robles and im 16 years old,
    I would love to be considered for the because its a dream of mine to share my voice with millions of people out there.
    And if you add a little reality into the dream it can come true.
    I believe that anything can happen as long as you put your part into it and thats excatly what i plan on doing.
    Nothing’s THAT impossible right?
    I also love writing songs as well.
    It would be an amazing opportunity to share them with others as well…
    I love singing with all my heart.
    Please consider me. It would be an honor for me.


  43. Roshuah

    Simon, I wonder if you actually read these. My name is Roshuah and I want an opportunity to make you cry. Not in a weird harmful way, but if I can locate your favorite song, I will sing it to the very best of my ability…Which will in fact blow your socks off. Actually, I’m talking a big game, I have no lack of confidence that I can do this, but I really need this opportunity. I am no one special and/or well known except through Jesus Christ. And He is who I will bring on stage with me….to make you cry!!! lol. That’s all.

  44. Celena Shamil

    I’m going to keep this short &’ simply to the point.. Singing sets my soul free! I sing from my heart &’ from past experiences! Consider me &’ I certainly won’t be a disappointment to the fans as well as MYSELF!

    Forever, Celena Shamil;

  45. Lacey Whitfield

    Hi, My name is Lacey Whitfield I’m 14 years old from Alabama. I would love to be on your show. I have been singing since I’ve been 3 years old started singig in church. I have been in sevreal singing competition n always placed. My love for music I want to become known and follow myvdreams. I was able to sing at Tootsies in Nashville in April 2014. It was absolutely amazing. Now it’s time for me to shine and I’m ready for my next step in life. Thank you Lacey Malynn hope to hear from you soon.

  46. wilnisha

    Hi im wilnisha im 12 years old and i really would love to be on the xfactor i want to know the honest truth about my singing p.s im never shy

  47. Elizabeth

    I’m Elizabeth and I’m 10.I LOVE singing I’ve been singing since i was 3 and I want to be the next Demi lovatio or Selena Gomez so I thought of this.I live in Livingston MT and I would love to be on the X factor.I probably won’t get to I’m not picked for well anything.

  48. Philip Alexander

    Hello! I’m Philip Alexander. I’d like to be a contestant on the upcoming season of X Factor USA because Music saved my life! At a certain point I had messed up so bad that all I had was music. My voice is the reason that I am not homeless or an addict. It gave me something to be proud and take care of. I think the “X Factor” is something that develops inside anyone who’s bad choices caused them to struggle, but did not let the struggle defeat them. Instead they began to listen to the voice inside and like me, it helped them see their potential and they pulled through and grew into a better, stronger person. For me, the voice inside just happens to sound good outside as well.

  49. Sequoya Joy

    I’m a female.
    13 years old.
    I live in Connecticut
    I have been singing since like I was 4 years old.
    I love all music.
    I want to be on the X factor because I want to show people who I really am and I feel like the way to do that is by my vocals!
    I singing everywhere! At church, school events, the shower, in the car, shopping, everywhere u can’t possibly think of ! Yes I get nervous every time but it’s what I do! And nobody can take that away!

  50. monica louis

    Hi I’m Monica and singing have always been my dream and I would like to sing in front of thousands of people and I think x factor is where I can start my dream love you x factor thanks ☺☺☺☺

  51. Zack Larsen

    I am Zacks mom. This is his e-mail. He is a very talented 26 yr old musician, and very talented singer. Music had been his passion and channel and blessing most of his life. He is genuine. He lives to hang out after work with his friends and play music. He plays in clubs, homes, apt ‘s, outside – wherever music leads him. He is amazing and self taught on piano and plays guitar, bass guitar, sax, he had an incredibly raw talent to just pick up an instrument and own it. I would like to share with you the future of what I believe is Americas up coming and future talent. Zack had the “X Factor”.

  52. Gema Ortiz

    Hi my name is gema :) and well to be honest I have no idea why I want to be a singer all I know is I love it when people smile at me when I do. I don’t care wht the world say I will make it some day and I will prove everyone wrong. Also if I end up as a group it would be the most amazing thing ever to be able to travel the world with some amazing sisters :) well that is all I have to say.
    im 16
    Im a girl
    brow hair
    brown eyes
    and I wont back down

  53. josue felix

    hello my dream is to be a singer please help me out im crying everyday to be in the x factor help me

  54. Julia Kincaid

    NAME: Julia
    AGE: 52
    DOB: 06/16/1962
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 160 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female

  55. Sabrina Saleem

    Hi my name is Sabrina Saleem, im from houston,tx and i am 18 years old. My dream is to be a Singer. I just want a chance, I want to be heard and show the world and myself how much this means to me. Please let me join the x factor.

  56. Hazel

    Hi I’m Hazel from the town of Olds, AB. I love singing used to have a band and sing whenever I have the opportunity to share the talent but now married, a mom and just have the safe desk job but I don’t want to stop myself from doing what I love and what I think I do best. I want to prove myself that I never lost and still and will always have the X Factor in me.

  57. Kayla Floyd

    My name is Kayla I’m 11 years old and that’s a rear and sweet age I live in Brooklyn,NY since I as long as I can remember I love to sing and dance my mom is a nurse soon to be doctor my dad is a paramedic and in the army they want me to be a nurse pour a doctor but I want to show them that I got fame that I was born smarter and talented the the others and its time for me to show it thank you any I hope you respond back PLEASE!!!!!!!!- responded back.

    Sincerely, THE SOON TO BE POP STAR ;-)

  58. Kayla Floyd

    I realy want to sing at your competition I’m really good my family and my whole school think so I know iI got it they know I got it now we are missing is you are you up for the challenge or nauh

  59. casey lassiter

    My name is Casey Lassiter and I love to sing. Every minute of every day I incorporate music into my life in one way or another. It has been a life long dream of mine to become recognized for my singing abilities! Not only because I highly enjoy the freedom of expression, but I would find great satisfaction out of connecting to people all over the world through my music. If chosen for this opportunity or any other opportunity that is related, I would accept the invitation with grace and enthusiasm! I am willing to dedicate as much time as needed to any project and would highly enjoy learning as much as I can about the movie/music business. I know there are thousands, if not millions of people applying for an audition…but if there is anyone that truly wants this more than anything..that person is me!! I have never been so driven about getting myself out there as I am right now. Please contact me if you would like to work with me! It would be my pleasure to work with you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comments. Good luck to you all!

  60. Alexandria Yelton

    Hi. My name is Alexandria Yelton. Im 12 (almost 13) and I would love it if you would let me be a part of the x-factor. Singing is what I do. I have since I was 4 or 5 and, to be honest I dont think thats going to change anytime soon. I’m from Morganton N.C. I’m in 8th grade and, I am just ready to get out of this town I call home. I know there is more out there and want to experience it.I have alot of inspiration’s in music. There is Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Ronnie Radke, also there is One Direction and 5 Seconds of summer. They have all showed me nothing is impossible. So many people have told me it cant be done and I’ll never make it. All I want to do is prove them wrong. Please consider me for the x-factor :) thank you :)

  61. Clifton Carter

    Hey im a 16 year old boy who loves to sing ! And it would be an honor to be on the voice

  62. Dorothy Green

    My names is dorothy green nd i love to sing and write my own music you should choose me beause i am very talented and i wanna see how far is my talent gonna take me.

  63. Takeisha Clark

    Hi my name is Takeisha and I’m in love with singing it one of the thing that no one can tell me I’m not good it I always look it amazing singers on t.v and that just Make me won’t to do what I always dreamed to do

  64. Hayleigh Brown

    I want to continue my career i have in singing well its not like a career yet but I want to go on the X-Factor because I want to be in a band and sing is all and I have an amazing voice and I already have in mind what ill sing because i like pop and rock so I would sing a 5SOS song and it would be amazing with my voice u would stunned love 14 year old Hayleigh

  65. Kiara Cox

    Hello my name is Kiara Cox I am 17 years old I have been singing since I was a little girl singing ia my passion my outlet my life, singing is who I am I have a story to share and the way going to do that is through singing being able to be apart of something is a truly a blessing and I would love to be apart of this to show who I am to the world and let people know that they can do anything they put their hearts into. Wether winning or losing just being able to do what I love and showing the world that if I can do it they can do it I’m blessed just to do that.

  66. cristal

    Hi my name is Cristal I love to sing and uh I would like to participate in xfactor so my opportunity will come true.

  67. Alanna Brown

    Hi my name is Alanna and im 14 and I have always had a pasion for singing and I have to sing at concerts for state chorus at my school im in love with singing and I know almost every song that comes on the radio and I will always be singing and if were in the grocery store and my favorite song comes on I will have my sneakers and my pants on and I will just stand their and sing and dance and then everybody gives me money and they say im amazing and need to do something in life with my voice so this is a big opportunity for me to do something with my voice and im excited and im hoping I can be in a band thats they only thing ive thinking about is what if I get to be in a band it will be fun so im Alanna and im 14 and im from Carrollton, Georgia,USA

  68. basir white

    I am 13 years old I love to sing I want the whole world to hear my voice if I was not to win xfactor it would not break me I’ll always try harder till I get to my spot

  69. Dinah Zengilou

    My name is Dinah Zengilou and I’m 13 years old. Singing is my like and I want to show it to people. I live in El Cajon and I am Caldeon but born here and speak perfect English. A lot of people say, What do you want to be when you grow up? I replie a singer. They say smart choice because they can tell of how i talk. I cant live a day without music. I have to listen to it weather I’m in the car sleeping or at school. Thank you for taking your time to read this love ya <3

  70. Amri Thornton

    Hi my name’s Amri Thornton, I’m 12 years old, and I’m from Fairfield, Ca(which is a very small town) I think I should be considered to join the X Factor because singing is my dream and I’m fully devoted to accomplish it. I’ve been doing YouTube videos and vines of me singing. It hasn’t been a big success but I’m willing to keep trying. HERE’S A VIDEO OF ME SINGING! >>>Watch “Rude- Magic! (COVER BY RIRI)” on YouTube
    Rude- Magic! (COVER BY RIRI):
    Also I’ve been singing since I’ve been in diapers! I’ve performed on stage a few times and I’m not only a singer but I’ve modeled and acted in front of different agencies so I’m not totally clueless about show business. All my friends and family tell me I’m an awesome singer and a top agent has told me that I sound like Rihanna. I don’t know if that’s a good thing because I want to be myself and no one else.Anyways I’m so sorry for this LONG paragraph but plz let me join the X Factor! Thank you! :-)

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