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  1. Jimmie Bush

    Hi my name is Jimmie Bush, i am 23yrs old and I am being called a throwback I have a powerful voice. Check it out on soundcloud just type in jimmie5, my renditions of 3 Tom Jones songs. Thx Jimmie

  2. jessica

    I really hope theres an x factor 2014 , all i ever do is sing honestly ive been wanting to audition on x factor and pursue my dreams :(

  3. Kyra Orgass

    Hi! My name is Kyra and I love to sing. I’m twelve years old and people have always told me I could sing. It is my dream to become a famous singer. Please consider me! Thanks!

  4. Katherine Pena

    Hey how are you my name is Katherine Pena I’m 18 years of age from New York City. My passion is singing , I love singing mostly r&b and more likely to adjust singing to other genres. I could sing Spanish and English fluent X factor is my favorite show and always thought it could be me competing and showing the world that I could actually sing. Singing has been a big part of my life I don’t pass one day without having to sing. Please help me accomplish my goal hope to hear from you thank you for the consideration.

  5. Ahniya Frye & Angelisa Jones

    We love to sing we’ve been singing some we were 11 years old. We’re 14 & 13 at the moment. But we love music generally and all we do all day is sing and we hope we do get it and I don’t think the money would just be for us to be selfish we have people to take are of like our grandma and my mom and my grandmas boyfriends mom who has cancer and I really feel like I can make a DIFFRENCE. I love demi lovato songs there my fav to sing . So I really hope you guys consider it. If not I’m happy if you even read this xoxo thank you!

  6. Jessie Hernandez

    Hi Im Jessie and i love singing! I am in Chorus class at my school so i have experience performing in front of large groups! I am 13 years old but will be turning 14 in September. I live in Cumming, Georgia but will be moving to Texas in the summer. I really want to be on this show to show my talent. Please contact to tell me when the auditions start. Thank you for your consideration!

    PS I’m ready for you Simon! If you like me that’s great, if you don’t like me that’s great too because then I will know that I wasn’t ready yet! Thanks!

  7. keanna weaver

    my name is keanna and i love music and wrting songs my dreams are to be an majic performer …if its not that then my dreams are going to come true

  8. Ashley Williams

    So Im 9 years old and I love to sing and my family said I can sing bc I really need this money were stuggling right now and I need to help my daddy .

  9. alena ward

    my name is alena and i am 13 years old and i want to know of i can get on the x factor if i am 13 years old?

  10. Laura

    Hi my name is Laura I am 12 almost 13 I love to sing and I sing at basketball games and I win a one year contract with adition America and ya I have been singing since I was 1 and I always sit at our piano and make up songs and they would sound really good not trying to brag and I always watch the X factor every season I love it and I especially love Demi lovato

  11. Allie niederhouse

    Hi ,
    my name is Allie and 14 years old
    singing is my passion and I sing all day everyday ,
    I am not afraid of the camera and I do not have stage fright ,
    I love singing for people and in my old school I have been the main singer there for 2 years
    It has been a big dream of mine to be a singer someday and I hope this show will let me pursue that big dream

  12. Maria Roldan

    I’ve been singing in the wedding/club industry for 15 years! Still waiting for my big break!
    I had to put my dream on hold to raise my son as a single mom….now its time for me to do this for ME! Please give me the opportunity!

  13. Rupali Koirala

    I am 17 and live in Fairfax, Virginia. Singing has always been a passion of mine but I have always doubted my abilities. I sing in the shower, hum in the kitchen, and belt out the chorus to karaokes when no one is home. X-factor will be a great opportunity for me to break out of my shell and touch the heart of many with my music. However, desire alone isn’t the reason for my wish be a part of X-factor. If I do make it, tenacity will be very evident in my personality because I tend to work till I drop.

  14. Jamie Robertson

    Hi My name is Jamie Robertson also known as Sam . I think I should be considered in this contest because I do believe I am the next BIG thing . I can sing, dance, and I also have the looks . And most importantly I will put in all the work that’s needed from start of the day to the end .

  15. Sal

    Sorry my actual name is Salma but Sal for short I meant link this with the previous one

  16. Sal

    Hi I’m sal and I am a 13 almost 14 year old girl and I started singing infront of hundreds of people at the age of 10 but I’ve always loved singing to the tunes I didn’t even know and in plus I’m not scared to go up in front of hundreds or maybe even more people…

  17. kyrelle williams

    Cant wait to express my great talent to the world <hidden from public> hopefully I can get an audition in losangeles ca. Thenk you

  18. Tara Moore

    Interested need audition city n dates in Usa:-)

  19. Alice

    I’m Alice and I just love to sing! I’m 12, I live in Georgia, and my parents say I’ve been singing forever. They say when I was little whenever I went to my grandparents house the first thing I would do is go to the CD player and press play. If there was a Dixie Chic CD in it I’d start singing if not I’d wait until someone put it in. I can sing soprano though I think I am better at Alto parts. I enjoy all types of music and I would love to be on the x-factor. I am starting to write a few of my own songs and I think I have the talent I just need a chance. Hope to work with you soon but if not no hard feelings.

  20. Ariel Jasmin Ruiz

    Hi my name is Ariel Ruiz I’m 17 and from Midlothian,Texas. I want to have to chance to on this show so the world can hear my voice. I have been singing since the age of one, The song I would sing at that age was ” My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. Ever since then i have been singing , I’ve always wanted to become a famous singer like Mariah Carey and Alicia Keys my two favorite artists. If would please consider the probability of letting me on the show, you would make me the most happiest girl in the world . Thank-You and God Bless

  21. isabelle

    Hey my name is isabelle and Im from California and I started singing when I was four I absolutly love the x factor it rocks and I’m a really good singer at least my frends think so and also I’m 10 bye

  22. Tashwehy Ramis

    I’m Tashweny Ramis.I’m 13 and from Malaysia. l want to get in this show so badly.I Started singing at the age Of 11.I’m just desperately finding away to get out of Malaysia for some reasons. I can mostly sing high pitched songs like Titanium by David Guetta,Rihanna’s songs,and more. I wanna be famous so just give me a chance.

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