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  1. vanessa ames

    Hello. .my name is vanessa. I have always wanted to be a singer. I am looking for ways to stay my journey. I have a very powerful voice! Can sing a lot of varieties. Would love an opportunity to show what I can do. As well as my passion for singing. I have never pursued it in the past because I didn’t realize the talent I have. And well…I’m not getting any younger! I want to be able to look back and say “i did that-and I have no regrets”

  2. Charles

    I love performing in front of people when I get the chance. In the future I want my chance to shine.

  3. brianna y

    I really wanna sing in front of a crowd. I have never been in a talent show but i sing for friends and family i will be the best i can be. They are gonna love me.

  4. emily

    I love to sing and I would love to get a chance to show it

  5. Sage Martin

    I have a talent in singing. I will be posting a video on youtbue soon. I want to live a successful life, but being stuck in MN its hard to get heard.

  6. akosu msendoo

    I know am a good singer I just want to be given the chance to show it

  7. Rodriauna tate

    Hello my name is rodriauna I write poetry , sing , sketch , rap ,and stuff the reason why I want to be in this is to prove people that they can do whatever they want my voice is different I’m mostly of a erika badu type singer but I can sing without lyrics but I half to rap with lyrics but that’s mostly about me Im in a big rush so I have more stuff I like to do ..but see ya or contact me one my number will be provided when u reach me at my email addresss

  8. Cherice bryant

    Hello, my name is Cherice Bryant. I am 18 years old, i love to sing. Singing brings out my inner self, it explains and understands me. I can sing when im mad sad or even happy. I’ve been singing for as long as i can remeber, but i’d love to be apart of the show

  9. kyra dunn

    Hello. I am Kyra Dunn and I am 15, and a singer/songwriter. Singing is such a god given gift to me and i am so thankful for my talent. My goal in life has always been to have the opportunity to become a professional singer. My singing is not just about the money, I am so passionate about my singing. I truly beleive that singing is about entertainment, passion, adventure, bringing joy, and just being able to do the one thing I love with all my heart for my carrer. Not very many people have such an opportunity. So please accept me on your show. I will not let you or the audience down! Thank you.

  10. Essence hightower

    Well hello there , my name is Essence and Im ready to challenge myself and face my competition . I’m sure I could win this ! Where do I sign up ?! Haha

  11. Diamond

    Growing up wasn’t always easy especially when you have a mother who rejects you, then leaves your very sickly grandmother to raise you. With the greatness from above I was blessed with a voice like no other. I am definitely the winner! Choose me! I want this more than my next breath. I’m only 19 from Houston, Texas and I sing and write all of my material. And there’s no limits with music that I listen to. It doesn’t get any better than me. I ask you humbly, pick me! You will not regret it!

  12. Lequincia

    Im ready to show my talent!

  13. ayira mili

    i am ayira mili i live in india but good at singing english. i have always dream’t of becoming the next big star in hollywood. my parent’s, friends,teachers and many people say i have the talent to become a english singer, i have formed my very own girl band which is the only loved band in my school. i am learning to play guitar in a school.i have wrote many songs. i believe that i can sing english no matter i am an indian or an american

  14. niesha

    My daughter is 7 and sing awsome. She will be perfect.Her goal is to be a singer

  15. Luis

    I never sang in public but just to my students and the co-teachers and the kids parents think I should sing on TV. I guess why not. Give a shot. Thanks

  16. Philomena Adayi

    Am interested how do I participate

  17. Stacy

    I love to sing and I would love to give this a try:)!

  18. becky

    Well its not by power nor by might but grace….. I have no doubt that this is my own season my set time to win, watchout !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Selmia Magee

    I am the winner,all my family and friends say I can sing so look no further the star has arrived. Look out cause pound for pound it’s more to love….Charlie sheen said it best I’m winning

  20. Mikayla

    First of all, i love singing. yes im only 12 but i believe in myself…..DO YOU

  21. Grant Broadway

    I’m ready to take the world by storm.. I’ve been waiting patiently to do it the right way and I am ready.. R U?

  22. anissa concepcion

    I Feel very strongly about this show. I believe I can give you the show of your life all you have to do is accept me. Even though I’m only 13 I know I have strong vocal cords and can hold a note for a long time. I also wrote my own songs so if you need us to write music I have a ton. Thank you for your time and consideration please get back to me when you can. Hopefully I hear back.

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