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  1. Jimmie Bush

    My name is Jimmie I an 23yrs old, you can hear my tunes on soundcloud, just type in Jimmie5. game on. Thx Jimmie.

  2. Nadeen Melton

    My name is Nadeen and choose me because I have a story that is great and I want to share it with the world. I’m 23 years old. When I sing it tell if I’m stressed or happy. I sing with passion and choose me I guarantee it will be worth it. I love every kind of music. I’m an all around girl. I want to come on this show and be a winner.

  3. Ella

    My name is Ella and im 12,13 in june, I love singing and would love a singing career I go to a performing arts school and have had quite a bit of experience of performing

  4. Tyre Hudson

    Im a singer and 14 im trying to get my voice there and im doing everything i can to become a singer because there are so many thing i would love to do

  5. Van Floyd

    Hi, My name is Van Floyd.I would have auditioned last year but I didn’t know about the show until it aired. I’ve auditioned for other singing shows in the past but no calls back. I’ve sang in original bands over the years and submitted recordings to a few record labels but no success. Now I’m 51 years old and will be 52 in June. I would really like to do SOMETHING significant with my voice SOMEDAY. Everybody needs money and I am definitely no exception.The kind of money that can be won on this show could definitely pay some bills. That’s why I’m ready to raise my voice on The Winner Is .

  6. Ken James

    I sing anything in multiple genres including artists like 3 doors down, matchbox twenty, goo goo dolls, CCR, Metallica, Blake Shelton, Usher and more. I love music. Playing it and singing it. I have been singing since I was 3. It’s about the music. The money would be great, but I sing because I love it.

  7. Diane DiPasquale

    Dreams never die! This is why you should consider me. I am 62 and can sing anything from opera to rock music. I am thankful that I still have a wide range to sing many styles of music.

  8. Kiana McKnight

    My name is Kiana McKnight I am 15 years old ive been singing ever since I was 4 and also write music Ive sung at school talent shows ive been in plays and have auditioned for extra curricular activities music is a passion I want my voice to be heard all across the country possibly.the world because I wany people to feel real music again to actually listen to the lyrics and not just the beat I want to make real music again cause alot of people seem to forgotten was music is really all about and I really have true talent and want to share it and not keep it to myself anymore.

  9. Miriam Kim


    I am a single mother of 2 boys, and singing is my passion. I have won my fair share of singing contests recently, two of which were national contests, and would like to have the opportunity to see how far I can make it with a national audience. I have faith in myself to perform my best. I would like to be seriously considered to participate in this show. I promise I won’t let you down!

    Best Regards,
    Miriam Kim

  10. Amara Mahoney

    Vocals don’t lie. They express the soul.
    I’m 23 and independent.

  11. Cameron Sweeney

    You should consider me, because music is my way through life.
    And, I am ready to go somewhere in the bussiness.

  12. alicia ferguson

    my name is alicia I am 61 years old I would like to try out for the the winner is .I love sing.I think I can win this one .thank you.

  13. Alexis chandler

    I am really in lto singing i do it at least 4-5 hours a day. I have always had a passion for singing and my friend think i would be great. Curentally i am in an alice in wonderland play and have a lot of songs to sing such as :applause, what does the fox say, true colors, stronger,free fallin and more. I am Alexis Chandler iam nine and love to simg

  14. Sandra Jo Sky

    My passion for music and my passion for the art of the song, needs a showcase to show my talent. Im eager, and ready to entertain and compete in this new competition. I cant wait to hear the details of auditions!!!

  15. Elizabeth

    My name is Elizabeth I am 11 years old I know I would be good for this because I love to sing it has been my passion to sing all of my life and my parents tell me I should sing my friends call me a great singer and I have always wanted to sing for a spot on something or just sing!! This will give me the chance to do that and be myself this is the time I can actually sing in front of people. I know u have a lot to think about but please think about mine.

  16. Tamber Taylor

    I am a 17 year old senior at Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Ga and I would love to pursue my dream of going to college to become a actress and singer. Please consider me.

  17. Lillian Ledbetter

    I am full of talented follwing my heart it pursuit of my dreams. I am thankful for the oppurtunity to write requesting an oppurtunity for a better life because where I’m from dreaming BIG is unheard of.

  18. Keala

    Hi, I am 32 yrs old and a stay at home mom of 7 beautiful children!! My dreams and aspiration of becoming a singer and the love to sing started at an early age as a child! I was told by my siblings that I was tone deaf and I couldn’t sing!! Although as much as I drove them crazy singing all day lol, I took it upon myself to correct the way I sang! Everyday I practiced singing and recorded myself so that I could play it back and hear my self sing. It did not take one night to correct it but months until I could sing in tune! I would love to have the opportunity to do what I love most and that is to sing and to also to be a role model to my kids and others as well with a message to never give up on your dream and whether you go far in life or not at least you can say “I did it” and feel proud of yourself and no regrets!! :)

    Thank You,

  19. alyssa ferguson

    I am 12 years old love singing and play the piano, been singing since I was 3 years old .Like to try The winner is .Please let me know if I have a chance, Thank you:

  20. V Rush

    I HAVE A GENUINE LOVE OF MUSIC AND I LOVE TO SING. You will not find a more passionate singer in the world. I’ve been doing this since age 2 and I’ve been training choirs since age 8. The Winner Is will make it possible for my voice to be heard by the masses. Also, I want to be able to help my mom. She is a mother of 8(one passed away at age 5) and a widow. She just wrote a book and I would like to help her promote that. I would love to record an album and finish my degree. Fame is NOT my goal, but I want to help my family and achieve my goals in life. NBC, please give me a chance to be a contestant on the fairest show on tv. I believe its fair because its based on talent and not texts and facebook votes. Help me make my dreams come true.
    Thanks, V Rush


    I’ve been singing since I was 5. Its not only a talent but I believe its a ministry gift and tool to help the hurting. I often poor my soul out through my music and it also seemingly delivers me. I’ve dedicated my time and voice to others and now am wanting to give back to me. I am now 35 and feel unfulfilled. I know that Ive never stopped using my gift but have seem boxed in this passion. After supporting my parents ministry, my husbands ministry and raising my children, I feel its now time for me to be supported. Please choose me and you can be apart of the ministry has instilled inside of me.

  22. Sergio Bravo-Diaz

    Hello my name is Sergio Bravo-Diaz I am 16 years old. I am 6’0 – 6’1 latino american(mexican/El Salvadorean). I have very little experience but i am a hard worker i take critic very easily. I was born and raise in Washington, DC and i just want a new experience. Also i want to be able to help my family out with money because we can barely afford to pay bills and i feel useless. So please email me if you feel like you want to give me a chance.

  23. Jynxie

    I’m a 34 y.o. single mother of 4 kids 2 of which are autistic. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am numb in over 40% of my body. I had to learn how to walk and use my hands all over again when I lost the feeling in my limbs permanently. Through all this the only thing that has kept constant in our lives is my voice and love of singing and song writing. I had a song that is a tribute to those with MS that was in the VH1 Indie Pop top 100 in March 2010 called Only Plea. If I could make a living for my family singing I would never stop. I want to take my kids away from the barely making it by life we have to one where they are always happy and have all they need. The only thing I can do no matter how bad my MS gets is sing. I must make it. Please audition me.

  24. Kandice Dodson

    I’m 30 years old, I am a Bartender in Raleigh NC. I love to sing, its the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing when I go to bed. At 17 years of age I competed in a National vocal competition and won 2nd place. I have been singing in front of audiences and congregations since the age of 5. I believe I have what it takes to make some record label millions. I have also recorded in a few studios….at 14 I was signed with MRM productions which turned out to be a waste of time. Please email me back…. I”ll make it worth your while.

    Thank you~
    Kandice Dodson

  25. Pamela

    I’m 28 and I’m from Brooklyn NY..
    I’m an italian-american singer and you can check out my music on:

  26. Reese


    My name is Reese. I live in Chicago, Illinois, I’m 35 years of age, and I’ve been singing since I was 12. I enjoy using, and sharing my gift of singing, because it brings me joy to see the smiles I place on peoples face when I open my mouth to sing. I love all genres of music, and love to sing any, and everything that sounds good. Consider me, and I promise, I’ll give you a show, within your show.


  27. Alexis Kamin

    Hi! My name is Alexis, I am a 28 year old Los Angeles resident. I have had terrible, paralyzing stage fright my entire life, but I am just finally starting to be able to move past it and feel comfortable performing in front of an audience with a choir. I am funny, outgoing and full of life and optimism. I hope to get out there and make the jaws of all of my friends and family’s jaws hit the floor when they realize that I have been hiding this talent all along.

  28. Katie Williams


    I am 23 years old and I’m a Staff Sergenat in the Illinois Army National Guard. I’ve always wanted to sing but put my servict to my country first. After a deployment to Afghanistan and many military endevours completed, I feel like I can now pursue this. Please consider me, there is no mission that I can not complete!

    Katie Jo

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