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  1. Justin Rice

    Hi my name is Justin Rice and i have always wanted to be an actor for as long as I remember if you pick me to be on your show then i will live up to my expectations , as a good actor.

  2. Richard Rivera Aviles

    I like to be part of the show, as an extra or an ultra agent or a tomorrow people, I will work with out pay I just need a place to sleep and food. I got out the army a year ago, I serve for seven years and also MMA instructor for the army, so I can easily learn fight scenes. fan of the show love to be part of it, no real acting experience but a fast learner.
    height 5`5“
    weight 155
    age 32
    Army soldier
    e-mail <hidden from public>

  3. Hanna Glodowski

    Hello! My name is Hanna Glodowski! I would be great for the show because I live for today and expect greatness for tomorrow. I’m excited the network has created this show because like the other CW shows, this one is going to be very intriguing. I have done some theater work, and some extra work. I am great at taking direction, thinking creativity, and LOVE acting. I can express a variety of emotions to portray the character at my best; I can also cry if it is needed for the scene. If you give me a chance you will not be disappointed. I am a Mary Kay consultant so I know how to work hard, be gracious and thankful, strive for the best, and lead by setting an example.
    Here is more information about me:
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 160
    Hair Color: Red
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 25
    Body Type: Hour Glass/ athletic
    Thank you for your consideration! I sure hope to hear from you!

  4. Aimee P. Ihirwe

    My name is Aimee P. Ihirwe. i’d love to be in the show not because i’m a true fan. just because i enjoy the story and i think i would be a great addition to it. I have no previous experience, expect school plays, which i take serious. I love the show dearly and would love to be apart of it then just siting on the couch waiting for the next episode. Down below a basic information about me.

    Height: 4″11
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Body type: athletic, smart (nerd)
    Race: African ( with no accent)

    Thank you for giving the this opportunity, i do attend school, but i would like to notify you if you have any interest feel free to e-mail me and my mom and i will look over.
    Once again Thank you,
    Aimee P. Ihirwe

  5. tasha

    I would like to audition for the show im a very open person willing to learn all I can

  6. Kyla Goodman

    Greetings! My name is Kyla Goodman. I am 12 years old but I’ll be 13 on May 12th. I’m African American and I am 4 foot 11 inches (People may say I’m small but I call myself fun-sized!). My eye color is dark brown and I have black hair which is very long for an African American (Stops all the way to my back). My waist length is 22 inches. I’m also known as being very skinny. In academics, I always have A’s and B’s. I play the trumpet and girls lacrosse. So you don’t have to worry about me handling school and extracurricular activities. Also, I am planning to start attending John Powers modeling school to practice what ever I need to do in the industry. I want to audition for a part in Tomorrow People because being an actress is a dream I want to make a reality.

  7. Tekitha Coombes

    Hello my name is Tekitha. I am a white British female, 5’1ft, age 15 with blue eyes and dark brown hair. I have been dancing since the age of three which has got me into pantomimes and shows and plays throughout the years. As well as dancing i do enjoy acting a lot although i haven’t done it a lot i am willing to do whatever is put in front of me and very mature for my age. I am very good at acting all sorts of emotions incredibly well and it would be an amazing opportunity if you chose me to be apart of your television program. I promise if you choose me it wont be a mistake.

  8. Steven Mussoni

    My name is Steven Mussoni. I’d love to be in this show and become a regular(hopefully) because The Tomorrow People is one hell of a show. Plus it’s just starting to get really intense.
    I’m energetic and can convey a wide variety of emotions. This would just all around be an amazing opportunity. I really relate to this show because the main characters name is Steven/Stephen not really sure how you guys spell it. Acting has always been a passion of mine along with computers and I would love to pursue them to the fullest extent of my abilities.

    My Info:
    Height: 6″
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Weight: 169 lbs
    Age: 18
    Body Type: Athletic

    Thanks again if you read this and decide to choose me,
    Steven Mussoni

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