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  1. Jawanah Connor

    I am 36 years old my dream has always been to be a gospel singer. I am originally from New Jersey but I now reside in Maryland. This show is definitely for me. I have done several auditions with no luck in being picked. My voice was made to share with the world. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you!!!

  2. Danielle Mathews

    Hey! My name is Dani Grace and I am a 15 year old singer from North Carolina. I should be apart of the Star Next Door because this opportunity for me would be the best thing. I never outgrew the ‘I want to be famous’ stage, and music became a part of me, so it just made me want to go into music. I play guitar as well, and I am a soprano contemporary singer. I want to prove that you don’t have to have voice lessons to get into the music industry, and that you are perfect just the way you are. I was told I wasn’t when I was younger by my peers, and I want The Star Next Door to change my music career!

  3. Justin dixon

    I love singing I sing karaoke every chance I get.I am a father of w wonderful 2 1/2 year old.I’m a volunteer firefighter of almost eleven years.I’ve always enjoyed singing the smile that it brings to some peoples faces is priceless.I have always wanted a chance to be discovered by some of my favorite country artist.I’ve always sang even when I was in the military I would sing to by pads the time on the ranges.I would love to have a big time artist come hear me sing and make my dreams come true.

  4. jerniha ward

    I am 17 and is originally from Delaware but this summer I moved with my grandmother in Charlotte, North Carolina where i attend high school I love to sing i like to be heard by people with my voice i would like to take my singing to the next level i am very interested in joining and being apart of the star next door this is a very good opportunity for me. i enjoy music from all kinds of genres and like to explore i hope to hear from you guys. Thank you

  5. Summer Zeilman

    My dream has been my whole life to become a singer, or even just be looked at by a professional to help myself improve! I am 25 years old, engaged and a mother of two amazing kiddos! My daughter is 4 and my son is 19 months! I love music and sing a wide range of genres such as, country, r& b, church/soul, and love evanescence. I have let very few people hear me sing and everyone who has heard me has been absolutely shocked that i can sing. I did singing lessons when i was younger and have been in every choir in school and did great in those.

    I would love a shot to be heard and to prove myself to the world with something like this! I have a passion for music and, you can tell when i sing!

    Please help my dreams come true and, help become a great singer!

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