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  1. Abby

    I honestly don’t have a heart felt life story of how music was my only escape like most people. My whole life I have known I had an pretty ok singing voice but its not something I tell people. I grew up singing in church in the youth band and I was even in a church singing competition. My mother really pushed me to sing because she told me I had a God given talent and if I didn’t use it id lose it. I had people coming up to me at church wanting me to sing for certain events and honestly I just didn’t want to. I was only around 14 or 15 at the time and being in front of people was just something I didn’t want to do. So, for the past 4 to 5 years I have tried to hide the fact that I can sing I haven’t sang in public or for anyone to hear at least I even started telling people I was retired, but lately its just not working . I find myself singing at work, in the shower, in the car, just about anywhere. Its like I cant get away from the music so I think im finally at a point in my life where I want to sing again. As my mom says use it or lose it and I really don’t want to lose it so I figure its time to grow up and shake off the fear and put myself out there while im still young.

  2. Chris

    Singing is my passion, it’s always been the one thing that I’ve always kept true to myself. Whenever I was feeling down I would always make myself feel better with singing. I imagine myself going places as a singer I practice everyday in my apartment to stay fresh and flexed, and c if given the chance to be discovered I will do my best and always give one-hundred and ten percent.

  3. Keshia

    I started singing when I was about 8 years old in church. O once had an audition for the show Star Search when I was 13 but my parents put me on punishment so when the producer call I told him I was grounded and couldn’t continue, O then told my parents who called… Let’s just say I wish we had caller id in those days lol.
    Another chance would make me fill complete.

  4. Arsenio C.

    I’ve been singing and dancing my entire life. But the time has arrived to share my gift of song with the world. If I can inspire one person or 1billion that is my soul mission. For me music is life. I eat sleep and breathe music. I’m grateful for any opportunity to do this what I love. So if given the chance I promise not to disappoint! Thanks for the time taken by any who reads this. Peace, love and blessings to all!

  5. Mike Meyer

    I would obviously make an excellent candidate for anything starring Queen Latifah, because I am an artist and she is my muse. Also, I myself am a musician and songwriter. If you consider me you won’t be disappointed.

  6. MzQnique

    #704Lovinit…..all i have to say is..R.E.A.D.I………music is my story

  7. elizabeth

    I lovd to sing! In fact music plays a huge part in my life. It inspires me when I am happy or sad! I would love to be considered because this is such a different and great idea, it seems like y’all are taking the time to work with the talent and actually help our dreams come true instead of just thrownig us in huge lines for someone to not even aknowledge you. I would truly love this opportunity because I care about my music and showing it!

  8. samantha duncan

    I let so many opportunities pass me by… I was born to sing and regret not pursuing it… . I have an amazing gift and would love another chance to show it to the world… I would love to show my 2 babies that you should always follow your dreams!

  9. Rahegene

    I have a message that the world needs to hear. Just need a open door.

  10. Tyrone Simmons

    all i do is sing at home at work at church in wal mart the store the mall no matter where i am i just love to sing and where im from is rare if you get a chance at something like this but i guess yiu never say never til you try

  11. Dametre

    Hey my name is Dametre Williams I live in Hollywood Florida im 6 foot athletic smart very much talented I can sing dance act I hear that I have a glowing personality and that I am funny and comfortable to be around I think I can make this movie a big hit and I can change my voice and im great with facial expressions and dangerous scenes I am an ametuer in parkour and I write my own scripts
    I am 15
    light brown eyes
    I have soo much more to offer

  12. Stephanie Perkins

    Simply put, I can sing! God gave me a gift I want to share.

  13. LaAndrea Robinson

    Singing is my purpose and each individual has their own. Many years I’ve questioned myself on why was I giving a talent so unique and special, why was I one of the chosen one’s to have a gift that can be so powerful and yet so misinterpreted. Singing to me tells a story, it explains your emotions, the pain, hurt, happiness, sadness, whatever emotion that’s inside you’re heart it gives you the opportunity to express and release it. So the only thing that’s left to say is, I think I should be considered because I want to share my gift with the world, hoping that it touches and inspire someone else to follow their dreams and not give up. I’m 18 years old waiting for my chance to live out my purpose.

  14. Christopher Stockton

    I have sung karaoke a few times, not much, but I like the rush it gives you. I also like the chance to be loud and the feeling you get when you’re in key. I was bummed out last night and had nothing to do, so I did a search for karaoke places close by. I found one and rode my bicycle there. When I first came in I was REALLY nervous because I was by myself and knew no one there. Once I heard a few people sing I gained enough courage to look through the book and try to find a song that is on my personal playlist I listen to while working. I finally found one, but I still was wary of getting up there. A conversation got started between a group of people and myself. I told them I was there alone and I was thinking of singing something to cheer myself up. They invited me to come sit at their table and they encouraged me to sign up for a song. I did it and got a standing ovation and several high fives. I nailed it! It felt great.

  15. Tara Thompson

    Hi my name is Tara and I haven’t had the easiest life. My mom dies 3 years ago and I was stuck with my emotionally abusive dad. I was sent away for three months and music became my escape. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I Know it makes my mom happy to see me sing. Cause I sing to her. For her to be proud of me. And the queen is in this show. She was’s favorite we listened to and watch your movies your a big inspiration to me. I really would love this to show my dad I’m more than what he thinks I’m worth. My email is <hidden from public> please email me.

  16. alyssa

    My name is alyssa roseman im 13 and i belong to a group L.A. (lindsey and alyssa)me and my best freind sing.We’ve won the talent show numerous of times and did all county, we mite not be the best but i hope you will give us a chance!Thank you so much.-Alyssa R.

  17. Latasha D

    Hey my name is Latasha I am 24 years old and i was born to sing… I have been told time and time again that i should try a singing competition but was always too afraid to try. Now that I am approaching 25 I feel it is now or never. I came to a revelation that if i don’t try i will regret this for the rest of my life and I am not trying to be 50 years old kicking my self because I missed my calling. Please let me get my time to shine ;-)

  18. Donna Reid aka Emerah Marie

    My name is Donna Reid, 23, I live in yucca valley CA I sing, and have plenty more where that came from I hope to aspire to be a well renowned artist in the future, I don’t’ have much to give but much to offer.

  19. Diane Asante

    Hi, my name is Diane Asante, I am 17 years old and I’m from Newark, New Jersey. I have not always loved singing, because I didn’t think I was good enough. But ever since my mom made join the church choir, I can’t stop singing. By joining the church choir, I learned you don’t have to be loud to be a great singer, but your face has to touch others. That’s what I have been striving for, for the past 9 years. I believe that if you help me achieve my goals, I can touch others with my voice.

  20. Tatiyanna McFarlane

    My name is Tatiyanna, I am 15 years old and I’m a member of an upcoming gospel group “Infinity”. This will be a great oppurtunity for us to showcase our talents, since there is no other children in our age group singing for God’s glory. I , on my own, write original songs and I would absolutely love to get my music out there. I know for a fact I have a calling upon my life and I can touch people with the words my Lord and Savior sent to minister to others.

  21. Shane Barnes

    Hello producers or whoever is reading this comment,

    My name is Shane Barnes and of course like everyone else I would love to be a performer; I mean who doesn’t love the joy it brings to hear people shout your name & the applause from the audience after a performance.
    I have been singing since I can remember & I like most people I got a doctorate & played it safe with a career & now I am currently 100s of thousands of dollars in debt. I would love the opportunity to try and pursue what I really love to do everyday of my life. I don’t know if I’m to late for this chance but would love to hear from you.
    Thanks for your time,

  22. Bethany Stevenson

    I’m Bethany, 21 from Cincinnati Ohio. I’d love to be on The Star Next Door. I get kind of discouraged because opportunities like this are hard to come by, What are the odds of me getting picked.
    I think that I’d be great because I am ready, an willing to do whatever it takes to be a success. I love to sing, an I love to hear myself sing lol.. As a child, I grew up bouncing around from family member to foster care, here an there because my parents couldn’t be apart of my life due to Drug Addiction. I had a hard time finding myself, of what I even enjoyed as a kid. I couldn’t quite focus on school, or friends because I was always unhappy, angry, an saddened that my life wasn’t a normal one.. When I got too sad, instead of crying, I’d sing. Really Loud, until my mind is clear of what was bothering me. It helped me focus on things that once were impossible to. Singing became a big part of me as a result. I never stopped,.
    Growing up I wasn’t afraid to use my voice, at school, at church, my aunt even let me join her gospel group at age 12. Everybody loved my voice, even if I mess up, that’s how I learned to love myself an my flaws, nobody is perfect. There came a time when I had nothing, no one to turn to, where to go, no where to stay. I went to homeless shelters in my area,, an stayed. I tried my hardest to keep faith in god, but everything was getting too hard to bare with. I’d sit in shelter an sing an cry, until one day a lady had asked if that was me singing in the shower early this morning an I said yes.. She said, well I couldn’t see your face, but that was the happiest “You” I’ve heard all month. She told me to keep singing,,an if iI ever need or wanted to “sing” considering that I barely spoke lol! To come by her bunk. I swear those moments changed me forever. I had a hard time believing an having confidence in myself because of past. I was picked on, bullied, taunted with, talked about my weight when I was on the heavy side, but one thing no one could ever say was that I don’t have a voice..
    I know this Is a really long message, but growing up, an going thru these hard times/hardships brought me a long way. I am ready to conquer the world, show my baby brother an sister that it doesn’t matter where you come from, or what you went thru, its all about you an what you can make of yourself..
    I think this will be a great opportunity for me, even if i don’t make it,, I’m so ready an willing, dedicated, ready to work, just ready to go hard..
    Good Luck Me…

  23. Michelle Witt

    I want to be in the show because ever since I could remember, all I wanted to do was share my God given talent with the world. I have had 6 years private lessons, and have sung publicly at charity events. I recently won a karaoke contest here in MT. People constantly compliment me and wonder why I haven’t pursued this. I have tried but it is not easy. I am 30 years old and I love to sing. My grandmother, who was my biggest fan, died of cancer almost 9 yrs ago and it about killed me. I had a rough upbringing and had i not had the gift of singing and love of it, I wouldn’t be here today. I have a huge range from Alto 1 to Soprano 1. I am the only singer I know who can sing across genres from country to pop to R&B to gospel to rock to Opera to classical, etc. I just want to share my god given talent with the world. I have been through so much and just want to be a role model that someone can easily look up to.

  24. Heather H

    Its simple. When I sing, i’m truly happy. It takes me into another world. I would be elated just to sing at a local club on Friday nights lol! Anything involving singing is a dream for me. Let me show you. We can have fun! That’s what its all about.

  25. boomer frazier

    I’m just an Illinois bred Signman(that means, i am still in the business that i was born into, a specific job that is the commercial sign business my grandfather started a company in 1933 and I carry that name on in his honor) who relocated to NC in 2000 in search of larger opportunities.
    i have always loved singing and have been told many time that i should pursue this passion, I love country music. Garth brooks, Brooks and Dunn, Chris young and Randy Travis are just a few of my favorites. i have a fun infectious attitude and a great sense of humor.

    A few years ago i sang “Shameless” by Garth Brooks at the company Christmas party and received a lighter tribute, people say i look like Guy Fiery the renowned chef but I dont see it!, its fun anyway

    i can sing multiple generas.. its make me very happy to sing, i would like for someone to tell me if i have the it factor!

    Sincerley: Boomer

  26. Cashe' Valley

    I am a up and coming artist and i am ready to showcase my talent for everyone to see and enjoy…I have what the industry calls the “TOTAL” package and i am so READY! i was apart of a band originally but now i am flying solo but i love the history i have with my band, i am stronger because of that group!

    I am on facebook Casha Cartier Audria Jordyn! please feel free to look me up and questions are welcomed!

  27. Ashley White

    Hopefully I’m not too late for this opportunity. I love to sing and I was hoping that one day I could be a great backup singer and work for one of the greats like BeyoncĂ© or Jennifer Hudson. There voices are amazing!… I have been singing all of my life for the church and for concert choir at college. I have had some training but I would love to learn more in order to make my dreams come true!… I hope to hear from you soon! :)

  28. Brett Hicks

    DREAM!follow my dream some how some way. It has to come from my body right..? Well my voice tells a story that my feet and eyes can tell I find my voice as different one of a kind. When I was in middle school I was in choir as a tenor. A couple songs on the radio that always plays I sing with the words and get the chills. Just like when Fantasia Barino tryed out for American Idol i got the chills and said damn i feel you girl. I just would like to be heard and lets see what the judges say. Never hurts to try . May ilI try

    Thank you for your time dearly appreciated

  29. James Huskey

    I have heard- “to have a gift and not share it with the world, is not good for the world.” My 5-month-old little girl smiles when I sing to her and all my fears go out the window. I am 26 and have been afraid for too long. I would love the opportunity to share the gift god gave me. I can send a video, track or whatever is needed.

    James Huskey

  30. chaylin madden

    I should be considered because I am smart I’ve always wanted to sing I am only 13 and I have an unforgetable voice and a group called brand nu I am confident and my group and I would be honored!!

  31. Adam Will

    I have tried and tried to find my passion at work. I’ve worked from painting boats and traviling the world in the Navy to now working as a cook who can barely pay his bills. But through all my tribes and tribulations I have always had music. It’s my life I sing all the time to the point people call me the walking jukebox. In 34 years old and sing anything from Frank Sinatra to musicals to neil diamond and many more. I would to be the next best thing in the Music industry.

  32. Adam Will

    I have worked hard my whole life trying to find my passion. I have always enjoyed singing but never got the opportunity to show off my voice. My passion has always been singing and it will always be that way. I’m 34 years old but I enjoy singing anything from Frank Sinatra, musicals, Neil Diamond, and many more. I would love to be the next best thing in the Music industry.

  33. Lara Kramer

    I am a 31 year old stay at home mom who pushes her children to follow ever dream and reach for every star. I am a hypocrite though. I have this amazing gift of singing and this burning desire inside of me and I have never followed through. How can I tell my children no dream is out of reach if I never reached for my own dream. Aside from being a mother there is nothing that makes me happier than performing. I performed for a few years in NYC in a girls group performing at the Tribeca Film Festival and various parks around the city when I was younger. I never felt more alive than I did back then. Since I stopped singing I began writing. I have written over 20 songs. They sit in a folder collecting dust. I am not a diva by any means and get nervous, but I am ready to overcome any fears or insecurities and follow my heart. Nothing would make me happier than showing my children that you are never too old to reach for the stars!

  34. Jennell Wadell Davis

    Im a 16yr old inspiring artist and my passion is to sing.
    Ive always had a love for music and I love to practice skatting to jazz on a daily I would love to showcase my talents on your show I would love to soooooo much please queen tell yo crew to let me through lol

  35. Noelle Bauer

    I recently had small success on MTV’s new singing show Copycat that aired this past summer! Ever since then I grew to love the spotlight and as a graduate student, I would love to stop it all just for a shot in the industry.

  36. Avery M.

    My 15 year old daughter, singer/songwriter, recording artist, Avery M., not only can she sing (I mean she can “sang”), but has a remarkable story of how she found her voice/song from something tragic (the lost of her father). At 8 years old her aunt invited her to sing a spiritual hymn with her on the platform at her father’s homegoing and she has been a songbird ever since. People can’t believe such a big, powerful, controlled sound comes from this 15 year old. She sings Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul. Her favorite artists are Chris Brown, Toni Braxton, BeyoncĂ©, and Christina Aguillera. I am trying to get Avery M., this girl next door, to be known to the world and we could surely use your help!

  37. Lyla

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to audition since we’ve been together hes really amazing and can sing anything from red hot chilly peppers to lil wayne.

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