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  1. amy molina

    Hi, my name is amy molina im 16 years old…since i was a small girl singing has been a passion…ive written some songs, and love to dance as well and i would really love for you to come to maryland and give me a chance to be part of something big…i just need a chance please…thanks.

  2. Taylor Corbin

    Hello My name is Taylor and to be honest I am 21 and I donhave nothing. I’m not a r ago to school for music. I have a daughter,as a young mom all I want in life is to show her how to work hard and always follow your dreams no matter how afraid or unsure your are ,always take a leap out on faith and atleast try. With this competition it will be my first time stepping out on my faith and giving it my 100% . I have written songs and I also was a member on honestead united Baptist church choir from age 7- to has always been my dream to be an artist I feel like its the only thing I am good at.everyday I think about my future and my daughter’s which is why if I am to attend this show I’m gonna give it my all because for me its go hard or go home . I like to sing other artist Music at Times,but my voice is best for my music . I haven’t had training in a long time but I am pretty sure Im up for the challenge. All I ask is that I have a Chane at this . Thanks.

  3. Brook

    Hi my name is Brook. I’m a single mom and when I open my eyes I sing. When I lay down at night, I’m still singing. There’s nothing better in this world to me other than singing…well, right after my 3 beautiful children. I was blessed with a gift and I am a firm believer in myself and I know you choosing to come work with me would never be a mistake because God doesn’t make those!!!! Come on down to my big little town and lets work together.

    See you when you get here!!!!!!

  4. Brittiana Moore

    Hi, My name is Brittiana. I am 15 years old and I am from Raleigh, North Carolina. I have a huge passion for singing. I cannot go a day without singing. I grew up surrounded by music; My mom used to sing, my grandma sings, my brothers and sisters sing/rap/play instruments, etc. “She has been singing ever since she could talk” says my grandma. I have dreams of becoming a singer, not for the money or the fame, but for the opportunity to share my gift with the world. I hope that with you all, you will be able to help me follow my dreams.

  5. Masai White

    Name: Masai Alexander Kareem White
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 180
    Location: Chapel Hill, NC

    I am a young artist who majors in music at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I am originally from Michigan and that is where most of my family lives. I have been singing since I was three and really fell in love with it when I met my father at the age of five due to my mother and father not getting along. Even though I don’t see him as much anymore the love of music and performing still burns in me to this day. I’ve been working hard to one day fulfill my dream of being a professional singer and being able to connect with people across the nation through my voice and spirit. You guys coming to chapel hill and allowing all the talent out here to come and take part would literally be a dream come true. I hope you will consider Chapel Hill as a place that deserves a shot at being part of your shows musical experience.

    Thank you,
    Masai White

  6. Blake

    I’m his mom.. He is tall , dark and handsome with dimples. He is definitely the “special” you are looking for. He can sing the dictionary and make it sound awesome. He’s shy, but that is what makes him all the more likable. He has been in concert choir and has an awesome range. He listens to and sings every kind of music new and old. He is 18 years old 6ft 3 and lives in Brigham City, Utah. If you really want the Star Next Door, just ask our neighbor Dorothy. She’s caught him so many times singing when he thought no one was watching :), he was offered $200 once by a girl on a bus, to follow her around all day just to sing to her.

  7. Daizhah Samone

    Daizhah Samone
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Talents: Singing, modeling, dancing, aspiring actor
    All my life I have been a performer. I have danced all 4 years in high school and dance for my church. I have done modern, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and band dancing. I have never took any vocal lessons but I have been singing at my church since I was 9. I also sing at my job now, called The Fudgery. The Fudgery is where Drew Hill was discovered. I’ve done a stage play for s local play called Love Conquers All. I really want to do more acting jobs. I’ve been modeling for a modeling company called Models Inc. for 3 years now. They have really helped me with my confidence and preparing me for the world. I also dance with Models Inc., we do entertainment shows where we dance in heels, and also straight runway shows. I am very goal oriented and work hard at everything I do. I feel I could do great in a movie like this.

  8. Renee

    U gotta check out ‘Cali’ at Sapphires in Laurel MD. Friday and Sat nights karoke

  9. Paris Dodson

    Hello, my name is Paris and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I know this is the city everyone wants to be in, but its also easy to get lost and forgotten here. I’ve always wanted to sing and spread love and inspiration to people, but when you’re just another face you don’t even get a chance. Please consider me I want to make my number one fan proud,, my three year old little girl.

  10. Carissa

    Please come to Pottsboro TX! I am 13 and love to sing!!!

  11. Cynthia Gibbs


  12. Evon Russell

    Hey I am an underground artist I am from Pittsburgh, PA. I go by Rod’rick Logo I put out an EP for digital download titled “The Elements of Street, Love and Relationships” available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify etc. The reason you should come to Pittsburgh is because no one has really made it big from Pittsburgh being a male singer. I think there should be an opportunity for a city that is virtually unsung and there has not been any real crossover artists other than Christina Aguilera who I love and adore. I am a struggling artist trying to do shows and performances to support my living and I have yet to do any in this city. In my city it is very fickle with original artist and people to support and promote those that are different. I am 28 I will be 29 this year I would love to get my career off the ground before I am 30 I also write my own music so you can definitely get me to collaborate with others. If you ask anyone I know I eat, sleep and breathe music. Thanks for listening.

  13. Jasmine

    My name is Jasmine. I do hope you guys travel to Charlotte, NC. We’re some what of a big city but it’s hard to make it out here. I have been singing all my life and I know God has given this gift for a reason, but for me to prove it is only a matter of time. I do hope you guys give us a chance (to those who aren’t living in a big known city with talent) to show and prove. Thanks!

  14. Kaitlyn Escobar

    Hello, I go by my given of Kaitlyn. I’m 16 and have loved to sing for as long as I can remember…my mom has even caught me singing in my sleep. To me singing is deeper form of expression, just notes alone can express so much so when I sing I can feel a passion fill my chest so much that it is not just emotional, but becomes a physical sensation. Singing has always been my life and I will never stop because the moment I stop singing is the moment all emotion is void from my being. I love singing and I would love if ya’ll came down to Red Oak, Texas (this summer I’ll be in Ocala, Florida if you’d rather go there). I would do almost anything for an opportunity like this.

  15. Sugar Well

    Hi my name is sugar well I am a singer songwriter and poet I am currently working on my album Naturally Me coming in September and single so naturally out shortly… I have sang all over locally at open mics also I have had three features and several showcases… I lived in Detroit all my life… my passion my life besides my babies is music… I need to be able to leave a legacy behind fir them that lives forever … if only giving the chance I have quite a story yet im still standing despite…. I hope you come to Detroit and give this city girl the very thing that will change my life forever a chance to prove that I matter that im beautiful that humble and kind and through it all I pushed and pushed and finally made something happen give me my air back so Ican breath……peace

  16. Feng Zhu

    Hello! I am Feng Zhu, I am originally from China, I come to US only by myself, I really want to use music to achieve the American Dream. I have stayed in choir for more than 10 years. I have been to Australia and Europe for performances. You will like my voice. Thanks for your consideration, have a good day!

  17. Simon Black

    Hello Queen Latifah and Miss Gloria Estefan thank you for bringing this show to life I’m very interested in being a part of it I have been looking for a show like this for a very long time you can look up my music at Diamond black teen at and I look forward to hear from you guys and I’m getting ready to let my city Up

  18. Erika Diane

    Hi my name is Erika Diane I pray you guys come to Fayetteville, North Carolina!!! I have a huge voice but my biggest challenge has been my horrible stage fright! I organize and sing in my youth choir, but I have yet to sing a solo due to my excessive stage fright. I am so ready to break out my shell and show everyone the talent God has blessed me with!! COME TO FAYETTEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA PLEASEE PLEASEEE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP 😉

  19. Inez Rahman

    well hello Queen! All Hail to the Queen and to Gloria both of you amazing women have made such an impact into the lives of so many people around the world. God Bless You Both!. I have literally followed your careers with vigor and I must say this is one of the most awesome things to do for those who are talented and have long awaited to be heard. I have been singing since I was 2. Singing is all I do and the opportunity to showcase God”s gift is in itself a gift as well as a blessing. I’m a Worship leader at my Church, a songwriter and have been in the studio working on a number of singing projects. and I would love for you to come to the Pacific Northwest preferably Spokane Washington. this is where Hoopfest happens Bloomsday and Home of the Gonzaga Bulldogs people from all over the world come here for these events please truly Consider coming here to Spokane Washington let our town Represent and be Heard. We have some amazing Talent and Gospel singing folk right here in this part of the USA!!! Thank You and I pray You will Consider Washington State (Spokane)

  20. Ashtyn Leigh

    Hello! My name is Ashtyn Leigh. I am 17 years old singer/songwriter and I’m fresh out of High School. I’m taking a year off to pursue my music career. Music is my passion. I’m dying to make it into a career, but there are very few opportunities where I live. I am constantly having to travel great lengths in order to get to an audition, so the chance for this audition to come to me, would be amazing. I know I have what it takes to become the “Star Next Door”. I just need the chance. I would love to learn from some of the best and grow as an artist. I would be honored to represent my city and your show. Please, come to Gastonia, North Carolina! You won’t regret it!

  21. Allison Reid

    This is Allie’s mom… she LOVES to sing and has sang the National Anthem at professional baseball games, does local theater and school talent shows. But more than anything, she is just a great kid and truly loves any opportunity she can get to sing and meet new people! If you make it to Charlotte, NC, please stop in!

  22. Shasta

    They say….” Great things come to those who wait!!!” I would love for this competition to show up in little ol Florence SC. I have been singing since I can remember. This is not just a dream for me but a reality. Singing is like breathing to me. If I can’t sing its like not having oxygen!

    I will claim it and say SEE YOU SOON!!! I will have refreshments ready, beginning with my refreshing voice!!!!

  23. Kindhasy McMillian

    Hi my name is kindhasy . I prefer to be called KiKi. I’m 20 years old. I have been writing music since I was about 8 years old , I also have recorded a few ! I live singing and years ago I’ve realized I want to be a singer ! That’s my only passion ! So please come to Charlotte NC ! I beg of you !

  24. Brittany Marie

    Please come to Virginia! :)



  26. Delaney

    This show sounds fantastic! I sang before I could talk so my Mother says. Please come to NC!

  27. Rayshunna Adams

    Hi I’m Rayshunna and Me my twin sister Tayshunna are 19 years old and we live in Charlotte nc we have been singing since we were 3yrs old from what we’ve been told Lol and music has always been our passion we can sing any Genre of music from Country.R&b to Gospel we are very hardworking young ladies and were willing to do whatever it takes to show the talent we were born with

  28. Annabel

    Hello. My name is Annabel. I’m 19 years old and I live in Hesperia, California. Singing is my passion. I’ve been singing since I was three years old. I love singing because it shows people who I am. I like to show people that I’m proud of what I do. Your singing show is definitely something that interests me, and I would love it if you came to my town. You can check out my sound cloud page here! Please keep me updated! Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

  29. Ava Rowland

    Hi. I’m Ava and I was born into a family of many talented musicians and vocalists. I am 16 years old and I’ve been singing since I was a tiny girl. I play guitar as well as sing. I’ve performed in many contests and talent shows. I would love to show you my music page and videos of my performances. Please come and spend some time with me in my hometown.

  30. Alahna Ly

    Hi, my name is Alahna Ly, I am 15 years old an inspiring singer from Detroit, Michigan. Singing and music is my passion. Your tv show singing contest is something I’m very much interrested in. Please keep me up to date. Here’s my youtube channel. Thanks, hope to hear from you.

  31. Byron Bostick

    Hello. My name is Byron from the Magic City, Florence, SC. I have been singing as long as I can remember, and have been one of those guys that travel to audition in hopes of getting discovered. From songwriting, vocals, and poetry/spokenword, this is something I am passionate about, and would love an opportunity to prove that I can be the next biggest thing! Please come to Florence!!!

  32. Floria Gerardino

    I am 14 on the 7th. I’m from Newton Falls, OH. I’d love to be on your show. I’m in choir. I’d love to represent my home and your show. I have a voice I think people would love to hear. This would be a chance of a lifetime for me.!

  33. Jill Lovato

    Singer/songwriter, 51 yrs old, I live in Pine Colorado, in the foothills of Denver, Co. I have 70 songs in library of congress. A website : I write in a multi genre style. I’m all over google with music videos, just type my name in the search bar. I learned to sing with my Dad who sang barbershop, he said perfect pitch and harmony are key. If you need fire and explosion’s or pitch correction then shut up. Your voice is a perfect instrument, take your listener to a place they have never been. This is the place from which I write lyrics and music. Thank you for your consideration <hidden from public> 

  34. Omar Zachary Mahmood

    my name is Omar Zachary I live in salt Lake City Utah. I am a singer/songwriter as well as a guitarist. When it comes to vocals I know That I have a LOT of natural ability. I’ve never had any lessons (unless you count 1 semester of chorus in the 7th grade) I can get in a good groove with a couple songs, and at that point I can freakin’ ROCK! I could really benefit from getting coached by super talented artists. I KNOW that I can sing really well and I want the whole world to hear it too!

  35. Whitney Gibson

    Hi! My name is Whitney and I am 23 years old living in Fayetteville, NC. I am married with a 1 year old little boy. They are my world, but singing and performing is a very close second! I have many notable awards and achievements that I am proud of, but none that have made my dream of performing and being an artist a reality. Please choose me to represent this city and your up and coming show. Hopefully both of us will be a hit!

  36. Samantha fellows

    Hi my name is Samantha. Im 15 years old almost sixteen. I’ve used music as and outlet my whole life to get away from my problems. I write songs about my past and my struggles and how i overcome them. I love to sing when I sing it’s like im the only im the room. I’ve never been the popular or pretty girl out the smartest I’ve never been thought of those things. But when I sing people look at me different like They actually like somthing about me. It makes me feel like I’m good at something. I don’t know what I’d do with out writing or music. It would mean the world to have a chance to be something more and I think I could have that chance if you came to raleigh North Carolina.

  37. Hunter Cook

    Hi I am a 19 year old country music artist from Franklin PA . I have been singing for about 4 years now. I started in small home town competitions and went to Nashville where I won a competition at The ICM Inspirarional Country Music Awards. I recorded my first cd “What A Cowboy Does” my first self penned song “PRAY” went to #3 on the inspirational charts . I then decided to do a little main stream country. I have been working with Mr. Jim Peterik of the bands The Ides OF March and Suvivor! “Eye Of The Tiger”. I just released my 2nd cd last fall produced by him. “Born For THis” I recut a famous 80’s hit of his “Hold On Loosely” in a country version, pretty cool. I really really want to make music my full time career , I know it’s not an easy business to make it it but I am willing to do what ever it takes. There are lots of great artists out there you just have to keep working and pray for that lucky break that one day the right person will hear you and take that chance with you. I would really love the opportunity to show you what I have to give and I am always ready to learn more! You can check out my music on I Tunes and CD Baby and my webpage huntercookmusic. Don’t get me wrong I love doing the shows I do around my home and I have such great people that support me and my music but I am ready to grow even more! One show I did last year I was performing in front of over 30,000 people what a awesome feeling I loved it. The bigger the audience the better . But now matter how small or how big I’m always ready to give em a show! Please come to Franklin Pa !!!!

  38. Barbara Williams

    I was very interested to read this, but of course, wonder if there are any age restrictions–I am 48 years old, but just released my first cd, via in December of 2014. It’s a cover cd, “Sundown: A Gordon Lightfoot Retrospective,” that my husband and funded nearly entirely ourselves. With no record company backing me, I have been coming up with new and creative ways to market the disc. My husband is worried we will not recoup the money we spent on the project. I say that’s not why I did it! I put the disc out to honor some great music and as a vehicle to get my voice heard. Reading about The Star Next Door made me think that perhaps this is the way to get my voice heard by more people! I’m in Santa Monica, so I hope you will be in Los Angeles at some point! I would love to work with you and you would find no better student than I. Thanks for creating this opportunity.

  39. Kennedi

    Hello ,
    I have been humming a tune since I was 6 months. Disney try to recruit me, but I was to shy and did not want to perform. My mom never did push me. When I was 13, my Mom had an aneurism. I almost lost her. For some reason I had made a decision to sing. I have not stopped . I write,sing,dance, I act and speak 4 languages . Please come to Los Angeles.


  40. Destiny davis

    Hey I’m Destiny. I am thirteen years old.
    Please come to Houston.I’ve been singing since I was 4. Music is my life. I write,sing,dance,and act.
    Please give me the opportunity to show you what I can do.

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