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  1. Summer Zeilman

    My dream has been my whole life to become a singer, or even just be looked at by a professional to help myself improve! I am 25 years old, engaged and a mother of two amazing kiddos! My daughter is 4 and my son is 19 months! I love music and sing a wide range of genres such as, country, r& b, church/soul, and love evanescence. I have let very few people hear me sing and everyone who has heard me has been absolutely shocked that i can sing. I did singing lessons when i was younger and have been in every choir in school and did great in those.

    I would love a shot to be heard and to prove myself to the world with something like this! I have a passion for music and, you can tell when i sing!

    Please help my dreams come true and, help become a great singer!

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