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  1. Brett Hicks

    DREAM!follow my dream some how some way. It has to come from my body right..? Well my voice tells a story that my feet and eyes can tell I find my voice as different one of a kind. When I was in middle school I was in choir as a tenor. A couple songs on the radio that always plays I sing with the words and get the chills. Just like when Fantasia Barino tryed out for American Idol i got the chills and said damn i feel you girl. I just would like to be heard and lets see what the judges say. Never hurts to try . May ilI try

    Thank you for your time dearly appreciated

  2. James Huskey

    I have heard- “to have a gift and not share it with the world, is not good for the world.” My 5-month-old little girl smiles when I sing to her and all my fears go out the window. I am 26 and have been afraid for too long. I would love the opportunity to share the gift god gave me. I can send a video, track or whatever is needed.

    James Huskey

  3. chaylin madden

    I should be considered because I am smart I’ve always wanted to sing I am only 13 and I have an unforgetable voice and a group called brand nu I am confident and my group and I would be honored!!

  4. Adam Will

    I have tried and tried to find my passion at work. I’ve worked from painting boats and traviling the world in the Navy to now working as a cook who can barely pay his bills. But through all my tribes and tribulations I have always had music. It’s my life I sing all the time to the point people call me the walking jukebox. In 34 years old and sing anything from Frank Sinatra to musicals to neil diamond and many more. I would to be the next best thing in the Music industry.

  5. Adam Will

    I have worked hard my whole life trying to find my passion. I have always enjoyed singing but never got the opportunity to show off my voice. My passion has always been singing and it will always be that way. I’m 34 years old but I enjoy singing anything from Frank Sinatra, musicals, Neil Diamond, and many more. I would love to be the next best thing in the Music industry.

  6. Lara Kramer

    I am a 31 year old stay at home mom who pushes her children to follow ever dream and reach for every star. I am a hypocrite though. I have this amazing gift of singing and this burning desire inside of me and I have never followed through. How can I tell my children no dream is out of reach if I never reached for my own dream. Aside from being a mother there is nothing that makes me happier than performing. I performed for a few years in NYC in a girls group performing at the Tribeca Film Festival and various parks around the city when I was younger. I never felt more alive than I did back then. Since I stopped singing I began writing. I have written over 20 songs. They sit in a folder collecting dust. I am not a diva by any means and get nervous, but I am ready to overcome any fears or insecurities and follow my heart. Nothing would make me happier than showing my children that you are never too old to reach for the stars!

  7. Jennell Wadell Davis

    Im a 16yr old inspiring artist and my passion is to sing.
    Ive always had a love for music and I love to practice skatting to jazz on a daily I would love to showcase my talents on your show I would love to soooooo much please queen tell yo crew to let me through lol

  8. Noelle Bauer

    I recently had small success on MTV’s new singing show Copycat that aired this past summer! Ever since then I grew to love the spotlight and as a graduate student, I would love to stop it all just for a shot in the industry.

  9. Avery M.

    My 15 year old daughter, singer/songwriter, recording artist, Avery M., not only can she sing (I mean she can “sang”), but has a remarkable story of how she found her voice/song from something tragic (the lost of her father). At 8 years old her aunt invited her to sing a spiritual hymn with her on the platform at her father’s homegoing and she has been a songbird ever since. People can’t believe such a big, powerful, controlled sound comes from this 15 year old. She sings Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Soul. Her favorite artists are Chris Brown, Toni Braxton, Beyoncé, and Christina Aguillera. I am trying to get Avery M., this girl next door, to be known to the world and we could surely use your help!

  10. Lyla

    I’ve been trying to get my husband to audition since we’ve been together hes really amazing and can sing anything from red hot chilly peppers to lil wayne.

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