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  1. Barbara Williams

    I was very interested to read this, but of course, wonder if there are any age restrictions–I am 48 years old, but just released my first cd, via in December of 2014. It’s a cover cd, “Sundown: A Gordon Lightfoot Retrospective,” that my husband and funded nearly entirely ourselves. With no record company backing me, I have been coming up with new and creative ways to market the disc. My husband is worried we will not recoup the money we spent on the project. I say that’s not why I did it! I put the disc out to honor some great music and as a vehicle to get my voice heard. Reading about The Star Next Door made me think that perhaps this is the way to get my voice heard by more people! I’m in Santa Monica, so I hope you will be in Los Angeles at some point! I would love to work with you and you would find no better student than I. Thanks for creating this opportunity.

  2. Kennedi

    Hello ,
    I have been humming a tune since I was 6 months. Disney try to recruit me, but I was to shy and did not want to perform. My mom never did push me. When I was 13, my Mom had an aneurism. I almost lost her. For some reason I had made a decision to sing. I have not stopped . I write,sing,dance, I act and speak 4 languages . Please come to Los Angeles.


  3. Destiny davis

    Hey I’m Destiny. I am thirteen years old.
    Please come to Houston.I’ve been singing since I was 4. Music is my life. I write,sing,dance,and act.
    Please give me the opportunity to show you what I can do.

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