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  1. Mallory Thurgood

    Hi my name is Mallory Thurgood I am 16 I live in Clinton Utah I love singing country music is my style I am currently involved in my schools choir program it has been my dream to show the world that I have what it takes to stand on stage and sing my heart and lungs out to show what I can do to get lost im the music and to relate to others through music it would be an honor to be considered for this show and honor to have chance at my dreams with you guys

  2. Daniel Fitzgerald

    Hi, I’m Daniel and I would love to work on this network, the reality series sounds so interesting, I love singing and would love to be on this show, this could help me start a singing career, please consider, Thanks!

  3. Ashanti Jones

    I am so interested in this sounds like an amazing opportunity!!!!!!!

  4. Juanita Hart

    Hi, I am Juanita, and I am a singer. I am very interested in your audition. I am opening a new chapter in my life, and its through singing. For 23 years I have done a job that I did not enjoy, but now I am ready to take a chance and do what I love, singing. I would love to start with your company. Thanks!

  5. Treonna Parker

    Hi my name is treonna. i really love singing its my passion i even have music tattoos. I would be great from youre competition because i am from Baltimore Md and i dont think their are any famous people from here well that i know. I know if i had the chance i would work hard to o make sure i complete my goal. I will never give up even if im 40 lol. well im 20 years old and i really just want this opportunity that not many people have. i prove to people you can be whatever your mind to. and i just want to give back to my mom. i was raised by a single mom of 3 i just want her to be in paradise and relax. please i hope you give me the chance. you wont regret it. pleaseeeeeee and thank you. and even if you dont ill keep trying :))))))

  6. Anna Elise Melvin

    Hi my name is Anna Elise, and I can t tell you how excited I am to have found this. This show sounds perfect for me. I have work for years oerfecting my craft on any stage I can. I have had moderate success on my own. But just don’t know what to do to get to the next level. I keep thinking I need a mentor to help get me get unstuck….. This sounds PERFECT for me!!!!!! I have a teachable spirit, and no one wants this more or would work harder than me. I have recently finished my degree, and am poised to move to Nashville in the next several months. I m working hard to save up for it. So this is not a whim for me…. It s all I ever think about , it s what I was meant to do…. It s what I have to do. Please come to Memphis, TN and help me become The Star Next Door…. You won t be sorry

  7. Aston Pennington

    Hello my name is Aston Pennington and I interested in being a part of the competition. I’m 27 years old and have been singing all my life. Mostly being a part of my church choir and singing solos. I feel like Thu would be great chance for me to learn from the best in the business and be the singer I’ve always wanted to be.

  8. Robert Tillinghast

    For Years I’ve been told I sound Like Randy Travis. I don’t know if I would be Good enough for Your show, But The Good Lord Pressed Me to Respond.
    God Bless. Robert.

  9. Jaylen Webb

    My name is Jaylen I live in Henderson N.C. and I would love to be apart of your show!!! I have been since the tender age of three years old, I sing Gospel R&B and Pop, I play the drums and Im currently learning how to play the piano. I really do love to sing to me singing is life! All I think about is singing or music. I do sing at churches, schools, and special occasions. I’ve sung on tv locally at the Women who Rock, Groove, and Jam. I really do want to be apart of this show and I hope and pray that you can accept me!!!

  10. Courtney Holshouser

    Hey you guys! I would be so honored to be apart and share the spotlight of many talented individuals that share the same passion as I do when it comes to being in front of the camera. I have been told a number of times why aren’t you a model?! Well I would love to be, but I know in my heart that being on stage and entertaining people was always instilled in my heart. I have the determination and drive that it takes to make it to the top. Not only that, but to stay there and continue to grow as an entertainer. I’m a very amicable person who loves to be around lots of people all day. I’m also a fast learner who can take criticism and learn from it. I am myself just goofy ol me 24/7 and want to dedicate my life to television. Love or hate me, still going to be true to myself as well as my soon to be fans! – Small town girl from Gold Hill, NC. No literally I’m small 5’2″ 114lbs

  11. Melody

    I’m representing Louisiana, and would love to be apart of the movement. Here in the south we don’t sing, we SANG. I also began my music journey, at a very young age, but I came up with Zydeco (here it is the main genre), and later worked in other genres such as Southern Soul, Swing-out, R&B, Neo Soul and Inspiration. It would be a major breakthrough, not only for myself, but for my State as a whole, for the opportunity to participate in your showcase!!

  12. Ruth Michelle

    Hey my name is Ruth Michelle. I’ve always had a passion for music. It was my first love and singing has always been a part of who I am. I’m 23 years old and due to many difficult life situations I have put my music dream on pause and discontinued many pursuits I’ve had towards reaching a music career. I believe everything happens for a reason and I know that my purpose in life is to show others that anything is possible even with the biggest adversities. My love for music is beyond words and you can hear it and see it the moment I start singing. To have the chance to audition in “The Star Next Door” would be an opportunity of a lifetime, something I would not take for granted!

  13. Chris Robinson

    Hi my name is Chris Robinson. I am so glad that i came across this exciting information and I would love to have an opportunity to be heard. I was born and raised in the south but now resides in Maryland. I grew up singing in my church choir with 4 of my sisters and friends in my neighborhood. I also did solos and played the drums for my church. God gave me this voice so why not use it for him. This would be a dream come true for me. Please please help me make it come true.

  14. Darius Sloan

    My name is Darius Sloan. I live in China Grove, NC. I would to be apart of your show

  15. Caitlin Batten

    My name is Caitlin Batten. I am from a small town called Troy, NC. I currently live in Albemarle, NC. I am a full time teacher at West Montgomery Middle School. I am in my 4th year teaching. I do this job because I love working with kids and leading our children to being successful in their life and in our nation. Singing has always ended up being a hobby of mine due to the lack of confidence in performing. However, singing has been a part of me since I was a child. I would sing at church as a child and even play the piano some as well. It wasn’t until my first year of college that I finally came out of my shell and sang as a young person/adult. After that, I have been openly singing at church, school, weddings, or anywhere I could sing. I just love every minute of it. The main reason I sing is to worship and praise my Lord. He gave me the talent I have and I use it to glorify Him. I have been given so many opportunities to sing in the past few years and I would love to continue to do that. Singing is my passion and to become a professional would be a huge dream come true. I do love teaching but the money compared to the cost of living do not add up. Making it on my own is always a struggle from day to day. Growing up with divorced parents who struggled as well has shown me how hard life can really be. I know this opportunity would get me to the place I know the Lord has called me to be.

  16. Liz Hackett

    Liz Hackett is a singer/songwriter from Sacramento, California currently living in Apex North Carolina. Liz has received praise from major record labels. Liz’s song “Blame it on My Heart” was the first song she wrote, which received radio air play in Sacramento on 100.5 The Zone both on their Unsigned Artist Showcase, as well as on prime time radio by DJ’s Monica Lowe and Keith Brooks. We would love to have Liz Hackett on the show! You can find her music at or on her website

  17. Aniyah Rachelle

    I would love to be apart of your new upcoming show. Ive been singign and performing since I could talk and would love to share my talent with the world. Straight from Houston Tx, Im ready to audition and be apart of something so great toshow what I got!!!! Come to Houston. My YOUTUBE CAHNNEL IS YOUTUBE/ANIYAHRACHELLE….See YA Soon!!:)

  18. Kristen McRorie

    Hi, my name is Kristen McRorie and I’m from Concord, NC. I have been singing ever since I could talk. It’s something that I love to do, and the rush of being on stage, able to share that with other people is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I have auditioned for opportunities to sing at sporting events, performed in local talent competitions, and also auditioned for America’s Got Talent, but, haven’t had much luck in getting where I need/want to be to pursue my dream of making singing my career. I have faith that God puts us where we’re meant to be, we just have to be willing to work for it, and I definitely am. I would absolutely love this opportunity and appreciate your consideration. Also, here is a link to a youtube video I recorded with some friends.

  19. La Lhoni Mejia and Fantashia Neal

    We are your next stars we can really sing. We are both 17 years old and would love for one of the outstanding Star to come to are home town and help us become stars so every would here are music some please take us under consideration we won’t disappoint you.

  20. Christine Dee

    Here’s a link to my YouTube channel!
    My name is Christine Dee Mosser, but my fans on YouTube and across the country know me as Christine Dee. My fiancee and I sold our cars and almost everything we owned and bought an RV. We’ve been on the road since November 2014 and have been to 21 states and counting. We travel with our two dogs chasing my dream of becoming a singer. Along the way I have played open mic nights, sang at karaoke, and have met some amazing people. I love to sing pop, r&b, broadway, rock, and a little country. I have wanted to be a singer since I was little girl. Since we have gotten engaged, we are staying in Raleigh, NC in our RV to work and save up money for our wedding on July 15, 2015 in Savannah, GA.

  21. remus stanley

    Hi my name is Remus Stanley from north carolina and i am very excited to possible have a chance to participate in this life changing event. I have been singing and rapping for over 8 year perfecting my craft and I an now ready to display it to the world. Having this opportunity would be great for my family and small town. My father had a heart attack and three mini strokes and survived and is still getting better and mother past away in 08 and they love when I sing to them as well as my church family. Getting an opportunity like this would mean making my father happy while hes still alive as well as my grandparents and providing for my family and of course chancing my dream I would like to make a reality

  22. Jacques Naude

    GOOD DAY!!!

    My name is Jacques Naude and I am 21 years old. Unfortunately I am from South Africa but I believe that I was given the gift of having an amazing voice and I feel that I would really be ideal for the show, since it would really make a talent competition different if contestants from other countries could also have the opportunity to take part in an American music competition. I also have covers that I have recorded if you would be interested to listen to them first and then decide if it would be a good idea to include a South African in the competition. Please give me the opportunity to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity. i feel that I am destined to become a singing sensation.

  23. Jaylene Diaz

    Hi I’m Jaylene Diaz. I’m 17 and I’m from the Bronx, NY. This might sound cliche but ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be a singer/entertainer. Alot people say I got what it takes, and if they’re telling me that than I want to give it a shot with this audition. Music and singing is the key and lock to my happiness. I’ve never performed in front of a huge audience but I think this competition can help me be more confident and show what I’m made of. This year is my last year of high school and if I could nail this audition I PROMISE YOU I will work my way to the top and I will bring it. I’m ready ✨

  24. Angelique Fuller

    Hey there!!! I’m vellie Marie and I’m a singer/sing writer from Baltimore Maryland I’m 19 and music is my life !!! I eat sleep and breath it for a long time I didn’t know just how much talent I really had until I really stepped out there and the feedback spoke for its self I always knew I wanted to be a singer I used to make my family stay at the kitchen table a little longer after dinner so I could put on a show and sing for them lol but I have a unique style and sound that’s different from what’s out there right now I’m a hard worker and I know that it takes that and persistence to get where you want to go I believe that if I could just get the right person to give me a chance I could blow them away !!! Being where I’m from and my background I have allot of odds against me when it comes to achieving my dreams but being the person I am I will never let that be the reason I don’t I no what I’m capable of I just need a chance to prove it to the world give me a chance and you won’t regret it and that’s a promise !!!!

  25. Bryan McNair

    The essence of entertainment lives within me. Standing at 5.5 and a half feet of heart and passion, I should be featured in this production because I am capable of bringing screens to life. The name “Bryan McNair” is one that brings with it a desire to entertain, a desire to learn and grow in the world of theater and film, and the desire to give life to any role that might be put in front of me. Aside from being a very animated personality, I also sing and capture the attention of crowds fairly easily. I love improvisation, and there is no greater feeling than to be naturally funny and to successfully garner the attention of complete strangers. I live to be under the light of entertainment. With a huge imagination, there is no angle that I cannot play and master with personal spark and infinite charisma. If selected, my positive energy will fill any missing piece of a production’s puzzle.

  26. Shannon Fowler

    Hi, My name is Shannon and I have been writing and singing since a very young age. I feel that these are the gifts that were given to me by God. I have been in choirs, for both church and school, and on a voluntary basis with a one year commitment involved at the time. In addition to, singing solos for the special music ministry. My dream has been to be a writer and a singer all my life even though I am not known. I would even like to try my hand at acting. I love the arts. Always have. I feel it would bring out the best in me. I made a promise to God to try and fulfill that deep rooted desire in me because it’s such a part of my inner-connectedness and who I am. I believe that through music we can heal, change, and transform the world in a way that words can’t. It touches the soul like no other energy or resource can. When I think my dream is not within my reach and think about quitting or giving it up, I get very uneasy because I can’t seem to part with it no matter how hard I try. I had 4 brain surgeries at the age of 25 and was told I would be dead or a vegetable by the time I turned 30. I am now 45. I would like to sing before the world and do something good before I go. I made a promise to God to try and fulfill that dream if I could only find an opportunity and get help to make my dreams come true. Lately, people have told me I’m too old, that I won’t be a head-liner at 45, and to give it up…that nobody’s going to help me. And that really hurt. Got me down. But, I still want to try. Will you help me?

  27. Courtney Chay

    Hi Im Courtney Chay from Lincolnton NC! I would love for you to come to my town! For some reason I just cant get that break. I taped for season 5 of the voice, I made it to the blind audition but the spots were filled before my audition. Here recently I competed at the Steve Harvey Morning Show Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta where I was one of the 4 finalists. Ive auditioned for and got call backs from American Idol and America’s got talent! . Ive even done BET’S SUNDAY BEST AND MADE IT TO the rounds before celebrity judges! Im a hard worker that will get within arms reach of my destination and then it all disappears! I will never give up! Please consider me and my small town. Would love to introduce the world to what Ive been blessed with! Blessings!

  28. Blake Ellege

    Hey there! This is Blake Ellege from the beautiful “Land of the Waterfalls” in Brevard, N.C.! I am 23 years old and a recent graduate of Brevard College.
    Everyone in the world was exposed to Asheville, N.C. this past year when Caleb Johnson won American Idol. Meanwhile, 30 minutes away is another “hot bed” for entertainment and music and it is home to some of the world’s most famous musicians! My hometown of Brevard NC is a beautiful piece of heaven located in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains and is home to the most waterfalls per square mile than anywhere else in the United States.
    I grew up singing Southern Gospel with my family at the age of 4 and traveled with them, singing in churches every weekend. My experience performing with them over the years showed me what it’s like to sing 3 part harmony, train my ear and build a good groundwork on how to be a good performer and singer. I still travel and sing with them to this very day.
    At the age of 16, I decided to try my hand at Rock & Roll, Oldies and Blues music. My horizons were broadened and I found a new love in music! I started oldies and blues bands with my friends and even did some Elvis Impersonations along the way! I traveled all over the southeast and performed in all kinds of bars and clubs. I even had the pleasure of performing a couple of times at BB Kings Blues Club in Memphis, TN.
    By this time, I was about to graduate high school and I realized that I needed to further my education. So, I made the decision to attend Brevard College and get my degree in music. During this time, I got classical training in the profession and calling I had on my life. I thought I knew everything there was to know about music when I started at Brevard College due to the lifetime I had already spent singing with my family and traveling and singing all kinds of styles of music; but I was wrong. During my time there, my musical horizons were broadened yet again. This time I was exposed to classical and jazz music. I recieved classical vocal training in my studies at Brevard College as a student and won several awards during my time there. One in particular is when I ranked one of the Top 4 Classically Trained Tenors in the WHOLE United States at the National NATS Competition held in Boston, Massachusetts this past year. I performed with the college’s jazz band on every concert they held during my time there and had a blast learning jazz standards and performing them.
    I’ve had all kinds of performance experience singing different styles of music during my lifetime. Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Rock&Roll and Jazz. Not many singers can say that! I feel like I could be a real asset in showing America the talent that can be right in their own backyard. Take it from me! Talent is out there! All you have to do is find it!

  29. Katlyn Casey

    Come to Goldsboro NC. Ive only auditioned for one thing and that is JCC Country Music Showcase in Smithfield, NC. I love to sing and would love to get more experience and exposure!

  30. Amanda M!

    I think I should be featured on The Star Next Door because I live in such a small town and I love it to pieces but I will never have the opportunity to kick off my dream of becoming a singer here. I pray and hope that y’all will PLEASE feature me in this show, I absolutley will not let you down! Love, Amanda :)

  31. katerina smith

    Hi my name is Katerina smith. I’m from hot springs arkansas I’ve always wanted to become a country singer. But people have always doubted me because of the color of my skin. But it’s like hey its 2014. Give it a rest already and give me a chance. I’ve always been different and done things differently in life. But that’s just my personality. This has always been a dream of mine. Since I was like 5 years old. I hope you all will give me a chance. I’ve grown up in church singing. My mom’s a preacher and my dad’s a retired disabled veteran. I have a big family and I hope to some day be able to take care of them. The way they have all taken care of me for so long. I’m currently disabled due to really bad migraines. But that doesn’t make the music stop. That’s one thing throughout my life I’ve never lost. Is my happiness and the music. Thanks for the opportunity.


    My name is Sanytra Simeon and I am from Miami, FL but I stay in Raleigh, NC… I am in the Army National Guard and have a 18 month old little girl. God has Blessed me with a voice that I feel he wants me to share with the world. I have been told many of times that I wasn’t going to do anything with myself and i REFUSE to believe that. God has a place for me and I feel that singing is what is going to get me there.. I have a story to tell and things to show, I haven’t had the best life but with the smile on my face, you would never know what I have been through. I am doing this MAINLY for my daughter, she is my PUSH to continue forward. I want to show her that there is more to life that where and how we live.. I want to show her that you can do ANYTHING with the help of God and you putting your dreams 1st.. I want to get out of the military and persue my dream.. I don’t want to be in the industry for the money, I want to do it because it’s my passion, it’s my life’s work.. When you do what you love, it’s not working, that is what I want to do.. I don’t want to work, I want to have fun… I hope that this message reaches you and puts a smile on your face. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you soon.

  33. Crystal White

    I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me but I want to fulfill my mom’s dying wish. My mom unexpectedly died Oct 7,2013 and my big sister Lynette said my mom kept saying is Danny still singing,unfortunately recently I’ve only sang at funerals. I sang “I will always love you” at my dad’s 4/4/2012 passing he was only 61,I sang “Take me to the King “at my mom’s 10/07/2013 funeral. I want to stop being the funeral singer and fulfill my passion and start singing for the love of it again. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me but to only be 25 I’ve lost a lot but I think I have a lot to offer the world. I also wanna be on this show because Latifah you lost your brother at a young age like me ,so I believe you know how to channel pain into creativity and would be a good mentor. Below is a sample of me singing.

    Crystal White covering “I will Always Love You”

  34. Shi'Ann Jones

    I’m the least of many in this small place called Paducah, KY. The saying, “Can anything good come from Paducah?” I believe it can, but it takes hard work and dedication to get to the other side. If interested in a small town girl, who is 12 and have big dreams then I’m the one you are searching for. Check out my performances on listed under my name: Shi’Ann Jones.

  35. Jennifer Hart

    Ive always prided myself in my talent. I would love a chance to even get some feedback Rochester NY come here!!!!

  36. Brandi Jones

    Hi! I’m Brandi from Goldsboro, Nc I am 19 married with two beautiful children. I can say that I love singing but it’s obvious I do because I’m commenting right? Ha-ha. OK I am a youth choir director for by church and I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt like I was the one that’s never been the “one” I’m always just beneath someone else. I’ve wanted to give up so many times I’ve always felt overlooked. Recently I’ve just been told to keep trying and not give up that someone will see my talent one day. I’ve auditioned for American Idol, the voice and other talent shows. I got one call back and since then ive had a determination like never before. I would love this opportunity to know my faith and hard work paid off! This is what I want in my life to sing.

  37. LaTanya Cadogan

    I believe that my son is an amazing singer and he more than desrves a chance to become the star next door. He was born in new jersey named Alfonzo Rembert. We are currently residing in Fayetteville nc. He is easily coachable and very willing to learn new things. He would truly appreciate this opportunity. If u afford him this chance I can promise you that you will not regret it nor will you be disappointed. Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon.

  38. Tyson TJM

    I’m Tyson from Kalamazoo, Mi born and raised. I think I should be considered for this show because, I AM THE NEXT STAR!!! Music is my everything my passion, my motivation. There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not singing.

  39. Hope White

    Greetings and Blessings,
    My name Is Hope, and I am in music ministry, which is an avenue to touch peoples lives tbru the gift of song. I am also a Wife, Nurse, and motber if 7 beautiful children. I have put my dream of travel and song on hold for some time now, to help my husband raise our children, and while being a mother has been the best decision ive ever made, I am ready to persue my dream of reaching people world wide, and sharing my gift of song! I have instilled in my children that you can achieve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you put your mind to, no matter how long it may take you to get to the finish line. I want them to see me practice EXACTLY what I preach!
    I am looking forward tosharing with you soon….
    Hope White

  40. Tanzania Mosley

    I have a very talented 9 year old daughter her name is June Treasure Bennett aka RockStar JTB shes a Rising Rap Star people from all over the city come just to see my daughter perform shes usually the only child rapper at these showcases and she sure knows how to rock the crowd im sure she would be a great to be on the show

  41. Tyrone C

    Please consider my granddaughter Dije for your show. Dije is a 16 year rising senior at Baltimore’s BSA. She has a very powerful voice with an equal dose of sweetness that belies her years. She has won several competitions in the past 2 years in both Classical and Contemporary Categories. She recently sang the National Anthem in front of 15,000 at Oregon Ridge with Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on July 4th after winning a competition. Two weeks ago she sang the anthem at the Orioles game at Camden Yards on July 29th. On August 13th, she will sing the Anthem at the Washington Mystics game at the Verizon Center. She was a finalist in the Schmidt Competition last summer and won the award for the top Sophomore. Dije has been singing in church since she was 7 and is working towards her dream of being an Opera singer. She is very humble about her talent…..yet confident in her ability.

  42. Patrick

    Hello I am Patrick. I have read through some of the other heartfelt comments and have to admit mine will be considered unorthodox. My request is not for myself but for my wife. She is an awesome person with an amazing talent. She has loved singing since she was much younger, she is 21 now, but regardless of the difficulties that entailed the pursuit of her dreams she always kept that dream ablaze. We were in Seattle for a bit where she auditioned several times and unfortunately when she was selected for an IMTA event we did not have the funds for her to travel to it. Due to the nature of my work she had to move back to Miami, our hometown, and has since lost faith in the chance of her becoming the star that she has the potential to be. She loves to sing, is happiest when she does so and has a natural talent for it. She has a kind heart and a voice that echoes through the memories of those fortunate enough to hear it. I ask not for the opportunity but simply that you would listen to her sing her talent speaks for itself. I have a demo and snippets of her at home available should you decide to listen. Well I thank you for your time and consideration. Prayers to the prosperity of your show :)

  43. Cody Case

    When ever I have a possibility to become a Singer/songwriter which I do for free, by myself at this point, I would love to be mentored by a Country Superstar like Jon Rich would be great! I am from North Carolina

  44. Araceli Gomez

    I’d love a chance to get an audition just like any other person. I have passion in my music. I sing nonstop, in the car, in the shower, at my church, at my school. Music and singing have always been there for me, because it IS me. I know I was born to perform. I get an awesome feeling when I’m in command of any stage. And even though I’ve never had any lessons, I know I can do this! Give me a shot. I can do this and will do this.

  45. GenaVe

    Hello my name is GenaVe and I really need this break. Please consider me for your show. I Love smiling,singing and meeting new people and i take direction well. Please save me from my Life and choose me for your show…

  46. Jamii

    Hello, I am from Charlotte NC. I don’t have a list of Concerts or Gigs that I have done, but what I do have is a drive and a passion to sing. I love to inspire and uplift through this gift God has given me. I have been singing since the age of 7. I’ve been interested in music since I was a young girl. I haven’t had too many opportunities since I grew up in a small rural area in WV. My vocals are advanced and mature. I’ve participated in various singing engagements however not one with a National platform. I have what it takes to not only be a sought out singer but performer. Singing is a part of my soul and 1of my passions. I put alot of time and preparation in what I do and I’ve studied and continue to master my craft so that I may sing in excellence and continute to be skillful in what I do. I love it and I know if you choose me, you won’t be disappointed!

  47. Kendall

    Hi I’m Kendall, I’m from Orlando Florida! I have always had a passion for singing ever since I was a little girl. I’m 14 almost 15 years old and I feel like I never have anywhere to showcase my hidden talent. Singing. I love it so much but since my parents both work full time I don’t get to go to auditions and gigs and etc like my friends do. This is why I think ‘The Star Next Door’ would be the perfect show for me. There’s nothing I want more in this world than to become a singing sensation and I really think The Star Next Door would be such an amazing opportunity for me to show my voice. I play the guitar and was in my school talent show in 6th grade and got a standing ovation. It was the first time performing in front of a crowd so large in my hometown and I felt on top of the world. I have also sang at my cousin’s wedding and I have performed at Disney World with my school chorus. My friends and family keep telling me I need to show my talent to the world and I feel ready now. I’ve never had a vocal coach, I’m purely self taught and I would love to go on this journey and this competition show and make my family proud. My brother was involved with drugs and almost overdosed. It was a very rough time for my family and we are so grateful he is sober and better now, but when times were hard and my parents were so upset I would sing for them and it made them feel better. I want to make something of myself and I finally feel I’m ready to show America my voice and love for music. PLEASE consider me for this show. I would feel so blessed and be forever grateful for the experience. :)
    -Kendall, FL

  48. Angelo Herrera

    I would love to be part of this because there is nothing better than following dreams and if I don’t get this than it should gods will but I will sincerely love to become a star

  49. Arsherres Jenkins

    Hi my name is Arsherres I am 23 yrs old a graduate of Catawba College ’13 ,). I have been singing since the age of 5 and I feel it’s what I was born to do. I currently work at the Bank but I know that’s not my calling I want to sing all over the world and being on this show would be a dream come true for me. I have been praying and it’s crazy how I came across this website. If you picked me to be apart of the show it would be an honor.

    Thank you :)

  50. Jazmin Blackman

    Look imma just be real . . . we all know I want this because I took the time to look this all up . All I have to say is give me ONE chance . If not , cool . I promise y’all I will be at the top either way . #Grindin Remember my name . I’m from Columbia South Carolina .

  51. Fawn Adams

    Hi, My name is Fawn and I have got to get you to check out my man who can sing his #^#%## off!! He lives near Raleigh, NC and is a true professional. His range is awesome and if I could give him any gift in the world, it would be the opportunity to blow America out of the water. He is a retired Marine that can rock the house on any given day!! Please contact me and trust me when I tell you, he will awe you!

  52. Raelynn Downing

    Hi my name is Raelynn Downing from Indianapolis, Indiana
    and I am 14 I am a singer and song writer. I feel like I have what it takes to be America’s
    next star I am a very hard worker and I never give up I always give a 110% in everything I do so please come to Indiana I truly do have the mind and spirit of a star.

  53. Daphne Boggs

    My name is Daphne and I am 12 years old. I am 5,1″; about 85 pounds and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. It would be an honor to be accepted into this. Thank you for your time.

  54. Donna

    Hello! My name is Donna and I am 29 years old and I would love an opportunity to be considered as The Star Next Door. I am currently a special education teacher and work at school for special needs children and love it. My passion has always been singing. I get the itch out once a year when my friends and I travel out of town and get a karaoke night in (they aren’t ones much for karaoke, so I’ll take it when I can get it). I have sung the National Anthem before local car races when I was in high school but I want so much more. I want to be up on stage belting it out in front of crowds! Thank you for reading and hopefully you will consider me!

  55. Virginia heard

    Hi I’m virginiaheard I’ve been singing since I was 7 or 8 I love it did I mention I’m 12 years old I love acting sometimes I pretend I’m in a play and I’m different actors like Selena Gomez I love singing and actinh

  56. Deshawn Washington

    Hi my name is Deshawn Washington I’m from a small town where there’s not to many opportunities I recently went out to audition for the Voice which I made a team being on shakira team I was top 48 out 400,000 people although I lost in the battle singing a song way out of my element but I didn’t let that get to me it just motivated me to really push myself and really get out there an accomplish my goals I feel that I have all that it takes to be one of the top performers on the show I’m ready at any given time

  57. Tori Davis

    My name is Tori Davis. I am from Newton Grove, North Carolina. I have been singing for years and show people want potential I have to offer. Every time I song, people tell me that I should get on American Idol or do something involving music. People always tell me that I give them chills and they want to hear more of my singing. I also write my own songs to sing. I feel like if you give me a chance, I’ll surprise you. People have always over looked me and thought i may just be a face in the crowd, but I know that I have a voice and I want to prove to people that I’m more than just a face in the crowd. That I am a girl with a big heart and a huge talent that could change everything and all I need is an answer from you. Thank you for your time and I appreciate it so much. : )

  58. Marcus Womack

    My name is Marcus Womack. I can’t say that I’d be very eligible for this spot, but at this moment I’ve been and is going through soo much financially and mentally. this year has been yet the worst for me . I have nothing left to do but praise God. I’ve been loosing family and friends but yet I sing because I’m happy and I sing because I’m free. this opportunity would mean the world and back to me because I’ve never had a chance to show the world Gods gift to me. ifi do get this chance there wouldnt be enough appreciation

  59. Bonnie

    Hi! My name is Bonnie La Gatta. I am 14 years old. I discovered The Star Next Door while I was looking for open mics and talent shows to perform in. I have been singing for a little over a year. I have been the final show in 3 talent shows and have sang the National Anthem twice at my dance recitals. I have always had a passion for singing, but I was so afraid to let people hear what I sounded like. My dad had died when I was 6 years old, and seeing my mom struggle over the past 8 years trying to give me and my little brother a better life made me realize that life is too short to not follow your dreams. I have been taking singing lessons for almost a year, but my mom just can’t afford it anymore. I have been playing violin for 5 years and have been first chair in my school orchestra. I play some piano and just started to learn the guitar, so you can see how serious I am with music. I know there are thousands of people who want to be able to show off what they can do and I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to choose the lucky ones who get through. But please consider me. I promise you won’t regret it.

  60. Darren

    Hi, I’m Darren’s mom and he would be embarrassed that I am recommending him. However, I know he would think what are the odds he would be selected for something like this. I’m actually using his computer while he is in the studio, so he has no idea. I’m submitting his name. Today. Of course I’m his biggest fan and also biggest critic. I keep it real with him because I know this is a hard industry to get into. He has a great voice, style and music. He has been fortunate to open up for Faith Evans, Eric Benet, Joe and Maze. For the last year his concentration has been finishing school and getting his degree which he completed. He is back in the studio after overcoming challenges and recording music again. No matter what obstacles he encounters, he always returns to his first love of music. I encourage you to take a look at him and decide for yourself. He jus finished an original song in memory of ,and in dedication to his father, whose birthday would have been today.

  61. Mustafa Captain SoulStar

    My artist name is Mustafa Captain SoulStar and I am an R&B/Neo – Soul artist from Washington D.C who has been singing since my teenage years. Not only am I a singer I am also a musician who also enjoys playing the bass guitar, keyboard and drums. My inspiration and style of music comes from the likes of Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, R Kelly, Al Greene and Ronald Isley. My singing career has lead me to open up for major artists such as Chuck Brown, Eric Roberson, Wale, Tabi Bonne, Cece Penniston and Rachelle Ferrell. Now is my time to shine as a solo artist to let the world hear and see what Mustafa Captain SoulStar can do as a major artist with the help from you! My work can be viewed on You Tube under Mustafa Captain SoulStar or Mustafa DC Soulstar…. Thank you for your support!

  62. Bonnie La Gatta

    Hello My name Is Bonnie I was so excited to come across this and would really love a chance to show you my talent,. I know there are going to be so many people wanting to show off their singing talents and can’t imagine how hard it is for you to decide the lucky ones to be chosen. I have always enjoyed singing but was so afraid to let people hear me. After my Dad died a few years ago and watching my mom struggle to give me and my little brother a good life something inside of me woke up and said “life is just way to short to not go for your dreams I have done a few talent shows and sung the National Anthem at my Dance recitals. Ive been playing the violin for 5yrs and was first chair in my school orchestra. I play the keyboard and just started to learn the guitar so you can see I am very serious about the music industry. I have been taking singing lessons for almost a year but my mom can no longer afford them so I am trying to do everything I can to get myself out there and make a better life for my family. I sure hope you can give me a chance and help me make my dream come true. Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this.

  63. India Moye

    My name is India. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I am requesting that someone please take a moment to consider my best friend, Cynithia Gethers, as the next voice for your show. She has the most beautiful voice and loves to sing more than anyone I know. She is a fan of all genres of music and will sing just about anything. She is a fast learner and always willing to learn something new. She is such an amazing person and always a joy to be around. She makes friends where ever she goes. If there is ever a time anyone wants to pop in on her to witness how beautiful she sings, I can gladly supply that information. She sings all over the state of Maryland at many karaoke bars and restaurants. Please just give her a chance and you will not be disappointed…I PROMISE YOU!!!

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