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  1. Allison Skipper

    Her is a link to me performing one of my origianls titled “Outlaws of the South”. After you watch the video, I think you will understand why I should be on The Sing Off!

  2. latina

    I am a 24 year old wife and mother of four beautiful boys who love music just as much as i do. I would love to have the chance to really make music our lives. And i really want to give my kids the life my parents worked so hard to try and give me. I have a talent im ready to share it with the world

  3. Diamond

    Hello my name is Diamond and I am 19 years old, I am a singer and songwriter. I want to be the next big thing just like i need to breathe to be alive. Ever since i was a litter girl, I loved singing. My grandmother has been a very sickly woman her entire life and I just want to show her that the woman she raised wasn’t for nothing . She raised someone who wants to give her back the world in return for everything that she has done for me. Music is the best way I can give it back. Winning this competition wont be just for me but for my family.

  4. Nathalie Anyagwa

    Name: Nathalie Anyagwa
    Age: 13
    Weight: 53kg
    Build: Slim
    Height: 164cm
    Skin: Light Brown
    Where I live: Uk, England
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Origin: Black African but Nationality is Dutch (Netherlands)
    Hair: Brown (kind of afro texture)
    Intrests: Singing, Acting
    Experience: Contestant in Open Mic Uk (got through to regionals), I sing, act and dance at this community and I also make singing Vines (@Nathalie Anyagwa) I may join my school musicals/plays

  5. sade watson

    i am 18, i am a single mother and i want to make it for my daughter, to show her that dreams do come true. I have been singing since i was a newborn, literally and i all i ever still want to do is sing. Music is my passion.

  6. Mike Meyer

    Is there an age limit for this? I can sing and play the guitar. Please let me know if you are interested.

  7. Alexous Blackmon

    Im really talented and willing to do anything! Ill do it all for free, come on what do you got to lose except a really great singer if you don’t pick me!(:

  8. Nykeriya Mcelroy

    Hello I’m 22 years old.ive been to season 14 american idol in new orleans in june.i went to lafayette idol Jan 11th.and I also auditioned for sing your way to 50k in shreveport on Jan 24th.loved the experience and I would love to try this.i want my voice to be heard.i will not stop

  9. Dacia Beaver

    I am 13 almost 14.. I’ve been singing since I could talk and I write music, I really love it and I listen to r&b, rap, country, and kinda contemporary and I wanna be a singer so bad I would do it all for free..

  10. Ta'Maria Townsendta

    I am 13 and I live in small-town Brookhaven, Mississippi and I just really need my big break.

  11. Samantha Sunarto

    Hi… I’m Samantha. I’m 13 years old, born on 3rd Decmber 2001. I live in Medan, Indonesia. I used to sing a lot on performances at school, but i’m been quoiing for awhile to concentrate on my studies. I am now rehearsing myself to start singing like usual.

    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Quite tall for my age.


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  13. Amiyah

    Hi my name is Amiyah I prefer to be called AJ. I am 14 I will be 15 on March 7,2015. I love to sing but I’ve never really had a chance to show my talent I’ve sing to my dad all the time. My family says I am really good. I believe I should be in the sing off because Singing is my dream and passion. I am very passionate about what I love to so and I love to sing.

    My hair is dyed so it’s brown and red
    I’m 5’3
    104 llbs
    Brown eyes
    And I am also mixed
    So, hope to like me:)

  14. Donte Williams

    Hi my gift the world need to hear.

  15. Leslie Vasquez

    Heyy, I’m Leslie and I’m 16 years old. I sing for my school, English and Spanish along with dancing. I love singing in front of people and would like to expand myself to more and new things. And I’ve always wanted to be in a competition, and I think being on the sing-off is a great opportunity to show what I got and can do, hope you consider me. Thank you very much

  16. pamela chapman

    I believe in the talent that was giving by the lord almighty and would like to have a chance to share the talent of singing to all to hear it. I come from a wonderful family of talent.

  17. Amber Jackson

    Hi my name is Amber Marie I am 18 year old and I’ve been singing since I was 8. I always use my voice to be heard at home and at school and sometime I even sing for the homeless all the time. So please pick me.

  18. trenae sullivan

    hi my name is Trenae Sullivan , i’ve always wanted to sing had a dream for it . I have been singing for 10 maybe 12 years now . I just think now that i’m old enough and tired of walking around singing and nobody noticing it , I think its time to shine let my voice be heard and bring the majic . I do have a little stage fright but no matter what im myself and I love attention and im a fun and funny person . so feel free to email me if you like my bio . byee

    14 YRS OLD

  19. Amerie heims

    Hi my name is Amerie Heims.I can really sing.I sing all day.I always practice using my vocals and singing on key.I also do Karoke to improve mt singing.Please let me do this I have been singing since I could speak I deserve this so please let me do this my infromation Is below…,.
    Name:Amerie heims
    Race:African American
    Hair color:black
    Eye color:brown
    state/city:Houma, Louisiana

  20. Ninevah Keith

    Hi my name is Ninevah I’ve been singing all of my life I’m 24 years old living in new York City, this is the opportunity of a lifetime time for me, as it is my true passion, I love to sing and I have a great funny personality, I have a big voice and I love to share it with people. I like to see the look on people’s faces when I get in my zone, I love to sing all types of music. I come from a singing family. And I can guarantee that if you choose me just to audition,you will not be disappointed.

    24 years old
    5 ft 8 inches
    150 pounds
    Black hair with dark brown eyes

  21. Chelsea Atz

    I have been singing since I was 4years old. I’ve been in a number of competitions making it to the finals in Las Vegas, New York City, New Jersey, etc. I had my first singing teacher when I was 10 and was trained classically. I’ve also taken acting classes when I was younger and attended a performing arts high school! I would love to participate!

    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    125 pounds
    22 years old

    Hope to hear from you! Warm regards!

  22. abigail beard

    my name is Abigail beard I am 14 and I think I sing very well. I wish to be a famous musician one day thank you.

  23. Madison

    Hi i’m Madison
    i’m a nine year old singer/songwriter trying t o make it big
    I’ve been writing music since i was 5 and getting on the show would be a dream come true.

  24. Zevanya

    It’s time for me to be discovered…. I have so much to offer to the whole world, to the point I know I am the change we all wish to see in this world. So I need to be exposed, I need mainstream media access to reach the lives of so many souls that need to be touched by my message no one is more ready then I am!!!!

  25. Samantha

    Hi, my name is Samantha, I am 12 years old I leave in New York. I would like this opportunity because this is my dream I love to sing, I sing from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to bed, I am not a professional but I think I have the gift.

  26. Blair Smtih

    My name I am 23 years old and in the U.S Navy. I believe I should be considered for the sing off because I am dedicated and determined to do anything it takes to make my dreams come true and inspire others while doing it. I have been singing my whole life and I knew one day I would be a singer and share my God given gift with the world. I know in my heart mind, soul and spirit that if you give me a chance I will do my best to make it to the end. Not for me but for my family and friends who believe in me.

  27. Andrea Morrow

    Hi, my name is Andrea I love to sing and act I am 11 and I can sing in front of big crowds and I really want a shot at this it may be the only opportunity I have please let me try!

  28. Andrea Morrow

    Hey, my name is Andrea and I am 11 years old. I have a passion for singing ever since I was 5 my teachers love my voice they say it is beautiful I really want to become a singer. I can sing in front of people I’m not afraid just give me a chance please I think I got what it takes.

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