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  1. kaysessa

    I have been watching this show since the very first episode. It is the best game show ever!!!! It would be a dream come true if I was called to “come on down”. I am on disability and would lovea chance to win some money.

  2. Shenae

    I have always adored this show as a child, I would love to be on this show and I’m sure you would love to have me on it. Talk to you soon. Take Care :-)

  3. Audra Pace

    Please pick me to be a model on the Price Is Right! I watch the show every morning while working out and I have always dreamed of being a model on the show! I love to watch peoples’ expressions and how the show gives them an experience and opportunity that is once in a lifetime!! I would be honored to be a part of the team. I am a very energetic and positive person. I would help the team light up the stage!

    Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

  4. daffaney wilson

    The reason why I should be on your show. I was recently diagnose with breast cancer and I survive chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I’m looking to reinvent myself, I’m also a big fan of the prices is right.

  5. nancy ismail

    I should be on the price is right because I always guess correct on things !

  6. Janet Wendover

    Hello! So, how do I possibly compete with all of these responses?! How can one possibly make it onto the most beloved show! I watched this for years as a child with my mom. We would host our own versions in the living room sometimes!! I’m an outgoing, intelligent woman that would absolutely LOVE to be a contestant and show people how to play this game!! Hey – thanks for considering.

  7. Christopher Cury

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Really think i would be a good canidate,

  8. Mark Matyas

    After watching the Price is Right enthusiastically for decades, first with the legendary host Bob Barker, and then with the very talented Drew Carey, I am ready to COME ON DOWN! It’s a great place to exercise the intelligence of shopper’s economics and the best of enthusiasm and humor! I would be a welcome addition to the high energy of your audience…

  9. Shuree Wilson

    Hello I’m Shuree and I will be more than honored to become a Price is Right Model
    For five seconds if I could. IT’S such a glamorous and womanly position of fun smiles and happiness that makes you feel proud. I love putting smiles in the faces of others and it doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re doing it…

  10. Zach Hammill

    I have been watching this show since I was 5 years old. I remember watching this when my older brother and sister were at school. Plinko was my favorite game when I was little, I don’t know why, lol. Now, the yodeling hiker one is my favorite. I would love to have an opportunity to be on the show. I am 31 years old, and live with my wife Anna in Anaheim, CA. I would love to hear “A NEW CAR!!!”

  11. Nancy Puertas

    Have been watching the show for years…. Get so excited watching the show, can’t imagine what it would be like in person. Would love to find out!!!! Girls weekend!!!! My Birthday weekend… perfect way to spend it!!

  12. Brandi Taylor

    My name is Brandi Taylor and I am a Mom of two and a preschool teacher who would love to be on your show! I grew up watching Bob Barker and now Drew and have always wanted a chance to play PLINKO! :) A great getaway would be super nice for this busy Momma!

  13. Angela meyer

    I am the perfect person to COME ON DOWN. I have practiced since I was a little girl with my grandma. Now I’m a 26 year old enthusiastic college student who has helped bring the price is right game show to my college and has been to 5 mini price is right. 1 in Vegas and 4 at the soaring eagle casino annual show. I’m ready for the real deal. Plus Drew Carrey is the only member of Whose line is it anyways that I have not met. So With lots of practice, I’m ready to come on down and have fun with the support of my grandma in heaven.

  14. Zack Schultz

    I should be considered to be on “The Price Is Right” because I am a funny guy who is entertaining. I think this would be an exciting game show to appear on and a really awesome experience.

  15. Coplyn Elam

    Hi my name is Coplyn Elam. I have always wanted to become apart of the family of The Price is Right because I grew up watching this show and I always wanted to become one of the beautiful models. I remember as a child, I would sit in the middle of the floor in my grandparents’ living room and imagine myself being one of the ladies. As I grew up, that dream never changed. I can honestly say that because of the show, I was able to compete in different pageants and even win some. It taught me self-confidence, dedication and most of all, to be myself. I’m sure that everything that I mentioned summed up my reason for why I think you should consider me for a position on the show but I just want to say that it’s always been a dream of mine and I would really love for this dream to come true.

  16. Silvanus Owen's

    Would really love to get on ur show

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