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  1. Elisabeth Shoemaker

    I have been watching The Price Is Right ever since I was a kid.
    I would love to say hi to my kids, as the Big Wheel is spinning
    behind me. Drew standing beside me. I can see their smiles now!!
    Watching me having the time of my life.

  2. paul

    the price is right is the greatest show on earth! I’ve been a devotee since 1976 when I was a young kid! come on down!

  3. Keajah Howard

    Hi my name is Keajah Howard, i would love to be on this show because i am a struggling single mom with a seven month old son and i would like to try to go to school but i cant afford school, daycare and a house for us. So i feel like if i can make any kinda cash or prizes would start me off very good. I really love this i guess my own prices at home and im usually closer than the contestants. I love challenges and this seems like it will be the best challenge yet for me. So i hope you decide to give me this opportunity.

  4. sovann nov

    To be on tv, get pick, win money/prizes n go home happy!!! So let me come on down….

  5. Melissa echaus

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I’m 33 years old, I would love to be a part of the price is right family. First I love drew Carey ; ) I’m a very bubbly person always walking around with a smile in my face. I love to meet new people, I’m very out going and am willing to work hard. If you are interested please contact me.
    Looking forward to gearing from someone ; )
    Thank you

  6. Julia E. Torockio

    Hi! I am an almost 50, single, never been married, mother of one; grandmother of two. I have been watching game shows most of my adult life and would like to be on at least one, just to simply say that I have done so! Of course, I would like to win some prizes and/or money (which I could use to pay some debts, purchase some needed household items, etc.); but, I believe it would be a fun and rewarding experience for me to be able to do so! I am and artist, writer, and a photographer who struggle financially, so, I sure could use some $. I need an updated computer that isn’t as slow as molasses, works properly, and has updated technology built-in (which, I can’t really afford!). Anyhow, I know I would have fun if I am picked to be on your show!
    Julia E. Torockio

  7. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa
    I’m 33 i would love to become part of the price is right team. I’m very bubbly, love to smile. I love to be around people , I’m hard working. If you are interested please contact me.
    Thank you for your time

  8. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I am really interested in becoming apart of the price is right family. I am very hard working, out going, happy, I live to smile. I love meeting new people. I hope you are interested and I hope to hear from someone soon ; )

  9. Melissa

    Hi my name is Melissa,
    I believe I would love to be apart of the price is right family. One I love drew Carey I think he is great! I am very professional, outgoing, happy and hard working. I love working with and around people. I love to meet new people. I hope you are interested and I hope to hear from someone ; )
    Melissa ; )

  10. Megan Sitton

    My names megan!

    I’m fun, I’m loud, and what can I say I was a cheerleader. Hyping up the crowd and enjoying the moment is what it’s all about.
    I have watched this show since I was young and always love the people and one day no matter what. I WILL GET THERE!
    MAYBE this is my cchance.

  11. Christine Eakin

    On my bucket be a contestant on the price is right! I am a 61 year old mother and “granny” to 3 grandsons. My oldest grandson has special needs..he is autistic..and I adopted him 10 years ago after my daughter, his mommy, passed away.. He loves to watch price is right with me…it would be so exciting for him to see his granny on tv! It would be such an unforgettable time. And trip to California..we have never been there…

  12. vannesa gonzalez

    I promised myself this was my year to do amazing things! I’m a single mother working hard but I need some fun in my life and I would love the opportunity!

  13. Donyale Barnett

    Come On Down!!– Have always Dreamed of hearing those words!!! I have been a fan of the Price is Right for as long as I can remember, from watching it with my grandmother to now watching it with my kids. Me and my aunt has always said that one of these days We are going to be on the show. I Do Believe that Dreams do come True!! Thank You in advance.

  14. Anna Boelter

    My boyfriend and I record the Price is Right and watch it almost everyday after work! This show is a timeless classic that we both love so much, pick me!

  15. Mindy Welch

    I watch The Price Is Right every day. I am a mother of three and grandmother of eleven who would be overjoyed to appear on the show as a contestant. The gravy on top would be to actually get up on stage with Drew.

  16. Jessica Gauckler

    Me and my wife are young brand new newlyweds that are looking to do something fun exciting and to win some money for a honeymoon which we didn’t have the money for I would love to surprise her with something like this please pick me :)

  17. dylan galetti

    i wanna spin the wheel drew!!

  18. Jasmine Griffin

    I love game shows! Even more….I would love the opportunity to play on the Price is Right! I remember watching this show when I was young and thinking “wow, how much fun would that be?!” Now as an adult… I just enjoy game shows – the thrill of possibly winning big is so EXCITING and FUN! Please make me a consideration for this all time great game show! Thanks!!!! :)

  19. Tim Farmer

    My name is Tim Farmer and I’m 34 years young and have dreamed of being on the priceis right for as long as i can remember. I want this so bad. I have never been given an opportunity to do anything in my life ans this would be the thrll if my life. I pray you give me a chance to experience life to the fullest and make a young mans dreams come true. Thank you.

  20. Tiffany Farmer

    I’ve been watching this show since I was a baby I always wanted to come on down to the price is right all the games are my favorite I will show the audience and those watching at home great entertainment my personality and fun gestures I have I be great for the show I need a car for my baby boy please pick me I’ve waiting my whole life for this moment this opportunity is great for me and I will cherish it like if its the last day on earth

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