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  1. Sarah Lambright

    Hello I’m Sarah Lambright and I am Caucasian.
    I have ginger hair with brown/green eyes.
    i currently live in the United States.
    I have loved watching this show since the beginning and i would really appreaciate it if I could get a role on the show. It doesn’t have to be a big role but it would be a great opportunity.
    I am 14 years old and in 8th grade.
    Please try to respond back to me if you think i’m right for the job.

  2. Sarah Wyatt

    I have auburn brown hair with a red tint.
    Eyes: Amber golden eyes with a crimon tint.
    Already have had real vampire experience and am badass. I want an important role
    Love Klaus and Hayley.
    THis is my life it is all around SUPWEERNATuRal.
    116 lbs. Losing weight in the summer so 1100 lbs this summer.
    I understand why Lkaus is the way he is.

  3. Lena

    Hi there! My name is Lena, I am Russian 32 years old. Brown hair, brown eyes. I have a light accent. I am 5’8 , 135 lbs. I have played different roles in theathre before. I love the new series. I think it will be great to be part of this project. Hope to hear back from you.

  4. collin muhirwa

    Hello my name is Collin Muhirwa Derek Atuhirwe. I am a 17 year old black male from Nova Scotia, Canada who would be greatly humbled if given the chance to be apart of this amazing show and apart of its amazing cast and crew.

  5. Elizabeth

    I am Elizabeth,
    I am a girl of 17 years old, have a slight pale face, dark brown eyes and brown curly hair. I live in the Netherlands but I was born in Malta.
    Weight: 68 kg
    Height: 1.70 metres
    I am a slim girl.
    I really love the storyline of the originals and I would love to be a part of it. The Netherlands is far away and I know that but I really want to try to get a role. At this moment I am studying hotelmanagement, but I am beginning to think that that wasn’t a good choice. Auditioning for a role like this is huge and I would give up a lot for this. I wanted to be an actress for a very long time now but I thought it might be unrealistic, a simple Dutch girl who is gonna libe an ordinairy life, but i really want to do this and I’d like to give it a shot. I might be a good actress for the role of Hope when she grows up. I really hope you e-mail me very soon for a role, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. Elias Fuentes

    Elias Angel Fuentes
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    hometown: Rockport, Texas
    medium skin tone
    Black Hair / semi curly
    Can Grow Facial hair. Shave Anyway You Would Like
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Good Straight Teeth
    in shape ( but could work out more)
    Please Contact Me By Email Or By Phone <hidden from public> 

  7. Melissa Best

    I have been a fan of both shows…I am addicted to them both! I may actually be more of an Originals fan than Vampire Diaries! I would love to be a part of this amazing show! I know any and everything about this show! I have been interested in acting and modeling since I can remember! I just need the opportunity to get myself out there!

  8. Santi

    Big fan of Vampire Diaries and The Originals! Would be a great experience… 18 years old.

  9. Eric

    My name is Eric I am 27 years old..I always had a passion for acting but never knew where to start, so i figured i would atleast reach out and hope for luck to strike on me since its my dream to persue acting, and whybnot on my favorite show I dont miss. I love this show and the whole story of warewolves and vampire..and always been a fan of the horror scene. I favor what you guys have done with this show and has me completely hooked. I would be a dream to be on the show and for you to see I am a great fit for the show and have the look as well. If you need photos or more info on myself please feel free to shoot me a email and ill be more than happy to send some head shots. Look forward to hearing from whoever is may be reading this. Great directing and guys nailed it.

  10. Rebecca Breen

    Hello my name is Rebecca and I am a massive fan of the originals! I love the show cast and crew, I’m also interested in acting and would love a career in acting
    I’m 17
    Caucasian (pale)
    Green eyes
    Brown hair

    I would love to hear from you. Thank you :)

  11. simona

    Hello im simona levina. I am currently 14 years old and would love a part in this production. I am 5’2, dirty blonde, white, and blue eyes. I have experience in theater and i would love to get a chance to be on film. I am very out going and love having fun doing what i love. I love acting and performing. Hopefully you’ll contact me back for a part in this prodution. Thank you for reading this.

  12. Myron Madrigal

    Eye color=Brown
    Race= Mixed race
    Hair color=Black
    Weight=180 pounds
    Body type= High toned muscle
    I want to be part of the Origina (Vampire Diary)l Family for numerous reasons not just because I love the show and everyone who’s is apart of it but I love acting and love learning new things, I may fall sometimes but I get back up stronger then ever.Hope you guys do the right thing and choose me.

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