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  1. America Haileselassie

    I’m 35 years old, student at Black Hawk College. I am deaf, and want to try out the quiz. I am studing to be a computer specialist and I want to get the expereince of being in the game show. If you pick me, I will be so happy regardless if I win or not.

  2. Betty

    I’m a serial game show contestant, having appeared on Jeopardy, Millionaire, and History IQ.
    I’d like another opportunity to add Million Second Quiz to my game show gallery.
    Pick me, pick me. I won’t disappoint!!


    be awesome to be on this show. male 24, channing tatum look alike. thx

  4. Steve Williams

    Simple…4 kids ages 14-18. All going to college in the next 4 years, in fact all will be in college at the same time in 2017! I am pretty good at trivia and have enjoyed playing the MSQ app online. Would love to be considered!

  5. Chris

    I could use the money. I’m not going to lie. I’m a divorced father who at this moment is struggling with the way the economy is going in my area. Jobs are scarce and companies are moving out if state. My children are my life and I’m not willing to relocate The possibilities of winning some money would help and allow me to start a business and be able to support my kids. As well as hire a few people that are in the same boat

  6. Scott

    Ive always wanted to be on a game show and i defeat everyone in home trivia games. This sounds like the mother of all trivia contests and i want in!!

  7. Ashley

    Hi I’m Ashley. i think this would be a great experience for me . i love quiz game shows I’m not saying that I’m smart but i know enough .

  8. israel acosta

    How can I start? Well to start off with, my name is Israel Acosta. The reason for me leaving this comment is because I feel as though this would be the best chance I have on changing my life around. I’m very educated, love quizzes and trivia. I would love to be a contestant to try to win to achieve what I always dreamed of.. I may or may not win, but at least I can say is that I won’t never give up because at the end of the day, there is people with a situation that is worse than.mines.

    Thank you again


  9. Michael Bronke

    Hello I received an email from getting a high score on the app during the first season but due to my sisters poor health I was unable to show up to NYC. I live in buffalo and I print the newspaper hundreds of thousands of copies everyday I see so I am literally up to date with every single different kind of thing happening in our world. I also print the new York times so im constantly upto date with eeverything that is happening in the world and on top of that my memory is incredible and im a cut throat competitor with good looks a great personality and am willing to go the distance.

  10. Tiffany Farmer

    I love game shows I can answer questions fast a team player and I love to compete I love to have fun and thinking at the same time this will be a perfect opportunity for me and also for my one and a half year old son could see me on television and hopefully consider me his hero.

  11. Michael Smith

    I love questions, quizzes, and trivia. I have been told over the past 10 years that I should give a show a try. I would love to fulfill my dream of being a contestant.

  12. pam

    I could really use some extra cash and I’d like to experience being on television.

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