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  1. Nichole Hensley

    Hey , my name is Nichole Hensley I’m from New Orleans , La I always wanted to be in a movie I have a great personality. I work at American airlines as a cabin cleaner and I hate it. I really want to live my dream and to get out of New Orleans. I want to use my talent a talent that I didnt even knew I had. I don’t want to just sit here and let my life gone by just dreaming of doing something when I can or you can actually make it happen for me. I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. Ebonee C. Gilmore

    My name is Ebonee Gilmore, I’m 29 years old and I’m from Washington, DC and I currently live in District Heights, MD.I don’t have any children and am currently unemployed. I have been in trouble most of my life,but these days I am learning to walk with God because my way hasn’t gotten me anywhere. With that being said… Let me get to the good stuff. I have a passion for writing,but my dream is to be an actress . I’ve wanted to pursue this dream for as long as I can remember. I have plenty of skills,but have a problem putting them to use. My gift is poetry. I believe that if I press my pen enough one day I will be able share my life’s experiences with the world. My testimony is vicious and my voice will be heard. I’ve seen just about all your plays as well as your movies and you inspire me. You make me believe that I do have a purpose even though some days I feel I don’t. I see myself in many of characters. A little Madea, Candice, Jeffery,Veronica “a lil’ (lol)I have all this talent bottled up inside and I would be honored to be able to work with you one day.I pray that some day I get a chance to meet you, but even if that never happens… I would like to thank you for taking the time out of busy schedule to read this.. I thank you for being an inspiration,for having the ability to brighten other people lives,giving me hope. You’re an angel. Stay true to yourself and others.
    God bless you,
    Ebonee C. Gilmore

  3. Angelina Williams aka Angela Thorne

    Good day Mr. Perry. My name is Angie and I would first like to start by saying you are an inspiration to all people of color. I have always wanted to be an actress since I could remember but was told by family that I should be realistic about the profession I choose. I didn’t receive support from my family for acting or singing even though I was in the church choir as one of the lead singers and in chorus from the elementary school all the way to High school. I was never in any school plays because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be supported by my family. What awakened the actor in me was a course elective acting class that I had taken while attending community college in 2008. I loved it and wanted to pursue an opportunity to work in TV or Film or both if possible. I wanted an opportunity to show what skills I have if any, before I was too old to do so. I am 41 and still haven’t gotten that chance. I have very little money and I just want to be able to leave my children something. Maybe a legacy they can be proud of. I just wish, no rather I pray, that you can help me make this dream, my dream come true. Thank you for your time and God bless.

  4. Miika Mona

    Here I am! I am finally done with procrastination. I am over the daily “day-dreams,” as I often times found myself lost inside my head in some type of script that only I could create. I read some of the other comments here and boy, there is competition. I don’t have the pedigree and I lack the experience and education that some have been so blessed to have. I cant offer a list of films and plays that I am associated with and I have not a single affiliate in the industry. I do have skill. A Real skill that no “school of art” or institute can give me.I believe I have a born gift, a true God given talent. I am driven, hard-working, and determined that I can make my destiny into a reality. I need your help Tyler Perry. I nee a chance! You will not regret it!! :)

  5. Zipporah reed

    Hi my name is Zipporah I’m 12 years old and African American I am also a girl in also from albany,ga and I would love to be in your next show of haves and haves not I have always wanted to pursue my dreams of acting and to be as well known as others and I also really love your shows plays and movies like madea so don’t forget to pick me in your next episode.

  6. airrisha dawson

    My name is Airrisha Dawson I am very crazy and funny and silly and I have always wanted to be on Tv I am a great Singer but I do need a little help with my vocals. I am shy but trying to get over my shyness and I am 17years old, I attend calera high please pick me to be on one of your plans or movies Tyler Perry I would love to experience making movies and being in plays.

  7. Juanita Timberlake

    Hello my name is Juanita Timberate I am 33 yrs old. I am a mother of 4 which they r my biggest fans. Lol I’ve been acting for over 17 yrs. Ibe completed the actor training program at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton CA. Later on in 2013 I got my Theater degree. I’ve been in over 25 live theater plays all principal parts. Acting is my life my passion I eat sleep every day acting. Acting I’d my life I wouldn’t be me with out my acting. I live for the stage I’m free to spread my wing once I walk on the stage. Like on the wizard of one there is no place like home. The stage is my home. I’m lost without it. my dream is to work with Tyler Perry just one time is all I need n I could say my dream came true. I’m not afraid of hard work I love to learn I will always give 120 percent at every thing I do. Long days late nights just give me a chance to show you guarantee u won’t be disappointed I just want to act that it that’s all I love what I do please give me a chance I’ll be fine w** a yes or a no. Because when it’s said and done cn say I tried and tht will be enough for me. But u better believe I will come back twice as hard. I will never give up on my dream I will stand tall and proud I thank u for taking your time out to read this from the bottom of my heart give me a chance and u won’t be sorry.

  8. Raymond Jackson

    Hello my name is Raymond Jackson I’m from Dalla Texas,and every I take upon many roles;I perform many characters ; I have perfected the art.I basically been a part of the Haves and the Have nots and OWN from the begining.

  9. Hilton Kelley

    Hello Oprah, Tyler

    I love the work you two are doing together and the opportunity that you are providing I am a SAG / AFTRA member and I would love to have an opportunity to audition for work on one of your programs. I wish you both much success.

    Hilton Kelley

  10. Nicole

    Hello Mr. Perry,
    I love The Haves and Have Nots. Thank you for such an entertaining series. To be apart of such a series would be a dream.

  11. Angie C

    My name is Angie and I have two beautiful girls 14 and 12.They both love to sing dance and act. My oldest sings and did some singing lessons for a while and is in drama in school. My 12 year old is in band and jazz band (yes two band classes in school).. Choir shades of blue and drama. She has been in several plays and was the star in one big play. She can memorize a script. I have a lot more to say but don’t want to take up no more of your time. If interested please contact me. I really don’t know what to do because now these days it cost so much money to get them acting classes and just to get their name out there. Everyone has a story to tell but I Just want my children to do something they love. No stories just to do what they love to do which is sing act and be themselves.

  12. La'Tia Rose

    I believe that God has a calling on my life..I enjoy watching how you (Tyler Perry) has blessed so many people and I desire to be apart of such a great team.To learn and grow and make something out of my life to continue to take my 2 children as a single parent…
    Thank you and be blessed.

  13. isiah Miller

    Name :isiah miller

    I think I would be a great actor for the haves and have not because I’m very versatile I could be a thug type or a sophisticated type I been doing plays since highschool and I’m ready to take on big project and be a young successful male actor.

  14. Aubrey Weston

    Based upon my personality I feel as though I would be best suited to work with Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey collaborations because I’m a hard worker that practices interpersonal skills daily and just having that warm welcoming easy going but still get the job done personality would make me best suited for the casting role. Not only will this be a dream come true but all thanks and praise and glory will all belong to god for answering my prayers and even giving me an opportunity to be able to do the job will be super exciting I look forward to meeting you guys.

  15. Kelley Skerritt


    I would love an opportunity to be a part of this show. It has been my dream to pursue a career in film or television, and although I have no formal training or experience, I know I am meant for this. I am not a person that is chasing fame, I simply want to be able to do what I am passionate about.

    I know my words cannot express how much I believe I deserve this opportunity, but I know my actions can. All I want is the opportunity and the one chance to be able to prove myself in this industry.

    I truly want to be a part of this show, and I ask of you to please give me an opportunity. There is no other job I want as much as a career in acting, and I am willing to accept whatever comes with this career choice, both the good and the bad. I am ready and this is what I want to do.

    I truly hope to hear back from you.

    Thank you.

  16. Mary Williams

    Name: Mary Williams
    Age: 19
    I think I will be great for this show because i’m a very talented person. I can act out almost every person on the show. I don’t have any professional acting experience but I promise if you give me at least two minutes of your time you will think I do.

  17. Donnie Johnson


  18. Asoula Jasmine Alejo

    Hello. I am Asoula Jasmine Alejo. I am a 25 year old female Marine Corps Veteran, I am devoted wife, and loving mother to one very beautiful baby boy. I am ever so passionate about life and music. I live a life of purpose. I live to impact others positively. I live to inspire. I live to deliver hope, and belief in the unseen and the impossible. I am a very dedicated individual. Like many, I have survived many trials and tribulations, but I do not let my past deter me from being more than that which was expected of me. I will be a great addition to this keep you on the edge of your seat show, because though I am a a young woman, my life experiences are plenty, and my heart shows through all that I do. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Have a blessed and prosperous year!


    LOVE YOU :)

  20. Winzo Ceasar III

    I have wanted to be in TV my whole life.I would to have the opportunity to be apart of the alsome TV series The Haves & The Have nots.I was an extra in the movie the Fith Quarter.As my cousin Shirley Caesar Has told me,If you want something bad enough you want stop until you get it.I stay in shape because I know opportunity will one day come my way.I am a diamond in the rough.I am part of Explore talent network ware I have pictures and a resume of my self. live in North Carolina.I look forward to hearing back from you guys.You will not be disappointed.

  21. Lendale Johnson

    This is Lendale Johnson. Currently I’ll be the guest celebrity for Black Fashion Week in Chicago,IL Feb 6th; I’m also on “The Model Idea” reality TV Show that will air this April 4th on HuLu. (Celebrity MUA Reggie Well’s and Oscar award winning designer “Borris Powell” will be a part of BFW as well as Scene Chicago. I have been working with actor “Harold Dennis” and did some TV Production for “Lee Daniels last year for Empire. Here’s my recent appearance on Fox 32 News:


  22. Shayla Ford

    Hello, my name is Shayla. I am 14 and I would love to be apart of this show. Tyler Perry has created many wonderful shows and movies and I have always wanted to be apart of one of his productions. I should be on this show because i would bring a great personality to the set. I am funny, creative and and very cooperative. I would get along very well with the rest of the cast. I would be honored if you would choose me for the show.

  23. George Mosley

    Hello, My Name Is George Mosley. I Am African American, And I Am 15 Years Old. I Will Turn 16 September 27th. Also, I Have
    Long Light To Dark Brown Ombré Dreadlocks, And I Am 5’7. I Weigh About 150 Pounds, And I Have Acted In School Plays, And Took Improv And Drama Classes. I Feel Like I Deserve To Be A Part Of The Haves And The Haves Nots Cast Because I Am Young, Energetic, Exciting, Slightly Experienced, An Attention Grabber, And I Kept Up With The Show Every Tuesday Regularly Since It First Aired On OWN. My Other Email Is <hidden from public>. Hope To Hear From You!

  24. Tristan buckner

    If given the opportunity I’d work hard to make certain that I’m an asset to the show, and grow from the experience. As well as make my family smile.

  25. Herb Burns

    I worked with Tyler Perry in the movie I Alex Cross in a featured background role as a police officer. I knew right away to give 110% in order to bring the character to life and that is what Tyer Perry expects. In addition as a professional voice impersonnator I have the voice over skills to bring a host of characters into reality. Finally as a former track record holder I have managed to stay in good physical condition and I have the the ability to due certain stunts if required. For booking auditions, voice demos and videos please use the contact information below thank you.

    Heyman Talent<hidden from public> 
    Cincinnati Corporate Office

  26. Zonya Parks


    You noticed I didn’t start by calling you Mr. Perry it’s because I feel like I know you personally.

    I would love an opportunity to become a cast member in one of your shows I’m a 46 year old women from Virginia and as you know there happens to be a lot of talent in Virginia that doesn’t get notice so I would love to be one of the people that get Virginia noticed . So here I am.

    Ms. Zee

  27. Abigail Peseo

    Hi I’m Abigail and it seems I’m the only one making a difference.i live in Ghana West Africa.acting has been my dream since I was a child and I have never had the opportunity.the only times I ever acted was school plays and probably in class just to make my friends happy and all.i am 17years old.i am dark and have dark hair.i am in senior year in an all girls dream was to work with Tyler perry.i sing a lil.i always wish i could live my life on stage.since my parents and family are not in support of my acting career.i always say its a God given talent.i sometimes imagine my self acting with daddy Tyler..I hope God grants me this opportunity

  28. Lcharles Yode

    The Haves and Have nots is a great contemporary show with a vintage flair to it. It showcases the modern day essence of hate, jealousy, backstabbing stories that we live each day and being a part of it would be an awesome experience. I love Tyler Perry and as an African American independent filmmaker he had been a huge inspiration on my work. As an actor I know I will strive and take any character I am offered to portray to the next level. Being a part of the show would also give me a chance to work with Mr. Perry and a chance to learn the craft of filmmaking hands on! If you read this know that I am the man for the part; what part ? Any part, you just tell me what and how to execute and I am all yours! Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. Heavenly wilson

    I love Tyler perry I’m 8 but good actor I’ve worked with hallie excuse me Mrs Hallie Berry i love all your movies and shows I’m also sign with storm and I work with explore talent this is my dream to work with Tyler perry plze be my genie and grant me this one wish

  30. Christine Savoie

    Mr. Perry,
    Normally I would not submit to this, thinking out of so many submissions that the odds are against me. But, I think of what you had said in a taped message (I believe in 2010). If you do not plant the seeds then nothing will happen. You had said during your video to plant the right seeds and maybe one will take hold and grow.
    Here is my seed. I would like to be in your film because I think it would simply be a lot of FUN. I have been a lot of places and have done a lot of things, I have never done anything like this. I would be blessed to have the opportunity.

  31. Nathaniel Hughes

    Hello, I’m Nathaniel Hughes In Forest Park Georgia. I should definitely be a part of this exciting new production because I am an asset to anyone that works with me. Why am I an asset? Because of my versatility in talent, I can be used for various purposes in the entertainment industry. What am I good at? Acting,modeling,singing,dancing,writing music, naming movies ,naming cars, naming businesses,naming babies, writing movie scripts, creating new products are just some to mention. A bit about myself, I just recently moved to Georgia from Ohio to better pursue my talents mainly to break into the entertainment industry acting and modeling I live in Forest Park Georgia. I arrived here on Thanksgiving 2014 after a 13 hr drive. I am driven to succeed and confident in myself. I’m currently seeking work with Tyler Perry, I recently heard that his new studio is in Douglasville Georgia. I am a fan of Tyler Perry work and I can be a great addition to compliment his future productions. I look forward to working with you.

  32. Desirae Woltz

    My name is Desirae Woltz. I am 13 years old. I am African American. I live is Detroit Mi.I am 5’5 ft. tall. I am 129, pounds.Im not sure if that was needed but ehh.My hair color is dark brown and my eyes are the same color. I had an acting class in the 8th grade (the current grade i am in)my teacher said i was a star.I always wanted to act every since i could tell the difference between wrong and right.I never really knew where to start so im guessing I should start here. Acting is somthing that is very close to my heart.Growing up i was the only child so there was bo one to talk to. So what I would do (i still do it) is learn of all the actor i wanted to be lines out of a movie or a show or even a play. I would study them and performer them to my stuffed animals. I have a passion of acting.Its somthing I fell in love with as a child.Watching actors/actress perform isvery eentertaining. It brings a smile to peoples faces. I always wanted to be the reason someone smiles.I would like to Thank You for your time.I would be more then happy to hear from you guys.

  33. joshua ligon

    Hey mr.perry
    my name: Joshua ligon
    from: Alcorn county mississippi
    I’ve watched all your plays and movies.i would love to have a chance to become a actor and a comedian.its always been my dream.i know I’m not that lucky to be put in a movie show or anything else.i just don’t give up.i keep on from a family that has nothing much.but god has blesses us all with jobs house to stay warm and we all healthy.i listen to all your speaking’s at the end of your plays.and when I hear how you say you never gave up I keep that in my mind and I’m not gonna give up.i will some day be a great actor.but I think I’d be great in a movie.i would love for you to give me a chance.thank you for reading this if you do.maybe so.have a good day/night sir.thanks again.keep the good tp movies coming.there all can contact me <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> and phone number is <hidden from public> 

  34. Paul Gibbs

    If you had me on this show I’d not only make it ten times better with my amazing personality and exceptional charm ;) but I could learn and experience so much to launch off my own career. Oh boy oh boy do I hope I’m not to late. I am a 19 year old aspiring screenwriter/actor who has a deep obsession for all things cinema. I enjoy the world of make believe and imagination and I would give up anything to accomplish my dream. Mr. Perry and Oprah are two of my biggest idols and embody “determination.” I have had participated in lead roles in the plays Bus Stop and Cinderella and have been screenwriting since I was in the 5th grade. All I want to do is share my cinematic mind and out of this world imagination with the world…and what better what than to be behind two of the most intelligent and brilliant minds in the entertainment industry? I appreciate your time and would love a chance to display my talents.

    I am 6’2, slim build, smooth skinned, and have the most electrifying, visceral passion for film. If you allow me to be apart of this magnificent series, you will NOT be disappointed.

  35. jericka hunter

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Jericka Hunter, I am very interested in landing a role for this movie, it would be an honor to have the chance to meet many cast members and other directors, as well to get better experience in the industry. I would give a list of all of my accomplishments and achievements but I would rather let my actions and skills speak for themselves. This would be a great opportunity and experience.

    Name: Jericka Hunter
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: African American- Cherokee Indian
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 5’4
    Thank you for viewing my submission

  36. James Johnson

    I absolutely love Tyler Perry’s work and have taken part in acting classes and would love to take part in working on one of his sets. I have always had a passion for acting and participating in a piece of his work would be outstanding. I would greatly appreciate a opportunity at a audition.

    Thanks you so much,
    James Johnson

    Height- 5’11
    Race: African American/Italian/Native American

  37. Lateefah Halley

    Hello my name is Lateefah Halley I am 28 years old. I would love to be consider for a role on this show because I have a passion for acting. I believe that my talents as a dramatic actress will fit perfectly with your cast. I would like to be apart of this also because of what the show embodies -a very emotional and heart warming story line about the love of family. I have a wide range of personalities to display and would like to play one of your characters. My skills as an actress and ability to cry on que with the range of emotions that follow is undeniably natural without doubt I am a presence people will take notice too. As an actress for me its not about the character its about embodying the reality of that person in your spirit thats how passionate i am about my roles. I have a fighter spirit and all I want to do is show that to the world & conquer the acting industry. Please bring my talents to life on your tv show because with or without this Gods willing I am on my way to stardom.

  38. ToryaB

    Iam a 30 year old black American woman who often gets mistaken for an eighteen year old. Iam a very passionate person who is always willing to learn new skills. I currently live in New York and would love to work with Mr.Tyler Perry. I have watched the pervious seasons of THAHN and love the way the actors become individual story tellers through the visions of Mr. Perry. I do not have any acting credits but, would love to see if iam worthy of working with This or any future projects done by Mr. Perry’s production studios. Thank you kindly, Torya

  39. Frederick diggs

    I am from Detroit mi and not live in Phoenix Az and in the past I have taken some acting classes as will as some singing classes. when I was young I always wanted to act since I live in the city of Detroit and I wanted to show the world what I have to offer. To show other that you can live your dreams in the past to act in a movie in college. In the past I have been on love and betray on own.

  40. Chandra

    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Dark light brown
    Skin Color: light skin (yellow)
    Ethnicity: Multi-racial (black)
    Weight: 130
    Height: 5’5
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Sex: Female

    Acting Resume Includes:
    Multiple Theatre performances
    Indp Films
    College Acting credits/classes

  41. Sharon Taylor

    Hello, I am a 57 year old black female who, have been struggling all my life keeping things together with family, friends, and work. I wish I would of took up acting in my younger days, but I didn’t. For a change in life I want to break out on the big screen. I am willing to travel.


  42. Maurice Isaac

    I’m a very talented person not just and model/actor I’m a God fearing man humble as well, I love to learn and be apart of greatness I’ve appeared on shows like “the Game” “Single Ladies and also stage plays <hidden from public> Maurice j


    Name: Tre-niesia Lewis


    Location: Houston, Tx

    Experience Level : Professional

    Well now, im just the cutest, lovable, squeezable, and enjoyable thing you will ever know to hit the tv screen. I have a high sense of humor, spirit and soul full of love, energy and passion to deliver to the viewers . Give me the opportunity to gain such audiences loyalty, respect thru hard work; teamwork for the viewers as well as the cast. Opportunity is the only thing that stands a chance between me and this lovely sitcom. I believe I am the perfect candidate because anyone can make it to TV but I can deliver creativity, brilliance, and memorable happiness into the homes all across the globe. CONTACT ME : <hidden from public>




  44. Malikia

    Oh my god!!!! I have been trying to apart of your shows since you came out back in New Orleans. I love everything about all your shows. I swear they all have a connection to my life lol. I want a chance to be an actress. I can be whoever or whatever you want me to be. I can do hair I can be a young mother (that’s what I was), I can be a Candice (who I love). I can be whatever just give a chance to prove it to you.

  45. SirRyan May

    No sob story, I just want to make it and be successful in Jesus Name … If I’m a fit for your needs I’m ready to work. Everyone deserves a chance to follow dreams

  46. G.Darrington

    I should be considered because every great show needs an even better villain, I have successfully become a reality tv BioTch which would add great things to scripted television.

  47. Tristan Buckner

    The opportunity would change a lot of lives outside of mine, so I’ll do what it takes to succeed and prepare myself to make it a success for OWN..
    Thank you….

  48. Angela Lane

    Hi my name is Angel, I just relocated from Detroit, for new start in life and better opportunities, I’m very ambitious and got a hunger for success, I’m ready to change careers as a extra, i know I will be good to work on any Tyler Perry projects, because I’m confident,Unique, outstanding, motivated and. awesome, and everyone keep saying I need to be on tv just from my selfie photos I get .attention from all over the world, one guy inbox me and asked aam I a celebrity.

  49. Khalil Collins

    Name: Khalil Collins
    Age: 30
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 155lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: African American

    Hello, my name is Khalil Collins, and I am very interested in becoming an new actor on “The Have And Have Nots” show. I am a versatile actor who has experience in acting and comedy. I know if you give me one chance to show you that I am a great actor, and how I can be a huge asset for this show, I guarantee you, I will not disappoint you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and looking forward to meeting you soon. Thanks again,

    Khalil Collins

  50. Rickey Jennings

    To Whom It May Concern:
    My name is Rickey Jennings, was born in a small town in Southeast Missouri, moved to Colorado in 1979 and now reside in Knoxville Tennessee since 2007. I have acted in the TV shows: SNAPPED, SINS – N – SECRETS, as a Pro Football Player (Shawn Gayle), Detectives, and my best performance was acting the part of Detective Derwin Longmire of the Oakland Police Department, the show was SINS -N – SECRETS, Title: BLEED ALL ABOUT IT, a story about a newspaper writer Chauncey Bailey. Season 4, Episode 5, you should check it out. I would love the opportunity to audition for the part and become a regular on the show.
    Thanks for your time,
    Rickey Jennings
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  51. Elaina McCloud

    Yes I would to appear on any one of Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey shows, movies, plays, style the cast members and more. I’m twenty six years of age and currently lives in the fort Lauderdale area. Also, am a current college student majoring in fashion design and a fashion stylist. I have a awesome personality especially for television, not camera shy, I love to have fun, and pursue my career in acting. I’m very creative, people compare my personality to so many actress, am ready to be apart of you’re cast I love Tyler Perry and Oprah and think they would be great business people to work with, am also interested in doing internship with him.
    if you’re interested, please email me as soon as possible <hidden from public>

  52. Selena

    Good Morning All,

    I have been trying to pursue an acting career & have not been succesfull with getting any audtions/casting calls. I dont know how often you check this website, but if you do see this, I would like to be considered to be a part of The Haves & The Have Nots. I feel Im very good at what I do & i just need a chance to prove it to someone . Thanks!

  53. Damyra

    Hi Tyler Perry I would love to be on the Haves and the haves Not My Name is Damyra Dunn I am Eleven 11 years Old I have Brown eyes and Brown Skin and Hair and I think your an incredible movie/ show maker and all your Edits are Special and it touches people’s heart and I would love to be in a Episode .Bye

  54. Ruhsaan Jones

    Hi I’m Ruhsaan I am a big fan of Tyler Perry and his plays,t.v shows,and movies. What a role model, I look up to Tyler Perry. I’m from Morgan Hill,Ca close by San Jose,Ca. My dream is to be a actor/model and a writer for plays,movies,and t.v shows. Thank you for your time.
    Hair color: black,almost brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Ethnicity:Black,Irish,and Cherokee Indian

  55. Monique Colbert

    Hello Mr.Perry first I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read my message . My name is Monique Colbert I live in Baltimore,MD. I am a single mother of 1 child. I am 26 years old. The reason I am sending a message because I have watched The Haves and Have Notes I enjoy the show every episode. I think you are a very talented, handsome God fearing man. Your plays and movies have touched me in so many ways especially Good Deeds I am that single mother and everything that happen to her happen to me. I know hw it eels to have your house taken away from you coming home an d your things are sitting outside. The struggle of how and when the next time you and child is going to eat. I am very dependent, I can come to work on time stay as long as I need to get the job done the way it should be done . If I am considered for an audition this will be my first time auditioning for something since middle school. I know I have what it takes to be apart of the cast and I willing to work very hard for what I believe in. I am not perfect not I am willing to try and do what I have to do if I am given a chance to audition and even if I am not considered for an or an part I just want to Thank You for taking time out of your busy day to read my message along with everyone else message as well. I hope to hear from you soon Thank You for being a blessing to me and others with everything you have done may God continue bless you have a bless day.

  56. Dillon Wilker

    I am a well rounded African American actor from Knoxville Tennessee who would love to be apart of something bigger. Im 22 was in the Miitary played College football and now im trying to further my carrer in acting i promise you if i am contacted you wont regret it!!!

  57. KaDarius Bargainer

    I would be a great addition to Tyler Perrys The have and the have nots because i can render any kind of heartfelt emotion and authentically display them from a full range of body language from facial expression And body movement, to small gestures and more.

  58. Sherry W.

    Entertainment….is who I am.
    Go Y’all!

  59. Mary Nell

    I would be a great addition to the cast of The Have and. Have Nots because I am beautiful and smart. ,still going strong at age 70. I was an extra in American Gangster .

  60. Chioma Anyadike

    Picking me wouldn’t be a mistake because I would speak just as loud to portray a message to the audience which means I will have to dig deep into my interior emotions and act it out as if I experienced such in real life. I think quick on my feet and I never back down from a challenge. I’m a go getter and I am Chioma!!! I can do this.

  61. Willie Francine Brown

    I KNOW YOU WILL LOOK BACK AND SAY “I know we made the best decision” and gave peace regarding your choice – Yes I can sing, act, BRING IT – and Luke both of you – I have a story to tell about making it through life struggles – I MADE IT WITH GOD’s help!!! Now, if given this opportunity, one of my heart’s desires would be fufill the one that people think will never happen for you! I will make you Proud of me and THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT PERFORMANCE – They will WARCH OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!

  62. Antonio Montabes

    Hi! My Name is Antonio. I am an Experienced Actor since the age of 6 to now. I am currently 15 years old and attend a Performing Arts High School. I am love my passion for acting and take it very seriously. But, I am very fun and silly person and I get along with all my Cast mates and everyone else.
    Other Talents: Dancing (Age 3-Now)
    Singing (Age 13-now)
    Creative Writer/Director
    Ethinicity-Hispanic,African-American,Irish,Native American.
    Weight-178 lbs.

  63. Kimberly J

    I would love being a part of any of your projects. Just waiting on that one yes to prove that I have what it takes to be successful in this industry. I look forward in meeting both of you one day soon.

  64. Belinda Collier

    Hello I am Belinda Collier <hidden from public>  A widowed now single struggling mom that’s healthy and would love to act if given a chance . I would be a another asset to your company . ! Thanks and have a blessed day. , I love TP

  65. Bria

    I love being around people with good sense of humor and very entertaining. I truly feel that I can be apart of this because I have a great since of humor also. Meeting new people and learning new things will be my honor. I enjoy working hard and having a good time. This will truly be a blessing to show the world my talent and express myself through acting,modeling or what ever else that has something to do with entertainment. Looking forward to this great and exciting opportunity.

  66. Jazzlyn Bias

    Hi my name is jazzlyn bias, i am 12 years old (im so young). My birthday is October 21 2001 but anyway, i love to sing dance alittle and act. I am African American. Im from Opelouas Lousiana and im in the 7th Grade. I really wanna get a chance to live my dream and show the world my talent that god blessed me with. I love watching the haves and haves not its a very funny show. I always picture myself either on stage singing or acting for a television show. But i hope you read this and make my dream come true because i been trying for the longest to become famous and in Opelouas theres not really much you could do and i cant really travel alot because my mom and dad works and my sisters and i go to school and we dont really have that much money to keep traveling to city to city so i really hope you read this and give me a chance to achieve my goal.Contact my mom at <hidden from public> . ByeBye

  67. Josh Tatum this is a link to my resume

    I am willing to go as far as the character goes
    I am 6’2 African American and I follow direction very well
    acting is what I love to do and will always love.
    I am a fun person on and off camera but know when its time to work when you say action

  68. Shermal Randle

    I’m Shermal from Shreveport, LA but currently live in Corpus Christi, TX. I’m 29 years old with no acting experience but I pay attention to directions and follow them well. I’m outgoing, smart beautiful and I don’t want to toot my own horn but yes I’m talented I can sing too cant wait to hear from you soon.

  69. Juanice Cain

    I am a African American woman with a zest for life. I’ve always wanted to act. I never had any professional acting classes. However, I’ve acted in church plays and had small part in a broadway play. I’m a very positive woman and would welcome this opportunity ,

  70. Juanice Cain

    I love acting. I truly believe each character stands by themselves. I’ve always understood the power of understanding your character and making people believe your character is real. I’ve never had formal training in acting. But my joy for life and with a can do mind set nothing is impossible Just need a chance.

  71. Dezha Bryant

    Hey! My name is DéZha, I’m from Chicago and I love singing and acting. I know I would be great for any part of the show! Im sixteen, highly intelligent, easy going, understanding, and very out going. I love writing, story telling, and most importantly enjoying myself. I would love to be on your show (highly interested).

  72. Candace Wheeler

    I am from New Orleans, La and I was made for the stage. I do not have professional acting experience but church plays was my life. I enjoy getting into character and there is no shame to my game. I do not mind crazy roles because I understand that each character is telling a story that reaches someone in the audience. Please consider and I promise you won’t be sorry.

  73. Suzette Blackwood

    I’m a Jamaican actress model and writer living in New York City. I’m 29 years old and I’ve done 7 reality shows and also played a major role in Jamaica’s #1 Tv Sitcom The Blackburns Of Royal Palm Estate, I’ve done billboards and calendars as well as I’ve made appearances on 106& Park Love & Hop Americas got talent.

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