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  1. Simone Taylor

    Good day all,
    My name is Simone Taylor; I live on the beautiful island of Barbados.
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown

    From a child I knew there was something significant about me but I never knew what it was but life, it is the greatest teacher and it is through my life experiences I found out who I am and my passion for life.
    Creative arts are my passion; singing, dancing, acting and I am interested in pursuing an acting career as this is my strong point.
    I am ready to make this move and I would like to be a part of this movie.
    I have done some stage plays in my church, a local sitcom here is Barbados called “Keeping up with the Joneses” and I had the opportunity to star in a BET Rising Starts short film “Oh to forgive”.
    Simone Taylor

  2. Bryanna Cross

    Hi im bryanna cross age 15

  3. Rowina Malaba

    Hi my name is Rowina Malaba i’m 16, 17 in December and i love acting and take it seriously but i love to have a laugh while i’m at it. I’m African. I’m roughly around 5’3 as well as acting i love to dance and i like to sing even though i don’t think i’m that good at singing. i hope you consider me for the haves and the have nots i promise i will not let you down if you do. I should mention i live in England but i am willing to travel to America if it is needed

  4. Kaira Baker

    My name is kaira baker and I am 14 years old. I understand that it is young but i just…I’m Aggravated. I have been trying to make a name for myself,to become somebody.I figured the best way to do that was to go to Disney channel like most teens. I have not even been considered. It’s because i’m friend also auditioned.she made – she’s white. So i’m hoping that maybe i could get a chance on this show.I’m not like all these other people with their fancy resumes and acting experience. My parents can’t afford that.i wanna help out around here but we need money i want someone to know me to see ME…Kaira Baker. This could be my only chance. You can contact me @<hidden from public>

  5. James Alexander III

    Hello Tyler Perry My Name is James Alexander III, I am 24 years old. I currently reside in California. Nor-Cal Bay Area. I am an aspiring actor and singer. I have been acting since the age of eight. And I feel that i should be picked because, not only do I live the Lord but I feel my voice as an African-American Male should be heard. My gift should be seen By God first, and ministered to the people. I look up to you so much, not just as a director or an actor. But as a person. I would love to be able to connect with you and act with you and grow from and with you.

    My Description:
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Ethnic Background: African-Amercian
    Height: 5’6inches
    Weight: 185lbs
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Style: twist dreads
    Eye color: dark brown

    Skills include but not limited to:
    Singing, playing the piano(still learning), writing plays/skits.

    Personality Traits:
    God Fearing, Patient , Eager, Ready To Learn, Team Player, Optimistic, Loyal, Faithful , Hard working, Humble and a Quick and prompt Learner.

    Thank you so much for all that you do Mr. Perry,
    And i hope to work with you in the near future.

  6. Joshua Suggs

    Hey, I am Joshua Suggs from Memphis, TN. I would love to audition. Auditioning for this show would be an amazing honor. I love acting and enjoy being surrounded by a diverse group of people. I am an aspiring actor that wants to work hard, help and support people, and inspire people. This would be such a great priviledge.

    Thank you,
    Joshua Suggs.

  7. Cierra sheree johnson

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry and Ms. Oprah Winprey

    My name is Cierra Sheree i was born on Jan 29th 1996.
    I love Oprah Winprey thank God we share the same bithday.
    Like oprah Iam smart ambitions and i have alot of talent. I love to act as well as make mini movies. Im very photogenic and the camer love me. I can Act, Dance and i love to create mini movies. I ‘am 18 years old and i love life. I would love to play any role. although im 18 I can play a role of a young girl 13 or older. Please Mr. Perry call me give me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. Just take a look at your friend Opral she is amazing and when i grow up i want to be just like you Mr, Perry I want to make positive black films that people can relate too. Ms. Oprah Winfrey when I like at your many accomplishments I know that i can over come any opticle. Please give me a chance to show the world that I am an amazing actor just like you. God Bless you and I will pray every day that Mr. Perry picks up that phone and call me in to audition. Love CIERRA SHEREE

  8. Danielle Walton

    Hello (; I really hope, I am given a chance to be a part of the cast, because I know I have the potential. I am a young African American woman, I am 18 years old, just graduated from high school this year. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry have been such an inspiration t me, I am only a girl from a small town but I have the same desire, goals, and ambition as students who are in major acting schools. If I am given this chance, it will be very well appreciated.
    Ethnicity :African American
    Height: 5″7
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair Jet Black
    Weight :190
    Appearance: Full Figure, Curvy
    I have been a part of a Play that was held in the CSRA Aiken-Augusta area.
    I remember as a little girl going to Mr. Tyler Perry’s Play that was held in August. It was my first time seeing Madea in person, the show was amazing as usual, and so inspirational.

  9. Diane Smith

    Hello Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry, I am 50 years young married for 25 years, have Military sons, a daughter and three other sons and a host of beautiful grandchildren. I watch every show that the both of you have made from the beginning. I love the shows and would love an opportunity to even be a extra in any of your shows, or small part, considering that I am not a actress. Just a working class woman of many years in the nursing field.

    Thank you in advance if given an opportunity

  10. Ashley Harris

    I have been passionate for years to take a shot a something this great. I have what it takes and I believe that anything is possible when we try. I decided to write a comment because I have taken classes and even was considered the best in my class, to not have any experience prior to those classes. I worked with a major organization in Atlanta from November to February 2014. I also did more work this past spring. I’ve had a chance to meet Rhayvn Drummond and many more ppl. They all shared their opinion; which I greatly appreciated. I have perfected and stayed with my craft since November, and am definitely looking to become apart of this field. I am familiar with just about everything Mr. Perry has done, my mom a d I are huge fans. This is indeed my passion, although I know that everything takes time. I would definitely be honored to hear something back. To have an opportunity to showcase my talent would be a big deal for me and a dream come true. I have definitely put faith and alot of money out there to accomplish something
    in this field. With God I know all things are possible!!!

    AGE: 26
    HEIGHT: 5’6″
    WEIGHT: 170 lbs

    Thank you

  11. Taya

    Hello my name is Taya Stallworth, and let me start off by saying this is my dream! To be an actress, and omg I love to sing, dance, and act. I love Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor omg I would love to be on that show as well. I played Cinderella in a play at my High School and I performed the play in front of Mayor Kevin Johnson himself. I grew up in a hard neighborhood just mainly I had a hard childhood, and im trying to find my way out and live my life as a successful actress, and this could be my chance to get me off my feet and a jump start to my career. Im very enthusiastic, im a people’s person, and when im assigned a role I go into character fully! I take my job serious. I know that life is too short just to sit around and wait to do something so im taking this chance to show myself im capable to do anything I set my mind to. I pray to God every day and night that I have an opportunity like this to become successful. I have one year of acting experience, but I want to become a great actress, please give me a chance.
    I stay fit, and energized
    Dream: To be an actress, and singer (performer)
    Talents:Acting, singing, and I write my own music
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color:Dark Brown
    This wpuld be an honor for me to be on this show. I love this show, I watch every episode, I just need this chance so bad, im stuck in the struggle, my family doesn’t have much, and im trying to get out and do my own thing, make money and get my family out the struggle as well, not too many know what my dreams are because I keep them to myself, but now its my time to shine and show people im more than what I seem to be. Please contact me
    E-mail: <hidden from public>
    Phone number <hidden from public> 

  12. Chrishon Allen

    Name: Chrishon Allen
    Age: 13
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’7
    Location: Mississippi, Gulfport (but willing to travel)
    Gender: Female
    Why I want to: I want to act on this show because I love acting. It’s my passion. It’s my dream

  13. Destiny Dunmore

    Hello my name is Destiny Dunmore and I’m a 17 year old High School Senior. I absolutely love the show! I’m a active fan on Twitter everytime the show is on! The OWN Network follows me on Twitter because they love the energy and exposure I bring to their shows. To be on one of my favorite shows ever would be a huge blessing and to work with one of my Idols would mean the world to me. No matter what happens I know that I was brave and wise enough to take the opportunities given.

    Thank you, Destiny Dunmore

  14. Cassandra Anianwu

    Race: African American
    I am and aspiring actress and model. I have done school plays and musicals. I am from Dallas, TX but now currently living in New York. I have done many school plays and musicals. I would make a great addition to the team, even if I am an extra.

  15. Amiri Denice gholston

    Hi I’m 16 years old and I’m a girl TP, I would be more than honored to start my new career with your company. I have always had the desire to be an actress, but my parents and me could not afford it. and I still have the desire. I enjoy all of your shows and movies. I believe in following my dreams and never giving up. May I be part of your history? but I still dream and have the desire. Please provide me an opportunity. Please!


    Hi TP, I would be more than honored to start my new career with your company. I have always had the desire to be an actress, but my parents and me could not afford it. I am now 50 years young and still have the desire. I enjoy all of your shows and movies. I believe in following my dreams and never giving up. May I be part of your history? I put my dreams on hold to care for my parents, which have now passed on, but I still dream and have the desire. Please provide me an opportunity. Please!

  17. Kenneth Reed

    My name is Kenneth Reed and I am a 15 year old African American boy. Growing up me and my friends would improve just to keep out of trouble. My friends always said it was something I was good at until last year I took performing arts Andy teacher told me I was the Bert in the class and to be honest I was surprised because I didn’t think I was they good but now that I know I’m a very talented actor I don’t think I should just wasted talents . I am a hard working dedicated actor who will give my all every time it’s needed . If you even consider me that would just be a blessing so please just give me a call because I’m 15 but I have the mental and mind if wise man . So please give me a call <hidden from public> 

  18. Quintaja Faniel

    Hello, My name is Quintaja Faniel I am sixteen years old and i would like to be apart of the new Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey collaboration, “The Haves and The Have nots” because I would really like be apart of and see this thing take off just as much as Mr.Perry and Mrs.Winfrey. I am very hard working intelligent and a pleasure to be around, Thank you for your time and I hope I am considered to be apart of what i believe will grow in to something big and unexpected.

  19. Trace mcwatters

    Hello my name is Trace Mcwatters. I love all your movies and shows. I’m 12 years old, my height is 5’3” and I weigh 120 pounds. The career I want is an acting career so I hope I’ll make the part :)

  20. Rhonda M.

    Hello, my name is Rhonda. I just turnd 60 and I’ve worked all of my life and I decided that I would like a break. I love your show, and I would love to be a part of it. When I saw the advertisement I thought this would be my big “break”. Thanks a lot. -Rhonda M.

  21. Patience

    Hi,Mr Perry,i am a 15 years old teenager and i love acting.i’m from South Africa and i am an african teenage with dreams of becoming an actress and i want to help my mother financially.i would appreciate it a lot if you consider me for any role in one of your movies in the near future.i am a religious and God fearing girl who loves helping people.i would gladly thank you for the opportunity

  22. Natasha ward

    My name is Natasha Ward I live in the Atlanta GA area . I am 5’5 weighing 130 lbs. I believe I should be apart of history as well as “The next big show” with Mr.Tyler Perry and Ms.Oprah Winfrey I hold outstanding “acting” credentials . Although acting isn’t my passion or first love I do believe this will give me my stepping stone to become a professional back up singer. However you have to start somewhere all I can grantee is if I’m presented with the opportunity YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT ! JUST AS THE PERSON WHO GAVE YOU A CHANCE DIDN’T REGRET DOING SO

  23. Calvin Curtis Jr

    Hello to you all , my name is calvin i’m 25 yrs of age, 5’7 200 lbs soft athletic build.i’m african american with a very laid back demeanor, only acting experience is that of stage plays in church and school.i can sing, very comedic. Can Dance when practiced. Very fast learner and a southern draw. I’m a natural goof and love interacting with others. portraying different personalities and of a character intrigues me a lot. i have always chased the dream of being on tv, I just chose to work first. i’m finally taking a step in my true hearts desire to act sing and exct. i love to make people laugh feel good and or relate, nothing brings me more joy. i reside in Houston,Tx and i’m always checking my email in search of my break. thank you for listening. i ask you see fit to give me a shot.

  24. Tyleena Molson

    I think i will be good for the show because im 29 years old and i have a profound personality like no other and. A very fierce attitude and im very well educated very smart and very good at taking criticism and im not shy Can sing and act very well. In my time here on earthi have never seen nothing like tyler perry movies and his creativiness in no other movies i was always drawn to him personally when i was diagnosed with. With cancer in 2007 i was so sick and i would try to get every morning and watch all your plays and house pain meet the browns. What like about it would lift my spirit and i loved that you talked. About god and no other show talks about that so much i love that about you. But most of all it very real and true life dramma. That people. Keep hidden. Behind doors and no one ever talk about these things the secrets and the malice that goes in every one homes and it doesn’t. Matter if your rich or poor you keep it real and i love it. Sincerely. Tyleena molson

  25. Tamara Reid

    I’ve been searching so hard to find a way to contact you Mr Tyler Perry, I Am a huge fan of yours, and your success story, I know it’s hard to make your dreams come true but you have to at least try… and I’ve been trying for 14 yrs now, didn’t have the resources to make it while I was a minor and still don’t have them now, life has thrown me so many curve balls now here I am 26 still wanting my dream to come true because of you, you are very inspiring i’ve always wanted to tell you that Mr.Perry, if I just get the chance to meet you it would be life changing, and to work for you oh man that would be a miracle! God is so good HE makes the impossible, POSSIBLE. … I can’t wait to see what happens next
    GOD bless you and your team!!!

  26. Michael Colbert

    Hi Tyler Iam 13 years old and I love all of your plays and I’m a very good actor and I would love to be on one of your movie!!

  27. Barbara G Jones

    I am Barbara Jones. I currently reside is Georgia. I have singing and acting experience. I have been cast in some plays including “Joy in the Morning” directed by Robin Givens. I am hard working and interested in honing my acting skills as well as singing. I am available for auditions including work as an extra. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work on such an exciting production. I am open to constructive criticism and expect to grow through the process. I know it’s ok to fall down, but more important is the getting back up again.

    I can be reached at <hidden from public> for any additional information you may need.
    I am in my mid fifties.

  28. Salome Smith

    My name is Salome Smith I am 20 years old. I would love and be honored to become an addition to this set. I am very energetic and extremely ambitious about my performance career. I have a great work ethic, good at adjusting to enviroments, consistent, and take my craft extremely serious. I act, sing, and dance and I understand there are many others like me but if I am giving a opportunity you will not be disappointed.

  29. Alexis P

    Hello Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry
    my name is Alexis Price i am 15 years old. i am from a very small town in oklaoma. i will be a sophmore in high School. i have attended acting school , i have been in dane for 2 years. iam a participnt in the national honor society at my school for making “A” average grades. i plaed a part in the movie called “Candles” tje movie was about the girl scout murders in lovust grove oklahoma in 1977 at camp scott. i played role as doris milner… the trailer scene was done and tthe movie was put on hold due yo has been 2 years and they are trying to start the movie back up..they seem to think i am tol old for
    the part…i am so at a loss because none of this was my fault. itis such an honor to look up to mentors such as ms. winfrey
    and yourslf…Mr. Perry. it would an honor and an opportunit a lifetime for me to be able to audition in one of your movies
    i look forward to hearing from you.

  30. Takiyiia

    Hi my name Takiyiia and I love watching Tyler Perry. My uncle was one of the first people in my family to watch Tyler Perry and then told the rest of us about him and we have been watching all his plays, movies, and shows that we know about. To be able to get a role on the have and the have nots would be a dream came true. I watch this show every Tuesday night with my mother and grandmother. I am currently studying theatre and I would love for a chance to audition.

    Race: African American
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 turning 19 in three months

  31. Timothy L. Jones, Sr.

    My name is Timothy L. Jones, Sr. I have always wanted to get into acting as a young child but as you well know, life events sometimes change your goals. I feel as if it is never too late to begin a career in acting because it is one that can last a lifetime. I am a 26 year, two-war Army veteran. I retired in May of 2013 as a Sergeant Major (E-9). I was formally a police officer for 8 years in Trenton, NJ before deciding to become a federal police officer in Washington, DC. I have been with the federal government for just over 10 years and I am currently a lieutenant for my agency. Although I am 45 years old, I do not look my age. I maintain myself in great physical condition because of my years of military service and my job as a law enforcement officer.
    I am more than capable of portraying a vast variety of roles if given the opportunity. I have many different levels of experience that I feel would benefit me greatly in casting for a role. Below are my physical attributes and contact #:

    Ht: 5’11″
    Wt: 194 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Shoe: 10
    Waist: 34″
    Inseam: 32
    Build: athletic
    Hobbies: weight training, running, golf, basketball, boxing
    Contact <hidden from public> 

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  32. Jessicah

    Of course I would love to get in on the fun and be apart of a Tyler Perry and Oprah show who wouldn’t and “I know I got what it takes to be apart of the show, why wouldn’t i? I’m Jessicah!!!” I’m a 17 year old, bright, outgoing, outrageous, humerus, bold, young lady. I would love to add more to what people love to see and I know that I can bring it cause I have so much confidence in myself and god, and plus I’ve always enjoyed the work of both of you . I’m also looking to further my acting career because I plan on being a big time well known actress in my future and this could help me I been in plenty plays and I’ve also attendend many activities in my community and school. I enjoy being in theatres and seeing plays because they bring joy and they bring so much excitement to my life acting is life and I So I would love if y’all give me a chance so I can have a acting career and if y’all don’t because I know there is plenty more ppl out there like me trying to get this spot I want give up on my journey and search of something big just like this….. Y’all give people so much in ways you wouldn’t even know.

    •17 will be 18 in July
    •Mixed African American and Caucation
    •Burgundy hair

  33. Cricely

    Dear casting directors.
    Hello. My name is Cicely.
    People say I have a God giving acting talent. When acting I feel like I’m no longer me and I transform or lose myself well into the character. Maybe thats why people say I have the talent.
    I would love the opportunity to challenge myself to a whole new level and see how far I could go. I’m a big dreamer that’s self motivated and hardworking also good at memorizing things.

    -Soon to be 31yrs old (look younger)
    -11 years married (no children, just my dogs)
    -Latin (Born and raised in NY. Currently living in P.R. soon to move to NY again)
    -Tanned skin
    -Green eyes
    -231 pounds (currently losing weight)

    Thank you for your time =]

  34. Mishianie Sterling

    Hello Mr. Perry,
    I’m a 14 year old highschool student. I. Female and African American. We’ll first of all I’m a very big fan of your work. My mom owns all of your plays and at least half of you movies on DVD. Lol. Well um I sing and I act I’m sure you really may not be looking for someone as young as me but I’ll be 15 August 20. I have been acting ever since I was old enough to read scripts. I have been singing well ever since I was able to talk. I took drama classes and singing. Classes. I got a Christian private school in Florida called Liberty Christian Prep. It’s would be and honor to be on your show. Or your plays or movies for all that matters. Thank you for your patience. And I hope you would consider me.

  35. Tanisha Humphries

    Hi!!!!!!!! My name is Tanisha Humphries . I love your show. It is LOL funny. The main things i love doing is acting and singing. Also I enjoy dancing and playing instruments. I watch tv 24/7, watching how they make it so unique. Thank god for you and everyone working with you. I just pray that my dreams come true. I love you!!!!!! God bless!!!!!

  36. Taunya Teahjay

    My name is Taunya. I am a mixed race 63 year old female, brown eyes,
    5 ft.2 inches tall. I have had 20+ years of live stage performance and love Si-Fi.
    I have also starred on TV for a play intitled Ebony Woman. Would love to audition
    for the part The Haves and the Have Nots. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

  37. Spencer Smith

    Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey,
    Is this site something worth typing on ? I am not sure but why not give it a try. I am 25 years old and I am from the very small town of Arcadia, Louisiana. A population of a whopping 3500 residents. I have been singing all my life and have been in a number a local theatres plays and musicals. Three years ago , the age of 22, I weighed 700 lbs. I now have lost over 400 lbs. due to having the gastric sleeve surgery and the good Lord having mercy on my soul and letting me start life a new. I was given 2 years to live before I had heart failure if I did not have the surgery. I took the bull by the horns and have been dragging that damn heifer around ever since. I now find that if you do not chase your dreams , what is this point of dreaming. Tyler Perry , Your movies and motivational plays have truly touched me in ways that some don’t understand. I also want to state, this is not no woe as me paragraph , this is a , ” Baby , I am Alive, Well , Blessed and I’m going to make it one day . ” Everyone has a story I understand, I can sit here and tell you I can act, I can Sing , Hell, I could be rapper, but I cant talk or sing that fast to save my life. One thing that I can say , is I’m strong, honest, motivated, and respectful , oh and yes I can sing and act but that’s ya’lls call.

  38. Melinda

    Hi, I am the mother of a mixed African American & spanish daughter named kaitlyn. She has the most God sent personality I have ever seen. She’s funny, very pleasant to b around & very easy to work with. Please consider her for a role in ur show , u will not be disappointed.

  39. Charlene

    Extremely gifted with acting and writing. Only tried out for a few gigs (successful). Would love to do this. I know 100% that I can! Thanks!

  40. Pamela Randle

    I’m what you’re looking for…5foot 10 inches of your wildest dream. Looks,talent,personality and southern ….kinda beautiful to…lol…I’m 53 years young. ….You couldn’t tell by looking. ….anyway. I’m proud of it…but my age doesn’t make me any less fabulous or deserving…’s a win win situation… me… <hidden from public> 

  41. Sylvia Norman

    Never had an acting gig in my life. Performed with bands, but never an acting job. Who am I to not throw my name in the ring. :)

  42. Iraida Blaylock

    Hello mr perry,and ms winfrey,,,just to let u know I’m a big fan of you both, to be honest don’t have any experience in acting on the big screen, so I’m going into this by faith, would love to have a chance to work with you both, because of the fact you both are children of god,,,thanks for even taking the time to read my comment, bless you both…

  43. Dazhane'

    People who dream are excited about the world. They could lie and say “No im not” but honestly yes they are. I dream a lot in my sleep, in my car, during school, on the bus, while I paint, but lately I’ve notice none of my dreams come true. Why? well because all I ever do is dream. you can’t dream and never act. Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamed but he also acted upon his dreams and his goals. That’s why I’m writing this…. to act on my dreams. My name is Dazhane’ am a seven-teen year old African American child who is blessed with many gifts. with these gifts I will like to take the time to show you guys how I work hard to succeed in life.

  44. annie mae coples

    Hello Friends, I am a unknown writer, producer and director. Looking for the opportunity to show case my talent and gifts with you. I have acting skills have worked with the ARENA PLAY HOUSE,Baltimore, MD. As well as my own neighbrohood plays”COPLES NEW TALENT PRODUCTION FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT” I write on CULTURAL HISTORY MOVEMENT,CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS AND INFANTS & TODDLERS. All my writting is family friendly from 2 to 92 will enjoy and learn something! THANK YOU MR. TYLER AND MS. OPRAH just for taking the time share your love. GOD BLESS! We have just been bless!!!

  45. Tiffany Mac

    I am a very hard working entertainer/ actress/ host and radio personality and I am a very hard working . I will earn and work hard for the role. I am very confident and getting the role of main character or supporting character, how ever I am constantly humble in being a extra on the set and work had to make sure that my craft is great in that as well. I have established many credits , I have a strong back ground in media and entertainment. I balance it all and let NO ONE take my goals and future successes away from me. Please email me if you have or need any additional details from me and I will provide promptly. I just want to be GREAT and prove to the world my greatness.

    Thank you and For Your Time

  46. shonda

    Hello, I would love for you to bless me by giving me a great opportunity. I’m never giving up on my dream, because if God has it in store for there’s no way around it!! Thanks so much

  47. Danielle Tribue

    My name is Danielle
    I always wanted to be an actress.
    As far as what I do I help my grandma at
    Her daycare.
    I’m a college student currently, and my major is culinary.
    I also write lyrics and poems, and I make jewelry.
    My all time beloved instrument is the viola.

    My height is 4:7 without heels
    With heels depending on the height I am 5ft+
    I weigh 122Lbs
    My eyes are green.
    I am writing this in hopes that I may have a chance to try out acting I have always wanted to be an actress as I mentioned before .

  48. Rose Chisolm

    Hello: This letter goe out to Mr Tyler Perry; a wonderful and most dedicated writer and Author.
    My name is Rose Chisolm and I watch your season premier show all the time. Rightnow, I’m looking to seek an acting part with your show casting in The Halves and Have Nots! I feel the character fits my Job Description for your motion film. I would be more than happy to set an audition for any casting part you’ll willing to offer. Please feel free to contact me through my email listed as: <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> .
    Sincerely, Rose Chisolm`.

  49. Justin Maurice Watts

    Hello Mr. Perry I’m just overwhelmed that your actually reading this!! lol I’ve always wanted to be on Tv or Broadway…something because I love to sing and act. My family and I as a whole have gone through so much and deserve a opportunity like this. We all sing to inspire people and brighten their day; It would be a blessing if we were chosen or at least one of us. Thank you again

  50. Shamear Flowers

    Hello, my name is Shamear Flowers and I am 27 years old. I really would like to be concidered for a role bc my biggest end dream is to become a actress and hip hop dancer. My dreams and goals every since I was a little girl was to play a role on a tv show and dance in a movie. My mom passed away when I was 14 years old and I wasn’t able to complete my dream. I’m a great dancer and wonderful actress. I still to this day want to make my dreams come true. I was an extra on the show ugly Betty. I’m hoping and praying you could help make my dream come true. Thank you!

  51. Sheldie Derival

    Hi My Name Is Sheldie Derival I`m 20 years old and I would love to do this job I would be perfect for it I`m patient nice loving and sweet please pick me I really need a job so bad. Also I live in Miami Gardens, Florida

  52. Nyla Vamp

    Hi, I have had a few scenes as an extra in BET the game ans a full shot with JLo in her upcoming movie. I have a great sense of to Have and Have. If picked, my story will tell it all. I am a female, 26 years old and I am from L.A. now living in ATL.

  53. Tyler West

    SAG-AFTRA actor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Study: Beverly Hills Playhouse
    Film- Kicking and Screaming Featured
    Film- Bad News bears Featured
    Commercial-Nissan Main Actor
    Commercial-Scott Paper Towel Main Actor
    Commercial-Downey Main Actor
    Print- Six Pix Game Mattell
    Print-Macy’s Catalog
    Print-Target Catalog

  54. Ricky Richard

    I’m going to stray away from putting all my info up like the rest of them but you should pick me because I am an undiscovered talent thank you.

  55. Tiana Dunham

    I am a model and actress from Rochester NY and I have been in this Business for 2 years now. I am Puerto Rican, Black and White, so I never limit myself on what role i am able to play. I love it, and it’s my dream to make it. I work really hard. I have an IMDB page as well heres the link I love the creativity that goes into modeling and acting. I’m driven and hard working and willing to help others as well. I just need a chance to prove myself. I have nothing to lose and everything to prove.

  56. Robert Reid IV

    Name: Robert Reid IV
    Age: 18
    Race: African American
    Height: 6″
    Weight: 160lbs
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Light brown
    Skills & Experience: I have performed on stage quite a few times. “Simba” in The Lion King, “Tin-Man” in The Wizard of Oz, “Aladdin” in Aladdin: King of Thieves.
    About Me: I only want to act. I dont care if its on television or stage. I live for acting. I have experience, determination and will. I have the fire to excel pass every other actor out. Considering me will be the biggest and best choice you ever make. Dont believe me, try me

  57. Tommie

    Good evening, i have always loved every Tyler perry and Oprah winfrey’s work. My name is omotomilola but people call me tommie because that is easier to pronounce. I am from Africa, Nigeria to be precise. I grew up loving all types of arts. I am a performing arts major. Though i love to be on tv and all but i really love the experience. Every time am going for reheaGood evening, i have always loved every Tyler perry and Oprah winfrey’s work. My name is omotomilola but people call me tommie because that is easier to pronounce. I am from Africa, Nigeria to be precise. I grew up loving all types of arts. I am a performing arts major. Though i love to be on tv and all but i really love the experience. Every time am going for rehearsals, dance or acting i never feel as pressured as i do when doing other things. Am just always happy. When i come for auditions i have the faith to make it, but if i do not. I do not mind helping out with some extra work if you would want the help. You do not have to pay me. I just want to have the experience, fun and see where i could improve. No matter what you give or tell me to do as long as it is in an environment of art am fine with it. Thank you so much.

  58. Dominique Whyte

    Creative,dramatic,overturning energy that will keep the current audience and new audiences glued to the show I believe my character will capture the cast plus woo the audience I would become Candace’s best friend because we would have the same view points I would even Win other friend because they would think I’m a breath of fresh air honest sweet put together I would act the part but then I would betray Candace’s with exposing her motives pose as I’m in love with Jeffery and we would get engaged to show that he isn’t gay in public view but he still would be but then I would be secretly pregnant by Wyatt so his family can pay me off to not mess up their image. Please pick me I can offer great acting ,help out with story line and promote to other audience that will love the show even more I have acted in plays in Cincinnati and low budget movies I have Ideas and love to be apart of a growing show to ultimately win a Grammy for the show thank you again

  59. Elana Dupart

    Hi my name is Elana Dupart and I am 11 years old and I would love to be apart of your show. I can sing, dance, and act . I go to Kipp Bridge Charter School and right now my school is doing a play called the Wiz and I am a dancer and singer. I love all of your Madea plays and shows I have seen all of your plays and movies because there funny but not only that it teaches me lessons and I think that’s inspiring. I am African American , I have black hair , brown eyes and I have always wanted to be in one of your shows.

  60. joseph sanabria

    life of the party
    i luv what you have done, the both of you. ive seen every movie and show that has been put out i think…you keep them coming so i may be off one or two. I think i could bring with me a brilliant feel if i was given the chance, plus my kids would love to see me on tv….. only problem i may have is keeping my wife off the set…lol.. you gotta luv her… thanks

  61. Mycah Butler

    Age: 13
    DOB: 7/13/00
    Hair: Brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 122

    HEY!!! My name is Mycah and I would love to be on this show. I have been watching it since it first came out and I feel in love with it. I know a little bit of sign language but I am still taking this class in school. I have a very outstanding personality and I love to interact with people. I don’t care what people think of me so I don’t have a hard time showing off on screen or off. Acting is my dream and I am going to tell you about my acting career.

    When I was 3 years old I was in my first play at my church with a man named T.J. Hempfield. Who is the writer of the movie Perilous Times. Around those years I took many dance class and I still do hip hop to this day. I did a lot of more tiny plays at my church and sang too. When I 12 years old I did two plays at the same time. I was in Little Mermaid as a coral aires and The Sound of Music as Sister Berthe. The most recent plays that I was in was Hairspray as Little Inez and The Cross and The Light as a towns child. That play was at the music hall in Detroit, Michigan and it was very fun.

    I think that I would be perfect for this show and I could really impress you. I have been to many talent agencies and I have also been to The Event in Orlando, Florida and got 4 callbacks from there. I want to see where my life will take me and if I can have my big break. When I see talent agencies they all say I have a baby face and look like a 9 year old. Which, I know, is a good thing in the acting business because you can last longer on TV like Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly. I hope will think about me for this TV show.

  62. Marsha L.Bays

    I just basically want a chance to not only become a actress but to also work with Mr.Tyler Perry. I pray that Mr.Perry will give me a chance because he definitely won’t regret it :-D I have so much confidence in myself that I know one day I’ll win a Oscar!!!!!


    Hello OW and TP,
    I am a fan of your shows, movies, and plays. It has always been my dream to become part of the cast in your shows and movies. My husband and I have cared for my parents, which were ill, over the years and I put my dream on hold. They have gone on with the Lord now and I can spread my wings a little bit more. God’s word tells me so in Habakkuk 2:2-3. At some time, I would like to share the story of my life with you both, and would love to see it in a movie and maybe even a book. My husband and I married in 2009, lost my mother in 2010, lost my father in 2013, and we never had a honeymoon. My siblings were always too busy to babysit our parents for a few hours for us to attend a movie or go out to dinner. OW and TP, when you select me as part of the cast for your shows and movies, this will truly be a dream come true and a honeymoon to remember. I have a BS in Business Management, I am 5’10, cinnamon color skin, people loving, born in PA, but have lived in Jax., FL for several years. People tell me that I favor Janet Jackson and that I am very articulate with a very unique voice. OW and TP, I am ready to make this move. Please call on me!

  64. Thessa Sanon

    Hi, my name is Thessa Sanon. I am 17 years old and I an from New Orleans, Louisiana. I should be considered because my dream is to become an actress and singer. I love to entertain and make people laugh. I have an interesting personality. Ive grown up on watching Disney and Nick. I love watching these amazing actors and actresses on tv and dream of becoming one some day. This opportunity can and will changr my life for the better. When I put my mind to something, I go for it and hope for the best. I hope I am picked and I will not let you down.

  65. Kelly,Kelsy

    Weight:105 lbs
    Body type:petite
    Eye color:Dark brown
    Hair color:Brown
    Race: African-American
    Traits: well-rounded,openly takes direction/feedback,eccentric
    *has taken to acting courses
    Location: Port saint Lucie,Fl

    Dear casting directors for the hit television show,the have and the have nots,it has been a pleasure engaging in the admirable show. I am aspiring to have a role in the Have and the Have Nots. I have had 2 years of acting class and I am currently in another course.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Kelsy Kelly

    Contact info <hidden from public> <hidden from public> 

  66. Erykah

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry and Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, My name is Erykah Bailey I’m 15 years old and I am interested to be in your show. My family and I are big fans, we watch all of your movies, even the Madea ones and the plays as well, and they were funny, touching and fantastic. I’m a freshmen and I get good grades in school. I never done acting in my life, I wanted to do a play in my school but I never got the time and I was always afraid how some people would think of me. I live in Syracuse, New York, I also sing I’m not a professional singer but a lot of people says I’m good. I take private singing lessons from my music teacher and a little from my aunt. I also dance, I been dancing scine I was 10. I’m a nice and confident and funny girl. Here’s a little bit of info of me. Height: 5,3, Weight:135 Race: mix ( jamacian and white), eye color: dark hazel brown, Hair: long. brunette, wavy, age:15, and thank you have a nice day :)

  67. Jessica

    Hello Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry, I have always wanted to act but never really had the resources on where to begin. I feel that playing a part in the haves and the have not or even love thy neighbor would be a blessing! If you both choose me you will NOT regret picking me. I’m a hard worker and a great person to be around! Oh did I mention you wouldn’t regret choosing me? Oprah +Tyler= a new life! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  68. LaAmber

    Hello Mr. Perry and Ms. Winfrey, Thank you for giving me a chance to recieve a part on the show. I’m a sweet, down to earth young lady with drive to boot. Any part given would be a blessing. Continue to be an inspiration!

  69. Belinda Woolfolk

    Blessing Mr. Perry and Mrs. Winfrey Im definitely a fan and I thank God for people like you two. You both do a lot to help support, motivate, and inspire also entertain a nation. It’s a job well done. I would love to be apart of the team. I’ve always heard that God gives everyone a gift or talent, and I truly believe mine is acting. I’ve felt this way all my life. I sincerely feel it within my heart. If I only can get a chance, one lucky break to work with two of the very best in the business. Being from a small town in Kentucky opportunities are very rare. And if I were to get this chance of a lifetime, I will work hard, stay humble and be forever grateful. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express myself. Praying I hear from you.
    Sincerely, Belinda blessed with the gift of acting

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