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  1. Dominique Whyte

    Creative,dramatic,overturning energy that will keep the current audience and new audiences glued to the show I believe my character will capture the cast plus woo the audience I would become Candace’s best friend because we would have the same view points I would even Win other friend because they would think I’m a breath of fresh air honest sweet put together I would act the part but then I would betray Candace’s with exposing her motives pose as I’m in love with Jeffery and we would get engaged to show that he isn’t gay in public view but he still would be but then I would be secretly pregnant by Wyatt so his family can pay me off to not mess up their image. Please pick me I can offer great acting ,help out with story line and promote to other audience that will love the show even more I have acted in plays in Cincinnati and low budget movies I have Ideas and love to be apart of a growing show to ultimately win a Grammy for the show thank you again

  2. Elana Dupart

    Hi my name is Elana Dupart and I am 11 years old and I would love to be apart of your show. I can sing, dance, and act . I go to Kipp Bridge Charter School and right now my school is doing a play called the Wiz and I am a dancer and singer. I love all of your Madea plays and shows I have seen all of your plays and movies because there funny but not only that it teaches me lessons and I think that’s inspiring. I am African American , I have black hair , brown eyes and I have always wanted to be in one of your shows.

  3. joseph sanabria

    life of the party
    i luv what you have done, the both of you. ive seen every movie and show that has been put out i think…you keep them coming so i may be off one or two. I think i could bring with me a brilliant feel if i was given the chance, plus my kids would love to see me on tv….. only problem i may have is keeping my wife off the set…lol.. you gotta luv her… thanks

  4. Mycah Butler

    Age: 13
    DOB: 7/13/00
    Hair: Brown hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 122

    HEY!!! My name is Mycah and I would love to be on this show. I have been watching it since it first came out and I feel in love with it. I know a little bit of sign language but I am still taking this class in school. I have a very outstanding personality and I love to interact with people. I don’t care what people think of me so I don’t have a hard time showing off on screen or off. Acting is my dream and I am going to tell you about my acting career.

    When I was 3 years old I was in my first play at my church with a man named T.J. Hempfield. Who is the writer of the movie Perilous Times. Around those years I took many dance class and I still do hip hop to this day. I did a lot of more tiny plays at my church and sang too. When I 12 years old I did two plays at the same time. I was in Little Mermaid as a coral aires and The Sound of Music as Sister Berthe. The most recent plays that I was in was Hairspray as Little Inez and The Cross and The Light as a towns child. That play was at the music hall in Detroit, Michigan and it was very fun.

    I think that I would be perfect for this show and I could really impress you. I have been to many talent agencies and I have also been to The Event in Orlando, Florida and got 4 callbacks from there. I want to see where my life will take me and if I can have my big break. When I see talent agencies they all say I have a baby face and look like a 9 year old. Which, I know, is a good thing in the acting business because you can last longer on TV like Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly. I hope will think about me for this TV show.

  5. Marsha L.Bays

    I just basically want a chance to not only become a actress but to also work with Mr.Tyler Perry. I pray that Mr.Perry will give me a chance because he definitely won’t regret it :-D I have so much confidence in myself that I know one day I’ll win a Oscar!!!!!


    Hello OW and TP,
    I am a fan of your shows, movies, and plays. It has always been my dream to become part of the cast in your shows and movies. My husband and I have cared for my parents, which were ill, over the years and I put my dream on hold. They have gone on with the Lord now and I can spread my wings a little bit more. God’s word tells me so in Habakkuk 2:2-3. At some time, I would like to share the story of my life with you both, and would love to see it in a movie and maybe even a book. My husband and I married in 2009, lost my mother in 2010, lost my father in 2013, and we never had a honeymoon. My siblings were always too busy to babysit our parents for a few hours for us to attend a movie or go out to dinner. OW and TP, when you select me as part of the cast for your shows and movies, this will truly be a dream come true and a honeymoon to remember. I have a BS in Business Management, I am 5’10, cinnamon color skin, people loving, born in PA, but have lived in Jax., FL for several years. People tell me that I favor Janet Jackson and that I am very articulate with a very unique voice. OW and TP, I am ready to make this move. Please call on me!

  7. Thessa Sanon

    Hi, my name is Thessa Sanon. I am 17 years old and I an from New Orleans, Louisiana. I should be considered because my dream is to become an actress and singer. I love to entertain and make people laugh. I have an interesting personality. Ive grown up on watching Disney and Nick. I love watching these amazing actors and actresses on tv and dream of becoming one some day. This opportunity can and will changr my life for the better. When I put my mind to something, I go for it and hope for the best. I hope I am picked and I will not let you down.

  8. Kelly,Kelsy

    Weight:105 lbs
    Body type:petite
    Eye color:Dark brown
    Hair color:Brown
    Race: African-American
    Traits: well-rounded,openly takes direction/feedback,eccentric
    *has taken to acting courses
    Location: Port saint Lucie,Fl

    Dear casting directors for the hit television show,the have and the have nots,it has been a pleasure engaging in the admirable show. I am aspiring to have a role in the Have and the Have Nots. I have had 2 years of acting class and I am currently in another course.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Kelsy Kelly

    Contact info <hidden from public> <hidden from public> 

  9. Erykah

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry and Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, My name is Erykah Bailey I’m 15 years old and I am interested to be in your show. My family and I are big fans, we watch all of your movies, even the Madea ones and the plays as well, and they were funny, touching and fantastic. I’m a freshmen and I get good grades in school. I never done acting in my life, I wanted to do a play in my school but I never got the time and I was always afraid how some people would think of me. I live in Syracuse, New York, I also sing I’m not a professional singer but a lot of people says I’m good. I take private singing lessons from my music teacher and a little from my aunt. I also dance, I been dancing scine I was 10. I’m a nice and confident and funny girl. Here’s a little bit of info of me. Height: 5,3, Weight:135 Race: mix ( jamacian and white), eye color: dark hazel brown, Hair: long. brunette, wavy, age:15, and thank you have a nice day :)

  10. Jessica

    Hello Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry, I have always wanted to act but never really had the resources on where to begin. I feel that playing a part in the haves and the have not or even love thy neighbor would be a blessing! If you both choose me you will NOT regret picking me. I’m a hard worker and a great person to be around! Oh did I mention you wouldn’t regret choosing me? Oprah +Tyler= a new life! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  11. LaAmber

    Hello Mr. Perry and Ms. Winfrey, Thank you for giving me a chance to recieve a part on the show. I’m a sweet, down to earth young lady with drive to boot. Any part given would be a blessing. Continue to be an inspiration!

  12. Belinda Woolfolk

    Blessing Mr. Perry and Mrs. Winfrey Im definitely a fan and I thank God for people like you two. You both do a lot to help support, motivate, and inspire also entertain a nation. It’s a job well done. I would love to be apart of the team. I’ve always heard that God gives everyone a gift or talent, and I truly believe mine is acting. I’ve felt this way all my life. I sincerely feel it within my heart. If I only can get a chance, one lucky break to work with two of the very best in the business. Being from a small town in Kentucky opportunities are very rare. And if I were to get this chance of a lifetime, I will work hard, stay humble and be forever grateful. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express myself. Praying I hear from you.
    Sincerely, Belinda blessed with the gift of acting

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