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  1. Ebony A. Jackson

    Hi Mr.Perry and Ms. Winfrey, I am 34 year old woman that have only dreamed of acting. I grew up remembering as far back as 4yrs old watching the Oprah Winfrey show at 4 o’clock every evening with my mother, then going to my room looking in a mirror acting as if I was a talk show host. I love you Oprah! Mr. Tyler Perry your story along has a been an inspiration in my life! Watching you starting back from plays to the blessed prosperous man you are today, words cannot express enough that I feel dreams can really cone true with dedication. I don’t know if you would ever see this, but I can only pray that this reaches you, and you would then reach out to me. I know I would be a valuable asset to anything you create on tv. I am from Alabama, and I have know acting experience. All I have to offer at this point is a dream and the determination to gain success. I trust God with every aspect of my life, and if this is his will I know this will find you! Regardless of the outcome I love both of you and continue to inspire, motivate, and be the blessing you are to dreamers! God bless

  2. Marjorie Paul

    Hi Mr.perry, My daughter and I we love watching the haves, my friend’s often say my daughter look like a young Candace in the show. She had great experience of acting very talented,and energetic. I just send a picture of her l hope to hear something from you! Thanks

  3. Warner Fitzgerald

    Hello I just wanna say this show is incredible such great acting I can’t get enough of it I would love to b apart of the show or anything else Mr Tyler Perry has comin out in da future I sing in I think I’ll be a great actor as well

  4. Stephanie Howard

    Hi, I’m Stephanie Howard, I have sang since I was 8 years old. I have the voice. I can act, as though I have been acting for 20 years. I really
    Have the potentials to take this show to the next
    level please contact me. Thanks!!

  5. Sandra Satterfield

    Hello Mr. Perry & Mrs. Winfrey, I honestly, had not been watching, The Have and Have Nots, because it was not offered on my cable package. But, I walked into MACY’S, shoe dept. to purchase some shoes, it was on one of there very big sales day. There was a staff of about 8 or 9, and they were all starring at me and whispering as if I had stole something . I turned around to look behind me to make sure something was not happening and catch me off guard, to my avail there was no one behind me. Finally, one of the guys said I know you were looking a little confused but we all thought you were Veronica, on the show The Have and Have Not, we once had Diana Ross come in like that and we just did not know. I guess you know I now subscribed to package that includes this program and love it. So, if Veronica ever needs a sister, I’m your girl.

  6. April Whimzey A.K.A. Nicole Starr

    Hi Mr. Perry, I am a big fan. I have a creative spirit and mind. I want to be able to work with you on a project someday. I use to tell my kids that I was going to work for you someday. The kids are always telling people, “My mom works for Tyler Perry, (Lol)”. That is one of my biggest goals and dreams in life. I am a mother of four. I have a 7, 5, 4, and 1 year old. I feel that I am a great mother who instills values and morals into their lives. I was not given the same opportunity from my biological mother. I was raised in the foster care system at a very young age. My mother did not raise me nor did she really acknowledge me or my siblings when we grew older. That alone did not make me give up on my dream. I now reside in New Orleans where I grew up. I am in school to receive an associates degree in Media Production and Film. I am an actress. But I also write, and produce my own material. When I was a kid I would write stories in my composition notebook. I never knew then, that this was my calling. But when I discovered at the age of 21 and after having my 3 boys, this is what I was passionate about for my life. Thanks for your time TYLER!

  7. Torin Evans

    Dear, Mr. Perry, and Ms. Winfrey
    I would be honored, and blessed to be apart of such a breathtaking television series. I have watched every single season, and get attached more and more each time I watch it. I have always wanted to be an actor, and people tell me often that “I have a face for television”. I have an outgoing, and very adaptable personality. I always put my best effort into whatever I am doing at the time. I consider myself a all around, goofy, entertaining, and smart individual who is very confident in anything that I do. I am guy from a small town in central Georgia who is looking for a way to make his family proud. Only god himself know my struggle.

    – In the remarkable words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”
    sincerely, Torin Evans


    The Haves And The Havenots is the best soap on TV and I’m a huge fan of Tylers and Oprah..but then who isn’t? I pray that my comment reach the right person. I would be honored to be apart of this great team. #Aspiring Actress

    Thank you for your consideration

  9. Myesha Palmer

    Good Afternoon, I’m submitting my comment for the Have and Have not’s show, I have some acting experience, being an extra and on a few court shows. Please contact me my twin sister and I would love to be an exciting intriguing part of your show.

    Thanks kindly

  10. Cynthia James

    just me….

  11. tina

    Tyler Perry is awesome!
    Would really love to be apart of his Blessings.

  12. simon

    good day sir my name is Is simon I am 5’3, I have Brown eyes and brown hair. I am 19years old. i am african from nigeria to be precised I think you should pick me because I have experience in acting.I have been in a couple of plays and skits, and I have took some drama classes in high school. I think can be a great actor one day. Many people have told me I couldn’t do anything because of my disability but I believe that God told me different. Philippians 4:13 stated that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I truly believe that. I watched your show all the time when it comes on own. I would love to be a part of the show. I would be more than happy if you pick me

  13. Jonathan Mahoney

    Mr. Perry I Think I Would be the perfect cast member for you because, I know you are always looking for new faces. I believe God is calling me to something different in my life, I would just love to be apart of what you are building.

  14. Please Pick Me

    Hi Oprah and Tyler,

    I’m sure you read posts on this completely random website that you probably don’t even know exists. Please pick me for your show, even though you have no idea who I am and I haven’t told you how you can reach me. I really deserve it, I promise. Plus I can act real good.

    I am praying to God that you hear me and somehow magically know how to reach me.
    I have a feeling I will be praying for a very, very long while . . . .

  15. Seena Terry

    I would love to be apart of Tyler Perry’s auditions!!!! I am a 27 year old certified broadcaster who has a passion for acting!!! Send me casting calls!!!

  16. cadence

    HOW YOU DOING! hello my name is family and i watch your movies faithfully.we laugh and cry together.i have a 8 year old daughter who owns your movies.:) im hopeing if you ever need a child for a role in one of your most amazing movies ever.maybe she could have a chance to work with you.shes at the top of her class in school.shes a passionate,loveing, outgoing and hilarious lil girl.Thanks for takeing the time to read.

  17. Jurasia Jennings

    I’m what your looking for, because I can become what your looking for.

  18. Chan Marie DeMaupassante

    I have a wide range of talent and would be honored to work with/for you in one of your projects. I have a BA in Int’l business and am bi-lingual. Have your people contact my people and maybe we could do!!

  19. LaDaryl Smith

    Hello, I would love to say I enjoy every show you make Tyler Perry. They realness and feeling you put in every character shows truth in our daily lives. I would love to be apart of this show, because as an actor I enjoy performing, it’s not just dream and passion, but a gift from God to inspire people. I have done local shows in my town since I was 10 Years old. There’s nothing I rather do than singing or acting. It’s my dream. I have been in two comas, and I know the lord isn’t done with me. I’m dedicated to learn and grow in the entertainment industry. Just need the opportunity to expand me talent. I would like to be apart of this show, and would bring the character to life with truth and emotion through every scene. As always I love you and Oprah Winfrey for sharing the gift that God gave you to show us how to overcome anything in our lives. You have blessed many, including myself. Hope I get a chance to work with you amazing people. Be blessed, and thank you for teaching us about life. :)

  20. Kenyetta mcclure

    Hi Mr.Perry I am Kenyetta McClure I am from Michigan. Iam interest in applying for a chance to become one of the cast on the haves and the have nots. To tell you a little bit about me I am a mother of two an 18 and 16 I had some theater in my pass an I am a natural . I have excellent singing skills and that’s my true passion but I always loved acting as well. I believe my skill are necessary on the set . Why? Because I have so much faith in God n he has a lot in me. I believe this is the route he want me to take.

  21. New A-Lister


  22. New A-Lister


  23. Elizabeth Kamara

    Hi. Mr. Tyler & Mrs. Opera, its my honoured to write you both on this site. Seriously with all my heart i can say i really admire you both and all that you both have been through in life just to succeed, it not easy but ones the blessing of the Lord is upon you nothing good shall walk pass you without you having your own share. My name is Elizabeth Kamara and i’m 20 years old, i’m living with my mom and elder siblings i go to a community college in Maryland and i have been looking a movie auditions for a long time now. Everyday of my life i dream of becoming a movie star i have no doubt in myself of not been a movie star because i’m so determined and i believe in myself that i can do it but its hurts me that i dont have the link or the person to help me acheive this my talents but all is not lost yet i still have the faith that i will become what i want to become by his Grace. I will be so grateful if i can be in any of your shows or movies Mr. Tyler even if i dont have a lot OF sceen but just to be one of you casts that is a huge priviledge to me that i will forever be greatful for. Thanks for readinG my message and i hope to hear from you. STAY BLESS

  24. Luvenia Wright

    Keeping it brief, I love Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey and would be honored to work with you both. Thank you!

  25. Aushad & Shamhad Broades

    Good afternoon Mr.Perry and Mrs.Winfrey I’m Aushad Broades and I have an identical Twin brother his name is Shamhad Broades. I would like to be apart of the show for multiple reasons but my first would be because I love this and you’re telling powerful stories. Being apart of something this great would be a dream for the both us. Shamhad and I are passionate about story telling. We feel at home when we are acting. We would love if you all would consider us for any roles, we will truly be honored. Thanks for reading, have a blessed day.

  26. Grace Harris

    Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for bringing joy to my family ( blind mom and little sister) we love you all, God truly worked through you all.
    My name is Grace Harris, I’m 22 years old, and a recent graduate from the University at Albany. I would love to be apart of “The Haves and Have Not”, would love to play Hannah or any member of her poor family because I know what it’s like to be on the poverty line, so I would play that character with ease; but any role would be awesome. I was apart of National American Miss since I was a litttle girl, and I’ve won the actress award, casual wear model award and spokesmodel award many times for the state of N.Y., so I know I would be one that would be easy to work with. I love the lessons learned throughout your movies and shows; and I just get a good laugh most times.

  27. Brandon Foster

    Hello to everyone whom this letter may be in concern too! My name is Brandon Foster & I am a African American who currently lives in the area of Baltimore, MD. I will be 23 next month on August the 12th! HEIGHT:5;9 WEIGHT: 180. The only thing that I can really say to you guys is that I believe in my heart that I am too talented to be at home hiding my gifts. I have decided too face my fears and to get out there and to do what it is that I have been dreaming of all of my life which is being out on the stage front and opening up my heart to those that will be watching whatever it is that I will be apart of, giving the viewers the opportunity to feel and connect with my role. If I am awarded the opportunity of working with some of the most greatest and corageous Actor/Actress a promise to you all that I will come with my best attitude knowing that the job that has been set out for will be accomplished with every being of my soul. If you are interesting in meeting with me please feel free to contact me at <hidden from public> Thank you so much for your interest.

  28. Brooklyn

    Im a team player fast learner I put my best in everything I do I want to be an actress some one more I will be more than grateful for a chance to play a character in one of Hollywood’s best producers nd actor as well my email is <hidden from public> you can contact me if you have any interest in me I will be greatly thankful if you contacted me

  29. Mildra


    I think I would be great because I am smart, funny and get along with others, So if you bring me on the show I would fit right in with everyone. I have much personality to bring to the show as well. I would be great for me to show what I have..

  30. Porscha Cunningham

    Hello my name is Porscha,ill tell u a little about myself. Im from Detroit Michigan,I have 5 siblings,im 26 yrs old and I have 5 kids,my mother passed away when I was 13,a couple months after she moved us to Montgomery Alabama. We came here in search of a better life,but instead I found myself homeless,nowhere to live ,I wasnt able to finish school,so I got a job at 15 yrs old to provide for my younger siblings,we lived in ran dwn hotels for 4 yrs,livin day to day,I was raped at the age of 16,anf things were really bad for us,I watched all your movies,and I can honestly relate to that certain I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF!!!i would love if u gave me an opportunity to work with you all. My dream has always been to perform on TV,im a very outgoin person,with my own unique style,to know me is to love me,please give me a chance..,

  31. rolonda

    Omg I watch this with my mother an we love it.. I would love to b a part of the Perry family,so please cast me in one of your movies..

  32. angelica

    Dear Mr Perry and miss Winfrey I always had a dream to become a actress since I was a girl I had not make my dream come true please leat me to make my dream come true. I am 24 I am 5’2 I am mixed. I would love to prove to my mom and my dad I am someone great because they lord is on my side please let me know soon thank you for your time may god bless you both thank y’all for all each one does for us fans

  33. javanyce jackson

    Hi my name is Ja’Vanyce I am 22 I don’t want to leave a long paragraph on why I would be perfect for your show I would rather show you Like people say actions speak alot louder then words so hopefully I pray it happens for me and I also love your shows and movies Great job.

  34. Rochelle D, Nash

    Hey Mr. Perry, Hey Miss. Winfrey I’m always watching your work Mr. Perry. I love Your work and look forward to seeing more of your creativity, with me becoming an actress in the process. The Haves and The Have Nots can use someone with my great talent and abilities. So I give it to GOD the Father of all creation and creativity to do the rest. FAITH, HOPE, PRAY AND MOSTLY GENUINE LOVE. Sincerely, and Gratefully yours, Thank you, Mrs. Rochelle Nash

  35. India Cheyann Chisholm

    Hi my name is India. I am 5’3, I have Brown eyes and brown hair. I am 22 years old. I think you should pick me because I have experience in acting. I have been in a couple of plays and skits, and I have took some drama classes in high school. I think can be a great actress one day. Many people have told me I couldn’t do anything because of my disability but I believe that God told me different. Philippians 4:13 stated that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I truly believe that. I watched your show all the time when it comes on own. I would love to be a part of the show. I would be more than happy if you pick me.

  36. Loni Howard

    I would be more than grateful to be on your television show. I am a 20 year old who is trying to be the best mother I can be with little to nothing. I strive to be the best parent for my son and also a wonderful role model. This would only be the beginning!

  37. Bunny Jurnigan

    My one wish is to be part of a family yes I know it’s not a real family but it would be close enough. Just want you be happy for once not going to sugar coat anything just keep things real . Thank you

  38. Tiffany Colvin

    I am a mother of three,who truly loves acting. I have worked since age 15 in order to provide for my children. I have worked hard to provide a hope and future for them,but now it is my time to pursue my passion as an actress. I have used my talent to bring awareness to social issues. Now I want to share my talent with the world. This is my season! The so admire both Tyler and Oprah’s life suggest and testimonials. Please consider me as a worthy candidate!

  39. collin muhirwa

    Hello my name is Collin Muhirwa Derek Atuhirwe from Nova Scotia Canada. I am a 17 year old black male who would be honored if given the opportunity to be a part of this awesome and amazing show and apart of its amazing cast and crew.


    I just simply say LORD ARE YOU LISTENING TO MY HEARTS DESIRES……I shall wait and believe you have heard.

    Thank you

  41. Valencia Turpin

    Hello. It would be an honor to be part of the collaboration. I truly believe that I have the image to inspire others.

  42. latammara harps

    Hi..I would love to be part of history I’m very interested in becoming one of cast members I have passion for acting and story telling I hope this reaches you Oprah and Mr.Tyler thanks and God bless..

  43. gail fulson

    Hello my name is Gail looking to be your new star where ever u want to put me im also a writer and director of plays I’ve written .but first love acting call or email me I’m all yours any part I can bring to life.roses are red volets are blue take a chance on me ill show you what I can do.


    I’m the one TV has been waiting for.. I won’t take up your time.explaining why. Just don’t ignore my post thanks.

  45. Rickye McGowan

    Hello I love watching all your shows hoping that I can land a roll with you all One Day. God Bless You All.

  46. Tia Gore

    Hello, I come from a little town called Parksley,VA where dreams are just that, dreamt. I’m 32 years old and becoming an actress has always been a dream of mine since seeing the movie The Color Purple. I am a certified nursing assistant and I stepped out on FAITH and moved to Georgia to follow my dreams. I currently live out of my car but I’m Thankful and Blessed to have made it safely and to have the opportunity to get closer to God and just take it 1 day at a time. I would love the opportunity to become a part of the OWN network. I have so many feelings and emotions and events that I need to release and I know there is a script out there for me that will give me that chance. Stepping out on FAITH and waiting for my breakthrough. Congratulations to the OWN crew and network for giving us T.V. watchers something to tune into and the chance to be apart.

  47. Domonic White

    Good evening Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry
    I’ve always had a saying growing up; if I ever become successful I would give back to people to have a chance in life. I’m the only child and has been so unsuccessful being employed with a decent job. My mother is my friend, mother and father. she raised me on her own since I was 13 years old. Mom has seen my pain and frustration I’ve cried. Everyone deserves a chance in life. I’m not asking for sympathy just giving you a little back ground of my life growing up. Along can my son who’s now 7 years old and is very active in little league football and basketball. I would love to have the chance to transition into a new in acting. I have a unique voice. I’ve did some modeling for Travis Winkey. I Audition with John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. They taught me modeling, acting and personal development. I’m quick to adapt, enjoy assisting people, dependable in fulfilling obligations, enjoy reading, friendly and professional, love to dance, respectful, love people, love the lord and love to make people laugh. I put on comedian acts for the family and gatherings all the time. I would be grateful to be a part of you cast. Thank you.

  48. Darlene Jordan

    Hello Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry, I come from a family of nine siblings, who I love so dearly.Five siblings are by my mother and the other four are my step siblings. I am the oldest of the five siblings. Our mother passed when I was just seven years old. Our grandmother raised us five. I had to learn at the age of 14 years old to become the mother of us five siblings as my grandmother worked. I act in plays in after school. Which I loved but I had to stop because of my job as the mother of the family. Family is so important to me. I’m still the mother of my other four siblings. My life story could become episodes. I’ m energetic, enjoy reading, always acting in the mirror at home, love to dance. Detail-oriented, maintain a friendly and professional work environment. I enthusiastic team player with an outgoing, friendly communication style and dependable in fulfilling obligations. Able to deal with high stress challenges. Quick to adapt, enjoy assisting others and multi-tasking in difficult situations. Handles all work with integrity and confidentiality. Looking to transition into a new role to become an actor has always been my passion. I’ve wrote and sent my profile for other auditions but wasn’t successful. I will work so hard and make you pride when I’m selected. I’m claiming this position. . I’m 5”4 weighing 157lbs. Look and feel young for my age and it would be an honor having this chance to be a part of your cast. All I need is a chance to prove myself. Thank you for this opportunity to submit why I’m the best candidate to join your cast.

  49. Shamiah Wilkins

    I enjoy watching The Haves and the Have Nots every tuesday I would love to be apart of it.

  50. Jessica Ross

    II walk with a cane but should not affect my acting

  51. Stefani Williams

    Ms. Winfrey,

    My son has submitted his resume to the Tyler Perry’s site. His name is Antonio G. Williams,Jr. He graduated from FAMU with his MBA…3.8 GPA. We are praying for a break through…praying for a helping hand…not a hand out. Praying his prayers will be answered. Praying GOD will guide your path to his request of a fulfilled dream.

    Thank you.

    A praying momma for her son and with her son

  52. Kemisha Nash

    Hello, I would love to put myself up to the challenge of acting. I am 27 years old. I have 2 girls an 8 year old and a 3 month old. I lost my mother at the age of 20 and my other daughter in 2011. I have been through so much and I believe I have a story to tell and I feel acting would be a good way for me to put my energy and life lessons into.

  53. Carmelette Anderson

    Hello Tyler and Oprah. I often wondered how unknowns could reach out to you regarding the show. I could go on and on but I will just say that I love the intrigue you bring weekly and would love to be a part some how.

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