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  1. garcia hinds

    I would love the opportunity to be on the face, i am 5″11, slinder, 135lbs and African American. I live in Orlando, FL. I am Beautiful and believe that I represent women from all over I am easy to work with and have a great personality. I know when and how to be competitive. . I am :”The Face”. Please reach out to me with additional information. Thank you

  2. Valtina Washington

    Hello, My name is Valtina Washington and I am 21 years of age. Becoming a super model is not only a dream to me it’s who I am. I’v never felt so alive before until I’m in front of the camera. I want to become a super model only to prove to myself that hard work pays off and to finally feel like I belong. I’m not trying to prove to my family nor friends in my ability to make it. Im doing this for me and only me because im the only one that believes in me. All I’m asking is for one opportunity to teach me and guide me into the direction of my dreams and I promise you I will make u believe in me to.

  3. kayla harrell

    Modeling has been a dream ALL of my life. i’ve always admired the art of beauty and the virtuous dynamics that are encompassed.I want to be chosen because I posses qualities such as dedication, determination, and diligence which make make success in any and all endeavors inevitable. I am goal oriented. success-driven & more than all im fierce, fabulous and fun. I am 20 years old from Philadelphia pa and I believe I have what it takes to be the face 2015.

  4. kiara yancy

    As an aspiring model I believe this opportunity will give me chance to show the world how much of a passion modeling is to me. it will give me a chance to show the world exactly how bad I want to succeed in the wonderful world of fashion. also, that i am a dedicated and hard working young women who has what it takes to be the new face in the fashion industry. it also would give me a chance to work with one of my favorite female models of all time ms.Naomi Campbell

  5. Golden Moeras

    I grew up I front of the camera. My mom is an artist and I have been her subject for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed modeling and currently am a part time fitness/swimwear model looking for my big break. With a given name like golden I know I am destined for greatness.

  6. Eunice ladipo

    My name is eunice, i am tall, slim and dark skinned, i am nigerian by birth. I have loved everything that concerned fashion since i was a kid and growing up in a house filled with lots of aunties who loved vintage dressing. My morher especially. Growing up, they called me young naiomi campbell because they said i had her oblong face and thick choclolate skin tonned just like her. I grew up wishing to become a top model someday…….i almost gave up but not until i heard about this great oppurtunity…. I hope i get lucky by God finally answering my prayers. Thank you.

  7. ASierra (ASI)

    I hope someone from “The Face”.., takes the time to read this, understand this, and considers reaching out to me. I WAS BORN WITH ALL IT TAKES…
    Natural Hair Thick & Very Curly (Preferred to be worn Straight)
    Natural Hair Color Dark Brown with Natural Golden Highlights
    Natural Eye Color, Green-Hazel (switches colors)
    Instagram shestayright92 FB Graciously StayRight

    Hi, My name is A’Sierra, I’m a very Beautiful, yet Strong and Ambitious woman… I’m 22 years old, With a very strong Faith in Life, Love, My Dreams & God, And so Although I have been through the Core of Hell Growing up, I walked Through with a smile and Made is out, A Beautiful, Kind and Passionate Woman. Inside and Out…
    My Destined Ambition in life, has been Modeling & Writing, but more so to paint a picture, worth remembering even after you turn the page of the magazine, You’ll see me and when finishing that Magazine, I’d be the picture you rip out and hang on your wall As Inspiration..
    My Goal and Worth.., To tell a story, to draw up a path, for all our Upcoming Girls and Ladies, Through the Photos I Take , The Runways I walk with not only Confidence & Pride, but also Achievement and Grace and Humbleness As A Fierce And Naturally Gorgeous SuperModel… To show that its not where you come from, yet more so, Where you belong, All through Modeling, Beauty & Passion… #NaomiCampbell…#AmazingInspiration #FierceInspiration

    I don’t have much money, I don’t know where to begin and how to start, Though giving up, isn’t an option…, Though My natural beauty and Naturally photogenic Grasp to the Cameras & Model Life, Aren’t Talents.. They’re More so, Natural Gifts. AND I KNOW, That All I Need Is That One Person To Meet Me & Take A Chance On Me, Invest In My Future Career As A Model, Let Me Invest My Energy, Passion and Beauty To Show I’m Worth Being Signed As A New Face, I’m Worth Doing Shows and Shoots and I’m Worth Working With, Naomi Campbell and Every Other Accomplished Model and Life of Inspiration..,,
    I was born with ALL IT TAKES… I’m willing to learn and work past my hardest to be the World’s Best and Gracious Bi-Racial Female Super Model…

    Thanks For Reading,

    Sincerly Yours,

    A’Sierra Giianna “ASI”


    Height 5″9

    Weight 180

    Race: Black & White (non hispanic)

    Age 22 DOB 10/31

    Resides, NJ (Willing to travel)

    No Children, Not Married

    Natural Hair Thick & Very Curly (Preferred to be worn Straight)

    Natural Hair Color Dark Brown with Natural Golden Highlights

    Natural Eye Color, Green-Hazel (switches colors)

    Instagram shestayright92

    Personal FB Graciously StayRight
    EMAIL… <hidden from public>

  8. Miranda Holliman

    I want to be apart of The Face, because being a model and modeling is all I ever dreamed of becoming. I just don’t want to dream anymore I want to live my dream. I know modeling is my calling, because when I go to sleep at night modeling is all I think about this is my chance at the start of something new

  9. Brooke Henry

    I am 24 years old I currently go to college to help better my life. I live in a small town where there is not opportunity and need out. I have what it takes to be the face very classy with a very sexy pretty versatile style. I think i could act never really had an opportunity to try but I know I can give you my all I watch every episode of the face and by that I know I want this I know I can give you my all in a chance to change my life. Becoming a model has been a dream of mine for my whole life and I have tried to go to Chicago which is an hour away but they want money for portfolio and i cant afford this. I am having a had time finding a job as people never treat me as i should be treated I don’t have much family Involved with my life and well being I pretty much go to school and live with boyfriend to stay afloat this would be a dream in reality for me I would show you and Give you 100% the whole show DEDICATED<THAT'S ME< I really hope to hear from you as this would be a miracle Fingers crossed cant wait… And if not at least I tried and that you for reading….. Keep me in mind though I am a person who needs to be seen I know I have what it takes to be the face I know i have never done modeling before but i am very confident comfortable, and i am perfect in my eyes. Hope in your as well. Thank you so much for this chance,

    Ms Henry

  10. Desiree

    Hi.! My name is Desiree I’m 19
    Height: 5’9
    Weigh: 125
    Becoming a model is a dream I want to pursue , something I need to do not only for myself but for my family.! I’m the only girl out of 4 brothers .! I struggled to fit in with others because I was always different.! My family need my support and my help to do something Big and change our life around.! We’re in a struggle and the only thing keeping us going is faith & God we just keep our heads up and pray that we will overcome our situation.! Being on the face will give me Hope and a life to look forward too .!

  11. Zhinaqui Garrett

    Hey, my name is Zhinaqui. I come from a city called Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am 18 years old, with the drive to model. I am optimistic, and have the confidence to be on The Face. I have a son that is now three, and I now have insecurities about the way my stomach looks. But I will not let that stop me. This is my time to prove to my mom, my peers, and also to myself that I can do what I have always dreamed of. Thank You.

  12. Stephanie Logan

    My name is Stephanie and I live in Knoxville, TN. I was born in Pittsburgh but moved around the U.S. as I was growing up. It is my ultimate dream to model and I will strive until I get there. I believe I would be a perfect fit because I not only have the face, but I have the personality, confidence, and determination.

    Thank you & I look forward to hearing back.

    Stephanie Logan

  13. Kiaira Sharee Evans

    Hi my name is Kiaira Sharee And I am 18 yrs old. I am currently working at Burger King but have a passion for becoming a magnificent model one day. I am a people person and have a nice personality. I know I have what it takes to be the next Face.

  14. Dee-Dee

    I am not a model but I’m a business owner. But I been watching this young lady rip the runway in Montgomery Alabama, Birmingham Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, Tennessee, had a show in Los Angeles and who come ripping the runway this same young lady I would like to nominate. She’s outgoing, beautiful, loyal, goal oriented, self driven, and just a few months from being a college graduate with honors. I want to invest in this young lady because I strongly believe in her. LaShara the sky is the limited , so keep reaching for the stars.. I will definitely see you on the big screen

  15. Austen Polk

    21 years old, small town girl from Michigan. I had a child right after high school. Gonna prove to everyone that it doesn’t hold you back from getting everything you wanted.

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