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  1. Jamila A Marwa

    I should be considered because i got The face !

  2. Anjelika

    Hello, my name is Anjelika. I am 21. I am Russian Armenian. However I only speak Russian and English.
    Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a model. I was born and raised in Turkmenistan, moved to the United States in 2009. I was always watching fashion shows when I was back in my country and I used to tell my family that one day they will see me on TV modeling”
    I think that all girls deserve to be picked. And I just want my dream to come true.I love photography, I love modeling, and I love everything that has to do with fashion.

  3. Alexandra Dowling

    Hi, I’m Ali :) I would love to be on your show because I have been to many places and I want to find my niche. I love trying new things and I always get that I should be a model. I’m tall and confident and I would do anything for this opportunity! It would be such a fantastic experience and trust me, I need some brightening up in my life. Thank you for your time <3

  4. jessica brown

    Hello my name is Jessica brown and I live in fort worth ,I am 20 years old I’m 5’2 1/2 and I’m very confident and outgoing and very photogenic. It is my ultimate DREAM to become a model and THE FACE for all models! I use to walk around my house and everywhere else doing my Naomi Campbell catwalk and saying I’m going to be the next Naomi Campbell one day! And now this is my time to shine! I am Jessica brown and I WILL be THE FACE!

    <hidden from public>

  5. Jessica Davis


    My name is Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess. I am 21 years of age and I just graduated from the University of Southern California . I would love to audition for the face, because I a spunky girl who loves learning new things .

  6. Hadassah

    Hello my name is Hadassah I’m from Norfolk, VA and I would love to be on the face…
    I’m 5’8 weigh 115 pounds and of African American decent. I haven’t done much model work
    Except for modeling for free lance photographers a few times but I feel there Is something fierce
    Inside of me that an experience such as this could help me bring out! I wanna bust out of my shell and go above and beyond

  7. Errica Leonard

    Going to make it plain and simple I am 25 years old black female 5,9 120 model type please pick me I can do the job <hidden from public> 

  8. Makea Cornelius

    135 lbs
    23 yrs old

    Hello, My Name Is Makea. I’m Praying That Modeling Will Be My Key To Success And Happiness Every Since I Was A Child. I Do Local Fashion Shows Which Brings Me So Much Joy and I Feel Like It Is My Main Calling In Life. But Usually Where I’m From People Don’t Follow Their Dreams. But I Need The Opportunity To Leave A Mark In This World.

  9. Chytara rush

    My name is Chytara Rush and I deserve to apart of “The Face” casting calls. All my life I’ve dreamt of modeling. I feel like nothing else would make me happier with my life. If I could follow this one goal I would feel like I’ve accomplished so much. I love taking pictures and dressing up. Not only that but everyone tells me I already have the walk. I watch modeling shows on tv and try to practice different thing I see them do. I will never give up in this and I will work hard. Whenever the work becomes harder I will not complain because this is all I want to do. This is it.

  10. Tamara Andrieux

    Hello my name is Tamara Andrieux I am 24 years old. I have been modeling for a while locally meanly, and I would like to be on the face because I have what it take and I am the type of person who won’t stop at nothing. I am 5’10” , weight 147, dress 3, shoe 10, body type slim.
    I believe the only way I would be a loser is if I don’t try at all. And I’ll try to the end.

  11. Tywann Ross-Biscoe

    Hello my name is Tywann Ross-Biscoe , thank you for taking the time out to read my reply.
    I will like to start off by saying I will love to have the chance to be on your show, I love modeling. I love to smile, not only with my eyes but with my mouth, I’ve been told I have beautiful bone structure if that’s true I will love to show it off, and if i get the chance to be on your show i’d become the first male to win The Face and im going to leave it at that!
    Height : 6’2
    Weight: 175
    Body type: Athletically Toned
    Age: 20
    Shoe size: 12.12.5

    African American

    Dark brown eyes, Dark brown hair

    I’ll be looking forward from getting a email,I Pray it’s Me(MY Time)

    Thank you for your time.

  12. Damyra

    Hi I would love to be on the Face and I love Modeling ,Thank you

  13. Christina

    my name is christina and my dream has always been to model. I’m 5’9 and proud of it. Modeling had always been something I wanted it do because I was always told that I would be perfect for it. Strangers, family members and friends have all encouraged me to model and I’ll be honored to get the opportunity to work with huge names like Naomi Campbell just to get educated and learn more about what being a model really takes.

  14. Zhane Simpson

    My name is Zhane Simpson. I am an aspiring model.
    I am 19, 5’9, my measurements are 36-26-38.
    Modeling is a passion of mines and I can feel it inside of me that I will become a professional model and I am prefect for it. Not only because strangers tell/ask if I’m a model and encourage me to do so, but because I honestly can not see myself doing anything else as a career.

  15. zenita Smythe

    Zenita smythe
    British size 8
    Mix black and always have looked up to Naomi Campbell

  16. elizabeth barrett

    My name is Elizabeth barrett im 18 turning 19 in january im a student at walsall college studying beauty therapy level 2 ive got blonde hair green eyes 5ft 6 had modeling expereince before which was a photoshoot and also pageant work my dream is to become a well know supermodel and to built my confidence up and also knowledge about the modeling industry im a big fan on naomi campbell and would love to get the experience to work and learn things from her im friendly and hard working and also determinded so id love to have the chance to audiotion for the face and see if i am what you are looking for to be the next face.x

  17. Courtney Chisholm

    Hello my name is Courtney C, thank you for taking the time out to read my reply.
    I will like to start off by saying I will love to have the chance to be on your show, I love modeling. I love to smile, not only with my eyes but with my mouth, I’ve been told I have beautiful bone structure if that’s true I will love to show it off. I’ve have been on a lot of castings,for all types of modeling, I’ve always been told I’m to short, it gets me mad because its my dream it also make me stronger because I’m going to keep on pushing,I have FAITH that my dream will come true.:)

    Height : 4″11
    Weight: 98 lbs
    Body type: Slender
    Age: 24
    Shoe size: 6.5 or 7
    Dress size: S
    American American

    Dark brown eyes, Dark brown hair

    I’ll be looking forward from getting a email,I Pray it’s Me(MY Time)

    Thank you for your time.

  18. janeequah shipp

    Hey im 21 and I love to model never got the chance to experience it due to financial problems and life problems im black african american from cleveland ohio I grew up in the low budget area with my mom and siblings all my life I dream of modeling but couldnt pursue it due to cost we didnt have I just want show someone I do have wat it takes to become a model I just want make my family proud and help them so we wont hurt no more and struggle please pick me its not bout winning for me but its bout proving and showing someone just cuz u come from a poor background doesnt mean we all cant model and success please help me my cry my pled I just want atleast experience a happy moment in my life

  19. Morgan


    I am a huge FAN of my sister Nyjhia Rives. She’s beautiful, smart, sexy, stylish, and have the runway walk to die for. I swear from the very first episode of “THE FACE” I’ve asked my sister to audition but clearly in result I’m making it my business to do it for her because I can no longer sit back and watch a possible opportunity pass her by. I know she would love to model but maybe just don’t believe or understand how great she is. I hope by me posting; it will give her the chance to show to whom it may concern how great she really is.
    Thank You

  20. Adreane

    I have what it takes to be a part of the face because modeling is the one of the only things that I truly love to do! This form of art allows me to become someone I can’t be in my every day life. I love to recreate myself and show others all the different personas that I can become. If given this opportunity, I wouldn’t waste a second of it.

  21. N'dé

    To whom it may concern,

    My name us N’dé, I’am 25 years old 5’11 118pds I am a sénégalese citizen and an American resident by documention. Im presently residing in NYC, to follow my dream as a model.
    I believe I could be the Face, i have phase many obsticles in my young life but that haven’t stop me i simply receive them as a blessing. In a nutshell this is what i was born to do wich made me the imbecille of my family due to their dinamination and cultural back ground “Model equal to prostitution”, ” you wont melt to anything” etc… I haven’t spoke to them verbally they refuse to talk to me but i do send them texts to let them know im ok in which they never respond too and send whatever help i can to help
    It haven’t been easy but i do have gigs here and there.
    Being on the FACE will be a dream come true because im beyond passionate of being a model, and perhaps my family may finally see me in a new light and im not a joker or what they think.

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

  22. Ravon Foster

    I should be on the face because, i know I have what it takes if I was to get a chance to prove it I’ll do my best and work hard. This is my dream I will eat,sleep,and breath this if that’s what I have to do. Just hope and pray I can show the world my talent!!!.

  23. Brittany bell

    Hello my name is Brittany bell iam 24 year old I’m not as tall as you want me to be but I know I iam not tall I know what you want me to bring as a model. I am 5 foot 3 and I love to give it a try the first time.

  24. Azha

    My name is Azha. I am 5’9 , 150pds, & I believe I have what it takes to be the next wiinner of the face. I think I should be given a chance because I am a great competitor. I give 100 percent in everything that I do. I also think I should be given a chance because modeling is my world! I have put college on the back burner to make my modeling dreams come true. It is ABSOLUTELY no plan B for me so I have to make this happen! Please consider me.

  25. Lisbel Rodriguez

    My name is Lisbel Rodriguez. I’m 23 years old and Dominican. I would love to be the new face of fashion because I’m the most unlikely of candidates. I currently work as an ER nurse in one of NYC’s busiest hospitals. I am an extremely hard worker and I care a lot about people. I am also beautiful, and I want to show the world that beauty and brains go hand in hand. Give me a chance and I will make you proud!

  26. Olivia Davis

    Hi my name is Olivia Davis, I am 21 years old, I live in Jamaica and currently a student at the University of the West Indies. I have always wanted to be a model , I know I have the potential to do so and based on the response i got from others this just give me the drive to try until I accomplish it. Watching TV show such as Caribbean fashion models, pulse , The face and American next top models they all motivate me to follow my dreams of becoming the next top model. Getting this opportunity would mean the world to me, proving that i can and will be the next supermodel (THE FACE) making myself, my family and my country proud.

  27. Jordan Renee McGhee

    Hello My name is Jordan McGhee,
    I strongly believe i have the physical features of becoming a model on The Face, i also have motivation and most importantly dedication to over come any obstacle that may stand in my way. Meaning that i will strive to do anything to any degree acceptable to be apart of your team. I have been told by many people including strangers that i should consider being a model, i really didn’t think about it very much only took it as a compliment but i would love to give it a shot if i was allowed to. I feel i have the ability within myself to achieve great things and would be completely blessed if i were to be accepted to be brought along on a journey to a lifetime. Clearly my actions will speak louder than my words but all i can do it ask.

  28. Bria

    Hi..I truly believe I have what it takes to be apart of this great opportunity. I have been trying to pursue my modeling career for 4 years now. I was Born in Baltimore Maryland and raised in Birmingham Alabama. Currently I’m living in Montgomery Alabama and not to many opportunities like this come by. So when I hear about a great opportunity like this, which is something I love to do, I take advantage of it. I am so ready to show the world my talent and set good examples for upcoming models who dream to be apart of something like this. Looking forward to this one in a life time opportunity.

  29. Badejo Omobola

    Y I should be considered is because I know I can do it. My name is Bola Badejo and am a 400L student of Wesley university ondo studying mass communication. Am 19yrs of age and also a cute and pretty lady. I really don’t have much to convince you with but with strong belief in God I can achieve this and be the next face of oxygen. I would be extremely grateful if I am given this opportunity. To see some of my pictures on Facebook: Badejo Omobola Instagram : Mhobbycutie

  30. Allison Makala Zucco

    I believe I have what it takes to be THE FACE. I’m 19 years old and have been modeling since age three. My greatest desire is to model fashion and one day design my own line of clothing. I live in North Carolina and would love to show the world what a true Carolina Girl can achieve with hard work and determination.

  31. Brittni Kinard

    I need to be one the Face! Bc I have the Face for any branding company! Modeling isn’t just my passion it’s also my LIFESTYLE!

  32. Audrey A.

    I am the Face! I am the everyday woman; I work and take care of my home all while staying fashionable. I am the girl next door. I am 5′ 10″ and wear a size 14 and I love my body! Displaying confidence and self love, I will be an asset to you. I am a fast learner, flexible, self motivated and goal oriented. This is my passion. I will give 100% of myself 100% of the time. I am asking for the opportunity to prove that I am The Face you have been searching for. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


    Audrey A.

  33. Que Brandon

    Hi, my name is Que Brandon. I want to be The Face because I deserve it. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now in my career and I actually started out as an athlete. I taught myself how to walk the runway, pose, and basically model from head to toe. No other model in this world wants this dream to come true as bad as I do. I have made many sacrifices over the years and devoted my entire life and energy to modeling. I don’t believe I would be happy doing anything else. Been told no many times. So many times, I’ve lost count. Since 2009, I’ve been pursuing modeling and although I’ve had highs and low moments, I have never given up and I do not intend to until I make it happen. Many people think that I am doing great, but in my opinion I have not made it far yet. I want to be a brand, not just another model. I want people to know who I am when I walk into a room. I will fight for this, always.

  34. Marquida Ragland

    I have always wanted to model every since I was a little. When I was Four years old I would stand on the bathroom toilet to look in the mirror at myself and strike poses. One day I fell flat on my face putting my hands in behind my head to strike a pose, I still stand in the mirror and strike poses to this day. I have the model mentality in me always have always will. I have what it take to be the face.

  35. Alexis Elegante

    I am Alexis Elegante, a model located in Maryland. I have always dreamed of being The Face of a nationwide brand or company. I am 5’9′ and 131lbs, Very optimistic and enthusiastic person continually looking for a way to better network myself. However though I am a person who likes to better myself I really want to show younger children that no matter where your from or what you go through your dreams can still come true and really become a positive role model for them.

  36. Cherie Casiah

    I am he face . all my life i had to over come my own fears my biggest is failure i want to prove to people who tried to bring me down that im not going to give up. i have this drive inside me and im a young black female who is light skin i had to struggle with both my races if i look black i embrace my skin i always say black is beautiful what does black look like.. i used to get picked on it made me a stronger person i want to do this for my mom and grandmother . and my idols who i look up to i want to push my self i grind and modeling is art to me i come to life its more then a picture and the face is more then just trying to be a model. its becoming a better person head on i believe i have the strength and the talent and just need one person to believe in me. i am an aspiring model everyday i go hard to make it my dream will be my life. i believe Naomi Campbell is a great asset and even being in here presence i would be grateful i can learn alot and i learn quick i dont give up and i fight for what i want . i just turned 21 and i know this year change will be for the better. i want to change the world and spread my dreams n what i love. i am the face hopefully you will give me the chance to prove it.

  37. Tenisha Mcclenton

    I think I should be selected to audition for this show because I am determined to become the face. Not just for me for everyone around me , I have to show my people there is a way out. Don’t ever let where you come from dictate where your going. I also want to become the face because I want to uplift all the girls that are dark skinned and feel like there skin tone is a flaw because I know what society exposes us too. They make you feel like you have to be this skin tone or look this way. Beauty has no boundaries. I embrace everything about my skin color. We are just as beautiful as anyone else and there is opportunity for us to show case that.

  38. Jasmine Bethea

    Hello, my name is Jasmine Bethea and I think I would be perfect for the face. I’m 5 foot 10 inches and I am 18 years old. I’ve wanted to model since I was 10 years old and I’ve had so many obstacles in my way. When I was 5 years old I got a 3rd degree burn on my shoulder and back and having that scar on my body has always brought my confidence in myself down. I never wanted to show my back or shoulder to people because I didn’t want to be called names. Even though I hid my burn from the world I could never hide my skin color. I am dark skin. People called me names like “burnt chocolate and burnt cookie” and said things like I stayed near the oven to long. I hid my burn to avoid getting called names like those. I was insecure for many years and I didn’t like myself. Nobody knew how I felt and I didn’t have anyone that could talk to me and help me get through my insercurerity. I grew up and I finally learned how to love my skin color and love my burns and feel beautiful in my skin. I told you my story because not only do I want to be on the face to finally pursue a dream that I’ve wanted, but I want to show all the girls out there who are going through the same thing I went through or something similar to it, that you are beautiful no matter what people say. Be comfortable in your skin. No matter how many obstacles get thrown at you, you have to get through them. I want to show the world that I can’t be stopped and that I am here to fight. I will be The Face!

  39. Civeta

    Greetings! I learn quickly and I’m a natural at posing for ANY occasion. :3) I have no training, but people always tell me I can be a professional model. Modeling seems like it can be a lot of fun. I know how to be serious and get business done. I feel I can bring the light the industry needs!!! All you gotta do is pick me for the perfect contestant to be.

  40. Star Treadaway

    Why should I be considered? There’s no answer I can give that hasn’t already been said by these girls asside me. There’s so much more to modeling than just taking a pretty picture. I don’t believe a real model takes pictures. A real model makes pictures. Models create art with natural beauty. There are beautiful faces all over this world and we they all want to be seen. I know a real career in modeling is highly unlikely to happen for a NC girl. Opportunities like that don’t really present themselves where I live. If ever given the chance though, I wouldn’t let it pass me by. All I can do is wait for my time….

  41. iyonna

    I’m so Ready please call me I know I have what it takes!

  42. Fallon

    I fell in love with The Face when I first saw it and knew that I wanted to be on it. I have never considered going on a reality show before this. There is something different about the show that I love and I recognize the wonderful opportunity this show could provide for an aspiring model. I think I would be great for the show because I have a unique background. I am Eskimo Indian, Nicaraguan, English and am from Hawaii. No one has ever guessed my ethnicity correctly. That definitely doesn’t stop them from trying! I have an acting background as well and I think I would be a well rounded, interesting contestant that could bring a lot to the show. I currently live in Los Angeles so if there is going to be a casting here I will definitely be there.

  43. Tiana

    I should be considered because i have no experience and im ready to use just my knowledge and confidence to go as far as i can !on The face . I think i have a chance to be the next Face because i believe confidence in yourself can take you further then experience .

  44. Jerrica Hill

    Hi..I’m letting u know I have what it takes to be the next Face. With years of practice on my own no coaching just pure self talent. I am confident and a standout.

  45. Lela J. Whitaker

    I have what it takes and the mindset to get rhe job done right all while exhibiting the proper attitude. Contact I’ve got what it takes….ratings would never be better.

  46. yolanda parker

    hi my name is Yolanda Parker i am 5 foot 8 half inch i feel im considered for this role because i have an amazing body that has been waiting to become a model .. most of my life i wanted to be a model . if i was given a chance it would be well worth it.

  47. Jennifer Maria

    Hello, my name is Jennifer Maria, the girl with two first names. I am 25 years old, 5’8.5, as weight 128lbs. I believe I can be the next winner of “THE FACE” because I believe I have the look, personality, and most of all the ambition to make it happen. My action and dedication will he what sees me through till the very end!

  48. Clara Shana Okauru

    Hello, My name is Clara Okauru and I am Nigeria. I am 5’9 . I Know I have what it takes to become the face because I am a hard worker and I follow instructions well. I’m ready for the challenge.

  49. CeCile EvAns

    Hello my name is CeCile and I am a Jamaican living in the USA. I am confident that I can be THE FACE. And this it due to many reasons, I have always wanted to model, I have the look of a model, people around me and every where I have been, kept on asking and telling, if I am a model and that I should do it has I have the look and the body for it. I mostly saying in return that I am a model but I’m just not working in the field yet, sometime I say I really want to but I have kids which give me a little changes on my stomach, I do not have time to go after my dream because I have the kids and one day a lady say to me, you should do it for the kids so you may be able to provide for them better time to come. I told her I am going to try. And here I am wanting to try out for THE FACE. And again I truly Believe I can and mold to be the THE FACE. I have the Characteristics, Qualities, and the Professionalism to be the THE FACE. In addition I am very smart, intelligent, athletic, tall, beautiful, a super/sport mom of three children, beautiful, energetic, and love to do my best at what ever I do from the smallest to the largest. Looking forward to meet the Team of THE FACE.

  50. opese


    Je suis naomi opese, j’habite paris, de nationalité française je suis âgé de 18 ans et je suis mannequin professionnels. J’aimerais participer dans la télé réalité de naomi campbell the face pour plus avancée dans ma carrière de mannequin.
    Hauteur: 1.77 Taille: 60 Hanche: 88. Je voudrais savoir comment faire pour m’inscrire et participer dans la télé réalité de naomi campbell the face merci bien cordialement

  51. Marina Dorliae

    My name is Marina Dorliae I’m a model with a great look

  52. Eluwa

    Hello.My name is Eluwa Anokwu.I know that i,m right for this job because i want to influence young women that the can be anything they want to be and i have some some modeling experience as well . And its my dream to become a super model.And i know that for me it,s a state of mind as well.And ,I’ve always idolized Naomi Campbell since i was little,And my Mom looks just like her.And she did some modeling to.

  53. Grace

    My name is Grace KANDA, I am 23 years old, I am from Congo and i live in FRANCE. I am studying Dutch … because I want to be a translator, interpreter language. Since the age of 16 fashion as always-been my passion. I love fashion: such as TV shows (TheFace, Fashion TV, American next top model, etc …). May I not look like the typical model but i am Convinced That drives my motivation and help me Will Become an exceptional model.

    I Had the opportunity to be the face of a beauty product Elikya BEAUTY, I was published in a fashion magazine MISS Ébène twice, for hairdressing, hairstyle for differente as: O’Natty Kréasyon and Creole Coiff ‘, and on various occasions participated i in fashion shows wearing Lincy’s Mode, the Kissy Association, the creator Babela Disign and Aissata kebe the brand Blackayss.

    My book the shoulds Illustrate the different shootings that i-have done over the years.
    I am very passoniate about what i do, i am ambitious, dynamic and i Hope that one day i will be reconnu for my true value because i have faith in what I do. My family and friends believe in me, some party-have Given me the opportunity to show ‘em what I’m worth.

    I believe i am know what Naomi Campbell is looking for and it Will Be great honor if you Would let me prove it to you.

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