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  1. krystal tineo

    hi my name is krystal tineo im 27 years old im fun outgoin cute as a button im crazy im good for tv pick me why because you will get ratings check out krystal goes to Hollywood im so great I should have my own show im latina unique hardworker pick me heres my contact info <hidden from public>  you won’t be disappointed ] pickme id love to be on it id greatly appeciat it have a very delightful day !!!

  2. Tara Vachhani

    Hello Oxygen!
    My name is Tara Vachhani, I’m twenty one years young, and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida. I’ve been modeling on an off for quite some time now, beginning when I was sixteen and my agency moved me to Milano, Italy to live for a few months in order to experience what it’s like to truly call yourself a model. I woke up early every morning to go to castings, charm the clients, eat healthily, exercise routinely and do all that I can to maintain myself and stay as physically fit as well as mentally prepared as possible for what might come my way at the next casting. The reason I say that I’ve modeled “on and off”, is because unfortunately I became an orphan almost immediately following my seventeenth birthday, leaving me to raise myself and my younger brother, so that has definitely impacted my ability to leave for work in the past, but now that he’s grown it’s no longer an issue. I’m certain that I’m the perfect candidate for ‘The Face’, because not only do I have a very strong, hospitable, outgoing personality to charm the client and compete to get there, the confidence, the height (5′ 8 1/2″) and walk to kill the runway, the photogenicy to get an impecable shot every time, the knowledge and experience of the business, and the perseverance and motivation to keep myself in shape and in competition to be the next big face in the modeling industry, but modeling has always been the passion that unexpected events in my life have kept me from being able to really get my opportunity to be noticed. I want this more than anyone or anything, and I’m more than willing to prove that, given the chance. Please understand how badly I want this and how dedicated I am to earn it! This is my shot! Please contact me as soon as possible and allow me to show you just how devoted I am!
    Thank you so much,
    -Tara Mariie Vachhani

  3. Stephanie Tekonang

    I will love to be considered because it is my passion and I am confident I shall use my talent to bring about change in my community, and impact the lives of many girls my age. I am not shy and I am up to the task and ready for the challenges i am aware i will face in the industry. I believe I will make a difference if I am chosen.

  4. Ericka Ruff

    Hi I’m ericka I’m 18 I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was like 13 & a lot of people tell me that I have that model look, & figure everywhere I go somebody says “oh you should be a model” so I really want to give it a try. Growing up I was always picked on & called ugly because I was so quiet back then I didn’t have the nice things like the other kids. People always told me what I couldn’t do/be & I want to prove to all those people that called me ugly & downed me that I can be “The face” you all are looking for! I would love to be on season 3 i swear if you guys give me this opportunity I will not let you guys down!!! I want this so bad I can just cry I am so passionate about modeling & it’s time people see it please!!

  5. Khadrian Na'chele

    By the way I am from Little Rock, Arkansas

  6. Khadrian Na'chele

    Hello, my name is Khadrian and I am 22 years of age. I have always dreamed of becoming a model especially a runway model because everyone tells me that I have an amazing mean walk to only be 5″3 . I am currently in school for Nursing and already have an Associates Degree of Science and two Pre Health Certificates. I told my family that if modeling doesn’t work out that I would than finish Nursing School and put this hobby to the side. Yes, I’m just now starting out due to trying to focus on school but now I feel well I know that it’s my time to finally achieve my dream and goal that I set for myself. I just need a chance to prove to the world that a 5 foot 3 inch young lady can be just as amazing as a 5 foot 10 young lady. Now watch work it

  7. jessica wooden

    Hello, im jessie, from fort worth, tx, currently 23 years old
    Have one 3 year old son my heart, Im a talented hard worker willing to overcome any experiences made upon myself to aim for what i want in life. Modeling ALWAYS been my dream (mom passed when were very young leaving me few photos inspired by her and favored her most out my siblings developed a gallery in myself would see her in me everyday) ,very confident ,would love to be able to have a job i endurely passion wise love to the max, as well providing for my son. Im 5`1 , get daily face comments and level of my dignity which goes a long route For myself and if given the chance to be learned more and better by the best i will show the agency team and world what i can accomplish (no more just practicing around my every location and neighborhood to a chance to become nationalwide)
    Thanks, jessie

  8. Aaliyah Manning

    Hi, My name is Aaliyah Manning. I’m African american. I live in Gaffney, SC. I’m 19 years old going on 20 in July. I’m 5’7 and I weigh 120 pounds. I’m attend college at SCC in Gaffney,SC and my major is Pharmacy Tech. I always watch your show “TheFace” all the time. I love #teamnaomi because she is a great mentor, she don’t sugar coat anything and she let you know when you’re doing right, and when you’re doing wrong. I’ve never modeled a day in my life but I really believe I could do it. I’m confident, passionate & a good listener. I would really love to be on your show. I have a great personality, & I have potential. Lots of people have told me I should be a model because I’m long and lean & because I have a unique look. I love taking pictures. I’m willing to learn. I would really appreciate this opportunity to be on your show.

    Thank You

  9. Elizabeth Ofoaiye

    Hi my name is Elizabeth and i’m 19 years of age. i’ve been modelling since i was 14 and i’ve been told that i have what it takes to be the next Naomi Campbell. I’m French but i also speak Spanish and of course English. I am 5ft 11in and a size 8 uk.

  10. Shawna Bootka

    Hi, my name is Shawna and I have a fresh look to bring to the modeling industry. I have the smile, the personality and the desire needed to be The Face. I’m young, full of energy and ready to take all that The Face has to offer and become an aspiring model. Please allow me the opportunity to show you what I can bring to the competition.

    Thank you

  11. Shirella Cary

    Greetings to all. I would definitely be the right person for this show. I am 20 years old and I reside in Southern ca. Since I was a child, people have always thought I was a model. I have a great personality. I am also currently enrolled in college. I would like the opportunity to be a contestant on the show. I love and follow fashion extensively. I love challenges in life.I would love to travel the world, and meet different cultures of people. I think modeling would provide this chance. Perhaps this will allow me to help others, where I see the need. I have all the qualities that it takes to become a model. I just need to get my foot in the door. I am happy that shows like this exist. It gives people hope, in a world where there seem like there is none. I look forward to hearing from you.

  12. rickeshia blackmon

    Hi my name is rickeshia i have always wanted to become a model im 5″3 i weigh 125 i know im short but i have the most confidence i know i can do 10times better has the tall girls this is my passion my dream

  13. delana bedford

    My name is delana bedford. i love modeling. Ive been wanted to be a model every since i was like 5. I live in west helena arkansas, and I put in a application to become a model in memphis becase that was the closes place to home. they accepted me to come up there an everything but i didnt get the chance because i dint have no trasportation, not knowing that they really wanted me to come. So i couldnt do it, they gave me a second chance and a scholorship, but doin that thime my mother had a wreck. Ive watch american idol so much and i learn from it. ive been watching the face when the first season came. I am dedicated to what i do and what i will accomplish.

  14. Dani Baker

    I’m Dani and I’m a 16 year old, 5′ 8″ swimmer. I’d like to be considered for the Face because when I’m not swimming training 26 hours a week and spending most of my time with wet, straggly hair I love being in front of and behind the camera and have got a really nice portfolio of photographs. I think my lips and teeth are my best asset and I’m always smiling !

  15. robin hellard

    Hi, my name is Robin Hellard. I feel blessed to even have the opportunity to submit why I would love to be the New Face. I’m a single mother of a 5 year old little boy who keeps that drive in me to strive to be the best I can be at anything and everything I do. He keeps mommy in her prime & feeling there’s no stopping a dream in becoming a reality. You can do or be anything or anyone as long as u put your mind to it. There’s no stopping with good Faith and a little love. Rockin Robin is ready to rock n roll. God bless & thank you!
    Age: 36
    Height: 5`8″
    Weight: 115 lbs.

  16. giselle ortiz

    Hi. My name is Giselle Ortiz. I’m 25 years old and has been a huge fan of the face for quit some time now. I’ve always admired Naomi Campbell and her coaching on the show. It would be a honor to be able to be in the face. I have some modeling experiences and is hungry to learn more. I am very strive to make it in the modeling business and can assure you that I am the next face. I know I deserve it more than anything. I work hard, I’m always motivated, and I don’t quit when it comes to accomplish in my goals. i know I got what it takes to be the new face and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed because deep down I know that I am the face! :)

  17. giselle ortiz

    Hi. My name is Giselle Ortiz. I’m 25 and I’ve been a huge fan of the face for quit some time now. I’ve always admired Naomi and her incredible coaching on the show. It would be a honor to be able to have a opportunity to join the face. I know that if I had the opportunity; that I would be able to blow minds. I’m very strong minded and very determined and I know I could light up the room. I don’t give up easily and I know that I am meant to be in the face. I do have some modeling experiences and is hungry; willing to learn more. If I was chosen to join the face; I will assure you that you guys will not be disappointed because I won’t give up until I am the face! :)

  18. Braxton

    Hey my name is Braxton I’m from North Little Rock, Ar. I’m African-American also I’m 19 years old with short sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes. I’ve always been the tall girl in my group of standing at 5’11 in a half, but in heels I’m around 6’4. I’ve always wanted to be a model it’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I’ve always been the tomboy I rather go outside and play basketball with the boys ,but don’t get me wrong I can dress to impress if I need to. Well I really hope you choose me to be on The Face season 3!

  19. Alexis Rollins

    Hi I’m Alexis. I’ve wanted to become a successful model for quite sometime. I’m a huge fan Of the face and think it would be an amazing opportunity to be on the show. Ive always been the shy girl that always keeps to herself and I feel like being on the show would bring out my inner fierceness. I know I have what it takes and I’m ready to show the world.

  20. Natelie mitchell

    Hi my name is Natelie and I would love to be giving an opportunity to shine and show my greatness in modeling. It’s always been something that I’ve been apart of. Practicing in the mirror and strutting my stuff in front of my family ! I try and try to get discovered but it hard living where there is no help. Hope you guys consider and read this.
    Natelie Mitchell

  21. Annabel Hayward

    Hi im Annabel fashion is my life, I have interned for various fashion labels, but I have never had the confidence to come forward in a modelling sense. I feel I have finally found that confidence and feel The Face is how I can shine. Im 5ft 10”, and have I think a quirky look, I would love the opportunity to fight for something I have always wanted but could not reach until now.

  22. Alexcia Bennett

    I would love to be part of The Face to obtain my goal of becoming a model. I feel that I have the complete package to become the best model in the new world of reality modeling. I desire to learn the business from the beautiful Naomi Campbell.

  23. Taren Terrell

    Dreams come true. It has always been my dream to become a model. I will be thankful for the opportunity to learn and to get my feet wet .When I am chosen I will do everything possible to become the face .

  24. iceis triplett

    Hello Naomi.My name is Iceis.I think I should have an opportunity to be on your show The Face because I have always wanted to be a model.It seems like a majority of locall so called agencies want caucasian or fair skinned girls. Im very proud of my complexion and I am very photogenic.Im a very outgoing individual with a good sense of humor.I just desire a chance.I will be receiving my AA in Social Behavioral Studies in May.I plan on furthering my education. I understand the modeling business is very competitive and I want to be prepared for anything. I am a 5’8 115 lb black passionate young lady. Wishing I had my mothers height, 5’11.God still blessed me with an effortless small stature.I watch these girls on your show complain and be ungrateful. I will appreciate any and every opportunity. Thank you for reading my comment.

  25. Laila Meadows

    I would love to be part of The Face and inspire others to self-love and learn a multitude of things myself. I would love to spread my message that beauty can be as much on the inside as on the outside.
    People often ask me if I am a model, although the only modeling gig I did was through a friend, modeling Kevan Hall bridal gowns at a big jewelry store in Ventura. I loved it though and if I get this chance I will show you that I am hungry for more!
    I am an RN, working in the operating and recovery room. My passion is health and nutrition. My next goal is to get a nutrition certification and in a relatively near future to start my own business as a health coach. Another thing I want to accomplish is to become a yoga teacher, preferably in Anusara Yoga. Although if modeling is my destined path I will most definitely postpone everything else. ;)
    I love traveling and to meet people. I think that you can learn something from every single person that you meet.
    I am originally from Sweden but have spent the last 11 years in Southern California and have no plans going back.

  26. ashley christine davis

    Im very shy. Im 5 10 and 3/4 . I weigh 132. Im hispanic and white . But i am often asked my ethnicity. I look like i could be a little bit of everything. Russian, Asian , Filipino. Ive been called it all. My whole life ive been told ” your so beautiful ” ” like a model” why dont you try? Yes im tall , beautiful to most. I am very insecure. I know if i had one thing on myself fixed, i could feel as beautiful as everyone says i am . Braces can simply fix my problem but its considered cosmetic, and i cant afford iit. I have a beautiful life with family that loves me and we have little money, but we’re very happy. I know if i became a model i could provide for my family and give them everything they deserve and more. I wish only to let people see my face and if they like it, they will soon loveit as well . I can wear little makeup no makeup or intense makeup and look totally different each time. A different person. My hair is sooo strong a nd takes good to any color. If anyone who matters reads this. I hope you take the tine out of your busy life and schedule to look into mine. My daughter is my world and i remind her everyday how beautiful she is inside and out and that she doesnt ever need makeup because shes way beautiful without it. If she could see me in pictures or on tv, it would be my dream to be a role model to her, and all little girls who look up to me. kids around here know me cause im going to schopl to be a pre school teacher and have volunteerd and worked at the locall elementary school since high school. I am now 22 years young and my dream is to be noticed by you.

  27. myeshia chatwood

    I think that I should be given a chance for the face.Because I know I have what it take’s just need to get my head and body in the door.Every one deserves a chance to give you they all to fight for there dream’s.I won’t let you down I promise just give me a fair chancethank you.Sincerely Myeshia Chatwood…..

  28. DeEtta Taylor

    Why I should be chosen for the next Face? Because I am the “New Face” I’ve competed in the Miami Beach Model Competition and will be competing in the Model & Talent Expo in Dallas TX.. I am that fresh face you’re looking for although I’m asked by many if I’m European, I’m an African American with the willingness to learn. If given a chance, promise I want let you down.

    Sincerely yours
    DeEtta Taylor
    MTM Cincinnati OH

  29. J. Christanio

    While I am no youngster, EVERYWHERE I go (I travel abroad in my corporate position), folks Black and White comment or ask me the following: 1) What do I use on my skin, 2) which hair products (natural hair) do I use, 3) Am I a model, 4) How did I develop the definition in my arms, 5) You should send your pictures to New York for consideration of modeling, 6) You’re wasting your time in corporate America, 7) where do you purchase your clothes and shoes. Everyone says it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. I would love to hear from you. Also, Author of “Dressing Classy Doesn’t Change”. Enjoy your day!

  30. sese. setlhare

    Hello,my name is Mosetsanagape Setlhare from Botswana.modeling to me is a calling that I need to meet and with the help of the face crew iam sure together we can great a beautiful thing of outcome.


  31. Angel Overton

    Hi im angel and ive always wanted to ve a model ive been trying and trying and I get nothing I think I have what it takes to be on The Face im pretty in cute im Georges to me I just feel like im all that and more that why I feel like I can do ut all I need is one chance to prove to you all that Ican iI just want a chance to be able to say yes I made it I Angel made that happen for me cause Ibbelieved in myself and you all did to and thats all I want just to show and to prove to those who said or dont believe that I have what it takes to be a model it will be a blessing just give me a chance thank you and have blessed day..Hugs & Kisses

  32. Taylor Winkel

    Hi I’m Taylor Winkel, (nicname Twinkel) 18 I’ve always been interested in modeling I’m 5’8 I’m around 104-107 pounds depending on the day I recently returned from Moscow I was studying at the Bolshoi ballet academy there for a year and a half and had to return due to family matters, I feel like I’m lost in life and people always suggested modeling to me as a kid and I guess I just feel like I need something more than just suggestions to really fulfill that dream . I would love an opportunity to work with great mentors such as Anne V . I know there are tons of girls who want this just as bad as me but I feel like I can offer a lot to the table. I’ think ballet has given me structure and discipline and above all a hardworking attitude towards everything I set my mind to. I think I’m also pretty spunky , spastic , and weird I guess , I have long blonde hair and green eyes . I hope y’all consider me <3

  33. Brionna Arnold

    Hello. My name is Brionna Arnold. I am a 19 years old college student. I am 6’0 tall and approximately 140lbs but very long, lean and defined. although my background has been in athletics, I believe I was blessed with the both of both worlds. I have always dreamed of becoming a model while people in the public continue to encourage me to do so. I have decided to actually put my best foot forward and give things a try. With my determination and work ethic and “coachableness”, I know for a fact I am “The Face”. I have always been a winner, and this shouldn’t be any different. Although I have minimal experience in this field, I have natural ability and potential. With this opportunity I would not be a let down to you or myself.


    Brionna Arnold
    140 lbs
    African American (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
    brown shoulder length hair
    brown eyes


    brionna arnold
    the next “Face”

  34. Andrea Panayiotou

    Hello my name is Andrea panayiotou and im 19 years old from London.

    I might not be the tallest girl – im 5ft 5″ but i believe in my heart i have what it takes to be the face. i am a naturally photogenic person and i am confident and bubbly and it is one of my passions to be able to model. i am always judged because of my height even though i want to get into catalogue and editorial modelling. i would love to be considered for an audition if you can get back to me that would be amazing.

    thank you
    Andrea Panayiotou

  35. Sasha Henry

    Hi I’m Sasha, When I think about Modeling I see myself doing it and I want to make that dream a reality more than anything in this world. So why should I be considered for The Face, because with a passion like mine I would make a good contestant who would do my best and in the end would be “The Face”. I also have the look the height, the whole package, when I walk down the street people think I’m a supermodel. I think I am something big waiting to happen and all I need is someone to give me a chance. I always do my best and I never disappoint.

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