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  1. Noah Jordal Sorø

    Im just 11 im a boy but i have always wantet to become an actor and since teen wolf is my favorite tv show this would be the perfect chance.

  2. Charlotte Perreault

    I think I would be perfect for Teen Wolf because I have done a lot of theatre/acting classes when I was yougner. I have been in many short films, and have my own IMDB account. I could easily take any role on Teen Wolf! Also, I am bilingual.

  3. Cynthia Tapia Rodriguez

    Hello my name is Cynthia Tapia Rodriguez. I am 15 turning 16 this November. I have no acting experience except for my musical theater class I’m in and the school play we did. I would love to be in your show. I think that it is an amazing show and I am such a fan of it. I would love the opportunity to be in your show.

  4. AlexLatham

    I’m a big fan and wan’t to be picked by Scot.

  5. samantha madderson

    hello my name is sam.
    hair: brown,long
    eye: blue
    living: south Australia ( have a current passport and is willing to travel)
    acting experience: 4 years of short films,plays ect. (more detail in resume)
    training : studied at the New York Film Academy based in LA.
    i Love teen wolf , the characters,scripts, everything ! an opportunity to work on this show would be more than amazing!
    i can send through my resume or have a look on under Samantha Madderson.

  6. Akshay Agarwal

    hello..My name is Akshay Agarwal and I am 18 years old.. I live in Lucknow UP..
    Iam doing !st year ..My Height is 5’7 .. I am slim.. a fitness freak …

    Thus , I can describe myself in one single word that I am “AWESOME” ..

  7. Irina Parris


    Just came across this at work and thought it was interesting because I love Teen Wolf. I’m 22 years old and I work at an office in Toronto, ON. I have absolutely no acting experience haha, besides a couple drama classes back in high school (which I don’t think counts). Boring me with a boring life willing to try different things out there. So, I don’t mind to get in front of a camera and start throwing out some lines. Even if I was just an extra, heck, I wouldn’t mind. I love the show and I love the cast; it would be a great opportunity. Even if you don’t consider, thanks for reading. At least, can the cast of Teen Wolf come to Toronto, Canada? So many fans here would love to meet them and don’t have enough $$$ to fly out to the states just to get an autograph… :( Such as myself.

    Thanks again!

  8. Sijeta

    Hi my name is Sijeta and I am 13 years old i have brown hair and brown eyes. I love acting i have been in some plays and acting classes. I am also famous in my country Albania because I am a singer. Also, I would love to be on the show Teen Wolf! :) thanks a lot and Good bye !

  9. Alexandria

    Age: 17
    Hair: light brown
    eyes: dark brown
    Race: mixed
    skin color: light brown
    Living In: Dennison,Ohio
    Experience: school plays , choir
    hobbies; hiking, fishing ,swimming ,camping, football, softball , basketball
    about me: i can be shy at first but once you get to know me a little more then I’m not and one more thing I’m the biggest tomboy ever i don’t do dresses at all and yeah.
    my style: i like to wear skater clothes and spring clothing and summer clothing what trending
    my mood: happy, shy, worried or mysterious

  10. orlando mcgee

    My name is Orlando McGee I am 13 years old i wanna be apart if the teen wolf family for numerous reasons i love the show if you ask any question i will answer it with out even thinking about me i love the show and i really wanna be on it the am the biggest teen wolf fan and the cast is inspirational!! if you could just at least consider me, that would be a dream come true for me

  11. Myron Madrigal

    Eye color=Brown
    Race= Mixed race
    Hair color=Black
    Weight=180 pounds
    Body type= High toned muscle
    I want to be part of the Teen Wolf Family for numerous reasons not just because I love the show and everyone who’s is apart of it but I love acting and love learning new things, I may fall sometimes but I get back up stronger then ever.Hope you guys do the right thing and choose me.I’m the best at what I do and what I do is act!

  12. Alice Macintyre-Beon

    my name is Alice and I know that for these kinds of things you need to have had experience but hey ho lets see how it goes! Dylan wasn’t and actor of any sort before teen wolf so you should take a chance on me :D I would like to be a director when I leave school which isn’t far away. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I am half French as my dad is French so I can speak well so the show could have a wee frenchie for and episode.
    this is probably for extras work so I think I need to talk about my walk? I have a very good walk it isn’t too bouncy or boring. I trip over a lot so that could be a problem…;) jks (I do fall over thought)
    I am not sure what else I need to put in so please email me if you are interested or not its fine I respect what ever you say. :) :)
    thank you and have a nice dday

  13. Laura Maldonado

    My name is Laura and I am 13 years old. I live in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. My parents have always bragged about me and saying that I was a dramatic but passionate child growing up. I still am, they say. But it would mean the world to me if you accepted me in the new season of Teen Wolf. And honestly, I’m a HUGE fan of this show. It honestly doesn’t matter what role I get, as long as I am actually //in// the show and I get to learn from amazing actors willing to teach me, a young star in the making. I’ve never realized how much I loved the performing arts until I was in the sixth grade and I realized how much it interested me to learn and act. My parents have a video, and it was from the first grade, when I landed a role in Little Red Riding Hood play as the lead and they remember my gorgeous smile as my eyes twinkled. Since then, I’ve wanted this. I feel this dream of mine so close I can almost grab it and reach it. But you must give me the chance. I can assure you, I will not disappoint. I will work hard everyday and I will never quit until I get whatever I have to do done and done right. I am persistent, positive, polite and very concentrated in everything I do.
    Age; 13
    Eye Color; Brown
    Hair Color; Naturally Brown but Dyed Red.
    Skills; Playing instruments (piano & ukulele) , singing, photography, reading, writing.

  14. hailey spellman

    hi my name is hailey spellman. i am from Raleigh,NC
    i would love to be on teen wolf, this cast has inspired me to become an actress.
    hair: brown
    Skin color tan
    race : Hispanic
    age: 12
    height; 5 foot
    hobbies: dance, horse back riding, drama, and things i team my self like singing
    i love to get my emotions on i can get really mad
    Build: it looks like i am little but you cant judge a book by its cover
    the reason i would love to be on teen wolf is because by watching this show, i become a person with a great imagination, and i think you would love me as part of the cast, i at one piont with my friends acted out the whole series with them. i am desperate my sister one time dated a guy named rusty martin he is an actor look him up. but they broke up so then i am like “oh, there goes my acting career” i really would do good as a sister that turns into a werewolves or someone who just shows up.

    this is my dream on how i could show up:
    scott, liam, derek, lydia, stiles, and everyone else were in the woods suddenly there was a scream and scott and liam started running they stop because it is too foggy, then suddenly they see a small figure and boom i am there as a werewolf. they ask me my name but before i can say i pass out form pian or something.


    it starts out the same but then they hear me scream they come closer when they see see figting another pack they see me collaspe and scott helps me while the rest fight in the end everyone is around me and they see that i am starting to wake up. then they ask me my name i say my name but them i pass out agian from the shock.

    please consider me this would be my dream come true, i think you will really like me

  15. Hope Mumbua

    Hi my name is Hope
    Im 13 years old
    I have short black hair and black eyes
    im black thats my race but my skin tone isnt that black
    im plump and short
    i just love acting and farther more i love teen wolf
    i love the excitment the threel and the chill that the show gives me right after watching it
    please i beg you let me be in it and trust me you wont regret
    you can put me as anything warewolf,hunter,banshee or even just to stay human
    but i really prefer a banshee and i really think i would be a good banshee cause i can scream loud
    so please let me be in it but if you ask me i think i’ll be perfect as lydias sister her secret sister who she thinks is dead
    but please please please give me a chance i swear i wont let you down

    THANKS ALOT!!!!!!

  16. Brady Nickey

    Name: Brady Nickey
    Age: 18 ( I can be easily be mistaken for a 15 year old depends on clothes i wear)
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 140-145
    Hair: Short and dark drown
    Eyes: Medium brown
    Skin: Tan
    Living In: Pearl River, MS
    Grade: 11th
    Experience: School plays
    Hobbies: Acting, soccer, football, basketball, skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, and mainly being myself and helping others

    Hi, my name is Brady Lane Nickey. I am a Native American who truly wants to become an actor. My family and friends say I can make it and yes I do believe I can. I have been dreaming of being an actor since I was 7 years old and I’ve look up to actors all my life. They showed me that dreams do come true and that nothing is impossible in this because if they can make it than so can I. When I first watched Teen Wolf on June 5, 2011, I was stunned and amazed because new actors are showing their faces in new shows, commercials, and etc. I would really appreciate it if you would just give me chance to prove to you that I am worthy enough to perform in the hit series Teen Wolf. I hope you do consider me.

    If you give me a role or at least an audition, I will prove to you that I can make you proud.

  17. Kylie McNeel

    Hi my name is KYLIE I’m 11 but look and act like 15 I have been called a slut so yeah not but that shows that I look older than what I am hells are my thing I kissed more than 3 guys so I kinda am older than what I am lol but it’s easy to act like that I know more than a 11 year old would one time I walked I the high school to get my cousin and people thought I was a new student so I’m act way older than what I am my friends are all older than me and I had to act for a play one time and kiss someone so if I get the part and I have to kiss someone I wouldent be akwerd please contact me soon it has been my dream for a long time to be a actor

  18. Tiana Orange

    Hi my name is Tiana Orange I justed turned 16 years old on Febuary 23rd. I think I would be good acting on Teen Wolf because well first I am a big fan of everybody on Teen Wolf, I watched all the episodes from season 1through season 4, and I practice the Teen Wolf scripts everyday if I think I mess up on a part I would go all the way back to the beginning until I get it right, plus I been looking for auditions to go to and I can’t find any I thought I had the number for going to auditions but when I called them they said that “we don’t book auditions” so I was really disappointed so I really hope you guys love my comment because I would do anything to get a part in Teen Wolf so please call me text me whatever thank you !!

  19. Rachid

    i love Teenwolf an i want be a part of this.
    For more Information please write me

  20. Autum

    Hi, my name is Autum and I am 15 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5’1″ and weight 103lbs. I try to bump up the mood whenever possible, but I’m still serious when I need to be. I love the series Teen Wolf and all of the people staring on it. The show is so cool, you have to keep watching to see what happens next! I enjoy acting and have been taking theatre classes for a few years. Working with experienced actors however, would help me learn more. It would be amazing to be able to be a part of the show. I hope you will consider me.

  21. Rajeshree dupam

    Hi iam rajeshree iam great fan of ur shows I can act if u give opportunitie.

  22. Emilee Clout

    My name is Emilee Clout, I’m 13 *nearly 14* and I’m from NSW, Australia.
    I have long brown hair, hazel eyes and pale skin with light freckles.
    I’m nearly 5’7 and look like I’m 13-16. I absolutely love to act and I would love to persue it as my career when I’m older, so being on the show would be a great experience. I have wanted to be an actress since I was 7 and I have done multiple school performances.
    I love the show and the cast are inspirational! If you could at least consider me, that would be great!
    Thank you!
    <hidden from public>

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