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  1. Chad Rife

    My name is chad Rife. i am a model through John Casablancas. I am currently a student in penta which is located in maumee ohio. Since I was little I have always wanted to be an actor. I grew up participating in plays and actually have auditioned for movies. I have taken acting classes through John Casablancas and am ready to take things to the next step. I would love to have an audition for this show.
    I have short blonde hair
    I have hazel eyes
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 150
    Average build
    Ethnicity: Caucasion

  2. Kim Wallace

    My name is Kim and I’m 14 years old. I’m turning 15 in February. I’m a huge fan of teen wolf and think that it is a great show. I would love to try out for teen wolf because for quite a while now I’ve wanted to act but I haven’t had the chance to get lessons and I also think it would be a good idea for someone that is from Northern Ireland (I am from there) to be apart of the show.
    I have brown hair with blonde at the bottom.
    I have brown eyes.
    I am about 5’3.
    I have brown eyes.
    I would love to be apart of teen wolf.
    Thank you :)

  3. Cory Skellion

    My name is Cory Skellion and I live in Ellisville, Mississippi. I grew up in San Diego, California where I began acting and performing for local theaters and school drama. I continued my performances when I moved to Ellisville and now considering climbing higher in the acting world. I feel very passionate about what I do and determined to do what it takes to get the work done. I feel Teen Wolf will give me the opportunity to show what I can do.
    I’m a male, 18 years old, 5’7, Athletic build, play soccer, football, and lacrosse. I’ve been performing for 6 years, auburn hair color, green/bluish eyes, and Caucasian.
    Thank you for your time in reading this, whether or not I get the chance to tryout to be casted, opportunities like these are really amazing to come by.

  4. Josh

    I am a 15 year old high school student I have trouble finding were I belong I want to do something that I feel passionate about and that’s acting there’s not a lot to say about me I am an ordinary person looking to be something I know probabally nobody’s going to read this but all I want is hope or an opertunity to make myself proud and finally feel like I can be a young actor

  5. Milie Veronneau

    Hello! My name is Milie and I’m 15 years old. I live in Quebec, Canada, and I speak French perfectly since it’s my maternal language and I speak English very well with almost no accent. I can do a lot of accents (French, British, Australian, American, Scottish, etc), I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, I’m very sarcastic and I always make everyone laugh. I don’t have any experience in television (let’s say it now) but I am willing to learn everything (I also learn really fast and I really love to, just so you know) about it. I’m in an international program at school and in arts and multimedia, so I’ve done small movies and things like that, and people often tell me that I would be a great actress because I’m a great liar (when I want to), I’m funny, I can cry on command and I can keep a straight face in any situation. I really love your show and everything about it, and it would be an immense honor to be in it. Thank you a lot for your consideration!

  6. Oumayma Aakcha

    My name is Oumayma Aakcha Im from Morocco and I live in spain. Im 5’8 , 53 kg and Im 17 years old.
    I would love to join this serie because I love acting and I think it is one of the best jobs
    because you can express yourself and mixing job with passion it is the best thing.
    I love this serie and being part of it, it would be a dream came true if you could give mw a chnce you wouldnt regret, I have acted in my school for musicals and my teachers said that I could be a great actress so what a better way to start? I know teen wolfby a friend and It is one of my favourite series.
    Thanks :)

  7. Jake Wade

    Hey! I’m Jake Wade. I’m 14 years old, very smart, athletic and funny. I have always enjoyed acting and getting to be a part of the whole “backstage experience”. I started acting in school productions in 4th grade. I’ve been a huge fan of Teen Wolf since the beginning and have always wondered what it would be like to get such a great opportunity to act with some of the greatest up and coming actors of our era who just happen to all be a part of Teen Wolf. If you were to even consider me as an option I would be thrilled.
    Height: apx 5’7″
    Weight: apx 140 lbs (Athletic Build)
    Brown Hair
    Hazel Eyes
    DOB: April 12th, 2000
    School: Imagine Prep Surprise High School
    Lives in: Surprise, Arizona
    Thank you so much for taking time to read this.
    ~ Jake J. Wade

  8. Freya Ryan

    Hello, My name is Freya Ryan and I’m 13 years of age. 50 kg and 5.35 ft. I’m from Christchurch New Zealand and acting is a MASSIVE passion of mine. I have blondes browny hair, blue eyes and fairish skin.
    I’ve never started to think of acting as a job until a year or so ago when I started looking for roles in short films, school plays etc.
    I love the story line and plot and would love to be considered for casting. I believe I would bring something extra for the show.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you consider this.
    Sincerely Freya Ryan.

  9. Pernille Nielsen

    I´m willing to go far and work hard for this opportunity. I´m 16 years old and from Denmark, and I´ve got a typical Scandinavian look with pale blue eyes and blond hair. I speak English (my grandmother is from the London area), Danish and German. With my 160 cm and about 45 kg people have a tendency to pick me up (literally lift me of the ground), I´m not quite sure why but I think it´s because I´m smaller than most Danes. I´ll admit that I´m awkward but I know when to shut my mouth, so I think now would be the time. Thank you for your time.

  10. Shawn Anthony Dixon

    Hello my name is Shawn Anthony Dixon, all my life I have found an awfully big interest in the supernatural. I have done a few plays throughout my life. Such as Peter Pan, and Highschool Musical. I have the biggest urge to act. Everything about it. I love. I gurantee that if I was given a script on the spot. And a character name. I would make your eyes pop, and jaw drop. Throughout my life I have been bullied a lot for the color of my hair. I haven’t heard of a lot of big redhead actors. But I know that with my talent the world would be surprised, and all those people that told me I don’t have a shot? They will be shocked, and proven wrong. I am 17 years old, turn 18 in January, 5’7, athletic, white, redhair, brown/gold eyes. Please, please, please reply. Or consider me. This is my dream. And I have complete faith that I can change the world. Thank you for your time.

    Shawn Anthony Dixon

  11. erke

    Hello! My name Erkezhan. I love the show teen wolf! I like Stiles. Ohh he decides everything, and in the same time like Peter. His treachery and cruelty. More Liam. Such a cute, cute. This is the best show in my life. I love the series and the movies, but with teen wolf I live. If about me: I am 15 years old. I live in Kazakhstan. 4 years went to the dance and karate year. I want to change vsoyu life, and I hope you can help me. I know three languages: Kazakh, Russian, and speak a little English. My dream is to become an actress. Actress teen wolf. I want to become an actress new teen wolf season 5. My height is 170 centimeters. Give me a chance to change their lives. I’m on twitter-erkewa13. And Skype-Erkewa13.

  12. Helen Williams

    Ello. I am Helen Williams. I am currently living in Australia but I am from the US (virginia). I did drama class in middle school and did theatre my freshman year of high school.. I haven’t really acted since but it is always something in the back of my mind. I am 24 years old, but look more like I’m 16. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 108 pounds and about 5’6. I am pretty pale and have long legs and arms. Being on Teen wolf would be a once in a life time opportunity. The actors on the show are really amazing and its so cool to see Dylan O’Brien grow and become an all star actor. I hope you would give me a chance to be on the show. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Good luck to everyone!

  13. Barbara Baez

    My name is Barbara and I can portray any character . I am dedicated to making a character come life and I beleive I can be a great asset to the show! Thank you
    <hidden from public>

  14. Stephanie Baker

    Hi My names Stephanie I have been a massive fan of Teen Wolf and have been following season1 and2 in the UK .

    Age: 19 (But many people say I only look 14 guess I better carry my ID card)
    Height: 5,5
    Other: Went to Performing Arts School, Done dance performances infront of a lot of people,

    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Languages I can speak: English, Spanish , and a little bit of French

    Live in the UK

    Thank you for your time and would love to star with your brilliant actors and actresses that you have and maybe become a part of your crew.

  15. shayla

    Well, I’m really good at acting I can be a totally different person. On command I can cry on command as well. I’ve all ways wanted to play a role of a werewolf I all ready have my walk and attitude down let’s just say I have a bit of wild werewolf deep inside.

  16. Jordie Dawn Flippo

    My name is Jordie Flippo and I am currently 18 years of age. On January 6th I will be 19. A physical description of me is I’m 5’7, 120 pounds, sandy blonde hair, with baby blue eyes. Growing up I was and am a very athletic person. I played many years of Softball, volleyball, cheer, and basketball. Aside from that I am very outdoorsy. I enjoy horse back riding, mountain climbing, kayaking, running, working out, attending sporting events, cookouts, hanging out with friends, and meeting new ones. I’m very outgoing, my mom says “I never meet a stranger,” which is very true. I grew up in Sherwood, Arkansas where I prospered in sports and school being part of Fccla, Junior and Senior exc., Beta club, and the East Team. I was elected for homecoming court all four years of high school, three year lettermen in volleyball and All State and All Conference. In Softball I was a four year lettermen with four year All Conference and two year All State. In cheer I was a three year nominee for All American Cheerleader. I am currently fighting for kids with disabilities. volunteering my time to play games with them that enrich their lives. through that I’ve become very humble. I attend Arkansas Tech as a freshmen and although I am not playing a sport I am doing intermural sports like softball, volleyball, and flag football. I am part of the Special Olympics here on campus as a volunteer to help raise awareness for special needs kids. I am a very family orientated person, I strongly believe family means everything thing and that they will always be there for you no matter what. I love animals. Any shape and form. Their simply adorable. I started a modeling career three years ago where I modeled for boutiques and anybody who asked me too. I am now signed with The Agency Inc. in Little Rock Arkansas. Yes, I love modeling, but acting is my dream that I am trying to fulfill. I know that their are probably thousands of people trying to get an audition for Teen Wolf, but it would be a complete Humbling experience for me to get an audition. Thank you guys for your time and I would to hear back. Have a great day!
    -Jordie Dawn Flippo

  17. shatorrance hawkins

    I’ve been a fan since day one of the premier of Teen Wolf, its one of my favorite shows ever created that I’ve seen, I’m a huge fan of the show, im big on werewolves, phoenixs, and other creatures like but one of my other reasons for wanting to be on this show is because I’ve been wanting to be an actor since I was 18 and im not going to give up my dream of being one, I have the energy and charisma to do it, I don’t give up, I don’t give in, success is what I’m about, and achieving mygoals are what I stand for

  18. Linda Eißner

    Heyy…omg i’m in love with teen wolf and i know everything about it!
    I am from Gemany but i can speak english!. Very good. I will show you guys how well can i act…….so pleaseeeeeeee. It’s my biggest dream and when you guys find i cant speak english then i will learn it!!!! Please.

  19. daniel bravo

    Not sure if i’m late or not to this but a reason why I would be perfect for a role in teen wolf wouldn’t just be a basic answer like i’ve seen it for a while and I would be cooperative to all the tasks given to me although that must be something everyone should be willing to do. But my answer would be that I would give such a versatile person not sure how to further explain that I guess what i would be meaning is that I wouldn’t just be able to be casted for one season if given the privilege to be in the up coming season and be amazing for a role in such role that id be able to prove my flexibility in acting and having the ability to be called back for another season

  20. Natasha


    Hair:light brown
    Languages:Spanish & English
    I’ve trained with HollywoodLive with Adrian r’mante,Matthew Timmons,Tyler steelman & Tanya Chisholm & recently taking classes In Puerto Rico.
    I know 2 commercials limited two & Pepsi
    I know 1 monologue the Dog Poo

    Any Audition or any information Please let me know at any time
    Thank You for your time.


    Hi. My name is JESSICA, I have lived in florida practically all of my life though I was born in Cuba. I’m 16 years old and I would really love to be a part of your show. I know you guys probably get like a hundred of these telling you how much they love your show, and how they’ve seen it since day one but I REALLY do love your show. The work that all of you put in and the hours I’m sure went into writing all of you seasons, I just would love to be a part of that. I would love to be able to work with all the amazing actors that are part of teen wolf and I really do hope you guys give me a chance to do so, I promise whatever you give me I will not let you down.
    Age: 16
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 120 lbs

  22. shalini pandey

    hello! My name is Shalini. I always have dreamt of being an actor.Acting is not just a passion to me it’s my life “I LIVE IT” ! i’am quiet an expressive kid and enjoys what i do ! i’m a crazy brat too ;)
    teen wolf crew

    Eyes: black
    Hair: medium dark brown
    Height: 5’4
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Language: English, Hindi.
    Weight: 105.22

  23. Jax Castellanos

    My name is jax castellanos im at 18 years old and currently going to school at College Of Dupage. It would be an honor to work with the talented actors like Tyler Posey and Dylan O’brien. Im A Talent at  <hidden from public>  Agency and would love to be a part or the Mtv series.

    Height: 6 foot
    Weight: 210 pounds
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    Athletic built

  24. Jessica Ribot

    Hey MTV TeenWolf I want to thank you for giving this opportunity to us fans! This show means so much to me and its a part of me. I am definitely a #TeenWolfGeek and proud of it. Since the show started i’ve wanted to be on it and i think to myself ” they told me to go after my dreams, and being on Teen Wolf is one of them” This show is amazing i have watched every single episode and can say i have fallen in love. Now to tell you a little about myself:

    I am a singer.
    I love dancing.
    Acting is a budding passion of mine.
    I am 5’2.
    I have brown eyes.
    Long brown hair with blonde in it.
    I am 19 years old.

    To be on this show is truly one of my biggest dreams! and if given the opportunity to be on it, i would be beyond grateful. So i hope that i stand out to you.

  25. Emma Orsten

    Hey!! I would really love it if I could be on teen wolf, I love watching teen wolf it gets me inspired a lot.. I have been in a few plays in my life , and I love acting, and singing and playing my guitar…

    hair: Brown curly/wavy thick hair.
    eye color: green
    hobbies : singing, dancing, snowboarding, hanging with friends, and lots more..
    I am: Irish, German, and few others that I don’t know.
    skin color: white
    :) and if you guys would like to contact me please do :)

  26. Alyssa Ernst

    My name is Alyssa Ernst. I am 20 years old and I would be more than grateful to have an opportunity to be on Teen Wolf. I have been a fan of this show since day one. The creativity and supernatural kick to it is phenominal. The characters are so relatable too! Watching Teen Wolf has inspired more than any other show I have seen to strive for my dreams. I am an outgoing individual who loves to make people laugh and gets along with everybody. I have experience in acting due to musicals and high school plays. I have perfomed in talent shows and helped backstage with makeup and lights. Please consider me for a role or even an extra on Teen Wolf. I promise it will be worth it. Thank you.

  27. Antonet

    Hi I’m antonet Gjeleviq and I’m 14 years old. I been throw a lot and I would want to but all that energy in acting. There’s a lot of talent out there. I think I’m a good actors. I will but every thing in acting. I can’t see me doing any thing else. Please give me a changes to show you what I can accomplish.

  28. Bryanna Simmons

    Hello I’m Bryanna Simmons,
    I have light brown curly hair. I’m mixed with Puerto Rican , Italian , and African American.
    I take acting classes. I love fashion always stay fashionable.I love being on stage and on camera. I have a big bright smile and a great big personality. In General I’m a great person to work with and be around. I love helping people and I also want to inspire people.

  29. Johnathan Avalos

    Hello my name is Johnathan Avalos, and I would love to be starred in the cast of teen wolf, I’ve loved this show ever since it came out I never missed an episode of any season and It would be the best thing in the world to star in this amazing show, I am a really cool lay back funny guy, and most of my friends at school say I look like Tyler Posey which to me is a big compliment, I don’t have much experience in acting but if I had a chance to act I would do my best to impress, but all I ask for is a chance, and I will finish off giving some details about me
    I have light brown eyes
    Dark brown messy comb over hair
    I am 15 just turned on Oct.12
    And I am 6″1 in height

    Feel free to contact me on my email if there is anything else you would wanna know

  30. Kaitlynn E. Kirkland

    Hello Fellow Wolfies,
    I am interested in auditioning for Teen Wolf season 5. I am 17. I turn 18 November 13th. It would be an amazing experience to meet the cast of Teen Wolf. I am very good at acting it’s one of my passions. I am 5’0. I weigh 120. I am a Brunnette with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that change color depending on mood, I am very social and outgoing and I think I’d enjoy the experience of acting along side my inspirations Jeff Davis who has inspired me in directing and Tyler Posey who is gorgeous and Dylan O’ Brian who also inspired me. My name is Kaitlynn although I go by Katt. I am in 11th grade and go to Plant City High School In Florida. I am very petite for my age and can pass as 15. I would love to hear from you guys. My number is <hidden from public> .

  31. Jose Palacios

    My is Jose Palacios, my friends call me Jimmy. I just turned 18 on September 23rd. I am of Hispanic descent and some say I look Native American. I’m 5’8.5, tan, dark hair, brown eyes, lean, athletic. I am a huge fan of Teen Wolf and would absolutely love to be a part of that amazing cast!
    Hope to hear from you soon! Feel free to contact me anytime.
    I also had acting lessons when I was small and participated in theater events during high school.

  32. jordon mcgaughey

    My name:Jordon Rose mcgaughey
    I will make this short and sweet

    This show is dramatic, action packed, and keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is about time american has a tv series that is worth following every step along the way :)

    I need a change from the everyday reality here in the midwest
    I want the chance to become something bigger
    I love new opportunities and go above and beyond in all i do
    When given an inch I aim for a mile


  33. Madison wyngaert

    I would like a part as a banshee because I have a wicked scream. I was in a haunted house playing a zombie bride and I came out and screamed at people. I had 8 people fall down, so many people stumble and one girl even fainted. I felt really awful afterwards of course but I had fun. I promise it will make your bones shiver and your skin crawl

  34. Roshodd Smith

    Hi, my name is Roshodd Smith and I’m a huge fan of Teen Wolf, haven’t missed an episode yet. I am extremely interested in trying for a role in the show. I’m still a high school student in Texas this is my last year I have taken two years of theatre arts and my teacher can tell you it’s not that hard for me to snap into character. I promise to work extremely hard and I’m an easy person to get along with. I would love the opportunity to have a role wether it be small or big I would greatly appreciate it. It is my dream to become an actor I just know that I’m destined for it and if got to start my career on Teen Wolf I just know I could make you guys proud. If I am chosen I promise to work harder than ever and give all that I can give and then some.

    Hair: Black
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Eye color: Brown
    Height: 5″10
    Age: 17
    Weight: 165
    Location: Texas
    Sex: Male

  35. Danielle Rae Stone

    Hi, my name is Danielle. Ever since I started watching Teen Wolf I have fallen in love with the show. I am hoping to get my start up as an actor. I would also like to ask the cast for advice on starting out my acting career. I don’t know if this will help, but I’ll tell you about myself. I am fifteen year old female. I am at a height of 5’8″ and my hair is short and naturally medium brown. I am from Van Buren, Arkansas. I have been on some plays over the years and have some acting experience. I have always wanted to act. I love to make people laugh and smile. It is a dream of mine to be apart of the acting world.

  36. Rj

    Hello my name is rj I Like your show and I would be excited if you let me audition for the show I’m 13 i like anales I live in Philadelphia I get good grades I’m a good actor I once did a act for my school it was awsome then I figured well I should share my talent with the world so if you pick me my phone number is <hidden from public> thank you I will not let you down

  37. Miroslava Prilozna

    Hi, My name is Mirose. I’m 18 years old. I’m of twins. My English is good. I have stay in LA for o monthin November. It would be awsome to be there. I would be honored if I could be on the show even if I could be there just once.
    I really like dancing, music, and swimming.
    I saw Teen wolf and it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. I want to get the film role so much. I would be so pleasured to work with the amazing cast of Teen Wolf.

    Height- 171 cm
    eyes- green
    hair- naturally long brown (not dyed), curly,

    I hope you will contact me and my sister.
    Thank you.

  38. Michaela Prilozna

    Hi, My name Michelle. I’m 18 years old. I have the twin and both of us want to get the chance to play there. My English is good. I have experiences, I’ve already played in show in my country. I live in Czech republic, Europe. I’m going to visit LA in November. I would be honored if I could be on the show even if it could be just once.
    I really like dancing, music, and gymnastic.
    I saw Teen wolf and it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. I want to get the film role so much. I would be so pleasured to work with the amazing cast of Teen Wolf.

    height- 170 cm
    eyes- green
    hair- naturally brown, long, curly, not dyed

    I wish you to contact me and my sister.
    Thank you.

  39. LilyRetrus

    Hi! I’ve dreamed for a long time for this chance, I hope someone will really look at this.
    I’m Lily(as you see) and I like the show very much. I always want to send some of my ideas for the script to J.D. but never did. I was born writer but soon I discover my passion for acting. It’s very important to me. I started with musical(and some Shakespeare’s plays, too)while I was at High School and now I’m trying to “seek for my Great Perhaps”. I hope you will understand what I mean. I only want a chance, it’s not a so expensive thing, I think. Please, contact me if you like to, in order to have more information about me.
    I am 5.25 feet, 127lb, small nose, dark grey eyes and long dark brown hair.
    I have never had experience on TV shows.
    I really hope to have some news from you! Bye! .. and beware the full moon! :)

  40. Junior Villegas

    I would really love to be on teen wolf because I’ve been watching teen wolf since season 1. I’ve never missed an episode and ideal with everyday problems like scott mccall would. I’m currently looking for latex prosthetics to create a teen wolf brow piece. I’ve create my own fangs, ears, and claws. Please consider me for the season. I’m 13 years old and male

  41. Carrington Christopher

    Hello, I’m a young actor,model,singer-writer from Ohio. I would love to have my big break into the MTV hit series Teenwolf. I’ve watched teen wolf since day one since first wolf bite, boy gone wolf. And my favorite part the love journey with teen Wolf. But nevertheless I’m highly ready to join in on auditioning even if its an extra

  42. Joseph

    I’m interested in auditioning for a role. I think the show is great very entertaining, and I would like to know how to go about in getting started. Since day one I loved this show and would want nothing more than to be a part of it. I love being out of character and and expressing myself in different ways . If you choose me you will not be disappointed.
    I have experience in acting and modeling with Anderson model and talent agency. It’s located in Amarillo TX, but im now located in Las Vegas NV.
    I’m Joseph Garza
    21 years old
    Hazel eyes
    Mixed with Mexican & Black
    Black hair
    130 pounds
    Athletic body type
    If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience

  43. Bryan Villarruel

    Hey, I LOVE Teen Wolf, I’m 12 years old and would love to work with Tyler Posey, and especially my favorite actor Dylan O’Brien. I have dark black hair, Brown eyes, 5″4 and I’m Hispanic. Turning 13 in May. I like a Volleyball, Soccer and Football. I am willing to do whatever for this part. My favorite episode is “De-Void”. Please give me an email at <hidden from public> or give me a call. Thank you, if I don’t fit a particular role, keep me in mind for upcoming projects, thanks!

  44. Charly Acevedo

    Hi my name is Charly Acevedo and I would love to try out and be a part of the Teen Wolf series I would love to put my skills to the test and try my best to be apart of the Teen Wolf crew.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Short and Black
    Height: 5’5 5’6
    Ethnicity: Mexican American
    Language: English, Spanish , little bit of French
    Weight: 111

  45. Jackie Fine

    hi, my name is jackie! I pretty much spend my days obsessing over teen wolf. but, besides that, I play tennis and hanging with friends. I have some experiences with acting, but it is one of my dreams to do this! and to add some spice to this comment… I HAVE A TWIN! Her name is leila, she is sweet and funny and well, looks like me! Just to make this short and sweet I will finish off with giving you some details about me…
    I have long blonde curly hair
    I have brown eyes
    I am about 5’7″
    I am turning 14, and I am a freshman in Highschool
    Feel free to contact me anytime and thank you for your time.

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