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  1. Kalynn Phillips

    My name is Kalynn and I am interested in this audition. I love the tTV show teen wolf it’s very twisted and interesting I would be more than glad to be apart of Teen Wolf I am willing to try new things and have fun with whatever I do!

  2. Mikkel Yearwood

    Hi My name is Mikkel Yearwood. For as long as I can remember I’ve always love the science fiction and supernatural themed shows, and movies but most particularly shows and movies with werewolves. I’m a handsome twenty one year old man who’d enjoy to play a role were all the years of studying werewolves in the media would pay off. I already have the attitude and swagger I know would bring to life a werewolf conflicted between primal animal instincts and sophisticated human behavior.

  3. Giadonne Torrence

    Teen wolf is a very awesome show.i would love nothing more to be on this show because of the excitement and of how it reach to teen audience.Im 16 years old 5’10 and I would work hard in any role that they give me for teen wolf.i haven’t been acting in any films,commercials,or etc but I have acted in plays and would love to do more.Being in teen wolf would be a big step for me because I would be the first one in my family to live up to my dreams and not letting fear stop me from doing what i want for my life career.

  4. Autumn Britton

    Hello, my name is Autumn. I’ve been involved in my local theater department, and next year I plan to further study Theater. But, I find that scripted film is what I enjoy most. I have been a huge fan of MTV shows, and performing in one, no matter how brief, would definitely be an experience. A phenomenal one. I am most certainly not shy. I would define myself with three adjectives. Charismatic, Sarcastic, and Inquisitive. I have been voted class clown, so you wouldn’t be wrong to infer that I am outgoing. Acting is to me, as Jenny is to Forrest Gump. Which is a strange analogy, but it’s true, I am quite passionate for acting. So, if something even as small as a part as an extra comes along I’d be elated to contribute and bring whatever I can to the table. .

  5. Ziah

    hi, i’m ziah bishop and i am 14 years old & i have been acting & singing my whole life. it’s one of my passions & it’s my life haha(: i have brown/black hair, dark brown eyes, i wear contacts but also wear glasses, i am 5’5″. i am African American & 25% Korean. teen wolf is my favorite show because it’s of course has attractive guys but a great story line haha(: a lot of my favorite actors are on the teen wolf cast like tyler posey, crystal reed, holland roden, colton haynes & my favorite out of them all dylan o’brien. i really hope you choose me(: you won’t be disappointed(:

  6. Andre Kelly

    Hi,My name is Andre Kelly.I am 16 years old.
    I love acting I also watch the show and I love it.
    It’s always been a big dream to act I love action in the
    Show.I am dedicated and hard working and I love to have fun.
    I hope you would interview me and like me,I really hope to
    Here from you soon. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    From,Andre Kelly

  7. Hunter Krause

    I have a deep meaning for the statement, “Live everyday like it’s your last”. I watch this show every week and I think to myself I could do this and I am a great actor now I know you will get an lot of these comments and such but to be honest, Yes there are other’s and I know that saying this is a make it or break it but all I can give is a deep understanding and acting career from myself to you. I love to act and I would love to be on this show. Honestly, I just know that if i didnt send this to you it would be a mistake and don’t take other’s for granite but I am willing to start my career of professional level here. Please let me know if it would be even remotely possible.

  8. Dorothy Smith

    I want to do more with my life and show my little brother a good role model by showing him you can go after your dreams and achieve them and a chance to act would be an amazing opportunity to do just that . . . plus lets face it Teen Wolf is the BEST SHOW EVER! ^__^

  9. Jordan Adams

    I have fallen in love with Teen Wolf, and people ask me why but I can never really think of an answer. I guess it’s just the friendliness of the actors and their characters. You feel like you know them and that you’re friends. But when you wake up and come back to reality you realize they don’t know you but it would mean the world to you if they did. I want to be an actress and even being an extra on Teen Wolf would be the experience of a lifetime for me. I would really appreciate an email if you want any additional information, but even if you’d let me be an extra I would be more than thrilled.

    Thank you, Jordan

  10. Maya Moreno


    My name is Maya Moreno I would like to be part of this amazing cast, yet I am only 12 yrs old I would still like to join the cast. I have brown hair and eyes I am exceptionally fit and have a good figure. I have a energetic and out going personality. I have admired the show so much and the actors who make it happen and Jeff Davis who had the idea for Teen Wolf (thank you). I just hope you would take me into consideration. Thank you and if you need anymore info you can call me at <hidden from public> or my email at <hidden from public>

  11. Andrea

    I would be perfect for Teen Wolf because i am a big fan and acting is my dream. This show is so real and just amazing. I always learn lines from movies or epsidoes that i like and act it out, it’s always so much fun. Acting is just great because i can be a person or creature that is not me or i can never become and that is what is so great about it. I am like 5’3 and i dance and have done theater before. I can speak spanish and i can look young or older than my actual age which is 17. I hope i can at least get a chance to be in teen wolf whuch is my dream. Please.

  12. Karieft Glen

    Well the reason why i like teen wolf is because its just such a awesome show. Like I really wanted to be in it. Hopefully you’ll see my name and say “Hey let’s give Karieft Glen a chance.” Hopefully you’ll give me the chance to be on the show. I really want to try out for the character Mason that’s hopefully going to be on teen wolf. Im a amazing a person. PLEASE give me the chance to be in Teen wolf. To join the Pack. If you want to know more. To play the part Mason.
    Email: <hidden from public>

  13. Malcolm blondell

    Hello my name is Malcolm Blondell I have a deep and sincere interest in acting for teen wolf I have always wanted to work in the acting business I have good experience at working with others and invoking feelings offered this opportunity I will definitely do my best Consideration for this position would be a step in the right direction.With this I hope an interview would be the first step.
    Thank you ,Malcolm

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