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  1. Alexis Dennis

    TEEN WOLF IS MY LIFE. I live breathe, eat and sleep Teen Wolf! I would do whatever possible to be apart of this show!!
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 120
    E-mail: <hidden from public>
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin Complexion: Olive
    I have been acting for 12 years now and I know I have what it takes to be apart of this show!
    Please feel free to contact me at any time!

  2. Rogelio Delatorre

    Hi, my name is rogelio I am 21 years old I’m Hispanic I live in Alvin and attend college here.but anyways I’ve watched teen wolf when season 1 first aired and watched all seasons I live teen wolf! It always has me glued to the tv and the twists of the show make it so much better, and well I really would love the opportunity to be on the show as a background extra or even a character on the show! I really would love it, so I could say I did something amazing in my life. It just seems like something truly great to do I hope I have a chance. thanksfor reading!!!

  3. Matthew Muir

    G’DAY from Australia, my name is Matthew and I am 18 years old, I have brown eyes, olive complexion skin, light brown hair, my past experinces includes modelling for Minor Mini Catalogue, Tomorrow When The War Begin short film and Secret Seven short film. acting is deep with in my soul, I will be heading to America next year to improve upon my acting skills, I have been waiting for opportunity for a audition role in Teen Wolf since the show begin in 2011, I look forward to future Teen Wolf up coming auditions and shows

  4. Elysha limo

    Hi,my names are Elisha limo,a Kenyan nationality from Kenya. Born and raised at the same country. Iam 20 years old and physically speaking? Well I have a dark chocolate skin complexion, height of 1.75m tall, body type is average muscular, brown eyes, dark curly hair and have never broke a bone. I speak fluent English and Swahili which of course is very obvious. I’m still a student in a university studying interior design at the degree level. I have also engage in archery which is part time for me and took part in self defense exercise for 3 months now. As a high school student I took part in co-curriculum activities such as drama and music festivals thus having a bit of experience in this type of field. I have never been to any drama school before but I believe in myself that I have got the talent in the film industry. Why I think I’m fit to take part in this project?well I know I have the spirit and motivation to do this,in fact am a very confident in myself to do this. This is not something new to me so I know am going to do extremely well if given the slightest chance to showcase my ability in acting. Am looking forward to working with you guys and will truly appreciate if given the platform. Hope to hear from you soon,thanks.

  5. Elizabeth

    Gender: female
    Height: 5’4
    Age: 16
    Weight: 110
    Build: average
    Hair color: long black
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skin color: white/ tanned
    Hi my name is Elizabeth raised in minnesota but born in California. Acting has always been one of my many passions. I’ve wanted to become an actress since I was little and what better way then to be on a show that you’ve watched since the beginning and love .My friend and I always dreamed of being on teen wolf since season 1, we just love the show so much. I may not have any acting experience but I am a quick learner and have a passion for this so I won’t let you down
    Thank you so much, hope to hear back soon !

  6. Hillary Monterrosas

    Hi my nmae is Hillary Monterrosas im 19 years old I’ll be 20 in December 27. Im a college student at Santa Monica Community College. Im really shy to act in front of people but if I get a part in teen wolf it will be a great experience for me to tey and do my best. I got into teen wolf, because of my friend and from there i just kept watching it. There was a time that teen wilf was being filmed my 3rd and loma by Belmont High school I would walk by and just think to myself I could really act in a role as a wolf and really make it. I diserve to be in teen wolf because i like the show and I will try 100% even though i would get nervous.

  7. Stella Kuczynska

    My name is Stella Kuczynska and I am from London, England, but I am decent at an American accent and would be very willing to have voice training. I am fifteen, nearly sixteen years old and have been passionate about acting my whole life. I have been in several plays, including one at a very famous London theatre. I am currently in a British agency and improving my acting every day and have taken several movie acting courses. I am 5’6 and have medium to long brown hair, and am very willing to have my hair changed in any way. Please contact me if you wish to see a picture. I love the show very much and I also watch many other fantastic tv shows and enjoy them. I have loved acting all my life and would be incredibly overjoyed were I to hear back.

    Hair color: Darkish brown
    Eye color: Green
    Skin color: White (pale)
    Height: 5’6/167cm
    Weight: 50kg
    Nationality: Caucasian

  8. Jayda Nisbet

    Hi my name is Jayda, I’m 17 and 5’1. I absolutely love teen wolf. I have seen every season and I think it would be an amazing experience to be on teen wolf. I have always had a humongous love for acting ever since I was a little girl. I am currently in my schools drama club as actor and a tech, at our annual drama festivals I’ve taken part in improve and learning how to do a proper audition. In the past I have ran track, but on my schools step team, and have taken karate classes. I hope you would possibly consider me for an audition that would be amazing, please and thank you:)

  9. ashlee cane

    hi my name is Ashlee and i am a 16 years old Australian girl.
    i am 5’3 with hazel eyes and a mix between brown and blonde hair with extremely pail skin.
    over the years i have played many different sports that include netball, basketball, swimming and i have even done a small amount of Lacrosse at school. i have had no past experience with acting but am a quick learner. i am always willing to throw myself head first into anything given to me. i am going into my last year of high school and have done extensive research into different mythologies to base my photography folios and other subjects off of.
    the opportunity to even be looked at would be amazing because i live so far away.

  10. Zyona Ramsey

    hi just hope you got my letter love you so much zyona

  11. Sandra Benjamin

    Hi, I am Sandra Benjamin and I am from Nigeria. I should be considered for a role in teen wolf because I am good actress and I am confident that I can interpret any script given to me. Moreover I am very familiar with teen wolf its one of my favorite tv shows.
    I am 19years old, petite(5″4) and I am black. Perfect for a unique role in the upcoming season of teen wolf

  12. Cora menzies

    Heyyyy I am so happy for this! My friend and I have been waiting for a long time! We have seen every episode and I love the show! I would love if I could be on the show! Here is a little about me!
    Grade 8
    Age 13
    Birthday june 15, 2001
    Eye color hazel
    Hair color dark brown
    Height 5’2
    Weight 80-90 pounds
    Skin white, tan, freckles

  13. Kayla Schiavi

    Heyy guys! Im so pummped for this to be happening. Me and my friend have been waiting for this. I want to be in this show because i love it so much i like what you have done with it. I watch it all the time i have restarted it cause i was wathing it on netflix.
    Hight: 4’9
    Eye color: light blue
    Weight: 80-90 idk
    Build: basic
    Age:14 going on 15 this december
    Hair: normal dirty blonde but i dye it so its red now
    Skin: white, taned
    I would like to concore my fear of stage fright i also would like the feeling of being there and known i have always been in the shadows. I would like to be part or your family teen wolf. My family is falling apart please i would like to be part of this. You should chose me cause im awesome (hehehe)

  14. Zyona Ramsey

    Hi my name is Zyona i love your wonderful show teenwolf your show really inspires me and if i ever get to play a role on your show i think i would be a bad girl and hunter.

    skin:dark chocolate
    eye color:brown
    hair color:black
    like to do when bored sing

  15. Hannah Rousseau

    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    Hair: dark blonde / light brown
    Eyes: blue-green
    Height: about 5’6″
    Weight: 125-130
    Build: average/muscular/slim
    I have seen every episode of teen wolf and I love the show. I’m interested in auditioning for a part in season 5. I have been mistaken for a teenager age 15-17 on many occasions. I wear glasses but will get contacts if necessary. I live in Massachusetts but am 100% willing to go to California to audition and/or film (by this I mean move to California). I have been in many plays and have good acting experience. I have not taken any acting classes but will if it is necessary. I play sports including track & field, cross country, ice hockey, swimming, and more. I am good at becoming different character and acting comes easily to me. I love directing and editing. I love making movies with my friends, acting in them, and directing them. I am also working on getting an acting agent. I could play a character such as Scott’s second beta and/or Liam’s love interest in season 5. I would love to join teen wolf. Please tell me if you are interested. Thank you!

  16. Theresa Malloy

    I am writing to say my son, Shane, should be considered for Teen Wolf. He is currently 13 years old and taking advanced level classes in the MIT-e program at Sinagua Middle School in Flagstaff, AZ. He is funny (class clown), but also serious and reserved. He is generally considered polite. He has a talent for making balloon animals and started a fundraiser to buy video games for kids admitted to Flagstaff Medical Center.

  17. Anna Foltyn Poland

    My name is Anna. I live in Poland. I am 20 years old . I do not have experience in this business, but very quick learner . I wants to play in this series because I know that I can. this is one of my favorite series.
    I watched it from the beginning of the 5 times in Polish and in the original language. I am 20 years old and studying Performance Studies at the University of Wroclaw. I can speak English well but not the best. This would be a chance for me to learn something new and better learn the language. I have blond hair and blue eyes.I have 4 tattoos: two quotes “do what you love and love what you do” and words Luther King and the inscription Queen Korean and tattooed “YG” I am 168 cm tall and I weigh 68 kg. I do not know your weight units. belief that a person can achieve anything in what they really believe. the belief that you choose me and help me change my life a little walk.
    I’m not a manic fan, but I like the series and movies, good movies

  18. DariusSweets

    Hi guys!
    I really want to try to play in movies and TV serials. I like the plot of the TV series Teen Wolf. I live in Russia. I am 16 years old. I have experience, because I am aspiring actor and I play on stage. I like to play different people and different characters. Also I model, journalist and photographer. I finished music and art school and i was engaged in dances( ballet and hip-hop).
    The external data:
    Skin color: pure white
    Hair Color: Brunette with bleached ends
    Eye color: gray-green
    Ethnicity: European
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5′ 4
    Weight: 101’4
    Build: Athletic, slender
    Features: freckles (some on the face)
    Thank you for your attention!!!

  19. Kaitlyn Grey

    Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I’d love to be on teen wolf because I’ve always been the odd one out but when I watch teen wolf I feel like I am at the place in the world were I belong.All of the cast membours on teen wolf are my idles especially T-pose . I don’t have any expirience with acting but I do know A LOT about the supernatural and thought it would be cool just to tryout. The only thing I don’t want to happen is me kissing anyone, big no no

    I live in Perth Western Australia
    I am 5,10
    I have brown eyes and brown shoulder length hair
    I am a HUGE fan of teen wolf

    Thank you for your time

  20. Carlos Vanegas

    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 163
    Age: 17
    Build: Average
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: caramel type

    My name is Carlos from Tucson, Arizona born and raised here, Senior class of 2015. Acting has always been one of my passions since i was a kid. Since i was a young little boy I would always act anything i saw in a movie or just something in my head. I know that i make a great actor because i’ve been doing it since i was about 5 or 6. Took drama class in Middle school so i leaned a few things about acting. getting a role in this would be a dream come true! Thank you for reading. Hope to hear back!

  21. jocelyn garcia

    Hi i’m jocelyn garcia i’m 11( 12 on january)I would
    Love to be on. TEEN WOLF
    I always wanted to be on TEEN WOLF i have been
    acting to be on TEEN WOLF because i love it
    ilove TEEN WOLF since i was 8 years old
    And why i have been acting because i want an opportunnity
    On TEEN WOLF. I have an idea for TEEN WOLF
    I can play for SCOTT MCCALLS SISTER
    i have been acting this role since the 1 season

    so PLLLLLLLEAAAASSSSEEE give me an opportunnity

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