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  1. Abigail Rolf

    Hey I’m abi Rolf. I’m 15 and live in the Midwest. I’ve loved teen wolf since the first episode. I’m the biggest fan out there. I absolutely love it. The teen wolf cast is literally the best cast I have ever seen in my entire life. Dylan OBrien has been my favorite since the beginning but Liam is such a good addition and a close second! Each episode gets better and better I count down the hours all week until the next episode is released. It would be my dream to be an extra actor. I don’t have much acting experience but I don’t care if I’m the girl stuffing her face in the background I would KILL to be a part of teen wolf! I’m blonde and have blue eyes and I’m 5’4. I also have a twin so we could do some stuff with that. Just any opportunity to be able to be on the teen wolf set would be the best day of my life! Email me if you would possibly think of putting me in as an extra! Teen wolf literally is my life and I love every single actor in it! It’s the perfect cast!

  2. Dominic Brown-Downes

    Hi I am Dominic Brown-Downes, from Melbourne I haven’t had the most experience but still keen, hadn’t seen Teen Wolf until last year since it isn’t aired in Australia thus the basis of its appeal to me. I am quite a happy person and get along with most people quite easily. Really hope I get chosen so I can widen skills and be in a happy environment with people I can enjoy hey self with. I will try not to let you down and am fine with any circumstances.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’11
    From/Accent: Melbourne Australia (can learn other accents if wanted)
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Skin: Caucasian (some freckles)
    Backbround Race: Irish/Scottish

  3. Kacey Bugarin

    My name is Kacey Bugarin. I’m from baltimore Maryland and I would like to pursue acting. I’m 14 turning 15 in February 2015. I’ve wanted to be an actress since my stepfather passed away in 2011. I’ve started watching teen wolf and I’ve become in love with it. I started watching it a few days before season four started but I managed to get in all the episodes starting from season 1. And have watched every episode of season 3 about 3 times. I think the acting in the show is amazing and I would love to be apart of that. I would love to audition for the show if you consider me. Thank you.

  4. Vanessa Lynn Meraz

    My name is Vanessa and I’m a huge fan of MTV’s Teen Wolf but that’s not the reason why I want a chance to audition. To be honest I never acted or performed ever. But I just want to try something new. I’m very open-minded and I am up for any challenge.

  5. Chris Chasey

    Hello I alway wanted to be on Teen Wolf i saw ever season and i love this show..

  6. Jamie Rodriguez

    Hey! I’m Jamie Rodriguez ! I would like to say that I absolutely love TeenWolf ! I have never missed an episode since it aired in 2011! I was extremely heartbroken when Allison died last season and remained in shock until the beginning of this season. I still can’t believe she is gone. She will forever be missed and in my heart.

    I would like to say that I would love to be apart of the TeenWolf family ! I believe that it would be the best show and cast to work with. I’m in love with the suspension, drama, romance, humor, horror, and the supernatural the show carries ! All of my favorite things in one show is absolutely amazing.

    A little bit about myself: I am Mexican-American. I am fluent in both Spanish and English, and I’m learning to speak French. This will be my 3rd year in French class. I have some acting experience. It has been my dream to be an actor since I was 5! I’m easy to work with and make friends super easily. I am fun and energetic, as well as athletic! I’ve played soccer, I’ve danced hip hop (for 2 years) and did ballet as well. Currently, I’m in color guard and soon to be on the lacrosse team ! I can memorize lines easily and can play the dramatic role very easily! I love fashion, too! With this being said, I love to dress up super girly just as I can just wear jeans/shorts with a regular t-shirt. I can also pull off the all dark clothing wear and I rock the red/ dirty blonde hair color !

    I believe that I would make a killer wolf or any other supernatural, even a hunter like Allison was, or simply just an extra. Just being apply to work with the cast and on this fabulous show would be amazing.

    Other details include:
    Age: 16
    Race: Mexican-American
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 135… Slim
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin tone: tan

    Please contact me ! Even if it’s just to ask simply questions. I’m very interested and determined!

  7. Samantha

    My name is Samantha & I’m about to turn 15 but I look older than my age. I’ve always had a passion for acting so the opportunity to be able to do that on my favorite TV show would be a dream come true. Teen Wolf is suspenseful and always keeps you wanting more. I have brown hair, brown eyes. I am from New York and I’m 5 foot 7. I play soccer and piano . I’m very good & memorizing things so memorizing my lines wouldn’t be a problem. Thank you for your time!

  8. Jamie Rodriguez

    Hey! I’m Jamie Rodriguez and I would like to say that I absolutely love Teen Wolf! I’ve never missed an episode since Teen Wolf aired in 2011. I was extremely heartbroken and in shock when Allison died last season and she will forever be in my heart ! I would love to be apart of the Teen Wolf family ! I admire all the characters and the show in all seems super fun to work on! It’s filled with romance, drama, horror, suspension, and humor, and above all, it deals with the supernatural ! I’ve always been in love with all these genres and the supernatural.
    Here is a little bit of information about me: I have some acting experience and I’m easy to work with. I’m athletic as well! I’ve played soccer, I’ve done karate, danced hip hop and ballet, and currently, I’m on color guard. I soon hope to be on the lacrosse team for my school! I’m fun and energetic and I believe that I could play a killer wolf (or anything else in mind). I’m also Hispanic, Mexican- American to be exact. I’m fluent in both Spanish and English, and I’m learning French as well. If this helps, I’m also at the top of my class and have high grades. I’m outgoing and make friends easily. I also love fashion. With this being said, I can be super girly or simply dress in jeans and a t-shirt, or like in teen wolf, I can pull off the all black clothing look! Other details include the following:
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 135 … Slim
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin color: tan
    Eye color: brown
    Gender: Female
    I would love to have a major role on teen wolf, but playing an extra wouldn’t be so bad either. Acting and modeling have been my life dreams since I was 5! So please contact me, I’d love to work on Teen Wolf and with the cast!

  9. Austin Kayler

    I have always wanted to act and i watch teen wolf every Monday night and love it i think it would be cool to be apart of the show maybe as a beta I have Aldo wanted to do modeling

  10. Abby

    I love teen wolf ever scence it came out in 2011 when I first saw it tyler posey caught my eye because in the tv show him and stiles didn’t fit and I can relate to that because I try my best to fit in but enough about me. I would love to be a part of ur show very much I am 14 turning 15 September 29 is my b-day so 9-29-1999 I have a great personality , even if I don’t get the part in any role i would never give up trying. Tyler posey birthday October 18, he is 22 I know everything about every teen wolf cast member. I would be happy to just help the cast so I do love love teen wolf I am always looking forward to seeing it every Monday I never missed an episode or season I was upset when teen wolf was took in off netflix cuz if I didn’t feel like watching something teen wolf I would just watch over and over again because teen wolf is inspiration to me to fit in and be a great person. So I would be oh so happy and my name is Abby baez phone number <hidden from public> 

  11. Alexis Vandross


    My name is Alexis Vandross. I’m a fifteen year old American female, and I attend Wadleigh Secondary High School of Visual and Performing Arts. I’ve always known since a young age that my goal, and my dreams is to one day pursue a career in the ARTS, specifically Acting.

    I’ve always desired to become an actress because it’s my passion, and it’s something that I really enjoy and love doing. During my first year of high school I landed the lead role in a play called Law and Order Fairytale Unit. In addition to that, I also debuted with a company called Love Song Productions, in the lead role of The Cinderella Ball, in which I played Cinderella.

    What would be a dream come true for me is to be in one of my most favorite T.V. Shows, and Teen Wolf happens to be the first on my list. I think Teen Wolf is an AMAZING series, and I enjoy it so much because of all the monsters, drama, mysteries, and adventures that it takes you on. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to play a role in one of my favorite T.V. Shows, which is why I want to audition for Teen Wolf.

    I thank you for this wonderful opportunity in advance.

    Alexis Vandross

    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 127
    Hair Color: dark brown
    Eye Color: brown

  12. Vanessa MacDonald

    Hello, my name is Vanessa.
    I am currently sixteen years old.
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Brown
    Height: 5’4
    Skin: Medium – Dark
    Teen wolf is a show where once you watch it, you almost already feel as if you are apart of it. The drama and suspense is more than captivating and it is what keeps you hooked on it, just waiting and waiting for the next episode. The show itself has a mysterious personality which anyone watching it really will enjoy as well as some of the beautiful love stories on the show. Being a fan of the show for such a long time, you begin to want to be apart of something so big and spectacular. Which is indeed one of many reasons I would like to be. I think being able to work with all the brilliant actors/actresses would be an experience of a life time. The slipped in humor of the show is something I personally think I would be a great asset to consider.
    Thank you for your time.

  13. Jessica Lauren Cuellar

    Hi, my name is Jessica Lauren Cuellar. I am 16 years old and I was born January 21st, 1998 in Cuba. I actually live in Florida but I am willing to travel to any place for get my dream to become a successful actress. I have long blond-red hair and brown eyes. I am 5’4 and I weigh 130 pounds.
    I am bilingual, I speak Spanish and English. I have experience with the “cameras and the lights”. Since I was six years old I’ve been acting in television. When I was 13 I have my own section in a local show in my hometown San Jose de las Lajas, Havana. I see Teen Wolf since chapter 1, I really love this show, the mythology, the drama, the characters, everything. I would love to be one of the new creatures in the drama (a vampire, werewolf, nephilim, fairy,whatever). I get really emotional every time that I see a chapter, even when I see the chapter by third or fourth time. I know that I can fit in this serial that mix comedy and drama.
    Please email me soon, pleaseeee nothing would make me happier

  14. Brian Zack Starz

    Brian Zack Starz, very proud of the success of Teen wolf! Many people including my friends tell me that i fit the Teen Wolf show. I would love to be on the show it is truly one of my favorite shows. Acting has been one of my favorite things to do! I am senior in high school age 17 & you guys should pick me it would be awesome! Contact me at <hidden from public> also thank you Jeff Davis for an amazing show! #Warewolfme

  15. Olivia Pinto

    My name is Olivia Pinto. I am 16 soon to be 17 on September 5th. I fell in love with Teen Wolf since the first episode. The coming attractions for season 1 sparked my attention immediately. I am very interested in the supernatural and want to be apart of the Teen Wolf crew. I bet you get so many emails a day probably saying the same thing about how much they love the show but for me it’s much deeper than that. I also love acting. I strive to make acting a career for me. This could be my “big break.” I understand you get so many people wanting to audition but I have so much passion for acting and so much love for the show that they can benefit each other to make something special and powerful. I have wanted to audition for the show to be in season 1 but I was to young and now that I am older I really hope you take the time to hear me out and give me the opportunity of a lifetime. I would like you to get to know me more. I play soccer for FC Bucks National ECNL team. I don’t expect you to know much about soccer but if you look it up it is the highest level. I was also accepted to play on the Olympic Development Program(odp) team. I was asked to play for Converse University in South Carolina. The reason I am telling you this is because I know what dedication and hard work consists of. Another reason is because on March 2nd of this year I tore my acl and meniscus during a game and had to have surgery on my knee. My soccer career was crushed right before me. I can not tell you how many nights I spent crying because my passion for soccer was so strong and not being able to play kills me inside everyday. Therefore, acting can be my escape. The passion I have for acting is 10x stronger now that I am unable to play soccer. I also have recently received an opportunity to model for Abercrombie. I’m not asking you for a definite spot, all I’m asking for is an audition and I promise I will not let you down. When I was younger my Grandmother would sit with me for hours just listening to me recite lines from my favorite shows. My favorite line was “how rude” from Full House haha. My Grandmother would tell me she can see my acting in the future. Sadly my Grandmother had passed away. This sparked my motivation to make her proud of me. She always wanted me to chase my dreams so that is what I’m going to do and will not stop until they’re fulfilled. I know this sounds weird but I feel like she gives me signs to let me know she is watching.
    Some more information about me:
    - born on September 5th, 1997
    - long blonde hair
    - brown eyes
    - 5’6
    - 130 pounds (of muscle, I am not buff I’m toned and very proud of it)
    - light tan skin
    I am very outgoing and am very easy to talk to. I’ve been told I make people feel like they have known me for years when they actually have just met me. I’m hard working and unfortunately a perfectionist. I’m determined and have never given up on anything so I’m sure this will not be the only time you hear from me.

  16. Alex Paskewich

    Hii! Im alex and i absolutley love teen wolf. Its my favorite tv show! I really want to be part of the teen wolf cast just because i have always wanted to be a supernatural creature..haha weird right? But seriously i wouldnt even mind being a human (who maybe turns into a wolf)!… Just saying lol. Anyway please consider!
    Name:Alex Paskewich
    Height: 6 feet 1 inch
    Hair:brown skater hair(I longboard)
    Eye color: hazel, blue, grey(depends on what im wearing)

  17. Shelby

    I would like to begin by saying that Teen Wolf is my favorite show. That being said, I am a bit skeptical of this site because it seems to good to be true. If it is true, I would love to be considered for even a small role on this show. I have been acting in small local theater productions since I was 8 years old. It is definitely my dream to be an actress, but I have never known where to begin. I think I could be a great contribution to the Teen Wolf cast. I noticed the recent demise of one of the banshees. I also noticed that a key banshee attribute is the scream, and if the cast needs another banshee with a great scream, I could definitely do that. If the cast is fine with only one banshee, I am sure I could be great for another role. I have seen every episode of Teen Wolf that has ever aired, and it would be a great honor and pleasure to be a part of the series. Thank you for your time and consideration.
    – Shelby

  18. Leslie aguilar

    Hello my name is Leslie I am currently 16 years old. I will turn 17 in December. I was born in Chicago and grew up in Texas, I am still living in Texas. My life has been a roller coaster to be honest even before I was born. I have dark brown eyes dark brown hair. Sometimes my hair looks lighter because when I was a baby it was sort of blondish not a lot and my eyes were grey too. I know weird right. I don’t know if people would say I’m happy all the time or sad I don’t know. I was that type of girl who cared about what people thought of me, but now I’m like I could really care less. The reason I would like to be in teen wolf is because it would be awesome to be with such great actors and I just love teen wolf I get over excited when I talk about with my friends or family. Love how in season 3 Dylan O’Brien had an evil side it was amazing that season gave me I don’t know how many times goosebumps. I would would like to be in the cast because I want adventurous I want to meet the people who came up with this great amazing idea and yea some people may think I’m just saying it to get a better chance but no I’m speaking from the heart and being honest.

  19. Jonathan Diaz

    Hey my name is Jonathan and I’m interested in taking part of playing a role in Teen Wolf! I’ve watched the show since the day it began and I believe I have what it takes to be involved with this series. Huge fan and hope one day I’m given the chance to play a role on Teen Wolf!

    Age – 20
    Height – 6’3
    Eye color – Green
    Body type – Athletic/toned
    Weight – Approximately 165
    Email – <hidden from public>

  20. Mateo Lopez

    Hello, i’ve been interested in acting on this show for about a year. i’ll be 18 in august, the fifth, and love the way you guys make the show. ive been a part of a drama team before, and love to work out. fighting has always been a part of my life, and enjoy being on camera. i weigh about 135lb, and am a mix of Puerto Rican and west indian. i graduate next year, and would like to be a part of this show. the show looks fun, and i hope i am to you.

  21. Andrea Gomez

    You’re asking me to convince you to pick me over everyone else who has already commented. To convince you that I’m better and it should be me on the show, but I honestly believe that even having the hope and the risk to comment why one should be on the show is enough to say they deserved to be considered. Majority of the people that have commented like me, love the show and believe it would be a great opportunity to be on it.
    For me it has always been a dream to pursue an acting career. I have participated in a Theater Group for three years which has given me a bit of experience, but as a young teenage girl, I always have the chance to learn as I go on. There are several on here who want a chance just as much as I do, and give their best reason why they should be even considered, but all I’m hoping for is a future. I’ve wanted an acting career since I was eight, and ever since then, my family has been doing all that they can to get me there. Sure, I’ve had my rejections in castings and auditions, but I’d rather I’d try and know I did what I could, then say I didn’t try at all. I’m hoping to take a chance now. Even if I’m just considered for the part would be good enough for me. That’s all I’m asking for.
    I thank you for your considerations and your time.
    Andrea Gomez

  22. Megan McNichol

    I will tell you in advance I’m only 12 years old but I look like I’m 13. I have always known about teen wolf but never watched it till about 6 months ago. Now I am hooked I watched all of season 1,2, and 3 in 3 weeks. I don’t have experience but I will give 110%.
    I am about 5’3 and 100 pounds and I am still growing. I have light brown/dirty blond hair and bluish greenish eyes. I am very athletic. I do basketball, cheer,volleyball,some swimming, and I am pretty fast.
    I know this show is about teenagers and “I’m just a kid” but this past year I really have matured. I had to deal with something most kids don’t my dad was diagonosed with colon cancer. This was really hard for me and so unexpected but now he is sooo much better and I came out a stronger person.
    I would be shocked if I was ever picked to be on the show or if this was ever even read. But please just read this.

  23. Brody Brooks

    My name is Brody Kyle Brooks. I am 20 years young, and I am from small town Noble Oklahoma. I have been waiting for casting calls for teen wolf, because I feel like I would be an ideal candidate for a part in the hit series. I have always had a passion for acting and being on the silver screen. I believe that you should truly love what you do for a living, and i believe that MTV can give me that opportunity. I have had a feeling since I can remember that I have a destiny, and I am meant to do amazing things. I am a very deep thinker, but I am always outgoing and I always try to have a good time. I can get into different characters pretty easy. am 5’9″ I weigh 155 lbs. I have short brown hair, I am tan because I have Native American blood in my vaines. I would love an opportunity to be apart of this amazing series. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for this opportunity.

  24. Lloyd Campbell

    Hello my name is Lloyd Campbell. I have been a fan of teen wolf from the very beginning and i just have to say I love how much the show has evolved over the years. I never have missed a episode yet. This is probably the best show I have seen in years. Hopefully I get a chance to be on the show it would mean the world to me. I’m 23 years old 5’5 African American with black hair and brown eyes. Hope you guys contact me back.

  25. Dominic Brown-Downes

    Hi I am Dominic Brown-Downes, from Melbourne haven’t had much experience but still keen, hadn’t seen Teen Wolf until last year since it isn’t aired in Australia thus the basis of its appeal to me, I would really enjoy to get a part allowing me to leave behind many experiences from the past and ongoing. I am quite a happy person and get along with most people quite easily. Really hope I get chosen so I can widen skills and be in a happy environment with people I can enjoy myself with. I have no problem at all at relocating, actually would prefer it.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’11
    From/Accent: Melbourne Australia (can learn other accents if wanted)
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Skin: Caucasian (some freckles)
    Backbround Race: Irish/Scottish

  26. Isabel Johnson

    I am Isabel “Izzy” Johnson, I am 14 but have been told I look 17. I am Native American, African American, and Cuban, but I am told to look Indian. I am almost fluent in French, I play the viola, the violin, and I am learning the guitar. I am 5’10″ and have modeled on few occasions, I play volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse. If I were to be on Teen Wolf, I think it would be cool to be a maybe dr. Deaton’s unknown daughter. My hair is curly or wavy, depends on the day. I absolutely love everything about teen wolf, and would love to even be considered for a role. I also love the new characters brought in season 4, they seem like the next generation of teen wolf. My dad actually knows people from MTV so maybe that could help.

  27. Audrey Mangiaracina

    Okay well I fantasize about being on teen wolf allll the time !!! I think I should be on the show because I am literally OBSESSED with teen wolf escpecialy the super sexy Dylan O’brien It would be a dream come true !!!!! I have been watching teen wolf since the very first episode and I know I’m only twelve but I was thinking I could play like a girl that is a new student like one of the people that are really smart and get bumped up a few grades … Anyways I could play a banshee or a werewolf and become friends with holland Roden or Arden cho well I hope I get picked bc my dreams will all come true and I hate how I see hardly anyone giving Jeff Davis any credit because I feel that he should get credit I mean he is the one that wrote teen wolf right ? Yeah that’s what I thought thanks bye

    Sincerely, Audrey Mangiaracina

  28. Victoria Miotke

    Hi, my name is Victoria Miotke and I’ve been watching teen wolf since the show started. I have literally grown an emotional attachment to the show and I think thatvit would be so amazing to be apart of the show. I’ve loved acting ever since I was in elementary school, I’m going into my junior year in high school this next school year. Although I’ve never been on TV, I have been in school plays over the years and I feel like I would be fairly easy to work with.
    It would be an honor to have the opportunity to work with the cast and crew of teen wolf! Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you need anymore information or have any questions, please contact me.
    Hair color: red and blonde ombre
    Eye color: green/hazel
    Height: 5’8
    D.O.B: 2/25/98
    Age: 16

    Thank you,
    Victoria Miotke.

  29. Brianna Davis

    Honestly I would love to be in this show to help start my acting career. I have some acting experience so I’m not a newbie. I am 18 years old, mixed African-American and Mexican, from Chula Vista California. So traveling to LA wouldn’t be hard for myself. Not only that but I do watch the series so I would be able to know what’s happening and wouldn’t need to be caught up. I am a very hard worker and hopefully I get a call back.

  30. Rj

    I like to audition for teen wolf because I’m a great actor I like animales and I’m 13 and if you pick me I promise I will not let you down phone number <hidden from public> 

  31. Adam Warren

    My name is Adam Warren I’m 6’1 170 lbs I’m pretty athletic and really like the show and think I could bring new thrills to the show for either good or bad side would just like to become a part of a rising show… Thanks

  32. David

    Hello my is David. I am 13 years old, 5′ 1″, with green eyes, and weigh 92 pounds. I’ve had experience with acting in school but other than that I don’t act. My grades are good in school and I live in Santa Maria, California. I was introduced to the show by my mom during the second grade. I’m amazed by all the action and suspense that happens, especially with a whole bunch of things going on its hard to keep up. I would love to be on the show and would be an honor to work with some awesome people such as Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, and Holland Roden. You wouldn’t know how special it would be if you accepted me to audition. Thanks for listening and I hope I can see them all.

  33. Jenna Tarcha

    Hi my names Jenna and I’m 15. I look more mature than my age. I’ve loved acting my whole life but my mom doesn’t think I can make it on TV and such. I’ve been acting in my schools and in theaters in my town. I’ve been looking for auditions, small auditions, to see of anyone will give me a chance. I honestly would love a chance to show you that I’m willing to do anything you ask me to do. I’m one if the hardest workers you’ll meet and if you need me to do something I will do everything in my power to make sure that I make you happy. I would like to prove to the people around me who don’t think I can make it big. I’m from a small town in New York and I’m not going to lie, we aren’t the richest people you’ll meet. we can’t drive or fly far and wide for auditions. My mom doesn’t want to take me places if she doesn’t believe it’s worth it for me. All I’m asking for is a chance. So please let me know.

  34. Joey Rodriguez

    my name is Joey Rodriguez im 17 soon 18 im an actor an a model im a big fan of the show and ill be happy to audition or play any role in this amazing series
    height: 5’11
    weaigh: 155
    from: Puerto Rico
    eye color: green
    hair: light brown kind of blonde
    athletic body
    thanks for Reading this hope you contact me to send some pics

  35. Cynthia Dorantes

    Hi, My name is Cynthia Dorantes. I have been watching Teen Wolf since it aired in 2011 and by far it is my favorite show. I would love to audition for a part i this show because i feel that i could be a great addition to the show. Right now, in this season, it takes them back to Mexico, and the city of the Nahuals. I have a lot of information about the Nahual and Mexico City because I have an Aztec background due to my dad who was born in Mexico City. I know how to speak some words in the Aztec language, Nahualt, and I am fluent in Spanish and in English. I had some practice in acting when I was younger and I always taught it was going to be my career, but I stopped acting and performing when I was 10 when my career and dream in soccer became a reality. Now that I’m 18, and after having surgery on my ankle last year, my career in soccer has gone downhill and no longer playing, I believe that my real dream was always performing and or acting. I’m a 6’1, 18 year old hispanic female with dark brown hair. Anyways, I hope you consider me as a part of Teen Wolf, thank you so much for the opportunity. Hope to be contacted soon. Thank you.
    Cynthia Dorantes.

  36. Indigo Green

    I’m Indigo and I believe that I have the talent you are looking for,especially in a show like Teen wolf. I’m a very fast learner and also a athlete, i believe my name isn’t two colors for no reason so I know I’m meant to be somebody. When it comes to me and working, nothing gets in the way, and I’m always focused. You wouldn’t regret hiring me as a cast member. I’m a California beauty with sass and positivity. I look forward to getting a audition.

  37. Kyanna Ebanks

    Hello my name is Kyanna Ebanks but everyone calls me KyKy and I am 17 years old but soon to be 18 in a month, go figure (: I’ve watched Teen Wolf since it first started in 2011 and I haven’t missed an episode since. Teen Wolf would be a great fit for me because I am an outgoing person who loves a new challenge as well as being goofy but also serious. I’ve been a gymnast since I was 4 and I’m very easy to work with and I’m a people person. I hope to be apart of the Teen Wolf family and join a show that audiences around the country loves to watch. Even though the show is based on supernatural beings, it has a basis of realistic storylines that everyone can relate to from fitting in to loss. I hope this finds you well. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Height: 5’3″
    Race: African American/Hispanic
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown

  38. Briana Ramirez

    Hi my name is Briana I’m 12 years old and would like to be on teen wolf because I love this tv show and would like to have the opportunity to be on set while casting this tv show and being able to she myself on my favorite tv show of all time! I seen every episode from season 1 to until now and I will keep watching it! But most of all I think I should be on teen wolf because I think they need someone really young like me to be on teen wolf!. Just an idea I can maybe be flashbacks of Allison

  39. Brendan Grayson

    My name is Brendan Grayson and I should be considered for the teen wolf show because I am 5 foot 10, 185 lbs of mostly muscle and I am only turning 13 years old in august 2014. I do have experience in acting in two movies as an extra but I have also done modeling off and on since I was 4 years old. Most people who see me think I am at least 16 to 18 years old. I am not shy in front of the camera and I enjoy entertaining others. I have great communication skills and I love watching teen wolf. I look forward to having an opportunity to audition for a role in teen wolf and will be more than happy to answer any further questions or send more pictures. Thank you for considering me for a future role in teen wolf.

  40. Lyndsey Nanette.

    Hello my name is Lyndsey Nanette. I’m turning 17 in about 3 months and I am Puerto Rican & Ecuadorian, even though I get confused for being a white girl haha. The reason why I wish to be on the show? its pretty obvious! I am a huge fan. I feel like I can fit it and play the part to the best of my ability. I love the suspense and thrill of the show and that’s what I wish to work in. I am very easy to work with, I just go with the flow and even though I never have done anything related to being in this industry just yet, I feel like I can do it. Here are some more things about me:

    Hair color: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Skin Color: Light
    Height: 5’1
    Body type: Small/Medium.

    Thank you for your time & I hope to hear from you! :)

  41. Olivia Fernandes

    Hi, I m Olivia. I m from India. The day I started watching teen wolf, i fell in love with it. I m a big fan of all the teen wolf crew members. Like, i have their picture as a wallpaper on my phone, on my laptop. I just love them a lot. I wish i could see them in real.
    My passion is singing and also to become an Hollywood actor. I wish i was the part of this teen wolf series. I never told anyone about my dreams because i hate when someone make a decision about what my life will be, that means no one will let me be what i want to become. But i know that one day i will reach to success. I wish teen wolf best of luck for further teen wolf seasons. Because every season has been really interesting. After season 2, i was waiting to watch season 3, and then season 4. So good luck for all my teen wolf celebrities.

  42. kayla brown

    Hi I’m Kayla brown and I am 14 years old I really want to talk about teen wolf and see if I can play a part or something to be in the movie teen wolf I have been watching teen wolf from season 1-4 and I want to be in season 4 and so on please please contact me thank you.

  43. Kristen Jackson

    Teen Wolf is my favorite show ever! Hi, I’m Kristen jackson and i’m about to turn 15 September 7th. Ever since I first seen an episode of the show I loved it. I think Teen Wolf would be awesome and amazing to be on, even to be an extra. I love supernatural activity and acting. I would love to audition for a part in Teen Wolf. I’m funny, really nice, skinny, white, and I’m 5’4. I weigh about 106. I love sports, walking around in woods, riding fourwheelers and watching Teen Wolf. If you have any questions or anything you can contact me! :) I really hope I can audition and have a part even as an extra. Acting has always been something I wanted to do ever since I was 7. Thanks for your time!! :D

  44. jazmine lee

    I believe I should be cast in Teen Wolf simply because I am determined & have plenty of time on my hands.

  45. Isaac Soto

    Hello my name is isaac soto and i am 16 years old. I’ve been watching teen since it aired in 2011. I have never missed one episode. The show is amazing and every season is better than the rest. I would love to audition for a part in the series. I would love to join the teen wolf family. I have acting experience and i am very easy to work with. I hope you guys are reading this and are willing to contact me.
    Height: 5’11
    weight: 152
    hair color: black
    Eye color: brown
    Race: mexican

  46. Giovanna Bonanno

    Hello, my name is Giovanna Bonanno but you can call me Gigi. I am 15 years old, and I have been interested in acting for a good part of my life. Ever since I was younger I have enjoyed playing roles of character who I can relate to, or even characters that I have little in common with. I have participated in a few school plays and programs since I was in kindergarten. Despite the fact that I have not done one in a year, I still practice acting from my house. I read many different monologues with many different genres and characters to act out. Also, I practice with my younger brother to memorize lines and perform them for him. I have always been interested in the show Teen Wolf and have watched since season 1, episode 1 ‘Wolf Moon’. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to audition for a show like Teen Wolf, as one of the actors on this show had inspired me to become an actress when I was younger. Although, I have never acted on TV or a movie screen before, I believe that I could portray and play a character well on Teen Wolf, or any other amazing show if given the chance. I will not lie, I believe I do have a great sense of humor. I am quick with my wit and thinking of comedic things to say comes easy to me. Also, I can act or be very serious when I want to be. My personality is more on the comedic side, and I always try to keep myself and those around me thinking positive. This is why I believe I could play any part thrown at me in Teen Wolf very well. I live in Las Vegas, but my mother and I travel to LA almost once a month. We have also talked about acquiring residency there, so location issues would not be a problem. As I said before I am 15 years old, and my DOB is 12/16/98. I am a caucasian female with hazel eyes, fair skin, and dark brown hair. I am 5’7 and weigh 120 lb. Thank you so much for the opportunity to write a note on here to tell you why I would be a great addition to the cast of Teen Wolf, and why I should be considered for an audition on Teen Wolf.
    Gigi Bonanno

  47. Haley

    Hi my name is haley and I have been in love with teen wolf ever since 2011 when the first episode came out. I think teen wolf would be a great fit for me cause I’m in love with the whole supernatural love romances and pretty much love any movie or show with supernaterals in it . Being on teen wolf would literally be my dream come true because every episode just keeps getting better and better and I would love to be part of that. I’m extremely athletic and I’ve done lacrosse soccer volleyball softball and cheerleading and I think I capfuls be a great fit to the show and I can learn lines really fast and I just overall think I could be a great fit to the series of teen wolf
    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color : blue/grey/green
    Skin : tan
    Height 5″2
    Age 15

  48. Giovanna Zepeda

    Well for starters, my name is Giovanna Zepeda. I am 22 years old. The reason I searched if there was a casting call for “Teen Wolf” is very simple, I love the show! I feel like I connected with the characters in some way just from watching since the first episode. They are truly great actors and I hope to someday be the same. I’ve never really acted on screen before, but ever since I was 10, I began talking to myself in the restroom mirror, acting out scenes with myself, trying to bring out the proper emotion that would fit for a certain scenario. It’s been like that for years, I always thought it was just me being weird, but I guess deep down I do want to act, I do want to show others what I can do. Hopefully whatever talent I have can be of some use to someone. If I were to describe myself in few words, I’d say that I was very energetic, friendly, a bit goofy at times, but I can also be very serious. I guess it depends on the time and place, and what the situation is. I truly have a deep passion for movies and music. I love to dance and write. I really suck at science, which has nothing to do with what we’re supposed to post on here, but a little extra information can help a little bit. I recently dyed my hair Ruby Red, it’s about short-to-medium length, but if the role requires long hair, there are always extensions. I weigh about 204, I am 5’4″ , Hispanic, very fluent in English, I can also speak Spanish well, I also know how to say Hello and Thank you in Chinese. I wouldn’t mind being an extra either, that actually sounds pretty cool. The description can go on and on, which I would be more than happy to discuss with whom it may concern. I really hope this helps my chances of getting on the show, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time. =)

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