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  1. Bianca Santana

    I would love to have the experience of working on such a hit show. Teen Wolf is one of my favorite shows and I feel as if I would be able to adapt well to any surrounding or situation I would be put in. I am a very determined person as well as a hard worker. Anything I set my mind to do, I can do and I take pride in the things I accomplish. I am athletic, love to run, and always be on my feet. I played soccer since the age of four. I’m 19, mixed ethnicity with Latin and European. Typical Latin tan skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. 5’4 in height.

  2. Orlando Naveo

    My name is Orlando Naveo.Male.23Yrs old.Hispanic(Puerto Rican and Dominican mixed).Height:5’10.Body:Average,Muscular(Not entirely fit).I would love to be on the show Teen Wolf because I love the show,and im also a passionate,dedicated,energetic kind of person and is my dream to become an actor.

  3. Rebecca

    Hi! I’m a 17 year old student attending Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. I have some acting experience due to community theatre and opportunities in school performances. What sets me apart and makes me the perfect actor to fill a role on Teen Wolf is that I’m an expert on it’s plot, mythology, characters, vibe, and demographic. This show is something I’ve been dedicated to for a very long time and I’m so passionate about it. This fact in itself would give me the drive to work 110% and put my heart and soul into the project, no matter the task. Working on Teen Wolf is my dream job because of it’s complex characters and exciting storyline, so I am begging for an opportunity. Thank you for taking the time to read my entry!

  4. Ny'Asia McKenzie

    I would love to be part of the show and bring the unexpected creativity/mysterious acts with me as I bring the house down with what I got it would be a dream to work with such amazing actors and the amazing creators/detectors
    Hair:dark brown
    Ethnicity:African American

  5. Thibault Dacier

    Hello my name’s Thibault, I’m 17 years old, I measure 5’4, I like horse riding, archery and I won the departmental cup and arrived second to the regional cup. I played some little theatre pieces in a little association where we replayed some skits of celebrity like Gad elameh, Florence Foresti, Patrick Timsit. My eyes are browns, black hair, I weight 121lbs. I’m a french student and I live in France in the North of Paris more precisely in Crépy-en-valois in Picardie.

    If I write a text here, it’s because I would like to become an actor. In January 2014, I’ve past a casting for a serie. It was my first and I found it very interesting and it’s a very good experience. But I wasn’t took…
    When I saw for the first time Teen Wolf (it was in March 2014) a part of me, told that I want to turn in a serie or a film. From this time I surf in internet to find THE casting but i didn’t. In the serie, I recognize my personality with the character Stiles Stilinski because he is curious, intelligent (when he wants^^), he is emotional, he helps all friends aroud him and I am like him…

    I’m at my fourth viewing of Teen Wolf and I love it so much. It will be crazy but I want to become really a werewolf (yes I love all fantastic animals with at the first place, Dragons and at the second Werewolf) and I know it won’t be possible. But it’s just a dream so I will dreaming again for a long time ^^.

    My dream today it’s to turn in a serie and particularly in Teen Wolf. The serie represents my universe, my mind, whatever or anything… I want to prove to my parents that I can become an actor if I arrive to realize my dream it could l be a victory for me because it’s what I want. If you take me, you weren’t be over because it will be my universe and when I love a thing I do anything to arrive to do it…

    Some people told me that my english is very good but I don’t think so… So you can judge if it’s true or not ^^

    I stay available for more informations :)
    Sincere greeting,

    DACIER Thibault.

  6. Lotfi benyagoub

    Hey my name is Lotfi Benyagoub iam 18 years old am from morocco and i live in rabat (yes your show is really famous in our countrie and all my friends love it ) i have always dreamed of becoming an actor but this dream never come true i have been fascinated by supernatural movies since i was a kid and i would love to play a were-anything in TeenWolf and when i started watching this show i was so excited and all i can think about is me being on it it will be so cool i love teenwolf and i would really enjoy being a part of it also i love the cast members and i will be so happy to meet them and to work with them if its possible thank you

  7. Lotfi benyagoub

    Hey my name is Lotfi iam 18 years old am from morocco and i live in rabat (yes your show is really famous in our countrie and all my friends love it )i have always dreamed of becoming an actor but this dream never come true i heve been fascinated by supernatural movies since i was a kid and i would love to play a were-anything in TeenWolf and when i started watching this show i was so excited and all i can think about is me being on it it will be so cool i love teenwolf and i would really enjoy being a part of it also i love the cast members and i will be so happy to meet them and to work with them if its possible thank you .

  8. Garry E. Ellis


    My name is Garry Eugene Ellis; 19 years of age. Currently, I am on the verge of becoming homeless…and not for the first time. I was born into this world unaware of the struggles that I would not cease to endure, born with a life so humiliating, depressing, and both far from normal, yet at the same time, so very much normal.

    From birth until age 8, I live with a family that was abusive, alcoholics, violent, drug addicts, my mother being a prostitute, and my father constantly beating her, blood everywhere, so much blood; like a memory so vivid, not even God Himself could erase it from my mind.

    Less than five months away from turning 9, I was abandoned with my younger brother whom I love so much. All alone in Durham, NC, with no food, water, or clothing but what we had on at that time. Finally, the police were called and e were taken to their station downtown. Around midnight, we were introduced to our new family. It didn’t make sense, I didn’t want a new family…just my old one back. But by then, they were in jail, contemplating their mistakes, where they went wrong, and what they could do to ever correct them.

    Time flew by, and I moved from one Foster Home to another. I ended up in the small town of Trinity, NC. I tried to live each day with a smile on my face, but I just couldn’t. I lived there for roughly four years until I lost it. I had by that time just lost my family forever. I was crushed, without an ounce of faith left in me.

    The next five years, I was thrown around the system, like a Frisbee being thrown around carelessly on an especially windy day; hoping it gets to the right destination, but if not…there’s plenty more of them to throw around. In those five years, I was in six group homes, five mental hospitals, two PRTF’s, and did over two months of jail for defending myself against a league of African-Americans who beat me unconscious in a thunderstorm and left me to die.

    After those awful experiences, I moved back in with the Staples family whom I had stayed with prior to those harsh, unforgettable five years of Hell. I attended Wheatmore High School for less than a year; my Junior year. During the third or fourth month there, MTV came to our area looking for the next star to be on their show MADE! I was so ecstatic; I filled out the form and gave it my best. I did an original hip hop song and rapped it out. Out of the ENTIRE Piedmont area, they chose our school, and even better, it was between myself and another guy who could really sing. Unfortunately, I never found out whom the winner of the contest was. Later that year, I MC’d a talent show, and performed my song, which by then, had been professionally recorded in a studio. It was amazing!

    But like I mentioned before, I did not stay the entire year due to some issues with bullying specifically from a 16 year old girl as ironic as that sounds! I went straight to the closest college I knew of and within literally two weeks, had not only surpassed the Pre-Test, Classes, and attained a GED, but did it with some of the highest scores attainable. Less than 100 points from a scholarship! I enrolled in their college for the following semester to major in Music, more specifically, Live Performance. I spent a year there until I realized that music was more of a hobby, and that I wanted to do more with the Entertainment Industry…like acting. I had a lot of past experiences being on a stage in front of hundreds of random people: Plays, Musicals, Talent Shows, Speeches, Musical Performances, etc. I just never paid attention to that passion of mine and left my home, and moved to Kittrell, NC to study Business at Kittrell Job Corps Center.

    However, during my first week there, I was assaulted by a student/employee and had to have three surgeries on my jaw. I had two mandibular fractures, and I am still just getting over that. I haven’t eaten any food at all for roughly two and a half months. I survive off of Boost, Ensure, and Carnation Instant Breakfast. And even six of those a day equal out to be a minimum amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. I’ve ended up losing over 40 pounds. As of now, I am just under 200 lbs. I know this weight loss is good for me, but I can’t even remember the taste of a cheeseburger, or fried chicken, or even a salad!

    I ended up meeting my biological mother for the first time in over 10 years while coming out of surgery. I even lived with her because I was facing the strong possibility of becoming homeless. But we were too much alike, as far being Bipolar, to stay that close to each other for too long. So I packed my bags and took the Greyhound to Durham, NC. I had rented a room in a house for a week. I only ended up spending one night there due to the infestation of bed bugs that I was completely unaware of. Especially when the ad stated, “No bugs, thugs, violence, or alcohol/drugs.” Thank God I had a friend whom I called and was introduced to another friend through him.

    I was picked up by this friend, Ryan Farlow, and have been staying with him for the past week on the campus of NCSU. Unfortunately, I have just about overstayed my welcome, thus leading to the homeless situation yet again! I have spoke with my lawyer whom has taken on my NEGLIGENCE case dealing with the assault I mentioned earlier. He said he may have a friend who can allow me to stay in a shelter.

    In all honesty, I just wake up each morning with the mindset that I still have a life ahead of me, that I can and WILL be somebody, and all I have to do is pursue my dreams, goals, aspirations. It would mean so much to me just to receive an e-mail from MTV just saying, “Hey, we saw your comment. can you come in and show us something brilliant?”

    I know to those who read this, I’ll probably be just another person out of the millions of people trying to get their foot in the door. But a least let me be one of those millions of people whom, unlike most people, take their dream and run with it, doing something with their life, with a testimony to share with the world in hopes that it might touch just a handful of people, that it inspires others to never give up, and always have faith in the things you’re most passionate about.

    Thank you,

    -Garry E. Ellis

  9. feisal

    can someone from Africa, kenya be a star in teen wolf . Thnx

  10. Marie

    I’m marie and I’m currently living in the UK.
    I would love to have the opportunity to appear on the show and think that I am a suitable person for the job.
    I love drama and even though i didn’t originally think of being an actress the idea has grew on me. I’m great at accents and can adjust to any role.
    I’m half British half Mauritiuan, 5″5 and 16 years old. I have brown wavy hair and brown eyes. I love the show and think that I could do a great job. If given the part, I would be able to travel whenever and wherever.
    Added info: as a child I done gymnastics and now take great interest in rounders.

  11. Lakia

    Hi I would spice the show up with some latin flavor , and have no acting experience, but um charismatic by nature, not to mention i have a 5 yr old who saids he wants to be a wolf when he grows up…so this is really on his behalf…he would make a great younger scott scene… he has this crazy idea that theres something is Scotts past on his dad side that corresponds with his true aloha ability. again he’s 5 and realizes the show is rated R however has me screen the episodes for him to watch…lol so make this youngsters dream come true….Thanks!

  12. Jaydon Bowman

    I wont to keep it short and sweet I don’t wont to wast your time I would like no forget like I !!!!!! would love more than you could ever know to be on TEEN WOLF I all was loved the thought of WEREWOLF and I would love to be the 15 year old boy you choose and I would like to tack the time to thank you for your up most time you can contact me at <hidden from public> and I would like MTV contact me sorry it was not short and sweet

  13. Ke'Shyra " Keke " Culbert

    Hello Teen Wolf gang! My name is Keke and I am 16 years old , will be 17 on November 10th! Teen Wolf is a HUGE part of my life ! I never miss an episode , & if I do , I literally cry! lol I absolutely love Teen Wolf , like its a must! I have always wanted to be an actor and if I was able to be apart of my favorite Television show, it would honestly be a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!i love every single character on the show but I would have to say that my favorite character of all time would have to be Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) I would probably pee my pants of I even got to be in set with him for 2 seconds lol but I hope and pray that you read this an take it into consideration ! I’ll give you my information !

    Race : African American
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    Instagram: kdc.jam
    Contact me at <hidden from public> 

  14. Olivia Wander

    Hi my name is Olivia Wander and I am from Portland, Oregon. I’m Puerto Rican, 5ft 3, 117lbs, Hazel Green eyes and chocolate brown hair.
    I will play any part but I would like to last at least through just a few episodes in the season.
    I highly doubt this will be read but please contact me as soon as you can!

  15. Meleny Obando

    My name is Meleny Obando, I am currently living in Brooklyn New York. It would be a dream come true to be a cast member of teen wolf. I am 12 years young, I have some skill in acting, I practice sometimes. I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it!
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 84lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown, With a touch of blond on the bottom and highlights.
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Sex: Female
    Ethnicity: American

  16. Josh Rivas

    My name is Josh Rivas, I live in Los Angles, CA and I think Teen Wolf is right for me because I’m very familiar with the show so it would be easy for me to adapt to it. I like the whole concept of the show and would love to be part of it. I’ve been recommended many times to audition and I would like the opportunity to do it. I’ve been doing theatre all 4 years in high school. I’m currently a senior and I am 17 years old. I play many sports, but my main sports are Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse. Since I play lacrosse it would be easy for me to fit into Teen Wolf because they too play lacrosse. I love acting it has always been a dream of mine to be able to be part of a show. I know it’s difficult to get a part, but I’m always giving 110% of my effort and I’m always trying to get better. I’m 5’10 so any role would suit me. My strongest acting skill is a more serious laid back type of character, but I can also be funny when is needed and I’m very social so I wouldn’t mind asking for help if needed. Well thank you for hearing me out, I hope you like what you heard and hopefully I hear from you guys soon. Thank you.

  17. Olivia Todd

    Hi there, I’m Olivia Todd from Australia and being apart of Teen wolf would be a massive opportunity for me. Teen wolf is my favourite thing to watch and I have been tuned in since the first episode to the current episode. I have been a performer since a very young age. I’ve been doing music like violin and piano since I was 3 and have also been in a couple of ads and paper ads in my past years. I may not a professional in the acting industry, but i do have some experience and have relations with people in the TV industry. Even being an extra would be fine. I think this opportunity would really help me in achieving things in future years and also be the most astounding thing I have ever done. I am 13 years old and 5″6 – 5″7 with red long hair (almost like Holland Rodens), I have green eyes, freckles and weigh around 108lbs. Thank you :)

  18. Aiden Polidori

    My name is Aiden Polidori. I am 8 years old and I am from Philadelphia, PA. I am World Champion in my rank and gup/belt(1st gup/red belt) and Runner-Up World Champion out of all ranks and gups/belts in Tang Soo Do. I tied as the World Champion but when you tie with another competitor, they give the win to the higher belt (he was blue belt, one above me). I am also part of my karate schools Demo Team, where we creatively act and do fight scenes in competitions. I can do crazy flips, kicks, kip-ups (regular and no-handed), crazy combos, splits, etc. I can also run and howl like a wolf and I’m super fast with my hands. I am also very strong(myostatin, severe strength) and my arms and stomach are physically cut. I am a hard worker and very dedicated. I know that the show isn’t real and that it is all done by make-up and acting. This is my dream! Please give me one shot, i know I’ll kill it! Please contact me at <hidden from public> or email <hidden from public>. I am anxiously waiting for your response.
    Height: 4’2″
    Weight: 70 lbs.
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown
    Ethnicity: Italian, Indian, Hawaiian, Russian, German, Irish

  19. Elvis Rodriguez

    My name is Elvis im 13 years old i will be 14 on December 30 my number is <hidden from public> 

  20. Savannah White

    Hello everyone!!!
    I’m savannah I’m currently 14 years old,5’5 142.6lbs I’m Hawaiian.
    I have hazel eyes that change by my emotions,I have medium length hair but its dyed burgundy.
    I have been in love with teen wolf since day one and I even got my mom and little sister into it, I absolutely love the concept of the whole show and I feel like I’m actually there on the scene.
    I’m very fast,intelligent,very humorous with others and I can tend to be sarcastic when I’m antagonized but that rarely happens, but i also have a big vocabulary as you can see.I’m very weird but awkward at the same time so I hopefully get a chance to have my dream come with my favorite tv show of my life time.

  21. Crystale

    Hi I kno you get a lot of people eating to be a part of the teen wolf experance.. My name is crystale Vazquez I am 24 yrs old a lot of people say I look 16 or 17 my natural hair color is blonde I hav hazel eyes I am 5’1 I love to work with others and learn new and exciting thing I love supernatural and scary movies I hav always wanted to be in teen wolf I hav been watching it from day one…I love the drama and the action that is in teen wolf and all the love triangles lol I would love to be apart off the exciting world of teen wolf… I am very out going and love to make people smile and laugh it would be a dream come true if I could be on teen wolf and meet the director and cast ..

  22. Anthony Fonacier

    Hello my name is Jared Fonacier, I live in Attica, IN. The reason why I want to to do this audition is because I’m looking for and acting career during when I’m in college. Plus I do well on acting, have been doing drama club for the last 2 years, I played good part last year by act like Taylor Laughter on the new moon of twilight. People do say that I do look like cast member of Teen Wolf.

    I’m 19 years old
    Height 5 “11″
    Weigh 137 lbs
    I workout, run, eat healthy

  23. Annie Arizabal

    So I just came across the whole acting thing as a fun and challenging outlet to really shape my individuality as a person. I currently reside in Queens, NY. Coming from NY there’s a lot of opportunities here and dreams that can come true. I just want to do something out of the ordinary. I come from a small family. I have dreams of becoming a fashion buyer but hey I figured why not do something out of my comfort zone. Its not everyday you think to yourself, “Well let me try this acting thing and see where it takes me.” If humble and ordinary kids with immense talent or potential can do this too, why cant I? Im definitely up for a challenge.

    Pretty new to this so here are my credentials:
    Age: 18
    Hair: Black
    Height: 5’1
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Eyes: Dark Brown

  24. Tony Koran

    Hello! My names is, Tony Koran and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am 5′ 11′, 24, with the brightest green eyes and medium brown hair in color. I realize telling ya”ll that I have been the highest paid male model in Minnesota for over 4 years is,… well…. super tacky! But it’s true. I actually HATE modeling! I enjoy film much, much more. I own the actual monkey, (Capuchin) (1 of 2 performing in the movie) “The Hang Over- Part 2. I’m super close (as in super good friends) to Cheryl Tiegs, as I was her on-air, personal male model for over 4 years. But, about me!!! I really enjoy, actually…I love to act, and just be crazy doing it! I would take something larger than the world to make me blush, or embarrass me. I’ve been in the film and ad industry for over 10 years now. I have watched “Teen Wolf” from the 1st episode, to current. I’d be great for the show, even if it’s a small part, walk-on, what ever it may be…..I don’t have the typical “Pretty Boy” look… I am more average looking, it’s just that…well….everything feel into it’s true place on my body and, besides that, I look like your typical next door friend. Tony Koran <hidden from public><hidden from public> 

  25. Jordan Edward Moore

    Hi my name is Jordan Edward Moore I’m 18 years young I will be 19 on November 15th. I am a huge fan of teen wolf the show and the movie and yes I’ve seen both. The reason I want to join the cast of Teen Wolf is because this show is amazing and somehow realistic but when it comes to the Nonsupernatural situations. It connect with a lot of teens and the supernatural essence is just an awesome bonus. To be honest if I at the creepy bookworm or janitor I’ll be fine with it that’s how much I love the show but if I could pick id be only one person…. Scott’s cousin Todd Howard from the 1987 movie. Now before we remember the not so successful comedy “Teen wolf too” let’s think of it as a good idea that won’t ruin the show, I would love to play either of these two types of Todd’s. 1.) Is a Todd who is kinda shy, nerdy and just socially awkward kind of guy. He’s always looked up to Scott as a brother rather then a cousin. He’s always around Scott and would pop out out of no where like batman and scare everybody. But it turns out he is already a werwolf a powerful one just like Scott but not a true alpha but none as the white Wolf. Sounds like a good guy but oh know he’s evil. And I’m not talking about peter evil I’m talking pure evil he makes peter from season 1 and evil stiles look like bad guys from Dora the explorer. And his main goal is to cause mayhem and destruction to beacon hills and to everyone Scott cares about. There is know agenda, no secret mission, just pure carnage. I’m thinking he I should be in a fat suit to hide his muscularity and add more of a feel to the shy, and insecureness feel to the character. And once he goes werwolf and takes it off he’s energetic, egotistical wisecracking, psychopath who hates Scott with every molecule in his body. 2.) Is a Todd who is fun a fun loving guy puckish rogue who doesn’t believe in right or wrong just fun. Scott’s friends are showing a liking to Todd that gets Scott jealous but Todd is oblivious to it. He is bitten by a werwolf but a shadow werwolf that powers happen on the shadows day or night he looks likes a regular werewolf like how Scott and the others look but his hair is a charcoal grey and so is his eyes and it’s Scott’s job to teach him to be more of a true hero and not an anti hero. Now both Todd’s have the same back story just a different twist the the white wolf Todd is sent to be with Scott for a semester because he needs to get out more and get out of his shell so says the note written by his “parents” but actually he killed his parents who tried to kill him when they found out he’s a werewolf. So now he’s going after Scott and his friends and family. Second Todd is sent to be with the McCalls because he kept getting in trouble and his parents can’t deal with him for a while. Now I am African American male so it would be better to say that I was adopted by Scott’s aunt and uncle to make more sense to the story and add a twist to the character. My characteristics :
    •I’m 5’9
    • 180 lbs but I’m in good shape just trying to get more and cuss who on teen wolf doesn’t have abs?
    • I’m very comedic.
    • I am all about constructive criticism.
    • I’m very charismatic there’s never a dole moment when I’m around.
    • I do a lot of voices from family guy, adventure time, regular show, bane from the dark knight rises,and accents.
    •I’ve been in school plays and PSA’s.

    Now I’m not trying to pull the race card here cuss I know that Tyler posey is Latino but teen wolf has a lot of black fans that would love to see more African Americans on the show. Not that say that you guys are not allowing them to audition but it would be greatly appreciated. With only Dr. Deaton,Braeden, and Liam’s friend that occasionally comes around. It would be nice to have one that would be a recurring character for a season or two. Please contact me I would love to audition for Todd or like I said any character at all.

    My home phone <hidden from public> 
    My cell phone <hidden from public> 
    My email : <hidden from public>

    Thank you and goodbye.

  26. dejuon robertson

    My reason for me being considered is I pick up combat choreography acting is second nature ….personally for viewers to enjoy also determined when I walk on set yes ready to work and && can balance the fun with cast mates ready

  27. robert sconyers

    there are to meany people asking for this opportunity for you to pick me out but i figure what the hell ill give it a shot im 5-9 brown hair hazel eyes normal build im 19 but i look like im 15 but i plan on re shaping my body making my self more fit i think it would be cool to have that as part of the show showing how the body can change after getting the bite when i was younger i was one of ten kids who got excepted in to an acting school in tampa cant remember the name i heard about the additions over the radio but my mom an dad did not have the money to pay for the school an if you would give me the chance to be apart of these show id probably lose my self in the role you would have me play i hope you find what your looking for

  28. jayla Patton

    hi MTV my name is jayla and I live in Fort Worth Texas I love the show and I would hope that you would pick me to be on there I admire all of your work and I would hope that you would let me have a chance to be on Teen Wolf thank you and bye

  29. aoife

    im 16 years old i have dark brown straight hair and have a pale complexion with dark blue eyes but idk why that matters but I’m like a solid 6 so you know hire me. i have helped direct some productions and have acted in them too. I currently live in england but plan to move to the USA as soon as possible. I have done 4 years of singing coaching.I’d like to be part of the show because acting is something that interests me and teen wolf is my favourite show also you hire hot guys and thats a great game plan that i can relate to if i was to cast something it would be filled with hot people with crazy storylines. also choose me because id make a great nerd in the background or maybe even one of the assassins I mean who knows. oh yeah and you say my name like eefah yeah i know its irish byee

  30. Chata

    Hello ,

    First of all thanks for giving the chance to someone to be in Teen Wolf.

    Name : Chata
    Age : Going on 19 (September 28th)
    Character age: 20-25 years old.
    Gender : Female
    Size : 5’8
    Country : France (Paris)
    Sport : Basketball (4years)
    Driving icense
    Languagues : Fluent French
    English almost fluent
    Spanish (conversational)
    Fluent African (mother tongue)

    Experience : Extra on TV shows
    Stage actress (At school)
    Stage actress for children

    Personality : Sociable , motivated , creative.

    I think i’ll be perfect for teen wolf simply because I’m a simple person.
    I’m not scared to act , I know take a new look at oneself if I make mistakes , I take advices when I need.
    I can act every kind of character.
    I have a desire to be an actor since I’m 7 years old because it’s a way for me to express my feelings and now I’m turning 19 so I know what I want to do later.
    I was gratuated in July and now I want to take a clean start this is why I think Teen Wolf would be the thing !
    I need to have another look on comedy because I already know French comedy , this is why my friends made me discover Teen Wolf in 2011 and I have to admit that I’m addict now lol.

    Moreover one of my friend is writer/director sometimes I go with her on film set to see how it’s going on.
    Also , sometimes I give my ideas for her differents script , and it’s very amazing.

    I hope to have a return

    Thank You.

  31. Stephen Richardson

    Hi I am interested in being casted for the show. I have watched it since Season 1 and have told my adult friends about it as it is a good spin on the 80′s movie. I am older than most who are posting but dont look my age. If you are interested and want to see a picture of me send me a response and I will send you whatever is requested. I am 5’11” used to be a national caliber track sprinter and educated man. Any other questions let me know.

  32. Cristian Lemus

    My name is cristian Lemus and I am 16 years old from Boston Massachusetts. I have always wanted to act ever since l was a kid. I’m just looking for a lucky break like any other actor out there. Thank you for your time

  33. Jamella King

    Hi, my name is Jamella. Most people call me Meme, so I’ll usually answer by that. I’m African American, 5’2, brown eyed (which can get lighter at certain times.), 17 almost 18 on January, an upcoming senior. I have had working experience, I have catered and I have done some djing. I love teen wolf, like the next person. It’s a show that always has me on my toes, and makes me want to be on the show. Which would be phenomenal. I’m very artist, I have drawn since I could walk, and I still continue to prefect along with expanding it to something much more. I have danced for a year, but I still want to continue to do that. I’ve played guitar for 3 years, almost 4. I’ve played two sports, volleyball since middle school (yet however stopped to do other things, such as art and dancing )yet I am staring to get back into it; Lacrosse (which I have done for a year and still would love to continue ) and I would say thats a sport I wouldn’t mind going further with. I love to sing, but yet I’m a bit shy with it. I have acted only once, but I can remember things I’m a short amount of time and repeat it back without ease. I love to step out of my comfort zone to do things that people don’t believe I can do, and I work hard until I get it right. I make it like a profession almost, I make it a passion of mine and I pick it up very quickly. I also like to fight (not like cause havoc, but like martial arts ) I have done almost a fair amount of fighting, but I am starting to take it a bit more seriously.

    Eversince I watched teen wolf I want to join it, and experience all the feeling of making something that people will enjoy. I love how you can figure out how each person is when you see how the react to certain things. And each character you feel like you have things I’m common with them. The whole show in general is something that can make you think and kind of get a bit of a feel of how they all act when they are put in certain position. With the fact that Jeff has you second guessing if something may happen or not. Or if someone is the mastermind behind it all, and it would be a real honor to work and see what he can do. He is the type of man that can have you not know what you will do but you’re okay with it because you know he gave you something because of your potential.

    I’m not really into the social media, but I do have an email <hidden from public>
    Xx Thank you, Jamella xX

  34. Shannon Dzugan

    Hi, my name is Shannon I’m 17 going on 18. I am from Maryland. I’m attending AACC College part time currently. I am 5’7, have brown hair and brown eyes that turn to hazel. I’m impeccably mature and responsible. I work one job right now and I have been there almost 1 year and 4 months. I have also been in plays throughout my young years goin into my teens. I played a chesire cat in the play Alice In Wonderland which was a huge speaking role thoughput the play. I also played in another play of God Spell which I had multiple parts and was able to memorize multiple lines from each part as well as get Into each character very well and fast and capture the essence of the character. I was involved in other plays as well. I usually get offered the roles with most lines or strong characters with a strong persevernce. My MEMORY Is remarkable with lines especially a lot of them. I sing a lot and have been since I was bout 7 or 8. I have been singing up, until now. The private school I attended from grade kindergarten through grade 8 going into public school for grades 9 through high-school I was always listed as a “Soprano” in both schools. I sang in my church choir and I even sang in my school choir. I am very multi-talented and I can draw incredibly well. I have even drawn 2 of the cast members of teen wolf and that artwork turned out great. I have been singing for forever. I have played roles in some things as narrators and other roles that are not as narrators. I am very diverse and an be diverse in characters like ones that are twisted, for example, transition from one character to another. I take on my roles very well and profound. I am able and have the ability very strongly to remember my lines. I do love to put emotion into things of all type of moods and tones. I do it all the time around my family and friends and out in public In front of people and I don’t care. Also since I was young, I was doing modeling for a while. I was with a company called John Robert Powers in Baltimore MD. Than later went to New York for a photo shoot and I competed in a IPOP talent contest. I did commercial acting classes for pre teens and more. I also took some other acting classes. I was involved with acting as well as well as performing. I thoroughly enjoy acting and putting off a performance and enjoying putting on a serious, funny, secretive, mysterious face on, for whenever it is needed. I have loved performing for people especially as a dancer when I did dancing. I did dancing when I was younger, for a few years I did ballet, tap, jazz, Irish step dancing and hip hop dancing. when I was the age of about 12 or 14 I was nominated for a program called “People To People Ambassador Program” which is a program for high academic students and with a lot of potential to be nominated. I was elected by a teacher, peer, principal or someone higher. This program was for me to go “across the country to Europe or other countries to study as a student ambassador to represent for the United States of America”. I got elected to to go study in Australia for 2 weeks and it was phenomenal. I also performed for many people after many when I was in karate(A Form of MMA), which I started at The age of 6 and at the age of 12, I received my black belt, than I continued until age 15. I was committed 9 and a half years to it. I am very dedicated and honest and loyal. I really get into my character. All my life my personality is always about making people laugh or showing off and doing things that impressed people. I get along with everyone easily and love to joke around. I make friends very fast and easily. I’m outgoing, willing to reach out and I’m very active. I have had a lot of goals in my life and I kept trying and I always reached my goals and done my best or made it to the top sometimes because of my determination including sports like soccer.

    I have been watching Teen Wolf since day one that the show became a part of MTV. I have fallen in love with this show. I love how there is drama, schemes, mysterious scenes, murders and one thing I do particularly love is the Wolf Watch. I love how it talks about the aftermath even though you DONT necessarily get to know what happens next but they do talk a little bit about it. I absolutely look forward to this show day in and day out . I am a big fan. It is spectacular and I love how it is produced and how the ideas are created. Each and every episode, I love how it unfolds into more. I love how this show teists everythjnng. The characters are so amazing I can tell by the way they act they really do capture their role as a role on this show. I would love to be a part of that amazing cast. Ik it is great honor to those who are on this show. I sit down all the time on time every Monday night at 10:00 to watch the show. I make sure I never miss a single episode and I always make sure I’m home in time or done doing something in time to watch it. When I start watching it I can’t have people interrupt me and I never miss a beat.

    I do however know that a lot of people have fallen in love with this show and auditioning will not be easy at all. It would be pereferably competitive. I am a strong canidate and do my best to show you what I am capable of acting modeling wise and more.
    I would be honored and very greatful of I am given the chance to audition. If you need a reference at all to what I look like I have an Instagram which is ” confidence_is_key18 ”
    -Thank You for your time.
    Shannon Dugan

    I am so sorry and my apologies for sending this 3 times in comments
    But I realized I had some typo errors and I am so sorry. I hope u can read this one and understand it better.

  35. Tervaurus E Morrow

    Well starting off, I’d like to say im prolly one of the biggest fans in my town for teen wolf i watch it every Monday! My Monday nights are committed to teen wolf! It’s been my dream to be an actor but to act for my favorite show would be the best opportunity because I love the show so much. Im 5’5 mixed racial, black, white and mexican. My Email is <hidden from public>. If you guys are looking for a good active hardworking goofy kind of actor im your guy and also I can do serious scenes. Also, emotional ones too! Well thats all i wanted to say please read this and respond doesn’t matter a yes or no… Well I want a yes but if no I’ll keep trying haha

  36. Matty Dillon Smith

    Hi, My name is Matty. i have been a huge follower of the show for a while now. i have always admired every different character and would love to audition for the show. i live in atlanta so i have the priveledge of catching many shows on every network being filmed. i understand there is a broad range of roles that need to be filled throughout the seasons. i would love to be considered for an audition.

    eyes: green/hazel

    Please and thank you.

  37. Michael

    Name: Michael Scott Horowitz
    Age: 15
    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 156 lbs
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Color : Brown
    Lives in Las Vegas Nevada.

    Ever since I was little people have told me I should be an actor. I have a good memory, so memorizing lines would be fairly easy. Going on TV would be a dream, just because I love to act. I have only experience in plays that I have done locally.

  38. Cyrille Ravou

    Hello everdybody, I’m Cyrille Ravou. I’m 19 years old and I currently live in Reunion Island. I have dark skin because here the sun burns, I have short black hair and dark brown eyes. Yeah, you could think its just tipically and you’ll be all right I can’t say otherwise. Then, I’m not muscular (for now) and I’m 6ft1 and 147,7 lbs.
    The reason why I decided to make a request to you its because I really love the Teen Wolfs’ universe, its just amazing to imagine what could hapened if it was real. I’m sure that Tyler, Dylan, Holland and the other are so happy when they make a chapter of this wonderful thing which is Teen Wolf. They are the greatest supernaturals creatures I have seen in my life, in books, movies or more…
    When I see their faces, I see hapiness, they are all friends now and I don’t really know if they known before acting together but through the chapters, we seen the greatest complicity ever between Scott and Stiles…
    This is why I would became a creature like them ! Not only to be recocnized all over the world but I just would like meet amazing and handsome people, learning with them, watching them playing, fighting and having advices from people who are behind the cameras.
    Its for the moment my main motivation, integrate this team to meet them all and learn with them. I never played in front of cameras but the danger run away when I arrive. I’m not afraid of a new adventure in my life, I’m sure this experience will broaden my horizons and make me a better person.
    In real life, I love playing volley-ball, footing with friends, writing short stories (or long), listening music (that we can ear on Teen wolf for instance). Then you understood, I’m not from America but from a french department which is located in the Indian Ocean called Reunion Island. My dream is to live this island to settle in USA because it was the most beautiful state in this world.
    I have the French High School diploma and I specialized in languages as French (native laguage), English, Spanish and just a little bit Japanese however even if I can fluently speak these languages, I have not the level of people which talking English for instance since birth unfortunately but don’t worry, I can speak it easily.
    My professional project maybe ? To be French teacher in USA maybe in University or High School. If I fail this project, I think I’ll not give up and try to do anything else I have talent for as technology of internet and more precisely, the software and forum conception.
    Well, that’s all for me, I thank you for taking time to read my presentation and I hoped you didn’t loose it, otherwise I apologize for that. However, if you liked these few lines, please, contact me. I’m waiting your answer.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.

  39. Maria

    Hello my name is Maria ortega I’m 16 years old I’m 5’2 I’ve always wanted to start acting since I was 3 years old but my mother never had money to take me to acting classes I never known my father but I don’t want to know him he was lets just say not a nice person . I would love to an actor the thing is that I’ve been struggleing to do the best for my whole life . The reason I want to start acting is because I wanna stick out for myself be more confident more secure about myself without puting my self down . Well I would love to say more but I won’t hopefully you guys read this . Well bye ♡♥^.^

  40. Steven Rodriguez

    Hello there! So why do I wanna be on teen wolf?! Well first off I love the original movie with Michale J. Fox haha it’s epic and I’m a huge fan of this show,since day one till now,and I rewatched every season,god knows how many times haha. So not to sound douchey but I get told I’m a werewolf mainly for the beard and my k-9′s haha I’m only 22 by the way and I’m told I have the werewolf look. I always pictured a scene where I’m on the show and I arrive at Scott’s house from out of town,saying me and him have the same father but different mother and my mother was a werewolf so I was born a werewolf. Anyways scene goes on to me asking Scott to give me a chance since I have no more family,hunters have killed my mother and father left as he left Scott. Haha anyways sorry to stray away but I love the show so much and wing a part of it even just a small role would be not only a dream come true but a blessing :) so uhm email me yeah?! Take care!

    By the way!
    Instagram- simple_tevyy
    Link to my Facebook is in my bio :) thanks for hopefully reading

  41. Jakyra Grantlin

    Hi, my names Jakyra and I love teen wolf so much , this is my favorite show and I think it would be amazing to be on teen wolf rather me just being a extra or a new character, maybe Liam could use a new love interest(wink wink), I’m so dedicated to this show, it brings me entertainment when I’m feeling down, recently I just had a biopsy for breast cancer and I’m only 15, luckily the test results came back negative, but do to the large size and the amount of lumps found( which was 5, three in the left and two in the right) I still have to have surgery this Monday and even through all of that I know I can always watch my favorite show, teen wolf, to cheer me ,so it would really be awesome to be on this show! Even I you don’t agree , it still means a lot that you read it! have a nice night or day lol.

  42. Emily Hayes

    I am also a 8th grader
    • brown hair
    • brown eyes
    • around 5,1 I think ?
    Thanks for letting me enter for a chance to be on teen wolf I am so excited
    To see if I have a chance or not

  43. samantha lim

    my name is Samantha Im 18 years old and I live in Canada. Teen wolf has been one of my favorite TV shows since season 1 and I’ve always imagined myself acting on this show. ive been acting in an Annie musical at school when I was 13 and I played as a broadcaster but im hoping to do something different and be apart of a more action pack show with intense entertainment. I hope you will consider me cause I promise you I wont disappoint you! thank you so much

  44. Emily Hayes

    Thanks for giving every one a chance including me to be on the best tv show ever invented

  45. Emily Hayes

    • I am 14 years old
    • I have a sister who is 15
    • I am a dancer
    • I am fun to be around
    • I have pretty good grades at school
    • I got 9 minutes and 45 secs on the miles in 7th grade
    • I also got 4place in gym for 50 meter dash
    • my favorite show is teen wolf

  46. karalina nystrom

    Hello, my name is karalina. I love teen wolf its my favorite show of all when i found about ten wolf i watched the first session from start and for 4 days i was on the computer watching teen wolf and teen wolf also inspires me a lot because it has such great and powerful meaning in every session and i love how all the cast members are great with each other and even out of acting they are amazing with each other. it is the biggest thing i look forward to every week on monday. i have always watched my favorite tv shows and thought about how it would be and feel to experience something like this in my life. i really love this show and i hope to become a part of it. i would love it if you considered to let me be a part of the Teen Wolf family.

  47. Alyssa lopez

    My name is Alyssa lopez. I am 16, fixing to be 17 in a month. I would really enjoy being a part of the teen wolf cast, even as an extra. When I was younger I had a contract with a modeling agency, and I acted in a few commercials and movies. I have been evolved in Soccer, gymnastics, dance, cheer and volleyball. I would love love love for yall to consider me to act on teen wolf. Thanks!

  48. Jamal Ferrell

    I would like to be an extra

  49. Hannah Matson

    Hello, my name is Hannah Matson. I’m 16 years of age, I’m a junior in high school and I’m 5 feet 4 inches tall. I think I would be a good choice to pick to be on the great hit Teen Wolf. To be honest I don’t have as much acting experience as the cast members on the show, but I ave played parts in school performances through drama club. I had also tried out for Disney Channel and had made it, but I didn’t have the time nor money it continue. I am a tomboy and willing to play a more masculine role. I’ve been fascinated by shows or movies supernatural creatures since I was a young child. When I would have play dates I would play as a werewolf, and when I found out that there was going to be a tv show based on teen werewolves I was so excited. I will be willing to do whatever it takes to be on this show. If I am chosen I will be sure to never let you down, it’ll also make my dream come true. If you have any questions contact me by my email <hidden from public>. Also what I would like to add is I’m not camera shy. Thank you.

  50. Kathleen Delaney

    I’m Kate Delaney, from Boston, Massachusetts. I have been acting since I was a child and am capable of many different roles. I have played boys, girls, and different species. Teen Wolf is one of my favorite shows and interests me to learn more about the supernatural world. I can learn lines quickly and have a knack for thinking on my feet. Thank you.

    Sex: female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair/Eyes: Brown/Blue

  51. Katrina Bevans

    Hi my name is Katrian Bevans,i am 22.I will be 23 in September. i have always dreamed of acting every since I was little but i have not had the chance to do anything about it do to the fact I was burnt at the age of 6. It would be a dream come true for me. I was always told I would never be able to make my dreams come true because I was burnt,and that no one would take a look at me do to that fact.I have always been determined to do what I was told I couldn’t do.I love the TV show its very interesting and when you watch it it keeps you wanting makes you want to be apart of the story and if give the chance I would love to be apart of story to.

  52. Preston Garcia

    My name is Preston, 18 almost 19, and currently a sophomore in college. I plan to become a physician assistant in 4-5 years. I’m 5’11” and pretty athletic. I’ve been playing soccer for 13 years now. Teen Wolf is my favorite show and loved it since the very first episode. I would love and be honored to have a chance to be apart of the cast. I’m very outgoing, and a very quick learner. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. People say I’m very friendly, nice, respectful, smart, and outgoing. I had a 92.3% GPA in high school and am always on top of things. I would have no problem moving to be apart of the cast. I would love to have the opportunity to be apart of the Teen Wolf cast and wouldn’t let anyone down. I’m very supportive and respectful to others. Thank you for your time.
    Preston Garcia

  53. Robert Craft

    Dear reader,
    My name is Robert Craft and I’m 13 years old. I have hazel eyes and I’m really good at gymnastics. Teen Wolf has always been my my favorite show since season one. My favorite character is Lydia, Holland Roden and she is an amazing actor. As a banshee she screams amazing. Unfortunately in season 1, episode 11 she got bitten by Peter and she almost died. The good thing is that she is still alive and doing fine. Also, Lydia has lost her friends and boyfriend, Allison, Aiden, and Maradith they all died. In conclusion, I should get chosen for this position because I’ve watched every single episode and ready to adapt to anything that is new.

  54. nyah abraham

    Hello,my name is nyah abrham and i have going though tough times right now and the only thing that keeps me clam is watching teen wolf and it would be great if i could be even on the set for 20 seconds that how much i love it . i can really relate to Liam almost all the time. well hope i get at least chance to addition fingers crossed. :)

  55. Davanny Rettich

    Hello, I’m Dav Rettich and Id love to be apart of the Teen Wolf cast. I would so this show wonderfully. I have always loved action packed films and anything in the sci-fi field and I absolutely love Teen Wolf. I am a 16 year old Asian female currently a junior in high school. I have naturally dark, curly hair. I am 5’3″ weighing 120 lbs with a stout, athletic build. I have played volleyball for many years. I am from New Mexico but currently living in Nashville, TN. Acting has always been a dream of mine. I have some experience being in musicals, plays, etc.
    age: 16
    Weight: 120lbs athletic build
    Hair: dark curly
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Asian

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