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  1. Mahala Nipper

    Hi I’m Mahala and I’m 14. I love Teen Wolf. I’m a huge fan and I would love to be on Teen Wolf. My favorite characters are Lydia and Liam. But I think it would be a fantastic experience to be on my Favorite show ever. I can act out roles pretty well.

  2. sianeh kpanaku

    Hi my name is sianeh, I’m 19 years old and I love acting. ( cici). I’m a huge fan when it comes to the world of arts. I love everything artistic and im very athletic. Teen wolf is currently one of my favorite shows. I have not missed a single episode and would be honored to be apart of the cast. I truly hope u consider me.

  3. Dandy, Sowas

    My name is Dandy, Sowas. My parents are Micronesian, I am a Pacific islander. My hair color is black and also has white and silver. And my eye color is dark brown. I am 16 years old, I am in 10th grade. Teen wolf is pretty good so I want to give it a shot and see if I to can be a member. Thank you and have a good day.

  4. Catherine Roy-Dionne

    Name: Catherine Roy-Dionne
    Age: 12 years old (but can easily be taken for a 10 or 14 year old depending on clothes and hair)
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 85-90 pounds
    Hair: long, semi-curly, dark brown (can be fully curled or flatened)
    Eyes: wide, dark brown
    Skin color: toned
    Living in: Quebec, Canada (i can take a plane to any place in the US)
    Grade: 7
    Experience: 2 theater productions
    Hobbies: experimented hip-hop dancer, acting, soccer, basketball, handball, track and feild, guitar, music, drawing etc.

    Hi, my name is catherine roy-dionne and i have looked up to actors and wanted to become one my whole life. I don’t have much experience as an actress but in 2012 i have performed in my city’s annual christmas theater production, and got a leading role in my school play last year. I have always wanted to be a sereous actress when i got older. But before last year, i thought it was a childish dream and was heading towards a steady job. I then realized; if there are actors, it’s not impossible, and if it’s gonna be someone, why not me? Since last september i am in acting classes and i will be taking more advanced ones starting this summer. I currently don’t have an agent but will be looking for one very soon, probably this summer. I want to be in the season 5 of teen wolf for 3 main reasons: being in a show as popular as teen wolf would really jump start my carrer. I absolutely love teen wolf so i would be thrilled to be a part of it. And finally, it is good to gain experience when you are young, even if it is a small role because you get to see how it works and work with professionals or atleast more experienced actors and directors. Plus this is great because i would like to play mostly in action/science fiction and drama movies later.

    I have been told by my drama teacher and my family that i am a great actress. I think i can do it if you just gave me a chance.

    Thank you for reading and please consider giving me a role or atleast and audition.

  5. Carmen Cruz

    Hi my names Carmen and 14 yrs old I live in Tampa I’m 5″0 I’m a huge fan of teen wolf especially Dylan sprayberry I’ve watched all the seasons of teen wolf and I’ve dreamt of being on teen wolf I always pretend that I’m on teen wolf I know teen wolf pretty well I al pray to God that I want to be on teen wolf super bad and I know that dream will come true by you Jeff Davis please put me on teen wolf it’ll be a dream come true.

  6. Raymond Paulin-Contreras

    Hi my name is Raymond I’m 5”6 and I’m 15 years old, Teen Wolf is my favorite show and I’ve had some experience in my acting class and I need a little practice and I’ve seen all of the seasons of Teen Wolf and know the plot and I can adapt to the settings and act natural and I really want to act my acting career with the great hit and supernatural show know as Teen Wolf so please let me know I can have a small part or a big part anything works for me, but I really would like a big role in Teen Wolf lol

  7. Lasia

    Hi, my name is Lasia vanlue and I am 15 years I love teen wolf because it is supernatural and I know how to act I have been in plays and every thing. And I am a singer to I love to play football, basketball e.t.c I am going to high school next this year and so is my twin brother he wants to come and be in the show we are never apart. Thank you for reading this. If we don’t get a part in the show is it’s ok we r young and we still have much to learn

  8. Damin Wish

    Its damin here.
    To be very honest, i had never seen this program ever.
    So i wants to convey that i want to be an actress.
    My height is 5″4 and i m 16+.
    I m a nyc actress.
    As i performed very well in my school DPS Bulandshahr.
    SO if u hv any role. Plzzzz offer to me abt for it.
    I m really thankful to u..

  9. Jane A

    Hi, My name Is Jane im 5″4 and i big fan of teen wolf and many supernatrual things in general. I am 13 and can act out many roles doesn’t matter how big or small. I know the plot line of Teen Wolf really well so even standing around as an extra I can act natrual and Adapt to the set environment

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