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  1. Julia Britt

    Hi I’m a big fan of Zendaya’s acting and her overall great personality. I think this sounds like an awesome project and would love to be a part of it, I have been in drama classes all throughout school and now that I’m in high school I’m in advanced drama classes with my other drama geek friendsXD. I’m a very animated person and have been told by family and friends that I’d make a great actress, and would love to finally do so, below is some personal info
    Height-5 ft 9(Tall and lean)
    Thick golden brown curly hair
    & brown eyes
    White ethnicity
    16 yrs old
    Fun and charismatic!
    I live in California and would love to hear from you:)

  2. Kiya

    Now,my name is Kiya and I will be turning 12 next month on the 28th. I’m a fan of zendaya but it’s not really about her. I really want to start this acting career. To me,if I really love,like, or huge fan of somebody and I got a career with them in,my main focus would to be make sure everything goes how it is planned. The fun can come later. Acting is something I really want to do. I’ve applied and applied and still haven’t found one. Please give me a chance. I’m five foot,African American(but people think I’m mixed),and I have natural red hair with freckles. Please get in contact with me. This is all I have but if not,another casting job would be helpful but to be the main character. Please give me a chance. Thank you

  3. Anissa

    It’s me again. :) <3 I've applied for this role because, like the rest of us, I love Zendaya, I learned how to dance at 11 years old from her,and it's easy for me again that you don't have specific roles. I might be inexperienced and sound like a normal girl but i have a lot to offer to the world. The world meaning the movie industry :)
    Some information you might've missed:
    I am 13, live in HAFB Utah, in 8th grade, a shy girl with big ambitions, 5' 2', and again: A pure Latina.

  4. Funmi Oyapero

    Hey, my name is Funmi Oyapero. I am an African Canadian 13 year old and i am interested in acting on TV. I don’t mind the role i may get or where the audition might take place but i am willing to take part in it. I am about 5;6 and i am also an upcoming singer. I participate in about every sport that you can think of, and i was involved in the musical ”The Wizard of Oz”. I am a straight A student, i can work under any circumstances and i can portray any actor from wild and crazy, to focused and serious. I would appreciate it a lot if i got the chance to be on this show. I also have permission from my parents. By the way i love Zendaya and people say i look like her.

  5. niylah gathers

    Hi my name is niylah and I have been acting ever sine I was 5 it would be a honor if I could act I am just the girl you need.

  6. Kayla Coeyman

    Hi my name is Kayla Coeyman and I would like to be casted I have always wanted to be and actress/singer since I was a little girl. I have never had the chance. Now I do. I’m 12 years old my birthday is April 4,2003.My hair color is Dark Amber. I’m between 4 and 5 foot. I live in Pennsylvania. My race is white. I have hazel eyes and I wear pink glasses but i could take them off for the movie or TV show. I Hope You Cast Me Thanks so much! Im also in karate.Im a orange about to be blue belt.

  7. Riya

    OMG!!!! I love Zendaya and I would love to be in a show with her. I think The Super Awesome Katy is going to be a big hit and I would love love love to be in it. I am 11 years old and I have been singing and dancing since I was a little girl. Also I will be willing to work with anyone u guys want me to and I definitely won’t let u down. Thank u for our time and I hope I will be hearing from u soon!!

  8. Yesternitt

    I love this show!
    It would be really awesome to be a part of this project. I love Zendaya. She’s awesome, I would love to work with her and be better at the things I like to do the most. Disney is awesome and I just love every single show of it.

    It’s always been a dream to see myself on tv and the fact that others will se it to.

    I have blonde hair, blue/green/gray eyes. I have white skin, not pale just peach colored.

    I’m 15 and I would love to participate.

    please consider me

  9. mercy musa

    Hey my name is mercy musa I live in Ireland Dublin I love acting I have a very funny humor and Im a party girl I love making people laugh and being in mean girls roles
    Thanks:) !!♡♥♡♥♡

  10. lisa Maaraidze

    hey there my name is Lisa and I’m 18 years old and i live in the UK, but originally from Zimbabwe. I would love to apart of this because I’ve always wanted a change in how i live life and acting was something i thought i would be good at but never studied drama. I can sing really well and at the end of the day i’m changing myself to make a better life for my mother. This would be an opportunity of a life time, i’m willing to undergo anything to succeed

  11. Ahsa

    Hi,My name is Ahsa
    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Age 15
    This new show sounds and existing and fun this can. I will be thrilled to be on this show and a part of it. It would be a big dream come ture.

  12. Allie B

    Greetings. My name is Allie. This sounds like a really interesting new show. I’m a big fan of other shows with Zendaya. This could be a opportunity of a life time. When I first started acting I knew this is a skill that I have learned from the ones who help me most. I was in karate for a long time! When I was in karate I had a choice of doing it for 6 more years and get my black belt or quitting and doing something I really loved like theatre. Singing, just being myself and dancing have always made me happy. That why I decided to quit, I to do something that makes me feel free and happy. That’s why I want this part
    Thank you for your time,
    Allie B

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