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  1. Kaylee

    I think you should consider me…I’ve been a fan of the Star Wars since I first saw them.
    I’m in N.C.
    I’m athletic(I run) I’m not going to say I’m beautiful because I would come across as a stuck up person, and I am absolutely not.
    Eyes:Hazel and Bright
    Waist size. 25 inches.
    I look like Jennifer Lawrence(with out the blue eyes and chopped blonde hair) I’m just WAY younger. I’ve also been told I favor Arille Kebbel. (Just trying to get you an idea of what I look like) I love to laugh and am humorous myself. I’m a strong person. And I would really love to be a part of Star Wars. :D
    P.S. I can handle bows,guns, and throwing knives.(I used to be a tom boy!)
    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for your time.

    :D ~May the Force Be With You~ :D

  2. Daisy Gomez

    Hello my name is Daisy and I am 18 years old, 5’8 and 145 pounds. I’m very athletic and friendly, i played softball in highschool and I have been told that my sense of humor is different, I think I’d be perfect for this role because I am graduating this year and I will always have time. I’m also a very HUUUGEEE star wars fan. I would love to be apart of stars wars!!

  3. Adam C. Way

    220lbs (former body builder, I relaxed some =)
    Accents, impersonations.
    Have been known to speak as many as 6 different languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Farsi, Japanese)
    Manufacturing Engineer
    couple degrees (Kept changing majors) – going for a third
    Journeyman Machinist

    I can make mean coffee you’ll never forget!

  4. Kaylee

    I think you should consider me because I have loved Star Wars since I first saw them.
    You can be sure I’ve watched them at least 20 times! :)
    I have brown wavy hair. My eyes are hazel and bright. I’m olive colored. I’m not very tall. 5’2″
    I’m 16 but can pass for older. I can act, and have practiced right here with my giggling sisters to make it harder. I can keep a straight face unless you stair directly into my eyes. I can cry too. :’)
    Anyway, people call me curvy and people say I’m skinny…so I don’t know…I’m curvy/skinny.
    Lol. I’m 115 pounds. I’m in shape(I like to run) SO, yup!
    Thanks for your time!


  5. Raven Dandridge

    Hello, my name is Raven Dandridge. I’m African American,18 years old, 5’5, and 107 lbs.

  6. Sam Davey

    My names sam I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was four I’m now 13 I love Star Wars so I think that passion could help me make the movie

  7. Jessica DeBella

    Hello, my name is Jessica, but I typically go by Jessie. I’m sixteen and quite an aspiring actress.
    As a sophomore in a private high school in a pathetically tiny town, I’ve maintained approximately a 3.8 GPA all year, both this year and last. I participate in productions of musicals and playwrights in community theaters.
    I’m only 5’2, but what I lack in height, I compensate with in beauty and killer talent (and confidence). I have bright blue eyes and a natural red blush in my cheeks. My hair is medium length and is typically dark brown, though I change it every now and then.
    I’ve been doing sports (volleyball, basketball, track&field, cheerleading) for about six years now.
    I may have little girl dreams of being famous, but I believe that with the right amount of hard work, I can do it.
    I hope to be considered for a role. Thank you.

  8. Civarro ousley

    Hi my name is Civarro Ousley and I’m very passionate about being a actor in Chicago. All my life I grew up with people saying I have a different face then others in my family. I have audition for commercial to sell products. I really have a passionate about modeling too. I went to plenty modeling auditions and they didn’t want me for modeling, they wanted me for acting because, they have said my face have a cover of a magazine face. So, that really inspired me to become an model and an actor in the entertainment industry.

  9. Julie Dotson

    SKIN: So pale…and soo fair. Just oh my gosh.
    HAIR: Blonde (though I can dye my hair for the movie if you want it to be a certin color)
    AGE: 15 years old
    HIGHT: 5 foot 6
    EYES: Light Blue
    Hello name is Julie Dotson and, I would absolutly LOVE to have the chance to audition for the brand new Star Wars movie. I have always been a fan, ever since I was a little girl. My dad and I (including my whole family) would sit down every Sunday night, and watch all of the Star Wars episodes (movies or whatever, some say movies but I say episodes!)

    Why I should be considered? Honestly, I don’t know. I just really want the chance to become an actress. It has always been a dream of mine. Now, I’m no professional at acting. Though I have done a lot of comuinity theather, if that counts for something? I would just love to have the chance to be in this. Even as an extra! I’d still be happy! Though I do not live in the United States as of right now. I am currently living in Okinawa Japan. My father is currently in the Military, but he will be retiring next December….so as of 2015 in October I will be moving to the United States. I will be living in Nashville, Tennessee. BUT! If you could, which would help me out and yet I highly doubt it, if you could fly me in to The United States wherever the audtions are that would be great too! :)

    Thank you for your time and of reading why I should be considered for the new Star Wars episode. Thank you so much!
    ~Julie Dotson
    P.S. Go like Julie Dotson Fan Page (on Facebook). I’m also a singer so…yeah. :)
    Okay bye! Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

  10. Bethany Hewitt

    Age: 15, girl
    Eye color: hazel
    Hair: long, wavy, light brown with natural blond highlights
    Skin: very fair, very light freckles on nose and cheekbones (not visible with makeup)
    Height: 5’4′ – 5’5′
    Weight: 145

    I am a swimmer who swims for 3 hours everyday, 5-6 days a week. I am a hard worker and very dedicated. I am an online student and very self-motivated and independent. I do not have much experience in acting but I am a quick learner and will work hard. I am very passionate and would love this opportunity.

  11. Emmanuel Inglés

    My name is Emmanuel Inglés. I’m 20 years old, Puerto Rican. I have thousands of movies at home from 1940 black and white movies to 2014 movies. I know all about movies and acting. I’ve been in a lot of plays in high school but since I graduated I haven’t perform. I’m 5″9 white dark eyes and hair. 160 pounds. Strong. Handsome. Funny. Smart.I can help with the movie make it more dramatic. I have perfect English and Spanish. A slight accent like any other Puerto Rican. Hey, I could play a bad guy, trust me when I say my accent will be perfect for the movie. I can either be the funny guy that breaks bad every 10 minutes. I can cry whenever I want. I can laugh, improvise, fight and I can guarantee I can capture the audience. Not afraid to act in front of big crowds. If anything, my name is Emmanuel Inglés and you can contact me at this number <hidden from public> ); email: <hidden from public>
    I prefer to be in this movie one time in my life and be famous for it than appear in 100 different other movies. Consider me.

  12. Lammy

    Hair color:Black
    Eye color:Brown
    Skin tone:white
    Body type:slim/fit
    Great story teller, good memorization skill, excellent comedic moment. Huge movie fan, team player, easy to work with. Love to make movie come to life!

  13. Ashley

    Aged 15 (have been mistaken for 18)
    5′ 8″
    Long brown hair
    Glasses but have contact lenses
    Born and raised in London
    Can do American Accent and I speak French and some Russian
    I regularly horse ride and I attend archery, also a part of my cross country team so I am in shape and slim.
    Keen about acting and the film industry, I think this would be a great opportunity.
    Parents are happy for me to do this so they can sign any papers needed.<hidden from public> 
    <hidden from public>

  14. Mario Fleming

    HI, i am very interested in the role of Thomas I’m 5’2′, and 21 years old, Black hair, Brown eyes, i have experience in acting and i’m also very athletic. I can do most of my own stunts if there are any and i am very good with direction. i am looking for somewhere to shoot my career off so hopefully this could be it thank you.

  15. Anthony Smith

    My name is Anthony Smith. I am 23 years old. I feel as I would be good for the part of Thomas. I may not have previous acting experience, but his character is exactly like me. I did not grow up with a father, so I had to learn and teach myself things as I grew up. I never take life too seriously. I am constantly making everything into a joke or not making big deals out of things. I am 5′ 9″ brown hair and brown eyes. 167 lbs. and athletic build. I can make any one of my friends and family smile for no reason at all. I feel that I would be more connected to the character of Thomas, due to my lifestyle being very similar to what has been described of Thomas.

  16. Cydney Pennison

    I would love to audition for the role of Rachel. I am 15 years old , but everyone says I look older . I am a 3rd degree black belt , I have long dark brown hair . Hazel green eyes , a nice smile . My height is 5.2 , I have always been told I was very funny and very beautiful .

  17. Marisa Weiland

    Hello I’m Marisa, I just turned 19 years old but people say I look 17 for 19 years old. I have very long black hair and brown eyes and I’m 5’5. I think I could play the role of Rachel cause I do have a lot of humor myself and I’m always a bright positive person. I have grew up watching all the Star Wars movies and I have always been a fan of those movies. It would be a great experience for me to be apart of a movie I grew up with and loved . I very much enjoy acting and always have since I was little. I am a little athletic I used to play basketball but I do take walks so I guess that can count. If you are interested in talking to me please contact me by email I will send you a picture of what I look like and also if you can give me a line from the character Rachel I can send you a video of me doing that. Thank you :) may the force be with you :D

  18. Marisa

    Hi I’m marisa I think I could be a great role for Rachel I’m 19 years old I just turned 19 but some people say I look like I’m 17 for 19 years old. I have long black hair and brown eyes and I’m 5’5. I have always been into the Star Wars films since I was very little and I have been a big fan ever since. I think it would be a great experience for me to be apart of something that I watched and grew up with. I am a very bright person and I enjoy acting very much if you are interested please contact me by email which is <hidden from public> and then hopefully we can discuss the next step also I can send you a picture of what I look like and if you can give me a line from the character I can send you a video of how I can act :)

  19. Chelsey Durand

    Age: 26 (look younger then my age suggests)
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 115
    Hair: Auburn/Brown
    Eyes: Grey-Blue
    Skin: Fair

    Greetings, my name is Chelsey Durand, and I would just like to put forth my interest in applying to a part in this movie. I do not have much experience in acting, beside a few drama classes I took in high school, but I am a very dedicate and hard worker. I am a fast learner and I am always eager to learn more things and to challenge myself, both physically and intellectually. I am very friendly and get along easily with other’s. I would greatly appreciate it if I would be considered for this film. Resume and photo’s are available upon request.

    Thank you for your time,


  20. Juline Gamel

    Should probably mention that I live in the Central Valley of California.

  21. Juline Gamel

    Hey, I’m Nyxx.

    Pick me or don’t pick me, but that’s why you would do anyways right?

    I am 18
    Gorgeous(if I do say So myself)
    And I’m tough.

    I can outsmart and outwork any man.
    Just find out for yourself, unless your scared.

    Signed with a knife,

  22. Kevin Essenmacher

    I would be great for the role of Thomas. For I have grown up without a fathers influence. I ‘m 5’9″, brown hair, brown eyes. Very athletic. Participated in wrestling, baskeyball, football, soccer, and baseball. I also enjoy disc golf. I grew up loving Star Wars, and would love nothing more than to be part of the new Star Wars generation!

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