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  1. Shannon Wesner

    Hello there! My name is Shannon Wesner, and I’m not gonna lie, these kinds of things are hard for me to fill out or say because I’m an action oriented person. My actions speak louder than my words ever could, but my dancing speaks even louder than my actions. I don’t know if I’m actually good or not, I’m not gonna lie here either, because I’ve never danced in front of anyone before. But I love to dance so much, with all the hard times life has brought me the past few years, dancing has brought me a release and a feeling of elation and life. It makes me feel like I can continue on. No words can describe how I feel when I dance, except maybe bursting out crying over how great it is.

    I think you should choose me to audition/be on So You Think You Can Dance because I’m actually kind of a big girl. I’m overweight, double chin, the whole shebang. Not HUGELY so, but enough to notice. But I want to prove big people can dance just as well as anyone else of any other body size. I have strong legs, and raw power in my dancing. While not the most balanced dancer, I exhibit emotion in every move I make and pure enjoyment is all you can see when I dance.

    Being on SYTYCD would also provide an opportunity I’ve been looking for for years! I’m not very well off, kind of poor actually, but I’d love to one day because to be comfortable at the very least, financially, doing what I love. I’ve been dancing since I was 16, and now I am 21. It’s not a long time to have been dancing, but it’s long enough for me to know it’s all I really find enjoyment in, in life. It makes me happy, it gives me hope that I can fight on for a better life. And I want to prove, again, that big people can dance just like anyone else of other body sizes! We can be just as fit and sharp with out moves!

  2. Monique Allen

    Hello my name is Monique Allen. I’m submitting this request for my son divine Wilson, since he is 10 years old under 18. Divine has a unique talent of dancing. He dances hip-hop style, taps and also takes ballet lessons! Dancing is his passion. he has been dancing since he was 2yrs old. I cant take him to anybody’s party without him turning it out like its his day! Divine wakes up dancing and go to bed dancing always asking if me or his dad can videotape him! Also to share he also had the opportunity to perform on the Apollo stage in Harlem NY, where he won first place child star!.(which wasn’t aired on TV). Divine dream is to perform on national television, and represent his hometown which is Baltimore, Md. This as he say will be a dream come true!

  3. Divine Wilson

    Hello!! My name is Divine Wilson I am 10 years old. I been dancing since I was 2. I won first place first time hitting the Apollo in Harlem NY. On October 23. 2013. I have a unique way of dancing when I dance every one stops to look. I dance hip-hop style,I can tap and also balet!I would love to represent my city which is Baltimore,Md. A experience dancing on your stage. It would be a dream come true. Dancing is my everything..other than being a happy kid!

  4. Sharielle Buckner

    To me dance is far more than moving your body its about expression , feeling, and emotion and confidence. I don’t think I can dance I know I can. Let me show you.

  5. victor ellington

    hi, my name is victor enrique alvarez ellington i’m 20 years old I am the city of Guatemala, I saw this competition since its first episode and always told me “I want to be there” but for many reasons live here and not there, and therefore I would like to participate and demonstrate my country has talent and also Latin Americans, would be a dream to share with dancers from around the world … this would be the greatest in my life that challenge I’m sure, if you ever get there accomplishment established that “if you can”.

  6. victor ellington

    hi, enrique alvarez ellington victor i’m 20 years old I am the city of Guatemala, I saw this competition since its first episode and always told me “I want to be there” but for many reasons live here and not there, and therefore I would like to participate and demonstrate my country has talent and also Latin Americans, would be a dream to share with dancers from around the world … this would be the greatest in my life that challenge I’m sure, if you ever get there accomplishment established that “if you can”.

  7. Javon Felix

    My name is Javon Felix and I am 15 years old And My passion is The Art Of Music And Dancing! I was born in Detroit “Motor City” Michigan and raised in Taylor Michigan and since I seen Role Models like Michael Jackson Doing that one moonwalk inspired me to move and never stop. People ask Me “What type Of Dancer Are You”? and I reply saying freestyle hip hop. I don’t choose a certain category because I feel like God blessed me with a style I like to call my own .I was born with asthma.Bullied at a young age and was told I wasn’t good at anything But I show people Who The real Energetic Javon Felix really is By Letting Them Gaze at the moves with my arms, body, feet and soul.I was in A accident that made me break my right leg and I thought I couldn’t dance any more but boy ain’t God Good and Almighty SO I want to Say Im ready to learn, prove, and Better my self For This seasons SYTYCD!!!!

  8. Danny Lee

    I’m Danny Lee from Seattle WA, I’ve been dancing for 5 years now starting from the bottom as a breakdancer to choreographer and been dancing since. Dance is one of my biggest hobbies out of all, without dancing, my life would not be great as it used to be. Some of my experience from dance is that I’ve been taking classes at Massive Monkees studio and Freedom Dance Center and that’s when I improve my dance skills, if I didn’t take classes and just watch tutorials on youtube, then I will still be stuck as a beginner. I’ve also made a dance crew called DamoDynasty Crew and we were going to participate at ABDC, but after we heard that MTV cancelled ABDC, the crew was broken and went back to our hometown’s. After the team was split, I have been searching dance auditions and luckily I’ve found SYTYCD, feel free to call me at <hidden from public> or you can contact me at <hidden from public>, hope to here from you soon!

    ~Danny Lee

  9. Breanna Alexander

    Hello, I’m Breanna Alexander I am currently a junior at the University of MD Eastern Shore. I am a biology major and also the captain of my school’s dance team. Dancing is not just a hobby for me, it’s a outlet. I lost my father in a motorcycle accident in March 2012 and my life hasn’t been the same since. Between my home life and trying to maintain in college, dance is the only thing that has kept me sane. It gives me a breath of fresh air that others may never understand. It’s something I take very important but also something I take with me everywhere I go. To get the chance to audition for So You Think You Can Dance would be a experience of risk and determination but also bravery. I believe that I can not only touch the world thru my dancing but also through my passion, personality and presence.

    It would be an honor to have this chance and it’ll be greatly appreciated if I was considered
    Thank you again
    Breanna Alexander
    Your shining Star.

  10. Raven Walton

    My mom put me in dance at the young age of three. She thought it would be good for me. I fell in love with it and fifteen years later I am still dancing! Although the road has not always been easy, I have always used the healing power of dance to get me through.
    I was having the time of my life doing competitive dancing when I started getting sick at the age of 12. I began to feel sick all the time and was scared. I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction with severe gastroparethis. A big long name that means from the neck down my digestive system does not work properly.
    I was in and out of the hospital over the next few years. I was vomiting over 25 times a day and got down to 85 pounds. I could not dance. I ended up having a colectomy in 2008 and a gastric pacemaker put in my stomach in 2010. I named my pacer Thumper because my mom whom has my disease has named all of hers to make light of a dark situation. My mom has had thirty-nine stomach surgeries and I have had four surgeries so far. I will average a surgery every three to four years for the rest of my life. I swell when I eat which causes a great amount of pain. I have pain in my muscles and joints too. I can’t eat certain meats and mainly live on a mushy diet and ensure plus.

    During the time that I was in the hospital I never gave up on the dream of dancing. Even though I couldn’t dance full out, it was so therapeutic for me to dance in whatever ways I could manage. After my recovery, I found that the only time that I did not feel pain was when I danced! I even got to go meet Adam Shankman from So You Think You Can Dance as a Make-A-Wish child.
    Presently I have opened a small dance studio where I have already begun using the healing power of dance. Not only do I teach regular classes but I also teach special needs children. This whole experience has inspired me to want to start my own non-profit to help others. Now especially since my brother has recently shown signs of our disease. I want to set programs up in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and many other places. The possibilities are limitless! I want to share the healing power of dance with the world! This has been my dream since I was a little girl! So please pick me!!!!! I am one story that no one would forget!!!!

  11. Emiliana Gonzales

    Hi my name is Emiliana Gonzales I am 21 yeas old. I just want a chance to be on the show becuse dancing is my passion i don know how to really do diff types of dancing besides HIP HOP. but I am really to learn I just hope I have a chance thanks :)

  12. travon evans

    Hi my name is travon evans I’m 13year old about to be 14. I love to dance I dance everywhere. this could be a big opportunity for me to start my dancing career I been dancing since I was 3 years old. never been to a dancing school but you would never no when you see me dance . Hope you pick me . Thanks

  13. Aniece Dhokia

    Hi, My name is Aniece Dhokia and I would really love to have a shot at auditioning for SYTYCD. I learned to dance before I could even walk. Dancing has been everything in my life and to just get a shot to show the world my talent would be so AMAZING. Watch this and I promise you won’t regret it.

  14. KSENIA

    Dancing is ma life! Wanna be part of this show!
    Hope to get a chance, thts all I need
    Thank you.

  15. Akbar Khallid Sanders

    Hello, my name is Akbar. I am better known as Khalid. I’ve been dancing my entire life! Throughout the years I’ve lost alot and I’ve also gained a lot.. I’ve lost so much, so much has been taken away from me, but Dance is something that’ll never leave me! I’ve tried to stop dancing. But. I just can’t! Every sound , every beat turns into movement. To me dance is life!

  16. Carlos Andrade


    My name is Carlos Andrade, I’m 17 turning 18 on march 17. I’ve never taken a dance class but I am an amazing dancer and my only weakness is some of my technique. I learn fast and and pick up dances quick. I LOVE dancing sooo much, it’s the only other thing in my life that’s really important besides cheerleading and my family. I’ve performed contemporary dances for my school, and also hip hop. I’m really good with acrobatics and all the dances besides ballet. I should be part of the 2014 “so you think you can dance” because I’m think I deserve a shot to show you what I’m made of and what I can bring to the table. I also have a really good personality and I love to make others laugh and be happy. Anyways thank you, and I hope you pick for an audition so I can show you what I’m made of.

  17. Sabrena O'Day

    Hello I’m Sabrena, I came upon this site through looking for news of SYTYCD auditions.
    I have been dancing for several years. First modern dance instruction was when I was 11 where I studied an Vancouver’s Arts School in Washington until I graduated in 2011.

    It’s been a couple years since then that I’ve tried to find my way through life making a living on my own working in fast food, while dancing and taking classes, then moving back home to try and make dance happen in my life as a career. Lately it’s been really difficult, my Dad and I both have negative balances in our bank accounts. Searching for a part time job with a friendly environment.

    Currently investing my money into two dance groups. One is a hip-hop crew called Drish (made from a dream and a wish) and we meet frequently during the week to learn choreography and rehearse for shows. The other is called Vitality Dance Collective, we meet once a week and do mostly modern, ballet based material.

    To pay for some of my expenses my cousin has me babysit her two kids once in a while so I can earn some cash. I just want to dance and be able to get by. I don’t need a whole lot, just enough to get by through doing what I love.

    I love to tell a story through dance and be able to lift someone’s mood and draw them in. This is why I want to dance.

    SYTYCD is a big opportunity to do what I enjoy and be able to help my family and loved ones, and hopefully support myself by becoming a dancer/ choreographer. Yes I like to choreograph, too!

    Please keep me updated on SYTYCD news! I never thought I would try out even though my Dad said I should, just for the experience. But I think I may have changed my mind, I have nothing to lose!

  18. Brianna Prescott

    Hello, My name is Brianna Prescott. I am 19 years old, I am 5’4, African American, Brown eyes, Black hair, a female, and a trained dancer with basic knowledge of acting. I have danced since I was 3 years old. I think that you should consider me for your show because I have the determination and ability to be the best. I want to be able to do what I love and that is dance. I currently live in Houston, Texas and I am willing to fly anywhere and prove it to you. I am hoping to reach my dreams and become a professional.

  19. Deonte"Dizz"Harris

    Coming LIVE! From Reston, VA, the wild and wonderful, D, to the I, to the doble zig zag. I think I should be apart of the SYTYCD family, because I understand it’s going to take more than passion and dedication to be part of such a inspirational show, I believe people like me or people in the previous comments can bring really great new styles that have never been discovered before. I’ve been told to be a distinct dancer by showing the foundations of this art, such as, popping, locking, contemporary style, house style or new jack swing and I believe these styles are the significance of this art. I’ve watched SYTYCD oh, so many times and studied many dancers and the creative styles they bring forth. Iconic dancers such as Robert Muraine, Hawke, Twitch, Pacman, etc.(I understand all males) have taken creativity to a whole new level, but I believe it takes your love of knowledge and foundation of other dance styles to really be the best of your nature. I can sit here and say I’ve been dancing all my life, but that doesn’t mean as much to me as to say after I’m done with this post, I’m going to study more and dance because it means that much. Through all my talent shows and auditions, I believe THIS show is the peak, the prime of every dancers lives and that’s why I think you should pick me Deonte “Dizz” Harris to be apart of So You Think You Can Dance. Thank you and god bless.

  20. Gloria

    You should pick me because.My love for dancing is very strong.At my school i was choose to be the queen of hip hop.i learn very quick.I don’t argue with anyone.I have a fast paste .I’ve been looking for auditions ever sense i was a kid.when i was in 2nd grade outside at school me and my friends Maggie,Grace,Isabel,Annie,Eileen,and Megan would have a dance off me and Maggie always won.PLEASE pick me i can do moves that other people can not do in a 1,000 years.

  21. Gloria

    You should pick me because.My love for dancing is very strong.At my school i was choose to be the queen of hip hop.i learn very quick.I don’t argue with anyone.I have a fast paste .I’ve been looking for auditions ever sense i was a kid.when i was in 2nd grade outside at school me and my friends Maggie,Grace,Isabel,Annie,Eileen,and Megan would have a dance off me and Maggie always won.PLEASE pick me i can do moves that other people can do in 1,000 years. .PLEASE pick me.

  22. Angel

    Ooo… I think I will surprise my sister by
    Letting her know auditions are coming!

  23. Gregory Mendoza

    Hello, my name is Gregory Mendoza. I am Filipino, I have a genre in hiphop, I am 18 years old and I can only see myself doing dance as a career in the future. I should be given the opportunity to dance on SYTYCD because I will not disappoint, I determined, I am willing to learn new things, and ready to work hard. My family is not the richest, but like any other family with financial problems we are struggling. I would like to give back to my family with the prize money, and be able to pursue my love for dance. SYTYCD will help begin my dancing career and get my name out to the public. Thank you.

  24. Andrea

    Well im a young lady that has forever looking for dance auditions and i believe that i would bring everything to the table. I am determined,humbled,and ready to bring everything to the table. Much love Andrea

  25. Bailee Parker

    HI! I have been addicted to SYTYCD since it began. I have danced since I was 2, I’m now 18. I have waited with baited breath until I was old enough to audition….NOW I AM!!! I am educated in several disciplines of dance and am excited to learn the ones I’m not so familiar with. I am about to embark on aerial/scarf dance lessons. I am extremely flexible….almost to the point of being a contortionist. I have been held at a disadvantage (and told as much) because of my smaller stature. I believe that it is the choreographers burden to utilize me for my size rather than abandon me because of it. My studio choreographers have done a fabulous job of it for years.
    I Iove doing choreography that touches people. Whether the emotion is sadness, happiness, shock, invigorating, or inspiring I am happy to know I was able to convey something that stirs that emotion in people. Dance is my outlet, my stress reliever, my emotional stability. My dance sisters and teachers are my support system. I don’t know what I’d do without either!
    I have no expectations of being selected my first audition. I do however have the determination to audition as many times as it takes to catch the attention of the judges and audience!! I am SOOOO ready for this! See you soon! ;) “B”

  26. Anna Salnikova

    Hello. Dancer’s competition show is a biggest dream for me for last several years. I dance all my life, all different styles and kinds. Learn really fast how to deal with the new ones.
    I can do almost anything from deep dubstep and ballet to latin and country. Dance is my passion and I feel the beauty of the rythme in any type of music.
    I am professional go-go dancer for a long years, show-ballet dancer(different countries), troupe, video, concert backgroun dancer.
    I have my perfect personal style.
    Also, I have rare exotic look. I am a mix of russian, franch and gypsy. Very athletic and fit, stay in a great shape all the time.
    Very good looking(I professionaly model as well) girl with lots of life energy and positive thoughts.
    I am 28 years old(you would never believe that if you’ll see me). I am that great mix of young look and mature personality.

    I do have an experience working as an actress for few production companies and independent institutes.
    5’7 tall, 103lb, very athleyic.

    Bronze color of skin, hazel eyes, golden brown hair.

    I am exactly that person you are looking for!
    Looking forward to hear from you!

  27. Desiree Jones

    You should choose me to be a dancer on SYTYCD because I can dance and would love for everyone to see that I can. I am teachable and can learn quick. I have no problems with anyone and I am able to work with my attitude is positive and my feet has rhythm and dance ability so all in all please choose me to audition for SYTYCD.

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