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  1. Sam

    You should consider me to be on this show because I’m an actress in my huh school and I participated in my plays and played minor roles but was told I was the most rememberable in the plays. I’m 18 years old and looking to continues my career as an actress and we all have to start somewhere an starting on one of my favorite tv shows would be the cherry on top of a good year. I’m very confident about my acting and can play anything you throw at me no problem. And fix anything wrong with my acting like that. I don’t just want to participate this just to get famous I want to continue my acting because acing is a passion of mins. Minor or major role, a role is a role. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to apply to be apart of this as I might not even make it with all these other talented people applying.

  2. Eric. Borgen.

    Dear Director or Casting agent I have been wanting to act in a show or movie for a long time ever since i was a small boy It would be an honer to be in even one seen thakyou for reading my letter p.s. I am a Michigan resident of scandinavian discent I am 5’8″ tall extra large BUILD with dark brown hair and hazlegreen eyes

  3. Shairee Perez

    To Whom It may Concern:
    I am an aspiring actress. I am dedicated and possess a versatile personality, which I know would be great in my future acting career. I am willing to do whatever what it takes to climb the ropes. I would love to take part of this experience. I have had small speaking parts and background roles in my surrounding area. Thanks for taking your time to consider me.

  4. Tracy

    I have talent just need an opportunity to be discovered! I can cry on que act with my eyes, body language, multiple personalaties. I am a total package can do it all… except for singing :-)

  5. Akeem Raemon Adams

    Hello and Good Afternoon.

    Age: 23
    Height: 5 foot 7/ slinder
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown and long/ slicked back
    Resides in Bowie, Maryland
    I have always been a lover of old movies, musicals, acting, storytelling and television (sitcoms). I know about everything from I Love Lucy to The Jeffersons to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I am an old soul when it comes to entertainment. I am a very fast learner. I learn everything by ear. I have a good intuition. Very deep-rooted in faith. I am always looking on the positive. I work well with others. Love meeting new people and getting to try new things. I don’t know everything about acting. I’m still learning and I am in college. I really did not start acting until I started college. I have learned alot in 3 short years. I will always be a lifelong learner. There is always something to learn.

  6. Leon stevenson

    Hello im 6 ft 1 i play football for university of maryland very big ive always been able to act since I was younger the faces determine everything sleepy hollow is a amazing show and I would love a chance to be part of the reason its even better

  7. Manuel Melcon


    i love to sing, dance, act like different disney characters and love to repeat lines from books, shows and movies.
    i am a boy and am 5 years old and in pre-k4
    my name is Manuel

  8. Zak Mayhew

    I’m 15 years old and I have brown hair and brown eyes and white. I’ve been in several plays and have great acrobatic and stunt skills due to gymnastics for several years. I would absolutely love to be in this show. Especially part of the main sleepy hollow family but I would be grateful for even a small role as a guest star. It would be awesome if you guys could consider me!

  9. Rudy

    Hey I’m Rudy I’m 21 brown hair 5’8 176lbs muscular built and the reason I should be able to audition for this show is because acting is my passion it’s what I love to do I’m confident in my acting skills enough to know that i can handle basically any role I am handed I’m not asking you to make me a star or even rich all I’m asking is for an opportunity to show the world what I got and create art while inspiring others to follow their dreams i work hard to be a great actor not like most that take it for granted so that’s why I think I deserve a shot

  10. Josiah Wegner

    Hello, my name is Josiah Wegner acting is my passion and i’m still an amateur actor but i’m very hard working i’m Caucasian and age of 15 i will accept and take anything you throw at me i’m doing this to see if i’m lucky enough to get chance if you choose me i will very much cherish it but i’ll take any role and any show i’ve always wanted this and please consider my offer and another thing is you won’t regret it you have my word.

  11. charles

    i love the show i think it would be a wonderful experience to play a small part in a big hit show
    i have done a few plays in college and now i work full time as a social worker
    I have a BA in Political Science from St Augustine’s University. im 6’1 260lb 29 years old light brown skin
    thanks for the post and the opportunity. i hope to hear from you soon

  12. Ciara

    Hey, my name is Ciara!
    I think this movie is going to be amazing! I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in Florida. I have tan skin, I’m a brunette with brown eyes and big dimples! I’m always smiling but get serious when needed. I’m a girl who loves to follow her dreams and acting has and always will be my dream. Ever since i was a little girl i saw myself acting. My dream is to become a famous, successful actress. I’m inspired by Jennifer Lawrence and many more actors and actresses. People tell me i’m very confident and could see me acting on Disney so here i am! I’m trying to start now so i can have a background for when i’m older. I pray everyday that God will help me achieve my goals in life. I understand how hard of a career this is, but i know in my heart i can do this. I’ve always visualized myself on the big screen, interacting with fans, going to events, but most importantly inspiring others. I live for this, acting is in my veins. It’s what i love to do. I hope this will be an opportunity for many more to come. Thank you all so much for even giving me this choice. If you all pick me. i’ll try my very best to make you proud. Thank you!(: Xx
    P.S. This show is amazing!!!

  13. joshua

    I am 16 I live in Ohio which means im close to Washington d.c where the casting call is iv put my life into acting so I think this would be a great opportunity. I’m currently homeschooled which means I would have any problems getting to the job and there’s no problems with actual schools

  14. Monica

    I would like the opportunity to work on “Sleepy Hollow”. I have previous modeling and acting experience. I know I would be an asset in an role I am added to.
    I am 34 years old but I look younger
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 156
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown.

    I can email pictures upon request.

  15. Isabelle Parshall

    I would love to be considered because I started watching the show randomly…didn’t think id be interested in it but although I was scared at times I truly loved it. It’s surprising! I love acting and I’m also used to backstage work as well. I hope you’ll need someone awkward like myself!

  16. Jordan Betti

    Jordan Betti
    Age : 23
    Height : 5 foot 9/athletic, thin.
    Weight : 155
    Eye Color : Green
    Hair Color and Style : Dark brown and slicked back undercut
    Florida resident
    I am self taught at acting and writing. I have studied acting, movies, screenwriting and storytelling since I was 9 years old. I have a natural instinct for all of the above. I study hard and get very deep within storytelling, acting and writing. I am a natural and given the right opportunity I am positive and confident I could go far.

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