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  1. Shania

    Hi, My name is Shania and i am 16 year old girl, i have a dream and its always been the same, dancing for people and just shining the light. I have been dancing since i could walk! and my passion for dance is something that just cant be described. people doubt me all the time because they think my dreams are too big but that doesnt stop me and nothing ever will because if you have a dream you must follow it and thats exacly what i will be doing . i love it so much and i dont just want to be on a disney channel show because everyone can see me but i want to be on it because my idol started her career on the same path way only a little earlier in her life and her name is Demi Lovato, shes also the reason im living today and the reason im the dancer i am today. to be in Shake It Up! would be a life changing expirience, my life goal is to inspire people through the magic of dance.

  2. Katya

    Hello! My name is Katya, I am 11 years old. I really enjoy dancing and acting, and I absoulutely love the Disney Channel show “Shake It Up”. I would love getting a role in this show and getting to work with Bella Thorne and Zendaya. Being on a Disney Channel show has always been a dream of mine. So, I really hope I get a role in the TV show.


  3. Makyah

    Hi I’ve always wanted to act and dance but every time I looked for an acting role they never have one so please give me a chance to shine and be on shake it up season 2 I know even more people that would love to shine in your show but let me just say that I really have robe in this I would kill to be in this please let me be in this pppplllllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee.By the way I’m 10

  4. Emily Welch

    Hi my name is emily and i am 12. It would mean the absolute world to me to be on the show.I love this show it is the best. I would love to meet all you guys and be on the show you guys are awesome! I love this so much i even pretend to be sick on school days so i can watch the show! even if i am an extra i don’t care just please put me on the show! I live in perth australia but i would be willing to fly wherever to be on the show. I have watched disney channel ever since i was little. I cry sometimes when i watch the show because i am so happy but sad that i am not on the show. It would be the best thing in the world. I love acting because i love making people happy. Please accept me it would be the world for me!!!!!

  5. amanda tubbs

    hi am Amanda and am 15 years old i have always wanted to act it has always been one of my passions i thought it would be impossible to be able to act. i would love to soar in my experience and get better at dancing . i would love to get the chance to be a shinning star.

  6. Isabel

    my name is Isabel Klink and I am 13 years old. I have dirty blond hair and greenish blue eyes. I am 5 feet, 100 pounds, and very fit. I have always had a passion for dance. this year I do competition dance and take 20 dance classes a week. I am very good at acrobatic tricks because of my experience with gymnastics. I have only been dancin at my studio for a year, but I already have had many great opportunities such as getting a solo for competition. I take ballet, jazz, modern (Horton technique), lyrical, hip hop, acro, tap and musical theater. I’m not sure if this is important but I am also very flexible. this would be an amazing opportunity because I love to dance and my dream is to be on Disney channel!

  7. elizabeth armstrong

    love this show im 8 ,5’0 ,80 pounds ,brown hair curly,brown eyes, hope u pick me

  8. Diamond Littles

    Hi,my name is diamond and i love shake it up! i love to dance and i love to act. i would love to be the main character with y’all two i would love it . I hope i get to do this because i would love to be a star with y’all.

    Also i love y’all fashion collection,nails,and i watch shake it up on YouTube. I make up my own dances to different songs and i want to be like Zendaya and Bella. Because y’all can dance and everything i love that.I’m all about having passion.

    I hope i can do this. I LOVE Y’ALL

  9. Caroline Johnson

    Hi, I am Caroline and I am 18 years old. I have always wanted to act and was scared it wasn’t possible. But I would love to gain experience and opportunity so that it is possible. I have been facing for about 11 years and I have been on a competitive dance team for about 8 years. I would be very grateful if I was able to have the opportunity to gain experience and work on furthering my career in dance and film.

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