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  1. kunal mehta

    Hiii myself kunal Mehta I want to come in shake it up this is best show I live this show and I will more happy if will get a role and a part of shake it up and u now what my hobbies I love dance and music tooooo much

  2. karla

    My name is karla i am 15 years old i have brown long hair am hispanic and american i love dance sing act and model i have seen this show seens it came out i love it i identified my self with them i like there style please call i live in houston tx

  3. Naveet verma

    hi!!!!!! i’m Naveet verma . i m 13 years old ,I M FAIR IN COLOUR. I LOVE DISNEY’S MOVIE AND TV SHOWS , I LIVE IN INDIA

  4. Alejandra Vdes

    I am very interested in casting a role on shake it up. My life is kind of similar to the show. I have a best friend and were always together every day and we grew up as dancers in 6th grade. I love dance and i was on a dance team for practically 3 years and eventually made it onto the varsity team. when I graduated me and my best friend when to a performing arts high school to peruse our dreams as a professional dancer but what stopped us was that the style of dance they did. They did ballet and we did hip hp and drill. We didn’t give up so we perused our other dream talent which was to be musicians. during our own time at lunch,everday of every week we would create a schedule for example dance on Monday and workouts on Tuesday and we would mix it up each week. I miss going to competitions and it would be a dream of mine to dance and act on Disney channel and just do what I love most. dancing and acting. especially on shake it up.

  5. Marta

    Name: Marta Nunez
    Age: 18 years old
    Race: Mexican American (Chicana)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Gender: Female
    I giving you a little information about me. I am disability, but I won’t let that stop me from doing something I want to do in life. I have never audition or done nothing like this. I want to inspire people like me that anything is possible to do in life even if you are in a wheelchair. I will love to hear back from you.
    Thank you,
    Marta Nunez

  6. Hilda Aliu

    Hi I’m Hilda
    I live in Edmonton Alberta
    I am 4’7″
    I’m ten years old
    I’m pretty skinny ( not too skinny just not as big as some )
    I have brown hair, eyes and chocolate skin ( light chocolate )
    I took an acting class once and I loved it

  7. brady roberts

    I would like to be part of shake it up and why my dream are to be part of a show

  8. hunnybun

    hi am hunnybun and I want to be on shake it up

  9. Wijdan

    Hey don’t change the charecters we love them……plzzzzz

  10. Valeria

    Name: Valeria
    Height: 5’4
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin color: Tanned brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Race: Latina from Mexican Decent
    Hello! My name is Valeria I’m 14 years old and I’m from California. I have been dancing since I was 10 years old and I’ve taken Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical and this year I started Hip Hop. I would like to be a part of “Shake It Up” because I’ve always fantasized of being on this show ever since it came out in 2010. I have always admired how all the dancers on “Shake It Up” have danced very beautifully and well. I hope I am chosen! Thank You very much for your time and every thing!

  11. Felicia

    I will love to be on your show I have never wanted something so bad but I live and breath to dance please give me a call I from a small town in North Carolina witch is called polkton people said I would never make it out of here and I’m here to prove them wrong no matter where you from you can always be and do something with your life

  12. Jonathan castillo alvarez

    I’m almost twelve I’m in grade 6 I can sing I can dance


    Hair color:black

    Eye color:brown

    race : Latin American

    Background: cuba n

  13. Reshmina

    Name – Reshmina
    Age – 12
    Interested in – Dancing , Singing , Sports.
    Hi! My name is Reshmina Shoaib. I am 12 years old. my favourite hobby is to Dance, Sing, Sports, Science, Art, Hairstyle and Makeup. My wish and dream is to have an act in Shake It Up.
    I love shake it up show and I like the show very much. Please give me an act for the show.
    Thank You!!!!!

  14. T'mya

    Hi my name is T’mya Hebb and I hope to get an audition for this show. I love to sing and dance and it would mean the world to me if I got to be on Shake It Up.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American

  15. Shamicka Jones

    Hi My daughter loves to dance And I know she would die to be on Shake it up,like that is her favorite show. And she wants to be a Actor soooooooooooooo bad and she is inspired by Disney channel. Shake it up inspired her to dance. She is 12 years old, We live Tulsa,Ok. Her name is Meyon Jones

  16. Yashvanth

    My name p.sai Yashvanth Varma
    Age 12
    Gender male

  17. valerie

    Hi my name is:
    Valerie Brooke Thompson
    Like to do:
    Dancing and singing
    I love to dance dancing is in my heart

  18. Tai Douglas

    Hey, I’m Tai Douglas i have always wanted to do something productive with my life coming from were i grew up. I am 14 years old and i can rap and dance i also play tackle football for 5 years now i am very good and people say i might have the talent for a scholarship. Also i am 5’9 1/2 have blueish green eyes dirty blond hair and am black and white. I have recently moved from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon and live with my mother who has four children including me and is struggling and that is why i want to show my mom that i can do something that can maybe be my future and thats why i have submitted my application.

  19. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love watching shake it up. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. So please think about picking us. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  20. Meiyi Wang

    Hi my name is Meiyi Wang and I am 10 years old. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair and is Chinese. My hobbies are singing, dancing, making animations, and drawing. I have practiced with acting before. I always wanted to be in a Disney movie. I hope you chose me. I live at 3300 South Sepulveda Blvd 90034 #G7. My email is <hidden from public> Thank you.

  21. Hilda

    Age 10
    Height 4’7″
    Hair colour brown
    Eye colour brown
    Skin colour chocolate
    I wear braids, like the African kind. Without them my hair is really frizzy.
    I can sing exceptionally well, and kind of can dance. ( I never took classes but when I little I won like 7-8 dance competitions, not the big kinds but the small community kinds)
    I really want to be an actor because it’s fun. I’m at least taking classes for that. You can say that I’ve been in a fashion show so I can model.
    If you can’t audition me for this show I’ll gladly be in any other. My goal in life is to get an Oscar, but I would need to start early to get one.
    I don’t want to be the main, but not an extra. I live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.
    You have my email if you decide I’m good.
    (You can say look like zendaya

  22. destiny robles

    Hi I’m Destiny! I’m currently 13 turning 14 on March 4th.
    I’ve had a passion for acting,modeling, and dancing ever since I was little. I have done many many plays and am with the Neal Hamil agency. This is definitely what I want to do in life and I truly believe that every time I act, dance or model I am still myself also with the person you want me to be. So… Here’s the deal, everybody has bad days, but whenever I have bad days weather at home or school, when I step into that place of being out their its like I could never have a bad day because weather I’m doing great or not I’m learning and as a person I like to continue progressing! I definently hope you give me the chance to show you what I got! Thank you.

  23. Latia

    Hi my name is Latia but everyone calls me Tia for short. I’m from Michigan but now live in Chicago I’m 14 about to turn 15 in July. I always wanted to be an entertainer since I was a kid. Even at age 14 I still watch Disney channel shows I been a fan of Shake it up since it camed out.
    I can Sing and Dance :). I am happy if I even have one role. I’m a nice and hard working person.

    Please at least consider me

    Love, Latia

  24. Kortni Surber

    My name is Kortni, I am 17 years old and this is just what I’ve been looking for.
    I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and absolutely love it. I’ve done all type of genre anywhere from lyrical to intense hiphop. I also have an interest in acting, I know that I can conquer anything that is put in front of me.
    Please give me this opportunity. I NEED and want this so bad.
    This is finally MY chance.
    Thanks so much!

  25. Gianni

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” My name is Gianinna Koszegi and I’ve had a heartfelt passion for dancing since I can remember. I started gymnastics when I was 4. At 7 I started doing ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. Now at the age of 16, I’ve taken classes at my high school: beginning and then advanced. I know to some, dancing is just a complete waste of time but for me, its so much more than I can put into words. It’s something I love and I can’t live without. Not only do I have experience in the dancing field, I believe I have a great mind for memorization as well. My older brother and I have been playing a game we invented many years ago where one person says a line from a movie (of which many are Disney), and the other person has to guess what it’s from. So I have the capacity to remember lines. Disney/Disney Channel has been in my life since I was little. Even now I watch the shows on Disney Channel and seen practically every Disney movie in existence. Ever since i’ve seen these shows and movies, i dreamt about being a part of it. I also took drama class at my high school and like I said, I would be honored to be a part of something that I’m so passionate about. I greatly appreciate the consideration and thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope You have the best day ever! Sincerely, Gianni

  26. Jilliyn

    Hi I’m jilliyn I am 10 years old olive in Illinois I love acting I’m really good and singing I’m ok at that but not as good as I am in vying I’m just hoping I will come on shake it up its my favorite show on Disney channel I watch it 247 I am really smart my favorite subject is reading I am blonde blue eyes my skin is always tan I love the beach my favorite hobby is swimming I like to hang out with friends alot I’m shy at some points of time I’m really bubbly when u get to know me I love making new friends to I’m a good dancer too I always wanted to be on shake it up since the first time it aired on tv so please pick me❤

  27. Bhavya singh

    Because I am the best.

  28. Hannah 'Banana' bradsaw

    Hey, the names hannah but my friends call me banana… id like to audition for shake it up. i have to say ive watched the show since i was 15 and im 18 now, yea i know to old for this probly but i might as well take the chance to see what happens… Im in a dance class as we speak so i will be experinced in dancing, i love to sing, been singing since i was 8.. in high school till next year, graduating this year though. im not much a people person but if i have to be one i will.. anything to get my career started… im shy as ever..
    Anything else you need to know just emal me at: <hidden from public> or facebook hannah may haselgruber bradsaw Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this, have a nice evening! Sincerly, yours truly, Hannah-may bradsaw (sorry for the spelling not that great at it…)

  29. Victoria Kater

    Hi okay im Victoria, Tori For short. So i’d like to audition for Shake it up 2015. I’m 15 and in 9th Grade and i live in the Philippines. It would be an honor to be on this show and it would help us financially so much. So please pick me. This is my facebook link because my twitter is a fan account :) This would be a dream come true. and i promise i wont disappoint. Im very open to criticism. And i could say that im a fast learner. If you want more of my background just contact me on facebook and i promise to reply immediately. I really hope you see this Thank you Very much

  30. diamond middleton

    I am 13 looking for a dance role on shake it up and i believe i have the quality it takes. I’m hardworking and open to criticism and corrections that are given. However, any one can say that but the only way to believe me is to see me in action.

  31. kriti pandita

    Hi i’m KRITI.I’m from haryana;INDIA.I’ would love to be a part of this show surely.I’m good at to dance and can sing very well. i have long brown hair’brown eyes’fair skin and i’m 5’3
    i would love to beits part so please please please… CONSIDER ME

  32. Xenoa

    Hello. I love all forms of dancing. I take highland dancing, hip-hop and ballet. I am teaching my self to tap aswell. I enjoy all thing Disney, and I am 1,77cm tall and 14 years old from Scotland. I would love to be part of Disney before I get too old. I am of duel heritage,and speak a bit of spansih. I also play the piano and I am taking singing lessons. I also do martial arts and swimming. I have been part of professional shows in the theatre and would love a chance to a Disney show, Thank-you for reading my e-mail.

  33. Ashley Borror

    Hi my name is Ashley I am from Sidney, Ohio and I have wanted to be an actress since I could walk and it would be incredible if I was even considered to be on Shake It Up because I have always wanted to do stuff like dance or cheer leading but my parents don’t have that kind of money bit I wish they did because that would be cool do do dance so like I said I would LOVE to be considered to be on your show!

  34. India

    Hi my name is India I love shake it up, I love to dance and sing I am African American and I am 4 feet and 10 inches I am 12 years old and I and very athletic and I have brown gold curly hair and I have a funny ,kind and cool personality. I would love to be apart of this Thank you so much

  35. Melanie

    hello my name is melanie I have 11 years I am from Argentina . I like singing , dancing and I love acting, would be great to be able to participate in this Cerie , my dream is to appear in any Cerie of disney channel and I really like disney channel . Would be so proud is a dream and I look your program to March 26 uqedo I am late to look good, I hope your answer anxiously Thanks . Greetings !!

  36. Samantha Buerkley

    Hello! My name is Samantha, I will be 21 at the end of this month. Everyone in my life always tells me I should be on Disney Channel and I have always thought it would be fun and know that I would be awesome at it! I decided to actually take it seriously and try giving it a shot. I hope 21 is not too old or awkward of an age for the network. I could play a pretty sweet big sister or something! I just moved to North Carolina with my best friend so if there are any auditions held and that region of our beautiful country I would be ecstatic to come have fun creating positive comical entertainment for bright youth everywhere.

  37. Halee Daniels

    Hi my name is halee Daniels Iam 11 years old I am 5foot2 white and love to dance and act I love the TV show shake it up I have seen svrey episode please consider me please you will not regreat it please consider me in very good at acting but never halee dance lessons but love to dance and would like to dance on TV

  38. Cheyenne Jenkins

    Hello , my name is Cheyenne. I am a 16 year dancer and aspiring actress. Disney’s Shake It Up is my favorite dance and comedy show ever! I love Bella Thorne & Zendaya Colemen. When ever I watched the show I would copy the moves and dance along with them. Being on this show would make my life long dream become true , dancing with passion . I dance to Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern & West African. Now that this show is back in session , I’m ready to show what I have in store.

  39. Michael j. Diaz

    Hey. I am a young dancer here in uptown manhattan new York and i’ve seen my little cousin watch your show shake it up and i’m a pretty good acter. i am 14 years old. if you want any more info about me email me. his will be a great opportunity for me. its hard up here to make some were not alot of kids do they struggle. I have been searching for auditions for the past 3 years and i couldn’t find any until now.

  40. Colby

    Hi, I’m Colby and I’m a 15 year old white American boy (just to clarify). I have brown hair, brown eyes, and I am approximately 5’6. I want to be an actor more than anything. Although I’m not the most athletic person, if I want to do something then I can be very driven and I always do my best when it’s for something I really want. I don’t have much acting experience but I do practice frequently and I’ve been in several skits at my church where I got many complements. If I could get on tv and become a tv/movie star I would be the happiest person in the world

  41. malvika

    Hi.I’m malvika.I’m 18 yrs old, born in India.I would like to be a part of this show because i LOVE ACTING.I always keep practising at home infront of the mirror just to come on my favourate channel and show!!this is my first and foremost dream to come in this show..I would like if you select me as your cast for shake it up!!thank you :) :) :)

  42. taylor bischel

    I would love to beon this show and have a dream of acting so if you can I would love to be on the show I am a very eazy going person and work well with others so if that would be helpful I would apprechieate it if you contact me thank you

  43. Emma Strasberger

    Hello my name is Emma Strasberger. I am 17 years old, and my passion for dance is indescribably. I started dancing at 3 years old and haven’t stopped since. I have a ballet background with good technique, but I know how to break it down, with jazz and hip hop. I have a unique look and I can see myself fitting in perfectly with the Shake It Up cast. If I was given the opportunity to dance with on this show or even be a backup dancer or actor, that would mean the world to me. I have not done any acting experiences but it seems to come natural to me as I have been in many plays. I have also been in a dance fashion show in Chicago, and it was a great experience. I hope you consider my application, thank you for your time!

  44. Cassie Pruitt

    Hi my name is Cassie and I am 11 years old. I have been watching Shake it up since it first came on. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old and danced for 7 years. I really want to a part of Shake it up. Dancing is my life. I just want to be on Shake it up. It is the best show I have ever seen. I would be so happy if I got on the show.

  45. shagarika

    im shagarika im 14 yrs old and im from india i love and im good in singing , acting , and writing. i’ve been waiting for oppurtunities for my talent but still now i’ve not got. its my biggest dream to get into disney iwish you’ll give me a role in disney shake it up!!!!!!

  46. kingsley frank

    i`m Kingsley i`m 17 i live nigeria ..actually i really dont know if this is possible ..for disney to get a teenager from Nigeria…I`ve always wished to be on shake it up(S.I.U) i am a really good singer and dancer ..most people wont believe me cause i am for acting im good too ..well i dont know if im that good at acting but im willing to give it a try…i know i can impress you guys ..please consider me

  47. Aria Luna

    Hi my name is Aria Luna and Im 15 years old and im from brooklyn also i love Shake it up i really wish i can get a role for shake it up i have had lead role at my middle school plays and i honestly think you guys should consider me because i love acting and singing and dancing and i really think i can be a great actress i really want my dreams to come true

  48. Daphnee Luxama

    Hi am Daphnee Luxama I’m 13 years old.I love dancing and also acting .Please consider me!

  49. Khamya Walton

    Well for one I love acting and dancing and I have a heart for it

  50. Rufaro (Hannah)

    I really enjoy acting and starting a acting career I think acting is more than just getting money but it about express yourself through what I act.Acting has always been something I love I’m from Canada but was born in Africa.Coming from a place where things like that don’t really happen just being able to do that would be an honor I am 15 years old. I love watching and studying acting I can also sing I have sang solo in my school choir and I also love singing in general I think I do really well working with people. I would love to be considered thank u for your time and I hope this is not a waste of your time thank you get.

  51. Isabella colafranceschi

    Hi I am Isabella colafranceschi I would love to do this because I love to act and I am a competition dancer I have been danceing for 11 years I love this show and always wanted to be apart of it I have lots of danceing experiences please get intouch with me I promise if u do u have made a good discussion and I hope u consider me thank you

  52. Raquel Domingos

    Hi I’m Raquel and 18 years old. Singing is my passion, it’s what I really love doing. To be honest I never act before, so I don’t have any experience in that area, but I would love to try (with work and dedication everything can happen).
    I don’t think that’s a problem for me because I am a really outgoing and friendly person. I don’t have problems in being in front of the camera, I’m not shy at all.
    I like new experiences and new opportunities and I would love to be part of this one. I think I would do a really good job.
    Thank you for your time.

    Name: Raquel Domingos
    Date of birth: 8th December, 1996 (18 years old)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown/greenish
    Hair: Wavy/dark brown
    Height: 5’1
    Curiosities: freckles

  53. latracy bizzell

    My son Davin Chance is a natural born star, he will be 7 years old in a couple months, he has been watching disney since a baby and knows are the shows and characters. Please contact us <hidden from public> 

  54. Grace Josephine

    Hi, My name is Grace Josephine. But my friends call me Gracie Jo. I think that sounds kind of country since I am originally from The Bronx NY. I now live in Pa so I guess the name fits. I dance daily in a dance school and take voice lessons along with piano and viola lessons. I would love to be on Shake It Up cuz I am a big fan and I think I would be great cuz I am a funny joking around kind of girl. I love making people Smile even though they are sad. I Love the song Smile cuz you can make your life better if you just Smile

  55. Maddie

    This is always a dream for me this is what I know I want to do I would love to be a actress it my passion and I a big fan of skia Jackson and her character act just like me so yea i believe my dream will come true long as I don’t give up and keeping believing It will come true

  56. abhishek

    By I m Abhishek born in India I m of 18 year old and love to sing and act I m tall light brown not white and want to act in the disnep chanell programes and very passionate about acting and I perform many times in school annual program .I would love experience on a TV show pls pls consider me for any act.

  57. meeka

    Im commenting for my son who is 6 chase ward, very talented handsome and looking to expand his talent on screen he’s very out going he raps from the heart makes his own music at SIX! Dance moves are incredible . he’s the smartest kid in his class his teacher recommend he skips a grade. He’s an athlete as well.. Let’s just say I have the all american boy right here. He’s ready! Thank you

  58. vanessa

    I dance I am in compied dance I love love to act I made the volleyball team and backetball also track team I all ways whach family channel I love to dance enny part you put me I will do

  59. Destiny Galbreath

    Hi my name is Destiny and I am fourteen years old. Dance is my passion, and I would love to show you what I can do. I’m very comfortable with acting and have had many experiences. I also sing and I would love any chance to show you what I’m made of. Thank you for your time spent reading this and I can be reached at <hidden from public> thanks again

  60. Maddie Chrestman

    I’m maddie chrestman.I love to dance.I dance every day.
    I’m eleven and in fith grade.This is an awesome show and think I would be great!

  61. Sanaa Lee

    Hi, my name is Sanaa Lee and I am 8 1/2 yrs old. I live in Brooklyn, NY. I love to act and sing! I will really love to be a part of this show!

  62. Laura Corbanie

    I’m laura
    My passion is dance.
    My dream is to become far with dancing.
    I have dance experience on stage.
    I will love it if you would give me a chance to prove myself to you.
    I hope to see you later

  63. Patricia.E.Patricks

    Hi am patricia but often called Trisha by my friends ,am an african from Nigeria an awesome hip hop dancer . A play writter and a singer . I speak English fluently … I write most of d plays I acted in school.lastly I started acting at the age of 8

  64. haroon

    i love this shake it up i love neel and yash

  65. Amanda

    Hi. I’m Amanda and I LOVE to dance. I’ve been dancing sence I was 3 and I very much enjoy it. I’m 11 years old and I have red hair with blue/green eyes. I love fashion and I love to mess around and meet new people. I’m German, Irish, and a little Polish. I really enjoy trying new foods which is why my favorite food is sushi. I like to read and I love to do crafts. For dance I do musical theatre, jazz, and ballet. Ever sence I was littler, I’ve wanted to have a career in dancing and/or acting. I love neon colors and I also like purple. Also I am addicted to pandas. I have about 11 stuffed animal pandas. I also love unicorns. Lots of my friends think I’m very fun to be around and think I’m very creative. I adore the shake it up cast and this would be an amazing opportunity.

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