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  1. sherae caldwell

    Hello,My name is Sherae Caldwell and I am 12 years old and I would love to try out for Shake It Up.My favorite tv show is shake it up and my favorite character is rocky she is talented trendy fashionable and creative i think me and rocky are alike i like to dance she likes to dance and not only if i get the part i will devote all my time to who ever in need and i would love to be apart of such an amazing experience.I have watched every episode from the beginning.I would love to help out Bella Thorne and Zendaya.My favorite hobby is to dance,go outside,& travel alot. I want my mom to be prous of me and you will be helping me make my mothers dream come true if i get the part.

    Thank You

  2. Alize Smith

    Hey, my name is Alize Smith I’m 17 and I want to be part of “Shake it up”. I’ve been dancing since I was five years old (Hip-hop, ballet, jazz) dancing is my career and life. Ever since this show came out I knew I wanted to do this for a living & fans. You definitely need a person like ME on the show :) plase contact me back

  3. jazmyn

    Hi! I am Jazmyn and I can dance and act. I started dancing at the age of three and knew i could be an actor ever since i starred in the play and got the main part. The type of dances i do is modern, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. I am still taking dance classes so therefore if you tell me a move i may or may not be able to do it. I can act out being mad, sad, happy or just crazy.

  4. Emmanuel Mfundo

    Sup I’m Emmanuel aka Young Cash Flavor,I’m turning 19teen 2mrw#im from Johannesburg,Benoni in Daveyton#i represent Swagg Nation Entertainment#we just got our company incorporated#well,we do hip hop Rap music#Banger tracks,Underground#our hip hop is kinda different from other artist from here in South Africa eg Da L.E.S,Magg,AKA,Blazkel,Ifani,Proverb just 2 mention a few#because most of them they usually focus on commercial hip hop#but our style is different because it a mix of Underground hip hop n Commercial#n for ther record we the Best Crew ever#we are willing to storm Mzanzi n the world as a whole#we only want support#please Help Ur Future Stars#We only want someone to Discover us#n promote our muzik#my contacts 060 488 1875

  5. chardaya white

    Hi my name is Chardaya White. Even though I’m not a good free style dancer, I could play a role on shake it up. I’m 5’8.5 , 75% African American 25% white , light skin with green eyes that change color randomly from blue, green , ands hazel Brown. I love to act and I can semi sing. All I need is a chance and I’ll never disappoint. Please contact me at any point because I would live tobe on this show for anything

  6. Jaden Rand

    Hi! I’m Jaden and im 15 years old, i have been dancing since i was 3 and competitively since i was 5. I would love to be able to have the experience of begin on shake it up!! (as it is one of my favourite shows!) I went to an arts school for 5 years, learning to act and play several different instruments. I have been in many performances and i love to act, dance and be on stage!!! It would be an amazing experience if you contacted me to have an audition slot!!! Thanks so much!!!

  7. shania young

    Hi I am Shania young I am 10 turning 11 on December 9th 2014 I am a female African American I love dancing, and acting these things are not just a hobby or a fun activity or a gift that makes u special it is a part of life a part of my life it is my dream and I want to be noticed I want to live my dream and I need u to help me live that dream so I’d love this opportunity so…
    Thanks, Shania young

  8. Livi

    hi my name is Livi I love to dance I love your show and Ive seen alomost ever episod there is
    all list the characters CC, Rocky ,Flinn, Ty, Georgia, Tinka, Gary
    Logan, Jermey, Phil, Gunter, Deuce, Deena.

  9. Kadie

    I would like to be on shake it up because I’m a really good dancer with a passion of acting I’m a dancer for my school I’m in an acting class I’m also 11 years old and I’m amazing at what I do I study really hard in school I make a,s and b,s on my report card I also have what Bella thorn has but I do what she does and keep trying my inspiration is Bella because she’s a rapper ,singer and an amazing dancer If you guys pick me I’ll be me and do what is supposed to be done and if I get chosen I won’t let acting come first because I needy education I live in little rock Arkansas if any questions please call <hidden from public>  and I’ll be their

  10. Ecstasy Moore

    Hi,My name is Ecstasy Moore and I am 15 years old I should be considered because I have a great attitude and I work great with others and to dance on shake it up is my dream.

  11. Coílean Melarkey

    Hi! I am 16 year old male and I live in Ireland. I would love to be in this show because I have a passion for acting and singing and I believe that this would be a good opportunity for me to show the world my talent! I have watched the Disney channel since I was very young and have loved all of the shows including Jessie, Suite Life of Zack and Cody (and the sequel- Suite Life On Deck). I have also participated in two school show productions of Oliver and Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat- I know this is not a lot, but I hope to evolve my talent! Hope you get back to me soon!

  12. Libby

    Hi, I’m Libby. I’ll be turning 13 on April 14, 2014. I’m not sure when this request was put up, so I’m not sure how old I was then. I love to act and model. I do it at home, and I’ve been in 6 or 7 plays at our church. I live in Camarillo California. I think that I would make a great actress because:
    1. I’ve always wanted to be a “movie star”, so I have passion.
    2. I’m good at taking orders and doing what the director thinks is best.
    3. I really want to make an impact on the world with my career, so I have the endurance.

    I really hope you found this useful. I would love to come and act in Shake It Up! Please email me if you have any questions or would like me to audition for you at <hidden from public>

    Thanks so much for your time!

  13. Natassja James

    Hey I’m Natassja James. I love shake it up. I would love to be on your show . It mean the world to me. I have been dancing every since I was six , and I saw your show n I want to be on their so much . Most people just get on here for the money , but I’m not here for the money . I just want to show the world how I can (SHAKE IT UP)

  14. Zuweira sadiq

    hey…….. my name is Zuweira, I am 16years old, I am from Nigeria. I love dancing, singing, and acting. I love the show shake it up and I would really want to be in it. dancing is something I do not just for the fun but because it’s me. I would love to be in shake it up because it would be a dream come true.thanks

  15. Thando Malinga

    Hi my name is Thando I’m 16 years of age and from South Africa,I have a great personality and would love to have an opportunity of a lifetime to be on your show ,I love dancing and most of all acting.And being on this show would mean a lot to me.I aspecialy want to make my mom proud of me,not just her but myself,please please give me this chance to prove to you that I am good enough to be in this show .

  16. cailin cauldwell

    i would to be in this would be amazing i have alwa.ys wanted to be and actress or a singer i am 14 im irish from ireland i have long brown hair and green eyes i am not the skinniest person but i ama who i am and i cant change x this would be amazing it would be a dream come true.

  17. Taylor steakley

    I’m 14 years old and going on 15 in November
    And i love to song and act and I do have YouTube videos
    Of me singing and I’d recommend watching me sing girl on fire but on that video I
    Didn’t hit the fire note as I usually do I can do better than that. I think
    You should choose me because I’m nice and I’ll make sure to be spot on and I have a
    Twitter and Facebook so u could check out how I look and I also
    Admire Disney channel and it would be a dream come true to be on it

  18. Maddy Davidson

    14 years old, 15 on Nov. 11th
    Long blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    It’s always been my dream to be on tv. I’ve been in tons of school plays, I’m joining drama next year, & I was in chorus for 4 years. (:

  19. Desiree and Destiny Hall

    We adore Rockey and Cece. We are 8 and 10. Plz call me at <hidden from public> 

  20. Faythe Rullan

    I’m writing this for my daughter Faythe who is 10yrs old. She loves to act things out all day and runs around the house singing day in and day out.. She is full of life, fun, silly and energetic. She has done a little of practice through John Robert Powers in Roseville Ca.

  21. Olivia

    hi my name is Olivia but people call me Livi. im 8 years old. i watch shake it up sooo much! i would love to be on it. i am very good at dancing and rhythmics gymnastics. please pick me for this! thank you!

  22. Addie

    Hi I am Addie I live in New Hampshire and I love shake it up its the best show I have ever seen with dancing and dancing is my future without dancing I would be a nobody.
    I’m 12 almost 13 on June 1

    I hope you consider to let me audition it would be the best day of my life
    Thank you

  23. Ashley Watkins

    Hi my name is Ashley Watkins I am 14 yrs old I will be 15 next month . I have been dancing my whole life . I love music , music is my soul , who I am and I listen to music everyday I can’t live without it . I can also sing I have performed various times . I have also got rated excellent by the state of Ohio . I design my own clothes I love fashion it’s everything . You should chose me because I love dancing an I’ve always wanted to be on tv shake it up is my favorite show even tho I’m 14 I still love it Cece & Rocky both have amazing style an dance techniques . I would fit well in the show I have a great personality an I also have a warm heart so please choose me . Thank you for your time .:)

  24. toniesha

    Hi, my name is Toniesha and i’m fourteen years old. I think i would be great to be a part of this show because i love this show and i’d love to be a part of it. Also because i love to dance, i don’t consider myself the greatest dancer in the world but i can learn dances fast and i do them really well, so yeah i love to dance and it would be awesome to be a part of this show and work with Zendeya and Bella. So please consider me to be a part of this show. Thank you :)

  25. kawanee boler

    hello my name is kawanee and I live in and I am 12 yrs old and would love to become a dancer on your show because I watch your tv show everyday and I can dance pretty good and I am a really good dancer and I performed in the universal soul circus and I was dancing with a famous dance group called project rock out and we have a video on youtube that you could look at to decide if I make it or not and I really wanna be on your show and when you look at the video its called project rock out heavy d tribute and im the one with the black & pink on

  26. Olivia garrett

    I love to dance and shake it up is my favorite i would love to be apart of the show.i am 10 going on 11 in May

    thank you

  27. zaire mcclain

    Hi,my name is zaire and love to hip hop dance,slow dance, and any other dance but mostly hip hop. I am a comedian and I was dancing since I was 12 months old. I am 10 years old B-day is 3/16/14(March 16,2014). I hope you select me to be on shake it up and perform some awesome dance moves.


    Skills:dancing,acting,and being a comedian
    Celebrities I like:zendaya coleman,bella thorne,ariana grande,jennette mcCurdy,roshon fegan,china ann mcClain,cameron boyce,debby ryan,peyton list,zuri from off of jessie,cole sprouseand dylan sprouse.


  28. cailin

    hi my names cailin irish for colleen im from ireland and im 14 I love singing and acting my mum always tells me Im such a drama queen aha I would love to be on disney channel my dream has been to be a singer or and actress this would be and amazing experience im not the skinniest person but I am who I am and I wont pretend to be somone diffrent to try and please them I will be myself. I have long brown hair green eyes thanks

  29. Riley

    Hi, ime Riley and ime 11 yrs old and I would like to be on shake it up Chicago. I am in jazz hip hop, I did ballet and techno hip hop. I think it would be an exiting opportunity for me.

  30. Heaven Conley

    Hello my name is Heaven Conley, I am 8 years old from Little Rock, Arkansas. I will love to be on the shake it up cast and meet rocky and cece. Because I love dance and hip hop I’m been dancing for 2 years and cheer leading for 2 years. I will love to be on the shake it up cast. I will love to rock with cece and rocky. Thank you, Heaven

  31. Aaliyah Castillo

    Hello, My name is Aaliyah Castillo, Sophomore at High School. I go by the name Leo Breanne. I am 16 yearsof age. I live in a small town just 30 miles outside of Lubbock, TX. Ever since I was a little girl, about 3 years or so, I’ve always had a passion for acting. I have a unique story that I would love to share. Also, My hobbies include acting, dancing, and singing. If you would like any further information, you can contact me at <hidden from public>. or you can call me at <hidden from public> . Thank you, Aaliyah Breanne Castillo.

  32. Amanda

    Hi there! My name is amanda pichardo and i have been preforming since i was three years old. I am trained in hip hop, contemporary, lyrical,jazz,ballet, tap, and broadway. Please contact me!

  33. miranda rushon

    My name is miranda I live in det,MI i turned 16 march 28th since diapers i have practically been raised by Disney Channel. . And i still love it. Ive always wanted to be apart of a show . Im Dedicated. DANCE ING and SINGING are my main talents iim working on acting . Im preety good.. im a goofy n silly person but im very serious when its show bizz . I want to show the world my talents . My actual dream is to be in a girl band . But this has always been another dream.for me . Plus its a start . Right?.,Shake it up. Is a show i can relate to . A young girl trying to live her dream with her bestfriend ? I can relate so this show is perfect for me. My email is <hidden from public> if theres any questions concerns

  34. Tatyana

    Hello I’m Tatyana. I am thirteen years old and turning fourteen in late April. I have been dancing in ballet for five years, but have dabbled in some jazz and modern. I like to act but have never had the opportunity to try it. I’ve danced on stage before and I love dancing in general. I am very excited for this, so I hope you will choose me. Thank you.

  35. Piper Gaines

    Hey!! My name is Piper and I am 12 years old. I am in my 11th year of dance training. I am trained in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, tap, contemporary, and acro. I absolutely LOVE to dance and feel my best when I am in the studio at dance class. I also love acting and have been cast in many local plays. I would love the opportunity to show my talents on an awesome show like Shake it Up!!!!! I am a quick learner and am a great kid to work with. Feel free to contact my mom at the email address with any questions or if you need any other info. I would love nothing more than to audition for you and show you all what I can do!!!!!



  36. Jordan Pitts

    Hi I’m Jordan I’m 10 years old I’m 5’1 I’m a malado skin type I love to Dance in routines and love to act I’m interest in this because shake it up is a great show I really want to be on the show I live in Tampa Florida and let me know if I can

  37. brianna clark

    hey my name is brianna clark
    i am hip hop dancer and i been dancing since i was 3yrs old and i would like to audition for your show

  38. Samantha Rennie

    Hey there, I am Samantha Rennie and I am a 19 year old dancer but I look much younger. I am currently looking for a place to launch my dance career and could think of no better way than in a show. I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs. I have been dancing almost my whole life, with only a short break to try out other sports, but I ended up back in dance. It is my one true passion and I want to stay in it for the rest of my life. Feel free to contact me with any roles you may have available, or contact me with any questions or concerns you may have as I do not want to post to much on the internet. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you

  39. Emily Muise

    Hi there,

    I’m 19 years of age and train in ballet, contemporary and acrobatics. My strongest style is hip hop with a touch of breakdance which I’ve been doing for almost 10 years. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and am looking to be discovered as a dancer. I’ve competed in a number of competitions over the past years and have come back with great marks. I am a fast learner, a hard worker and am very flexible.
    I’m also graduated high school which is a benefit because dance won’t interfere with my education.

  40. Anke van der Sijde

    Hi my name is Anke, I’m a talented, ambitious 17 year old South African girl. (willing to travel).
    I can act (completed trinity drama exam), sing (soprano) and dance (training in advanced ballet and modern). I would be thrilled to have this opportunity,because I would love to perform for a living. i think i would be perfect for “Shake it up” because it will encorprate all my talents (because i love to act, sing and dance).
    Hair: naturally long and blonde
    eyes: hazel
    build: athletic
    skin: tanned

    please follow up ! :)

  41. megan maguire

    Hi my name is Megan and I’m 13 years old
    I’ve been doing street dance since I was 6 years old and acting anything since I was 4
    I think I would totally fit in on Disney if I only got an opertunith
    I’m actually from the UK and I’m sad I don’t get any opertunities with Disney because of where I’m I’m from
    I’m sure if you got in contact with me by my phone or email <hidden from public> then I could sort something out with my family to come and audition for something
    Disney is a big dream of mine it’s what makes me indevidual in my family because my brother wants to be a loywer my sister an artist and my other sister a footballer
    I’ve always loved acting it’s always been a big part of me and who I am so I’m really hoping you get back to me


  42. Nevaeh Garcia

    Hi, my name is Nevaeh Garcia. I’m 11 years old. I love Disney channel and I love to dance. I have had experience with acting and dance. I have been in dance class and acting class. I used to watch Shake It Up! all the time until it stopped coming out. I hope I gave you good enough reasons and I hope I get picked.

    Thank you,
    Nevaeh Garcia

  43. Mariah Edwards

    Hi, my name is Mariah Edwards. I am 17 years old. I am African American. I would love to participate in this amazing opportunity. I have been dancing since the age of 3. I have been performing and competing in many competitions since the third grade. I am currently the captain of my dance team at my school and I am member of a dance group called MKC which stands for Mini Kiss Crew. I hope that someone contacts me for an audition.

    Thank you

  44. keliya Francis

    Hi my name is keliya im 11years old I love shake it up and I love dancing and acting I also love watching Disney channel shows

  45. Keava

    Hi my name is keava Garrett I’m 17yr old
    I stay in Oklahoma City I’m a junior in high school
    And I love to dance.Dancing is what I do best
    When I grow up I wanna have my own studio.
    All I see in my future is dancing and I just wanna
    Achieve my goals and become a famous dancer

  46. brandy

    I would love to audition my daughter for this she loves Bella Thorne and Zendaya Colman where can I fill an application out for her

  47. Chad

    I think I’ll be the perfect person to be apart of Shake it up.
    I’ve been doing Hip-hop dancing all my life. Also other types of dance.
    I’ve been in many roles in high school plays and dance productions.
    I’m from south Florida (Miami) I’m an amazing actor and I really this can be a big start for me.
    Also I’ve been watching the show since the first season, and would love
    To actually be on the show.
    Please contact me back for more information!

  48. muswana

    Am 17 am from Africa, I can sing,dance,song write and I really love shake it up Disney I wish my dream of being a Disneystar would come true I would do anything to be apart of shake it up please help me am really in need I have nothin but when am watchin Disney I have everything I pray every day and cry 4 I want to be apart of Disney shake it up.if u want to help me Twitter @muswana1 please I would do anything.

  49. muswana

    Am African,am a teenager who want to be a disneystar, I would do anything to be a disneystar its my dream please if u want to help me

  50. Nehemiah Dilworth

    I am a 11 year old african American girl. I would love to be a part of this project. I am with  <hidden from public>  and my ID number 91822. I have an awesome personality.

  51. Jessica Barros

    Hey,I’m Jessica and I’d like to join the cast of Shake it up!I’ve been being part of plays in Brazil ,but now I live in florida,I always have a dream to become an actress!I’m 16 uears old and I wish you guys contact me :)

  52. Isabella Gonzalez

    Dear shake it up auditions,
    Hi I’m turning 12 years old on April 25 and I am writing this letter because I’m interested in a Disney channel audition I have been on with TV and on stage singing or acting so I have experience on acting,singing and camera.I will be really great full if u guys can email me and tell me that I can so an audition for Shake it up part two I love shake it up and if I get this chance of being on this show that will be my dream come true. That has always been my dream thanks for reading these letter and hope to hear from you guys about the auditioning.

    Isabella Gonzalez

  53. Taineah Ward

    my name is taineah = im 11 years old born may 21 st i love to sing and dance love my parents an family love to work and help , sing , dance in the 6th grade

    I would love to be on shake it up i can dance and sing if you do not thinks so come have a sing or dance off we me

  54. Destinee Davis

    Hello my name is Destinee Davis I am 14 years old and I would love a chance to be on this tv series called shake it up. I have been dancing for five years and I am trained in all styles of dance ranging form ballet to hip hop. I am not like other kids I have not been dancing since I was one i started at five and had to give up because my parents slip up and I lost my house. So it just stared back up again due to my mom just finally getting back on her feet. I would jump on the chance to say thank you to my mom for all that she has provided for me over the years. Please take me into consideration because I am a determined young dancer that will work countless hours until I get it right

  55. Omar

    Hi I need ur help please and this is my dream but am 23 about to be 24 by the way am male lve u Bella u r my dream and I knw u have a boyfriend but I just wanna be ur friend nt ur boyfriend and thanks to Disney Chanel

  56. Haley

    My name is Haley. I am 15 years old. I have been in dance since I was four years old. I have been a competitive dancer for six years now. Dance is something I love and put a lot of time and effort in. I have won first place overall with my solo one year. And I have been in the top ten with my solo many times at competitions. I have also won costume awards and congeniality awards. I have performed at half time at a thunder basketball game, the Alamo bowl at half time, and at the revealing of the governors tree in Bricktown. I also love acting! I have been apart of many drama teams and we traveled and performed at varies churches and on the biggest stage in Branson, Missouri a few times. I am currently part of our school drama department and have held leading rolls in our last three plays. I love being on stage in front of People and performing. It’s something I’ve always dreamed to pursue in my life! I am also a singer and songwriter! And I’ve sung on the biggest stage in Branson. Was a leader of a praise and worship team at church and am currently part of a band. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to audition.

  57. Sydney

    Hello, I am Sydney I am 10 years old African American 74.5 pounds I have dark brown hair and eyes. I gave been in Shine the musical and Captain Louie Jr. The musical by Dallas Summer Musicals. I have also been in The Nutcraker several times and Alice and Wonderland once by Gwinnett Theater I have also taken 3 semesters of acting classes by Dallas Young Actors Studio. am a very dedicated, passionate, and committed actress. I hope you will consider me for this television production.

  58. Justin Wade

    My name is Justin Wade, aka Jus Ice. I can rap, dance and act; so I would like to audition. I live in Omaha Nebraska. Let me know if I can.

  59. Sianne Enis

    Hi my name is Sianne and I’m 12. I love Shack It Up. The dancing is amazing so are the characters! Rocky and CeCe are just the best of friends. It would be cool too be a part of that show. Its a great and funny show.

  60. Ellen Gorin

    Hi, I would love to submit my daughter and her dance partner for an opportunity to try out and appear on your show. These two talented kids are 8 and 11 years old and dance ballroom (latin and standard). They are amazing to watch and learn routines very quickly. My daughter is the biggest fan of Bella Thorne and Zendaya. She has followed from the first episode to Dancing with the Stars. Thank you, Ellen

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