Sam & Cat – Nickelodeon

If you would like to be part of the Sam & Cat – Nickelodeon Casting Call in 2015 please read the info below:

Sam & Cat - Nickelodeon

Sam & Cat – Nickelodeon Casting Call

Get ready Nick fans because the most exciting news of the year has just been announced. Two of your favorite characters from two of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows ever are joining forces for an all new spinoff series and auditions for talented performers are being lined up now. Sam & Cat will be coming to televisions everywhere very soon and now a number of up and coming performers will have a shot at landing a breakthrough roles in this sure to be megahit Nick sitcom.

Sam & Cat is shaping up to be the most exciting program in Nickelodeon history. The series is being described as a spin-off but it is technically more of a mash-up of iCarly and Victorious with a brand new show emerging that will focus on the friendship between Sam Puckett (iCarly) and Cat Valentine (Victorious). Nick  Jennette McCurdy (Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Last Day of Summer, Lincoln Heights) and Ariana Grande (Swindle, The Battery’s Down, Winx Club: Enchantix) will reprise their star-making roles and will find them as new roommates who start their own after school babysitting business to help pay for their independent lifestyle. This storyline will set up perfectly for loads of hilarious adventures for these two talented young ladies and their band of friends and it also sets up perfectly for up and coming performers like you to take a chance at the upcoming casting call opportunities  Auditions for Sam & Cat will be taking place shortly and you can get a headstart on the process today by submitting yourself for consideration for available roles by going here for more information on the production  We’ll keep you updated on every casting detail as they are released so stay tuned right here and make sure to leave a comment in the spaced below and tell us what you think of this all new Nickelodeon series, Sam & Cat.

iCarly and Victorious may be ending but Sam & Cat are sticking around for more fun and laughs for millions to enjoy. Apply today for your shot at the audition of a lifetime in the all new Nick comedy Sam & Cat.

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  1. Alyssa Davis

    Name: Alyssa
    age:12 years old
    Height: “4,9”
    Weight: 74 lbs
    eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown

  2. Briana gordon

    Hi I’m Briana and I hope you give me a reply back or email me I have acting experience and love acting I am fun to have around and is willing to move anywhere thank you!!

  3. andrea

    hi my name is Andrea
    im am 13 years old im not that tall but i love the show SAM and cat i watch it all the time im not really like most people cuz a lot of people don’t like to be their selves around people they don’t know well im not like that im my self around people i don’t know but dont worry i dont take it to far i listen really well:/ i love to act all the time with my friends and im hoping i get a roll in sam and cat but when im not practicing acting im either with my friends playing soccer or swimming or something like working out if we are bored thanks, bye :)
    (more info)
    * black/blond hair
    * 5.2
    * 100 lbs
    * black/ brown eyes

  4. Ashley Konopka

    Hi, I’m Ashley and I am 14 years old. I absolutely love Ariana Grande and want to meet her so badly. I can act pretty well. I hope you consider me for a role in Sam and Cat. It would be a dream come true and it would mean the world to me. Thanks for your time.

  5. Elizabeth Adeh

    Hi plz i wil love to be part of ur show coz i reali reali LOVE actin and will LOVE to be on ur show.tank u and i love u guys so much

  6. Abbey Neal

    Hi I’m abbey Neal,
    I enjoy dancing,hanging with my friends, softball and other activities!
    Hair: brown/blond strait hair
    Age:11 birthday is 5/12/03
    Eyes: blue/green
    I think u should pick me because I am very fun,nice and athletic!

  7. Kayva Tauira

    Hi, I’m Kayva Tauira,

    I am 12 years old
    I’m a girl, I like sports, acting, singing and chocolate.
    I am tough, rough and the most sports I play is contact.
    I would like this part because I would like to be famous and I love to act.

  8. carli dziordziewicz

    Hi I’m carli as you can see I commented on other ones I really want one if I don’t get one that’s fine but I really want one I’m 9 yrs old and I would live to be on television. P.s. my family could use it

  9. Mycah

    My bio is:
    I weigh about 115
    I’m 10
    I have a lot of acting skills school plays,talent shows,etc…
    I’m 4.6
    Eyes change colors
    I try to stay out of the whole celeb romance thing
    I like to crack jokes and sing

  10. Jasmine

    Willing to try out . Only Have High School Acting as my experience but I was really good. And I want to be great. If you give me a chance you won’t regret!

  11. Samantha Ramirez

    Hello!! My name is Samantha Ramirez I’m 11 years old and I’m a BIG fan of Sam and Cat and I we’ll be so happy to be in your show !!!!
    Name: Samantha Ramirez
    Hair: short/brown
    Eye: brown
    Skin: tan
    Birthday: June 2
    Hobbies: draw,sing,dance and basketball

  12. Andrea wright

    OMG the show is coming back I can’t believe it I’m totally gonna try out

  13. pheobie motelet

    I have been a fan for years now and I wanted to know if I am really good can I join the show and be a
    character thanks ariana grandae and Janet mccurdy

  14. Isabella Middleswarth

    My name is Isabella and I am almost 12 years old! I would love to be on Sam and cat! Also I am a huge fan of Ariana grande and the show! Once the show came out I watched every episode so I wouldn’t miss a thing of what happened! I have always had a dream to be on a TV show or so the voice of a character for a movie or show!!

  15. Scarlett Glover

    Im scarlett

    im 8

    love to act

    great acter


  16. Annette

    My name is Annette Balboa and I would like to be in sam and cat a have good experience in acting and I really would want to to go and audition I know my family and friends will support me to get the audition this is going to be a good opportunity for me to do what I really like which is acting so here some facts about me
    Iam 13 years old about to be 14
    Iam about 5’3 feet
    Black hair
    I’m in 8th grade
    Have 3 sisters
    Really responsible
    I hope I get the audition
    Thank you for doing this NICKELODEON!!!

  17. Ben Tierney

    Hi please may I have this as I have good experience as my friend has been on a show and she has taught me inside out of acting. It would be a dream for me to do this as I have always had a little crush on Ariana Grande. A small problem.. I live in England and it will be a struggle to get on the aeroplane or a boat because I have a fear of traveling.
    Name: Benjamin James lluelen Tierney
    Age: 11 year 6 (5th grade)
    Height:4.8 ft
    Location: willenhall UK
    Talent(s): acting,playing the violin,SOME piano,recorder and trombone
    Live with: mum,step dad,2 younger brothers
    I strongly hope that you will take this into consideration and send a reply
    Yours faithfully Ben Tierney.

  18. Angela ku

    Hi my name is Angela Ku
    I live in Michigan Derborn hgts
    I am a female
    I can sing well
    I am 10 years old

    thank you i hope you will let me adution

  19. Rennae

    Same & cat I think you are asome and I lobe you

  20. Katelyn Zajac

    Hello, Katelyn and Haley Zajac here!

    We have little to no experience with acting, we both love to sing and dance, we are very outgoing but shy at first.

    Katelyn Zajac
    Age- 18
    Height- 5’4
    Weight- 120 lbs.
    Eyes- Blue/green/grey
    Hair- Dark Brown, Straight, Medium/Long Length might be coloring blonde soon
    Skin- Caucasian
    Build- Thin
    Talents/Skills- Singing

    Haley Zajac
    Age- 16
    Height- 5’1
    Weight- 105 lbs.
    Eyes- blue
    Hair- Light Brown, Straight, Medium/Long Length
    Build- Thin
    Talents/Skills- singing

    Thank you,

    Katelyn and Haley Zajac

  21. Calvin

    Hello my name is Calvin, I’m 18 years old and i would love to be a part of your show. I started acting 1 year ago because i randomly joined the drama class in my school. After the first lesson I fell in love with acting and my teachers told me that i got big talent. I grew up with Nickelodeon and all these shows like iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh and so on … It would be a dream come true if i would have the chance to convince you to make me a part of your show. I’m not from America, I live in Germany but since I visit the english advanced course I’m very familiar with the englisch language and I can speak it fluently. I’m half turkish, square south korean and square german so I don’t have a every day face, I got black short hair, brown eyes, my weight is about 141lb and I’m 5ft 11 tall. Most people say a look a bit younger than i actually are. And for the record: It’s not that important for me which show I would join because it is the acting that makes me happy, that makes fun to me. I would love to hear from you.
    Sincerely Calvin

  22. Ashtin

    Hi, I’m Ashtin.
    I kinda Love to sing, but at times I get shy to sing in front of certain people. I really love the show “Sam & Cat”, because it’s like they both were meant to be the beat friends they are now. When they first met it seemed like they didn’t like each other as Mich, but When Sam started to stay with Cat, She notice that she’s getting really close with her like they were sisters trying to find each other.
    14 yrs. old
    Feeshmen, 9th grade
    McNary, Arizona
    Draws, loves football, and meeting new people
    About 5’4..?

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