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  1. Anajane Sunglao

    Hi my name is Anajane Sunglao. Singing is my passion. I started singing when I was 4. Ever since i’ve dream of becoming a professional singer. I love entertaining people and making them happy. I am actively singing in our community. I sing in the church, school, local hockey games, and some local events. I wanna be part of this competition to gain more knowledge and experience. I believe that joining this competition will change my life. My influences are rihanna, alicia key, beyonce and jordin sparks I can sing some of mariah carey, whitney houston and celine dion songs too. I know this will be a great opportunity for me. Please consider and I’ll make you guys proud.

  2. Roger Dale Clark

    Hi, My I start by saying how much I love your show.I come from a family of 6 amd I am the only one left .My Aunt and Uncle got me when I was a baby and they had 3 orther was killed in a car one lost his life in a river,and one tolk his own aunt and uncle have passed away as well. my birth mom and dad have also passed away..So about 6 years ago I started singing.not to take the place but to pass by some of the hard times and now music has turned into a really big part of my life, and a true love.

  3. Malachi Walton

    hi my name is malachi Walton. I am 13 years old I am about to be 14 in a month. well I want you guys to notice me. I was I won the Apollo in Stockton when I was 7. I also won the tri county talent search in Yuba city when I was 13 I really wish I would get noticed I have an amazing voice I need a chance. In one of these competitions or be noticed by one of you guys so please give me a chance. I really need this to get my family right. When I am shinning my family is shinning. They want the best for me they know my voice is good enough to be on this show so yeah can you give me a chance?

  4. pinkan mambo

    Hi,My name is Pinkan Mambo.I am a singer artist under Sony Music Indonesia this 14 years and still contract until 2020.I live in Los Angeles.I released 4 albums and many compilation with more than 10 hits singles.I am one of the very famous singer in Indonesia,I shows in many countries around the world.I win Mtv award.I am a very great talented singer performer entertainer dancer producer writer like Mariah Carey ,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Christina Aguilera.I have a very great voice. Please check my video link at :
    And please check my wikipedia .Thank You so much God bless You.Regards.You can reach me at <hidden from public> .

  5. Tegan Rider

    I love singing and acting. It is a dream of mine to do that for a living. I am 10 years old right now.

  6. Caroline Coenen

    My name is Caroline Coenen I have always want to be a singer for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small town with not many opportunities. My town doesn’t even have a zip. Code. I grew up with dyslexia. For as long as I can remember music has been the one thing where I don’t feel dyslexic. I feel normal. Singing has always been my moment that I don’t have to think so hard. It just. Comes naturally. It is time to make that dream come true!!!

  7. Kiara Martinez

    hi my name is Kiara Martinez, im 15 years old, and im from san Antonio Texas. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old and ever since then I haven’t been able to stop singing. id love to be on this show: i think its different from all the other show and i like that its different.

  8. Caitlyn Coleman

    Im Caitlyn Coleman. I am 13 & i would appreciate if you consider me on Rising Star. I live in a small town in Texas called San Augustine & I have been singing whole life. I would sing at church and i was recently in a musical this summer, “The Wizard of Oz” but i was a munchkin according to my age. People told me that they could hear my voice loudest out of everybody. My moms boyfriend would play the guitar & let me sing to whatever it was that he was playing. He would usually play a lot of old country like, Sweet Home Alabama, or some rock like Joan Jett, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi. I recently live with my grandmother who has always believed in me & never gave up on me. I always wanted to write songs with my best friends, but we could never find the right beat. My dream was always to be a singer, & if you let me in Rising Star, you would not be disappointed. If you want to contact me, my email does not work. If you can, look me up on Facebook, and you will see 2 girls that look the same, those are both my profiles. Brown hair, blue eyes, freckles. :) think about it.

  9. LaTanya-D Cadogan

    I believe that my son is an amazing singer and he more than desrves a chance to become the star next door. He was born in new jersey named Alfonzo Rembert. We are currently residing in Fayetteville nc. He is easily coachable and very willing to learn new things. He would truly appreciate this opportunity. If u afford him this chance I can promise you that you will not regret it nor will you be disappointed. Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon.

  10. Trayvion Gooding

    I feel like this opportunity would great for me because it allows me to do the one and only thing I’ve ever been good at, and that is to entertain. Growing up I had a learning disability so it left an open door for people to make fun of me and bully me. Needless to say I struggle making my way through high school until I discovered I had God given ability to attract people through dance. Dance along with the ability to sing saved me. It gave me an outlet. It also made me so happy to see the impact I had on people through sharing my talents. I feel like I should be on this show to make people aware that everyone has the ability to be great at something but how great depends on what they do their abilities…..

  11. dajuna bates

    I act sing model right songs im 11 and I would like to be a rising star

  12. Brian Crouch

    Hey there my name is Brian I am a 27yr old aspiring
    singer songwriter. Music is something that runs very deep in my family genes. It’s always something I have found is a saving grace for me. I absolutely love to sing. I would love a chance to be Part of this show. If you give me the opportunity to show my talents I promise not to let you down. I have been singing locally in my hometown since I was 18 yrs old. Our town commissioner had me sing the national anthem for 3 years in a row for our fall fest firefighters challenge. I have won numerous local singing competitions. I’ve had some troubles in my past but I believe they have made me the man i am today. Thank god for my mother who has stood beside me through all the ups and downs. Yes I am a mommys boy lol!!! But she is a great support system and really believes in me. She has recently been diagnosed with an illness called lupus and before anything happens to my mother her dream is to see me do something with my talent. Please give me a chance you won’t regret it thank you for your time.

  13. Brieana Moore

    Hi, my name is Brieana and I am no different from all the other wonderful musicians who came here. All my life I’ve been told that I wouldn’t make it out in the music industry and I would like to show all the people who’ve doubted me what I can do with my voice. I strive for music and I write my own songs. Currently I’m enrolled in college and plan to start getting more involved in music there. Like I said, I’m no better than the others but I would like a chance . (:

  14. Keven de Souza

    Hi, my name is Keven de Souza and I would love to audition for rising star. I am fourteen years old, I have been singing since I was four years old, I know how to play the piano and recently took up guitar.

  15. Taylor kellum

    Hi I’m taylor kellum please please please let me be on the show dream is to be a singer for disney one day and i know i can do that oh yeah im 11 years old thx for your time and please consider me love, taylor

  16. Karrissa Weems

    Hello, my family has been telling me ever since I was a baby I loved music!!!! I’m the only child and I live with my grandma and I hope that one day I can make her Soo happy, like accomplishing becoming my life long dream of becoming a singer.I’m only 11 but I love music and I can sing very well!!!!

  17. shaedshat miranda

    OMG! If I could be on Rising Star I would be ale to show everyone, including my family, that singing on stage is where I was meant to be. It’s the only thing I have been good at and to hear your family say you are never going to make it well brings your confident down ALOT. so I want to audition to be able to prove Yeah I can make it and when I do you’ll be wishing you never doubted me. I am 16 years old born in P.R but raised in Connecticut without my mother and father. I work on my music in school since my family doesn’t help much. we have a studio that I work in and I also do choir. I have gotten solos every year since the seventh grade at total of 6 solos. I perform at local events in my school but because my family doesn’t help i don’t get to travel and get the help i need so rising star would be my one ticket to making my dreams come true!!!

  18. Hayden Rook

    Hi I’m Hayden and I’m 13 years old. I love music. I have loved music since I was really little I have been involved in three choirs and I have made two demos at a recording studio but I want to take my career to the next level I am not only a singer but I also write my own songs I have preformed many times before including being voted one of the best singers in my school two years in a row to performing at resturants like Doesey Doe in the Woodlands Texas . People always tell me what a great voice I have and how I should go on American idol or a show like that and I think this show is it. I have lived in Texas all my life and I really want to keep going and keep getting even better at music . I think this would be an amazing opportunity. I may be young but I take my music very seriously. I love having fun and I get along with most people. I would love to be on this show and I hope you consider me to be on this show. My dream is to sing professionally and I would love to succeed thanks you so much. Please consider me. Thank you!

  19. Justin James Remeikis

    My name is Justin James Remeikis. I am 25 years old, from a small town in Ontario Canada. I am a banker by day and country singer by night. I wish I could tell you that I have been singing all my life, I would probably stand a better chance of being chosen to compete on the Rising Star, but the truth is, I taught myself to play guitar 4 years ago , after a break up with a girl I thought was the love of my life and have been playing ever since. I didn’t know at the time how music and singing would change my life, but it has. I never thought people would like my songs, or my singing, but I realized I had talent I never knew I had once I started singing. People would say the nicest and encouraging things about my talent, it humbled me.
    I work at the Royal Bank of Canada as a financial representative, and write and sing country songs every other waking moment. I sing at local pubs in our small Ontario community. I am pretty shy so it took me a while to get the courage to sing in public. The first time I was hired to sing at a local pub, I had to drive around the block 5 times before I could get the courage to go in. Now it is 4 years later, and I am still humbled by the audience’s reaction when I sing. I don’t think I’m special, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you give me an opportunity to sing for you and show you my talent. I am just a small town boy, with a talent I didn’t know I had, and would love to see if a bigger audience then my small town would like my singing. Thank you for considering me.
    Justin James Remeikis

  20. Justin James Remeikis

    My name is Justin James Remeikis,I am 25 years old, from a small town in Ontario Canada. I am a banker by day and country singer by night…. I wish I could tell you that I have been singing all my life, I would probably stand a better chance of being chosen to compete on the rising star, but the truth is I taught myself to play the guitar 4 years ago , after a break up with a girl I thought was the love of my life, and have been playing ever since. I didn’t know at the time how music and singing would change my life, but it has. I never thought people would like my songs, or my singing, but I realized I had talent I never new I had once I started singing, and people would say the nicest things to me about my talent, it humbled me.
    I work at the Royal Bank of Canada as a financial representative, and write and sing country songs, every other waking moment. I sing at local pubs in our small Ontario community . I am pretty shy so It took me a while to get the courage to sing in public. The first time I was hired to sing at a pub, I had to drive around the block 5 times before I could get the courage to go in. Now it’s 4 years later, and I am still humbled by the audience’s reaction when I sing. I don’t think I’m special, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you give me an opportunity to sing for you and show you my talent. I am just a small town boy, with a talent I didn’t know I had, and would love to see if a bigger audience then my small town would like my singing. Thankyou for considering me,
    Justin Remeikis

  21. Sarah Ann McCauley

    Hello all :) Writing in hope of a chance to audition for Rising Star! This would be an absolute dream come true. I am 25 years old and I have been singing all my life and love the power that music has over people. One song can touch a person in a way many people couldn’t. I am very passionate about music and have always wanted to make my family and friends proud (they constantly pressure me to get out there and audition & time and money have not allowed me to do so). I am currently out of work and in the interim was looking to follow my one true passion- music. I have the talent, determination, appearance, drive, and patience to make it. I am a good hearted person who loves to help others and I believe I can do that through music. If given the opportunity, I know you wouldn’t be let down. My soundcloud page is and youtube simply do a name search as I have a couple pages being one of them. Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

  22. Sarah

    Sing praises to The Lord! Tell about his miracles

    Psalm 105:2 I am a mom of three boys 29 years old and have sang my whole life. God has blessed me with this voice and I wanna use it. My last son was born less the. 2 lbs he is two years old right now and has a feeding tube. I would like to live my dream. My mom has been sick all my life I like to sing to her In the hospital I have had people cry and given people goosebumps with my voice. Please give this mom a chance my Facebook page with a video of my singing at church look in my videos please choose me!

  23. Cornell Davis

    I see everyone’s cmment and I hope someone makes it, as for me I love singing it’s my life, I just want that one chance to show I have what it takes to become the next Big thing and take the world by storm I dont really have friends or family members that I know that I would have their support, so menny people want to see me fall, but I can’t let that happen all I’m saying is just gave me a chance. Good luck to everyone.

  24. Kira Crissinger

    Not only do I sing, but I also play the piano and the guitar. I perform all around where I live and it is what I want to do for a long, long time. I have worked hard to get where I am at now at the age of 16. I do radio performances, sang for a tv station, and performed many times on a stage that people like Bon Jovi have recently performed on. I will also soon be singing on national television for the little league World Series. I would love to have a chance to show the world what I can do and I promise I won’t let you down. Thank you

  25. emily salazar

    Hello,my name is Emily Salazar i am 14 years old and i would love to be on the rising star because i love singing and it has become a dream of mine to become a singer and making it big time. I think i am a fantastic singer, i have been singing since i was very young, i mean i sing at every opportunity i have. I am funny,nice,outgoing,and i would love it if you give me a chance to be on rising star. Thank you.

  26. kyrelle williams

    Im a great singer and wating for respons very soon.

  27. Tamika Grinnell

    Hi, my name is Tamika Grinnell. Singing has always been my comfort. It helps me get through every day pain. I feel with a little development I have what it takes to be the next upcoming artist. I feel I has an excellent voice. All I need is the chance for someone to meet me half way. I have song at funerals, and weddings. I just wanna share with the world what we all go through in every day life through music. For each and everyone of us has a similar story to tell. I feel the best way to express it is through the soul of music. I been singing since I was a little girl. I sing in the bathroom, while cooking and cleaning. I sing in my car, my basement. Anywhere I can let it flow. All I’m waiting on is an open door to get started.

  28. Tim Brooks

    Tim Brooks the miracle man that also sings.
    I am probably the most interesting and unique story of why I think I (Tim Brooks) am your man. The reason is simple my voice has new new life since I had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. I have always been Blessed with good pipes and could wow a crowd. Now for the first time I can really push my voice and it is strong and clear and has really great range. The voice lessons I took with Mary Beck 30 years ago have served me well. My teacher put a few students in the Met and other huge venues. I offer my YouTube page But I need an audition to show your team I have what it takes. I really practice all the time because I know I deserve a shot and I feel like it is my job to keep my voice ready. Please give a 50 year old a chance to show you his gift. The Doctors could get props too! They do miracles on so many people and I am living proof and a special singing miracle man. I am 10 months post -op and feel awesome.

  29. Devon Erickson

    Hi, my name is Devon Erickson,

    Singing is my passion. I have been in 15 different musicals, and have played roles like Nicely Nicely Johnson in Guys and Dolls. I am 13 years old, turning 14 in September, and I think I would be great on this show, because I love singing. I have won two talent shows for singing, and I also take voice lessons.

    Please consider me,
    Devon Erickson

  30. Gisselle huerta

    I absoloutly love singing ! I can sing in 2 languages english and spanish i have a youtube channel ill be posting more videos on email me for more info please !(: you wont regret it i promise ive samg in restraunts before and im only 15 (:

  31. jim johnson

    i would like to try out for rising star contact me i ve been sing in night clubs in colorado

  32. Brenda Lee

    49 years old Thinking of my Bucket List!!!! Been Singing all my Life Moved to California from Illinois when I was 18 To be a Singer. I was told its a hard Business to get involved with just make it a Hobby Go to College…. All the correct things to say to your Daughter!!! We’ll I did all those things my Parents wanted me to do . Now I am 49 years old and thinking about my Bucket List What would make Brenda Happy and there is nothing more in life that I want other then to Get Out There and Give it my All !!!!! I know I got what it takes To Raise that Bar. Just need someone to give an older Women a CHANCE.

  33. Ayeisha aka Smilez


    My name is Ayeisha Swan stage name “The Voice” I’m from Yonkers, Ny!!! However, literally I’ve lived from Albany, NY to BrooKlyn. Im a Poet/Rapper . I write songs , flow beats and I can hit aquopello. I’m a Wife and Mother to one. Give Me a chance , I’m meant to be a star . I’m 24 yrs old and this would be my shot at the Dream!

  34. Sylvia Lopez

    Little 7 yr old that loves to sing and perform in front of people. She wants to have a opportunity to show her talent she loves to sing and gets along well with others. Sylvia is my daughter and has asked if could help her find a opportunity, since shes only 7 and needs parents permission to get online. She loving caring and playful. She always has a smile on her face. She has been one of the finalist in the all American miss 2013, She loves cameras and wants to reach her goals. She ahs been in the Beasley bash and won 3rd runner up. It’s a beauty pageant. I hope yall can give this little girl a chance:)

  35. Tabitha Echols

    Hi, my name is Tabitha Echols and I’m 13 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a singer. I wouldn’t be in it for the money, I just want my voice to be heard. I’m a military child so I don’t get many opportunities. i think this would really help me reach my goal and pursue my dream as a singer.

  36. Kelley A. Buchanan

    I am writing to you today in hopes for a chance to audition for Rising Star. I have been singing since I was about three years old and love to sing. I started singing in church, which I continue to do as well as singing for weddings, funerals and the Bear Hunters pig pickin’. Yeah I know sounds hillbilly as can be. lol But that’s the place (Tazewell, Va.) I’m from, country as can be. I worked for the Virginia Department of Corrections for 9 years and 11 months, wanted a career change and left. I have Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a long list of certifications and certified training. Singing is my dream I love to sing and to see the smiles on people’s faces. Never have I took money for singing, I just have enjoyed the opportunities to make people feel good and have a great time. I am a very out going person and will do everything in my power (and with God’s help) to achieve my goals. Let me give you an example, a page from my life; I worked full time for the prison had a baby who was 15 months old when I went back to college.I also volunteered at the District 43 Probation and parole office during this time. Two years later when my baby girl was three I graduated from Bluefield College with a 3.4 gpa. I am not telling you this to because of pride it’s because I want people to know that you truly can do anything if you put your mind to it and use peoples negativity as motivation to accomplish your dreams. I also want to show you how seriously I take my dreams, goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

    Thank you and God bless you all,

  37. Inez Rahman

    Hi I believe I should compete because God has given me this amazing gift. My mother discovered my gift at 2 yrs. old. I’ve been singing ever since. I’m a worship leader in church, my parents were musicians and vocal artist. I eat, sleep,drink and breath singing. I believe music draw people to place that moment in time they remember this would be a dream come true for me and bring honor to my mom who encouraged me until her passing. thank you

  38. jackie ricoy

    hi, I’m jackie. I’m 15. I’ve never sung in front of a lot of people. I’ve always imagined what it was to sing in front of a stage with tons of people.To feel like you’re making people’s dreams come true just by doing what you love to do. I’m usually really shy with my singing talent, mostly because i was afraid to get rejected, but I’m sure i’m ready now. please give me a chance to make my dream come true.

  39. Zauria

    Hi my name is Zauria and I’m 13 years old and I’ve been singing and loving music for as long as I can remember. Being a singer isn’t only my dream it’s my passion I won’t to be that singer that makes songs that people can’t help but to sing to them.I won’t to inspire people and move people with my music so if you give me a chance to live my dreams and show the world what I can do I would be honored to represent the tv show!!

  40. Lacey Whitfield

    Hi my name is Lacey Whitfield I’m 14 years old from Alabama and been singing since the age of 3. My love for music is to become a singer for my dreams to come true. I have sing in several competition s and always place. I was able to sing at Tootsies in Nashville in April of 2014. Absolutely made my dreams come true. I’m moving forward with my singing career and I would love to be on your show Rising Star. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Lacey Malynn

  41. Rachel

    I would like to be on the show rising star because I have been singing since I was two. There’s nothing more that I love to do than singing. I am constantly told by people when I sing that I need to try out for show like this one and I feel that right now is a perfect time. I am a 19 year old brasilain American college student. I am very spunky and extremely outgoing I won class clown at my high school last year. I would really love the opportunity go showcase my voice and I hope you give me the chance !!

  42. Sanniyah Bey

    Hello! My name is Sanniyah Bey and I’m 15 years of age. It has always been my dream into becoming a singer and getting big since the day I was born I been in many singing related things and everyone always tells me to get myself out there more and I think this is a great way to do so. This would mean so much to me if I get chosen to come in a compete.. Being able to say ” I got big by the Tv show Rising Star” would be a honor to use the name in that form of way. I’m currently enrolled In School Of Rock, which is where we perform around the neighborhood and do covers of songs. I play guitar and I sing. I been singing all my life… I been involved in musicals such as the wizard of oz, whistle down the wind, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, and many more. Please consider me into representing the tv show (:

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