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  1. Dan

    I want to be on this show, I’m Romanian actor

  2. Jennell Wadell

    Greetings, I am 17yr old jennell an inspiring artist, and It would be such an great honor to perform on your stage and show the world my capabilities. I would love to be chosen to perform and show the cast of rising star why it was a great idea to have chosen me . Dear cast of rising star I am a talented skillful 17yr old girl who loves to sing, whos so passionate about singing and music, I have dreams of one day becoming one of the greatest artist, I love to entertain and would be so humbly, greatful to be chosen. Thank you
    Sincerely § Jennell Wadell §

  3. Phillip Wood

    My name is Phillip W. I am 24 soon to be 25 and my dream ever since a little boy was to be signed to a serious record label and become a superstar. I am ready to take on anything that can be thrown my way and I want to share my gift with the world.

  4. Jean Trent

    Hello my name is Jean I’m 26 and looking to make a dream become a reality. I love to sing and have been sing since I was a youngster!! I would love to have a audition!!!!

  5. Devona Zhane Graham

    Hello, my name is Devona. i am 19 years old. my birthday is october 17, 1995. i have been singing since i have been in diapers. i sang the national anthem for my 8th grade graduation with three other classmates. sophmore year in high school i joined choir. junior year i was in do re mis choir and had concerts and reicitals. senior year i was in do re mis and madrigals choir and performed some acapella songs from pitch perfect. singing is my passion and i would love to be picked to be in a movie. i am a first soprano and i have a very high vocal range. i can sing as high as mariah carey and as low as adele. i am 5’6 and i can play piano and the guitar. i live in springfield ma. im really talented and get along with everyone. i am a social butterfly and good with following instructions and love to act. so please give me a chance.

  6. Roger king

    Hello music is my life performing on rising star would be a dream come through.

  7. Diamond

    Growing up wasn’t always easy especially when you have a mother who rejects you, then leaves your very sickly grandmother to raise you. With the greatness from above I was blessed with a voice like no other. I am definitely the winner! Choose me! I want this more than my next breath. I’m only 19 from Houston, Texas and I sing and write all of my material. And there’s no limits with music that I listen to. It doesn’t get any better than me. I ask you humbly, pick me! You will not regret it!

  8. Ray Salinas

    I want to do this sooooo bad. I have been trying so hard to make it on american idol and the voice for the last four I just need to know how to audition and where to go justt all the useful info bc I have wanted to sing since i was little and I have not wanted anything more in my life just need some help.

  9. Maryann Murray

    I am looking to auditioning for “The Rising Star”. I have applied using the talent application.

  10. brayan

    This competition is a huge opportunity for mostly everyone. I would like to be in this show because singing is mostly what I do all day except from school. This would be a huge chance for men and everyone else .. I hope that I get an audition and if I don’t it would have been worth it because the sky is the limit and there will always be failures in our lives but we learn from our mistakes. My name is brayan i am 13 years old. Thank you

  11. harrison

    My name is Harrison Forman and i would like the chance to show others what I’ve. Been thru in my life. I sing n play guitar. How does one get on in phx,?

  12. Evy Hernandez

    Hi my names Evy, I’m currently 15 years old and singing is my life. I sing with. My sister Sammie we’re a duo group. Our past was not the best. It was literally a nightmare, and singing and performing in front of people gave us the happiness we wanted. To hear someone singing one of our songs is a dream of ours, we want this 100% and will do whatever it takes to win this competition, It would mean everything. If you would consider us for the competition

  13. Wyatt Kotwitz

    I have been singing since age 5.have sang on stage many times,I sing all types of music,country,rock,Christian and originals.I am in choir,sing solo and with groups.I would love to audition for Rising Star. music and basketball is my world.I am 13 years old soon to be 14,when someone hears my voice and does not know me they guess me to be in my 20’s.Please consider me for your audition,thank you Wyatt

  14. keaira

    I don’t have a long/sad story. But I can sing and I would like to just use my gift. And hope that it make other happy

  15. jonisha Roseborough

    Hi My Name Is Jonisha And I Have Written Music All My Life. I’ve Learned To Sing Outside Of The Shower And Explore My Talents. This Would Be A Wonderful Opportunity To Become The Next Rising Star. Even Though I Am Only 14 Going On 15 I’m Sure I Can Make It If I Work Hard.

  16. Shatevia Wilson

    My name is shatevia. I love to sing and act I have alot of talent that need to be shown to the world. I will keep the audience entertain and give them something new every performance.

  17. Brittany stinnett

    My name is Brittani and I’m 29 year old and a mother of three.. my passion for music begin when I joined choir in middle school and has just grown inside me and I continued with choir all through high school and I had the dream and the desire of being a performer, but things changed when I had my son and my other two children so I put my dream aside to becoming the mom I wanted to be. Now my kids are older I’m ready to go for my dream again and I feel if I was able to audition for rising star it will change my dream to reality which ive wanted for years and it would be a honor if I was choosen!

  18. kayla patterson

    My names is kayla and I’m 20 years old it’s always been a passion of mine to become a performer since I was 4 years old and I have struggled for many years to get my career off the ground and I feel if I am given this opportunity I can rise from the ashes and become the next rising star!

  19. Jacy Gabriel

    I was born in Baghdad Iraq came here at the age of 9 years old as a refugees.
    My story is extensive and too deep to write a essay about it.
    I’m being discriminated Not by being from Iraq but Being 50 years of ang with a gifted vocal talent that seem to be swept uynder the rug with all these talent show that go for young talents.
    The strage thing is I don’t look a day over 35 years of age.
    I hope I get the chance to tell my story with a song that will encourage others that feel like there lost there Golden opportunity.

  20. Meaganaurora

    I myself am not the singer but my little sister is.. She has this unique voice that makes you want to stop and listen and along with that voice comes her talent of the piano. I truly believe her voice was made for the world to hear of given the chance! Please choose my Sister Tiffany you won’t be disappointed

  21. Megan Francis

    Megan Tara: 20 year old California girl. I have the voice, the body, the looks, the dedication, the determination, the fire, the will, the desire, and the drive. I will be a hollywood star one way or another. Will you give me my shot at my dreams?
    Skills: sings second soprano, plays guitar, writes lyrics. Experience performing and has worked with choreography.
    I am about 5’9 with natural red hair, blue eyes, defined cheekbones and weigh 125lb

  22. Alayna Scordato

    Hi there! I don’t even know if this is being read but it’s worth a shot. My name is Alayna Scordato. I am a teenage girl currently at the age of 17 (18 in a few weeks) in the always sunny Tucson, Arizona (a little too sunny if you ask me). Music is my passion in life. Every moment alone I find myself singing songs from disney to Marty Robbins, and when I’m not alone i find myself mouthing the words and miming the piano chords on my school desk. With college looming in the distance and everyone else around me moving on with their lives I find myself wondering whats going to happen to me. Singing is all I am and all I want to do but living in Tucson and coming from a family of restaurant owners my opportunities are slim, and by slim I mean non existent. Not to mention money is scarce and without a sure thing I cant go anywhere to search for opportunities. Ever since I was little I’ve watched TV shows like American Idol or Americas got Talent and thought “I could do that!” but I never got the chance to put my money where my mouth was. It’s my turn to go out there and take a chance and this would be that moment for me. To sing the rest of my life out in the world rather then the confines of my room would be a dream come true for me.
    Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you will consider me and my ramblings for Rising Star.
    Alayna Scordato (sorry for the length)

  23. chiico

    Im Chiico from Malawi,Africa.the reason I want to participate in this is because music is my life.for as long as I can remember I have killing myself to enter the music industrty trying to get heard but I am from Malawi and we have very little music opportunities here.if only I can be heard and I feel like this is my only chance to do so because I love to sing and write music.its all I know

  24. Bailey Audrey

    I am an 18 year old singer/songwriter and music is who I am. It is my one and only true love and it is my outlet when there are no words left to describe.

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