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  1. Taejah Robertson

    Hi, my name is Taejah and I’m 18 years old. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actor working with amazing people. I’ve always been shy but I’ve learned to come out my shell and be more outspoken and confident. I watch Revenge all the time. The chances I get to watch it, I watch it. Being able to work with the cast of Revenge would be life changing and it could be the beginning of a career that I won’t ever quit. Being an actor to me is like getting to be able to play in someone else’s shoes. I get to be other characters for a short period of time. When you get to play the role of a character you get to know them in a way other people can’t. Just me being able to put myself in someone else’s shoes is great. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I have to follow my dreams because I want to live a happy life. I would love to be given the opportunity to be apart of the Revenge cast. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Tamara

    Let me start by saying. Revenge is the best show on TV (fan girl squeal). This is probably a long shot but Hey I’m Tamara. Although my agency hasn’t updated my photos you can find them on the boon models site. I started watching this show since Day Uno. The seduction, the devious women, the high fashion, the … revenge, everything is perfect. To tell you the truth, you can stop looking at the other comments now, I’m your girl. Emily Thorne is pretty much my alter ego. Okay, I’m joking, you can look at the other comments, but take me into consideration.


  3. Jordan Lorenzo

    My name is Jordan. I’m African American, 5’8″, have shape, short hair, and am a huge fan of the show! I’m 23 years old and would love to be a part of the show as a character! I am going to school to be on tv and would be honored if you considered me for any roles in the future! If you follow up with me I can send any resume or experience you would need as well as any pictures you would need to further your (great) decision. My tough disposition and cute demeanor would fit right in with the sweet and sour aspects of this savory pleasure that goes on every Sunday night!

  4. Jessica Bancroft

    Hi my name is Jess I am from Kirkham, UK which is near Blackpool and Preston and about 1 hour away from Manchester I would love to be in this film I would try my hardest do anything and would love every second. I have always wanted to be an actor I haven’t been in any movies just plays but I know I would be good. I have had a hard life my dad cheated on my mum and left to start a new family and my brother went to and I stopped seeing my dad because it was to upsetting. It’s just me and my mum it’s nice but would be nicer if I was in a family. Any way I would love to be an actor just the chance would be good I would try and will try my hardest and never give up. Being a actress is my dream and if I could be an actress I couldn’t be happier since my dad left my life is been a bit of a roller coaster and not a good one. Since that happened I have felt like my heart has a bit missing since my family break up and being bullied a bit, but if I act and my dream came truer think my heart would be filled and when I do act all my worries seem to disappear. So please make my dream come true that’s a song that Disney wrote so please make that happen. I really want to be an actress. Here are some facts my name is Jessica Bancroft (but prefer Jess), I have blonde hair, blue eyes and average height and weight and i am white. Any part any movie would be good and I would work hard and I am shy at first but when I get into it I am really good so please just give me a chance I would really appreciate it!!!

    Thank you please give me a chance and make my dream come true

    If you would like to get in touch please email me at <hidden from public>

    Thank you xxx

  5. Poonam

    Hi there!

    I would love to be considered for a role on this amazing show! My name is Poonam and I am 23 years old, currently living in D.C. I love that this show brings people of various ethnicities, and being Indian typically narrows down my choices for shows and movies, but if you are looking for someone specific I am your girl.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  6. Claire Babey

    My name is Claire Babey and I am a 16 year old aspiring actress, and I believe this show would be perfect for my set of skills. I have been vocally trained for 5 years and have performed and starred in many local musicals and plays. I have also been to many acting workshops and go to regular classes. Although I am 16, I am able to pass as 15-19 years of age. I would willingly change my appearance for any roll. I have a passion for acting and it would be an honor to be considered.

    Height- 5’6″
    Weight- 115
    Ethnicity- White
    Hair- Light brown with natural blonde highlights
    Eye color- Blue

  7. Peyton Lewis

    age: 18
    height: 5’5
    weight: 115lb

    I haven’t done much acting before except my 4th grade play, and reciting a scene from a play my Senior year in high school, so less than a year ago. But I am in love with Revenge and would love to get a chance to become a part of the cast.

  8. Lyla

    I’m not begging like others I really enjoy this show and would love an opportunity to be on it and work with the actors.

  9. Kari Aishiteru Aishiteru
    Looking for opportunities :) Thank you.

  10. Haley Pasco

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 105lbs
    Eyes & Hair: Brown
    My dream would be being acting and I’d love to pursue it. I’m very outgoing, fun, not shy at all. I’d love too get my face out there and become an actress. I do not have experience, but I am talented at faking my emotions. I want to show my daughter she could be anything she wants to be. It has always been a dream of mine too act. I live in Michigan. Contact me at <hidden from public> . <hidden from public> or facebook Haley Pasco. Thanks.

  11. Jayshika Narayan

    Hi! I am 27 year old female born and brought up in Fiji and of Indian origin. Currently I study Chemistry as a major at a university. I would love to be part of this drama and show my acting talent to the entire world. Hope that you would consider my interest in acting and being part of this team.

    Thank you!

  12. Jayshika Narayan

    Hi! I am 27 year old female born and brought up in Fiji and of Indian origin. Currently I study Chemistry as a major at a university. I would love to be part of this drama. It would be a major break in my acting career. Hope that you would consider my interest in acting and being part of this team.

    Thank you!

  13. Josh Ferris

    Hi, my name is Josh Ferris I am 15 years old and I would love a part in revenge . I have a lot of experience in acting. I was on good morning America in 2011 , also I was in a movie for hallmark . I have been in so many plays that I lost count . I would be willing to act in any way possible . thank you for the opportunity.

  14. megan montreuil


    My name is Megan Montreuil and I am 28 years old. I didn’t watch Revenge when it first aired on ABC. I recently started watching it over this past summer and I was addicted right away. I even called in sick at work just to stay home and watch Revenge!!!! I would love to be a part of the show one day it would really be a dream come true.

  15. Laura Jean Allen

    Hi there my names Laura Jean Allen or Lj I’m a Boston native 5-3 and a half curvy, fun loving outgoing and hardworking. I have done improve work while in high school and was always a part of the drama club. I have always wanted to act on t.v and have not known where to start. Revenge is by all means one of my favorite shows, I honestly feel a connection in a way to some of the characters mainly Amanda Clarke, when it showed her infinity plus infinity tattoo covering a scar it choked me up a bit as I suffered for a long time with depression and have a tattoo as well covering up some past memories. It would mean so much to me to be cast in Revenge as a part or an extra either or.

    As for eyes their hazel hair is dyed black but I’m a natural brunette

    My nationality is Chinese, Native American and Caucasian

    I really do hope to hear from you
    Thank you so much

    Sincerely Lj

  16. Mason Dauti

    Hello Revenge Team!
    My name is Mason Dauti, I’m represented by MTM Agency & I believe I should be considered to be part of the ‘Revenge’ family!
    First of all Thank you for taking the time to read my comment, it’s appreciated!
    I have a few reasons why I should be considered and they are:

    1. I have a positive professional attitude and I’m easy to work with so I pay attention to what has to be done exactly, plus I am comfortable in performing in front of others for any character I qualify for

    2. I am a highly motivated actor who has a strong passion in acting and so I’m looking to work with a strong, committed and great team like you guys

    3. I have self confidence so I believe in myself as an actor and will be fully focused in order to get lost as a character so that I will be 100% believable in my performances for the audience/viewers watching

    4. I want to be ONE of the actors who is responsible in creating an incredible story for the audience/viewers to ALWAYS be intrigued and entertained!

    5. My final reason is this, simple, who wouldn’t want to be part of such an extraordinary and successful project like ‘Revenge’? It truly would be a great honor working with you all! I’m offering my dedication to this project so yes it is personal to me, so if I become considered I will make you all proud and you won’t regret having me as a member of this team!

    Thanks again for your time and hope to hear back from you guys soon! Have a great day.
    My Stats:
    Gender:Male (Caucasian) Age:22 Height:5’10 Weight:170 Body Type:Athletic
    Hair Color:Dark Brown Eye Color:Hazel
    -Mason Dauti

  17. Cameron White

    Hello, my name is Cameron. I would like to be considered to be a part of the cast of ABC’s “Revenge”. I feel I am well trained and know how to put my heart into a performance. I’ve been involved in acting for 6 years and also took acting classes. I also have watched “Revenge” since the beginning and re-watched all seasons on Netflix, so I feel as though I know the story inside and out. I am 18 years old and know how to be part of a team reaching one common goal. Thank you for your consideration!

  18. Matthew Sawaya

    There probably isn’t anything to say that differs from everyone else’s comments, but here’s to the luck of the draw. I am a 24 year old male, 6’2, and have always had a passion for acting. I’ve been in many plays, but no screen time. The experience is truly what I’m after. Something to remember for years to come.The wit and cunning of the show is really what intrigues me. I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


  19. Alexis Armstrong

    Hi my name is Alexis Armstrong. I’m a new UT Austin grad. I’m 23 years old. I love this show (like everyone else replying to this casting call). I think I should be considered because I wouldn’t mind how big or how small a part I would play. I would consider it an honor to be on set with Emily Vancamp and Josh Bowman. I just want to meet them. I don’t even care if you pay me; I would do it for free. This experience would be too amazing to put into words. I don’t know what I would do if it ever became true.

  20. Melody

    Hi! My name is Melody and I think I would do great if i had a role in Revenge! I watch this show constantly and am always trying to think ahead but Emily Thorne is too good for me! I am 14 years old and 5’7″. i weigh about 108 lbs. and love to act. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I love to act and am in drama at my high school. Hope you don’t overlook this response. It is something worth reading.

    and when i saw David i almost passed out. I could not even breathe for five minutes after i saw that last episode of season 3….

  21. Joanna

    Age: 13 and a half
    Eye color: Hazel/brown (depends on mood)
    Height: 5’4
    Skin color: Tan
    Hair: Smooth (top) wavy (middle) curly (end)
    Hair color: Dark brown, Black and tiny it of blonde ( all natural )
    Gender: Female
    Extra: I can do any accent you may like, I have some difficulties with the Irish accent but I can manage. I have wanted to be an actress since the age of 7. I take theatre classes everyday, for 1 year and a few weeks now. I am very dedicated at my work. I can be serious when needed but when not, I’m a very fun person to work with. Everyone I have met has told me I should become an actress. I do this as my passion and my way of showing my true identity in the ways of acting. Acting often helps me relieve my stress but it is something of so much value to me, it is the only thingI can see myself doing later on in life. Thank you for your time, I do wish to have caught your eye. :)

  22. Mervet Vojvoda

    I’m 14 years old, I go to an arts highschool, I’m 5’8, I have brown hair and green eyes. I absolutely love this show and can’t wait for the new season. I love acting and have been told that I look older than I am. I love reading and writing. I would love to have an opportunity to be on this show.

  23. Samir

    Samir Khakhar
    Mobile <hidden from public> 

    Acted in Films, T. V. shows and theatre in Mumbai India over period of 35 Yrs.
    Some of them are mentioned as follows.
    1. Nukkad – Character: Drunkard [Khopdi]
    2. Bandini – Character: Nanaji
    3.Sanskarlakshmi – Character: Chandrakant

    1.Pushpak [silent film] – Character:. alcoholic businessman
    2.Guru – Chacter: Friend
    3.Insaf Apne Lahuse – Character: road side entertainer
    4. Parinda – Charcter: Iqbal Langda.
    1. Everything in Garden by Edward Albee: Character. Main Lead
    2. Offer –Character: Unscroupalous Father who wants his inncocent daughter to be heroin
    3. Khoonnas : Character : blackmailing goon.
    These are some of the works out of many.
    Age: 62 yrs. Height: 5’ 6” Wt. :240 lbs Hair color: Black Eye color: Black.
    Citizen : usa

  24. Haley

    Contact info: email <hidden from public>
    I think my daughter would be great for this show everyone says she favors emily vancamp!!
    She loves acting, she had been in several plays at her old school.
    She hasn’t had any experience except for school plays but I think this would be great for this series!! She loves revenge!!!!

  25. Hannah riva

    Hi! Im Hannah, im 15 years old from ontario Canada. Ive always wanted to be be an actress and id honestly love to be a part of this show, it would honestly mean the world to me. Id be 100% dedicated and apreciate the opertunity!

  26. Jerry

    Need a break from the boring lectures at an Ivy League institution. Need to get away from the dullness for a bit. Please help!! Oh yeah…I am huge fan of the show and cannot wait for this season to start! I look forward to hearing about casting. More background will be provide upon request.


  27. Ellen Wechs

    I went to Radcliffe College and a law school. I passed the bar exam on my first try, 16 years after I studied the subjects. I starred in 2 musicals at age 16 and 12. The record for one musical sold out in one day. I wish I could be an actress. I am 64 years old.

  28. Gabriella Faulkner

    Hello my name is Gabriella and im in love with acting and abc shows. I think its genius and amazing the serie of revenge. I would love to be appart of this family

    – thank you

  29. melia

    My name is melia and im obsessed with the show. I have always wanted to act in a show and thought its never to late to try and audition. I have acted in plays but I wamted to try screenplays

  30. Alyssa

    I am a very talented and outgoing person I am I’m a band as lead singer and was on the set of blue valentine with Ryan gosling and Michelle Williams very easy going and would be perfect for the show.

  31. Becky

    I am a very fun and energetic person, even at 5 in the morning. My friends love me because I am very creative and I never let people get to me. I am in my mid twenties but can pass for 15. I look young and people can never believe my real age when I tell them. I have grown up in the theater but have not participated in auditions for television, movies or commercials. I have done many community plays such as the wizard of oz, Prince and the pauper, the miracle worker, Peter pan, and The sound of music just to name a few. I have varied from ensemble to the lead and I play every part to the best of my ability. I love meeting new people and I think I can bring some new to the table =)

  32. Angelica Ng


    I’m Angelica Ng. Actor based in Los Angeles.

    I’m targeting specific shows and their casting directors right now and came across this link during my web search. I follow the show and know that I can fit the tone and add value and support to the ensemble. I have a broad range and take direction very well. I’ve booked co-star, guest star, and lead roles on network shows and am striving for more. I also play supporting roles in 3 independent films coming out Summer and Fall of this year.

    I’m honestly a big fan of the ABC shows. I auditioned for the ABC showcase last month and also attended the callback a couple weeks ago :)

    Direct link to my reel:

    For photos, videos, and more details:

    Thanks so much for your time!


    Angelica Ng

  33. Melanie Buford

    My name is Melanie, I am a recent college grad who majored in theatre. All my life I’ve been acting in theatre and performing on stage as a dancer. I’m also a singer-songwriter. As an actress, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to start off somewhere, whether it be an extra, small part, or a lead because acting is my passion. I love expressing myself through another character. Revenge is an amazing show on ABC and I like to be considered any kind of part that is available. I also have head shots and a resume to submit if I’m chosen to audition in front of casting directors and producers. Please let me have a chance. It’d be an honor to have a part on ABC’s Revenge. I look forward on hearing from you. Thank you.

  34. Shandreicka Coanner

    I’m from the south. An I am beautiful, and I think I can add to the show.

  35. Ali beydoun

    Revenge is one of my favorite shows out there. I love watching abc and im 15 years old with loght brown eyes and black gelled up hair. Im almost 6 feet tall and athletic

  36. Stacie White

    ABC Casting Call 2014: Revenge.

    There are a million reasons for why I want the opportunity to become apart of the Revenge franchise. It’s not only being a massive fan like millions out there but for the way each episode/series keeps getting better and better and for me to personally become apart of this would be an opportunity I can only dream of, to say I would give my all is an understatement! Plus coming from England, now Ashley and Aiden are gone id like to be the one to fly the flag! To be given this chance to really become what I have always dreamt of an actress would take my breath away..

    Hopefully I can stand out to you somehow and you can take a chance on me, I can do this.

    Thank you.

  37. Fatuma Omar

    Hello My name is Fatuma.A.Omar.The Reason I would like to be in the cast is “Team Work”.I love getting along with Different People.And it would be Great working and acting in the cast. Thanks (From Fatuma.A.Omar)

  38. Carter White

    Hi!! I would absolutely love to act in revenge. It is one of my personal favorites of ABC. I would play a excellent manipulater, liar, and or killer. I am 15 but have been in the acting world for half a year now. I am a teen boy stuck in a small Iowa town and this could be my ticket out of here. I look forward to hearing from you. Here is some quick info on me.
    Blue eyes
    Brown wavy hair
    Athletic build
    160 lbs
    6 ft
    Thank you for considering me an applicant in Revenge!!

  39. Suraya Ranjber

    Hi my name is Suraya Ranjber, I’m a 17 year old actress and song writer. I have bean in high school productions and would love a chance to express my dream to become a famous actress. As a child i would put on small little 1 act plays in front of my parents with props that were found around the house. Every actress or actor has to start from some where so please give me the chance to at least be an extra.

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