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  1. Shandreicka Coanner

    I’m from the south. An I am beautiful, and I think I can add to the show.

  2. Ali beydoun

    Revenge is one of my favorite shows out there. I love watching abc and im 15 years old with loght brown eyes and black gelled up hair. Im almost 6 feet tall and athletic

  3. Stacie White

    ABC Casting Call 2014: Revenge.

    There are a million reasons for why I want the opportunity to become apart of the Revenge franchise. It’s not only being a massive fan like millions out there but for the way each episode/series keeps getting better and better and for me to personally become apart of this would be an opportunity I can only dream of, to say I would give my all is an understatement! Plus coming from England, now Ashley and Aiden are gone id like to be the one to fly the flag! To be given this chance to really become what I have always dreamt of an actress would take my breath away..

    Hopefully I can stand out to you somehow and you can take a chance on me, I can do this.

    Thank you.

  4. Fatuma Omar

    Hello My name is Fatuma.A.Omar.The Reason I would like to be in the cast is “Team Work”.I love getting along with Different People.And it would be Great working and acting in the cast. Thanks (From Fatuma.A.Omar)

  5. Carter White

    Hi!! I would absolutely love to act in revenge. It is one of my personal favorites of ABC. I would play a excellent manipulater, liar, and or killer. I am 15 but have been in the acting world for half a year now. I am a teen boy stuck in a small Iowa town and this could be my ticket out of here. I look forward to hearing from you. Here is some quick info on me.
    Blue eyes
    Brown wavy hair
    Athletic build
    160 lbs
    6 ft
    Thank you for considering me an applicant in Revenge!!

  6. Suraya Ranjber

    Hi my name is Suraya Ranjber, I’m a 17 year old actress and song writer. I have bean in high school productions and would love a chance to express my dream to become a famous actress. As a child i would put on small little 1 act plays in front of my parents with props that were found around the house. Every actress or actor has to start from some where so please give me the chance to at least be an extra.

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