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  1. crista stephens

    crista stephens
    19 years old
    felton, DE

    i have been a fan of pretty little liars since the first season and i was addicted by the first 10 minutes. i feel that i am without a doubt someone you should take into consideration for a role in your next season. i have taken lead roles in school plays and performances, i have done a handful of modeling gigs, and i also sing locally at shows, recording studios etc. I am spunky, energetic, and outgoing and adapt to my environments and new people quite easily. im decently fast at learning an entire script, and i think if you are reading my reply that you should look no further. thank you for your time.

  2. Julia

    I don’t really know how to start.

    My name is Julia LeĹ›niewska (I know hard surname ;p). I’m from Poland, but I was living 1 year in England. I am a blonde-haired girl who loves this show so much! I’m 14 years old. (I know i am too young for that show, but Sasha was younger). I’m not sure why I am appling, because I think I’m too far away and my english is still not perfect, but I want to measure with that :). Isn’t Shay think the same? ( I read that this her first show). If you will looking for someone younger (you know, then the other actors) write to me :) I will wait.

  3. Re'n'Rae


  4. Anastasia Sadler

    Hi I’m Anastasia and I’m 13 I will be 14 in July and I live I’m Youngstown,Ohio and I have Brown eyes and Brown hair and I love pll so much and I would LOVE to be apart of PLL. PLL is my life and PLL is just omg I love it so much and I would say it would be an honor to be on PLL

  5. Charlize

    Hello !! My name is Charlize, yes like the actress !! I really love this show and watching it has inspired me to try acting out for myself. I love acting. All though i haven’t done any plays or anything I think I could be pretty good for this show. It’s very dramatic which is perfect for me. I’m 14 years old. I was born on February 20th. All though I am young a lot of people think I’m older then i actually am. I am Canadian. I have brown hair blue eyes. Thank you so much for your time !!

  6. SKila

    Hello, my name is Skila my Theater teacher says I’m the best at dramatic roles, and that I bring the tention to the stage. I would love to be a participant in one of America’s best television series.

  7. Cher Jaballas

    Hi! My name is Cher Jaballas also known as Cara Jaballas. i’m 20 years old. I want to audition pretty little liars season 6 upcoming, i want role of gay like emily fields or one of the girls of emily fields. because i love emily fields role, thats why i want to being a guy role. Thanks

  8. Alexis Goche


    My name is alexis goche i would like to be apart of this casting i know your not needing anyone else but i would like to be an actor in any show possible thanks i am great at learning line and i think i would be a good help maybe i can be one of the 5 girls sister maybe hanahs if possible thanks
    I am 13 years old and turning 14

  9. Kim Stevenson

    My name is Kim Stevenson, I would love to be a part of pretty little liars as it is such a good show and I love it so much, I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, around 5’2, im 13years old was born in the 21st March, I live in Scotland, I have had many experiences from school with some important roles such as I was Cinderella. It would be a great opportunity and I would be so thankful and be fully committed, I hope you can reply soon x

  10. Hannah

    I absolutely love this show, and would love to be in the sixth season. Before I give you my info, here are some things I’d like to clarify: (a) implied sex and/or sexual innuendo is okay, (b) can swear for role. Hi; I’m Hannah. I am twelve years old, but am told I look around fourteen to sixteen. I am Caucasian, with auburn (curly/kinky) hair and Hazel eyes. I have a heart-shaped face, and a curvy/voluptuous build. I stand 5’2″. I am comfortable with wearing makeup, dying my hair, wearing heals, etc. to fit a role. I have been in musical theatre for five years, eleven performances, and four summer camps. I have portrayed a wide variety of roles ranging from nerd to the bully to the antagonist to the villain. I am easygoing and work well with others. I am fine with auditioning. I am a cheerleader, so if roles require tumbling, jumps, flexibility, and stunting, I could succeed. I also am good at dancing, hulahooping, and a New Jersey/York accent. Since majority of my roles have been leads, I can easily memorize lines and change my emotion. This will not interfere with my academics since I am a straight A students. I also have references.

  11. Kayla

    Hi my name is Kayla. I am 20 years old. Brown hair. 5”3 . I live in Kentucky and I am a HUGE fan of Pretty Little Liars. I’ve watched the show since day one. I have a dream. A dream of being an actress. Every chance I get, I am always acting lol. I took drama in High School, so I know some of the basics. I really enjoy being on stage and being able to play as someone other than myself. This show is full of suspense. And I absolutely LOVE that. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that acting was what I wanted to do as a career. If I could get the chance to audition, and maybe be in the show, I would be so grateful. I work hard, I am a fast learner, and I love challenging myself and my abilities. Please keep me in mind. Thank you.

  12. Unknown

    Hello . My name is Asmaa and i am nearly 16, i’m from Morocco. And i would really, really, really, love to appear on Pretty Little Liars even if it’s just a little role. I hope you could give me a chance by contacting me on my email please ! :)
    My eyes are brown, my hair is black (brunette) and i am 5’00 feet tall .

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