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  1. Kristen Reames

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9″
    Build: Thin/athletic
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde (long)
    Personality: Enthusiastic, Positive, and lighthearted!

    If at any point there is a casting call for a role on PLL, I would be incredibly interested in receiving information and potentially an invite to audition. I have been acting my entire life, and have fallen in love with it. I can play many different roles and get along with people very well. I have also been modeling since I was a sophomore in high school. I can send in a portfolio of photos if you would like to see them! Thank you!

  2. Talia

    My name is Talia I’m from Nj and willing to do what ever I can to become an actress

    About me-
    Almost 15
    Green with a touch of blue eyes
    Thick brown hair that is wavy but I wear it strait
    Weight- 110
    Body type- average/thin

    Please email me for pictures or anything else to do with this

  3. Cynthia RABESON

    Dear Sande Alessi,
    My name is Cynthia Eliane RABESON, I’m currently 19 y.o, but I’m turning 20 on 29 June. I’m French (basically from Madagascar) , but I can speak English quite fluently. I would like to audition for a role, whether big or small, on Pretty Little Liars. This is my favorite showince its very beginning ! I’m looking for some opportunities in the USA, as I’m thinking about moving abroad from September. I don’t have any experience in acting, but I learn fast, and I’m a very motivated person! If you give me the chance to, I will prove you that you are not wrong to hire me !
    Here are some details about me :

    Height : 5’5
    Weight : 165.3 LBS
    Eyes : Brown/Hazel
    Hair : Medium/ Black/ Wavy
    Occupation: Student, but about to graduate from the University of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) in English Litterature and Civilizations.
    Hobbies : Dancing,Cinema, TV shows, Travel, Languages.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Cynthia R.

  4. Madison Selim

    .Height 5’7
    .Age 13
    .Hair Brown with blond on the ends
    .Eyes Blue in cold Green in heat
    .Shoe size 10

    I want to audition because i love pretty little liars and i want to be in the show so much i crave to be apart of it. I can fake cry ( my face goes red when i real and fake cry :/ ) i get overly obsessed with tv shows for eg. Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Reign, The vampire Diaries, teen Wolf, The Originals . All of those are tv shows i’m obsessed with, but i only crave to be apart of Pretty Little Liars. Don’t worry i’m not a crazy fan girl i just freak out when a new episode is on and i extremely can’t wait a whole week for a new episode to air :/ .

  5. Izzy

    I am Izzy Levin
    Height- 5′
    Blue eyes
    Brunette wavy long hair

  6. Emily Shal

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    I would list more, but that would seem like I blend in with everyone else who wants this opportunity. I would love to be part of this great offer. I truly am a fan of this show and find it interesting. If there is a chance I could audition to be part of the show please email me! Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Savannah

    ⭐️Pretty Little Liars⭐️

    It would seriously be an honour to be a part of the show, i would take my part (big or small) very seriously and do whatever it takes to get the part!! I’m already in love with the mind blowing show and I’d love to be considered for a role.

    A little but about me:

    •Attend acting classes and have a coach
    •Willing to do whatever it takes to peruse my wishful career (acting!!!)
    •Brown long hair
    •Mixed race
    •Brown eyes
    •Cheerleader & Trampolinist (also past gymnast)
    •Have had private piano and singing lessons
    •15 Years old

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my comment and consider me.

  8. Arianna Psareas

    Hi my name is Arianna
    I’m from Long Island New York about 40 minutes away from NYC
    Pretty little liars is definitely my favorite show
    I am 5’5
    I am 12 years old
    I have dirty blond wavy hair
    I have brown eyes
    I am American
    It would make me so happy to be on this show
    Thanks, Arianna

  9. danny

    Hi my danny I’m 6ft2 Blonde hair blue eyes I live in liverpool I’m in college studying carpentry, always wanted to be an actor but was held back. Im a bit of a comic and always looking for somthing new to work on

  10. bri aiesi

    loveeeeeeeeeee this show im 8,80 pounds,brown hair ,brown eyes , acting ,dancing and singing im good at hope u contact me ,lllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee ur show

  11. Shivana

    Hi I am from South Africa just like Sasha / Alison. I have immense knowledge on the series and a huge respect for acting. I am a qualified engineer and have previously done modelling.

  12. Ileanna Espinoza

    Hello, my name is Ileanna Espinoza I’m 13. I would love to have an role or extra on the show. I’ve been in a couple of plays at school. I think this would be an amazing fun experience. Im currently living in Los Angeles, Ca but I am willing to travel anywhere you may need me to go. That is how serious I am of a spot in this. I would even be a trashcan in this movie. Hope you respond! (:

    Ethnicity :Mexican American


    Weight :130

    Hair:Light Brown


  13. Emilyanne Cusato

    Hi, my name is Emilyanne and I am 15 years old. I live in the Philadelphia area. I have always wanted to be an actress since I was about 5 years old. I love performing whether acting or singing and I have just recently, with the help of my mom, to aggressively go after my dream. I love doing dramatic acting and improvisation. I am home schooled so schooling would not be an issue for me if I was chosen for a part. I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration to appear in your show.
    Emilyanne Cusato

  14. Molly

    Hi my name is Molly and I’m 12 but most people say I look a lot taller then my age when I was younger I wanted to act till I came to high school and people changed and made me less confident but after I started watching the show I have wanted to act and I have a lot more confidence

  15. Anna

    I’m Anna. 24 years old, red hair, blue eyes.
    Love the show, Excellent memory!
    Extremely personable, quick to learn, genetically blessed
    Thank you for your consideration

  16. Amber

    Name: Amber Coar-Walton
    Height: 5″3
    Location: Gainesville, FL
    Eye/hair: light brown
    Education: Attending Santa Fe College
    Ethnicity: African American

    I really want a role in PLL. I can say that I’m pretty obsessed over this show and I’ve always wanted to be in it. I don’t care if I’m an extra. Haha. I just want to be on the set of PLL. Anyways, I’m an athlete. I’ve been doing plays since grade school.

  17. lexy symone

    so for years i have been stuck between a plan and a dream. both which drive my parents insane. the plan was for me to join the marine core straight out of high school, and that sounds amazing to me, but my dream is to act. of-course to them this isn’t realistic, but when you want something this bad, i don’t see how it cant be real. i have made them a deal. i have a short amount of time to work my butt off and find a gig somewhere in something to prove my determination, and then i will enlist. even tho i am in love with the marine core, i cant sleep at night knowing that my dream is waiting for me, i cannot just abandon it without even trying. so i would love to be given a shot at this. i am currently enrolled in acting classes and was also featured on “the talk”. thanks for taking the time to read.
    height “5’7
    age: 19
    race: african american/italian
    weight: 150

  18. Viktoria

    My name is Victoria, I’m 18 years old,
    Height: 5’2″ foot
    Weight: 116,8 lbs
    Hair color: black
    I’m from Ukraine, but my English is fruent . I study it at university (practice and theory of translation department). But don’t mind it.
    I’ve played different roles at university’s theatre and worked as co-author with the main writer (creator) of our plays. I don’t really know what else to add. Stage is my second home. Acting is my painkiller.
    I’ll try to do my best, because everything must be perfect.
    Thank you!

  19. Helen Lehitka

    Name: Helen
    Hair: Dark blond/bright brown
    Eye color: blue

    Hey, I’m Helen and come from Germany! It is no problem for me, to talk in English with you, ’cause I’m german-english.
    It would be so awesome if you wonder to get me in!
    I know that you hear all the time the same sentences, like “it would be so amazing if you take me!”, but I think it is all true.. The attempt was worth it, to write you.But its probably to difficult to get in, because I’m from Germany, and its most likely to far away for you, anyway..
    I hope you have the time to read it!

    Greetings, Helen

  20. Jeniffer Rodriquez

    24 years old.
    Hazel eyes
    Dark Brown hair

    I like acting, I love the show. It would be an incredible experience

    Jeniffer Rodriguez

  21. Kevin Ridgley

    Hi my name is Kevin I’ve been watching PLL since the first episode I am 5″11 with hazel eyes, and black hair. I’m athletic good with pressure, and have a good memory.

  22. Brian

    Hi my name is Brian, I love watching this show with my sister. I am 16 years old, brown hair, blue eyes. I am 5-8 and an athlete I would love to be on PLL.

  23. Alexa Cirasella

    Full name-AlexiaRose Lucia Cirasella
    Birthday-August 10,2001
    Hair color-brown
    Eye color-blue
    Skin -Caucasian
    State-new jersey

  24. Julia Kowalska

    My name is Julia Kowalska, I live in New Jersey. I’m 15 years old I have brown hair and dark green eyes. I’m around 5′ 4″ but can walk in heels pretty well. I love PLL and look forward to watching it every Tuesday. I’ve always wanted to act, and although I don’t have much experience, I think I have potential.

  25. Brooke

    My name is brooke stratton. I’m from Louisiana. I’m caucasian.I am fifteen years old (with makeup I can pass for much older),brown hair, hazel eyes. I’m about 5’4 and I’m an athlete. I also play instruments like piano and guitar. I’m really good In remembering things. I have been in a small band before. I have also been in plays at my school and love acting. I have watched pretty little liars from the begging. It’s a really neat series, the directors have a brilliant mind set and plot for every episode. It would be an honor to work with them; I think I would be about to learn a lot from them and improve my acting.

  26. Mariah Garcia

    Hi I’m Mariah Garcia and I would love to be in pretty little liars because it has a lot of mystery and drama in it. I’m 12 years old and I’m in 7th grade going to 8th grade. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve been wanting to act for a while now. I applied for Disney Channel and they called me back but the said I needed to go to LA but my dads car wasent working.!.

  27. Kasey Gall

    Hi, I’m Kasey Gall. I am 18 years old. I am 5’3 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I just love this show and know everything about it and would love to be given the chance to be on it! I’ve visited the set and I just thought it was the coolest! Keep me in mind please :)

  28. Helen Murray

    Hello. I would love to audition for a mature role. I have a filmography and photo that I will submit when I hear from you. Sounds like fun. Please let me know.
    Thanks. Helen Murray

  29. Hannah elmore

    Hi I’m hannah I’m 12 years old I know I’m young but I can pass at least a 14 year old. I don’t have that much experience but Im pretty good! I have so much fun working with other people! I live for tv drama I can improv and do whatever u need. I’m dedicated. Me and all my friends are obsessed with PLL. Actually my group of friends dressed up as the ppl girls. I hope u decide to maybe check me out.
    Weight:100 or less
    Hair color:dirty blonde

  30. alondra

    Name: Alondra Gonzalez
    Age: 13
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’3

    Side Note: I Have always dreamed of being an actress. Ive
    Been in a couple of plays and enjoyed it.I felt like thatwas the beginning
    Of me career and still hope it is. Ive been watching PLL sense 2011 and
    Beacame obssed with it. Watching the show really inspires me to audition
    For tv shows movies, commersials etc. I would love to be on the show and
    and do what i love. Thank you and i hope you take the time to read this.

    – Alondra

  31. hannah

    My name is Hannah Taylor, I’m 13 years old I live in hamlet NC I’m such a big fan of pretty little liars It’s my dream to be on the show. I have brown hair and hazel eyes i’m 5’5. Somethings I like to do is to be out side hang out with my friends I also have a very active mind and like to explore. I’m outgoing and funny I like to make other people happy. If you could please look into having me on the show Thank you

  32. Tina

    My name is Tina, I’m 21 years old, from a small town in Kansas. I am 5’3″ with blonde hair and brown eyes. I love the direction that the show is headed, and would love to have a part in it. I am also willing to travel and relocate. Thank you for your consideration!

  33. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily
    Brown eyes
    Dark brown hair (brunette)
    Around 5″1
    Good actress and good emotions
    Birthdays is May 1
    Age: 11 almost 12
    I want to become an actress because the PLL cast remind me of confidence and how I need to be my self and not let others bring me down and before I found what I really love, acting, I let everyone bring me down! I promise you won’t regret it!
    Email me please! I don’t really care if I just a get a really small roll I just want to be an actress or so. BTW: Fun Fact I kind of look like Emily or Shay Mitchell and my name is Emily which is funny! Please email me!!!!!

  34. Deni

    My name is Deni,i’m 18 years old,short (so the little part is covered) with brown hair and brown eyes. Please contact me with any information about an audition for the show! :)

  35. Megan Crewdson

    Hello my name is Megan and I love acting I would really I’ve to be on the show pretty little liars I have watched pretty little liars ever since it came out I am 12 years old turning 13 in October I would love to be on your show I love mysteries and I don’t care if I was even in the background of an episode I would just love it if u could read this and let me know what you think thanks!!

  36. Maria

    Hi! My name is Maria and I’m 18 yrs and a HUGE fan of PLL. I have watch every episode and been dedicated to the pll-family since day one and it would truly be a dream come true if I got the chance to be a part of this amazing show.
    I’m 5´6 and weigh 127 lbs. I have brown hair and blue/green eyes.
    Acting has always been a big passion of mine and I would love to have the chance to live my dream! I am beyond excited for that the future may hold and I hope this is just the start of something great. :)

  37. meddie

    Hi I’m meddie I really love the show pll i Have had experience of acting like musical theatre guest star on little shows I love it so much that I make up script of pll and I play a person called sasha hasting feild which is cool cause spencer and emily start to realise that they are cousins cuase I’m realeted to the both of them

  38. Edina Bašović

    Hello, my name is Edina and I am 19 years old. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but maybe my accent can be interesting to hear.

  39. Katelyn

    I’m Katelyn, I am 13 (nearly 14) years old. I love Pretty Little Liars and I’ve been performing in plays since I was in junior school. I’m Blond/brunette, blue eyes, tan and an I have an australian accent. I’m 165cm tall and I have a muscular build (I’m a swimmer). A lot of people think I am older than what I am because of my sophisticated style and my mature attitude. I don’t mind if I have a role as an extra or what role at all. It would be an honour to get any role at all.

    Please keep my application in mind,
    Thank you

  40. Achta

    Hello my name is Achta Im 14 years old .I can play roles from 14-17 years old . Im represented by MTM I recently graduated from John Casablancas modeling and acting school earlier this year. I watch every episode of Pretty Little liars . Im also ready to start my career even if I even star as an extra .Thank you for taking your time to read this .

  41. Andrea Gomez acevedo

    Hi I’m Andrea and I live in ensenada, baja California, mexico
    I’m Mexican but I know how to acting in English I pronounce pretty good.
    I really want some role for this show because I know how to do it.
    Age: 12
    Height : 5’6
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Skin: natural tan
    And if you considered me I will do an amazing work with all of my heart

  42. Miriam

    Hi, my name is Miriam. I’m 12 years old with light brown hair and blue eyes. I have trained in musical theatre in shows such as Evita and Les Miserables as little Cosette. I am 5’4″ in height and I weigh 42kg. I sing and dance as well. I really want to venture into television and I think this is the perfect show for it!

  43. Zoe

    Hi! My name is Zoe I’m 13 years old 14 in august.
    I am 5ft and I am from England. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. It would be an honour if I got on pll the first time I watch it I immediately wanted to be in it. I absolutely love acting and I am very mature for my age. In the future I would love to be in a acting job so I would love to start my acting career being in my favourite tv show. I wouldn’t mind if I was just an extra but this is such a great opportunity. I really hope you pick me! Thanks :)

  44. Nathan

    my name is Nathan I’m 18 years old, 6 foot 1 , 165 lbs . i want to be part of the cast for Pretty little liars because I love this show. I watch it and i understand the story very well . Also I admire the actors for doing such a good job and it would be an honor being able to be in the show with them. don’t hesitate to contact me i’m always available.

  45. Laurine

    Hi, my name is Laurine. I’m 17 years old. I’m blonde and have blue eyes, 5’6.
    I’m from Holland, and I can speak fluent English.

  46. holly

    hello my name is holly mannix im 13 years old and from Scotland and I have blond hair and am a big fan of the show and I would really love it if icould be part of the show even if its a small part or even being an extra im very ambitious and hoping to make it big so if u can if would be amazing if u contact love ya xx

  47. Maira Naseem

    hi i am 14 and love pll . i love to act and i really want to act with all the actors in pll. i live in norway

  48. crista stephens

    crista stephens
    19 years old
    felton, DE

    i have been a fan of pretty little liars since the first season and i was addicted by the first 10 minutes. i feel that i am without a doubt someone you should take into consideration for a role in your next season. i have taken lead roles in school plays and performances, i have done a handful of modeling gigs, and i also sing locally at shows, recording studios etc. I am spunky, energetic, and outgoing and adapt to my environments and new people quite easily. im decently fast at learning an entire script, and i think if you are reading my reply that you should look no further. thank you for your time.

  49. Julia

    I don’t really know how to start.

    My name is Julia Leśniewska (I know hard surname ;p). I’m from Poland, but I was living 1 year in England. I am a blonde-haired girl who loves this show so much! I’m 14 years old. (I know i am too young for that show, but Sasha was younger). I’m not sure why I am appling, because I think I’m too far away and my english is still not perfect, but I want to measure with that :). Isn’t Shay think the same? ( I read that this her first show). If you will looking for someone younger (you know, then the other actors) write to me :) I will wait.

  50. Re'n'Rae


  51. Anastasia Sadler

    Hi I’m Anastasia and I’m 13 I will be 14 in July and I live I’m Youngstown,Ohio and I have Brown eyes and Brown hair and I love pll so much and I would LOVE to be apart of PLL. PLL is my life and PLL is just omg I love it so much and I would say it would be an honor to be on PLL

  52. Charlize

    Hello !! My name is Charlize, yes like the actress !! I really love this show and watching it has inspired me to try acting out for myself. I love acting. All though i haven’t done any plays or anything I think I could be pretty good for this show. It’s very dramatic which is perfect for me. I’m 14 years old. I was born on February 20th. All though I am young a lot of people think I’m older then i actually am. I am Canadian. I have brown hair blue eyes. Thank you so much for your time !!

  53. SKila

    Hello, my name is Skila my Theater teacher says I’m the best at dramatic roles, and that I bring the tention to the stage. I would love to be a participant in one of America’s best television series.

  54. Cher Jaballas

    Hi! My name is Cher Jaballas also known as Cara Jaballas. i’m 20 years old. I want to audition pretty little liars season 6 upcoming, i want role of gay like emily fields or one of the girls of emily fields. because i love emily fields role, thats why i want to being a guy role. Thanks

  55. Alexis Goche


    My name is alexis goche i would like to be apart of this casting i know your not needing anyone else but i would like to be an actor in any show possible thanks i am great at learning line and i think i would be a good help maybe i can be one of the 5 girls sister maybe hanahs if possible thanks
    I am 13 years old and turning 14

  56. Kim Stevenson

    My name is Kim Stevenson, I would love to be a part of pretty little liars as it is such a good show and I love it so much, I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, around 5’2, im 13years old was born in the 21st March, I live in Scotland, I have had many experiences from school with some important roles such as I was Cinderella. It would be a great opportunity and I would be so thankful and be fully committed, I hope you can reply soon x

  57. Hannah

    I absolutely love this show, and would love to be in the sixth season. Before I give you my info, here are some things I’d like to clarify: (a) implied sex and/or sexual innuendo is okay, (b) can swear for role. Hi; I’m Hannah. I am twelve years old, but am told I look around fourteen to sixteen. I am Caucasian, with auburn (curly/kinky) hair and Hazel eyes. I have a heart-shaped face, and a curvy/voluptuous build. I stand 5’2″. I am comfortable with wearing makeup, dying my hair, wearing heals, etc. to fit a role. I have been in musical theatre for five years, eleven performances, and four summer camps. I have portrayed a wide variety of roles ranging from nerd to the bully to the antagonist to the villain. I am easygoing and work well with others. I am fine with auditioning. I am a cheerleader, so if roles require tumbling, jumps, flexibility, and stunting, I could succeed. I also am good at dancing, hulahooping, and a New Jersey/York accent. Since majority of my roles have been leads, I can easily memorize lines and change my emotion. This will not interfere with my academics since I am a straight A students. I also have references.

  58. Kayla

    Hi my name is Kayla. I am 20 years old. Brown hair. 5”3 . I live in Kentucky and I am a HUGE fan of Pretty Little Liars. I’ve watched the show since day one. I have a dream. A dream of being an actress. Every chance I get, I am always acting lol. I took drama in High School, so I know some of the basics. I really enjoy being on stage and being able to play as someone other than myself. This show is full of suspense. And I absolutely LOVE that. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew that acting was what I wanted to do as a career. If I could get the chance to audition, and maybe be in the show, I would be so grateful. I work hard, I am a fast learner, and I love challenging myself and my abilities. Please keep me in mind. Thank you.

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