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  1. Kristal Pugh

    Hello I want to audition for any role including extra people. I’m willing to work hard

  2. Jarred Couch

    Hi im Jarred Couch im an Actor and i want to be one of the greats

  3. Cheri-Lynn Barnard

    Gender: Female
    Works: Full-Time at Chipotle
    Singer, dancer and Youtuber
    Auditoned for Firefox; got a call back at jigsaws productions office.
    Sign: Aries; outgoing, diligent and I love having positive energy

  4. Arianna Lewis

    Hi I’m Arianna and I think it would be a great opertunity for me. I have always adored pll and being in it would mean the world to me. Thanks for reading ☺️

  5. Taylor Dodds

    Hi my name is Taylor Dodds. I am a current high school student in the state of Missouri. I don’t have any experience in acting, but from school drama club. I practice my acting skills and I feel as if I would be good actress in almost any drama film. I make people believe I’m hurting all the time or that in happy all the time. Sometimes when I’m acting in the mirror I actually fill myself. Although this is pretty far fetched it would be great to hear from you on any pointers. Thank you.

  6. Taqurra Smith

    Hello, my name is Taqurra Smith im 18 years old And also a high school graduate of the class of 2015 please please get back in contact with me I always had a thing for acting and I could be that someone your looking for .

  7. Natalka Korolczuk

    Hello I am 13 but I look older way older and I am going to be taking GCSE drama. I live in England but I’m open to move to America I have friends who live over there so I am sure it won’t be any problem. I also have brown hair and brown eyes I’m about 5 foot and I do gymnastics every Wednesday for an hour and a half and I do more during the week. I think this would be a great opportunity for me and if I could go I would be able to move as soon as I heard. I hope you take me into consideration and not just think because I’m thirteen I really don’t want this because I really do and I have been told I look fifteen before! I am OBSESSED with the show pretty little liars and I would be super greatfull if I got this or any other part!!!

  8. Casie Smith

    I’m Casie and I’m almost 20 years old. I’m a certified cosmetologist currently working in a hair salon in New Jersey. I’m 5’4″ with dark hair and eyes. I’ve been following pretty little liars since season 1 and cannot get enough of it. There’s nothing more I want than to be involved in the next season and work with all of the cast and producers. I don’t have much experience with acting but I’m always messing around with it and love picking out little things actors do on television. I don’t want a big role in the season, maybe one day, but just to be involved would be amazing!

    Thank you, I hope to hear back!

  9. Daisy

    Age: 17
    DOB: March 31, 1998
    City: Irving, Texas
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: black, curly/straight
    Height: 5’7
    Personality: fun, outgoing, confident, loud

  10. Semira Michael

    Hi, my name is Semira Michael. PLL is one of my favourite shows and acting is my passion. This opportunity would be amazing!
    Age: 17
    DOB: March 13, 1998
    City: Toronto, Canada
    Skin: lightskin
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: black, curly/straight
    Height: 5″5
    Body: slim hourglass figure
    Personality: outgoing, ambitious, daring, fun, kind, complex, etc.

  11. Tiffany

    I watched Pretty Little Liars when it first came out in 2010. I’m reading the rest of the books now. I saw every episode over 200 000 000 times some may say obsessed I say in love I’m 12 and I have brownish blonde hair. I sing I would like to play the part of Melissa daughter or Caleb daughter I have caramel brown skin and I am in love with Pretty Little Liars even my snap chat names for them are Hanna Marin Emily Fields Spencers Hastings Toby Cavanaugh Jenna Marshall Caleb Rivers etc.that’s why I would love to be on PLL

  12. Josephine Tranter

    Hi my name is Josephine and would LOVE to be on pretty little liars! I love the show and LOVE acting!! I’ve only been in a few local plays, but I would like to do something more serious. I think I would be good at being Spencer’s daughter (if she has one). Sometimes I feel like I have to be the best and Spencer has faced that problem many times. That was just my perspective it’s up to you to decide. I could play someone younger or older. I really hope you consider me! Thx for your time!
    Eye Color:Brown
    Hair Color:Brown

  13. Semira Michael

    Hi, my name is Semira Michael. Acting is my passion and PLL has been my favourite show since the beginning, so this opportunity would be so amazing! Hope to hear from you soon :)

    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    City/Province: Toronto, Ontario
    DOB: March 13, 1998
    Hair: black, curly/straight
    Skin: light skin
    Height: 5″5
    Eyes: dark brown

  14. Cherazade

    Hi my name is Cherazade, I have 14 years and I live in Bordeaux in France, I am interested in your cast, I think I could fit you, I speak good English, the language is not a problem for me. I measure 1m73 (5,68) my eyes are light brown and my hair is brown and curly; I have a strong character. I can get around to the cast.

  15. Caitlin DiBiase

    Hi I have watched Pretty Little Liars since at least 2013 and love it and the cast so much! It would be an AMAZING opportunity to even just be in the presence of at least one person either on PLL or who is part of the behind the scenes team. I have loved acting and have been trying to pursue it for a few years now and have been in 1 play and 1 musical and am in the middle of rehearsing for a musical. If I was offered the opportunity to be on an actual TV show that would be awesome! If I get chosen, I promise I will always work my hardest and do my best to remember my lines!

  16. Mara britton

    Hi my name is mara i am 12 years old and live in the u.s i love acting and im a awesome singer.I have watched pll since season 1till the current season. I know pretty much everything about pll and if i miss an episode then i record it and watch it the next day. I actually get into trouble sometimes because i watch it non-stop. I love sports i am a straight a student and never had a gpa under 3.8. My favorite character would probably be spencer or aria but i really love all of them. My dream is to meet them and act on their show i have always wanted to meet the girls especially alison but all of them are amazing. Please please please pick me even for just 1 or 2 episode or minutes just the chance to meet them and be on my favorite show would be amazing. P.S i actually get in trouble a lot because sometimes i forget to do my homework and i watch my fav show PLL!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Alexandra Joseph

    Hey ! My name is Alexandra Joseph, I have 13 years and I live in Romania. Since I can remember, I love acting. I tried all kinds of sports, even singing but I realized that my place is in acting;Yet i love to dance and play sports. I can interpret any scenario. My hair color is brown hair, green eyes and I 5”3 tall. I love to shop, taking pictures and my dream is to become an actress, a Hollywood star. Thank you for your time

  18. Rose Scott

    I’m 14 years old and live on a remote island in the North of Scotland. I think this would be a brilliant experience for myself and that I could also bring knowledge and experience with me as I have a very interesting lifestyle. I just had a photo shot for a modelling agency named Kube and they accepted me, saying I had great potential for modelling and acting. I also participate in dancing; Scottish among others and have loved acting from a very young age. Please do consider my application as I can assure you this would be life changing for myself and my family and I wouldn’t let you down.

    I’m willing to travel to where ever I need to be.
    My height is 5, 5
    I have very long, dark blonde hair but willing to do whatever is needed with it.
    Thank you very much! x

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