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  1. Anna Sell

    Hello, My name is Anna, I have a strong passion for acting, and love singing. I am 15 years old, and have always loved doing theater. I have done school productions, and have worked with a local theater in my area called Coterie Theater by doing shows, and taking classes. I adore doing comedy, but can still be serious when I want to. I have grown up watching Disney channel, and would enjoy working with you! I plan on doing something great with my acting career and am eager to get a head start. I know that if you consider me, I will be a hard worker. I would be ecstatic to be in anything you have to offer, whether it be a commercial, a TV show, a movie, or a voice in anything animated. I have dark blond hair, hazel eyes, and i am 5’3, I hope that you consider me, because i would love to be part of the Disney channel team!

  2. Stephanie Novoa Garcia

    hi!, my name is stephanie and i love to sing, I love watching disney chanel is a wonderful program I believe in my talent and my abilities truth like me to believe in myself and all that I get to do, I live in a city ​​where it is almost impossible to succeed acting or singing the truth is really impossible, I would like to believe in me please i need your ayuda.tengo 13 I’m too young and I would like to start acting now need your help, really act and sing is what most excites me in life
      I really want to be an actor well i know that it is many kids out there wants to act but That When You Have the change You should do it. I know that i Can Have what looks for disney channel. I love singing and i had loved to be an actor.

  3. salma valenzuela

    I’m salma valenzuela and I am a dancer and actress and I would love to work at Disney chanel

  4. jadyn

    Hi I’m a singer and I would really like to be on Disney chanelsinging is my passion I do not know what else to say but please and thank you

  5. OsbyBandy

    Hi, I’m Osby C. Bandy 111 and i am 11 1/2. I’m funny, smart, and good looking. I love the Disney Channel and been watching it since i was a little boy. I have a younger brother and sister and we act all the time. I take direction well and im a fast learner.I always wanted to act but we live in a city where we dont have alot of oppertunities to do this. So please consider me, becaise if you do you be giving a me an oppertunity to live my dreams! Thanks

  6. Lyndzee Walker

    Hi everyone! My name is Lyndzee Walker. I am 10 years young and aspire to be a Disney star. I love to sing, dance and act most of all. I enjoy expressing myself artistically on and off camera in front of an audience because I’m a natural talent! I participate in all forms of art such as acting, singing and dancing. I am definitely a perfect fit for the Disney Family. Please give me my BIG CHANCE to show you my skills….



  7. alexis

    Hello I’m a singer and an actress if u give me a chance I promise u won’t regret it I its always been my dream to sing whenever life gets me down I just listen to music it really helps me get through a lot I LOVE music
    Age :12 phone number <hidden from public> 
    And I live in missouri

  8. Jenesis Tucker

    My name is Jenesis Tucker, and I am 12 years old.
    I currently live in Saint Petersburg, Florida with my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and stepbrother.
    I am interested in being an actor because I like to put myself in other peoples shoes. Just being able to share someones emotions and/or thoughts makes you have a deep appreciation for their situation and what they may have to go through. I also believe that its a way to escape who you really are, and be someone you can’t normally be.

  9. Alexis De La Cruz

    First of hi im a teenage male from dallas tx and im 15 i grew up watching disney channel and it would be an honor to be on it. I may not have acting experience but i am told i should become an actor. I love acting and being an actor on disney channel will be a huge deal for me. I wouldnt mind being an extra i just want to show yall what i got.

  10. oceania

    hey my name is oceania hayes im 14 years old in high school(9th grade). my favorite color is bule and i think i should get a chance and i would amaz you guys please one time thats it please
    love oceania

  11. Grace Allen

    Hello my name is Grace, I live in England, and I’m 15 years old (depending on how I dress I can look 12-16). I’ve been acting since I was 6 years old in school plays and other productions in both lead and minor roles. I also sing and though I do not do dance, pick up routines quickly. All I want to be is an actress and my old drama school (Close Up Theatre before being shut down a few years ago) taught me for both stage and screen acting and I did LAMDA exams up to my Grade 3 getting high distinctions in all of them. I am confident, fun and easy to get alone with. As well as this I’m patient and can learn lines very quickly and recently in my school my drama teacher commented on how good I was at acting.

  12. jay shawn hurd

    hi my name Jayshawn Hurd
    & I Think I Will Be A Good Actors Because Its My Passion.I Love To Dance ,Play Out Movies & Act Out Other People.
    Im Good With Criticism ,I Never Let Anyone Get Beside Me,I Am A People Person& Very Understanding.

  13. Saadiyah

    My daughter is very talentive she is a ballet dancer and is only 5 years old , witty, smart and camera ready. Can you lead me to a Disney audition for her for her age. Thank you

  14. Terrion Hudson

    Hey, I’m Terrion Hudson, here are details about me:

    -Well out-spoken
    -Great at acting
    -About 5’4
    -Brown skinned African American
    -About 95 pounds
    I think that I’m perfect for acting because when you hear my name or even look at me you hear STAR!!!!!

  15. Matthew Campbell

    My name is Matthew Campbell. I’m 19 years old and an independent filmmaker. I make movies in my basement, mostly stop motion and I do all the voice work. Although I’m 19, if I shave my moustache I can look even younger. If I take off my glasses, I look almost like someone else entirely. I’ve been acting since I was very young. I’ve developed a talent for voice acting. At my high school I mostly ran the sound board. I have several In 2007 I played an orphan in Oliver. In 2008 I played and ever guy. in 2012 I played Francisco from The Tempest. In 2013 I got a part in a one-act and played a very convincing old man. I’ve always wanted to be a professional actor since I was a child. My favorite actors of all time are Alec Guinness and Judith Eva Barsi (killed in 1988 at age 10 by her father), I’m very great at giving off different characters. I can play the loving brother\boyfriend, the mysterious guy nobody knows much about, or the big bad mean person, just to name a few. My dream is to become a big movie star, maybe win a reward. I really want to be in Star Wars Episode VIII. Maybe get a big house. I want to act in commercials, TV shows, and movies. I would be a great help being chosen to be in Disney productions because (for one thing) I love Disney and because I’m a quick learner and I listen very well. If the Director wants me to do a shot over again, I’ll do it. Please consider my talent.

  16. Sara Teixeira

    Hi ! My name is Sara, I´m 15 (16-07-1998) and I always dreamed be a Disney Channel actress .
    Since I was a little girl, I saw the girls acting on Disney and I want to be like them .
    I live in Portugal but I would do anything and everything to make part of Disney Channel team, if I have the chance to make this big dream come true .
    I love all series of Disney !
    About me:
    Eyes Color : Brownish Green
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Ethnic Race : Caucasian, Light

    Please contact me by this e-mail please .
    P.S.: I would love to make part of Disney Channel World !

  17. madelen

    hola mi nombre es madelen tengo 19 años me encanta cantar y bailar son mis pasatiempos que amo realizar me gustaria ser parte de Disney Channel pero yo vivo en bolivia y no hay muchas oportunidades me gustaria que hicieran un casting aqui en el futuro

  18. Kaylin Hartsock

    Hello, I am Kaylin Hartsock (Female), I am 11 years old and I live in Boonville, MO 65233. I would love to be in any show. I am interested in acting and singing.
    I am exactly 4’8.5 and weigh 75 pounds. I have light-fair skin, light blonde hair with bright blue eyes. I wear wide framed glasses (black). I have always loved Disney Channel and would accept an animation film or anything else. I am mostly interested in smaller parts, because I am just starting my career. Unless I am in an animated film I would gladly take a main part. Please check out me and my friend’s latest cover on YouTube, our username is PeaceLoveBratz10, it is a cover of “Say Something”. It would mean alot if you consider me.
    Thank You,
    Kaylin Hartsock

  19. Raylie Sierra Baxter

    Hi there I’m Raylie I’m 13 years old born 9-17-00 I have a passion 4 acting and sing even though the only experience I have is my schools choir for singing and the drama class I was in at my school I am 5’3ft tall and idk what I weigh but I love singing and acting it would mean a lot to me if you considered me for Disney channel it’s pretty much the only thing I watch on tv I’m also a redhead with brown would mean a lot if u would help my dreams come true thank you for taking your time to read this.

  20. Nicole

    Hi, I am Nicole but everyone calls me Nicki! I am 12 years old. I love to sing, dance, and especially act!

    I am very passionate about things inspiring too me and i think that Disney Channel has really inspired me to follow my dreams! I always practiced acting and i have ever since i was 4. I always watch Disney Channel every single day and night. many of the stars on Disney Channel inspire me and one day I dream to be just like them and I feel like acting really helps that dream come alive!

  21. elizabeth joy lee

    hi im joy. im 13,14 in october,im 5’7″,and i dont know how much i weigh. i honestly have no acting experiance but i want to try. i can sing,and i took dance classes when i was five but it shouldnt take much to get back in it. im a christian. i have a little stage fright but im gonna get over it by singing in church in a few sundays. i really like kickin it and all the disney shows but kickin it is my #1 favorite. im a tomboy but i still like to get dressed up for special events. i had a chance to audition in new orleans(1hour away)but it was at 5 in the mornin and dad had to be at work at 6. but maybe i can get another chance with this application! oh and i live in picayune,mississippi. you can contact me on twitter @joy_bug7,email at <hidden from public>,joy lee on facebook,or ( <hidden from public> . i hope i get the audition!oh and i like leo howard! okay,bye!;)

  22. itzel anely

    Hello, my name is anely sanchez, I’m
    14, and I would love the idea of
    ​​being in the auditions, but I live in
    mexico, the reason I want to do this
    is to help my parents, and help me,
    please can help me, I want to go all
    the way

  23. Jennah F

    Hi my name is jennah!
    I’m 12 years old and I have always
    Dreamed to be an actress!
    I have been in many plays for my school
    (Such as “MEET ME IN ST LOUIS” where
    I played TOOTIE SMITH.)
    And for the nursing homes. I love singing
    And dancing. I am also a level 10 gymnast,
    I’ve been doing it since I was 2. I live in Kansas
    City, Missouri so it should be a that long of a
    I also love writing stories and plays. I really
    Love Disney channel and am grateful for this
    – Jennah❤️

  24. Eleise Trenda

    Hi. My name is Eleise, but everyone calls me Ellie. I am 12 years old and i am very passionate singer. I have a lot of history with music, such as… everybody on my moms side of the family sings and plays an instrument. My mom is the worship leader at my christian church. My sister is on the worship team as well, i am going to be just not old enough yet. I have been singing in my church in plays and in little shows and stuff every since i could talk. I have sang at my county fair and residuals and lots more. Music is my everything. I play guitar ad sing. I also act, but i haven’t really gotten into that that much, but i am going to. I am really random and funny… well kinda…i always laugh at my own jokes cause no one really understands…(me and harry got a lot in common). I have fare skin, blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, beautiful smile, strong, athletic (kinda lol), love life, I’m half irish (mostly irish), british, polish, Norwegian, and lot more (this is just on my moms side of the family lol and there’s more!) My parents are the youth pastors at my church….so yeah…I have an amazing voice. i sound like demi lovato and adele and Christina perri. I have ALOT of personality in my voice- not to much though. Im really funky and creative and loves others, I’m really fun to be around and sassy and just a little bit of everything i guess haha. I have like millions of styles…really im not joking…one day you will see me in a total punk-rock look, then the next i will be warring a dress and heels hahah….im not one of thought crazy people and stuff like that. responsible and mature. My dream is to be a famous singer. And it has been for my whole life. I know this is the calling in my life. I know I am the girl your looking for. I would love if you made my dream come true. Thank you so much:)

  25. Grace Legault

    My name is Grace. I am very interested in working on Disney Channel. I am twelve years old and have a great passion for acting. I’ve been in drama classes for the last few years and have held roles including musical roles. I’m a fun outgoing humorous person who loves to be part of a group! I’ve had singing and dancing lessons in the past and even though I am nowhere near professional grade I am very interested in these areas. I have enjoyed watching Family Channel ever since I was little and hope to be part of a great company like this someday. I am a dark blonde, blue eyed, 5’3 ball of potential. But I have one problem, I don’t live anywhere near Kansas City or Los Angeles! Please start reaching out to places like Ottawa or Toronto or even Vancouver cause there are so many talented and aspiring young actors waiting! You just got to meet us half way. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about me. And please come somewhere other than the states!

  26. Shane Gooch

    I’m 18 and I love to act. I’m also a 2013 National Cheerleading Champion. I’m starting to go into modeling. I will be modeling for Hoffman International in Kansas City in August. It be a dream come true to be able to go to this audtion. Just give me a chance. Thank you

  27. Emily Blackburn

    I am 10 years old and I am interested in acting. I live in central Kentucky. I have always liked to video myself playing withy dolls. My little brother and I like to make up shows and video them. I play the piano, too. I have never acted before but I would like to try it. Thanks, Emily

  28. Manuel Melcon


    i love to sing, dance, act like different disney characters and love to repeat lines from books, shows and movies.
    i am a boy and am 5 years old and in pre-k4
    my name is Manuel

  29. VinCent McCoy

    Hey my name is Vincent McCoy and im a young actor wanting to pursue a dream. I have been in a few school plays. For more information about me contact me. @ Vincent McCoy on Facebook

  30. jayvion hughes

    I hope to be on Jessie and I want to know are there any places in Connecticut and if not in newyork

  31. alissa B)

    Hi, my name is Alissa im 12 years old I will be turning 13 in may im 5’3 and I have light brown hair and green eyes I have had a passion for acting for as long as I can remember and I LOVE Disney channel. My dream is not to just be a actor but to be one on Disney channel. I make a lot of scripts with my friends and sometimes perform them in front of my class and family I just love the rush I get when I act.

  32. Zora S-J

    Hello, my name is Zora.
    I am 11 years old. I have brown long-ish hair and hazel eyes I am not too tall but not too short. Acting, singing plus dancing is all I do and what I LOVE doing. I am part of the Stage Right Performing Arts group so I know a lot about singing, dancing and acting and simply being on stage.

    I luckily don’t have stage fright since I am on a stage whenever I get the chance, like at my cello productions (I play the cello but I use to play the piano and if i picked up a violin or viola I could probably play that too). I am rather random and have fun ideas but I am good at listening and following directions. I am in my school’s choir and the district choir plus the Stage Right (Vocalation) choir (which I got into a year early). I love watching Disney Channel and love imaging being a part of those shows, I never even imagined getting a chance to even audition for it but hopefully I get in! I am also great at memorizing lines and entire scripts plus songs. My favorite subject in school is writing because it is to me like coming up with elaborate shows or plays. Thanks for the best shows on T.V (It’s the Disney Chanel shows If you didn’t know what I was talking about)
    I Love the show Liv and Maddie by the way : )

  33. Pierre Hampton

    I always wanted to a dinsey star it was my dream

  34. AuRyonn Alexis Logan

    Hi there (: My name is AuRyonn Logan & I’m 14 , but I’ll be 15 in
    2 months. I’m going to be totally honest with you , I don’t really have any experience in acting but that’s why I want to start now , to try and lift my career. I hope me not being experienced will effect my chances of getting anything. But I LOVE to sing & act! I’m always singing , and sometimes I like to pretend I’m in a movie & I just act along. I really want this, more than anything I’ve ever wanted in my life actually. I promise I’ll work hard , I’ll do anything it takes to make it to the top. I used to have horrible stage fright, but now that I’m older I’m also breaking out of my comfort zone. I grew up on Disney Channel, I used to pretend I was Hannah Montana or Kim Possible. I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel , ever since I was very little. I really hope you guys can give me a chance, That would be amazing and soo generous!

  35. Dawnnetta

    I have 4 children that should be considered, they’re funny, able to listen and follow directions and they have always been apart of some type of acting either in church, at school, or at family functions. They are talented and smart children.

  36. Mary Raya

    Hi my name is Mary and I am turning 11 years old this summer. I would love to be part of disney channel. I can play pretty much any role you give me, from funny to serious. My hair color is brown, and my eye color is brown. I am 4’8″ tall. And I can memorize scripts really fast. I am also flexible, determined to finish/acomplish what I started earlier, and I am very confident about myself.
    Hope I can be part of disney channel. :):):):):):)

  37. Zoe Behen

    I’m Zoe
    I’m 17 years old living in Fort Myers FL
    Not many people seem to look for talent here but if you gave me a chance you’d see that there is talent here! I’ve been in many plays, choir, etc. and I really think I could definitely be a part of Disney Channel. I am really short for my age so I could easily play someone younger than me. Please consider me for a chance to be a part of your lovely production.

  38. karelys

    Hi, mi name karelys and I want to know if is possible that I am from another country and can go to auditions, good for my acting and music is my life and really wish a lot better than start now annd then pursue an artistic career my dream is to be a great actress and not get beat… 13 years old.. (:

  39. Michelle Barnes

    I am an actress pursuing my career and would love to audition for Disney. I love Disney Channel and everything Disney. Disney would be a great place for a young actress like myself to work at in starting a career, and I think it would be a great opportunity.

  40. Whitney Harper

    I’m a 20 year old college student, and my dream is to do screenplay. I know Disney Channels target audience is much younger than 20, but I also know there are people my age acting for you. I just want a shot at this. Even for critiquing purposes, I would appreciate it. I’d do anything to just get an opportunity do act for you all. I’m from Kansas City, and am currently attending college in Columbia Missouri. Please, give me a shot to impress you.

  41. Jacob Cooley

    Hi, my name is Jacob, I am 15 years old, and I would love to be on Austin and Ally, and play any role given to me. I am a good actor, an exceptional singer, and it has always been a dream of mine to be on disney channel. Please consider casting me, and get back with me, thanks!

  42. Chace Allen

    All throughout my life I have wanted to go into acting. It’s my life dream and I’m determined to achieve this goal. Growing up I would watch tv and movies knowing someday I would make it if I tried hard enough. It would be a dream come true to be accepted to try out for an acting position. While options were limited, I have been able to leap for small opportunities to act and get into character. I am a very dedicated person and I feel I would be a good choice for an audition.
    My name is Chace Allen.
    Age: 19
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: hazel-brown
    I would be honored TOBE accepted for any auditions or opportunities. Thank you.

  43. Naylee lequay

    Hi my names naylee! Honestly I feel like this won’t even be looked at but I try to stay positive I’ve been working on being a triple threat since I was 6 singing, acting and modeling but also it’s not all about me it’s more about my parents and what I want I have 4 siblings and neither of them have actually done what they said they would do and this is a goal that I won’t stop fighting for .. I want to show my parents I’m different when I want something I go for it and I just really need someone to see that I can do it ! Cause I believe in myself I just need you guys to believe in me also ! I see myself being on a show and playing a role! I just need a shot ❤️ All I’ve ever been asking for . Thank you

  44. Shakira Neely

    This has been a dream of mine to become a actor/singer,songwriter. I practice a lot, both singing and acting with my sister who’s older than me and both want the same dream. I have no idea how to prove this to you but i hope that this letter changes not just me but my families life forever. Thank you and I really hope this helps. ps im 14 and my sister is 15

  45. luci

    HI MY NAME IS LUCI YOU ARE PROBOBLY WONDERING WHY I HAVE THIS THING ON CAPS LOCK ( it is to get you attention). Any way lets get down to it I love Acting and it has always been a part of my life and it always will be even if its not on Disney I will keep trying and don’t get me wrong I’m good at acting and singing it is not my dream it is a cold fact that one day I will be famous its your choice if its going to be with you or another channel
    PS I may not b able to do this just email me if you like me but I’m not sure but email me…ok
    gender: female
    skin color: mocha brown
    hair type: curly very curly brown hair
    age: 11
    acting skills from one to ten: nine (hey I’m only 11)
    personality: serious when needed but very funny and nice

    thank you for your time and please consider me

  46. jadynn levels

    Omg this is a dream of a life time im sooooo happy to try out :) i have been in a lot of plays and i can’t wait for a big break

  47. Ke'Shonti Rimmer

    Hello. I’m Ke’Shonti Rimmer I’m an 11 year old girl mmy ethnicity is biracial. I’m a working actress and singer also a rapper. I would just absolutely love to be on Disney Channel. You know there are more than 10,000 children and adults who want to be on Disney or Famous, But here is why you should pick me…….. Because I’m talented and smart also I’m not rich and I’m not poor but if I could just have one chance to be famous I think this is it. I hope you consider me as a choice.

  48. Brenton McElfresh

    I’m a 14 yr old boy and I really love acting, it’s my one and only dream to act for Disney Channel. I live in Fairfield, OH (just like sicowitz from victorious, he went to my school!) I especially love to be around a lot of people. Please please please pick me for an audition in Fairfield, OH you won’t regret it. I Love You Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Alex

    Hey. :) i am a 12 years old girl. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I really want to be an actor well i know that it is many kids out there that wants to act but when you have the change you should do it. I know that i can have what disney channel looks for. I love singing and i had loved to be an actor. i am going on a drama school and acting is my life i know that i can do it. so i hope that one day i am going to be an disney channel actor. i grew up with disney channel i am looking at it now. so i really hope i can do something good for once. But anyway my name is Alex Stensby :)

  50. Emy

    i just want to know is there a script that we should learn to make the audition

  51. christelle

    I am a good I actually been in a lot of plays before I love act ing

  52. christelle

    I would like to be in your show

  53. naitalia mcmullin

    Hi my name is Naitalia I am 10 years old I am very much interested in Disney Channel because I watch it everyday and I love the people who are on it and I am very much interested in singing dancing acting and modeling so please contact me.

  54. maddi sella paz

    Hi in maddi I’m a great actor I practice with my mom and dad I’ll make scripts and act like I’m actually doing it in real life my mom said in a good actor when I act natural so I do my mom said in a great singer as well I’m 12 and I agree hope openings happen

  55. Sydnei Sailor

    Let’s just say this, I thought I was fortunate….but it turns out that in my perspective of things, I’m not. Things happen to me all the time but my only escape route is my passion for performing arts. Not trying to sound cliché or anything but I LOVE singing and acting. Because I was once a shy person, I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and become a performer because based off of my surroundings that the saying “life is to short” is really the truth. I feel that I deserve to be on Disney is because I grew up with it, I feel that it grabs my picture and aspect of comedy, and togetherness. I just pray that you good people will see this and give me a chance. And not only that, I hope that I will succeed this audition. By the way, because I think it’s important to add this, my name is Sydnei Sailor and I am 15 years old and live in St. Louis, Mo. I hope that you see that my personality and aspects for performing is fit for the Disney productions.

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