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  1. Eliza Smith

    my name is Eliza and I am 10 years old.I am very good at acting and I love doing it.I love watching Disney even though I don’t have cable.When I go to my Grandmas house I watch Disney channle.

  2. Leah

    Hello, let me start off with the basics. I am a blonde 18 year old female girl from Cleveland, Ohio. I am very passionate about everything I do and I love acting and television production in itself. I like when life challenges me and being on television would be a defiantly be a challenge for me, and I mean that in the best way possible. I am ready for a big change in my life and I am starting here. With that I will let you know I am very comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t care what people think about me , because in my opinion people don’t think. I’ve always been outgoing and I am a very hard worker. I think I should be considered for an audition/role because I can see myself being a good role model for the younger generation. I love relating with younger girls, because when I was a young girl I didn’t have many females to relate with. I have a dream, and I’m just trying to live it, starting here. Thank you for your time.

  3. arzariah

    I really want to be on jessie I have been acting ever since I was in my moms stomach. I knew when I grew up I would be on t.v.all I need is this addition and my dream will come true .btw im trying to get in the additions that are in dallas texas because thats where I live.please get to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  4. Zaporha Steward

    Hey I’m zaporha I’m 12 and quite the character I’ve had photo shoots and producers tell me I I got what it takes to be on Disney I’m very funny and smart I’m lovable I can learn lines in 30 mins I’m a strong leader I’m not like any other 12 year old I’m 100% diffrent all the people that tell me I’m never going to make my dream come true I don’t listen to them and I never will please have me on Disney even if I get a small part ill be grateful because I’m doing what I love I don’t say can’t I’m a can do person I can sing,dance,and act and anyone one can do things but I’m very good at them I know you’ll accept me to be on disney because I’m never going to give up because 1ill be glad I didn’t listen to the people that put me down 2 ill be glad I’m making a difference in many lives and 3 I’m going to be doing something I have a great passion for I love Disney and I’m very sociable so put me on Disney and I won’t feel like an outsider because I’m new on the set ill fit right in send an email about you wanting me on Disney you’ll love me and you won’t be disappointed whatever lines you need me to learn I got it you’ll be so happy you have me on Disney because people tell me my smile makes their day you would love me just like the camera loves me so send an email and have me on Disney you will be so happy you did and you’ll be so glad you’ve met me please dnt pass this.opportunity give me the time of day and give me a chance plz (XOXO) * thank you I know you’ll send an email because I know you wont let me down and my dream will come true I’m so grateful and I’m going to stay positive * ^happy holidays^

  5. Charne

    Hi I would like to be in it. It has all ways been my dream to become a model
    Thank you very much

  6. kylie dixon

    Hi Disney Channel my name is Kylie Dixon!
    I’m from California and I’m 12 years old.Iv’e tried signing up for a casting call once, but I wasn’t able to make it to the audition due to my grades. But they are back on track now, and if you didn’t already know, I love to sing and I sort of drive everyone crazy with all the singing I do. I also LOVE acting. I act all the time no matter what scenario! Once, when I was playing ball tag with my friends, they tagged me but I did’t want to be it, so I pretended to have a twisted ankle and started fake crying and they actually believed I was hurt….well his dad did, my friends were on the other side of the park. But anyway, i’m also a dancer. Iv’e been dancing ever since I was three and im 12 now. I’m not the most flexible in town, but i’m pretty capable of doing basic things like backwalkovers, splits, handstands, roundoffs, etc. Anywho, I would be proud to try out for any of the Disney Channel shows and would be honored to be in ANY of your shows. I hope you guys give me a call! I will work my hardest and do my best. I really would like an opportunity like this and I know that I can do any part you give me just as well as all of those super good actresses and actors out there! Thank You!

  7. teige randolph

    I always thought i was good enough to be on disney channel. I wanted to be on disney channel since at least when i was 7 years old. If I can just get a chance to auditon for disney channel i will be so happy. Even if I don’t make it i would still happy enough that you let me try. I just want you to reach out to me and give me a chance. Maybe I can be on your new show that’s coming out you know K.C. Undercover I live in Kenner,Louisiana. Or maybe I can be on one of your other shows like I Didn’t Do It, Jessie, Dog With A Blog, Austin & Ally. Or maybe I can be on Disney XD. On shows like Lab Rats, Mighty Med, Kirby Buckets, etc. So again if you will just please reach out to me and give me a chance i would be so happy.

  8. Hayden Honomichl

    I’m 12 and really excited for it. I haven’t talked to my parents yet but hope they say yes. It would be really awesome if I did get to go but if not I tried. I’m really really excited so I hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Grace

    hi my name is grace I live in columbus Ohio I have been watching Disney channel since I was 2 I am 10 years old and I have not truer this before so I would really like to try and take a risk thank you

  10. Neisha

    Hi my daughter is 5year old she. Love acting out parts from tv shows and she love singing and dancing she always say she wants to be apart of the Disney shows she’s very driving with a big personality she Motivated at everything she do she speak very well and she reads on a 2nd grade level and she only in kindergarten I know she would really love the opportunity to be apart of the Disney family ….. Thank you !!!!!

  11. jennifer

    Hi my name is Jennifer Lopez an. I’m 13. and i would love to one day start in a Disney show with some of the many great actors in Disney channel I hope my dream can come True isn’t that what Disney is all about dreams coming True and kids being happy. Thankyou

  12. Andre Swilley

    Hi, my name is Andre Swilley. I am 16 years old and I am from Chicago, Illinois. All my life i dreamed of becoming a star on Disney Channel. When i was little, me and my friends use to make our own movies with our phones. I enjoy acting and making videos so much! I also enjoy singing. Most disney stars are able to act and sing. I can also do both! I love making people laugh. I am also very photogenic and outgoing. I would accept to be on any show on The DIsney Channel. If you pick me, you won’t regret it! Please email me if you’re interested in picking me. Thank you so much.

  13. Nadine

    Hi my name is Nadine Castillo. I would really want to go on samething that I can express me feeling and so the hole world can see my talent . But there the biggest problem ever … I live in England

  14. isabella valentine

    I hope you pick me I have always wanted to become an actress I am 12 I will be turning 13 on june,2, 2015 I was also wondering if I could audition on Skype I am currently in Washington and I really wish I could be an actress so pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee pick me Disney I sure hope you do

  15. Jua'nisha

    Hi, My name is Jua’Nisha and im 13 years old and I think I should be considered for a casting roll because I have a big personality and I watch disney channel alot and I know Im up to whatever they want me to do

  16. Shavori

    Hi my name is shavori McDowell as u can tell iam 10 years old I love to act a lot I am super funny but I really want to have a part on Disney channel so if u do look at me I hope u do and it’s not cause I want money or to be on tv but we have to get money by law I want to do it for fun….

    We’ll bye I hope you have picked me thank you very much hope I have been picked

  17. laura fuentes


    My name is laura I love to act I was gonna be in a school play but i got sick and i dint perform i thought that acting whast for me but i am wrong acting can for who whants it really baad and works for it hard . I am not gonna say that iam pretty beacause for some people iam might be ugly i have 14 years old and have black hair i speak spanish and like three words of french wich doesnt help and some people say i have a great life a head who knows

    Laura Lucia Fuentes Gomez

  18. Daniel leon

    Hi Disney I’m Daniel Leon I’m 12 years old I’m going to turn 13 on January 15.Anywys it’s my dream to become an actress.I like to sing and dance, and I think I’m good.It would be the best thing if you guys accepted me. Please give me a chance at least one chance I promise I will not fail you… but please just one chance…. please.Thank you.

  19. Haylie Pevley

    I’m Haylie. I’m 13 years old and I have brown hair and eyes. I am around 5’5. I would love to be on Disney channel. Please email me for information I didn’t share that you need to know. Thanks!

  20. Stephanie Flores

    Name: Stephanie
    Age: 13
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brunette
    Grade: 8
    Height: 5’3
    Hi! As you know, my name is Stephanie.I love Disney Channel! I’ve loved acting ever since I was younger. Being an actress is one of my life goals and it would be amazing if it could happen. It would be a great experience and opportunity to be on a show or movie. It’s my dream to act and it would be awesome if I get to do it. I hope you consider me, thank you.(:

  21. Persia

    hi I think you should pick me because I’m great at acting and am on grade six whilst having a natural talent I’m pretty with hazel hair and eyes with a captivating smile complete with dimples I watch Disney channel so I know the actors techniques I’m slim and I’m 5’2 acting is in my family as well as singing and I’m able to play many roles being Caucasian and my dad is american although I live in the UK I wouldn’t mind nor my family coming to america I am funbubblypretty and bright and will be punctual and not afraid of acting with cameras. So pick me please

  22. Brianna

    Hi Disney I’m a 11 year old girl but I’m rather tall for my age but I would like to audtion in something big or small it’s a dream of mine to become a voice actor if you don’t pick me I understand

  23. Elizabeth demers

    I Elizabeth Demers have been acting all my life. I use to dance and may learned to dance once more. When I lived in the phillipines people would always ask me to module for them…

  24. Elisabeth Howard

    Hi I’m Elisabeth and I am 14 years old. I LOVE Disney Channel, and I would love to be on any show. I have a lot of acting and modeling experience and I love music, art, fashion, singing, dancing, and acting. Please consider me and thank you for the opportunity.

  25. Lea

    Hi my name is Lea grace wehe. I am nine years old and live in the usa. I am a fan of Disney channel and i would love to be on it. I know I am young but I belive I could be a good actor. Really and if I am not, you can fire me. I went to family day la on nov. 16 2014 this year. I saw a lot of actors. I was so happy when I saw Peyton Mayer(Lucas), Rowan Blanchard(Riley), Sabrina carpenter(Mia), the kid who plays Rowan’s brother, and I even saw the tv screen father of Rowan. I was sad I didn’t see farkle. I am sorry I just love girl meets world. I know I am very young but please accept me. I even sing.(I don’t think I do it well)just please say yes

  26. Miguel Cruz

    My name is Miguel Cruz.
    I am 17 years old and I live in Miami, Florida.
    I am Cuban and Colombian.
    Hmmm well I watched some of disneys tv shows and movies, it is not that bad.
    To be honest I just want to see how it is like to be on t.v.
    My goal in life is to help out other people in need and I think by doing this I can start supporting other human beings by showing them that in life you cannot give up, especially when u had been in a rough life.
    But I might not get picked and stuff, I thought sharing this would be a pretty good thing for others to not overuse the money on useless things instead of helping others and obtain the support of half of the people in America.
    ….. I’m pretty weird but yea.

  27. Michael

    I’m Mikey, I live in a small town in Alaska. I think that you should allow me to be on Disney Channel because I can do everything anybody else does, but better! I have always wanted to act and I have spent the last two hours tying to find a acting role. That’s pretty much it. BYE, hope you pick me, but I know whoever gets the role is lucky.

  28. paula

    Hi DISNEY CHANNEL im Paula im from LEBANON( im an Armenian) and im 13 years old my biggest wish is to be on Disney channel i really love acting singing and dancing but im shy :( and im working on it so i can get my dream come true :) DISNEY channel if you make my dream come true my whole life would change

  29. Keandra smith

    Hi my name is Kendra Smith and I think I should be apart of Disney channel because I think I can do anything that any other person can do. And I am very determined music has been apart of my life since I was 2years old. I was raised in the church. I really enjoy acting and singing because it’s all very exciting. I am use to a crowd because I am in a dance group in my church I am 11years old one part of time I was shy but that changed when I first got on stage and realized that it’s not so bad now I actually like all of the attention. So if u would accept me .Me and my family would be more than thankful to an marvelous blessing!!!

  30. Cadhla E. Gribben

    I would really like to be on disney channel.I am ten.I am big for my age.I have brown hair and blue eyes. This has really been my dream for ever.I love disney I watch it 24 7. This would be a big dream of mine. I am so consistent when you need me I will be there. I can do funny voices. Please pick me. I was picked to be a rose bud for the rose of tralLee international festival. Before I was born my big brother Roan died in a car crash.Please pick me to be anything but make it a girl

  31. Solange Filian

    Hi Disney! Haha
    I’m Solange (19years)
    I’d really love to be part of Disney… I am Ecuadorian and Spanish (yeah! Two nationalities) and I’ve spent all my life (so far) watching Disney channel and dreaming of being part of it one day… I’m an amazing singer and actress, so I know I can be part of Disney.
    Please! Believe in me

  32. Alessandra

    Hello, I am Alessandra. I am from Italy. I would like you to consider me because I always wanted to be an actress, sing, dance emotion is really strong! And then I think one element from another country would make it even more interesting. It wouldn’t really be a dream choice! Please contact me.

  33. Taylor kellum

    I am Taylor Kellum I am 11 years old almost 12 I am about 5’3 height wise I have blonde medium blonde hair and green eyes I am very experienced with music I sing a lot I am in course and I just performance of Veterans Day concert I hope that you will get this soon because my passion is to sing and act all together hope I can work with this internal Monday that’s the best kind of business I could be there email me back or call me back I did something really want to be involved with disney just ibhope you get this please call me back with this I love singing and I would do anything in the world for it thank you and I love Disney

  34. Serenity coaxum

    hello im 11 years old im a girl and Ive always wanted to be on disney channel since i saw wizards of waverly place my dad did acting in high school so i guess thats where my love of acting came from please please pick me ive been acting since the 1st grade and im willing to take what you throw my way just please pick me AND I DONT WANT TO BEGG I WANT TO SHOW YOU WHAT I GOT.
    thank you

  35. Crystal Baldera

    Hi im Crystal and i have hazel eyes, black hair with natural light brown highlights, 14 years old, and 5 fet tall. I am a cheerleader, gymnast, dancer, and actress. Im not the most experienced but if their is two things i could do is act and dance. i love the idea of pretending to be someone else and having the audience is the palm of my hands. That feeling of knowing you did the best is what i live for. i would absolutely love to be apart of the making for this. thank you for your time

  36. staci rich

    Hi,i’m staci and i’m 11 years old.My birthday is 6/18,3.I would love to be an actress becouse i think it’s time for me to grow up and follow my dreams.I think i am responsible enough to be an actress.I really would be happy if i can be apart of the disney channel family.I am okay with any time and any t.v show.If i do get a chance,can my audition be in chester VA.Thank you.

  37. josh jackson

    Hi my name is josh iam 13 and wold love to be a acter i do my Best all of the time I have a benn doing wrestling for 8 years now and I would love to make my mom happy for me.

  38. Apurva

    i am 14 years old i’m indian that’s why it is not easy for me to be in disney but i want to be in disney it’s my dream and i wan’t my dream to come true i love acting and singing and i do it also but i’ve not ever gived performance for that ol but i know i will do my best to be in disney i want to be like selena gomez i’m in india and i think my chances is not so but i know by seeing my acting and singing talent no one can reject me and i want to prove my self by being a popular star of disney channel and popular singer too like selena gomez, miley cyrus, and demi lovata…

  39. Piper

    Hi I’m 10 years old my name is piper,and I would love to be on Disney channel .i have done three plays and been the main lead in one. Also I’ve wanted to act,sing,and dance because it brings me joy and I can go far. I am currently in choir, but I’m not available this weekend 11/8/14 other wise I would be honored to tryout. If you don’t mind letting me know when the next time could be to tryout would be awesome! Thank you.

  40. Amory Steinke

    Hi Disney, my name is Amory and I have wanted to be in acting for quite sometime. I am 4’5″ and weigh 55lbs. I am 10 and will be 11 in December. I have long brown hair. I have done a few plays at school and church. I love to sing and be in the spotlight. I am a good student. Please give me the chance to break into the acting scene not only for me but financially for my family. My mom is a nurse and works so much to provide for me and my siblings.

  41. Jaden Trevino

    Hi , my name is Jaden Trevino. I am a 14 year old girl. I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney channel. I haven’t been in any actual films but I’ve been in plays. I enjoy acting. And it’d be an amazing dream come true. Im tall for a 14 year old. I am from Kansas city kansas. I am also very smart and I take education very serious. I have played sports . I just am really trying to get into this. So thanks .

    Yours truly

  42. Adriana Sierra

    Hi,I’m a 13 year old girl and I live in St.Joseph,MO. I’ve only acted in school plays but I want to step up in my acting. I move a lot so I can adjust to new surroundings and different situations, I am also homeschooled now so no matter what I do it wont affect my education. Acting is something I have always wanted to do and I believe I can do it.

  43. makenna

    my name is makenna my life dream is to be on a show or a movie i would take any chance ive got i will even just be a extra i would love to be on a disney movie or show so much!

  44. Nevada

    Hi, my name is Nevada. I’m 14 years old and id love to be on Disney and be an actor. I enjoy making people laugh and smile.

  45. Heyward Grant

    Hi I’m Heyward i would like to be an actor on tv . I do great in school. I’ve auditioned before but I didn’t have a chance to come to the callback but this time am ready and fit to go this time. My mother has been an actress for the dock street theatre. She has given excellent practice with acting. I was dying to be on Disney so please reply back

  46. Kamryn Grisel

    Hi Disney!
    I am 8 years old and I love if I could be on disney! I am 4’4 and weigh 58.5 lbs. My hair is chin length and dirty blonde. It has been my dream to be on Disney ever since I discovered Disney when I was 4. It would be amazing if I could be on a show. I know that it’s okay if I don’t get to, but I would love if I could! I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I know there is only a slight chance I could actually be on a show and I respect that, but I would love if you could think about having me on a show. I would be on any show possible. I have a passion to be on Disney and be an actress on Disney and I really want this and it could be my one time I could actually have my dream come true. I really hope if you could consider it and if I could describe my self in a few words it would be kind, loving, and passionate.
    – Kamryn Grisel

  47. Frantavia

    I Am 17 Im From St.Petersburg Fl. I Always Wanted To Be On Disney Channel, Every Since I Was 7 Every Time My Teachers Would Ask What I Want To Be In Life Or When I Grow Up I’d Always Say I Want To Be On Disney Channel . When People Ask Me What I Want To Be In Life Today I Still Say I Want To Be On Tv. But I Have Lots Of Talent I Can Dance, Sing, Act, And Model. Im Very Pretty Everywhere I Go Thats All I Hear Is That Im Pretty Or Beautful. I Would Really Love To Be On Disney Channel Thats Like My Biggest Dream Honestly.I Would Love To Have A Acting Career And Do Something I Like An Enjoy Doing. Thank You

  48. Pamel

    Hi! I’m Pamel and, I’m 12, I love acting and it’s been my goal to be on Disney for as long I can remember, I’ve taken part in short films and want to take a risk and try audition for something big, I live in NZ so it’s a little difficult to get out there especially at my age but I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Thank you,

  49. Shawnisha Heard

    I want to sign my daughter up she is a outstanding kid she is 6 years old an can read she loves Disney channel an all the show on it she is very out spoken an confident I think she would do a great job acting

  50. Yvette Hammond

    I’ve always enjoyed watching Disney channel, and now I have kids of my own that would love to see mom on tv. I have always wanted to act, and I would love to get my kids into acting as well. They are amazing little characters! My son is 7 and my daughter is almost 2. I am 25, and right know I am a hair stylist, a realtor and I work at a shoe store part-time. It would be awesome to be able to have one career to support my family. I would be great on Disney channel. I love to make people laugh. Thank you!

  51. Deja

    I think I should be on their because I’m good at acting and I think I can sing I’m only 10 in Kansas Cityso please please please please come to my city

  52. tranecia

    i’m 12 years old and i love Disney channel so much , i watch it every single day i love to act and,make up different types of character names and, try to do different types of accents i also love to dance because i’ll dance to my favorite songs and just start doing different moves and i would love to be on a show like shake it up and i will love to grow and learn more about the acting career.

  53. Sadie palmer

    Hi l should be considered for Disney because i have bean acting singing for many years l am 11 and my passion is acting and performing and l understand that not all kids that says they’re great are but I deserve a chance , i have been signing for several years with a voice coach, my most recant performance i made 102 dollars in tips and i have also won first place in the children’s division Talent show and with that 300 dollars. I enjoy your programing and support your letting of kids acting and would love to become a part of the family of Disney, I live in Davis WV could you have some auditions around hear maybe, Morgantown WV or Hagerstown MD, DC, Baltimore, those are some big cities around hear and I am sure that a big crowd will come thank your consideration.Please contact me if you decide to have audition a around hear or if you would like to meat me. Anywhere any place any time, Sadie V Palmer.

  54. Julia Edwards

    Hi My name is Julia and I am 9 years old. I love to have fun and use my imagination. I am very smart and love to use role play. I would love to be an actress one day and I love the Disney channel. I would like a chance to show you what I can do.

  55. Joanna Figueroa

    Hi my name is Joanna singing and acting has been my dream since i was a little girl. I’m twelve years old and im in 7th grade. I personally think i have a HUGE personality. I want to be on Disney not for the fame but for my love for it. I’ve been in about five plays and all lead rolls for them. I’m also really creative and i think i can come up with my own show but, i dont think i’m ready for that. I’ve been watching Disney for all my life always wondering … how can i get on disney? Untill i’ve been doing alot of research. My grades are great besides math. I have a C for math the rest A’s and B’s. I’ve also been in many talent shows. I’m also in drill team. I particapate alot in my school events. I also believe in friends forever boys whatever … unless the boy is my friend. I hope i can make it on any show mostly Girl Meets World but any show will be great. I hope you reply back and make my dreams (since i was a little girl) come true! Thank you and have a wonderful day !!

  56. Bexley

    Hello, My name is Bexley Harrigan. I am 12 but I’ll turn 13 December 26th. All my life I’ve had a dream that hasn’t gone away and it feels like it’s meant to be. I want to act. I don’t want to act for just anybody. I want to act for my inspiration also known as Disney. A few characteristics- I’m in the 7th grade and I get wonderful grades, I’m into fashion/trends and being in the spotlight at all times, I love kids and babysitting, I’m a very small petite girl, I take photography, and I’m under a love spell over music. I’ve acted as main characters in all our school musicals and plays since 1st grade. I’ve been, a granny, Cinderella, and even a sunflower. I’m always first in line at tryouts. I’m also going to be starting photography lessons soon hopefully. I love taking pictures of my friends and family. I definitely enjoy music and have participated in many talent shows. My dream is to work for Disney and I’m ready to meet that goal. I need your help. I want to get started as soon as possible. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for many years now. My parents are aware of my dreams and are here supporting me. Please, if you could, write me back and let me know if you can help and be apart of my dreams. Thank you so much and I hope you respond and let me know. Thanks again. Bexley.

  57. Jennasis

    I can pronounce words very good because I am at. An 8th grade reading level and I sing, alot.
    Please consider me because my family isnt in the best shape..Money is tight.I dance, sing, act,and take care of my sisters. I am not professional

  58. jalee

    May I audition over Skype or face time

  59. Kaden

    Kaden is my little brother he is 5years old and has a big personality!!!

  60. Angel

    Hi, Im Angel from Burney CA. I have always liked taking on different rolls and actually being able to portray their feelings through my expression. My friends always say that i can amke anything dramatic and my expressions can be bipolar sometimes(lol how can expressions be bipolar???) Anyway, thanks Byeeee

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