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  1. Danna muñoz

    Hi my name is danna I am 12 years old muy eyes are dark brown, my hair is large and dark brown.
    Like me sing and dance
    My favorite singer are all of the violetta like me am como violetta please help me

  2. Jordan Foster

    Hi I’m Jordan and I would love to be acting on Disney Channel. I love Dance in the genre of Hip- Hop and Jazz. I have a wild fun smart Personality. I love to laugh and smile. I’ve been dancing since I was 6 and I love it. Every year I get better and better at what I do. i am a twin. Of course I’m Jordan and my twin name is Jillian. we are so different she is like that sporty girl she plays soccer been on allstars team and loves what she does.I’m kind of like that but different. I love to go shopping and also I love to talk and do Art. My classmates calls me the most talkitive. I talk a hole lot but i can can control myself. I’m in alot of different clubs at school like Builder’s Club Yearbook Staff and more. I think I could be really amazing at acting, that’s one of the things I talk about and would love to do.I believe if you work hard and believe in yourself you will succeed and always be yourself and don’t let anybody say you can’t.

    Name: Jordan Marie Foster
    Age: 14
    Birth of Date: April 21, 2001

  3. Nakoa

    Hey I’m Nakoa Simmons I’m 12 I am 5″1 I live Indianapolis Indiana I have hazel eyes and sand brown hair .And I was hoping to do a FaceTime Audition so if I got it I would fly down there. If you want a person who is ready to make a full commitment that’s me . If you want someone who is Smart,Beutiful and ,talented that’s me. So I hope that I one that you pick because I’m ready to express myself through lots of acting and some singing.And it is wonderful that you have given me the opportunity to do this THANK YOU!!!!

  4. jhonmar de jesus campos grimon

    hello my name is jhonmar campos, and as I am Venezuelan and traveled extensively with my uncle to the United States I used to speak English , my dream is to be an actor of Disney , and won 6 singing contest in 1st place and won dance 8 contest 2 in second and 6 in 1st place would be found in disney channel please I beg much is my only hope

  5. Amy Davies

    Name: Amy Louise Davies.
    Age: 17.
    Date of birth: 15/5/1998.
    Email address: <hidden from public>
    Eye colour: blue.
    Hair colour: light brown.
    About me:
    I am a 17 year old girl with a big passion for acting, I also like playing football and am playing for a girls team now. I live in the UK with my family and I am dedicated to what I love and am not a quitter.

  6. Luis Demetri Roybal

    Hello my name is Luis, I’ve dreamed of being an actor just like anybody else but I really want it more than anybody else. This will probably not be read or even looked at but its worth giving a shot. I am 14 years old and love acting I have actually attempted a open call audition when u was 8 but I did not make it. I was young and hyper and the little runt that I was. I acted like I was a veteran actor and have had a lot of experience when they asked me question but I have practiced since then.. A lot as a matter a fact. And I would really like to show what I got to other people other than my parents. Thank you if your reading.

    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5″5
    Hair color: brown
    DOB: August 5th, 2000
    Hobbies: other than acting I really like playing basketball and talking to my friends.

  7. Melanie Sosa

    Hello! My name is Melanie Sosa and im 13 years old im a Female and my height is 4’11 ,I love to sing and I have always wanted to be an actriz/singer or both and I have a chance to do that now thanks to Disney Channel because I really didn’t know how to start it so thank you for giving people the opportunity to do what they want to or love to do I hope you can have me in your shows and movies! :)

  8. ashanti

    My name is Ashanti I luv to act I am12 years old I luv singing an acting I really really luv Disney channel know I won’t to be a part of it I am a fun type of girl
    I all ways luv to act I took acting lesson so please make my dream come true I’m counting on u I have great fashion well not that much goodbye.

  9. mia

    Hi my name is mia an i am 12years old five foot somting an I would luv to be th e. One to act I luv being in frout of people i luv to sing im very good at it danceing not very much good at that so please pick me it been me an fam dream for me to be on tv eyes r brown have good hairin im very good i mean good acting an singing thanks yo

  10. Deomani

    Hello and i’m am Deomani Evans and i love singing, acting, and learning skills to build up my experience in acting. I will do whatever it takes to become a more better actor and singer. I will have to study, wake up and do it again because i know that i can achieve and gain it. Thanks to Disney i have a chance to become famous. I don’t do it for famous i do it because i feel like i can succeed in my skills and i get to be notice and show my true talent.

    Deomani Evans

    Age: 13
    African America

    <hidden from public> 
    or <hidden from public> 


    DATE OF BIRTH: 6/29/2000
    Eyes: Brown

    I am a person who loves to sing and act I am very dedicated to what I do. I am a home schooled child. I am always singing and acting on my own time. Singing runs in my family not everyone in my family can act thou. ME and my family has the best of LOL moments. I also have traveled to many different states.

  12. Emma Antoinette Demdam

    Name: Emma Antoinette Demdam
    Age: 13
    Date of Birth: August 20, 2001
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: long black, straight

    I love singing and acting, I am very well dedicated to pretty much what I have to do and the tasks that people give to me. I can also play several musical instruments such as Piano, Guitar and Flute.And, physically, I have glasses, yeah glasses I know, I know… So, that’s it for me :) hope you enjoy the short (by that I mean really short) info about me thanks :)

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