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  1. Bexley

    Hello, My name is Bexley Harrigan. I am 12 but I’ll turn 13 December 26th. All my life I’ve had a dream that hasn’t gone away and it feels like it’s meant to be. I want to act. I don’t want to act for just anybody. I want to act for my inspiration also known as Disney. A few characteristics- I’m in the 7th grade and I get wonderful grades, I’m into fashion/trends and being in the spotlight at all times, I love kids and babysitting, I’m a very small petite girl, I take photography, and I’m under a love spell over music. I’ve acted as main characters in all our school musicals and plays since 1st grade. I’ve been, a granny, Cinderella, and even a sunflower. I’m always first in line at tryouts. I’m also going to be starting photography lessons soon hopefully. I love taking pictures of my friends and family. I definitely enjoy music and have participated in many talent shows. My dream is to work for Disney and I’m ready to meet that goal. I need your help. I want to get started as soon as possible. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for many years now. My parents are aware of my dreams and are here supporting me. Please, if you could, write me back and let me know if you can help and be apart of my dreams. Thank you so much and I hope you respond and let me know. Thanks again. Bexley.

  2. Jennasis

    I can pronounce words very good because I am at. An 8th grade reading level and I sing, alot.
    Please consider me because my family isnt in the best shape..Money is tight.I dance, sing, act,and take care of my sisters. I am not professional

  3. jalee

    May I audition over Skype or face time

  4. Kaden

    Kaden is my little brother he is 5years old and has a big personality!!!

  5. Angel

    Hi, Im Angel from Burney CA. I have always liked taking on different rolls and actually being able to portray their feelings through my expression. My friends always say that i can amke anything dramatic and my expressions can be bipolar sometimes(lol how can expressions be bipolar???) Anyway, thanks Byeeee

  6. Sophie long

    I what to be on Disney It’s the best i’m 13 i wood love to be on Disney i love it so much soo can you see if you can put me in thank you

  7. Made Brennan

    I’m 12 Years Old and I love Disney I always watch it but anyway I do Performing Art and Music at school and I love it because I can just do what ever I want and be who ever I want without being made fun . I would love to be in Disney !! I’m also from New Zealnd born and raised :) I would just love to be on Disney Channel and just become an actress and have an acting career :)

  8. victoria

    I am a 17 year old girl, New Zealand, I have been involved in short films, productions and taken drama in and out of school but i would like to take my acting to the next step and i think this would be a great opportunity to prove i have what it takes because i haven’t taken many risks and given myself the chance to see what i can do, I really enjoy Disney and i feel like i can offer a lot to the show as well as continuing to grow and learn with my acting career, thank you

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