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  1. Anahi Hernandez

    Hi, my name is Anahi Hernandez. I am 14 years old, I am about to turn 15 this April. I always wanted to be an actress. I was enrolled in a program called “Barbizon.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the program because of money, but that didn’t stop me I last year I went to a open call for disney channel. My open call was great I loved how everyone was friendly and very passionate for acting. At school, I enrolled myself in drama class and I got a roll for musical and the play was called “The Acting Games” it was really fun. I can play several instruments and I could also sing. Dacing is not my strongest thing to do, but my mom is a dance and she could teach me some moves.
    I really do hope you consider me to participate in disney channel. Thank you for all your time.

  2. Preetismita

    Hey I am Preetismita Das shortly Preetz & i am 15. I am from India but have always dreamt of being a part of Disney channel and hollywood as an actress, dancer & singer. Well i a dancer but i do love singing & acting alot. I even did a drama as a leading actress and got the first prize. I study in a catholic school so i know to speak english nicely. I am very much paasionated about my dream as i have described about. So, i would love to be a part of disney channel and make it big in life and show it to the world. So i hope to get it and incase i don’t I am gonna work harder to reach my goal.

    I hope i will get to be a part.

    Thank You

  3. Jasmine

    Hello my name is Jasmine Lewis I think I should be on Disney because I can really act and this has always been my dream I think I can really act I am really funny and silly I have a big heart and I have been watching Disney every day as long as I was five I am eleven now thank you

  4. jamia felder

    Hi my name is jamia Felder and I’m 13 and I think that I would be great for Disney or nick because I will surely give it my all and I will always show my best effort.

  5. Hailey

    Hi.My name is Hailey.I want to audition because I am a great singer,student,and actor.I also want to audition to earn responsibity and I love Disney.

  6. alyssa sooley

    Hi, my name is alyssa sooley and im 13 years old and I live in las vegas nv and ive always wanted to experience to be on disney channel I want to addition but I live in las vegas and I cant find any places to addition out here. I have a deep vocie and it sound werid but I still really wanna be on disney channel

  7. Raquel Domingos

    Hi I’m Raquel and I’m 18 years old. Singing is my passion, It’s what I really like doing. To be honest I never act before, so I don’t have any experience in that area, but I would love to try. I am a huge fan of Disney Channel since I was little, I remember when I woke up ( specially on weekends ) really early in the morning, because I couldn’t miss my favorite shows ( Raven, Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock ). I love them all.
    I think I would do a really great job, because I’m really outgoing and friendly person. I don’t have any problems in being in front of the camera, I’m not shy at all.
    I like new experiences and new opportunities, and I would love to be part of this one.
    Thank you for your time.

    Name: Raquel Domingos
    Date of birth: 8th December, 1996 ( 18 years old)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Brown/greenish
    Hair: Wavy/Dark Brown
    Curiosities: Freckles

  8. charley thomas

    Hello my name is charley thomas and i think id be great for this job because ive been dreaming of this since i was in kindergarten when i first stepped on stage and im now in fifth grade still doing drama and im very determined im like jessie but im actually gonna make it one day

  9. Pukoakaniaina (Pukoa)

    Aloha my name is Pukoakaniaina, but you can call me Pukoa. I’m 15, 16 in March. I think you should consider me because ive always wanted to be on Disney channel. I think i would be great cause im athletic, hard working, i would do anything for a laugh, and I’m not to bad looking either. I kind of drive my mom crazy with my weird faces and funny things i do too. I think it would be fun to be on disney. Thank you.

  10. Romina Barranco

    I have been waiting for an opertunity like this for a really long time and when you guys called i new that this was going to be My moment to SHINE . I am really confident and im able to take risks for my dreams . In my future i see myslef as a talented actor and living my DREAM .

  11. zy'kevia

    Hey I’m Zykevia I’m 9. I would love to be a actor. Many people said its never going to happen but i keep my head up.I like to watch Disney channel I would like to be on jessie if I can’t is OK because I still have a opportunity to be on Disney channel.


  12. Diana

    Hello my name is Diana and i think ill be a good candidate because im 16 female . and i dont have acting experience but im not shy so i think ill do great not gonna lie! also i need money and i cant find a job soo this would be great

  13. nicolle ramirez

    hello my name is nicole’m a woman from Colombia but I would like to participate in a series of disney no matter what role for just wanna make me feel satisfied with what I devote myself to do because not only act if no express your talent means of expressing a feeling as expressions and that is what I would like to dedicate myself from now on if you will allow me thanks and also was a cheerleader in third grade to fourth grade participate in a play at school master jesus name of the work it was the island of feelings and my role there was wisdom and that to been all my career<hidden from public> thank you very much.

  14. Genesis perez

    My name is Genesis Perez. I’m 11 years old and I would love a chance for this. I have had lots of solos and acting parts in School productions . Its my dreadream to become a singer and iI’ve worked hard. Thanks . I would love this opportunity.

  15. Sofija Stojmenovic

    Hi, my name is Sofie, and I am 11 years old, and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have gone to numerous acting camps over the summers, and it has always been my life-long dream to act. I have been watching these shows since I was at least 2 years old, and I would greatly appreciate being given a chance. If it matters, I am a gifted student in both language arts and math, and I work really hard when it comes down to it. I do not get shy AT ALL, and I am a very confident person, but don’t let that lead you to believe that I am a diva, because can follow instructions easily. I appreciate you reading this, and if you get back to me, that would be an absolute dream come true. I have won a couple awards for acting at my school, and I love to make people laugh and smile. I sing sometimes too. I have been told that I am pretty good, but I really don’t know. Drama class is by far the highlight of my day, and it proved to me that acting is something that I could spend my whole life doing, and never get even the teeniest bit tired of it. Hope I hear back from you!

    Thanks Broheame,

  16. alexandria wicker

    Hi,I’m Ali wicker,I’m 12yrs old and I love to sing and act!I take acting very seriously. I hope you would take the time to reach out to a me.if you can’t in understand there’s plenty more talent that me but I am willing to put up a fight!✌

  17. Aubrey hill

    Hello !im aubrey and I think I should be castes because I’m a beginner actress and I watched these shows since I was a baby and I want to start there because a lot of great actors/actresses started there too .thank you have the best day (ps I’m 12 years old)

  18. Kredina Chatman

    Hi my name is Kredina Salinda Chatman.l am 11 years old I live in Lumberton.l am a little girl I will LOVE to act on Jessie TV Show because when I was 5 years old I wanted to be on Jessie. I been talking and texting to Skai Jackson a lot and she sounds so nice so i want to meet her and the whole Jessie actress. Sometimes when I go to bed I be dreaming that I was on Jessie acting and my daddy said when I was a little girl dreams will come true so can you please please please make my dream come true bye.

  19. Faith Lang

    My name is Faith, I live in Pasadena, Maryland. I have been acting & modeling my whole life. I have an acting coach here in Baltimore. I just got my first lead role in an independent film. I have worked with many directors, films and TV shows and I was featured in the film “Ted 2″ coming out in June!! I would love to be apart of this audition because so many talented people have made it big coming out of Disney!! This would be a fantastic start to my dream career and I hope you guys not only give me, but so many other girls the opportunity to try and pursue our dreams!

  20. Maria Lucia

    hello my name is Maria Lucia, I’m from Peru, I have 16 years, I play guitar, percussion instruments, singing, dance and acted and drawing, my life is art itself, I like Disney supports both art and Help many people to fulfill their dreams, my dream is to belong to the family of Disney, I’m willing to do whatever you ask me and do what you need and ask if I could make an online or virtual audition if you will allow me not be disappointed’m sure my life is art, not be disappointed

  21. Michala Mackey

    Hi call me

  22. gissel zarco

    Hi my name is gissel zarco I’m 12 years old and I’m a very brave and nice person. I really love to act my sister and friends say I’m a really good actor. It would be my biggest dream to be on Disney channel and to turn famous. I love to dance and sing.
    The reason about acting is that its not cause you really want to or because it was your biggest dream its about how you express yourself in it and how you act. And so this is why I’m telling you how I feel. Anybody can act there’s not a person who can’t because everyone has there own way nobody is the same on how they act everybody has there own feeling and dreams just like my dream is to be a famous actor and a famous singer but its not because is want it its because I have I have earn it in my ways. So that’s why I am asking for you to please pick me for a part I will promise you I would do my very best and fail on anything.
    Thank you for making my dreams come true -Gissel zarck

  23. Tamera kimberly chetti

    Hey my name is Tamera Kimberly Chetti,and I live in South Africa ,I would really love to be on Disney channel I really love to act ,I take part in my school and church plays and I always get leadrole I also love to sing . it will be my dream to be on Disney channel .I with love to come oversea’ s and go for a real audition but I can’t, even if I don’t get this it will be fine because I’ll finish school and study acting and then be able to come over sea’s and the do my acting but I with really love to start now on Disney I with real love for you guys so get a hold of me.
    Thanks..tamera Kimberly chetti

  24. Javiera Sanchez mazuelo

    Hello disney.
    I’m chilean, i’m 15 years old, I’d love to be an actress because I find it a beautiful profession, in my country is not very profitable to be an actress but united states are many opportunities I think I can become a great actress I would suggest, while not speak English but taketh classes to speak English I would love to be part of disney great and a great opportunity.
    Bye .

  25. thenjiwe

    Hi I’m thenjiwe I’m from South Africa I’d love to in your channel so much because it’s my dream to be in it. If I’m in your channel I’ll bring fresh and good ideas on the show so please answer and that in my mom’s email address. I’m really seem a little strong about myself but once I try I can do anything. Please get back as u get a answer so I can cry for the bad news.

    Yours truly Thenjiwe

  26. Philemon Nayar

    Hi! My name is Philemon Nayar and I’m a very huge disney channel fan I love acting singing and dancing I have no stage fright and i have an acting experience in school plays and in dance clubs it would be an honor to be a disney actor and also i would want to share my talent to other kids of my age who have given up on their dreams and encourage them to reach out and be who they realy wanna be.

  27. Kirsti Swanson

    Hi Disney channel. My name is Kirsti and I’m 16. I’m born on the 4th of August 1998. My height is 161cm. I love acting more than anything in the world. I have been acting since I was 11. I have been in my school musicals. I do a tiny bit of dancing also. I want to be on Disney channel so much because I love acting. Drama is my number 1 hobby. Thank you.

  28. Laynee Royland

    Hello Disney!
    My name is Laynee and I’m 12-years old! I’m turning 13 in February (the 1st actually haha). I’m very funny and I love laughing. I always have a smile but when needed I can be serious. I absolutely love music! Singing is one of my many talents! I’m good at it! I did ballet for 4 years but stopped this year. I played the trumpet for about 1 and a half years. Im smart and very cute (not like hot or whatever haha I mean what I do is cute.) I’m super quirky! I can nerd out if I want or I can be my usual self which is just a GIANT fan girl!!! I don’t know if I needed to put which actor (or actress) is my role model but just in case my celeb role model is Thomas Brodie Sangster! He my fave actor! He inspires me a lot. I weigh about 106 pounds and I’m flexible. I’ve always loved Disney! If I had to pick a couple of my favourite cartoon shows on Disney is Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls! I can be childish but I can be very mature. I’d just love to even hear from y’all!
    Sincerely, Laynee M. Royland

  29. Brynja Sandhals

    Hey :D Im Brynja, I am currently 13 years old. I was born June 1st 2001. I have always had this crazy idea, ever since i don’t know how old, to become a part time actress, full time carpenter. I don’t have much experience with acting, other than a summer acting club and my drama class in school, oh ya and i can sing too. I love Disney channel, it is one of the only channels i watch. I live in B.C. Canada in a small town it isn’t even on the map, but i have always had the dream to one day be on a screen in someones living room. I am very outgoing i love to meet new people, i work well with people of all ages. I am youngest of six kids, with a single mom.
    I hope someone read this and keep me at the back of your mind!

    ~Brynja, Female, 13

  30. Ja'Nye Perez

    Hi, I’m Ja’Nye Perez and I am 12 years old. I like to act and dance. I’ve been watching DC since i was a baby and then I started to get hooked to it. Im 5’2, brunette, Puerto Rican/African-American but mostly Puerto Rican. I’m light brown and have brown eyes. When I grow up I want to be an actress. Give me any role and I’ll play it. I also take drama class after school and I do school plays, this would be my first time on T.V, but I would really love to be on Disney Channel.

  31. imani calvin

    Hi my name is imani Calvin

    I have been a Disney fan since day one I’m 1o right now and really love singing acting dancing and being myself and doing one of those three has been a dream I’m learning the drums and I really love your shows and hope you can make my dreams come true I live in Indiana and I’m funny clumsy and i ts always been a dream to be on Disney with my fat stars

    I really hope you cast me and thank you

    Sincerely, imani calvin

  32. Paige

    Hello disney, my name is Paige Langan I am 11 almost 12 on March,13th. I also have what your looking for… An outgoing young star, this isn’t just a dream, I have been preparing for about a year now but I’m also a member in drama club. I do realize that it won’t be easy and I may not be exepted the first time but I do need to keep trying. I’m great at remembering lines and songs, speaking of I’m not a great singer but am a dancer!!!! I know I can not goof off and sit on my butt, I have to work for it. All I can say now is I hope to be your next star! Thank you a lot!

  33. Brooklyn Vanlandingham

    Hi, my name is Brooklyn Van Landingham, I really enjoy Disney movies and TV shows. I live about an hour outside of Louisville, KY, but I used to live in GA. I know there are very few auditions/casting calls in this area, but I would really love to audition for a part. Email/Call me, and we can talk about me getting a part

    14 yrs old (8-25-00)
    Dirty Blonde, Petite Figure, 5’2″
    White, Olive Skin
    Louisville, KY (Closest City for Audition)

  34. Cynthia Ortiz

    Hello! my name is Cynthia. I love dancing and acting. I like the work, I have a lot of potential, my dream is to be a professional dancer and actress.
    I have seven years in a dance studio and two years in theater.Please if I was given the opportunity, I swear you will not regret. Please! I follow my dreams.I believe in myself. Thanks

  35. Lusbin Paz

    Hi how are my dream is to be an actor of tv and really wish I could be and I want you can help me I like much act and actual mind want to be an actor of tv help me please..

  36. Samantha Barker

    Hello!! My name is Samantha Barker, and I am 10 years old. I was made to perform… I am beautiful, outgoing and very smart! I can sing and dance. I feel like my life is a musical! I am learning to play the guitar and piano. I can also change my personality at the drop of a hat!

    Thanks for your consideration

    Sami B.

  37. Jasmine

    Hi, my name is Jasmine Gray and I am 11 years old I am in sixth grade and I live in nicholasville Kentucky and I have always wanted to be an actress since I was younger. It has always been my dream and that is something that I really want to achieve! I have always made my family laugh just by being myself and I think that, that will help me accomplish my goal…..

  38. Yennifer Reyes

    hola tengo 12 años se cantar bailar actuar y estoy aprendiendo a tocar el piano guitarra y guitarra electrica y se ase muchas cosas mas solo demen una oportunidad y se lo demostrare

  39. Erin

    My name is Erin Myers and I have been watching Disney channel since they were playing even Stevens so I know how it goes acting is my dream and I would love to be a actress I have a bright personality and I love meeting new people. But, I can only audition in Richmond,Va that would be great!

    Birthday-March 19,2003
    Nationality-African American
    From-Florence,South Carolina

  40. Maeve Taheny

    Hi all,
    My name is Maeve Taheny and I am 12 years old but will be 13 on 25 April and Live in England ( I don’t have that voice that people put on when they are imitating English people on TV ).I have watch disney channel a lot and it really makes me laugh and smile. I am not an experienced actor and I have not been to acting school, but I always win awards for acting at school.
    I have always loved to act and make people laugh, I also sing to.
    Since I am dyslexic I have never been that good in lessons at school because I find it very difficult especially when it comes to English and maths. But then when it comes to drama class it always puts a smile on my face and I definitely know I want to do that for a living. Nowadays you have to get really good exam results to get a decent job and since I have troubles with learning it will be extremely hard for me to find a job. So really acting and singing is all that I am good at and love doing.
    I really appreciate you reading this I completely understand if you do not get back to me considering I am not an experienced actor but if you did you would Make my dream come true
    Thanks a million, from, Maeve Taheny

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