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  1. Aminah James

    HI! My name is Aminah James. I am 15 I have dark brown hair as well as dark brown eyes. I am 5’5″ and I would absolutely love to be on this show because I love doing TV and film. I go to Oakland School for the Arts and I major in Theatre. I’ve been acting ever since I was 5 and it means the world to me. I know how to take direction and I am a very hard worker. I would love to be on this show not only because I love One Direction but because this experience will certainly help me grow as an individual and I truly believe I have a lot to offer! Thank you!

  2. khalidah

    hi my name is khalidah im a big fan of one direction i have experience with acting on stage working with a camera to be tv is something a little different than working on stage. iam not only doing this because i love one direction because i love to act and i want to try something different than working on stage.

  3. Alexis Marinucci

    Alexis Marinucci, 17 years old and home-schooled. I’m 5’3 & weigh 149. Long black/blue hair and Hazel eyes. I’m pale complected . (: I’m bubbly, outgoing, TALKATIVE, and up for anything. Acing is something I’ve always wanted to do. Questions or comment please E-mail me. (:

  4. Kaylee Abbotts

    Hi, my name is Kaylee and I am 13 turning 14 in August. I am a huge fan of 1D, and it is one of my life goals to meet them. But one of my other life goals is to act and become famous, so I am not only looking at this opportunity to meet my favrouit boy band but to also have a chance at the big time. I do acting classes at school and I recive straight A’s from all my classes excluding Drama.
    Personal Info-
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 22/08/2000
    Gender: Female
    Lives: Brisbane, Australia
    Grade: 9
    Personality: Bubbly, Friendly, Outgoing
    Hair:Dirty Blond, Curly, Shoulder Height Length, Thin.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White
    Facial: Light Freckles, Braces
    pulling funny faces
    Enjoy doing-
    Listening to music
    I am using this opportunity to meet my idols and also experiance what it is like to be on a set and learn lines from a script. I am great for any role as I can change into multipule personalities and characters. I will take any main or even back ground roles, this is a large opportunity and hopfully a great experience if choosen. For any other information on me, and how committed or to what extent I would do to get a part, please e-mail me. Thank you for this increadable opportunity. :)

  5. Emmelia and Kira

    Hellooo, I’m Emmelia, and Kira and I have been singing as a group for as long as we can remember. Our group is called Pinakow. Look us up on Youtube if you’d like. We’re cousins, and best friends. Our new youtube channel is Kira F. because we couldnt get back into ours so we are using Kira’s now. We are extremely interested in auditioning. I’m 14, and Kira is 12. :) Hope you give us a chance. Thank you.

  6. Ebony Matheson

    I am a 17 year old Australian female willing to move to America to pursue my acting and singing goals, I have been singing for 4 years, topped in my drama class and have taken many dance classes. I’m interested in this role so please email me at <hidden from public> so I can give more information and photos! (: I have no problem taking direction and come across as confident and hard working!

    I am 160cm tall
    Long brown/ caramel hair
    Fair skin with green eyes
    Easy to get along with!


    My name is Ashley and I am 18 years old. Acting has been my dream for as long as I can remember and this seems like the perfect opportunity to put myself out there and get my career started. I am also a huge fan of One Direction and it would be such an honor to work with them.

  8. Alyssa Cole

    Hello, I’m Alyssa let me tell you a little about myself
    11 years young
    Medium length hair
    Blue eyes
    My passions are Singing, Dancing, and Acting.
    It’s my dream to be on a Television show or movie.
    I love singing and my friends and parents timing I have a really good voice. I also love dancing and I’m actually pretty good and my parents and friends think so too I literally dance ALL the time the only time in not dancing is when in in class or sleeping. I’ve taken lessons for a few years. Last but most certainly not least acting. I love acting so much words can not explain I have loved it since I was very little, many people have told me I’m really good at acting and that I should become a actress and I think this could be my big break! I have auditioned for some plays at my local theatre too. I would love to apart of the cast. I am also a pretty big fan of One Direction. I would love to be on this show by only because I want to meet One Direction but because I’ve always wanted to become an actress and thins could finally be my big break!
    I hope you consider me. Thank You. <3

  9. Asmaa

    Hi, i’m from Morocco and i am a huge fan of One Direction, i love acting, i practice it at school since three years (2 hours every week). And this would mean everything to me beause i love them.
    Languages: English, French & Arabic.
    City: Casablanca
    Sports: Dancing, ballet most likely
    Weight: 99lbs (45kg)
    Height: 4 feet 9 inches (150 cm)
    Age: Almost 15 (In June)
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    I love having fun and most of my friends say i’m funny, i also love music and slow songs, i love dancing ballet and making dances by myself out of music videos, i also love photography, singing, and draw often. I hope you give me this chance and thank you xx

  10. Amelia

    Hi! my name is Amelia. I’m a dancer and I love to act. I would do anything to be in a movie or TV show.

    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’3
    weight: 98.7
    Age: 14

  11. Mya Miler

    im 10 years old im from Laplace,LA im a huge One Direction fan the reason I choose to send this is because meeting one direction is a life time goal for me and i dont what i’d do if i got to meet them probaly cry ! I can sing,dance,and act pretty good ! My favorite members are Liam,Harry,and Zayn but mostly Liam so i would love to work with one direction for the first time it would change my life i love them so much but im not a fan girl so if you wanna choose me email me <hidden from public>

  12. Mya MIller

    Hi guyss im Mya im 10 years old i L.O.V.E One Direction I can sing, and dance i have brown hair,and brown eyes im also auditioning for kidz bop! My favorite members are Liam,Harry,and Zayn but mostly Liam! Im from Laplace,LA im auditing because meeting one direction is a life time goal for me if I meet them i dont know what ill do probaly cry! So if you pick me i know im young send me a gmail message at <hidden from public>

    Thanks !

  13. Leah Ann Ferrer

    Hi! My names Leah Ann Ferrer! I sing! Act and model! None of these are professional yet though! I’m a big big fan of 1D and id just love to have this opportunity. I’m 13 years old, (I know, pretty young. But I’m mature for my age.) I’m about 5’7″ tall. I am Puerto Rican and I have green eyes! Amazing right? I live in Selah Washington. I’m just an ordinary girl that wants her dreems to come true. I like acting because I can turn into someone I’m not..its kind of like Halloween but better because you get to act too. And I have good grade! I hope you can consider me! Please and thank you!

  14. Marina Thacker

    Hello my name is Marina Thacker. I am from Virginia. I have always wanted to be an actress since I was about 5. I am very, as my friends describe me, humorous, fun, funny, cheerful, wise adviser, great thinker, athletic, and different to be clear. Anyways I really want to get a part in this show, im a big fan of one direction. I currently wear hearing aids because I’m hearing impaired. I have a dream of being a singer and actress. I take singing and acting serious not to serious. I know that there should be at least fun in acting and signing. I am currently in Middle School, 8th grade. I have participated in many clubs, classes and academies :
    1.) performing and visual arts academy (got accepted)
    2.) In cheerleading
    3.) Track
    4.) Chorus (ever since 4th grade)
    5.) Played Violin in elementary school
    6.) theatre/ drama club
    7.) singing/ acting camp
    8.) taking French classes (not great at French yet)
    9.) honor roll student
    10.) used to be bullied
    I would really like to have a part. It would mean so much and if I don’t get it I will work harder for more acting parts.
    Height: 5’6
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brunette
    Race: African American
    Skin: light skinned
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    Birthday: August 26,1999
    Languages: English
    Hobbies: singing, hanging with friends, talking about boy bands, and racing
    Nicknames: Rinaa, Mimi, Marz Marz
    thank you so much!

  15. Eleise Trenda

    Hi. My name is Eleise, but everyone calls me Ellie. I am 12 years old and i am very passionate singer. I have a lot of history with music, such as… everybody on my moms side of the family sings and plays an instrument. My mom is the worship leader at my christian church. My sister is on the worship team as well, i am going to be just not old enough yet. I have been singing in my church in plays and in little shows and stuff every since i could talk. I have sang at my county fair and residuals and lots more. Music is my everything. I play guitar ad sing. I also act, but i haven’t really gotten into that that much, but i am going to. I am really random and funny… well kinda…i always laugh at my own jokes cause no one really understands…(me and harry got a lot in common). I have fare skin, blue eyes, strawberry blond hair, beautiful smile, strong, athletic (kinda lol), love life, I’m half irish (mostly irish), british, polish, Norwegian, and lot more (this is just on my moms side of the family lol and there’s more!) My parents are the youth pastors at my church….so yeah…I have an amazing voice. i sound like demi lovato and adele and Christina perri. I have ALOT of personality in my voice- not to much though. Im really funky and creative and loves others, I’m really fun to be around and sassy and just a little bit of everything i guess haha. I have like millions of styles…really im not joking…one day you will see me in a total punk-rock look, then the next i will be warring a dress and heels hahah….im not one of thought crazy people and stuff like that. responsible and mature. My dream is to be a famous singer. And it has been for my whole life. I know this is the calling in my life. I know I am the girl your looking for. I would love if you made my dream come true. Thank you so much:)

  16. Giselle Martinez

    Hi my name is Giselle Martinez. I am from California, Santa Ana/Garden Grove. I have liked acting for about 2 years now. I am very, as my friends describe me, humorous, fun, funny, cheerful, wise adviser, great thinker, and different to be clear. Anyways I really want to get a part in this show, im a fan of one direction. I have acted like a bad sister to my older brother a few times and he actually believed me, not even having a clue that I was acting. A friend and I have done different thing too. We really like to sing but she’s amazing and I just there like “hey “. My parent is separated and I would like to help them out on a lot of things. I am currently at Eisenhower Elementary in Garden Grove. It is my first year there and I am:
    1.) school-body president
    2.) In pentathlon
    3.) In chorus
    4.) Chorus president
    5.) Playing violin, also got in honor orchestra
    6.) Playing the saxophone
    7.) In the league for our 6th grade sport (TEAM 1)
    I would really like to have a part. It would mean so much and if I don’t get it I will work harder for more acting parts.
    Height: 5’6
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brunette
    Race: Hispanic/ Latina
    Skin: light brown
    Gender: female
    Age: 12, December 28, 2001
    Languages: Spanish and English
    Hobbies: basketball, hanging with friends,
    Nicknames: Gizzy, Press, Miss Martinez, king size. M.B, Mom
    Thank you so much!

  17. Dakota Sutton

    I really want to be a singer and actress and I have been singing in front of mirrors and in rooms by myself and Ireally want that to come true. I also wanted to a role model to many people. I feel that I can take a chance and follow my dreams.

  18. Addason Wellington

    Ello mate this is Addason i’m the girl that you wanna pick cause I have a good attatude,love acting,and I love One Direction more than any girl in the world.Oh ya! if you pick me I could make all of them laugh the first day on set but I could tell them all my funniest that has ever happend to me.
    Favorite food : anything
    Favorite color : green
    Favorite band : 1D
    artist: Bruno Mars
    Eye color : Brown
    Hair color : Brown
    Age: 9
    Born at :Chattanooga,TN

  19. Addason Wellington

    How I say hi : Vas ‘ happen
    What’s my favorite color : Green
    What’s my favorite food : anything I want
    How tall is me : 5’0
    Why I should get picked : I should get picked because I really like One Direction and acting so I really think that I would inspier kids my age witch is 9 and under would be surprised that a girl that is shorrter than 12 or somethin but I really like acting so if you can can you please xinfinity please pick me.

    Please and Thank you,

  20. Addason Wellington

    HELLO!my name is Addason and I love to be outside and do sport like things anything that includes running or archery,whenever it’s cold or i’m inside I act or watch nick.I love that station ever sience I was born,so if you pick me that would be AWSOME!but if you pick me and i’m thisty i’ll take COFFEE!

  21. Katelyn Carreno

    My name is Katelyn Carreno, I am thirteen years old, and I live in California. It is my dream to become an actress. I know it’s hard work to reach the top but I am determined to do that. I’ve never been in any commercials, movies, or tv shows yet, but I plan to soon. I haven’t started yet, but my parents are signing me up for a drama theater class. The only experience I’ve had is doing plays in front of my family. I think the first time I knew I wanted to be in a movie was when I was four and I watched the little mermaid, I wanted to be her.
    I know that there are a lot of people who would love to start in the acting career and you’ve got so many people wanting to be considered, but I promise that you won’t be disappointed. I have this reaction to give up on things, but with acting I know that I won’t or could never give up. I’m ready to achieve my goal.
    Now I think I’ll describe myself a little. I have brown hair with natural blonde streaks, and I have dark brown eyes. I usually wear black or grey, I totally despise pink. (Yeah I am very aware that that’s weird to say when you’re trying to get an audition). I am outgoing, I love laughing, singing, and acting. I enjoy hiking and getting outside. I’m not shy, I’ll tell you what I think. (Most of the time). I respect people and I’ve always wanted to volunteer in hospitals but I haven’t been accepted yet. Well, that’s some things about me.
    Now just in case you think of considering me, I am available 24/7. I’m home schooled so I have plenty of time to talk.
    Phone Number <hidden from public> 
    Email: <hidden from public>

    Thank you in advance. :)

    One Directions biggest fan over here!

  22. Ka'lynn

    Hi! My name is Kalynn, I’m 18 years old and currently live in Kentucky! I want to be an actress/singer. Although I’m not the BEST singer, I do plan on taking classes for both acting and singing to help out! You know what they say, practice makes perfect! I’m African American, slim, and 5’6. Please consider me to be on this show! I would really love the opportunity!

  23. Perla Enriquez

    My name is perla. I think I could be able to be part of the cast because I’m a fun outgoing person, with a big personality. I can make anyone laugh. But I can be serious. I have a twin. I have Brown hair brown eyes, I’m 5’4. I live in a small town in Kansas and I have big city dreams. I want to be someone life to prove that if you follow your dreams they might just happen. I’m currently in the high school soccer team. I do not have the perfect body. But I will not change my personality, figure, for anybody.

  24. Giselle Martinez

    Hi my name is Giselle Martinez and I am from Santa Ana-garden grove California. I am currently in the 6th grade at Eisenhower Elementary in Garden Grove. I’m a fan of one direction and it would be so amazing to be able to work with all five of them. I’m, as my friends describe me, fun, funny,loud,childish,responsible,mature,clumsy,smart,talented,weird and in all different from other girls.iam a good or great actor and would really appreciate a part in this show.
    -height: 5’6
    -hair: brunet/brown
    -eyes: brown/dark brown
    -skin: brown
    -race: Hispanic/Latina
    -age: 12, December 28, 2001 (could pass as a 14-19 year-old)
    Thank you so much and I hope I get a part! Thank you!!!!

  25. Valeria Marsano

    My name is Valeria and I am 10 years old and I really like one direction . I’m blonde with blue eyes and I’m tall . I always wanted to be an actress and I love 1D so I think this will be a great opportunity to me.Another thing is that love acting .Plus I love singing everyone says I sing great and I dance too I win 3 place in the talent show. If you hire me I will never disappoint you. I always accept risks.

  26. Ashley Everett

    Aged 15 (have been mistaken for 18)
    5′ 8″
    Long brown hair
    Glasses but have contact lenses
    Born and raised in London
    Can do American Accent and I speak French and some Russian
    I regularly horse ride and I attend archery, also a part of my cross country team so I am in shape and slim.
    Keen about acting and the film industry, I think this would be a great opportunity.
    Parents are happy for me to do this so they can sign any papers needed.<hidden from public> 
    <hidden from public>

  27. Marie

    Hi I’m 14 years old And I’m a big fan of one direction I’m not that kind person see famous people in scream. I’m nice and funny and they are really sweet and me too

  28. Maria Tity

    Hey, I do really like One Direction, and I really want to act in a Nickelodeon show.
    I think you should choose me for this new show, because I do have acting skills, and won’t act like a historical fan or Directioner.
    Thank-you for selecting me, you wouldn’t regret it.

  29. Jasmine Aubry

    Hi, my name is Jasmine, but most people call me Jazzy. I am 15 years old. I honestly don’t have any acting experience, yet. I love to joke around and make people laugh, but I am also very conservative. I love music, singing, dancing, and writing my own lyrics. I would love the opportunity to be a part of this show. Thanks G’s.

  30. Christina Johnson

    My name is Christina. I’m from NC , and I’m 14 years old. This would be a dream come true if I were to get this job. I love acting it has inspired me to get out of my shell and put myself out there a bit. But also I love to sing and I am great at it. I am in my school choir and we compete and have won in the years I have been there. I am 5’0 exactly I have dark brown hair and eyes.And I am Hispanic. Please help me start off my dream. I’m probably just another person trying to get your attention, but please give me a chance I won’t disappoint you.

    Christina Johnson

  31. Yamille Rodriguez

    Ive always liked one direction since they became a band im a great singer and dancer I dance to much to their music I know most there songs and I feel like they are my friends and they are way too sweet with their fans and im 5’9 ft tall I am 14 years old and im not fraid of competition and I am good at acting too

  32. Brooke Simpson

    Hey I am 13 years old I love one direction I have brown hair blue eyes and am 5 foot 4 :) please send a message back ~ Brooke Simpson email:<hidden from public>

  33. Savannah

    HEY! I LOVE One Direction, I’m 11 years old and I love acting, I have brown hair and hazel eyes, and I’m 4 ft and 11 inches tall, I live in ky, and I can play “can you feel the love tonight” on the keyboard

  34. gianna

    Im 9 an think ill be great I do gymnastics dance and soccer and acting and singing I love one direction my fav song is story of my life plz let me do this email me at <hidden from public>

  35. Addason W.

    I should be picked because i’m cool,codfient,stylesh,and funny.I really should be on this show cause I really like acting so if you could pick me that would be the greatess thing you could do for 9 year old.

  36. Addason

    I really think i should have this expereince doing my favorite thing acting.Then second people would get inspired by watching a 9 year old do here dream then they would try to just keep going just keep going and set there goal for life.That’s why I think I should get picked.

  37. Addason

    i really should be on this show cause i could be friends with One Direction and we could have fun on set ,and have the best time ever.!

  38. Addason

    I really think jtat I sholld be in this show cause i really want to meet one direction and i like to act so i think it’ll be a great experiance.

  39. Addason

    Hi !
    my name is Addason with an a cause some people spell it with an i like addison , I got the unqit way.I really want his job because I not only want to meet One Direection and I also really like acting ,and I bet I could make one direction laugh in 1 day.
    Sighned ,Addason

  40. Addason

    my name is Addason and I have brown hair and brown eyes, I think the word ransbottom is funny,my favorite food promble anything you can chew I do sports like track, and i’m from Chattanooga,TN.My favorite color is RAINBOW and one more thing if you ask me a qoustion i’ll give you a very funny awnser.Did I also tell you i’m Holariously rediculessly funny.;)

  41. Amanda xaba

    Hi my name is amanda,i am 15 years old. I am from South Africa. The reason why i think i should be chosen is because i can sing,dance and act . Like big time. I love 1D i just hope i get chosen. I have been doing theatre productions but now i want to go the other direction. Thank you

  42. Guadalupe Deleon

    Hi my name’s Guadalupe.Acting is my newfound passion along with singing. Ive been in a few roles and am currently studying Intertainment in highschool.Altough it is a show of One Direction and many are trying out wether they think that they’ll be there and will get a chance to see them I don’t see it that way. It’s all about work and keeping focused wether the Worlds most popular band is there.Ive watched Nickelodeon since I was small and I would love to be part of a show.Im 14 and am 5’4. I have brown/black hair. Please contact me to my email I promise I won’t disappoint.Im very professional and learn my lines easily.hope to hear from you soon.

  43. tyishia knowles

    Hello I’m tyishia knowles I’m 5’5 short brown hair amd I ahev broqn eyes.I would like to do this because I love performing.Ever since I was in kindergarden I was enthusicastic about being on stage.I do love one direction but I won’t go crazy on them .I like to have fun.I have goals and dreams set.My family and friends are the world to me.Oh and I’m 13 2-5-01 :D

  44. Nevaeh Garcia

    Hi, my name is Nevaeh Garcia and I’m 11 years old. I have dark brown hair and am 4′ 11″ I love 1D, acting, singing, and I’m starting to learn piano and I love it. I have an amazing voice a so I’ve been told. I have done a solo in a choir performance. I am very confident and happy most of the time. I love nickelodeon I have watched it since I was a baby. I think this is my chance to shine and show all the people who think I’m a nobody that I’m somebody. I hope I have put down good reasons. And I hope I get picked.

    Thank you,
    Nevaeh Garcia

  45. Faith

    Hi my my name is Faith and I am 10 years old I LOVE one direction sooooooooo much and if I got picked I would be the happiest girl on earth I love acting and I have participated in our school play for three years now. I am NOT a shy person I can definitely promise that and one word to describe me is directioner but I’m not one of those fans that is so exited that they can’t speak I definitely have control over myself and I amp confident give me a chance and I promise you won’t be let down

  46. Jonathan femat

    Eye color:brown
    Body type:athletic
    Weight:182 lbs.
    bio: I am currently in high school and in many clubs and sports one is wrestling another is football and In a theater class plus I am an ambassador at my school which means I represent poly at paramount studios at an event for more than 3000 people it is a giant dance singing and band performance it’s simply amazing we help our community one step at a time

    abilities:I am a good leader, can be really flexible , football, wrestling, actor, dance, I can sing but not good :D

    My personality is pretty fun I’m one of the few people who actually smiles on a Monday I would say I’m also outgoing and fun to be around :)

  47. Jennifer R

    I am Jennifer & I am Hispanic island, I love Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Arts, People & learning new things. Sometimes life is a Struggle but if you believe anything is possible. I believe that I should be considered because like any person I want to make my dream a reality, I don’t want to dream no more! I want to be the dream, the only way I could accomplish that is to strive for what I love & that’s everything I mentioned before. Also since I was very young I had a background in the performing art. Its my passion & also part of me. I love the show one direction. But please give me a chance to show you my talent. I’m also very kind person, work well with ppl & you wont regret making me part of your N-Team. One quote that I always love is “if you put your mind to it, you could defiantly accomplish anything you set your heart too” Hope to get a chance to work for you and Thank you.

  48. Marci Rodriguez

    Hii(: im Marci Rodriguez im 12 years old turning 13 and I like one direction and im from Waukesha Wisconsin a small town and my family isnt as healthy or perfect so this is what makes me happy and feel some way to be on t.v or just watch people on t.v and imagine my self on there I live to act and make people laugh.sports especially soccer and basketball and I like to sing,dance and im 5,5 tall I guess I have Brown hair and brown eyes and I love to just have fun and hang out with friends if you pick me or email me back I will never forget that moment(:

  49. Madison

    Hello I am Madison Montanus, I am eighteen years old and currently a senior in high school. I have always watched Nickelodeon ever since I can remember, Nickelodeon I can say is one of my favorites television channels. Being on Nickeldeon would be a great experience for me and to show what talents I have. I love to sing, dance, and love One Direction. I am not saying I am doing the show just to meet one direction, I am doing the show because it would be a great oppurtunity and to show the world what talents I have. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  50. Ciara

    Hey, my name is Ciara!
    I think this movie is going to be amazing! I’m a 16 year old girl who lives in Florida. I have tan skin, I’m a brunette with brown eyes and big dimples! I’m always smiling but get serious when needed. I’m a girl who loves to follow her dreams and acting has and always will be my dream. Ever since i was a little girl i saw myself acting. My dream is to become a famous, successful actress. I’m inspired by Jennifer Lawrence and many more actors and actresses. People tell me i’m very confident and could see me acting on Disney so here i am! I’m trying to start now so i can have a background for when i’m older. I pray everyday that God will help me achieve my goals in life. I understand how hard of a career this is, but i know in my heart i can do this. I’ve always visualized myself on the big screen, interacting with fans, going to events, but most importantly inspiring others. I live for this, acting is in my veins. It’s what i love to do. I hope this will be an opportunity for many more to come. Thank you all so much for even giving me this choice. If you all pick me. i’ll try my very best to make you proud. Thank you!(: Xx
    P.S. I love one direction! My sister, her friends and i used to blast 1D while dancing in the car; the stares we got were so funny but we loved it! I love their new album also, such perfection! This would honestly be amazing and such an honor. Each of them are truly inspiring and to act by their side would honestly just be such an experience! I hope i get to join in on this amazing opportunity, thank you so much!

  51. Richelle Gillman

    Hi, my name is Richelle Gillman (nickname, Wuffy) I love music and I love to sing. I also live to draw. I’m 14 years old, and my height is about 5 ft 1 inch. I have no idea what I weigh, but the last time I weighed myself I was a little above 100 pounds. I’m not a too big of a fan of one direction but I love their songs. I only know how to play one instrument, a trumpet, and I’ve been wanting to learn to play a guitar. I think that I would be a good choice because I’m a really good person and easy to get along with. I may be shy at first meeting new people, but once I get to know someone I can become more open. I don’t know if you want to know any of this but my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is crabs, my favorite animal is wolves, my eyes are greenish blue, and my hair used to be blonde but I dyed it red. I’m not really a fan of makeup but I will wear nail polish and lipstick. I may not speak Japanese but I know some songs that are Japanese, and my favorite song ( Bakusou Yume Uta) is Japanese. My favorite genre of music is country, and I listen to a little bit of pop too. I love anime, too.

  52. Xitlali Coronado

    Hello , my name is Xitlali Coronado ! I know its very hard to say (: !! I am 14 years of age and i am about 5’3 . I do love to sing and i do love to act ! I really really hope i can make my wish cone true . Yes my wish is to become an actress . I would love to be a part of this team because i believe i have what it takes to be in this show . I do have really good grades which i believe is the number one thing that matters the most. I am very sweet and kind to everyone . I am a fan of one direction so i would love to act with them ! If you can just give me the chance i will prove to you that i am worth it (: ! I really really really hope i get to hear from you guys soon (: ! Thank you

  53. Sophia

    I’m Sophia, I’m 13 Years old and I’m from Germany . I absolutely love acting because you can be someone you aren’t . You can be everyone you want to be and I think it’s just amazing! AND I love One Direction . If I had to discribe perfection I’d say 1D ! Why should I be chosen? Because as I said I love acting and I can become someone I’m not ! I may not be perfect but honestly who is ? Ok maybe One Direction ;) I’d love to become part of your show , BTW , I do Ballett, Vaulting ,I played football and did Karate. I absolutely love sports .I’m thinking about how big this chance is I mean one of my most favourite things together , 1D and acting :)

  54. Sophia

    I’m Sophia, I’m 13 Years old and I’m from Germany . I absolutely love acting because you can be someone you aren’t . You can be everyone you want to be and I think it’s just amazing! AND I love One Direction . If I had to discribe perfection I’d say 1D ! Why should I be chosen? Because as I said I love acting and I can become someone I’m not ! I may not be perfect but honestly who is ? Ok maybe One Direction ;) I’d love to become part of your show , BTW , I do Ballett, Vaulting ,I played football and did Karate. I absolutely love sports .

  55. Shania McGill

    I love to sing and am a HUGE directioner! This would mean the world to mean. Plus I love acting. I’m always happy to hit the stage it’s like I was born on it! Give me any challenge and you won’t be disapointed. I’m just an ordinary girl coming for a dream! And I’m not giving up (:

  56. Samantha Bryn Reavis

    Hi! My name is Samantha Bryn Reavis and I love acting. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I can play the paino and cello. I also love singing. I’m eight years old and I have lived all my life in Los Angeles. I’m 51 1/2 inches tall. I’m 68 pounds.

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