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  1. Anayzia

    Hey my names Anayzia I’m 13 and I it would be AWESOME! If I were able to get a role in this show , I think it would be fun and great experience oh and I can play the violin…..just sayin

  2. Dante M

    I wanna be there …please!

  3. Brittany Conway

    My name is Brittany and I am interested to be a part of the One Direction Show for a number of reasons. I’ve wanted to be on television since my first year of high school, when my English teacher told me that she pictured me as having a show of my own when I’m older. That fueled me to take a drama class and make it my mission to reach television screens everywhere one day. I’ve since graduated from high school and I believe this show would give me the start I need to make it big on my own. I live in South Carolina and not many opportunities are available here to get on television. This would be my first time auditioning for anything and I can promise you that if I get the chance I’ll exceed expectations.

  4. Berline

    Hi my name is Berline. I am 14yrs old I am from The Bahamas but I live in Florida. To Be Honest I am not really crazy about 1D but to me personally their music is awesome. I love acting and dancing. I have been in school plays from 7th grade now I am in the 9th grade. Acting is fun and awesome you get to do stuff you dont think you would not be able to do in real life and you also get to express yourself when you act. If I dont get in this show i may be a little dissapointed but I atleast i would be able to say I tried, and i would not give up, And I will also know my time has not reach yet. I am planning on being an actress and singer professionally. Thanks for reading :).

    Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    Eye: Brown

  5. Marcea Lewis

    Hello, My name is Marcea Lewis. I have been working on my acting career and I absolutely freaked out when I saw this because it would be my two dreams come true. Become a successful actor and meet 1D! I am a African American female and I am 13 years old. I live in Kingsland,Ga, but I am from Indianapolis,Indiana. I am 5’7 and I sing,play piano,and play trumpet. I am currently in the 7th grade and I love volleyball! I am such a huge fan of One Direction. I Understand that a lot of people want this role put i am the one you want. Sometimes i start acting weird around my friend and they don’t even realize that i am acting! I am Obviously the girl you want. (Not to sound cocky but i also have a very large vocabulary as you can tell)

  6. Jayne Harvey

    Hello! My name is Jayne, I’m 13 years old and I would love to be in this show! I am a fan of one direction but I’m not overly obsessive and I think that this would be a really cool experience and it would help me grow as a performer and singer. Thank you, jayne harvey

  7. Ashley E.

    Hey in Ashley.
    I would love to be in this show but not because I’m a crazy fan
    But because this is going to acting and singing career.
    I am not found this so I could just tell every body I know you,
    I’m not a big fan I love the music but I don’t love love you guys
    But 1D is awesome. Any ways hope you accept me in the role
    Good Luck

  8. Haley Gaudet

    Hi my name is Haley Gaudet. I am 5’3 and live in Houma, Louisiana. I am 13 but everyone who doesn’t know me thinks that I am 16, so I look older than what I actually am. It would be a dream to be an actress. I have been watching nickelodeon for like forever. I feel that everyone should have a chance to experience their dream and never let it go. I have been sending in applications for like 3 years now on all sorts of shows, but I ever even get a chance to audition. I will not give up because its a passion for me. I do some plays a school and really enjoy it. If I get an audition I would take it seriously, really I mean it. lease give me a chance to audition. I understand that there are thousands of people who want to audition but I am dedicated to what I want.
    Haley Gaudet

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