Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest

Baby Photo Contest Casting Calls

Do you have the cutest little baby in the whole wide world? Does he or she just have that “it” star quality? Are you ready to share him or her with the world? Your bundle of joy could be the next face of all new baby ads and commercials! Submissions for auditions for this fabulous baby contest are being accepted now. Your baby could be the face of the some of the most popular and trusted baby products and brands around the globe. These contests are ready to make a national superstar out of some very lucky children, why not yours? Companies are looking for special little people who personify a healthy and happy look to promote their most popular products. The companies are accepting photos from children across the country with online voting by baby modeling enthusiasts determining the winners. There will be several winners chosen who will each receive a cash prize that can be used for your child’s future education.

This could truly be the opportunity of your child’s young lifetime and a perfect chance to secure a sizable portion of his or her college tuition costs. If you have a beautiful young one at home you must enter this exciting contest not only for the potential education windfall for an experience that you and your offspring will never forget. If you are interested in submitting your child for the casting calls for this amazing photo contest you can stay tuned right here for every casting call detail. We will keep you updated on this contest every step of the way so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why your child should be chosen for The Baby Photo Contest.

Your child is your most precious gift and now is your opportunity to help secure his or her bright future. Apply today for The Baby Photo Contest for a chance to win cash.

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  1. Vanessa

    Identical 11 month adorable twin girls👯, who will bring a smile to anyone who sets their eyes on them !!❤️❤️ Sophia & Nicole are truly a blessing from above, because god took a family member away, & gave 2 angels back their place❤️

    Both beautiful baby girls w/ their own unique personalities, you just can’t help but fall in love w/ them !!

  2. Pqriya

    I think my baby is perfect for this contest according to your tearms and condision

  3. Airianna Culp

    Hi, I have a beautiful baby girl who is an adorable 6 month old. Her name is MacKenna Jordan Mae Culp. She love to learn new things every day. Being her mother, I love to dress her up and take pictures of her. She loves to pose. I have put her in pageants and she has won queen of her division every time.
    Her Dob:September 15, 2015
    City : Marion ohio

  4. Sachin jain

    Hi sir My baby name is sparsh Jain
    My baby is a 7months old. So this baby has cuteee nd big eyes..and silky hairs nd beautiful eyes amazing nd,pleasent skin colour
    sparsh is a Indian baby .. so in a Indian blood .. sparsh’s mumma is Indian nd father indian…nd he is very charming baby. ..

  5. Crystal pierce

    My FABULOUS ANGELIC 3 mons. old baby girl ,Ceredwynn Angelica Faye, already has big dreams radiates a natural beauty,with the warmth of er smile…. awww..


    She is very cute and she love the photoshooting :))

  7. Sushil borade

    My cutie pie yaashvi is very cute and naughty girl. She is perfect for your add.
    She look like some Indian and chinese cutest and sweetes baby and a very healthy with fairness.

    Please give a chance to her as she is now 9 month old. Provide your mail Id so I can send some pics of her to you, so you can check.

  8. Deepak tiwari

    My son aarav 10 months old. Who is very very cute. He has silky black hair, and always smiling and like playing with everyone. When I go outside the other people see to my boy and said wow, wow so cute and they said can I touch to your child.

  9. Vijaya Borah

    Abhishri is a six months old baby girl from India, Assam. Everyone says she is too cute, charming ,adorable and a happy child and suggested me to join her for the contest. She is a little angel. Hope she will be liked by u all.

  10. aqsa

    M aqsa from Pakistan.. My daughter is three years old. And she really is a GLAM GIRL.😍 she is adorable..😊

  11. monica echeverry

    I have a 3 month beauty by the name of LOTUS NOIR who is charming and full of smiles; lightens up every room she’s present in. She’s Colombian/Dominican/African american.she attracts a lot of attention and ppl love to interact w her BC shes all smiles …regardless of her age, lotus is camera friendly she recognizes selfies and follows the camera very wise girl …I feel like my daughter should be chosen because she loves taking pictures enjoys being in front of the camera and most of all is a happy baby with full of energy

  12. ella

    my baby is 6month old she is cute simple
    baby and i hope you like it

  13. Sanjida ahmed

    Hi, I have a baby boy and he is 8 months old naw. When I upload his photos in my fb profile everyone admire him . Everyone says how cute he is. He is just like the babies we see in commercials. He is really very adorable and charming. Always smiling face and happy mood. Very photogenic my boy is. So I decided to make him participate in this photo contest . Hope he will get chance to come in front of the world.

  14. Lonyae barr

    How do we audition

  15. morgan

    my sweet little angel is 3 months old. her name is kynleigh. she was born june 9th 2015. i believe she should be chosen to be featured on baby ads and commercials because she is so full of energy, always smiling and laughing. loves being in front of the camera. very photogenic and obviously loves life. she is the sweetest little girl, has baby blue eyes and soft brown hair.

  16. Zeriah

    Hi, my name is jennifer, I am zeriah mom. My baby girl is 3 months old as of today and she is totally photogenic its scary. Everyone expresses how beautiful she is, and is so impressed with how alert she is already. Zeriah loves laughing, cooing, trying to talk and loves bouncing on her legs, with assistance of course lol. Zeriah can also hold her head up for long periods of time and kick, stretch, crawl her way up the bed on her tumny, she is sooo hilarious, so I have decided to try and put her in modeling. Please let me know how to apply

  17. valarie perez

    Hi my baby girl Violet Rayn is 4 1/2 months old and full of personality she is super friendly and can bring a smile to anyones face. She is so photogenic and loves being the center of attention.

  18. karan Hivre

    My baby is so sweet and cute. Her sweet and innocent smile will light up your heart. All the time she makes me happy with her jolly expression .
    She always looks happy weather she is in angry mood or happy. So I request you once see. My baby’s photo and then I am sure you will choose her.

  19. Kayla

    Hello, I believe my son has a great chance at becoming the next Gerber baby! His name is Jasiel Lugo and was born on July 30, 2015. He is the sweetest thing ever and has a great smile. He attracts an audience everywhere we go. Jasiel is mixed with French, African American, and Puerto Rican. He has dark brown hair, grey eyes, and a beautiful complexion. Although he was just recently born, he is very alert. Jasiel is a big blessing to our family because he is my fiancé and I’s first son and my fathers first grandchild. My friends and family want to come over every week to visit him, so I believe he would be a cute baby to appear on a Gerber commercial.

  20. Holly

    Braylee is 7 months old she has bright red hair everyone stops is in the store and tells us how cute she his she has blue eyes.! And a great smile

  21. Holly

    Our baby girl is braylee she is 7 months old and had lots of bright red hair and beautiful blue eyes.! And an amazing smile.!:)

  22. IsabellaK

    My 6 month old daughter, Aubriella, has beautiful long chestnut hair and big blue eyes. She is constantly smiling, especially at phones and cameras. Not only is she photogenic, but she’s extremely intelligent. She learned to wave in a day just by me showing her, and she’s already trying to walk. I think she would make the best baby model because she’s gorgeous and such a fast learner. Not a person sees her and doesn’t comment on her beauty and brains.

  23. Courtney

    My daughter is 5.5 months old. She has beautiful big blue eyes and is an extremely happy baby who smiles all of the time. She’d be an absolute pleasure to work with.

  24. Altina

    My daughter Aaliyah is 3weeks old she is a blessing in the making. She has a beauty that attracts alot of attention from the young crowd to the adults. She’s such a doll everyone tends to fall inlove with her at first sight. Her being petite is what attracts so much attention everyone loves the fact that she’s so small like a baby doll. Aaliyah has beautiful brown eyes, I been told that they turn grey and can keep you mesmerized. She has a hwad full of hair which can get very curly if you are to wet it. Aaliyah has so many different looks to her which makes her very interesting as a baby. Everyone tends to fall inlove with her what is not to love she’s the full package.

  25. Vibha

    Hi, My name is Vibha. My 4 month old beautiful daughter, Suri, is a mixed baby comprising of 25% CHINESE, 25% VIETNAMESE, and 50% INDIAN. She is quite unique in her features and very happy 90% of the time. People are always coming up to us and telling us how adorable she is and gets people’s attention pretty easily. I’m sure she will fit the criteria of unique diversity and cuteness you are looking for. Thank you!

  26. Lea

    My daughter, Gia Milan is 5 months old and we are always being told how beautiful she is.

  27. Kayleigh

    My beautiful daughter name is Aaliyah. She is our (me and my husband’ s) princess. She is 10 months with a beautiful smile and beautiful gorgeous gray eyes! Family, friends and even strangers say I should put her in modeling or something. She is truly a blessing

  28. Darko Jovanovic

    Litle Hanna has 4 months. When she give me a smile time stop, tingling in body starts and i dive deep of divinity of that bless moment. I fell so rich because i have this little angel.

  29. Lekisha J

    My son Dylan is now 7 months and he is the absolute cutest baby ever! People are always saying how he has the most biggest, brightest, most gorgeous eyes, and brightest smile! He is very alert and smart already. Dylan is also pretty photogenic and is the happiest baby I have ever seen!

  30. Diana

    My daughter Karolina is 9 1/2 months old and every time we go anywhere people stop us and just tell us she looks like a doll. Always smiles at everyone and when we rake pictures. People even say I have look into Gerber. She just has the most beautiful baby blue eyes and sweet welcoming smile. So I am looking in on this.

  31. Clarisse

    Hello my daughters name is Tayja she is 11 months! She has has had a head full of hair since she was born so she was always turning heads where ever we went and to this day she still does! She has beautiful black hair and eyes and she has the cutest scrunched nose smile and giggle! And i always get told she should be in baby modeling so i thought i should give it a chance while shes young!

  32. Brittany

    My little princess is 11 months old. She is such a happy baby. Every time I go out I get compliments on how beautiful she is. She is has a caramel complexion, dark brown eyes, curly soft brown hair and a smile that will make you melt. She is a joy to be around and is always laughing and smiling. I’m currently looking for help with possibly making her a baby model. Any suggestions?

  33. shawanna jones

    Hello, I have a 11 month old daughter named Brooklynn! She is gorgeous with dark smooth skin and beautiful dark eyes!! She is also full of personality which is along with her looks is noticed everywhere we go. She smiles a lot and is very vocal and expressive. Brooklynn also stays camera ready which is the reason why a lot ppl says she needs to be I should share her looks and personality with the world through modeling! I know everyone is going to speak highly of their child (and theyre supposed too) but we’re looking for the opportunity to show everyone what we’re talking about.

  34. Ciara

    My daughter Kaidince Amani is only 3 months old born March 17th. She is such a little diva already! She has so much attitude & personality it’s unreal. She is my third child & I can honestly say I have never seen this in a baby so young. She likes to sing & loves music & her smile & giggle is to die for. I truly believe God put something extra in her to light up my world because her sister passed away last year from SIDS at just 2 months & shortly after I found out I was pregnant with my Coco (Kaidince nickname). Everywhere we go she grabs attention & it’s something I’m trying to get used to honestly. She is truly a blessing my calm after the storm!!!!

  35. Ashley

    Hmm I feel its worth a shot. My son Robert John is just turning 5 months in a few days.I know I can go on and on about why you should choose him but of course, hes my son. Ill just say this, Robert is a pleasant little baby whos smile will light up your heart. Weather he is in a serious or playful mood, he is always full of comical facial expressions. Robert always makes me laugh and I hope he will make you smile the same way he makes mommy and daddy. Please dont hesitate to email me for more details.

  36. Rachael

    Heléna Ruby is two years old. She has sandy brown, naturally curly hair and hazel eyes with beautiful long, black eyelashes. She is advanced for her age and speaks very clearly with a slight British accent (I’m British and my husband, her father is American). Complete strangers tell me she should be in Hollywood so I thought I’d give this a try. She would make a perfect poster child and we are extremely proud of her.

  37. Dianna

    My daughter Madelynn Jane is 7 months old with stunning blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. Everyone says they have never seen a baby smile so much and she does it on spot for a camera. Everyone also tells me that she should be a baby model so I finally decided to why not give it a shot. I definetly think she has what it takes…no doubt in my mind. She is just absolutely adorable.

  38. Erika Verdusco

    My daughter Emma is 8 months old. She’s light skin with light brown hair and big blue eyes! She is always smiling. She’s a beautiful baby. Everywhere we go people notice her have to comment on how cute she is. She also loves to take pictures.

  39. Felisha

    Camry is 9 months. Very big brown eyes and long dark curls. Sh has a big pretty smile and gorgeous skin. She is like a little baby doll.

  40. kimberly brown

    My daughter is 13 months. Her name is Heavenleigh Angel, she has so much personality and loves to be in the spotlight. She is advanced for her age and loves the camera.

  41. nayan chordia

    My baby malav 6mounth old baby is vry smart nd cute…this cute baby big eyes chicks dimple looking like Australian baby brown hair clear skin nd always smiling face so plz give my baby 1 chance for an AD… Plz context me I wil send all my baby pics…

  42. Jenn

    Emmit is our handsome 3 month old baby boy. He has the sweetest smile and a ridiculously cute hairline for being so small. His entire face lights up when he flashes those chubby cheeks. As if being physically adorable isn’t enough, his happy and relaxed personality is something to be admired.

  43. MyelleAmzi

    My 4 month old daughter is such a beautiful soul everyone who sees her ask us she in modeling , compliments her and her personality is a Statement , she’s loves photos and singing

  44. Theresa

    My daughter is 13 months old and I am always getting told she should be a model. She us very active and energetic, a very happy and smily little girl.

  45. lorena

    I have a 3 months old son, he’s adorable everybody loves his lips, he’s very handsome and I’m here because everyone has told me that he should be a model.. I would like to try if there’s any chance! There’s only one word to describes him.. PERFECTION

  46. Fatima

    My 9 month old baby boy is very happy , friendly, and very cute.He have light brown hair, green/blue eyes with long lashes, small nose, chubby red cheeks.Every time when he sees camera he gives smile, and says:” cheese”!!!! When we are out people are telling me that he can work Comercials on TV. He is very friendly with strangers.

  47. Jagrati

    My Angel Kavya Tendulkar is very cute and sweet for your add.
    Look Indian cutest and sweetes baby and a very healthy with fairness.

    Please give a chance to her as she is now 9 month old. Provide your mail Id so I can send some pics of her to you, so you can check.

  48. Sarina Barrios

    Our baby boy is 10mo old, and just has the happiest personality, and loves the camera! He has this beautiful smile that no one could resist! He’s the next Gerber baby!

  49. Nelsen

    My daughter is 10 months old. She has quite the personality and bright blue eyes. She’s very use to the camera, while being dolled up! 🙂

  50. Krystal

    Kymber is 8 months old and full of smiles! She steals hearts with one look. She is such a happy and outgoing personality already. So many people have said “you better put that baby in a Gerber contest!” She is absolutely stunning!

  51. Doaa

    People stop me and tell me… oh beautiful baby… my daughter 7 months she is very energetic baby and funny…

  52. Shantea Cooper

    My 7 month old daughter September is a happy and energetic baby who is full of life

  53. Jessica Eisenhower

    I have so many people stop me every. Day and tell me my son can definitely be the next gerber baby.. please contact me and my son cameron. He is six months the perfect age for modeling. ..

  54. Ashley Pritchard

    My daughter is 7 months and already has the biggest personality. Anytime we leave the house we get stopped by people just to say how precious and beautiful my little princess is. My daughter is extremely photogenic and her smile lights up an entire room. ❤️

  55. meghna

    I have a charming 2.5 year old who will be a perfect fit! You will love him too:)

  56. Tamara

    Every time and I literally mean every time I step out of the house it’s like being a celebrity with my beautiful twins. I get stopped all the time saying how sweet, cute, and happy babies I have. I tell my husband we created something amazing because by having these twins they put a smile on every persons face, no matter the what age.

  57. nicole

    Dont need to say much just got to say my baby is flat out bbeautiful you will be lucky have her

  58. Shakita Robinson

    I would love for my baby girl Soleí to share her happiness with your company. She is a very joyous Baby who’s always smiling big and beautifully without a tooth in sight. She’s 3months with a very mature and loving personality. She’s already talking and biting on her hands non-stop she even mocks me when I’m signing. You’d fall in love with her she’s adorable and I believe she would light up the room with her happiness.

  59. Anvi Bhandari

    My Baby Anvi Is good Baby an your AD
    so plz 1 chan’s an select my Baby

  60. Gabrail Shawn Clarke

    gabrail is 1.year old he have a curley and blond hair his very cute kiwi baby his father is from new zealand and her mother from phillipines for any interested to get my baby as a model just call me direct to my mobile

  61. Thalia

    I think my daughter should be in the contest because first she’s beautiful. She is a very happy, smiley baby and she makes everyone feel happy. Everyone loves her especially of course me, her mommy. She would fill up a lot of peoples heart of love. Her smile is priceless.

  62. Elahe Honarvar

    My baby girl Melika is 3 months now and I can’t say how adorable she is. sometimes I can’t believe i have such a beautiful sweet baby with big gray-bluish eyes long eyelashes clear skin and always happy and smiling. I am so proud and grateful to have her.

  63. simha banks

    I think my baby should be choosen because he is a very handsome baby boy with a fresh cute baby look. He is always happy and smiling. He is a wonderful baby.

  64. Cira Gonzalez

    Mi bebe tiene 6 meses de vida, el sonríe mucho es muy lindo, tienes unos ojos negros preciosos con grande pestaña. La verdad es muy activo. Lo amo. Si te gustaría verlo, si puedes contestar me encantaría que mi bebe participará en este medio tan importante.. Gracias!

  65. Brandon

    Because my baby is just plain Gorgeous to me and apparently to everyone i know.

  66. Lateshia

    My child should be chosen because she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen she’s had a ball of energy and love to be in front of the camera.

  67. brianna lee

    Because i am a mother who alwayd puts my daughter first in every thing i do …im a single parent of just one daughter brinayah whom i love unconditional

  68. Tatiana

    My daughter Karina is 19 month old. She is very cute and charming girl. She attracts attention of both adults and children of different nationalities. People react by smiling and like to talk to her. Often unknown people in the streets can not just past – they look, smile and talk to her.
    Karina likes camera and pose. She is very artistic and likes making faces. She has lots of different beautiful and cheerful variants of smile. She is very emotional and open minded. Also she can be enigmatic and look like adult. If advertising agents see her they will offer deal! Karina is good for any advertising as she is bright and cute and also what is important she can be very different on video or photo as she can be different in life. Plus she is very photogenic.
    Karina is mixed Asian (Korean) and European blood. So this cute baby has big eyes and accurate features, brown hairs and beautiful head, amazing and pleasant skin colour. As people say 🙂 and looking at this miracle near us we want to share with all the world!

  69. aurelia

    Johnny is a 6 month old boy. Who is full of laughter and perfect for picture. He has a lot of dark black hair and is Mexican American. Very adorable and can put a smile on your face.