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  1. nicole

    Dont need to say much just got to say my baby is flat out bbeautiful you will be lucky have her

  2. Shakita Robinson

    I would love for my baby girl Soleí to share her happiness with your company. She is a very joyous Baby who’s always smiling big and beautifully without a tooth in sight. She’s 3months with a very mature and loving personality. She’s already talking and biting on her hands non-stop she even mocks me when I’m signing. You’d fall in love with her she’s adorable and I believe she would light up the room with her happiness.

  3. Anvi Bhandari

    My Baby Anvi Is good Baby an your AD
    so plz 1 chan’s an select my Baby

  4. Gabrail Shawn Clarke

    gabrail is 1.year old he have a curley and blond hair his very cute kiwi baby his father is from new zealand and her mother from phillipines for any interested to get my baby as a model just call me direct to my mobile

  5. Thalia

    I think my daughter should be in the contest because first she’s beautiful. She is a very happy, smiley baby and she makes everyone feel happy. Everyone loves her especially of course me, her mommy. She would fill up a lot of peoples heart of love. Her smile is priceless.

  6. Elahe Honarvar

    My baby girl Melika is 3 months now and I can’t say how adorable she is. sometimes I can’t believe i have such a beautiful sweet baby with big gray-bluish eyes long eyelashes clear skin and always happy and smiling. I am so proud and grateful to have her.

  7. simha banks

    I think my baby should be choosen because he is a very handsome baby boy with a fresh cute baby look. He is always happy and smiling. He is a wonderful baby.

  8. Cira Gonzalez

    Mi bebe tiene 6 meses de vida, el sonríe mucho es muy lindo, tienes unos ojos negros preciosos con grande pestaña. La verdad es muy activo. Lo amo. Si te gustaría verlo, si puedes contestar me encantaría que mi bebe participará en este medio tan importante.. Gracias!

  9. Brandon

    Because my baby is just plain Gorgeous to me and apparently to everyone i know.

  10. Lateshia

    My child should be chosen because she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen she’s had a ball of energy and love to be in front of the camera.

  11. brianna lee

    Because i am a mother who alwayd puts my daughter first in every thing i do …im a single parent of just one daughter brinayah whom i love unconditional

  12. Tatiana

    My daughter Karina is 19 month old. She is very cute and charming girl. She attracts attention of both adults and children of different nationalities. People react by smiling and like to talk to her. Often unknown people in the streets can not just past – they look, smile and talk to her.
    Karina likes camera and pose. She is very artistic and likes making faces. She has lots of different beautiful and cheerful variants of smile. She is very emotional and open minded. Also she can be enigmatic and look like adult. If advertising agents see her they will offer deal! Karina is good for any advertising as she is bright and cute and also what is important she can be very different on video or photo as she can be different in life. Plus she is very photogenic.
    Karina is mixed Asian (Korean) and European blood. So this cute baby has big eyes and accurate features, brown hairs and beautiful head, amazing and pleasant skin colour. As people say :) and looking at this miracle near us we want to share with all the world!

  13. aurelia

    Johnny is a 6 month old boy. Who is full of laughter and perfect for picture. He has a lot of dark black hair and is Mexican American. Very adorable and can put a smile on your face.

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