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  1. Nicole Higgins

    My precious baby girl Emma Nicole is 8 months old and she is just perfection!!!

  2. Sreenivasulu

    My Niece is very beautiful and cute. She is now 9 month old. She is very bold and great because she born in UK and at the age of her 7 month old she came to India and her parents left her along with her grand parents and they return to UK on work basis. Even then she will never cry for her parents and goes to any person eventhough person is new to her. She smiles always. She is very active and looks pretty cute. She is very photogenic and gives pose for camera. I want to show her talent to all so that it will energize her future and growth.

  3. Jillian

    Lucky for YOU, we found this just in time for you to meet the cutest baby ever. His name, is Patrick. He is the happiest and healthiest 1 month old. I know everyone sees their child as beautiful, but Patrick is the next big thing to enter this world. He is happy, easy easy going, and well behaved all ready. You would be missing a lot by not taking a good look at this handsom candidate . He looks forward to hearing from you!

  4. Stephanie

    Our princess Jai’lah Marie Galvez 11 months old and so adorable is always smiling with her four little teeth and amazing hazel eye grabbing everyone’s attention. She is playful, energetic, and a bundle of joy that makes you remanice of your own childhood and how you found the world amusing in your own way . She is starting to try and walk on her own but as she gets older she would realize that her dreams are in a reachable distance and she is capable of anything she puts her little heart in no matter how difficult the task may seem

  5. jitender kumar

    My daughter is the god gift not for me but for the world because every rose is for everyone she is cuttiest and she is almost is 6month but she is very intellenget and beautiful and I love her so much.thanks

  6. Keshia Garcon

    My sons name is Eric he’s 11months no teeth but has a lot to say he can say 2 and 3 he has been feeding himself since 3 months its the cutest thing he loves to dance he would be a great model he has that beautiful skin texture big glossy beautiful eyes a beautiful smile he has a funny and adorable personality I belive he has it :-)

  7. Jacqueline helguera

    Julian is different in so many ways. He’s smart, active, handsome and such a happy baby! Every where we go juju gets a lot of attention from strangers either, a walk in the park or the mall. He’s the happiest baby ever with such great charisma! He is now 14 months with 8 teeth. Brown hair brown eyes looks chinky and such a beautiful smile. He’s wonderful and very photogenic. He knows when someone is taking pictures of him cause he stand still and smiles. I just feel like all modeling babies don’t have to be american with blue eyes and blonde hair. I feel like he’d be a great fit for modeling for baby clothes or even toys r us! So please just take him Into consideration

  8. Rebecca

    My little Jarred ‘ J-bug’ is special in so many ways to many to list !. I don’t need to be told he is cute or a shooting star because just by seeing him you know he is . Jarred has the sweetest smile and knows exactly what to do wen the camera comes out . I m not interested in the education fund reward. I have already secured his College or University funds. I want to share his heart wrenching smile with the world and what better way then to have his starry smile on every wipe or diaper box across the globe

  9. Daisy Oliva

    My little princess Lily is 7 months old and so adorable. She is always smiling and even when we take her out she smiles at everyone and they always say she’s the cutest baby. If you just say hi she automatically starts smiling.

  10. Ismerai Enamorado

    my baby is 3 months and she’s very active, its really easy to make her smile and she loves the camera….. she has a really good eye contact.

  11. Danielle Muller

    Isabella Noelle is almost 11 months old. Her dada and I get stopped every place we go!! She is beautiful, engaging, and super social! She claps and waves at everyone :) More than once we’ve heard ” she looks like she’s staring right into my soul”. She has strawberry blonde hair, and big blue eyes.

  12. firdoz

    Maroof is a 1year old handsomest nephew of mine ..if u c him you will find him d best among all ..lookin at him u can define d word cutest..he is a gem…

  13. Tiffany Huber

    I know we all can’t help but feel that our baby is just the cutest child ever! As her mother I know I

  14. Helen

    Sean “Little Man” is the best baby ever. He is one and oh, so interactive with everyone around him! He knows how to pose for pictures and smile without any direction. Everyone is always telling me to get him into modeling, that he would be the best Gerber baby ever. He has beautiful, big blue eyes, and 8 grinny teeth (and counting). He is full of personality and is truly the most loveablw baby I know. He enjoys sharing with everyone unless you have something Orange and then he wants it all to himself, since it’s his favorite color. He has the gift of making everything better. He is my sunshine and I just want to share his sweet little face with everyone!

  15. Krista Parks

    Gabriel is your typical 1 year old. He loves to play and laugh but Gabe was born with alot of health issues that he has had to overcome. He is my angel & if you ever met him and saw him smile you would know why.

  16. Portia Sibiya

    My daughter’s names is Mbalenhle Faith she is 4months old now.Mbalenhle which in Zulu means beautiful flower,I knew it from the start that she’s a beautiful flower.the name itself tells u how she looks.she got beautiful big Chinese eyes,her hair is rich natural&black.she’s got the cutest smile ever,beautiful thick eye lashes,she loves laughing&playing.she’s always happy&chubby,indication of a good healthy baby.she’s beautiful&makes me happy

  17. Christina

    Summer Violet is my little 3 month old gem. She has the cutest little face and personality and is so intelligent for her age. Everyone calls her an old soul and says that she possesses some kind of rare magic. She is my sunshine girl and I would love to share her smile with the world!

  18. Jessica

    Malakai is 1 year old and full of personality! He has the cutest smile and the biggest eyes. He is always smiling and laughing and even his tantrums are to cute to resist!

  19. Nadia

    Hi! My 3 month old baby boy is the love of my life. He is such a happy baby, always in a good mood, likes to play and be active. He has beautiful grey eyes and a big smile, anywhere I go I always receive compliments on how cute and adorable he is. I think he has a big chance to become the cutest baby of 2014, so you must see him. Thanks

  20. brittany gamero

    My son Jorge Anthony Mejia almost 6 months and he is very active since he was 1 month he’s really strong for his age and he is really a fast developer he has a cute personality he’s is not shy to smile he’s. A happy baby my doctor and friends family told me I should put him in this contest because he’s a very curious baby I hope he will be able to be the next big thing or the Gerber baby Iknow my son can do it

  21. britany denny

    I have 22 month old daughter who has a great personality an is very pretty love to take pictures an i know she could be the next Gerber baby everyone says I should try to put her in so here I am :)

  22. Stacey

    I have a 13 month old little boy. Big brown eyes that, no lie, sparkle and lashes that are every girls dream. Aside from being his mom and thinking he’s just outrageously handsome, he gets comments everywhere we go. We get stopped by complete strangers in the grocery store or mall just so people can see him. He’s energetic and always on the go. He always has something to do. He loves the camera and you’ll rarely see him without a smile or laughing. He’s just all around my big goofball

  23. falynn anderson

    I have a beautiful 2 yr old daughter that i think is perfect for modeling i really want to give it a shot.

  24. Yzette Morgan

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I believe she would be perfect to pose as a new born she will be here in 5 weeks

  25. nonhlanhla mathamela

    my son his the cutest he laughs talk a lot bubbly his one of those babies when you look at them your face draws smiles his got a smiley face his attidute iss positive his energetic his warm hearted child i must say he looks good on camera his a hard work he just doesnt sit and cry he does things himself you will enjoy him

  26. corrine minock

    Lilly Anna should be your next gerber baby because , well she is a gerber baby. She looks like one and already has modeling down very well. She is a dream to take pictures of and even the worst photographer can get a good shot all day. When I found out I was having a girl I dreamed of how I wanted her to look and I’m telling you I was shocked when I saw everything I wanted on my beautiful baby. She has long lashes, big blue eyes, button nose, full lips, wavy hair, all topped with a personality that lights up a room.She loves attention and acts like a little lady and I know she would be the best addition to your team. My baby is ready to show the world that she is the next gerber baby!

  27. Rosalie maranan

    I have 1 years old baby.. she so adorable, everyday a lot of people see her saying she is so cute and pretty… she love taking a pictures, she smile to everyone. That’s my cutest baby….

  28. Lizz Rusinowski

    My daughter Xoe, she is an absolute doll! Loves photos even her little cry’s are so dang cute, she listens like a champ! I love my kido she is 3 months old you’d have to meet and see this little face in order to understand how much of a joy she is (:
    Thank you!

  29. Audrey harms

    He loves to smile! He is rarely cranky. Talking is his favorite, he is 4 months and is almost sitting up. He loves his toys, and always laughs when you tickle him.

  30. Kayla

    My son Bransen is 9 months old he has bright blue eyes to die for he has red hair an I think you should consider him he is the happiest little baby with the cutest smile !!

  31. Nadia Ivanova

    My son’s name is Kristian and he is 3 months old. I won’t assure you that he is the most cutest baby, cause he’s my baby and like all moms here, my kid rock :) I will just say that he has adorable big blue eyes and such a tasty big chicks, so you just want to grab him and kiss those chicks all day long. Can’t describe those chicks and eyes, you just have to see them :) Thank you :)

  32. Shieanne O'Dell

    Elisabeth Violet our precious 7 month old. This maybe one in a million shot but everything is worth a shot for my baby girl. Elisabeth is a fun energetic photogenic baby she loves to stay on the move always bouncing in her bouncer she hates being still she loves to laugh smile and watch megamind. If there is a camera out she already knows and has to be in pictures. There are so many people who are trying to be the next Gerber baby but here is why you should consider my energetic lovable baby. Lizzy is a original gerber baby has these adorable chunky cheeks with these amazing blue eyes that people always say “Wow I’ve never seen blue eyes like that” with her brown curly hair. whenever we go out anywhere I’m always stopped by people and they are always giving me compliments on how gorgeous she is and stunning often told where gonna have trouble with boys when she is older. Me and my husband are trying hard to give her a life we never got to have money is hard for us I’m a young mom who would do anything for my daughter and we want more then anything to have a great future and not to have worry about a thing in world. our little girl can definitely prove herself why she should be the next gerber baby a personality and looks that you would never believe. Thank you for your time in reading this we hope to hear from you.

  33. Kirby

    Our four month old daughter is one of a kind. She has a true love for people and very much fascinated with the world around her! She’s a magnet for positive energy and have a special gift of bringing the biggest smile out of others. People are drawn to her and she pours her innocent smile right into their soul! One look at her and you all will enjoy working with her.

  34. Miranda

    Jaylah Nicole is my beautiful 8 week old princess. She likes swinging in her swing and watching her self in the mirror. She enjoys cooing and tends to show off her beautiful little smile. Jaylah’s bright blue eyes and unique personality often draw attention to her when we are out. She would be a wonderful Gerber baby as she loves attention and makes all the cutest faces.

  35. faeezah

    My Lil one is 7 months old,his such a cutey Abdul-Qadir loves to smile very special guy, being happy is his hello in the morning and night time nighty night..he is so adventures in his own way and so much attentive. When I walk with him people will always say is such a pretty and looks so adorable, his mixed Bangladesh and colored brown straight hair, brown eyes..

  36. marie808

    hi, my baby gurl is a cute and clever baby.. at her age now 10mos old shes making 2-3 steps walk … and she very thoughtful , when she sees that im holding Ipad she makes faces then *shoot* nice one …! Hope you would pick her up as a model or whatever suits for her .

    Good day n God bless ..!

  37. renee Wilson

    I have a 7 month old baby girl and every where I go everyone says my baby is beautiful or you have a pretty baby she is a very happy baby so please pick her you wont be disappointed

  38. Charmaine

    My son is 1 year old, and he is so adorable and sweet loving cute baby. He is totally a head turner. He really loves to be in front of the camera and he enjoys posing and smiling infront of it and also loves making faces. He is not camera shy. He is very smart and active. He Always smiles to everyone he passes by in the streets. He laughs at little things and he is so friendly.

  39. Crystal Grammer

    My daughter it’s 6 in a half months old, and she is absolutely beautiful! She has these long black eyelashes, and beautiful blue eye. She is always smiling and is such a hot baby. Everyone that sees her tells me I need enter her in the Gerber contest or put her in a contest because she is so adorable. So here I am. Single mom and would like to start her on her way for a great future. Help pay for her college later. Thank you.

  40. Nicole James

    My 1 year old son Tyler is the most adorable baby with the biggest and brightest smile around. I’ve had so many people tell me that he needs his face on a commercial, keychain and even a billboard! So, I figure if complete strangers can give him awesome compliments like that and be unbiased then why not give it a try. My son doesn’t take bad pictures, even with a face full of food. He has such a personality that will light up the room and make everyone hearts melt. Please consider Tyler for this wonderful opportunity.

  41. Laticia Johnson

    Hello I have a 3 1/2 month old baby girl. Her name is Iyana Le’Ann Weaver. She has the biggest and prettiest smile you’ve ever seen. You can say anything to her and she smiles. She has been this way since birth. I love her and everyone who meets her loves her too and thinks she’s adorable. I think she should be considered because she takes great picture and is very carmea ready. Also she looks cute in everything at least that’s what her big brother always says. LoL.

  42. pogirl

    My 4 month old should be the new face of gerber simply because everytime my husband or i would take her out to the grocery store, mall, restaurant, etc. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, literally always tells us that she should be then face of Gerber because she’s the cutest thing ever and is always smiling at anyone and everyone!

  43. Regina

    My daughter Brooklyn is almost 11 months old and everybody talks about how she could be the next gerber baby. That she has the perfect little face and expressions that would be perfect for being the next gerber baby. She is inquisition and curious with everyone and everything.

  44. Stephanie Krupinski

    11 month old Stunning Lebanese little boy with a smile that lights up the room. Dark hair and dark eyes with a head full of curls! He is a very happy baby and has a personality of a superstar!

  45. Roshanda Smith

    hello my son Messiah is 7 months old and he just the most content handsome baby ever with his big adorable marble eyes and one simple when he smiles if you just say one simple little word to him he lights up with smiles and kicks when I come home to him all I have to do is look at my baby and he gets over excited.I know Messiah Will be the next big thing from now and until he becomes an adult his spirit is everything and I want him to have eveything that life offers and I’m starting with this and sticking with it…… Thank you for your time and I know my son will be one of your picks

  46. rayanna

    I have the absolute cutest daughter i get a million compliments daily. She has the most beautiful smile and loves to show it off.

  47. Brittney Jacko

    ii have a 5 month old daughter who’s very energetic and loves to smile ! ii can’t go out without somebody stopping me to tell me how cute and precious my little one is. she’s light skin with curly hair. ii would love this opportunity. thanks !

  48. Nesha

    My 10 month old is adorable. He isn’t camera shy and has a million dollar smile and his eyes are a rich brown with a sparkle. He always gets compliments where ever we go. Thanks

  49. Tawanna

    I have a 4 month old and everyday I hear he’s so handsome pretty cute ect I even had a man stare at him so hard in the store he said sorry ma’am but that’s one handsome lil guy you have there so I kno my lil man has what it take to get in this audition

  50. Autumn Pavlik

    My son is eleven months old. He is a beautiful little boy with a smile that will melt your heart. Everywhere we go people who are complete strangers tell me to enter Ethan in this contest. He wears clothes from Gerber and loves your jarred food, cereal, and mini dinners. Hes had a rough start to life. If my little man got a chance to enter i would be ecstatic because hes such a handsome little guy with so much potential. You never get bored with his big smile and great personality.

  51. Tianna Bates

    My daughter Nalah is 13 months old and everyone says she is really beautiful and i should consider getting her into Gerber commercials and other things like that. She is very energetic and a very happy little girl who loves to smile and laugh. Not to mention she takes gorgeous pictures.

  52. Allison

    My son is 3 1/2 months old and Is the cutest thing ever. People have come up to us and told us to enter him in to the gerber contest that he is beautiful. He is calm happy and fun to be around. This little guy had a mind of his own! We have professional photos as well as candid shots.

  53. keaonna purdie

    My daughter is 3 months old and has such a personality…she’s such a happy baby and extremely cute..she’s in a league all by herself!

  54. iulia Galatanu

    Our baby Katherine is almost 5 months old and people say she is incredibly beautiful. As a mother, for sure my daughter is the sweetest baby in the world. She is such a good and a happy baby! I have taken professional photos with her when she was 3 months old, so whenever you want to see them, just send me an email.

  55. Gabriela Douangdara

    Hi, we have an almost 9 month old baby named Khaiden he is a mix baby with Lao and Mexican. He is the most adorable baby ever. His smile brightens up every room full of guest. Everyone that has met him always admires him on how such a cutie he is. His smile and how he just goes with anyone. Khaiden is definitely a people person and is smiling and laughing 24/7 he’s such a good baby. Please let me know were we can send you pictures and videos of baby Khaiden. Thanks :)

  56. Jacqueline McDonald

    Hello, I have a 6 almost 7 months old baby. His name is Parker and he is a beautiful little Hercules, he is 25 pounds of cuteness. He has a big eyes like his mother and a wonderful personality. He is very smart he can say a few words and he can stand by himself. If you want a picture. Please let me know :)

  57. Kay

    My baby KD is truly a miracle baby. I’ve never seen a tougher baby like him. From both of us being in & out of the ICU during my pregnancy, and with doctors telling me that it was more important that i live than my baby (Which i felt thee total opposite). Eventhough I stayed positive on the outside, I prayed that if one of us could make it through it was my baby. The doctors said he would be in the NICU for over 2mons, and he left within 3wks & healthy, all because of God. My baby is now so happy, im happy that myself & the baby made it through healthy. Now he is at home & it shows you that doctors doesn’t know everything, and that god is always good. So now I have a very very handsome 1mon old that poses in his sleep, more than naomi campbell does!

  58. Madeline Adams

    My 10 month old daughter Piper is naturally photogenic, and absolutely a beautiful baby. She is also very we’ll behaved and had a great personality.

  59. Dawn Luthringer

    My Grandson Isaac would be an awesome choice for the Gerber Baby contest. He looks just like the Gerber baby that his mother played with as a child. In fact my daughter would only play with Gerber baby dolls and now she has one of her own. We even have to a lot for extra time during our shopping trips etc., because everyone wants to discuss how cute Isaac is. I’m not boasting. I’m just being honest. He is also a total flirt and people are just drawn to him. I think that you would be pleasantly surprised! Thank you so much for your consideration.

  60. Brittany

    I know my 8 month old baby boy Brayden can be the new Gerber baby he’s got the look he loves taking pictures he’s a lady’s man he’s mixed has hazel eyes and he thinks he’s all that I want him to be successful in life and have opportunities I never had I want him to have a better life than I did he’s very alert and active he loves people when he smiles and laughs it will take your breath away.

  61. Kathy

    I have a blond hair 2 1/2 year old boy named Connor. Connor has a winning smile and a personality to melt anyone’s heart! I’m not kidding!

  62. Jessica

    My daughter Sophia is the cutest baby ever. She’s so calm and so happy all the time. There isn’t a time where I go out in public and someone doesn’t give me a compliment on her. I’ve also been told I should put her into modeling. It would be awesome if I had the opportunity to enter this contest!

  63. Lindsay H

    My son is 5 months old. Ever since he was born I would even have other mothers tell me he is the cutest baby ever! He looks a lot like the Gerber baby. Beautiful big blue eyes with perfect long dark eyelashes, cute little nose, and nice full lips with a huuugge smile! All he does is laugh and smile and coo. My little angel baby!

  64. neha

    I have the cutest 4 mnths old son…his name is vedansh..his looks and appearance is perfect for the ad world…he is very fast to understand, to grab what we teach him…If he gets a chance, he’ll do the best…Thank u.

  65. Tiffany

    Scarlett is literally the best baby. Everyone tells me to get her into acting because she never fusses and is so darn cute.. Seriously a beautiful baby that will melt your heart

  66. krystal harris

    I have an almost 2month old babygirl. ever since birth ive been getting thousands of compliments on how beautiful she is . so i would love to enter her in a contest. thanks

  67. carmen

    Mi bebe es muy hermosa y a donde quiera que la lleve me lo asen saber me encantaria que la tomaran en cuenta tiene carisma y es muy linda gracias por su atencion

  68. mamosebetsi potloane

    I have a 3 and a half month old baby boy and ever since he was born the compliments have been coming through everyday.the nurses have encouraged me on a few occasions to enter baby competions.Everytime I post his photo on facebook or twitter I get a lot of people liking the picture.He is one of,if not the cutest baby in 2014.He is energetic and ever smiling.His picture are all good,I am even struggling to choose which one to leave out for you guys.Thanks

  69. Shandria Robinson

    My princess Brooklyn has really changed my life for the good with her beautiful smile curly black hair and just being a silly baby she is truly adorable

  70. Gloria

    My daughter, Erin, is 3 1/2 months old and is our miracle baby. She’s very alert, attentive, loving and intelligent. Erin has very distinct facial features and has a smile that’ll brighten anyone’s day. Erin has black wavy/curly hair, hazel eyes and long eyelashes. She’s a very happy baby and is easily pleased. Erin is of African American and Italian ethnicities.

  71. Candace Richardson

    I know my 9 month old baby is the next gerber baby or next big baby model! I LOVES the camera and being center of attention. He’s very happy all the time and NEVER TAKES a bad photo! I want him to have opportunities in his life and not have to struggle and do without as I have my whole life. I want everyone to see and enjoy the true innocence and happiness he expresses. Thank you for your time.

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