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  1. Kara

    Hello, My daughter is 8 months old and she is my cute little sweet pea. She is a very happy baby and always smiling. Everywhere she goes she is always told how cute she is and her beautiful smile that she gets from me:) . I have tons and tons of pictures and I believe she is very photogenic. I am very interested in getting her signed up for the 2014 contest!!!

  2. Ariel Apparicio

    I have a 14 month old daughter. Her name is Mya. She is exclusively breastfed. She has been talking since 10 months, walking at 10 months and a half. She is a mixed child with sandy brown hair. She is very active, funny, loving and loves the cameras. She has done a few photo shoots in Charlotte nc. She is beautiful. A must see child!!!

  3. Tiffany

    My baby, Jordyn, is 9 months old now. She has dark brown hair and hazel colored eyes. She is very smart and knows lots of tricks like flying kiss, she bats her eyes on que, and even does a princess wave! My baby girl has lots of spunk and she’s always laughing and smiling. Everywhere we go everyone is always saying how adorable she is. I hope she can be considered because I would love for Jordyn to have a great education.

  4. Jennifer

    Our 8 month old son, Lincoln, would be perfect for any gig! He has blonde hair and BIG blue eyes. He has the best personality, always laughing and smiling. Everywhere we go people comment on how he could be the Gerber baby. He smiles at everyone! Anytime we go out people always stop by and comment on how adorable he is. He would be easy to work with b/c he is always giggling about something and his laugh and smile are contagious!



  6. Cheyenne

    I have a three month old little boy. Ian Thomas Johnson. He laughs and smiles constantly and everywhere we go people tell us how gorgeous his strawberry blonde hair and blue are and how precious he is. I would love to see our beautiful baby boy on a magazine or in a movie.

  7. Timi

    Hello we have a 2 month old daughter named Zoe. People are always telling us that our baby girl should be a model, and that she is beautiful. After hearing this several times, we feel this is a great opportunity to see if we can get help to pay for her education.

  8. Carly Knudtson

    I have the cutest 9 month old baby boy . He loves to smile and laugh. Blond haired and blued eyed

  9. Jezzy

    Every single time I step out my house with my precious daughter Jazmine, people stop us to say how beautiful and gorgeous my baby girl is, and boy oh boy does she love the attention. They tell me to get her in modeling and commericals because she is one of a kind.. She smiles back at them because she just knows how cute she is. My daughter was also in a pageant show and she won Queen first place and as well as best dressed. She is 17 months, Colombian, and ready for the world to see her!!!

  10. Saraiya P

    I feel that my 3 month old son Dakota Bowens should be considered because he is such a joyful baby. Loves to laugh, play, eat, smile and etc. So many people see him and calls him a Geber baby, says its because he is so cute and jolly. So I really feel and think my little Army baby would be great for this and would very much enjoy it.

  11. Toni

    Our daughter Penelope is 8 months old and is super chunky! She has the most squeezable cheeks and adorable dimples. She has pretty blue eyes and light brown hair and loves to smile at everyone she meets. We are constantly being told by strangers that our baby needs to be a Gerber baby. I never really considered it before everyone kept saying it.

  12. Brian

    Well hello, My name is Brian and i am a very proud dad of a natural photo taker. Jaxon is his name and posing is his thing. He is super funny, he can be in mid cry then stop for that Kodak moment. Jaxon is a smart 1 month and 1 day old who loves the simply things. I know some parents dress there kids up for pictures but Jaxon will melt your heart with a smile.

    Thank you for your time

  13. Sharetta Lanham

    My son is a month old and he should be considered because he is very photogenic. When we went to get his pictures taken he woke up immediately and stayed awake the entire photo shoot. The photographer was very impressed because he actually posed for several of the photos. My son has dark straight hair and beautiful brown eyes with cheeks to die for.

  14. sandy sanislo

    My daughter will be 5 months old on April 14th 2014 and she already has her own attitude! She has such an announced personality that you would think she was older. She’s a cheerful and chunky little butterball that your going to want to just gobble up, she will definitely steal your heart away! She has strawberry blonde hair with a relaxed curl, blue-green eyes (hazal), shes fare skinned, 24 inches long and weighs 16 pounds. Oh and I can forget about the adorable dimple on her right cheek! She’s definitely photogenic and absolutely love attention.

  15. hannah Johnson

    My daughter will be a month old next week and everyone tells me she looks like a doll! And how beautiful she is. She almost weighs 11 pounds and is a perfect little girl with lots of rolls! She loves pictures :) And is an absolute doll. Her name is Mia robin.

  16. jenn laborde

    My brylee rae is defiantly one of a kind, smart, beautiful, full of expression, and a huge since of humor! She is a gerber baby already!

  17. Kelsee Ward

    My almost 11 mo. old Jordyn should be considered to be the next Gerber baby! Pretty blue eyes, blonde/blown hair, cute little nose and a smile to die for. She is just a blessing to be around. She loves taking pictures and getting into anything she can find. She would be a JOY to work with! please consider us :)

  18. Erika

    My baby is a blessing! She is the most attentive, happy and easy going three month old. She enjoys hanging out, watching mommy cook in the kitchen, and bath time. Looking for the best toothless smile nationwide? We gotcha covered! ;)

  19. jasmine

    I think my son kamarion should be considered because he was just in the cute kid contest with more than 400 votes. He’s a handsome , healthy little Gerber baby filled with lots of joy and laughter .

  20. Victoria

    My 14 month old son has the best smile when people see him for the first time they can’t get over how cute he is. He is great in public and has no problem meeting new people.

  21. Jocelyne u

    Hi I’m 16 years old and have a 6 month year old son No he was not planned but wow he has changed my life and every time I post a picture of him on Instagram I get over 200 likes I personally take millions of pictures with different outfits and everyone always tells me I should get him into modeling for gerber he’s is Mexican American he came out with blue eyes which is a dream come true and his smile lightens everyone’s day up :) he’s laugh his toes his chubby cheeks he’s just perfect ! He’s always laughing happy and active and I think he would be perfect to model for gerber☺️

  22. Britney smith

    My son is the sweetest, happiest little boy you will ever meet. He’s only 4 months and he’s very attentive. He love taking picture so I figured why not try this out.

  23. April

    My 4 month old has a natural talent for taking pictres. He has a smile that lights up the room and the dreamest eyes. You just want to pinch his chubby cheeks.

  24. Cameo

    I have a beautiful,Happy,Charismatic, Social, 8 month old little girl that has deep big beautiful brown eyes and chubby cheeks and she is as sweet as can be and we think she really has what it takes i”ve never done this with my older kids who were equally adorable she just has the personality and social skills needed

  25. april

    hi, i have a 5 month daughter, she is really adorable and irresistible. the first time i post her photo on Facebook, someone commented that she can be a commercial model for baby products. i would love to see my princess’ photos on billboards :)

  26. NICOLE


  27. Gianna Nazzaro

    i have a new granddaughter, she is 5 months old, besides being perfect and beautiful, she has the most expressive eyes and wonderful disposition that i believe would promote warmth and love for any good baby product. She has started to eat Gerber baby food and so far the vegetable that makes her smile is the sweet potatoes

    thank you

  28. Tati Reinert

    I have 2 beautiful Girls ( twins) not identical. They are 3 months Old And are ready to start their models Life! :)

  29. Anttonet McDivith

    hi im anttonet my babies name is samantha alexandre she is a 4 month old. samantha is so bubbly and she has a beautiful smile.

  30. kendra thomas

    My baby girl Ashauni Treniece Alexander is 6 months. On march 22 she entered into a pageant with 50 other contestants and she won the overall prize. Thre trophies, crowned and $100. I wouldnt say shes the best but she is definitely adorable. Noted from other fans, she always happy, no problem to smile. And she has toooo much personality to be only 6 months. I see potential in my daughter and i just need a foot closer to a better future for her.

  31. jaime lynn lucero

    I have a beautiful four month old daughter. She is the light of my day. She always has a smile on her face. One of the happiest babies I’ve ever seen. Not only is she always happy but my baby is photogenic. She is the greatest blessing that God has given me. She is the namesake of my grandmother who past in 2011. Her name is Norah. :)

  32. Susan

    Maddy is 13 months old and has strawberry blond hair and piercing blue eyes. She is a complete ham and walks up to all humans and animals (and some trees) with a hearty “HI!” and a hug (sometimes not well received). We don’t want it to be all about how super cutey she is, though she does make even the most curmudgeonly folks crack a smile, so we’re submitting this based more on the fact that she’s really kind of uniquely vivacious and sparkly.

  33. maffy sarza

    my little girl named danielle helois 5months old was born to be a star,she’s pretty,mestiza,adorable,charming and happy baby.

  34. Maffy Sarza little girl named Danielle Helois 6 months old,for me she was born to become a star,.pretty,meztisa,charming and happy baby.

  35. Machell Fletcher

    Hi, people always tell me how beautiful my little girl is and just the other say someone mentioned the Gerber Photo Challenge to me and said that I should enter my daughter.

  36. Lils

    I have a beautiful 2 month old baby girl she is absolute perfection & most content baby ever (everyone mentions how content she is including all the midwives haha!) drop me an email if you want pics and more details, she deserves a bright future:)

  37. Melissa Sweezy

    My baby is a two month old little girl Amiyah is a bundle of surprises. She already oohs and aahs so much more than other babies that I’ve seen her age. She definitely has the face and not to mention the personality to be a Gerber baby. Her photos speak a thousand words by themselves

  38. Pam

    My grand daughter Carlee is 7 months old. She would be the perfect model for the Gerber Baby.
    She has the cutest little round face with big brown eyes and brownish red hair. And her smile is absolutely adorable. She even smiled in her ultrasound picture.

  39. Tristan buckhalter

    Hi my name is Tristan Buckhalter. I have a 3 month old son who’s name is Jasper Reign. He is absolutely adorable! His father and I are both mixed with black and white so he is the perfect combination of cuteness! He smiles all day and loves the camera already! I take pictures if him almost daily and he has all the “ladies” already. People love to see his father and I upload him on Facebook and Instagram. He is perfect for Gerber, he even has the fat cheeks to put the cherry on top! EVERYONE loves his adorable chubby cheeks!

  40. mayra mendoza

    My breath-taking, 5 month old baby can turn anyone’s frown upside down. He is a little explorer who loves people and is always smiling. His rosey pink cheeks are what completes his cuteness and will help him get a headstart in his future when he goes to college.

  41. tosha

    Our baby is two and half months old and already has an amazing personality!!!! He smiles and giggles all the time. His facial expressions truly need to be shared with the world he makes people so warm and happy.

  42. Oceilla Oats

    Hello, my name is oceilla oats my daughter is Naomi and she is 3mos. I may say Naomi have the personality of any baby love to laugh, smile and play I just feel she have something that god bless her with and she should show the world.

  43. chandra

    My son, Brady J. is 10 months old and he is the most beautiful perfect little boy. I am often told he should be a baby model. I am also told that he is perfect and flawless since the day he was born. I would like him to be a baby model because of opportunities and benefits. I am a first time mom in college and I’m am just trying to give him the best life I possibly can. He is a beautiful boy but he is also very smart, and playful. He loves music and bath time. Please consider my son I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  44. Priscilla Poore

    Hi, my name is Priscilla and my son Maison is 18 months old. I would love for him to have the opportunity to represent Gerber because he has all the personality traits and qualities of just what a child is and should be. Every parent believes his/her child deserves this opportunity as well and is their most precious angel. So there is no need for me to go into how amazing my child is because as a mother I already know that and I’m sure you would agree. I just would love for Maison to have any opportunity to earn educational benefits for when he is older and other amazing opportunities that may arise if chosen for this contest.

  45. Cassandra

    My son is 10 months old. His name is Noah. When he smiles he brightens up the room. Everywhere we go he attracts attention. Turns heads. People have stopped just to play with him. Everyone says how cute he is and some think he is so gorgeous they confuse him for a girl. Ive been told he can be a baby model. My son is the cutest baby ever.

  46. Jennifer

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I have a 6 month old son named Brandon Ezekiel. He loves to smile and giggle. He’s lovea to play with his baby toys and loves to be out and about. He’s so well behaved and is on the verge of crawling. He’s the cutest baby ever!

  47. jolie allen

    My name is jolie. I have a four month old daughter. She is so beautiful. Very happy baby .

  48. Bayleigh

    My 4 month old baby boys name is Ryker and he is a Prince Charming. He has a personality like no other and charms anyone and everyone that he meets. We had a photoshoot done with him a few weeks ago and the photographer had him smiling and laughing the entire time. She told me I should try him with some baby modeling. He is so full of life and I love to show him off. People we don’t know always comment on how beautiful he is:)

  49. JUDY

    I have a handsome 3 month old baby boy that is full of life and loves to smile . when a camera is pointed his way he starts smiling . he loves attention and is always friendly . i would love to sign him up for the contest as i am sure he will enjoy it . i really believe he was born for this .

  50. tiffany ledford

    Hi my name is tiffany and I have a 5 month old son. His name his Paul Michael Freeman jr. He is absolutely handsome. He is full of life. He has beautiful blue eyes and a smile to melt your heart. When haven a bad day I turn to my baby boy to make me feel better. Weather sad, mad or just tierd. He will brighten your day. I can’t go any where without everyone telling his father and I how cute he is

  51. jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine i have a 5month old daughter name jaida in i would love to sign her up for the contest , SHE IS A QUEEN (:

  52. Sandi

    People are always commenting on how “pretty” our baby boy is and that he should be a baby model. So my thought is why not! If we can make it work then possibly our bundle could have his future education covered!

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