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  1. tati

    I have a 9 month old baby girl her name is Melinna, she love the camera and people, very friendly and exotic look due to our different ethnicity mix Brazilian,Costa Rican and American. She is the attention wherever we go because her cuteness and friendliness.

  2. Vasco

    Hey. I have 2 month old little sunshine called EMA.

  3. keisha Sheppard

    Hello my 7 month old is a doll she’s funny silly and cute.she also has a great personality everything is funny to her she just wakes up smiling she smiles in her sleep she’s just an angel. She brings light to anyones day I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s more then a face just a mother can love lol she’s Awesome! :-)

  4. Jenassa Urbans

    I have a 5 month old baby, her name is Fallon Mckenna. She has bright blue eyes, and perfect porcelain skin, she has long beautiful eye lashes and loves to smile! Fallon is in the 15th percentile for her weight, she is 13.8 pounds, so she is a peanut! She never cries, and loves to interact with people! I know everyone thinks their baby is beautiful, but people keep telling us to get her into a contest, or audition her for television because she is such a perfect angel!

  5. Antonia

    My 9 Month son, JohnathanMichael is a very handsome mix baby.He always seems to attract the ladies lol, such a big flirt. He has a big beautiful smile that shows off his dimples. A Great sense of humor, wave-curly hair, everyone loves him, Everywhere I go people comments I should look into modeling for babies, he would be a good fit. So worth a try, This would be his first contest :) fingers crossed and good luck to everyone.

  6. Brittany Collier

    My son Crew gets compliments everywhere we go. I have been told on many occasions he should be entered in baby photo contests. He has already place is a local pageant at the early age of two months. He is not seven months with the most perfect, round head, big blue eyes that are the color of tropical ocean water with a navy blue ring around the edge, blonde hair, and a dimple on his right cheek to die for when he smiles. He has a great personality and loves attention and pictures!

  7. Jeneen

    Very interested! Girl, 1 year old , brown hair, brown eyes, 17lbs/29 inches

  8. Julie

    My son, Jordan, has porcelain like skin, long eyelashes (their beautiful) and he’s a very healthy boy. He’s got little dimples in his hands and is in the 97% percentile weight group. I get compliments about how handsome he is practically everywhere I go. He also is a funny character and personality is endearing, outgoing, and fun!

  9. luz

    My daughter is 5 months old and her name is skilyn i think she should be in this contest because she has that gerber baby look everyone has told me that she looks like the original gerber baby shes active, laughs a lot , and is a very playful and happy baby and if she gets the opportunity to be in the contest best believe she will win 1st place :)

  10. Zynera

    My son liam is a very chunky active 2month old . He have such handsome features that none can deny he have very fat cheeks nd several dimples he enjoys talkin baby talk. He have the cutest gummy smile their is

  11. courtney

    My daughters name is Kendra Marie and she is 7 weeks old. Kendra loves to smile and we call her our wiggle worm. She is very sweet and loves to be held and cuddled. Everyone compliments her big beautiful eyes and says she looks identical to her daddy. She loves to hold her head up high and is already very close to crawling. My baby is very smart for how small she is. She is the light of my life and brings joy to others! Kendra is just an innocent being and she will undoubtedly bring laughter and happiness to those around her!

  12. Craig

    My 8 month and 4 weeks old baby is an absolute CHARMER. He makes everyone goes crazy with his smile and his ohhhh boy!!! dimples!! Dimples Delight!! Not just that… he is half Asian and Western thus, good-looking. Brown big eyes (those eyes are the gorgeous ever!!!), fair skin and brownish hair!!! And he got the moves like a jagger!! aha!! The next Adam Levine!!
    He will make your day!!

  13. Shannon

    My gorgeous little lady s 16 weeks old she is the att of the show no matter where we go. Wether we are in the grocery store, doctors office, airport, department stores even walking on the street people comment at how beautiful she is. Her eyes could light up the the darkest of rooms! Her personality is addictive she’s fun, loves to be center of attention and loves to be silly. She is the totals package.

  14. Lucy Jade Green

    LUCY is a very bubbly 9month old baby. She is energetic and happy and loves to be in front of the camera. Her cheerful personality is so contagious and her smile just makes everyone day seems better. She has a very pleasant aura that no one can resist. She will be perfect to be a Gerber baby because she has the character and uniqueness that represents Gerber

  15. Timon Cana

    My daughter Cana is 3 months old. She’s life changing ,magical. She makes people cry when they look at her. She smiles at everyone. She’s brilliant. At 2 months old she was on the red carpet waving and smiling at cameras like she knew they were taking pictures of her.

  16. Megan

    My daughter Luxy is better then everyone.

  17. Cassandra

    My little boy, Saige Alexander has a personality all of his own. At 4 months he knows how to make the ladies crazy with a smile that will cause anyone to melt. Saige definitely leaves an impression after flashing those big almod brown eyes. My little man really loves to laugh and laugh loud. He is truly one of a kind.

  18. Boitumelo Morake

    My baby girl is 10 months old, she is very beautiful with brown cute eyes she is adorable and friendly she is a born star and very active she gets all the attention everywhere we go, she can dance and mimic, I think you should choose her and see for yourself.

  19. Grozda

    My “absolute truth” is a 10 month old baby loveeee to dans, to take photo you cant believe how !!! Green eyes, dark hair she is a princis in all ways…

    I can write a novel but…words are words…you really must to see her :)

    With love…

  20. natasha perez

    Hi, well my cutie Emmalys, my baby girl from 5 months has a precious personality for such a little baby. She`s big blue eyes and her perfect happy smiling is a pleasure to see it. She`s a very happy and strong baby girl that loves laughing with people and playing . She really looks like a beautiful bany doll.

  21. Justin

    My son Jordan is 6 and a half months he is the cutest little boy with dirty blonde hair and big blue eyes. I want to try so badly to get him.into models i think.he wpuld be great cuz he has such a great smile and.a personality wouldn’t. Believe he is.very talented and.i.feel.advanced for his.age and.want to start and i though.he could play in.any role thank you.for.taking the.time to read this and.look forward to hearing and.possibly talking more

  22. Alyssia Winkfield

    My son Quincy Lee Givens is 3 weeks old and would shock the world. He is the most precious blessing God has given me. It might seem like I’m bragging on my son but I’m simply stating the facts. Cute is an understatement. Wait til you see him. He’s ready for the cameras guys!

  23. Matt

    my boy Tommy-Lee is always smiling big beautiful blue eyes and takes photos that make your heart melt, I think with his smile he could melt this country’s heart.

  24. angie

    My baby girl is 3 months old is a *STAR* all the way, she has blue eyes and thin blond hair.She has got all kind of talent that can be very well fit into any of the role. I am always getting stopped by people saying how gorgeous she is.
    She is a very happy baby and has a huge smile,she is so beautiful and very photogenic. Everyone tells me she should be a Gerber Baby so here I am trying to see if she really should be or not. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear about you soon.

  25. angelie

    My beautiful baby girl is 3 months old and she is absolutely adorable and very photogenic ,she has beautiful blue eyes and blond hair, she is a very happy baby and has a huge smile . I am always getting stopped by people saying how gorgeous she is.
    She is a precious little girl that makes you just want to squeeze her, and her personality just makes you want to laugh.She is truely a beautiful child inside and out. Im sure you will fall in love with my angel. Everyone tells me she should be a Gerber Baby so here I am trying to see if she really should be or not. Its up to you.
    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear about you soon.

  26. Jenna

    My daughter Ariane Noel is 9 1/2 ,months old. She is such a high spirited happy baby. She loves to interact with people and smiles all the time. Her brown eyes are so big and bright along with her lashes, her cheeks are so chubby that makes you just want to grab and kiss them, she is a chunky precious little girl that makes you just want to squeeze her, and her personality just makes you want to laugh!! I can’t get enough of her as well as everyone else!! Everyone tells me she should be a Gerber Baby so here I am trying to see if she really should be or not. I do believe my baby has what “IT” takes to be a GERBER STAR!!

  27. vershawnda

    my daughter will be 6 months on the 18th and she is one of the strongest cutest baby I know born 2 months early with a happy personality

  28. Terra

    Hi,my handsome! 7month old son is ready to be that “it”star…he can be the next gerber baby..he has his on personality,he”s gorgeous with a head full of hair..the biggest brightest smile ever! always!! Getting stopped by people saying how gorgeous he is..he is definately one of a kind,very unique &already has that natural model look…&to my surprise he was advertised on the today’s show along with 3other babies threw a photography company,so please pick my son!.thanks.

  29. Dana

    My 20 month daughter is beautiful, she has a very unique personality. She smiles and blows you kisses and tells you hi and bye. She has been in several beauty pageants and has won all of them. She is truely a beautiful child inside and out. I promise you will fall in love with this angel.

  30. Melissa

    My son is 6 months old and he is absolutely adorable. He is a very happy baby and has a huge smile, big blue eyes, and a head of hair that makes him look unique. People constantly stop me and tell me how adorable he is. I think he would be a great fit, please choose him! Thank you!

  31. gracelyn catanda

    Hi’ I’m gracelyn, my son is 9 months old’ he is shaun lyell obispo’ very cute’good smile very charming..:) I want him to be a model’or commercial model…

  32. Julie Kim

    My daughter Christine is 2 years old and the cutest asian (korean) baby. She’s so friendly and always smiling at everyone and is super outgoing. She loves posing for the camera and does her special poses. She like to joke around alot and play pranks. She’s a bundle or joy and thrives with attention and would love being behind the camera.


  33. Nkiru Asuzu

    My God’s Gift is 8month and 2 weeks old.He is cute ,sexy gorgeous,smiling star n lovely,always ready to meet people,love by every one that comes across him.people call him half cast,baby girl and American boy.pls just go through my email you will see indeed he is God’s Gift

  34. kelly

    hi. my daughter is 6 weeks old and she is absolutely stunning. she has beautiful blue eyes, brown hair and the cutest little nose. she also has an adorable smile that melts your heart. she is perfect in every way. Gemma will go very far in life. everyone who sees her comments on how pretty she is. pick my precious Gem and you will see for yourself how stunning she is.
    kelly and Gemma

  35. Ankush godha

    our baby is looking so good.

  36. linda

    Hi I have a 14 month old daughter and she is so beautiful and very photogenic. She has really long eyelashes and big bright hazel green eyes and she has shoulder length waving soft fine hair.and she has a smile that would melt your heart. She has chubby cheeks with a dimple. Everytime we go out somewhere I always have people on the bus saying how adorable and sweet she is..if you guys would like to see a picture of her please send me yout email and ill send it to you..thanks linda and nevaeh

  37. donna

    My beautiful baby girl is 6months going on 7 she is the most adorable baby she is always so happy and smiley she has these chunky cheeks and these gorgeous blue eyes everyone always tells me she should be on TV or magazines because she is so perfect please give her a chance to be on a shoot❤

  38. Priya

    My Son is 13 month old. He is a cute baby that is how I and other people say about him.He has got all kind of talent that can be very well fit into any of the role.

  39. Michel

    My 23 month old son is a *STAR* all the way. Hes definitely got that “IT ” factor. Not only is he gorgeous, he should of been a girl! He’s got the biggest hazel eyes you’ve ever seen, an the personality to match the looks! Did I mention hes got moves too ?!? I get stopped and hear the same thing everywhere I go. “Hes the cutest baby I’ve ever seen, those eyes are the biggest/prettiest eyes ever!” (I know every mother thinks their child is cute, but mine really is! My child has the talent, you’d be missing out on a good opportunity if you didn’t choose him !!

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