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  1. Tiffany

    Scarlett is literally the best baby. Everyone tells me to get her into acting because she never fusses and is so darn cute.. Seriously a beautiful baby that will melt your heart

  2. krystal harris

    I have an almost 2month old babygirl. ever since birth ive been getting thousands of compliments on how beautiful she is . so i would love to enter her in a contest. thanks

  3. carmen

    Mi bebe es muy hermosa y a donde quiera que la lleve me lo asen saber me encantaria que la tomaran en cuenta tiene carisma y es muy linda gracias por su atencion

  4. mamosebetsi potloane

    I have a 3 and a half month old baby boy and ever since he was born the compliments have been coming through everyday.the nurses have encouraged me on a few occasions to enter baby competions.Everytime I post his photo on facebook or twitter I get a lot of people liking the picture.He is one of,if not the cutest baby in 2014.He is energetic and ever smiling.His picture are all good,I am even struggling to choose which one to leave out for you guys.Thanks

  5. Shandria Robinson

    My princess Brooklyn has really changed my life for the good with her beautiful smile curly black hair and just being a silly baby she is truly adorable

  6. Gloria

    My daughter, Erin, is 3 1/2 months old and is our miracle baby. She’s very alert, attentive, loving and intelligent. Erin has very distinct facial features and has a smile that’ll brighten anyone’s day. Erin has black wavy/curly hair, hazel eyes and long eyelashes. She’s a very happy baby and is easily pleased. Erin is of African American and Italian ethnicities.

  7. Candace Richardson

    I know my 9 month old baby is the next gerber baby or next big baby model! I LOVES the camera and being center of attention. He’s very happy all the time and NEVER TAKES a bad photo! I want him to have opportunities in his life and not have to struggle and do without as I have my whole life. I want everyone to see and enjoy the true innocence and happiness he expresses. Thank you for your time.

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