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  1. Timika Coleman

    Hello everyone!!! My name is Timika and I would love to intoduce you to my beautiful baby girl Aniya. Aniya is a jazzy 7month old. She loves taking pictures and is just full of personality. I believe she is the next Gerber baby because when one thinks of the Gerber baby you think a chuncky big bright eyed baby thats all ways smiling. And this is Aniya all the way. She came in this world a chunckers weigh 13lbs 1.8 oz. Words can’t tell you she is a must see show stopper.

  2. Megan Cagle

    Hello! My daughter Chandler is about to be 5 months old on the 27th. She is such a happy little ham and is always smiling. She is such a chunk and is at the top of the bracket in weight and height. She weighs over 16 pounds and has the most adorable rolls and slobbery grin with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She is already eating gerber baby cereal every night and she adorable to watch eat. We would love to be considered for any contests and hopefully get funds for her to go to college!

    Thank you!

    The Cagles


    My SON is 1years 4Months old and He is very cute Baby,,He is very actractive Photogenic Face, Brown Eyes and long lashes,,pure Indian Baby , I would like to try her Prints Shoots, Modling, in commercials adds, few months Back my son Is participated in BABY SHOWS 2014 in Mothers Prides winner categery Healhtiest Baby proper certificated and got a prizes, Good Luck for my SON,,,,,,,,,

  4. Sarah

    Hi there. I am being told to do this so here I am! I have a 10 month old who apparently is the happiest cutest baby my friends and family have seen. Grocery shopping takes twice as long because we keep getting stopped for him to make friends. My friends with kids (both teachers) say he is the cutest and happiest baby they have seen. He is a blessing and truly the happiest ever. All smiles here! Big eyes and long eyelashes for a handsome boy!

  5. Mrs.Brooks

    My daughter Halaya is 1 years old , She is a loving baby doll!!!
    She has what it takes to be a contestant as well as everything a loving
    And PROUD Mother would look for in her Daughter. It would be ignorant
    Of me to boast or brag about the qualities she may have, but Halaya is my first little
    Girl, I’m blessed to have birthed my own precious star, The twinkle of my eye, and the
    Warmth she gives off to my heart…. For more detailed information, Please contact Ms. Halaya
    And myself, and it would be a pleasure to discuss anything further. Thank you and God Bless

  6. Susanna Spottedcorn

    My two babies are Northern Arapaho native American prince and princesses!

  7. arely

    My baby is so cute alot of people tell me he dosent have color eyes but he does have big eyes and every time he sees the flash of the camera he smiles right away his 8 months his name is jayden

  8. LaDeja Robinson

    Hello my baby girl kimora is 5 months old and such a happy baby. She smiles all day even when she wakes up in the morning. She is such a sweetheart and makes anyone’s day bo matter what your day is like she will brighten it up

  9. Shannon Lair

    My son is the next Gerber baby. He has all of thr qualities you would be looking for. He is 26.6 inches long, 15lbs and 6 months old. He has chubby cheeks, the kind you just want to squeezr. Blue grey eyes and a cute little button nose. He also has some light brown hair and a little dimple in his chin to add to him charm. My son Kayden Paul Gilbert has made people that don’t like babies, want to have babies.He’s very photogenic, as he is ALWAYS smiling and laughing. NEVER in a bad mood. EVER. He has no teethies yet but we might sprout one soon.He sits up on his own but does not crawl just yet. He is very healthy looking baby too! I Promise if you contact me, he is what you are looking for. Thank you:)

  10. Irma

    I think Gerber needs as well as a new face a new “idea”…what about Twins!!??!! :-D I’ve got 8 month old twins!! I know all parents have their children up on pedestals as it should be but honestly where ever we go…my twins always get attention…someone always has to stop to admire…& they always warm those stranger’s hearts with their smiling little faces!! :-D they are so full of life & positive vibes!! I am a mother of 2 older boys as well & it was like they were reborn…they are simply perfect in so many ways…such happy & extraordinary babies…even if they don’t win I know they will grow up to be amazing individuals as well as my older boys…I couldn’t be more proud of my 4 boys!! Good luck everyone!! & keep enjoying your little blessings!! :-D

  11. Stephanie Blanchard

    My son mykale tru-king has what it takes to be a model. See for yourself on facebook. Search Stephanie Blanchard. Thank you

  12. leasia

    My son is 5 months old,and he’s a very handsome baby even at his whiney times. Everywhere we go at least 3 people stop to tell me how handsome he is. Every time i post a picture on facebook he gets at least 100 likes. He has the prettiest complexion with these bright brown eyes and the curliest dark hair .he’s the happiest baby he loves to smile and talk.I am very interested in getting him intosome modeling contests. Please check out my Facebook for pictures @leasiabradley

  13. sandra

    Nico is 6 months old and ready to share his cuteness with the world.. He is beyond adorable and a very lovable, happy baby.. Fair skin, round lil head and face.. biggest eyes with the longest lashes you’ve ever seen…. he can rock a fedora like nobody’s business..:) Please consider him..

  14. Jennifer

    I think my daughter Jasmine Nicole would be perfect for Gerber. She is 15 months old, will blow your mind and steal your heart. She has a smile that is contagious & will have you rolling on the floor laughing with her personality. She is over 50% Hungarian and has a beautiful complextion with blue hazel eyes.

  15. steph

    Hey y’all. I’m interested in entering my daughter in a audition. She has a button nose, big baby blues, she is slightly bald but with a bit of blonde hair, ears pierced,
    she crawls and pulls herself up on anything she can touch, her toothless smile is the most heart warming and can light up any room, her personality is one of a kind, and she would make a perfect model for baby items anywhere.

  16. Ashley

    Hi, my name is Ashley my beautiful bundle of joy name is Kennedy. I feel like my daughter should be considered because she’s absolutely adorable, a very happy baby. Always laughing and playing. Very friendly and energetic, I actually think she has too much energy. aha, I just feel like my baby has the face, energy, and personality to be a Gerber baby. If you know what’s good for you, you would choose Miss Kennedy, lol seriously.

  17. Heather & Hassan Osman

    Our son is 11 weeks old. He is such a beautiful baby. People tell us all the time he should be a model. His eyes have been refered to as “captivating and enchanting”. He has such a beautiful smile and a silly personality. He has a head full of thick dark hair and big brown eyes with very long eye lashes. Hes perfect

  18. Pooja

    Hi my name is Pooja and I have a 7month old baby and he has the prettiest big eyes and I would love the world to see him! He is beyond precious and gorgeous! Please consider us! He is 100% Indian baby with light skin and beautiful hair

  19. Alyssia Torres

    Hello! My daughter is 3 months old and always smiles at everyone. She can’t quite laugh yet but I know when it comes it will be the most adorable thing you have ever heard.

  20. Michelle leon

    Hello my lil blessing Liam is beautiful beyond words… He stops ppl in there tracks and they are compelled to stop and say hi to him… He’s such a happy baby and his eyes change blue to grey depending on what he has on. He’s going to be 7 mos on july 2nd but only weighs 11 lbs , he was born a month early scheduled csection due to highrisk pregnancy . He is your next Gerber Baby!

  21. Lisa

    Just like most mothers, I am told everywhere I go as well these words “YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BABY INTO CONTESTS!!!” My son is 8 months old with quite the personality already. I do not have much experience in agencies or contests. I have recently started searching while my son is young. We would greatly appreciate this opportunity.

  22. Nikolai

    Nikolai is my 8 month old baby boy. sweetest most down to earth baby you will ever meet. The camera loves him and likewise. Full of personality and laughter he sure is one of a kind. Words don’t do much justice. He would be perfect for modeling!! :)

  23. Kyndal Boyle

    My nephew is about 9 months old and he is truly adorable. People remark upon his adorableness and likeness to the Gerber baby. His smile could make anyone smile and for only 9 months he has a ton of personality. He is always giggling and he even tries to tickle people. I believe my nephew has what it takes to be the next Gerber baby.

  24. Elizabeth

    I have Two beautiful little girls. One is two years old. The other is three. Every where I go people always say you have beautiful little girls. I think they have lots of potential.

  25. song hee jung

    my son turned one this year and he is asian ( korean, chinese, vietnamese ). i’ve been told numerous times that he looks like an asian gerber baby, so….. i wanted to see if he really could be the next gerber baby…..

  26. Erika

    Every where I go, people tell me my daughter is so beautiful, kind and friendly. They tell me she is a ” gerber” baby. I would like to enter her in the contest to show my beautiful baby , that God gave me, off to the world.

  27. AlexB

    My baby is 4.5 month old, he has big and beautiful blue eyes and light hair. He is very active and smiles all the time, he is a picture perfect baby !!! Both of our doctors convinced me to enter our son into perfect baby contest, here we are trying to get pick.

  28. marcia

    My daughter was born wide eyed and ready for the world. Now that she is at the tender age of three months, she has grown curious of her new surroundings and I am ready to show her everything there is to offer. That is Why My Naomi Renée should be considered for this opportunity. Thank You in advanced.

  29. milda

    my baby is Yeran Sophia is a gerber baby. she looks like one. and she will be 3 month old on march 25.
    please give us a chance to show her to you.
    thank you

  30. Jaimie

    My son Jaxson Abhram is 5 months old. He is a ham with his blonde hair and blue eyes and the porcelain skin of a doll. He’s been smiling since 4 weeks and brightens everyone’s day. His belly laughs, toothless smile and bright blue eyes remind everyone how beautiful life is. He is an intelligent little guy and has brought happiness to us all. Please consider meeting Jaxson and allow him to bring others happiness with his contagious smile.

  31. Tamara Reid


  32. Alex Valentine

    Hi, I would love my 7 month old son to be a baby model or be in commercials. He is a wonderful little guy with the greatest smile I ever seen. My son is the greatest person in my life, that’s why I want to share him with the world, because, I know he will capture hearts like he mine.

  33. Sammantha E. Smith

    Hi, My name is Sammatha Smith is i want my daughter to have the chance to be the next Gerber baby. Her name is Shia Haven Yost and she is 3 months old and she has the most biggest blue eyes and thick black hair with brown streaks. She is absolutely beautiful since the day she was born. She loves smiling and having her picture taken. So i hope you give her the chance to prove that she is the next Gerber baby.

  34. Sammantha E. Smith

    Hi, My name is Sammantha Smith and i want my daughter to have the chance to be the next Gerber baby she is absolutely beautiful. Her name is Shia Haven Yoat, she is 3 months and has the most biggest blue eyes and she has think black hair with brown streaks. She always smiling and loves having her picture taking so i hope you guys give her a chance to show how gorgeous she is.

  35. Teara

    My son Caleb is 5 mo. He is so happy and almost never cries. Strangers are drawn too him as he giggles and carries on a conversation with them. He is very curious and determined. He loves playing with toys but most of all he loves taking baths and play with his rubber duck. He is very independent and he loves hugs. Caleb is a baby that just makes you smile. He is a child mixed with Asian, white, black, German, Irish, British, American Indian, middle eastern Indian, European and Polynesian so he can represent many ethnicities.

  36. Celine

    Hi there,
    My baby boy just turned 8 months and he is a mix of Canadian and Taiwanese.
    I got a lot of comments saying he is gorgeous :)
    He is definitely a big smiler !

  37. Melissa Bell

    PICK THIS BABY WITH THE NATURAL MOHAWK !!!! There are a lot of beautiful babies out there but my son is very unique and different.. My son was born premature at 26 weeks so yes I went through one of the toughest times of MY LIFE but he was a fighter just like his mom (me). My son was born august 27, 2013 and he will b 10 months on June 27th.. Everyone says he doesn’t even look like a preemie. And random people will stop me or peek in our stroller saying he’s a beautiful baby, or I love his eyes and OMG HE HAS A MOHAWK.. They always ask did I cut his hair into a Mohawk and OF COURSE I didn’t his hair grew like that. My son already has a personality of his own and it captures a lot of peoples attention. Not only that he’s a happy, happy, happy, happy baby! You could see for yourself!

  38. ieasha

    Hello, my name is Ieasha and my daughter name is Nevaeha she is so pretty she looks like a doll baby and she is 7 months old and every time I’m out with my children they say aww she is so gorgeous and that I need to have her on tv

  39. Lashunda

    Hello my daughter name is Dream and she is 4months old and she is gorgeous im not saying that because she is my daughter but from the moment she was born its just like any of the doctors seem like they havent seen any baby as beautiful as mine she had so many compliments from all of the hospital staff! Dream has caramel skin color she has soft thick curly hair and she is just an happy joyful baby i would be so please to be given a chance to be selected.Thanks in advance

  40. Ashley Casey

    I have a 11 month old beautiful girl named Adilyn Mae Wilson. She has blonde hair that is curly in the back and blue eyes. Her eyelashes come all the way to the top of her eyebrows. She is so precious an special :-) she is always wanting to be in photos and she has just a natural beauty

  41. Brittany Eason

    My name is Brittany and my daughters name is Jayde. She is two months old with a head full of curly thick hair. She has brown almond shaped eyes and the biggest cheeks in the world. She has dimples and when she smiles hre eyes get glossy and small to the point where it looks like her eyes are closed. She is a beautiful little girl and im not just saying that because she’s my daughter. She recieves compliments on her eyes and eyebrows all the time. I would love to give her the chance and opportunity to win a contest as such. Thank you for listening

  42. Bria Royster

    Hello, my name is Bria royster. My daughter name is Bre’Niya royster. She is 4 months old. She has a big beautiful smile with big pretty brown eyes. She has long hair for her age and pretty long black eyelashes. Every one has told me she looks like a Gerber baby so I decided to apply and hope she has a chance. she is a winner!

  43. Brittany

    My name is Brittany and my son Osheron is 2 1/2 months old he has big brown eyes a head full of black loose curly hair, he has the most beautiful skin complexion, and loves to smile and is an all around happy baby. I have been told by a number of people that i need to submit him in some contest because he needs to be on a commercial. I hope he will succed in this journey.

  44. Steph

    My baby boy, Zachary will be 8 months this June. I’m told all the time that he is the cutest/most photogenic baby you’ll ever meet. He is such a happy boy. He is very calm and loves smiling for the camera.

  45. Markita

    Hello My Name Is Markita, And I Have A Handsome Son
    Name El’Quincy He’s 1 Years Old And Very,Smart,Intelligent And All Of The Above
    I’m Entering This Contest Cause Everyone Tells Me I Need To Cause My Son
    Looks Like A Gerber Baby And Everyone Feels He’s Cute Enough
    To Win The Contest…

  46. Maggie O'Neil

    My little miss Olympia is a real life babydoll! People tell me everyone a go out how pretty her eyes are and how she is honestly the cutest baby! The other day a dad of two little girls told me she was the cutest baby he has ever seen hands down! Not only is she a gorgeous baby, she is the sweetest most pleasant baby people have ever meet. And a goofball to boot!

  47. Kelly Camp

    I am going to make this very simple: I HAVE THE GERBER BABY!!! Chloe is eight months old and never stops laughing or smiling. I cant even make a quick trip to wal-mart without being stopped ten times to be told she looks like the “Gerber baby”….so email me for photos please and see for yourself.

  48. Taleia Rivers

    I have a 6 month old baby girl named Jasmine a lot of peopl say i should try her and her 1 year old sister on her but jasmines eyes are big bright and they smile some one told me her and her sister look just a like how do i submit photos of them.

  49. Pamela Meade

    My daughter Jayme is 6 and a half months old! She has beautiful blond curly hair and big blue eyes!! She is a very happy baby and is very funny!! She just recently won first place in her category for most photogenic baby 2014!!

  50. corina aguirre

    Hi my baby is 6 months and is the sweetest baby you will ever meet. She has a great personality and rarely cries. Shes been so alert since day one. She started crawling at 5months and is into everything already lol. Shes my third child and everyone just falls in love with her. A lot of people tell me she needs to be a baby model. She has the most beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.

  51. Jennyca Rodriguez

    Hello! My baby Kean Clark is turning 7month this June. He is so adorable. He has a smilling and sweet face. I would like to join him in any commercial or photo contest. I hope you consider us to join in your company. God bless!

  52. Liz Pratt

    I know every parent thinks there baby is adorable. Not only does my daughter have a dolls face she’s also a very calm baby! You can do almost any thing throughout the day and she won’t fuss. She adapts well. This is realistically, something you need when doing photos. She’s a happy baby and full of joy. I hope your visit with her is just as enjoyable as my life with her is.

  53. Miranda

    Bryson is a 3 months old baby boy. He has a personality that will light up anyones bad day, he is always wearing a smile. He has sea blue eyes with dark brown hair. Loves to be on the go and seeing new things! He loves his dogs, and toys! He is a very smart baby. Bryson has love to share to the world.

  54. Brooklyn

    Hello my name is Brooklyn I have a handsome baby boy his name is Carter! He just turned 5 months on May 18th! Everywhere we go people are always going crazy over him and everyone always says he should be a baby model for Gerber or something so I figured I’d give it a try! (: Wait till you see his pictures you’ll fall in love! Hes a chunky little man with chubby cheeks he got dirty blonde hair with a cute little curl on the top and some big amazing bright blue eyes & long eye lashes!! He is just perfect, ! He really does belong on the front of a magazine or something ! (: His birth date is December 18,2013! I have tons of PERFECT recent pictures of him you just have to see! Were located in York PA !

  55. alberto monti

    I have a 2 months old baby her name is Isabella, she is the most adorable baby you could ever lay eyes on.. everywhere we go we get compliments from people saying how beautiful she is!! see has a adorable smiles it’s just to die for most of all her laugh is so unique it brings a smile on your face when you hear her laugh.. thats why i would love for her to be a gerber baby…

  56. Anna

    Besides the constant comment of how my Janessa looks like the Gerber baby, she has personality! She is simply adorable and beautiful, rarely fusses, and of course wants to see what everyone is doing and be part of it! Janessa is 9 months on the 13th and just plain adorable. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, happy, healthy baby. I really would love an opportunity to share all her wonders with as many people as I can so she can bring a smile to not only my face but everyone else’s as well!

  57. Taylor Gatto

    My little girl Aubrey Faye is 3months old and is do smart and pretty. She makes men Sk there wives for another baby. To me that’s a little backwards. She’s mixed black and white with very light completion and blue blue eyes. Don’t forget her two dimples to add to that twinkling smile.

  58. Melissa Gibson

    Baby Alexis is 4 months old and sweet as pie. She has great eye contact and has been very alert since birth. She is my first child and I thought I was just a proud new parent. However friends, family, and strangers in the street has been urging me to look for contests or auditions because she has unique qualities about her. She wakes up happy with a big smile everyday, she rarely ever cries or fusses. But most importantly I believe her to have a special gift to bring joy to people who meet her. Alexis smiles and giggles on her own and when you connect with her, she is able to till over to her tummy and sit up when propped. She has big almond eyes and head full of hair with wavy tendrils.

  59. Christa Washington

    Hi, my daughter is 5mons old her name is Bella. She is a beautiful baby. I keep getting compliments that she looks like a Gerber baby so I decided to get her into this contest she’s a very happy baby and she loves to laugh and smile

  60. O'Tasha

    My baby will be 1 year on June 12. Everyone says she should be a model. One lady at the airport came up to me while my boyfriend and I was talking to another with a child almost her age and said she was so gorgeous and her one dimple was adorable then she notice the other kid which I thought was cute and she was super quiet then she turned back to us giving more compliment. My daughter is absolutely gorgeous and attracts attention whoever she goes. We would like to get her in acting and modeling.

  61. ana


    my daughter is 2 mos old and shes very pretty,,big brown eyes and long lashes,, half british descent mestiza..i would liketo try her modelling in print or in commercials since everyone said she is goingto be a winner…

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