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  1. Tina nematbakhsh

    I’m tina nematbakhsh and i’m eighteen years old.i’m really passionate about acting and the thought of not making it keeps me awake at night which makes me sign up for this at 3am
    What i’m trying to say is that i really care and although i’ve been rejected alot mostly because of my accent i’m still trying. And one of the reasons that makes me belive its possible is seeing the diversity and different kinds of accents on your show.Eventhough i moved here from iran four years ago i speak english fluently and i’m working on my accent which is going pretty well.i really want to be a part of modern family’s family and bring a smile to people’s faces.
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 116lbs
    Age: 18
    Long curly black hair
    Thank you

  2. Letty

    Hola! I am from Colombia and everybody said that my accent is like Sofia Vergara! I will be Sofia’s friend from Colombia in the show. Sophia will let me stay at her house because I am forty years old and single! I need to marry a good and handsome gringo! I am not going to stay at her house for free, I will clean, cook Colombian chicken rice, arepas, arroz con coco, fried plantains, sancocho costeno, arroz con fideo y queso rallado, yuca frita, platano Maduro asao!!
    Pollo guisado y mas! Plus! I will take care of her kids…
    Also, I will stop the gringas Locas that are mean with mi Amiga Sophia.
    If you want to see my video please send me an email! I will go to casting the next day!!
    Saludos to mi Amiga Sofia!!!!

  3. Austin Piercy

    Hello!My name’s Austin! I am 12 years old, I am five feet tall, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and I weigh 83 lbs. I really appreciate you letting me audition for modern family! I love the show! It always makes me laugh! I hope to someday be a part of that family! Thank you for reading this! Fingers crossed! Once again thank you!

  4. Maria Cristina

    Good Day! hello everyone…My name is Maria Cristna..I live in Philippines and I’m Filipino. 5’1 in height and I have a long black hair.. I love to sing and dance specially acting…In acting I like drama, action and comedy… Hopefully and praying you’ll consider me as a part of this show because I really like this show. It is very great to be part of this show in Modern Family… i hope this is my opportunity and chance to become an actress.
    God Bless and More Power…

    Thank you for you’ll consideration.
    Maria Cristina

  5. Sarah

    Hi my name is Sarah I am 13 years old. I wanted to be a actor ever since I was 3. I am in Amherst middle school .I live in Amherst New York.If I get the job It would be like a dream come true.I am trying to do something I love and I love acting.I watch your show and I am a big fan.Please pick me i could be Lilly’s older sister.

  6. Rosi Manriquez

    Hey! I’m Rosi, I’m 14 years old and live in Oregon. I’m a person that enjoys expressing myself in many ways such as drawing, singing, and of course acting! Acting has always been something I’ve loved doing because you get to explore all these different characters and try out new things. When I was younger I was very shy and I didn’t really know what I want to do and then I started doing school plays around 3rd or 4th grade and really learned to express myself. Anyways to who this may concern I am Hispanic about 5’2 1/2, brown eyes, dark brown wavy hair and willing to play any part really big or small.

  7. Pablo Monsalve

    Hi my name is Pablo Monsalve I’m 14 years old – 5’2″, 103lbs-Im Colombian (like Gloria) but I have fluent English and Im also an American Citizen, I have been formally acting since second grade and this summe I was accepted to SOCAPA (School Of Creative And Performing Arts) intensive summer program for film acting. Modern Familly is one of my favorite shows ever and my dream is to act with Sofia Vergara because she is the most famous Colombian actor/ actress. I know its harder to cast kids or teens but I would be really be honored if you could give me a chance of acting as part of Gloria’s and Many’s Colombian familly. If you decide to give me a chance it would be really helpfull, if you email me back I have material to show including an acting reel, headshots, some short films, and even a short 9 episode web series I starred in.

  8. neha lee jones skipper

    hi my name is neha lee jones skipper I’m 17 and I’m 6 ft 7 and 85 kgs i have experience in drama at frances douglas memorial collage i love watching modern family its one of my my most liked tv series its funny and i hope you choose me because it would be cool experience for me thanks

  9. Nicolette Macphail

    I sent a message before but I don’t see it, which is making me nervous because I really want this comment to be seen. So if you did see my other comments Im sorry for repeating myself.
    Im 14 years old (15 in November), I have black medium length hair a very pale skin. I have had about 4-5 years of acting experience, people who have seen me act and myself believe that I am indeed good at acting. I know how producers feel about hiring younger actors and actresses but I (most of the time) am mature for my age, I took a random test that says how old you are mentally and it said Im about 41 ( so hopefully you don’t think Ill be a pain in the ass if you miraculously decide to consider me). I really love the show and actors/actresses so Id be honored to be considered. You can e-mail me if you have any questions, or are considering me.

  10. Nanna

    Hi my name Nanna, I’m 12 years old (13 in november) I live in Denmark, CPH. I have always wanted to be an actress. I have blond hair, green eyes and I’m about 5’7″. I speak english and danish. I love acting and I always has. Modern family is my favorite show, I watch it all the time. I would love to be on the show. It’s one of my biggest dreams.

    Thank you for considering me!!

  11. Nicolette

    Im sorry, that didn’t describe much about me. Im about 5’4, I have medium length black hair and very pale skin. I have a good figure for my age i guess, and weigh about 115. Im 14 years old and am female, according to a test I took have a mind of a 41 year old ( that was just random information). Ive had about 5 years of acting, and I consider myself a good actress and apparently so does every person that I have acted in front of ( I did ask. People don’t tend to lie to me because they say that I look like Im about to kill them. Even though thats just my bored face.) And Id be very honored to be accepted on this show.

  12. Seslie Silva

    Hello i’m seslie silva
    -17 years old
    - from Hayward, California
    - i eat broccoli sometimes
    - i don’t like mean people
    - spaghetti is very good
    - i want to be on tv and support my family with makin bank $$$$ while also making it big time on tv

  13. Rosie Cavanaugh

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Rosie Cavanaugh. I am from Montreal, Canada and have always had a soft spot for acting and performing. I am 15 year dancer and continue to pursue that passion while living out my dreams of becoming one day an actress.
    I am 5’1 with brown eyes and brown hair (dark)
    I weigh 125lbs and can speak English, French and some Spanish. I am quick learner and enjoy new adventures
    The reason why I’d love to audition for Modern Family is because for one I have greatly enjoyed watching the show and tune in to all the episodes, whenever I can. BUT here’s the big plus about me:
    I was born in Vietnam but was adopted as baby by my parents. So ever since the beginning of Modern Family, I always thought that I could end up playing Lily, Mitch & Cameron’s daughter, when she’s her older self. I fit the package and my history is exactly like lily’s. I’m 19 years old but can pull off a 16-18 year old and most definitely, 16-18 year old Lily and hopefully more, if you give me this opportunity to prove it to you.

    I am young adult with big dreams and I cannot wait to see what my love for acting has waiting for me.

  14. Arianna Ippolito

    To whom it may concern,
    Hi, my name is Arianna Ippolito. I am 5’5″ at age 16. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and live in New Jersey. Acting has always been a dream for me even since I was little. I cannot think of a job career that I would love more than acting. I have been in school plays in the past. Modern family is my absolute favorite show. It reminds me of my family sometimes and I am always so excited for new episode every week. Thank you for reading this. If I could hear back from someone as soon as possible it would be very appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Arianna Ippolito

  15. Jazmin Pantoja

    Hi there, My name is Jazmin im 12 years of age.
    Im very intellegent and funny. I can dance, sing, make you laugh, act, and model. Even though I have never done a gig this big I have been in many school plays and even some were I live in downtown Chicago. I love modern family ever since I’ve discovered them.
    Ive read 87 books ever since I got out of school so as you can tell I learn really quick and im quitethe bookworm.
    My features include
    light brown eyes
    Dark brown hair
    5’4 tall
    Fun but bold style
    FUN and akward personality
    I hope you take me in recognition and consider helping me create my LIFE DREAM come true.

  16. Howard M Gorbaty

    HI, My name is Howard M. Gorbaty, I am 43,short blonde hair, blue eyes, 180lbs, 5’7″, non-union. prior experience includes one TV commercial and an editorial in a documentary, listed in IMDB. Attractive and well spoken, very versatile, look great in suit but play casual also. From NJ, slight accent but can be overcome., would make a great “Phil buddy” , or any adult role. Would be honored to be considered for any role on this great show…….thank you for your consideration……

  17. Adam Hunter

    Hi I’m Adam
    I come from Oxford in England and I am 13 years old soon to be 14 years old, I am quite a funny and enthusiastic person (that’s what I have been told). I’m a huge fan of modern family because it’s the comedy that interests me the most, and I have seen every episode of modern family more than once and I have the boxset and yet I still find it hilarious. Acting interests me so much because I love the idea of being able to play someone else. I think I would fit in great with the cast because I know the show very well and I think it would be so amazing to be a part of the show. I be happy to play any role.

    Thank you for reading
    Adam Hunter

  18. Viana

    Life is a sequences of moments , that we have to figure it out how to appreciate them, and get a laugh for every minute of it.Modern Family is basically a new way of seeing life, that even in the worst moment we can be happy.


  19. Ella

    My name is Ella im 13 years old,( will be 14 in September )
    I have blonde hair (shaved on one side) and blue eyes.
    I would love to be a part of the show.
    I live in Brighton in the UK.
    I love modern family and think its a very clever comedy.
    Please keep posted and reply asap.
    thank you,

  20. Philip Carlsson

    Hi! My name is Philip and I live in Sweden. Im going straight to it. Im half swedish, half asian. I live in the city as much as I live on a farm on the countryside since I have divorced parents.

    Modern Family is a great show, I guess I am not the only one who said that. I really don’t know if this is too late to comment, but I’ll give it a shot.

    My english is as good as fluent. I am 17 years old, very tall guy (187 cm).

    I’ve never really been to acting, it’s just more like a fun thing. Im not taking any special acting/comedy classes. Im just a regular guy who happens to like those kind of TV-shows.

    Im scared of picturing myself waving bye too my parents and leaving to the airport, flying away to the US and start auditioning. But that’s too much asking for. Or is it ?

  21. Nesly

    Hi Iam Nesly Hernandez I live in Orange County, California Iam 16 going to be 17 on August 14, Iam also a a High school student who is an upcoming senior this year 2015

  22. Amanda

    Hi! My name is Amanda. I am 12 in December, have blue eyes, dirty blond hair, tan skin, and freckles. I act, sing, and do minor dancing. I am a complete nerd and LOVE to read and write. I am in love with Harry potter! I also enjoy spending time with animals and being out side. When I read music I don’t see lines and dots, I don’t even see music I see a magical place far a way. Every time I sing or preform I am not Amanda I am some one else. Acting and singing is an art that needs to be shared and I want to share it. I am spunky and some times very blunt and loud, and i always speak my mind. I have been preforming for 8 years. Some of my best and favorite roles include: Lucy from “You’re a good man Charlie Brown”; The Teacher from “School house rock”; Ms. Hannagin from “Annie Jr.”; and Birgitta from “The sound of Music”. I have sang at multiple fairs and festivals and also been in 12 community and semi- professional shows. This is my dream and passion. I will never give up and work as hard as I possibly can. I will give you my 151%. You will not be disappointed. Let me show you what I got! Thanks so much!

  23. Alexandria barker

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing this letter as I am a 13 year old girl who is interested in a role. To tell you a little about myself I have always wanted to be a actress. I have always participated and volunteered in any school acting activities. I’m also a straight A” student.

    Modern Family is my favorite show and I would to be considered for an audition.

    Thank you for your time
    Sincerely Alexandria barker

  24. Xtina


    My name is Christina and I really enjoy watching Modern Family. I don’t know if I’m too late on replying or not but I would like to be considered for a possible casting roll if still available.

    I am 5 ft 4, with a weight of 120 pounds. I live in North Carolina and I am of Asian descent. I am 20 years old.

    Please let me know if there is anything you would like to know about me, using the email I have provided. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

  25. Alexandria Elizabeth Barker

    I love the show its cheesy i know but I’m interested in playing any role I’m a Girl , 13 , I live in Valdosta Florida . I’ve acted in plays and school activities (acting camp, also public speaking). I have thought about how it’s a slim chance that I will be picked but I will play any role I love the cast and the show all together.
    I am willing to answer any questions if so just email me thanks! :)

    Thank you for consideration sincerely,
    Alexandria barker

  26. Mary Barba

    My chances at this are thin, but I guess I’ll give it a shot. My name’s Mary Barba, I’m 13 and I live in England though I was born in the Philippines originally. I won’t really mind being an extra, I just want to have some fun really, also I’d think it would be great if I met the cast and stuff. But just feel free to reach out on me if your interested xxx

  27. Micaela

    Hi! My name is Micaela Demartino, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Argentina (but I can travel any time to America) I’ve been studying English and Musical Comedy since I was a child. My weight is 60kgs and I’m 1.62m tall. My hair is light brown and I’ve got large breasts, so I could easily play Gloria’s niece or cousin. I can also fake the Colombian accent!! I’ve got green eyes and pale skin. I love the show and I’m willing to play any role!

    I hope to be hearing from you any time :)
    Best wishes,

  28. Rebecca

    Hello! My name is Rebecca, I’m 15 years old and live in Britain. I love acting and took drama and music for my GCSE’S- I had a B in my drama written mock and an A in music. I have been in 3 out of the 4 musicals that have been on since I’ve been at high school and one outside of school. I’m not very tall for my age- around 4’9- and have light brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes- I also have freckles. I haven’t yet taken acting further but would love to do so and this would be an awesome start. The show is hilarious and there is an amazing mix in actors and I hope that I could be apart of that. I’m up for any part and feel free to email me and questions.

    Thank you for taking time to read this.
    Yours sincerely,

  29. Rebecca

    Hi my name is Rebecca. I’m 15 years old and love acting. I took drama and music for my GCSE’s- I play piano and sing- and just finished my first year of GCSE. I’m fairly short for my age (around 4’9), I have blue eyes, light brown hair and freckles. I’ve been in 3 out of 4 school productions and one outside of school, but have yet to take acting further and think this would be an awesome opportunity to start. The programme is hilarious and has a great mixture of characters and I would love to be a part of that!

    Thank you for taking time to read this.

  30. Benjamin

    Hello my name is Ben and I am 11 years old. I live in Fairbanks Alaska I am 5’2 with curly hair. I am African American and cockasian. It has always been my dream to get in the acting business and with amazing actors who play on modern family. I feel that this is my chance to start my career. I love this show and I hope that I can be apart of such and amazing cast and tv show. Thank you and have a wonderful day

  31. Araybia Lailah R.

    I don’t want to start off by saying hi or hello because typically that way is boring, and I am certainly not boring. Like most unique people I have a unique name, Araybia. I am 13 years and 5 months. I have much experience in acting, but still have not found my big break through because I do not have much exposure into the acting business. I was in a national nautica commercial two years ago which you can find on youtube at CJ Nautica’s Holiday Commericial 2012 or simply just email me. I was also lead in my school play and I was in previous plays before that. I am also auditioning for two more plays in the next two months; shakespeare and an unknown play this month. This message I am sending, which I highly doubt will go anywhere is basically just a swing at the park, a chance a dream I guess. I am also an aspiring model and I have done several shoots, so I am very comfortable and natural around the camera. People describe me as loud, funny, annoying and some what corny. This is fine by me because I like being different. I know Modern Family is looking for unique and quirky people because who would want to watch a show about boring non talented people on TV. If you are interested on learning more about simply email me so that there can be links between you and my parents.

    Name: Araybia Lailah Rose Ahmad Goodlow
    Country: United States
    State: Massachusetts
    Experience: 4 years
    Latest work: photo shoot last week, play 7 months ago
    Ethnicity: African American (mixed) black, white, native american etc.
    Eyes: Huge and brown
    Hair: Back length(normal) chestnut brown/brown(curly)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 85 pounds

    Remember me, thank you for your time and patience!

  32. Emily Deinken

    Hi there! My name is Emily Deinken and I am a HUGE fan of Modern Family! There are so many places where I’m sure I would fit in perfectly! I have been in countless school productions and plays but could see myself with the cast of Modern Family!
    Now a little about me…
    Birthday: 5/21/99
    Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
    Fun Facts: I play the flute, Can’t whistle, and live on a farm!
    Thank you for considering me! Hope to hear from you soon!

  33. Renee Floresca


    Modern Family is one of the best made short family sitcoms ever made. All of the characters on the show are well-written and portray these characters with honesty and humanity. I love the casting choices and how diverse the cast is, not only by culture, but also by acting range.

    Not only are the actors here hilarious, they are also able to go from a very funny moment to serious moments with ease.

    I think adding another Asian American on the show would make this cast even more dynamic considering it takes place in Los Angeles, one of the highest populated Asian American areas in the entire nation.

    I would love to play the friend of Haley, as another pretty, kind of dim-witty girl who pushes her to even worse and sillier decisions and parties with her all the time.

    Another option as a character could be Alex’s even smarter Asian friend (not the dorky type, just super smart and more competitive).

    The final option could be being a relative of Lily (maybe her mother or sister trying to get her back).

    The options are limitless. Not only do I love to act and would commit whole-heartedly, I also enjoy writing, so would love to contribute similar ideas!

    Please email me at <hidden from public> for more information.

    Renee Rises

  34. Oscar Pickering

    My name is oscar Pickering, Modern family is a amazing show and I have always lived it. I think it’s amazing at how good the writing is for this show. I have acted many times before and done many live theatre shows. I have been thinking about singing up for advertisements. I love acting and my mum does a lot. I feel so so honed to be given a chance like this, feel free to ask for photos.

    98 lbs
    13 years of age
    About 5ft 3
    Blonde hair
    Green eyes
    Love acting

    Hope to hear from you

  35. marilynn

    small girl with big dreams, yeah might seem like an average thing to say. why should i be considered for the role? honestly, acting didn’t seem to be my dream at first. maybe i was just scared to show people my real potential; until one day my school was offering solo acting and one act play. at first i was terrified to join or to even audition ,but my principal encouraged me to audition. as i practiced i had fun and moments of happiness, then the competitions came i wowed the judges and got many ribbons and trophies, even nominated and won best actress in school events. thats when i realized that my dream wasn’t law school like i thought it as, but it was performing arts. I might be just another average 13 going on 14 teenager; but one day i will shine brighter then the stars, and hopefully i can start by being hired by you. thank you.

    what i look like:
    hair color: brown
    eye color: brown
    birth date: 08/20/00
    gender: female

  36. brandon lee dineley

    wow! how cool is this? my name is Brandon Lee Dineley and I am honored in just the thought of an opportunity like this.i do not have acting experience,but I am interested in an acting career. I feel I would be a natural. although, I am just 19 yrs, old, I feel since one spends a large part of one’s life at their career; it shouldn”t be just work but fun too. Modern Family is the best show ever.The writters and producers are phenomenal to come up with that kind of material show after show. But the actors are the backbone of the series.They do such a great job, occasionally I get lost in the show and feel like i’m part of the family.I am 6ft.2,lean but muscular.i am an all around athlete;from motorcross to basketball.i have brown hair and eyes,I am Irish and Slovak. I am told by many I should model.i hate saying that cause I am modest.Thank You.

  37. Emma DeNaples

    I’m a 13 year old girl named Emma Sky DeNaples, 5’8.5, and 133 lbs. I have shoulder length curly auburn hair, big green eyes, and freckles. I sing very well, act, play soccer, basketball, and water polo. I speak English and French, as well as a good amount of Spanish, Gaelic and, Latin. I also know sign languahe, brail, and Morse coad. I play the trombone, and I love book and comic books. I go to Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut, where I live, aand get A’s and B’s, with a 89 average. I love to draw, read, and especially write. I also looove trampolines, hula hoops, and jump ropes! I like all animals, and most people, and I am so in love with Modern Family!

  38. Mikaela Buckland

    Hi I am Mikaela Buckland and I am 13 years old. I Have dark brown longer than shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I am 5’4 and have freckles. I am a big fan of modern family and I would love to be on it. I would like to be a recurring character really really bad but I understand if you want me to be a extra I think I have a lot of potential even though I am a aspiring actress. I am shy but I am willing to come out of my shell for you. I have been in two of my middle school musicals before and this year I did my first high school musical.Also even though im 13 I could play a 15 or 16 year old because I look a little older than I am. Well I would love to be an acurring character on the show and I really hope you consider me
    thank you so much Mikaela Buckland

  39. Mikaela Buckland

    Hi I’m Mikaela Buckland and I am 13 years old . I am a aspiring actress. I could probably portray a character that’s two or three years older than I am now ( because I have been asked if I am 15 or 16 years old before). I am 5’4 , I have dark brown hair that is a little bit longer than shoulder length, I am pale but not that pale, I have blue eyes and I also have freckles. Also just thought I should let you know I only speak English. I have been on my two middle school musicals and this year I I did my first high school musical called ‘Into The Woods’. So I am kind of a rookie at acting but I would give you a 110% my best acting skills. Also I am shy but I’ll come out of my shell. I really love watching modern family I would love to be apart of it because I love comedy and I thinks fun to become somebody else. But I love being myself . I would like to be a recurring character but I understand if you want me to be a extra .
    Thank you for considering me please get back to me as soon as you can

  40. Steph F

    Some of my achievements/ hobbies include:
    - Playing at a state level of Basketball and Soccer
    - I have been offered 2 scholarships to go to a professional soccer team/ school
    - I have been playing both sports since I was 2
    - I play guitar (not too well)

  41. Steph F

    Hi my name is Steph, I just turned 16 (July 5th) I am from Melbourne Australia. I will be honest and say that the only acting experience I ever had was drama class and performing infront of a small crowd, but even then I have always gotten very high grades and good feedback on my performance. I know that the show is in America but I am more than happy to fly over if you do consider me. I am 160cm tall, light brown hair, brown eyes and tan color skin. If you ask anyone I know they will say that I am a crazy fan of Modern Family! It would be great to be even considered, I always put more than 110% in anything I do :)

  42. Jesse Hayes

    Hi my name is Jesse Hayes i’m outgoing, i’m charming and i have a great personality and i would like to share it with the world! I’m very driven and will strive and work hard to be successful. My talents are i’m athletic, i’m artistic (sketching, graphic design, pastels), dance (swing dancing, ballroom dancing, free style), and magic. My interests are anything to do with TV, movies and sports, chess, video games, exercise and weight lifting…….and of course looking good!…..oh and modeling.
    The reason you should choose me for an audition is because if you give me the chance i’ll put a 150% of time and effort into learning my part and i will not disappoint! Thank you!

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 131
    Age: 14
    D.O.B. 8/17/1999
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Grade: 9th

  43. Alyssa Greene

    I LOVE THIS SHOW ! And I would love to be on it! It is my favourite show I admire every character. This show is so well written ! I dance, sing and act! I have so many ideas for the show and if I got on what my character could do ! I would love to meet all the actors who I admire so much ! Please email me so I can share my ideas and show you some pictures pf me along with an audition video !!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :)

  44. Nicolai faulknor

    Nicolai Faulknor
    Age: Eleven years old
    D.O.B: September 12,2002
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color:Brown
    Skin color :Brown
    Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing,modeling, mentoring younger girls,track.
    Lives in: New Jersey( near New York)

    ( willing to travel)

    Modern family is my mom and sister and I ‘s fav show EVER!!!

  45. Alex Mueller

    My name is Alex Mueller, 18 from Wisconsin. I should be considered for a part in Modern Family because I have the personality and passion for cameras and technology. I am a huge fan of the show as well, and while watching, I sense dry humor that is the kind of humor that make shows seem more real, modern and hilarious to watch. Throughout school and work, I have been told that I would make a good comedian or a good actor because of my dramatic sense of humor I tend to have regarding several situations. I’ve also gotten comments every time I did an impersonation. “You sound JUST like him” – whether I was impersonating a conversation with a teacher or quoting a celebrity. I used to have a YouTube channel where I would come up with crazy plots and topics to make a fool out of myself with, but it was fun. Now, acting is something I like to do on my free time and I have been trying to make it my nature for the past seven years. I am an adult now and I want to put my “behind the scenes” in action in front of the lights and camera. I’m 18, 6’2″ and have dark brown hair. I am Asian but mostly Caucasian. Photography, graphic design, outdoors and traveling are a few things that make me feel a lot better. I would love to be considered for a casting position as a guest star on Modern Family. I feel like it would be a great opportunity, and I would love to fit in with a talented cast that plays a family in which I would dream of being a part of.

  46. Taylor

    Hello, my name is Taylor. I’m a 12 year old girl with blonde/brown hair. I live in Wisconsin, and it’s not easy getting into the acting industry from where I live. I would love a chance to work with you as an extra(:

    Age: 12 y/o
    Gender: F
    Height: 4’11
    Eye color: Brown
    Weight: 101 pounds
    Hair color: Blonde and brown
    Skin color: Tan

  47. Kayleigh

    Hello my name is Kayleigh I am 17 years old and live in New York. I am Caucasian and have curly hair and I am 4″11. I love the idea of acting it has always been my dream to be an actress. I have been in many plays for my school doing youth theater and drama club. I did a few commercials for my schools television announcements. One day I hope to be on television. I am very familiar with this show and I think that the story line behind it is very funny and relatable.

  48. Taylor Sullivan

    Hello, my name is Taylor Sullivan, I am 21 years old, thin/athletic, with dirty blonde hair. I have wanted to become an actress since I was a young girl, it’s my dream to make a living out of this. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams just as much as actresses have inspired me to follow my dreams. I can also sing, which is something that is a strong passion of mine as well. I would appreciate the opportunity to show you my skills, and I know I won’t disappoint. Thank you.

  49. sarah compton


    I’m Sarah Compton, I’m 15 years old and I live in Toronto Canada, I’m a female (as the name Sarah gives it away) I’m 5″7 (I think) I have seen a couple of episodes of modern family in the past but it wasn’t until recently that I got very into the show. I have watch season 1-4 in a week because I really have no life to be honest. I am currently on S05 E11. this is honestly one of my favorite shows beside the vampire diaries and Pretty little liars. I have recently had the chance to do a acting class at my school and I loved being a character that I normally wouldn’t play. I know you probably wont read this because well I’m me and your you but I would be honoured to be pushed out of my comfort zone and learn new stuff from the cast of this show. if you choose me I wont let you guys down, I will always do my very best and you wont be sorry. feel free to email me, if you want or you don’t have to but ok

    peace out
    sincerely Sarah
    XOXO gossip girl

  50. Ryan Stanley

    My name is Ryan and I’m 19 and an aspiring actor. I love the field. I love the work. I am going to be a successful actor one day, plain and simple.
    I was the leader of my high school’s drama club. Its all I’ve ever done and all I will ever do. If I don’t get my start with Modern Family, I will get it some where.
    That being said, I’m dedicated to this project. I love Modern Family. I watch the show every season, every episode. Its the perfect blend of exaggerated-comedy and accentuated realism. I’m not looking for anything special, just a shot in the dark at an amazing opportunity.
    Thank you for considering me.

  51. Nyary Luca

    Hi my name is Luca Nyary (Im okay with the Lucy too). I am a 14 year old girl. Im from Hungary. I love acting and have played many roles in school plays, and im a voiceover actress too (Im the hungarian voice of Sophie Nélisse). I have a very cheerful personality, im a team worker ,im very creative and good at showing my feelings. I can’t dance I think never really tried it but acting and singing is my life.
    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Hight: 5,4
    Race: White
    Hair: thick, wawy dark brown
    Skin: im really pale
    Eyes: grey-blue shiney eyes
    Languages spoken: Spanish, English, and French

  52. Anahi Espinoza Santos

    Why i should be considered ? Well, let’s not be fake.. Everyone try’s to be professional when they audition, but they aren’t even being themselves sometimes. Let’s be real. Me being on Modern Family is a big step for me to success, I don’t always make it too high but I do make it high enough I’m proud of. I may not have much experience in acting but trying something new always makes you know even more. You don’t always need experience to be good at something. I’m a girl who’s capable to a challenge she is set to. Just email me and say GO.
    Hope You Choose Me :D & All You Know Is My Name & That I’m A Girl, Wanna Know More About Me ? You Got My Email, If You Decide To Choose Me : )

  53. Luca Nyary

    Hi! I heard about your casting opportunities, to be a part of the sitcom, Modern Family if its right please write an answer to me, (thank you for that)
    Here’s my check-in:)
    Hi! Im Lucy Nyary (actually its hungarian version, Luca) and im from Hungary, and this is my favourite tv show. Im 14, im a voiceover actress, and sometimes i take apart in productions. I have grey-blue eyes, and curly dark brown hair. Im 168 cm tall, i have really light skin. Im cheerfull, im a team worker, im Sophie Nélisse’s hungarian voice, and i love to be apart of this show
    So thats me:)
    I think i’d be perfect for that show because i love Modern Family and i always tought this is my dream
    Sincerely: Luca

  54. Luca Nyary

    Hi! Im Lucy (actually its hungarian version Luca) and im from Hungary, and this is my favourite tv show. Im 14, im a voiceover actress, and sometimes i take apart in productions. I have grey-blue eyes, and curly dark brown hair. So thats me:) I cant write down my personality:)
    I think i’d be perfect for that show because i love Modern Family and i always tought this is my dream

  55. Jair Cobos

    Good day my name is Jair Cobos. I am a 16 year old boy. From Atlanta Georgia. All though I look like I’m younger, I’m 5,4 inch tall and I’m slim. I am a very good actor and have played many roles in school plays. I have mostly played villains like Gaston in beauty and the beast, and Jafar in Aladdin. I look like I’m Indian or middle eastern I get that a lot to. I also get called zayn because on my hair cut it’s just like zany’s from one direction. Plus entreating has been a big part of my life at school I’m what some might call the class clown others funny but I’m very fun to be around I can also dance “of course I’m Hispanic” I dance everything but ballet. I can’t sing I think never really tried it but dancing and acting I can do . This a big change for me and my family, but for the good nothing is impossible thanks
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Hight: 5,4
    Race: Hispanic (Mexican
    Hair: thick dark brown
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Skin: tan
    Eyes: long thick eyelashes with dark brown eyes
    Languages spoken: Spanish, English, and French

  56. Christopher

    Hello, my name is Christopher MacDonald. I’m a 15 year old Canadian boy. I have brown hair, somewhat short but still flippable. I’m around 5 foot 8 inches and my arms are longer than average but not to the freaky point. I’m athletic and play quite a few sports. I’m also quite interested in video games and have set a few world records. Sometimes I give off an awkward aura however I’ve been told to be an actor score because of my obscene reactions to things. I have played in a few plays as a child, nothing special. Thank you for considering, I’d be an exceptional addition!

  57. jamien

    Hello my name is jamien brown I am 13 years old from CA, Riverside and I would think I would be an amazing actor for this show most because I can play roles from 13-16. Also I have always wanted to act but until now I have never had the bravery. Also I have seen the show and I think i fit the funny type people like the ones on the show. Anyway i hope I finaly get the chance to act, but if I dont I understand. – JAMIEN

  58. Amy

    halo. my name is Amy.. I love modern family. I am a very happy and enthusiastic person. I want to be an actress. wud love to be in the show

    14 years old
    grade 10
    lives in Namibia(south west Africa)

  59. Mary Elma

    To follow up on my previous comment, here is a description of me:
    •13 years old
    •5’4 1/2
    •131 lbs.
    •Dark Brown medium length hair and brown eyes
    •Skin color: Slightly tan but very close to pale
    •I have glasses.
    •I play SOCCER and like to think I’m very good at it. (Not to sound conceited omg)
    •I also play LACROSSE and I do BOXING.
    •I also WRESTLE.
    Thanks again !!

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