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  1. Isabella Herget

    I am 15 years old. 5’1ft. I am Hispanic. I love modern family I watch it with my family all the time my favorite character is Gloria. She is hilarious. So is the rest of the family. I would love to be an extra in the show like Gloria’s cousin. I love in Texas and i do have some family in California. Thanks for looking at this. I wish I could be in this show. I am taking theater my freshman year witch is rigt know. I kinda have a little acting experience but not a lot. I am really funny once you get to know me. I am shy when I don’t know you so if you would please give me a change it would be great. Thanks so much.

  2. ️Cate Albright

    Hello, my name is ️Cate Albright and I am 13 years old. I am 5’6″, weigh 100lbs blonde, and have hazel eyes. I have always loved acting since I was a little girl but I never got the chance to do it professionally. When my best friend had cancer, I would put on shows for him and the rest of the hospital. I have acted in many school performances and have worked with a teacher from Juliard College over the summer for my acting. In addition, I sing, and play piano, flute, clarinet and violin. Being able to work with you would be such a blessing and such a great experience to launch my acting career.

  3. Dylan Greene

    Hi! I’m Dylan Greene and I watch this show every day! I would LOVE to be a part of this show!!! I don’t care what roll I get because I LOVE this show!! Thank you so much for your time!

  4. S. Selwood

    Well hey howdy, my name is Sebastian Selwood, I’m 18 years of age and live in Australia, I have like 5 seasons of Modern Family and watch every episode over and over again. The funniest thing about Modern Family would have to be when Clair mocks Gloria. I laugh so much! Like the episode when Luke and Manny get into a little scuffle and their parents are called into school, then the principal says something about 1 child being special or something along those lines and then Gloria in her accent says “jes” . Then in the car Claire says “yes” in her accent and I laugh my lungs out. Anyway back to myself, I was born in Papua New Guinea and moved to Australia when I was 2 years old. I’m around 170 cm tall with a dark brown afro, I’m quite skinny and I’m a well cooked sausage colour. I’m not sure how funny I really am but I’ve been told once or twice that I should become a comedian. I can’t sing, I can’t play an instruments but I’d give the violin a shot. Unfortunately I don’t have any acting experience, I’m quite shy when first meeting new people but once I get to know them I’m pretty comfortable around them. I’m no genius like Nolan but I’m street smart so that’s something I guess Ahah… If I had to choose a role for myself I’d wouldn’t mind being Alex Dunphys’ Boyfriend :). So yeah, I’d love to meet the actors of Modern Family and get started whenever you’re ready, cheers

    Sebastian Patrick Selwood

  5. Jillian B

    The first time I saw Modern Family, I knew I was into it. A couple weeks later, I had a day dream in class that I was on Modern Family. I was Phil and Claire’s daughter. The reason I was Phil and Claires daughter is because Phil and Haley are my favorite of everyone. Phil because he makes good jokes and is funny all the time no matter what. Haley because she is always pretty and has a good wardrobe.(I also like Stella)Stella because she is so cute. She is like Jays little princess.  My name is Jillian B and 10 going on 11 soon but that doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m shy but only until I get to know who you are. Everyone in all of the different schools and classes I’ve gone to, everyone makes fun of me because I’m smaller than them. I am blonde with green blue eyes. So, if I am on Modern Family, I can show them that I can be accepted for who I am. I am into The Hunger Games and Divergent series. I can act exactly how you want me to act. I was thinking so Claire to drive all the way to another state to get me pick me up and make up the best story everyone and tell them that she didn’t want to have another kid with her she wanted to see if she could do 3 kids first. Every want to be so surprised they would give me so many presents, and I’d be surprised surprised

  6. A. Jozefa

    Hello. I’m 15 years old girl from Budapest, Hungary. I love acting. I’m half-cast, my Dad came from Nigeria, my Mom’s Hungarian. Everyday I am watching Modern Family! This is my favourite! I love Sofía Vergara, and because I’m Hungarian, I have also accent like her. I am a model, I’m working for a model agency in Budapest. 172 cm tall, very dark brown hair, and 52 kg’s. I should be a very happy girl, if I could act in Modern Family! I hope my dream will come true… Thanks.

  7. Jordan Milazzo

    Well hello there!
    My name is Jordan Milazzo and I am an African-American female and I am 21 years old. I am 4’9″, so yes, I am a legal midget! It’s actually pretty awesome! Now, I won’t lie and tell you that I’ve had experiencing acting but I’ve been told that I have a great sense if humor. I am easy going and I always go with the flow. As of right now I am taking time off of school trying to expand my horizons before I commit to what will one day be my “full time job and career.” To tell you something interesting about myself, I am adopted and happen to live with a Mexican father and a white mother. So yea, I come from a modern family. My half siblings are all old enough to be my parents and my eldest niece is only 3 years younger than myself! Yup it’s a unique situation but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!My family has 5 generations so our house and gatherings are never boring. And you know what they say “it’s not a party until grandma swings at the piñata!” Well I’m not sure if that’s a saying, but it should be!

    Anyways, I would grateful to hear back and I would love to be considered to be a part of Modern Family.

    Thank you,
    Jordan Milazzo

  8. Avi Sipe

    My name is Avi Sipe, I am 5’2 and almost 13. I have medium length ( toward the longer side) , dirty blond hair and blue green eyes. I am about 103 pounds and love to act. I have done some modeling for burton snowboards in the past and have done lots of plays in my local town. The plays are part of a group called Very Merry Theater and I been doing it for as long as I can remember. I can sing but I don’t really love musicals and fantasies anymore such as The king and I, Peter Pan, The sound of Music, Oliver Twist, Pinocchio and many more. I would much rather be doing real life acting such as Modern Family. I love to play soccer, horseback ride sing and ACT! I practicing acting and singing once a day because I feel that you can always improve.I know that a lot of people just say they practice once a day, but don’t. I do I take voice lessons once a week and do theater often. I know that this is like a one in a million shot, but I am really trying to be seen as an actress more and more. If you would want a picture just email me!

  9. Diego Aguilar Lopez

    I am 14 years old teen boy (I will be 15 years old the 11th of February). I love this show as most people do, but I literally dream about being part of the show (I am using literally correctly, not as an exageration). I can not explain how happy I would be if you choose me. I live in Norway, 1.5 hours drive from Oslo. I am from Mexico but born in Sweden. I play the classical guitar and the Electric guitar I am in a band that play punk rock- pop and old pop, I dance, I have also been teaching myself piano lately and I play football/Soccer. I speak: English Fluently- Norwegian Ok- Spanish- understandable. I may just be another fan that wants to join the show commenting on this very site but I am also different than the rest because I acknowledge that; and also I am have this rare personality were I have different personalities (not schizophrenia).
    I am a highly enthusiastic kid that gets to happy about the smallest things.
    I am 164 cm tall and weigh 44 kg (metric system) I have place hair, longer than the average boy hair (I will send a picture of me so that I can be more specific, but only if you prove that you are a real company).

    Of course I have dreams and your choice could change my life for the better or worse, I guess “YOU’VE GOT THE POWER!” Please consider me.

    Diego Aguilar

  10. Sophie Butler

    I love this show soooooo much!!!! I hope you consider having me on this shoe!

  11. Andrés Ramírez

    Hi my name is Andrés, or you can call me Andy. I would love to be part od the modern family show. I’m from Costa Rica, i am 17 years old. And i have been in a couple of commercials here in my country. I will be in L.A. in march! Hope you consider me. BTW, i can make a very good Sofía Vergara’s accent impression haha.

  12. Jackie

    Hi my name is Jackie and im 13 years old. But i can pass for like a 15 year old lol. I live in new york. i think im like 5’5. I have dirty blond hair thats straight, kind of like alexs, but its longer than hers. i can sing, i play sports like soccer, basketball, lacrosse, softball, feild hockey, and others. Growing up i always was “the shy kid” or “the quiet girl” but when i act i like come out of my shell and i am like the loudest most annoy person you will ever meet. ok i might be over exzargerrating
    sorry i have no idea how to spell that lol. but i love acting and also singing. im a very sweet girl. on my free time i ussaly sit on my phone, hang with friends, or help people with special needs. since I grew up with an older severelly autistic brother i have a big heart when it comes to that stuff. Okay i feel like i just keep on going on and on about my life. So i hope u considerd me for any part in the show. But since writing to you i was thinking, if u dont have an idea for any parts, which u probaly do i just think cam and mitchell should adopt another girl but older so then lily can have like an odler sister. i would love to play a part like that. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND KEEP MAKING AMERICA LAUGH WITH YOUR AMAZING COMEDY. LOVE YOU GUYS

  13. Belsy Murillo

    Hi My name is Belsy Murillo I’m 16 years old and reside in California. For experience I have acted in school plays. I believe I would make a great fit for Modern Family because my personality could fit in. I am a weird person yet quirky & confident. I’m pretty funny. I love acting but I don’t have any professional training which I think is cool because I’m like clay, ready to be molded.

  14. Umar Azad

    Hello, My name is Umar Azad, thirteen years old.
    Height 5.4′ and weight 47 kg.
    I have experience in acting, not in television but stage.
    Acted as Macbeth,Othelo ,Romeo.
    I live in Sri Lanka, from a poor family so would be a good opportunity for me to move forward in my life.
    No stage fear, i currently study at St,Anthonys College Sri Lanka.

  15. Hadassa

    Helo, my name is Hadassa and I am 36 years old and I am Brazilian. I am going to be in Los Angeles between 3 and March 10, and I will love to be part of the filming. If You need more Brazilian I am going in a group of 6 Brazilians (3 gays and 3 girls) all between 22 and 38 years old and good looking too. Hahahaha. I speak spanish also, só I can be friend of Glória. Hahahaha. I will be wanting for your e-mail…

  16. Chloe Olsson

    My name is Chloe Olsson, I am 15 years old, I am 5’5, I weigh 55Kg and I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I have long, straight, brown hair and brown eyes. I don’t have much acting experience, in fact the only acting I have done is in ‘Drama’ at school. I have done Musical theater productions, but nothing big. I never went for the main roles because I can come across as quite shy, however once you get to know me I can crack a few jokes. My sense of humor is pretty well rounded, I think that I am the kind of person that isn’t funny when they are trying to be but when they aren’t trying people tend to laugh. I would describe my self as bubbly, happy and friendly. As I don’t have much experience I am a fast learner and a good listener. I understand that I live in Australia and ‘Modern Family’ is filmed in America, that isn’t an issue as I can move. Overall I would love to be a part of the cast and crew, even if it is a small part. Thank you for your time.

  17. stella

    I’m stella and I’m 14 soon to be 15 years old and I really love modern family I Iove the actors in the cast and I think it would be really fun to be an extra or any part pretty much, thanks for reading!

  18. Ben kelly

    I would love to be apart of this amazing comedy, I think I would fit right into the cast because I’m very funny and I always try to turn a serious situation into a funny situation. I’m 32, 6’1″ 190lbs Caucasian male, no I don’t have big acting resume to show for but I gurantee one thing and that is that I know how to make someone laugh, and in order to do so sometimes you have step outside of your box and let’s be honest I’m always outside the box. The truth is I could sit here all day and fill your heads full of stuff saying why you should cast me, but you could also get a good look at a thigh by sticking your head up a chickens butt ! But wouldn’t you rather take a butchers word for it! Haha anyway I hope you consider me because you won’t be sorry.

  19. Jeffrey Villarrubia

    Hello, my name is Jeffrey Villarrubia and I am 20 years old from Massachesuttes, USA. I think I should be considered for Modern Family because I am up for the challenge of any role. I’ve competed in performing arts competitions for the past 2 years (going on my third this year). My most challenging theater experience was playing both Prince Eric and King Triton in The Little Mermaid. There was two different cast so it depended on the night to determine who I was playing. I’m a quick learner and am willing to try anything that’s thrown at me.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Nayla Ferreira

    Hello , my name is Nayla Ferreira . I’m 17 years old and I was born in Oklahoma , Tulsa and currently living in Africa but moving to NYC in about 5 months . I have been im various plays like Music In Our Heart , 13 and The Little Mermaid . I have some experience with being able to act infront of a lot of people . Modern Family has been my favorite tv show for the past 2 years and it would absolutely mean the world to me to participate in this tv show. .
    Thank you for you attention .

  21. Manoela Torres

    Hello my name is manoela Torres and I am a Brazilian girl, my passion is to act. I speak fluent english as I study at the british school where I take drama classes for 10 years. I am 1.55 meters tall, I am 14 years old, I weight 48kg and I have brown eyes and brown hair. I think I would be perfect for any role in modern family my friends say that I am the funny one. I love the show I have watched every single episode and it would be an honor to participate in it.

  22. Ashley

    Hello, My name is Ashley, I’m 14 years old and I reside in Long Island, New York. Modern Family is one of my all time favorite shows! I have previously modeled for Generation Model Managment and have been in several sticker and childrens books. I am a big soccer player. I am also a sprinter o my track team, and I also play volleyball. I have been in two school plays and have gotten lead roles in both. I was recently an extra in the new James Franco movie “I am Michael”. It was such an amazing experience being able to meet and have fun with the cast. I am comfortable around crowds, and overall would love to be part of the show!

  23. Anthony Williams

    I’ve tried over and over again to stand out from the crowd while typing this, so I’m just going to cut ti the chase… I’m Anthony Williams, 14 years old, but soon to be 15. I’ve been introduced to the show just recently, and I like it. I feel that I would fit into the show because of the fact that the sense of humor in the show is the same as my own. Thank you for reading this, I would appreciate the consideration, and good day!

  24. Patrick Lipinski

    i am not going to lie my name is Patrick Lipinski i am 19 years old and live in Manchester, UK i dont have fancy qualifications nor have i been to a fancy acting school, i have only been in local productions of stage shows, never west end as i say i dont have everything handed down to me like some people, if i want something i have to do it on my own i dont have a rich family that can send me to posh acting academies all you need to know is that acting is my passion i just need someone to help me unlock the door, and i promise you will not be disappointed, who am i kidding if you have never been in anything professional you have no chance at even getting a paid job let alone a agent, maybe i should give up who would want me to star in a movie because im just a poverty-stricken mancunian with dreams, im not good looking like a model because of growing where i live. its either acting or prison and i really want it to be acting, i never finished high school because i was bullied as i have dyspraxia and i found the work a bit confusing, went college for a year and was bullied there so that made me depressed and have anxiety which ended up with me self-harming its only the past 3 years that i have really brought my confidence up still have no mates but who needs them anyway they just stab you in the back. just need someone who has a heart to believe in me for a change.

  25. Celine

    Hey, my name is Celine and I am 13 years old, I am soon 14 years. I love Modern Family and it’s just so funny, every time I watch it I laugh so hard that I think I am going to die. I am from Norway, and I can see my self as a character in Moderne Family. I can may see my self as a Norwegian exchange student. I can speak English, but you can hear, that I am from Norway when I spreak! I hope you takes contackt with me:)

  26. agustin de la vega

    Hello, my name is agustin im 14 years old and im from monterrey mexico, since i was a little boy i wanted to be famous, at the begining of the year i started to see modern family. And sofia make me think that i can make my dreams come true, because she came from another country and i know i can do it, everyone tell me that im just wasting time but one day i will triunf. I see myself as a cousin of gloria or something like that, i can act very well so please give me an oportunity, i want this more than other person

  27. Ryan C

    Hello, My name is Ryan. I have been watching modern family for about 3 years now & I just have to say that I really love the show. I have to say that I really think that I would be really good doing a part on Modern Family because I can handle what ever I have to say from the script without taking it too seriously. I believe that if I have to say something funny or what ever I’ll just get the job done. I also think that some of the other cast members might think I’m funny because I like joking around with people and like making them laugh sometimes. If I get a part in the show the rest of my family members won’t believe it they would be really shocked if they see me on the show because they can’t stop watching it. They wouldn’t be able to get out of shock mode to be honest with you ;). Ok I better wrap this up I hope that you guys reply back to me as soon as you can I’d really like to here something back ok Thx Again, Ryan.

  28. Alice

    Hi, my name is Alice, I´m from Portugal and I´m 14 years old, my weight is 99 pounds and I´m 5,3ft tal. I have dark Brown hair and Brown eyes, I´m brunete and I wear glasses. The only time i have act is with my friends, but i think that having a girl from a dfrent country would be good. I learn fast, and I can speak English, I am chatty and have good humor, but I’m a little shy at first. It would be very nice to be part of a series of success like this, I went through a lot over my 14 years, but I’m glad it happened because it made me a brave person, who is not afraid to do what she likes, or to pursue their dreams. If you contact me I would appreciate it if you could tell me where is that filmed the serie. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  29. Sucre

    Hey, I am 14 years of age. My nationality is Bangladeshi and I would love to be part of the show; even though the chances are pretty low. Oh well, I believe that you should consider me because I like to think I have a great personality and a drive to wanting to learn. I see many that many people have applied and it may be hard to choose, but I think these qualities will differentiatship me among the rest:I am very captivated, a true determination in wanting to succeed, I have confidence, have insight, I am able to use my intelligence to research roles and impart that knowledge into my acting to develop more convincing attributes of the character, have good physical movement, a great charm and find it easy to entertain, have Some Sense of Vanity and I bring professionalism to the table.

  30. Fernando

    Hey, I am 14-years of age and I would like to have the chance to join the cast. I mean who doesn’t, it would be totally wicked, anyways my nationality is Bangladeshi & I am from UK. Even though the chances are very low, I might as-well give it a shot. Thankyou !!!

  31. Juan Rincon

    My name Is Juan Rincon and i am 24 years old… I see myself perfectly in the show Modern Family as a close relative to Gloria or as any other role that relates to the family. Specially as a salesperson getting along with Phil and Jay or as a guy friend close with Mitchell and Cam! in real life I do have friends like the ones of the cast of Modern Family and having easy adaptation to any role that would give me an opportunity to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to cast with the perfect team would make me the excellent choice!

  32. Landry laure donghDongho

    I am a 27yrs old female originally from west Africa. I have always dreamt of bein g and actor especially in comedy. I never believe I could the chance to show off my talent until I move to kansas city, MO in 2009. I am very funny, sociable, and attract people because of my personality. People love being my friends because they are never sad when they are around me. I am sure that I can be a great with hard work. I know being successful is not easy and I promise that if you give me the chance I will prove it.

    Thank you

  33. Sarah Tifft

    Hi! My name’s Sarah.
    I’m 19 years old, and live in a pretty little town in Northern Minnesota. I’ve always wanted to act, but never did act on stage a whole bunch. I really don’t know how to get started, but even a small role on Modern Family would be great! I’ve certainly tried with plenty of other shows, but haven’t heard anything so far. This would be an amazing opportunity!

  34. Victoria Hamelin

    Hello my name is Victoria Hamelin I am thirteen years old. last time I went to the doctors (one month ago) I weighed 98 pounds. I am 5ft tall. My original hair colour is brown but it is dyed dirty blonde. I can sing, play the recorder, guitar and some piano. I do have experience from Westben arts and festival theatre I have had two solos over the course of two years, I played a lead roll in the SFT (Sterling Festival Theatre) and I sing in a choir every Saturday. I am comfortable around people I don’t know and speaking in front of crowds. I am currently writing a song. If there is any more information you need to know please contact me at <hidden from public>. Also I need to know where it is filmed and if it is consistent with where I live.

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