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  1. Brian R

    I’m Brian and I would love to by on my favorite show! I am an avid fan and wish I could be part of this family!

    African American
    26yrs old


  2. Matthew Kroch

    Hi my name is Matthew Kroch and I’ve always wanted to star on a hit comedy show. I personally think Modern Family is the right show for me to be in. I am 13 years old, I weigh 104 lbs, I am an Asian American, I was originally born in Lowell, MA, but currently live in Fitchburg, MA. It has literally been my dream since 7 to become famous and to become an actor. I can also sing. I am 5’5. I am also very very funny and humorous. I’ve been highly dramatic my whole life.

  3. Catarina Babo

    Hi my mame is Catarina Babo i m 15 years old i m Portugal and modern family is one of my favoritos sows i want to be an actrees for a long time and i m a fun girl and i would love to make an audition to modern family please contact me

  4. Rekarri Walker

    Hi! my name is Rekarri Walker and i am a huge fan of the show! im an aspiring actress and i think a personality like mine is just what the show needs to make it a even bigger hit ! please consider me for a role you wont regret it. feel free too contact me at anytime .
    African American
    23yrs old
    A smile that will light up a room with a personality to match!
    Thank you,
    Rekarri Walker

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