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  1. LyricsOverMusic AkaiEE

    My name is LyricsOverMusic AkaiEE.  I’m based out of Michigan and travel. I am published model and writer. I model male and female lines and also have done acting for both genders as well. I have done swimsuit modeling before and after my tattoos. I thank you for your time and hope my feminine, masculine, androgynous look is what you’re looking for.

  2. Taylor and Calla Martin

    Hi we are Taylor and Calla and we are identical twins who are 17 and eager to try new things. This would be an exciting opportunity. We have a YouTube channel called TaylorandCalla so you should most defiantly check it out to see us. Thanks so much!

  3. Michelle Montalvan

    Hi my name is Michelle Montalvan, I am 15 years old, I would to be a cast member or even a extra. I want to experience acting and this could help me become more dedicated to my acting career.

  4. Freya pearce

    Hello my name is freya I am eleven years old and I have long brown hair and greeny blueey eyes I love the show and have always imagined being on it I have been In some plays and would love to try to instead thank you for your consideration have if you think I would be right plz contact me on my email

  5. Daniel Watkins

    Hey, my name is Daniel,
    I am 16 years old from Australia.
    I have long blonde hair, and I’m 180 cm tall. I love acting and have lots of experience. I watch Modern Family all the time and think it is hilarious, I have green eyes, and tanned skin.
    And I would love to be a part of your amazing cast :”)

  6. Omar Mora

    Hello, my name is Omar Mora and I am 13 years old. I’ll love to be part of Modern Family. I love how the show is well put. I always watch this show whenever it comes. I may have to do other stuff, but I’ll be doing my homework and be watching this hilarious show! I hope I can be part of this show. I’ve always love to be in plays whenever I get a chance too. I always push myself hard to get the main roll. I hope you guys take this in consideration.

  7. Diego Silva

    Hello there
    I am 16 years old about to turn 17 in July of this year
    I really think that I am a perfect candidate for this new season of modern family.i have no experience but everyone litterly everybody always tell me that I need to be an actor I am very funny and I love to improvise .
    I’m Mexican ,brown eyes, black hair and I am 5’8

  8. Archita Shrivastava

    Hi my name is Archita and I am turning 12 years old in July. I live in Atlanta,GA and being a part of this show would mean the world to me because I watch this show every Wednesday when it comes out and it would be such an honor to work with such incredible actors! I don’t have an opinion on what type of role I could get but I would be great either as an extra or a speaking role. I am easy to work with and I love to make people smile and laugh while still taking acting very seriously. I am 4’11 and I have long black curly hair, big brown eyes, long eyelashes, and very athletic due to cheerleading competitively. I am very compassionate and so very determined. I hope you’ll consider me, thanks!

  9. Tom

    Hi imTom stand up comedian in Sydney but an Essex Brit. Looking to work in TV sitcoms my family is a great show!

    5″11 slim build dark short hair green eyes



  10. Gloria

    Hey im gloria im 13 i love to act. It has been my favorito thing to do since i was 5. I watching this show everyone wednesday it comes out.
    Im a female
    5 3\4
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    if you thing im right for this joven please contacto me tu my instagram @_gtxo

  11. Laura A

    Hello,my name is Laura and I’m 24 years young. I reside in Chicago, IL and I am Hispanic.I am very fond of the show and I would absolutely love the opportunity to star in the show. I love the sense of humor and the dedication of all the hardworking cast, directors and writers. I hope you will consider me and I appreciate the time you took to read my response. Thank you.

  12. George Greenland

    Hi, my name is George Greenland.

    I am 20 years old from Essex in the UK.
    I am a massive fan of Modern Family and have watched it since it began screening in the UK.
    I have been acting from a particularly young age and have a lot of experience both on stage and in front of a camera. I have had some training in Acting and have attended The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama on the Gap Year diploma. To be a part of Modern Family would be a huge privilege as it is my favourite sitcom on television. The writing and acting is outstanding and I would love to come and play a young British male in one of modern TV’s most loved sitcom’s.

    Thanks a lot!

    Cheers from the UK


  13. Kassandra Bailey

    I would love to be involved in this show! It is so fun and full of energy. I am 19 years old, caucassion, and female. Acting is my life. It is my passion. I have been performing since I was 4. I sing,act, write, and even rap! Right now I live in Canada, Ontario, in a small city. I amlooking to get out of here and follow my dreams by becoming a part of something magical. I am currently getting paid to potray disney princess characters and sing at childrens birthday parties, I’m looking for my shot, and I’m hoping this might be it.

  14. Daniel Mutton

    Hello, my name is Daniel. I am 16 years old and I was born and currently live in Ontario, Canada. I am 5’11”. I have short black coloured hair and brown eyes. I am one that makes others laugh. I have been a part of plays at my local church and schools. I go to an arts school but am not a part of drama or acting. I think it would be amazing to become a part of Modern Family. I have watched every episode of every season and I have seen the smiles on peoples faces who are on the set. I am a very kind person and a very easy person to work with. It would be very cool to be a part of your show. Let me know.

    Thank you for your time,

  15. Kourtney Story

    Hi, my name is Kourtney Story. I am 18 years old and live in Oklahoma. I have dreamt of being an actress my whole life and have always told my family that one day I will get there. I am very outgoing, energetic, hardworking, and self motivated. I have watched Modern Family since day one and have always seen myself as apart of this show. I think this would be the perfect opportunity for me to start my acting career. I am 5’2″ I have brown hair and brown eyes and would love to be apart of the Modern Family cast, hope to hear from someone soon.

  16. Paola Hernandez

    Hi my name is paola Hernandez i am Latin like sofia vergara but i loive in sandiego california i speak spanish that is my first language i am white i have green blue eyes i am 5″3 height and my hair is hazel briwn kind of blonde i have had experience in mexican magazines i modeled and acted for mexican movies and i would love to hear back contract me at my email <hidden from public>

  17. Ty Scott

    Hi, my name is Ty’Asja Scott but most people call me Ty. I am An African-American 13 year old who would love to be a part of this family. As I watch Modern Family, I feel as if I am a part of it. There are a lot of episodes that I can relate to from personal experiences. Trust me. It would be an honor to be a role in Modern Family. This could be a once in a life time opportunity for me to put myself out there and show the world what I am made of. In my years, I have performed in many plays for example, it elementary school, we put together a school play for Martin Luther Kind Jr. day as a tribute to him where as I played Coretta Scott King.

    In conclusion, I would love to be a part of Modern Family!

  18. Lauren Leach

    Hello, I’m Lauren Leach, and an 18 year old Australian actor. I am very determined, enthusiastic, energetic and hard working. Being apart of Modern Family would be an amazing opportunity for me to really kick start my career. I love the show and its humour and I feel I would make a great contribution with my energy, my humorous personality and my dedication. I have brown curly hair and light brown eyes and I’m 5’7. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the Modern Family cast and hope to hear from you soon :)

  19. lushomo katungu

    Hello. My Name is Lushomo, I’m an African who really has a dream of acting. I’m 14 years old and i love acting and dancing. If i get this role it would really mean a lot to me. I would love to jump start my career and would really be grateful if u help me make my dream come true. I’m 5’9 i am brown in colour,i have medium hair length, i have brown eyes and my hair colour is black with a tad of brown.

  20. Ajai-lyn

    Hi I’m Ajai-lyn Joseph I am 12 years old and I have always loved to preform and act. I don’t do much plays like other kids unless the ones in school count but I always am acting an being super dramatic around my family and my friends. Modern family is one of my favorite tv shows along with Girl Meets World, Bella and the Bulldogs and Once Upon a Time that I really enjoyed to watch. My mom and I watch that show all the time. Oops can’t foget about background, I have one 15 year old brother and my dad is in the ARMY. I get along with people really well and I work hard and I’m no slacker, it would be an honor be on the phenomenal hit TV show Modern Family.

    Thank you for your time
    Ajai-lyn Joseph

  21. Katie Brown

    HI, I’m Katie Brown and would love an opportunity to audition for you. I would be a great addition to your fabulous cast. I am;
    5 years old
    3’9″ tall
    long brown hair
    brown eyes

  22. Sheni Kasandra Banegas

    Hi I’m Kassy I’m a 19 year old Latina female. I’d love to be a cast member or even a extra to get my acting career started I’m very dedicated. I went to a performing arts high school named Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences and I was in the advanced theater class. Even though I am Latina people usually think I’m Hawaiian, Native American, or Philippine.

  23. Samantha Smith

    My name is Samantha, I go by Sam. I was born in Michigan, lived in Tennessee for several years, and now I reside in Southern California. I am turning 26 years old this week and am anxious to explore the fields of modeling and tv/movie extra. I have quite a few tattoos and enjoy fitness activities. I am about 5’2″ and typically have light blonde hair. I am a spunky, unique, and outgoing individual who is determined, passionate, and loyal. Playing any kind of a part in this television series would be fitting and exciting for me because I come from a unique and ever changing family that has many quirks but we’re surrounded by love. I am open to discuss any questions or comments if I am chosen to play a part in the latest season of Modern Family.

  24. Charlie Hassall

    Hi my name is Charlie Hassall i am from the UK i performed at the grand theatre i am:-
    •13 years old
    •5.0ft tall
    •Short blonde hair

  25. Freyjah maddern

    Hey I’m Freyjah and I’m 14 from Australia. Being an extra or a cast member would be a great pleasure for me as I watch the show all the time and I am a teen actor. I have been in several musicals and I feel as if I should continue on with my acting ability. My eyes are very dark brown and my hair is a copper orange. I have always got energy and sometimes I can be a bit crazy. Please contact me if you think I would be appropriate. Thanks

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