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  1. Katie Brown

    HI, I’m Katie Brown and would love an opportunity to audition for you. I would be a great addition to your fabulous cast. I am;
    5 years old
    3’9″ tall
    long brown hair
    brown eyes

  2. Sheni Kasandra Banegas

    Hi I’m Kassy I’m a 19 year old Latina female. I’d love to be a cast member or even a extra to get my acting career started I’m very dedicated. I went to a performing arts high school named Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences and I was in the advanced theater class. Even though I am Latina people usually think I’m Hawaiian, Native American, or Philippine.

  3. Samantha Smith

    My name is Samantha, I go by Sam. I was born in Michigan, lived in Tennessee for several years, and now I reside in Southern California. I am turning 26 years old this week and am anxious to explore the fields of modeling and tv/movie extra. I have quite a few tattoos and enjoy fitness activities. I am about 5’2″ and typically have light blonde hair. I am a spunky, unique, and outgoing individual who is determined, passionate, and loyal. Playing any kind of a part in this television series would be fitting and exciting for me because I come from a unique and ever changing family that has many quirks but we’re surrounded by love. I am open to discuss any questions or comments if I am chosen to play a part in the latest season of Modern Family.

  4. Charlie Hassall

    Hi my name is Charlie Hassall i am from the UK i performed at the grand theatre i am:-
    •13 years old
    •5.0ft tall
    •Short blonde hair

  5. Freyjah maddern

    Hey I’m Freyjah and I’m 14 from Australia. Being an extra or a cast member would be a great pleasure for me as I watch the show all the time and I am a teen actor. I have been in several musicals and I feel as if I should continue on with my acting ability. My eyes are very dark brown and my hair is a copper orange. I have always got energy and sometimes I can be a bit crazy. Please contact me if you think I would be appropriate. Thanks

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