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  1. Leticia Laurenti

    Hello, I am a Cuban American energetic young woman who has participated in other lain beauty pageants and continue to strive for my ultimate goal. I am 28 years old and am very much involved with fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy dancing, working out and have been on several Spanish commercials and would love to make my dream come true and host a show one day. I hope to have the opportunity to participate in this show and show all of the viewers my personality and what an amazing new addition I could be to television. hope to see you Guys soon!!! :))

  2. Monica Valdez

    Hello, my name is Monica Valdez and I’m 28 years young :)
    I participate in different pageants, and host local tv show, besides other things such as hand modeling, etc… I love singing, cooking, dancing (specially salsa), eating, working out, and love life, and a very happy person! Born in Guatemala, Spanish was my first language and I love watching Novelas haha!! One of my biggest dreams is to become a known model, actress, host… And I know this could be the opportunity of my life. Therefore, I know that I can represent Latinas here in US and all around the world through this show!

    Weight: 115 lbs
    Height: 5’5
    Tan and fit…

  3. Laura Rodriguez

    I am 24 years old, born and raised in Venezuela, I reside now in the State of New Jersey. I am a professional dancer and I will love to develop my career as a model, since I’ve always loved to be a model. I worked several years in a TV network in my country; therefore, I know how to work as a team and so in competitions. I will love this opportunity to grow, learn and become a better artist in the future. ( plus I love Model Latina )
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: dark Brown
    Weight: 117
    Height: 5’1 (petite and curvy)
    Skin Color: Tanned
    Languages: English and Spanish

  4. Joanna Parada

    Hola buenos días! Mi nombre es Juana Parada y tengo 23 años de edad. Hago la perfecta Model Latina porque me encarno todos los rasgos que una latina Modelo debería tener. Yo soy una chica Mexicana y orgullosa! Siempre he soñado con ser un modelo desde que era muy joven. Mi sueño sólo ha quedado en suspenso debido a mis opciones en avanzar en mi educación. Yo realmente no tengo ninguna oportunidad de brillar a través de sesiones de fotos y anuncios de la impresión, pero si su gente una cosa que me dicen es que soy muy fotogénica. Creo que mi sueño no me ha pasado y que el tiempo es ahora! Para mí, para empezar a vivir mi vida como yo lo imaginaba!. Creo que una de mis mejores cualidades es mi ética de trabajo y la eficiencia del tiempo. Nunca me gusta llegar tarde! Nada me gustaría más que sólo para tener a la oppourtunity para mostrar lo que puedo hacer, y para demostrar que yo Model Latina digna.

    Joanna Parada
    Edad 23
    estatura 5’5
    100 libras de peso
    Pelo largo y castaño oscuro Joanna Parada
    Edad 23
    estatura 5’5
    100 libras de peso
    Pelo largo y castaño oscuro

  5. janine fittipaldi

    Age: 26
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 100

    Hello, my name is Janine Fittipaldi. I believe I should be considered for this because I feel I represent one of the important aspects of what it means to be a modern Latina– I’m bi-cultural and very proud of it. I’m 1\2 Italian, 1\4 Dominican, and 1\4 Puerto Rican. Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of the launch of a new campaign, Orgullosa! Chosen as one of five actresses to perform in a beautifully written play, Nueva Latina Monologues, written and directed by Linda Nieves-Powell, I got to be part of a project meant to inspire Latina women to be proud of who they are. In addition, this project gave me a stronger desire to serve as a voice for other Latina women, especially those of multi cultural backgrounds. I graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NY) in April and am now pursuing my a career in acting and print modeling full force! I hope to be considered and hear back from you.

  6. janine fittipaldi

    Name: Janine Fittipaldi
    Age: 26
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 100
    Nationality: 1\2 Italian, 1\4 Dominican, 1\4 Puerto Rican

    I’d love to be considered for this. I believe I should be a part of this because I feel I represent an important aspect of what it means to be a modern Latina– I’m bicultural and extremely proud of it. The last show I’d done instilled this sense of pride in me even more. Earlier this week, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the launch of a new campaign, Orgullosa! What an exciting experience!! I was one of five women cast in a beautifully written piece, Nueva Latina Monologues, written and directed by the wonderful and talented Linda Nieves-Powell. The show was performed the day of the launch. I feel so lucky to have been part of this because not only did it make me even prouder to be who I am, but also because it was my first acting gig since graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NY) in April last year. Now, I’m even more hungry for my career as an actress and model.

    I want to be an inspiration and voice for other Latina women, and feel I represent the complete package. I’m pursuing a career in acting and print modeling.

    Below are a few links to my most recent project and a link to my fb page.

    My email address is: <hidden from public>



  8. Kimberly Franco

    19yrs old
    Exotic look
    Brown hair
    115 pounds
    Size 3 bottom
    Xs top
    Shoe size 6
    Light skin
    Big bold brown eyes
    Driven, motivated, and Ready to be the next model Latina!

  9. Luisiana Figueroa

    I am Mexican, 24 years old.
    I’ve dreamt of being an actress and model since I was 5, but I never thought I had that talent. Now in day I am more confident and I am very good at following directions that’s why I think I would thrive in a modeling carrier and this would be the perfect opportunity to pursue this dream I should have pursue a long time ago. I am photogenic, love my body and love trying out new things. If I get this opportunity I will give it all I have, I would give it all I have not only for me but for my family, all the girls that need the extra push of confidence and for you guys as a thanks for giving me a chance.
    Please consider me
    Luisiana Figueroa
    Age: 24
    Hight: 5’3
    Weight: 140

  10. Yoselin Flores

    Name: Yoselin Flores
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 130
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Mexican/American

    Hola Buenas Noches,
    My name is Yoselin Flores and i would be a perfect Model Latina. I believe I deserve that title not only for me but, for all the women who are proud of being Latin and proud of where they come from. With that title I hope to inspire women to fight for what they want, to fight for what’s right, and to be true to themselves. I hope to teach them that they should always be happy with themselves and to stay original. Never wish to be any one else cause every women is best at being themselves. I was bullied in middle school for being the tall,skinny, anorexic, “toothpick.” I was alone and very depressed but, the day I left middle school I told myself that i would never let anyone else push me around. Since that day on I’ve made it my goal to help women and girls who are dealing with that sort of thing get through it and let them know they’re not alone. I know with this title I will be given more opportunities to help and make at least Little bit of a difference .

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