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  1. Deborah Gross

    I live in Cincinnati Ohio and work at LyondellBasell at 11530 Northlake Drive. I am turning 50 on January 14, 2015 and I would love to have a surprise flash mob to the Cupid Shuffle. I have had 1 birthday party in my 49 years and it was when I turned 40 and my husband, David and I threw that ourselves. I am always doing for others at work, at home and for relatives. It would be great to have something just once be all about me. Thank you for considering.

    Deborah & David Gross

  2. Anne Leary Skenzich

    Hey everyone -

    This has been a year of no up’s and all down’s — I had surgery in 2013
    and as a complication of that, I went into kidney failure, suffered the
    effects of malnutrition (couldn’t keep anything in), and had to take
    medical leave from my PhD program; recovering from that I started to
    notice some mental oddities and realized that my 13+ years of remission
    had ended as a result of thru stress that the whole kidney/malnutrition
    thing put on my body. The disease is pretty horrible – so horrible
    there isn’t a name, only a neurologist’s throwaway diagnosis with the
    issue that causes trouble attached at the end: Organic Brain Syndrome
    (OBS (that’s the throwaway bit)) characterized by cerebral atrophy. Basically, my brain is
    disintegrating in episodes; no known cause or treatment, so no cure.
    From the first time I had “an episode” in 1987 to the last time, the “big” time, 9/1192001,
    I’d lost 22% of my brain.

    The reason I say 2001 was the “big” time is because I lost an estimated 11% of my brain in about 90 days, stopped sleeping, and it was the first time a doctor said “this will kill you in 3-5 years.” And the irony of being told “you’re going to die” at the same moment that, unknown to any of us in that testing suite, thousands were learning that same horrible fact. It certainly put all my little problems into perspective, you know? As I lose the brain tissue, I lose me because I lose all memories. Currently I am a 50yo woman who had no childhood – I’ve lost all memories of everything before age 18. Since this current episode started I’ve lost an additional 5% of brain tissue* and memories from age 17 thru age 18 (senior year of high school and 1st yr of college).
    *= estimated – the wonderful clinician with whom I’ve worked compares my current image to past images to see what structures I’ve lost (e.g., I’ve lost all of the amygdala), then he must compare the image to images of a person of my age with a normal brain because we all lose some brain tissue as we age. In his estimation, my brain is similar to that of a healthy 89yo, minus the amygdala.

    I will die from this, and I’m OK with that. I’m also disabled due to stupid medical errors and refusals of doctors to do anything but do palliative care for neural injuries to my legs and spine (I walk with the assistance of crutches, sometimes use a wheelchair). What I would dearly love to do is give my family one last time to see me happy and walking, dancing, and being with them and friends. I used to be a rodeo rider, but I don’t think I could manage to rope anything – but I could ride in at a dead run, sliding stop on a reining horse? Or I did dressage and jumping, so something like that would take my parents back – they only ever saw pictures of me at rodeo (first female team roper in the higfh school leagues! Boys couldn’t decide if they loved me or hated me lol!!), but the events were too far away for Mom who raised the 3 of us on her own, and DJ (bio dad) didn’t come to but 1 of my things. Despite that, I want to give him a final memory – his Parkinson’s is advancing and having researched it, I know that his quality of life isimpreoved but length shortened by the drugs.

    I know with which drug cocktail I can do this to squelch the pain for a few hours and give me the freedom for one last time. Imagine – you will cause a miracle to happen: the lame shall walk! (But it won’t cure the loss of vision in eye due to this brain stuff, so no “making the blind see” – you’re Jewish but ya can’t do the whole schmiel!)

    Thanks all. And bless you in your work.

    BTW, despite brain damage 2 BA’s, 2 MA’s, and working on the PhD that I will not finish. I do research on pain (measuring it & improving communication btwn patients & clinicians) and the dangers of electronic medical records (as done in the US – very dangerous!!!)

  3. charles blaylock

    im writting you to ask such a big favor in a short letter i have been talking to this women for 3 years on the internet we meet online we never meet and we live in the same state we both have our on lives to live but we share them with each other online it has began to get harder for me because im disabled i love her so much she was down when i meet here and now she is the love of my life like and goddest ive never ever felt like this about anyone. if you could help me i want to marry here and with your help we could make this the biggest day in her life im asking and begging for your help thank you chuck blaylock

  4. Kevin

    Hi Howie and staff

    I never thought I be writing this short epilogue surrounding the history of my life. The story truly is not about me it’s about my wife whom I have known for over 40 years. Drifting back in time I was young (19) and had no interest of success or life longevity.

    I meet this young lady at a local hospital where both worked. It wasn’t long and we were getting married. This is when her nightmare began. I got intoxicated the night prior the wedding, vomited at the church and continued to be a complete idiot for the next 6 years; only bringing mental and emotional hardships’ to her and the relationship. During this living nightmare my bride gave birth to my three children whom also in their early developmental years witnessed inappropriate emotional behaviors on my part.

    I ended up in a detox and began to get my life together. As we healed I spent much time in AA, still continuing not to provide a hand raising the children. My bride worked full-time, picked up the children, make supper (all 3 meals), and got them ready for their next scholastic or weekend day. She never had a day off.

    After not working for 1 ½ years I did obtain a job as a delivery person for an office supply company in my local area. Focus know was work and AA; started to become involved with the children’s weekend activities only if she came because I still did not know how to be a Dad with sound decisions, judgments and emotional stable when interacting with others.

    Over the next 27 years I returned to school and obtained my Psy.D. in psychology which took 12 years of me time. I currently work with assisting alcoholics and addicts embrace recovery. My bride has never requested anything for her commitment to this relationship. She never has taken one penny out of our checking account for herself. It has always been for the kid or want we needed. She does her own nails and hair, buys a new outfit once a year and wears other clothing garments until they have holes in them then will only purchase a replacement pair.

    Over the last seven years I lost my job, was unemployed for 2 years and filed bankruptcy. Never once through these emotional or economic issues did she complain; she stated she will work more to help reduce the debt and keep food in the house.

    Two years ago my house was broken into and all roads lead to my sisters friends and possible herself who have an addiction stole all of my wife jewelry and personal momentums from our children. Again she never attacked me; again I had to be witness to her tears. A person was arrested and he was a known friend of my sister. He pawned all the jewelry and we (she) only received a very very small compensation check from the home insurance policy because we did not insure the jewelry.

    Lastly I just had gastro-bypass surgery and the woman was by my side. She picked up after all of my accidents as well as wiping my rear which many would not have done.

    Howie my bride has never complained during this truly unbalanced relationship. I would appreciate it if I could work with you and you people to give her a special day that would allow me to express my love, admiration and how grateful that my higher power placed her in my life for the last 40 years, (married 36).

    If you choose to meet her you will then understand that you just meet one of God’s angles.

    God bless


  5. Jason eras

    Hi Howie,

    My name is jason an I am 15 years old. I am a preformer,I sing, dance, and act. In my career I strive to be on broadway one day. Now getting back to my situation. I have just recently discovered that I am bi-sexual. I am extremely confused and feel sick because I don’t know what to do. Whenever there is a bump in my life I always went to my parents for advice. I am so scared of coming out to them. I am scared even writing this. But I was really hoping the you would be able to mob my parents so I can tell them my secret. I love to sing. Singing I my passion and this secret is getting in my way of doing that. It is the only way that I can actually escape the real world and be myself. Please help.

  6. MamaFirth

    I’d really love the give my son the opportunity to experience his dream come true just once before he decides to hang up his skates. He’s been playing hockey since he was 10 years old and it’s been his dream to play in the big arena with thousands of people watching and applauding. He’s spent 4 years playing juniors to prepare for his big chance and the last 4 years spending a lot of time and money trying out for minor pro teams, only to hear “you’re really good, but…” He’s 26 years old now and feels as though his dreams are coming to an end, which has been quite devastating to both of us. I would really like your help in making this once in a life time dream come true. I know this is not the heart-wrenching story you usually receive, but I’m hoping you would be interested in helping and ordinary guy achieve an extraordinary dream. There are a few tryouts coming up (October 2014) that would make for a great venue for such an event. Please Help!

  7. edna

    Can’t wait for the new show!

  8. Brenda

    I won’t waste a lot of time spewing out my story because as soon as the
    word lesbian comes out I’m sure it will be discarded. But…it’s worth a try. Let’s just leave it at love, proposal and a few Zombies thrown in the mix to make it fun for her.

  9. Alex

    Hi Mr Howie,
    This is our story, I get to know 2 ladies on a dating site and one of them has scammed all my saving and end up I in heavy debt. When I was very down and almost giving up my life, the other lady which is my girlfriend now has supported and encouraging me. She encouraging me with God’s word and lifted me up. Soon we fall in love. My girlfriend is Joann Potter and the scammer has use her identity to scam people online. I believe is a faith from God and Joann Potter is my girlfriend now. However, she has just lose her parent and is now my turn to support and encouraging her. While I want to let her know that she is not alone and I decided to take care of her forever, so I propose to her by email message and she agreed to marry me. I have left with nothing, all my saving are gone and in huge debt, but she willing to marry me. I have found true love. I hope I can have a memorial proposal to her. By the way, we never met each other before. This keep our faith to be stronger each day and I know I will see her one day

  10. Shardae Long

    Dear Howie,
    Howie! My name is Shardae Long and I have a explosive idea for the Tv show Mobbed.
    If someone would please contact me back so I can give full details it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    . Sincerely,
    . Shardae Long

  11. marie

    hi howie, I am 36 years old, the last time i had seen my father i was three years old..when he moved back to Ireland..ive never seen him since..i have just recently contacted him and a few of my cousins through facebook. i know only a few things about him through my aunt ( moms sister) and that i am a lot like his side of the family, yes ive had a stepfather and loved him dearly, but i knew he wasnt mine, i see my friends with their fathers and i tear up thinking on what it would be like to be daddys little gilrl. and knowing that i will never get the chance to know or meet him. what i am asking is for a chance to meet my father at least once before he is gone..

  12. Adam

    I’ve been with the love of my life for five years, we’ve been through ups and downs and everything in between. It’s time to pop the question, she just wants to go to San Francisco’s City Hall to get married, which is fine, but she deserves so much more than that. Words cannot express how much she means to me, so I’d like to show her with the help of your amazing crew. Mobbing my girlfriend would solidify my love for her and I would be forever grateful. Please choose me and let’s turn city hall into the greatest proposal / wedding ever. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. Shayla

    I just want to meet my father. I have never met or seen him or a picture of him. I only know his first and last name. so it would be cool to mob my long lost dad

  14. Natalie

    I just want to thank my mom for all she done and she has no ideas how much of a impact she has been on peoples life.My mom was a liaison for hospice I wanted to get some family’s that she worked with to help me say thank you for all she done and how much of a wonderful parent she is.

  15. Noelle Navarra

    Dear Howie,
    One of our family members is going through a serious disease. While we believe in miracles, there is no known cure. Paul, has been diagnosed with ALS/LOU GEHRIGS disease. Paul has a beautiful wife and four beautiful daughters and when one of them are in trouble, they never let go of each other. Paul is a loving and generous man of God, who has given of himself without hesitation, and for some it has been beyond measure. If it is of your choosing, it would be of great honor for his family and friends to show this wonderful man a glimpse of how much we not only care about him, but truly love him deeply…let it unfold like an, “Umbrella of Our Love.”
    Thank you, Howie so very much!

  16. David

    Well me and my wife are married already , but I never got the chance to really propose to her. We got married at a courthouse and honestly I just would love to get her parents to and her family there and have an actual proposal and wedding right after. She loves dancing and singing and modeling. And she lost a lot of her confidence lately and this would be a big deal for her. Iove her dearly. And if at all possible…her favorite singer is LeAnn Rimes! She’s her role model. Well that’s all I got.

  17. Jennifer

    I Would Really Like Your Help In Meeting My Sister I Never New I Had. Well As I Was Growing Up My Dad Failed To Tell My Lil Brother And I That We Had Other Siblings. Our Dad Didn’t Want Us Knowing Each other As Well. Well About 2 Year’s Ago My Sister Chrissy Had Told My Brother And I Had An Other Sister. Well I Would Like To Ask You To Help Me On Mobbed To Be able To Meet My Sister Tara. This Would Really Mean The World To Me. Knowing You Have An Other Sibling And Wondering All This Time When Our Dad Did Something Like This Especially To His Own Kids It’s Really Sad. Please Help Me.

  18. Deyson

    Omg hello i would really love your help,i met my new friend threw instagram about a year or 2 ago n now we dating.I would really love your help to propos to her,so many ideas run threw my head but nothing “nada” haha in Spanish. Please help me she starts in Tennessee n I’m in Atlanta Ga 4 hours away. Please help me finally move that step forward in my future with her.
    Thank you guys.

  19. Paul deitz

    I lost my wife and partner of 16 years in a car accident on June 29, 2012. On june 28 whike we laid in bed taljing like couples do, i promised her that i would get healthier and lose weight to be around longer for her and our kids. I was determined to get better, not bitter and i lost 111 pounds in the next 10 months. I flew to newport beach on April 25, 2013 to have a body lift and to finalize my last promise to my late wife. Several months after my late wife’s accident, a friend invited me to go to Texas with him one day to get me out of my emotional state. I never been to Texas before in my life and I bought a ticket that day and was in Houston Texas that night. I met an amazing woman while I was visiting and it was an instant attraction. We communicated for a few months and then I sold my house and everything and moved to Texas from ohio. This is an amazing woman that helped me see that I had a future again and helped me start a new chapter in my life. My new girlfriend loves music and dance and i am healthier and more fit than i have ever been in my life. I love her and I want share this amazing story with the world. There are so many coincidences, I would love for someone to contact me and I can share more details. Thank you in advance for your time. Paul <hidden from public> 

  20. Jessica Perico

    I’m trying to organize a flash mob proposal and wedding for my boyfriend and it’s a ton harder then what I expected please choose me and help me have my dream come true

  21. Margaret Olds

    I would love your help in providing the most awesome, incredible 30yr. wedding anniversary for my husband and I. I am so in love with my husband, more so today than on our wedding day. He has overcome so many obstacles in his life and been through so many tough times and I just want him to know how much my daughters and I love him. My husband is an incredible man that has overcome addictions, financial mistakes, job loss due to company closings and teenage sadness and rebellion. He has achieved a college education, bettered his career and is truly a loving and protective father. The man he has become is truly amazing and I am so grateful to be able to proudly say I am still married to him after 30 years. Our anniversary is in October of this year and I would love to show him that he means everything to us. If you would honor me with your help on your show “MOBBED” and let me show him just how spectacular he really is, I would be forever grateful. I could tell you more and more, but it’s so hard because, when I think of all he has struggled with, my eyes tear. Please, please consider us for your show.

  22. Holly varnum

    It would be totally,totally awesome if I got “Mobbed”! By the cast of “phantom
    Of the opera?” With Sierra Boggess.

  23. Macarena

    I wish to share, just not on the internet as to make sure of a true authentic proposal for my partner. As marriage is now legal near where we live, it it’s my dream to propose to my dream of a partner.
    As an ordained minister, always a minister and never a bride, this is a big decision for me to have made. Will you help me mobbed my proposal ?

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