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  1. marie

    hi howie, I am 36 years old, the last time i had seen my father i was three years old..when he moved back to Ireland..ive never seen him since..i have just recently contacted him and a few of my cousins through facebook. i know only a few things about him through my aunt ( moms sister) and that i am a lot like his side of the family, yes ive had a stepfather and loved him dearly, but i knew he wasnt mine, i see my friends with their fathers and i tear up thinking on what it would be like to be daddys little gilrl. and knowing that i will never get the chance to know or meet him. what i am asking is for a chance to meet my father at least once before he is gone..

  2. Adam

    I’ve been with the love of my life for five years, we’ve been through ups and downs and everything in between. It’s time to pop the question, she just wants to go to San Francisco’s City Hall to get married, which is fine, but she deserves so much more than that. Words cannot express how much she means to me, so I’d like to show her with the help of your amazing crew. Mobbing my girlfriend would solidify my love for her and I would be forever grateful. Please choose me and let’s turn city hall into the greatest proposal / wedding ever. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Shayla

    I just want to meet my father. I have never met or seen him or a picture of him. I only know his first and last name. so it would be cool to mob my long lost dad

  4. Natalie

    I just want to thank my mom for all she done and she has no ideas how much of a impact she has been on peoples life.My mom was a liaison for hospice I wanted to get some family’s that she worked with to help me say thank you for all she done and how much of a wonderful parent she is.

  5. Noelle Navarra

    Dear Howie,
    One of our family members is going through a serious disease. While we believe in miracles, there is no known cure. Paul, has been diagnosed with ALS/LOU GEHRIGS disease. Paul has a beautiful wife and four beautiful daughters and when one of them are in trouble, they never let go of each other. Paul is a loving and generous man of God, who has given of himself without hesitation, and for some it has been beyond measure. If it is of your choosing, it would be of great honor for his family and friends to show this wonderful man a glimpse of how much we not only care about him, but truly love him deeply…let it unfold like an, “Umbrella of Our Love.”
    Thank you, Howie so very much!

  6. David

    Well me and my wife are married already , but I never got the chance to really propose to her. We got married at a courthouse and honestly I just would love to get her parents to and her family there and have an actual proposal and wedding right after. She loves dancing and singing and modeling. And she lost a lot of her confidence lately and this would be a big deal for her. Iove her dearly. And if at all possible…her favorite singer is LeAnn Rimes! She’s her role model. Well that’s all I got.

  7. Jennifer

    I Would Really Like Your Help In Meeting My Sister I Never New I Had. Well As I Was Growing Up My Dad Failed To Tell My Lil Brother And I That We Had Other Siblings. Our Dad Didn’t Want Us Knowing Each other As Well. Well About 2 Year’s Ago My Sister Chrissy Had Told My Brother And I Had An Other Sister. Well I Would Like To Ask You To Help Me On Mobbed To Be able To Meet My Sister Tara. This Would Really Mean The World To Me. Knowing You Have An Other Sibling And Wondering All This Time When Our Dad Did Something Like This Especially To His Own Kids It’s Really Sad. Please Help Me.

  8. Deyson

    Omg hello i would really love your help,i met my new friend threw instagram about a year or 2 ago n now we dating.I would really love your help to propos to her,so many ideas run threw my head but nothing “nada” haha in Spanish. Please help me she starts in Tennessee n I’m in Atlanta Ga 4 hours away. Please help me finally move that step forward in my future with her.
    Thank you guys.

  9. Paul deitz

    I lost my wife and partner of 16 years in a car accident on June 29, 2012. On june 28 whike we laid in bed taljing like couples do, i promised her that i would get healthier and lose weight to be around longer for her and our kids. I was determined to get better, not bitter and i lost 111 pounds in the next 10 months. I flew to newport beach on April 25, 2013 to have a body lift and to finalize my last promise to my late wife. Several months after my late wife’s accident, a friend invited me to go to Texas with him one day to get me out of my emotional state. I never been to Texas before in my life and I bought a ticket that day and was in Houston Texas that night. I met an amazing woman while I was visiting and it was an instant attraction. We communicated for a few months and then I sold my house and everything and moved to Texas from ohio. This is an amazing woman that helped me see that I had a future again and helped me start a new chapter in my life. My new girlfriend loves music and dance and i am healthier and more fit than i have ever been in my life. I love her and I want share this amazing story with the world. There are so many coincidences, I would love for someone to contact me and I can share more details. Thank you in advance for your time. Paul <hidden from public> 

  10. Jessica Perico

    I’m trying to organize a flash mob proposal and wedding for my boyfriend and it’s a ton harder then what I expected please choose me and help me have my dream come true

  11. Margaret Olds

    I would love your help in providing the most awesome, incredible 30yr. wedding anniversary for my husband and I. I am so in love with my husband, more so today than on our wedding day. He has overcome so many obstacles in his life and been through so many tough times and I just want him to know how much my daughters and I love him. My husband is an incredible man that has overcome addictions, financial mistakes, job loss due to company closings and teenage sadness and rebellion. He has achieved a college education, bettered his career and is truly a loving and protective father. The man he has become is truly amazing and I am so grateful to be able to proudly say I am still married to him after 30 years. Our anniversary is in October of this year and I would love to show him that he means everything to us. If you would honor me with your help on your show “MOBBED” and let me show him just how spectacular he really is, I would be forever grateful. I could tell you more and more, but it’s so hard because, when I think of all he has struggled with, my eyes tear. Please, please consider us for your show.

  12. Holly varnum

    It would be totally,totally awesome if I got “Mobbed”! By the cast of “phantom
    Of the opera?” With Sierra Boggess.

  13. Macarena

    I wish to share, just not on the internet as to make sure of a true authentic proposal for my partner. As marriage is now legal near where we live, it it’s my dream to propose to my dream of a partner.
    As an ordained minister, always a minister and never a bride, this is a big decision for me to have made. Will you help me mobbed my proposal ?

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