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  1. Dustin marek

    Hello to all! I guess i would like to share my story of the love of my life. Her name is lena and we met when we were 5 years old. We lived in the same house but different apartment. I ended up going to different schools as lena until highschool. My freshman year me and Lena started dating. We dated through highschool with a couple of short breakups but always mended things until about a year after we were graduated. At the time we were working together and we ended up breaking up. Of course i never thought that 11 years later we would still be apart. Me and Lena have always remained close even though we were in other relationships. When we see each other its like fireworks going off but we have never managed to cross that line again even though myself and everyone around can see that we have some kind of special bond. I litterally have not lost a drop of love for her in fact it has probably grown. I am going to be 30 this year and need her to know how i feel so i can spend the rest of my life with her or have to move on because i feel this has held me back from so many things in my life. Thank you for letting me share and i hope you want to here more of my story, thank you!!

  2. Austin

    Howie & Mobbed Crew,

    I have been doing almost nothing for my entire life. Haven’t amounted to much in the short 23 years that I’ve been living, but I don’t think I have ever been happier with my life than it is right now. I’m finally starting to make accomplishments that are driving me in the right direction with my schooling and my future career, even though I am not entirely sure what I may end up doing. Recently in my life I made the best choice that I have ever made. I told my best friend of 8 years (at the time), with a small amount of liquid courage, that I had found my self immovably in love with her. She is everything that I could have ever asked for in a partner and a lover and she has an amazing soul that lights up even the darkest corner. If I had to describe her from my point of view I don’t think I could even crack the surface of how she makes me feel if I tried. She’s beautiful, funny, crazy smart, caring, thoughtful, and so perfectly imperfect. She doesn’t try to be anything more than what she is and even that just blows me away. I truly cannot imagine my life without her. We two have been together for almost two years and we already know that we want to be together for however many that we have left. I mentioned earlier that I don’t really know where my life is going, but I do know that all that I could ever want or ask for is to have her standing beside me holding my hand, I would do literally anything to make that happen. I stumbled upon your show while I was following a YouTube chain of videos after watching a rendition of “All of Me” performed by John Legend and Lindsey Stirling, which happens to be our song. I couldn’t help but hope and think that maybe you could be the answer to my prayers of showing my girlfriend just how much I am thinking of her and how much she has truly become a part of myself. I have never pictured or dreamed of an opportunity where I would be able to convey these feelings to her through more than just “I love you.” I don’t believe in things happening for no reason and I don’t think that I just happened to learn of your show now if I wasn’t meant to. The things I have seen so far have really moved me and I want to be able to give that to the person in my life who I think is worth carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders for. I want to see her happy more than anything. I could really use some help.

    Thanks for listening —Austin

  3. Heather Vargas

    Hey Howie my name is Heather Vargas. I am a mother of 3 from New Jersey. My oldest 9 year daughter Kayla was born with Alopecia. Now as she is getting older kids are starting to ask questions about her hair and some have even been very mean to her because she doesn’t have a lot of hair, no eyebrows and a few eyelashes. As a mother it breaks my heart. Many days she is in the nurses office upset or coming home crying. I remind her everyday that she is beautiful inside and out and that god has to create us all differently so we can tell each other out and that she is extra special. I have been trying to prove to my daughter that she is wonderful and loved by many. I made her a facebook page to support her and she has over 2000 likes which to me has been amazing. We have now reached out to other children that were born or have alopecia. I would LOVE to surprise her in some crazy way with maybe her favorite singer Selena Gomez since she is her IDOL or with any singer to show her how beautiful she is. Kayla is the kind that will give you her last dollar just to see a smile on someones face. She deserves this. She has conquered seizures as a baby and a learning disability. She is a fighter and I know she is going to over come this and be a inspiration for other children one day!! Please give me this opportunity to surprise my daughter in the best way and show her that she is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

  4. Caitlyn wade

    hello my name is Caitlyn Wade. I have been with the same man on and off for 6 years we have had a wonderful an emotional relationship and I can’t wait to show him how much I love him and how much I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I think the best way to do that would be to shout it from the top. And I believe that MOBBED could help me do that.this man and I have had so many experiences I just want to unite us forever through marriage I would like to do an unconventional proposal.I CAITLYN WADE would like to propose to my partner best friend, Lover, father of my children and let the only man for me know that i can never live without.I want him and his family my family and the rest of the world to see that nothing can tear us down in the only everything we have been through has brought us closer. He is such a hard worker some days he will work 16 hours plus, I just want to show him in some type of magical outlandish wild appreciation so that way he will always know that I’m willing to sacrifice everything to give us success. I have loved to sing since I was little , but the one thing that stopped me from going any further with that, is my stage fright and I believe that if I sing for him in front of the whole world he would know that nothing in this world can make me afraid knowing that he is in my life forever. Please give me an opportunity to show you how much I would love to show him and my children that this is forever. I live my two beautiful tota and the man of my dreams. Thank you Howie and thoae involved in helping all of us little people make a difference in those who we care for most thia is a once in a life time experience I pray that I can bless my family with.

  5. alex chaumont

    Dear Howie and Staff:

    I lost the love of my life two years ago after she broke off the engagement i need your help in getting her back. She treated me very badly but i know she loves me still to this day and i do as well. Because i know she still loves me please help. My number is <hidden from public> please help it truly will be a blessing for myself and for her i just need to find out its so important . Please call or email me back at <hidden from public> God bless you all.

  6. Lois

    I am writing from Spain and I need you help to prepare a huge proposal. We have a lot of ideas but compared to what Mobbed can do are nothing. Please, we would love to be chosen for so many reasons but, one of them is that we have heart that the tv show wants to play in Spain, so this would be a great idea to get it started. And the second reason and probably the one that made me contact you is that I want something unforgetable and you are the only one who can make it real.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  7. Anthonia Isijola

    Hi Howie and producers, I will love to Flash mob my boss. I work for a bank and hands down he’s the best manager ever. I was hit by a car my first week of working for him right in front of the branch a year ago and he made sure to get in the ambulance and stay with me while I was in the hospital to make sure I was Ok. While in the hospital we got to know each other and from then I admired him as a person not just my boss. Other employees that know of him wished they worked in our branch and gush on how lucky we are. I’m sure his old/new employees will love to be apart of this mobb just to let him know how swell of a guy he is. I will like to repay him some kind of way for being there for me that day while I lied on the floor not knowing what’s going on, scared cold and confused. I hope the right person reads this and help me with this. I’ve been dreaming about it and I will love for it to be in existence. Please help me do this for him.

  8. Ileanis Burgos

    I am a 21 yr old woman. I am in a relationship with the man i really want to be with except that he does not believe it. We known each other for six years now and in a relationship for two years now. Its been a long ride! I would love to show him in front of the whole world what he means to me. Would love to be in the tv show!!

  9. Sean

    Good evening, from the Middle East! I’m 1st Lt Sean Bruderer, active duty USAF stationed in a deployed location in the Middle East for a year. I’m returning home to my family on July 3rd and have currently worked it out with Stacey Hoffer, assistant director of Huntington Beach, CA’s July 4th parade to pop out during the parade itself. My wife thinks I’m coming home on the 8th of July. There is ONE military rotator (military aircraft) flying out of Al Udeid AB, Qatar on 3 July and I should arrive at BWI, MD 3 July at approx. 0400. Then proceed to be picked up by my sister-in-law who is the only one that knows this. My wife asked I do some sort of flash mob while I’m out here similar to youtube deployed members mimicking the Miami cheerleaders. I am sincerely hoping and asking will you please be part of this? I thank you for the happiness you’ve brought to many others and am hoping you will find it in your heart to do the same for me.

    As a side note, I’ve followed Howie Mandel’s career from Gremlins, to A Fine Mess and Walk Like a Man, Little Monsters, and more. I’m thankful for the laughs he helped bring us growing up and look forward to the ones he’ll bring in the future.

    Thank you for your time and efforts. I look forward to your reply.

    Sean, 1st Lt, USAF
    OIC, Air & Air Defense
    609 AOC – AUAB, QA

  10. Tyler Keith

    Howie and staff,

    My girlfriend (Brandie) and I have been together for 2 years and have a handsome 1 yr old son and another child on the way. We’ve been talking about marriage and this would be the wedding she deserves for dealing w me for the past two years. It would be greatly appreciated if you would give us the mob wedding of her dreams.

  11. Michael Winter

    I have a very unique way for a proposal but really need your HELP to make it a reality as I want to KNOCK IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK. My GF and I live a 1/2 World apart literally as She lives in Hong Kong w/ me living here in the US. We met back over a decade ago while we both were attending school in BOSTON and both worked in the Nightlife industry. We both always had significant others and never looked at each other outside the friend zone ( ok maybe once we tried to hook up but that was brief lol). We remained friends as she moved back to Hong Kong and used social media to stay in touch. She would fly out here and visit all her close friends once a year but still we both were in relationships. Two years ago was the first time we both were single and she told me that she was coming to visit. I instantly was so excited and knew that I was going to pursue her. The two months prior to her visit was all old school courting (letters, emails, Skype, social media, phone calls) by the time she arrived I already had fallen for her. I truly knew that she would be the one as we already had this decade long friendship. She came to my house and we didn’t leave each others side for the three weeks she was here. We have traveled back and fourth for the last two years and its getting to the time that my creativity needs to kick in full throttle for an amazing over the top proposal. This girl has beaten me on every thoughtful creative idea for bday presents, to thoughtful gifts, and to her amazing giving, sharing and caring heart. I would love the opportunity to share my idea with you and also open up my resources from my end to make it happen but even more so have you open up your amazing resources to me. I want to make this loving girls dream come true….and show her that the comitaphobe person that she may feel that I am….truly isn’t

  12. Gentral Brooks

    Well I been with my girl for a while, but we recently broke up, and she was the first girl that I ever loved. I can’t live without her, I have this bad gut in my stomach everytime I think of her. We use to live together and everything, we have Youtube couple videos together, she is all over my facebook and I’m all over hers. I just need her in my life so bad, her being mobbed will easily put us back together, and I will never let her go. I just really wish that she just go out with me one more time, so I can show treat her like an angel, because she deserves it. I do not think I can shake this heartbreaking experience, no matter who try to talk to me. I wish that I can do something special for her and give her the world. I really do want her forever and I never felt that way, I know she loves me. Please help a young man get his love back.

  13. Rebekah

    Hello My name is Rebekah, I am 31 years old, have no kids, married to a wonderful loving man name Benjamin. I do believe in miracles so I am hoping this touches your heart, opens your mind, and makes you realize this is a story worth going out for because it will be appreciated more but more importantly it will change our life forever.

    Here is my story:
    Since I was young I always dreamed how my life will turn out. I dreamed about being married, having my own lil family, being healthy, and wealthy. Well it did not turn out that way, only the married part. Years ago when I was younger I was engaged to a man at age 15, the man abused me and I kept it as a secret from my family for years. He used to punch my stomache, push me around and the worst part was when he cheated on me. I was too young to know any better so My mother and aunt at the time had to drive miles away to come get me. Now I am physically not the same since all the trama I went through. I was told by doctors I can’t conceive because I have thyroid problems, I am obese, I have ovarian cists, and so forth. Then I went for second opinions and was told nothing is wrong with me. All that was done between the ages 17 – 27 but now I am in a hole where I can’t afford medical insurance, and the man I am married to also cannot afford it for the two of us because we are living off of pay check after pay check. It is hard but we still hold on strong. We live in a home now with no heating. We do not even have hot water running through our home so we have to boil water in the winter to take hot bucket baths. During Summer since it is hot out, we take cold showers. (If you was here, you will see there is nothing to hide or lie about.) The moral story here is I wish to have a child of my own before my age kicks in and I can’t but in the state I live in they keep denying us for medical assistance. My husband cries to me at times cause he wants a family of his own cause when he was younger he had a son name after him, Benjamin Manuel DeJesus JR. The child was taken away when the tragic news came up at the hospital when he was with his ex fiance, that they lost a daughter 3 days after she was born due to cocaine in her system. My husband was with this woman years before we met, that is who he had his first child with. The daughter would of been his 2nd child with her but he did not know the woman was on drugs till the results came up when the child did not make it. He was in his early 20′s at that time, Child protective services took his son away and gave them to his ex fiance’s parents to adopt. His son is now in his 20′s from what I know and also found out his son has a daughter of his own and now married. This info was given to my husbands mother. My husband’s son found a way to get a hold of my husbands mothers house number, called her to look for his dad but unfortunately he was not there cause we do not live with his mother. We live another state from her. My husband does not have a big family at all. His family is his mother and brother, that is all he has. My husband’s father died when he was a baby from a heart attack. So he looked up to his brother as a father figure and his mother. His aunts and uncles are not in his life for a reason he does not know of cause its been kept as a secret from him. So till this day, he only has a mother and brother in his life, and now me and my family. What I am asking here is if you can find his son so they can reunite before it gets any later. My husband has been so down for years, had to get mental help because he misses his son so much and wants to be part of his life. He wants a family! I want one with him too but the sad part, physically it looks like its not happening and we have been trying everything to make that happen but its not getting anywhere. Recently his daughters birthday came up, he remembers the day she was born till the 3rd day she passed. It is killing him inside, and honestly I want to save this marriage. I am not asking for much, just for a miracle to happen. I want to believe that someone out there can understand how this pain is so unreal, like I just want a happy ending already. I have been through so much in my life that I can write a novel here, and my husband’s life has been so hard too. We are meant for one another, just there is missing pieces to our life that we would love for it to be answered. If there is more you would like to know, contact me. I left a lot out cause I know you have many other applicants postings to read. I just hope you have the heart to read between the lines here and completely understand what I am trying to say here. This is my last hope, and I wish this cry for help gets to be heard. Thank you so much for your time, I pray that you get back to me. Take care!

    Sincerely, Rebekah

  14. Jayme Aylesworth

    Hey there,
    I am hoping I can get a lot, I mean as many people as possible to do a very special thing for someone I love very much.
    You see when I was 14 I met a woman who became my best friend. I am 26 years old now. So that is a 12 year friendship. She is now in her 90′s and speaking plainly of her last goodbye. This woman taught me unconditional love, our story is a great one. Her name is Duffle, and she is one of the most beautiful souls on the planet, and probably one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet. Absolute unconditionality and purity, there is not another like her. I want to do this for her out of love, one of the purest forms of love is Friendship, and she showed and taught me how to love and get along with the world in a way through her experience of her life, her stories. I want to let her know that I would do anything for her, and that means to celebrate the life, meaning, and purpose, of a beautiful, talented, and geniusly smart woman. A woman, who only knows how to love.
    We’ve shared triumphs, strife, tears, and laughs. Duffle deserves the absolute best in the world and everything she’s ever hoped for.
    She live in Pensacola, FL, so I am getting the flash mob ready for her. I am not her grandson, but we claim each other as family. I want to give her probably the only Grandmother-Grandson dance she’ll ever have.
    So what I would like to get together is a Flash Mob, and quite possibly someone who can set up some live musice for an impromtu block party, the whole neighborhood can enjoy. I want to celebrate the life of this woman in the best way possible, with everyone she loves all around, and a dance with her to a song by Vera Lynn “A Nightingale Sang in Barkely Square”
    The flash mob will be to one or two other songs before the dance, as I would like to set up maybe some lights, and some ddecorations for her. But of course I need lots of volunteers. I want this woman to know how much and by how many people she is loved, and the greatness she has given to the world, not just by simply being here, but because she worked hard to make the lives of others better, so I want to give her one last HOORAH in her name, one of the greatest women of our time, Duffle.
    I would like to set this up rather soon, so please get with me as soon as possible, anyone who reads this and loves a mother or grandmother in their life that they have, or have lost, will understand where I am coming from and how important and beautiful this celebration will be. It will be a Celebration of Life in her name. Who could ask for more?
    I look forward to hearing from someone regarding my story and what we can do for Duffle, in the name of Friendship.

  15. Bryan Talbert

    I would love to get to know my father and have him in my life. I would like to surprise him on the mobbed show.

  16. Adam

    Howie and Co.,
    I have an idea for a flash mob that IS ratings gold!
    My name is Adam, and I live in Moorpark CA. I am 31 years old. I am a construction materials technician. My wife Lauren is 29 and she is a realtor. Please take a moment to read my story.
    My wife separated from me in January of this year. She has always wanted to be flash mobbed, so this is my last ditch hail marry pass to see if she will give love one last chance. We have been married for 9 years. We were obviously very young when we started this and we have 2 beautiful kids, ages 7 and 8. I am willing to wager my marriage with my wife for an opportunity to salvage the lives of the 4 of us on national tv. My wife turns 30 in October, and that would be a great time to flash mob her. Anytime between now and then would work too. This has the potential to go bad right in front of my eyes, or really well and be a moment that the world will never forget. Lauren really likes the Russian choir that sang at the Olympics. I am happy to be part of the mob. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Sometimes you have to put it all on black and hope for the best!
    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

  17. Sarah Rodrigues

    I would love to surprise my mother whom I have not seen in 9 years. When I was 16 I moved out of home to finish high school and get my life straight which lead me all the way to Sydney Australia. I met my now husband on the internet while I lived in the states and I moved to Australia to be with him. We got married in 2010 and none of my family came to see me get married. I also haven’t seen my father for around 12 years. I struggled for years with heartache being away from my family. I have 5 siblings and we haven’t seen each other for a very long time either. We are all spread out and grew up separated due to difficult family circumstances and I would LOVE that one day we could be back together …for one day. I would love to mob my family back in America and surprise them with myself and my husband whom they have not met yet. Please help me to bring my family back together again.

  18. Adam

    Howie and Co.,
    I have an idea for a flash mob that IS ratings gold!
    My name is Adam Sinutko. I live in Moorpark CA, 93021. I am 31 years old. I am a construction materials technician. My wife Lauren is 29 and she is a realtor. Please take a moment to read my story.
    My wife separated from me in January of this year. She has always wanted to be flash mobbed, so this is my last ditch hail marry pass to see if she will give love one last chance. We have been married for 9 years. We were obviously very young when we started this and we have 2 beautiful kids, Brody (8) and Cailyn (7). I am willing to wager my marriage with my wife for an opportunity to salvage the lives of the 4 of us on national tv. My wife turns 30 in October, and that would be a great time to flash mob her. Anytime between now and then would work too. This has the potential to go bad right in front of my eyes, or really well and be a moment that the world will never forget. Lauren really likes the Russian choir that sang at the Olympics. I am happy to be part of the mob. PLEASE HELP ME!!! Sometimes you have to put it all on black and hope for the best:)

    Looking forward to hearing back from you!

  19. Jayd cruz

    Hello I’m from fresno, ca. And I just want to prove to my girl friend of 4 1/2 years that I can propose to her and there’s nothing wrong or embarrassing about that I feel she deserves it more than anything in the world and deserves the spot light. She’s very shy and I’m always the serious one and girly so she would never expect this from me. We have a successful grooming salon for dogs and cats and we take a lot of pride in so I was hoping to get a fake rude customer in there because she handles all the rude customers if any and starting it. I love her with all my heart and I feel she would be so overwhelmed

  20. Kory Robinson

    I would absolutely love for the mob crew to help me propose to my loving woman. I want it to be very special for her and after she showed me some videos I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. She’s very special to me and I want my proposal to be the most ultimate surprise for her. If I could I would marry her today, so please aid me in doing so. Her birthday is coming up in April and I would love for her to be mobbed.

  21. Nikki

    Hello Howie,
    I am writing to you today because, I would really like the opportunity to have your crew and flash mob members aid me in asking my girlfriend to marry me. We have been together for a year and I could not ask for a better partner in my life. Kristin has helped me throughout the last two years of my college career by working two jobs to ensure we have the finances to survive, as so I may focus on school and fulfill my dream of attaining my bachelor’s degree. She means the world to me she is my rock when I feel as if the world is folding in upon itself on me. Kristin absolutely loves flash mobs, like she watches them weekly on YouTube. Therefore, when I decided that I wanted to marry this spectacular, amazingly gorgeous woman, I started to plan a flash mob to propose to her. I asked my sorority sisters of Alpha Chi Omega to help me in the endeavor and they quickly agreed. So, on April 12, 2014 in downtown Disney, my sorority sisters and I will do a flash mob to three Jason Derulo songs. Jason Derulo just so happens to be her favorite artist. So I am positive this will be an absolute dream come true to her. Although I have most of the flash mob planned out, I am asking your help to make this day spectacular for my one true love and princess Kristin. Please help her not so knight in shining armor make this a day a happily ever after kind of moment. Thank you very much for your consideration it is truly appreciated.
    Nikki D.

  22. Chris

    Been dating my girlfriend for 9 years and been holding off cause I can’t think of a good way to do it… need help bad and soon :/

  23. Matt Attman

    I want to do something big to ask my girlfriend to prom. We’ve been dating for over a year. My prom is may 17…please help

  24. Roman Bolaños

    My name is Roman Bolanos, Last year, I met the love of my life Suanny Quinones Cuero in Cali, Colombia while on vacation visiting my parents. Over Christmas I asked Suanny to marry me over Skype. It was a video teleconference with myself and my parents and her and her parents and grandparents. It wasn’t as romantic as i hoped. Now I am in the Process of a K-1 Fiance Visa, this will allow Suanny to Come to the United States from Colombia to get married. I am hoping that the Fiance Visa will be approved and she will be here before summer time. We will have 90 days from her arrival here in the states to get married. If not she will have to return to Colombia. Obviously I am not going to let that happen. I am trying to plan a surprise where I can propose to her in a more traditional fashion. She has never been to United States of America, and what an amazing way to welcome her to our beautiful country by Mobbing her a crazy all american wedding. I think it would be perfect for a mobbed episode. I really want to make her feel welcomed into her new life here in the states. She is leaving everything behind to be here with me, and it will be very emotional. I love Suanny with all my heart. I would love to Share our story with all of the world. Thank you in advance for reading my story. Please Pick us!

  25. Nick

    Hello Mobbed crew and friends..
    Its going to seem like I am rambling.. But it is because there is so much to say about this bond that I have created with my Best Friend Forever, and I just want to give you all the details I can about her..
    My name is Nick and I am a 24 year old sailor out of Norfolk, VA., but from Arkansas.. I will be transferring soon to Charleston, SC. and would really like to make something right.. I will give some background first.. I first met my wife in 2003 in the 8th grade.. We almost got together then, but thank god we did not! I always had this feeling every time I saw her that she would be the perfect wife, whether it would be in the halls or at a football game or whatever.. It seemed however, that when I was single she was taken and vice versa.. The timing just never really lined up.. Shortly after our graduation in 2007 I had a motorcycle accident in June of ’07 and had to delay my bootcamp reporting for 6 months.. Luckily to that, I got with my wife a month later and we started dating.. She went to Indiana for school to be a RN and completed her Bachelors in 3 years!! Truly proud of that.. All that time, I went through basic training, my schooling in south carolina and reported to a Submarine in Norfolk, VA. Approximately 3 years and 5 months ago, I married my beautiful wife Jessica.. My proposal was awry at best and definitely needed to be something more deserving of the woman that she is.. I promised her that it would be something spectacular and inspirational like the woman that she has grown up to be.. We have been through 2 deployments together on a submarine.. Multiple underways and times where we cannot speak due to the operational schedule or posture of my boat.. We were apart for the 1st 3 years of our relationship and it seems we have been apart for at least half the time we have been married.. So out of 7 years of being together.. We have been apart almost 4.5 years.. Its truly a miracle we are still together.. I have seen so many sailors lose their wives due to infidelities and just simply put not being strong enough to sustain a deployment.. My wife now works at a children’s hospital, she just finished her Masters Degree to become and Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.. A Nurse/Doctor that deals with kids that have cancer.. They say that great things come in small packages and I can definitely attest to that.. She is a 4’11″ Vietnamese woman that weighs nothing, but has a heart of gold that would drop the scale anywhere, and sorry I can’t leave this out, but its too cute, I am 6’1″ and anywhere we go, we either get the, “Are you his child??” Or the, “They are soo cute” look… Its just hysterical.. She is truly an inspiration.. Not to mention, she has done a service to the military by being the Ombudsman for the families of our boat.. She was named the Number 1 Ombudsman in our squadron and she provided so much outreach to the families and friends of our sailors during the 2 years of her reign.. There is so much I can say about her, but actions are louder then words.. I just need help to do something beautiful for her.. Please help and please get back to me… We will be in Arkansas in April and will be reporting to Charleston in May.. I realize this is super short notice and I will give anything to help this get completed…


  26. Thea King

    Hey guys at Mobbed ! Mu name is Théa King and I’m living in Greenville, SC.
    After a terrible divorce, my regret is the hurt that my youngest daughter had to endure. She was just starting high school and an excellent student. Because of circumstances due to this devastating time for our family, my daughter and I have gone from an almost perfect life to having basically nothing except each other. Somehow we held on and have started to rebuild our happy home. After four years of one tragedy after another, she just turned 18. She never got To experience a prom and I know it just breaks her heart. Her father has chosen to not be in her life and had actually turned very bitter towards her. Crazy I know. Regardless. She has a family that loves her and truly respects her bravery through these last years. She doesn’t know how very special and wanted and loved she really is. Sad to say but her”daddy” broke her heart and I’m determined to mend that break. She’s so talented and smart and has such a big heart. I just want want her to know that. To see that she deserves such a mobbed celebration of her sweet soul. She deserves this huge huge start to the rest of her life.

  27. Scott Undercoffler

    Dear Mobbed staff, I would like to surprise my wife, let me explain why.
    In 1980 she and her family moved to Florida and I became good friends with her younger brother. When I met her I was only 15 but I knew there was “something” about her. Shortly after I turned 16 I asked her out on a date. She was 22 but as I said there was just something about her that moved my heart. As my daughter says the heart wants what the heart wants! Our first date was Friday Feb. 13th !981, we went to see of all things ” My Bloody Valentine”. I fell madly in love, everyone thought is was just a teenager thing. We married 3yrs later on Feb.11 1984. We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, We never had a proper honeymoon we went to busch gardens for 2 days and spent 5 more with my grandparents in the Keys We Both drive a truck over the road and I would love to take her to Europe for a “proper” honeymoon but I just keep running into road blocks financially. Could you help? Thanks Scott

  28. Kelsey Preston

    Hello I am Kelsey Preston and I am from Amarillo, Texas. I am a sophomore at Mississippi State University (15 hours away from home). I met my boyfriend while working as a Supervisor at our local pool back in Amarillo and he was a lifeguard. We dated for 3 months and it was sadly time for me to go to MSU for my first year of college and his family moved to Seattle, WA (28 hours away from Amarillo, TX) at the beginning of Summer so he moved to Seattle after working at the pool. We have both only dated one another, I was his first kiss, and we didn’t want our relationship to end. So we did all my freshman year of college long distance.. 41 HOURS AWAY!!!!! We were in 2 different time zone and only saw each other for 10 days at Christmas and 10 days in April. This last Summer he made the move to the little town Starkville, MS, being 41 hours away from home and his family. He hasn’t seen his family in 8 months because plane tickets are so expensive and him and his parents can’t afford it do to his parents are mexican immigrants and don’t have the funds to do so. He has a 5 year old brother who he misses dearly and I would love for them to be re-united by y’all! He missed his 4th and 5th birthday because he has been with me here in Texas and Mississippi. If I could re unite them, along with his mom and dad and 17 year old brother, it would be such a blessing. I have never had the opportunity to meet them since they had already moved when we started dating. I would love for “Mobbed” to bring his family to this little town to see where and who their son left them for. It has almost been 2 years and I am beyond blessed to be dating this man. But I think it is time for his family to see him and for me to meet them as well. (: thanks for your time!

  29. Mike Hileski

    Hey my name is Mike and I’ve fallen completely in love with the girl of my dreams. We have been together for a little over a year and there hasn’t been a second either of us haven’t had a smile onour faces when we are with each other. Anyone will tell you that our love was meant to be. she is he best thing to happen to me. Okay now enough with the mushy stuff Lol I am currently activeduty in the US Army and have been for over 3 years. In the next 4 months I will be processing out of the Army honorably and my plan is to ask my girlfriend English to be my wife! I would like to be on your show for our special day so that English will have the proposal of her dreams! She deserves every bit of it she’s been here for me while I’m out training for days or even weeks at a time and not being able to speak to her she understands that I have a job that demands my attention 24 hours a day 7 days a week and she never complains. She is one of a kind and she deserves that one of a kind proposal. Please help me make that happen!!

  30. Jason D.

    Hi Howie and producers of Mobbed, my name is Jason and I am twenty years old living in New Jersey. I’ve watched your show and really appreciate what you guys do for people. The reason I would like to be on is because of a lost opportunity. I met this girl 4 years ago on a cruise and was too shy to talk to her as more than a friend. She has made it clear recently that she feels the same way as I do about her. I have thought about her for 4 years trying to find a way to get to her. The only problem is, she lives in Mexico. We talk almost every day via text and we are planning to see each other when she travels to New York. I would really like to be a part of your show to tell her, in person, exactly how I feel and how I would give anything to be with her. Thanks for reading guys and girls. – Jason

  31. David James

    Hey. Now I kow I’m most likely to Kate to ask bit March 1st is my 30th wedding anniversary. I would love to mob my wife. For the last 30 yrs she has stood by my side through thick and thin. I watch some mob videos and I love the love that goes into them. The romance is awesome and the reactions are priceless. So I’m not going to make this long but if you would consider moving my wife Tammy, I am will to do whatever you ask. I just want to show her how much I am still in love with her after all these years.

  32. Kayla

    Hello, I would like to “mob” my now ex boyfriend I made a huge mistake (not cheating), I’ll tell you a little about us, we met on a dating website, he’s from NJ and I’m from FL I was a single mother of then a 2 1/2 years old little boy, he and his family opened their hearts to us like no other, they have bent over backwards to make sure we are ok, I truly fell head over heels in love with this man, no human is perfect we make a lot of mistakes (and I made A LOT) there’s not enough words in the world to express how sorry I am to how bad I have hurt him, we are now living in dif homes and I’m so heart broken I don’t know what to do, I remember growing up hearing you only find true love once and I truly believe he is my soul mate, I will wait a million years to meet him again, all I want is to have my family back and to show him how truly and deeply sorry I am for hurting him, I don’t want my relationship to end because my family means the world to me, I’m an extremely shy person but at this point I would do anything to get my family back, you have no idea how much this man means to me and my son, he is the only man my son has ever known as daddy, i am willing to put my shyness to the side to just show him one last time how much he means to me, I don’t want to give up on us, I don’t want to leave and I don’t want him to move back to NJ he is my Prince Charming, this is not a fairy tale ending I want it to be my fairy tale beginning. Please help me get my family back, thank you very much,

  33. Saul Zalta


    My name is Saul Zalta. i have been dating my girlfriend Ruthy, for 5 years. She is not only my dream girl but my best friend and partner for life. Through those five years however we have had more struggles than you can imagine. We have been forced to break up by our families numerous times, we have gone through various financial struggles and have had to sacrifice many necessities in order to just survive. Yet we have always worked through all of our issues and have laughed at the face of adversity. Ruthy is not only my girlfriend but my best friend and has been there with my when I have lost some of the most important people in my life (my grandmother, uncle, mentor, and more) and through my struggles with horrible anxiety. After getting into a horrible car accident in Vegas, I struggled a great deal with anxiety and became agoraphobic. I was literally held captive in my own house do to my anxiety. Thanks to Ruthy, I overcame my disability and am now in school and working a full time job. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be very sick. She is my life and soul and I want to ask her to marry me at the end of May. If you guys could be a part of it and help it would mean the world!

    Thank you!

    Saul Zalta
    <hidden from public><hidden from public> 

  34. Mary Karen R Thompson

    Kia ora from NZ
    I have been watching your mobbed programe and have been so amazed of what you do..I just so loved the happiness you bring into peoples lives, overwhelmed and greatly awed, to say the least..
    I always have wanted to take my husband to New York for our 30th Wedding Anniversary, and have all family to share it with us, which is actually 14th April 2014..To be Mobbed would be a dream come true for me and my family..
    He is the most amazing man a woman like me could have ever dreamed of,
    He is 50 this year also on the 22nd of May…
    My story is probably not as exciting as others I have watched on your show…
    But here is our story!! I married (my husbands name is Paul) in 1984, I was a single mum with three children..he is 9yrs & 7months younger than me..has never married before..
    He adopted my 3 children((boy & 2 girls) 3 years after we married, we have no birth children together which was quite sad for me especially, he was ok about it because he said his adopted children may not have been his biological children but to him they are his and they are more important to him then having his own.
    He has raised, educated, and given them everything a great dad can give..They are all now successful in what they do..
    We have 9 grandchildren..6 girls 3 boys, they are the most beautiful people ever..
    Life has treated us well, with great families, and friends, that I am so thankful to have all I have, but this maybe a opportunity to give back to my husband for taken a broken family and giving them hope, love, faith..
    He is an IT Business Analyst, loves cycling, keeping healthy, music, reading, helping others become successful, people..
    Thank you for reading my story…Keep up the great work you are doing it’s truly special.

    Regards or as the NZ Maori say.(Yes I am a NZ Maori).
    from Mary T (known as Mazza)

  35. Zachary kelleher

    Dear producers my name is Zachary Andrew kelleher 24 from Wilmington Delaware and currently on the verge of losing the girl I love with my heart. Gabby pfusch is the sweetest woman I have ever gotten the chance to be able to love. We met over a year ago and quickly fell in love with each other and over the course of time growing deeper and deeper together I proposed to her and we got engaged. We were set up to get married this April I was working a warehouse job everything was going perfect. And then I sadly lost my job. It was a very hard hit to us and our future plans were grounded to a halt. Since the typing of this email last night I came home without warning to her her mother and brother moving everything out of the trailer. She left me. And it’s my mistake for taking the time for granted and now i fear I’ve lost the love of my life for good. I’m trying everything and nothing’s working please she’s everything to me and Howie you and your massive crew are my last plan. Please. Help me show my ex fiancé just how much I truly love her and help me win her back into my arms and my heart. I have no where else to turn to guys. Please I can’t lose her. Your all i have left. Please help save my engagement.

  36. Daniel K

    Thank you!

  37. Daniel K

    This is my first time ever asking anyone for anything… With that said I sincerely hope I am heard. I had the pleasure of spending 10 years with my one true love. We fell in love as young adults. Our love actually grew stronger as we went through all of lives ups and downs. Even with all the stress of losing my job and eventually our house we happily stayed together. I know all of this has made me strong enough to move mountains. I truly hope my story is strong enough to be told.
    Its now two years after we lost our home. We have taken space but still talk. I never asked her to marry me because I was insecure in myself and at the end of the day thought she deserved better. I’ve been working on my issues. I’ve landed a great job with a great company and know I have a great future with them. I want to ask her to marry me and share that future with me.
    She’s an amazing person. Lights up the room when she walks in and very hard working. Her family and friends support me in asking her 100%. She might say no honestly. I know she might nit be able to forgive me for my mistakes. I can promise you this it would be quite the story for theworld to see. She works in a historic area with its own square filled w parks and gardens… it would be a perfect setting for your show. I also know its the perfect story for your show.. To anyone reading this… carpe diem.
    To howie… I am a huge fan! Love mobbed obviously. AGT is the best! Been watching you since bobbys world! Sincerely hope I meet you and you will hear my entire story. Thank you.

  38. Rita Bradley

    Dearest Howie,

    My apologies, I am re-posting this to correct grammar mistakes. I am a family friend and neighbor to a dear friend who’s son, T.J. Rufty almost lost his battle to cancer and left him paralyzed. Eight months ago, TJ was an average 18 year old high school student at Middletown High School in Middletown, MD (Frederick County) and was about to graduate when he became so severely ill.

    T.J.’s health deteriorated so quickly that he was rushed to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. A CAT scan revealed a grapefruit size tumor in his abdomen and was rushed to surgery. An examination under the microscope revealed cancer; the cells were dividing quickly right before the doctor’s eyes. Within 24 hours, T.J. was diagnosed as having a very aggressive and rare cancer called, Burkitt Lymphoma. At the time of diagnosis, the cancer had already metastasized to the lymph nodes in his lungs, chest cavity and around the heart. His life was in serious danger and his worst nightmare had come to be.

    For the next few months, T.J. received a plethora of pain medications and received series of intensive chemotherapy to battle this cancer. he was heavily sedated and experienced almost every complication possible, it seemed. Between battling cancer and intense chemotherapy, he barely knew what was happening to his battered body. They say T.J. almost died 3 times. At times of consciousness, He came to realize chemotherapy treatments wreaked more havoc on his body; it stole his hearing, paralyzed him from the breast bone down and now he is depend on a ventilator to help him breathe. No one knows why this happened. So far, his case is the only one reported. Cancer treatment stopped short to allow T.J. a chance to have some quality of life. If his cancer returns, there is no known treatment left that would save his life.

    T.J. is happy to be alive today and to be able to say that he beat cancer! He is expected to come home February 25, 2014 and will continue to learn a new quality of life with paralysis in a wheelchair and requiring the use of a trache to breathe. Communities near and far that heard about T.J. helped through fundraisers with Patty Pollatos Fund, Inc., Frederick, MD to defray medical cost, transportation and home modification. This week, local professional contractors are donating their time and supplies to begin handi-capable modification on his home. Without their help, he would become a lifelong resident in a nursing home.

    T.J. is a hero! At such a young age, his courage and bravery to beat this cancer that left him paralyzed has inspired us all leaving a footprint especially in the hearts of all the students from his high school. T.J. truly deserve an opportunity to be considered for “Mobbed”. He would like to say, “Thank You” to everyone for their love and support and we would love to welcome him home in a way that would inspire him to keep fighting! The community is waiting to celebrate his homecoming. The reality of life’s challenges in T.J.’s daily care and rehabilitation will overcome the family once at home and ongoing support is be needed more than ever!

    Thank you so much for your serious consideration – we are keeping our fingers crossed! If T.J. Rufty is not selected, we know the lucky person(s) will appreciate this once in a lifetime experience with “Mobbed” and it will change their lives forever.

    Best Wishes,
    Rita Bradley

  39. Dina Richter

    Do you have an email that I can send you my before and after shots?
    I have been in 6 films and would love to be in yours.
    Thank You!

  40. Tracy Fike

    Hello! I would love love love the opportunity to surprise my husband with a flash mob for his 40th birthday coming up in September. He has a bit of an obsession with flash mobs and records every episode of Mobbed. I have even caught him a few times downloading them off YouTube! He is such an amazing father of 3 boys, husband and friend that I can’t think of a better way to celebrate him and give him a memory that would last a lifetime. Please consider us for your show! Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

  41. Chelsea Petroelje

    Living away from home because of the military lifestyle, my husband and I have learned a lot about ourselves and the meaning of family. I don’t doubt for a minute that the distance has made us stronger individuals and allowed for a stronger marital bond.

    I am proud of the upbringing that I had. I know that the woman I am today is because of the way that I was loved and cared for. I want to return that love to my mom for her 50th birthday.

    For the past few years up until a couple months ago, my mother and I had been incredibly distant. It certainly saddened me because she is a loving, fun and caring person who has dealt with countless trials and tribulations in her life. When I make her laugh, the boost of endorphins warms my heart and soul. Honestly. The exciting thing is that the past few months, her and I have had more good conversations than ever before. I don’t want that to end. Now that I am older, I want us to consider each other as friends, too.

    This New Year I want us to get past our differences in order to be closer. I want more laughter and friendship together.

    As I work towards this resolution, my heart was heavy with a confession to her. I have greatly missed being near family and being only hours from my mother’s estranged sister, I reached out in order to get back in touch. My husband and I have visited them quite a few times on the sly. The first time I saw my cousins, the kids didn’t recognize me. In fact, the youngest, now 8, had no idea who I was. The pain I felt was so great. But, to be honest I felt a greater pain when thinking about the hurt I would bring to my mom later when I told her about the reunion.

    In my eyes, life is too short to miss out on important life events. In order to be closer, I told her about the reunion. Now, my mom and I are incredibly close and she has turned over a new leaf on the relationships in her life. I want to give her the surprise 50th birthday (September 16th is her birthday) she deserves and I need your help. My husband and I plan to be expecting our first child early next year and I am trying to plan a big bash from a far (due to the military) with the cherry on top being that I would tell her we are expecting our first child (making her a grandma for the first time).

    For these reasons, I think MOBBED is the only way to say Happy 50th Birthday to my mom and would be so appreciative if this entry could be considered for the show.

  42. Ashley Romano

    Hi Howie and the crew…first off i want to say you guys are very wonderful people and its beautiful what you guys do…let me tell you a little bit about myself…My name is Ashley and im 21 years old. I grew up in Baltimore Maryland but now reside in Rehoboth Beach Delaware due to a terrible divorce between my parents. I’ve been dealing with this pain and emptiness in my heart for so long that 17 years later im still so emotional about it. I was only 6 when i last saw my dad and my life has been very hard. For the first few years id just cry myself to sleep every night. The years that have passed made it a little easier to not think about so much but still for some reason my heart continues to break. The worst part about it is that my 26 year old brother Jacob is hurt about this too. On top of that my Mother Elizabeth has done it all on her own and i love her so much and she has been so strong for us…times were hard growing up without him! My mom did what she had to for us to survive…she would go without just so we wouldn’t. She always kept food in our bellies, a roof over our head and clean clothes on our back. Years later as a young woman i think about whose gonna walk me down the isle. Or wheres my daddy gonna be when im in labor…when its time of course…i just miss my father so much…i call but never get an answer…leave messages but no calls back…i always cry and ask myself why? I dont want money or materials but just my daddy know hes there when i need him…or just for some daddy advice. Maybe because its been 17 years hes just scared to try because he feels guilty..if only i could just tell him i love him and im not mad and that i just want to reunite and be his little girl again that would be a complete live changing blessing for me…only the mobbed team could put the broken pieces to my heart back together and bring home my daddy and to finally know what it feels like to have a father to love and to love me in return unconditionally. Please guys just give me that chance… love Ashley :-)

  43. Elliott

    Hello mobbed editors, I left a comment earlier however it disappeared so here I try again. I’m Elliott, 40 from Miami and my 33yr old girl friend dropped the ultimate bomb on me two days ago. As my girl Jessica stated your gonna be my baby daddy as if it was an episode of Maury. Ever since the news I’m not only super excited but happily nervous and let’s be real, I’m freaking out!! Jessica is the love of my life and I want to mobb her and and tell her I will always be there for her and my little one on the way. I want to propose to her and seal the deal. She has turned my world upside down but I love every minute. Jessica is from Nicaragua but has never met her father who is alive and well in Nicaragua. To have her father surprise her on the show and be part of this wonderful experience would be magical. My father passed in 2000 from cancer so even though he won’t be here in body he will be in spirit but a finally first meet between Jessica and her dad can only happen on mobbed. Please consider us. Thank you

  44. Elliott

    Hi, I hope someone really gets to read this. I’m Elliott from Miami fl. I recently had my world turned upside girlfriend of two years drop the bomb she is having my baby! Like wow as I say it out loud just now in the car. I’m 40 and Jessica is 33. I’m scared excited and freaking out. I love her so much and I want to let her know I will always be there for her and the little one and propose to her on mobbed. She deserves a big shindig like that. Jessica is a great woman and we love mobbed. I wish my father was still alive to soon meet my child but he passed in 2000. Jessica is from Nicaragua and her after is alive and living there but they have never met. Ever. I want to surprise her bringing him on the show. She has been trying to plan a trip to meet him but we have not been able. Please mobbed help me. She is due in august. Thanks for your ear. Elliott <hidden from public> .

  45. Josh

    Hello Howie and Staff,

    My name is Joshua Womack of Maryland. I am currently a student at McDaniel College in Westminster Maryland. My beautiful girlfriend’s name is Kelly Brown. She currently attends Hood College in Maryland as well. She suffers from a rare bleeding disorder called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpuraldiopathic disorder or ITP for short. Anyways, she was diagnosed two years ago and as of right now there is no cure that has been found. When the doctor first called her he told her to come in right away and she asked can’t it wait until morning? He said, “no, you could bleed out and die over night.” Because of this disorder she cannot get cut because she will bleed non-stop if her platelets and count are down, which they typically are. When she was diagnosed, I can say I did not know who she was. I could point her out if I saw her but I had never talked to her, all I knew was that she went to my school. Because of this order she had no stop playing softball. Softball was her life and her escape and she was really good. She was getting division one scouts and offers at the end of her sophomore year. She would have really excelled if she didn’t get dealt this disorder. When she was first diagnosed she was in a really awful abusive relationship with a kid who lived in the same county as us. He would beat her and abuse her daily and he really screwed up her life then and she still has nightmares about him. She said he not only physically abused her but also mentally and emotionally. She said everyday he would tell her that she wasn’t worth living and that she should just kill herself, even though she was his girlfriend. She didn’t talk to him for one day so he came to our school and beat her in the parking lot. It was brutal. He literally put her down and made her feel awful about herself every single day. But November 17th 2012 we started talking and we’ve been dating every sense. It’s clear to say that she changed my life and I changed her. I was really proud of her even trying to enter into another relationship after her last two year abusive relationship. I just want to show her how much she means to me. I want to marry her someday I just don’t know when. I want to show her that not all guys are awful and that she really does matter. She matters a lot to me, her family, my family, her friends, and even strangers. She has a very happy and bubbly personality and can make anyone smile. I’m a very social guy who enjoys making others smile so we’re perfect together. People always tell her and myself that they think we’re going to get married even though we’ve only been together a year. But marriage is definitely the goal with this gem. I think it would be great exposure on your show for her disorder because it is the most common bleeding disorder you have never heard of. You don’t lose anything on your body, the disease just kills you from the inside out. I surprise her constantly; show up at her school with flowers, at her house with flowers, with small gifts and everything she likes. I just want her to be with me because she wants to be, not because she’s afraid of me because that’s what her last boyfriend installed into her and I really want her to forget him and move on. I want her to move on with me and live life to the fullest and not along her disorder to tell her what she can and cannot do with her life. Every September is ITP awareness month, you probably didn’t even know that because it’s so unknown. I want an ultimate surprise for her and I feel like I really could with your help. I really hope you even look at this and feel free to contact me at this email or my cell phone is <hidden from public> . Please help me forget her past. Please help me do something great for someone who could really use it. If nothing else please just read this and please pass on the word of ITP. These are pictures of her when she was first diagnosed; in the hospital and all bruised but and then these are pictures from the ITP walk we held in our hometown of Poolesville and raised $8,000. She is about of PDSA which is the local support group and that is the biggest amount anyone has ever raised on a first walk. She’s going to do really good things in life. I want to help her. And I’m asking for you to help me. Anyways, thanks a million for reading this, and even if not thank you for letting me express how I feel about her. Thank you Howie and staff. You guys are incredible. Before: bruises and hospitals. Progress: at the walk raising money and awareness for her illness. Look at her beautiful genuine smile. That’s definitely the biggest smile she’s had on her face for a very long time. Thank you for your time.

  46. Eddie Harper

    Dear Howie,

    I am a father to a 10 year old little girl and we have had a rough couple of years. Her other father passed in an auto accident and we were grief stricken. Since then I’ve met an amazing man and have relocated our family from San Diego to Upstate New York to be closer to our new extended family. Since Meeting my wonderful partner we’ve found that my partner’s father and Mother are very ill and may not make it through another year. My daughter wants nothing more than for us to “Get Married” as she says and now that we live in New York State It’s legal for us as a “Gay Couple” to get married. Things have been tough for us and we are looking forward to an amazing future and I want to give my daughter and the love of my life a wedding proposal of a lifetime. PLEASE HELP!

    -Eddie Harper

  47. Chase

    Dear Howie,

    My name is Chase, I want to propose to my girlfriend in an unforgettable fashion. I came across “flash mob proposals” and knew immediatly, thats the way i want to propose! This is something that is large, and I beieve too hard for me to organize. If you woud be so kind and choose to help me with this unforgetable event that I want to plan, that would just be great! I would also be willing to spend money on whatever it would take to make this dream come true! Thank you Howie in advance!

  48. John Settipani

    Hi, I would love to surprise my bride to be. We are planning on getting married on Valentines day. Her family lives in Iowa/Kentucky and mine in Boston and Atlanta. I really do not have the money to give her the day she so truly deserves. I have been through quite a bit in my life and she has saved me. She is the light of my life and something like this show will give me a chance to show her just how much she means to me.

    Thank you for considering me!

    John Settipani

  49. guillermo g

    I would like to mobbed my wife to remarried her .on 2007 we had a 2 hour merrage at the clerk of court and that was it .We didn’t had the money to have a wedding. As time went by we have a beautiful baby girl that is 4 years old and all of our time is dedicated to our kid also my is a care taker for her grandma 24/7.there is no time and money for the wedding that she wish to have.i wish you guys can help me out and mobbed her

  50. Donna Flowers

    I am trying to set this up for my three friends, 2 who are sisters and 1 brother, Laura the one who told me the story the youngest sister, had a brain tumor and recovered, Then a few years ago the girl’s found out they had a brother they never knew about by their father. The father and the Mother of the boy, gave him up for adoption to close friends. Their father stayed in touch as Uncle Bill, but the little boy never knew he was adopted. The girl’s heard about this two years ago, searched for her brother online, and found him by name.. The brother does not have a FaceBook, and lives in San Luis Obisbo, they have yet to meet. Years ago their Mother had a daughter and never told anyone about and gave her up for adoption, so their were 2 children they never knew about, until recent years. The sisters and the 1 brother all have met the eldest sister Myrna, but nobody has even seen a photo of the brother. I think it would be amazing if you could bring the 5 of them together. Ages range from 50 years old and up. This would be so amazing to bring these 5 siblings together to meet for the first time. Thank you for your consideration. You guys are so amazing at what you do. Every story I have seen touches my heart.

  51. Natasha Rosenberg

    We would like to surprise mob our Principal. Mrs. R is an absolute one in a million and we feel very fortunate to have her. Her car is the first in the car park every morning and the last to leave every night. While the size of the school means there should be a vice Principal there is not enough in the budget to allow this. While this is true across most of the world and the education system in our country, Mrs R makes you feel that it is all going to be just fine. She is remarkably calm, patient and humble. Any minor concern of your is major to her. Regardless of how busy she maybe, you have her full attention with her open door policy.

    I would love to let her know how very much we all care for her, since she truly does care for each and every one of us.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  52. Justin smith

    Hi how i really like watching mobbed I wld like to be on it bc I really found my love one

  53. Godson Ryder

    Oh jeez I just read over my comment and left typos sorry for that im using my phone and some wifi we have. Sorry about the typos I meant I dont have alot of money

  54. Godson Ryder

    Howie my name’s Godson i was flipping through youtube videoso out here on my deployment and I saw the mobbed video of the woman from the biggest loser tv show beinvg proposed to and it made me tear up that’s what I want very badly for my special lady Erin. Shes been through alot with me through my deployments and all and I just want tl give her the biggest wedding she could ever imagine. Well I come home this december 2013 and we have a venue for us to b married at on the 29th but I know its not what she always wanted and u cant afford everything she would love to have and I wabt her to have it all abd have for everyone to know she is my lady and I love her unconditionally. I was hoping sir that maybe you could b a blessing to Erin and myself sir I would highly appreciate it well if you yourself are actually reading this I hope you pickus oh by the way if you do pick us sir im deployed so the number that I put down on my application wont work since my phone is turned off while im gone but my email works just fine sir thank you for your time I have to get back to work now God bless.

    Sincerely SrA Ryder, Godson

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