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  1. Hilda

    My best friend and I NEED to be on this show because we can do anything we put our minds to and we have out our minds to winning $1 million dollars!!!! We need the money to pay off our debts, start our non-profit organization and TRAVEL the world!!!

  2. Chloe

    I think me and my mom should be on minute to win it because we love challenges and we have played most of these games. I think we would be able to hang well at least I might but if we work together we can do anything. I not in for the money I’m in it to have fun and show people I can do it . Ps.were the age of 34 and 13;)

  3. Gina Meranti

    I think my boyfriend and I would be great at this show. I am the young spunky gambler and he is the old more responsible scrooge. I think it would be very interesting to see what the outcome would be if we were to keep advancing. LOL. We are both super competitive and love a good challenge. We love watching the show and I think we would be great at it!!!! PLEASE PICK US

  4. Kasie Rae

    My BFF and I want to be on this show SO bad!! Our passion is traveling the world and seeing different countries, cultures, and people. But obviously that takes some Buck$! I think we could be really good at mastering some of these difficult challenges. We are both x-models and now self proclaimed “wanna be world travelers” !! Traveling and seeing more of Gods beautiful world and helping the less fortunate in the process is our goal! Our bucket list is a mile long and there is almost nothing we won’t do or try! Please help us realize our dream!!

  5. carly regis

    i really want to go on this. i always a way for u gouys to have a teen week im 16 and very excited to win money for my family. i watch the show all the time and i think i would so well so please kids month should be an option.

  6. Patrice Baker

    Hello my name is patrice baker and I am 21 years old. I think that my husband and I should be considered for minute to win it because he has good hand, eye coordination and I catch on very quickly and am very good with my hands. We would be great entertainment for the show. My husband and I have loved this show since the first time we saw it so I hope to get this opportunity. We have a three year old daughter and are hoping to have more children so this money would help us to get a house and raise our family there. Thank you and please consider us for the show.

  7. Christopher Ostrander

    Me and my fiancee watch this show every chance we get!! We would love to play! I am in an enourmous amiunt of deptdue to hospital bills and other issues. I drank a monster energy drink when i was 18 yrs old and it stopped my heart. I was dead for 12 minutes and in a coma for a few days. I had to have a defibrilattor/pacemaker implanted in my chest to monitor my heart for the rest of my life. Ever since i have been trying to claw my way out of the giant hole of hospital bills and a few traffic tickets so that me and my fiancee can move out of her parents house and get back on our feet. We could so use any amount of money to help us iut and this would be a perfect and fun way to do it :) !!

  8. tammie

    WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I think my best friend of 25 years and I would do amazing, we love a challenge!! We are fun, goofy and competitive. Please pick us! Winning money would make our dreams come true!!!!! Go Hawkeyes!!!!!

  9. Gary Noguera

    I love challenges! I would be a great contestant for the show because I’m very energetic and I’m a kid at heart. I’m 27 years young married to a beautiful and supportive wife Diana and have 3 beautiful children, Alexavier 8, Giana 5 and Gary Jr. 4 months old. I love to play games with my children and enjoy family time playing games as well!!!

  10. Blake Roberts

    Im a college student that is deep in debt and could use an opportunity to help pay off the tremendous debt that is piling up. I Play football at Presbyterian college, a member of pi kappa alpha fraternity. Easy to say I love to compete and have a good time. Don’t tempt this guy with a good time!

  11. crystal

    I would love to be picked to be on minute to win it. Me and my kids watch all the time and my daughter always says “mommy you should be on this show. You are strong and can do anything.” Yes I’m strong an,d I would love to prove to my little girl that yes mommy can do anything she puts her mind to. If I won a lot of money I want to buy a house for me and my kids. It’s something I’ve been working hard at and I know I could win this show

  12. Blake Hall

    My room mate and I should be on this show because we are two Syracuse University college students who don’t just watch the show but practice the games at our fraternity house and want a chance to show America our skills. We know we can win it in a minute, we just need a shot.

  13. Faheemah Fowler

    I would love to be on minute to win it……. Its a very challenging game show n I’m always up for sum good challenges and most importantly my father just passed away n he alway taught me and my sister to be competitive, to work hard, and that all things are possible so I want to him to look down on me and be PROUD of his hard work

  14. tatiana rodriguez

    hi i wish to bee piked because what more better than win money with something i love the most CHALLAMGE!! and theres soo many people i would love to help if i win big money

  15. Carlett Durham

    Im Carlett Durham I am 21 years old . I live in Detroit, Michigan I would love to be on the show because I love the challenge and the experience to be on a game show for the first time . I would use the money I would win towards a home for me and my two year old daughter we are homeless and she needs a place to call home . I would also use it towards a car and give back to the charity of my choice that supports the homeless and hungry and poverty stricken citizens in the united states and my hometown. If you choose me for the show it would be a blessing for me and my child if not thank you for hearing my story.
    Much Love and God Bless,
    Carlett Durham

  16. Kate S

    My husband and I started a company and would love the opportunity to grow it further. We have so much fun together no matter where we are or what we do and a little competitive. It would be freaking awesome!!!!

  17. Thessa Sanon

    Hi, my name is Thessa Sanon. I am 17 years old and I an from New Orleans, Louisiana. I should be considered because my dream is to become an actress and singer. I love to entertain and make people laugh. I have an interesting personality. Ive grown up on watching Disney and Nick. I love watching these amazing actors and actresses on tv and dream of becoming one some day. This opportunity can and will changr my life for the better. When I put my mind to something, I go for it and hope for the best. I hope I am picked and I will not let you down.

  18. Caleb Jackson

    I love challenges and I feel that this will be the perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself physically and mentally. I am a high school math teacher and I’m always telling my kids to take chances and don’t be afraid to succeed. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to put my words into action.
    P.S. contestants is misspelled where you state where to go to sign up as a competitor.

  19. Sara Walls

    I think me and my husband would be able to win the 1 million if we got picked to be on the show.

  20. Nikkole


    My boyfriend and I are looking to put our skills to the test in order to repay his grandma for everything she has done. She raised him and we’re looking to repay her for all that she has done.

    My boyfriend and I are up for any challenge in front of us.

    We’re the ones you should choose!!!!

  21. Matt

    I love game shows!! I would be great pick me sounds fun!

  22. kymallah willbon

    i would like to be on this show because I like a challenge and i think this show will challenge me physcially and mentally, and besides i Love the show!!!

  23. Sanai Terae Garris

    I would love to be on your show because I am a very energetive and loves to make my own challenges like the ones on your show I know I am young but I love doing things for the community and if I win quarter to a million dollars it would be a great honor.I always watched the show and I thought the games would be fun to try.My family needs help with money and can’t pay bills sometimes and this would be a opportunity of a lifetime and would be a fun experience if I got chosen.

  24. Ahmed Issa

    I think I should be able to be on this show because I watched this show since it came out. I am also looking for a great opportunity to be on television. I am 16 years old and I want to be a movie actor but I want to start at an amazing,entertaining,well run tv show. Please I am a underdog I would promise not to fail. Please don’t sleep on me.

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