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  1. NaReshauna Rigamiden

    Hi, My Name Is NaReshauna Rigmaiden And Im From Seattle Washinton Age 18 But I Live In Lakewood Washington With My Fiance And His Parents. I Have Watched This Game Show For A While Now And It Is One Of My Favorites Right Up There With Family Feud. I Would Like To Be On This Game Show With With My Fiance Because It Would Mean A Lot To Win The Money We Could Find A Better Place To Live Help My Father In Law Pay Off His Debts And Get On A Better Path To Living Life. I Have Never Been On A Game Show And I Would Love To Try This One Out So Why Not Help A Newly Wed Couple Live Their Dreams And In Hope Of Us Winning The Mo money To Pay Off The Debts And Have A Great Honeymoon. Thank You Have A Nice Day

  2. David Rawls

    Hi, I’m from Greenville, MS and I’m 30yrs of age. I never got a chance to be on a game show in life me nor my generation. I would love for this game show to be the first opportunity of a lifetime. I am very competitive and hate giving up. Please help my dream come true. I watch the show all the time and never saw anyone from Mississippi on the show. I feel I need the chance to show the world what Greenville is all about.

  3. Wiatt Hoffmann

    Hi I’m Wiatt and me and my best friend Sarah Hayward would like to join the minute to win it show. We are both 14 years old and we would want to do this to earn money for college and to help out our family. We hope you consider us for the minute to win it show. We are very energetic and funny and very talkative. THANKS BYE

  4. eileen sanfilippo

    I would be a…

  5. Larvitra Hurtt

    I LOVE CHALLENGES, I am very competitive. The reason I should be on the show is simple come to my house and try making my large furniture fit in this small room…lol! Second to help my mom and myself with entrepreneurship. SO give Vi a try!

  6. Ianniss Shamburger

    Me and my bestfriend annyssa sanchez would love to be on minute to win it because we love a good challenge and want to make money for our family and for ourselves but mostly so we can take out family on a good vacation ! we know we can accomplish every obstacle , were a good team together and know we can do it !

  7. Ernesto Olsen

    Hello, my name is Ernesto (age 29 weight 250 height 6`2) my brother Ramon (age 30 weight 230 height 6`1) and I would be perfect for your show. Growing up we were very competitive. We played football, baseball, basketball and a little tennis. We did almost everything together. We were the best of friends. When our father died in 1998 things changed for the worst. I suffered from sever depression which lead to me becoming morbidly obese and at my highest weight I was 397lbs. Ramon picked up alcohol and drugs to deal with his depression. We completely lost our relationship and went separate ways. After 13 years we are both divorced and living with our mom back home. Now that we live together we talk everyday and we built our relationship to what it was so many years ago. I am glad to say our relationship now is stronger than ever! I’ve lost 150lbs and my brother has been sober for 90days!!! I am so proud of my older brother and I know him and I will not only be entertaining but will also be a voice for others that have these daily struggles. We just want to let the world hear our story. We want everyone to know it’s possible to overcome anything when you have a great support system! Thank you for reading this. Even if we are not selected I hope my story helped someone. Thank you..

  8. Greg Inglett

    I would be a perfect person to be on this show. I am very good and doing odd talents and normally can complete anything that I put my mind to. This show is awesome and I love watching it.

  9. Bridget Bollinger

    Hi my name is Bridget. I am 35 and would love to audition with my 18 year old son Tyler. We are both colorful characters, determined, love a challenge, outgoing and love any kind of sport or game. We are huge fans of the show and it would be such a cool experience for us to do this! We have had quite a rough road in our lives but remain optimistic, we do not consider ourselves victims… We are overcomers! Please consider us. Thanks!!

  10. Cody Johnson

    The question shouldn’t be why should I be on Minute to Win It but be what do you think you will gain from being on the show. If I were to be picked to be on the show I would not only do it in honor of my friend who loved this show but any and all the money I win will be donated to the Susan G. Koman Cancer Research in Honor of my father who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

  11. Anthony Mongelli

    I would do well on minute to win it because I am a combat vet. I used to be an ex 82nd Airborne Paratrooper. I am calm and collected and don’t rattle under pressure. I also have excellent hand eye coordination and I am a logical, rational thinker.

  12. Sofia and Laura Dee

    Very fraternal twins Sofia (5’8 lives in Bradenton, Fl) & Laura Dee (5’5 lives in Brooklyn, NY)
    Honestly, we may be a little uncoordinated at times, but still willing to give it a try. Get us off the couch and challenge us. Haven’t seen my sister in a while since moving from NY to FL. What a fun way for us to meet up again. Can’t wait!

  13. Kinsey McKillip

    My boyfriend and I are very competitive with each other and are constantly challenging each other to games like this. Together we know there is no way we could lose. We always watch Minute to Win it and then attempt the challenges ourselves. With our determination and competitive attitudes we would make great contestants.

  14. Destiny ligons

    Minute to win it is no challenge for me all those games I feel I can win. I fear nothing and I’m a competitive person so of course everyone would love to see me. All the games the do on the show i do it at home with no problem. I know this year of 2014 I would be the best contestant ever you chose to put on minute to win it . I know because in a minute I will win it .

  15. Molly Dehaan

    Minute to Win it, wooooooooh! I’m energetic, love being in front of the camera and probably wouldn’t win anyways, I just want to have fun so hey, you probably won’t even lose any money by choosing me! I’ve studied radio broadcasting in college, and my boyfriend is an actor so we would make a hilarious team. We’ve both always wanted to be on a game show, and Minute to Win it looks like the most fun, ever. my name is Molly D and I want to be a contestant on your fabulous show!

  16. DaNielle

    I LOVE games and I am very competitive as well as my boyfriend. We would love to be on this show because we can work as a team. Also because we are moving forward to do what needs to be done to get married and to get married we need MONEY! We both have kids and would love to put money towards college.

  17. Crystal

    My boyfriend, James and I love game shows and we even try to re-create some of the Minute to Win It obstacles to do them at home! James is definitely great with the audience and camera and we’ll be great together!

  18. Sirena Nuno

    I would love to go on this show. My boyfriend and I watch it all the time whenever it comes on the t.v. We have been practicing so hard and feel that I would do very well on this show. We live in Wisconsin and am currently in school and working. This would be a great opportunity for us to do. We think it would be such a fun and exciting experience and I believe I would do great. I would really love to take the trip and also try to win the money since I need it for my school expenses so I can be successful and further my career.


    Sirena Nuno & Jerrel Johnson

  19. Kate

    My husband is hilarious. You would love him and I think he would be great.

  20. Ashley Gaines

    Hi! My name is Ashley. For years I have wanted to join a game show and Minute to Win It is for me! I love the all the action and the enthusiasm of the crowd. My fiancé and I are currently working through school. We are both majoring in health related fields so it will take not only time but money to pay for school to make it through. So it would be amazing for us to finish up school with as little debt as possible as well as start our lives together and having the wedding ceremony of our dreams after we graduate with our degrees. I believe our chemistry as well as our wit & focus can come rock the house and take us far. We are coming to win a million!!!

  21. Kila Hansen

    My husband loves this show. We were just talking about how great it would be if he could be on the show. We actually bought the home version and we love it. He is very good at games like these. If to are looking for someone who will entertain the crowd, he is your man!

  22. Kim weatherford

    My name is Kim I am 48 and my husband is 40 we have a 10 year old and my 73 year old mom who lives with us- we love this show so much that our sons 11th bday is going to be themed “minute to win it” – we would rock it out on the show and it would be so much fun!! Pick us pick us!!

  23. Stephanie Cobb

    Hi! My name is Stephanie. We love in Augusta, Georgia. My boyfriend of 3 years and I watch the show religiously and would love a shot to play! I am 24 and he is 26. We would love to be able to put the money towards our dream wedding one day. I hope you’ll consider us for your show!

  24. lolly son

    Im 12 years old and i love your show once i saw it it was my favorite show and we really need the monet please

  25. Ashley

    HI!! My name is Ashley (age:23) and my fiances name is Jeremy(age:24) and we would be super thrilled to be a part of the show!! We are getting married in October and being on Minute to Win It would totally top off the year for us!! We like to have fun and try new things and would have a lot of fun being on the show!! We hope to be considered!!! Thank you!!

  26. Abraham

    Hello I am abraham and I would love to be in minute to win it. Maibe you can do a mother/son episode and I would love to be in it. I am 13 and have been practicing some minute to win it games for a few months now. If interested contact me by email.

  27. Morgan stone

    I am a 22 year old preschool teacher and would love the opportunity to be on this game show. I recently participated in minute to win it games at my church during a lock in. I am super competitive and feel this would be a great opportunity to turn my competitiveness into money :) pick me!

  28. Matt

    Pick me pick me. I have always had a nac at little games. Shirt sweet and makes you intrigued as to what I can offer

  29. Lauren Brown

    My name is Lauren Brown. I am a 15 year old girl from Minnetonka,MN. I would love it if my brother, chad brown who is 13, and I to compete in this show. We play every sport and love to compete. We are like twins and do everything together. We would be grateful if we had the opportunity to come on the show and prove ourselves. Thanks for the consideration.

  30. Oscar Padilla

    My cousin and I were part of the Spanish version of the show “Un Minuto Para Ganar”. We made it all the way to the eighth game and are hungry to finish all 10 games. Pick us and we will make a hell of a show

  31. Julia

    Hi! My name is Julia, I’m 18. My boyfriend Danny and I have been together a couple years and always watch the show together, we’re huge fans. We are both athletes and are very competitive and loveee the challenges the show comes up with! I am going into my first year of college as a bio major and he is going into his second year as an accounting major. We would LOVE to be a part of your show, it would probably be the greatest thing that ever happened to us! Please choose us :)

  32. dariana donadio

    Hello !!!! My name is Dariana and I am a 16 year old girl from long island . Most people say we are snotty impatient people but I say it’s because we strive to get what we want and we let nothing stand in our way! Ever since I was little my family told me I could grow up to be whatever I wanted. I know that my true passion is acting . If I were given this opportunity to be apart of such a memorable and honorable experience I would put my heart and soul into making it the best it can possibly be. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actress and I hope that with your help.and guidance I can turn my dream Into reality. I love making people laugh and singing is also a talent of mine. I enjoy football and softball and I have been a baton twirler for 10 years. This would be a blessing to my family and I if you would take a chance and let me show you what I can do. I look forward to meeting with you ! (:

  33. michael reed

    beacusei know ihave the power to take that money home

  34. jamarcus Henderson

    pick me i wanna win!!!
    i have what it take to be on TV

  35. Dean

    I love sports, I enjoy life with my always trying something a great people person.and im always smiling. I work out everyday and stay healthy.and I know I’d be a great asset and team player. And I promise you and all the fan’s me and the partner im paired with will be great, exciting. Upbeat. Focused and amazing. And from me and my family it will be a great honor to be on the greatest gameshow today. Thank you

  36. Julia Kincaid

    NAME: Julia
    AGE: 52
    DOB: 06/16/1962
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 160 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female

  37. Hannah Weiss

    I love this show! I’ve played the games in my living room! I just recently got engaged and me and my fiancé are on a very low budget. Our families would love to help but they can barely pitch in. I have my dream guy and I want a dream wedding, but I don’t know how we are even going to pay for even a small mediocre wedding! I just want enough to pay for my wedding and honeymoon. And if we won more I would share with our families and invest to build a stable worry-free life together.

  38. Scott Dyer

    I have been watching the show for years and have just been dreaming to be on it I have seen all of the challenges and even saw the ex host in person a few years ago where he came to our church camp in waxahachee Texas and we played and did very well I’m fun athletic and energetic and know if given the opportunity I could go far and win this competition

  39. micala herring

    Hi my name is micala herring I am 10 years old and I have a lot of spunk and tatality. If you don’t choose me and my sister you will be missing one of the most talented kids on planet earth. I’ve seen all of your shows including guys grocery games and diners drive in and dive. So please pick us so that we can show you we have a minute to win it.

  40. Hollis Boyd

    I think the show is great an to test your mind and physical condition if you can do the things in less than a minute. I would like to be on the show I am 57 years old.

  41. riley p.

    this show is soo cool…hope too be the next contestant!!!!

  42. Bryce Heffinger

    Im Bryce Heffinger i am a Las Vegas, Nevada resident and i would love to be on the show. I am very athletic, eye/hand coordinated and adapt to any situation well. I perform well under pressure, i feel i have everything and anything it takes to get to the top. It would be a pleasure to hype the crowd an get everyone excited to see someone win a million because it is possible. The skills needed to complete these task are right here so please please please take me into consideration, you won’t regret it. I am very competitive, but thats why i feel i would be the best pick because i’ll give the people what they want, a show. I would use this money to help build my dreams and get me where i want to be.

    Bryce Heffinger

  43. Kenya Henry

    I’m a 3-yr old mother of 2 fabulous girls. I’m a gamer. I Love a Challenge!!! I would really appreciate the opportunity to be a contestant. I have watched every show. I’m very outgoing, spontaneous, and full of energy. I love to be in front of an audience. I feel I have what it takes to be a Champion :)

  44. Kurtis Kennedy

    My name is Kurtis Kennedy, and I’m from Ontario, Canada! I love Minute to Win it, it is my favourite show, I watch it with my mom almost everyday after school. At every single Minute to Win it party I have been to, I came out on top! I am the beast of the Minute to Win it challenges.

    When I was 11 years old, I lost my father to cancer. That was very hard for my family, I am now 14 and I want to go on Minute to Win it with my hard-working mom to prove to ourselves that we can do this! We want to win the money to take my mom, who works 8 hours days, 5 days a week, on a vacation of a lifetime, to show her how much we appreciate everything that she’s done for us.

    It would be the most amazing thing in the entire world to be a contestant on Minute to Win it. As I said earlier I am amazing at Minute to Win it challenges, and should I get the opportunity to be on the show I would bring home the million!:)

    This was just a brief description of me, and if you would kindly consider me for an audition or something, that would mean the world to me. My e-mail address is <hidden from public>

    Thank you very much,
    Kurtis Kennedy

  45. Haley

    My friend/neighbor would LOVE to be on this show!! We are both so competitive that we would give it all we got! Not only are we competitive, but we are fun and crazy. If we are chosen to be on the show, we would put the money back for our kids’ college fund!! You should definitely pick us, because we would be amazing on the show!! :))

  46. April

    I’ve been a fan of minute to a win when i saw the show for the first time .I’m deaf single mother of three small fellas and also pregnant.I would like to have my two brothers to play the game with me.being able to help me to buy a new brand of a family van asap I hope so…this for your kindness

  47. Ashley Smith

    Hi, I’m a big fan of the show and love to play games and love a good challenge
    Age: 15
    I live in…Battle Creek, Michigan
    If I win big I plan to donate 1/2 the money to charity and the rest will pay for my future college education

  48. Nicole and Michelle

    My twin sister and I would love to be contestants on Minute to Win it because we are extremely competitive and love to have a good time. Putting us on the show would be a great decision because who wouldn’t love to see twin sisters winning one million dollars? We believe that we would excel in this game show and when my sister and I are together, we are incredibly funny. If you want to find out for yourself, you have all the power to do so! We love to laugh and trust me, you would not regret this decision. We always watch this show with my grandpa and he would be so happy to see us here. We want to make him proud and what better way than to appear on his favorite game show! Please give us the opportunity and we won’t let you down! With the money we make, we will pay for both of our college tuition’s and all the expenses that come with living away from home. We also want to help our parents financially and it is their dream to open up a franchise. We would be so grateful to be considered. Thank you so much!

  49. Khaled Cromer

    Being able to get on this show would help me with college!

  50. Nicole Brait

    My twin sister and I would love to be a contestant on Minute to Win it because we are extremely competitive and love to have a good time. Putting us on the show would be a great decision because who wouldn’t love to see twin sisters winning one million dollars? We believe that we would excel in this game show and when my sister and I are together, we are incredibly funny. If you want to find out for yourself, you have all the power in the world! We love to laugh and trust me, you would not regret your decision. We always watch this show with my grandpa and he would be so proud to see us here. We want to make him proud and wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Please give us this opportunity and we won’t let you down! With the money we make, we will pay for both of our college tuitions and all the expenses that come with living away from home. We would be so grateful to be considered. Thank you so much!

  51. garrian henry

    I got sunshine on a cloudy day, when its cold outside I got the month of May, well I guess it ‘ll be a sin, if I don’t get picked for a Minute to Win, money money money to support my family money…………I am a single mother of three kids and I am currently on welfare, I would like to go back to college and secure my family. Times are hard and I am ready to win it…

  52. Rupal Patel

    I want to be in the show because I want prove myself and I want to win so I can help my family.
    I have been trying to be in the show for so long.please please just give me one chance…

  53. amith ambikapersad

    I would like to enter minute to win it as I have a new born baby and had to resign from my dream job as I had to undergo major surgery being said given this amazing chance would be entertaining and the money can hrlp us all to build a family. I would make each moment memrable not just the minute

  54. Roger

    The past year has been one of the most challenging times in our family. I recently returned from my fourth military deployment and discovered that my wife was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. It had gone untreated for many years and my wife recently ended up in the ER for attempting to commit suicide. Since her hospitalization she has been on medication for her bi-polar and is doing much better. Minute to win it has been a family favorite of ours since its original air date. Our whole family is very athletic and loves challenging games. I would love to have an opportunity to win some money and donate to some of the proceeds to the bi-polar foundation. We have proven that we can get past the most difficult times life has to offer, so I know that we would put on a good showing if allowed the opportunity.

  55. Kara Caywood

    California girl representing here! My daughter and I would rock Minute to Win it! We’re a competitive, outgoing, and boisterous duo. My daughter will be off to college next year and we’d love to have this opportunity before she leaves!

  56. Brandi Cox

    I am the MOST competing son of a gun there is! I compete with food, ironing clothes, hair weaves and absolutely SPORTS! And I’m teaching my three year old to be just as competitive! I’m always up for a challenge! Who wants it?!

  57. Victoria

    Hi its me again I forgot to say that I would do this with my closest brother chris so that we can win this together.

  58. Victoria

    I would love to be on minute to win it because ive been watching this show with my family since I was a todler and we have not been watching any family movies or anything together any more and I would like to get on minute to win it so that I can bring my family back together. The other reason that I would like to be on this is that I would love to win 1,000,000$ so that me and my family can go on a family vacation so that we can have our very first real family vacation that we have ever had. So please choose me so that I can make my family proud of me and so that we can go on the best and first family vacation. By the way I am 13 years old.

  59. Madeleine

    Hello! I live in Georgia and I’m twelve years old. I love your show and the fun that comes when I watch it. I have always wanted to be on a game show and have fun and Minute To Win It is my favorite. I don’t know for sure how old you have to be to get on, but I think you should do a younger contestant show. Keep up the good work and make more great episodes! Have a great day and please consider my preposition!

  60. JaQuon Hartman

    Me and my brother would be great for MINUTE TO WIN IT. We practice all of the games at home in our garage. We have great energy and would bring a ton of fun to the stage. We will be using the money we win to pay for my brothers expensive surprise wedding for his girlfriend of 5 years. PICK US WE WILL ROCK THE STAGE!!! #siblingscompetition

  61. derek mccartney

    I really enjoy watching minute to win it!! Ive always been good at wierd tasks like the ones I see on the show, im determined, if I cant do something I wont stop trying until I can, I would love the opportunity to showcase my awesome wierdness abilities lol thank you

  62. Alex Yovanovic

    My name is Alex Yovanovic and I am 19 years old living in Spring, Texas. I attend Texas Tech University as a mechanical engineer and I am a huge fan of the show!! I have followed Minute to Win it since it was first created on NBC. I love playing all of the games and I posted a video of me doing the Million Dollar Supercoin challenge on YouTube(DCAstudios) 4 years ago. The video was put on the live show and I became obsessed with the games. I practice all the time even to this day! I am always trying to improve my game skills so maybe one day when I’m on the show I will be ready for anything. I am eager and ready to play! I am a very competitive person and I can’t wait to beat the Supercoin challenge for real!! Thank you.

  63. Jordan Roche

    You should choose my dad and I to be contestants on Minute To Win It because we are a great, fun-loving father daughter team! We will have an awesome time whether we win or lose and if we do win, it will help a lot in paying for my college years. You won’t regret picking us to entertain the crowd with our weird personalities and one of a kind relationship!

  64. Lauren Wolbach

    My fiancé and I would love to be considered for Minute to Win it because we’re both very competitive and both like different challenges. At this time we can’t plan our wedding due to our income not being very stabilized right now. It would mean the world to us if you let us have the opportunity to be on your show. Thank you for the consideration.


    ME and My bf are the most wacky, outgoing competeive people I know! We have what it takes to take this money home! I have won more contests then I can count , I strive to win and love to play strategic games! I am a game and adrenaline junky!!!!! ( this will give me the rush ive been seeking). We keep our eyes on the prise!!!!!!!!! Thats the key to winning! PICK us to come play on this game and we will show the world what we’ve got! We wanna be challenged all while trying to stay collective and focuses on being winners!!!!! we have alot of school dept and loans we would like to pay off with our winnings and we would also use the money to go on our first EVER vacation and for me to buy my first EVER car!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you MTWI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK us the Team SQUISHY :)

  66. Colby

    I absolutely love watching your show. I think I am more than qualified to be on it, so pick me! :D

  67. Valerie and Joseph

    My name is Valerie i am 19 years old and my boyfriend Joseph is 31. We are your crazy fun loud Italian couple and so opposite in our own ways. Im the 5″1 crazy-risky-hyperchild and Joseph is a 6″2 giant-big hearted- have a heart attack if everything is not done perfect kind of guy. We met in school and knew we were ment to be.We love watching Minute to Win It! Recently we have had some bad luck and now we live in my parent’s basement, but we would love to get married, start our dream electrical company, and move out!! We are competitive when it comes to getting our way. Please let us reach our goals in just “Minutes” not years.

  68. Diana Burgos

    Hi I, a big fan of Guy on triple D and grocery games and now I’m including minuets to win it I always wanted to meet you and being on this show would be a great opportunity not only for me but for my partner as well I think we are physically capable and would make you proud !

  69. Frank List

    Me and my friend josh want to be on minute to win it to raise money to help pay off my mothers house because we may lose it. Depending on how far we go, we want to spend the rest of the money for our schools bowling team and to put money into a charity. We haven’t decided which charity yet but we would like for it to go towards a charity for kids with disabilities. Please consider us to be on minute to win it because I would love to see my mom smile and to make a difference. Thank you for your time and have a nice day

  70. Shaughn


    I’ve been a fan of minute to win it for a very long time and would love to be a contestant on your show. If I’m so lucky to be chosen, I’m going to donate 1/2 of my winnings to the humane society and the rest of the winnings would use to pay for my education.

    Thank you for your time.

    Warmest regards,

    Shaughn Wilson

  71. Brian Crouse

    I am seeking to join the game for my three little girls. After a rough few years we hope to get a house and get settled in Chicago IL. After watching the show my girls relentlessly pursued me to sign up and try to get on the show.

  72. Ahmed berro

    When you pick us to be on this show you won’t regret it you have a minute to win it. So win it with us. We are crazy, we are fun, we hate to loose. Practicing takes hours which is how much time we spend together. If you don’t pick us you will loose out on having the most competitive people you have ever met on your show. We have nothing to loose so let us be ourselves on your show and show to the world how Arabic brothers Stand side by side with each other. Take a minute to spend the time to win it with us.

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