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  1. DeAndre Hagar

    I can tell you a million and one reasons to choose me as your next contestant , but I’m not. I’m a family man. Loving husband , great father , awesome friend , son , brother and uncle. This will be a great experience for me and my wife and we’re willing to give our all.

  2. derrick pendleton

    Say hello to your next contestant slash winner.
    Thank you in advance for picking me.

  3. Johnita Patillo

    I am a college student who can use the money to pay off nursing school also I’d like to help my parents pay off their land and I’ve been watching this show for years; I believe that I should be on this show because I love the challenges and I feel like I have what it takes to make it far in this game.

  4. Kelsie Mleczko

    Hi! My name is Kelsie! I absolutely love watching Minute To Win It; especially with my boyfriend, Mike. My favorite reason for watching it is to see all of the creative and innovative ways that every day products bring out the fierce side of competitors. On the other hand, Mike loves Minute to Win It for the athleticism, agility, and focus involved! The pair of us would be an exciting asset to feature on the show, and we’d be honored to do so. Thank you!

  5. dj

    Ever since the very first episode I’ve been a huge fan. I have the personality for this game I have the charisma I have the enenergy and I have the skill. But thats not why I want to be on the show.. Growing up, my family and I didn’t really have much. We’ve been homeless 3 times and we’ve always struggled with bills. We could barely afford to keep a gallon of milk in the fridge and a loaf of bread on the counter. My mom had to work 2 jobs just to get by. Now I’m not trying to get sympathy, that is nowhere near what I’m doing. I just feel this would be the perfect opportunity to give my family the life they rightfully deserve.. I love this show. I’ve seen every episode. I’ve even constructed my own in home MTWI games. Idk, if I am picked then perfect, I couldn’t be happier. If not.. That’s perfectly fine too. And I’ll congratulate whoever is chosen.

  6. Doug Wagner

    I feel like I could do very well on this show and would love the opportunity to give it a shot…plus could always use some extra cash!!

  7. John Pip

    i would love to be on this show. Im a college student needing money for school that gets pumped about the challenges on a minute to win it. plus who doesn’t love money

  8. Dawn[ Ganaway

    Simply[ The[ Best

  9. Christopher Cury

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Like I really think i can make it all the way.

  10. Loretta

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Like ii really think i would make it all the way to the end.

  11. Hiba

    Hi please I want to be in the minute to win it I think it will be very fun and also the money it can make for me a lot and help people they need money to live.i try a lot to be in the last session but I hope I will have the luck this year to be in the show

  12. Bailey Merritt

    Well I have to say I’ve never thought to try and become a contestant on a game show, but I absolutely love minute to win it !! I’m not really sure what most people write for these applications to get noticed so Im just gona wing and be my crazy honest self ! First off I think I would be GREAT at the challenges , I’m a very athletic individual , great hand eye coordination , and I am an intelligent person so I would say those qualities combined would prove to be a winning combination! Also if I am honest I would like to find out for myslef what it’s like to be on the show , the pressure, the audience and all the other factors for this simple reason ……… I am definatley one of those people that watch others competing on the show while I watch from the comfort of my home saying ” I would totally have done that better !! ” hahhaaha. So I figured maybe time to put myself to the test. And if I were to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to appear on your show and even luckier have a chance to win some money I would LOVE to have the opportunity to not only pay my mother back for everything she has done for me , but give her some sense of financial security , I have the most wonderful and loving mother who has sacrificed everything for me and I don’t know anyone that deserves to have someone do something nice for her then my mother , not only is she the best and most generous mother ever, she is that way with absolutely everyone she meets. So I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for when you choose your applicants but I would love the chance to be on your show and thank you for your consideration.

  13. Brionna dixon

    I think i would be really good on this show because i think it would be really fun.
    I would like the money to help my parents out.
    Idk if im old enough but im 13 years old and i just would really love to be on the show

  14. Dakota Green

    I am looking for a little extra cash to pay off students loans and show off my athletic ability and strategic mind. I am currently working full time 40+ hours a week and attending graduate school as a full time student. This would be a chance for the to pay off my student loans and maybe take a break from working and focus on my schooling. I am working to have money to live on and pay bills (including my loans), but my current job it not my passion, it isn’t what I am going to school for. I want to be a teacher so I can help educate young minds because they are the future of our great nation and with the potential cash I could earn from this show it could allow me to have more free time to focus on school and myself. Work and school is all I know!!

  15. Aminta Gutierrez

    I would like my brother and I to be on this show because it will be an amazing oppertunity to show everyone that we can win in this awesome show and have an amazing time being on TV. Plus , it just looks really cool :)

  16. LaQueesha Bush

    Hello I am the wife of this potential contestant. His name is Shawne. He’s 30yrs old. This guy is a character to see under pressure. I truly believe he is the perfect fit for your game show. Shawne is in very good shape for his age and adores competition.
    This is someone I know everyone will get a kick out of watching.


  17. Lyn Redd

    I’m not sure if I’m old enough since I’m 14, but i am the best at puzzles and I think I’d be good at minute to win it. I don’t feel that I really stand out much in the infinite abyss of people that would like to be on the show, but who does?

  18. Nadia

    Hi I’m 12 years old I will do really gud on ur show I started practicing wen I was 10 I no I’m ready

  19. Stephen Haynes

    My name is Stephen Haynes — a clever-minded individual who loves challenges! Challenges have been apart of my life, whether it was recovering from being unemployed for eight months, moving to New York with no job and $300 in my bank account, or convincing the world that I’m destined to be a television host for my own sports show (still a work in progress). I live off of challenges and I pride myself on a competitor! If chosen as a contestant on this show, I will bring my A+ Game and bring home the $1 Million!!!

  20. Megan Borkes

    I’m Megan, a 27 year old entertainer in Orlando, FL. I play Minute To Win It games with kids during the holidays as one of my entertainment jobs around town, so I’ve had some practice. I’m also super competitive. I’d love to win some money to help me fund trips to make my long distance relationship with my boyfriend in London possible – as you can guess, international flights get quite expensive, so a little extra cash would definitely help out.

  21. Mostafa

    I m from Canada, I would like to be among luky people that `s why I m applying. I have for kids and I want to buy house and give some money to my relatives who are poor. I want to tell you that one of my kids who encouraged me to try it in the hope of being chosen (Really I hope so).

  22. Nichole

    Hi, I’m Nichole. I’m 23 with four kids. My oldest being 6 about to turn 7. I just recently got married to my husband. We had a baby in September. We live in a very small town in northwest Montana. It would be great for us to get a chance on minute to win it. I know there are plenty of people responding, but I can tell you not many people ever get to do things such as this from my town or anywhere remotely close to here. Thanks.

  23. Tracey

    Hi, I think I should be picked for minute to win it because I am an easy going down to earth person that loves to compete, life is short and we should all have fun, every second counts!!!! I love watching the show and I would really like to try it first hand. I have had an extremely rough year financially and the money would help but what I really think I would enjoy most would be the challenge!! Minute to win it….. pick me!!! : )

  24. Amanda curtright

    I’d like my grandmother and I to be picked to be contestants on this show because our favorite thing to do together is watch games hows like this one.. I graduate from college in 6 weeks and we were going to go on a cruise but I’d like to make this memory with her even if we don’t win anything.. I know it would make her happy and Id rather have a smile on her face as my graduation gift than some cruise. She’s my best friend.. My mother my grandmother.. My rock.. She’s given up her world for me and I just want to try to do something I know would bring some joy to her.

  25. Shabbir Khan

    Its such a delight to even know that this is show is getting started again… I’m from India and I love this show so much! well, about the chance, I have been working since I was 5 years old (not kidding) to support my family, lived homeless on the streets, attended goverment schools without shoes and in torn clothes (but still never missed it)…
    Even after struggling so much, there is still so much to for my family (I have a huge family btw!) This money can help me get out of debts, buy my own home, fulfill my and my famliy’s dreams…
    And most importantly, I deserve a shot, coz I’m gonna make it FUN for the people to watch!!!

    I’m hopeful and I will be waiting to hear from you…

  26. Austin Cocanougher

    I deserve to be picked because I am working to put myself through college. I stretch myself thin with school, whatever I can do for money, and baseball while keeping straight A’s. I love the show and Id love. A chance to be part of it. Let alone earn money.

  27. Sara

    I am currently enrolled at York College of Pennsylvania. Like most college students I am in need financially. My parents have helped me as much as they can and I would like to some how show them how grateful I am. My father is a diabetic and is my rock and he is going above and beyond trying to help me. If I were to have the opportunity to be on the show it would mean the world to not only me but to my family as well.

  28. Ralph Marz

    I am a Disabled combat Veteran from the Iraq war, I have come to Hollywood to follow my dreams of bieng an actor/comedian after surviving my call to duty in Iraq and I would very need the money for my daughters upbringing while I follow my dream. Thank you R Marz

  29. Tyron Kinney

    I feel I deserve a shot at a million dollars because Ive worked my entire life and still have not saved enough to put my oldest son through college. Im not gonna give you guys a sob story or nothing but my boy deserves it and I know if givin the chance I will make money needed to further my sons education and possibly even get myself a new car, Lord knows I need one. Thanks for the opportunity….

  30. Porntiwa tippitokwong

    Swadeekha, (hello) in Thai….I’m from Bangkok,Thailand.i have seen your show in philippines manila…I love it!! Fun,challenging,excitement….and money!!..I watch every nite in manila the show it’s on late at night,,,with my husband he’s from America,,he enjoys it as well.i run around the house ,,,one,,minute ,,to win it!!! He laughs…he knows it’s on…I have been to America,,I got my visa,,,email me,,were ready!!!!….

  31. EstelaThompson

    I’m a single parent of 4 daughters 20,17,13,9 at 34. My oldest is in college needs money for everything ,I want her to be able to help her for fill her dreams and I have to find a way to pay for it. I want her siblings to follow in her footsteps positive roll models are important.

  32. Nimarr akers

    I feel like I have should have the opportunity to be on this game show I’ve never been on one and I would love to win some money

  33. Jared Vennix

    I am a college student who is looking a little cash to pay college off. I am a competitive person who wants to win at everything but keeps a calm attitude and will cheer for my competitors if I am not in the running. Minute to Win It is the best game show ever. Pick Meeeeee!

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