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  1. Dacia Merry

    Hello! My name is Dacia Merry and I am from Jacksonville, FL, but currently living in Las Vegas, NV. I am 14 years old and trying with all my might to become an actress (who’s well known). I have watched all of the Tyler Perry Madea movies/plays and I”d love to be part of the cast. I’m utterly excited to see if I am qualified to be part of the cast/crew of this movie and if so, that would be amazing. Thanks for your time!

  2. Ashley Clemons

    My name is Ashley, and I am interested in any part. I want to gain more experience. I took 2 in a half years of acting class in high school and I am a good actress and could act of out any character. Might been a little practice but I am a quick learner. I take any job serious and also welling to learn more than what I already know. I would love opportunity and would want to prove to you that I am a good actress.

  3. Yeni Vilchis

    I love Madea well Tyler Perry. He is a great actor and does every Madea movie a hit. What more to be a part of an amazing movie like this one. My name is Yeni Vilchis. I am interested in any part even extra.
    I want to build up my profile and get experience. I am a good actress and could do any character but I know I need practice. I take any job serious and have open ears and eyes to learn more than what I know. I am a humble funny joky fun to be around with girl. There is no small parts only small actors. I would love an opportunity to show my talent and to accept any tips to get better.

  4. chloe howington

    My name is Chloe,If i am sending this to Tyler Perry then you have heard from me before.I was the one that you said you liked my picture.The last four digits of my number then was 3807.It has changed since then but since i don’t want people to call me please reply back.What I would like first is to support my family and help my dad out.My dream is to be a model and actor. I have always gotten called back but always had to change my number.Please take this into consideration.Thank you.

  5. russo

    I want to act because IM NATURALLY FUNNY anyways…might as well get paid for it, I also looove tyler perry movies and I KNOW HE WOULD JUST LOOOVE ME 2 DEAF.Laughter is great for the soul and I LOVE TO UPLIFT others this will just be one other great way to do it.OH AND DID I MENTION “FOLKS LUV ME”

  6. Brown

    Keep this short and simple I am 22 years old Name is Soweto I am trying to get up and do something with my life. You only live once all I want is to be able to show my talent as a young adult. I have kids and I want to make it big in this industry. I love all the Tyler Perry movies my favorite of all well I love all but I love watching One big happy Family and Bad by myself. I would love to work with this cast and crew if I ever get the chance lord knows I would do my best at this Job. Thank you!

  7. Michele

    I’m grown. I’m feeling adventurous! I’m feeling a confidence I’ve never known until I reached this, once scary, place called 40! I’ve always wanted to act somewhere deep in my quiet thoughts it was never encouraged to persue, to celebrate myself, to believe that such things as these are possible outside the realm of conservative thinking. My time is now and I want to feel the excitement and the experience and pride with all that I have….just once.
    I’m a fan of the series, the writing, the direction. The hilarity, the boldness, the message, the values portrayed. Send me! Send me!

  8. Shacquan

    My name is shacquan palmer im 14 years of age im currently doing gcse drama im a level 6A Last year i done a short film on youtube the film was called thaagam short film i am the boy with the blue just do it bag around my neck. And that short film has now got 5,860 hits so that was a great success for my first experience I been to two established stage schools, which was Stagecoach and recently the Anna fiorenteni theatre school where I was doing drama, singing and dance. I would like to join your agency. Because I would like to be upcoming movies and tv serials.

  9. angie walker

    I think i should be in this movie because me and Madea have alot in common. We speak our minds and we will whoop a kids you know what!!! I love me some Tyler Perry and i would keep him laughing. I went to see the play, Madea Gets A Job and i loved it! I love people and i just know the camera would love me too. Here i come Tyler Perry!!!

  10. Tommy Saroda

    Hey there, my names Tommy Saroda. I’m 29 years old, I’m 6 foot 1, I’m mixed Ethnicity, black hair, brown eyes, and I live in New York. I’m smart, funny, open minded and down to earth individual. I love watching the Madea’s Tv series and movies as well. I’m a huge fan of Tyler Perry and his series and movies

    The reason why I should be considered for the role in Madea’s Christmas movie because i can get into character with unique personalities whether it may be vigilante or villain, or just a regular average person cause everyone’s role in a scene is very important. SO give me a chance of a try to prove myself worthy for the role on film. Thank you for your time and opportunity for letting me express myself here on what i have to say.

  11. Anthony Robinson

    HI! my name is Anthony and im a Mississippi country boy looking for a chance in entertainment. I do believe I would make a great part of the team for a tyler perry movie or play. I can sing soulfully and act, but don’t ask me to dance (lol). I’m 31, 6’2, dark skinned, average build, and very easy to get along with. I’m very understanding as to what to do and follow instructions well. I can transform into who I need to be at any given time. I would be honored to be a part of a tyler perry film or play.

  12. Milton

    Hello! I’m Milton d Marak. I love to sing and model. I would love the chance to be apart of a tyler perry production because tyler perry teaches the best lessons throughout his movies ,even.funy story there is still lessons to be learned.Watching him is very inspiring to me.Thank You.

  13. Charles Anthony Clauss

    Alright first of all the first movie was genius and I am excited to be in this one. I can do any role you want really annoying white kid annoying Madea to teenager in the store I don’t mind but I’m best when I say humorous smart remarks. People say I’m the next Eddie Murphy haha
    I’m 16
    5’11 150 lbs
    Favorite movie : Norbit
    Favorite Actor : Eddie Murphy

    I love entertaining people not for the money or fame but the
    Joy of doing it.


    ~ C-Sizzle ~

  14. Rocquell

    Hi they call me Rocky! I would love to
    Be a part of this hard working team! Please
    give me this chance and you won’t regret!

  15. Robyn Jones

    I am black, funny and a black history buff! I love ALL Tyler has done. Got a role for a mamma?

  16. Merdeck Fowler

    Hi my name is Merdeck Fowler II and I would love to be part of this amazing Tyler Perry movie. I am 16 years old and turning 17 in August next month. Im am a 5’10 african american. I am a musicians who plays the saxaphone and part of the jazz band, concert band, and symphonic band at school. I love music so much. I am also a singer and a dancer. I also love comedy. My friends say I should be a comedian because everytime im around them they are dying of laughter. What sparked my interest for acting is watching a bunch of Tyler Perry movies and being macbeth in a play at school. It was really fun, I love entertaining and putong a smilenon peoples faces. I live in Great Neck New York and my life is so boring here. I want to get a chance at the bright lights. I want to change my life I not have to deal with americas choice foods and water bottles if you know what I mean because down here the struggle is real. Contact me at <hidden from public> if you pick me you wont regret it.

  17. Destiny Lockhart

    Hi,my name is Destiny. I love all of Tyler Perry’s movies and I think that they are too funny and would love to be apart of them.…you probably won’t see this because of the other amazing people commenting but I’m going to give you facts about myself. I was raised by a single mother and although I don’t live in the best neighborhood I believe I came out pretty well. I am a black American, I just turned13 years old, I love to sing and act. I’ve been in about a hundred different plays and I was always given beyond positive reviews. I want to change the way people think, not just about women but about them all in general. I get good grades in school and now I am going to 8th grade. I hope and pray that you will pick me.

  18. Eboni Leach

    Hello! I’m Eboni Leach, I love to sing, and model. I would love the chance to be apart of a tyler perry production because tyler perry teaches the best lessons throughout his movies, even though they are funny there is still lessons to be learned. Watching him is very inspiring to me, listening to his story of how he made himself who he is & what he’s become is amazing.. he is truly blessed. But, as for me I’m 16, I will be a junior in highschool in August, I’m 5’3, brown hair & brown eyes. I would love the chance to audition for something big especially with tyler perry.. My dream is to become a singer or model. I am really inspired I would love to work with his cast & crew. Thank You!

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