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  1. Rachel

    Hi, my name is Rachel. Have blonde long hair. I have blue greeny eyes. I’m 13 years old and turning 14 this may. I adore live and maddie I watch all the time it’s on and I would really love to have a shot at being in my favourite Disney channel program so please could get back to my email. I’ve been looking for auditions for ages and because I love the program live and caddie this one appealed to me the most so please could you get back to me

  2. Lashay

    I love liv and maddie and I want to be in it

  3. Hannah

    For as long as I can remember, being apart of the disney channel family has always been a big goal for me. Growing up the only channel I would watch was disney, back when we still had The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Hannah Montana, So Raven, etc. I used to watch them everyday thinking “I wish I could be them” and even though it’s a difficult, I think I’m ready for it. I’m 14 years old now, and in about two months I’ll be 15. I know I may not be disney material but it never hurts to follow your dreams, right. This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime and hopefully I’ll get a shot. I’d love to be apart of Liv and Maddie.

  4. khalil yarbo

    Hi my Name is khalilyarbo i am 11 years old and i Live in Germany i like to act till i was 4

  5. Caelyn Griffith

    Hi my name is Caelyn Nora Griffith Honda I am 20 years old I am a singer, dancer, actor, and gymnast i speak English I live in Los Angeles California I was born on January 16th 1995 I am a female my other name is Caelyn Nora Griffith I have brown hair my HGT 4’09” I have brown eyes and my WGT 115 lb. I use to work at Culver City SR Center for 2013 now I work at Chuck E Cheese for 2015 it goes through workability I am a in a relationship with John Howe I have a dawn Symdrum I will play a role of Liv Ronney because I am popular and famous and a star

  6. Gabe MacLeod

    Forgot to mention i’m 13 years of age.

  7. Gabe MacLeod

    My name is Gabe and I just love disney channel!!! And to add to that I also love Live&Madie.
    I love acting, and am currently taking acting class. I am trying to assemble a play at my school next year (Alice & Wonderland). I would be so happy if you considered my for the show and would be even happier if you exepted me. I think you should exempt me because…
    1. I am good a displaying emotion.
    2. I love acting
    3. I am weird and unique

  8. itzel

    Hello im 11 years old. I was born in America and i will like be in liv and maddie. My hobbies are dancing Hip Hop and singing. I have Dark Brown and Black hair . I really love acting anyways I hope you pick me.
    thanks if you do

  9. Marina Tedesco

    Hi, my name is Marina Tedesco. I live on Long Island and I am an identical twin. I am 5’5 and 13 years old. I have long, wavy dirty blonde/brown hair and light brown eyes with green tints on the outside. Numerous times by peers and members of my community I have been told I am very talented. I have been in different plays which include “Guys and Dolls”, “Scrooge”, etc. and I am definitely not camera shy. This show accurately portrays my sister and I on a daily basis, one of us being more ‘girly’ then the other. I have participated Show Choir where we sing and dance competitively and I overall enjoy acting, singing and dancing. Thank you for reading!

  10. Emma Hobson-Dahlstrom

    Hi,my name is Emma,I am 11 years old, I am 4’8″ tall,I have blue eyes and long brown hair with blonde highlights.I love Liv And Maddie so I would love to be on the show. My favorite character is Liv because I love singing and I think she has such a good personality and I think I am a lot like Liv.I would love to meet Dove Camron she is my favorite actor.

  11. Mohib M.

    I have loved the Liv and Maddie it’s a really great show it’s just a really great show I know there a lot of actors out there who are actually better then me sure if I don’t get picked I would still love Disney I have most certainly watched it for years and I would be really grateful I’m just a ordinary kid that is not special at all. I want to do something I’m good at and I am a little shy but whenever I go up on any show set I seem to have courage it would be a honor to be picked for such a great show I know I might not be picked but I’ll still keep watching Disney.

  12. Haddeal Arismendez

    Hi my name is Jessica Haddeal Arismendez. I am 18 years old going to 19 in May 1st. I am hispanic, have a clear, high voice. 5’3 and an average have long brown hair, brown eyes, braces in the mean time and have an average body. I’ve taken a theater arts class in my Senior Year of high school and aced it. My dream was to be in the spotlight or so, even when i know i cant do things. I was on the talent show singing and dancing on my own in 5th grade – 10th . I’ve been bullied basically all my school years, What i dream of is being in a television program so i can prove to others i can accomplish what i love to do. I’m currently in a relationship and he is doing a thing called Parkour in the valley ( McAllen, Tx) with my brother and some friends. He has accomplished so much and hes gone through what ive went through in my childhood. My little sister is a dancer, and trumpet player. I just want to make sure i can do what i love knowing i can accomplish what i believe in. Please let me be in your show, or in any actually i just want to prove the bullies wrong, and make my family proud.

  13. Brooklyn Rouse

    I’ve grown up watching Disney Channel and honestly it would be a huge honor to be apart of it

  14. trinity

    hi dove my name is t i love trinity i love liv and maddie i wish i had a sister i have 3 brothers and no dad i love your singing i want to be like you i have 3 songs

    9 years old
    weigh; 83


  15. Isis Johnson

    I love to sing act dance and am very interested in any role, i want to be disney nbt and i will make it if you help me

  16. ashlyn

    hi my name is ashlyn and I live in virginia beach and I think doing liv and maddie is great for me because I love singing and acting did I mention I am 10 well I hope you pick me for liv and maddie

  17. Aaron E Hernandez

    Hello, my name is Aaron and I am a beginner actor with much talent to spare. I have no acting background and would like to start with anything you can offer. Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be part of the Disney Channel family. I think I would be good for this part because I am funny by nature and live with only two girls, so I know the ups and downs to life with girls. I am about 6’00”, dark brown short hair, brown eyes, male and 16 years old. I am also athletic, participating in over 7 different sports in my past. I am a kind and caring person with a huge personality and would like to have a future in acting. Thank you for taking your time and reading my comment. I hope you take me in consideration for anything you need. Have a nice day. If you would like to contact me, please call my cellphone at <hidden from public> .

  18. Mekaela Villa

    My name is Mekalea Villa.I would love to be on the Liv and Maddie show.I like Maddie the best because Maddie loves basketball and I love basketball.I’m 9 years old.I’m outgoing, athletic, gymnast, a basketball player, and easy to work with.

  19. Caroline Saunchegraw

    I am Caroline Saunchegraw

    Height: 5ft 2
    Age: 13 years old

    I am really good at acting and singing. Liv as nd Massive is one of my favorite shows on disney channel.

  20. Camryn Johnson

    Hi my name is Camryn, and I am 10 years old and I love the show Liv and Maddie, the sho is funny and the show makes me laugh and I love making othe people laugh I like seeing them smile so if you will consider I promise I will surprise you.

  21. Daniela Hernández

    Ñame Daniela Hernández Molina
    Black hair
    Brown eyes
    Spanish, english

  22. Kallie Gallacher

    Hi! My name is Kallie Gallacher. I am almsost 16 and I live in Arizona. I have blond hair and blue eyes.
    I am 5,5″ and weigh 135lbs. You may be wondering what makes me diffrent, but that is it, I am diffrent because I can be. I have been in school plays such as duo scenes. I play golf and act. I know because there are many people who want to be on the show, my chances are slim. However, please let me know of anything I can do! This would be a chance of a life time! Thanks!

  23. Katara Jones

    I’m in love with this show it woul be an honor to play a role

  24. Kirsten R

    Hi, I’m Kirsten and I’m 13, I have golden hair with brown roots ( they show but I can always dye it to fix it.) and I would love to have a chance to be in a tv as famous and liv and Maddie, it has been my life dream to be an actress or singer and this would be a wonderful experience. ( I also have braces.)

  25. Emma combs

    Hi my name is Emma combs and I can’t pick who is my favorite because I love every one on the tv show I live in North Dakota minot Air Force base 115-2 I’m ten years old and I have a sister and a brother and four parents.

  26. Angela Clark

    Angela Clark


    Height: 5’1”
    Weight: 105
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 17


    Wise Guys and Starry Skies, Starred as Narrator, New Hope Christian School
    The Three Trees, Starred as a Tree, New Hope Christian School
    Suns and Flowers, Sang duet, Bethany Baptist Church


    Professional Television Drama
    Professional Television and Commercial Phase I
    Drama Class
    Drama Club


    Drawing, Painting, Hiking, Cooking, Roller-skating

    Won two medals in an international acting competition from the IMTA in LA. First place in the “On-Camera Host” competition, and in the top ten for the “On-Screen Test” competition

    Assistant in Children’s Ministries for 3 years.

  27. Ghassan

    My name is Ghassan and I am 11 years old . I am really good at acting . And I always watch liv and maddi . And acting in live and maddie wil be a great start for me because I always wanted to be a acter . And I am a boy
    I have brown glasses
    blond hair
    beige skin
    7 feet tall

  28. Ciara Guerrero

    Hello my name is Ciara Guerrero im 10 years old im hispanic and i love the disney channel i love to act and sing ive done Shakespeare in sckhool and plays I’ve always wanted to be an actress its my dream since i was a little girl im a fast learner and i would really appreciate it if you would consider me and give me an aportunity thank you.

  29. keke

    Hello my name Keke am a smart funny girls love to sing not scared of nothing
    Leave in Texas city doing good in school allvways will like to act on tv show
    Am smart get all A never got a B in my life

  30. Darius smith-McLeod

    I’m ten years old and I wanted to become an actor I’m a great dancer, actor and lots of others. I am very photogenic and I have a grest sense of style.I am in advanced classes. These are the reasons why I should get this audition.

  31. cyrani

    Hi there!

    I am twelve years old, mixed but american, and my height is five feet.

  32. Maddie

    Name: maddie
    Age: 15
    Eyes color: hazel
    Hair color: blonde
    Country: America
    Town: Wise
    I use to dance, I speak write and understand English

  33. Mike Bonhomme

    Hi, I’m Mike!

    I am an enthusiastic, happy, funny and smart kid. I’ve starred in just NUMBERS of school plays, (all main leads), I received high honor role in Acting/drama for my school. I have always loved acting, and it would be the best if I got the part! If you give me a shot, I promise I won’t let you down! I have been acting from age 10. Currently, I am 13 years old. Please give me a chance!! I think this show is funny and would love to work on it!

    ~Mike B

  34. Jaden miller

    Hi my name is jaden miller I would love to be on the tv show liv and maddie it wide be my dream I love baseball and I am a really good actor I love to dress up and I can play a really good sassy so that is good I can play eney part i am so excited to see if you right back I live with my nana and I live in Oklahoma!!!!!

  35. Habibacorinne

    Name: habibacorinne
    Age: 17
    Eyes color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Country: Cameroon
    Town: Douala
    I am in 1st year of university, l have family in USA
    I understand, talk and write english and french If l you give me this opportunity l will work very hard for the role I also sing and dance

  36. Lucia sancho

    Hi I would love to get this part I have:
    Brownish blondish hair
    12 yrs to 13yrs
    Hazel eyes
    Spanish accent but good English
    I don’t have much expirience in acting but if been to some school plays and I go to drama classes

  37. elaina

    hi my name is Elaina and I an 10 I have silky brown hair and dark brown eyes I am very good singer and actor if I had a script I could blow your mind if you saw me act you would not have you would know that I am the one and I have twin cousin and there just like liv and maddie one likes sports one does not they always fight but they still love each so being on the set with twins is not hard if you give me a chance to show you what I could do you would not be sorry I will not bug your choice because acting takes time and effort and I am willing to do anything to be on liv and if that does not prove that I should be on liv and maddie then I don’t know what will .

  38. AJ SImmons

    My name is AJ, I’m 22 but can pass as young as 16 very well, I can portray any and all emotions and can tell you how I’m feeling using just my expressions. I’m 5’3 and 150 lbs, could be used to play a teen or young male. I have red hair and blue eyes with pale light skin. I would be open to playing any role you have available. I’m reliable and will be there every time I’m needed no problem. I’m confident that I can bring a lot of energy to the show.

  39. jasmine martinez


    My name is Jasmine Martinez and I would love to get a chance to star in the tv show of liv and maddie. I am a young woman who is very easy going, sweet,enthusiastic, smart and I get along with everyone I meet.

    Hair Color:Brown
    Eye Color:Brown

  40. Shauntae Brown.

    My Name Is Shauntae Brown. Im 15, And Im A Twin. Im Currently In 9th Grade.
    Im 5’5 . Im Fun To Be Around A Nice Girl(: i Can Sing. I Been In Choir For About 3-4 Years.

  41. Tamya

    I love your show I played and my school play and song an front of ever one so please lit me be in the show

  42. Amara walker

    Hi my name is amara I am 11 years old .i love to dance and sing I have been doing them my whole life if I was ever on liv and maddie it is my favorite show ever .i would love to be on the show ,it is my dream

  43. Sarah Lizett Aguilar

    My name is Sara and I’d love to have a chance in being in this AWESOME show!!!! I’v always wanted to be in a Disney Channel show, I honestly think it’s ever kids dream to be in a Disney show especially because its Disney!!! I mean who wouldn’t be exited when they find out Disney is casting!! I know I am . . I’d say my talents are dancing and I cheer!!! I LOVE cheering, I was in cheer for 2 years and I loved it!!! I always watch Disney Channel and say to myself “That is going to be me someday! one day I will be there with all the actors I love ,forming smiles on children’s faces making then laugh and just simply making there day !!! I really hope to be in this show it would mean the world. :D Thank you!!!
    Name: Sarah Aguilar
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Language: Spanish/ English

  44. Mariana

    I am 12 I love to sing and act I did musical theater I love this show and would love to be in it

  45. Dendani

    hello my name is Dendani Oussama male I am 14 years old I live in France I Algerian origin I watch a lot notament disney channel in English but not in French speak English I know one day I dove cameronne meeting and told me if you want to become an actor you have to work very hard so if you take me I promise you that I will work hard to sing my activity I know I love football and I practice karate and I thank you Espaïre you will reply very soon

  46. Melinda

    Hi, I’m Melinda and i am 16. Every since I have seen the other episodes of Liv and Maddie I just fell in love with it, this show is hilarious and whenever I have a bad day from school I turn the t.v. on and watch it. I have thought about it and said the only reason that I want to be apart of this show is to brighten other peoples day just like how you’ve done with mine.

  47. Trena Selles

    My name is Trena Selles and I am 13 years old. My birthday is 10-13-01. I am 5ft 1in. I weigh 100 pounds. I have long straight black hair, and dark brown eyes. I’m in 7th, and I live in Clare, Michigan. I have dreamt of acting ever since I was younger. I have had stage fright ever since I did dance, which was around 5 or 6, but I have gotten over it. My stage fright keeps getting smaller and smaller over the years. I love Disney Channel. I watch it every day, and Liv and Maddie is definitely my favorite. I haven’t had much experience in acting, so it would take some adjusting. I am somewhat flexible, and I do have an attitude at times. I am shy at first around new people, but once you get to know me I never shut up. I am easy to get to know, and I am pretty funny. I absolutely love trying new things. I am a straight A student, I occasionally get a B. I have many hobbies, such as cooking, playing instruments, singing, listening to music, reading, drawing, and hanging out with friends. I love playing volleyball. I also like skiing and snowboarding. I always give 110% into my work, or anything I try. I wouldn’t be too interested in moving. I am always open to new ideas. I live with my younger sister, and both my parents. I have three older brothers that are out of the house. I’m not exactly sure what role I would play. I was maybe thinking ‘Parker’s ‘friend’ or something. I know there is like 6,400 other people, It would be a dream if you would consider me.
    My email is <hidden from public>

  48. Diana Alvarez

    Hello! My name is Diana Alvarez and I would love to be considered for a role in this new show. I won’t mind being an extra.
    – I am 15 years old
    I have………
    – Black/ dark brown hair
    – Black/ dark brown eyes
    – I am around 5’3 and 5’4
    – I am working on my weight but right now I am 120 – 130 lbs
    If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact me (by email)

  49. Megan howell

    Hi my name is megan howell I am 13 and I would love to be on Liv and maddie! I have very good experience with acting and singing and all sorts of stuff. I live in Lisbon North Dakota. I have been watching disney channel for my hole life and u would love to be on Liv and Maddies newer episodes! Dove Cameron is such a good actor, and the producer has such great ideas! Some of my friends has some doubts but I am ready to prove them wrong! I am very fun and active and I love to do creative things! I hope you choose me because our small town may need a little of excitement to have a citizen of there town on a very popular tv show!

  50. Alexia Haun

    HELLO MY NAME IS ALEXIA HAUN AND I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BE ON LIV AND MADDIE I AM 11 years old I live in Tennessee roggersvile I am like in love with show liv and Maddie it is the most amazing show and for Maddie I do play basket ball my teams name is purple magic and the coach says I am very good at basket ball so if you choose me I would really appreciate it my favorite character is Maddie because she is just like me and I think Dove Camron plays a good live and Maddie thanks for reading my little thinga migiga sorry don’t know what to call this little thing but anyways thanks a lot

    Thank you
    Sincerely , Alexia Haun
    P.S.if you did not get that clear I am like in love with your show places pick me please thanks !!!!!!!!

  51. Riya Patel

    I hope you don’t care that I am Indian. I love acting and singing

  52. Christie Martinez

    Hi, my name is Christie martinez. I am 15 years old and I would love to play a part in this movie. Though I haven’t acted in my life I think this would be a great opportunity to start off my career. I love watching movies and I always wanted to be apart of one! I know I don’t have any experience but I can prove it to you that I’m your girl! I like to make people laugh and have a good time. I’m outgoing and sarcastic. But I can be serious at times. I have dark brown hair, Dark brown eyes, height is 5’3, and I am Hispanic. Thank You!

  53. Anna Bialek

    Hi my name is Anna and I’m almost 12 years old.
    I have been acting for 10 years and singing for 8.
    I have been in three movie one of witch was a musical.
    I love Liv and Maddie and i have been working my entire life for something like this so please take me into consideration.
    I know you cant see or hear me but if you could you would not regret it i promise.
    thank you
    sincerely Anna

  54. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love liv and maddie. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. So please think about picking us. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  55. Joshua Beard

    Hi.My name is Joshua and i’m 13 years old.I live in Cleveland,Ohio.The reason i want to be on Disney is because everyday i watch Disney and all i see is these young actors.I think to myself “They’re so young yet so talented” and i wonder to myself if i could be just like them.I want to be something special in life.I don’t want a ordinary job.I want a unique career.I could wait till im older, but i want to start young.If you’re reading this thanks for taking time to find out why i want to cooperate with Disney and i hope there will be castings somewhere near me.After all Parker does need a partner in crime.


    hello im leilani i am 5 foot i have dirty blond hair brown eyes and can play any roll you give me

  57. Janna

    Hello im Janna Shimizu! Im 15 years old and i love preforming both singing and acting. I have priar training in both. Im Japanese American with dark brown hair 5’3 brown eyes and 118lbs. Here is a YouTube link of me singing All of Me by John Legend Im hard working and willing to sacrifice anything and everything for my career. Also i am from Sacramento, California. Acting and singing are my passions and what i want to do for the rest of my life.

  58. Chloe Mc Entee

    Hi .I would love to be in liv and Maddie. I live in Ireland . I know its far away. Its has been my dream to be an actress. I am a good actor. I have no experience,and no agent.I am 12 ,13 on the first of Nov.I have long dark brown hair,tall,blue eyes I am the oldest of three all girls. I really hope you will consider me but you would probably pick someone who has experience and closer.

  59. Shannen leach

    Hi Disney Channel I am Shannen Leach I am 11 years old and I would love to be in Liv and Maddie because i have always wanted a twin after watching this show I love singing and acting so please let me be in it.

  60. Kloie Gorrell

    I’m a tall brunet, golden completion, and am super confident.

  61. hannah

    hi, i am so excited to be able to do this! I am 9{10 in april} i was always told i have a talent for acting. I do it very well and even write my own skits with my friends. Being able to do this wil make me so so happy. Here is impormation about me
    _brown hair
    _ 9 years old
    _ love this show
    -wanna inspire others
    -kind and funny
    i always wanted to do this! thanks

  62. jade rudolph

    hi my name is jade Rudolph i am 10 yrs old i totally love liv and maddie please give me a chance i have brown hair and my eyes are brown you’re the best Disney Channel ever YAY ????????????????????????????????????????

  63. Alex Alvord

    Hi, I’m Alex , I’m 14 years old , I have hazel eyes , 158 cm
    I can sing and dance , from 4 years old playing in the drama club in the Czech Republic and I’d love to have played in something , I have talent and I hope that it was a chance to play in anything
    thank you
    With love

  64. Kenneth (ken ray)

    Hello my name is kenneth but I prefer ken I have tryed every audishion I culd. But I wont give up
    I am 15 years old
    I live in reno nv
    I am 5.10
    I am funny smart and kind
    Also I am a verry fast learner and id appreciate it if u culd give me a call at
     <hidden from public> and ill be glad to ancer any questions for me

  65. Carly Stupar

    Hello, my name is Carly. I am a 13 year old female turning 14 in April. Liv and Maddie is my favorite Disney Channel Show. I can relate very well with this show because, two of my best friends are twins and one has the same personality of Liv and the other of Maddie. I also love this show because, they make a lot of references about Wisconsin and I live in Wisconsin. I would love to be a part of this show because it has always been my dream to become an actress. I am involved in my schools plays and I’m involved in the stage crew for our musical. I love acting and making people laugh in general. I don’t have a ton of acting experiences, but I am a very fast learner. I am also a person who will try my hardest to achieve my goals, but if its not good enough I will go back and make it even better. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Carly S.

  66. Cynthia

    Hello, my name is Cynthia and I am 17 years old. I have watched Disney Channel almost my whole life and am interested in joining the cast of Liv and Maddie as it is currently one of my favorite shows. I have some experience with acting, having been cast in several of my school’s theatrical productions. I have also played several sports throughout my life, basketball included. I would be very honored if you were to consider me, but if not, I understand that this is a very competitive bussiness. Thank you for your time.

  67. A for Awesome

    Race:African American
    Dear creators of liv and maddie, i’d be honored to be on liv and maddie1.It would help me get more into the acting business
    2.It’ll help me from being shy
    3.I can sing somewhat very good

  68. lekpea benson

    i am lekpea i am 12 years old i live in buffalo ny i don’t mean to bragg (get it Joey Bragg) haha i am not girly grl or tom boyish even though i could play either i love base ball i have a bright spirit plus i think tenzing norgay trainor is adorbs:)

  69. Michael Adams

    Hey, my name is Michael Adams. I’m wanting to audition for the show. Now as you see there’s almost 6,000 people wanting this also. The reason I want to is because I’m an experienced actor that really would like to show my talents. I’ve been in plays and other stuff related to acting jobs before. The reason I’m different then anyone else is that I have a rare disease called nail patella syndrome. Also I’m from Kentucky so there’s also my accent I have never seen on disney channel. I’m 16 years old and like I said I’ve done acting before. I just want to show my talent to the world in a way I’m comfortable with and I think disney will offer me just that. I can say that I have had many people love my acting and say I can bring in more viewers to disney channel if I could have a shot at being on a tv show of Disney. So contact me as soon as possible if your looking for a talented actor.

    From: Michael Adams

  70. Tahziana &Tajhanae

    We are 14 year old twin girls motivated, determined, fashionista, and entrepreneurs .We want to be on the show because we have outgoing personalities. And love to make people laugh.
    African American
    Black hair
    Brown eyes

  71. Terran Parker

    I am 11 years old. I enjoy singing, dancing, playing basketball, and reading. I would love to be a part of Liv and Maddie. Please consider me. :-) Thank you!

  72. Zy'Cerra

    I’m Cece I’m 12 I Love to sing And Act I Would Loge to Be On Thus Show to Get My Confadence up And To show The world my Voice I Would Really Like it If Yall would Give Me A Chance

  73. Kathy

    Hey there!
    My name is Katharina and I`m 15 years old an I realy love Disney Channel !! It`s my absolut favorit TV Channel and I’m looking it al the time. My favourit Programm is Violetta, because she is so nice to everyine and would never want to heart somebody. Also she can sing so beautyfull and I realy like to sing here songs! The musik from Violetta is the best of the world.
    My second favourit Prgramm in Liv and Maddie. I have got a Sister too and we rely love each ther but someties we’re fighting, too, Like Liv and Maddie. I think my sister is more like Live, she realy like shopping and things which have to do with cloths and make-up; but I’m more like Maddie I loove Sport spaciely playing football!
    So on the one hand I rely like sport and beeing like Maddie, but n the other hand my dream is to bekome an actor like Liv.

    Now I’m going to write some thing about my hobbies:
    I’m acting in a theatergroop on my school, It’s a verry spacial groop because It’s everithing made by students and ther are no teachers telling us waht we have to do. Our name is Shakespesr alive and we’re playing only Shakespear.
    I’m singing in a chor with my best friend and our mothers
    I’m playing football

    Than something about me (I don’t konw if youwant to know this):
    I’ve got blonde middle long hair
    blue eyes
    I’m about 1,70m
    I’m 15

    Thanks, Kathy

  74. Nia Rampersad

    Forgot to mention I’m 13

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