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  1. Catherine

    hi i am catherine i am 14 years old i am australian.

    i love acting i as what i do i wake up in the morning and act it is how i role

    i would love this opportunity

    hair colour: brown
    eye colour : brown
    and i have freckles :)

    so please take me in too consideration

  2. Abdul

    Hey (:
    My name is Abdul and I would like to say a few things about myself

    ~ I didn’t come here to act for fame. I came her to lighten up the eyes of millions of people around the world moving them to tears and most importantly entertaining them.

    ~ 12 Years Old ( Quick Thinking , Well-Educated , Great Singer , Average Dancer , Amazing Rapper )

    ~ I live in UK but would not mind flying in to whatever country you want me to go
    ( I Can do a perfect impression of an American Accent )

    Thanks for reading! Peace ^^

  3. Jahnia Fisher

    Hello Everyone, I’m Jahnia. I’m an African American 10 year old Disneylicious Doll, and I would be a great person for ANY part of this show. I am vey tall for my age and I hope to one day be a model. I can hold a good tune and I am a great reader, so with training from your marvelous staff, I will be great in the acting department, and I promise to do my best. My Nana says I have a bad case of DisneyChannelidous, because I watch the Disney Channel everyday….ALL DAY…I LOVE DISNEY!!!

  4. lizzy schmitz

    hello, i am lizzy. i am 12 years old. i have brown hair and blue ayes. i love liv and maddie and i love acting. i love gymnastic. its my dream to acting in liv and maddie
    thank you

    byee :D

  5. B'jounai Saddler

    Hi ever since I wachted Liv and Maddie i dreamed that i was on Liv and Maddie now i am very happy that there are additons for Liv and Maddie. I am 9 years old and a big fan of Dove Cameron. I love acting and i understand if you do chose me.

    thanks for reading


  6. Zhane

    I’m 12. I’m from Wisconsin. I could play maddies new best friend who just moved into town. I’m super athletic. I play basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Ialso do Taekwondo. I’m a black belt. So please consider me for the part.

  7. Christina Colquhoun

    Hi! I’m Christina Colquhoun,and I love to act, It’s been my dream to be noticed on a tv/movie screen and what better way than this?! I promise that if you hire me you won’t regret it!
    -14 years old
    -brown eyes
    -dark brown hair with black streaks
    -currently living in San Antonio
    -I’m in high school
    -5′ 5″
    Please choose me and I promise you won’t regret it

  8. Avery

    name: Avery
    gender: Female
    age: 13
    Birthday: 7-11-01
    ethnicity: white
    hair// red
    Eyes: blue
    Height: 5″2′

    This would be a dream come true. I hope you consider me. I am an actor and model and I need a place to start, I want to be a famous actor one day. I am hard working and skilled, patient, and I learn quickly. Please feel free to email me <hidden from public> or my mother <hidden from public>

  9. Lily Child

    Hi my name is lily as you can see. I’m twelve years old and African American. I am 5’3 and have a passion for reading. I love to watch this show whenever I can, but since I am in seventh grade I don’t have as much time as usual because I get lots of homework. I have always wanted to act but their are no good acting roles in my town, so I hope you pick me.

  10. Aleemyoung

    Yes I want to be on liv and Maddie

  11. maya

    I am a12 year old girl from india
    I love sit coms
    acting is my favorite thing to do
    please consider my request

  12. Brenda

    hi my name is Brenda Gamez i am 10 years old i love the show and the channel it is my favorite show and i have seen every episode. i have a great memory i like to act and i have had auditions with hub i refused because i didnt like the script. i also like modeling.

    weight;62 lbs
    nationality: mexican
    hair color : chest nut like Ally
    eye color: hazel
    Skill/talent: volley ball, drawing,

    I am an A honor roll student and has only gotten 1 B in my life and it was an 89. I was literately to smart to go to kindergarten and in first grade i was ahead of my class.

  13. Kellie

    Submission for a role in the family friendly Disney Channel sitcom, Liv and Maddie, by Kellie

    I believe I can fit any role you can give me in the Disney Channel sitcom, Liv and Maddie. With no acting experience, I may not be the top choice at the moment. However, I am willing to take any and all training this show can give me, I am a 15 year old, white female with blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair that has been recently been dyed brown (and red). Upon request: photos and more information if needed.

    Best regards,

  14. Lisbeth Diaz

    Hi my name is Lisbeth Diaz I live in California in Los Osos I love watching Liv and Maddie ever day here are some interesting things about me. I love to sing and dance I am 11 years old I help my dad at his market I play some sports like soccer,basketball,I love to play handball I also played baseball for 1 year when I was little I have 7 pets 3 dogs,1 fish,1 hamster and 2 beard dragons I wear glasses I have short black-brown hair with highlights.

  15. Alexandria Baez

    Hi my name is Alexandria but my nick name is Alli. I’ve been in acting for ever it’s my biggest dream ever. I also love live and maddie. I’m very interested in this. My family is kinda poor and I get bullied. I wanna show them wrong I wanna show them I am good at some things and I’m talented. I’m 11 turning 12 in November. Heres my number <hidden from public> please contact me. Please help me and make my dreams come true. I love acting I’ve always did so please do this for me. Please and thank you

  16. Selena Hard

    Hello, I’m very interested in auditioning for a role in this tv series . .
    My names Selena Rose
    I’m a girl aged 14
    5’7, so tall for my age, but that helps me look older.
    Blue/Grey eyes
    Dark brown hair. White/pale skin.
    I’m from New Zealand, I’ve taken drama classes throughout my younger school life, so I’ve had experience with acting In front of people.
    Email is : <hidden from public>
    Thank you

  17. CARRARA Loris

    Hi, my name is loris, I’m 15 years and i live in france.
    I would be very interested in Liv and Maddie series. I think be the ideal person for this role. I play the guitar for 8 years, singing, and drama. I’m very experienced in comedy, music, singing and dancing. I watch a lot shake it up and violetta to learn more things that I do not know. I think I have the qualities required to play in this series, it’ll be my dream. I have short brown hair (like Jorge Blanco) I’m normal sized and I’m thin. If you want me to audition for singing or acting I would be available all the time, just contact me at the address below: <hidden from public>

    thank you, sincerely, Loris

  18. indaya farlow

    i believe that i would be a great actor and a perfect star, i can sing, dance, act, model, and all the above, if i set my mind to it. please give me a chance to show you how great i can be. please contact me at <hidden from public> , or <hidden from public> . thank you

  19. lau

    Hi I think that liv and maddie is a wonderfull show and that I am so ready for this opportunity because I have been an actor in training for a long time now and would really want to have a job like this I like to watch Disney channel so much and to actually be on Disney channel would be an great opportunity like this I am very expensive when I act. P.S I’m 10 in 5th Grade

  20. Marie Houdet

    Full Name: Marie Louise Cecile Houdet
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Eye Colour: Green
    Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
    Height: 5”4

    I would really love to audition for this role.
    I think I should be considered because I have been acting since I was very young and I’m very confident. I have always loved acting.
    I specialize in dancing, acting and I can play guitar.
    Dancing has made me very flexible and I can do splits, scorpion, etc.
    I pronounce words well and talk loudly which helps when it comes to acting.
    I started acting when I was 8 at Helen O’Grady Drama Acedemy and received many certificates and trophies.
    I am French, Mauritian & South African. I speak French and English fluently.
    I can memorize lines quickly and I’m a very hardworking.
    I really hope I get a chance to audition and show you my talents.
    I would really love to be a part of this show.
    Kind regards,
    Marie Houdet

  21. Myah Gilmer

    Hi my name is Myah Gilmer and I am 12 years old. I am interested in the hit Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. I’m trying to make my mark on becoming a famous actress. if you let me work with you I know I could be the best at at what I do. I was sighed to a company called  <hidden from public>  about a year ago, and that is how I got my start. Out of my acting career I have been dancing for 11 years now. I started dancing when i was just 18 mouths.I have stared in many ballet productions including The Nutcracker, Coppelia, Cinderella, and many more where that came from. I have traveled all over Los Angles with my dance team to compete at different competitions against other dance company’s. I hope you recommend me and can get back to me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!

  22. Amanda campos

    Hi my name is Amanda and I’m 12 years old but you know what I’m not just gonna name a bunch of things about me. A little girl like me accomplished a lot in my life but I can go more,the sky isn’t the limit for me I AM THE LIMIT. I can and am confident that I will accomplish my dreams of becoming an actress someone lucky enough to pick me won’t regret a thing!!!

  23. kassidy derosia

    I would love to be on liv and maddie i watch it all the time and i am 10 years old please comsider me bye

  24. Emma Peacock

    Name: Emma Peacock
    Age: 12
    Height: 5″1
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Location: Arizona
    Hello! I am a huge fan of Disney and I want to take that to the next level! Being an actress is a dream, but I thought acting for Disney was impossible. I’ve had a little experience in acting with drama club at my old school and preformed a few skits. This opportunity could change my life forever! Thanks for reading this.

  25. Summer Collins

    Hola I am Summer and I am 13 years old. I watch Liv and Maddie on Disney Channel and would love to be a part of the series. I know that I would do great on the show because I love to sing and act.

  26. Mayan Spahan

    Hi!! My name is Mayan, im almost 13, im Homeschooled and ahead a few grades than im supposed too. I’m in 9th. I’m naturally sarcastic, I love martial arts, Basketball, volley ball and I love learning lines!! I’ve been acting since I was 6 or 7.I do have an idea though, what if Maddie had a sports rivalry? I have a simialr personality to Maddie were both competitive, and because of that it always makes a possible friendship like frienimys. Id be such an honor to act!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!


  27. mijan

    hi, my name is mijan and i am 16 turning 17 i recently watched sonny with a chance and loved and always wanted a career of my own in hollywood especially in disney since i was a child. i have done 4 production in school: singing in the rain (i played the lead Don Lockwood), west side story (officer krupke), Wizard of Oz (musician) and Oliver Twist (musician), i also play the guitar and i have been playing it for 6 years, i can also play a bit of the drum kit and piano. i also just left school with top grade in drama. if i am picked then i will give it everything, mentally and physically and would be prepared to move to hollywood for it.

    ethnicity: bengali (born and raised in london)
    1st language: English
    hair colour: Black
    eye colour: Black
    skin colour: kind of brown
    skills: Playing music, acting, (if i really practiced then singing would be one)
    dream job; hollywood superstar, musician or Disney king

  28. izaiah

    hi my name is izaiah I love to act and I think yu would regret this if you don’t pick me ive been told that I was a good actor I act at camps and school I love this tv show please pick me thanks

  29. Charity Hritsco

    Hi my name is charity Hritsco and here are some facts about me
    Fav color:blue
    Fav show: liv and maddie
    Eye color:blue/green
    Good at: singing and acting ( I’m in my school choir )
    Height:5 feet
    Hair color:dirty blonde

    It would be amazing to come on liv and Maddie even if it was only for one show it has been my dream to be on tv for as long as I can remember. My mom said I can be anything I want to be when I grow up and she told me that a couple years ago and I’m older now than I was then so it would be like the best thing that has ever happened to me if I got on this show and it might help me become an actor when I grow up, if I do good on this show if I get on it. I would really work jags it if I got to be on this show.

  30. dorismar acosta

    I want to apply to liv and hope you guys pick me

  31. Jessica Jackson

    Hello! I love liv and maddie! I could be considered for the part of young maddie because I have blonde hair and I wear glasses! I’m 10 years old I’m 4’9″ and I love acting!

  32. gracie

    Greeting,my name is gracie gale harvey and i want to be on Liv & Maddie.I know the whole theme song by heart and i watch a lot of there shows.I even have a pair of pink bow slippers by Liv and Maddie!dont believe me.then ill sing the theme it goes: b-b-better in stereo b-b-better in stereo im up with the sunshine (lets go)i lace up my high tops (oh,no)slam dunk ready or not now show me what you got,im under the spotlight (holler)i dare you come on and follow,you dance to your own beat and ill sing the melody,when you say yeah,i say no,when you stop,all i wanna do is go go go,you (you) the other half of me (me) the half ill never b-be the half that drives me crasy,you (you) the better half of me (me) the half ill always need (need)when we both know,were better in stereo. now lets get to know me a bit. age:9 in a half hair color:ombre talent:singing,oh yeah and by the way i can change my voice to sound like any super star.i sometimes i practice lines off the awesome show liv and maddie.i love the show and i have kinda been in a play before with my best please let me be a part of this awesome family.P.s email me and i can even send u pictures of me and how cool i am. thank you.

  33. Niko Dziedzic

    Hi I’m Niko and I am turning 11.
    I would love to be considered to be on the show because
    Liv and maddie is my favorite tv show and I want to start small and grow up to movies.


  34. Layla raymer

    Heyyyy, I’m layla I absolutely would love to become a actress when I’m older. I’m 13 years old but I’m turning 14 in February, I’m in 8th grade. I love the disney channel show Liv and Maddie so much and it would mean so much to me and my family if I got to experience this. My grandma always told me that I would do great things one day and I really think this would mean a lot to her but unfortunately she passed when I was 5 years old and I want to make our dream a reality. I think that she would be proud of me.

  35. Talitha Cullum

    Im 13, i act in a performance club up in big bear CA and i would love to be apart of this program. I have a slight British accent due to a tongue tie. Im 5’4, i dont know my weight at the moment. I dont have much experience in acting but im a fast learner and ive been told that i am decent at it. Please consider me for any roles about Disney and/or Nickelodeon

  36. Evelyn

    Hi I am Evelyn am currently 14 years old going to be 15 soon. I am in 9 grade, I have dark brown hair, brown eyes that look green sometimes. I love acting and would love to become an actress. I can be very outgoing but sometimes also very shy.

  37. Olivia Rose Slusher

    Hi! :) i’m Olivia.
    How do I appear to the human eye?
    height: 5″2′
    hair color: dark brown, with natural red highlights once hit by sun and/or light.
    best features? Smile and Eyes.
    weight: 108 pounds.
    age: 16 years
    eyes: green
    Im not gonna sly my way around the situation and go on and on about how i love Liv and Maddie. And come up with some fake modge podge of how its the best thing in life just so I seem more interested in this oppurtunity. Im gonna be honest with you because honesty is the first key into getting where you want to be and in all honesty, i do love liv and maddie! Its surprisingly one of the first Disney shows that I absolutely adore and find myself loving each episode more and more.
    Again. I’ll be honest with you. I havent much drama/acting experience. I was in one play in middle school, and the only reason i tried out was because my English teacher assigned a project in class where we had to write and develop a script and perform it. So I did, and i preformed it. This not being so easy, because i have always been a farely shy person. But I did take ballet for 9 years and this was the same scenario. Once I get in front of the crowd im no longer ms. shy Olivia. Im the Olivia I dream of being! The girl who’s confident, has poise, who can move the audience even by a single word, a single syllable. And after i finish my performance, the crowd stands and cheers. Or in this scenario, the class claps as well my teacher. At the end of the day, unexpectedly, my English teacher comes up to me and he says “Olivia. You did a fantastic job up there. You’re a great actress! You should really audition for the school play” i smiled and thought about it. And eventually I decided to audition. Apparently my English teacher had spread word around the school of my “hidden acting talent” and everyone knew. Including the teachers.
    I’ve truly always loved the works of film. Everything from the scripts, the actors, the art props to the film crew. Ive always been an artsy person and my love for these masterpieces within themselves come naturally. I’ve always been capable of remembering lines/phrases/words/numbers/songs easily. Whether its a movie, commercial, or book. If ive viewed it enough times I can resite it like its nothing.
    I always have enjoyed presenting people with a story. Whether physically or mentally. Through video or words. I find myself wanting to give the world a new perspective on ordinary things in life. Giving them, inspiration, above many things. Because even a single, solitary drop of a tear can make the audience feel so much. And whats amazing is there could be so many different feelings going on at once! All in the same room. All watching the same thing.

    I have always loved movies ad shows. The feeling you get when a movie/show you love ends and the ending is a BA BAM! the feeling you get from the emotions the actors convey in their character. The inspriation you get to be like that actor. To be like that character. To walk out, smile on your face, and have a new perspective on life. Movies/tv shows arent just for pleasure. They arent just a toy for the brain. They are so much more.
    They are an art. A masterpiece. A piece of realization of feelings you cant come to terms with on your own. They are like a piece of magic.
    Not only the story, the graphics, and the actors but also the music that brings you to a state of open mindedness.

    Besically, I would truly appreciate, and love if you could consider me for this Disney show!
    I am a hard worker, and when I truly want something I will try my VERY hardest to get there. Even if it takes weeks, months, or years.
    i know if i put my whole heart into it, i will succeed and ill hopefully inspire others to succeed in the process!

    I hope and pray I hear back, and I know Liv and Maddie will continue to succeed and kick butt!

    Have a great day, and remember to smile!

    ~Olivia Rose Slusher ~

  38. Carrie Guyton

    I would love to be a part of this amazing opportunity. I want to be an actor but I need to get myself out there.

    Hair Color-Light Brown w/ some blonde at the bottom

  39. Sarah M

    Hi! My name is Sarah M , I’m 12 years old and I am interested in auditioning for season 2 of Liv and Maddie. I have experience in acting since I was 9 and have been in 3 production plays. (The Little Mermaid : Sailor, Fish, and Chef Louis, The Aristocats: Madame, Amelia Gabble and a cat, Frozen: Olaf) I am a former level 3 competitive gymnast, and love to act and dance. Singing is one of my weakest points, but acting is definitely one of my strongest points. I can memorize lines in the span of 24 hours and dedicate most of my time to acting and rehearsals. It would be great if you could consider me for a role in Liv and Maddie season 2. Thank you so much!

    Extra Information:

    Height 4’9”
    Eye Colour: Greenish-Blueish-Brown
    Hair: Brown with blonde highlights (my hair is down to my butt)
    Dream Job: Teacher or Actress

  40. naomi.c.blazze

    hey! hey!! hey!!!.. am naomi canadel blazze and i love liv and maddie and would also love to be on the show..why i really wanna be on liv and maddie is because all my mum thinks about is just for me to become someone in life that i wont regret and one day she asked me a question sayin” what do i want to be and i said mum i want to be on disney and form their she said am gonna start takin actin classes…
    NAME:naomi candel blazze,
    AGE: 15
    HOBBIES: dancin, singin, actin like a diva, and can cry..
    HAIR COLOUR: black
    EYE COLOUR:brown black
    LOCATION: africa(but can travel anywhere just to get an actin gig)
    i know it wont be easy… but would love to be on liv and maddie… best show ever… hope you read mime..

  41. Anne Kim

    Hi, my name is Anne Kim(or Yoon Kim in Korean) and I am a girl. I am 13year old and I am from South Korea and I go to Ewha elementary school. One of my specialties is speaking english. For proof, please go into this. I know I might be from South Korea but believe me, I learned English for a long time. I have been seeing english video’s from when I went to english kindergarden and I have always went to english academies and I still go to these academies. Not only that, I have seen a lot of english disney’s videos like Liv and Maddie, Hannah montana, Victorious, iCarly, Sam and Cat, a little bit of Austin and Ally and Good luck charlie.

    I can also play the violin and I am best at dodge ball and kickball if you are wondering about my sports ablility. I aml also in a cheerleading team.

    To connect to’Liv’ I like singing and at school, I am in most of the singing related teams. Also I auditioned for acting team (acting team does all the school play) and I got in.

    If I get to be in Liv and Maddie as an actor, it would be awesome and I would really be thankful and honered. This would also be a good experience for me and it could change my whole life!

  42. Destoni Hall

    I would love to be a actor or a model I’m hard working, determined, easy to work with, outgoing and also a fast learner. I have experience with the instrument clarinet and I can also sing. I love to walk the runway and love to try new styles in hair and clothing and also love to take pictures if I see a camera or a spot light I’m ready to go in front it. I have been through the Barbizon program and I was an mannequin model for Macy’s. If you pick me you would not regret it.

    Name:.Destoni Hall
    Height: 5’4
    Pants Size:5,7,or a 9
    Weight:126(I’m actually skinny when you look at me)
    Eye Color:.Brown
    Hair Color: Brown

  43. Andora june dooley

    Im a 11 year old girl about 4;3 i live in pismo beach california. Im very active and love sports and i love to play and it would be an honer to be on jessie or at least get to the adicions

  44. Hannah Berger

    ! ! ! PLEASE READ BELOW ! ! ! :

    Hello everyone,
    I’m Hannah and 14 years old. I’m from Germany. I’m a part of a musical group at my School. My biggest dream is being an actress but I live in Germany and nobody can get a famous actress/actor in Germany. I’m really interested in a role in School of Rock. Sure, I have a German accent. I know I’m only one of thousand but please give me a chance.

    Thank you for reading.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Hannah. :)

    hair color: darkblond/brown with many blonde highlights
    eye color: green
    height: 163cm

  45. sulmari lopez

    i am a 12 year old just starting to act i love to act i have been acting for my whole life its an opportunity to do this i’m 4’9.5″ and my hair is black, brown eyes, i’am a great dancer mostly hip-hop it would be wonderful if you would pick me to be in this movie it would be a start to a new life . i need to do this for my family i’ts the most important thing for me to be in this movie i’m from Tampa,Florida but i can still speak Spanish. this part in the movie will change my life forever i am a very dramatic, funny and can be serious you hire me and i guarantee you will not regret it thank you for reading this if you did i am so thrilled to see if i have the part. and i can memorize a script fast so please recommend me and i have all my hopes for this thank u for reading again.

  46. Danya Gallegos

    Hi my name is Danya and I would like to have the opportunity to audition for some of your productions. Being an actress has been my dream job since I was a child. Right now I’m in college and I’m miserable there. I forced myself to go for my family because I wanted to make them proud and if I told them I want to become an actress I feel like I would disappoint them and I don’t want to because of everything they had done for me and I’m thankful for it it and them. This is the only way I could contact producers or someone who can give an opportunity of a lifetime and help me have my dream job since I don’t have a camera to record, or money to travel. I’m broke as can be and so is my family that’s another reason I don’t travel to a place where I can accomplish my dream. We are in so much debt it’s not even funny and now even more with college, which I feel guilty for because I really don’t want to go. Some details about me are:
    Ethnicity: Hispanic(Mexican American
    Age: 18 but seem younger to some
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: around 158
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown, straight and right under my bust
    Extra: Bilingual (Spanish, English)
    I really hope you can give me a chance to show you I can be a great actress even though I’ve had no experience and give me the opportunity to help my family economically because now both my parents work two jobs and my 17 yr old brother is also working and my 14 yr old brother doesn’t get to see my parents for more than 30 minutes which saddens me deeply. So PLEASE give me an opportunity to have my dream job. Thanks for taking your time to read this and may God bless you and all your work.

    Danya Gallegos

  47. Gaby Garcia

    Hello, my name is Gabriella Garcia. I am about 5’2 Its always been a dream of mine to act in a video/movie professionally. I have acted in stage plays like Matilda and Anne. I think I would be great for a part that is age 8-14 since I am only 12 years old. I memorize scripts easily, and I am a fast learner. I love to sing and I have played the piano for 8 years now. I also dance, styles including jazz and ballet. I enjoy the Disney Channel, so I would love to have a role. The role does not have to be major.
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown and Light Brown, Ombré
    Hair length: Medium-Long
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Height: 5’02″
    Weight: 90-95 lbs
    Shoe size: 7 1/2
    Where I live: Washington, DC

  48. Ana Alvarez

    Hi my name is Ana Alvarez and I am a big fan of Liv and Maddie and I would love to be a extra on the show. I do have some experience in modeling and signing. I was a back-up singer on the the Sleigh Bells first album on the track Kids! I have modeled for a couple of stores the first being an in store campaign for the store Daffy’s. Since then i’ve had a couple of acting gigs. I would love to be a guest on the show so please get back to me i’m very interested in this opportunity.

    Name: Ana Alvarez
    Age: 14 turning 15
    Goal in life: To become a successful actress/ model.
    I would love to work for the Disney Channel.

  49. Micah Vanegas

    I would love to be apart of anything you have to offer. I have experience from acting classes, musicals, skits, and i do/did a lot of sports like basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, volleyball, and flag rugby. Ive been in a musical at my school of Annie and I was an Orphan and also part of the chore and dancer for 3 numbers. I was also in Willy Wonka Jr and i played Violet the Gum Chewing girl and i was so very nervous when i was assigned that role but built confidence and became such a new person and it was awesome changing character, opposite of me and got to sing and dance while in character! Being an actress in Disney/Family Channel would be beyond what i have dreamed of, even just a little extra part i would be the most happiest! Knowing im making people laugh and smile makes me so happy! I want to be known as someone who made their day. Its one of my favourite parts of life. Playing a different character would be such an amazing experience, especially since everyone character you play will always be different. You see a different side of you that you dont see daily ever!

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3 – 5’4
    Full Name: Micah Jane Vanegas Martin
    Eye Color: Greenish Blueish
    Hair: Brown, Long, and Wavy
    My favourite feature is my smile:)
    Dream Job: either Teacher, Actress or Model

  50. Angelina

    Hi, my name is Angelina and I’m 13 years old from Macau. I really love acting and singing. I think this family friendly production will be amazing because a lot of people would be able to relate to it so they would like the show. I would really like to break into the acting industry as it was my dream to act in disney since I was a child. I have a really cool personality and won’t mind any role. Please consider me for the show!

  51. Tyler Fagin

    Hi my name is Tyler Fagin I am 12 and I’m going to tell you some things about me. I have brown eyes and brown hobbies are violin,swimming,drawing,and gymnastics,and basketball.i would love to be on your show. Please thank you.

  52. Danya Gallegos

    Hi, my name is Danya. I love Liv and Maddie. I record all the episodes so I won’t miss them and so I can watch them again. I would really like to be a part of this awesome and talented group of people. I’d like to tell you a little bout me. I’m from a small town in East Texas and I’m an 18 yr old Mexican American who feels pressured onto going to college when I really just want to act. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents so I forced my self to go to college and we’re really tight on money, we can barely pay our bills. My mom works two jobs and my dad works all afternoon, so I’m like a mother to my brothers since I cook for them when my mom doesn’t have time and I clean the house and wash their clothes. So I would real like this opportunity to do something I would really like to do for life. I have no acting experience since I was and still am a little shy, but I would do anything to do this and help my parents out. I promise if you give me a chance I will do my best and you won’t regret it.
    Name: Danya Gallegos
    Ethnicity: Mexican
    Age: 18
    Home state: Texas
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: around 158
    Extra: bilingual(Spanish, English), like to joke around
    Thanks for reading
    Danya Gallegos

  53. Nadia Hawkins

    Hi,My name is Nadia this is why i think you should consider me to be a part in Liv And Maddie this is my favorite show i love it so much i also love love love love love love love the cast thats alot of love right so im begging you to put me on the show please please please please

    thanks for your time
    love Nadia Hawkins

  54. Francesca Garcia

    Hi! My name is Francesca Garcia I am 15 years old. I am about 5’2 – 5’3, I have medium wavy hair length that’s dark brown to black hair. I am Filipino and have been acting in school plays ever since I was young and I also attend a high school that is known more for arts program (acting, sing, dance, etc.), also joey braggs mom works in my school (which is really cool!).When I would start to doubt my self thinking I’m never going to make it big in acting, I then thought it never hurts to just try and go do what makes me feel the best. I really enjoy acting because it makes me build up more confidence and assurance. I’ve never really consider acting on tv but my dad just lost his job and I just really want to help out. Well if you get the chance to read this thank you and if you are willing to consider me I would be very grateful, if not than it was worth a try. (: thanks!

  55. taaliyah pinner

    i know everyone above wrote big paragraphs, but i dont have much to say. i just really love to act sing and have fun.

  56. Gabriella

    Hi I’m Gabriella I love lib and maddie and all my friends say I am a very good actress. I would love to be a part of the show and I’m a fashionista like Liv but play basketball like Maddie. I am 12 years old but turning 13 in October. Thankyou!!!

  57. emily lisena

    Hello, my name is Emily Lisena, i’m 17 years old, and from New York City. I’m 5 feet tall, dirty blonde hair, blue/grey eyes. I have always had a passion for acting and making people smile since I was a little girl and now i’m ready to go after my dreams. I think I should be considered for this role because i have a very charming personality & I watch the show myself from time to time. I’ve been watching Disney since I was a little girl and it would be amazing if my dreams comes true. Thank you for your time! :)

  58. Kiernan Nies

    Hi my name is Kiernan and I am 12 years old I can practice line thoroughly Although this is not much It is needed.

  59. Zoe Drought

    Hi, my name is Zoe Drought and I am twelve. I love to act, sing, and dance. I just wanted to say it would be an honor to be chosen for a role in the show.
    Thank you,
    Zoe Drought

  60. Sera Russo

    Hello my name is Sera Russo and allow me insure you why I think I should be on the television program “Liv and Maddie”
    EDUCATION: Excellent student with an A-B average
    GRADE/AGE: I’m going into 7th grade and turning 12 in 6 days
    GENDER: Female
    FASHION SENSE: A mix between Liv and Maddie
    ATTITUDE: Sassy, sweet, smart, sporty, dressy, a people person, and dramatic
    HOBBIES: Acting, singing, dancing, and gymnastics
    EXPERIENCE: Not very much
    So that is my so of speak “acting resumé” so if you want to talk more contact me at <hidden from public> thanks so much!

    Sera K. Russo

  61. Kristen

    Hi my name is kristen and I’m 12 I will be turning 13 in February and I really want to act! And I really would like a break from everything that’s going on in my family right now! There’s a lot going on an I’m stressed I just need a hobby or just something fun to do. And I’m on crutches and I I a brass because I dislocate my knee for the 2nd time in 2 years but I hope that doesint change any thing plz plz plz I really want to try to act!

  62. Camille

    Hi I’m Camille I would like to be on Live and Maddie so I can make people happy and make myself happy to. Me and my sister love the show and I hope I can here a good reply back

  63. Khloe

    The reason I think that I should be on the show Liv and Maddie is because it’s been my dream to be on Disney Channel ever sense i was 2 years old! Another reason is, Liv and Maddie is my favorite Tv show. I am 11 years old, super smart, I am a great Actress and i’m a good singer. Iv’e wanted to meet Dove Cameron sense the Show Liv And Maddie came out, and I hope that my dream of being on Disney Channel soon comes true. I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you :) Sincerely -Khloe :)
    P.s. I cut my hair short like Hazel from The Fault In Our stars, so I have short brown hair, Blue/ green eyes, and My clothing style is kind of a mix between Liv and Maddie :) I hope that I hear back from you soon.

  64. Camille

    Hi I’m Camille I would love to be on Liv and Maddie its me and my sister’s favorite show I hope I can here a good reply from you. I have blond hair and blue eyes I live in Tucson Az .

  65. natasha puzirova

    Hello, my name is Natasha. I’m almost 15′ 5’5″, 134 lbs, i have brown hair, green eyes and fair skin. Liv and Maddie are amazing series and I dream to play a role there! I’m creative, emotional, active, friendly and it’s easy to work with me, that is why I think I should be on Liv and Maddie. I’m gonna work hard and do all my best. I hope you will answer. Thank you:-)

  66. nicole keller

    Hi. My name is Nicole Keller. I am 13. I am going to be 14 in December. I love Liv and Maddie. It is amazing. I would be the happiest person if I could be part of the show. I love all of the actors an they all seem so funny and likable. I am 5’5 with brown eyes, and brown hair with blonde highlights. Any questions please email me @ <hidden from public>

  67. Maci Rothermel

    Hi I’m Maci Rothermel I’m 12 yrs old I am a great actor and am great at school I have no disssabilities and am a great listener if u could accept me that’s great I love liv and Mattie and I am 5;6 I’m tall and skinny If u could give me a chance to audition that would be great

  68. Luis Armando Acosta Cortez

    My name is Luis Armando Acosta Cortez, I have 14 years old, almost 15, I live in Culiacan Sinaloa, Mexico, I speak Spanish and English, can read, write and memorize a lot of information, but the information is in English, I’m smart, I can play several instruments such as guitar, keyboard, electric guitar and a little accordion, can sing, my email is <hidden from public>, my zip code is 80025, I was born on January 28, 2000, want to go out in this series because it has always interested me but I never act could have always liked to see the disney series and have always wanted to act in one of them, so hopefully I take into account to make the casting.
    My phone number is <hidden from public> .
    And i am also flexible

  69. london

    im london brooking i really would love to be on your show i have been wanting to act fir a long time on a disney show and i think this one is perfect for me i live to act and be in front of people so i really hope i can be in live and maddie so email me at <hidden from public>

  70. Jade

    Hello. I have many experience in acting as well as modeling, writing, and dancing. I’m very flexible and I have been living on a farm for most of my life, so I can easily jump over and climb on obstacles, as well as I am very good with set animals. I do most all of my own stunts, plus I am available at any point in time just give me a call! I have been in many call backs and many casters love me. I’m friendly with all the other actors, and I will be open for any opportunity, any role I would be fine with. I have a momager, and she is really good. She is also a professional makeup and hairdresser, if I ever need to do my own hair/makeup I will have her. I’m a natural healthy eater, no chocolate please! I love salad, which is why I can keep my good form. I am 5′ 3 1/2″. I have pretty long legs, and a pretty long waist too. My hair is naturally blonde, but turned more brown as I got older. I also had some natural redness from my family history in Scotland and Ireland. But now, my hair is a mix of red and bleach blonde. An autumn color. I wear contacts, and my eyes are sometimes green, sometimes blue. I am white with a slight tan, I weigh 114-124. I live in WY but if I get the part I would be willing to travel as far as it takes to be a part of this fabulous TV family! I will be 13 in November and my full name is: Jadeamberisasol Nicole PhilipsSkelton, this is the name I use, but it is not the same as my birth certificate. That says: Jade Nicole Skelton.
    I hope you consider me, as I am very helpful with really anything. Being a writer helps me get lost in the charecter, so every time I act I actually act, it seems like I am them cause I feel like i really am, getting lost in their story. Thank You for reading. If I get the role or not, please email me so I know what happens. :)

  71. Ella


    My name is Ella and I am 9 years old. I have been dancing since I was 3 and singing in acting with a local Acting Academy since I was 5. My dream is to become a professional actress on stage, tv or movies. I wish I could act everyday! I LOVE the Disney Channel! I’m also very smart, so my parents are not worried about me missing school. I always learn my lines super fast. Since I have a great memory and love acting, it seems so easy because it’s so fun! I would fit right in with the Disney Kids, and you will see after seconds of meeting me! I am silly, sweet, energetic, and LOVE making people laugh or smile! Pick me! PLLEEAASE!!
    Age: 9
    Height: 54″
    Weight: 60 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown

  72. Tamera Bishop

    Hello my name is Tamera Bishop. I am 17 years old and I would love to be apart of this production.if you can email me I would appreciate that veey much. Thank you.
    <hidden from public>

  73. Ritz Li

    What’s up, my name is Ritz

    Age: 14

    Sex: Female

    HEIGHT: 168cm

    WEIGHT: 105 pounds

    HAIR: Brunette

    EYES: Brown

    NATIONALITY: Canadian

    COUNTRY: Hong Kong (but i can travel any time, and i can speak english very well)

    TALENTS: Singing, Little bit dancing routine, acting, modeling

    AWARDS: School idol Champion, 4 years acting in school musical play (1 year lead role), Second-place in drama class competition, Choir award for best member

    PERSONALITY: I’m very joyful, i look things in different positions, understanding, i work hard, than play hard, although i’m polite and kind, i’ll also suggest my own opinion, I’m not afraid to stand up for others, I’m not shy, and determined, i won’t stop trying until i get to GOAL!

    EXTRA: I really hope that I can participate in this new DIsney Channel series, I really wish I could be an actress in Disney, because since I’m a little girl, I grew up with Disney, when i’m sad I’ll turn on the TV and watch Suit life of Zack and Cody and THat’s So Raven! I loved it and I wish I can also bring the joy to the next generation! I JUST LOVE DISNEY AND I’LL HOPE YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE AND BE A PART OF THE SHOW!


  74. Angela Wallace

    HI. i`m Angela and i love Liv and Maddie.
    i am fourteen years old
    5 foot 2 inches tall
    green hazel eye color
    dark brown hair
    i live and breathe for acting please put me in i will pull my all and MORE!
    please remember what it was like when you started out.
    please please i will do everything i can do and more to impress.
    and that’s a promise.
    please respond <3

  75. danny

    I my name is Danny parks, I’m a girl who looking for a role on a tv show, I can dance and act. I’m 18 years old. I have brown hair, brown eye

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