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  1. Jasmina

    Hello! My name is Jasmina and I am 14 years old. I love acting and acting is my passion. I have had experiences with acting before, for example I was performing in a theatre for 2 years, where I had to dance, sing and act. I absolutely love Liv and Maddie. Dove Cameron is my idol and I love her so much, she is amazing. Anyway, I play on the ukulele. My dream is to one day become an actress on TV. I am always commited to what I have to do and never leave things to the last minute. I love spending time with my family and friends and especially love learning new things! I am very confident on stage and I love performing. Please give me this chance. It would mean the world to me. Thank You.

  2. brionna aiesi

    im brionna im a glam girl like liv im also sporty to im 8,80 pounds ,and 5’0 i can dance and sing hope u pick me i also have brown hair and eyes i have short hair curly

  3. Katlyn

    I am a girl. Brown hair. 10. black eyes. Tall. Part american. Part chinese. Loves Disney.Watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Loves to sing. Loves to act. Into sports. plz email me if you get this PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  4. Xenia Tsilikova

    I’m Xenia, here are some main informations about me:
    Age: 15
    Height: almost 5’9
    Weight: 59 kg
    Hair: brown, long
    Eye color: brown
    I live in Germany and my biggest wish is to become an actress!
    I can speak german, english and Russian.(my English pronouncing is pretty good!:))
    I would love to be a part of Liv & Maddie, because I enjoy watching this show! It’s one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel!
    I know it’s kinda unrealistic to be part of an American show as a German girl.. But I think I can try it! I would do anything to become an actress and I think Liv & Maddie is more than a perfect beginning!
    Thank you for taking time and reading this!

  5. Shelby Coleman

    My name is Shelby Coleman im 13 and Live In The state with some of the worlds greatest Snow Utah!

    I was getting ready to start auditioning for movies and tv shows in 2011 but then tragedy struck my family. My dad passed away, he had cancer for most of his married life and was fianlly cancer free when he got a blood infection and was sent to the hospital where he sadly passed away after 12 days of suffering.

    When i was younger i would always put on shows for my mom, dad, and younger brother and they would always record me, it was just like being famous! Ever since i was about 4 or 5 i have wanted to be an actress or singer. I would always joke with my mom & dad and say “Mommy & Daddy one day i’ll be just like Hannah Montana and ill get lots of money and put on lots of shows and make everyone smile.” Even though im 13 now almost 14 one of greatest dreams since childhood is to an actress. I don’t just want to be in one movie or tv show i want to continue throughout my life.

    I have a very very good memory sometimes my mom can’t believe what i still remember from childhood. I have never been in a tv show or movie but i have been in many plays and musicals. I love to dance and sing and i took drama my first year in junior high And I LOVED it! I just want to grow up with a job my dad would be proud of me for having. He used to say to me “work hard and your dreams can come true” i believe that statement so much and i hope it can be right:)

    I look at you disney stars like Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard and think to myself “Man what the life, i wish i was them” and also stars like Zac Efron, he started small in hsm and became a huge sensation! I just want to be like them.

    Im 13 ill be 14 In August
    Im about 5’1
    I love to sing, dance & of course act.
    I have shoulder length brown hair
    Blue Eyes.
    I just got my braces off so yay for straight teeth!
    And I hope I can get from nowhere to soemwhere big and become someone the world knows.

  6. Charlotte Mae Christensen

    I am ten years old as of august 16th of this year. I enjoy watching liv and maddie , tumbling , really good friend , great lstener , enjoy reading , and love other people, super friendly. I love animals and would love to work with all you fantastic people.

  7. Rodnique Hilbert

    Hi my name is Rodnique Hilbert and I live in Detroit Michigan, I am 15 about to be 16 this summer. I absolutely adore Liv and Maddia. Their like me and my twin. I would seriously LOVE to be on the show. PS. i do sing a lil and we can act.

  8. Derica

    I am a 12 year old African American.I am very fun, courageous , smart and a girly girl.I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I’ve wanted to be an actress from a young age although I’m still young. Liv and Maddie is one of my favorite TV shows not only is it funny it is also one of the best shows ever made and it would be an honor if I could be on the show.Please pick me!

  9. Kariann Jimenez

    Hello I am a mother of a beautiful blonde blue eyed 5 year old!! She loves liv and maddie and wishes she could be on tv with them!! She is far from shy loves making videos singing and dancing she dreams of being on the disney channel and to even audition would be a dream come true for her!! She is so smart funny and outgoing and I think she’s be amazing on liv and maddie!! Thank you for your time hope to hear from you :)

  10. Kiera lyons

    Hello! My name is kiera Lyons I act sing and can dance I get asked to sing places at bar fundraiser I from New Jersey and I’m not perfect at everything but I try and in my acting experience I was Annie in Annie I was Michael from Peter Pan then in bye bye birdie I was Helen. I would love to be disney next thing and I im a little girl with big dream I play roles from 9-13 I have blonde hair blue eyes. I don’t have much to say but if you want to see some acting of me go on of me acting and I’m free all the time.

  11. Alexia Heisserer

    Hey my name alexia heisserer and i’m 12 years old born in july 30 2002 in Georgia I been with disney channel since playhouse disney. Disney channel has change my life a whole lot at the age of 7 seeing Hannah montanna i wanted to be a singer i use to garb my mom purple brush out the bathroom and shut my door and jump off my bed shaking my hair singing “The best of both world” , age of 9 the First episode of shake it up. I wanted to be a dancer. Im actually amazing of dancing. I learn all my dance from shake it up. Ever since wizard of waverly place. I got my humor and my sarcastic Self from Selena gomez whom plays alex russo. Mostly reason i want to be a actor Is growing up seeing them grab the wand and say hi im ____ and i play ____ on _______ and your wacthing disney channel. It made me feel to have a family like that. I love the meet the other memebers of the disney family and my idols who change my life i love disney and if you give this short girl a chance u will be blow away

  12. Marybella

    Hello I am 10 years old I can play any age from 10-13 I love Living and Maddie! Live and Maddie is one of my favorite shows but I do know just because I like it is the way I will get in no it isn’t I am an unexspirenced actor from twenty first century entertainment and I have gotten to call backs for two auditions for twenty first century! I have had one acting class from Lance Camorilloe and I still know my lines from that class that was Feb. 15!

  13. Jaelyn Hanah Jarman

    Name: Jaelyn Jarman
    Age:16 (17 In August)
    Height: 5’6
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: blue
    Other: freckles
    VOICE INFO: I have always had a talent of impersonating people as well as fluctuating my voice to sound mature or any way someone asked me to sound. People have found my voice very beautiful. I also can sing very well.
    Personality: dedicated, funny, loving, kind
    I have always been a creative person. I find ways to separate myself from what is supposed to be and what can be. I am a musician, writer, and an aspiring actress. I find myself very flexible and dedicated to whatever is put in front of me. To have the opportunity to share my gifts with others and inspire others to find their voice like I have is my true passion. I would desperately appreciate this wonderful opportunity. I am soon to live in Phoenix Arizona and am very accustomed to moving places, travel will not be an issue. The plot of this TV show is so fun and amazing., as any young woman I dreamed of being on screen. But not for the reasons you would think, I love being apart of something bigger than myself. I continuing to find these wonderful things about myself that make me confident and feel like the independent beautiful young woman I am. To be apart of this television show would be an amazing honor and opportunity. As said before, I am very flexible and fun. I think that you would enjoy me very much. Let me show you what I have to bring

  14. larissa

    I think I got what it takes to be on liv and Maddie and also I would love to be on any other Disney channel show or on a Disney movie my name is larissa and I am 10 years old almost 11 in two more months this is my dream to be on any Disney movie or show or Disney movie I love acting its my thing and I am such a big fan of Disney. !_!

  15. Heidi Mendiola

    Hello my name is Heidi I’m 15 and I live In California. I enjoy watching the show with my brother and sisters . I’m kind, committed, outgoing, and respectful. I speak both Spanish and English.
    I’m good with interacting with people. I like being in front of cameras I’m always the one to photo bomb a picture haha. I love art, music, taking adventures and spending time with my family and friends. I honestly always dreamed of coming out in Disney channel. I”m a outgoing girl but also very committed to what i have to do. Hopefully i get a chance to be part of the show. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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