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  1. S. Selwood

    Hello there friend, my name is Sebastian Selwood I’m 18 years old with no acting experience whatsoever. I was born in Papua New Guinea and I live in Australia, I’m around 170cm short and would love to get some acting experience! If you’d like to take a small step into my life for the past 3 years just checkout my Instagram: sebstagram_

    Thank you

    Sebastian Selwood

  2. jessica coughlan

    name: Jessica coughlan
    live: Australia nsw Griffith
    i would love to be on live and Maddie that show is really funny and cool and it would be an awesome dream come true

  3. kalynn

    You ask why we should be considered my answer I honestly don’t know I do know I want to try my hand at it. all my life i see people on the TV screen telling me they like this or they do that. I want to figure out if they really like those things. I know that is a wrong reason but hey got to start somewhere. I have always wanted to be a actor, fact is where to start. I may be totally crazy or inexperienced but I want to find out one way or the other be it good or bad I just want to know and be sure may sound stupid in fact it is stupid but how will I know if never given a chance. my name is kalynn and all I need is to know

  4. Camryn Sullivan

    Hello, my name is Camryn Sullivan. I am a thirteen year old actress from Jackson, Mississippi. I have acted professionally for the past 6 years of my life. This includes Musical Theatre, Commerical Ads, and Film. I am shorter and look younger than my age. I look around the age of 11 or 12. I have medium length dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I am strongly looking into shooting my career further and I think I have the talent to appear on your show. If you would like to see my full resame please email me at <hidden from public>. Thank You so much, have a lovely day!

  5. Sarah Hoang

    Hello I am Sarah Hoang, a 15 year old Vietnamese female who loves to act. I have wanted to act professionally since I was a child but was never allowed to due so since my parents never approved. Now that I am older they allow me to explore my various passions. I am very serious when I need to be and I always get the job done. I have yearned to learn from Veteran actors and directors so that I am able to better myself as a person. Despite the fact that I have no professional acting experience I do act around others to make things a bit more lively. I have been told that I am a good actor, although maybe not on a professional level. I hope that you consider me as a potential future actor in your company. Thank you for you time and concern.

  6. ShyAnn Danz

    Hello My name is ShyAnn Danz I am really interested in this show I am wanting to launch my acting career and I am thinking this is a good chance for me to follow my dreams. I have naturally blonde hair and I just dyed it black and my eyes are hazel. My skin is a very light color

  7. Sadie

    Hi I’m Sadie and I love this Disney show I am11and almost 12and acting is my dream I have been in two plays and sing and as frequently as posable am looking for another great roll pleas consider me in your next season of Liv and Maddie !!!!!!

  8. Ploy & maddie

    Hey our names are maddie and ploy we are both 12 years old

    And we would love to be a part of your song were really good at acting and being funny and crazy and I have never ever missed a show of liv and maddie and soo if we make it I would be soo happy

    Thank you ploy & maddie

  9. Jimena

    Hello disney channel! Mi name is Jimena and i am 14 years old. I live in Perú (south America) i love liv and madie! And i want ti be part of it ! I love singing acting and dancing! I compose pop songs and i play violin since i have 4 years old.! I acted for a musical( miserables) singing too. I study english at school. I dont know If i have a chance to be part of disney channel but that is my dream and i will come it true. Pelase considered me for liv and madie 2

  10. Sandra Flores

    Hi my name is Sandra.I am 15 years old and I’ve wanted to be a actress/singer since I was a little girl and I’m good will people really friendly I’m a people person I get along with everyone I would love to be in this show I hope you consider me for this I live in Santa Maria California if you have any more questions you can message me at <hidden from public> I’ve been Acting since a really young age

  11. Darnley Manius

    Hii my name is Darnley Manius. Im 18 years old. Im from Haiti. I Came to New York when i was 13 years old after the Earth Quake. I graduate high school last night. Now im attending Medger Evers College. My goals is to become a Pediatric/Nurse and a Model. Since when i was little i always wanted to be a model or actor, but my parents couldn’t afford to pay classes for me.. I have been trying to get into acting for the past 4-5 years. I would love to be part of any kind of movie. I am outgoing, im funny, im very friendly , I get along with everybody, I can easily memorize scripts, numbers, dates, etc… I play basketball and volleyball. I pray every night and day to get in the acting/modeling business. If you could please give me a call or email me that would be great!
    Name : Darnley Manius
    Age : 18
    DOB: Aug- 31- 1996
    Height: 5’11
    Talent : crochet, write poems, play basketball & volleyball etc….
    phone <hidden from public>  <hidden from public>  <hidden from public> 
    Email : <hidden from public>

  12. Heather Rabassa

    Hello producers of Liv and Maddie. I think I would be a good choice for a role in Liv and Maddie because I am weird love trying new things. I won’t be afraid of any role that is offered and would especially like to play Joey’s girlfriend. Not because I actually like, but because I would barely have to act, I am so much like him. I speak a little bit of Elvish myself, play video games, am a complete nerd, and I am weird like him. I am about to turn 13, but I have been told that I act and look much older than I am. I live in southern Louisiana and hope that you will consider me for part of the cast.

  13. Erica butler

    Name: erica butler
    Gender : Female
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : black
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 12
    Height : 5’1
    Grade : 6th
    DOB :June 25, 2002
    Location : philadelphila ,pa
    Weight : 140
    Skills : remember lines study
    Talents : Acting, Singing, and Dancing

    Hello my is Erica butler i love to dance in act also sing i went through people bully me but i keep staying strong i really want to experience acting i am kind careful helpful help needed people out also will like to meet people that new. Please consider me for it. i got good grades i work hard try me best Thank you

  14. lineke

    hi i,m Lineke call me Victoria um my dad and mom don,t no i go online to follow y dreams well um well i love acting and singing its my howl life and its how i am i wanna make people smile like Disney does to me and Disney x d and wanna make people proud of me please i wanna be a famous but not for the money or the anything i and make people happy laugh and giggle and like ya and please make my dreams come true please please please contact me back soon thanks lol i,m 10 a girl an kinda a tomboy brown hair and brown eyes and like soccer and not being such a girl and like a tomboy and i like climbing wall and ya its amazing to and wanna be a singer when act and sing its like i,m alone and being me and wont let you down its my life ill try my hardest

  15. Chloe

    Hi I’m Chloe.
    Almost 13
    Life’s hard
    I do educational challenge search at my school

    I play volleyball and am very active .
    Have good Health and good grades
    I’ve been wanting to do modeling and and acting
    And have wanted to make it a career
    I have practice commercials an I love to take photos
    I would be a photographer as my occupation
    I have blue eyes and brown hair
    I love fashion and doing hair and makeup
    My family says I should act , and I want to go to a acting college .
    Thank u so much!

  16. Vanessa Orozco

    Hi I am Vanessa Orozco 11 years old and I think that I should be considered for a role in Liv And Maddie because I am kinda new to acting but I really love acting so much and I practice acting and my brother helps me out as an audience I have been waiting for an important role that I could be in and this could be my time I really hope I can take place in this acting role and be in the Disney family wich I have always wanted I love your shows

  17. amanda

    hi my names amanda i love to sing act or dance i am 11 years old and i have blond hair blue eyes and freckles i am a huge fan of liv and maddie t.v show

  18. Elena Facio

    Hi my name is Elena.
    Hair color:brown
    Eye color:hazel brown
    I would love to be on liv and Maddie.
    My favorite thing to do is act. I haven’t
    Been on tv or anything but I would love
    To. I also like to go back and practice the lines
    Because I’m weird and hope that would be me one day .I live in Porterville Ca.. I know you won’t pick me
    But it never hurts to try.

  19. Erika

    Dear Liv and Maddie producers,

    I’m not here to tell you i want to be in the show, I am here to share with you an idea for an episode. What happens if Liv and Maddie both meet a new friend, name whatever you want it to be, and this girl has a bit of the same personality as Liv and Maddie. She has high fashion skills, like Liv, and athletic skills like Maddie. And Liv, and Maddie both fight over the girl, to see who she likes better. So, since the new friend’s birthday was cming soon, Liv and Maddie throw two seperate parties for her, to see witch one is better. But since, Liv and Maddie got to competitive, the girl decides to throw her own party without them, that includes both of her personalities. Soon Liv and Maddie found out that they weren’t invited to go to the girls party, so they pay her a visit. The girl explains that they got too competitive to come to the party, and they only threw the party to help themselves.

    And you can put in the details. If you don’t like the my idea, i’m sorry i wasted your time.

  20. Andrea

    Hi everybody! My name is Andrea I’m 13 years old and I would to play a character in this show! Liv and Maddie is one of my favourite disney’s show please read this comment! I’m mìnot American..I’m Italian but I can speak Italian and English/American!! I want a part in this show ’cause I love it and I love acting please READ THIS AND CONTACT ME.

  21. tamara augustus

    Hi my name is Tamara Augustus . I’m 14 years old and have dark brown curly hair to my shoulders and light brown eyes.I did 4 years of acting classes and 2 years of modeling. I tried out for Disney before and made it but my mother didn’t have the money to spend then . But now she does. I love to act and sing, I started to sing at the age of 3 in a church and started acting around the age of 9. I’m from long beach California but I’m in phoenix AZ .I LOVEEE THE SHOW LIV & MADDIE. I would literally cry if I miss a episode .in some way I sometimes can relate to liv’s character. Like if she’s my best friend. I would love if I got a chance to make my one and only dream come true as a actor

  22. abby pajur

    my name is abby. I love the show liv and maddie.
    I am so excited that there are auditions for the show!!
    age: 12 – 13 in September 2015
    birthdate: September 18
    hair colour: brown – do not mind dying it
    eye colour: brown / hazel
    my passions are acting and singing
    I can sing and act and my dream is to have a career in acting or singing.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

  23. Nathaniel East

    Hi my name is Nathaniel East and have a passion for acting and dancing. lease consider me as I have been dreaming my whole life to become an actor so please make it come true.

    12 years old.
    4’9 height.
    5 stone and love to dance and act.

    Please consider me!!

  24. Katerina Georgiou

    Hey! My name is Katerina (Kate) I am 14 years old and I am from a small island called Cyprus (My dad is from Cyprus and my mother is from Poland). I have long brown hair and brown eyes, I am tall (1.67) and I talk Greek, English and Polish. When I grow up I want to be an actress, I love theater and I can do anything for it. I am in my school theater and all say that I will become a very good actress. I love “Liv and Maddie” and I want to be part of it. Please get in touch :)

  25. Emily

    Hello Everybody !

    My name is Emily and I live in Calgary , AB.
    I like the show Liv and Maddie and would LOVE to be on it !
    I remember one time I went to a casting call audition , I was very bubbly and carried myself strong. Sadly I did not make it . Ever since then I have always wanted to be on a TV show or movie .

    I am a 12 year old girl
    Blonde air ( growing out a pixie cut )
    I live in cALGARY , AB
    I am a competitive dancer in ballet and jazz so I am comfortable in front of a large or small crowd
    90 pounds
    Bilingual in french and english
    Neat Freak !!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you guys consider me !

  26. Isabella Magda Lisowski

    Blond hair
    Blue eyes
    4 feet and 7 inches
    10 yrs. old
    Currently living in Florida
    4) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? If not, I’ll just look for another show/movie, it is okay!:)
    Call <hidden from public> or email <hidden from public> ❤❤❤❤❤

  27. Yabriel Melendez-Felix

    Hello Im Yabriel Melendez, Im 17 yrs old and I will love to audition for this season of Liv and Maddie. Im 5¨1′ , have brown hair, brown eyes, Im hispanic and really energetic. Im strictly focus and almost done with school just got to pass some tests and Im done. I will be honered to come out in this series.

    p.s. Im A Big Fan Of All Of You !!


  28. Laisha Jimenez

    Name: Laisha Jimenez
    Age: 11
    Grade: 6th
    Gender: Female
    Language: English, Spanish
    Hey I love Liv and Maddie it such a fun show to watch. If I don’t get this part I will keep trying and I will always wonder what would happen. I LOVE liv and maddie it would be like a dream come true. let me have call backs my mom will be so proud of me. I always have told her I will live my dream and never give up. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  29. Victoria a

    Hi my name is Victoria adediran I would love to be on liv and maddie because I always wanted to act since I was a little kid. I am good in school, I love to sing dance and act I like soccer to. My favorite channel is disney. I am a African American girl, I live in New York I am 11 and in 6 grade. I hope you can pick me to audition also funny, thank you

  30. Karolina

    Im Karolina
    Iam 5’1
    Blondish Brownish Hair
    Greeny Blue Eyes
    Passion For Acting And singing
    Loves TO Watch Liv And Maddie Please consider

  31. Jaime Acevedo

    Hi , My name Is Jaime Acevedo & i am a 16 year old male . I Am a dancer & i would love to be an actor , its been my dream ever since i was 12 , & now that i’ve matured i am willing to audition for tv shows, movies. I was choir and cheer . i hope to hear from you guys (: if you want to see how i look my Instagram profile is @Jaimethewarrior

  32. Lauren Wells

    Hello, my name is Lauren and I am interested in being part of Liv and Maddie. I have always had a passion for the performing arts. I love to act, sing, and dance. It would be amazing if I was considered for a possible role.
    Some basic information you may want to know about me:
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: approximately 115
    Body type: fit
    Hair color: medium to dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Date of birth: August 26, 2000
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and Hispanic
    Languages I speak fluently: English and Spanish

  33. Leiha Haskins

    Hello, my name is Leiha Haskins, and I am 17 years old, currently living in Las Vegas. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I would love to be able to share my talents with everyone. While I am wise in my brain, I am young in my heart.

  34. Michelle Owrey

    Hi, My name is Michelle Owrey and I am 17 years old. my friend Ella and I would love to be on your show. Here is why:
    1. My friend and I can become famous
    2. We could be on IMDB with all the other celebrities
    3. We could be chased on by fans
    4. I LUV your show
    I am a huge fan. Please recommend us on your show
    Michelle Owrey
    Age 17

  35. Tito

    I’m little girl watches Liv and maddie everyday her dream is to be on Liv and Maddie she won’t stop talking about it

  36. Hannah Calcagno

    I’m Hannah.
    I’m 5’2 and I have blond hair and blue eyes!
    I have a huge passion for acting and singing.
    I have been on Family Channel’s The Next Step as a dancer.
    I have also been in many commercials on YesTV.
    I would love to be on Liv and Maddie!
    Please email me!

  37. insaaf firfirey

    Hi my name is insaaf I am 16 I am an exellent sing and dance I performed in and won my school talent show 3 years in a row I’m very funny and learn scripts extremly well I am a good actor.
    I’m 1.7 m tall
    Brown eyes
    Long black straight hair
    I am half indian and half malasian

  38. Laila Stanish

    I am very interested in playing a part in Liv and Maddi.I am 11 years old. I have been in dance and gymnastics and I have some singing experience.I love Liv and Maddi and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to audition. I want to grow up to be an actress and I know if I were given this opportunity I would be amazing.I hope that you will consider me.

  39. Sophia Pimentel

    Hi my name is Sophia I’m 16 years old I’ve interested in acting since as long as I could remember I love to play soccer and basketball I am currently living in Maui, Hawaii. I would love to be even an extra I would do anything to get my acting career started with anything even if it’s just a local commercial for shampoo, I think I would be a really good extra or character in this show I always watch Austin and Ally. This is my dream, I want to make it in the acting industry I wanna be seen and remembered, thank you so much for all your support and hopefully I can get an audition for this role or anything really I just want to get my career started, mahalo (thank you in hawaiian).

  40. Alexa Brankin

    My name is Alexa Brankin.
    Age- 16
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5’2
    I have been singing ever since I was little, I love acting and I’m a dancer in and outside of school. Please contact me!

  41. Aspen Sawyer

    Hi I’m Aspen Sawyer. I have been acting since I was 5 years old and have starred in multiple plays and musicals for my school and acting camps. I also have taken various acting and theater classes and am in private vocal lessons and have been in choir since third grade. I recently got accepted into my town’s prestigious all-girls chorus that requires a rigorous audition. I have lots of experience in front of the camera, starring in shorts films for colleges and commercial auditions.

    Aspen Sawyer
    16 years old (birthday January 3rd 1999)
    dark brown eyes
    5 feet 3 inches tall
    125 pounds
    hair length: waist length ( but it’s kind of thin so it doesn’t look that long)
    Hair Color: medium/light brown (with a hint of auburn)
    skin tone: beige, skin tone can easily fluctuate from tan to pale if needed
    ethnicity: caucasion (Irish), 1/4 native american (white skin with some native facial features such as my nose and cheek bones)
    country: USA, Arizona
    I have one of those faces that can easily be made to look younger older, or my age with makeup.
    I am very professional and easy to work with :)

    extra talents: multiple years of dance, singing, cheerleading (back-bends, splits, cart-wheels), theater, camera acting, college shorts films, 4 years of tae-kwondo and kung fu, gun and training
    Please contact me :) <hidden from public>
    Thank you!

  42. Sheldon Bernard

    Hi my name is Sheldon Bernard, I am 17 and from Canada. I think that I have the right qualification that your company is looking for. I have lots of training in modeling and acting and a bit of singing as well, so hopefully you will consider me for this movie I would greatly appreciate it

  43. Yuka

    Hi, my name is Yuka. I am Japanese and I can speak both Japanese and English. I am living in WI. My dream is to be a Disney Star one day and I don’t want to give my dream up. I don’t know if I have any chance but I want to give it a try. I also am a huge fan of Liv and Maddie. I watched every episode.
    More info:
    Age: 13
    Gender: F
    Hair: Dark brown (could be black), about shoulder length
    Eye: Dark brown
    Language: Japanese/ English

  44. Erika Mullen

    Hi my name is Erika Mullen I am 12 years old. I have been acting for 5 years. I have good training from people in the industry. I have wanted to be on liv and maddie sense the 2 week it was on television. Yes I may be 12 and it may be 2015 but I have great intention. I am 5 foot 4inches and have Blonde hair I love to sing play sports and do a lot of art. If you would like to contact me please call me at <hidden from public> an I also will respond to emails so you can contact me from <hidden from public> thank you and have a good rest of your day and or night

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