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  1. Celeste

    Hi my name is Celeste and I am a 12 year old Texas girl who loves this show .
    I am a model a tennis player who dose jujitsu and loves to sing and act .
    Birthday:3 30,2002
    Race:Mexican American
    School:A and b honor roll
    Great at math
    Style:Girly but classy

  2. Nevaeh lynch

    Hi my name is nevaeh lynch and I am 11 years old going into 6th grade I have always wanted to work with famous people and I have always wanted to be a actress since I was like born so if you need anything just email me and I’ll get back to you ASAP!!!!!

  3. Ladislao

    Hi my name is ladislao and everybody tell me that I am never going to get a acting part and I was sad about that but then I got on this and I saw u were looking for a acting person so here I am telling u to plz let me be in this liv and Maddie I am big fan and I really want to show does person that told me that I can’t do it to show them that I can do it and to tell the other person that they can do it to I am 12 and I was born in October 23 2001 and I live in austin and plz call me or text me my phone number is <hidden from public> 

  4. Kaina Barranco

    Hello my name is Kaina but everyone calls me kookie im 17 i have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5 feet tall and have a great personality . I have acted in plays befor I have also done musicals which means I can sing and dance I was also in quire. My special skills are: kickboxing, dance, karate. I also speak three languages: English, Spanish & ASL. It would be an honer to be a part of this project. I can also work for long periods of time so late night shooting will not be an issue and im also currently home schooled so schooling will also not be an issue. Thank you and best regards to everyone. Kaina B .

  5. Rylie H.

    Hi my name is Rylie and I love to act. Liv and Maddie is my favorite show on t.v. Dove Cameron is my fav actress/singer. In my free time I sing or act in front of my sister. I’ll play any part I can get. It would be a dream come true to be on this show. I really hope I can be part of the cast. I am ten years old going to fifth grade.

  6. Alexis

    Hey my name is Alexis im an11year old girl and my dream is to become an actress and a famous singer and I hope y’all will choose me to play a part in Liv &Maddie!
    Hair color: brown/blonde
    Hobby:singing wrighting songs and acting
    And praying to be on a Disney show!

  7. Imari Cornick

    H e l l o,

    I feel I should be considered because acting is my passion, I have tons of experience, and I have good memorization techniques. I am 13 years of age, and 5’6. I’m very good at portraying different characters, whether carefree or stern or even depressed. Also, I’m learning guitar and sign language. Another thing is I’m pretty good at singing. Liv and Maddie is an awesome TV show, I had faith in it since the beginning, and being part of a phenomenon makes it all the more better. Thanks for considering my application for Liv and Maddie.

  8. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 11
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for Liv and Maddie. Thank you and God bless you.

  9. Kaitlyn Smith

    Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Smith. i live in El, Mirage Arizona and during the summer months i spend my time at my grandmas house in Bloomfield New Mexico. i love to play sports. My favorite sport activity is playing Softball and being the catcher on my school Softball team. I’m 14 year old and i’m going into the 9th grade. I have gone to Acting auditions before and have gotten callbacks, but the problem was that when my parents look on line they found out it was a scam and so i didn’t get to go. I watch the show Liv and Maddie all the time and I LOVE IT!!!! My dream would be to become an Actress one day. I love acting and its probably one of my favorite things to do. Please take this into consideration and i hope i get a part in the show. Thank you havea nice day.

  10. Natalie Zlotnikov

    Hello! My name is Natalie Zlotnikov and I am currently a singer, actress, and model really hoping to put myself out there. Being part of this production would change my life. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a well known actress and this TV series can do just that. I can really impress you if you give me the chance
    Thank you and have a great day :)

  11. Shayna McGregor

    Hi. My name is Shayna McGregor. I am 8 years old and I am going into 3rd Grade. Acting Experiences: I have been in South Florida Dance Company’s A Christmas Carol and in the Summer Musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Nationality: American. Talents: I can sing and dance. I have been taking dance classes for four years now. Going into my fifth. I have always wanted to act in a TV show. I would love to be part of Liv & Maddie.

  12. Sophie Nadel

    My name is Sophie I am almost 12 and I live in Orange,CA.
    Age: 11 11/12
    Birthday: August 20th,2002
    Hair:Ash Blonde
    Skin:I am extremely pale and cant get tan
    I love acting and I love Dove Cameron. I live In Orange which is a short drive away from LA. I am inspired by everything Disney (I love Downtown Disney!!!)
    I am a friendly, unique, and intelligent individual. I was in the GATE program at my old school which means I am currently in the Honors program at my current school

  13. Kali Palmer

    Hello . My name is Kali Palmer . I am 14 entering 10th grade .I like to live life and have fun . I like to make people laugh and put a smile on their face .  I’ve never been to an acting audition before but have always dreamed of being on TV . People and friends tell me when I’m acting dramatic that I should be an actress and how I would be good and they would watch me . My family doesn’t have the best income coming in and if I get a shot , it would mean so much knowing I can support my family. I wouldn’t like auditioning in front of other people that are auditioning also but if I have to , I will . I will give an effort that is to the best of my ability . Hey , and being invited to premieres and being on red carpets ain’t half bad . 

  14. Brooke Savage

    Hi, my name is Brooke Savage. Ever since I was a little girl, I watched disney. From “The Little Mermaid” to “Girl Meets World.” So I told that a major factor of an audition or anything, you should be yourself. So let me just tell you, I’m really out going and funny, and especially adventurous. I watch Disney Channel, and all I can ever think of is how i would be if I was on the show. I guess I’m considered pretty young, Im twelve, turning 13 in November. I’ve never had a serious acting part, just little plays at school, but my teachers would always tell me that I’m great and that I should consider trying out for a tv show. I always thought of t as a joke, until I saw Rowan Blanchard on Girl Meets World, I thought that is she had a chance at it, why wouldnt I? I would really love to hear back from you guys, my e-mail is <hidden from public>

  15. Brittany H

    Hello, I’m Brittany and I am 13 turning 14 in September. I am 5’3 with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I would love to be on liv and maddie and fulfill my dream of acting!

  16. Morgan Cato

    Hey their,
    I’m Morgan and I watch Liv and Maddie all the time I would love to be in season 2 of this show because I love to act and I play sports I play basketball and soccer It is my dream and passion to be on this show it tells me how much I love my sister like u two show in this show I would love to play a role in the show for this season because my dream would come true that’s awesome if you guys had me in your show I would also enjoy to meet you in person to interview me I would love to do that I am so exited for u to email me back when you get the chance it’s wonderful that I might get the chance of a lifetime.
    Morgan Cato

  17. Jada Guzman

    Hello, Im Jada Guzman. I am 15, 5’1 & i have been acting since i was 6. Ive been in Theatre Plays, & i live in St.Petersburg,Fl. Not a big city, doesnt give out any oppurtunites. If you want out, the city itself teaches you that you have to get out and get it the best way you can. From this, i have gained so much ambition and motivation. I would be so deeply honored and estatic to be on the Disney Channel show Jessie! Every episode is filled with laughter! Theres is such a great vibe that this tv show brings! I fill that my personality & who i am will fit right in! I love to make jokes, i live to make someone smile, laugh or someones day! I feel that i could bring more than just comedy to the show, i can bring originality! I am so determined to not only reach my dreams, but leave a mark. Show each and every growing little boy and girl, that no matter where you come from you come from, that you can be anything you put your mind to!

  18. shammah

    hows every body

    i love u liv manddie I like yo acient ‘s
    from shammah

  19. Jordan

    Hi my name is Jordan Jennings, I am extremely interested in acting and modeling! I am a 14 year old African American female. I weigh 108 pounds and my height is 5’5. I am very confident in everything I do. I am also competitive especially when it comes to sports and different activities. I plan to one day be a professional actor and I know Disney Channel is a great place to start. I enjoy the shows on Disney Channel and I can very much see myself being on those shows as well. I really hope to get the opportunity at being on this show. My mom always told me to never give up and if I really want something to keep going at it and do it to the best of my ability.This could be my chance to show everyone I can do anything I set my mind to do. Please seriously consider me to be apart of this show.

  20. Summer Robinson

    Name : summer
    Age: 13 will be 14 in September
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American
    Experience: Barbizon modeling and acting training
    Email: <hidden from public>
    Amazing opportunity. Phone number <hidden from public> 

  21. isabelle schoorl

    hey im isabel and i love acting and friends of mine say that i can act really good
    hiar: light/dark blond, light brown
    eyes:green blue
    lenght: 1.66
    weight: 41
    passion: acting and dancing
    sports: dancing, gymnastich, beach tennis and swimming
    place: aruba
    age: 13 years
    i speak: dutch , spanisch ( a bit) and of course english
    i hope im in :) (it would mean the world and more to me ) xxxxxxx isabelle
    ps. im from holland and i can speak perfect english
    please xxxxxx

  22. Rhyas Muse

    Hi, my name is rhyas muse I think I would be a fantastic choice for this movie I really love CAMERON DOVE and I think it would be a honor to be in any role next to her so here is some info about me:
    height:5’9 or 6’0
    body type:athletic
    and if you need any more information please feel free the email me and ill give you my number

  23. Anna Gutierrez

    Hi, I’m Analyssa. Yes, what a disgusting name. I mostly like to be called Anna. I also hate my last name, so I rather be Anna G. Simple, haha. Well, First of all, I love this show. Liv is so funny, in my opinion. As I said in a whole lot of other comment, I just need the money. It’S great that I’m a great actress, as so many people say. At first, I thought I had stage fright. I overcame it in fourth grade. Now, I’m about to be in eighth. I’m about to 14 in a month and a half. I’m 5’1 and ½. I really enjoy acting. You should see how giddy I get when the teacher says we’re going to act. Many of my teachers have said I’m remarkable at acting, mostly because I put so much into my characters. I’ve even used a British accent as one of my characters I was told to create. I’m from a small town in Texas. Mission, Texas. I also sing, though I don’t recall ever being good, or even okay. When I said I really the money, I wasn’t lying. My family of 8 all sleep in one bedroom. My mother use to work as a provider for my father, but sadly he passed away. I live with my mother, brother, Sister-in-law, and my four nephews. They all struggle at finding jobs, as they never get called back when sending applications. So, I really wamna step in and give my family a life they only ever deeamed they had. I will do any part. Really. I hope you consider me. You won’t regret it.

  24. kayla

    I am 9 years old. My eyes are blue and my hair is blonde. I love to be active and spend time with my family and friends.My friends think i am really funny. I would love to get an opportunity to be in a role in my favorite show. It would be ok if i don’t get the roll but it would be amazing if i do because i will meet my roll model Dove Cameron!

  25. Jennica B.

    Hi, My name is Jennica i’m 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I get good grades in school. I think i would be perfect for a part! Although the only experience I have in acting is Plays. I memorized all of my lines in all the plays I’ve been. If you would be ever so kind and give me a chance i would be so grateful! I think i’m very unique! My friends think I would be a great actress! Thanks for reading my comment! (: Jennica

    Extra Info
    Name ~ Jennica Buck
    DOB ~ 2/13/2002
    Ethnicity ~ Caucasian
    Hair Color ~ Dark Brown
    Eye Color ~ Dark Brown
    Height ~ 5’3 1/2
    Weight ~ 104 Lbs
    ~ I Wear Glasses (; people call me a Geek/Nerd (;

  26. Janessa Adames

    Hi, my name is Janessa Adames and I am 15 years old. I love acting, dancing and singing and modeling as well. I have been doing performances since I was 5. I love being in front of the audiences and I am very comfortable with it. I have done some background work for some T.V Premiers and I loved being in front of the cameras experiencing what actually takes to be someone like I want to be in the Acting and entertainment world. I would like the opportunity to be part of this experience and keep gaining more experience to make my dreams come true. I am a big fan of DisneyT.V. shows and It will be very thrilling to be part of it.

  27. Kaitlyn Mescher

    Hi, my name is Kaitlyn. I’m 11 years old and I love to act and sing!
    When I was in 5th grade, I auditioned for the Wizard Of Oz. I got the part of Dorothy! I had to sing a solo Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I would love it if I could be a part of this, no matter if I’m an extra, a lead, or even if I just get to come and try out! This show reminds me of a popular show from when I was younger, Hannah Montana. Miley used to be every little girls idol! Now, Liv and Maddie is a combo of singing and sports! This is truly a TV show I look up to. Dove you are one of my idols! She is so talented and has inspired me to tryout and to get a chance of getting my talent shown on TV! Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the courage to do this Dove!!

  28. Cameron Hope

    My name is Cameron Hope. I’m 14 Years Old From Chicago,Illinois. I’m Between 5’8-5’10 And I’m African-American. Acting And Dancing Is My Life And I Love It. I Don’t Have The Opurtunity To Learn And Improve My Dance And a Acting Skills To Be Honest, But If Doing This Could Help In The Littlest Way Than I’m All For It. I Understand If You Guys Need Actors With Experience But Please Take Me Into Consideration, That Would Be Really Appreciated. I Try To Watch Acting From My Favorite Shows And Try To Copy Them. I Also Learn Dancing Routines On Youtube To Keep My Dancing In Check. In My Spare Time I Like To Play Sports Such As: Track, Tennis, and Volleyball. I Hope Guys Can Take Me Into Consideration Or Suggest Me To Someone It’ll Be Appreciated !!

  29. lillian

    age 11
    grade 6th
    traits smart funny nice
    Known as good singer and advice giver
    liv in maddie shows how friendship are everything and your best friend is with you no matter what and I love that pick me if you like me

  30. alexcia

    Hi my name is alexcia liv and maddie is one of may favorite shows I love to dance,sing,(ACT)and play basketball !!!! I would really love if you pick me to be in the casting call my dream is to be and actress
    I am 11
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Height 4′ 6″
    Live in Toronto
    Small girl with a big dream

  31. david barchue

    hi my name David and i am 13, have light bright skin, black short hair and i am 5 feet half an inch. i would love to be in liv and maddie. i can sing and act i have been the main character in 5 of my school plays. please please please take this offer into consideration thank you so very much i hope to show the world my sense of humor.

  32. Michael Seiber

    Hey I’m mike Seiber and I would love to be on liv and maddie or any disney show!! All my life I’ve dreamed of acting and I hope u guys will take me in to act. Thank you all for being so kind to offer people this oppurtunity!!

  33. ashley

    hi my name is ashley im 12 years old goin to be 13 on november well i would like to be on liv and maddie becuase i mostly like to sing and dance and act i really like the show liv and maddie i really hope that i could be on the show bye :)

  34. Kaitlyn Walz

    Hi my name is Kaitlyn and I’m 13 years old, almost 14. I live in Minnesota. One of my favorite shows to watch is Liv and Maddie. I can relate to Maddie because I have been playing basketball for 6 years now. I have never acted in anything but I would love to give it a shot. This show is hilarious and I would love to be apart of it.

  35. Christelle joseph

    Hi my name is Christelle joseph and I really love Liv and Maddie I never miss any of the new Liv and Maddie shows so it is my dream to be on that show I know how to sing and dance and know how to say BAMN WHAT and know how to say SING IT LOUD and know how to play basketball by the way I’m 10 years old and speaks English I really love acting and want to meet Liv and Maddie .

  36. Cristal Garcia

    Hi my name is crustal Garcia live in NYC and have a twin sister Crisbel Garcia I’m 12 years old in 8 grade I’m always acting I’m speake both language Spanish and English bi love to act that’s my biggest dram I hope I get a Emile soon
    I love your show lib and Madie and will love to be part of it

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