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  1. Natalia Tritschler

    Hi, my name is Natalia and I’m 11 years old. I love Liv and Maddie! And I would love to be on that show! I have brown hair with some blonde, and brown eyes. This is just a suggestion but if I get on the show, do you think I could be Parker’s best friend? I love doing crazy boyish stuff! My friends describe me as funny, pretty, nice, confident, helpful, happy, skinny, loves food, and loves music! I am very dramatic my mom says and would make a good actress! Thanks! :D

  2. marisol garduño martiñon


  3. Rachel alonso

    Hi my name is Rachel I wish I get the opportunity to be with you I love to sing . Right now I’m in a solo for the school Christmas show I also have a great sense of humor I’m by the way I’m 11 years old I hope you pick me

  4. Jada

    Hello, my name is Jada. I’m 13 years old and I really love the show Liv and Maddie, I even went to Khols’ to look at the Liv&Maddie fashion line that they have out. Let me tell you a little about myself-
    Blue Eyes
    Blondish-brown Hair
    I do theatre in the summer
    I’ve been in most of my school plays
    And I’m huge on fashion and Makeup

    Yeah, so I hope I get a shot at this so bye.

  5. Sydnie

    hello liv and Maddie I love your show I love to sing im like liv but im like Maddie to I can sing good but im strong I love to sing dance and read I do not wear glasses I am 8 years old I like to pretend to be liv I hope you have a space warwolf show that I can be in ok now bye to liv and Maddie bye

  6. Angel Avery

    Hello , my name is Angel Avery
    -I live in Hot Springs Arkansas
    – I am 5’2, 94 lbs
    – My race is African American
    – I was born 05/11/00 (14 years old)
    Every since I was in first grade I was always into dancing and acting.
    In fourth grade, I was in my first school play , and every since then I
    wanted to be on tv. I am very responsible,and I know that I will not let
    you all down.

  7. sydney

    hi im Sydney and i would love to be in a Disney production especially working with Dove Cameron she is amazing and very talented.let me tell you a little about myself i was born in Las Vegas and i now live in AZ. i am 5 foot 7 and 3/4 or very tall. i am Caucasian. i have long blonde curly hair and im 12. i think it would be amazing to participate in this i was in drama class and i was at the top of my class i got the lead role. i spoke broadly and i was confident

  8. Y'Tesia Hood

    Hello, I’m a 20 year aspiring actress and I would be so grateful and happy if I were to get the opportunity to work with producers and writers of Disney channel as well as the actors and actresses. I’m from Texas like the amazing Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, if you were wonder yes I can totally sing as well BAM WHAT! (but you probably weren’t wondering). I know Texas and California is pretty far, but for my dreams I will walk to the moon and back if I had too. it’s my dream to become an actress and to be on Disney to start my career. Yes I am 20 but not a day goes by if strangers see me they automatically assume that I am 16 years old so I think I would look the part for your family. I’m a really hard worker in whatever I put my mind to, I’m a excellent listener and also a quick learner, I have a shy demeanor but once unleashed I can be a goof ball most of the time. I love love Disney and everything about having a opportunity to work with the Disney family would be life changing for me and my whole family.

    African American/Black
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    Experience: elementary and
    high school plays and choir


  9. Sierra Tiffany

    Hi! I am Sierra Tiffany and I just turned 13 in October. I love this show and I would love to play a part in it! Let me tell you a bit about myself!
    -Hazel Eyes
    -Blond hair
    -I am currently playing Cinderella in the musical “Into the Woods”
    -I am also in chorus
    -I am about 5′ 1.5″

    I really hope you will give me a chance at this!

  10. tyshawna shred price

    Hi my name is tyshawna and I am 10 years old and I am from Ohio and I love to dance and I also rap whithmy friends our group name is. Mtb it means meant to be because we try and try never gives up so I will love to play linv maddie

  11. Lara

    I’m Lara. I’m 11 years old. I’m from Europe. I’m playing tennis and violin. I’m more like Maddie. I would love to be an actress, so this is a chance to my dreams became true.
    About me:
    •brown eyes,
    •brown, not very long hair, straight,
    •little more than 50 cm,
    I hope you will give me a chance.

  12. Amanda Carr

    Hi my name is Amanda Carr and I am 15 years old. I am outgoing,funny, and confident. I love to sing and dance but my strongest talent is dancing,mostly hip hop. I am in the 9th grade
    My experience include being in 2 plays when I was 12 and 14, and also I took classes in Barbizon USA for modeling and acting.
    I have brown eyes and medium length hair
    I am 5’9,
    I am African American,
    Weight is 196,
    I am female,
    Size in a dress is 14
    Size in jeans is 13/14,
    Shoe size is 11.5
    I want to do this because it would be something I can really enjoy and I feel that this will give me experience and a good time. I feel that if I get this it will expand my mind to new things.

  13. Lilli Vela

    Hi, my name is Lilli vela and I would love to get a role I’m experienced in school plays I’m in after school drama class and in school drama class I’ve been in many plays I’m 12 years old brown hair naturally blonde and blue eyes I’m 5″2′ I live in Arizona I love singing and acting they are both my hobbies and passion if you picked me it would be my dream come true thank you for your time

  14. Mackenzie Parker

    Hi my name is Mackenzie, I love acting and my dream is to be a successful actress.
    I’m 5’2 and 12yrs old
    I have brown hair with highlights
    I have hazel brown eyes and I’m Caccussin.
    I would LOVE to be on Liv and a Maddie because I know how it feels two have a twin!

  15. Samantha

    Hi there! My name is Samantha. Im 15, have light brown eyes, long red hair and im looking to make my dream come true. I love acting and singing. Most of my friends and family want me to follow my dream and see if I can actually make it come true. To be in this show it would mean alot to me! Thank you!

  16. Jessica Prince

    Hello my name is Jessica Prince and I feel I would be perfect for this role.
    Not only am I an actress, I’m a triple threat. I sing, dance, and act. Performing is my passion in life and I hope to become a successful actress.
    Here’s a bit about myself:
    •15 years old
    •African American/Black
    •eye color: brown
    •hair color: brown
    •experience: commercials, theatre

    I would like to be casted in Liv and Maddie Season 2 because I grew up watching Disney Channel and I’ve always wanted to be in a Disney Original Series. I feel like I would be a breeze to work with. I am very friendly and am told I have an upbeat and nice personality. Please consider me, Jessica Prince, for a role. Thank you!

  17. cruz delgado

    Hi my name is cruz i love acting and singing and I love l8v and maddie I just cant stop watching it while what I can do is act and sing I can act like a wierd girl just like cat valentine and I can also act like a mean girl just like jade west and sam pucket

  18. Michelle

    Hi my name is Michelle and i live in the Caribbean on a tiny island called ST. Lucia. I don’t know if you find me talented but i would like to try my mom is trying her best to tke care of me and i want to make her happy. I am 12 years of age to get to know me more search Michelle st Hilaire on Facebook. Com. Thank you!

  19. Zoh'ie Dotson

    Hi! My name is Zoh’ie Dotson l am 11years old. I have always wanted to act, I love making people smile, it would be one of my dreams I can make the world smile, oh yeah I love dancing and singing and my dog enjoys watching me perform my skits.

  20. Christina Cervantes

    Hi I’m Christina I’m 11 years old I love singing and have a passion for it. I love liv and Maddie I’m intrigued by the creativity of the characters. I come from a small town in Michigan where nothing really happens. I’ve always dreamed of being a actress and singer and just to be somebody.Although sometimes I get scared but I realize I’m never going to get anywhere in life if I don’t try. And my family encourages me and that nothing is impossible if I try my best. I’m bilingual capable of speaking English and Spanish.I have long dark brown hair a tan complexion dark brown eyes. I’m very out going and willing to learn new things. I get along with everybody very social.I have no training due to the fact my mom can’t afford additional schooling but as far as schooling I have an a and b point average. And if picked I will give my 100%
    Sincerely, Christina

  21. Claire Genovese

    Hi my name is Claire, I’m 11 years old. I’ve been in several on stage musicals. Singing and acting have been a big part of my life. I would like to be considered because acting makes feel like I’m apart of something. People tell me that I come to life when I’m acting. Being on a set or stage is the best feeling ever! I’m currently practicing for my upcoming role in our middle school musical-Marta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. I hope you consider me and I would love to meet you someday.

  22. shannyn lecaroz

    Hi my name is Shannyn I’m 12 years old but I pass for much older!! I want this audition because I have watched all of the episodes. I really want this a few good qualities about me is that I can be funny at times and very serious. All my life I have watched shows and thought “Oh I wanna do that” but my family just doesn’t seem to believe in me. I want to prove to them I can do this. I hope I get this and for everyone else auditioning good .luck! (:

  23. Joanna Janelle

    Hello my name is Joanna Janelle, im 20 years old and I’ve spent most of my life trying to catch a break. Im very outgoing, funny, hardworking, and dedicated. I have a young face for my age so in available to play any roles aging from around 16-23. I would love working on this show just as much as I love watching it! Please consider me! Thank you

  24. trevor reedy

    Im Trevor im 17 I’ll be 18 in december, I really would love an opportunity to be a cast because my whole life ive wanted a chance to be famous and I want to help my family with the finance’s and this is perfect inunderstamd its probably not a main role, ibjust really want tla chance tonshow you what ive got

  25. Ariella Malka Aminov

    Hi my name is ariella and I am 11 almost 12 and I have always wanted to be an actress since I was 5 years old. I can play piano, I’m in sixth grade but I learn seventh grade things. I am a good actress ( in my opinion) I can act very well so please consider having me on the show. If you do It would mean the world to me. thank you

  26. Kia

    Hi, im 12 years old. Im a hard worker and never gives up. My hair is blond and red and wiegh 87 lbs and 5″ feet tall. Please just give me a chance.!


    Hello, my name is Lisa Piccini and I work with a young lady by the name of Kaylee. She is a 14 year old student in the 9th grade. Kaylee loves Maddy and Liv, she even dressed up as Maddy for Halloween. I have never heard of the Disney show Maddy and Liv but every morning when I greet Kaylee for 2nd pd she shares stories with me about the show. She also likes Girl meets world? My daughters are grown but when they were younger they watched Boy Meets World! How funny! Kaylee has expressed to me many times that she wants to write a letter to Disney suggesting that more Maddy and Liv episodes include story lines regarding teenagers with disabilities. She feels bringing attention to disabilities will promote empathy and a greater understanding of those, who have to endure the life with a disability. Kaylee believes this would promote compassion and prevent bullying. Kaylee has also expressed that one of her dreams would be a guest actress on one of the episodes. Kaylee is a very cute girl with an infectious smile that has Cerebral Palsy. Kaylee spends most of her waking day in a wheelchair but loves to walk daily using her walker. Her fashion sense is fun and recent. She has wondered why Disney does not make a Maddy and Liv clothing line for girls her age/size. She is probably a junior size 3? She loves the girls style of clothing and dresses very similar to them. Kaylee would still prefer buying from a clothes line of Maddy and Liv. I was hunting for something to buy Kaylee for Christmas this year and Googled Maddy and Liv. This is how I came across this opportunity. I did find a pair of Maddy and Liv sneakers that Kaylee would love!!!
    It was a pleasure sharing my story with you and if you are still looking for FUN, MOTIVATED AND INSPIRING young ladies to co-star on the show, Kaylee would touch the lives of her peers with her story and gratitude for life.

    Lisa Piccini
    <hidden from public>

  28. Alejandra

    hello my name is alejandra I have 13 years look it over, my hair is black, my eyes hazel and change color, I’m white, I’m not fat or skinny, I’m sympathetic and sociable, they sing and gone four years singing, one year to the guitar and I have not been to dance but if I teach a dance I learn easily and also the piano playing I love everything that comes from art, I live in Spain if you can trasladarme casting here I would appreciate it but if not you can I can travel but if possible I will do good if you accept me I will tell all my life and I hope this tengas for future casting and is not to brag but I encaria to star but if nothing happens forgot to say good and seme I was born in Colombia but I live in Spain and is good very great for all those who are reading this kiss

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