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  1. Rebecca

    I should be considered because I have a big personality and love to have fun by trying new things. I love to know what America thinks and would love to challenge myself.
    Also, I want to win some cash :)

  2. david rawls

    This show is the bomb. I love the way we are able to be anywhere and still be on the show just off a camera. To me that’s very cool. Plus, the world gets the chance to see how smart you are or the world gets to see you forget things that was taught earlier in a person’s childhood. I never seen anyone from Mississippi on TV before and I would love to become the first. I have debts that need to be paid so I’m hungry for cash. Please choose me

  3. Andres Arano

    My name is Andres and i think i would be great on the show because im not boring, i can entertain while im playing, having a conversation about anything or just by carrying myself with confidence while i answer questions witch i know confidence the human eye seeks and likes to see. plus i would love to have a chance to win some money witch i could use for college and car renovations!

  4. Patty Smith

    i want to be on the show to win lots of money im pumped for the show



  6. Eleni Hazen

    You should pick me because I’m awkward…who doesn’t love a good awkward laugh?

  7. Eric Ward


    It’s a match made in Heaven.

  8. Crystal

    This sounds like a ball and I’d love to try it out! I’m an outgoing person with a bubbly personality :)

  9. Dwayne Deziel Sr

    I am an dedicated watcher of lets ask america, I just became a grandpa for the first and only time to my special Grandbaby which I call my little Nugget and baby bear. my family is my life I am a huge Detroit Lion fan even though they have not gotten to the promise land yet but watch out 2014. I have been married for 30 years to a very special women we met in the U.S. Army. and my clients at work would love to see me on the show

  10. Julia Kincaid

    NAME: Ja’Nae
    AGE: 52
    DOB: 06/16/1962
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 160 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female

  11. Tiffany Isaac

    As an avid watcher of game shows, i know that this is the perfect opportunity for me! i am currently a senior in college (age 22) with a concentration in business marketing. I enjoy trivia and competive sports.While the other submissions offer to bring enthusim and excitment to the show I offer to bring much,much more. I will bring my sportmanship,skills,intellect,humor as well as my sprightly personality! Love and peace !! :D
    *Ps.even though my name is Tiffany I perfer to go by the lovily name of ‘summer’

  12. Haval Khalil

    I am interested in this game show. Please call me at <hidden from public> .

  13. Cassie herzog

    Hi! My name is Cassie and I am the most exciting person you’ve ever met! Not only am I outstanding in the game show arena, I can charm the sweatpants off ya! I need money for epic Dance parties on couches, improving my juggling skills, and building my own tree house in the woods!! Please pick me and I promise America will not be disappointed, I guarantee it.

  14. Detreal Daniels

    Im always sitting on my couch answering questions i do have what it take to be on this show, pick me, then your hair will grow….BOL

  15. Brady

    I love Let’s ask America! I watch all the time. I feel that I could be very competitive as I watched family feud all the time growing up, and watch Let’s ask America regularly. Having an opportunity to compete would be amazing, and I’m a 19 year old sophomore college student so the extra prize money would really help. Thank you for your consideration.

  16. Thomas Peot II

    I would love to be on the show. I would like to try and win some money for my grandma and my son

  17. Donna Floyd

    Step aside Millennials! Big Momma Donna is ready to play!

  18. jen baldwin

    I am a 36 yr old woman from NY. I would love a chance to be on the show and challenge myself. Test myself to see if im as on point as i believe i am.

  19. Jordyn Garfias

    I would love to try and win some money been struggling so bad , I sold some of my stuff my family’s , (yes I know that’s bad) I’ve been trying so HARD to get money , my son needs more clothes , I need money for college , my mom needs some for bills . I did have a job but I quit because I got mistreated at my job and I think that nobody should go through that . Supposedly I had money saved up (as what my mother told me ) but to find out I never did or I did but she put on my college money to her bills instead , my dad passed away in 08(I was 14yrs old ) he had money saved up for me but as I said early in the message I now don’t cause my mom used it up (I think that’s sad ) especially cause of what I went through , I’m now 19 yrs old and living in my mom house and she stop supporting me , she hardly gives me money . The fact is , if I win something it will help so much , I could finally pay off some cards that I have so my credit won’t be bad , I could put some away in Gerber life college fund so my son has money when turns 18 and wants to go to college , and also will help with groceries and to get out and find my little family an apartment with a better life . So please pick me .

  20. melissa russell

    I would love to be on the show because I’m quick witted very opinionated smart and blunt.

  21. Jamie

    I have watched and played many game shows since I was little. I love the thrill of competing and the opportunity to win cash or prizes from home just makes it a little sweeter! I hope that you will consider some of us from the older generation to participate in making your game show a fun success!

  22. Roxanne Girgenti

    I would love to be on your show we enjoy watching and guessing your awesome questions, and laughing my a off .
    I am a mother of 5 boys and 5 grandkids , I would love to take them on an awesome vacation .

  23. Deborah S

    I am usually a low key back seat person but I would like the opportunity and challenge to see if I could achieve this. And if so would bless others while doing so. My hubby and I compete while
    Thank you.

  24. Valencia Byers

    I would absolutely LOVE to be on the show!!! I am a very enthusiastic and energetic person who is always smiling no matter what! My family could definitely use the money as well to buy a car and perhaps a much needed family vacation!!

  25. Chad

    This will be a great opportunity for me!! I love game shows and
    I’m very smart!! Also I’d love to win the money to help me out with school!
    Please contact me back with more info!

  26. D Spearman

    I should be considered because I am game show material. Having a vast repertoire of knowledge and a true lover of ‘game-show trivia’, you will enjoy having me. Be Blessed.

  27. Shaun Webb

    Hello, My name is Shaun. I need to be on “Let’s A$k America” because I would win. I am the king of winning game shows on my couch.

  28. john slack

    i am a fun and energetic grandfather, 53 yrs. old, i need the money to go see my 2 yr. old grandson in The Netherlands….PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!!

  29. Carissa Campbell

    I should be considered because it a lifetime dream of mine to be on a game show. I have always wanted to go to the Price of Right, but couldn’t afford the plane ticket to travel. If I am accepted just may I can make my dreams come true through another member of my family. I need the money bad due to the fact I could be loosing my house. Please choose me and let me say God Bless.

  30. Michael Davniero

    I should be picked to be on the show because I know a little about a lot and I can really use the money to start/change my life.

  31. Makenzie Davis

    You should pick me because I’m the funniest, most entertaining person you’ll ever meet. :)

  32. Michael Doyel

    I would love the opportunity to participate in a game show. I have always wanted to participate in one and just have never had an opportunity. I would bring a wealth of knowledge and excitement to the show.

  33. Kurt Trussell

    I am an asset, I am fun, President of Durant High School’s FBLA and I loveeveryday excitement. ;)

  34. Tamara Whitted

    Hello My name is Tammy and you should pick me because I am an avid game show enthusist and would bring plenty of excitement to the show!!!!

  35. Dorese Roberts

    yes, I’d like to help just ask me and i wont fret and i’d be soooo happy to win $25,000.

  36. Deniqua Young

    Hi my name is Deniqua young you should pick me because I’m broke, lol I could use the money. I’m a funny, energetic person who have a great smile. Pick me so I can win some money, thank in advance

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