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  1. Tay Williams

    Hey you guys my name is tay I would like to be an actor on your show. I love action thats one of my dreams an to be on a show would really make it come true.

    Hight: 5″11

    Home town.Texas

    Live.Shreveport Louisiana

    Race. African American

  2. Lexi batrous

    My name is really Summer Alexis Batrous, but everyone calls me Lexi. I’m 12 years old almost 13 and acting is my dream. I have always wanted to act ever since I was little. Acting on disney would be my dream come true. I have been told by many people that I’m really good at acting. When I was little I used to pretend that I was in the tv. And ever since then all I ask is is there an casting call yet? I have had experience in modeling, and I do pageants all the time. I have been on little miss perfect once. Seeing me on TV was pretty amazing although it was only for a split second. Please consider me in this opportunity. Thank you!

  3. Jade Jones

    I love acting and dancing. My parents have tried to put me in gigs but we were dealing with financial issues. I just want to be noticed and to be special, with a special gift that should be put in good use. I want to star in lots of my favorite movies and TV shows but its not my decision. Thank you for reading this and here’s my basic information.
    Name: Jade Jones
    Age: 13 years old
    Height: 4″11
    Weight: 100.6 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Talents: Dancing, Acting

  4. Gabrielle Rudolph

    Hi my name is gabby rudolph im 9 yrs old and want to audition please give me a chance im very flexabile ill be perfect please give me the place to audition at thanks

  5. Katlyn watkins

    My name is Katlyn I’m 13 I am 5’1 with brown hair green eyes. I love to watch Kirby buckets, and I love to act I would be so happy to act for you. Thank you for reading this hope you give me a chance.

  6. Cambria Chatman

    Well Hello to everyone out there looking for a shot at stardom as well as the recruiting audience! I am a 10 year old, Native/African American 5 foot 3 female. I am a youth member of the Krewe of Natchez Indians and have been featured in parades, fashion shows, balls, etc. There are a couple of unique things about me and I would first like to start off with the color of my hair, it is naturally sandy red brown and shirley templed. I am very tall for my age which is the reason I have been modeling for 4 years, I am very fashionable without a whole lot a guidance, after all I am a natural. Smile. I would love the opportunity to meet with recruiters because my parents are ready for me to start doing what I love to do and that is entertainment. Everyone says that I have a very unique talent and should go for it. Please email my mom at <hidden from public>.

  7. Jenny

    My name is Jenny, I live in British Columbia and I am so interested in started my acting career! I have loads of experience in theatre and some in film, I am trying to gain more experience! I would want to be apart of this show for multiple reasons. First, it sounds like an amazing oppurtunity! Second, I am a super quick learner and continue to develop my skills daily with drama classes, advanced dance, and musical theatre at school! Please don’t hesitate to email me!
    Name: Jenny Sutton
    Age: 17
    Height: 5″4
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Thank you!

  8. Maria Morales

    Hello, I am a fourteen year old brunette with hazel eyes and I love to act! Acting gives me a sense of exitment and adrenaline and I love it. I am also quite talented. I have created my own short films (unpublished) and acted in them along with a few other young actors. I practice acting almost daily. I think voice acting really catches my attention but I enjoy live action too.
    I can also sing and play the flute.
    Thank you for your attention, and I pray I am at least considered.

  9. Rosie

    I really love acting.

  10. Kadarius Kentrell Mickens

    My name is Kadarius mickens. I am 17 years old from Cairo, Ga. And it’s my dream to become a famous actor and singer. But what you should be aware of is that I’m a stutterer. But I have this device called they Delayed Auditory Feedback and with it I don’t stutter. I am I’m chorus at my school. Which is cairo high school. I can sing from a bass up to a tenor 2.
    Basic Information
    Name: Kadarius K. Mickens
    Email: <hidden from public>
    Vocal Range: 3 octaves
    Voice type: tenor/baritone
    Talents: acting and singing
    Plays I’ve been in: the productions my school drama club puts on
    If you want anymore info just email me.

  11. Gracie Jeziorski

    I have never acted before, but I would love to try it. I have a great personality, and lots of ambition. I have been taking gymnastics for two years. I used to do plays with my friends in my old neighborhood, I had a lot of fun so I hope to get this role.
    I am 11 years old and about to turn 12,
    I have long blond hair,
    I have blue eyes,
    I weigh 73 lbs,
    And I am 4 foot 7 inches tall.

  12. Ilena Nichols

    One of my dreams has been to be part of Disney Channel programming. I would love to have the opportunity to be part of one of my favorite channels.

    Here is some information about me:

    Height: 4′ 6″ Hair Color: Brown Weight: 65 lbs Eye Color: Grey

    Daddy’s Home Father/Daughter Dance Guest Paramount Pictures 2015
    A Horse Tail Party Guest CalTex Films 2014
    Hidden in the Heart
    of Texas,
    Documentary Extra Post Hollywood 2014
    Issues Lisa A Unique Agency 2014
    The Lyme Lyte Crystal Poteet Mike GG Productions 2014
    Glow Extra Studio Loco 2013

    Zoo (TV Movie) Zoo Visitor CBS Television Studios 2015
    CVU Extra Scott Morris Productions 2012

    The Velveteen Rabbit Lion Honey McGee Theater 2015
    Sylvia and The Magic Pebble Rachel, Bully THeAtricks, Sherman TX 2013
    TheAtrics Workshop Britney Spears TheAtricks, Sherman TX 2012
    Camelot Play Singer & Dancer St Mary’s School, Sherman, TX 2011

    Hasbro Commercial Student Snap Brothers Productions 2014

    Promotional Work:
    Restaurant Photoshoot Child Steve Debenport Imagery 2015
    Education Photoshoot Student Steve Debenport Imagery 2014
    Family At Home With New Baby Daughter Steve Debenport Imagery 2014
    Community Outreach Photoshoot Daughter Steve Debenport Imagery 2013
    Family Christmas Photoshoot Daughter Steve Debenbort Imagery 2013
    Family Golf Day Photoshoot Daughter Steve Debenport Imagery 2013
    Group of Kids Photoshoot Student Steve Debenport Imagery 2013
    Science & Nutrition Photoshoot Student Steve Debenport Imagery 2013

    PSA, United Way Student Cleburne, TX 2014
    PSA, Big Brothers Big Sisters Little Sister Dallas, TX 2013
    PSA, Children’s Homelessness Homeless Child Dallas, TX 2012

  13. Aidan Moore

    Hi my name is Aidan Moore, I am 11 years old, (soon to be twelve), and I am in the fifth grade. Ever since I was 8, I have loved to act, sing, and have dreamed of being an actor. I take musical theatre classes, am in the school choir, and have been in the school talent show twice for singing. I have also done a group solo with friends at the school’s choir concert. I have played major roles in my school plays in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I really hope you will consider me for a part on this season as I love the show, and this would be a great way to start my career as an actor!

    Basic Info:
    Name: Aidan Moore
    Age: 11
    Grade: 5th
    Height: 4 feet, 8 inches
    Weight: 80.5 LBS
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Talents: Singing, acting

  14. SandraK

    My name is Sandra Kemper, I’m 13 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have brown hair, brown eyes and glasses (not always necessary) I’m 1.60 meters tall and white. I lived in Shanghai, China for 2 years where I attended an international school, in the international school I participated in 3 English plays and I enjoyed it a lot, from that moment on I decided I wanted to be an actress. I have always be afraid to submit or a roll but I’ve finally decided to take control over my own future and this opportunity would be amazing.

  15. William

    Please hire me . I love the show. I love the Chanel. I’m a vary good actress. I love acting. I was in a school play. I loved it. And I think would love to act in this show but I think I’m under age I’m 8 and thar 13 in middle school.

  16. Audrey

    Hi my name is Audrey I am 10 years old and I am 5 feet tall I love Kirby buckets it is so funny I would love to be on the show I love acting I have been in many different plays and I can also sing I think that I would be deffedently well fitted for this show

    Sincerely, Audrey

  17. liberty

    Hello, My name is liberty i’m a 12 year old looking for something to do in drama and films! I watch the first season of this show and I think its a really awesome idea.

    NAME:liberty hall
    HEIGHT: 4 9
    WEIGHT: 75 lb
    HAIR: brown (if you need different color i do die my hair)
    EYE: blue

  18. Z Ross

    I am 9 years old and would love to act or be an extra on a television show. I have a unique look and love meeting new people.

  19. Teagan Taylor

    I would love to be a part of this show! I am 7 years old with a love of acting. I have been in 12 community productions, including Alice in Wonderland Jr, A Christmas Carol, James & the Giant Peach, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe and most recently I played Marta in The Sound of Music. I would love to try tv acting instead!

  20. Cassidy Nadeau

    Hi I’m Cassidy! My friends call me Citty!
    5 feet
    97 lbs
    13 years old
    I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes
    I would really love love love it if u would consider me! I have so much enthusiasm I have acting experience with plays and I have singing expierience also! I can do multiple accents! If u could consider me I would be the most excited person U have ever met I love to act and I love cartoons! I’m very enthusiastic and a fun-loving, and caring person! I love collaberating with others too! I’m from Boston Massachusetts! I am a big fan of Disney xD I love lab rats and all of your shows! And I think this would be the best experience of my life!!!!! Please please consider me for Kirby buckets! It seems like a fantastic show! I love animated films! Thank you!

  21. Isabella Mckay-Goodall

    Hello, my name is Isabella and I am 15 years old. I live in Sydney Australia. I have been to Los Angelas for IPOP, I have also done some holiday acting classes. I would love to be on this show as I think it will not only help me personally but also help me further my career. I love acting and playing all sorts of characters. Ever since I was little I would watch shows like this and pretend to be the characters on there. It has been my dream to be an actor for awhile now and I would really appreciate it if you could think of me. Hope to hear from you soon, Isabella xx
    Hair colour- red
    Eye colour- hazel
    Weight- 49kg
    Email- <hidden from public>

  22. Nicole Hernandez

    My name is Nicole Hernandez
    I am 12 years old
    I have light brown eyes dark brown hair and light skinned
    I speak English and Spanish I can read it write it understand it and speak it fluently
    I have been in theatre shows like all around the world with Disney
    I am a fast learner and very energetic
    I’m also not camera shy I love working with other people and I’m committed to do anything I can put my mind to

    Thanks for taking the time to read this

  23. Trisha dungca

    I am trisha dungca. Let me tell you I’m not like the other girls…. There all PROB not Asian but I am a 5″2 light brown eyed blacked hair FILIPINO 13 year old. I sing play guitar and piano.. I have Not professionaly DOne any acting… I like to start at my homebase which is my church where I sing and build my self confidence… Why U should pick me U ask? Well you should let me be apart of the cast because not because of my talents but also because I work hard… I will not give up… I am not a quiter… I love to act because I make people happy and smile! Your also PROB woundering why I’m writing so much but it’s because I want to show U kind of who I am and see what I’m capable of… I want to be on Disney channel not because of the fame but because you say its always about making people happy and having fun in what you do … Please contact this email at any time…

  24. Shelby Williams

    I am super entergetic and love to act and play sports, a ton of people constantly tell me I should be on TV or in movies because of my unique personality. I have short light brown hair and blue/green eyes. I am 13 years old and play soccer and softball. I have grown up wanting to be a model and actress and I starting getting into modeling over the summer or 2014 and when I qas 6-7 I had an agency for acting but stopped because I wanted to play sports. I think you should consider me because I have a unique personality and will be fun to have on set. I goof around anywhere else but when it comes to things I enjoy like acting and modeling I am always serious about my work.

  25. Shubh Gupta

    I am shubh and i am looking a show to act in. i am 12 turning 13 and i have done actings classes and skits, plays , and more things.

  26. Trinity Emley

    Hey there!
    I’m Trinity Emley
    Age : 15
    Gender : Female
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color : Very Dark Brown (almost black)
    Hair color : Black (I like to dye my hair so I can dye it light or dark brown or even purple or red!)
    Weight : 110 lbs
    Race: Asian
    Ethnicity: Filipina
    Skin color: Light Mocha

    I would love to be in a Disney show, I grew up with Disney my whole life. I am a very enthusiastic and super sarcastic person naturally or for acting I can play a cruel bitter girl or whatever you want the character to be. Because of my race I can play as a 13-20 year old with or without makeup. I don’t mind if I have to gain or lose a lot or little weight for a role. I like to dye my hair so if you need a punk character or a character like Cat (played by Ariana Grande) with dyed hair it wouldn’t be a problem. Or I can even dye my hair jet black, light brown, or blonde (that wouldn’t look to good though) if needed. My ethnicity would also give the show a sense of diversity with tanner kids.

  27. layla schwister

    I would love to be in your show, I have been acting since 3rd grade so I now what I’m doing. And I have always knew that this is a career I want to do when I grow up.
    Height: 5’7″
    Hair color: Medium brown
    Hair: Long and straight
    Eye color: Hazel/brown
    Age: 13, 14 in June
    Weight: Between 112-120
    Sex/gender: Female
    Skin: Light tan
    Languages: English, but I can say the alphabet in Spanish
    Ethnics: Caucasian
    I live in Milwaukee, WI
    Grade: 8th
    Grades: are good I get proficient and advance on my report card.
    Experience: I was in 3 musicals but in the choir or back round (because I cant sing) but I also did 2 plays with no singing and got the leads. Last year was “once upon a playground” (a play) and played the bully, and this year I just did “Wizard of Oz” (again a play) and I got the wicked witch of the east. I am also in forensics and I got 1 first place ribbon and 1 second, but I also only went to 2 meets. Also I auditioned for a agency called John Casablanca’s and I got in but I couldn’t afford it so I start next year, they also was willing to give me a scholarship by taking off 100 dollars from the amount I had to pay.
    Abilities: Skateboarding, skiing, acting, playing piano, learning guitar, softball, basketball, volleyball, cooking, really good in school, good at make-up, I have a really good memory, really good with technology and math, also my director told me that he thinks I going to make it in my acting career. Oh and I have a good sense of style by the way.
    Anyways thanks for tour time.

  28. Raven Barber

    Hi, my name is Raven Barber. Every for as long as I could remember, it has always been my dream to become an actress. I would participate in school plays and any other acting opportunities. I have received a scholarship to an acting school named Walden ‘ s Theatre.

    Name: Raven Barber
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hieght: 5’3
    Wight: 246
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Talents: Acting and Playing Drums

  29. Kevondre Knight

    Hi my name is Kevondre Knight and I am 16 years old.Its been my dream since I was little to act.I am not afraid of being on stage and acting in front of crowds.I am a loveable,caring,and very serious about acting.I am in a marching band and is not afraid to be in front of a crowd.
    Talents:Acting,Play instruments{alto sax.tenor sax,and trumpet}
    Features:Short cut black hair,brown eyes
    To conclude I have been told all my life I have a personality like any other and I have a unique name that could be seen on t.v. please consider me for this show thank you

  30. Suna

    Hi I am suna and I would love to be in Kirby bucket being in Disney is one of my dreams
    Age 12
    Name suna
    Gender girl
    Hair color brownish
    Talent acting
    I have good grades and I will be in my school drama class I am taking dance class right now

  31. sammie

    I love acting a girl can only dream so big as long as you dream make your dreams come true you can do it I believe in myself I work hard for what I want to do I really believe in myself for acting I think it would make a great actress and I’m a female and I’m 12 years of age

  32. sydney lieber

    hi! my name is sydney, i am 11. i am 5 ft, i have hazel eyes and medium brown hair. i am white and would love this role! i hope you consider this and put me as part of the cast! i am familiar with the industry! and i am very determined! i love this show and would die to be on it! i am a great actress and need to be a famous actor! this could get my start! please respond


  33. Theron Harrison

    Hey my name is Theron Harrison and i think that i should be in this show because i speed all my time acting and i have past experiences with plays and in my spare time i like to create characters and write lines and memorize them for fun
    age 13
    hair color black
    race African american
    eye color brown
    height 5,7
    weight 117
    and i really think you sould give me a shot

  34. Bryant Le

    Hello My name is Bryant, and I want to audiction for this season I’ve been dreaming to be in disney, but if I get into Kirby Bucket’s I’ll really appreciate it and this really matters to me thank you for you’re time.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 9 Turning 10 soon
    Hair: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Talents: Singing, Pretending/Acting, Violin

  35. Rupa Mistry

    Hi there! I am Rupa, I am 13 years old, born in February,I think that you casting me for a place on the show will be good because:
    -it will improve my acting
    -my abilities will be taken a step further
    -I am flexible with anything

    Résumé type thing:
    -black/brown hair
    -brown eyes
    -5ft something

    -singing, dancing, acting
    -skateboarding, penny boarding
    -martial arts
    -well educated
    -badminton player
    -100meter runner
    -martial arts
    I have won awards for all of these^
    I have landed the roles i wanted in productions, I have performed at a theatre 4/5/6 times
    I have been lead parts in productions
    I am not fat–fit to do anything
    I am British…born in England:)

    I hope this has been use if your time and I hope I am successful enough. Thank you, Rupa

  36. Laya Hassan

    Hey! My name is Layden, or Laya. I am 12 years old (Going to be 13 in a month). I am from England. I am black, have dark, straight hair, and brown eyes. I like to consider myself as punk-rock, grunge. I love singing and acting. I also love songwriting and I think some of my songs are pretty good.. I hope you consider me!

  37. Zachary

    Hi my name is Zachary my acting teacher says I would be perfect for a real actor I live in Kansas I am nine years old where are the auditions I am small

    Age: 9

    Gender: male


    Home: Kansas

    Phone <hidden from public> 

  38. Fernando Nunez

    Hi my name is Fernando Nunez,I am 11 years-old.I love acting,I put all my heart into it.I have been acting for years now,I’ve never had a chance to be on tv.I would love to be on tv now.I love sports I play Baseball,And Football.Ive had an experience in boxing.I am 4’8.
    I’ve been watching Kirby Buckets since it first came on,I am a big fan.I would love to be a part of it to,So please contact me if you have any questions

  39. kaushal prasad

    sir it will be a golden opportunity to work for u.
    I m 15.
    height 5.4
    contact no <hidden from public> 

  40. Elham Inusah

    Hello i m elham um 10 years old i have black hair i am currently in the 5th grade. I live in Atlanta and i am currently looking for auditions anywhere so thank you and please choose me

  41. Shriam

    Height: 5’4
    age: 12
    size: chubby
    skin: dark peach
    accent: can do american and Indian

    I am from California, and I love acting. I did many school plays, and dis classes in the school and outside classes.

  42. Allen

    i am 13 a great actor and I also pick up roles easily I can memorize a script and keep character so that’s why I would be great on this show

  43. Huma Sahiba

    Hello my name is Huma and I have black hair,brown eyes . I have lovely feature ,I love actoing alot and also I am really passionate about my drama class which I take every Wednesday in yorkshire playhouse in Bradford and I get good feedback from my teacher .I am studying in Dixsons school and my drama teacher has gaven me a leading role in drama lesson she is proud of me.This would be a dream come true for me and I have my parents support and blessings.I live in the UK. hope you can consider me thank you.

  44. BIZET Marianne

    Hi nice to meet you, It’s will be awesome to can be part of your project. I am french from Paris.
    Age : 18
    Eye: green
    Hair: straight black
    Weight: 119 pound ; 54 kg
    Size: 1 m 60
    Thank you for your consideration and good luck for your project. :)

  45. Nashalie Legarreta

    Hi my name is Nashalie and I would love to be in your show. I love singing, dancing, acting and modeling. I’m athletic as in I love playing football, soccer and basketball. But on the girls side I love to cheer, gymnastic, volleyball which would be both and so much more. I may play boy stuff but Im also half girly girly. I really hope you choose me because my parents always go after your dreams no matter who or what gets in you way. So I keep on trying even if someone says no. My parents tell me that I have the most beautiful voice ever. I even pretend to be a teacher, lol that’s how good of acting I am. I’m a brave person, talented, intelligent, and fierce. I am 10 years old and speck English and Spanish. I love the color turquoise . I also have brown hair and greenish bluish eye color with a bit of yellow around the pupil. Ok thanks for the support, because of ally he auditions I’ve been so excited for this moment. Thank you so much. I know you may not choose me but at least I tried and you were able to nice me, and thank you so much

  46. Cooper Neidecker

    My name is Cooper and it’s about freakin time I get in a movie!

    I’m 15, 6’2″, 142 lbs, brown eyes, white, brown hair, I am funny, talented, can do a lot of different voices.
    I Live in the Kansas City area

    If you want to know more or would like a photo please email me back

  47. Melanie

    hello my name is melanie am 11 years old and I’m from Argentina . I love singing , dancing and I love acting.
    I ‘m doing drama and singing I hope that Sirba .Siempre wanted to be in any Cerie of disney channel disney channel and I love I love I look all day.
    Well I hope you can help to make any character . await your response with much anxiety Thanks for everything. Greetings !!

  48. kayla cortez

    hi my name is kayla cortez and this show is good and I would like to be in it because I like this show and it would give me a chance to start my acting career and get notice by people

  49. Ayona

    Hi I would love to play in this tv show i LOVE it I am 12 years old and i am very great at learning lines i have been in a lot of plays growing up and i am all ways told i am a natural <hidden from public> 
    Ayona Smith
    Thank you for your time!

  50. George Acquaah

    my name is George acquaah and I am 8 years oldKirby buckets is so awesome because he draws all kinds of cool pictures like damzillaI live in Massachusetts in Worcestermy hair color is black and my skin color is brown& I love acting and dancing so much thank you

  51. Johana López

    Hi, my name is Johana López.
    I’m 10 and a half years old.
    I’ve always like Disney XD.
    My friends call me Skylar Sakura Hayden, I love the Kirby Buckets serie, beacuse I’m like Kirby. A kid with great imagination and artistic.

  52. jack Cameron boothby

    Hello I am jack Cameron boothby ,
    I am 12 years old
    I love Disney shows ,I have always dreamed of the opportunity of being famous and being in
    disney shows.I go to a drama school ,I have done past performances in school and at the moment I’m doing a performance called murder mystery at the drama school my mother pays for ,but at my main school I am doing a performance called Greece “go Grease lighting ” :)
    My first reason I think I will be good at this is because I love acting it is my life ,Id love to be on a Disney show and I have been told by many people that I’m funny and I’d be great in a show
    My second reason I think I would be good at it is BC I’ve had lots of stage experience and done many different performances in front of people
    I’d love to go onto a show even if it was for a day I’d take it BC I love acting I have been intrested since I was in nursery
    I would really appreciate if you read this :)
    Your sincerely
    Jack Cameron boothby
    Details about me
    Name:Jack Cameron boothby
    Birth date : 2cnd of August 2002
    Age: 12
    Experience : I have done lots of perfomences and I am currently rehearsing for a performance I do very soon at my drama school.
    Hair colour :light brown
    Eye colour :hazel
    Race: white ,British


    My name’s Melissa Grand i’m 12 years old, my dream is to become a singer and actress, i’ve been singing since i was 6 and acting since i was in 2nd grade,i’ve won quite a few talent shows,i’ve always wanted to act for disney and i would love to be part of this season!

  54. Emma Evans

    Hello! My name is Emma Evans and I am 12 turning 13 in a month, years old and 5’3 and have dirty blonde long hair. I love modeling and love acting. I have been doing acting for a long time and finally to ready to take more serious steps in my career. My family is willing to give it up whatever it takes to achieve my goal of being a professional model or actor. I am a very strong actor and super easy to work with! I have a very flexible schedule. Another feature about me is I do gymnastics and have since I was 2 years old. I can do a standing backflip anywhere or time and can do many cartwheels WITHOUT hands. You tell me to flip, turn, or act and I’ll be there! I also have a lot of attitude, but can easily work with any personality I am suppose to portray! I love fashion, and am super unique. I care sincerely about my family as well. I would love to meet so you could know more about myself, family, and surrounding and know I am the right one for this part.

    Thank you,
    Keep in touch

    Emma Evans
    7th Grade
    Monterey California

  55. Kristina Williams

    Hello I know I may not get picked , but uts worth a shot, my name is Kristina Williama and I am an actor and singer. i recently had an interveiw with CGTV and i made the audition, so I have expirence with the process . IJN

  56. Gosia

    I’m 12 years old. I Live in Poland

  57. Wisdom Gemima Reinach

    Hello my name is Wisdom Gemima Reinach
    -I’m A girl
    – I am 12 years old
    – I is 1 m 45
    ‘My weight is 31 kg
    -J’habite France, Alsace
    – Black eyes almond shaped
    – I am black and I am from Congo
    – I speak French, English and German.
    – My qualities Motivated 7/7 and 24h / 24, Kind, Funny (very funny), Concentrated, Adorable, Tired

  58. Nathalia Contreras

    I am Natalia Contreras am 13 years old currently living in Colombia in the city of Bogotá. I like acting my dream has always been to act for you Acualmente I dance academy called a Salsabogo I dance rhythms such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, bridge dance etc. I await your response.

    Yo soy Natalia Contreras tengo 13 años vivo actualmente en Colombia en la Ciudad de Bogotá. Me gusta la actuación mi sueño siempre a sido actuar para ustedes acualmente bailo en un academia llamada Salsabogo bailo ritmos como Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, bridge dance entre otros espero su respuesta.

  59. Alexis

    my name is alexis I’m 14 years old and. I live in NY and I would love to do this show. I’m a good singer and I can act. I’ve done plays befor like (beauty and the beast) and the led in (fame). I also love to watch (kirby buckets) so it would make me happy to be in the show. imageine watching a show u love and then being in it. it would be nice to be on the other side of the T.V for once in my life and not only that. it would halp me and my family.

  60. jessica

    I am Jessica I am 11i wanted the part dating fish

  61. Emma Amstutz

    Hi my name is Emma Amstutz and if this is the audition for Kirby Buckets i would love to be apart of it. If i got the part…..what part would i have? If their is no ideas i have 1. I become apart of the school, i would be new, and me and Kirby meet and we become friends and start hangin out and we become friend’s. The reason why i should get picked for a role is i am a nice person and i have been wanting to be a star for 6 years…….tell Jacob Brentron i said hi.

  62. Katie Moses

    Hi! My name is Katie and I am 12 years old and I turn 13 in May. My dream is to act and I would absolutely love any part at all. It would be a dream come true if I could have the honors to audition for you, and a miracle if I were to get a part! I have medium, dirty blonde hair. I am very outgoing, funny, and friendly to everyone I meet. I live in Littleton, Colorado and I absolutely love Disney XD! I would be so grateful and it would mean the world to me if I could act and entertain other people. I really hope that you can consider me for a job!


  63. jack carroll

    Hi my name is Jack carroll and I am 8 years old
    And Kirby buckets is my idol and I live in Dublin
    Ireland I was in a panto but I would love to meet
    Jacob Bertrand and learn how to draw like Kirby
    And draw scrunch face and tri but and macho

  64. Landen Alft

    Hello, I am a 16 male and I have loved movies and acting for as long as I can remember. I have been in school productions and such things. I am a singer as well as an actor. I would love to do a part as either an acting role or even a voice acting role. Please consider me! I would love to be a part of a show such as this!

    Name: Landen Alft
    Age: 16
    Height: 5 10
    Weight: 250
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Eye: Brown
    Talents: Singing, Acting, playing instruments (Double Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Ukulele, etc.)
    Lastly I enjoy making people laugh and I am told I have a fantastic personality.

  65. gabe grutzmacher

    My kindergardener teacher said I am a natural. I am 10 right now and would love a shot at it. Gabe g

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