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  1. Melissa Herrera

    im 13
    brown hair
    dancer cheer gymnast
    im 5,1 and 104
    its my dream and please pick me

  2. Starla Gerardy

    Hi my name is Starla and I always dreamed of being a director or a actor. So when I saw the TV show Kerby buckets I loved it. And when I saw that I cold addition I was like OMG!
    So here is some info
    Teeth:sorta crucked
    Age/berth day:10/29/2003 I’m 11
    So yah I think I should get the part cos I have acting skill and I think that the TV show Kirkby buckets is funny and weird and I like weird.

  3. Ashton Barnes

    Hi my name is Ashton Barnes and I really like to draw and im very playful
    Race African American
    Age 10
    size 4’11
    Talent acting\dancing
    Hair Black
    Eye Brown
    Kirby Buckets is one of my favorite Disney tv shows It Would Be an honor to be on a tv show for the first time of my life Thank You

  4. jojo silverman

    name: jolie
    age: 13
    gender: female
    height: 5’2
    hair color: very dark brown
    eye color: very dark brown
    i am tan. i can be very rude. my all time fav things are food and animals. i love disney and i think this would be a great experience. i have had alot of experience with being on stage and performing in front of alot of people such as modeling, singing, dancing, plays. i hope you choose me to be in this show.

  5. Malcolm Thompson

    Location: Florida, USA
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 140lbs
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color/texture: dark brown, afro
    Race: African American

  6. Amareya Kelly

    Hi my name is Amareya Kelly I am ten years old since I was 8 years old I have always wanted to be a model or a actress I see all the pretty girls in my favorite TV shows on Disney an Nickelodeon also movies I love watching American Idol my mother been trying to get information for me to further my dreams I love to song an dance. I have been taking acting an modeling classes and I am finally getting out of my shell I am proud of myself I like to interact with other children and adult’s my mother teaches me a lot. My contact information I filled out I hope one day I would get a big audition thanks for your time and to show me to comment.

    Amareya Kelly
    Age: 10
    Date of Birth: 3/1/05
    Height: 4’7
    Weight: 85 pounds
    Size 10-12

    I Am A Michigan Resident African American/Black Brown Eyes My Hair Color Is Black Shoulder Length My Shoe Size Is Size 5 Depends On The Shoe Brand I Fit Size 12 In Pants 10-12 In Shirts

  7. Imani Hines

    Hi my name is imani and here is some infomation about me
    Hair color:brown
    Hair: naturally curly
    Height:about 4’5
    Nationally:African American
    Grade:5th about to be in 6th
    Bio:all my life I want to be on tv so everyday I wonder
    When is my day going to come.I want to shine on the
    Spot light and be a star.Then I found this site and said wow
    I guess I can give a try to start a new life.Plus I love curby buckets
    Its funny and sometimes just plain weird.

  8. Electra

    Hi I’m 12 yrs old and i have always wanting to be a movie star . Plus I was just wondering when you know how gets the part

  9. Mohamed Abukar

    Hii, my name is mohamed and here is my form.

    hair color: black
    age: 13
    favorite sport: basketball, and football
    favorite color: pink,red and blue
    race: African American
    School: Catalina Ventura School
    Bio: well theres not alot about me thats normal but there is way to much excitement in my life. My bff i dont have one but i have a bbf, it means best bro forever, i have three actually first is Daniel. Daniel always had my back no matter what, Second is Andrew M., andrews head is really small for a smart person, my other bro would be ricky, ricky is really funny, and he knows how to do please if you consider me consider some parts for my bros to, even if its just as an extra.

  10. Wilcorina Bazile

    To whom this may concern,
    My name is Wilcorina Bazile, I am a talent with  <hidden from public> . I would greatly appreciate this opportunity to be a part of the cast of Kirby Buckets. I think the show is very creative and different.
    Being on the show would be an amazing experience for me. I like meeting new people and can follow directions very well
    I am willing to travel
    You can find my profile at  <hidden from public> 
    DOB: September 9, 1999
    Age: 15
    Grade level: 10
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Hair length: Short
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skin color: brown
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Current residency location: Fort-Lauderdale, Florida

    Thank you for your consideration

  11. miranda mercer

    Hi my name is Miranda Mercer i love kirby buckets it is halarious. Here are some things you might need to know about me.

    I am 10 years old
    I have brown hair with streaks of blond
    I am 51 inches
    I am 130 inches

    I know your time is valuabe but please take time to answer my letter. thank you :)

  12. Arissa

    Hi mh name is Arissa Hernandez
    I am a 12 year old girl who is going to turn 13 in september
    I am “4,11”
    I enjoy acting,modeling,singing, and dancing
    I love meeting new people and hanging put with friends
    I have brown hair
    I have brown eyes
    I live in California
    I have always wanted to be on Disney channel even just as an extra since i was like 5 years old
    Thank You

  13. Anabel

    Hi my name is anabel I am almost 12 years old and I live to sing and act. I live in Oregon but can get to LA if needed. I don’t watch this show much to be honest but I will start.
    I am 4″10’ish
    I have eyes that range from blue to green to grey and anything in between
    I am Caucasian and pretty pale
    I have very dark brown long and think hair
    Please reply and thanks for reading

  14. Morgan Burnard

    Hello, my name is Morgan Burnard. I am a sixteen year old Canadian girl, and acting has always been my finest interest. I am an honours with distinction student. I am involved in my high school’s drama and music department, partaking in musicals and plays (acting and directing), I am also involved in band, and choir. I have been playwriting since I was in grade two, and I am going to publish a book one day. I can be really girly, a total tomboy, or anything in between. I have a good sense of humour, and I am not afraid of making a fool of myself. I love to try new things, I am obsessed with animals, and I could stand in front of over a million people without a second thought. I am a natural leader, but I am willing to listen and learn as well. I truly believe that I have something strong and positive to show the world.

    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: blue
    Height: 5′ 1″
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Body shape: slim, slender, small
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Birthday: April 7, 1999
    Culture: Canadian
    Country: Canada

  15. Shanteria

    I love the show!I was hoping if I can join the awesome show!I love the idea that the Kirby’s art come to life.I hope I get pick.Thanks for your time!

  16. Madison rauscher

    Hi I’m Madison rauscher
    Hair brown
    Eyes brown
    Age 11 will be 12 in August
    Race white/American
    Height a little over 5ft
    Weight 93

    Hi my name is Madison I live in Louisiana I love playing characters and I love watching tv so why not be on it I have actually done a audition once and got picked but the wanted a thousand dollars upfront so that did not happen It would be a honor to be on Disney I would love to try out so please consider me for the series
    Thank you so much , Madison rauscher

  17. Brooklynn

    Hi my name is Brooklynn Marie Neveau and I would like to be in only 1 or 2 episodes of Kirby Buckets


    Height just about 5 feet

    Weight-99 pounds

    Hair colour-Brown /blonde streaks

    Personality-very out going and fun can be serious at times

    Other roles I have been in-The first Christmas 3 years in a row (main female role)


    Contacts-email <hidden from public> phone <hidden from public>  (moms) cell <hidden from public> 

    I really hope I can get the role:-)

  18. Quinn Armstrong

    I am 12, love to sing, I am a male, I have always been interested in dance and now I compete at the dance shoppe. Since the first episode of Kirby buckets I have been addicted and to be in the show I will be amazed, last year I was the main character of the one and only Santa clause and Oliver twist, I have a big passion for acting and have always loved disneys shows. I am in 6th grade and would be so happy if I could be in Kirby buckets. My whole family thinks I am an amazing drawer and have a love and great appreciation for art. I can in first out of the whole state of Michigan for a 12 and under earth day drawing competition. I would really appreciate if you consider me for playing a role in Kirby buckets and just a consideration would make me proud enough and thank you for reading this.

  19. Morgan Pemberton

    My name is Morgan and I would love to play in Kirby Buckets! My brother watches this show all the time and I know what it is about. I am 12 years old and I have red hair with freckles. I have had experience with acting in school plays before and I love how much fun it is. It is my absolute dream to play a part in Kirby Buckets!!!!

    Morgan P

  20. Kayo

    Im kayowa I’m a little tall I’m eleven years old I’m Nigerian I can draw,model,act and sing

  21. Shannon Johnson

    Hi my name is Shannon Johnson
    I actually go to school with Kirby buckets aka Jacob Bertrand
    I am
    -short blonde hair
    -blues eyes
    -with out glasses I look younger
    I am 15

  22. Araya Madison

    Hi! My name is Araya Madison and I am 15 years old but will be 16 on August 9th. I live in Florida and attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts as a 10th grade theatre major. I can play a girl from 15-18 years old :) . I am 5’5 1/2 and have brownish blonde (ombre) hair. My mother is from Asia (Philippines) and my dad is from the Virgin Islands (St.Thomas) so I have an light olive skin complexion . I feel like i would be such a great asset to the cast of this movie because I love playing different characters with different personalities, it is such a hobby for me. I am very great to work with and am always 100% committed to any of my work. I f you would like to know more or would just like to contact me please feel free to email me :), thank you !

  23. Katlyn

    I am a girl. Brown hair. 10. black eyes. Tall. Part american. Part chinese. Loves Disney.Watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Loves to sing. Loves to act. plz email me if you get this PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  24. Natalia Flores

    Hi! My name is Natalia Flores and I’m interested in auditioning for this show! My brother and I enjoy this show and get a good laugh every time we watch. I like to draw and have had experience with acting. Information if needed below:

    Age: 12, turning 13 in June 2015
    Grade: 7th, going to 8th in Fall 2015
    Hair colour: Dark Brown (looks black but is not)
    Eye colour: dark brown
    Skin colour: Olive
    Etnicity: Hispanic/Latino
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 100?
    Body Type: Average
    Extra: Glasses

    If extra information needed, feel free to contact me at <hidden from public>. Thank you for you consideration!

  25. Trinity Noriega

    Hey people at casting call hub!
    My introduction will sound as generic as everyone else’s, but I promise the moment we are greeted with each other’s presence you’ll be pleased to see I’m anything – but generic.
    First off, my name is Trinity Renee Noriega. I am a 17 year old female living in California! I graduate high school in a year and I plan on moving to New York for college and to jumpstart my career. I have hazel eyes (blue green with the little brown around my pupil) I have naturally dark brown hair, but I dye it black. I am of average weight (180) and I’m 5’7. While I cannot sing, everyone says I have a very enthusiastic and “alive” voice. I’m often very outspoken and not afraid to say anything weird you might throw at me on a script. I’m always positive and super motivated and I feel like I can bring a lot to the table, even if it’s only as a minor part. I am very eager to get an opportunity to speak with you! Thank you!!

  26. Gisella Daryn

    Hi…,I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this
    Name: Gisella Daryn Aurelia Tanoto.
    Age: 14 ( soon to be 15)
    Hair : black
    Eyes :dark brown
    Height : 5’2″
    Weight : 50kg
    Skin: fair
    Hi, my name is gisella daryn aurelia tanoto, i reside in medan, north sumatera,indonesia. I’m chinese indonesia. I have black straight(but slightly wavy) hair,dark brown eyes.i can speak
    mandarin,indonesian, and fluent english. I’m 14 soon-to-be 15. And i’d love to play one of the characters in the book. Any character would be great, i haven’t acted in any films or tv shows ,it would be an honour to be in this TV series, i’ve always wanted to act since i was a little girl, and it would mean so much to me if i get picked to star in this TV series . I completely understand if i don’t get picked,because i live far from the set, and i haven’t never tried acting before…, please pick me, and give me a chance,it would mean so much 2 me, and make my day …
    Thank You …☺

  27. mykia johnson

    Hi my name is mykia johnson and I am 12 yrs old

  28. lily

    My name is Lily and i am 11 years old. I weigh 85 pounds and is 4’8.

  29. Khadija

    Hi, my name is Khadija, but everybody calls me Dija for short. I’ve been acting and playing the flute and the guitar in elementary school, I’ve been acting since I was in Pre-k and I’ve been playing the flute since I was in 4th grade but I stopped because I moved and I went to an academy but I did art and computers instead. But in 5th grade after i had prom and graduation my friends and I did improv about bullying and stuff. I am funny sometimes when I feel like laughing about something. I love Kirby Buckets, because it is funny and I love Kirby drawings and how he gets himself in trouble but knows a way out of it, like that time when he scared his science teacher and his teacher dropped the glass jar of Flice and he found his way out of the mess with the help of Eli.
    Height: 5’2
    Gender: Female
    Skin color: Originally tan but when i went to a summer camp in New Jersey they had no AC and we was outside for a long time then I got dark and my skin color is coming back.
    Weight: 145 or more or less
    50% Caribbean 50% American
    Hair: Thick and Afro like type
    Hair color: Black and a little bit of brown in it
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Lives: Orlando, Florida
    I hope this information gives you a lot of details to pick me to be part of the show through out the season. Please consider me to be in the second season of Kirby Buckets. If you do, I promise that I will work extremely hard. Even harder than I am already. Thank you!
    Thank you 😀

  30. Monica Wilson

    I would like to audition for Kirby Buckets and I’m 12 years old and I would like you to let me audition for this please.

  31. Thalina Satirasilpin

    Hi, my name is Thalina but you can call me Lina. I never miss an episode of Kirby Buckets. Like Kirby I’m also artist. I’m not the same age as Kirby but I always keep trying like when he found jeffery. I would love to try to draw like Kirby and maybe he would draw me in moster version then I can team up with Dawn to get revenge. If you accept me I promise I will do my best. I am 10 years old and live in California Sincerely, Lina.S

  32. Laine Egan

    Hi my name is Laine Egan and I’m 13 years old I have medium brown hair blue eyes pale skin freckles and around 5’2. Would love to apart of ANY tv show or movie on Disney channel. I am shy but acting helps me brake out of my shell. I love acting and a few months ago I just got the courage to try out for Disney so here I am. Please give a chance I promise I won’t let you down. You may be considering if you really want a shy girl on disney channel but I promise after my audition you won’t be curious any more. The role doesn’t have to be a big part it could just have 2 lines but just being apart of the whole disney show would mean so much. I’m really trying to a career in acting espically during my teenage years because after watching Girl meets world and jesse I realized that I want to do this for a living. Don’t get me wrong everyone wants to be a t.v star but I really think that acting is the right career for me and getting a part in Disney would change my life. I don’t have the “experience” that some people have but it’s only because instead of going on t.v earlier I was scared that I would never be good enough. I was watching video about Zendaya and she said she was really shy until she went to her school’s drama class and began acting. I basically followed n her foot steps I went in my school’s drama class and I feel really confident. Another reason why I was too shy because I got bullied a lot over my years in elementary and I was just too scared to put myself out there because I was afraid that people were going to make fun of me for messing up. After watching that video of Zendaya it really touched my heart and I really wanted a child/ten career in acting. I don’t want to wait until I’m 28 or older I ant to start now and if you just believe in me my dream will come true and I will be able to be proud of myself for once and show the people who bullied me that they were wrong and only made me stronger. Please PLEASE give me a chance and you won’t be sorry :) Thank you for reading and please email me soon

  33. Nicole Olson

    17 years old
    Dark blonde/ light brown hair
    Green eyes
    124 pounds
    White; American/Norwegian/Swedish
    I love acting and watching Disney Channel/XD and would love to be apart of this series or anything on Disney!

  34. Hunter- Marie

    Hello, my name is Hunter- Marie Elizabeth Rose Armstrong and I am 14 years old. My birthday is January 23, 2001 and I would really enjoy be apart of the Disney experience in acting. Yes, I am known for some of my previous work… I have been in 2 Palm Beach County School District educational videos which every school in the county is shown, I have been in 2 supporting commercials for Congressmen Allen West, I have been in a “Magic School Bus” educational commercial for recycling on PBS kids channel, and I am also a published poet, and my work is in the Library Of Congress. I have long, straight, blonde, hair. I have mild dark, sometimes bright green eyes. I am Caucasian as well as 5 foot 4 inches. Thank you for reading my entry, and thank you for your consideration. (:

  35. Johnae Hilson

    I am 14 years old and this show seems amazing. I’ve been practicing my acting recently and I’ve even started a youtube channel ( ). I feel like I’d be a perfect match for the character. I’m hard working, smart, and a fast learner.

    (I also sing and dance. Acting is something I’ve been trying to work on and get better at, as well as singing and dance.)

    -African American/Native Indian
    -Dark Brown Eyes
    -Short (sholder length) Black/Brown

    I hope you see this and contact me:)

  36. Hadil Jarhale

    Hi , my name is Hadil Jarhale, I am 10 years old (female) , I can sing very beautifully, dance well , and I am very pretty , I am very confident in myself. I can garuntee you that I want this more than anyone else in the world! I am willing to travel and lots of people say I have a beautiful voice, that I am very pretty, I have a bubbly attitude, and I make people happy. I also think I would work great with the cast because I am a very nice person and almost everyone I know is my friend. I don’t have trouble memorizing lines from shows or song lyrics. I have lots of expression in my voice and can act amazingly. I would take any role you offer to me, I’ve wanted to be a professional singer and actress since the age of 3. And have been obsessed with Disney ever since I have been a small child. I have long reddish/brownish curly hair, I am very pretty, I take acting very seriously, and like this show a lot. It is a very funny, entertaining, and unique show, I love it!!!! Again, I want this more than anything, and I hope you can find a role for me:-):-)

  37. Marcus Alston

    Hello, my name is Marcus Alston.
    i am a 19 year old, 5′ 11″, african american actor, living in Hollywood, California with more theater experience, than film. I do have experience in V.O. work and i’d love to get a chance to work with the Kirbby Buckets Production Team to make this show the best of the best. I your interested please contact me back and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Marcus Alston

  38. Kylee Richard

    Hi my name is Kylee.Im 12 years old but my age range I act in is 12-16.I have been in five shows. I want this more then anything!Im homeschooled so my acting can exetend!Im a very fun and outgoing girl!I am willing to travel if needed! I’m from Louisiana born and raised!Im 5″0 I have black eyes and dark brown hair I am black/white. For a photo of me my Instagram is Kylee.richard please contact me if you are interested.

  39. Trace Trainor

    Hi my name is Trace. I am an11 yr old boy. I love watching Disney XD and Kirby Buckets. I would love to audition for this show. I am great at sports and very good at entertaining people too. I love to carry on conversations with adults and kids. I am very witty and people who meet me don’t soon forget me. I am loved by my coaches and teachers and love to work hard.

  40. NIa

    Hi, my name is Nia Anthony, I’ve been acting in small roles on multiple platforms since i was small. I took a lot of interest in acting for Disney because I’ve been watching their shows since I was little and take liking to characters you create. I hope to work with you soon
    My information:
    African American
    experienced in performing arts
    brown eyes
    slender frame
    oval shaped head
    114 pounds

  41. Edward scott

    good afternoon my name is Edward Scott I’m 15 years old and I would like to audition for Kirby buckets I’m in the 9th Grade I go to high school I make good grades and I’m in theatre class I’m one of the best of the class I’ve always wanted to play on Disney Channel since that So Raven and Kim Possible is on TV couple years and if you couldn’t find any more rules for a Kirby buckets out like a role for the next season of lab rats have a blessed day goodbye.
    Please message back

  42. Erin Riding

    My name is Erin Riding, I am 13 yrs old and live in Cedartown, GA. My interest are Karate, soccer, football, track, softball, basketball, singing, dancing, stage productions, and fishing. I have watched Kirby Bucket since episode 1. My dad and I watch it together.I have been in many school productions and some local stage shows and would love to step up to the next level.I am raised by just my dad but he said that he is up to anything for me to follow my dreams. Season 3 should be a guarantee with the ratings this show gets and im sure all roles are filled for season 2 but if needed I would appreciate any chance available. Thank for reading!

  43. Bethany Luangkham

    My name is Bethany Luangkham. I am 14 years old and I would like to be a part of the second season of Disney XD’s Kirby Buckets. I have been interested in the show ever since I watched the first episode and have been continuously watching it, waiting for new ones to come out. I love the weird adventures the boys go through and the challenges they face. I would also like to be a part of that because I want to learn more about modern life. I have been interested in acting because I like to entertain people and being on TV would mean I can inspire someone to do what they want to do. I wish to get the chance to audition.
    Age: 14
    Grade: 8th
    Birthday: January 16, 2001
    Height: 4’11
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Nationality: Asian
    State: Algonquin, IL
    Talent: Acting and singing J-pop songs
    Other: I have little experience with acting but I have taken small acting classes in summer camps.

  44. selah lattimore

    hi I am 12 years old African American will be 13 may 7 I would love to be on your show I believe this would get my foot in the door to get into the world of acting. and I think this show would get me there thank you please get back to me thank you and goodbye.

  45. Marisol Perdomo

    Hey my name is Marisol.I live in Concord CA.I love to be on kirby buckets. My talent is running really fast drawing dancing and acting

    TV show because I love to watch so funny my brothers
    would like to watch it everyday. I would stay positive and never
    give up on what I’m going for I been practicing for this I’m really good and i m proud to say that I love Disney channel!

  46. Christian

    It’s the best show in the world

  47. Kylie

    Hello! My name is Kylie Masshardt and i live in Naples Fl. I love to make people happy and make them laugh, so a movie like this would make me so happy to be apart of. Most people do if for the money and the fame, but is that what acting is ment for? No the purpose of acting is to make people laugh and feel good about. And that is what i want to do i want to see the smiles and hear the laughs of people when they see this movie. I am the least serious person that you will meet, i think that everything is funny, as my mother would say i have a one in a kind personallity. Some things that i do when i am not acting are; attending church, practicing soccer, HOMEWORK, and hanging with my family and friends. One reason i would really like to audition for this movie would be to show young dreamers like me that with hard work you can accomplish your dreams.

    Body features
    Height: 5″1
    Weight: 87lbs
    Age: 14
    Eye: blue green w/ grey tint
    Hair color: light brown
    Hair: wavy
    Teeth: straight and white
    Small and petit for age
    Skin color: tan
    Race: caucasion
    Face features: small noise, little ears, long eyelashes, light freckels
    Toned stomach
    For more info and head shots and full body pictures please feel free to contact me at the listed info

  48. SophiaRenee

    Hello, my name is Sophia and I am 12 years old (almost).
    I have dark and curly hair, brown eyes, and a tan complexion. I am very tall for my age. I am 5″2 and my mother is 5″. I’m probably the tallest girl in the class.
    I don’t want you to think I’m being prideful, but all my friends say I’m very pretty. Pretty and quirky. I do have glasses and can not see very far without them. I have a very fun and excited personality and have a funky taste of style. I am not very qualified to try out, but I thought it would be kind of fun. I have stage fright, but I am NOT afraid of the camera. There all a lot of very talented actors wanting a part, so I would be very happy to be even just considered. Thank you!

  49. Kayla Jarrett

    Hello, my name is Kayla , and I love Kirby buckets so much, I am talented at music, such as playing my flute or a guitar, I am also very talented at acting, for fun I like to make music, go on my laptop, go shopping etc.
    I am 12 turning 13 in May on the 13th, I am 4 feet 10 inches, I am in 7th grade, and i love acting!
    I live in Port Charlotte, Florida, and I am a level 3 in gymnastics.
    I am smart and can pronounce very long complicated words, and my reading level is were its suppose to be but a little bit higher.
    At my school, I am known for being very creative and having a high sense in fashion and clothes. I have almost had an interview with Nickelodeon but my dad never took me to audition. So, I am hoping that i can get contacted ASAP for a interview or a audition, please contact me soon.
    ~Kayla Jarrett

  50. Jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine
    Height:5ft 4in
    Talents:singing,dancing and acting
    I love Kirby buckets ever time a new episode would come on I would hog the tv to watch all the episodes I hope I get picked

  51. Devante Way

    Hi im Devante Way and i live in Tuscon,Arizona.My dream is to be an actor i have alot in common with Kirby Buckets,I love to draw im very silly and crazy
    Devante Way

  52. Julian Hackley

    My name is Julian H and I am very interested
    in auditioning for your up and coming film.
    Presently in 9th grade and very motivated.
    I have some experience in modeling and acting
    along with a positive attitude.
    Please contact me for a interview !
    Thank you,
    Julian Hi,
    My name is Julian H and I am very interested
    in auditioning for your up and coming film.
    Presently in 9th grade and very motivated.
    I have some experience in modeling and acting
    along with a positive attitude.
    Please contact me for a interview !
    Thank you,
    Julian H

  53. Jordan Lowe

    My name is Jordan Lowe and I am turning 12 in 2 days and I wanted to have an audition for my birthday present and ever since I have seen Disney channel which was since I was like 3 I’ve wondered what it would be like to be on Disney channel and since my birthday is coming I really want an audition and I literally watch Disney channel all the time and it feels like it would be fun to audition so I hope you choose me because it would be great to be on Disney channel for my birthday so thank you for reading I hope you choose somebody who could really use it.

  54. Haley Gaudet

    Hi my name is Haley Gaudet and it is my dream to be an actress. I am 13 years old and about 5’3. I live in Houma, Louisiana, not a popular state. I watch Kirbby Buckets and get a laugh. I wonder what it would be like to be on tv. Hopefully you read this and accept me for an audition.
    Haley Gaudet

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