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  1. Melany Chanel lopez

    Hi I’m am a Mother of a 5 year old Energetic… Fun…happy ..singing…dancing little entertainer💖She loves to take Pictures…sing….dance. Her name is Melany💖

  2. Vivian

    Hi I am 13, I can sing, dance, and act.
    I have blonde hair,
    I am 5’3 5’4,
    Blue eyes.
    I have been dancing for 11years
    I have been acting a year ago along with singing

  3. Chasity

    Christopher Boyer, age 15 (looks 12 or 13), 5 foot, 100 lbs, beautiful blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a dimple to die for. He has done multiple plays and musicals, and has studied at the Beginnings Workshop with Peter Sklar in New York.
    Emma Flynn, age 10, long blonde hair, BIG baby blue eyes. has done a prior production and has danced for 7 years.

  4. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas grasias……..dixney xd

  5. Ashley

    Hello my name is Ashley and 11 years old. I love acting and I love drawing and anamation. I also like romance and gaming too. At my school, I always make people laugh and tutor them after school. When I watch the show I feel inspired and happy! I have a good experience with acting by picking it up in drama club at school and I’m a really good reader. I actually have a reading portfolio strong enough for college!

    Here is the other info:

    I’m 5 foot

    Roles I’m interested in: Kirby’s Girlfriend

    Please email me what you rhink of me and if I have chance for this role

  6. D'angelo lopez-banegas

    Hi I’m the mother of D’angelo his only 6yrs old and he loves this tv show he likes acting,boxing,music he also speaks Spanish and English currently learning Russian I would love a feedback.

  7. Jordan Harris

    My name is Jordan Harris, and I just watched the trailer for the show, and I think I would be good for it!
    I’m 12 years old, and I’m 5’3. I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and I like to make videos for my YouTube channel, custom CDs for my Soundcloud, play ROBLOX, and act. I think I would be great for this show and accept me!
    Jordan Harris

  8. Paolo

    Hi my name is Paolo im 13 years old and i would like to be in the tv show Kirby Buckets
    people call me poulfun cause im a funny person and i also play football:



    Thnxx for everything hope ill be there with all of the cast and be one of u guys

    plss i really want to be a disney actor

  9. rufa mae cabillo

    Hi my name is rufa cabillo im14 yrs old filipino citizen
    Iwanna be an actress on disney iknow a little bit about this show
    Kirby bucket

    IHave dark brown eyes
    black hair
    ILove drawing too!

  10. cody crabtree

    im cauncasin blond blue eyed 11 5’6 and love to act please email me

  11. Aileen

    Gender: Female
    Locations: Florida
    Features: brown hair, brown eyes
    Race: American
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 130
    Roles in interest: Extra

  12. samuel

    Hi my name is samuel im 11 height 5,0
    Light brown hair brown green eyes

  13. Bethannee Lobell

    I love the show Kirby buckets. I have some ideas for the show…. here is some info about me:
    Brown hair
    Greenish blue eyes
    Love acting and singing
    13 years old
    I live in Harborcreek

  14. Bethannee Lobell

    I love the show Kirby buckets. I have some ideas for the show…. here is some info about me:
    Brown hair
    Greenish blue eyes
    Love acting and singing
    13 years old
    I live in Harborcreek
    I dream to be an actress

  15. Bailey

    I’m Bailey I’ve been acting since I was able to talk basically I’ve been called by many people but they ended up scamming us so I’ve been trying for many years now putting all my dedication into trying to become an actress so please help me and I want to prove everyone wrong that there is hope that I can become an actress because so many people told me “just give up” “it’s never going to happen” just crawl under a rock because that dream will never last” etc but i know there’s hope and that I will be someday so please

    Age:turning 14 in just 5 days
    Hobbie:acting,singing,dancing,gymnasts,drawing,writing songs,modeling,and love making people laugh
    Grades:A’s and B’s
    Can cry on command most times
    Can stay in character
    Trying to find improve class
    Hard worker
    Willing to be anything or do anything to be an actress or be on the show

    Please help my dreams come true

  16. Delano Payne

    Hey guys my name is Delano Payne and im 15 years old. You should pick me because I love acting. It comes so natural and easy to me it feels like I’m being myself. I can read and adjust to any script you give me! I try my hardest 100% so you’ll never get the words “I can’t” out of me! But I’ve watched the show Kirby Buckets and its incredible and has a really good tone and I would love to be in the TV show!
    Email me if I have a chance of making it, Thank you!
    <hidden from public>

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