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  1. Essence Brown

    my name is Essence brown, Im from chester sc, im 27 years old, im a very shy person, bt i love to sing dance and perform,I sing alll over my town with a gospel group called unique vision,I think ill be perfect for the show.

  2. pinkan mambo

    Hi,My name is Pinkan Mambo.I am a singer artist under Sony Music Indonesia this 14 years and still contract until 2020.I live in Los Angeles.I released 4 albums and many compilation with more than 10 hits singles.I am one of the very famous singer in Indonesia,I shows in many countries around the world.I win Mtv award.I am a very great talented singer performer entertainer dancer producer writer like Mariah Carey ,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Christina Aguilera.I have a very great voice. Please check my video link at :
    And please check my wikipedia .Thank You so much God bless You.Regards.You can reach me at <hidden from public> .

  3. George Chin

    Hi my name is George Chin, and I am the brother of the season 5 winner of the voice tessanne chin. I am currenty 16 years old, and I’m afraid of snakes, being electricuted, also aligators and scorpians!!! And the dark, I’m afraid of almost everything, and I’m also an awesome singer

  4. Ganya Osho

    Hi my name is Ganya Osho I’m 14 years old, I live in Houston Texas. I am a responsible young girl that helps my mom a lot with my disable brother. “I am next to the baby of six children.” My mom is a hard working single parent since my father was deported back to Nigeria. I want to secure my future as well as provide for my mother and siblings. This is why I feel that i am fit best for Killer Karaoke.

  5. Deshawn Washington

    Hi my name is DeShawn Washington I’m from natchitoches Louisiana been living here all my life its a small town I’ve been singing sense I was 4 years old I’m 23 now I recently was on the hit talent show The Voice season 6 being on Shakira team I made it to top 48 out 400,000 people that tried out. I also song the national anthem for the NBA team Memphis Grizzlies it was a great experience

  6. Roshuah

    I’m just saying….I’ll sing but what kind of “no matter what” are you guys talking about! I’m pretty excited because I’m a very closed person, so to be singing on tv and being distracted….WELL…I guess that’s really what it’s been my whole life…I need this opportunity. desperately…So I’ll SING WITH ANTS IN MY PANTS….they’re there anyway :-) lol

  7. Kebar

    Hi my name is Kebar a/k/a Krying K, and I am in a band called Death Angels Cult Killers Consisting of three other members including my self from ages 16-22 and we do Rap – that is Cult Killer Rap. We also sing and we love to be on Killer Karaoke; as Death Angels Cult Killers has the perfect entertainment. Youtube: Death Angels Cult Killers.

  8. Sanniyah Bey

    Hello! My name is Sanniyah Bey and I’m 15 years of age. It has always been my dream into becoming a singer and getting big since the day I was born I been in many singing related things and everyone always tells me to get myself out there more and I think this is a great way to do so. This would mean so much to me if I get chosen to come in a compete.. Being able to say ” I got big by the Tv show Rising Star” would be a honor to use the name in that form of way. I’m currently enrolled In School Of Rock, which is where we perform around the neighborhood and do covers of songs. I play guitar and I sing. I been singing all my life… I been involved in musicals such as the wizard of oz, whistle down the wind, beauty and the beast, Aladdin, and many more. Please consider me into representing the tv show (:

  9. Scott Dyer

    I love to sing I have an 18 month old that sits and listens to me and it melts my heart and I would just love for him to see his dad on TV singing in front of millions I have what it takes and would love the oppurtunity

  10. Mariah Calvin

    I would love to be on killer karaoke because I’m a great singer ! Great personalty! I’m a dare devil and ready for anything! People will love watching me!’

  11. Allison K

    Hi Y’all,
    My name is Ali. I’m 29 years old. I love singing and have broken out of my shell 9 years ago. I wake up and want to sing. There is not a day that goes by where I am not singing. I am ready to sing for my life. Nothing will get this song bird to stop singing.

  12. Kwame Boyd


  13. StephenGGinden

    why should i be chosen because #1 I have been singing for so many years now i cant even remember# 2I have been told by so many people why have i not seen you on a tv singing show #3 I sing over 300 songs and counting soul rock country you name it #4I call it combo singing because i can flip from one to another #5 You can throw anything plus the kithen sink and get up and keep goin . All im sayin is give me a chance to be discovered you wont be disapointed .#6 oh black betty bam a lam oh black betty bam a lam. get ha.

  14. Kelly Luo

    Hi im Kelly and Im 14. i love singing and seeking adventures until i saw your show on youtube and i just knew i had to be on there because your show is packed with thrilling suprises and mysteries. and its hilarious. i would love to be on there screaming my brains out. DO NOT STOP SINGING!

  15. Zaria Gilbert

    I hope u pick me im trying soo hard i live in fl and im.13 i love singing its my passion and i wont give up. Plz pick me it will be a dream

  16. jana henry

    I see others have written in re:someone else so I am writing in re: my brother, Gary Severns. We are in Las Vegas, Nv. I recently entered Gary in a talent contest at a large casino. He went all the way through to the finals but did not win. He was asked to do a spot at another casino variety show. Everyone loved him and was very impressed. One judge told him h should quit his day job, ( he is a painter).I always tell Gary he sounds better then original artists without a mixer board lol. I’ve put a few videos on youtube. Check him out. Just type in Gary Severns Do I (cover) Luke Bryan, or Gary Severns Tomorrow (cover) Chris Young or even Gary Severns Whiskey Girl (cover) Toby Keith. These are videos made at karaoke. Gary is super passionate about C&W music and sings with much feeling and and with a strong solid big voice. He is know at a few of the karaoke places here, like Gilleys Club, as “Big Sexy’ Please, give him a listen and a chance. Thanks (it would be interesting to see if he could sing as good under these circumstances)I’ll bet he could

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