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  1. Mackenzie Nollstadt

    Hello my name is Mackenzie Nollstadt. I am a 14 year old girl with dirty blonde hair and hazel blue and green eyes. I live in New Jersey. I am looking to improve my acting skills by getting a chance to be in a movie. I will be the brightest star in the universe if I could have a chance to audition. All I am looking for is a chance to prove to everyone especially my family that I have talent. Even to be an extra would me the world to me because at least I’m getting somewhere. I want to push myself and get myself noticed because if I don’t I will never have a chance to reach my goals and my dreams. Thank you for considering me.

  2. Nicole Mariam

    Name: Nicole Mariam
    Age: 17.5
    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Hair: Very long
    Hair Color: Black
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Sex: Female
    State: Cyprus, Europe
    Languages: Greek(maternal language), English(British accent) , French and Italian

    Hello, my name is Nicole Mariam and I’m 17.5. Well, I have a huge background in acting and singing. I played in more than 20 theaters and in 11 out of 20 I had the female leading role. Also, I performed more than 17 songs. Moreover, I performed Maria Callas songs. Most people believe that I look like Selena Gomez.
    From the age of 4, I want to become an actress. Honestly, 13 years later, I still want this. Every time I’m having an audition for a theater, I feel so anxious but in the same time happy. When I’m on the stage, I feel fulfilled!! There’s nothing better than these, for me! I love acting, because when you are acting you are a completely different person, all those emotions that the role has and you must make the audience feel involved.

  3. Ebony Matheson

    I am a 17 year old Australian female willing to move to America to pursue my acting and singing goals, I have been singing for 4 years, topped in my drama class and have taken many dance classes. I’m interested in this role so please email me at <hidden from public> so I can give more information and photos! (: I have no problem taking direction and come across as confident and hard working!

    I am 160cm tall
    Long brown/ caramel hair
    Fair skin with green eyes
    Easy to get along with!

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