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  1. Aylanna Cox

    Hey, My name is Aylanna, i’d love to be on icarly! I’m 13,love getting down in the mud,but love dressing up too!
    height: 5’8
    weight: 140 lbs
    greenish blue eyes
    dirty blonde hair, naturally straight.
    sincerely Aylanna

  2. Elizabeth Grace

    Name: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stockton
    Age: 11
    Eyes: Baby Blue
    Hair: Medium Brown
    Height: 4ft 10in
    Weight: 74lbs
    Location: On the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee !

    Hey there…..i’m an 11 year old girl up on the plateau in Tennessee just kickin it country ! I have a Mom, Dad, an awesome big Brother, and 2 English Bulldogs “slobber machines ” lol ! I love to dress up and feel beautiful & I also love to get down and dirty in the mud ! Softball is my favorite sport even though they nicknamed me “Target” lol….seems the ball can’t miss me ! I’ve participated in several beauty pageants and won many of them. I represented the county I live in for the year of 2010-2011…..I was 2010 Little Miss Fentress County and boy was that an adventure ! I love to be myself….original & unique….everybody says GOD broke the mold with me I love to be goofy & crazy at times and love to make people laugh !!!!
    I really hope to hear from you and be able to show you what I have to offer in acting ! I will truly be greatfull for any part that you have to offer me to become part of the entertainment industry ! Thanks soo much……Lizzie

  3. Amelie

    Hello it’s me again i also adore ICarly and as well as looking like Tori Vega i also look a lot like Carly!
    I’m 8 years old and i’m in year three love and adore drama singing and acting!

  4. Ronnie Ray Russell

    name: Ronnie Ray Russell
    sex: Male
    age: 13.5
    height: 5’5
    weight: 112
    hair: short and brown
    eyes: blue-green
    talents:acting, singing, sports, accents and impressions

  5. Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca Forte, I’m 16, from Montreal, Canada QC.
    I’ve had lots of acting training, and even more training in singing, since I was 7 years old and I’d love to have this opportunity.
    I’m 5’5 feet
    69 kg
    I’ve performed (musically) a lot of times in Montreal, including on camera, and also acted on camera, I have a lot of experience in these areas, and I hope I get picked for this awesome opportunity!

  6. Rachel Burns

    Name: Rachel Burns
    Age: 16
    D.O.B 24/06/1999
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: long brown and curly
    Height; 175cm

    I love singing and acting, I can sort of dance but I don’t think I’m very good (my friends think differently.) I am up for any task that you assign me to, I do live in Australia though and I have glasses but I can see without them. I am also 100% committed to anything that I do and love working with others. if there is anything else that you want to know please feel free to contact me and thank you for taking the time to consider me.

  7. A.J. Green

    My full name is Amanda Green. I play almost any sport including volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, soccer, football (with friends), and softball. I played on varsity in Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Baseball. I play guitar clarinet and trumpet and I know some piano and I am learning drums. I have starred in a few different plays at my schools and I have participated in Fine Arts for the past two years and we’ve made it to nationals each year.
    Here are my facts:
    I am 5’4″
    I am 16
    I have dark brown hair in the winter and blonder hair in the summer.
    I do live somewhat far away from most things but I got my license so I could get there somehow. I live in southern North Dakota. I have friends and family in many states that would help me get there.
    I have an athletic figure
    I absolutely love traveling.
    I am a very fast learner and can memorize
    I have three pets.
    I am Caucasian
    I have Blue or Green eyes (they change color)
    I am in Choir and Band
    I love singing
    I am female
    I would absolutely love even just to be considered for any parts on disney channel. I am good with people and would love this opportunity. Thanks for reading this and possibly considering me.

  8. Matt Booth

    Ah man, I am so excited of watching the next season of icarly.
    *Woop woop*

  9. Pol Bordoy

    I want to be an actor since i was a little guy, here is my porfile:
    Age: 15
    Sex: male
    Height: 1,73m
    Hair colour: brown-black
    Eye colour: brown
    Physic: muscular
    Vehicle: no
    Experience: yes
    Weight: 59kg
    Origin: Spain
    Living in: Spain
    Actually i’m studing in high schol, but if you get me i can study after or before the performance, all my live i ‘have benn whaiting for a nickelodeon oportunity like this, please get me,
    If you need more info please contact me via email address

  10. Mikael Wells

    Hello, my name is Mikael Wells….. I am an American 15 year old male living in Michigan. I have a love for making people laugh despite the risks involved. I once tried to do a backflip in class and landed on my face just to impress some girl hahaha! but I suppose that doesn’t really matter. I love the show, I love Nickelodeon, and it has always been my dream to act and make people smile. I have high cheek bones, haha, and I am roughly 5’8-5’9. I have been in various plays and productions and have gotten almost every single laugh one can get out of a person! As I have said before, I love the show and I would love to get picked, but I am just a person, in a friggin huge ocean of people. Thanks.

  11. austin wishert

    Hi my name is Austin. I live in Clearwater Florida. I am 14 yrs old. Brown hair, green eyes, 5 foot 5 and I weigh 95lbs. I love Icarly and tons of other Nickelodeon shows. I am new to the acting world but I will not disappoint. Please email my mom and give me a shot!

  12. Erin Harlow

    Hi my name is Erin. I am 11 years old and I really love the actors and actresses in icarly.
    If you want me to audition send a letter or email me at <hidden from public>

  13. frances chukwu

    hi my name is frances. I am 12 years old. I would love to be on Icarly. I want to meet Miranda Cosgrove, Jenette mecurdy. and jerry trainor.. I’ve known this show for 12 years and I want to be part of it to random dance. be close to my best stars. I want to be able to go crazy when I need to. please pick me and God bless you as you do it. please text me if I get the part thank you

  14. tegan

    my name is Tegan johns I am 8 years old I love love love icarly I love carly,freddy and sam I would love to be in a show because I have always wanted to see them all I am not shy at all and I love to sing:)
    from the icarly lover Tegan xxx

  15. Elizabeth Hester

    Hello, I am Elizabeth. I would love to partake in a role. I am 13 years of age and I am 5’2. It has been my dream for eight years now to be an actress, and I believe Nickelodeon is a good place to start. ICarly has been my favorite show growing up I live in very non popular city in Alabama, so I don’t get many opportunities. I would absolutely love to take the stage on the Nickelodeon show ICarly. Thank you for allowing me this chance!

  16. Victoria Bray

    Hi my name is Victoria Bray, im 17 years old and I live in England. I am very tall, 5ft 11 and i’m sure not my weight is but i’m around 13 stone but am currently losing weight.
    I haven’t had much acting experience, but when i was round the ages of 8-13 I was in a little drama group , which was called Man in the moon a.k.a MIM. With this organisation I did a few plays which were performed in front of a small audience. I have always been in one of my secondary school plays which was a musical.
    i am a very positive person and like to put a smile on peoples faces. I like to learn new things. I am also a outgoing and adventurous person.
    I have always wanted to be in actor ever since I was little even if that is being an extra or a main character – it would be my dream. iCarly used to be my favourite show nickelodeon, still is now, and it would be great chance/opportunity to be apart of it.
    Thank you so much for reading this and I hope I would be apart of iCarly.

  17. hadley

    my name is Hadley pleas pleas pleas!!!! let me be on icarly i am begging you i am 8 years old and i am so good at drama i can sing terrific i love you all hadley out.

  18. Rachel Ozari

    Hi I’m rachel. I would love to be apart of the show and work with many people. This would make my dream come true to be on such a hilarious tv show that I watch all the time at home. This would be a great experience. I am 14 years old and I have a great talent in acting. I always joke around with friends just like Sam does with Freddie and Carly. This would be a pleasure. People say I’m really funny and I always put a smile on their faces.

  19. Ahiley gusani

    Hey I would love to cast in a movie, since I was at a little age I always loved to be and actor but never had a chance due to school. Here is a profile about me:
    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Height: 5″4
    Hair colour: black
    Eye colour: brown
    Physic: muscular
    Vehicle: no
    Experience: no
    Weight: 56kg
    Origin: Croatia
    Living in: Ireland, Dublin.
    I’m attending school in 5th year, but I’m willing to leave school to act for this role!
    Hope I get the role!
    If you need more info please contact me via email address <hidden from public>

  20. hannah

    hi my name is hannah and i love to watch icarly and to be a part of the show would be even better.I have some experience with ating and i learn very quick thankyou for the time,

  21. Ahmed

    Please let me be on Icarly you or any other tv show on Nick my age is 12

  22. Nathaniel Barton

    Hi I am nathaniel and i am passionate about acting and would love to be apart of iCarly. Thank you

  23. Sophia

    I would love to be apart of i carly i know I have what is takes to he on her show.. I can sing dance and act and of course have the looks i will not let you down if you pick me..

  24. Jacob

    Hi I am passionate about acting and would love to be apart of iCarly. I watched this show since the first espisode and would love to be apart and do something special with this. I am trying to get a new beginning in my life, and this would be prefect. My family is going through some struggles and it would help tremendously. Thank you!

  25. kristi

    I’m 18 and would love to act.

  26. Mycah

    Hi I’m Mycah
    My bio:
    10 years old
    Have lots of acting skills I’d really like to add a role of Freddy’s little cousin
    B-Day is October17,2004

  27. Angelo-David Friedmann

    Hi my name is Angelo-David Friedmann and my wish is to play in this show i knos lots of people come say they want to be a part of the show, but i have talent and can play almost all rolse im funny and i think thats very important.

    Im 1.76 m
    Almost 17 in August
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes

    What i can say is im not like the normal people and that is what you need
    Goodbye see you

  28. denzel karoli

    hi im denzel karoli im 19,passionate about acting i have the talent and im a flexible character.
    thank you

  29. Bardha Bala

    Hi my name is Bardha and I am a 12 years old girl. I go on a music school in Sweden, we do many conserts and musicals so I am very good att acting. I play the piano and go at horse back riding but we learn to play gitarr, drums and other instruments to. I have been taking acting classes to and dance classes. I love to act, its so fun to be a nother person. I think that acting is a amazing and funny thing to do, I whold love to be on one of youre movies/tv showes.I really love acting.

    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Age: 12 (13 soon)
    I m 1,56 long

  30. Talina mouzaber

    Hi my name is talina , I’m a 16 years old girl from miami , Florida. I’m really interested to be part of this program since I now want to participate in tv shows. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to get involved into acting and be in icarly! I really appreciate your time to read my comment. I would love to let me know about any auditions you can contact me by email: <hidden from public> or call me <hidden from public> thanks !

  31. kayleen bland

    I like fried chicken, pizza and ribs. I speak sarcasm and perfect English accent. Homeschooled. I’m 15, almost 16. I love acting, as its my passion and dream. I love to sing. Not sure if I’m good. I get lessons and I’m part of a choir class. I took a pro dance class about a year ago. I can play any part. Just want to prove to others that I’m not nothing. I have brown hair with blue-grey eyes. I’m told they look like wolf eyes. I’m also told that I’m funny and lovable. I speak a litle Spanish. I live in Oklahoma. Thanks for your consideration.
    Kayleen Bland

  32. Samantha Ramirez

    Hi Internet!! I’m Samantha Ramirez I’m 11 years old and i we’ll be so happy to be in I Carly because it my DREAM so it we’ll be amazing to be in I CARLY!!!!! Thanks
    Name: Samantha Ramirez
    Hair: short/brown
    Eye: brown
    Age: 11
    Birthday: June 2
    Hobbies: like to sing,draw,dance and basketball
    So I hope I get the part and email/gmail me
    Bye………….!!!!!!!! :)

  33. Xima Dawson

    Hello! My name is Xima Dawson. My age is 14, dark brown eyes. I have a crazy personality and I am very weird. I like to dress In different styles, cosplay, and dance terribly. I’m interested in becoming a character on iCarly or being a extra. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone else auditioning.

  34. Christian Look

    My name is Christian, I am 12 years old.
    I have dark brown hair and brown eyes.
    I am very athletic, I can play basketball, baseball, soccer, anything! My love is ice hockey.
    I am smart, funny, and love to have a good time.
    I work hard, always try my best, learn fast, and follow directions very well.
    I have been told several times that I look like a young Taylor Lautner.
    I would love to be part of the iCarly show!

  35. Rebecca tinny

    I speak fluent sarcasm, I like pizza and Netflix.

  36. Yasi

    age: 13 to be 14
    height: 155 cm
    weight: 47 kg
    Country: Sweden
    Speak: Persian, Swedish, English
    Hobbies: act in front of the mirror, play the piano, work out, just beeing with my friens and familey
    I’m i girl who been wanting to act sense i was 6 but in Sweden it’s hard. My friends always tells me i can never be an actress, but i know i will.
    Icarly is litterly my dream jobb an i would looooooooooooooove to be a part of it, even if just for a small part, i mean it’s every girls dream jobb.

  37. raychelle carmichael

    I would love for my 7 year old to be apart of her favorite show…I carly..she loves Nickelodeon..please contact me with more information thank you….

  38. Daquan

    Hello Icarly I would love to have the chance to be apart of your. Show again I acted in a few short films I’ve attended. Film camp for a few years you inspired me to keep trying I would love to. Have the opportunity to be apart,My name is Daquan Arnold. Iam fourteen talented and would like a chance.

  39. Joshua Sadowski

    Hello, my name is Joshua Sadowski. I am 15 and was born in Fredrick maryland. I am currently living in indiana. Ever since I was young my dream has been to be an actor. Acting for me is a passion and an exciting career. I have not had any acting experience, except in a school play. When I was 7 I recorded my own professional video of me singing, ” you raise me up”. my mother is a professional opera singer and has sung in many places around the world. I guess that’s where I get my singing voice from. My whole life, people have know me as a verry funny,dramatic, and enthusiastic kid, and I would love to put it to work. Being on iCarly would make my dreams come true, and help me too grow in show business. If I did get a part as an extra or whatever it may be, I am willing to travel to the location of it’s filming. Also, I am homeschooled and have been since I was a little kid. I went to a private school in McLean VA while we were taking care of my grandparents. I came out as an honor student and was one of the best in my class for acting/drama. Getting tha part would really help me to learn and grow. Please give me this opportunity and you will never regret it. Pls contact me, for this role or any role/ extra, at any time. Thank you!!

  40. lee charles Jones 3

    Hi I am 13 years old mvp football player an a spectacular student I can do what u want player thegeek or the lonely kid even the big bad jock Sam beats up I just want to express my feelings an acting.I’m a great .

    dancer my school an was a star in Wizard of Oz. An I strive to make it to the top an just be me

  41. James William Woods

    my names james and i alwas wanted to be in a movie or show but heres some facts about me.
    age- 15
    eyes- light brown
    height- 5’7
    hair- dark brown
    im Puerto Rican but im from ohio
    hobbies- i like to draw, sing and act loke another person other then myself and thats why i love to cosplay. i dress up like other characters then myself and that’s why i would be good for this show in anyway.

    please use my email!!!

  42. Joshua Norman

    Hi my name is Joshua i am a really good comedian
    people always said I should be comedian i am known as
    the class clown at my school i am 14 years old i can make any body laugh
    and make or say funny things i am trying to acted in television shows as comedian
    I live in Athens, Alabaman this would be a great opportunity for there is my email send me
    a email a back when u get this.

  43. Keisia Carranza

    Hi I’m Keisia and I’m 12 years old.
    I’ve always wanted to be an actress
    (Since I was 3) and I think this would be a really great opportunity
    To act.
    I am a hard working and love comedy acting. I have been an
    extra in a movie. I don’t exactly have experience working but
    you have to start somewhere, right?
    I would LOVE to be considered for this. Thanks you for reading,

  44. Cherish Johnson

    Hi my name is Cherish Johnson. I’m 14 years old. I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I’ve been in a American Mall Model Search in my country and I won 1st place while walking on the red carpet. My dream is to always become an actor because you get to express yourself and make other people laugh and just have a good time watching you on set or on television. I’m also a hard worker and very confident with myself. I will never give up on my dreams.

  45. Scarlett Glover

    Name is Scarlett

    really funny movie

    8 years old

    love to act

  46. celeste

    Hello, my name is celeste i am 12 and live in Tennessee i loved i carly and was sad to see it go
    I love acting and singing although i haven’t
    Had any prior acting experience i have been in
    Choir and school plays i am determined
    And i can be cooperative please consider me
    for this acting opportunity

  47. Izzy

    Hi my name is Izzy I am 12 years old and I would really like to be part of I-Carly, It would be a grate honour. I am a girl and I love to act, sing and dance. I live in London,England UK and i am hoping you would shoot a season in London,UK or my parents and I can travel to the USA .Thank you so much.

  48. Valerie

    My name is
    Valerie Thompson
    I like to do ICARLY on the website
    I like to act
    And I’m funny and I’m girly

  49. Alexis Tompkins

    Hi my name is Alexis and I am 12 years old and I love to perform. I have taken dance classes and acting in theatre for about 4 years. I have been in stage performances acting in Mario, The Grinch Project, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol, Snow Queen and am working on “We all have a story to tell” with the Abbotsford Children’s Theatre. In this show we are doing now I also get to do some script writing too. I also have been an extra in the movie “Splitting Adam”. I hope you call me for a casting call….I would be so so excited!

  50. natalie

    Hi….my name is Natalie …..I’m 14 years old. I live in poland ….. I would love to meet you …….. really …. really cares about me …… I really like your program and I think it would have been nice to meet you live:3 Natalie:*

  51. Sofia Svensson

    So.. my name is Sofia and I´m from Sweden but i have the opportunity to fly to LA for casting calls, I´m 16 in April and yeah I can sing, dance and I´m quite new at the acting thingy but I´d love to have the opportunity to try it and see where it leads!

  52. Hannah jutte

    Hi, I have been watching Icarly for a long time, and I LOVE the show, I am 12 years old and would be so VERY happy if I could audition I am 5 ft nothing, I am a pre algebra student. I am hyper, and silly. Every time someone is sad, no matter who it is, I try to make them happy. I have brown hair, green eyes, I am always happy( unless some one has died) ad I would truly love to be apart of Icarly

  53. donnellross

    hi my name is Donnell and I really love your guyses show and and I really want to be on it someday hope you go

  54. Ana Rodriguez

    Hello Nickeloden family ! My name is Ana Rodriguez, I am an 18 year old girl turning 19 this year, and I currently live in Canada in the city of Toronto, Ont. I have been watching Nickeloden since I was a kid and it has always been a dream of mine to be able to land a role in one of these shows. As a child watching these young actresses/ actors grow it has shown me that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. Their acting just comes on so easily and naturally. It is honestly an insperation to see how passionate they really are about doing their job and that is exactly what I would like to show people around the world if I landed a role or even an audition. I would like to thank you for taking your time on reading my comment.
    Ana Rodriguez

  55. Jordi Bertran

    Hi. My name is Jordi Bertran. I am 13 years old , I am 5′ 2″ and I live in San Diego, California. I’ve been acting since I was in third grade and it has been my passion ever since. I am also a dancer (ballet and tap) and I am fluent in both Spanish and English. I have watched iCarly since the first season and I am a huge fan of the actors. I think that this audition would be a great opportunity for me to grow as an actor and as a person. I’m a quirky person and love to make people laugh. For me, being on iCarly would be a dream come true. Thanks for your time! One question, where should we sent our resume to? Thanks!!

  56. Promise peters

    Icary i luv to be part of it. my name is promise peters am 17 years old, am from an african country specificly from nigerian i would like to be a part of the icarly show. because the program is fun and educative it would be a pleasure joining the program. Thanks

  57. Danie Kocev

    Hi. My name is Daniel Kocev i have 14 year old i will turn 15 next november. I am from Skopje capital city of Macedonia. I am big fan of iCarly. I love acting. So i will wait for your (Director of iCarly) replay.

    Thank you

  58. Gilbert Antonious

    Hi. My name is Gilbert Antonious. I am a 14 years old boy, but I’ll be turning 15 next March. I am Asian and currently live in Indonesia with my parents. I’m not a tall person and shy in front of public. I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I really enjoy watching iCarly and would like to apply for a role. I may not speak English fluently but I can act and speak a little bit Japanese. I hope I can get the role. You can contact me by email at <hidden from public> , and I have some pictures of myself on my Instagram (gilbertantonius).

    Thank You,

  59. Tatiana Green

    I’m Tatiana,I’m 13
    I carry is a funny show and i I’m very funny
    I feel this role is the one for me I love this show
    I would love to be the next big thing but no one is giving me
    A chance I have what it takes I have really good grades in school
    And I work really hard for what I want

  60. Nikki Cooley

    Hi my name is Nikki Cooley. I am 14 years old. I have dark brown hair and hazel green eyes. I am 5′ 4″. I have a great since of humor and am always cracking lame jokes and beating my friends with a butter sock (just kidding). Thank you for giving me your time.

  61. Katie Moses

    Hi! My name is Katie and I am 12 years old and I turn 13 in May. My dream is to act and I would absolutely love any part at all. It would be a dream come true if I could have the honors to audition for you, and a miracle if I were to get a part! I have medium, dirty blonde hair. I am very outgoing, funny, and friendly to everyone I meet. I live in Littleton, Colorado and I absolutely love iCarly! I have every single episode recorded. I would be so grateful and it would mean the world to me if I could act and entertain other people. I really hope that you can consider me for a job!


  62. jonathan gomez

    Dear Casting Director, I am very interested in the Let It Snow in project.
    For further information, please visit my profile at:
    I look forward to your audition process.
    Sincerely, Jonathan Gomez

  63. lucas millikin

    my name is lucas i am 119 pounds i am funny and i like icarly

  64. lucas millikin

    my name is lucas i am 119 pounds i am funny and i like icarly Alot have a good humor

  65. Keara McFarlin

    Hello my name is Keara Mcfarlin and me andy twin sister would be so perfect to act in the show we love to entertain people we love to keep them.laughing we are just two very entertaining twins. And love to act we are expeinced and know what it takes

  66. Gage Dault

    Hi my name is Gage. I am 16 and I have a great sense of humor I would love to contribute my humor and positivity to the show. I am 5’9, 130 pounds, and dark haired with blue eyes. You can look me up on Face Book my name is Gage Dault or my instagram u_down_with_the_clown , if you wanna get in contact with me call me at <hidden from public> 

  67. Nia D.

    Hi Im Nia D.
    I LOVE making web shows.
    I do.
    Im also funny.
    I can act.
    And you guessed it! Im and random dancer!
    I sing.


    Hi my name is darius i am a really good singer and people say i sing like bruno mars or chris brown sing os my life so is danceing and acting i can do all three so yeah contact me i act really good i have read books acting like they are scripts

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