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  1. Crystal

    Age- 13
    Height- 5-6
    Race- white
    Eye color-brown
    Hair color- brown

    I would love to be on the show with y’all

  2. jayvon candelaria

    Hi my name is jayvon , I like to act sing and draw , I’m 5,1 . 15 going on 16 , I really would like to be on this show cuz I would like a start in acting and the best way to do that is to start big .
    I live in new york , nationality : black , I’m funny clever and creative do please give me a shot

  3. Olamide Ayeni

    Hi my name is Olamide and I am a 13 year old girl. I have an explosive and funny personality and I think I would be a great addition to this amazing tv show. I like to dance and I LOVE fashion. I am 5’10 and I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I Have expirience acting and I give 110 percent effort to the role I get. If u give me a chance you wont be disappointed. I also play an instrument. I live in missourri and im looking forward to the results. Thank you very much!!!!!!!! Modo(wwcd):what would carly do?);)!!!!!!!

  4. Katelin Foshie

    Hello my name is Katelin and I am 12 years old, I was born Aug. 16 2001. I’m American with blond hair and green eyes and around 5ft tall. I think this would push off my acting career. I have been taking a lot of acting lessons and I am ready to start. I hope you are interested.

    Best regards,

  5. Ella Gilks

    hi my name is ella

    age: 14 turning 15 in october
    hair:brown curly

    i love to SING ACT AND DANCE and always have done. i can fly over anywhere for any amount of days and can get a tutor so i can work during school hours SOOOOOO PLEASE CONCIDER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. brittany berg

    Hi I’m Brittany and I’m 15 and I would love to be on icarly. I love acting singing and dancing and I’ve been singing and acting since I was 3 and its my dream to be on tv so I hope u consider me to be on Icarly.

  7. Jesse Henke

    Hello my name is Jesse and i am 16 i have been on YouTube with my friend Anthony for 3 years now and we made it up to 5700 subscribers but I’ve always wanted to be a real actor id love to be auditioned for ICarly because it is one of my absolute favorite shows of my childhood.

  8. Elizabeth Mies

    Hey there. My name is Elizabeth!
    I am 13 years old but everyone that knows thinks I’m 16!
    I am 5’8 1/2″
    I love to act it gives me such a passion that I don’t feel with many things. I am not a televised actress but I have stated in many school plays. I love to do improv! You get to make up the scene and the timeline as it’s happening it gives you such a rush and it’s a great way to stay creative. I am a very active person. I love to eat healthy and work out with my mom!
    I am currently in all honors classes and have been for the past 5 years of school.
    I just recently moved to the San Diego area around 2 months ago from Augusta Georgia. So I have a natural southern accent but I can hide it and talk without it if I have to. Which I have to do a lot in my improv classes.
    I love watching Icarly and I loved watching Sam and Cat which was recently cancelled. But it has always been a dream of mine to be on ANY tv series nickelodeon has to offer me!
    If you have any questions or you are thinking about booking me an audition please email me @<hidden from public> business inquires only please. I try to act as professional as I can with my acting and unlike most people when I see a so called “famous” person I don’t go crazy like most people around me. I just casually smile and walk away. It just causes way to much commotion and drama. I love acting because I have a very unique personality. I am an outgoing fun loving person. At school people would look at me and say “why would she do that! That’s so weird but really awesome at the same time!” I like to be the “class clown” and make everyone laugh. It’s a very easy thing to do. And I think being on this comedy show would be very fun and it would be easy for me to feel comfortable with. Thank you for your time. Again if you have any questions or concerns get back to me as soon as you can!

  9. Ryan Coley

    Hi, Ryan Coley here ! I’m just your average small town boy hoping to make it big in the acting career. I’m 16, living in a small town called Deport, Texas. (2 hours outside of Dallas, Texas.) it would be an honor to be in this show with y’all. If I’m not to late, I’ll love to be in it. My Instagram- iryancoley if you want to know what I look like. If you don’t have an Instagram then I’ll just tell you on here. lol
    I have ..
    Really dark med. hair
    Hazel eye color
    Slim & athletic
    Very tall .! 5’12 or 6’0

  10. Rain

    I’m not gonna sugar coat or suck up here. Cold hard details: people say I’m funny, I’m very dramatic and love acting. I’m a good singer too, but it’s not my strong point. I CAN dance if I’m given a dance routine, otherwise it just looks like…RANDOM DANCING! (See what I did there?) I work well with others, and I’m turning 13 in December. Am about…maybe around 5 feet? My weight is SUPER light. Honestly, I am telling you all this because it would be nice to be in the PROFFESSIONAL acting biz and be famous and all that stuff but I just want to do my passion which is acting. That’s all it’s about for me. AND I LOVE iCarly so added bonus if I even get a part! Thank you for taking the time to read this (as well as the million other kids comments).

    (Physical: Brown eyes, brownish blond hair which I dye occasionally to look like Ariana grandes hair. Skinny. Female! I forgot to say like duh)

  11. Sarah Robertson

    Hello I’m Sarah and please email me. Thank you

  12. Huxley Robb

    Hi there! My name is Huxley Robb. I am eleven years old but will be twelve in September. I was so happy to see that iCarly is back on tv again. I liked Sam and Cat but iCarly is funnier. My favorite iCarly episode ever was the one with Jimmy Fallon in it. I loved it because it had this new them and scene area where it was completely random but it was still iCarly. Plus, Gibby pops out of no-where and wears ugly pants that fall of. It was hilarious.
    I love to sing and perform. Last year I was the Pirate King in The Pirates of Penzance at my school. It would be so fun to meet the cast and to understand how you make a tv show. I think your show is so cool and interesting. I know I will laugh every time I watch it.
    My brother’s favorite show was the one where Carly is about to move to go to a new school and Sam and Freddie sabotage it. It was really funny.
    Thank you so much! It is cool that you are looking for regular kids to be on your show.
    Huxley Robb

  13. Carey

    I am a dancer I love to sing and
    act. I play softball and a made all stars my favorite animal is a cheetah my favorite color is red I love my family. I also enjoy hunting socer football and throwing parties so I hope u pick me thx!

  14. Landonia Desine Mcgill

    Hello my name is Landonia I live in Reaford North Carolina, I’m 11 years old. It has been a lifetime to be on your show. My family has told me I was born to be on TV because I was on America got talent and I made it. Then I went to america idol in I made it half way. So I said I want to be on TV more often to see how it feel. I love singing, dancing, and modeling

    PS. Hope I get pick if so I see you then.

  15. Cassi Skwira

    Age: 14
    Gender: female
    Height: 4′ 12″
    Weight: 80 lbs
    Hair: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    White skin
    Hobbies: singing, acting, sports, piano

    Hi! My name is Cassi Skwira. I’m 14 years old an I love to sing and act! I’m the one one in my family who’s always singing in the house and everywhere else we go! I go to church every Sunday and I sing in front of church! It is so much fun! I also joined the choir in church and it has been a blast so far!!! I love to watch nickelodeon! My favorite show was Icarly! I have always dreamed of becoming and actor or singer! I love acting in front of people! My family always tells me I’m a great singer and a good actor! They love listening to me sing! I hope and pray that I will someday be able to come on a show and hope that day will come very soon!

    Thank you so much for reading this!
    <3 Cassi Skwira

  16. Janessa Adames

    Hi, my name is Janessa Adames and I am 15 years old. I love acting, dancing and singing and modeling as well. I have been doing performances since I was 5. I love being in front of the audiences and I am very comfortable with it. I have done some background work for some T.V Premiers and I loved being in front of the cameras experiencing what actually takes to be someone like I want to be in the Acting and entertainment world. I would like the opportunity to be part of this experience and keep gaining more experience to make my dreams come true. I am a big fan of Nick T.V. shows and It will be very thrilling to be part of Nick.

  17. merycal lewis

    NAME: Merycal lewis
    FROM: Georgia
    AGE: 17
    DOB: 06/26/97
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 132 pds
    RACE: African&Native American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Brown
    EYES: Brown
    GENDER: Female
    ENTERTAINMENT: acting and singing

  18. Nasteho

    Hi my name is Nasteho, I am 14 years old and will be turning 15 this year. I would be extremely thankful and appreciative if I were to receive a roll in this new i Carly – Nickelodeon . I am a huge fan of i Carly – Nickelodeon shows; It would mean the world to me to even be considered to be a part of the cast. And I am interested in pursuing my acting/modeling career. i Carly – Nickelodeon would be the perfect network for me because I consider myself to be role model material, and a responsible teenage girl. Please contact me, I am a very determined and hard working girl.
    Thank you for reading this.

  19. Merdeck Fowler

    Hi my name is Merdeck Fowler II and I would love to be part of the cast of icarly. I dont care if its a small role, big role or even and extra just being a part of a popular tv show is all I care about. I am a african american who is 5’10 and 16 years old and turning 17 next month in august. I am a musicians who loves to play the saxaphone and am part of the symphonic band, jazz band and the concert band at school. What sparked my interest in becoming an actor was when I was macbeth in a play at school it was so much fun. I can also sing and dance. I also love comedy, my fiends always say that I should be a comedian because everytim im around them they are dying of laughter. I live in Great Neck New York and hoping to spread my talents with the world. Its always so boring here and I want to get a chance at the bright lights and not have to deal with americas choice foods and water bottles if you know what I mean becuase down here the struggle is real. You can contact me on my email <hidden from public>

  20. De'Janae Mckinnie

    NAME: Ja’Nae
    AGE: 13
    DOB: 06/22/2001
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 99 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Brown
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female
    ENTERTAINMENT: Acting/Modeling/Singing/DANCING/STEPPING,…..

  21. michelle liu

    I am michelle liu .l love to watch icarly . I am from hong kong . l am 11 years old , but I looks like 13 , cause I am tall . I really hope I can be in icarly cause this is my dream . moreover , I like to act too …

  22. Maria Perez-Medina

    Hi, my name is Maria. I am currently 17 years old. I love Icarly and it would be a pleasure to work next to amazing actors and actresses. This is an opportunity of a life time and I would love to have it, plus I am a very hard worker It is my hope that you will consider having me on the show. Please email me if there is an opportunity for me.

  23. Kelcie

    My name is Kelcie and I’m 13 years old.. I notice theres a lot of comments for you to read so I’ll make it short. I live in east county San Diego I have no experience with on set acting but I used to be in CYT so I know some of the basics. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Im Humorous and cheerful. Im a California native of mixed heritage and people are always trying to guess my ethnicity. I’m interested because I love acting and think its a wonderful way to express yourself. I know this is a one in a million shot and people often laugh when I tell them that I want to be an actress. But look at all of the successful actors and actresses. If they made it i might as well try. This would mean a lot if you decide do contact me :)

  24. Asia Richburg

    Hello my name is Asia Richburg,i am 19 years old and i live in South Carolina. I am interested in any role or part that you could fit me into for “I-Carly”, this has been my favorite show since forever i love it and to be apart of it would be great! I have taking acting/drama classes throughout my years of high school i am currently in college and i just finished up with a theatre class which was amazing. I love being around people acting and improving its such a heat felt warm environment. I have plenty of experience! I am a harder worker and eager to learn i also can pick up things really quick. I hope that you would find interest in me and contact me this is a dream come true this is my dream so if you would give me a chance i wont let you down. There are no small parts in acting every role/part is important. Thank you. Please Contact me back.

    Asia Richburg

    Ethnicity:African American

  25. jakira

    hey my name is jakira and Im a huge fan of icarly, I know almost every episode by heart and I love the set. I would love to work with dan schnieder. please consider me.

  26. Lauren Lazarski

    Hi my name is Lauren Lazarski, I am 16 years old and in the model industry. My height is 5’8″ and I weigh 136 lbs. I am a dancer and cheerleader and enjoy sports. My hair color is strawberry blonde, and my eye color is blue. I am Caucasian and speak English. I also know so Spanish. I hope I get this opportunity to audition!

  27. Shanaynay

    Hi! I am a 16 year old girl who lives in the fine state of Tennessee! I have loved watching ICarly and would absolutely love to be a part of the crew! My mom and I used to watch this show, but she passed away in February from cancer! I still watch former episodes! I would love to be a prt of the new season. :)

  28. Rasheid

    i am from jamaica and i have been watching this show from i was a little kid. i am now in grade 10 in high school and i keep watching this over and over. i would love to be a part of your cast for even once in a lifetime as i am planning on doing a course in drama and a little singing. please select me for this chance and may god keep blessing you all. thanks again

  29. Megi Hebeja

    Hi, my name is Megi. Have you ever had a dream? So have I. What dream? A dream where I am on tv on Icarly. My talents involve singing and of course, acting. I began singing since the age of 4 and acting at age 6. I was born in Albania, europe, but came to the united states at age one. I hope you get the see this and email me. I am 14 years old, people think im much older by my height, i am outgoing, i love to have a great time !! I am white, brown hair brown eyes, 101 lbs, 5″5, medium brown hair. Feel free to email me. Until next time, with much love, Megi.

  30. janayah carr

    My name is janayah carr and i sing dance and act. I am 12 years old.I have been doing this since i was 2 years old. If i can do this,it would be a dream come true.

  31. A'Lexus Finley

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 115lbs
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Age: 14
    Race: African-American
    Birthday: Oct. 15

    I’ve taken place in the Miss Teen Miami 2013 pageant , and I have great acting skills. If I could explain my personality with one word , it would be ‘confident’ because I stay true to my self no matter what other’s have to say about it.

  32. Letícia Teixeira da Rocha

    Peso:55 kilos
    Cor da pele:branca

    Tenho 14 anos mas dizem que pareço ter 16,sou bem humorada,divertida e estou confiante que serei chamada,pois possuo as características necessárias para o programa:canto,danço,gosto de atuar,e por último mas não menos importante ADORO ICARLY!!! Acredito que se recebesse essa oportunidade conseguiria fazer um bom trabalho que satisfaria a todos inclusive a mim mesma.
    Esperando resposta…

  33. Brandon Cabrera

    My name is Brandon i like icarly its the best show ever. Iam 13 years old but about to be 14 on july. I hope i could get in because i really think i could ne great. One more thing i dont have experience on acting.

  34. Isac

    My name is isac I always wanted to be in this ever since I was a kid. I’m 14 I’m Hispanic I think I’m good at fitting in this show because I love to dance, sing, and most importantly act this are my reasons why I want to be in this show. I also follow directions very well and I’m friendly to everybody.

  35. chris candelaria

    Brown eyes
    black hair

  36. Elkin

    Hi, mi name it’s Elkin i’m 13 years old but the some people said that i look like i got 15. I borned in Venezuela, were actualy i live, i lived seven years of my life in portugal and so i speak three languages Portuguese, Spanish and English but there are a few words that i don’t know in English.

    I know a few steps of dance, i like to rap and sign. I know how to play flute but I really want to learn guitar, drum, bass and piano. I have been in a couple of school’s teatral funtions.

    Since I was a little boy I starte to do Parkour, so I can run pretty fast. And i know a bit of gym. And wen I was about 9 years old I learned to climb.

    Plus I can do almost everything, just tell me what to do and the way to do it, and after a few trys I’ll made it.

    I want to be in this show because I want to help my fathers because we are a little bit bad in economy and because every time I’m sad or hingry I turn on the tv and watch this and soo I get happier and I want to do that make people happie.

    I always have in mind that popular prover that sais if someone made it you can do it tu, if nobody did it you can be the first.

    I have light brown eyes y black hair.

  37. Colin Lysaght

    Height 5″10
    Weight 130
    Age 15
    Hair color brown
    Eye color blue
    White skin
    I’m Athletic . Hey I’m very interested to be on the icarly show I want to tryout for the show. I have some acting experience not a whole lot . But. I could be a extra in the show or a small role in the show something little that I can do in the show and I’m also a model at one point I was in a fashion show so I’m just saying what I do. Email me if you are interested in me you can email me at <hidden from public> for pictures and more information about me. Thanks.

  38. Kayla Johnson

    My age 13
    hobbies:singing, dancing , acting, being silly
    weight:92 lbs
    I am a female.
    I would love to bring one on my friends she is super pretty and hilarious.
    I am not camera shy, I bold just like Sam and outgoing just like Carly.

    Since this show came out I don’t we very miss it. I want it every time it comes on TV.

  39. yessi bonilla

    yesenia bonilla
    brown and blonde
    eye color dark brown
    just graduate from high school and willing to try new things.
    i’m salvadorian
    i speak english and spanish
    i live in virginia

  40. Chikodiri

    It will be a dream come true if I’m included in this project. I’ve always wanted to become an actress as a child. This is also one of my favorite shows. I do take acting/drama classes. I live in NY. I’m a female,5’71/2 and I’m 14 turning 15 in July 30th. I am Nigerian/American. I speak 2 languages including English and I also speak a little Spanish. I know I can fit in because of my personality and my facial expressions. I can also change my voice in many ways and I do good impersonations . I’m also a people person and I love to make people laugh,I’m very humorous and funny. I love music,sports,reading,and challenges. Overall I think it will be a great experience for me to improve my acting skills and I know I’ll be good on set. It will mean a lot if you consider me.Thank you very much.

  41. yusef jafar

    Hi my name is yusef jafar and im 14 years old and im funny and i play football and un african american im a boy and just love icarly

  42. Charlie

    My name is Charlie. I’m a 13 year old male. I’m 5’8. My eyes change color. It has been my dream to be alongside Miranda cosgrove ever since her concert in 2012. This is my one shot, and I truly believe that I am the best candidate. I’m funny, and pretty good looking

  43. Brandon Mullins

    Hello, I am very interested in having a role in this Disney Channel television show. I have experience in school plays, I think I could definitely bring extra talent to the TV show. I do very well at taking direction and I am an excellent listener. I hope you will look at this comment and get back to me with more information.

    Where are the auditions and what day?

    Age: 15
    Birthdate: 26/07/1998
    Race: Hispanic/White
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 150lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Short styled, dark brown

    Thank You very much & have a wonderful day. (:
    -Brandon Mullins

  44. PaigeFarr

    I am very interested in this! I am so passionate in acting and will do anything to express my love for acting.

  45. Nadia

    Hi I am looking forward to seeing this on your channel but I am also asking that you look at this and others comments. I would like to share a few things about me. I am 13 and I can be professional about working. I am around 5’5. My features are blue eyes, blonde straight hair, and weigh about 100 lbs. I may not have much experience but I will work my hardest to meet the expectations and over achieve the standards. If you hire me I will give it 110% with concentration and passion in my character. Thank you for reading this and please contact me with any information about this role.

  46. Dejana Radić

    Hey! I’m 16 years old girl,i live in Croatia. I have dark long hair,green big eyes and i’m tall. This is opportunity for something big,i’m not profesional but i want to be since i was little,since my 5 year i act in lot school plays,in almost every play,i think i can be good because i’m not scared of publicity and public.

  47. Miranda Lopez

    Hello, my name is Miranda Lopez and I am 13 years old. I
    D.o.b = 5/21/01
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: Light brow
    I am fluent in English and Spanish with no harsh accents . I am slightly tan but nothing to major. Long hair and love sports. Related to Paul Burke which is my great grandpa who starred in Naked City and many many more ! Also to Alia Shawkat which is my fathers cousin who stars on Arrested Devolpment and Whip it not to mention many more!!
    I am very athletic …. I play volleyball and do cross country .
    Thanks again for taking the time to read this

  48. gizel Armenta

    Hi my name is gizel I love I Carly I think it will be fun to be on the show. I don’t do acting for the fame I do it for me and its fun. I am 11yrs old I will be turning 12 in August. My hair color is dark brown and my eye color is brown and I think I am 5 feet tall but I’m not sure. Thank you and I hope I get the role or being an extra will be great to.

  49. sara

    .i am 10 years old
    . i love ICarly
    i love to sing and dance
    .i am a girl
    .i am funny everyone says that
    i have blonde hair
    i have hazel eye color

  50. malachi wyse

    Name: Malachi Wyse
    Age: 13
    Height: 5 “8″
    weight: 130
    Race: African American
    Skills: acting,playing football,ssoccer,math,and flipping
    Weakness: I like to talk alot
    Why do i want to act: well I really never thought about a career but I had to think about what I Love to do and I Love to act and it’s something Where when u do it it doesn’t feel like work

  51. Jonathan Nunez

    Hey. My name is Jonathan Nunez. I really want to be on the program cause I always loved Nickelodeon. It is also my dream to become an actor. I am currently 14 and my birthday is in March 28. I’m also Latino and I speak Spanish too. I have brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. I’m considered intelligent and I love to meet new people and love animals. I love acting too and I’m hoping this could not only improve it but also this could be my chance to start a new life. Please consider me on being on this program, it will mean a lot if you do. Thank you.

  52. Austin Johnson

    Hi my name is Austin Johnson I do some impressions I have some skills at acting im funny I’m a good guy to be around in I have a good attitude.


    eye color:Brown


    hair color:Black

    African American

  53. melanie

    I’m Colombian I have brown hair and eyes I’m 4″8 my friend says I’m a really good singer I have short curly hair

  54. Summer Schmiedebusch

    I am a female, who is 5 feet tall, 11 almost 12 years old, I live in Ohio, and I think I am very talented. I am a brunette with short, curly hair, I have brunette eyes that turn from brown to hazel, and everyone that I have met have said I am very respectful and kind to others and their feelings. Ever since I was about 4 I was in love with singing, I cannot dance or play any instruments,when I started getting older I started acting with some friends, it never was official but we all still had lots of fun acting. I’ve been through some hard times too, my parents got divorced when I was at a young age, my mother has been through a fight with stage 2 cancer, thankfully she won the hard and long battle. My zodiac sign is cancer ( what a coincidence), Therefore i was born June 25 2002. My current music inspirations are Little Mix, Cody Simpson, Laura Marano, One Direction, R5, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Becky G, and Debby Ryan.

  55. Evan Hibner

    Age: 17 (May 7th, 1997)
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5′ 11″
    Weight: Not exactly sure but I’m skinny.
    Hi, I would love to be a part of this project. I’ve been a part of three lead roles in high school production and am familiar with memorizing lines fast, which would make scenework a little easier. I’m really devoted to whatever project I’m a part of and I will take a lot of the free time I have to rehearse and review my character. I can change my voice from a pretty wide range, I can sing, play bass guitar, and I feel my personality and general facial expressions match the funny, sometimes awkward (for the character) scenes generally featured in Icarly, and I can always do a sad scene easily. I’m kind of goofy, maybe spastic, but I can also take my part seriously. I just feel that I match with this show. Thanks.

  56. zoe rich

    Hi i’m 12 years old girl.I was born in south perents speck Spanish and so do I but I know way more English. I all ways wanted to be a actor and singer. my mum and dad always say i would be a good/funny actor. i’m a funny and nice person. So it would be great if i could live my dream and become a actor.

  57. Jatin tejwani

    Hey Jatin Here
    My Name Is: Jatin Tejwani
    My Age Is 15
    I Live In India Country
    Eyes :Black colour
    Hair : Black colour
    face : fair
    I Love Icarly Show
    I love Carly,Sam And Freddie
    Contact Me : Jatin Tejwani

  58. Camille Rountree

    I’m Camille Rountree I think this would be a great experience and a lot of fun!
    Age: 15
    Weight: 124
    Height: 5″9

  59. Maria

    name:Maria Muhareb
    Race:Egyptian yes i speak both english and arabic
    Body structure: i kinda look 15 or 16
    Eyes:they change color a lot but mostly hazel and green
    Skin:lightly tan
    Hair:long almost knee length wavy light brown hair that looks blondish in the sun
    Where i live: Mendon MA near Boston
    Heyyy i am maria and i love icarly i have been watching it since the very first episode it is such an amazing show i love singing dancing acting and writing music i love disney and i grew up with it i always watch disney it has always been my dream to act i love acting because it gives me a chance to be whoever i wanted to be and whenever i wanted to be it and to act on diseny would be the greatest honor to deliver enjoyment to little kids like me when i was younger i know disney is all about dreams coming true it always gave me hope that my dream of acting would come true some day i know my application/comment isn’t special and that’s ok but i hope that you would take it into consideration so please make my one dream come true and i will forever be grateful :)

  60. jyoti prakash singh

    i’m indian an i am perfet for this show because i’m 15 and a smart personality too

  61. Ivan

    Im Ivan, 18 years old, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, Height: 5’8’’

    Im really interested on being a part of this project.

    Thank You

  62. Tanner Schneider

    Hello, my name is Tanner Schneider. I’m 16 years old, 5’7″,140 lbs, and i have a clean voice. I have a youtube channel that i make comedy videos on. I love to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. Thank you

  63. Nyah

    This is one of my favorite shows! I absolutely LOVE iCarly! I would love to be on this show! It would be such a wonderful experience! I would get to meet the three most important characters, Carly, Sam and Freddy! I cannot wait to hear from you for an audition! This would be a mind-blowing experience that I would NEVER forget! Oh, I forgot to tell you about me. I am 12 years old. I have a natural talent for music. I can sing and write songs. All of my music teachers say I have an ear for music! Please pick me!

    Thank you for the opportunity,


  64. julia

    -15 years old
    -no acting experience
    -dark blonde
    -green/brown eyes

  65. julia

    - girl
    - 5’6
    -dark blonde
    -green/brown eyes
    - 15 years old

  66. Ashley Dekker

    Height: 5’8
    Age: 19
    Race: mixed black/white
    Eyecolor: brown
    Haircolor: blonde (naturally brown)

    Hello my name is Ashley Dekker and i’m 19 years old, i live in Amsterdam, Netherlands but that will not stop me from following my dreams! My dream is to be an actress and i’ll do anything i can to make this dream come true, i graduated high school and i’m in college right now. I’m also doing a bit of modeling. Ariana Grande and Beyoncé are my rolemodels, they motivate me so much! I think i deserve this role because i’m super confident and an outgoing person!

    For pictures and more information please e-mail me: <hidden from public>

    Hope you’re interested!

    Kind regards, Ashley

  67. Alma Y Flores

    I’m Alma, I’m full Mexican and I’ve always loved icarly. A few times I’ve actually been told I look like her and been asked to take pictures. I’d love an opportunity to be a part of this amazing show.

  68. Brenya

    I am perfect for this show.

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