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  1. Alika Mundy

    Hey! I’m 13years old and female. I have been looking for the perfect opportunity to break into this business and hopefully do it as a career is my years to come. I understand hundreds of wanna-be stars are going to audition for this and only a few will succeed. I am a confident girl that wants to get noticed! Out of all the auditions I have been scrolling through for the last year, I know for sure this is the one I think I suit best. I understand my chances are unlikely, but I hope you will get the time to read this and send me more information.
    Thank you,
    Alika Mundy

  2. Alexis Marinucci

    Names Alexis! (: I live in Tipp City, Ohio and I’m 17 years young! I’m home-schooled through VLA & I spend my days singing. I’m wayyyyy too goofy & I love to be around people. I’m super bubbly and I love pizza. :P Haha. c: I’m 5’3, Black hair, Hazel eyes and I weigh 149. I’m not scared to make mistakes, laugh and try again. Acting is something i’ve always loved to do. <3 Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Mariah Ashby

    I would love a role in iCarly! I have already filled out an application, but here is some more information.

    Height: 5’6″
    Weight:110 LBS
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Relatively Skinny
    Looks like 15 years old
    Age: 13 on april 22, 2014

  4. Aaisha Kalande

    Iam 13yrs old l would love to have just a littel part in the show l love to act l come from Sweden even thought lam black lam 154cm tall l just love lcarly so much, l would love to meet the the icarly crue because there so talented so please ,just a littel role it’s all lam asking for,thanks for reading

  5. Kryssi

    I really also Looooove icarly … Its gives me a perspective in life lol i know that sounds crazy but it does . I love how three friends have their own personalities an are able to make an awesome hit tv show {ICarly} . I also Looooove how Freddy has a huge crush on Carly but Carly thinks that its cute . Sam is the one who wild an not afraid to take risk and i also like her cool sketchy clothing and her brave attitude . Carly is my fav character of all , I Love how she is very determined in what she does an her style in clothing is very sheek an chick to me lol

  6. gema robles

    Hi my name is gema robles but they call me gemiuchis
    well i live in san antonio texas and here in san antonio theres no movies like los angeles and florida and im just gonna let te inside of me to tell you that you should have an open auditions and youll fine the talent you have always have been looking for soo come and discover over 500 kids that wanna be discover here in san antonio texas

  7. Claire Muldowney

    My name is Claire and I will be turning 14 next month. If you do happen to actually read these comments I would be thrilled it you would contact me. I am 5 foot 7 inches, Caucasian, and have been in many 15+ plays and musicals. In addition I have also attended overseas acting trips through ISTA (the international school theatre association) as well as summer programs. Should you be interested you could contact me at <hidden from public>. Thank you for the opportunity.


    Hair: Milk Choclate brown curls
    Eyes: Blue
    Grade: 8
    Age: 14 at the end of April 2014
    Skin: Fair to Light
    Hight: 5 feet 7 inches
    Weight: 185 LBS

  8. Oda Norsterud

    Hi, my name is Oda. I have always been interested in acting and have been in many school productions. I have experience in professional modelling, and have attended a drama school for three years in New York and I am going to take higher level IB theartre starting from August. I believe that iCarly is a fun show to watch, I watched it when I was younger.

    Height: 171cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Eye colour: blue/grey
    Hair colour: brown
    Age: 15

  9. Jaliyah Evans

    I’m 12 years old and I’ve always wanted to become
    an actress.

  10. Jaliyah Evans

    I want to be apart or icarly,I love that show.
    I’m funny nice sweet and love to eat.

  11. Luke Stanwix-hay

    BTW I’m 14

  12. Luke Stanwix-hay

    Hey my name is Luke I’ve been watching ICarly from the begining the show is hilarious one of my favorite shows I’ve been acting since I was like 7 and I’ve been making people since I was born and I love to sing play the guitar and play sports basketball,baseball,and golf and I would be honored to co star with the ICarly gang and all the producer,writers, and director I really hope I hear back from you and I’m going to pray for the opportunity.

    P.S GIBBY!!!

  13. hélène Vandersmissen

    I am a 15 years old girl
    Who like to make people laugh, I love to play sports like hockey, running …
    I speak English, French en Dutch.
    Icarly is an amazing show and of course really funny!

    Thank you for your time, I hope to hear back from you

  14. Vanessa

    Age: 13
    I guess that my look wont affect a lot on the choice but :
    Eyes : green
    Hair: light brown
    Height: 1.64 meters
    Weight: 43 kg
    I love acting and my type is the weird crazy type. I love being weird with my friends, thats how we have fun, and icarly is the show where we get wierd and crazy and have fun. I memorize quickly and i got no problem with big roles and big paragraphs. I just adore icarly and it would be my dream to be one of its casts.

  15. John Munoz

    John Munoz
    Age: 12
    I love acting I attending acting classes at Barbizon and graduated March 2013.

  16. Ani

    Hi im Ani im 15 year old, I grew up watching iCarly and im not gonna lie i still watch it! I have always wanted to be apart of a show like it. I have no acting experience but im a fast learner and would love to audition for the show!

    Hight: 5’0
    weight: 110
    eyes: green/ hazel

  17. Nikkala

    Hi, I would love to be able to join the cast of Icarly Its one of my favourite shows. I think the show needs a bubbly a sweet person which are 2 of my amazing peraonality traits. Im looking for an oppurtunity to become someone great and I think by choosing me would be really good and the start of something special im black (British) currently 12 with brown eyes. Thank You xx

  18. latisha

    Hi im latisha akins im 4’11 im African American. Im from Oakland ca im very talented and im. A Hard worker im down to make anything work im been dreaming about becoming a actress since I was little this whould be the biggest thing that whould happen. To me and i promise ya wouldn’t regret it

  19. Jonathan femat

    Eye color:brown
    Body type:athletic
    Weight:182 lbs.
    bio: I am currently in high school and in many clubs and sports one is wrestling another is football and In a theater class plus I am an ambassador at my school which means I represent poly at paramount studios at an event for more than 3000 people it is a giant dance singing and band performance it’s simply amazing we help our community one step at a time

    abilities:I am a good leader, can be really flexible , football, wrestling, actor, dance, I can sing but not good :D

    My personality is pretty fun I’m one of the few people who actually smiles on a Monday I would say I’m also outgoing and fun to be around :)

  20. Kimani Garrett

    My name is Kimani Garrett. I went to John Casablanca’s model and talent management. I took about 3-4 classes but I know I can act. I’m 14, black, 5’4, Brown eyes, I live in Jacksonville and I’ve always watch Disney channel or Nickelodeon. It’s my dream to be on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. If you would give me a chance I know I can I’m press you.. I don’t have really much money and technically I dont have much experience, no headshots, or agent. I would want those things though. I really really! Want to be on Disney channel or Nickelodeon. I can do it just give me a script and let me memorize it and I’ll act it out for you. I want to be a Disney or Nickelodeon Actor.

  21. Skyye

    Hello ! Skyye is my name . I’m 13 yrs old and would love to be apart of the Nickelodeon Show please grant my wish . Thank , Skyye

  22. Adebola

    Hi my name is Adebola am a girl and am 16 nearly 17(december). I started acting at the age of 9yrs and i do represent my school in any acting competition. I watch icarly alot and i know how it done i believe i will do great if am giving a role in the show. Thank you

  23. Desiree Garza

    I am a 18 year old looking for bigger and better things in life I always watch the ICarly show seeing others perform in ways I have always wanted to do be on the big screen, be heard, be known but mostly be The Next Big Thing I am about 5’6 athletic I also rap. I performed in many events locally and on websites. I love the feeling of crowds and the excitement you get when you know your good and others that love to hear you, I love interacting with others meeting new people and also just having fun I graduate in May so accomplishing that is amazing. I always been the type to be serious on a job I also love making others laugh. mostly I just want to see my mother happy and support her in any way I can. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks, Desi

  24. Ryan

    hello, My name is Ryan Thomson
    I am 16 years old
    I have hazel eyes
    I am 5 foot 8 inches
    I am Hispanic and Brazilian
    I play guitar, violin and piano somewhat.
    I am very ambition dedicated and motivational
    Contact number <hidden from public> 
    Contact email: <hidden from public>

  25. Alex (Alexandra)

    Hi my name is Alex im really interested in being in this.. Im 14 nearly 15 ( in december) but people say i look alot older than i am, i have dyed dark brown hair and am tall for my age. I live in UK but would be willing to travel. I have had acting experience in theaters before i also have done modelling when i was younger. i hope you consider me. I would do any roles i have also done street dance lessons and self taught myself piano. I did acting classes for 2 years and performed alot with that group. I think i have potential. PLEASE CONSIDER ME!
    email – <hidden from public>
    i would love to be in icarly because i think i have potential and i have been watching this show forever and love it so much!

  26. ashley hernandez

    I love this show. I watch it every time . They are so hilarious and entertaining . Im 14 yrs old brown hair , brown eyes , love acting and sports ♡ my birthday is on september 19 .

  27. Julian

    hi this is my resume
    skills:singing, acting and im a really good video game player.
    i know that i live in Australia but please choice me ill find my way to America so please choice me!

  28. valerie

    Born: October 31 1996 in mesquite Texas
    Full name: Valerie Brooke Thompson
    I love to audition for Carly Shy and i am talented and i loved to be in part in carly shy because i got her hair and stuff so i love so i want to audition so pick me up straight away at 3:15 today please i don’t want to stay at home with my mom and my brother so please pick me up.

  29. Valeria Castaneda

    ………………………………………………..My Resume………………………………………….

    Name: Valeria Castaneda


    DOB: August 08,2001

    Hair Color : Brown

    Eye Color: Brown

    Height: 5’2

    Weight: 86

    Ethnicity: Hispanic, Ambiguous.

    Experience:Fame Jr…..Dance Esamble

    Special Skills: Speaks English and Spanish, Swimming, Model, Actress.

    Intrests: Wants to be an actress, Singer.

    Personality: Loves pale pastel colors, dresses, bows

  30. Ricardo Lozano

    My name is Ricardo Lozano, I am currently 5/7, My age is 19. I live in El Paso, Texas. It’s always been a dream of mine to become an actor, Lately I’ve been going to Los Angeles back & fourth, And there’s a very nostalgic yet amazing perspective I get when I’m In LA, It’s a magical feeling. My great grandfather was an actor in The US & Mexico, he had 57 Titles as an actor.. It’s always been a dream for me to give it my best and appear on the screen. There’s many visual perspectives that id love to learn. I hope to one day reach that goal. I want to do it for the passion & I would love to perform at my best. With Heart and passion. I’m working really hard right now to make it out to LA and continue to learn and redeem myself. I hope that I may have a chance. I will never give up on this dream that I can feel with my heart. Thank you. I’d love to work and perform giving it the best of me. – R

  31. Amanda hozjan

    Hi I’m Amanda and I’m 11. My dream is to be a singer and actress! Id love to be a actress that’s why I’m leaving this comment! I live in Ohio! Please except me my mom says all I do at home is sit around and I’m on my phone a lot so I think me being a actress would be good and I’d have fun and not just sit around all the time… I love mostly all nickelodeon shows and movies… Please except me I’ll do anything! Another thing I have 3 celebrity crushes please email me please!!!! If you don’t except me I understand but please let me audition! I may need to rehearse my line a few times or like a lot before you guys film it… Please email me! Thank you!

  32. knea marsh

    About me:

    Age: 17 (02/14/97)
    Height: 5’7″
    Race: Black

    I currently live in South Carolina, but I am from Spokane, Washington. I would like to be on Nickelodeon, because it would be a great way to prepare me to be an actress after im a teenager. Also Nickelodeon has been a popular network since 1977, and I would be very thankful to be a part of it. I would like to make my name known like you have with the icarly cast. If you would like to contact me any further:

    Home <hidden from public> 
    Cell <hidden from public> 
    Thank you for your time, hope to hear back from you.

  33. marnisha abrum

    Hi,My Name Is Marnisha Abrum I lovee icarly I watch it everyday I can sing,dance,act anything u want I can do it and when I heard about the auditions I immediately found out wat to do u can reach me on facebook @ marnisha abrum and on kik nishapooh3 and instagram nishapooh3

  34. Kasey

    Hello I’m Kasey, I am 17 years old. I’m interested of being a part of the tv show and cast.
    The show is very funny with amazing cast and I can act, I’m good at it and i would love to
    play any role.

  35. Chenyrai Shanyiah Damanhi

    Hi our names is chenyrai, shanyiah and damanhi. We are three sister’s that looks like a mini destiny’s child. We love Nickelodeon and one day hope to be on the show. We love to entertain all people!! We were taught by uncle who performed for the center for arts and drama. He says that we will be great for Nickelodeon!! If you give us a chance you will make our dreams come true. Thankyou

  36. Brandon rincón

    In 12 years old I love acting and iCarly I watched the show since. When I was a little kid isn’t a good actor thank. You. For. Your. Consideration

  37. TillyMcdonagh

    Im 13 year old i love watching iCarly and i have a friend who loves watching i Carly and i really want to be in iCarly and my friend so if i get chose for the show i will be thrilled

  38. Tanya Belokon

    hello I am 15 years old I would like to dream about this show I just live in Ukraine and we have here such as ou in America but I’d like to try yourself in the role of actress ^)

  39. Dylan

    My Name Is Dylan,
    Im a fifteen Year old male,

    175 Ibs
    Dirty Blonde Short Hair
    Blue-green eyes,

    Would Love to be a part of the show,
    It’s a great show!

    More about me:
    I have a Fun and outgoing personality
    And I’m willing to play any part handed to me!
    I am a sophomore in highschool,
    And love being around people and i’m really Fun
    Thanks for you’re Time.

    Dylan Hughes,

  40. rashad

    im 14 black and interested

  41. Geovanna

    Hi , my name is Geovanna , i’m 14 years old, i love i carly , in fact I love all the programs of the nickelodeon, I always had a great passion for this job, I really want this, become an actress has always been a dream of mine,
    i live in Italy, this summer I intend to go in los angeles and I want to know if I have any chance and what it takes to make a casting, please let me know any thing .I speak both Italian and Spanish, but with the English i’m very good, sorry if I wrote a few words wrong … Bye :)

  42. isaiah jackson

    I just got to say I was a fan of icarly and it was a real funny show. I’m 16 5’11 and I’m brown skinned with black hair. People say that I’m funny and that I should be a comedian and that I can be the next kevin hart. If only I was short and black.

  43. Michael lamas

    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    I would be good for this role because i have watched a lot of icarly and I’m really good at acting

  44. Will Shaw

    Hi, I am Will 7 years old, I LOVE! ICARLY! what ever roll you give me il be able to do it even though if there big i will be able to do them you can count on me PS. I have always wanted to be on tv also im a boy.

  45. Alex Shaw

    im 9 years old I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this show it is my favorite show in the world i live in Maryland PLEASE i love this show PS. Im a boy i am not an actor but i always wanted to be on tv

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