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  1. Maya Patil

    Yellow! My name is Maya and I’m 12 years old (but I act like a 15 year old according to my friends). I have medium length dark black hair and my ends are dyed red. I have darkish skin and dark brown/black eyes. I’m 5’2 and I love this show. I’m a very loud person but king of shy at first. I love acting and have tried to audition for many shows. I work well with others and I think that I deserve a chance because I am courageous, kind, brave, and will try my hardest to achieve my goal. Thanks for this chance.-Maya

  2. Kyle Simmons

    Hello, my name is Kyle Simmons. I’m 19. I live in Texas. I have a bit of theater experience but I would love to be on a television show. I grew up watching Disney channel shows. I think I would be good for an adult role. I’ve been told I look older then I am. Contact me. See what I’m about.

  3. Naomi Giess

    I love acting and would love it as a career but i think this job is perfect for my sister she loves the show and is an amazing and talented actress (not just saying that because shes my sister) but if you could pick anyone you should pick her she is 10 she has brown eyes and hair and will make everyone around her happy shes very lively and loves challenges so this is perfect for her if you give anyone a chance give it to her. email me on <hidden from public>.

  4. Casey dean

    Hi my name is casey I am 14 and I am 5,4 I am British but can change my accent also I have been in many plays like Shakespeare and I’ve been in musicals

  5. Hannah

    Hi! My names and Hannah and I would love to be a pet of this show!! I love the Disney channel and have a background in acting. I’m a very bubbly fun person that loves to laugh. I’m 5’6 13 yrs and around 120. If you give me a chance you will NOT be disappointed and I will be very very grateful! Thanks, Hannah

  6. Mattie

    Hello, my name is Mattie. This is my chance. The chance to do what I love for the rest of my life. If I am given this chance, then it would get me started for even more. I’ve been in an acting/theatre group, I’ve witnessed plays, I’ve been in a production. Acting is what I love, and it’s what I am. If you give me this one chance, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

    Thank you for your time,

  7. Tim

    hey i am a male 16 off age just love Disney and would love to be apart of Disney I have no years of acting but i have performed with a circus

  8. Carlos Barba

    Hello, my name is Carlos, I am 20 years old. looking for an audition. you could definitely use me.

  9. Sophia Santiago

    Hi! My name is Sophia Santiago, I am 17 years old and from Tampa, FL. I am 4’10” and look about age 14 so I think I could be perfect to play a younger role in addition to an older one! I have been acting since age 9. I began acting at Venue Actors Studio in Tampa and was used on their advertisement in the past! I have been in musical theatre at my school and had a minor role in my school musical. Its been a dream of mine to show my talent on Disney Channel and think this is a perfect opportunity! I would love to send in my headshots and audition for this role!

  10. John Paul K. Waken

    I believe you should consider me because I am very theatrical and dramatic but not in the negative way. I have no prior experience acting , but I do not have stage fright I feel at home in big crowds. Acting is something I’ve always want to do and I would be forever grateful even for the chance to audition for the part. So please consider me and help me get my dream of being an actor off the ground and into flight and no that the disney channel is all about magic and making dreams come true. Also so you have i idea of what i look like. I am 5’10” on a good day I have dirty blonde hair which is short and always well groomed, but I can also grow it out to have the surfer look. My eyes are a light brown almost hazel color but I’m always willing to wear colored contacts. I have the capability of growing a beard or any other facial hair styles. I weigh 160lbs and would consider my self in an average to athletic build.

    Thank You for Your Consideration,
    -John Paul K. Waken

  11. adrianna yuelys

    Hi my name is adrianna and I’m 15 years old. i have never been in a television show however i feel as if this is a great opportunity to do what i have always loved to do. I can be a little shy at first but very outgoing when i get to know people. I hope you consider me and we are in contact soon.

  12. june

    My name is June and I’ve loved to sing and perform since i was very little. I’m 11 years old. I have participated in many musicals from local groups in south florida and performing is the thing i love to do most. I know you get a ton of these daily but all i want to do is be able to be someone else and take on the challange to become an actress/singer/performer. I play guitar, piano, and french horn. Music has always been my way to be free and relax. As i said, i did theater and musicals. I’ve always wanted the lead but never got it because i wasn’t rich. there are a list of girls who always get the roles because they are full of money, and being honest, we sound the same in voice. I would be an honor to be chosen for a part in any show or movie. This is my dream, my wish and i know all dreams dont come for free and you must work for it but this is all i ever wanted. Thank you for reading this and have an amzing day. hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Brendon Wilde

    I’m Brendon Wilde, I’m 22 years old, and I’m interested in being a part of this show. I have had acting experience as an extra/background for 2 national shows, both in 2014. I am Korean and German, 6’1″ and 160. Shirt: 16, 34, 35. Pants:32-32.

  14. Kimberly turner

    I think that I would be of great use in outgoing very open and don’t get emmbarrassed over anything. I’m also relyable hard working and

  15. maria

    Hello my name is Maria I’m 18. All I need is one opportunity given to demonstrate what I can bring to the table. Honestly I be lying to you if I told you I had any acting experience but I’m dedicated, motivated and courage never hesitated. Please just consider me, let me show you what I can do.

  16. kaleia

    hi my name is kaleia and I just love Olivia holt she is sooooo pretty I would love to be in a show with her also I am twelve years old but a little shy but I think I’ll manage please

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