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  1. Rylee Roberts

    Hi. My name is Rylee. I love acting and I hope to be in a show.
    Hair: blonde/brunette
    Eyes: brown
    Age: 13
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5 feet 5 inches
    Hobbies: acting, soccer, volleyball
    I would love to be considered for a role.

  2. Diamond and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love watching I didn’t do it. It would be an honor for us to be apart of such an amazing show

  3. Isabella

    Hi. I’m Isabella, 17 years old. Im a high schooler and honor roll student. I’m on a national winning dance team. I’ve been dancing since I was about 3 years of age and would love to continue that and work for new upcoming opportunities. I’ve always wanted to be apart of something bigger and better such as acting. Disney has always been on of my favorites since I was young and id love to be apart of it or anything else available!

  4. Ruth McCoy Miles

    I would love to be a part of this!

  5. Paula Rafferty

    My name is Paula, I am 51 years old, Caucasian, brunette, have brown eyes, 5’8″, 145# and I am a veteran.. I am originally from West Point, NY and have lived in Texas for 23 years where I am a park ranger and a professional mapmaker. I like animals, travel, art, and I make holograms. I would really like to add extra to my list of extracurricular activities I am available, hardworking, mature, reliable, and smart.

  6. Giuliana "Jewels" Bonnette

    I’m sure you have plenty of these to read so I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’m 17 years old, 5’11”, and of medium build. I am Italian. I have long, curly, dark brown hair, and blue/green eyes. I am a high school senior and I am very motivated. I will be going to community college in the fall, so I can be flexible. I have been watching Disney since before I can remember, and I would love to be a part of your cast. I am hardworking and coachable and I take criticism well. I have been in a few stage productions and have decided that I would much rather be on screen. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider me.

  7. Terrell Drake

    Hi my name is Terrell Drake and i would love to be on I Didn’t Do It. I always like this show it’s really cool, funny, and most importantly brilliant. I think Disney Channel could be my start to become a great actor. Please Consider Me Thank You.
    African American
    Black Hair
    17 years old
    Birth Date 6/22/97
    Height 5’11 1/2
    Weight 190

  8. Sophia Mangano

    HI ;)
    i am 13 years old and LOVE THIS SHOW!
    i also would love to be on disney channel cause i am and have been told that i am a natural born star (and not just from my parents :))) lol and sorry if i sound like i have an ego but i really don’t:)))
    i Hope you consider me and Thanks for your time!

  9. Britnee Glasco

    Hi my name is Britnee Glasco and I am 15 years old. I am a high school distingushed honor role student, and I have been playing the violin and dancing for 10 years. I am currently signed to Wilhelmina Philadelphia, for acting. I am trying to get my carrer started and I just think it would be awesome if it could get started on this show.

  10. Jazmyn

    i am 18 years old a high school graduate of the class 2013. i love acting and singing. honestly i have never even seen the show. lol. i can do anything i’m a party planner a singer an actress. i literally can do i all. i am the ‘be your own boss’ and ‘take charge’ type of person. i promise yo wont be disappointed with me.

  11. Savanah Rose Miller

    Name: Savanah Rose Miller
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’3
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Hobbies: drawing, soccer ,singing , color guard , spending time with my family , dancing
    Weight: 115 lbs
    State: California
    City: Yucaipa

  12. myshia

    please i want to do acting

  13. Mayra Hernandez

    Hello my name is Mayra, you probably already knew that because it says my name on it, but anyways I would love to be part of the show I didn’t do it. I love disney ever since I could remember, I love watching the old disney shows like wizards of waverly place, that’s so raven, Phil of the future, Hannah Montana, Cory in the house, & ect. I am 15 now and what I always wanted was to be in Disney and live out my dream, I just hope that I will do it when I turn 16 this summer. I always dreamed of seeing myself on Disney because ever since I was little I have been bullied for telling everyone that I’m going to be in Disney, but they just never believed me they would always make fun of me. My family would always understand the things i would go through, like last year my brother went of to join the marines and It was tough for me because me was the closest one to me, he always told me to follow my dream, to follow want I want to do in life. So I have worked a lot in school, keeping my grades up and I never have gotten in trouble, my friends would always call me Gigi because I would always follow the rules and never break them.
    My family has always had a rough and tough life because my mom and dad would never get enough money to get the things we wanted like toys and other things, we barely had enough for food and clothes. If I’m in this show it would mean a lot to me and my family because I want to do so much for them because they have done do much for me. I’m a very energetic girl that goes crazy even when people are staring I don’t care. I plat soccer, basketball, I dance to hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, I draw everyday, and I love helping people out all the time. A bref description of me is
    Height- 5’3
    Hair color-dark brown
    Eye color-brown
    Ethnic- Hispanic & Italian
    It would really mean the world to me if I get a call from Disney saying that I have an audition for this show. I just want to prove that Im not stupid, or weird I want them to see that I did follow my dream because I never gave up and that’s what I want to teach kids, that even if other people make fun of you to jut let them do it because you will one day follow your dream and tell them that you did achieve it and that you never gave up.
    I always tell people to never give up, I always give them advice and the funny thing is that, when the do it , they achieve it because they believed in themselves. My inspiration to becoming in what I am now is Selena Gomez, Selena quintanilla, and Miley Cyrus. Thank you very much and taking your time an reading this and I hope in getting a call for Disney. Thank you again very much it really means a lot for someone to read this, and if don’t think I am good enough, that’s ok with me because I will never give up an I would just find more auditions near where I live.

  14. Alayna Flanagan

    Hi! My name is alayna Flanagan and I’m 13 years old, I love the show I didn’t do it I’ve always wanted to be on a Disney channel show since I was 8 I am from dalton ga I watch i didn’t do it everyday. I want to be on I didn’t do it because I’ve always wanted to see my self on tv and I want to really meet the cast if I ever get on I didn’t do it it will be awesome and my dream .im watching it right now. I laugh all the time, I’m funny I make my friends laugh and me and all of my friends remind me of all the cast members on the show and I have a friend named jasmine,she reminds me of her,my friend gaby remiss me of Lindy,my friend Melanie she’s like garret and me I’m a combination of Logan and and my friends watch the show together. -female
    -13 years old
    – brown hair
    -blue eyes
    – 5-3-1/2
    This would be awesome if I could be on this show if I can’t be on this show I want to be on another show. there 5 best friends on the show I would want to be the 6 best friends I know that’s sounds crazy but it’s my fav show.

  15. Thomas Diep

    I have zero education about this film series. Not very attractive. (A hard 4 at best) I can ball park my age somewhere close to 19 – 19 and a 1/2, I’m still undecided. I have most of the prerequisites of a human being. (soul, heart, brain, limbs ect…) Half African-American, other half, Vietnamese. (probably why I look 15 years younger than my actual age…or is that racist?)

    What was the question again? *scrolls to the top of the page* – “please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.”

    Oh. No. I literally have no real place on this show, but I saw a comment section and just started losing it. Like for example. One of these kids’ names’ is “Jennifer Lopez”. Imagine that pressure of having the same name of someone infinitely better than you. That parent just set a bar that couldn’t be met, clearly an Asian household. (that’s apparently really into J-Lo) That’s like if I was a booty dancer and my name was Beyonce-Z (I put the “Z” because, I’m pretty sure no one really knows her real last name. She’s also married to Jay-Z so the “Z” was the best I had) My point is, no one would put a ring on me. (LOL DID YOU SEE MY REFERENCE?!)

    Back on a serious note, my acting prowess is ridiculously lighthearted, and centered around humor. To sum myself up in a quote, it’d be “I’m amazing.” That or, “Got Milk”. Really, just because.

  16. Princess silver

    Hi, my name is princess silver. I’m 17 years old soon to be 18 in June and I love to act and sing. I’m recognised as a professional in pulling off different expressions and characters when acting with my local residents. I’m at college at the moment but my heart belongs in acting and someday a famous and well known famous musician. Apart from the fact I’m talented, I also have a fun personality that makes it wonderful to interact with me.
    I love I DIDN’T DO IT and hopefully someday I would be in it. ☺

  17. David Xie

    Also i forgot to add things i do yeah im not too intelligent so just a few things i like basketball but im not exactly a baller if u know what i mean! but i can get rebounds. Im into online games and I love acting ALOT plus the cast is awesome… yeah im talking about olivia how u doing girl jk sorry im a bit shy meeting celebs but i am a blast to work with hopefully and I can add a bit of style and sarcasim to the show if u wanna read my info i sent another audition thing
    but as a review

    im asian 12 years old

    5 foot 3 or 4

    love pho

    got loads of swag jk but seriously tho

    im from massachusetts boston

    got a bit of an asian accent

    and LOVE ACTING ive been in a few of my school plays

  18. Audrey

    Hi my name is Audrey and I didn’t do it is my favorite show ever I am 10 years old and very mature for my age I play soccer and I act I have been in many plays before and know the hang of acting i love I didn’t do it soooooooooo much it would mean the world to me if I could me on your show Love,Audrey

  19. Sydney

    I would love to be a part of season 2 for “I didn’t do it” because I love to act and sing! I am a fan of the show, and of all Disney shows! I have been in a few plays, and I love to sing onstage for people. I’m almost 13 years old. When I’m not singing, I spend my time skateboarding, and surfing. I really want to be on Disney and I think that this would be a great opportunity for me to start out as an actress/singer. Thank you!


  20. Martina Szargot

    Hi! My name is Martina and I’m 13 years old. At 1st of August I will be 14. I live in Wroclaw,Poland. Acting and singing is my passion. I took part in many extra classes. When I was 7 I started going for gymnastic. I shared in these classes 2 years. I also took part in hip-hop classes(2 years), piano lessons (2 years), singing lessons (1 year), school choir (3 years) and Drama Club (1 year). I really enjoy singing and I participated in many school competitions. I also took part in few castings to advertisiments. I love watching Disney Channel. It inspires me and I’m learning from it a lot. My favourite serie was “Good Luck Charlie!” but it ended and now I enjoy watching “I Didn’t do It!”. I can play in film or serie cause there is no difrence to me. Now I will write all of this and little bit more but in shorter version.

    Name: Martina Szargot
    Age: 13
    Birth Date: 1st of August 2001
    Ethnicity: European
    Weight: 50kg, 110
    Build: slim
    Height: 160cm
    Skin: white
    Country: Poland
    City: Wroclaw
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dark blond with gold reflections
    Experience: I did never play in film or something but I think that I’m ready to be checked in that way.
    Interest: I love singing, dancing and acting. I really like sport. Especially volleyball and dance if we can call this sport :)
    Status: I’m ready for move on because of a role in serie or film.
    I am a really hardworking person.

    If you are interesting by myself please send me an e-mail and I will send you more information about me.

  21. Samantha Escandell


    Even though there is about 5,000 talented people wanting this role, it’s worth trying anyways. Here goes the basic… My name is Samantha Escandell, I’m 14 years old (hoping age doesn’t matter) and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’ve been watching Disney channel since I was very small and it was basically my inspiration of becoming an actress later on in life. Having the chance to be a part of “I didn’t do it” will be a massive opportunity.

  22. Michelle Friedl

    Hello I’m Michelle I’m 14 years old and I come from Germany. I would love to be a part of this
    show, because I love acting , I love this show and I think in this show should be a german actor.
    I have some experience in acting. I was the star role in ” the nutcracker” at school.
    I looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours truly,
    Michelle Friedl

  23. Angelina wilson

    Hi my name is Angelina,
    I am 17 years old and I have loved acting since I was young, however I have never had the chance to act on a large scale but I have been in multiple plays. I have loved the Disney channel since a young age and I would love to have the chance to act within Disney, I believe I will be a excellent person for this position as I always strive to please anyone whom I work with whether it’s within acting or not. Also I am very goal driven and I will strive to do all I can to perform to the best of my capability.
    Age:17 years old
    From: United kingdom
    Height: 5’8
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: brown

  24. Kresence Flores

    My name is Kresence flores but everyone calls me abby or cat. I’m a 14 year old girl, have brown eyes and hair, pale skin and wear glasses. I’m mexican, puertorican, German and american, and I was born in america. I’ve been watching Disney ever since I was 3 and it’s been my dream to be on a disney show or movie, I’ve always been searching for auditions but they are already very far away or for disney world or land. I’ve only auditioned once when I was about 9 years old, and that was about 2 hours from my house, and I didn’t get picked because they said I didn’t really fit the role they were looking for. I hope that can change with this audition. I think you should pick me because of my eccentric personality, and my dedication to work, when I want to do something, I set my mind on it, I don’t give up. I’m usually left out in games, sports and even some auditions because I look like a nerd wih glasses and I have a few flaws like pimples, while the other kids that audition are flawless, I want to give the girls and boys like me (nerdy and geeky kids) a motivation or chance to show them that even though we don’t look like the flawless looking kids on TV, we can reach our dreams, mine is being an actress.


    How you doing , My Name is Roland Reynolds and just to keep it real and short I’m a African American 17 year old about to graduate Highschool and college isn’t really what I want to do with my life I know it’s risky but I feel as though the abilities I have to make people feel some type of way wether it be extremely happy ,extremely mad or full of laughter I could put all of these into effect in acting I have always wanted to do this and I want this for me but not just me for my family

  26. Faith Barnes

    Hi, my name is Faith Barnes. I am thirteen years old. I love to sing and act. I live in Georgia. I’ve wanted to be on Disney channel for a long time now but it has never happened. I know that a lot of people would like to be on Disney channel, but I hope that I might have a chance. Please email me back.

    Faith Barnes

  27. nautica

    I think I should be in I didn’t do it becuase I have an good personality nd a good act…acting was one of the most memorial thing I could think off.another reason is I catch on quick and fast..I remember things good nd well nd I put attitude nd my words nd how mean it nd say it….I’m 13 years old and that’s why I should be an actor

  28. Isabella Mckay-Goodall

    Hello, my name is Isabella and I am 15 years old. I live in Sydney Australia. I have been to Los Angeles for IPOP, I have also done some holiday acting classes. I would love to be on this show as I think it will not only help me personally but also help me further my career. I love acting and playing all sorts of characters. I love Olivia holt as she is one of my idols so to be able to work with her would be life changing. Ever since I was little I would watch shows like this and pretend to be the characters on there (I still do know :D). It has been my dream to be an actor for awhile now and I would really appreciate it if you could think of me. Hope to hear from you soon, Isabella xx
    Hair colour- red
    Eye colour- hazel
    Weight- 49kg

  29. Caitlyn Patterson

    Hey I
    Am 13
    Hazel eyes
    Have experience
    Was in a play
    I got excepted in to ACT magnet high school (Arts at the capital theater)
    I am a strong leader
    I have a loud voice
    Willing to change anything
    Able to cry on spot

  30. jamella wilson

    I think I would be a great fit for this show because I’m very funny and I’m good at catching on quickly it would be a blessing to be able to audition

  31. Trisha dungca

    I am trisha dungca. Let me tell you I’m not like the other girls…. There all PROB not Asian but I am a 5″2 light brown eyed blacked hair FILIPINO 13 year old. I sing play guitar and piano.. I have Not professionaly DOne any acting… I like to start at my homebase which is my church where I sing and build my self confidence… Why U should pick me U ask? Well you should let me be apart of the cast because not because of my talents but also because I work hard… I will not give up… I am not a quiter… I love to act because I make people happy and smile! Your also PROB woundering why I’m writing so much but it’s because I want to show U kind of who I am and see what I’m capable of… I want to be on Disney channel not because of the fame but because you say its always about making people happy and having fun in what you do … Please contact this email at any time…

  32. Ieshia Benedict

    my name is Ieshia Faith Benedict im 9 years old I dont know if you need 9 year old but ill try.I think that ill be good for the show because I am a very talented child and I just got this feeling one night saying I want to be an actor so for 2 years now I been wanting to be an actor so this is my chance of a life time.Thxs bye


  33. Andrew Evans

    Hello, my name is Andrew Evans. I grew up watching the TV and always dreamed about being on the big screen, well, here’s my chance. I am willing to gain or lose weight for any role, and do just about anything else.

    I am:
    16 years old
    190 lbs
    Dark hair
    Live in Minnesota but willing to travel
    I play football and ultimate frisbee
    I have a very outgoing personality
    I am always there to cheer someone’s day up
    Experienced in acting
    Very emotionally advanced for my age but still very fun to be around

    If you have any questions or would like any further information please e-mail me. Thank you.

  34. Natalya Nieves

    Hi I’m Natalya I’m 8 years old.I like your show and I wath them.You guys are great at the show.

  35. Mahogany

    Hi my name is Mahogany…… I been dreaming to be a actress sense I was 6 years old the reason why I will love to be actress because I saw alot of little kids on tv and they made me laugh and I want to do the same is to make people laugh……. Iam in 6 grade I go to very good school ( Hyde Park MS)……. I have black hair, iam African American iam tall iam thick too……. I love this show I watch every show and it will be a good honor to perform with Olive Holt she is a good actress it will be so cool to learn from her.

  36. Alexandra

    My name is Alexandra, I’m 15, tall, in high school, I live in New York, and if you give me a chance I will give my best.
    Thank you.

  37. cinthia

    Hi I’m cinthia,
    I live in Charlotte nc, I would love to have a roll for “I didn’t do it” most importantly because Olivia Holt is one of the people I most look up too I loved when she was on “kickin it”. I would love to have a chance to be on this show because I think this is a good way to start off a career as an actress, I know I’m still young but this good could be a great opportunity. Since I was 10 I told my mom that by the time I was 15 I would have started my career but idk I’m 1 year away so this would be a great chance for me

  38. Brianna

    My daughter is 10 and so many people have told me to get her into acting. She is fun, outgoing, outrageous, and very talented. She makes her own movies, directing the neighborhood kids, and acts in them as well. She is actually really good – it is very hard for me to tell if she is messing around or being for real. She was the lead in a short film that some film students put together. There were no lines, just her expression that explained the story. It was great!

  39. Alta

    Hi my name is Alta I’m 14 years old I live in Kansas . I have black hair, brown eyes and I’m 5’6 . I love acting . In school I have a lot of acting classes I love it and I always wanna to be in shows be a part of movies and tv shows. It would be a great honor to be in your show because I was the frist season since day 1 and I fell In love and I would like to be a part of it and it would be a dream come true.

    Sincerely, Alta

  40. Michael V Whatley Jr

    Brown Skin
    Straight teeth
    Athletic frame
    Medium shirt
    34-34 pants

    Theatre college Major

    Michael Victor Whatley Jr February 18, 2015 at 9:31 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I’m a Speech Communication & Theatre Double major in Psychology . I hVe 88 Credits from Tennessee State University the same school Oprah attended. I’m a Self Published Author & a Independent music artist. I’ve been cast in numerous plays at TSU including “What the Wine Sellers Buy, Merry Wives of Windsor, Love is Hard Not to Find, Raisin in the Sun, and making history in the Cast of Ruined competing with the first HBCU to compete in the KEnnedy Center American College Theatre Festival in 2011. I received a theatre scholarship and learned stage craft and carpentry skills. I was a Radio host of my one radio show which I organized. I’ve been featured on a BET Commercial and made the front Page of the Metro Washington Post. Just looking for an opportunity I can also do audio engineering camera work & video editing.

  41. layla Schwister

    I would love to be in your show, I have been acting since 3rd grade so I now what I’m doing. And I have always knew that this is a career I want to do when I grow up.
    Height: 5’7″
    Hair color: Medium brown
    Hair: Long and straight
    Eye color: Hazel/brown
    Age: 13, 14 in June
    Weight: Between 112-120
    Sex/gender: Female
    Skin: Light tan
    Languages: English, but I can say the alphabet in Spanish
    Ethnics: Caucasian
    I live in Milwaukee, WI
    Grade: 8th
    Grades: are good I get proficient and advance on my report card.
    Experience: I was in 3 musicals but in the choir or back round (because I cant sing) but I also did 2 plays with no singing and got the leads. Last year was “once upon a playground” (a play) and played the bully, and this year I just did “Wizard of Oz” (again a play) and I got the wicked witch of the east. I am also in forensics and I got 1 first place ribbon and 1 second, but I also only went to 2 meets. Also I auditioned for a agency called John Casablanca’s and I got in but I couldn’t afford it so I start next year, they also was willing to give me a scholarship by taking off 100 dollars from the amount I had to pay.
    Abilities: Skateboarding, skiing, acting, playing piano, learning guitar, softball, basketball, volleyball, cooking, really good in school, good at make-up, I have a really good memory, really good with technology and math, also my director told me that he thinks I going to make it in my acting career. Oh and I have a good sense of style by the way.
    Anyways thanks for tour time.

  42. Kyla Palmore

    Hi my name is Kyla and I live in Virginia. I’m 13 years old but I’m turning 14 in May. I live with my mom and little brother. I’m in eight grade and I’m in all honor classes except math. I also make excellent grades. I have two high school credit classes, algebra 1 and Spanish 1. I don’t struggle in Algebra, my school just doesn’t have enough room in their honor class. I’m a very smart and outgoing girl. I would describe myself as a tomboy because I would rather play sports than go get my hair or nails done. I absolutely love this show. My mom and I watch it every time it comes on. I would love to have a chance to act in this show because acting is my life. My dream is to become a famous actress. I’ve acted in the one of the Swift Creek Mill plays and I’ve acted in two plays in Elementary school. I plan on going to the New York Film Academy school for college to get a degree in acting. I believe having a part in this show would help me live my dream because this show is a popular show. If I get a part in the show, it would mean the world to me. I appreciate you taking time and reading my comment. Thank you. If you would like to contact my mom you can at <hidden from public> or <hidden from public>  .

  43. tazmain

    Hey am tazmain a person who like to make neww people and a person who gets along with people well and also people get along with me well too… am a 16 year old boy who is an actor I have acted in few plays before and would like to expose ma career to let other people see that am a talented person who enjoy acting and singing and been on the I didn’t do it comedy will help me to proceed and help me to sho other people that I am talented I have a more to say but am leavin it there. So if you think that you want to see if I am the person that I listed above let me know just contact me at <hidden from public>

  44. theodora

    hi my name is Theodora and I’m 15 years old. I’m from Cyprus. I’m brunette with brown eyes. I love USA and i love acting since i was young i wanted to be an actress please make my dream come true and i will work hard to reach your expectations thank you

  45. lakota

    the reason for me thinking i should be strongly considered is because i have loved singing and dancing since i was younger im 13 at this time and I have been looking for a way to show my talent on screen. this is that great way. Thank you.


    race:White, Black, German, Dutch, Irish, Puerto Rican, and Native.

    eye color: brown

    height: 5’1

    my personality is sweet and outgoing with and really anything you can think of.

    thanks for the consideration,


  46. Peyton Herman

    Hi my name is Peyton Herman, and I am 10 years old. I live in LA, and I love Disney channel. I love performing in front of my family, and any chance I get. I love to act, sing, and dance. I am outgoing and athletic. I am also very competitive and positive. I would love to get the chance to audition for this show and others.


  47. Katherine H.

    Hi! I’m Katherine, but you can call me Katie. I’m 14, almost 15, and I’m an Asian-American from Maryland. I would like to be in I Didn’t Do It because acting has always been a secret dream of mine. I’m also a pretty decent singer. There aren’t many Asians with big roles in Hollywood these days, and I wish to be one of those who help change that.

    Height: 5’5″
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown (I swim, which is why it’s no longer black)

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your consideration!

  48. Matt

    alright my name name is Matt and I think I should be in this show I’ve been in previous movies such as the the wizard of oz with James franco im really funny and I like to party so please consider me for your show cause I could really help it out.

    Race white

    Height 5 5

  49. sammie

    As a kid I thought I could dream hard and it would pay off everything would come true but I really believe that acting is something for me I believe I can work hard for it I know I can work hard for it I’ll take the time and effort for it and never stop dreaming whatever you dream you try your hardest you’ll get it never stop believing and I’m a female and 12years of age

  50. angelica

    Hi my name is Angelica Pagan, im 17 years old, I’m Hispanic speak both language Spanish and English.I would love to be on the 2 season of “I didn’t do it” because i got some goals that i but for my self that i haven got the chance to follow because i always been too shy. I always wanted to be an actor but i was a shy lil kid but is time for me to follow my dreams of acting and singing. I will really appreciate it if I could be part of this family thank you for very much hope you have gave me for this opportunity. Take care

  51. Faith Gonzalez

    hi I am faith and I am 13 years old I would love to work with u guys on the show . I have worked ,auditioned, medaled , and took acting classes with the company Barbizon. it would be a dream of mine to be on the show. thank u for taking the time to read my message and hope to get feed back from u soon. thank u

  52. sydney lieber

    hi! my name is sydney, i am 11. i am 5 ft, i have hazel eyes and medium brown hair. i am white and would love this role! i hope you consider this and put me as part of the cast! i am familiar with the industry! and i am very determined! i love this show and would die to be on it! i am a great actress and need to be a famous actor! this could get my start! please respond


  53. najah miller

    I am 14 years old and I live in Florida I should be on I didn’t do it because I am born to act I have been going on auditions for a very long time and I bring something new to Disney that no other t.v show has and if you pick me u will not regret it trust me I shine bright and I am going to make everyone happy if you pick me.

  54. Kayla Joseph

    Heyy I’m Kayla and I’m 16 years old. I love trying new things and acting and would really like to be apart of the show. I’m really nice, funny and work well with others.:-)
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’3
    Hobbies: Acting, Dancing, Drawing, and Soccer

  55. Arianna Williams

    Hello Esteemed Casting Directors,
    My name is Arianna Simone Williams. I am a 13 years old African American. I am a huge Disney Channel fan. It has been my aspiration to be on the Disney Channel. It would be my privilege. I am really great at comedic monologues and following directions. I have done industry showcases with Broadway Artists Alliance NYC. I have also done productions in DC/Md. I would be honored to be a part of this project. Can’t wait!

  56. Matthew Bernstein

    Hi, my name is Matthew Bernstein and I really hope you will truly consider me to be a part of the cast. I love to entertain people — I like to act, sing and dance. You should see me bust a move! I have been in many school plays and musicals. I am told I have a contagious, sometimes mischievous smile. My determination cannot be matched! You won’t be disappointed if you pick me!

    Some other details about me: 11 year old boy with brown hair and green eyes.

    Give me the opportunity and I will be a great member of the cast! Disney will love me!!

  57. kaitlyn

    my name is Kaitlyn I am 11 yers old I love to sing dance and mack people laugh I like to mack vidoes with me singing and mack moves with my friend

  58. Kaylin peach

    I’m 12 years old and love to act! It is my passion. I didn’t do it is my favorite disney show. I’m don’t want to do this to become famous, I want to do this because I love acting!

  59. Natasha brooker

    Hi I’m Natasha I would love to be considered for a role in I didn’t do it, I love acting and I am hard working and would like an opportunity to get my acting career going.
    Natasha brooker
    4 ft 9
    White British
    Blue eyes
    Medium length brown hair

  60. Louise

    I’m Louise
    I’m a blonde girl from austria
    I’m 14 years old
    Eyecolor: blue with a little gray
    I’m small, 1 meter and 60 centimetre
    I weight 47 kilogramme

    My friends often told me that I’m a very good actress.
    I think it’s because I love acting and that I have an own acting coach.
    If my look goes with the look of Claire please write me an e-mail
    I am looking forward to hearing from you

  61. Angel

    Hello, My name is Angel I live in Canada, Toronto
    -12 years old
    -brown eyes
    -Mixed with Italian and Guyanese
    -Black/brown hair medium length
    -5’1 I think..
    -I speak a little bit of Italian
    -I can cry easily (I am emotional person)
    I would love to be in “I didn’t do it” Its an awesome show I watch it a lot!!

  62. denaira Morrisey

    Hi I’m Denaira I’m 17 and I would be great on this show I’m an actress and a model and I believe that I am very talented. I’ve been trying to get abigger roles so this would be great for me. I would be so grateful if you cast me in this show

  63. brennen jackson

    I am a 23year old male From Houston Texas. I should be considered for this show becauseam a hard working young comedian that strives to be the best. i have taken acting classes at lamar university I have an very intellectual humor and people find me attractive. I try to stay relevant. Even though I have a big heart, people seem to always be intimidated around me. The number one thing people have said about me is that I am the most interesting person they have ever seen along with being confident in everything I do. I see the positive in everything because I believe in opportunity. People tell me I am lucky, but I saw everything coming. I try to explain I am no better then him, him, or him, I just know how to take advantage of my energy.

  64. Vlada


    My name is Vlada Peschanskaya. I am international student. I study in Washington DC.
    I am interested in potential modeling assignments with your agency.
    I have six years of runway and print experience. I am 28 years old, 5’8, 125 lbs and my measurements are 35-27-38. Thanks for your consideration. Please contact me at this email address or phone number below to discuss any opportunities.

  65. BIZET Marianne

    Hi nice to meet you, It’s will be awesome to can be part of your project. I am french from Paris.
    Age : 18
    Eye: green
    Hair: straight black
    Weight: 119 pound ; 54 kg
    Size: 1 m 60
    Thank you for your consideration and good luck for your project. :)

  66. Yaseer Nurudeen

    Hi,I am 13 and I didn’t do it is one of my favorite shows on Disney and it has been my life long dream to be an actor on Disney

  67. Devon Timmerman

    I am a 20 year old male and I live about an hour north of Detroit, MI. I should be considered for this show because I have taken acting courses in University of Detroit Mercy. I have an very intellectual humor and people find me attractive. I try to stay relevant. Even though I have a big heart, people seem to always be intimidated around me. The number one thing people have said about me is that I am the most interesting person they have ever seen along with being confident in everything I do. I see the positive in everything because I believe in opportunity. People tell me I am lucky, but I saw everything coming. I try to explain I am no better then him, him, or him, I just know how to take advantage of my energy.

  68. Nashalie Legarreta

    Hi my name is Nashalie and I would love to be in your show. I love singing, dancing, acting and modeling. I’m athletic as in I love playing football, soccer and basketball. But on the girls side I love to cheer, gymnastic, volleyball which would be both and so much more. I may play boy stuff but Im also half girly girly. I really hope you choose me because my parents always go after your dreams no matter who or what gets in you way. So I keep on trying even if someone says no. My parents tell me that I have the most beautiful voice ever. I even pretend to be a teacher, lol that’s how good of acting I am. I’m a brave person, talented, intelligent, and fierce. I am 10 years old and speck English and Spanish. I love the color turquoise . I also have brown hair and greenish bluish eye color with a bit of yellow around the pupil. Ok thanks for the support, because of ally he auditions I’ve been so excited for this moment. Thank you so much. I know you may not choose me but at least I tried and you were able to nice me, and thank you so much

  69. Sabrina Ramsey

    Hi! I’m Sabrina Ramsey, and I love acting. I am 13 years old living in cincinnati OH. I am not shy at all and am willing to do anything in my power to be a part of this. I’m very great at memorizing scripts and being efficient with the time we have to film. But don’t forget that I am only 13 years old (brown straight hair, brown eyes, no acne about 5″4) and love having fun too! I am great at multitasking which means I would totally handle school and work with responsibility. Thanks for taking the time to consider me!
    Sabrina Ramsey

  70. DeMarco T

    Hi my name is DeMarco. I’m a 15 year old African american. I’m from Washington DC , i enjoy acting. acting is a way for me to express myself in many different ways. I really do enjoy working with many people

  71. Amelia

    HI, My name is Amelia!
    I would LOVE to be apart of a tv show like THIS because I love acting and from my experiences love been on set. I’m a keen learner, proactive, enthusiastic and will do my absolute BEST to be my part on set!
    Some details about me are:
    -15 years old
    – blonde
    -blue eyes
    – 158 cm tall
    – Australian (always love travelling)
    – American and Australian accent

    I have some professional photos if you would like to see. It would be an honour if you could PLEASE consider me. My email is <hidden from public>
    This would be a dream come true!

    Kind Regards Amelia

  72. jennifer lopez

    My name is Jennifer Lopez,
    im 13 years young. I would like to star in this show. The reason why is because im always wondering how actors/actress feel about watching themselves on TV. I want to start on a different journey like many people do. I’ll tell you more about myself when you hire me for this movie! See you soon :)

  73. kayla cortez

    hi my name is kayla cortez and I am 13 years old. I love I didn’t do it ,I watch it everyday and I would love to be in this show because it my dream to be on Disney channel and it will help start my acting career and get notice by people

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