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  1. Miguel Ortiz

    Hello my name is
    Miguel Alonso Ortiz Martell
    Age: 17
    Hair: Dark brown
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 155
    Eye: Brown
    Gender: Male
    From: El Paso, Tx

    Helloy name Miguel Alonso Ortiz Martell
    I would love the opportunity to get a role in this audition because I have always liked the fact on entertaining people, making them laugh, and always put them a good show. Though I have really not received a lot of acting experiences, or any training at it, I have always been a very playful an entertained person to the people I know. At school we would do plays I’m classes and I always get requests on being an actor for the way I act.
    With these inspiring comments I get from teachers and friends I grow confidence that acting is a main part of me that I would love to pursue in a career. That is why I would love this opportunity I’m getting a role in this film/show because it is a passion for me to go out there and show the world that I can be an entertainer for the people to watch.

  2. Samantha Hughes

    Please Please Please I always wanted to act I take drama in 6th grade and I’m taking it in 7 and 8 grade yay please pick me I am 12 years old I’m African American!!!!!!! I have a lot of experience

  3. Daciana Alexandra Stephenson

    My name is Daciana. Pronunciation: (Dah-chee-ahna) Don’t worry about trying to pronounce it, I just go by Ana. I was adopted From Romania at 3 years old, only 22 inches tall, and was afraid of everything. I had to learn English when I came to the U.S. and had a hard time with it. As the years went on I became more confident and strong-willed. I learned to love things I used to be deathly afraid of including my dog Kenzie. One of the things I loved to do was act. I would act in front of my parents and would also act with my friends at home. I grew a strong passion for acting, but never actually got into acting (auditioning). The main reason was because I play soccer (position: goal keeper). I focused on that a lot and have played for 12 years.
    I used to play piano and the violin but not anymore but I can still play a little. Acting lets me get myself out there when I don’t want to at home, it gives me a chance to use my imagination, have fun, be creative, excel in what I love to do, interact with others and challenge myself and become the best that I can be. I have no fears when it comes to dreaming big and have high expectations for myself. I never give up, especially when it comes to math, hahaha. Sometimes it takes me a little bit longer to learn something, but when I learn it, I master it and never forget about it. I am very creative with ideas and also very artistic. Also, most things come easy to me whether it be sports, art, or being able to read something and do it from watching and observing. Memorizing lines is not an issue at all and I can memorize things very fast. Its a talent that I obtain in my brain. I am great at being the character that I am aiming to be and the expressions that I show also. I am really actually very kind hearted, friendly, sometimes shy and sometimes not, always perky and excited and happy. People always ask me if I ever don’t have a smile on my face. My physical features include:
    I am golden tan- skinned
    Height: 5’4″
    Light brown hair but dyed blonde right now
    Hazel eyes (brown, green)
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11
    Live in Caledonia Michigan
    Sorry for the long reply, I don’t know how to shorten it without cutting important information out.

  4. Allie Rose

    Hi!!!!! My name is Allie Rose and I love to act. I’m in my gifted teachers acting/drama class and she is the best. I’ve been in Peter Pan and I was the mermaid and a fairy. I’m in Godspell right now and I’ve got a solo with an amazing singer! I can memorize my lines easily. I also can play soccer! My two best friends support me though out every thing I do! They are awesome. Disney channel is amazing! Some TV shows I like are Dog With A Blog, Austin And Ally, Liv And Maddie, Jessie, and also Good Luck Charlie, but unfortunaly they stopped with the show. I am very outgoing and hyper! You do not know how exited I would be if you picked me!
    All About Me
    Height: 4.4
    Weight: 72.4
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 9 going on 10 in Sep.
    Birth Day: Sep. 23 2004
    Race: White
    Where I Live: Georgia, Atlanta
    Grade: 3rd
    Eye Color: Blue/Green
    Hair Color And Length: Dirty Blond an down to my shoulders
    My home phone number:
    How to contact me: Email and phone

    Hope you chose me and contact me soon! <3

  5. Jasmine coe

    Hi im Jasmine coe
    I love acting
    I love disney channel
    I have green eyes
    I have blonde hair
    I am 5’0
    Im 12
    I was born in November
    I love sports
    I like spending time outside
    I have two brother’s
    I like to play baseball & basketball with my brother & friends

    I love playing with my dogs
    I love playing baseball & basketball with my bothers & some friends

  6. andreana byrd

    I would love to star in the disney channel comedy I Didn’t Do It

  7. Austin McClenahan

    im 17 im hawaiian sense of humor can play any part and be the best at it if im an extra you see only taking a drink in the background ill be the best extra youve seen taking a drink in the background

  8. Maria

    im also 14 years old :)

  9. Maria

    Hi, my name is Maria, I’ve always want to act for Disney Channel.
    I’ve got long light\blond hair and blue my last name is Holt so I’ts also Maria Holt.
    please give me a chance.

  10. Raylie Baxter

    If u considered me 4 I didn’t do it. It would b a dream come true. I am 13
    5’3 ft
    Redhead , brown eyed and I love to creat things to entertain people thank you so much 4 ur time please help me make my dream come true it means more then any thing to me .

  11. Emma smith

    Hi my name is Emma and I am 16 years,I am an African and I would love to get a part in the new disney channel show I DIDN’T DO IT. I can sing,act and dance a little,I even do literature in English in school , I have acted I some plays at school,church and I also attended a stage school, I also sing in school,church and at home. I love animals mostly dogs, please I would really love it if I could be able to get a part in the show. I can be any thing the stare,extra,one episode person any thing. God bless.

  12. Toniesha

    Hi, my name is Toniesha and i’m fourteen years old. I think i would be great for this part because I love acting, singing, and dancing and i also do very well. Also because i think if i auditioned for the part, that i might just get it if i do my best. i also think i would play the part well. So please consider me on auditioning on this part and being a part of this show. Thank you :)

  13. Addie Neal

    Hi my name is Addie Neal I live in New Hampshire
    Hobbies: dance, basketball, singing
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color:brown

    I hope you let me try it would be awesome
    Thank you

  14. Arianna

    I like to act. I am sometimes a troublemaker, so I believe I would be good. I like to aft along with my friends. We would role play and we would laugh at how funny and intense we would make it.

  15. Ella

    Im Ella and I love to sing and act a have a bubbly personality and I go to a performing arts school! My youtube channel is EPICATSINGING pls check it out! Im also in Jahmene Douglas’s music video “forever young”

  16. christian arciga

    Hey there my name is Christian Arciga I’m 15 years old from California I dream about Beeing on a show or a movie I live close to LA so I see it everyday and wonder when I’ll have my big break I’m an athletic fun loving kind person who is super chill and has such an outgoing personality I love meeting new people and especially people who are in the entertainment industry I’m familiar with how things all work I think you shouldcast me in your movie or show because I’ll bring something new into the industry and my loving personality who doesn’t love a person like that ? Well thanks for your consideration and love all your work by the way

  17. Sarah Griffin

    Hello, my name is Sarah Griffin. I’m 18 years old, but have the looks of a 14-16 year old. I have dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes, am about 5′ 3″ tall and 115 lbs. I think I would be a great fit for this show because I’m witty, charismatic, and a loving person. I’m able to work well with anyone, and very easy to get along with. I believe te Disney channel would be a great opportunity to undertake and would love the chance to do so! Thank you for your consideration!

  18. carina

    Hello my name is carina and I am 14 years old. I love to act and I’m very funny,weird, and akward sometimes. I’m playful and I love meeting new people.

  19. sylvia welds

    im playful and I will cry if u guys pick me of how surprised I would be

  20. sylvia welds

    I love to travel and perform in front of people and im only 10

  21. Sirena Morse

    I’d love to take a positiion on this up and coming show show for the children. I should be chosen because im sure that somwhere on the show someone is going to need someone to get advice from and i just love talking to the children about doing the right thing in life( although this will be tv). And besides I love to put on a show!

  22. Tyniquewa

    Age : 13
    Weigh : 140
    Hight: 5’1.5
    Gender : Female
    Eye Color : Hazel ( Sometimes Change To Green And Blue )
    Hair Color : Dark Brown / Light Brown


    Hello, My Name Is Tyniquewa . I Am 13 Years Old About To Be 14 Soon!. I Love Acting And Used To Have A Hobby Of Dancing.
    I Am A Very Playful Person And Have Been Wanting To Act For A While Now. The Reason I Started Acting Was I Was Sitting In My room And I Was Watching Tv. I Wasn’t Worried About The Stardom I Just Really Instantly Fell In love With The Routine , The Script ,Everything.

    I Really Love The Thing About How You Can Portray A Whole Different Person And Live To Be Someone Else And Love It And That’s What I Do. The Reason Why I Choose This Show Because It Seems Very Fun, And It Gives A Big Lesson About Friendship And How It Is Important To Treat Them Right. So Hopefully You Contact If Not Thank you For The Opportunity To Explain Myself And Tell You A Little About Me !

    Contact Information -
    Mothers Name_ Darlene Manning
    Cell Number – <hidden from public> 

    No Home Phone


    Goodbye. ♥☺

  23. Jaiden Means

    I love to act and model and all the things it comes with

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