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  1. Liz L

    I own the board game and have watched every episode. I am a huge fan! Not only do I love board games but enjoy having the opportunity to hang with celebrities even more. I am always the one within my group of friends to get a party started and am not afraid of making a fool of myself. I would love the opportunity to be on the show!!!

  2. michael avant

    Hey guys, I’m a 30yr old father of two from Houston, tx. I am a movie/music/entertainment rain man. I am always disturbing friends and family with the things I know about entertainment and pop trivia. I would be a great contestant because I’m a good ole simple laid back dude that I think viewers would relate and root for.never tried to get on a show but have always wished to be. Please consider me for an audition so i can show my wicked pop knowledge. I would be a great contestant and would be a dream come true. Thank you so much and have a good one.

  3. Lacey

    OMG!!! This show is awesome! I wouldn’t even need to win any money – I would pay you guys to be on this show! Anyways, I’m a 31 year old teacher from Southern California. I’ve been told on countless occasions that I have way too much useless pop culture trivia in my head. And how cool would it be for my students to see their teacher on TV?!?

  4. Katie

    My husband and I watch every show together. We love it. He suggested I try to get on the show since I am so good at all the games.

  5. Jaclyn P

    LOVE this show! Find myself laughing out loud (by myself) at the games. I am a fun, competitive person, and love to play games. Just looks super fun :)

  6. Gilbert IV

    28 yrs old
    Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
    Los Angeles CA
    Always laughing
    Very intelligent and educated
    Lots of energy
    Love to party
    Just got engaged
    I AM the best candidate
    LOVE love LOVE the show!


  7. Theresa Hoskins

    I am a mother of four children(two are grown) and I think I have a pretty good knowledge of pop culture. I love watching Hollywood Game Night and I yell out answers at times. I would love to have that much fun and hopefully win money at the same time. Thank You.

  8. Peggy McNeff

    I am smarter than a fifth grader…oh wait, wrong show! I am, however, a teacher who loves trivia and all things pop culture. Won’t you consider this non-celebrity to play with some real celebrities on Hollywood Game Night?

  9. Travis Kimbrell

    My name is Travis Kimbrell and I am the most competitive person I know. I’m 29, a project engineer, live in Dayton, OH and I’m a fitness and sports enthusiast. Board games and game nights have been a staple in my life since I can remember. My family and friends continue to play them to this day. I assure you if you get me on this show you won’t be disappointed. The problem is, if you get me a half-way decent celebrity team, you will lose $25,000 because there is no chance I’m leaving there without it. Jane Lynch is a rockstar and I would love to hang with here and some other celebrities. So give a chance to a fella from the midwest. Thank you!

  10. Alana Tipton

    I would love to be on this show, it’s my favorite! I love Jane Lynch and this show has the best and most hilarious celebrities ever! I am from the bay area so that should tell you first how crazy and quicky i am. I would be perfect because of my hyper, outgoing personality and my crazy knowledge of tv shows, movies, actors, singers and everything else they play! I love an and all board games.My husband and I watch this show all the time and we cannot get enough! I hope you pick me!

    -Alana T.

  11. Donnell Smith

    I think I would do a fine job on the show…and hopefully win. I watch along and guess from home and I find myself yelling the answer out correctly nearly every time. Plus I could REALLY use a step up for starting my non-profit dog rescue / adoption group! :0). Oh, and I am desperate for a vacation. ;0)

  12. Kayla

    I hope to be picked because of my personality and the need for my family of this chance. I have been told my whole life I need to be on tv and think I would fit in great in this show. Thank you

  13. Mary

    My names Mary and I haven’t missed an episode and my family is all about family game nights. As the baby of the family it’s my time to sparkle! As an aspiring woman engineer and part time worker at babies r’ us I could really use some cash. But even if I lose it’s the experience, memories and fun that I really want and will cherish!

  14. Jack Brenner

    Hollywood Game Night is my dream game show come true! Everything people always tell me I know better than anyone else. Pop Culture is the reason people have me on their phone a friend list if they ever get on Millionaire; so I myself have been waiting for the perfect game show for me. I found it when I started watching Hollywood Game Night! I really look forward to the opportunity of matching wits with hollywood celebs!

  15. Amy Simard

    My husband and I watch this show all the time and LOVE it! We thought it might be fun to have spouses be the team captains on opposing teams and we’d love to be your first couple! We are very competitive with each other at home so it would surely be entertaining on live television!

  16. Michele Marnati

    Hello, my name is Michele and I am 33 yrs old. I am a waitress at Olive Garden, but going to school for dog grooming. I love watching Hollywood Game Night, and it would be awesome to be on the show. I think I would do great on this show, I watch a lot of movies and know my actors. I am a little shy at first, but I will get over the shyness real quick :) 25 grand would be great for my family and I.

  17. Jayme Simoneau

    My family loves this show! And when we watch, my kids tell me I should be on it because I know most of the answers.

  18. Meredith

    I am a 21 year old single mother about to graduate with a double bachelors. I LOVE trivia, games, and I am competitive, but fun! I quip with the best of them, and who doesn’t enjoy a drink and some cash ;)? PS: Lauren graham would be my ideal teammate

  19. Daniel Lococo

    I’m tall, dark and handsome; smart and quick witted; funny and entertaining; and lastly, I was born to be in the spotlight!!!

  20. Mrs. Tracey Johnson-Leonard

    ‘Who laughs last, laughs best, right.’ I’m all about laughing, joking and playing games. I am a very fun and entertaining person to be around with loads of energy. People really enjoy my company. I am Executive Director and Founder of ‘What The Heck Is Going On? Tracesder Communications, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts & cultural organization. Our mission is to assist and support poverty-stricken artists. Tracesder Communications was formed by an artist for an artist.
    That’s right I am an artist, I am an AFTRA member. and a author as well. I have experience in the following: Radio-had my own talk show on WNJC 1360 AM. Television-was extra on ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ and ‘Political Animals.’ Film-’extra in ‘Rocky V,’ ‘Lady In The Water.’ ‘Invincible’ and ‘Shooter.’ Theatre-played the role of Ruth in ‘A Raisin In The Sun.’
    I even studied comedy at the famous, ‘Comic Strip Live’ in New York.
    However, the real kicker is I love games so much I invented my own, Ladder of Success.’ game) organization) 4 books)
    Thanks and I look forward to being a part of the show.

  21. Krista

    Competitive, enjoy a good time, love Jane Lynch – what more needs to be said.

  22. allie smith

    I am 66 years old and love to laugh. I watch your show every week and know I can bring both laughter to your studio and television audience. I am a lung cancer survival for three years, but you wouldn’t know it from the decibels of my laughter and shouts. I would love to continue to share my fun loving life on your show. Waiting to hear from you soon.

  23. Kimberly Barr

    I’m signing my mom up! We love watching the show together, its so fun! She’s 40 years old beautiful women who has been in the Air Force for over 20 years(: ! It would be soo awesome if she was on the show!

  24. Christopher Giusto

    This is the game show I waited and trained for my whole life. I knew sitting in front of the TV my whole life would come in handy some day. Lol. I’m a Pop Culture fanatic. A game show fanatic. And all “fun Bobby”. Lol. I currently won the battle of cancer and am in remission. I am unable to work due to the damage the cancer has done to my back so WINNING would help out a ton!!
    Mostly I’d like to hang out with Jane, in her “home” with her fabulous friends!!
    Please consider me. I’m a funny guy!

  25. Alex Layden

    I’m Alex! I’m a 21 year old college student that is majoring in Communications. I have seen every episode of Hollywood Game Night, and I can’t help but believe that I belong on this show. I’m obviously outgoing (but what applicant doesn’t claim to be), I have been reading my mom’s issues of People Magazine since I was 12 (don’t tell her), and I would obviously love to have some extra money to pay off these potentially daunting college loans awaiting me once I graduate. You have never had a student contestant on HGN, and I would be honored to be your first.

  26. Ursula

    Hello, I am 39 and in the Santa Barbara area (can we say easy commute to the show). I want to be on the show to play the games. I love playing all types of games and I play to win! I don’t really care about being on TV but would love the chance to play games with celebs that we all know and love (or hate :0).

  27. Jan Linklater

    Hi I’m Rachel Linklater and I’m 10years old my mom jan Linklater is 49 years old, we watch your show almost every single time it’s on and we really like it. Where really good at the show we also laugh and almost get every single answer right .I think she should be on the show because she’s very smart and also very clever and I’d love it if I could see her on TV

    Thanks, bye. will help pay for my college!!:)

  28. Tammy Villa-Humphreys

    My name is Tammy Villa-Humphreys. Not only do I have a long name, but a mother of two and pop culture junkie. I’m competive, have a fun sense of humor and an amazing high kick when something exciting happens.

  29. Danielle Martin

    I’m a psychiatrist and mother of two children and could use some fun in my life. I think this show is hilarious and I have a lot of pop culture clogging my brain. Jane Lynch is a comedic genius. And I’d totally be ok with losing and chilling at the bar!

  30. Troy Ashbaugh

    My name is Troy Ashbaugh I am 38 yr old Police Officer in Vernon,TX. I would be great on your show because movies and pop culture history are my interests. I watch the show with the family and answer a good 90% of the questions before the clue or buzzer is sounded. If you put me on the show its a win win situation for the both of is thank you

  31. Daniel

    I’m a 32-year-old copywriter working in LA till August. I love me some board games. There’s nothing better than a room full of people shouting and competing and laughing, except maybe when those people are celebrities and I can win 25 grand and also it’s aired on network TV. Bring it on!

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