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  1. Alana Flynn

    I’m 45 and a stay at home mom. Need some excitement in my life and I thought how exciting it would be to be on this show. I have watched a lot of different game shows but never had the desire to be on one until I watched Hollywood Game Night. That’s it, short and sweet.

  2. CJ Edwards

    Hi. My name is CJ Edwards and I have no connections to anybody famous. I am from Madison, Wisconsin and have lived here my whole life. I would love to be on your game show because I enjoy drinking on couches and referencing pop culture. I’m a diabetic, so I could represent all of the diabetes out there. Also, Jane Lynch is hilarious.

  3. Todd Heagle

    This show is everything I love smashed into an hour of awesomeness. Hilarity, competition, and games are what I am all about. I am always the guy who is encouraging the party to break out the games. I am ultra competitive but am a great sport. The celebrities on the show seem like so much fun. I am not intimidated by cameras, i feel that if i am myself i will fit right in seamlessly and add a different dimension to the show. Ok here’s the clue: hansdome, funny, game-lover, enthusiastic—-the answer is me!! Todd Heagle

  4. charity

    This show is SO ME!!! I would absolutely LOVE to be a part of such a fun, energetic and spontaneous show! I’ve had SO MUCH FUN watching the show that I would be ecstatic to have the opportunity to PLAY!!!!!! :)

  5. Sayola Elmohtaseb

    I love Hollywood Game Night and would like the opportunity to play. Please consider me for this. I am fun, outgoing… and pretty smart :)

  6. Jasmine Alkouri

    Besides the fact that I’m ten times more exciting than everyone on the show, I guessed nearly all the answers correct!

  7. Shavonne Habersham

    Hi I’m Shavonne from Detroit. I’m 25 and just recently became a Phlebotomy Technician. Just watching it makes it even more exciting to be on the show. I’m very energetic, out-going person. I would love to be part of something so exciting and enjoying this once in a lifetime event. And what’s more than fun winning money with celebirties and having so much at the same time.

  8. Donna Kieser

    I have always loved the challenge of thinking quickly on your feet especially when it’s a competition. Being a team is so exciting and fun go see all types of people and the kind of answers they come up with. It’s hysterical and great entertainment. What could better for a night in front of the TV.

  9. Mary Brewer

    Please consider me to be a contestant on the show, because I am awesome and would make great TV! Like this comment I am short and sweet, and viewers will love me!

  10. Adriana LaCorte

    Helloooooooo!!! Love this show and love Game Nights! Please, PRETTY please, consider me for a contestant on the show! I’m fun, funky, and fabulous! I am an aspiring documentarian working on a project that could definitely use some winnings from a show like this! You’d be helping an amazing cause IF I win… WHEN I win, because with my pop culture/ gaming competitive edge I WILL get to that final round! Couple other reasons? I was in an improv group for 3 years and I play trivia weekly at Irish Times, great Culver City Pub! ;) more info about me at

  11. Jessica B.

    Helllooooo Hollywood Game Night contestant pickers! I’m 29, short – fun – full of energy! If you are choosing by hair color, I’m blonde. I love games, catch phrase being a favorite. Love watching this show. Nothing more fun the group party games. Truthfully I’m not to concerned about the prize, it’s nice, I like it. But the fun and experience is more interesting to me. Please consider me as a contestant. It’s a chance of a lifetime. Keep making a great show!

  12. Julia E. Torockio

    HI! I am almost a century old and I have been watching game shows, movies, television shows, and award shows for most of those years. I am a poor and an unknown artist, writer, and photographer . I would also like to do Improv and/or stand-up comedy. I try to make people laugh and have been told I am funny at times. I have been in live shows in the past at the Palace Theater in: Greensburg, PA, through an organization called, “Stage Right:” Although, not necessarily looking to be an entertainer or a star; I do enjoy entertaining people. I know what if feels like to sing or perform in front of an audience, and feel the adrenaline and feel good when you perform or sing well; as I have done so in both Kareoke and singing in front of people and being a part of an ensemble previously, in choirs and in the shows that I was in at the Palace.
    I have been trying to get on game shows for several years; mainly to hopefully win some money, yet, I know it will be fun to do so, weather I win or not. I’d like to just be able to say that I have had the experience of doing so! Of course, I’d like to win! Who wouldn’t? I need the money to pay off some debts, take a nice vacation, and have a little extra cash in my pocket! Though, mainly, I need and would like to be able to purchase a computer that doesn’t act up and one that has all the modern technology and isn’t slow as a turtle; I’d like to have my own little office or space or corner to work on writing my poetry, poems, short stories, musical play which I started writing, etc.; also, to have the money to pay for legal copyrights. If you pick me I know I will not only have fun, but, be fun to be around (though, I may be nervous); It may be both entertaining for everyone involved. Julia E. Torockio

  13. elisabeth simma

    Hmmm, Let’s see. I’m in my early 50′s and live in Denver, CO. I am a Paramedic and have been for 20 yrs.
    My first movie was at the Pat Theater, in Louisiana, and I saw Paper Moon. I have been sucked into Hollywood ever since. Movies, TV are my strong points. I’m am competitive; when I need to be. I am good sport with a good sense of humor. Love, love, love trivia. 25K would be nice as well! I’m short if that matters; not troll height though.
    I love the 4 letter word game. What a hoot. This type of game show has been needed for a while, thank you, thank you. Oh, I also have no problem going to the bar if I loose. :)

  14. Julie Pellegrino

    First off can I mention that I haven’t laughed my a off at a TV show in years! Hollywood game night is top 3 for sure. Good work NBC. Anyways… My name is Julie I am a 28 year old stay at home mom, with passionate feelings towards anything and everything pop culture. My hobbies include watching television, changing poopy diapers ( which she’s almost potty trained Woo hoo) and being a home maker. After that I wind down on some good ol fashion well needed cocktails. So this my friends is right up my alley. As soon as I seen this show I said I NEED to be on this. Its great.. Jane lynch is superb! Oh and that 25,000 dollar prize speaks for itself! Please pick me!!! I’ll bring the party:)

  15. Jill Cunanan

    Huge fan of the show. I believe I’ll do well with the games because I usually enjoy playing pop culture type games with my friends. I am super fun and outgoing. Very competive when it comes to game nights, but I still make it fun.

  16. Emma Cox

    I am a good performer who can exude energy on this show. Being nineteen, I know a decent amount about celebrity names and faces. Furthermore, I am professional and would behave accordingly when around recognized celebrities. Thank you.

  17. Melaina Johnson

    HI There!!!!! My name is Melaina I am 19 years old and I am a Preschool assistant aspiring to become a singer and actor. i know the entertainment business is hard to get into. i love thi show i know my pop culture and i am a very fun person. i am a collecter and i am a movie buff. my friends call me an old soul my family just calls me crazy i live in a small town near Seattle Wa. i have always liked reality tv show i used to watch whose line like is was a life source Hahaha. thanks for taking the time to read. :P

  18. Chris Spruill

    Love the show! I am an accountant/ordained minister/adjunct professor/town commissioner that turns 50 in 2014 and what better way to spend my turning point birthday year than with a bunch of fun Hollywood celebrities having the time of my life? Pick me and you get someone who loves to laugh, have fun and generally make an a$$ of myself in front of a live and television audience.

  19. Kevin Lyle

    My name is Kevin, and I am a father of 3 teenage girls. I have a vast array of knowledge that is normally completely useless but would come in handy on a show like Hollywood Game Night! When I watch the show I can get most of the answers before the contestants and celebrities. I would love the opportunity to be on the show. It’s a once in a lifetime chance!

  20. Jenny Camarillo

    Oh what should I say?! I’m a transplant from Chicago now living the dream in Colorado. I just married my partner before she gets stoned by other states that don’t want to serve us water or give us directions. I am currently a substance abuse counselor at a rehab center for women and their children. After watching the show, I believe my new calling is to help the stars. My hope is that some teen actors will be on with me, so we can catch them before they hit Lohan bottom. I’m kidding, addiction isn’t funny even when it’s a redhead. I am about to start grad school for social work and nothing scream social experiment like drunk A listers fondling large letters and getting shots in the face (with with mâché clearly not mixed in Russia). I hope that you will give me a chance to knock a mark off my bucket list (hoping to make a move on Jane Lynch to make my wife jealous or turned on-not sure). Keep me posted!

  21. Carson Maynard

    Ohhhhhh YEAAAAAAA BABY!!!!! I should be chosen to be on this fantastic show, mostly for one specific reason…..eccentricity. Since I was young I’ve been involved in many comical skit performances and currently still do a kids act called “Lets Get Cooking” all around the Albany NY area. I am 28 years old, work for the well know engineering school RPI, and know how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd…..(on top of the kids act, I play in two rock n’ roll bands) I feel like I would be the perfect candidate for this show, because my father has passed down his amazing crossword puzzle abilities genetically and I seem to have morphed that into a pop culture sponge effect on my brain. I am energetic, positive, and fun to be around. Me and my wife absolutely love watching the show, and I tend to have a lot of the right answers. I feel like my uplifting character and charisma would pair quite well with the shows hysterical banter. I hope you consider me for such an amazing opportunity. :)

  22. Hollie Garrity

    This show is my vice!!! Kids go to bed i enduge in laughter and a glass of wine!! I’m Hollie Garrity married to an awesome husband, mom of 2 adorable kids, and enjoy my Partime job as a therapist haha I mean hairstylist!!! I LOVE game nights but have no invites!!! I would love to be a part of Hollywood Game night!!!! Great show!!!

  23. Carolanne Soloven

    I’m Carolanne. I’m a 29 yr old surgical supply tech in a level 1 trauma center in Orlando, fl. I also do dog grooming on the side. I’m am avid watcher of hollywood game night and love playing games. I’m a feisty red head that’s very competitive and a pole dancer :) I like to have fun with great people. The money could really help me pay my parents back for everything they’ve done for me and for a local wolf rescue. Please pick me

  24. Breanna BREE Henry

    Breanna [BREE]. Sweet classy lady who loves a dirty joke.
    Not just a random fact but it explains my complete and total lack of simplicity. I am a girl who will go out to tea in the morning, work hard in the afternoon, then at night curse like a sailor and drink AMF’s until my buzz is strong enough for me not to be ashamed of anything that flows out of my mouth. But don’t get me wrong, I’m a determined young thing who just has a wild heart. I work hard but make sure to always do what I love from a movie theater cashier, high-end fashion clerk, to a Disney entertainer or radio intern. I do what I love and I LOVE this show.
    I’m not your average bear, as much as I love to go cheers everyone I could also enjoy a night in munching on chips and watching my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. And hey, I’m definitely not one who is opposed to rubbing elbows with anyone from Russell Brand to Barbara Walters!

  25. Lindsey Arthen

    Hi my name is Lindsey Arthen. I am a 29 year old special education teacher in the Palm Springs area. I would like to be considered for the show, because I watch every Thursday and love the show! I laugh hysterically and I’m usually afraid I’m going to wake up my son. Lol I am very competitive and get very excited during my family’s game night tradition any time we get together. I also usually win. :) I think I will bring the same competitive, fun attitude the show requires. Please consider me. Thank you!

  26. Scott Surovich

    Hello Hollywood Game Night! – My wife and I watch the show every time its on – I am 41 and work for an International Bank as a Senior System Engineer for Worldwide Information Technology designs. I am a big pop culture fan and of playing any game I can that will allow me to drink during it! (Although I am avid Ice Hockey player, and its tough to drink during that). At any rate, I would love to be on the show – if for any other reason, to get away from the Buffalo cold :)

  27. Jessi Fluegal

    Hi my name is Jessi Fluegal and I am a 19 year old female with three brothers. I would like to be considered for this show because I love the entertainment industry and would like to be apart of it so I am slowly trying to get myself out there. My best friend Amber (20) and I are constantly talking about celebrities and what they’re doing and getting into. We would make a really good team because we vibe off of each other so well and we’re both pretty well educated for being so young. I am going to community college right now but I will soon be transferring to a university and when I do this money could be very helpful, especially because I eventually want to go to law school so that’s already gonna cost a pretty penny. Thank you for the consideration and I look forward to hearing from someone.

  28. Dawn Fowler

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Dawn. I am a 29-year-old receptionist, exam room technician, and purchasing manager for a busy veterinary clinic in Brooklyn, New York. I also own my own pet sitting company called Happy-Go-Puppy. Besides wanting to return to my native Los Angeles, I am a pop-culture fanatic, an avid watcher of “Hollywood Game Night,” and can pretty much drink anybody under the table, despite my low tolerance. I know how to pace myself :-) I am a former theatre dancer, singer, and actress, and I now live in a small Brooklyn apartment with an adorable Pomeranian named Fosse, named after the great Bob, who has his own social media: he has a Facebook, a Tumblr, a Twitter, and an Instagram. I also have two rescue cats Noah Alexander and Aurora Borealis that make periodic appearances on Fosse’s social media. I should probably mention that I am a competitive, feisty redhead that commonly wins amongst my boyfriend’s cheating gameplaying family. I was made for this game show. If you want someone with a feisty competitive personality, a sweet nature, and who doesn’t mind getting a little tipsy on television with celebrities, then I’m your girl.

  29. Magen Kail

    Hi there, I’m Magen. I’m 28 and a mom of three young kiddos. I love love love trivia, game nights and competition. I don’t like to toot my own horn but I’m pretty darn good at games. I have a knack for remembering little facts and random factoids. I live in Michigan (go Blue!) and am so sick of this cold and snow, I’d love the opportunity to travel somewhere warm and sunny, play some games with fantastic people and possibly win some money- who couldn’t use a little extra money? I’d love to audition -hope to hear from you soon!

  30. Amanda

    I would like to be considered for the show because I love to have fun, laugh and enjoy playing games. My friends and I have game nights all the time and my animation adds to a night of fun. I love pop culture and all things trivia and music, and acting out in charades. I may not be a know it all but its fun to try. I’m extremely outgoing and and energetic. I think it would be a great time regardless of the money.

  31. Cara Marsilio

    Hi there. I am the third of six children and turned 50 last year! Boy was that a doozie! My siblings tell me that I am a lot of fun and the life of the party. I do try to have fun a lot as life is too short! I am always the first to get a game going and have hosted game night sleepovers. My husband says I crack myself up a lot and doesn’t understand why I laugh a lot. I wanted to join the circus when I was younger and be a clown as they are not only happy but fun ! I’ve thought about trying to get on a game show before but never did anything about it until your show came along as it is right up my alley! I would love to have the opportunity to not only play but to win so I could help a few people out. Play on Jane!

  32. Kim Pack

    I am the “life of the party” with an encyclopedia mind (a friend just texted me yesterday stating that and looking for the answer to something). I love pop culture and friends tell me I should be on game shows. I went to Illinois State University and so did Sean Hayes and Jane Lynch. Go Redbirds! That should be a connection. I also teach at College of DuPage where Sean went to school as well. I saw him on Broadway in “Promises, Promises” in 2010 with a group from College of DuPage and he came out afterwards to speak to us, so I have a connection there as well.

    Illinois should be represented, and I would like it to be ME!

    Thanks. Call me! (or e-mail)!

    Kim Pack

  33. Catherine

    Hi, I am 55 years old (young…smiling) and recently retired (33 yrs) from the most exciting job ever. I don’t miss the work but I am missing the lifestyle like crazy!! We had a game night crew, and we would get together every Friday to play whatever game we pulled out of the basket that night. We also had wine club which met once a month and usually ended with us playing charades … ha ha ha, always a good time! I am the best at games and love a challenge, I know it would be a blast AND winning the money wouldn’t be a bad thing either. (Smiling). Hoping to hear from you! Let the games begin!!

  34. courtney curtin

    Hi my name is Courtney Curtin , I am a 23 year old who is a Registered nurse and put myself through school due to coming from a family of nine. I come from a family of 9 people being the last of seven. Coming from a large family we watch movies all the time so I am really good at pop culture and celebrities. My twin sister and I go on perezhilton on the daily so we are up to date on the latest. I would love to go on the show in general because winning that money would help me pay back my school loans and help my parents out. But what would be even cooler if my twin sister and I could either be on a team together because we would be hilarious to watch with our twin connection or we could be against each other. Pick me please!!!

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