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  1. Donaleigha Princess Dunson

    I’ve always loved to sing and everyone says I have a a good voice I’ve always loved to preform but in my school the kind of trifles me for me just because of how I look because I go to this really small school the really mean to me because I’m African American and sometimes I get sad over like for example i try out for the school play and I got the maid I was the only American kid who did it and they put me as me there is a much better it appropriate role for me but they give it to another girl who ended up not showing up on the first day and I just really I think I really could have done it and I’ve always worked hard and one of the hardest working kids because I have singular mom so I’m 13 and I got a job so did my brother Caleb and my brother Michael we all got jobs and I just on to something that will make my mom really happy to say that that’s my girl and make my father regret ever giving up my family and I want something that will make my my aunt and uncle proud to they were both murdered but different people but they’ve always said I had a good night if she never give up on my dreams I want to listen and do my best so please choose me I’m and I am always committed everything I do and it would mean alot to me even to be considered

  2. Jessica eccleston

    Hi my name is Jessica Victoria Eccleston I am 23 and 4ft 8 I am gunna cut to the chase I’m not going to say I’m a massive star that you are looking for but what I will say is I can play any part and my advantage is I am 4ft 8 so could play a younger character I am looking to play any role , mean girl , shy girl , hot girl I am very versatile and I can sing I can also dance but a better singer if you think I’m your girl give me call

  3. Lucie Brianna

    I am 21 years old and my biggest dream is to be in the spotlight. I auditioned for the X-Factor in 2010, but unfortunately they weren’t looking for an opera singer. Over the years I’ve learned to direct my singing talent to being more fit to sing mainstreem music. I have braces right now unlike most adults who had braces in highschool. When I think about it though, FOX is looking for actors and actresses that can sing and fit the role of a highschool aged teen. I definitely fit the bill!!!
    Lucie @ <hidden from public>

  4. abigail hurlbert

    Helo my name is abigail Hurlbert. I was wondering if you are steel looking for actors/actresses for the tv show glee im only fourteen but i love to sing and act with my family. Anyways if you are please let me know if i could audition or not if u wanted to call my number is <hidden from public> if idon’t awncer leave a mesage or you could just email me at <hidden from public>, om in mt school chior and band i play volleyball i was on the shcools wrestling team made it all the way to championships but lost my last mach it was my first year on the we team wrestling team but i did good for a girl i was in dance at the age of four to ten i raised two kids for my aunt and uncle wile they were in jail for things they did wile they were teens i have never been in troble with the law i have had one job it was to clean and older lades house wile she was shick and in the emegancy room i also took a cooking class for two years in school for the most part i have good grades i strugle in history and math but my english is great im quorter mexion and italion also indian. i also do swim team every year but not this year cause i inererd my shouler during the wrestling season i also go skying every year again my name is abigail hurlbert if you can email me or call me if i can adusion for glee my number is <hidden from public> if i dont awncer please leave a mesage or you can email me at <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> ether one i will ancer thanks for your time.

  5. Autumn

    Hi, my name is Autumn Rainey and I am a sophomore in college.. I am currently a Vocal Jazz Studies major at North Carolina Central University. I went to a school of the arts in Greensboro North Carolina for Drama. I love both singing and acting;even if i don’t become some huge star, both of these art forms will be integral parts of my life. I have always thought Glee would be an amazing show to be a part of, I just haven’t had the means or access for this oppurtunity. I have decided that I want to perform for the rest of my life, and I don’t want to wait until I graduate, or go through a number of degree to do it.Being on Glee is both an oppurtunity that desperately want, and an oppurtunity that I believe I AM ready for right now. It’s my time.

  6. Sara Syr

    Hey I’m Sara, I’m 17 and I’m french but I speak english and spanish as well. I have brown hair and blue eyes. Glee is one of my favorite shows , it helped me work hard to get what I want and never give up . I sing I dance I play the piano and I’m very motivated I can cry , laugh, scream anything you want. It would really be a dream if I ended up in the show it would mean so much to me and I’m soooo ready to work even harder. Although I still live in France I can come to LA or wherever I will do everything. Thank youu , au revoir :)

  7. Princess

    I would love being apart of glee. My personality is out of this world. I also can sing my butt off and I absolutely love to act. Glee is so me.

  8. Roux Mulder

    My name is Roux, I am 17 years old, I live in South Africa and love to sing and dance. music is my passion and to be a actor on Glee would be an extraordinary honour. If I get a Part it would mean a lot and I will make the necessary travel arrangements from SA to LA. I think that having a South African on and American Hit TV Series will be a great idea. My love for singing dancing and glee is so unimaginable, so I really hope you will consider me to be on the show.

    Thank you

  9. Christopher Guevara

    Hello,first of all i just wanted to thank you for taking your time to read this reply. Im going to be a freshman this august. I have alot of talent involving singing and dancing. You see me and hear me sing every single day, no matter where i am. I currently live in Colorado. I’d like to hear from you guys. Please feel free to email me back. Thanks!!!

  10. ladarrious wells

    Hey I’m ladarrious wells Age 17 and soon to be 18 in a few days. I’ve watched glee many times and I’ve been singing since I was old enough to sing. And I’d be good to play in you’re tv series. I’ve graduated from high school and this would be a big come up for me.

  11. Millie

    Hi fox I think I would be great for glee because my friends and I have been the lead in all musicals at school and I absolutely love santana Lopez (naya Rivera) and I would love to perform with her and I am 13 years old thank you but I think I am a great singer and would like to learn to dance better than I am and sing better than I am thank you very much

  12. Mosheh Ellison

    Hello, I am Mosheh Ellison. I’m current graduate from a private boarding school. I have always loved music since I could remember! While attending boarding school I was totally devoted to the performing arts field. I also had the pleasure of being apart of a “show choir” 16 hand picked…4 for each voice part choir. Which a had tremendous affect on me with singing and dancing. I have also featured many plays and musicals over the course of my years. Glee is like my dream. It’s the life that I seek and search for everyday, and I have watched all 5 seasons in about 2 weeks. That’s how much this show and cast inspires me. THANK YOU so much simply for what you guys do. Glee is changing lives, well at least for me it changed mine.

  13. jayven brandt

    I am 13, about to be fourteen but ill confess in real life i`m gay and being gay its hard cause kids make fun of me and tease me because i`m good at fashion and my only hobbies are performing especially singing dancing and acting and I know that you have a lot of choices to be considering people for glee but if you could just give me a chance I will show you that I am very talented and I will benefit this show

  14. Monique Barnachea

    My name is Monique Barnachea. I live in Ottawa, ON of Canada for 4 years now. Before then, I was in Philippines. I am 17 years old and that’s pretty much how long I have been singing and dancing. I loved Glee before but I love it even more since Charice P. appeared in the show. I am very passionate when it comes to singing. I want to prove to the people that have been saying being a music artist doesn’t count for much unless you are loaded. I want to perform in front of everyone. I would be honoured to be part of your amazing show.

    P.S. being popular isn’t really what I desire. I want to show them that I can sing and that it matters!

    Thank you!

  15. Chris Johnson

    Hello.. To the person who will be reading this and the people who comment before me move out my way. My name is chris a senior in high school, and I have dance for 4 years.! I sing on the choir at church and a little in the shower.! My dance is more drill and battle of the bands ! You guys really need me on glee, because I will do anything I want to win and will move anyone out the way to get it! So many people have there mind set on being someone who
    Has already cast on the show .! Why not be your self. I love to dress and I’m
    Like that everyone will love to see every week because they will be ready to see what’s going to happen next.!

  16. melissa Richards

    Hi I’d like to try for glee. I love to sing and dance and play the guitar. I’m seventeen eighteen in October and music really is my passion

  17. Tayla Choice

    Fox Team- Glee
    I am 19 from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I am a Classical Cross-Over singer.
    I recently attended an audition in front of Kellie Dickerson, Dean Bryant and Geoff Castles they encouraged me to do only ‘professional shows and classes’ from now on. They all agreed i need to leave Newcastle ASAP and become a seasoned professional. They were very encouraging and couldn’t believe my age and vocal quality, stamina and maturity. They were very impressed with my performance of 14G. I am beginning to look for agents however, I thought what a brilliant opportunity now to contact your production team.
    I know my look, sound, acting and dance skills would bring something new to glee, that would be accepted and unique + bring in a new bunch of audience members that would add to the millions of viewer and support the show even more.
    I can provide recordings and images, plus some acting if you need. I’m happy to use your script and send via email, my audition tape.
    I have began to put my foot in the door in with Australian Musical Theatre and Opera names and companies however, it’s proving hard to launch my career in Australia.
    I really do believe I can bring something new to your show. My nature is very determined and I won’t stop trying until I succeed.

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to audition or converse thoroughly over email or phone.

  18. Aaron

    Glee is my all time, hands down, with out a doubt, favorite show!!!! I love glee and the way it has made me laugh, smile, cry and every other motion in between, it would literally be my biggest dream ever to be a part of the thing that makes me so happy!!!!! I’m a good dancer and an exceptional singer, with a great attitude and a friendliness like no other!!!!

  19. Tayla

    Fox (Glee) Team;

    I am 19 from Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I am a Classical Cross-Over singer.
    I recently attended an audition in front of Kellie Dickerson, Dean Bryant and Geoff Castles they encouraged me to do only ‘professional shows and classes’ from now on. They all agreed i need to leave Newcastle ASAP and become a seasoned professional. I am beginning to look for agents however, I thought what a brilliant opportunity to contact your production team.
    I can provide recordings and images, plus some acting if you need. I’m happy to use your script and send via email, my audition tape.
    I have began to put my foot in the door in Australia with some big names however it’s proving hard to launch my career so young. I really do believe I can bring something new to your show. My nature is very determined and I won’t stop trying until I succeed.

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to audition or converse thoroughly over email or phone.

  20. jay gil

    Hello there! name is Jay i live in Florida I’m 30 years old but i look much younger. I think i could be a great addition to glee since I’ a musical theater fanatic i love singing, dancing, and i know i could pull this off. I know once you give me a chance i will not let you down. Thank you for your time!

  21. Isabel felicia

    I think. That I.should be the member cast of.glee club. Bacause:
    1.I am a DIVA
    2.I have a incredible.voice
    3. I am a 12 year old Turning. 13 year old girl
    4. I love dancing

  22. Alexis walden

    Hello, my name is Alexis Walden. I live in Miami Florida. I am a singer(since age 5) and phenomenal actress, I am in a few bands, and have done improv shows in Miami with comedians. I have also been in multiple dance groups starting at the age of 13(precious pearls). I can be your next glee act because I can give the show factors that it’s missing. I am a team player, love meeting with other talented people, and I want to bring something new to the table as well. You can find me on or please check me out. Thanks, Alexis k. walden email : <hidden from public>

  23. onishea thomas

    Hay my name is onishea i am really nothing special but i can ensure you i have this passion for acting and movies and music especially music . I have dreams like everyone else here but i from a small country name Trinidad and Tobago and i may not get to go acting or dancing school because my mom hate it but i want to show people that no matter what dreams come through and i know and hope that you guys at least , even if i can not be on glee (one of my dreams) give me words of encouragement thank you :D , i’m 16 years old by the way and i love the show

  24. Kaitlyn Antonmarchi

    Hello , I’m Kaitlyn ! I’m 16 ? Turning 17 in September ! I absolutely Love Glee ! I watch it Every time it’s on & I have always dreamed about being on the show! I Love singing it’s My passion and Dancing ! I sing & dance 24 hours a day , 7 days a week , all the time ! I would really love this opportunity not only to express my singing and dancing , but the opportunity to be on my favorite show. I Believe I have what it takes to be on glee , I can also act really well ! I have been in a few plays , Talent shows , dance shows , sang the national anthem at my school games ! I would really love to be apart of glee !

  25. Amber Marie

    Reading all of these short biographies of artists and their talents, I realize that I am set apart from all these candidates. I have many of these attributes as well as others that I believe are needed to not only play a part in one of the best shows created, but to be a film artist as well. I do have experience with performing arts singing, instrument playing, and I have taken acting classes in college to better my performance, but what sets me apart is that I know how to incorporate my real life experiences into the picture itself. A Little about me- I am 21 years old from an outlying city of Seattle, WA. I can Sing multiple different styles of music, naturally, I can play piano and guitar with heart and soul, I also write music, songs, lyrics, instrumentals, I can sing a song that I can make up at the top of my head and make it sound like it has been rehearsed a thousand times. I know that every word and every thing makes a difference in what you do, so I am willing to take on the challenge And conquer it. For the past three years I have been a call center agent, but am now a hospital janitor and I am desperately looking to fulfill where I belong in the world of acting. I have experienced so much in my life, struggling to survive, I have through so many life changing moments, and nothing trumps the desperation and passion of a young mother in pursuit of not only her dreams, but the well being of her little angels. I am currently a college student, labor worker, fulltime mother, and aspiring actress and singer. If you can give me the chance to prove myself I will not let you down. I know that I will be an asset to your show and more. I have bypassed the chance once by not going to the glee project tryouts, but refuse to live with myself if I don’t make the biggest effort I can. I am willing to do anything to be cast on this show. Thank you for your consideration.

  26. Zach Munro

    Hey im Zach and 24 years old soon to be 25 have loved performing since was a toddler and love glee but would say im more of a dancer but do love to sing aswell and it would be one of my life time dreams to be in a great tv show like glee

  27. Maelynn Lowe

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello my names Maelynn or Mae for short. I’ve been singing ever since I could talk. I’m currently a Senior in High School in a little town in Northern Michigan. It’s always been a dream to me to have a career in the singing industry as I LOVE singing anything from Glee. I’m a HUGE fan of Glee and always will be! Ever since Glee came out, Rachel Barry, has been one of my idols as I’ve been told that I can sing just like her. I hope I get a part in Glee because it would be a HUGE honor to sing and perform with such an amazing group or people that have influenced me since day one! It would be an honor to get a message back saying I got a part!

    Thank You for your time,

    Maelynn Lowe

  28. Brandy Jean-Baptiste

    Hey, My name is Brandy. I’m 16 years old. I call myself “Duchess” as my stage name because when I listen to music and when I sing I feel so powerful. Being on Glee will mean so much to me. I’ve always had a passion for acting and singing and to be on a show where I get to do the things I love the most it just makes me happy. I would really like to show my talent and prove that belong in the performing arts world.

  29. Breanna Mathis

    To whom it may concern being on Glee not only would help you because of my amazing talent and of course love to sing from the heart. I over the years have had a pretty childhood and many other really rough spots but of course also amazing ones like my two beautiful children, and my knight in shining armor my wonderful husband that rescued me. when I sing I sing from the heart because of using my life experiences to help me truly sing from the heart through my emotions. I have always been told that I have an amazing voice but have never truly been able to fully explore it I live in a very small beautiful country town in Montana and there’s not to much open environment for talent to spread there wings in talent. This would also help me achieve my dreams and fully come out of my shell & it would help my family to be inspired by there mommy/wife in always going for your dreams and never stop trying no matter what. I am 25 a stay at home mom my husband works in North Dakota on the oil rigs and a local bails bond shop when he’s home when I was in High school I was a bad girl who got in trouble a lot but also was friends with just about everyone I was a party kitten and could truly shine in acting due to being able to relate to my life situations and experiences. I love doing things with my family and going to the gym I hope you will consider this country girl thanks for your time. Sincerely Bree (Montana girl 4 ever, where true country girls/boys and music are made!)

  30. Grace Clarke

    Hello Casting Directors,
    My name is Grace Clarke and my dream is to be apart of the Glee cast. I will be eighteen in October and Glee is my favorite show. I have performed in numerous plays and showcases throughout my high schools years at the local theatre in my town. I absolutely love performing on stage for an audience. I wish my school had a Glee club because it is a club that I would love to be apart of. My passion is singing and it would be a dream come true to perform with the cast of Glee. I believe that I would be an excellent addition to the cast because of my theatre experience and my ambition of following my dreams. The characters all follow their dreams of stardom and never give up and this is why I would be the perfect fit for this show. I would love the opportunity of auditioning and getting the chance to show you my talent. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
    Grace Emily Clarke

  31. Grace Clarke

    My name is Grace Clarke, I will be 18 in October 2014, and my dream is to perform and act with the cast of Glee! Glee would be the best opportunity for me to be apart of. My passion is singing and I have performed in numerous plays and showcases at a local theatre in my town. I absolutely love being on stage and performing in front of an audience. Glee is my favorite show because all the actors follow there dreams and never give up. To be apart of the Glee cast would be a dream come true for me!

  32. Whitney Houser

    Hi, I’m Whitney. I’m 15 years old, almost 16. I told my mom that if she let me audition for Glee, then I didn’t want anything else for my birthday.
    I’m more like the Mike Chang who can’t really sing, but I’m a good actress.
    Why I think I should be on Glee?
    I think I should be on Glee because I have been following Glee for a while. It’s picked me up when I was at my lowest. Especially when Santana “came out” to her Abela. It helped me with my parents and friends. I know what it’s like to be an outcast or an underdog. Always being at the top of the middle school/high school target list. Well, I’ve never been slushied before.
    I’ve always wanted to act on tv and in movies. I know it’s not a very likely dream to happen. 1 in a million, right? It’s every bodies dream to be rich and famous… I just want to act because I love it. I love being able to ecsape reality and be someone else, get away from all of my drama and problems, and be someone else. Glee, I think, is the best show for the underdogs. I think I can do good on this show if I got the chance.

  33. Chloe

    I’m a school leaver just turned 16 and always enjoyed singing. Would love the opportunity

  34. Victoria Blundell

    Hello I am Victoria Blundell and I am 16 years old. I have enjoyed the arts since I was a little girl (about 3 years old) and have never stop since. I have been involved in school dance shows and performances since I was 8. I love singing with all my heart. I never want to stop improving as you can always get better. I am from a small town in England and I wish to become an actor. I hope you consider me for a role in glee as I am a newly turn gleek. There is no small parts just small actors.

  35. Rhyas Muse

    HI, my name is rhyas muse and I think that I would be a good choice for any role I think it would be an honor to work with the cast so here is some info about me:
    height:5’9 or 6’0
    age: 13
    body type: athletic
    eyes: brown
    race: African American
    and if there is any other info please feel free to email me and ill give you my number

  36. Tyquarius Tucker

    I’ve always loved music and all the unique things you can do with it and how it moves people and tells a story. I beleive that singing comes from with in you it’s not something you pay for or learn to do it’s deep inside your soul.The first time I ever song was in chruch ,and you see I live in the inner city of Miami so we don’t have the best speakers and instruments but what did have we used, when I first song the reaction of the church surprised me I didn’t believe it how can this be coming from me. I song his eye is on the sparrow and the church loved it. I know I’m not the best Singer but what matter is the soul and power in how I sing and the melody of it I believe that I believe I can contribute to Glee

  37. Wallace Goode

    Hello I am a junior in high school and I have been acting and singing since I was little. It is my dream to one day become an actor plus I love to sing, I have a bass/ baritone voice range and love to express it. I have recently been watching Glee and I love it! At my school I am part of the choir club and acting club and would love to join the glee cast!

  38. catharen stiles

    I am an aspiring singer, songwriter, and writer and actress. I’m 19 years old and I have been singing since the age of seven. Theres nothing id love more then to reach my dreams.

  39. Verkarra Adkins

    Hi my name is Verkarra. I am a teenage girl. Music and anything that deals with music is my life. I watch Glee all the time. Just having the privilege to type this is amazing. God has blessed me with an amazing voice and amazing talents. The reason why you should pick me is that I try my very best. No one except God can stop me from doing what I am very passionate about. I am young (16) but I am very smart and been through a lot in life and God and music has brought mW through it. Just for people to know my talents is a blessing in itself . Thank You and have a blessed day.

  40. Victoria haase

    My name is victoria. I am 13. I have always dreamed of being on tv. I am a dancer and a singer. And u would love to show you what I can do

  41. Unique Kamille

    Hi, I am Unique Kamille, which is my stage name, I am a 17 year old who loves to sing. I have been in 3 honors choirs and a total of 10 choirs. I also take vocal lessons, been in a play, and I am a YouTube singer. I absolutely love to sing!:)

  42. Kelcey Nicholas


    My name is Kelcey Nicholas, I am 21 years old and reside on the East coast. I think I would be a good fit for glee because Im nice, hard working, outgoing and I love to sing. I would love to be considered!!

  43. Marko Dobrasinovic

    I’ve always wanted to on glee and I really love singing and acting and it’s been a dream of mine

  44. Ebony Gregg

    Hello, i’m Ebony Gregg. I’m 15 years old and would love to be considered for this. I go to a singing, acting and dance school and have always wanted to go into something which involved all 3. I am very passionate about my singing and would love the world to see my passion and in courage others to follow their dreams :)

  45. Iris Juršetić

    10.I’M NOT SHY
    13. .I ADORE TO TALK
    14. I’M A DIVA :D


  46. Savannah

    Hello or dear is such a cliche way to start. Then again, so is this. Depends on the point of view if it is cliche or not. Anyways…Greetings is too preppy. There is no proper way to start a story. I learned from a camp counselor, who wrote her own song,”Life is a story, a story to be told. A story to live and a story to grow old.”
    That’s a nice way to start, isn’t it?
    Well, after that, then it’s okay to say hello.
    My name is Savannah Johnson. I’m 13 going on 27. I look 17, says all of my friends. I think its a nice way of saying I look old. Let’s see, why I want to be on Glee. Glee has been a voice for anyone who has that single dream of acting or singing, being on that stage or on that screen or over the radio stations, it is their voice. I didn’t have a voice when I was younger, growing up with an older brother with Down syndrome (much like Beckie’s case) and being the middle child. I took care of my siblings. I like to think of myself as a Sam mixed with Sugar mixed with Rachael. Acting is where I got my voice. Took me eight years to find it, but I did. The reason I want to be on Glee is because that voice that was hidden inside taking forever to come out, Glee is where the world would be able to see that I am here, this is who I am, and performing is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I am The Princess That Never Grew Up. I always got bullied, but performing is where no one could ever, EVER tease me, because I am pretty good, if I do say so myself.
    Now for the actual show statistics, I’ve been in Drama Club, second year going on, I’ve been in (takes 10 minutes to count) eleven shows over two states, somehow landing supporting and lead roles, I’ve been in two talent shows, and I’ve even helped write a show.
    And now for a final statement. The experiences I’ve had while acting are amazing from having popcorn thrown at me to a cancer survivor telling me his life story. I’m not in this for the fun of it, or the career starter (though that would be amazing,) I would want to be in this to show everyone who ever watched/watches Glee that everyone is a flower. You just have to find the right time to blossom. And when you do, let the storm rage on, because the cold will never bother you anyway.

  47. Iris Juršetić

    I’m Iris and I come from Croatia! I will be seventh grade this year so I am 13 years old (some people say that I look like I am 18 years old) I adore singing and I won couple of competition in singing! I was a member of a dancing studio for eight years and I’m pretty good in it! I have got rhythm ( at least thats what all my friends and family say) My english is very good and my english teacher says I’m super in it. Rachel Berry in Glee is my favourite singer and my friends say I am very similar with her(I wear crazy outfits, have great voice and I am very open person, always ready to talk) I always wanted to be a singer and an actor and right now I’m crying because I’m so happy that I can say my crazy ideas to someone! I can see myself standing like a member of Glee. At least if you dont choose me I would really like to send some video of my singing so that at least I know if I’m really that good or not!

  48. merycal (miracle)

    I’m 17 years old I’ve been singing since I was 9 and I love to sing I live in a small town called Statesboro in Georgia I really hope you consider me!!

  49. Esther Bolarinwa

    I am 18 years also. Please I will be so glad if it works. Thanks

  50. Esther Bolarinwa

    I would like to be part of it because I have the passion for singing especially in groups. I will be so excited if ds cast can help me start my career.

  51. Angela

    Hi my name is Angela I’m 23 years old I really love Glee I really want to be on it maybe as a Cheerio or a extra I have a learning disability I wish to be a actress one day. I hope someone from Glee lets me be on the show.

  52. Chris Ervin

    Hello, I am Chris Ervin I am a freshman in high school (13 almost 14 years old) starting next month. I have dreamed of having a job in singing since I was 8 years old. Recently I have started watching glee and I am currently on season 3! If I did end up in the show 1) I would die from the excitement! And 2) I may need to got to Booty Camp! I am a horrible dancer. :P I haven’t been in anything acting wise except for a small acting role in drama class last year. But this summer I have been practicing to audition for Shrek the Musical.

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