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  1. Anna paintin

    Hey! My name is Anna Paintin I’m 16 years old and live in England, the reason I would love to be on Glee is because the show itself sums me up perfectly, dramatic, funny, cheesy in the best way possible and just fun. I sing, act and can dance. I was the lead in my school musical at my last high school, the show we did was ‘Bugsy Malone’ I played ‘Blousey’. Glee is my all time favourite tv series because of how down to earth and diverse it is. I am I huge fan of nearly every song the cast have performed. I really hope I get to hear from you.

  2. Christina

    Hello, hello!

    My name is Christina and here is a slam poem as to why I’d be perfect for Glee:

    A small town girl livin’ in this lonely world
    Glee is the reason I strive to be
    I sing, I dance, I act
    All to showcase my inner Queen C
    Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Blaine
    All the reasons I stay sane
    Growing up in Illinois
    And being part of a Middle Eastern family has been fun for me
    Especially because I can see
    Diversity in the world, on this planet
    Here I write for you to give me a place on this show filled with humans
    From all over this space
    Nice, funny and smart I know
    Glee is my life and my show

  3. Burgandy Williams

    Hi ya! I’m Burgandy from Atlanta. I have laughed and cried from the very first episode. Singing and acting is my life. I’m good at what I do and at bringing Glee to others. You can hear me sing at I’m totally lovably plush. ;-) Even if for one show, it would make my year and then someto be apart of such an epic show.

  4. Stephanique Moore

    Hi. My name is Stephanique Moore and I’m 22 years old. I love glee. I loved glee from da first season and I still do. I feel like I would be perfect for this show because I have a beautiful voice and I want to become an actor. I’ve been singing from I was 5 in my church choir and I’m just getting better. I really hope you would look at my comment and call me for an audition.

  5. Delphi Freeman

    I’m a third generation, San Francisco Bay Area Native! Wahoo Go Niners Go Giants!!! Yeah, you might find me down at Union Square with my #Taylor guitar singinging to the homeless people or who knows, maybe the homeless be singin’ to me… True story. Lol well why should you cast me for Glee?? It would be the best move you’ve made in forever! I’m lovable, likeable, I can rap.. occasionally in the middle of songs.. :p but that’s not the best part . I can cover most songs pretty decently.. (So my twitter and instagram fans say… ) I’ve been playing music since I was born. I’m a multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter. Yeah, so I know everybody sings,dances, and can “sort of” write a catchy tune. What if I told you that I have a full arsenal of “hits” ready to launch and explode? :D it’s my hope and dream to meet Adam Anders… I think he’ll like me, a lot!

  6. Hank Fletcher

    Hi, so my name is Hank, and I have been singing since I was I was able to sing. I’m 14 years old; to be 15 in February. I have short-ish hair. I dye it the color of Jayma Mays’ hair. But it is naturally a dark brown. I weigh 226 lbs. I am a bit obese. I have brown eyes. I live in Portsmouth, Ohio. I should be in glee, because I know what it feels like to be in a small city, where hope and dreams go away. Portsmouth is at the top at the list when it comes to drugs. Plenty of that here. I’m going to be a freshman. I have been in two musicals, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Sleepy Hollow. Both at my local theatre. I have been in foster care twice in my life, the first time being because my mom never cleaned, and the house was disgusting. Was in foster care 3 months. The second time, because my mom was coming meth and selling it from the basement. I was in foster care 18 months. My mom is on ssi and food stamps. Ever since I was little, I wanted to entertain people. Wanted people to see me, hear me sing.I wanted to act. I love glee. It’d be ideal for me to be on the show. You can get back to me on the email provided or at  <hidden from public> . IfiI can get an answer, I can send a video tape of me singing and acting. I wanna be the new Rachel Berry, considering I act just like her. And Jayma Mays had been my favorite actor for some time. I will do anything it takes. Thank you <3 -Hank

  7. Jeremy McIntyre

    Hello there! My name is Jeremy McIntyre and yes, I have an email address is still a hotmail account…pretty ancient I know, haha! Anyway, we’ll get the usual stuff out of the way first; Yes, I’m a huge fan of the show, of course I’ve been watching since season 1 ep 1, love everything about it! I know you’re tired of hearing that, but I figured I’d get it out of the way first. :-) I am someone who has been singing all my life and loves to sing! I’m a pretty rational person and I believe I have a good voice, so I’m pretty confidant that I can hopefully brand myself “a singer” as it were, but that will ultimately be up to you guys haha! My repertoire includes songs from many types of artists from Groban to Buble, Maroon 5 to Imagine Dragons, Broadway styles to R&B styles etc.; As I was a college music student, I am vocally trained but I’m not a stickler for any one style. My passion comes within the versatility of any and every style of music. I have a lot of experience in acting, and I am very good at picking up dance moves in a short amount of time and remembering them, this thanks to my several school musicals and my multiple “old school” pop music dance videos that, yes, I did own at one time. I have a pretty well developed inner rhythm too so that helps as far as learning dances go. Oh, also, I am 27, but don’t write me off just yet! I am willing to play any age of person I possibly can. I know that Lea, Mark, Amber, Dianna, of course Cory (rest in peace) and other cast members are close to my age, so I’m sure I could pull off a younger age if needed. I love glee for being racially diverse. I am a mixture of Black Jamaican and Caucasian American and I am so proud of my mixture of races.

    I heard that glee is looking for a “shy guy with a good voice” type and I could definitely fill those shoes. I used to be shy in elementary school so I have that background to draw from. I have a wide range of skills and am willing to sing and learn anything given to me and do it in a short period of time! Just message me if anything I’ve said works for you! Thanks for reading! Looking forward to GLEE’s continued outcome however things go!

    *R.I.P. Cory Monteith!*

  8. Justine Galanza

    i love glee but as much as i want to audition i can’t.
    im from philippines and im 17 years old.
    im not a huge fun but i can sing and dance and act.

    more power glee.

  9. Sarah

    My name is Sarah, I’m 21, almost 22, from Columbus, Ohio.
    Everyone will give their special characteristics as to why they should be apart of Glee.
    I’ll tell you I can lay anything on the table.
    Glee taught me that giving up IS an option, but why give up when you can keep going?
    I strive for my dreams, no matter how hard, or how frustrating they can get.
    That’s why I fee like I should be on Glee.

  10. stephanie

    I would love to be on glee because I’m an 18 year old girl from Scotland. I’ve had the life experience of a 30 year old. I’ve battled through depression, anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been bullied at school because of the way I look expecially because I am a big girl. I think glee is all about being accepted as who you are no one is discriminated and everyone is welcome. I love singing and performing although I am far from the best singer out there I feel if I was casted in glee I would love to play someone with mental illness like depression anxiety and panic attacks as glee has not had that yet and I feel alot of people would relate to that and maybe get rid of the stigma that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your illness and to seek help no one deserves to feel like that! X

  11. Leann

    Hi my name is Leann I am 15 and I live in ohio and ever since glee first came out I couldn’t stop watching it and I’ve always wanted to be in glee all my music in my phone is glee covers and I love to sing so I wanted to audition ex specially since it is the last season of glee hopefully it’s not the past tho so please can u give me a call my number is <hidden from public> 

  12. Asia Perry

    My name is Asia Perry, I’m 24 years old, and I live in the great city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a definitely a songbird and want to make a career of voice. I’m exploring different avenues to get some exposure and I believe Glee would be the perfect opportunity for me. I recently auditioned for American Idol in Long Island, New York, but was turned away from the competition. Judges say my voice was strong but they weren’t looking for a jazzy/ soulful type voice for his season…whatever that’s supposed to mean. Since then, and greater fire has been lit inside of me. I believe my voice was meant for something much greater, and I will take advantage of every opportunity afforded to me. All my life, my family and peers have encouraged me to compete, but I never felt like I was good enough. BUT I AM READY AND WORTHY. I have much work to do, but with no vocal training whatsoever, my voice has come a very long way and I’m proud of myself. Please give me a chance. I have so much to prove and I just want to share my story and my voice with the world…because I’m not scared anymore. I have so much to sing about.
    Thank you

  13. Asia Perry

    My name is Asia Perry and I’m 24 years old. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I absolutely love to sing. It truly is like a fire burning on the inside of me. I’m am very passionate about my gift and working harder every day to perfect my craft. I have had no vocal training whatsoever, and am still teaching myself new things and always experimenting with my voice. I recently auditioned for American Idol in Long Island, New York and was turned away from the competition. Judges say my voice was too strong and that they weren’t looking for jazzy/soulful/ R&B type voice this season…whatever that’s supposed to mean. Before then, and since then, I have been motivated even more to get myself some exposure. My family and friends have always wanted me to compete for different shows, but I never thought I was good enough. It wasn’t until I became and American Idol reject, that I saw something greater within myself. Glee would be an awesome experience and great opportunity to show myself, the world, and all who doubted me, THAT I AM DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.
    Thank you!

  14. Máriam

    Hello! How are you?
    My name is Máriam and I am 19 years old. I am from Spain but I can speak English. I am in an artist school where I am learning to sing better. I study English. You can see how I sing here ‘ ‘ and ‘ ‘
    I also go to drama classes here in Spain. I think I could be perfect for Glee.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  15. Michael Kelly

    Hi, so my name is Michael Kelly. I am 16, a junior in high school, and from Cleveland, Ohio. I began watching Glee in January and have watched every single episode. I’m currently re-watching it now. I’m on season 2 episode 10. I love Glee. It is my favorite show. I really appreciate how diverse glee is and all of the good messages it sends. It has inspired me and taught me that it is okay to just be me, which I think is one of the most important messages that today’s youth can learn. It gives comfort to so many people in so many different situations that have been portrayed on the show, including me. I have been able to relate to this show so much, especially being in high school, I know what it’s like.

    I think I would be a good addition to Glee. Whether I be just an extra, or something more. I would love to be a part of this amazing, inspirational, and iconic show anyway possible. It would be an honor and a dream come true.

    I’ve been interested in theater ever since I was a little kid. I would put write and put on plays with my cousins and siblings in our basement for our parents. I have been involved in school theater for 3 years now. This year will be my fourth. I first tried out for my school play in 8th grade. I was always the quiet kid in school, so my teachers were very surprised. The show was Winnie the Pooh and I was cast as Rabbit. To this day whenever I see the teacher moderators who directed the show, they tell me how “shocked” they were to discover my “hidden talent”.
    I also love to sing. I sing in the car, the shower, and wherever I can. Something unique I think I can bring to Glee, is my talent of Irish Dancing. Glee has done so many dance numbers, and so many different types of dancing over the years, but never Irish Dancing. I’ve been dancing for 10 years now, I compete, and have done about 100 shows. Many of these shows are at nursing homes, I might add.

    I hope you consider me. Thank you very much.

    Michael Kelly

  16. Peyton Adair Nelson

    Hi, my name is Peyton and I am 16 years old. I have been singing since I have been able to speak. I have been watching Glee from the very first episode that aired on May 19th, 2009. Glee has literately changed my life extremely. Every time I am have the most awful day at work, or school, I come home and watch Glee. Then my mood immediately changes. There’s just something absolutely amazing about Glee that changes my mind in a matter of seconds. I’ve always dreamed of being on Glee every single day since it has been on. I would even be happy just to be an extra walking down the hallways of McKinley. Darren and Chris have really changed the way that I look on life. They show me that I can be anything I want to be. That I can be proud of who I am inside. Although I have always dreamed on being on the show, there’s always a slight problem: I live in Iowa. Most people don’t come anywhere near Iowa for auditions. I could always do an audition through Skype, or I’d drive a million miles to be on Glee. That’s how much this audition would mean to me. I would love to audition and show you my extraordinary talent that I have. Show you my passion for singing and for Glee. Please consider me for this. I would never be happier in my whole lifetime. :) Thank you.

  17. Anjalyna

    Music’s my life and my dream. Theres nothing else I want! Thats the one thing I dream about doing. Ive been a singer since I was 3. Honestly. I know if I get an opportunity I would work my ass off to keep it.

  18. Adam Gravestock

    I’m Adam, I’m 14 but I think I should be on the show because, though the character Alex plays is female, it’s a drag roll, nothing wrong with drag, but I’m transgender, which means I was born female but now live as male, since the age of 7 I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a guy, I was bullied so badly. I love glee cause it gave me the strength when I was Kurt come out as gay to say to everyone “yes I’m different!” And be proud of it, I’m a body popper and love to dance, I’ve been singing since forever, I write all my own music and have written over 20 decent songs, I was recently in the recording stuidio, creating my first single, I’m very proud of what I have done so far. I would love to chance to prove age or gender really doesn’t matter, because it’s about the person on the inside, I am a outcast! And I love it.

  19. Gabrielle Brown

    How can I become famous? I know this question has been asked many time, but I really determine to achieve this goal to be on glee no matter what I speak from the heart. Well here’s just a little information about me. My name is Gabby short for Gabrielle and I am 13 (14 on November 13) I ‘ve been looking almost everywhere trying to find my passion and dream but I have yet to find my answer, I’ve been singing all my life,dancing for 1 year so far hip hop,jazz,and ballet. I am 5″5, I have brown eyes, brown hair, I weight 111#,I have 20/20 vision.i would really like to be an inspiration to others and who knows, even make a difference in someone’s life maybe even an animal life. Well what I trying to say is I’m not just another girl wanting to be famous I’m that girl who wants to make a difference in the world even I someone’s life. I just need a little help and was wondering if you can help me achieve my dream if so please email me a <hidden from public> thank you

  20. Dasia Lucas

    My name is Dasia Lucas and I think you should consider me to be on season six of glee because I have been singing and advancing since the age of 5 and also every solo I have auditioned for I have gotten with my voice I know everything there is to know about glee from season 1 to season 5 and also I think I would be a great addition to the show

  21. Elizabeth

    Hi my is Elizabeth and I am 16 years old. ever since I was 3 years old I’ve dreamed of being an actor and musician in fact I’ve singing my whole life. I love glee, for the longest time I thought I had to be someone I’m not but ever since I started watching the show I realized that it doesn’t matter what other people think of me all that mattered was what I thought of myself. I go to a performing arts high school and I love it, it kind of feels like a second home to me. For the longest time nobody believed that i could accomplish my dream except for the one person who means the world to me, my daddy. Because of my dad I believe in myself. I want to express myself to the world and show other just like me you can do anything you set your mind to all you have to do is work hard at it and believe you can do it

  22. Makenzi allen

    Thank you for your time:)

  23. Makenzi allen

    Hi I’m makenzi allen a inspired 13 year old ready to take a chance and use my talents to get to the next level. Ever since I was 6 years old ive wanted to be a singer. Singing is my passion and my inspiration. The first time I saw a broadway show (wicked) I new that would be me someday. I live in a small town in California called chico the first play I ever preformed in was Annie. It was so much fun!! I would like to preticipate in glee because I love to sing and the show is amazing! I even told my mom that I was going to start a glee program when I got to high school :) so I hope u consider me in the journey of becoming a rising star:) -I’m young but commited

  24. Mark

    Hey, my name is Mark Herma. Singing is my passion, and being famous is my destiny!
    I am about to be 21 years old in 14 days, i am 5’10″ and i just look, sound, and have the personality of a star, and of glee.
    Every time i watch the show i feel like i am a part of it and i just want to get up and sing and dance along with them!
    I have been singing since i was 4, and involved in some kind of music ever since i was in the 2nd grade whether it being musical theatre, Acapella choir, and show choir.
    I have gone places, i have done things. I sang at Carnegie Hall and Ground Zero in 2004 and in 2009 and 2010 i was asked to do IMTA 3 times.
    I have a strong presence, a strong personality, i’m a natural leader, honest, caring, talented, loud, energetic, and fun. i would be a great addition to glee!
    Please consider me, and if you are interested please contact me. I’d LOVE to hear from you!
    Thanks, Mark.


    I forgot the most important part im 13 and iryana is 12

  26. alexis seals

    hey!!! my name is Alexis Seals, and I think well I know I should be apart of glee. one because I know everything about glee, and i’m the biggest gleek hands down no matter anyone else says. I might not have long hair like all the other girls but I got some, and just because u have long hair doesn’t mean u should be on the show. also I know like almost ALL the glee songs and dances. my favorite song is ALL of the songs, and my favorite dance(s) is who run the world, bust your windows, toxic(season 5), come see about be and many more. I can do anything I want no matter how hard it is because when I first watched bust your windows, I was like ain’t no way I can do this then I said ill try. the only reason I tried was because glee did it and one of my favorite characters was in it, Brittany. I don’t give up on my dreams and things really want to do. I can also sing very well, and so can my cousin Iryana Brown. she’s also a big fan. we also already got our glee life planned our. we both black, but on glee iryana and Santana are sisters. they are my cousins on my mom side. me and Brittany are sisters because we have the same dad. we also be putting ourselves into performances on glee and dances.

  27. Cameryn Johnson

    Hi. I’m 15 years old and I want to have a career as a singer. I’ve heard that it is usually easier to have a successful music career if you have a background of acting. Plus I have been watching Glee for a few years. I started late because I kept missing them on fox (I was very busy with homework most of the time) so I caught up on Netflix and watched about 3 seasons in a week. This show really inspires me a lot and it even actually helped me get over my stage fright. But to be honest I think the most important thing to me is that it introduced me to some really great bands and musicians and some really REALLY great songs.

  28. LaShawn McGee

    Hello, my name is LaShawn McGee. I am 18 years old and just getting out of high school and ready to start my journey though life. Ever since I was a young boy, dancing, singing, and acting has been my joy, love, and life. I live everyday waiting and wondering if an opportunity will ever come around. Where I’m from, things like showbiz and making it big in the entertainment world doesn’t happen. There’s not enough hope and support because people usually become parents at a young age and live the rest of their lives working at a fast food restaurant or retail store because they didn’t believe in themselves or anyone else. I never could afford big acting camps and vocal lessons and stuff like that. My family always told me that a career in acting and performing is unrealistic because they didn’t have enough hope. I took a few courses in high school and took dance lessons whenever opportunity arose. I don’t know anything, other than, performing. It’s been my ambition since the age of 10. I have watched every episode of Glee. Rachel is my life inspiration. She is me in a woman’s body. The way she doesn’t let anyone tell her that she can’t do something, and will do anything to prove them wrong. I have set goals for 8 years now and plan on achieving and accomplishing these goals. I will not give up! And if you consider me for a part, for an opportunity, I promise I will not let you down or make you doubt your decision. You guys would not be disappointed. Thank you for your time. – LaShawn.

  29. kettly soivilien

    Hello, Im kettly soivilien and Im 20 years old and a sophomore in college I should be considered because singing is my life. Ive been singing since I was child church, in front of people and also drama in high school I was part of beauty and the beast and although I auditioned late I earned a spot and all my fellow peers heard my voice and thought it was beautiful. I always thought that glee was a great show the songs and cast really blend to make beautiful harmony. And ive always wanted to be apart of something like that. I have the passion, talent, and commitment.

  30. Kangwa Mutale

    Hello, my name is Kangwa Mutale, I’ve been a huge fan of the Glee show since it first premiered. I’m 16, I sing, act and dance. I’ve been acting since I was around 4 years old, and when I moved schools, I expanded my acting ability even more because of the many roles I started to take on. I then started taking Drama as a subject and have ever since. I later joined the choir, and this is where I discovered my ability to sing. I’ve been trained vocally for 4 years now and take music as a subject, and I’ve been in 2 festivals where I got a diploma and an honors award, as well as 1 talent show where I sang. I’ve been in 2 musicals, 3 plays (as a lead actor), I was in my schools glee club for a year before it got disbanded. My dancing started when I did my two musicals, and then later in high school i joined the dance competition and I’ve been taking dance since then. I would love to be on glee as it is such an inspiring show that has helped me and my close friends (who also watch the show) going through high school, I would also love to be included in the cast for whatever role is available for a 16 year old male, as I passionately love to sing, act and dance, and I hope one day to pursue my passions as a career.

  31. Emily Stinnett

    I love to sing. I’d enjoy being an extra as there are plenty of talented people on here for main roles. The reason I’d love to be on Glee is I love to sing, dance, and perform. My desire has always been to be up on stage in some form, and I am huge on advocating for others. My type of advocating is usually done on Facebook, and in person, attempting to teach others how to have compassion on those different from us. I actually used to be LDS and left because of many personal reasons but one was I couldn’t stand how people different than those in the church were treated. I’m about loving others and have loved the way everyone is given their time to shine on Glee. Thank you so much for being a voice for others and I know that this show has brought huge changes and I’d love to be apart of that, even if it’s a small role. Thank you for your anti bullying movement and creating such a positive show. It has amazing lessons. Plus I can’t help but sing and dance to the songs. It’s so much fun!

    Also I live close to LA, am mature (28) with a young looking face, and would love to see what it’s like to be on Glee. Thank you for your time.

  32. Matt

    Hey I’m Matt. I’m a 21 year old college student from Maine and I’ve been a fan of glee from the first episode. I have been singing since middle school and performing since college. I have always wanted to be on glee and thought it would be a blast to work with such talented people!
    I recently read the description of a character looking to be casted and it sounds like a great fit for me. I believe he was described as “Mason, a twin who is a Cheerio who appears gay but is certainly not.” Well I am straight, but my talking voice does give most people the impression that I am gay just because it isn’t as deep as a normal 21 year olds voice. It is kind of annoying in some instances, especially if it is a girl I like that thinks this. It does come in use though when I need to hit higher notes when singing. I am a Tenor 1, and don’t have very much dance experience but I am pretty good at following directions and picking up on dance moves. So when it comes to choreography, I won’t be a Harry or Jake by any means but I will definitely hold my own to try to be as good. I am a third degree black belt so I am disciplined and respectful. I also have a young looking “baby” face, so I could pass as a high schooler.
    I am very serious about this opportunity. I believe if there is anyone who could bring this character to life it would be me. I have determination, dedication and passion for singing and what this show stands for. That’s why I have been loyal from the beginning. I hope this comment submission works. I’ve always said, ” I could be on that show.” Well I see my opportunity and I hope I get the chance to show you that I am the person you are looking for to fill this role and bring this character to life.

  33. Alexis Genareo

    Hello I’m alexis Genareo I’m from a town of 250 and I just graduated! You should consider me because I Love singing and acting and through glee I have learned that even though I’m not nor will I ever be popular I can stay happy because I love what I do! I have acted in many school shows and church programs as well as sing at graduation,banquets,prom,solos in school productions for choir, competed in competitions, and even won the Arian singing award. Plus I love to make people happy ad realize that life is worth loving!

  34. Kayla "Fay" Fainer

    My name is Kayla Fainer, though my friends and family have tagged me with the name Kayla Fay in my rather short career I’ve begun building for myself. I have been involved in musical theatre for quite some time, though I figure you’ve heard that quite a bit. I do not have very much experience in dancing, with only a season of Ballet, Jazz and Tap under my belt. That being said, I have an innate, raw talent for singing, which is best shown in example, That is a cover I did just last month of Gimme Gimme from Thoroughly Modern Millie. I am eighteen years old, attending the University of West Florida for a BFA in Musical Theatre. When you discover your passion, words can’t describe what it would mean to you to make your life all about that passion. It was a difficult decision for me to decide that I should make a career in Musical Theatre, considering the reputation its earned for being extremely challenging, difficult, with very slim chances. While I don’t expect to be chosen through a listing of just about 4,000 comments, I can say that I would bring the most dedication possible to the series. I’ve played Fantine in Les Miserables, Tanya in Mamma Mia! along with being in the ensemble of Pippin and other musicals. I have gone to competitions, scoring a Superior and a Critic’s Choice award at the District level and a Superior at the State level with the song Astonishing from Little Women. I’ve also taken part in National Society of Arts and Letters’ Musical Theatre Competition. I scored third place.I would love the opportunity to speak to someone about other experiences I’ve had and what I can offer.
    Thanks so much,
    Kayla Fainer

  35. Lauren Lippens


    I would love to be on Glee!! I have been singing since I was young and it is my ultimate passion! I love to share my singing on my soundcloud and youtube. I love to sing Disney, jazz, classical as well as more modern music. I have around 12 years of dance experience in tap, jazz and ballet as well as playing piano and accompanying for over 12 years. I think being in this film would be an absolute blast and I hope I get the opportunity to audition for you! Here is some of my singing if you’d like to have a listen.

  36. Faye Daniels

    So I have been watching glee for the past 3 years and I have dreamt of being on this show! I go to drama school. I also do dancing in a competition. This is my dream and I am happy to work with other people! My name is faye daniels and I am 10 years old and I have brown hair and 143 cm. Lea Michelle is my hero and I am determined to be able to be like her. I want people to notice me because my siblings are getting bullied and we want to shw them that they have got to stop. i hope yu choose me as this I do hip hop street dancing stunting and cheerleading ~ so I hope you choose me for this xx thanks faye

  37. Fia Moniko

    Fia Moniko
    -Indian descent
    -24 years old
    -extensive training working with grammy-winning producer Timothy Bloom, Millenium Dance Studio, Carolyne Barry acting classes
    -110 lbs

    Indians are starting to make a huge mark in Hollywood, and Glee has yet to feature a young, multi-talented Indian female in its show. I would love to be the first. Thank you very much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Fia Moniko

  38. Brianna

    Hi! I’m Brianna, I am 19 years old. I moved to Los Angeles this year to pursue a singing/acting career, I love to perform. I have been a fan of glee since the beginning, it premiered my freshman year of high school, so I feel like I sort of grew up with the characters. I am sad to see glee go after this season but I would LOVE to be a part of it! If you could please give me the chance to audition it would literally make my life! Thank you!

    Sincerely, Brianna LaBrier

  39. Naomi Ackie


    My name is Naomi Ackie and I’m 22 year of age. I’m a Black British actress and singer living and working in London. I would love to bring the unique British sound and style of performance to Glee. Glee is such an open forum for diversity and difference and that is the kind of work I enjoy doing the most.

    I classically trained at Central school of Speech and Drama and I am capable of working high comedy and drama (and every nuance in between). Since leaving two eyes ago I have been working on honing my professional acting career. Singing has always been a BIG portion of my life and in the past few years I have found my voice. My inspiration comes from British artists such as Adele and Corinne Bailey Rae, to current performers like Beyoncé and right through to old jazz singers such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few..

    I should be considered because I would represent an exciting identity which has not yet been represented within your shows. I have trained and performed on many mediums of performance and believe I know the style of performance you expect from your actors. All I need is the chance!

    Hope to hear from you :)

    Naomi Ackie

  40. Kirsty Long

    ever since i was 6 yrs old and my brother told be about the world of acting and it has been my destination in life. I am 15 yrs old and i turn 16 on Christmas-Eve 2014, I was born and raised in Ireland however my parents and my two older brothers are British. I joined stage school at the age of 11, since then we have had two major productions such as Anne/Camp Rock and Fame the musical. in these i have played some main roles. I love to sing and dance even if it’s on screen or in my sitting room. I am very loud and out-going but at first i may seem shy but as soon as you get to know me i can be very crazy. i am determined in every thing i do and push myself to breaking point and even out of my comfort zone.
    i do watch the show and i am not afraid to admit i have cried at some points, it would be an amazing experience to go on this and live my life long dream and i hope that you would even consider me.

  41. Brianna

    Hi! I’m Brianna and I am 19 years old, I have been a fan of glee since the beginning. I was a freshman in high school when it began so I feel like I sort of grew up with the cast. I just moved to Los Angeles this year to pursue a career in the entertainment business, I love to perform. I’m sad to see glee go after this season, but I would love to be apart of it, it’s been my dream to be apart of glee since it began. If you would please consider me for an audition I promise you wouldn’t regret it, I’m a fun, energetic person who gets along with everyone and I won’t disappoint you with my talent! It would make my life if I got this opportunity! Thank you guys so much!
    sincerely, Brianna LaBrier

  42. Bari Diamond

    Hi my name is Bari Diamond and I am a 25-year-old female. I like to think I have an awesome voice when I belt out tunes in the shower. I am in graduate school right now for Occupational Therapy, but I would love to be considered for a spot on Glee. I look younger than I am, I joke a lot, I can most definitely carry a tune, and I think I can dance (to answer the show’s question). I work well with the males (because I used to be one) and, as you can probably gather, I am super quirky. I work very hard and have distant acting skills from theater camp years ago. Put me in front of a camera and I’ll transform into whomever you want me to be. If you’re a bird I’m a bird. Please contact me if interested!

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