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  1. Ivanna Muncada

    hi my name is Ivanna and my dream is to be acting and singing.My experiences are very little but i can still sing and dance.I have been to many recitals,sang a hairspray song called I Know Where I’ve Been.That song is one of the best songs i have ever sung and also i have a little acting experience because i have only been in one play,but other than that please consider me in bieng on your shoe and by the way i’m 13 years old.

  2. Adam C

    Because I love music, singing and acting. My life has been a struggle, from being homeless to being let Down. The only thing I have is my Dream to become. That is why I should be casted

  3. lucy

    My name is lucy,
    I love to song and dance and just the performing part is the best part of it having fun doing whT I do best and what I love doing .
    Im 18 years , I was born in august 14, 1996 , and iam a senior in highschool :)

  4. Estella Webb

    Hi glee, I am Estella Webb.i am 9 years old.but I have Ben singing sense I was 2.i have been in many musicals in my area.i would play a good smart girl that has gone up to high school.i am a independant girl and I never stop intil I get to the top.i live in binghamton,ny. I have to adorable frount teeth,freckles purple hair, and a cute accent I can’t prounounce my R’s.So that is my information contact me my number is<hidden from public>  :)

    Female. I do hope you pick me but my dream always was and always will
    Blue eyes,purple hair,freckles. To sing
    4 foot
    9 years old

  5. Elisabeth Augustin

    I love glee and I love to sing and I feel that if I’m cast you won’t regret it but you will regret if you don’t at least give me a try

  6. Chrystal Haselett

    Hello, my name is Chrystal. I am 17 and a senior in high school. I have been in musical and play productions for the majority of my life. Acting and singing is something I love to do! I have an amazing singing voice and acting skills. And I’m good with lines. Glee, on a personal note has helped me through so many things throughout the years. Glee made me use music as an escape to my problams that I was having and going through. Glee made me see that it was okay to be a lesbian and know that I have people around me who support me. Glee gave me the inspiration to come out about it. So I thank Glee for being a lifesaver and I hope I get reccomended for this audition (:
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 197
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Hair: Black

  7. Chloe

    To the reader,

    My name is Chloe and I’m 16 years old. I have been performing with Stagecoach for 11 years this December. My passion is to perform, some people it’s just Singing or just Dancing or Acting, but my passion is all three. I’m currently studying Performing Arts – Musical Theatre. I’m an English student and I live just outside of London. If you consider me it would be a dream and I would be forever grateful. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  8. kendra blondell

    I have been singing all of my life its who i am what i’m best at you wouldn’t find anyone more passionate

  9. Kelvin Rodriguez

    Hi I’m Kelvin Rodriguez and I am 17 years old, and I am currently a junior in High School. I would love to be able to have the oppurtunity to audition and be apart of Glee. I have always dreamed of becoming an actor but never really had the courage to pursue it until now. I feel like Glee is just very real and really captures the essence of what high school is really like. You have your popular kids, band geeks, scene kids, and then you have kids like me who are just kind of in the background just trying to make friends and fit in. My father is in the military and I have to move around a lot and lately as I am getting close to the end of high school I am finding it harder to adjust and just have the motivation to put myself out there until now. I have been watching Glee from the beginning. The show is just amazing and I would love to be apart of it. Watching Glee has just given me the motivation to put myself out there and try new things such as acting and singing. No one really knows about my aspiration to do something in the show business except my mom and my two younger brothers. I hope I get the oppurtunity to audition and become apart of the Glee cast. Thank you for reading this and hopefully I will see you guys soon.

    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 181
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: Tan

  10. Tameka Charron

    Hi I’m Tameka,
    I’m 12 years old turning 13 on Sept 28.I (I don’t look 12/13 people tell me) I have red hair, I’m 5″5. I love to dance and sing Its my passion. I have been taking dance classes for 3 years,Hip-hop,jazz, jazz contemporary. Also drama classes, etc. I am an avid fan of Glee I watched every season and would love the opportunity to audition for this show! it would be a dreams come true!!Thanks

  11. Whitney

    Hello Glee ,
    My name is Whitney Calhoun . I am 23 years of age , a small town southern young lady in the sweet home of Alabama . I’ve always felt I was different , unique – like I don’t belong . See I have bigger dreams then anyone more I could remember . When your show first aired, I’ve never felt so connected with the show, I could relate to few of the characters and heck lets face it, they all had awesome vocals . Kind of set me in the mood of GREASE ( my all time movie ) . This show also helped me realize what I am capable of . I haven’t had experience with acting but I catch on quick and believe it or not I’ve been told I’m pretty good at acting , I also have great vocals … which I’ve certainly been told . I just hope that I’m able to get an opportunity like everyone else . Thank you for your time , Whitney .

  12. Heather Navedo

    Hello, my name is Heather Navedo. I am 22 years old, bilingual(English/Spanish) and I love to sing, dance and act. The reason I love Glee so much and have watched every season 3 times already is because Glee is REALISTIC and even though there may not be people singing randomly in high school, there are moments where you go through a certain emotion and you listen to a song and realize that the song you are listening to says exactly what you wish you could say or it matches your feelings perfectly, and so you find yourself closing your eyes and imagining yourself singing that song as if it were your own.

    Everytime i watch Glee I picture myself in the series. Watching Glee has helped me come to the realization that nothing is going to happen unless I put myself out there and give others the chance to see what i can do. My dream is to perform and entertain people the way Glee entertains me and many more. I really would love the opportunity to be a part of Glee before the series is over and it’s too late.

    Thank You
    Heather Navedo

  13. Denzel Clarke

    Hey my name is Denzel and singing is my life music drives me..its apart if my every being. I should be considered because I’m at my fullest potential when I’m conveying lyrics and songs to audiences. I’ve been through a lot of things and I now know that I’m ready for a challenge such as this , all someone really needs is 1 opportunity ,1 platform to showcase there talent and the rest is history…give me a chance and I promise you will not regret it …


    Hey my Name is Naomi and I’m 12 years old.
    I play piano,I sing and I dance Hip hop.
    I would like to be consided because I love to act and I love the Music.
    Hope I see you soon.

  15. Dylan Trindade

    Hi, my name is Dylan, and I would love to be considered for a role on Glee Season 6 because not only do I have a great attitude, but also a real heart for acting! I love to be on stage performing, directing, helping, etc…I believe I am perfect for this opportunity because I feel that I can be a different character for Glee. I may not necessarily be able to sing, but not all characters on the show have sang. And I would LOVE to be on my favorite show ever before it is off the air.

  16. Tayla Choice

    To the reader; My name is Tayla Choice, from Newcastle, NSW Australia.

    In 2012, I began studying at RIPA, (Regional Institute of Performing Arts). During my two years here I learnt a wide array of industry skills. Here is a small list of some classes included in the course; Theory & History, Voice, Dance, Film & TV, Production Skills, Music. I graduated in 2013 with an Advanced Diploma in the Arts, (Acting). Along side my Acting abilities is my musical talent. I have been singing for many years, in 2012 I achieved my Associate Diploma (ATCL), in Classical Singing with Australia’s top mark for that year, at the age of 17.
    I recently attended my first audition in Sydney for the, ‘Rob Guest Endowment’. After I sang, I was overwhelmed with the response I got from all three judges. Kellie Dickerson, Richard Montgomery and Michael Tyack all encouraged me to leave Newcastle as soon as I could, gain an agent, do every audition possible and further/continue my professional development and make a stand in Australian Musical Theatre & Opera.

    In September this year, three graduates and I perfromed in the Sydney Fringe Festival, with a verbatim theatre piece wrote and produced last year, under the guidance of our teacher/s. We were overwhelmed with the responce. We gained a radio interview, new contacts to help move the show around Australia, various theatre people interested in us as perfromers, a recording of the song I rearranged sent to America etc.

    This is why I am contacting you; I have attached my CV, provided some images to give you a clearer indication of my ‘look’ and to share a small amount of, ‘production’ photos. If you need more material, I will be happy to provide that for you.

    If you have any available positions, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity for an interview. Please don’t hesitate to contact me;

    Tayla Choice
    E:<hidden from public>

  17. Gennifer Hardin

    My name is Gennifer Hardin. I am a sophomore in high school with very big dreams. Why should I be considered for a part on Glee? That seems like an easy enough question although it can also be very hard. It would sound cliche of me to say singing is my dream but that is the truth. Every since I can remember, singing has been a part of my life. I have competed in Musical Theatre competitions where I received all DIvision 1′s for my performances. I have also been in a talent show where I won first place. I have truly made singing a part of my life and I want to go forward with it. I plan on majoring in performing arts as a college student once I graduate, and then from there I will reach for the stars. Glee is an amazing show that teaches life lessons that helps people all over the world. The music speaks to me as well as I am sure it does to others. I would love to be a part of this cast if you would be willing to consider me. With all due respect, Gennifer Hardin.

  18. Aubrey Fox

    hi I’m Aubrey and i live in Chicago Heights, IL. I’ve been told I’m a great actor and have had roles in plays a my school. as in the prince in Cinderella and Troy in High school musical. but this my chance at the big time and involving something i love. but the problem is i don’t have resources to get anywhere but in the Chicago or south suburban area. if you guess are ever out there please let me know and give me the chance to show you what i got.I’m African American mixed with Creole. I’m 15, 16 in December, 5’7.

  19. Kelley Lucas

    My name is Kelley Lucas, I have watched Glee since the beginning and my dream is to become a famous actress, it would also be my dream to meet the Glee cast. I have a web show on YouTube, we just started. I have been in advanced drama for 4 years, so I am skilled in acting. I can also dance, I was in tap dance and a hip hop class when I was younger. A few agencies are already interested in having me. Whenever I watch a difficult acting scene, I recreate it and see if I can do it just as good, if not better. Please consider casting me as an extra or a bigger role, it would mean the world to me, especially because my family does not have much money…
    Age- 18, June 17 1996
    Height- 5’1
    Hair- Medium brown
    Eyes- Brown
    Weight- 112
    Shoe size- 6 in women
    Pant size- 1

  20. Sheriann Maxwell

    What makes me stand out over thousands at the chance to live and make my dreams come true? I could say any and everything and be the casual cliche individual that plays it safe when thrown such a bone as this one. However, If I have upheld your attention this far, and you are intrigued, then I dare you to take a chance on me, to show you in person why I will be your next star on glee.

  21. Veronica

    I would love the opportunity to be on Glee because watching every episode is like a day inside of my head. Where else can you act out the soundtrack in your head and have musical breaks in the middle of hard situations. I absolutely love the show and would love the chance to sing and dance with the crew. My name is Veronica, I’m 30 years old…I KNOW I could pass for a college student along with the rest of the actors. I’ve been singing since childhood and experienced with studio recording. I have experience with performing on stage (I was in two singing groups), I love all genres of music (Bee Gees night of Glee was my FAV). Being on a production such as Glee is certainly an item on my bucket list.

  22. Stephanie

    Hello there,
    Stephanie is my name, I am from germany, but living in New Zealand at the moment. I’m 20 years old, and I guess like the other applicants am really in love with music. Of course I always wanted to play other persons, to switch to another role, more serious, or just crazy, sad-whatever! I love playing with my voice, too or just trying to teach little children to sing a new song. I am totally interested in Glee, but not one of those fans, who become crazy when they see their beloved actor in real, don’t worry. So, I don’t know really what to say, there surely sooo many others who wrote the same stuff as me. But, hey, if you do think I’m somehow different and interesting…It will be a honor to get a response from you. Thanks for your time! See ya :)

  23. nairouz youssef

    Hi my name is nairouz, im 18 years old. I am Egyptian but ive lived in America most of my life, moved here when I was two from egypt.
    I know you guys probably all hear the same thing all the time of why people think they should get to audition, but here I go with giving my reason. I watch glee and litterally everything and anything that has music or singing in it because music is who I am. I have been singing for as long as I remember, and I adore singing for and infront of people and ive just always wanted to be something more than I am. Not just for me but for my family. I want to show everyone whos doubted me that I can do what im trying so hard to do. All I wanna do is sing, and sing for others and put a smile on their faces. I wanna touch their hearts and change lives. And I know for a fact that I can do this. I really can all I need is a chance , a real real chance that will let me show everyone who I am. I just wanna share my passion with everyone .

  24. India

    Hello I’m India. I’m 13 and I’d like to audition. I do BRAVO and love to sing a dance! Glee means everything to me and I may be late but I at least want a try! Chris Colfer is my idol he showed me how I can be whoever I want. I’d like a chance and I’ve been told I’m a very good singer and actress.

  25. Micah parsons

    Hello there!

    My name is Micah Parsons I am 23 years old I’m from a very small town called Zanesville ohio. I used to do tap jazz and ballet. Have for a few years but I have great muscle memory and learn quickly. When I was 13 me and my childhood friends had our own little singing group. It never went anywhere but it was some of the funest times of my life. I was a young mother and have a beautiful little girl who’s about to be 6. I just recently got married earlier this year to the most wonderful person I have ever met, he’s actually the reason why I am even writing you now. When he finally got me to really sing for him he said he couldn’t believe I never tried to pursue it any further. My best traits are that i am determined to always try at somethink I think I could be really great at. I also wear my heart on my sleeve so showing emotions is not hard for me. Also I’m very young looking most of the time I get told I look like I’m 14, so take from that what you want. I believe I could have fun and find much joy in being on Glee. Please and thank you for your consideration

  26. Elijah-Liam Thompson

    I sing…
    I may not fit the typical teen role, but I most certainly fit into the glee box better than any other. Basically my mom says, I sing in my sleep and seem to spend most of my waking moments making music either out loud or in my mind. I’m finally taking classes to learn how to transpose all these songs I’ve been hearing in my head for years. I was recently diagnosed with a few learning challenges, which surprisingly explains how I operate a bit better. Through music, I’ve found my way to ‘be who I am’ the best me. I’m hopeful. I’d really like an opportunity to audition, please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

  27. Kiara Rankin

    Hey my name is Kiara. I’m a 23 year old inspiring singer who lives in a small town in Mississippi.
    It’s very difficult trying to pursue my dream living in Ms , but I would absolutely love to get out of the state and audition. Thank you.

  28. Bryce Marilyn

    Hi Im Bryce. Im 15 and ive been singing and dancing my whole life. Glee is honestly my favorite show and I would die to be a part of it. Im born and raised in southern Texas and i have a very bubbly outgoing personality.

  29. Priscilla

    Hi I’m Priscilla Alvarez I’m 16 going on 17 on June. I would love to be on Glee because I love acting .I really like singing but I’m kinda good at it I just need more practice on high note. But anyways I would love love to be on Glee cause I wanna be something in life. I love acting. People tell me I’m really good at things especially my Bestfriend . But please.give me a chance.

  30. Manasseh Amponsah

    I’m a British born Ghanaian, who is planning to make something worth of what I do best, act and sing even though there may be better than me, but I just want to be heard. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m here to represent. Not my country, but my continent. Age 16.
    Thank you.

  31. Ivan Olivo

    Hi my name is Ivan Olivo and I’ve been singing acting and dancing pretty much my whole life. I’ve been really in to the glee show and I’ve been told I would be great if I ever got on the show. I’m taking chances and risks but all I’ve wanted was to be a part of something so inspirational to other fellow music kids. I’m a bright young man and outgoing and fun! I’m not perfect but giving me a chance to to improve and progress with the Glee Cast would be one of the best decision you have ever made. Thank You!

  32. Adam Benitez

    Hello:) My name is Adam Benitez and I love to sing and dance and such! I’ve been trying to get on a show but I haven’t had much luck but I have been singing my whole life so I would consider myself to be pretty good but that’s not for me to judge. I have watched glee for countless hours it’s my favorite show and I’ve always dreamed of being a part of a show like it. I have been the lead of many high school productions of that I have been the lead of many theatre productions including musical theatre but have never been on a show but if you’ll consider it I would gladly audition online and send it in. Being on a show right now is merely a dream but maybe this could be it. Whatever your decision thank you for taking the time to read this!

  33. Brittany Comfort

    Hi my name is Brittany and I am 20 years old. I currently reside in Texas and I have been singing most of my life . I’m currently taking acting classes and have 3+ years experience in dance. I am interested in auditioning for a spot on the show . Thank you! Brittany

  34. Ashley Escobar

    Hello, my name is Ashley Escobar and I am 14 years old.
    I am about 5’3. I love to write songs and love to sing.
    Glee has really inspired me and my idol is Chris Colfer because he is amazing and always gives me a reason to smile. I have been in many drama performances in and out of school and I love to perform and sing. I also used to dance but I mostly focus on singing and writing.
    It would be amazing if I could be on this show because it means so much to me.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  35. Lizeth S Beltran

    Hello, my name is Lizeth im 19 years old. I’m currently attending college at New Mexico NMSU. My passion is singing I’ve done it since I can remember I’ve always been in some type of music class. I will love to be in glee because you wounld be disappointed if you’d here me sing.
    thank you


    Hi, i have been performing in Musical theatre since age 4..i sing/act/dance/comedy/rap..check my bio links to music and demo acting reels at or follow on twitter at OR ON FACEBOOK AT I LIVE IN WEST HOLLYWOOD! IM ALREADY HERE IN LA!

  37. Nia Ali


    My name is Nia Ali. I am currently a senior in college at Rowan University in New Jersey and Im studying Theatre Arts. I recently turned 21 years old, I am a african american female. Ive been performaning for most of my life and I would love to be considered for a chance to audition for Glee. With my experience I believe I’d be a perfect fit. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Lots of love,


  38. Nadia Hawkins

    Hi, I’m Nadia Hawkins. I’m 11 years old, 5’3, and I live in Lee County. I am the biggest glee fan in the world and I will go to my grave swearing on that. I grew up in a performing house. My mom and dad are actors, my sisters are in a singing group, and all my family either were or are in chorus including me. if you see this reply then I hope you could contact my mom <hidden from public> 

  39. krista

    Hi my name is krista and I love the show glee I am 12 years old and 5 foot 6 I love to sing and dance it has always been my dream to
    sing and dance and act I am from south Carolina

  40. Beth

    My name is Beth and I’m a 15 year old girl. I’ve been singing basically my entire life. I’ve also done hip hop and tap for a few years now. I was taught by a professional hip hop teacher, who even appeared on Glee in the Thanksgiving episode for “Let’s Have A Kiki” and is now Ariana Grande’s back up dancer. I belong to many choirs including my church choir, school choir, girls acapella group at my school, and canter for my church. Being on glee would mean everything to me as well as opening up a whole new world filled with experience. It’s been a dream of mine to be on a show like glee since I first started watching the show a couple years back. To be a part of something so big with such an amazing cast would be a true blessings. I hope you consider me! Thank you.


  41. sunday camille sanders

    Hi Glee, DANCING and performing is my life. I have been performing since the age of five and took professional dance classes at Hubbard Street Chicago since I was 17. I am 23 and have been dancing for clubs and currently takes lessons. Glee is my favorite TV show. I will love to be apart of an amazing cast.

  42. Jacques Naude

    Hello there AGAIN!!!

    My name is Jacques Naude and I am a 21 year old from South Africa. . . I really feel that I would be amazing for a role in Glee because I LOVE to entertain and I was also given an amazing gift which is singing. People tell me that my voice is one of a kind and I would like to believe so as well. I do have prior experience performing in school plays and I feel that I would be the ideal candidate for this amazing experience, and plus, wouldn’t it be amazing for a South African to be given a role in the Glee series? I promise I will not disappoint. Please give me the amazing opportunity to be a part of this great series!

  43. Marion Graham

    Marion Graham
    18 years old
    Eurasian (British-Filipino)
    5’8″ / 175cm
    140lbs / 65kg

    Experience in Singing and acting, performing for 10+ years. IB Diploma; majored in Theatre and Music. Partaken in acting, voice, and dance lessons. Been in numerous productions including musicals such as Guys and Dolls, 13, The Threepenny Opera, and Grease.

    Music and acting are my life. I’ve been singing since before I could properly talk, and acting since the age of 8. I fell in love with Glee since I first heard about it before the pilot even aired. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to be in Glee, as I feel it would be the perfect show for me. Acting and Singing, heavily based from top 40 songs to classics and show tunes – that is literally my musical repertoire. I’ve been involved in dozens of performances and would love the chance to be on Glee, to land such an amazing role (or even an extra! All part of the experience, right?)

    Glee helped me come to terms with who I am and become comfortable and accepting with myself and my sexuality. I’ve been in the position of the New Directions, the underdogs, the ones who are bullied and pushed into lockers… I think it’s time I show them all what I am capable of, and that I have made it somewhere bigger and better, for example, on television – on Fox! Help make a girl’s dream come true, and help yourself by adding a bubbly, quirky, talented young woman to your show, perhaps? Its sad to see the show go after its final season, so if I were to be given the opportunity to be a part of it before we say goodbye to the beloved characters and stories, it would be incredible.

    Please do not hesitate to email me with any further updates and information, questions, etc

    Marion Graham

  44. Alexis Dunbar

    Hello my name is Alexis Dunbar, I am 16 years old and currently a senior at Encoe Jr/Sr high school for the performing and visual arts. Singing and acting and performing in musicals are something I’ve always been interested in. Last year I performed in various of musicals, some at my performing arts school and some in my community. My school trains and teaches us how to use our voice in a professional way. Singing has always been apart of my life as far as I can remember I enjoy doing it! It being the crowd and myself a lot of excitement. I would love to be apart of the Glee cast. Glee is a show that gives me every opportunity to show all of my talents, it also helps me grow as a perf

  45. Bryce Brady

    Hello, my name is Bryce Brady but I go by Brittany. I sing and can learn dance very fast and have been in plays before so I can memorize lines and songs. I want to make it to broadway when I’m older and I think an experience of having a role on glee could help me succeed. I would play a good role as a dumb blonde or an uptight, no funny business kind of gal. I can sing or dance any kind of song/dance and be driven to any audition or place for shooting. I’m in 8th grade and live in Louisville kentucky. I have blonde hair(dyed) and blue eyes but can wear colored contacts if needed. I am getting a private voice coach and taking more singing and acting lessons and possibly gymnastics(for Cheerios). I tried out for americas got talent back in January but unfortuanitly did not make it. I realize that you all get a lot of emails and comments and a very slight chance of me getting picked, but I will not give up and it would be an honor and dream to work with profecinals who could criticize me and I wouldn’t get offended. If you are even slightly interested, please contact me @ my email.

  46. Crystal

    Hi , my name is crystal I am 17, senior at a fine arts high school , senior , sing , dance , and recently joined musical theater and I would love to be apart of this awesome show !

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