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  1. destiny

    Hi my name is destiny and I’m aspiring actress I am having 3 auditions come up and I right now taking acting classes and I’m 17 years old I like to sing and I can dance

  2. Cheyenne Mapel

    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 136
    Hi my name is Cheyenne Mapel and I am 17years old and a senior in high school. I would love to play a part in this movie because when it comes to emotional and drama you can count on me. Being in a movie would be an amazing experience. Not only for me but for filling my dreams of becoming an actor. I love to act on stage, I have played in 3 played so far during my high school career. In those 3 plays I have had the second biggest female role. I sing in my spare time at home. I write my own music as well. But most importantly I know I can play in a movie and be able to know all the lines and all the motions. Being in this movie would be an amazing experience and my family would a great support system. They have always pushed me to work harder and succeed in my dreams. If I get the experience to do this I won’t fail you.

  3. Gabrielle Moore

    Hi! Since the age of 15 years old I have had many different types of jobs. The first was being a green witch at a popular farm from the next town over, where I grew up. Next, I worked at an Italian Ice shop for a couple of summers. The list goes on and on. Today at the age of 21 I am a certified audio engineer. I get by, by freelancing but in my heart I always do it for my passion with the art of music. I love to try new things and new talents because it gives me life. What I have learned from this phenomenal show is to take risks. I would love to be apart of this show and take on another risk in my life. I’m not a total amateur. I did many plays growing up in middle and high school. In elementary school I would perform in all the talent shows and whatever else they had to offer for me to show off in front of a crowd. I (probably) tortured my family growing up always wanting to put on a show when we had company over. But I always knew when I was up performing for either three or three hundred people I was truly entertaining them. Which ever project I am working on I always put my full self into it, nothing less. As a woman that has lived and seen many different types of life, this particular show would be a perfect fit for myself AND I would be a perfect fit for the show. Give me a chance and you won’t regret it! Thank you!

  4. Rayvn

    Hey! My name is Rayvn, I’m 19 years old. I’m 5’5 and weight around 145, mixed with black and white, also I live in North Carolina. I’ve done a little bit of acting and I think it’s really fun. I’ve always thought that I should be on a reality tv show just because my life is so crazy, I’m either going out to party with my friends or just hanging out with my two best friends. Every once in a while, I catch myself in some drama with some idiot girls about boys. But other than that, I’m very happy, fun, chill, dancing young woman. I’m not in school anymore but I will be soon to become an ultrasound technician. But even if you don’t pick me to be on the cast, I’ll still support the show! But definitely keep me updated on info for the show.. Thanks :)

  5. Tara

    Hello my name is Tara Emerson, IM from a lot of different places. But mainly from a small town in Alabama, called Cherokee. I’ve been modeling and Acting for 3 years. I plan on to going to college to be a vet. I am 18 years old. I am not shy and I love to talk, laugh, explore, and make new friends. I have around 181817171717171818 haters and 1 true friend. As a real woman I deal with the reality of trying to be someone and having so many people hate for no reason and try ruining your career. I deal with the 1 true friend I have being my bf witch can be annoying because when you have girl friends or just simple guy friends your not smothered by them constantly. Lol I live a crazy life, a lot of drama, but tons of fun, and everyone is just hilarious that income into contact with. I’m def not a secret keeper when it comes to myself, so the world will see who Tara Emerson is and the struggles I deal with everyday. Some beautiful and some down right dirty! People always say i need my own reality tv show with them. But that can be small talk! Even if you are not interested , I’d still love to follow. TV is life , in front or behind. Pay or No pay.

  6. Hannah Fuson

    Hello, my name is Hannah Fuson and I am a 17 year old from small town Oregon. I’ve grown up about an hour outside of Portland, but have always dreamed of making it to the big leagues. I don’t have very much acting experience, but would love any opportunity to get some, considering I am pursuing it in my upcoming college years. I am very friendly, funny, outgoing, and happy. I have a smile on my face 24/7 and love to brighten up the room. Plus my names already Hannah so that gives me an edge. I have hazel eyes, long black hair, I’m about 135 pounds, and 5′ 3″. I love to volunteer and have been working since I was 15. I am told that I’m a very inspirational person, and I hope that this would shine through in my acting. Thank you so much for this opportunity for me to tell you about myself, I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Whitney Cromer

    Hi, I’m Whitney. I’m athletic and really fun to be around. I’m a straight A student and a great listener. I try my hardest to accomplish everything that is thrown my way. I think this would be a great experience and opportunity. I do my best in everything I try. I live in West Virginia but go to Washington D.C. a lot. I’m not one of them crazy’s from West Virginia, although I do have a bit of a accent. I’m tan and have dimples
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’7 / athletic-little muscle tone
    Weight: 126
    Eye color: blue
    Hair and hair style: dirty blonde/medium length
    Ethnicity: white

  8. Bridgette Garland

    Hello, my name is Bridgette M. Garland and I’m 11 years old.
    I have bee in theatre since I was 4 years old. I went to desert stages
    theatre summer camp every summer and did plays throughout the year
    here. We acted , sang, and danced.. I am a gymnast. I have 5 siblings
    and I’m the youngest . I live in Phoenix Arizona.Height:4″7 age:11 hair: blonde eyes:blue
    I love acting , dancing, gymnastics, and performing in general!
    I would like to be any part in Girls because I don’t mind as long as I get
    to perform .:) if I get chosen for a part , I will put all my effort into all the rehearsals
    I promise o won’t let me down:). I am very passionate about performing and I would be thrilled to be chosen for a part I would be thrilled. Thank you for your time and I hope you pick me,
    Sincerely, bridgette

  9. Jessayy

    I would literally be perfect for this. I’ve always known I wanted to be on reality TV & after filming one in my old job, I know I’m meant for it now! Must hear more about this asap.

  10. Mary St.Jean

    Hello, as someone who has followed both Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke since “Tiny Furniture”, “Girls” has to be my favorite tv show. I binge watched it during my senior year at Liberal Arts College as I finished up my BA with a degree in English Literature and Writing. I identified so strongly with the cast, as someone who has been striving to reach something more artistic and meaningful with her life, but simply being told I will never amount to anything more than pouring coffee in a coffee shop. They’re not wrong, so far. I intend to change that. Not only is the story of the show itself so incredibly relevant, the characters so tangible, the setting so honest, but the writing is so clever, so subtle. I watch the episodes over and over, discovering new things every single time. Lena Dunham may indeed be the voice of this generation. And I love her Ferdinand the Bull tattoo. Brings back waves of nostalgia for me. Other than my sheer enthusiasm to work with such a talented and intelligent group of people, and my joy in finding this opportunity at my very fingertips, I have little more to say that I could actually form into coherent sentences. Let it be known that this would be the greatest moment of my life, to date.

  11. uloma ul

    Hi! I’m uloma every one call me yUyU
    I’m a fan of GIRLS, Lena Dunham, and reality TV, but that’s only a small reason as to why you should select me for your show.
    I’m currently living in new orleans, trying to make it as a 22-year-old woman whos married and working two jobs and I’ve been trying to simultaneously promote a business career and make time for my self

    I think I would be a novel and unique addition, because I have some improv comedy training under my belt, my new orleans apartment is the social hub for my friends, and I’m so, very unlucky in love. Like the GIRLS.

    I am not ashamed to admit, I’ve been trying Not to get pregnant and I think that would be a great way to attract more viewers and add a very comedic spin to things.
    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to our future discussions.

  12. Kathy

    I’m Kathy 25years old finally finding myself and having fun my life is crazy! People are immediately gravitate towards me! I just moved back in with my parents and looking to move for Spain in a year. I’m currently juggling 3 englishmen i
    Met her in the states! The drama if my life is 2
    Of them work for the same company! I have the worst luck which makesy life so eventful! I
    Have a big group of girlfriends who have so many issues with guys well only because we
    Juggle to many in one hand. The real definition of Girls
    Is my life and my friends. If there could be a
    Tv show for me it would be the British Invasion haha! Need I say more! :)

  13. Asia Richburg

    Hello my name is Asia Richburg,i am 19 years old and i live in South Carolina. I am interested in any role or part that you could fit me into for “Girls”, I would love to be apart of it your show that would be great! I have taking acting/drama classes throughout my years of high school i am currently in college and i just finished up with a theatre class which was amazing. I love being around people acting and improving its such a heat felt warm environment. I have plenty of experience! I am a harder worker and eager to learn i also can pick up things really quick. I hope that you would find interest in me and contact me this is a dream come true this is my dream so if you would give me a chance i wont let you down. There are no small parts in acting every role/part is important. Thank you. Please Contact me back.

    Asia Richburg

    Ethnicity:African American

  14. Julie Ortega

    My name is Julie Ortega and I’m 21 years old. It would be an absolute dream of mine to be able to audition for a role! With my goofy personality and my style, I believe that I would fit in great with the cast. And I have an awesome body! Please consider me, Thank You!
    Long light brown hair

  15. Tara

    Hi! I sent you an email, with the following content below, in addition to links to my personal information.

    I’m a fan of GIRLS, Lena Dunham, and reality TV, but that’s only a small reason as to why you should select me for your show.
    I’m currently living in Manhattan, trying to make it as a 22-year-old woman in business consulting at a top firm. I’m not a writer, but I am a painter, and I’ve been trying to simultaneously promote a business career and make time for my art.
    I actually have paintings I’m exhibiting in a gallery in Freehold, NJ. (If only it were in NYC!).

    I think I would be a novel and unique addition, because I have some improv comedy training under my belt, my NYC apartment is the social hub for my friends, and I’m so, so, very unlucky in love. Like the GIRLS.

    I am not ashamed to admit, I’ve been trying out the online dating scene, and I think that would be a great way to attract more viewers and add a very comedic spin to things.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to our future discussions.

  16. Michelle Nickens

    My name is Michelle Nickens. I have had a passion for acting all my life. I have done plays in middle and high school. I have been through acting school with Barbizon. I know that I have what it takes to be a successful actor.

    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Age: 22
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Black
    Go to, .1404404867.&type=3&theater for picture

  17. Jamie Campbell

    Well let me first start off by saying that I am very amusing to watch .. I am probably one of the most goofy people you will ever meet !!! Making people laugh and smile makes my day. I’m all about helping people but the minute you cross me it’s a wrap you have officially crossed over to my bad side lol . OOOOOOO let me not forget to mention I LOVE DRAMA! Well as long as I’m not in it ofcourse! As for why I think I’m right for this tv show is because I BRING LIFE TO THE PARTY and I LOVE TO PARTY . Just like a girl (:

  18. Te'Keiva Adkins

    Hellloooo My name is Te’Keiva but I’m called Cierra that’s my middle name everybody doesn’t know how to say my first name so I just made it easy on them call me Cierra lol I’m 22 I’m from a town called rocky mount in North Carolina #252 you would think this was a city they way my town is set up I just call it lil Iraq lol but to tell u about myself I love to party drink & have lots of fun I’m brown skin black / Indian 5″1 I just call it fun size lol I’m down for whatever I don’t like to be bored I always have wanted to be on a reality tv show it seems like so much fun to show the world who you are & there might be somebody out there who I can make a better person from my life stories and what I have been through I would love to have a chance on reality tv I hope I can get a casting call thank you so much waiting to hear from you soon hopefully!! LOL

  19. Hope Christmann

    Hello there! My name is Hope and I live in a small town in rural Illinois. I’m 19 years old and just figuring out what I want to do in the world. Currently I work at a video store in town- it’s no cake walk. The store rents porn but the employees aren’t allowed to have visible tattoos or piercings? I mean, come on. What is that? Anyways, personal issues aside my area is crawling with people who’ve married their second cousins and reproduced generation after generation of country bumpkins. Not a lot of activity goes on around here other than the usual small town drama. Everyone knows everyone else’s business.
    My family in it’s entirety has a very sarcastic and different sense of humor. Not everyone understands it which does sometimes cause conflict.
    I guess I could say I’m your usual 19 year old girl. I constantly criticize everything I see and complain about things I can’t change. I’m a city girl mentally stuck in a small town and I think I would be perfect for your show. In my own life I constantly strive for 100% authenticity; please allow me to bring that to your show.
    Thank you,
    Hope Christmann

  20. Demeisha Royster

    Hi I’m Meisha Im really a demanding n ambitious female I’m 18
    but im not your topical young adult I’m on my own I got my own but my life is way more deeper than it seem I’m from Detroit mi but I moved to Minneapolis a year ago my oldest sister saved me n my younger sister from the streets our mother died in 2005 I was 9 she died n my Big brother arms Yea life has been very difficult she was here one and gone the next I wanna show n tell the world my story n how I made it threw I have something to give n I’m at your service you want regret it hope to talk to you soon

  21. AQUA LEE


  22. Janisha Rew

    My name is Janisha Rew, I’m 19 years old and from Philadelphia, PA. I’m currently living with my parents trying to branch out on my own in this world. I’m very fun and entertaining and was born to be in front of cameras. I love myself and think the world would love me too. I also have a sister who is my partner in crime and I think we would be great for this show.

  23. Amanda Walton

    My name is Amanda. I am 23 and from Pittsburgh. I Am a registered nurse and was upset how nurses (esp from pgh) we’re portrayed on mtvs “scrubbing in” I work so hard to save lives and I would love to change public perception. I am currently trying to branch out to live on my own from my parents house for the first time as well as trying to further my education as I work a full time stressful job. I have great friends which always keeps things interesting. Everyone always tells me I always have the most outgoing personality and that I look exactly like Sandra bullock and need to be her stunt double.

  24. Davianna & Datianna Woods

    Hi there! Well I’m Davianna & I have a twin, we’re both 15 years old and African American. We just want this casting call because we figured out that we want to act. We want to be something in life instead of just being in drama like the rest of the kids in our town. We live in Joliet, IL which is not the best place & we’re trying to make it out. I know we’re beginners & may not be the best actors but I mean we are willing to try our best and do the best we can do. Please give us a try! & Have a nice day!

  25. Vivian

    My name is Vivian Ivey, and I am from the poverished streets, of Washington D.C. Where there is literally homeless people sleeping at the foot of the White House. I am 24 years old, and when it comes to cold, my world is Frozen. I lost my mom when I was 9 to Breast Cancer. My father, well, I never knew the coward because he wasn’t even man enough to sign my birth Cert. At the age of 9, I was an orphaned who lived with an aunt who couldn’t give more than the she took a day. The money that came from the state, went right into the pockets of my aunt. No kids for me, at least not yet. I mean, I was homeless until I was 21. I was what you would call a couch surfer, but I still did a 8 month health program, just to say I had something other than a high school diploma.
    I think I would be a great candidate for the show, considering reality is real, not TV. I have survived through the harshest climates, but I am a Diamond. Still young and enthusiastic, I sit at a desk all day, greeting people who I really could care less about. I think more about how the damn Bills will get paid from working a legal job. Ive never hit the block, aka sold drugs, but if given an opportunity to be a king pin, I would say, “Sail that Damn Ship”.
    If this show speaks on the reality of girls, it should really come from the reality of Girls.

    Thank You

  26. Mykia Johnson

    Im 16 years of age 5’5, black/native american brown curly hair brown eyes.
    Im athletic my sports are, volleyball played my freshman year, cheerleading for 5 years. I’m also in a pageant and made the state finalist for Maryland. Also I have experience with acting. Acting is a passion of mine and I take it very seriously but also like to have fun with it at the same time.

  27. Kaitlin and Caitlyn

    There is not anyone more perfect for this show than my friend and I. We are from Pennsylvania and have been best friends for over 10 years. We have the same name (spelled differently) and share the same brain. Whenever we are together something crazy always happens and we joke about how our lives are God’s practical joke. We are incoming college freshmen, both fashion merchandising majors, but going to different schools so no one is coming into their own like we are

  28. Argyro Petraki

    Hi! My name is Argyro, Im 15 years old and i come from Greece. I’m 5’3. I weight 52kg, my hair colour is blonde(dyed) and my eye colour is green. My dream is to become a successful, well know actress and I’m willing to do everything I need to to make my dream come true. I speak very good English. If you have any role contact with me and I’ll do my best o succed!
    Thank you.

  29. Dajanee Harrison

    Well well well this is looking more and more like a dating sight I see heights weights hair color what they like to do on Saturday nights I cannot deal! No shade though! Well hey I’m Dajanee Harrison 24 years old from Pennsylvania I am currently trying to get back in school it’s crazy I should be getting my undergrad in just three weeks but finances has me at a standstill. Nonethe less I am on my way back to get my degree in fashion marketing and love everything entertainment, fashion, acting etc. I can’t tell you that I’m a perfect for bc I have never really acted before but I love for a little spotlight I’m the girl who hates attention but it just happens it’s drawn towards me and I don’t mind it bc I can promise to always keep it real. Last time I checked I’m a girl who is trying to explore the world and live out her dreams coming from nothing to having everything God feels needs to be in my life when it does! I’m very interested and can give you answers to any questions you may have!!

  30. Tiffany Lee

    Hey there,
    To be honest I don’t normally sign up for things like this but my sister sent me this link and thought it would be fun!

    I am nobody special but I live a extra special life. I own my own martial art school at age 23, aspiring bridal makeup artist and youtuber. I make videos about beauty, vlogs and anything Im feeling at the moment. I host a giveaway every video!

    I don’t really know why Im filling this out? Does anybody even read these? lol.
    If someone actual reads this and is interested in me and my life, you know where to find me.
    Thanks- Tiffany Lee

  31. Jackie

    Hii, let me start off I’m will be 24years young the 26th of June. I am 5 2 ya I know that’s on the short side but short girls can do it big to!! Blonde long hair blue sparkling eyes slim but not to bonie another thing I have an identical twin! I have 3 beautiful smart talented children and when I say beautiful I don’t just say it I mean it you can also interview them if you’d like. I am in a relationship my other half is very supporting in what I would want to do. I’m an assestent manager at a family dollar store and its an easy job but not for me I would like to see myself do bigger and better things. Give me a chance to show you me and what I can do u never know until you try :) thank you very much for the time
    Contact <hidden from public> 
    Jackie haas

  32. Stephanie Liz Matos

    Hello I am Stephanie Matos. I am 21 years old. Weight 110 and am 5’6 tall. My hair is auburn redish and dark brown eyes. I am an aspiring actress looking to get my career started and would love to begin here. I have also modeled and am a professional dancer. I have been seeing this commercials all over t.v and am so excited to see this serious. I believe myself to be an all around artist, versatile, and good at everything we do. I hope to hear from you soon =]

  33. Delmarie Walker

    Hey hey hey my name Is Delmarie Walker I’m 27. Im puertorican born in New York raised in Puerto Rico. I’m a single mother of 3 beautiful kids. To be honest Ive never taken any acting classes or anything but honestly that’s a natural talent I have no mean to brag lol just joking but its something I love my low key passion lol… I’m an very fun person to be around, I Love to laught, I love to learn, I like to try different things, different adventures, I love to listen an I also like to be heard. I disgust being lied to an I Love an appreciate the real friends I have. At some point I’m thankful for the bad things that happened in my life because that made me the beautifulwoman I am today!!! I can truly say I’m an interesting person, there’s never a dull moment with me, I guess I’m too real at times people can’t handle that lol but I live to be in peacewith God, my children an myself everything else is extra. I love the person I am an I would never change it for anything!!! I’m lightskinned, I just died my hair red like a month ago, I’m 5’9 and I weight 150 pounds!!!

  34. kaylin fitzgerald

    My name is Kaylin Fitzgerald. I am 22 years young from a small city in New Hampshire. I am so tired of living in New England and SO ready to get out and explore. I am graduating from college with a degree I don’t even care for, with no clue what I want to do for a career. My mind is constantly changing but one thing I know for sure is I have all of the characteristics to make some major show time. I am everything, crazy, happy, funny, and compassionate. My friends and family have been telling me that I was born to be famous since the age of 13. I feel as if I am everyone’s friend but can also be your worst enemy. I come from a divorced family that has hit many different obstacles in the last few years, but we remain close and love each other more than anything in the world. I thank God for my family and friends on a daily basis because I know I would not be the person I am today if it was not for them. I can sit here and type away at the reasons why you should contact me to be apart of your production, but truth is no words can do any justice. You will only have to take your chances on who you believe will be worth your time for you show, and trust that I can be one of those “girls”. I am looking forward to hopefully hearing from you so we can really get to know each other.
    Thank you!

  35. Syerra mckethern

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’2
    Ethnicity: black/Dominican
    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    HAAAAY ! My name is syerra, I’m 18 I jut had a beautiful baby girl named Aubreya 6 months ago today. I’m from holland, michigan but recently relocated to Chicago with my boyfriend/ on-off because him and my mother or me & my mother don’t get along. I love acting & I also love being myself. This show seems very genius, I feel like I could get good ratings because honestlyt life is like a freaking movie. So many crazy things are happening an my life it’s like a roller coaster. I’m young I’m a mom, I’m just signed up for college and it’s hard! I don’t have the ideal life, but I’m me, I’m human, & I make mistakes. I just want to put my story out there like, life isn’t perfect I’m a teen mom I have a lot of drama in my life but I’m still making it, I’m still the best mother I can be to my daughter, and I make mistakes but I learn from them. I’d love to be an example on this show, pretty please pick me ! You won’t regret it. Thanks (:

  36. Ryan

    Age: 24
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: ~140
    Hair: Brown (mid length)
    I have been wanting to participate in the film industry my whole life and just now am pursuing my dreams. Please take me into consideration as I am able to travel and would love to take part in anything I would be able to do (an extra, background actor, or short line). I am just starting out, but my will and drive will show how great I really am. Please let me know about any upcoming casting calls!
    Thank you,

  37. Chyna Rixey

    Hey My Name Is Chyna Rixey
    Me And My Friends Would Be honored To Be On Your Show U Would MAke Are Dreams Come True Every Since We Where Little Girls I may only be 13 yrs old from pittsburgh but I would love to be in your show me and my girls I’ve been through hell and back and the only thing that makes me happy is tv and wrestling I will work my but off hard really hard I get good grades in school I’m crazy outgoing nice caring fun / funny and i do have anger problems but it’s ok I got it under control I love to write and sing and go places shopping If U Don’t pick me it’s ok I’ll understand there’s other stuff out there but please this would change my life and my friends

    Height : 5’1
    School : West Mifflin Middle School
    Weight : 99 lbs

    Thank you
    So much

  38. Kailyn Glass

    Hello my name is Kailyn Glass. I am 18 years old. I am an aspiring actress. I have been apart of the drama club at my high school for the last 2 years. I have also played in 2 plays at my school, they weren’t the lead roles, but I had a speaking role. I would love to be on this show because it will help me with my acting career. If considered for this role, this would be a great opportunity for me to get started on my acting. I currently am in the process of getting photographs done. Thank You
    Height: “5’4″
    Weight: 127
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black

  39. Casey Sherman

    My name is Casey Sherman and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Twenty years old and ready for my dreams to unfold! I am a very friendly, spunky, and outgoing person. I LOVE to laugh and make others as well. I am so passionate in everything that I do and I would love to put my passion towards this. I believe that I have the talent and the worth ethic to add to the success of this show. Not to mention the chance to make great friends. I would be honored and ready for the opportunity to be apart of GIRLS!

  40. Brittany Wilkerson

    My name is Brittany, and I am from NJ. I am mixed, mom is white dad is black. I am sassy and corky. I love to travel, explore, go on new adventures, and try new things just like the cast of girls. I love to make people laugh and laugh a lot myself. I also have many awkward moments, unintentionally. I’d fit right in because I am the same age as them and am going through the same difficulties and experiences such as not being where I thought I’d be in life at the age of 24 are trying to figure out the type of person I want to be.

    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 150
    hair: brown, super curly, short
    skin: mixed, caramel
    eyes: brown

  41. Vicky Forsyth-Smith

    19 year old art student living in Manhattan. Always up to something that would be entertaining to watch. These activities include but are not limited to : going to gay bars, getting bothered by the ghost in my apartment(???), parties in Brooklyn that are astoundingly similar to the ones shown in Girls, and being low key mean to people on the street without them knowing (again, ???). I’m funny, loud, and have been told I could make a very entertaining TV show.

    5’7 135 lbs
    Brunette hair
    19 but am mistaken for older
    Often compared to Daria the cartoon

  42. Liana Nelson

    Hi i am Liana 5’4, caucasian, (dyed) red hair matching the red rose tattoo on my arm;) i am about to turn 17 yes young but you can tell from the moment u meet me im very mature for my age and given the chance i think i would surprise you. i would love an opportunity to be on the show i feel as tho i stand out and would be a great addition to the wonderful cast.

  43. Hannah

    I would like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Hannah and I am from a small town in West Virginia that is about 40 minutes from Pittsburgh. I am a single 26 year old white female. I have spent the past year learning about life and all the lessons it has in store for you. I was heartbroken in the spring of last year by the love of my life who left me after three years because “I just didn’t make him happy anymore.” I found myself working at a job that stressed me out and pretty much made me not happy also. Within a few months of my horrific breakup my best friend (roommate since college) decided to move in with her boyfriend and I was once again faced with the impact of everyone leaving. I spent a majority of the summer making a fool of myself over town watching my exboyfriend form a new relationship and just not being able to handle it. I truly believe a girl with a broken heart can really cause some damage. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror to just not be happy with who I saw. I didn’t know when I lost it but I defiantly did along the way. I since then have moved into a new apartment with a new roomie, gained new employment and accepted the things I cannot change. It is a struggle for me being the only friend who is not in a relationship, married or have children but I am growing with it. I feel I am a PERFECT candidate for your show with not only my past but my future. I look forward to embracing my late twenties and searching to find out who I am going to be. I can also guarantee your ratings would be pretty high from my area :) . I do not have a shy bone in my body and am very easy to relate to. I truly am the definition of a small town, cute, single girl just trying to make it on your own in the world.

  44. Jillian Ward

    Heyyyyy! Im Jillian, most people call me Jill, or Jilli (depending on who you are) ne-ho! Im interested in this casting call because everywhere I go people tell me im special… I just want to know if its true…

  45. Sydney Newman

    Every girl says their different. Every girl says “I’m the one for you!” And maybe I am one of those girls by even leaving a comment, but all I have to prove is my dedication and ensane want to prove myself. I want to “make it big” just like any other person secretly does, but nobody is willing to put the work in. I may be sixteen, and I may be from a super small town with not the greatest family background, but I know I am setting my mind to do something crazy. This is for me. I want to be an inspiration, a reality for a younger generation, and a young girl looked high of. I want to do it all. Give me a challenge and I want to not only overcome it, I want to blow it out of proportion. Show me the path, or I will make my own.
    Sincerely, girl dreaming big

    Brown hair
    Hazel eyes

  46. Mae

    Hi my name is Mae and I am 47 look 23. I am fabulous and very outgoing. I have my great family. My family and friend feel I should have my own reality show because of my hilarious and funny ways. I am up for any type of challenge. I looking to branch into the industry of acting because I can role play very well. I have been acting for many years and I know that I can make you show a hit. The good thing is that my life and ways can make you laugh and cry. I can do it all when it comes to acting, My life is reality and I will like to be about of you show to bring a unique style into the industry. I am 5.2, 165lbs cute face with the bomb waist. I am what the industry need to show that it can be done. What ever you are looking for I’m sure that you can find it in me.

  47. Jasmine Williams

    Hi my name Is Jasmine Marie Williams and I am 21 years old , born and raised in Bedford Virginia. I was raised by my mother who is black and my step father who I white /Native American. Ever since I was a child I grew up differently than most girls of color. I love learning how to fish , hunt , and work hard towards the things I want. I was raise to be proper and give respect to everyone I meet. My biggest dream was to be apart of famous media , to be a comedy or dramatic actor . I hope to hear back from you , I will attach photos along with this email , thank you very much , and have a great day.-Jasmine Marie Williams

  48. Alex Bovee

    My friends and I would be PERFECT for this show! We are all late 20-something women still searching for Mr. Right and going through all the drama that comes with it. Online dating, getting stood up, catfished, heartache, falling in love with the wrong guys, guys trying to take advantage, settling, friends falling in love with us, celebrity hookups, everything you can think of in this wonderful town of Nashville, Tennessee. Not only do we have the drama of finding love, but we have new friendships growing while old friendships are ending, roommates not getting along and a separation of sides. We all have very different jobs; Catering manager at the infamous Opryland hotel, nanny, wedding planner, recreation sports league director and more. Each of the “main” girls have their own circle of friends outside of each other, some in the music industry, some that come together once/twice a week to play some softball and kickball and event some great friendships that have come from social media. On top of all that, we all love sports and can be found regularly at NHL hockey games (and often encounter players at bars after), NFL games and minor league baseball games. Throw in a concert here and there and you have a full glimpse into our lives. We look forward to the opportunity to be involved in a show like this and entertain the rest of the world!

  49. sierra lauck

    Sup I’m Lauck, sierra Lauck that is. Im really interested in getting to star in a reallity tv show bevause my life is full of family drama lets just say my last thanks giving dinner did not go as planned it ended up turning out like a phyctriatic hospital oh and did i mention my moms a nurse she works at st. Ritias phyctriatic ward crazy right???? I’m Gonna try to keep this short and sweet. my life can be kaotic at times I have an older brother he’s 16 and really rebellious an has issues and him and my dad don’t always agree with each other I also have a little sister she’s 12 everyone thinks she’s a little angel but not me my moms Mexican and my dads idk white I’m 13 I have a select few of bff’s the rest r just friends but me an my friends love having a good time were also love the band One Direction a lot !!!!!!! One of my friends doesn’t like to admit it but she is an amazing singer. I’m not the coolest kid in school but I have my moments my brother however Is the opposite of me and so is my sister. My brothers name is Gavin and my sisters name is taya I’m the funny one out of the 3 of my siblings my brothers the cool edgy rebel bad boy and my sister is the baby u know cute devious little angel. My friends and I love having fun like pranks,jokes,truth or dare. Me and my friends can also embarrass each other pretty badly one time my friend an I were at Walmart and I didn’t know it but she went to the restroomso I thought she got lost so I went up to the clerk and asked him to call her name in the loud speaker she heard it and came walking up to the check out saying who’s Alissa im not Alissa I’m mirissa and she was blushing and was sooooo embarrassed an I just stood there lagging she still hasn’t forgave me for that lol haha!!!!!!!! Forgive me if I’m sounding a little hyperactive and over excited I just really really want this and ill do anything it takes.! Oh ya BTW I got blonde/brown hair and blue eyes

  50. becky carter

    I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22. My friends & I are literally the best people you’ve ever ment. No exaggeration. If you are looking for a good time you’ve come to the right girls. Most girls think their cool and different and that guys love them because their cool but they don’t with them and do with us.

  51. Sakirah Oscar

    African American lady who’s seeking to be one of the upcoming greatest and I’m something you don’t want to miss

  52. Jennifer Macaluso

    Ok, so here we go…..
    My name is Jennifer Macaluso from Long Island, NY and I am 38 years young and a professional in the commercial insurance industry. So, basically I have a very challenging and boring job. I wish I could say the same about my life. My life is fing crazy!! Let just be honest here for a moment. There is so much drama in my life, I could start my own reality show titled “Hot Mess” starring JMAC (that’s me). Anyway, some may say that I can have a temper which could be as a result of my Sicilian background, but I say….who gives a s where I got it. I just got it!! I am just a cute little Italian girl with a smart mouth and a sharp tongue. Oh yeah, and a big heart! :) I love to laugh, especially at myself!!! Making others laugh, even better. I’ve been told that I am pretty funny and that I need to be in front of a camera. But I think that all I need is for a camera to follow me around and get some great laughs from a true and very real individual. I definitely wear my heart on my sleeves and LOVE to cry!!! I can’t even help myself!! I cry when I am mad, sad and happy!!
    Anyway, I hope to hear from you b/c I am truly fabulous and feel I would definitely be a smart choice. Thank you for your time & look forward to hearing from you!

  53. Mariela Tejada

    Hi my name is Mariela and I’m 18 yrs old. I’m a down to earth girl I love to have fun go out and enjoy myself . I have a crazy temper but I control myself like every other person / I want to show the world everything about how to have fun without going to crazy I’m wicked friendly . I feel like I’m just like Kristin caviliar from Laguna beach were both have the same personality and everything. I just hope you pick me so i can show you :)

    - I’m 5’3 / Dominican / short black hair.

    I live in Massachusetts !!

    I am praying you please pick I feel like I’m the type of girl.

  54. Bretney Quarles

    My name is Bretney and I am 16 years old. I am a very outgoing, talkative, down to earth, country girl. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, hunting, and fishing. I am currently dual enrolled at Lanier Technical College for Automotive Technology. I am not your typical American girl. I am very tomboyish. I was on a competition clogging team called Synergy for 8 years. I have been in choir for 10 years, and I have been in 4 school plays/musicals. I am actively involved in 4-H. I have been a Georgia 4-H’er for 7 years. It has built my leadership and speaking skills. I am also involved in The Fire Explorers.

    From the time i first started school, I was bullied. I have been on the heavier side pretty much my whole life and it has held me back from deciding to go out and try to get an acting career. I am wanting to get involved with acting to not only boost my confidence, but to show others that I am not a “redneck” as they say, and to show other young women out there that they too can achieve their goals no matter their size.

    I look forward to hearing from y’all.

  55. Carah

    Hi I am a friendly women and I am 26 years old I have my own unique personality and I am easy going. I am considered a laid back person but I accomplish what I put my mind into. I am a mother of three children and I want to show the world that it’s okay to have three kids and still pursue your dreams.

    <3 carah

  56. Lucy Schmitt

    I’m a very spontaneous, charming, friendly , happy-go-lucky kind of girl who sometimes tends to be a bit over dramatic. I crave the attention of others and I get it even though sometimes tend to charm guys along the way of my attention craving because they go out of their way to give me what I want and need which I don’t mind whatsoever.
    I’m a city girl so I love going out with my friends , shopping, working out and doing everything I can in the city.
    I will be starting college this Fall I will be studying for business and music production , I used to model for Barbizon and local companies in my city I’ve also featured in my friends songs , so yes I do have talent as well.
    Well that’s a short summary about me I will love to hear from you guys soon thank you

    age: 18 years
    height: 5’2
    weight: 110
    Hispanic\ Latin
    Dark brown hair \ Light brown eyes

  57. Suzanna

    I’m not sure what this show is truly about, but I’m a girl!! I’m a 26yr old Armenian girl, but grew up in the Los Angeles valley (true valley girl at heart!). Mother to two amazing children (6,1), married to a very tradition Armenian business man. I think my life is pretty damn interesting. I have a store online with all my handmade goods, and I’m an interior designer, and I raise two children with no help :). I am the soccer mom, pushing a stroller, with 5″ red bottoms, while cheering my son on at his game ( more like yelling lol).

  58. Heather Faherty


    My name is Heather and I am an ex-neuroscientist. I have acted before, but I put it aside to complete my neuroscience degree in college. I worked in regenerative medicine and tissue regeneration for the past two years but now have moved out of the biotech/healthcare arena to explore acting and modeling again. Please find a link to my website (with modeling shot) here:

    Thanks to my beautiful, intelligent parents, I have a keen business acumen accompanied with strong cheekbones. Together, these factors make me an excellent representative of your show, and actor on Girls. I am professional, as evidenced by my time spent networking and representing companies as a VP of Marketing and Marketing Associate in my previous job positions. Finally, I am detail-oriented and able to memorize complicated material quickly and work extremely long hours, as evidenced by my background in neuroscience.

    Name: Heather Faherty
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 115
    Body Type: Thin/Fit
    Hair Color: Brown with reddish tinge
    Hair Length: to breasts
    Eye Color: Blue

    I would be very interested for auditioning for a role in Girls. I am available most Monday through Fridays 8 AM – 10 PM for auditions, as I can make appropriate arrangements when necessary.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.



  59. Omphilee

    Hy I’m Omphilee,20years old yoh guys!I must be part of this new coming show.You will have to hire me to find out why ey.The way I love Media…….#Shm will be part of these Volunteering ke toe!I don’t even have to be paid.To me this world is my Stage and you so gonna love me.

  60. Richelle Butler

    I’m 34 a mature young women with a youthful soul love
    to dance I have a beautiful smile have lots of energy drama free
    But can bring it very vibrant a.go.getter hard working
    Funny lots of love to share viewers would love me

    Will have ratings off the charts again 34 and look every
    Bit of 19 to 20 experience in what you need me to be
    If your up for my challenge email me I’m your girl

  61. Jessica McMiller

    Age: 22
    Hair color: brown
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 5’8

    Recent graduate from Cosmetology school and currently licensed.

    I’m from Indian but recently moved to Nashville, TN to try and get more for my life. Im very outgoing and fun personality and very humble and respect my elders.
    I feel as though I am in my point in my life where I’m thrown out there I figure it out on my own. I’ve lived on my own for over past 5 years and just now moving back with my recently divorced mom and trying to get my own place and not use my gps when trying to find a place to eat. My friends support me and very often do I play therapist to their needs and venting sessions. Calls about clients and struggles is what I normally get. I would like to have a shoulder to vent on and hand to grab to help me through this journey! So many opportunities I have with a Cosmetologist license, hair, makeup, and nails, as well as being a representative for a company. My dream is to open my own salon in the city. I have management background and over seven years in retail and customer service jobs. I feel that I am The Girl to be on this show because I am in that big transition to becoming a great stylist and woman in this life. I have so much to learn but I need help along the way.

  62. Clashe' Simmons

    Hello my name is Clashe’ Simmons im 17 years old and live in Washington D.C. I am an inspiring actress,singer,model and dancer. I am a hard worker and is determine to be successful and willing to do whatever it takes. I’ve been through a lot and just to have a opprutunity like this would mean the world to me. And prove everybody wrong who said i wouldn’t make it or wont be nothing in life. Im very intelligent, ambitious, talented, strong minded, hard working, respectful, responsible and independent. I’m really looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanx.

  63. Mykia Mandely

    Hi my name is mykia, im 19 years old, im from kansas city missourii love to dance and partying with my friends i can bring so much to this tv show im funny outgoing loveable and i can keep viewers watching me this is my dream i love acting and interactng with others im 5’0 110, brown hair and brown eyes

  64. Rachael O'Brien

    Age: 22
    Hair color: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’5″
    Bachelors of business administration in marketing from Oklahoma City university
    Played collegiate soccer for 4 years (lost of experience with girls of all kinds)
    Ballet for 9 years, piano for 5

    Very involved in several groups and organizations. I have an outgoing and fun personality and am also very open-minded and accepting of others.
    I really do feel like I’m at the point in my life where you’re thrown into the world and expected to figure it out . Things get stressful and crazy but my girl friends and teammates are all in the same boat and we get each other through each threshold life puts In front of us. I think I could be a good candidate for your show because I am very good at giving advice and helping people past hard times. However, I too need a shoulder to cry on and vent to.

    Contact me at (cell <hidden from public> or (email) <hidden from public>

    Thank you for your time!

  65. Alicia Hathaway

    Name: Alicia Hathaway
    Height: 4″11
    Eye: brown
    Hair: black
    Length: medium
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    I love the stage. I am 20 but most assume I’m about 15 or 12.
    I am outgoing and crazy and creative. I love the show girls and would love to be considered for a part as anything!

  66. Taylor Penrose

    Age: 16 , turning 17 December 20th
    Gender: female
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 110
    Built: athletic/slim
    Nationality: Caucasian

    Hey I’m Taylor Penrose and I would love the opportunity to be on this show and join the TeenNick crew. Im a very positive outgoing and have the passion, personality, awesome attitude, and memory to be a good actress. Please email me for any additional information or opportunities available. Thank you so much , have a great day !(:

  67. Payton

    Hi im Payton, 19 years of afge obviously im showing intrest in this, i have a 1 year old son an on/off boyfriend(father) and basically im not gunn say much more just because this next sentence will sum up a novel,* if you tv show is addicted to drama , follow me, my familys full of it.
    Enough said thank u

  68. Camillia Sanders

    What’s up? I’m a 26 year old Beautiful inspiring actress. I love to shop and party but I also know how to take care of business. My life is very interesting only because I have the best family ever. I am very talented and I know what I want out of life. I would love this opportunity because it would give me recognition in this world. I used the word “recognition” because I am a very loving and giving person and I help people who I can help. weather it’s with advice, a shoulder to lean on, food, a place to stay, money… I feel like the word “girl” fits my character perfectly. A girl is a young woman, and I was always told to act like a lady so that’s what I do best. This world is very tricky and the things and the people of it can get you caught up. either you take the right way or you make the wrong turns in life. right now I won’t sound so perfect and say I never made bad decisions bad I’m learning how to be a better Woman. We can always learn off of other people mistakes and our own right? I live in los Angeles California I have two sisters and a brother. My mom and dad split up when I was about 10. I was born in Los Angeles but my mom went to Savanna Georgia when I was 2 so I guess it’s safe to say I was raised in Georgia. when my mom and dad split my mom moved back to California parting me and my sisters and brother away from our dad. So I’m 26 and haven’t seen him since I was 10 (you do the math). I think that was very selfish of my mother but hey it is what it is. I talk to him over the phone every single day though. I am In a relation ship with a wonderful man. I mean I’m smiling as I’m typing (he’s that good) he goes to work everyday he puts the food on the table clothes on my back roof over my head and everything else. He gives me everything I want and more and I’m not over exaggerating it. It might be a little hard to believe because it’s a lot of no good men in the world but I found my soul mate. He’s here to support me as I find myself in this world as far as my schooling and a great career. It’s so expensive in LA if it wasn’t for him helping with my rent I would be at home with my mom at 26 years old. Rent is way to much and these days having a partner or room mate would be a big help especially if you’re not Lean Dunham :) independent and smart. I would be the perfect candidate because my life is indeed a struggle but I believe in my heart that it will get better. You got to start from the bottom to get to the top right? I have learned a lot and I have a lot more to learn. Give a sista a chance to up you rating and move your career to another level (I’m very confident). my contact email is <hidden from public> email me anytime with updates or concerns. Thanks for your interests

  69. Mealonee daniels

    This is mealonee, i am a 23yr old young lady and I’m looking to get my hands dirty with a little reality show appearance. I am a very energetic type of chick, much experience in acting. I consider the world my stage, and i just want to break free and do other things that interact with other people. Please consider me for one of the members on the show! Cant wait to start making the network money!!!!

  70. Hollis Keating

    My name is Hollis Keating. I’m a 19 year old female attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. I am a professionally and college trained singer and actress with years of professional dance training and experience. I have been professionally performing since the age of 16 and am looking to launch my career as an actress. I would love to be considered for a spot on one of my favorite shows, Girls. I’m 5’2″, weigh 140 lbs, and have long red hair and brown eyes. Please contact me!

    <hidden from public><hidden from public> 




  72. Janelle Marina Mendez

    I sent an email regarding why I feel I should be considered. Please take a look at that and respond when you’re available.

    Thank you


  73. Charmaine Ramsey

    Hayyyy! My name is Charmaine Ramsey, i’m 22 years old born in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri. Yes i’m an army brat to both parents. I was raised in Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia since the age of 2, where i now reside at (Columbus,Ga). I’m a country girl of course and i’m proud of it. I have never dreamed of anything but being an entertainer, i feel, well i know that it’s my calling and I think that this is a sign from God that my dreams are soon approaching. Since age 8 after seeing destiny’s child perform, I got this intuition like feeling that this is what i was gonna do the rest of my life. Everyone i know tells me i should model or look like i can be on the big screen, even strangers i don’t know look at me as if im on a magazine cover. I’m currently in enrolled in college majoring in Marketing/Retail Management for the simple fact that i will be able to control my own career as an entertainer. Im very passionate about the things I believe in an i want people to see my point of view on life because i have a very sarcastic attitude as well as being 100% Real at all times with no sugar coating. On top of that i’m a sweet, outspoken, outgoing and a considerate person and i believe that everyone has a voice. I KNOW that i can be a great addtion or asset to your show and that the viewers will love me (not trying to toot my own horn), but i am very confident. I had very low self-esteem in my junior high years and i’ve grown to learn that i’m unique in my own way. I can get crazy if i feel like im being attacked, but what person isn’t that way? I know that girls younger than me will look up to me and admire my goals and ambition. I’m aspiring to be a petite model and business owner in my future and “Girls” is a perfect opportunity for me. I hope that you will consider me to be apart of this production and grow as well as bring great success for you all as well
    Hieght: 5’0 Weight: 94lbs Hair: black Eyes: brown

    Thank You so much for this chance to tell you a little about myself.

  74. Courtney Halsey

    Hello my name is Courtney Halsey. I am a 26 year old young lady (even though I’m mistaken as 17 all the time) from Atlanta, Georgia. I now reside in Washington, DC. I am currently looking to break out into the world of acting. I am very energetic, friendly, outgoing, silly and lively. I am often told that I should be on a television screen because I am such a character. I haven’t had much training in acting outside of high school, but myself and others believe that I have a natural talent for acting and dancing. I believe if I am given the opportunity to become an extra or actress I be an amazing addition! I know that you have many young ladies inquiring on this one in a life time opportunity, but if I’m chosen I guarantee you will not regret choosing me.

    Height: 5”2” Weight: 102 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel

    Bowie State University Jennifer Dorsey Modern Dance
    GoLo Dance Studio Lorenzo Evans Hip Hop Dance Techniques
    Mundy’s Mill High School Lindsey Clinton College Prep Theatre Course
    Mundy’s Mill High School Lindsey Clinton College Prep Dance Theater
    Mundy’s Mill High School Lindsey Clinton Dance Company
    DA Razkalz Cru Othanne/Jamica Croft Hip Hop Dance Techniques

    Professional Experience:
    All Star Game Da Razkalz Cru Spring 2006
    Literacy Tour Da Razkalz Cru Fall 2005
    Sweet Auburn Festival Taurus Summer 2005
    Sweet Auburn Festival Da Razkalz Cru Summer 2004

    Fall 2005 “Lean Wit It Rock Wit It” Dem Franchize Boys
    Summer 2005 “Taurus Here” Taurus
    Fall 2004 “So Flyy” Da Razkalz Cru

    Volunteer Experience:
    Dance for the Cure Bowie State University Fall 2008-2011
    BET106 & Park Wildin’ Out Wednesday Performance Fall 2011

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