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  1. Mekel Johnson

    Hi I was just curious as why the show couldn’t include
    Women in their early 30’s i just think that would be a little more
    Interesting, with the women being a little wiser and more and more to offer.

  2. Camile Gonzalez

    I recently lost my job and I am searching for something new and exciting!

  3. Jeana Camerlengo

    Hi!Everyone calls me Jeana Camz. I am 21 years young from Staten Island, New York. I am a Pastry chef/ Cake designer.After I graduated ICE culinary in NYC at the age of 19, I started my small business called Camz Creations.I create beautiful custom cakes,cupcakes and cookies.I absolutely love cake designing,its my life,my passion. I work extremely hard to perfect all my cake designs.It is the best feeling in the world when my clients fall in love with their desserts,it makes it all worth it.I am driven and hard working. I am a small girl with big dreams.My dream is to be the next cake boss.. lady cake boss that is. Even with all my hard work and long hours, I still try to have as much fun as I can.I love fashion, fashion is my second love. It also inspires me when I am designing cakes. I love to dress up..Im a little fashionista.I am a firm believer that “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. I am PERFECT for the “Girls” cast. I am perfect for this cast because I am a young woman trying to make my own mark in this world. I would show young women all around the world.. it does not matter how young you are you can chase your dreams no matter how big they are. I would also tell the world make sure you chase those big dreams in high heels. I would really be the perfect fit for this role, I hope you see that. I would really appreciate a response.

  4. Taylor Lowery

    Hi! my name is Taylor and I would love to be on the show. Im extremely funny and I love to make people laugh. I can’t handle most anything thrown my way. I have a great personality and I’m intelligent also. Ii can bring a lot of light and laughter to the show and I’m ready to show people my skills and who I really am. Im weird and open about everything, you won’t be disappointed nor bored if you pick me!
    Also Im mixed, who doesn’t love a mixed girl.
    Thanks for reading,
    Taylor Lowery.

  5. Athena

    Hello there, i am Athena Seenanon and im from Guyana, south America. My country is considered to be apart of the Caribbean and because of that i want to be the first outbreak actress from west Indies. I’m 17yrs old and i know that must be extremely young for most of others but ive been trying so long for an opportunity to gain any experience with these amazing peiple of the cast. It would be a true honor working with such great writers and producers. In my country there isnt anything about acting which is why i want to be thr first successful actress from my Caribbean country. I know it wont be easy but this is definitely worth it.
    Sincerely, Athena Seenanon

  6. Neikkia

    I was born, Neikkia Bruce, a girl according to my body parts. …. I have been told all my life that I am a very insightful being. I know that I am a positive being that makes a difference in the life of many others on a daily basis I’m extremely charming, ffunny, beeautiful $ hansum! Pick me, i’ll make the show! I am amaxing, adaptable, hilarious, personable, and adaptive! I am here for a reason, hopefully your show is it! PICK ME! #Nextbestthing

  7. Tossiana Hamilton

    I am Tossiana Hamilton. Many call me Tossi for short. I have literally always wanted to be an actress. I’m in love with the thought of being as dramatic as I’d like to be and make fans from it. I’ve been known to be a little overdratic but I consider it great enthusiasm for my long life dream. I’m very believable. If you handed me a script playing any part I’d blow you away. I’ve never been confident in my life but I know for a fact I can do this. As they say follow your dreams , and I’m right behind mine. I may not have many talents such as singing but I have ambition and heart. That’s what keeps me going.

    Hair/Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 150
    Race: Mixed (African American & Vietnamese)

  8. Tayelor Johnson

    Hi, my name is Tayelor Johnson. I am 20 years old. I have a passion for acting (drama is my life). I also am very musical and I am a vocal performer. In this part of my life I am trying to find where I for in and enjoy doing. For whatever reason it always brings me back to my natural born talent. I have a lot to offer and I know that I will be a great asset to your production
    Hair/Eyes: Brown
    Race: African-American

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