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  1. Jeremy Blubaugh

    Our family of 4 watches FGN weekly, and would love the opportunity to participate in this super fun family game experience. We love the household versions of almost al of your games, and would love to play your life size creations. Our family consists of a mother, father, and two young boys. (5 & 9) Please let us know if there is an opportunity for us to audition for your show. Either way, we will keep watching!!! :)

  2. Jessica Diaz

    Hello, my family and I would like to participate in your game show. My 13 year old son, Joshua, watches the show, and informed me about this opportunity. It is always a pleasure to watch him jump up and down and yell at the TV. That I would like to give him the opportunity as a birthday gift to experience it in person. We constantly play board games at home that end in fits of laughter. My other 8 year old child, Yasmine, is very energetic and perky. Our family of four would be entertaining, a great team, and without a doubt, great competitors. My husband and I would appreciate your consideration.

  3. ileana

    well I’m the youngest in my family… I’m 16 and I like to do a lot of kind of stuff and it would mean the world to me to be on family game night with two of my cousins there really into this as I am and I would use the money for my mom who doesn’t have a job shes disability and for my 1 year old daughter I would like to hear from you guys thanks.

  4. David, Sherry and Wes Barringer (12)

    We are a family of 3 that lives in North Carolina, and…
    we LOVE THIS SHOW! What a GREAT concept! We love to watch and play along with the other families on the show. Our family is avid gamers of… Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Yahtzee, Trouble and many others. To play and compete on this show would be so much fun and an incredible experience! Thank you.

  5. Jeff Korell

    We are a fun loving family of 3 who know how to have a good time and would be exciting additions to a “Family Game Night” show. As a family, we play most of the games that are featured on the show. Our 9-year old daughter is a dancer, singer, and musical theatre actress. My wife and I, we don’t care if people think we’re weird and we’ll do anything for a laugh. Please consider our family for the show. Thank you so much.

  6. chanel

    My family would like to be on tv because my family is not really close so I think family game night will bring us closer than we are so if you guys pick my family we will be really happy and we will have fun on the show and we need money to do extra activities and money to pay bills plus we would be a good tv family I hope you pick us well any way bye.

  7. Toby Booker

    Our family is silly, fun and ready for television! Playing together is key to our home life. Our two kids (10 and 9) love to watch Family Game Night, and wanted me to find out how to be on! Please consider us for the show!

  8. Michael Thummel

    Love playing the games. My 11 year old daughter constantly asks to play. I grew up playing the games with my family, as well. We love your show and the family atmosphere. We are very competative. My family includes my wife and three daughters ( 3, 11, 19).

  9. deniti

    Hello, I have an amazing family. 3 awesome kids 2 boys (ty is the 8 yr old gamer, he plays everything from video games to board games, jai is my 6 yr old artist he’s very talented and funny. He loves to make people laugh) we also have a very smart and talented 2 yr old, Zriyah. They are very smart and well mannered boys and always do excellent in school. I seem to never have extra money to award them, and they watch this show over and over. This opportunity would be all that they dream of.

  10. marilyn

    my family is great I have 3 kids 1 girl 2 boys and 1 dog what a great and loving famliy and I would love if I’m family if we could be on family game night we are big fans.

  11. Rachel Barbour

    My family would love to be on this show we watch it all the time together and bond it’s always a good time

  12. Amani

    My family is funny and would be great on tv and mom and dad love these games. I have two others sisters and we aren’t to close and game shows bring us close. Please let us be on the show. My mom is a police officer and she would love to be on tv.

  13. LaSonya

    Through witty and clever answers our family will be extremely entertaining………

  14. Christine

    We love to watch the show. We don’t have a lot of money to do extra activities other than pay bills. So just the opportunity alone would be an amazing experience!!

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