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  1. Lori Burns

    My family would love to participate in the Family Game Night show. They have asked and asked if I could sign us up for the show. They beam and become animated just talking about it. So as a good mom I am granting their request. Our family has family game night several nights a week and if they are as excited on this show as they are just having real family game nights at home watch out. We are watching the show as we speak. I would love to see my kids excitement as they are really good hearted kids and this would be a fun exciting family adventure.

  2. William Loch

    We are family of 6 who have a family game night at least once a week. There are very few games in your show that we have not played. My 4 kids are Nate 11, Noah 9, Melissa 6, and Mallory 4. My kids love to watch your show.

  3. cody edam

    Would love to be considered for the show. We (mom/dad/8 yr old son, 5 year old daughter, 3yr old son) love the show and would enjoy the opportunity to come watch a taping and potential play!!!!!

  4. Melanie Bhambri

    Playing board games in our house is a regular family event and that’s why we absolutely LOVE watching Family Game Night! We are a family of four and the kids are ages 9 and 11. We most often enjoy Monopoly and Sorry but love all of the games. We would be ecstatic to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to play a game on Family Game Night! Thank you for considering our family.

  5. Debbie Ferdman

    Scene: Every morning in the summer–twin girls come down stairs ready for camp and ask “Mom, can we eat on the couch and watch family game night/”

    Carly and Jacs pick a family and cheer for them throughout the show and everyday they ask me WHEN CAN WE BE ON FAMILY GAME NIGHT.

    So there it is, simply put–my kids love the show, they love the games and they want to be contestants. As their mom, I do what I can to make their dreams come true.

  6. Adrian Iglesias

    Hi I am from Madrid Spain, but we live in Texas, me and my wonderful family we would love to participate in the Family Game Night. This great family and fun show reminds me when I was a kid. My son Cristian is 8 years old and he is very energized and loves competition’s, my daughter Sofia is 5 years old and every time we finished watching the shows she is pretending that we are in the show. I would trade my vacations to participate with my wonderful family in this Amazing Family & Super Fun Show! I hope they can considering us. Thanks

  7. Bonita Luna

    Hey family game night please pick me and my grandma to be the next players on your show.she’s my biggest competition out the whole family so i kno us together would make the perfect team fgn were ready to take home all the prizes please pick us

  8. Ashley DeMar

    Let me start by saying family game night is one of our favorite shows I have four children ages 6,5,4 and 16 months. It would be amazing to be able to participate on the show. The kids favorite games are yahtzee bowling and connect 4 basketball. Please make our dreams come true!

  9. Sherri Dershimer

    Hi There!!!bMe and my family would love to be in the show. We are a family of 4 and watch the show together every time it comes on. We love bop it! It’s so exciting to watch. I hope we get the chance to participate.

  10. Jimmy Smith

    Hi me my two daughters Jennifer, and Itzel my son Jimmy and my wife Maria would love to be on the show please we are from El Paso TX

  11. Chloe Dershimer

    Hi my name is Chloe! I watch your show all the time and would love to be a part of it. My family of four is very competitive especially my dad. We love to play games and win! My dads name is Jed, my moms name is Sherri and my sister’s name is Aubrie. We hope you consider us to be part of your show . Looking forward to hearing back from you;)

  12. Mary Brehm

    Our two sons, ages 8 and 9, are in love with Family Game Night! It is the one thing they can agree on these days. :)
    We tape every episode and sit down as a family of 4 to watch and cheer on our favorite teams. What a great experience for any family to take part in your show! We, too, would love to compete as a team on Family Game Night. Please consider us for one of your casting calls! Thank you~

    The Brehms, Ventura, CA

  13. Amber Gilbertson

    Hello! My 8 yr. Old daughter and I love Family Game Night! We are a family of four however her little sister is just a toddler so would be unable to participate. It would mean the world to my daughter if she got to be on the show! Please consider us :)
    Thank you.

  14. Julia Kincaid

    NAME: Julia
    AGE: 52
    DOB: 06/16/1962
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 160 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Black
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female

  15. Theresa Hahl

    Hello! My daughters Kayla & Julia, my husband Jay, and myself would love to participate on Family Game Night! We would love to bop ourselves into the winning team. Please consider us for this tons of fun family game show!

  16. Japhet

    i am a big fan of your show i have a family of three who wants to join mom,aki,and me it would be a honor to be in your show

  17. Kim abrams

    I was a single mom with my son, and could never afford to take him anywhere exciting. He would love to be on the show

  18. Timari Claybourne

    Also my mom had just lost her job and we could really use the extra money.

  19. Timari Claybourne

    Hi Im Timari Claybourne. Im they youngest of mey family. We are very competitive and will beat anyone who stands before us.

  20. Shahana

    My family and I should be considered on Family Game Night because we always have fun together. Another reason we should be considered is because we watch your show every time it comes out and we know how to play the games you have. We would love and hope to be on your show!!!

  21. Ryan&Kendra Hays

    We are a very strong comitted family we would love to be on your show we are a family of 6 and we are ready for a big challenge so if you picked the hays family we would make everyone proud so please consider us and if we won we would say its for our krissy who is 8 and has been fighting leukemia again we are a strong family and ready to play :)

  22. Alyssa chambers

    Hi I’m Alyssa me and my family are very competitive and would love to take on whoever we love a challenge

  23. Choyce Perkins

    Hello My family and I are very big fans of the show. We are a family of five, my wife Clarice (adult) my sons Cj (10) Xavier (8) and Aaron (3). We are a lively bunch who loves having fun with each other as well with company. We would just love a chance to be on the show, a chance to compete. Please consider my family to be contestants of Family Game Night.

  24. Wendy Bonilla

    My family and I watches the show all the time. My son records the shows and watches, over and over. He even have the Wii game and we all play. We are a family of 5 but only 2 or 3 of us could play, because the other 2members are too small to play. But we would love to have a fun time and win at the show. I would love to play with my almost 9yr old. A mom and son time. Not sure how this works. It will be the first time participating in a TV show. It will be a nice and fun experience. Hope we have the chance to play.

    Thank you

  25. Cheryl Kraus

    Would love to be on the show with my two kids. Just want to have fun w my kiddos. I’m a single mom just trying wanting to do and make memmories w my babies. We love theshow

  26. Kensye Gault

    My family members are
    Mom: Tekyesha Gault I’m not supposed to tell a women’ s age but she is a couple years younger than Daddy
    Dad:Kenneth Gault 41
    Sister: Taylor Gault 21
    Me: Kensye Gault 10
    We all are very competitive and my mom is aggressive when it comes to winning I’m we are very good at games that need skill, speed and brains.

  27. Stephanie Naticchioni

    My family watches Family Game Night every single time it airs. My son Anthony is 9 and wants nothing more than to be a contestant on the show. You would think every time he watches the contestants play connect four basketball that he was actually on the show the way he jumps up and down. I assured him that if he worked hard and achieved good grades that I would submit a request to be on the show. My daughter Nicole is 12 and has recorded the series of the show to assure she does not miss a taping. My husband Anthony Sr. and I agree that this show is the only show we sit and watch together as a family. In away you can say it has brought us closer as it has become part of our weekly routine. My family is very outgoing and energetic. Please consider our family for this amazing show!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Stephanie :)

  28. Diana High

    My family really enjoys watching Family Game Night. We like to play games all the time. My one son whom is 11 is autistic and was the one who got our family to watch the show. He loves watching all the contestants competing. My other son is 15 years old. Please consider us.

  29. Nancy

    My family would love to be able to participate
    In this amazing show. Especially my 11 year
    Old girl who always whishes to be in that game
    Show because she is always entertain Watching that
    Show and wishing she Was there.! I Will be lovley
    To participate in that show and have fun with my Family
    Of 5 wich is me( the mom) dad and most ecxicting my
    5 year old Twins and my bigger 12 year old girl wich i talked
    About in the very top!!!! I HOPE we get picked!!!!!

  30. Kade Christopher Latham

    My name is Ted Williams. My son’s name is Kade Christopher Latham. Kade is 6 years old and watches Family Game Night “religiously” and screams and jumps up and down every time it comes on; as does his sister who is 4. He is so very smart and his childhood dream is to be on the show! We all love the show and would love the opportunity to be contestants. Sincerely, Ted – LaVergne, TN

  31. Avi

    My 8 year old son just said “We should go on that show. How do we get to be on that show?” and I found this page. He is concerned because we are a family of 5 and “all the trips are only for four people,” but I told him I’d look to see if we could be on the show. I personally would be terrified to be on the show, but if we were selected he would love it and I would do it for him. He says we would be perfect for this game because “Let’s see, because I’m very skilled at games and it would be so much fun!” His younger brother who is six says “because it would be a fun day and I would have no school and I could snuggle my mama.”

  32. Cela Casey

    Hi, my name is Cela Casey. I am nine years old and I would love to go on Family Game Night. Its my favorite show! My Dad, sister and my Aunt would like to go on with me if I was chosen. We all love playing board games like Yahtzee, Sorry, Connect 4 and many more. I live with my mom about 4 hours away from my Dad and Aunt so I don’t get to see them as much as we would all like. If Chosen this would be a great way for us to spend a lot of time together and bond even more and I would be so happy! Thank you :)

    Cela Casey

  33. Madison


  34. Torina

    My girls can’t get enough of this show – 2 months ago our routine every weekday morning watching family game night before school, giving me (mom) a reason to cuddle and also become a fan!! We would love an opportunity to be on the show. Coincidentally – dad (my husband), asked in January that I buy the ‘game of the life’.

  35. Kynnady Sparks

    Hi my name is Kynnady. I Have a Family of five. The Dad (Bill), Mom (Chelsea), youngest child Mackynzie age 6, oldest cild Caeley age 12, me age 10. I would be truly grateful if you chose our family to be on your show because it’s amazing.

  36. Dakota

    Im a family of 6. i would love to be on this show. I have always wanted to be on this show since it started. im just really hoping you could pick me. thanks thanks for your time.

  37. Hope Valentine

    I Would Love My Family Of 5 To Compete In Family Game Night Because I Have Been Watching Family Game Night For A Few Years Now And Every Single Time I Tell My Family They Seem To Love It. It Would Be A Great Experience For My Family And I Because We’ve Never Been On A Show Before. The Number 1 Reason Why I Really Want to Go on family Game Night Is Because I Love Game Boards And I Really Think It Would Bring My Family Together. My Family Who Would Compete Would Be My Mom , Brenda Valentine , My Dad , Richard Valentine , My (15 Year Old) Big Brother , Sante Valentine , Me , Hope Valentine (12 Year Old) And Last But Not Least My Little Sister , Jaylene Valentine (6 Year Old). It Would Be An Amazing Honor To Have The Opportunity To Come On The Show. Thank You.

  38. Camille Norman

    Hi, my family would be sooooooo grateful if we had the opportunity to participate in the family game night show. There are 4 family members in my family. Me and my family watch family game night very often. Since we watch family game night, mostly on Fridays my dad is at work and he doesn’t really have the time to see family game night that much. Anyways, it would mean sooooooo much to me and my family if we had the opportunity to be on this

  39. Carrie Baker Bailey

    Let me start off by saying MY FAMILY would be so very THANKFUL to go on the show. My husband is in the the NAVY and lived away from the family for the past 3 years in IL (Greatlakes) and just came home in April of 2014. My TWINS just turned 8 years OLD (May). I told them when they turn 8 and their step-dad comes home we would TRY Hard to get on the show. We have been watching the show as a family and LOVE IT. Please pick our family to be on your show :) Please with sugar as my twins would say!

  40. bella

    My name is bella and i think that my family could win and plus we could bond in any game and we do need to win something like a suprise

  41. Austin

    My dad said we could come to family game night we are a family of four but my wife could not come because she has to work we would love to be on family game night if you have any questions our phone number is <hidden from public> so we realy wish we could come thankyou.

  42. Mark Holiday

    We are The Happy Holidays consisting of my son Cameron eight years old and very athletic and energetic, my wife Angelica (47 yrs old) who is from Italy and loves playing different games and myself Mark 45 years old who has a funny sense of humor and is quite agile. We are coming to the show this Sunday, June 15 at 10:30 AM and this would be possibly the most incredible Father’s Day gift! Let’s make it happen and have a blast :)
    Thank you in advance for your consideration!

    The Happy Holidays ;)

  43. maythe cerrillo

    Pick this family of 4!!! Pick us the “4Pack”
    My husband Robert 39, my son Ace is 8, Daniel 5 and myself Maitie 37 we would love the opportunity to be on the show. It would be an honer and an amazing experience to be a participant on your show. My kids are not shy, they love a challenge and are always ready to play a good game. So bring it on let the games begin :)

  44. shemiah lee

    my family would love to be on family game night. There are 6 of us in my family ( including twins) and we love to play board games with each other. We even have a family night were we watch movies and play the Xbox and monoploy. Have a great day, bye.

  45. Jennifer Petersen

    The Petersen Family is ready to play! We consist of a family of four: Tyler-age 8, Aaron-age 12, Mom, and Dad. Family competition is part of our routine and we’d like to put our skills up against other families. We watch your show as a family and love to recreate some of your crazy challenges. We will be there this Saturday, June 14th to see the show live. My boys are telling everyone they see. To be on the show would just be the icing on top of the cake.

  46. Dylan bezonsky


    I’m Dylan I would LOVE to be on this games show. It would be so much fun!
    I am eleven and me and my family would just love it!!!!!!!!

  47. mallory parks

    hi my name is Mallory me and my family will love to be on your show.

    Mallory parks

  48. shemiah lee

    Hi my name is shemiah and I have 6 people in my family including twins. We are very competitive and we love having fun as a family. If we had the opportunity to go on Family Game Night it would be an honor because we watch almost every episode if we have the chance to. Also if we lose we wont be sore losers we’ll just hugvthe other family and congratulate them. have a nice day.

  49. jack

    we’re a family of four & we’d loved to play

  50. chtistina

    My daughter n i r going to attend the show June 13 in Sylmar my daughter would luv to b picked to play the games she watched the dhow all the time even records it now I’m hook .can’t wait to go

  51. Alice Zrelak

    Hi my family and I love to play games. We are a family of 4 me, my husband, daughter 19 and son who is 10. We would love to have the opportunity to compete on the show. We love to watch it. Thank you for your consideration.

  52. Hudson Ripple

    We would really enjoy participating on family game night.
    Our family loves watching the show, but would be totally
    awesome to share the experience of a lifetime!
    Please consider us to be apart of this program!! THANK YOU

  53. karnasia myers

    hi me and my family love playing games.Also we like jokng around our favorite game on the is bop-it we have a famly of 4 and i love watchng family game nght and i really wish we could be on the show if do get on the show t would be the happiest day of my lfe Thank you!!!!!!

  54. Tonya Thurston

    Please consider my family of 4 to audition for your show. We are a highly energetic family who watches your show faithfully. We have 2 boys, ages 11 and 6 and it is their dream to be on your show. We are regular folks who would love the opportunity to show our kids that amazing things can happen to regular people too. Thank you for your consideration..

  55. santana smith

    Hey my name bby is santana smith I will love to go on the show because when I was little I has ALWAYS watch the shiw but when my mother past this wat she always wanted to do so thank ;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  56. Rebecca Miller

    Hello we are a family of 3 that would love to have a chance on the show. Becki (mom) Jason (dad) and our very fun 9 year old son Aiden. Please consider our family. We love watching the show and think we would have lots of fun playing!

  57. Nicole Johnson

    We are a family that enjoy playing games and jokes on one another. We are a close family and get along well together. We have a family that is extended and we all get along together and enjoying rings as one big family. If we are chosen to appear on Family Game Night this would be a great opportunity for us as a family. We love competing and we also love to watch Family Game Night and playing along at home. We hope to see you soon. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  58. Blanca Lemus

    Hi!!! We are a family of four, and we hardly spend family time together because I (mommy) goes to college to further my education and become a nurse. Our family consists of a 7 year old girl and a 10 year old boy. We would very thrilled to be part of the show! Thanks!!!

  59. Jennifer authenreith

    Were a beautiful Family of 3……. 3 1/2 if ya count my X, but our six year old son has been insisting I look into getting him on the show. (Googled it and all) So a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do!!!!

  60. Elaine Serrano

    We are a family of 4. One handsome, active boy, Daniel which is 9 years old and one funny little girl, Nataly which she’s 5 years old. We would love to be in the family game night show! We watch the episodes on Friday together as a family and the whole family just loves it! Dad is Anthony and mom is Elaine. Please pick us!
    Thank you! :)

  61. Chloe Shaifer

    Hi im Chloe im 11. My mom and I love playing games together. We can be competitive but we also have a lot of fun. We would love to be on your show especially Would be really nice if we can make some extra money. My mom just lost her job and things have been hard but she always makes sure I always have everything I need and want.

  62. Alexis McNair

    Hi. Me and my family would love to be in it. We are a family of 8 but only 4 of us want to be in the show. I watch this show every time it comes on. One if my favorite games on the show is bop it…i lovee that game .. But i hope we may have a chance at this
    Thank you!!

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