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  1. Krystle Strasshofer

    I would like my family to be considered for this opportunity because my youngest son has Cystic Fibrosis and he has been begging me to let him be on this show for over a year now and he is even wanting to be on this show for his Make A Wish opportunity! This could help grant his wish!

  2. Jojo

    Would be a dream come true for our 2 highly energetic, fun and competitive kids (and parents

  3. Angie Miller

    We are an extremely outgoing hilarious family that absolutely love the show!! My daughter has been begging to be on it..I told her we have to try out first and she got so excited. We would be so happy to be on the show! Please pick us!!!

  4. Julie

    FGN is me and my daughter’s favorite show!! We DVR all the episodes! My daughter has aspergers syndrome and really wants to show the world that she can do what any kid can do and have fun! She’s smart funny and knows each game like the back of her hand. This will be the last year she will be able to participate since she is 15 now. So we REALLY want to be on the show this year and have an experience we will never forget!!!

  5. Becky

    Our family would absolutely love the opportunity to audition for your show. Our 6yr old daughter loves the show and would be beside herself to be a contestant.

  6. fernando munoz

    You should put me and my family in this show because my kids are a big fan of you guys and im trying to make my family happy and and we really need the money so i could spend more time with my children and so i could keep my kids happy

  7. Christopher Stinson

    Do you want a fantastic family who loves to play games, well this is the right family so choose us family game night. I have a sister and my mom and dad.

    -Thanks Chris

  8. Chris

    Hello! My kids and I were very excited to see that Family Game Night was still taping! We are HUGE fans, and watch reruns of the show a lot. We love the games from the show, play them at home, and I have been playing these games with my family since I was young. My son (9) loves Connect 4 Basketball, and my daughter (11) and I love Yahtzee. We would play ANY game on the show with energy and laughter, and would love the experience. Please consider us!

  9. Nena Talbert

    Hey Family Game Night, We think our family would be a great choice to be on the show. Our family is made of 3 wonderful very energetic people and love playing games. I am Nena the mom, next is the man of the house Tre’ my amazing 8 year old son and last but not least there is Camden my silly 5 year old son and we are from North Carolina. We love watching the show so much and will even re-watch them over and over on demand just to enjoy them again. The boys have had a lot going on in their lives lately and watching this show always puts them in a good mood, so I know if we were to get the chance to be on the show would they would be the happiest. Please consider picking the 3 of us to play your games!!! TEAM N.T.C.

  10. Charlie Brannen

    My name Amy and I am a fun and funky mom. My family lives in Florida and we are big fans of the show! My son is (9), and my daughter is (3). My kids have never been to California so this will be a great experience for our family to go play one of your games. My son would love to be on the show!

  11. Cathy

    My children and I would love to be on the Family Game Night show. My son is 11 and my daughter is 9. My son asks me every time we watch the show, “mom, can I do that please!” He has been through too many health obstacles throughout his life and being on the show would be such a treat to him as well as to myself and to my daughter. My daughter is always explaining the games to me. I would love for them to have fun on the show. Please consider us, thank you.

  12. Katrina

    My son Ethan who will be 8 in March has reminded every month for the LAST 2 years to let him know when auditions are. He watches the show with or without us. I think he likes it even more as we have game night at home once a week. We have taught him all the board games from our youth. Teaching him chess now.. here is what he wanted me to post from him “I want to be on Family Game Night. I think it is fun. I know games such as twister lights out, sorry slider, trouble and more. I will win money Whoo!!”

  13. Julie

    As a family we watch your show every night. I think this is the best concept ever. Family game night is by far the best show on tv. My kids love this show. So as I have been watching them watch it and get so into it I thought I better find out if there is a way we could actually get in on the fun… Help me surprise them by choosing us to be on your game show….

  14. Annie Flick

    I really want to be on your show because I like brain puzzles.

  15. Kim

    My Children and I love Family Game Night!! We love watching the show together as well as playing the games on the Wii. We also have our own family game nights which consist of everyone picking a game or 2 to play!

  16. David Brown

    Our family would love to be on Family Game Night. My name is David(13) and I have 3 brothers Jonathon(15) Christian(11) and Jaxson(5 weeks). We get are awesomeness from our dad Chris.We are fun energetic kids who play sports and are very competitive. All of our favorite game is connect 4 basketball. Jaxsons favorite is the monkey barrel one because he loves monkeys. It would be a great pleasure if we could be in the show.

  17. Caroline Cassidy

    My name is Caroline Cassidy. I am the youngest of three children (ages 13, 11, and 7). Me and my parents, Jim and Cathy Cassidy, would like to be on Family Game Night. I watch the show every day. We live in New Jersey and we would love to come to California to be on your show. It would be the most exciting thing ever in my life!

  18. LeNora Wharton

    My name is LeNora Wharton and my son is Daniel Wharton and he is 4 going on 40. This kid is smart beyond his years with a goofy spirit like his dad. We are from sterling heights MI and we love playing games as a family. We love bowling and my son always get a higher score than his grandmother and I. My husband Daniel Sr. thinks he’s the funniest man alive and we just let him think he is so we laugh at his jokes anyway. We’re a fun loving group that can bring a smile to people’s faces and hopefully some cool prizes back home with us.

  19. Case Spencer

    My name is case. I am 9 and I have 3 brothers. Jace is 16, Cash is 13 and Cort is 6
    We lived in Fairbanks Alaska for 6 years where we were chased by grizzley Cubs, moose, fished for salmon and saw temperatures of -62 degrees ferinheight.
    We moved to Tuscan Arizona and thawed quickly in the scorching heat.
    Now we live in Grace, Idaho.
    During our move my grandma left me at Taco Time in Flagstaff, Arizonz. I will never let her live that down.
    In Idaho My family is involved in the RMSHA snowmobile hillclimb circuit.
    Our family enjoys spending time together riding four wheelers, traveling and other activities. We would all love to be on family game night.

  20. harley cole

    Hi my name is Harley Oddesa Cole, born on July 15, 1998.
    I play the flute but not very good, been playing sports half my life my favorite is softball,was once a cheerleader for two years just wasn’t my thing, been playing tennis for 4 years really fun got lots of movement in it keeps you active. Gone through modeling school graduated February 8th 2014 in Carrollton, Texas met lots of nice people and really go friends. I believe that you should at least get a “Chance” once in your life, you learn from your mistakes. I have big dreams and will like to begin as a extra.

    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White American
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color : Dirty Blonde
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 150
    Here’s my moms number please call if any news <hidden from public> 

  21. Rob Wissinger

    We would love to participate in all the wonderful games on your show. We love board games: playing them in the evening and mornings (before school). The energy level of our family matches the energy level that your show brings!

  22. Caryn

    Now this would be a dream come true for my family- but really for my youngest son, Noah! He is the biggest fan. Noah wants to be on Family Game Nigh “so bad because he loves to play games and he just loves this game show.” He spends hours pretending to host the show in our playroom. I just came to this site to see the age requirements, per the request of Noah. Being on this show would make him so happy :)

  23. Laura

    My daughter loves this show! We love to try new things and would love to have a great time on your show! We just like to have fun and would be elated if we were chosen! We are a family of 4:)

  24. Tanya

    We are so much fun together as a family.

  25. Carrie Bromer

    Hi!! I would love to see my children have this opportunity! I’m a single Mom, I work full time and am a college student. My two children are 8 and 9 years old. Part of our weekly entertainment together is watching family game night :) We would be so blessed to have this experience together!! Hope we get an invite :-)

  26. niki

    hi my name is niki and I have a husband mike and 3 kids 18,cody,11,calley,9 cole we don’t bond a lot and my daughter likes your show plus we have always wnted to do something fun like this and it would be the bomb if I told my kidswe were going to be on FAMILY GAME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks So Much!

  27. Lauren Vanderbull

    My name is Lauren and I am 11 years old. Me and my family are very competitive. Your show looks like lots of fun. Me and my brother Alex would love to see our parents doing some of the crazy things we have seen on your show.

  28. Vanessa O

    We love this show and have family game night at this once a month! This would be a new way to enjoy our family game night together:-)

  29. Pam

    Our kids’ uncle is in the end struggle of a rare form of cancer (neuroendocrine). After he passes, we will be traveling to CA this summer with his husband, (my husband’s brother) and this would really lift all of our spirits and give us something to look forward to.
    We are big fans and we know it would be something we’d talk and laugh about for years to come! We are a good combination of zany and smart! We don’t need prizes. We don’t need glamour – just put us up there to have a great time.

    Thanks for considering us!

  30. vonte

    My family and I aren’t close, I think this will help us become closer.

  31. Janice Kane

    We are a family of 5 & love family game night!! We have our own family game night every other week & play a lot of the games that are featured on your show. We love watching the show & would love to put our gaming skills & team spirit to the test!!

  32. Maura Donoghue

    HI!!!! My name is Maura and I have a family of 5. We are really entertaining and while watching the show we realized how totally rad it would be to actually be on it!!!!!!!¡ We love the games on there and we don’t even care if we win a prize or not because we are in it for the fun. It would be an honor to be chosen to participate and be on your show. Please consider us !!!

  33. Heather Magee

    My kids love this show and watch it all the time. They have begged me to look into getting on the show. We would love to win a much needed family vacation or anything would be appreciated.

  34. Elijah Do

    I never played Family Game Night but my dad and I love it so I watched it and we’d win a brand new car. I want to be on Family Game Night more than anyone in the whole wide world!!

  35. Chris

    Our family would like to be on Family Game Night, as my 5-year old daughter says we would all look good in Orange shirts.

  36. Zoriana Myers

    Hello my name is Zoriana Myers I love your show it looks
    So much fun . So what I was thinking is, can I be on the
    Show ? Thanks;) have a good day.

  37. Dan Stoll

    My kids (Ethan 9, Jason 6, Maggie 3) love the show. We watch it on demand. They enjoy all the games and root for all the families to do well. My kids have been through a lot but are doing really well in school and are developing into well rounded, nice individuals. I would love to surprise them with a trip to see the show (to actually appear on it would be beyond their wildest dreams).

  38. Mandie Myers

    My nine year old daughter would love to be on this show. We would be the most entertaining family you have ever had on your show. We promise to be champions!

  39. Michelle

    My 8 yr. old daughter is a huge fan! Her love of board games has led us to fill our closet with all the classics. We have board game night every chance we get. We would love an opportunity to be on the show!

  40. Valerie

    Growing up my parents and I would spend time each week playing board games. It was our way to spend time enjoying each other as a family. Most times I would “figure” out a way to win no matter how bad I was losing. My parents always said I was “comical”. Three children later I have always tried to enstill the same values that my parents taught me. We love spending family time playing board games. Some of our favorites include Monopoly, Trouble,Sorry, Scrabble, Simon and the list goes on and on. We would be blessed with the opportunity to be on your show and we hope to hear from you soon. Have a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!!!!!!

  41. Angela Staten

    My 7 yr old has me set the DVR to record episodes of Family Game Night. He watches & then re-watches them. We would love to be on your show, and Braden would love to play Jenga. My favorite is Barrel of Monkeys. Please pick us, we are very BIG FANS & extremely entertaining! Thanks for considering us

  42. Mary

    Hello, this would be a great opportunity for our family. My 9 year old son is a huge fan and enjoys playing the game on the Wii. This would be a dream come true for him! I also have a 5 year old daughter and my fiance has a 6 year old son.

  43. Tata Coulibaly

    I would love to be on Family Game Night because it’s my sister’s favorite show and it’s all most her birthday and I want to suprise her

  44. patricia

    you should choose the gray family becuase we are millitary, we are funny, most of us are jamacian, and we love to think out side the box! We all need the money to get our newer family started and continue helping out our community.
    Thanks and love you guys!

  45. Mariah

    Hi my name is mariah my mom is Shonda my dad is Maureis and we love your show and we would really like to be on your game show. Thanks for your time.

  46. LaNae Nelson

    Hi. Our family would love the opportunity to be on the show. We love playing board games together. Every time we watch the show we talk about how much fun it would be to play the big versions! We are a family of four (currently) we have a mom, dad, and 2 boys (6&7), and one on the way. Please let us know if there is an opportunity for us to participate on the show! I would love to give our boys this experience! :-)

  47. Amanda Goff

    Hi, my name is Amanda Goff I have 2 little boys ages 8,5 who love family game note!!! We watch the show and then they try to recreate the games using anything around the house they can find. My son asked Santa Claus if he could help him be on the show. Please consider us for the show my boys would be so excited!!! And honestly I would be too. I feel this would be a great experience for them. Thank you for taking the time to read!!!

  48. Melanie Stephens

    my family and I would love a chance to be on family game night. We love playing games and spending time together. Good family time and teaches us great team work. Please consider my family.

  49. Vicki, Kasey, Kyle

    My 11 year old twins boy and girl and I Are bursting with tons of energy and fun! Would love to be on the show! Been waiting along time to be part of the show!

  50. Meadows Dargan

    My family and I should be on Family Game Night because we watch the show almost everyday. I love all of the different games like barrels of monkey’s, monopoly remix,and my favorite is Life. I really hope I can get onto Family Game Night.

  51. Payton Mitchell

    The show looks really fun on TV and Todd newton looks really nice and funny.

  52. Collin Badet

    My name is Collin my mom is Dana I am
    9 my mom is 31 and i love all the games you play
    .i love board games like the ones on your
    Show.we have wanted to play since I was 7.
    Your show is awesome and i love you and
    The show

  53. Dana colon

    My family will be completely and uterly entertaining! We are fun easy to get along with hmmmm maybe I should add smart in there! Lol we just want the opportunity to be on a show we absolutely love!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE THANKSSSSS

  54. Erica Cornett

    Our family of four includes 8 year old boy/girl twins. Hayden is a talented hip hop dancer and Elise is a fantastic artist. We love watching your show and it would be an experience of a lifetime to get to actually be on it!

  55. Carrie Curry

    Hello, my family of 5 would like to participate. I have two kids who are Autistic and they ENJOY watching your game show

  56. Jeremy Blubaugh

    Our family of 4 watches FGN weekly, and would love the opportunity to participate in this super fun family game experience. We love the household versions of almost al of your games, and would love to play your life size creations. Our family consists of a mother, father, and two young boys. (5 & 9) Please let us know if there is an opportunity for us to audition for your show. Either way, we will keep watching!!! :)

  57. Jessica Diaz

    Hello, my family and I would like to participate in your game show. My 13 year old son, Joshua, watches the show, and informed me about this opportunity. It is always a pleasure to watch him jump up and down and yell at the TV. That I would like to give him the opportunity as a birthday gift to experience it in person. We constantly play board games at home that end in fits of laughter. My other 8 year old child, Yasmine, is very energetic and perky. Our family of four would be entertaining, a great team, and without a doubt, great competitors. My husband and I would appreciate your consideration.

  58. ileana

    well I’m the youngest in my family… I’m 16 and I like to do a lot of kind of stuff and it would mean the world to me to be on family game night with two of my cousins there really into this as I am and I would use the money for my mom who doesn’t have a job shes disability and for my 1 year old daughter I would like to hear from you guys thanks.

  59. David, Sherry and Wes Barringer (12)

    We are a family of 3 that lives in North Carolina, and…
    we LOVE THIS SHOW! What a GREAT concept! We love to watch and play along with the other families on the show. Our family is avid gamers of… Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Yahtzee, Trouble and many others. To play and compete on this show would be so much fun and an incredible experience! Thank you.

  60. Jeff Korell

    We are a fun loving family of 3 who know how to have a good time and would be exciting additions to a “Family Game Night” show. As a family, we play most of the games that are featured on the show. Our 9-year old daughter is a dancer, singer, and musical theatre actress. My wife and I, we don’t care if people think we’re weird and we’ll do anything for a laugh. Please consider our family for the show. Thank you so much.

  61. chanel

    My family would like to be on tv because my family is not really close so I think family game night will bring us closer than we are so if you guys pick my family we will be really happy and we will have fun on the show and we need money to do extra activities and money to pay bills plus we would be a good tv family I hope you pick us well any way bye.

  62. Toby Booker

    Our family is silly, fun and ready for television! Playing together is key to our home life. Our two kids (10 and 9) love to watch Family Game Night, and wanted me to find out how to be on! Please consider us for the show!

  63. Michael Thummel

    Love playing the games. My 11 year old daughter constantly asks to play. I grew up playing the games with my family, as well. We love your show and the family atmosphere. We are very competative. My family includes my wife and three daughters ( 3, 11, 19).

  64. deniti

    Hello, I have an amazing family. 3 awesome kids 2 boys (ty is the 8 yr old gamer, he plays everything from video games to board games, jai is my 6 yr old artist he’s very talented and funny. He loves to make people laugh) we also have a very smart and talented 2 yr old, Zriyah. They are very smart and well mannered boys and always do excellent in school. I seem to never have extra money to award them, and they watch this show over and over. This opportunity would be all that they dream of.

  65. marilyn

    my family is great I have 3 kids 1 girl 2 boys and 1 dog what a great and loving famliy and I would love if I’m family if we could be on family game night we are big fans.

  66. Rachel Barbour

    My family would love to be on this show we watch it all the time together and bond it’s always a good time

  67. Amani

    My family is funny and would be great on tv and mom and dad love these games. I have two others sisters and we aren’t to close and game shows bring us close. Please let us be on the show. My mom is a police officer and she would love to be on tv.

  68. LaSonya

    Through witty and clever answers our family will be extremely entertaining………

  69. Christine

    We love to watch the show. We don’t have a lot of money to do extra activities other than pay bills. So just the opportunity alone would be an amazing experience!!

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