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  1. Michael Swarms

    I watch this show all the time and I would be happy to be on the show I am 16 and I want to be on the show before I become an adult I am good at all the games that you play besides oparation but it would be fun for me

  2. Ibrahim Almas


    My ten year old daughter Hana got a Family Game Night’s video game and she really liked it. She started watching the show and got the whole family watching it too. We all really enjoy it and would love to be part of it. It would be a great opportunity and a wonderful experience.


  3. Roopali

    At our home watching family game night has become a tradition. We all eat together during the show and pick a team that’s playing and cheer for them. The show teaches kids about team work, encouragement, coordinating and many other things. We have a 8 year old son who has all the skills to be on the show and looking forward for much more action packed games in your up coming shows. Please consider our family to be on the show. Thanks.

  4. Nina Hamuy

    I have an amazing family and we are huge fans of the show. We watch it at every chance we get and we love playing together. Oftenly we pull out uno cards or a board game during dinner and compete for fun. Our family consists of a mom, a dad, an 11 year old girl (soon to be 12), a 10 year old girl, and a 5 year old boy. We love doing family activities and think that this will be a huge opportunity to show the world how amazing we can be.

  5. Mary Jones

    We would like to audition for your show because we are big fans and we watch it each chance we get. My 8 year old third grader loves it so much she watches it and always tells the participants what to do!! We like to play family games like monopoly and UNO and we always have so much fun doing it. We would be thrilled if selected to participate in your show.

  6. David Michelson

    I’m a single dad of a beautiful, social, considerate, and affectionate 8-yr old daughter who is IN LOVE with your show! It would be the thrill of her life if I could surprise with the opportunity to be on your show, or at least get tickets to the show. I continue to try to show her that families come in many forms and being on your show would be an incredible support of our small family. Thank you for considering us.

  7. Katey in NC

    Our family is made up of a 11 year old daughter, a boy and girl that are 6 years old (twins), a mom, and a dad. We love to have a good time and are always bouncing off the walls, most nights we settle down to watch Family Game Night whenever it’s on. We would love to be on the show to give a good laugh for everyone, even if we don’t win a thing. The Howell family will not disapoint you!

  8. Ryan M

    You will not be disappointed by having our awesome family on your show. Mom and dad are both teachers and do similar gams in their own classrooms. Our kids are energetic and entertaining. We enjoy sitting around a large bowl of popcorn while being entertained by the show.

  9. Coen Stapleton

    My family would love to be on your show because we love playing games! I think it would so cool to play with the life size pieces. We are a family of four, Coen (age 10), Wyatt (age 7), mom, and dad. My brother is lots of fun, my dad is hilarious, my mom is awesome, and I have great strategies. This would be a fantastic experience for my family that would create a great memory. Thank you for your consideration. I hope you have a great season!

  10. Daycia

    Hello, my name is Daycia McClam (28) and I would love to be a part of Family Game Night. My daughter Leila (6) is addicted to this show, watching it every chance she gets. She may faint if we are chosen. It would make her whole year better.

  11. Meagan

    My name is Meaghan I am 11 my mom is 42 and her fiancé is 51 we r interested In being on family game night I’ve always loved watching fgn I’ve been. Asking my mom to be on it I have been looking online for ever but it always said no more needed so I found this chance and I hope u pick us I am a sporty girl and we love playing board games Ty reply back I LOVE FAMILY GAME NIGHT

  12. Anna Johnson

    We would love to be on your show!! We have family game night at our house OFTEN!! And we love to watch your show. We hope you pick us. We have 4 awesome fsmily members that know how to have fun!!!

  13. Avery

    I hope they pick me to be on the show and I meet a celeb guess!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Barbara Vester

    Our family ABSOLUTELY loves your Family Game Night Show. It came into our lives at just the right time. My son has 3 children ages 9, 11 and 18 and he recently went through a divorce. Family Game night keeps us all laughing, dreaming of being on your show and has encouraged us to pull out all our old board games, have family night and yes, we hand out prizes too! My grandchildren are the best sports, win or lose we all have a great time. If you didn’t know by now this is written by mom/grandma. I hope you will consider my terrific family. This would be a very happy moment and memory for all of them, young and old.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Barbara Vester

  15. DaveS

    Our family of four is excited to throw our names in the hat for Family Game Night.
    Boy (Tomás, 11) and girl (Emma, 8) get so excited as they yell, scream, and play along whenever we watch FGN.
    They are little hams (like their dad) and would make fun contestants.
    Mama keeps the team in top shape, practicing with board games at our home arena.

    Put us in, we’re ready!

  16. Damian curiel

    I would love to be on the show with my family because we all love board games. I would also love to win a trip with my family for me and my sister’s birthday. She is 7 and I am 9. Me and my sister are also big fans of the show and we would love to meet you.

  17. Brandi Tantillo

    My two boys, Zack & Drew (ages 11 & 9) and I are huge board game fans. It’s one of our favorite ways to spend family time together. We are close by in Phoenix and would love to hop in the car and come right over for an audition. Please, please give us a chance to be on this amazing family show!

  18. Barb from Orlando

    We are game freaks! My whole family is. My distant family. All of us, at the very least, play cards. Alex and I though. He is my 9 year old son who most enjoys playing games because of the way we all bond and are engaged in active “play”. The very best reason I can think of to pick our family for the show is Alex. He would be over the moon happy AND it’s his 10th birthday on Sunday Sept 14th. My daughter (24) would love to play too. His Dad, his Aunt or his grandmother (80) could even play. Thanks for considering us.

    Barb in Orlando

  19. Mannongirls3

    My kids are HUGE fans of Family Game Night on HUB. We have even purchased and played the Wii video game of Family Game night, which is just not the same. So my daughter Jillian who is 7 brings me the iPad and says, “Mom, please look up how we can get one this game”. “I just must be on the show”! We are a family of 5 (mom, dad, 7yr old girl, 4 yr old girl and 2yr old that can cheer us on like nobody else). Please consider our AWESOME family for your show. Please, please,please with a cherry on top.

  20. Bekkah Huggins

    You should consider us because My son has to watch you all the time and begs to go!!! He plays along with most games and cheers on all contestants!!!

  21. Ashad

    Hello my name is Ashad J. Young and i have been watching your show since 2011, and i just want to say me and my mom have been wanting to be on your show for a long time. So i just want to say please except our audition.
    Sincerely, Ashad & Jeanelle… Thank You!!

  22. Emerson Swartz

    my mom and i would love to be on that show i love to watch it and always wanted to be on it!
    i feel like it would be a great bonding experience for us and if we get picked and you need more people i could get more people to join us if i know the dates.
    Thank You!

  23. Joseph Rubio

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I believe we should be on Family Game Night because we are freaking awesome.


    The Rubios

  24. Taylor

    Hello my name is Taylor i am 10 years old and my family would love to go on family game night. I have one brother and a sister. Also my dad and mom are thrilled to do it. We always play games like you do . We always wanted to be on Family Game. Thankyou

  25. Bill H

    This game is my daughters favorite of all time. She said she would even give all her toys to charity to be on the show. Wow. Just wow.

  26. Ryan Startare

    We are a family of 6, consisting of mom, dad, 8 year old triplet boys and a 2 year old boy. Our triplets love HUB network and watching Family Game Night. They actively participate from home like they were on the show. It would be an exciting and wonderful experience for all of us to be on your show. Thank you for your consideration.

  27. Kieara Witherspoon

    My family consists of 4, 3 girls, and 1 boy ages 11, 7, 5 I’m a message therapist . I think my family would be awesome on your television show because we love to play board games with our family and friends. We are very competitive when it comes to games and winning.We also love to watch your show on Hub network. We get very excited to see other contestants play and have fun on your television show. Also, when they lose they are not poor sports and they go home with something nice and not empty handed. This is also a thing our family has never done so we will make our change on your show enjoyable.So please choose my family. Thank you soo much.

  28. Logan

    IV’E BEEN DREAMING FOREVER TO BE ON THIS SHOW I have 4 people in my family my dad Eric me Logan my sister Sydney my mom Lisa WE WILL BE AMASING AT THIS SHOW IF WE WIN OR LOSE OR ANTHING

  29. Atika

    Our family of 5 loves playing games together. We have 3 kids aged 7,9 and 13. We love competing and trying new adventures. We really hope to get on this show

  30. Kristen Miles

    My daughter just exclaimed, “We NEED to go on this show! It is SO cool!”
    Our family consists of mom, dad, and three children: ages 10, 7, and 6. Mom is a teacher, and dad is an engineer. Our oldest child is a competitive dancer, while our middle child is a Minecraft expert. Our youngest is an shark-loving boy who adores any kind of crafts and construction equipment.
    We are fun-loving, and enjoy playing games as a family more than anything. We love road trips, roller coasters, museums, movies, baking, and all kinds of family fun! We would love to be considered as a family to be featured on the show because it would be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for our family to create some life-sized memories while playing the games we already love. Thank you for your consideration. Let the games begin!

  31. Kari Tinus

    We’re a small but, extreme family of 3! Our Son, Kaleb’s dream is for us to be on your show. Please consider us, it would truly mean the world to him! Mom and Dad as well.

  32. Kate

    There are only three of us, but my son loves your show. Please consider us.

  33. Isabella

    Hello, I am Isabella I have a Sister named Gabriella,A mom,A dad, and an Au Pair. My dad is almost always at work and I want to spend more time with him. I also want to experience a crowd cheering. We are a very happy family and more than ever we want to be on this show. Please!!!
    If you say yes thank you!

  34. Denise McEvoy

    Hi! We are a family of 4! Mom (me), Dad, and our 2 awesome boys!
    We LOVE this show and REALLY want to be on it!
    We could really use this family bonding. The boys are growing up WAY
    TOO FAST!!! Please consider us!!!

  35. jason moore

    My wife and i have 3 boys. I think that this would be really fun and one experience that they would always remember. It would be a great memory.

  36. Amelia Beauchamp

    Hello. My name is Amelia, but you can call me mia. I live with my Father, step-mother, baby brother, and grandmother. We are a family that doesn’t get to spend much time with each other due to the fact that I have school my father and step mother have to work almost all day, so I think that this would be a good way to get my family together. I think it wuould be fun! Its not about the prizes, it’s about family and having a good time. I hope you will take me into consideration. Thank you for your time.

  37. Edith Gingles

    We are a family of 5 from Bloomington, Indiana. We enjoy watching the show. We love the family time we get by watching and cheering on the families on the show. We would love to be contestants on the show.

  38. Anais Macias

    Hello we are a family of 4 my mother, my father, my younger sister, and myself we enjoy watching your show and we wish to be on it because we enjoy spending time together we do everything together. My family and I have good sportsman ship towards other people we also enjoy meeting new friends. So please choose my family to be on FAMILY GAME NIGHT…

  39. tyreon

    We love u your the best.

  40. Michelle Sedgwick

    We’re a family of 3 – small, but mighty! We bring the right mix of enthusiasm, love of board games, friendly competition and most importantly we bring the heat. Our family superpowers include a Battleship commander (Dad), a Skeeball powerhouse (Mom), and a Bop It master (6 year old son).

    We’ve all become fans of the show and are up for the challenge.

    P.S. – Green is our best color.

  41. Elaine Weaver

    Our family of 4 loves watching FGN! We are loud and full of energy. We are not shy but not too crazy to be on TV! Our family would be perfect to compete on the show! We have our own family game nights and even have a Mr Monopoly trophy that the winner gets to brag about- until the next game night! Do we need to beg? Pick us Pick us! :)

  42. Janay Bell

    We would like to be on the show because we are a very interesting family and We think it will be fun to see what happens. So please choose or recommend us PLEASE we would deeply appreciate this a lot.

  43. Nejmah Mahmoud

    We saw the show for the first time and my kids instantly said we should try to get on that show. It looks like so much fun! Super excited to show how well we work as a family. We are extremely competitive.

  44. Nicholle Galarza

    Hello!! We are a family of 5, out 2 older kids (6 & 13) are HUGE fans and we watch this as a family very regularly! We would LOVE the chance to participate as a family on your show! This would be a great experience and make some amazing memories!!!! Please, take us in to consideration!!

    Thank You,
    The Galarza Family

  45. Aurora

    Our Family of six consist of two twin boys 13,one 5 yr. old boy and a 2yr old daughter, Mom & Dad. We are all Big fans and in my five year old words: we will do just about anything to be on this show!

  46. Zhayna

    We are a wonderful family of 5! Its me and my 2 sisters and my parents!

  47. Zhayna

    I think me and my family should be the next contestants because we have not been able to go on a family vacation due to my medical situations. I have had a double lung transplant 4 1/2 years ago and I am currently going through treatment to help with the chronic rejection. This treatment is my last hope to stay alive. My family can not really afford to go on a real vacation. So please give me a chance to be on your show and be the next contestants. My family would really appreciate it.

  48. Jamie Bates

    Family Game Night is the coolest show!! I am a single mother of 3 kids. 2 boys and one girl. Ages 23, 13 and 11. Our family would be thrilled to be a part if your show. We love game night at home and could not even imagine being a part of our favorite games on TV. With our lives so busy with work, school and sports it would be a great memorable family moment to be a part of your great show! Pick us! Pick us! :)

  49. Jennifer Reed

    My name is Jennifer Reed and my husband is Rich. We are both elementary school teachers and live in Southern California. We have a son! Brice who is 12, and a daughter, Jeanie, who is 9. My husband is a veteran and served in Desert Storm. We would love to be a part of a game show.

  50. Bobbie Jo Miller

    My fiance and I are personal trainers in West Virginia. We are a blended family with 9 and 8 year old sons who love this show, and insist we apply every month until we our family is chosen!

  51. carlos lindsey

    We are a wonderful family of 7! We have 4 girls and 1boy. We spend quality family time playing games and watching your show! We would love a chance to play along on TV!

  52. Erinda Kikot

    My son loves watching the show and wants us three to come try to win :) He’s 6.

  53. Tammy Lile

    My family loves FGN. We have built a yard twister, Huge Jenga (out of 2×4’s), and blanket checkers for our family parties. We would love to be on the show and see if we are really as good as we act when we win.

  54. Brenda Mallory

    My 8 year old son and daughter have all of us watching and enjoying family game night! We’d love to be contestants! What a great idea to join the kids in some of their favorite games.

  55. Conrad Nystrom

    Our family consists of two teachers (I teach fourth grade, and their mother teaches Special Ed kindergarten and preschool) and two exciteable boys. One boy turns seven in December, and our youngest turns five in October. Our oldest boy attends a bi-lingual immersion school where the majority of his instruction is in Spanish (English being his first language). He is the one that pushed for us to submit this letter. He is extremely excited by your show, learning, and anything STAR WARS. Both boys are very bright and readers. I know this is a longshot, but I also know it makes my son very happy to know we even wrote this letter. No mattter, I know we will happily watch your show. Thank you for your time.

  56. Jamie in Florida

    Our Family is made up of four awesome people! Myself (mom), dad, and our 8 year old TWINS (boy/girl). Family Game Night is my son’s favorite show, he loves explaining the rules and prizes to the whole family, which can be super funny. Choose the Williams family we won’t disappoint!

  57. ashley Lafayette

    Hi family my love to join you because we love love your show everytime we watch it good because we would love to be one of your contestants this would definitely be a new experience for our family so give us a chance, to be on your show.

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