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  1. Karla Wright

    Me and my family would love to be in the show. I have a brother named Perry who is 15 going on 16, a mom named Sylvia, and a dad named Carlton. My dad is in active duty Airforce so we constantly move from place to place. We would love to be on this show cause we want to have fun and be together as a family.

  2. Christopher Morton

    Hello my family has loved the show for years and have been hoping to join and we think it will make our family skills and cooperation much better

  3. Stacie Fleshman

    Please pick my family. A single mom with an almost 7 year old boy named Landyn. He and I love watching this show and would love to try our chance at playing! Please pick us

  4. Jace tyndell

    We want to be on a game show

  5. Lynn Hendee

    We would love to be on Family Game Night! We are a family of five people including my 2 daughters and son who are 8, 11, and 13 years old. We are a fun and energetic family and would be happy to be on this show. Email me back if you are interested in my family

  6. Aiden

    My family loves this show. Please choose us .were an athletic family of 4.The knapkes

  7. Hunter Pierce

    My family would love to be on this show we watch every episode and I think we have what it takes to win some serious cash and prizes!!

  8. Maria Mooney

    My son’s birthday is this weekend & whenever I ask him what he wants, he says just to be on family game night. We are a fun family and love to see our kids light up with excitement. I wish that I can make make my son’s birthday wish come true. . Thanks

  9. Amy Miller

    My husband and I have 3 boys and we would love to be contestants on your show! We watch your show with our boys and love the games you play. Our boys play a variety of sports and love competing! Ethan is 13, Evan is 10 and Eli is 8. This would be a once in a lifetime adventure for us! Please consider us as one of your contestants! Thank You!


  10. Zephaniah

    I really want to join family game night

  11. Danielle Pruitt

    We are a very fun family, I believe being on Family Game Night would improve our whole family. It would get my dad’s groove on. He’s not the wildest dad in the world, but he and me and my mom would have a lot of fun on Family Game Night! It would bring us all together. If we have the choice of what game we play, we would prefer Jenga but Yahtzee would be pretty fun too.

  12. Rachel HAAS

    Ohio!!!!!!!!!! Single disabled mom of a son that is eight!

  13. corina garza jannell lee

    you’re show is good I can’t wait to be there to win some money and a car

  14. Giarrantano Family

    We are a family of 5, we love to watch the show together. I honestly think my husband and I watch it with our 3 boys, because we like to see them so excited. We would love to play the games with them in person. Please consider our family as contestants.

    Thank you,
    Kristie (mom)

  15. Brian moss

    Are family watches your show all the time are daughter would love to be apart of it thanks the moss family

  16. Emma

    My family love this show!! We watch this show every time it is on. We would love to be on this show.

  17. shola

    We are a GOOFY,SMART, and FUN family of 4 that lives in Staten Island, New York , and…
    we LOVE THIS SHOW! What a GREAT concept! We love to watch and play along with the other families on the show. Some of my family favorite games are… Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect 4, Yahtzee, Trouble and many others. To play and compete on this show would be so much fun and an incredible experience!. Now this would be a dream come true for my family- but really for my son, ELIAS, who is 8 years old. He is the biggest fan. Elias wants to be on Family Game Night “so bad because he loves to play games and he just loves this game show.” He spends hours pretending to host the show in our playroom. I just came to this site to see the age requirements, per the request of ELIAS. Being on this show would make him so HAPPY.

  18. Emma

    We love your show!! My family watches it every time it is on. We would love to be on it!!

  19. Luke Haskins

    Me and my family would love to be a part of family game night we are very competitive and love to play games

  20. Mikhaela Dustin

    My family and I love the show and it would mean the world to us to be on it. Please consider us for one of the two families. Please email me if you want us on the show.

  21. josie brunoni

    My name is josie brunoni I just had open heart surgery in October I really want to be a part of the show even If I don’t make it on there I’m a really big fan of the show thanks for making the show in the first place.

  22. Wilkerson Family

    Our son Corbin and my husband and I watch the show all the time. My son really wants to be apart of this show. He is a competitive baseball player and an above average student!
    Please pick us!!! We are a very competitive and love to game!!!

    Thank you, Doug, Michelle and Corbin Wilkerson

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