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  1. Andrew Sims

    Why hello, Disney! My name is Andrew T. Sims, and I would love to work on Dog With a Blog. I’m 11, and I want to be as creative as possible so you might consider me! I have learned of drama, acting, singing and improv at Learning Foundation and Preforming Arts School for at least 8 years and had always loved the idea of acting. When I’m on the stage, I feel and preform like I am the character. In my later years, I’ve been an Choir and continue to act and dance on stage. I’ve moved from many different places preforming at different large school districts and festivals.
    I weigh 128 pounds and I’m about 6’5″ in height, with short, brown hair.
    A picture for reference (if needed):
    Thank you for considering me for Dog With a Blog!

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