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  1. robert sarros

    was stan cancelled?we need to see him again,we miss him…

  2. robert sarros

    was stan cancelled for the season,or will he be back on…..we miss him,and need to see him.

  3. aleena

    My name is Aleena Garabedian. I live in California. Acting is a really big part of my life. I basically live with acting. I have great experiences with acting. Being chosen on this tv show would mean a lot to me. Anyway, thanks a lot!! Hope I get chosen to be on Dog With A Blog!

  4. kaitlyn

    Heyy my name is kaitlyn
    Blue eyes
    Fun, goofy and can cry on demand
    Love to act
    I’m 5’4
    I am 110 pounds
    13 years old
    Hope you pick me to be on Dog With A Blog.

  5. Neighamya Fortune

    Age: 12
    Weight: 83lbs
    Height: 5’0
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown

    I’ve always been told to follow my dreams even if things might not work out. You still keep trying, and that’s what I’m going to do. Everyone else might see me as an ordinary kid, but I see myself as an extraordinary, fun, loving, and a very talented person. That’s what makes me, me. What acting means to me is all about passion and who you do it for. Friends, family, yourself, and fans.

  6. Tiffany

    I have 3 kiddos whom are each naturally beautiful and naturally talented! Hilarious and high energy, here come my 16,11 & 9 year old to tell you that you would absolutely love their individual personalities and talents! My 16 year old looks like Megan Fox! My 11 year old naturally very blonde daughter is very different from other girls her age, and my 9 year old son is a born entertainer waiting to erupt into the big screen! We are Chicago based and you may contact me if you feel interested in my 3. “A dog with a blog” is 1 of the favorite shows to my 11&9 y/o!

  7. Mason Stidham

    Hello Disney Channel, I have arrived!!! If you’re looking for talent here I am! I am an 11 year-old blonde haired blue eyed Okie with a dream!! I have been practicing my acting skills from the day I was born. I can be sweet and innocent, cute and cuddly, or wild and crazy what ever you are looking for I can do it. Just give me a chance you won’t regret it!!!

  8. Alana Maness

    Hi! My name is Alana and I would love to be on your show “Dog With A Blog”! Here’s my information :

    Age – 12, turning 13 in December
    Height – 5’4
    Hair – Dirty Blonde, Medium Length
    Eye Color – Brown
    Siblings – 5 brothers and a sister ( Some are step/half because my parents are divorced )
    State – Colorado
    Hobbies – Dance, Art, Acting, Reading, Writing
    Personality – Fun, funny, nice, polite, always full of energy
    Other – I absolutely LOVE Disney Channel! I watch it every day with my younger brothers, and each time I wish I was on Disney.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application. I hope you consider casting me! It would be amazing!

  9. kyshawn

    Im kyshawn i love stan i love to act i want to follow my dream please put me in the show contact me <hidden from public> 4feet11inches black hair and eyes

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