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  1. Brianna Whitney

    Hello, my name is Brianna Whitney. I’m 13 years of age and represented by Barbizon USA. I recently graduated Barbiozn Modeling school and prepared for work! I am outgoing and easy to work with. I’ve had 6 months of training. I would be honored to work with you! Thank you. Brianna

  2. Chelsea

    I loved to watch Disney Channel when I was younger and I still do. I’ve had a little bit of experience acting in a small school play. I work well in a team and get along with people well. I can pick things up pretty quick. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and to be apart of the Disney family.

  3. Jane Gorman

    My name is jane Gorman. I am a out going girl! I love to talk and dance around. I have been a fan of this show. I love acting and hope to be on tv! I am Asian and have black eyes and brown hair. I am 5′ 1
    I am 90 pounds
    I have glasses and braces but I am getting braces of and contacts!
    I hope I get the part!
    I am 13
    I started acting at age 5 in my first production Pinocchio
    I Can model
    I love acting!
    I love swimming!

  4. Dustin Hughes

    Disney Channel, hi, my name is Dustin Hughes, and I would love to be on the Disney Channel show Dog With a Blog. I have dreamed about being on television my whole life, I loved Disney Channel as a kid, I would come home from school everyday and watch Wizards of Waverly Place and just dream about being on set with Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin. Or I would also watch Suite Life of Zack and Cody and hope one day I could meet the twins, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, or even be on set with them also. And even Good Luck Charlie with Bridget Mendler, being able to perform with her would be amazing, I was the biggest Disney Channel fan ever as a kid, even watching The Disney Channel Games. Disney Channel was pretty much my life at home, and now that I’m older I would really like a chance to be on Disney Channel, to be on national television. Being on Disney would be a great experience and fit for me. I really hope that Disney Channel gives me a chance to be on Dog With a Blog, or any Disney show. So please dont ignore this, I really hope Disney reads this and gives me a chance.
    Thank you,
    Dustin Hughes

  5. Evan Saunders

    Hi my name is Evan and I Would love to be on the show. I am a 11 year old white American with brown hair and brown eyes. I have some experience and I would love to act with a dog. Thank you.

  6. charli-rose

    hi i am charli-rose and i am 10 years old and it would mean the world to me if i could be in dog with a blog

  7. Freya

    Hi! My name is Freya Eastmounten and i cooming from Sweden and ia’m 11. But i can Englich okay. I love scouting and acting. I have one cat and two guineapigs. I love Dog with a blog this is my favorit serie. The best actor in the world is fransceca capaldi, she is my idol and my all! I will casting for this,roll so much i dreeaming one day i can standing in the setv and take my first tagning, but the dreeem……

  8. jenascia clark

    I love to act and i really love this show

  9. Emma M. Campbell

    Hi! My name is Emma. I am 9. I have always been dying to be on a TV show i liked and Dog with a Blog is one of them. I love to sing and act, plus i have an amazing voice.

  10. Shanteria

    I love this show!Let me join please!I love the whole family!Please let me join!Thanks!

  11. mariano

    Hola atodo yi quero partisipar

  12. Emily Welch

    Hi my name is emily and i am 12. It would mean the absolute world to me to be on the show.I love this show it is the best. I would love to meet all you guys and be on the show you guys are awesome! I love this so much i even pretend to be sick on school days so i can watch the show! even if i am an extra i don’t care just please put me on the show! I live in perth australia but i would be willing to fly wherever to be on the show. I have watched disney channel ever since i was little. I cry sometimes when i watch the show because i am so happy but sad that i am not on the show. It would be the best thing in the world. I love acting because i love making people happy. Please accept me it would be the world for me!!!!!

  13. Andrew Sims

    Why hello, Disney! My name is Andrew T. Sims, and I would love to work on Dog With a Blog. I’m 11, and I want to be as creative as possible so you might consider me! I have learned of drama, acting, singing and improv at Learning Foundation and Preforming Arts School for at least 8 years and had always loved the idea of acting. When I’m on the stage, I feel and preform like I am the character. In my later years, I’ve been an Choir and continue to act and dance on stage. I’ve moved from many different places preforming at different large school districts and festivals.
    I weigh 128 pounds and I’m about 6’5″ in height, with short, brown hair.
    A picture for reference (if needed):
    Thank you for considering me for Dog With a Blog!

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