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  1. Aaron

    Hi it’s Aaron again I really want this role when was younger I never I wanted to be an actor I wanted be a doctor but now I that I did sme drama classes it was fun I really would want to act on dog with a blog because I like dogs playing them bathing them feeding them. I have too he germansherpard really big dog . I hope u find it in ur heart to give just one chane please

  2. Merveille

    Hello my name is merveille and I am 9years I’m almost 10years. I live in Cameroon . I am a boy.
    I think you should take me because i love dog with a blog and I am great with dogs . I am going to do all my best , and would like to give you a new show I just tought about

  3. tyneace green

    my name is tyneace green from savannah georgia im 8 years old i love this show i love to act and have fun im a hard worker im a straight a student i want to be on the show so please pick me i will not disappoint yall i will do my best thanks

  4. Sayaka Ono

    Hi my name is Sayaka and I really want to be in the show dog with a blog. I love dog with a blog because it is very funny and I love dogs. I wanted to be an actress since I was 5 years old. I love to sing,dance and act. Acting is my favorite thing to I always act,dance and sing when’s friend comes to my house and pretend that we are performing in front of people. I go to my singing lesson every Saturday with my friends.we perform in front of a lot of people. I love to read a lot of books so I can memorize stuff so fast. My family loves to sing and act I am 10 years old but I am a little small for my age. I have brown eye and a black hair. I can speak Japanese very well too.
    I hope you pick me!

  5. Meghan Hamman-Briggs

    Hello. My name’s Meghan Hamman-Briggs. I’m from Mount Union, Pennsylania. I’m 14, soon to be 15. Acting and singing are my absolute passions. I love being able to make others smile and laugh. Positivity is good for your health and in my opinion, helps you live longer and life to its fullest. I love helping people and I feel that acting could really help me, help people… Acting opens so many doors for even more opportunities. I basically just want to spread joy and pick people up when they’re down. I’m sorry for rambling. I wasn’t quite sure what to say and what not to say. I’m hoping that whomever this may concern will consider me eligable for this position. It would mean the world to me! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Email me for any further questions, statements, etc.

  6. Aaron

    My name is Aaron and I am 13 . I really would love to act n dog with a blog. I really like dogs I have a dog of my own . I always dreamed go acting an seeing myself on television . I believe I can get this role nothing is impossible for me . Thanks for reading my comment

  7. Leila Potter

    Hello! My name is Leila Potter.
    Age: 13
    Birthday: March 16
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: wavy, dirty blonde
    Location: 28748
    Disney, I am asking a huge favor but please take me into consideration. I love acting. I have been to many drama classes in my life just for this. I would love to do this. I want to show people that I can do this. I will act my heart out for you guys, I will do anything. Because this is what I truley want.. no its my DREAM to do this. I love Disney Channel and it would be such an honor to be able to act on it. I love acting.. and it has been my life long dream. I sing, act, and model. My family supports me on this so much. Thank you guys so so much. It would be amazing if you would just at least contact me. I have my fingers crossed. Thank you for k the time to read this. But please help a girls dreams come true❤ I have good grades.. I am very happy and energetic. I love Disney Channel. Thank you so much for reading this. It means so much to me. Please rake me into consideration. I would love to play a role. I hope you keep me in mind.

  8. Jordyn

    I try my best to be on our web show

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