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  1. Bakange (Bakai) Ajak

    Hi, my name is Bakange Ajak and I’m from Stillwater Minnesota. I am an fourteen year old ( going on fifteen ) African American who loves to sing and act with a passion. I have been looking for an audtion for a while now and it would mean the world to me if I were able to join the Disney family and do what I love for others.I have a really big dream and I hope you can help me achieve it. Thank You for considering.
    Age: 14
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Brown

  2. Harley Cheyenne Handle

    Hello my name is Harley Cheyenne Handle and the reason I think I would be good for this is because I’m unique,pretty,talented,fast learner, and respectful.i would love to be a singer or actor on Disney…well any channel you pick for me ill be ecstatic. I’m 10 years old about to turn 11 In May and my idols are Zendaya and Arianna Grande thank you if I get it and if I don’t I’ll try try again

  3. Brooke Wierenga

    Hi my name is Brooke. I am currently 14 years of age and My passion is modeling and acting I feel like it was what I was born to do. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and currently 5’1. You can always count on me knowing that I am putting fourth 110%. I am very outgoing and an amazing listener. Tell me what I need to do and I will do it . That you for taking the time to read this and I hope we will get to work with each other. Love , Brooke.


    Hi am netasha 9 year old and I wanna be on Disney channel . I know what it takes to be that girl. And p .s I really am looking forward for Disney to reply back

  5. Karmarain Camacho

    9 year old spunky tom boy with a raspy voice. Good kid with parental support.

  6. Logan Camacho

    12 year old male, supported by parents in this endeavor, piercing blue eyes, wavy hair, and great smile.
    Easy going kid, with a good head on his shoulders.

  7. Alex Camacho

    15 y/o male, 5’9″ green eyes, dark hair
    Eager to work, and easy to work with.
    I am a good guy who’s not in love with himself.

  8. Gabriela Ramirez

    Hi, my name is Gabriela and I’m 15 years old. I want to be an entertainer. I love to sing and dance and act. I have been playing guitar and singing since I was young. I love it. I always give my 110%. I feel like I have what it takes I just need a chance. Thank you for your time and feel free to email me at anytime.

  9. joselyn hills

    My name is Joselyn hills . I’m African American and I have a talent and I would like to show it to the world. I also love to model and act. I work well with others and I’m always smiling. I should chosen because this would be a once in a life opportunity and I am ready

  10. Patrice Wells

    Hi, I’m sending this on behave of my three year old goddaughter whose name is Morgan. She’s very outgoing and funny, very attractive smile and laugh like an angle. She’s the entertainment in our lives everyday. She knows how to put on a show when the cameras are rolling. She’s very playful and productive. She enjoy going to the park, playing with her siblings and cousins. She’s a big fan of Disney. She deserves this opportunity!!!!!!!!

  11. Chloe Robson

    Hi, I’m Chloe I am 15 going on 16 years old. I have a passion for singing and performing, I have been in many competitions and shows. As well as soon to be performing with Pixie Lott at Wembley Stadium. It would be amazing to be apart of Disney.
    Age: 15 (going on 16)
    Hair: long blonde – straight
    Eye colour: blue

  12. Cirenitie

    hi I am Cirenitie and yes I am a girl! I am in seventh grade and I am 12 bout to be 13 in October! I love to be on Disney Channel. It would mean the world to me if I was on Disney!!

  13. Noah Clifford

    Hello my name is Noah Clifford I am 14 years old and I have a gift. When I was in 5th grade I picked up a saxophone. I tried it out. And I have never stopped since. I am still playing to this day and I make tons of money playing my saxophone in the downtown area of silver springs about a half of a mile from DC. I can play any song on my sax with amazing tone, a smooth soft jazzy tone and with out one mistake. If you pick me I will show you a new kind of talent one that you were just born with I was meant to play my sax and If you pick me you will understand what I mean

  14. Claudia

    Hi, my name is Claudia Vindel. I have what it takes & I can proof it to you. I will not ask questions, but do what you ask for to be done. I haven’t had the opportunity to show the world who I am, cause no one has given me a chance. I take private acting classes & my instructor tells me everyday, “always give your best, don’t pressure yourself, just be unique.” I also strongly believe that when something is for you, you were meant for it to.
    Age: 14
    Sex: female
    Race: white & Latino
    Weight: 90pounds
    Height: 5’2
    Skin tone: Caucasian
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: black

  15. Rosalyn rubi Alvarez

    Hi,my nam is Rosalyn rubi Alvarez,and I am 5’2 I think it has what it takes because I’m an ordinary girl begging to be apart of something big knowing I can do it with confidence I can comment a whole paragraph or I can just tell u and myself to just believe and everything will go well
    P.s I’m 12 turning 13

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