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  1. Kenneth Johnson

    We love it all and thank you so much for everything please let us be in a show or audition we will do anything for a spot there please and thank you once again

  2. Kenneth Johnson

    We love it all

  3. Maria Chica

    Hello, my name is Maria Chica and I am eleven years old. I’ve been acting since I was three and have been participating in plays and performances basically my whole life. I love being on stage and I can also model. I have the passion and I am very hardworking. I have achieved many things academically and I always get straight A’s. I love working in teams and I am very compassionate and caring. I have a lot of personality and love being myself. I have many dreams and I am working my hardest to achieve them. I live in Florida and I’ve traveled to many different places. I’ve always wanted to become an actress and fashion designer, but in whatever I do, I want to help people and influence the whole world.
    I absolutely love Disney and Disney Channel.
    Please contact me!

  4. Jennifer

    Dear, Radio Disney
    My daughter is a singer her name is Jasmine she is a really good singer. She never gives up , she always finds away.She is a hard worker ,she gets A’s,B’s,S’s,and sometimes C’s.

  5. Jennifer

    Dear, Radio Disney
    My daughter has real talent her name is Jasmine bland and she is a singer she is the real deal she doesn’t ever give up she always finds away she can write her own lyrics sometimes but sometimes she needs help she is 10 years old.

    ,sincerely Jennifer bland

  6. Jennifer

    Dear, Radio Disney
    My daughter has real talent her name is Jasmine bland and she is a singer she is the real deal she doesn’t ever give up she can write her own lyrics sometimes but sometimes she needs help she is 10 years old

    ,sincerely Jennifer bland

  7. Naim

    Hi I am Naim .I have short dark brown I am ten years old. I am a black person I am 4 feet tall and I am 80 pounds I own glasses but don’t need to were them. My talents are singing and acting . I have been performing since I were 5. I have a lot to show. I am very talented.

  8. Naim

    Hi my name is Naim I can sing, joke and act . May I apply?

  9. Liv

    Hey, my names Olivia. I’m 12 years old turning 13 June 12th. I have light brown dirty blond hair. I’m a singer, actress, and dancer. I’ve been in three plays, All County Choral festival, and have taken dance lessons for 7 years. I’ve always had a passion for singing and acting and would love to be in your search of 2015. The reason I think I could get in is because of my determination. I like to tell myself that everything gets better, I understand the way show business works, and that only a few can win.

  10. Iana figueroa

    My name is Iana Figueroa and I am 8 yr old.I always wanted to be on a show I weigh 75 pounds and tall.If you choose me just email me bye.

  11. claire

    Hello, my name is claire! I am 11 years old i live in California LA i have short and kinda long hair i have a big wave i hair color is black and under the sun my hair turns golden. I think i can make it into this talent search because i love to sing,dance,acting,and i just like performing in front of people. I’m American/Asia but i was born in California so i look American not really
    Chinese. I really hope i get this part because i have done this sort of thing before i have been in my school’s talent showr for three years I’ve also sang in front of a large group in my church my favorite songs right now is Cheerleader,Bad Blood,Locked away,Dear future husband,All about that bass,Growing up,Animals, Sugar and last but not least……. Centuries! I really hope your choose me!!! TANK YOU!! XD ~[,,_,,]:3

  12. Isabella silvas

    Hi I am 10 years old and I think I have talent I can sing,act and dance I have Hazel eyes, curly hair, and I am American/half Mexican and I am 5’2 I live in lake havasu city,Arizona you can get a hold of me at <hidden from public> THANK YOU

  13. Snuggbugg

    Hi, my name is Delaney. I am nine years old. I think I have what it takes to be a Disney star. I love every show. Here is some info

    State- PA

    Hair- Brown

    Eyes- Hazel

    Thank you very much!!

  14. Catherine Coonradt

    Hi I’m Catherine Coonradt, I live in Utica New York. I’m 17 but full of ambition and I have always wanted to be an actress.I wanna become successful so my grandmother doesn’t have to worry ever again. please call or text <hidden from public> 

  15. Makiah Patton

    Hello my name is Makiah Patton I’m 10 years old I’m from Iowa i have shoulder length Dark Brown curly hair I’m half black and half white I have brown skin my height is 4’54 my weight is 80 pounds I have glasses but I can see without my talents are: acting singing sports modeling I love being on stage I have no fear I used to have stage fright but I’m over it and i am ready to be famous and be on stage performing and doing what I love if you need to contact me my phone number is <hidden from public> 

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