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  1. Naim

    Hi I am Naim .I have short dark brown I am ten years old. I am a black person I am 4 feet tall and I am 80 pounds I own glasses but don’t need to were them. My talents are singing and acting . I have been performing since I were 5. I have a lot to show. I am very talented.

  2. Naim

    Hi my name is Naim I can sing, joke and act . May I apply?

  3. Liv

    Hey, my names Olivia. I’m 12 years old turning 13 June 12th. I have light brown dirty blond hair. I’m a singer, actress, and dancer. I’ve been in three plays, All County Choral festival, and have taken dance lessons for 7 years. I’ve always had a passion for singing and acting and would love to be in your search of 2015. The reason I think I could get in is because of my determination. I like to tell myself that everything gets better, I understand the way show business works, and that only a few can win.

  4. Iana figueroa

    My name is Iana Figueroa and I am 8 yr old.I always wanted to be on a show I weigh 75 pounds and tall.If you choose me just email me bye.

  5. claire

    Hello, my name is claire! I am 11 years old i live in California LA i have short and kinda long hair i have a big wave i hair color is black and under the sun my hair turns golden. I think i can make it into this talent search because i love to sing,dance,acting,and i just like performing in front of people. I’m American/Asia but i was born in California so i look American not really
    Chinese. I really hope i get this part because i have done this sort of thing before i have been in my school’s talent showr for three years I’ve also sang in front of a large group in my church my favorite songs right now is Cheerleader,Bad Blood,Locked away,Dear future husband,All about that bass,Growing up,Animals, Sugar and last but not least……. Centuries! I really hope your choose me!!! TANK YOU!! XD ~[,,_,,]:3

  6. Isabella silvas

    Hi I am 10 years old and I think I have talent I can sing,act and dance I have Hazel eyes, curly hair, and I am American/half Mexican and I am 5’2 I live in lake havasu city,Arizona you can get a hold of me at <hidden from public> THANK YOU

  7. Snuggbugg

    Hi, my name is Delaney. I am nine years old. I think I have what it takes to be a Disney star. I love every show. Here is some info

    State- PA

    Hair- Brown

    Eyes- Hazel

    Thank you very much!!

  8. Catherine Coonradt

    Hi I’m Catherine Coonradt, I live in Utica New York. I’m 17 but full of ambition and I have always wanted to be an actress.I wanna become successful so my grandmother doesn’t have to worry ever again. please call or text <hidden from public> 

  9. Makiah Patton

    Hello my name is Makiah Patton I’m 10 years old I’m from Iowa i have shoulder length Dark Brown curly hair I’m half black and half white I have brown skin my height is 4’54 my weight is 80 pounds I have glasses but I can see without my talents are: acting singing sports modeling I love being on stage I have no fear I used to have stage fright but I’m over it and i am ready to be famous and be on stage performing and doing what I love if you need to contact me my phone number is <hidden from public> 

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