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  1. Kry'shell

    I should be considered for this talent search for many reasons. The first and most important is that my dream job is an actress and I have always wanted to be one. I also have a great personality which is fun and playful, but i also can be serious and hardworking. If I a considered I will also get the job done when I need to. This would also be the opportunity of a lifetime. I am also 16 years old. i grew up watching Disney Channel so this would be a great network to work with considering all the great shows they have produced.

  2. Lou-Andrea Gennatas

    My name is Lou-Andrea Gennatas, i am French and Australian, I have dark blond hair, I’m 1,55 meters, blue eyes, born in France from french family, I weigh 51 kg, I speak fluent French and english with an American accent and I am 17 years old. I’ve lived all around the world, well… nearly: Vietnam, Taiwan, Germany, Australia and France. Right now I’m living in France and will be in England next year. I know I’m quite old for this but entertaining children is one of my biggest passion… making them smile, laugh, intrigued… is extraordinary for me. I love sports, I do a lot of Badminton, Climbing and Martial Arts. I am not the type of girl who’s going to put lots of makeup and dresses, but I can be crazy, fun, serious… and everything else. I’ve done some plays at school before and when I made the whole room laugh, it made my passion for acting even BIGGER!

  3. Heather Pues

    Hi my name is Heather Pues, Glen Campbell is my cousin and singing talent runs in my family, I am interested in singing for Disney Movies, And any other animation movies I am 21 And have been singing since I was 4, I Am currently going into my SR year of college as a music major. Singing is my life, Blonde hair and blue eyes, Please consider me. My voice is meant for a Disney movie character.

  4. Harry Gillette

    My name is Harry Gillette. If you want me to tell you about myself, I am a 14 year old white male. I am a good actor, and I am a nice and respectful person. I’m about 5′ 6″ and will be willing to send a photograph on request. I live in the tri-state area, so only a few hours away from LA. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and am averagely attractive, although people tell me that I have the “movie-star charisma”, but I digress. I meant to keep this short and to the point, so here I go: I am very interested in your Disney National Talent Search 2014 Casting Call. I have watched Disney and enjoyed it since I was really little. I would love nothing more than to be in front of the camera making kids laugh, even if it’s just a side part. I have seen many different shows, and (I apologize for bragging) think that I am a good enough actor to match their talent. Please accept me for consideration, and I apologize for taking up too much of your time with this long, boring email.
    Thank you for your time,
    Harry Gillette

  5. Savannah Rutledge

    Hi I’m savannah I’m 15 I have blonde hair and really pretty green eyes I’m 5″1 and really talented I do lots of modeling and I’m good actor I’m 120 lbs and I’m very talented please conciser my application.

  6. Lia Mimun

    Hi, my name is Lia Mimun, and I have always wanted to be an actress/singer. I sing, act, do musical theater, and model. I am 12 years old and have brown, shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Please get back to me!

  7. Kaylee Heibler

    Hello my name is Kaylee I am 11 years old I am instrested in working for you my mother died at age seven and she loved acting so if u could contact me that would be GREAT
    Thank– Kaylee

  8. Alyssa Cole

    Hello, I’m Alyssa let me tell you a little about myself
    11 years young
    Medium length hair
    Blue eyes
    My passions are Singing, Dancing, and Acting.
    It’s my dream to be on a Television show or movie.
    I love singing and my friends and parents timing I have a really good voice. I also love dancing and I’m actually pretty good and my parents and friends think so too I literally dance ALL the time the only time in not dancing is when in in class or sleeping. I’ve taken lessons for a few years. Last but most certainly not least acting. I love acting so much words can not explain I have loved it since I was very little, many people have told me I’m really good at acting and that I should become a actress and I think this could be my big break! I have auditioned for some plays at my local theatre too. I would love to apart of any cast and I would love the opportunity for a role. I hope you consider me and make my dreams come true. Thank you :)

  9. britney nduka

    Hey, my name is Britney and i am 13 years old.
    i live in Germany and i am talented in singing, dancing and acting.
    i would love to take part in this movie,because i think i got what it takes for it
    I hope you’ll chose me for this and i would also be greatful.
    Please consider!
    Hair colour- black
    Skin tone- brown
    Eye colour- brown

  10. Dulce morfin

    Hi my name is dulce but I go for my middle name Michelle and I would be interested in being apart of Disney channel I use to watch it when I was more younger and it was really amazing and entertaining watching it. I have no experience in acting but I am a really fast learner and I can memorize things quickly without any problem. I always put in 100% of effort in everything am I guarantee you I will try my best and put in all I got.
    I am 16 1/2 years old
    Height: 5’3
    Hair:dark brown and light brown
    Skin:light brown

  11. Taundalia

    Hi,My name is Taundalia and my passion is singing and dancing. Ever since I was four years old I told my mom I want to be a star as soon as I can. I have made tons of songs that I would love to share with you all. My voice is outstanding and it sounds like Anna Kendrick a lot when I sing the cup song. The reason why I don’t give up on myself is because all of these famous singers and dancers inspire me to do my best. They make me feel like I can do anything if I believe in myself. My favorite singer is Zendaya and my second favorite singer is Demi Lovato. Two singers have spectacular voices. I want to be apart of this so bad because an 11 yr. old which is me is brave and wants to become a singer. Whether I make it or not I won’t give up on my one and only DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bella Ciamillo

    Hi! I’m Bella, I am eleven years old, turning twelve later this year, and I am interested in music. I write my own songs, and I have been in a couple of local plays, nothing big.

    Hair color: golden brown with natural blonde highlights
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 4’10

    I love singing more than acting but I would love to be on one of your shows!

  13. Breana Winton

    Hi my name is Breana Winton. I am 13 years old and I think that I should be considered for the talent search because I am a great singer and a great actress. It’s been my dream to sing and/or act. I love to sing and act and when I sing there’s this incredible feeling inside like that I feel like everyone’s listening. When I am act I feel confident.

  14. Illissa Baldonado

    Hello Disney people! I have been participating in my school talent search since I was in the first grade! I have been in three of my school productions. I love to tell stories (that I’ve made up) and make everyone believe they are true. I’m a green belt in karate and I take gymnastics.I love to sing, dance and make a lot of noise!

  15. Gabriell Baldonado

    Hello TV Folks! I’m a second grader who loves to dance and sing and go to gymnastics. I want to be just like Gabby Douglas.

  16. Trisha Adzosii

    Hi I’m Trisha and I am 12 yrs old and I would love if you considered giving me a part. I have done acting before in many plays and I am quite good at singing. Personality wise I’m very talkative, I have a sense of humor, I’m athletic and even though I’ve been told I’m confident I love to sit in my bedroom with my headphones and either sketch, paint or read. I know there must be many people hoping to get a part but I hope you will consider. I have long brown hair and I am brown. Also I wear black glasses from the company read or dead. I’d love to start a career and it would be an amazing opportunity to be part of the cast.
    Kind Regards
    Trisha Adzosii

  17. Maryam

    Hello i would love to have a part in this movie as i love acting and i think this movie would be the perfect oppurtunity for me to express myself and show you my abilities. (Manchester,England,UK)
    Height- 5ft
    Hair colour- black/brown
    Skin tone- brown
    Eye colour- brown
    Tall and thin
    Age- 14
    Thank you

  18. Olivia Maack

    Hey! My name is Olivia, and It has been my life long dream to be an actress for years. I have been looking everywhere for a chance, and I was hoping this could be it. I have some experience. School isn’t a problem for me, I get straight A’s. I’m 13, and I have long curly brown hair, and green or gray eyes. I’m 5’4″, and I do lot’s of sports. Getting a role on Disney Channel would be a dream come true. I am always ready to do tasks, and I’m fun and easy to work with. I hope I get a chance to be apart of Disney!

  19. Sara

    Hi! My name is Sara and being an actress is what I really want.
    I live in Portugal and I’m 15 years old (07-16-1998).
    Sesde whenever I see Disney Channel.
    Many of the actors and actresses who started with the team from Disney become great professionals. I love the world of cinema and tv and is what I really want to do.
    I really want to make part of amazing Disney Channel team.
    About me:
    Eye Color: brownish green
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnic Race: Caucasian, clear
    From: Portugal, Porto

  20. Dawnne

    Hello! My name is Dawnne! It has been my life long dream to act and do voice overs for Disney I have searched high and low for the opportunity to even be presented with a chance to audition. I believe it is fate that I just happened to stumble upon this page while doing an internet search and I believe this is my chance. Singing is my passion and the one gift I have been afforded in life and I believe that sharing my gift with the world is the right thing to do and the only thing to do, we are given gifts to share, inspire and help each other out in a world of chaos pain and confusion. My gift is for sharing, please afford me the mere opportunity to audition if nothing else.

  21. Addie Neal

    Hi I am Addie Neal I live in New Hampshire I love to sing and dance my heart out but not a lot of people think I’m good because they don’t give me a choice but can you also I am 13 years old

    So please consider to let me try
    Thank you

  22. Daniell Saint Charles

    Hello my name is Daniell, and i have been wanting a chance to become a Disney actor. I can say i am a very good actor, a fairly well singer, and am willing to work hard to peruse my dream.
    I haven’t been able to act for an audience because i live in Tucson, Arizona and there aren’t that many things to do. I have done little skits for my family. They are very truthful, and have helped me improve. Since i have grown from time to time my rating has gone up with my family from a 2 out of 10 all the way to a 8 out of 10.
    I have also had a lot of practice singing by playing singing games. As well as games that train me to sing. I have also played a few instruments in my time, even though i haven’t played them lately and forgot a lot, i can easily learn them over again. I love almost all types of music, and can belt out a lot of songs.
    I am willing to work rally hard, because i really want this. I know I am only 13 but anything is possible if you put your mind to it. My parents support me all the way. THat is why they want me to do this as well.

    eyes: changing
    hair: light brown
    age: 13
    email ( if it will show ): <hidden from public>
    full name: Daniell Nicole Saint Charles
    Where I Live: Tucson Arizona
    Number ( if it will show ):  <hidden from public> 

  23. Aya

    I am Aya’s aunt. Aya is a 9 years old cute girl. She has autism. She has an incredible talent of drawing cartoons. She amazes me by how fast she can draw complex figures with very clear expressions. Her precision and attention to detail are extraordinary. She translates stories that she cannot tell in words to beautiful human expressions. She has a true talent and she can bring drawing to life in seconds.

  24. Josiah Wegner

    Hello, my name is Josiah Wegner acting is my passion and i’m still an amuture actor but i’m very hard working i’m Caucasian and age of 15 i will accept and take anything you throw at me i’m doing this to see if i’m lucky enough to get chance if you choose me i will very much cherish it but i’ll take any role and any show i’ve always wanted this and please consider my offer.

  25. christian arciga

    Hey there my name is Christian Arciga I’m 15 years old from California I dream about Beeing on a show or a movie I live close to LA so I see it everyday and wonder when I’ll have my big break I’m an athletic fun loving kind person who is super chill and has such an outgoing personality I love meeting new people and especially people who are in the entertainment industry I’m familiar with how things all work I think you shouldcast me in your movie or show because I’ll bring something new into the industry and my loving personality who doesn’t love a person like that ? Well thanks for your consideration

  26. D'Asia

    Hi I’m D’Asia and I live in San Diego CA and I’m 14 and I am 5’4 and I’m a dancer singer and I act. I would love to be be on disney channel to show people i can go to the next level with my talents.

  27. Israar

    Hi, my names Israar, and i love acting in general! I’m 11 years old and I’m a boy. I think I have what it takes! And I’m always thinking positive. I’m an energetic guy and love to have fun! But acting is my number 1 passion.

  28. Rebekah Lemus

    I should be considered because ever since I watched camp rock and high school musical I knew I wanted to work with Disney channel. I enjoy putting smiles on peoples face and cheering up their day.
    If you have an other question just email me. Thank you

  29. Ellea Rose

    Hi! My name is Ellea Rose and I think I am your next big thing. I am thirteen-years-old and I am Caucasian I am 5’1, ″and Hammond, Ponchatoula. High School Musical, Let It Shine and Camp Rock were all amazing movies produced by Disney Channel and I believe I would be a wonderful addition to this channel! I have brown, beautiful curly hair, like Maddison Pettis( at the shoulders when natural if ever straightened,my hair would fall right above the stomach), medium skin, blue almost grey eyes, long eyelashes, and nice. I love to sing, dance, and act. I have starred in almost all of my school productions. I am also an outstanding student, with straight A’s and B’s and great participation. I am currently in my school’s 7th grade class Music is a big part of who I am a singer/pianist. I would love to learn guitar. I grew up listening to Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and other Disney Channel music. I am currently in my schools choir and have been a part of it for 4 years. I have always dreamed of being on Disney Channel and pursuing a career in either acting, singing, or even modeling! I hope you take me into consideration when reading these many comments. Have a great day! Thank you so much for your time.

  30. Leila

    I watch Disney Channel all the time! I see you guys dancing and laughing and having fun I would like to be a big part of that. but I also see that there’s a hard work in that to do whatever you guysneed I’ll be there you can count on me to be a good disney channeler and I would like to see all the characters how they are music means a lot to me and if you would shows me.♡♥♡♥♡♥

  31. Trinity Laney

    Hello, my name is Trinity Essence Laney.

    I am 13. I am 5 foot 6 and 3/4. I have brown hair with blonde streaks. I have blue-grey eyes. I am Caucasian. I live in Santa Rosa,California. I grew up watching disney channel. I think it would be amazing to be on one of those shows that get big and the ones everyone wants to watch. Acting is a dream of mine. I would love to have the opportunity to make that dream a reality. I could be a new upcoming star that started from a disney channel show like many others have. I would love to be that. Please give me a chance.

  32. brianna

    Hi my name is brianna and I’m from grand cayman I would be exited to be on Disney channel because I love dance and sing my heart out and I would love respect my island

  33. Sophie Mclennan

    Hi Im sophie
    Im 12 years old i live in the uk but willing to come out to america if needed.
    I am around 5″3.
    I love to sing and act, i am currently on my grade 4 singing.
    I play the guitar (struming and plucking) and the piano aswell as singing.
    When im older i hope to be a singer, my inspiration is Demi Lovato i think she is amazing if i ever do become famous i hope i get the chance to work with her. I dont have much acting experience but i learn fast. I have light brown hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes. I promise i will not disappoint if you give me a chance please consider it would mean the world to me! :)

  34. Grace E.

    Hi! My name is Grace-Anne( a.k.a. Gracie ) and I think I am your next big thing. I am thirteen-years-old and I am bi-racial, Filipino and Cameroonian( African ), like Roshon Feagan. I am 5′ 3 1/2″and live in sunny Los Angeles, California. High School Musical, Let It Shine and Camp Rock were all amazing movies produced by Disney Channel and I believe I would be a wonderful addition to this channel! I have brown, beautiful curly hair, like Maddison Pettis( at the shoulders when natural if ever straightened,my hair would fall right above the stomach), medium skin( buff beige or honey beige in foundation colors), brown eyes, long eyelashes, and nice, straight teeth without ever wearing braces ( awesome right)! My parents are very supportive especially with school and my career. I love to sing, dance, and act. I have starred in almost all of my school productions from The Little Mermaid to Peter Pan as supporting characters. I am also an outstanding student, with straight A’s and great participation. I am currently my school’s 7th grade class president and a member of my school’s student council as Commissioner of Public Relations. Music is a big part of who I am; my father a musician/ singer/ songwriter and my sister a singer/ guitarist/pianist. I play the violin and am teaching myself piano. I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder , the Beatles , and a few Filipino artists like Amelia Paupins( you might want to search her up:). I am currently in my schools competing choir and have been a part of it for 4 years. I have been in every school year’s talent show since second grade singing one of the latest songs by artists like Rihanna, Ingrid Michelson, and Sara Barellies. I have always dreamed of being on Disney Channel and pursuing a career in either acting, singing, or even modeling! I hope you take me into consideration when reading these many comments. Have a great day! ( I have stated my mother ‘s (Ellen) email if you would like to contact me)

  35. Victoria

    I’m Victoria. Why I should be considered? Well, I’m not going to say things like… oh, it’s my dream and this would be a dream come true, because you know that’s so… I’m not gonna even go there. I know I should be considered because I have what it takes. I have the talent, the determination, the confidence, and I work well under pressure. Sure this sounds pretty conceited, but it’s all true. I’m 5’1”, I weigh 103 lbs, I have hazel eyes and dark brown hair, plus I’m Asian (Vietnamese).

  36. Brandee Weeks

    As given already, my name is Brandee Weeks. I have auditioned for The Voice and plan on going back again along with auditioning for American Idol. I take part in Chorus, Musical Theatre, ROTC, and Color Guard which is associated with band.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’5
    DOB: 10/13/1998
    Talents: Singing and Acting.
    I would love to be considered for this, I am VERY confident in what I am able to do and take pride in my voice. Any other information just email me!

  37. Kimani Garrett

    My name is Kimani Garrett, im 14, 5’3, a male and a “amature” actor. I’ve always liked Disney Channel and I believe it would be a great start for me to peruse my acting career. I live in Jacksonville Florida. This is my dream, I have alot of talent and im a funny guy. Please, this is my dream! Thank you for your consideration.

  38. carlie wright

    Hi! My name is Carlie Wright! I am 11 years old and I was born to entertain. I sing, play the piano and love to act. I have been in numerous school plays as well as dance performances at the Thousand Oaks Civics Arts Plaza. I was just recently asked to sing the National Anthem at my school’s Olympic Day and I also perform at a music recital at the end of every school year. I recently signed up to begin acting classes with Warner Laughlin and absolutely love to perform. I am very humble, a good student have a great sense of humor and an avid soccer player. My dream is to be in a t.v. show and ultimately study at Julliard in New York. Please consider me for an audition. I would be more than. grateful.

  39. Sydney

    Hello, I am Sydney I am 10 years old African American 74.5 pounds I have dark brown hair and eyes. I gave been in Shine the musical and Captain Louie Jr. The musical by Dallas Summer Musicals. I have also been in The Nutcraker several times and Alice and Wonderland once by Gwinnett Theater I have also taken 3 semesters of acting classes by Dallas Young Actors Studio. am a very dedicated, passionate, and committed actress. I hope you will consider me for this production.

  40. Unique Duren

    Hi, I am Unique a 5’3 in height, 140 in weight, I have a caramel skin complexion, I am a 14 year old who’s dream has been to be an actor since the age of 5. I believe this would be a wonderful opportunity for me, because I know how to change the tone in my voice to be really dramatic when it needs to be. I did a radio project for school and the studio staff told me I did a great job changing the tone in my voice from serious, to dramatic, to semi serious and dramatic mixed better then some of the adults they had previously worked with. All my friends, family, and teachers tell me I should act, because I’m dramatic, and I have a voice that can catch everyone’s ears. I always put 110 percent in whatever I do, and giving up isn’t an option.

  41. Desiree Kassab

    Hello my name is Desiree Jewel Kassab, I am 8 years old and live in San Diego, California. I am in 3rd grade and love being with my family and friends. I would be so great on disney channel because I have many talents like singing and drawing and I am very creative. I want to act on Disney channel because i think i have a unique look, I am half middle eastern, a quarter russian and a quarter hispanic. I have big brown eyes and olive skin and I know I have what it takes to become a great actress and singer on disney channel. Please consider meeting with me, I wont let you down!!! Thanks!

    Desiree Kassab

  42. Naoise O'Connell

    Hi im naoise i love to sing damce and act and my dream since i was 3 was to be on disney and to do that would be amazing and a dream come true !! xxxx

  43. iriel bell

    i would love to be an actor because it would be a great opportunity for me to shine for once in my life. I would love to bring a brilliant character to life in a amazing way. This would be a chance to let millions of others who think that they can”t make their dreams come true actually can if they set their mind to it. I am sixteen years old and i live in Montgomery,AL.

  44. Ocean

    Hi my name is ocean and I am 12 years old I have always dreamed of being on disney and will do any thing for my dream to come true. I love acting singing and dancing I have a photographic memory so I can learn quickly. I promise if you give me a chance I will succeed but I just need a chance that is all.

  45. Morgan Overbey

    My name is Morgan Overbey. I am an amuture model, singer, actress. I have been looking for a long while for a role in anything to make me stand out. And this is perfect! I love all of those shows and it would be amazing to be on one. I am 10 years old, and am perfectly in love with this. Im ALWAYS acting out funny or dramatic lines from these shows, and I always think about what it would be like to act on them. Please consider my application. I am 4 foot 7, bloned hair, weighs 70 pounds, hazel eyes, and Caucasian.

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