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  1. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 11
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for Disney Channel. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Isabelle schoorl

    Hey i’m isabelle and i love acting and modeling
    Age: 13 age
    Eyes: blue green
    Hair: blond/dark blond/light brown (all natural )
    Length: 1.66
    Weight: 41
    Passion: acting and dancing and modeling
    Sport: gymnastics, beach tennis and dancing
    I I was a model but then I Stoped and now I wanna start again
    I speak: Dutch, a bit Spanish and of course English
    I hope I’m in

  3. Bethney Ramirez

    Name: Bethney Val Ramirez

    Age: 14

    DOB: 8/11/00

    Height: 5’1

    Hair color: light brown

    Eye color: light brown

    Weight: 130

    State: Texas

    Gender: female

    Hi my name is Bethney and I would like to be apart of upcoming tv and movie roles coming up soon in the future. I can act,sing, and dance. I can also do any emotion when needed and do many facial expressions for what is asked for. I want to out myself out there and show people that there is more to me than just someone that you see in the hall ways at school, in want to be someone who little kids see on tv and tell them selfs they want to be someone like me someone who is not afraid of a challenge and will do what ever it takes to make that happen. Thank you and I home I hear drone you soon.

  4. Evan Whalen

    My name is Evan Whalen and I am 12 years old with blond short hair and green grey eyes, I am around 5ft 2 and extremely serious about getting into acting I am very Nerd so I can play that well but I can play any type of personality with in my gender, I live in the UK but I am willing to travel as long as I get the part. I can send video auditions and headshots. I’m very enthusiastic about this I can do a very good general USA accent. I enjoy Archery, Drawing and doing stunts so if you like what you hear just email the address :D

  5. Trinity Sampson

    Hello my name is Trinity Nicole Sampson. I am a African American 14 years old female and my talents are singing, writing, dancing ,and most of all acting it is a dream to work with Disney. I have been in many plays and I have acted, song, and danced many places I cant keep count, and I do it because I love it and I try to do things to help my family and to help my mom out around the house whenever I can so I looked at this Disney audition and decided to take a chance. I would be a very good person to work with on set and off. I have been told that I am a very sweet and hilarious young lady and I here that a lot so I guess it is true. I love to entertain people anywhere I go because I love to make people smile and laugh. I am a fast learner when it comes to business and making thing good and I promise I will do any and everything in my power to be on Disney and to make you proud you will have absolutely no regrets at all I hope that you consider me. email me at () thank you.

  6. Destiny Lockhart

    Hi…you probably won’t see this because of the other amazing people commenting but I’m going to give you facts about myself. I was raised by a single mother and although I don’t live in the best neighborhood I believe I came out pretty well. I am a black American, I just turned13 years old, I love to sing and act. I’ve been in about a hundred different plays and I was always given beyond positive reviews. I want to change the way people think, not just about women but about them all in general. I get good grades in school and now I am going to 8th grade. Oh!!! And I love to do a British accent :)

  7. bailee jordyn

    I’m 14years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m 5,2” or5,3″.I’ve had a year of acting classes and three years of drama.I love this idea and would like an opportunity to audition.thank you.

  8. Justyus Adell Jackson-Allen

    I’m very very active in my community. Being on Disney has always been my dream, my goal, my passion, my everything. There has never been a day in my entire life where I would stop thinking about my dream. I love singing, I do it mostly every where I go! I sing in my churches chior, my schools choir, and I will be trying out for more. I also dance!! i also dance at my churhdoll tap,jazz, and ballet. One thin I cant forget is that I’m tall, really tall I guess haha. :) I turned 12 about a week ago (I’m going into 7th grade) and I’m 5’10 almost six foot! I love love acting! And one day wish to be in lasses for it. I have to mention…. I set Alot of goals for myself. And I will work my hardest until they’re reached. I’m willig to try my hardest to get on Disney, and I don’t plan on stopping! Oh, I don’t want to forget my community work! I’m a in royal neighbors chapter with my church, and we do stuff to help people in need! I love giveig back o my community, it makes me feel…. Great! I also play the violin, volleyball, basketball, and track. And I’m a straight A student in school! I hope this information was enough for a chance. Contact me any time..please.

    Birthday: July 3, 2002
    Gender: Female
    Race:African American

  9. Katelin Songs

    Thank you for reading. Hope you consider me.

  10. Katelin Songs

    Hello my name’s Katelin but you can call me Kadee. I’m 14 years old. I’m African America. About 5″1. I’m starting my freshman year. I watch Disney channel all the time. I would love to be apart of Disney and it’s family. I’m not going to lie I can’t really sing or dance, even if I like doing both those things. I love to read, I rather stay home and read then go out and party. I guess that’s boring to most people. I live in Houston, Texas with my mom and dad . I’m an only child. I want to get into the acting business because, acting mean more then being famous and making money. To me being able to act and to play a character is a feeling I can’t describe. To bring a character alive and to life and to not be yourself for once. More facts about me. I play the viola, I play basketball and soccer. I did karate for years almost to my black belt. I love harry potter. I love to write, like different things like movies, tv shows, and books and stuff. I like books and more and and kinda re writing them.

  11. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones will be 13 on August 22nd and is 5′ tall and weighs 90 pounds. She loves to sing and has a powerful voice for her age and size. She is always happy, loves her friends and enjoys being a kid. She hosted her own TV show when she was 7 on a local cable channel. She was recently in Annie as Annie and has been in The Sound of Music as Marta as well as Jo-Jo in Suessical the Musical. Riley would be a great addition to the Disney Channel. We hope you agree and can give her the opportunity.
    Justin Jones
    Check her out here:

  12. danniella vincent

    Hi my name is Danniella Vincent, im 19 even though people mistake me as young as 14. I’ve always wanted to be in Disney channel or nickelodeon shows/movies and id love it if you gave me the opportunity to be. Here are some things about me.
    Age : 19 (12/14/94)
    Gender : female
    Nationality : mixed with black, white,
    Height : 5’0/5’1
    Hair : brown, medium, naturally curly
    Eyes : dark brown
    Place of birth : Peterborough England
    Living : Carrollton Texas

  13. Pamela Marinakis

    Hello everyone. My name is Pamela Marinakis and I am 9 years old and live in Cincinnati, OH. I am very outgoing and energetic, and the oldest of three girls. I realize that there are thousands of kids that want to be part of the Disney family, but I want it more than anything. I am obsessed with Disney and watch all the shows. My favorite, show, by far is Liv and Maddie. I have long dark curly hair, am very tall for my age, and told I look very exotic (both my parents are Greek). I love to dance and have been doing it since I was 3. What sets me apart from others is that I am very kind and loving, and very family oriented, and don’t want to step on others just to get ahead. My dream, when I grow up, is to be an actress! I love acting with my friends and making my family and friends laugh. I know the chances are slim, you would read this, but I wanted to say thank you, just in case you do. It means a lot. Best of luck in your search! xoxoxo Pamela:)

  14. Kerry

    Love to dance. Love to act. I think that I will be a great asset to your team.

    Born & Raised in New Orleans, LA
    Currently live in Richmond, VA
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Size: Average

  15. Aja Barnes

    Hi my name is Aja B. I love Disney channel I could watch it everyday of my am 9 years old and I’m 4’11.I’m an African American.I have the talent of singing,acting,painting ,and a little bit of contorsion .I have brown eyes and black hair.When I’m not singing I love playing with my animal friends.All my life I’ve had the desire to be in the spotlight.One day I got that chance at a talent show at school,unfortunately I won 4th place but all great singers don’t get picked first.So that really gave me hope I have done plenty of plays.I am a fun extreme funny nerdy person. I weigh about 60 to 70 pounds.Thanks for taking the time to read my little resume.P.S my name is pronounced A-ja

  16. Breshauna Eysis Robinson

    Hello My Name Is Breshauna.
    Age: 14 Height: 5’6 Grade: 9th Race: African American
    I Have Medium Size Straight Hair. I Have Written
    And Performed In A Play That I Created And Also
    I’m Currently Participating In A Drama Class.
    MOVIE ON DISNEY CHANNEL OR EVEN SHOW. I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL. I Don’t Have A Lot Of Experience But I Have Some But Everyone Has To Talk Somewhere. There Really Not A Lot Of Acting Gigs Where I Live.

  17. nese


  18. Madison Broadway

    Hi, My Name is Madison Broadway
    I’m 11 years old and African American
    I have mid short dark brown hair and brown eyes.
    I weigh 130 lbs
    My Talents include : Singing, dancing, and very well acting!
    Please pick me for this film. It’s been my dream to be b in a Disney movie.

  19. Claudia Martinez

    Hey….I’m Claudia & here is a bit about me :)
    I have light hazel eyes. brown hair that has been dyed way to many times.I am full blooded Mexican. I speak a bit of spanish. I am also very mature for my age which is 13. I am an honors English student. I have an iressive vocabulary good actress.

  20. Elizabeth McKee

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth and i am a trampoline tumbler. I do what gymnast do on the floor but on a trampoline. Me and my friend have formed a team and have been working very hard. We do what ever it takes and how ever long it takes to perfect and practice our trampoline tumbling. One time we worked on the trampoline for 12 hours strait without going inside. We train 20 hours to 30 hours a week. We hope you choose us for the talent search.
    Your Friend

  21. Claire

    I’m Claire, an African American female, and I just hope that I could be considered to be the next successful performer.

    Height: 5’6” Hair Color: black Age: 15
    Weight: 142lbs Eye Color: dark brown
    Alice in Wonderland Mathilda Lakelands Park Middle School
    Effective Speech & Voice Projection Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Television I- Presence/Pubic Speaking Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Television II- Video/ Body Language Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Television III- Acting Workshop Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Make-up for TV Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Television IV- Commercials Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Monologues Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Television V- Making Music Video Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    Improvisational Acting Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA
    TV Hosting Amanda Hine Fairfax, VA

    Special Skills:
    Spanish (3 years), intermediate guitarist, intermediate figure skater

  22. Isabella

    Hi my name is Isabella but my everyone call’s me Bella
    I’ very out going and sassy always have a smile on my face ! I’m 10 years old 4’3 long light brown hair and sparkly Brown eyes.
    I’m a competitive cheerleader on a senior team I’m one of the flyer , was on 2 competition dance teams and also a competitive gymnast. I’m very dedicated and a fast learner and willing to put long hours and do what it takes for perfection . Dance Gymnastics Cheer & Acting are my passion it is part of me! I know what it takes the dedication you have to put in and I love it I normally spend hours in the gym for my Cheerleading on my own time to be the best I can be not only for me but for my team
    It would be an honor to have the chance to show you what I have ! Please Please give me

  23. Hassiem Cliett

    I’m Hassiem I love to write songs and perform raps on stage
    I would love to take my talents to the big screen
    I have been writing music since I was 8 years old
    I have always had dream of being a studio engineer
    But I decided to write music see where it takes me and use engineering as a fall back job
    If I do get a role and make money I plan to start a chain of song writing workshops across the country
    I am 14
    African American
    Live and perform in Philadelphia PA

  24. Savanna Myers

    Hi my name is savanna I am 14 I hav long black hair brown eyes and is a experienced singer and dancer and I no how to act I work well with people and can remember my line. My dream is to act on TV because most people think people with dyslexia are to stupid to have there dreams come true but I want to prove everyone wrong if you want to no more about me just email me at <hidden from public> and I love dancing I could never think of doing anything else apart from dance sing and act on TV mainly dancing. Dancing has been my life ever since I was 4 years old I love it and Zendaya was the person who inspired me to carrie on and addition in play musicals ext now I can dance like no other street is ma best dancing even through I can’t do tricks like flips I ain’t got to no how to flip to be a good dancer. When I dance I feel like it’s me and the music because when I dance I dance from the heart not my mind

  25. Cameron Morgan

    I live in Alabama I love to Dance
    Date of Birth:April 3,2003
    I love to dance I’ve dance in my talents shows ever shine I was 5.I love to dance,Hear me out and please accept me

  26. Britney Rivera

    hello, my name is Britney Rivera and I would like to audition for this. I am really hoping you can consider me to take a roll. I am twelve turning thirteen in two months. I am short for my age (4’11) but very mature. I can control my feelings and when I need to cry, I have my tears ready. I smile a lot and I love to dance and act.
    I am:
    My skin is a medium tan
    People consider me mature
    My hair length is last my back
    I have dark brown eyes
    My hair is black, but caramel at the tips
    you may see how I look on my Instagram @britnvy_
    I hope you really consider me because I would love this opportunity. My biggest dream so far is to be on Disney Channel, and soon I will have even bigger plans if you consider me. Also, if I didn’t mention, I am very ambitious. I hope you really consider me.

    ~With all due respect, Britney Jackeline Rivera♥

    P.S I live in Florida and I would love to be able to get a chance here around the area I live in. sooner or later I will move to L.A. or New York to make my dream have a better chance if you don’t consider me. Either way, I want you to consider me. Thank you✴

  27. Marissa Pallares

    I live in Arizona. I love to sing, dance, draw, and create things.

    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 80-90 lbs
    Race:Mexican / mixed
    Date of birth: May , 3 , 2001
    I hope u will give me a chance to let me be me and let me do what I do best.

    If you have any questions contact me at <hidden from public>

  28. Given Yirenky

    Hello Disney Channel ,
    Finally the opportunity is here. Can’t wait to be apart of it. My name is Given Yirenky. And yes it’s “Given” don’t worry , your not the first to question it. I live in Mississauga , Ontario (Canada). I have a passion for dancing , singing and a bit of acting. People tend to say I literally belong on tv because of my friendly comedic personality. I’ve always wanted to be apart of the Disney channel family. Whether it be dancing on TV or acting as an extra or even a secondary character. Watching actors and actress on the Disney channel for so many years has really inspired me to be more intoned with my artistic side. You know when you grow up and you tell your parents I wanna be a singer or dancer or an actor/actress well yeah that was me. I went from being a visual artist; always painting and drawing from the age I could actually talk. To singing everywhere I go. I would even mic mic people like Raven Symone on That’s So Raven. And now I’ve taken up the passion of dance. People like Blake McGrath , Zendaya, Mia Michaels have inspired me to do my best. And now because of them I was just announced dance captain on my high school dance team. (We have 3 for our team). My mom is a huge inspiration to me and why I dance. She’s always been there for me. The one person who’s taken care of me for the past 16 years of my life. She’s always encouraging me to do my best. I truly want the opportunity to show people how much I’ve grown and that I have what it takes to be on something like the “Disney Channel”. Although I have no experience being on TV. Well I guess performing for team Canada (volleyball men’s and woman’s team) kind is counts. I would love to be apart of the Disney channel Family in anyway possible. Ive performed at talent shows, Not to long ago I preformed at the 2014 Peel Dance Showcase hosted for students with in Ontario.
    I also got the opportunity to be a part of the 2014 Plus Dance Conference down in North Bay where we learned various styles like Bharatanatyam , Modern Contemporary with Allen Kaeja, Street dance (Hip -Hop ), Capoeira and much more. Ive not only performed at school Dane showcases but I also was given the opportunity to create and host a Dance showcase of my own. So in away I had to recruit talent for my show. In April I participated in a musical called “One Day More”. It was a musical combined with other musicals like “Wicked” , “Rent”. The story line was that someone was trying to sell our theatre and transform it to a mall. Feelings between coworkers became stronger and sassy actress became much more polite. Overall I had a lot of fun being in that production. It was a well 8 months spent practicing , rehearsing and building our sets. I am a very energetic, happy , dedicated, goofy comedic guy who perseveres through tough tasks and is very open minded.

    (Things I have auditioned for/or attempted to get into)
    Past experiences:
    One Day more
    Ant Farm
    What’s Up Warthogs
    The Next Step

    Facts about me:
    Weight – 180
    Height – 6ft
    Age – 16
    Date of Birth (Day,Month,Year)
    – 12/09/1997
    Race (s) – African Canada, Black
    Appearance – Short black hair; brown eyes;
    -(Picture is available upon request)

    If you are interested in my dancing, acting, singing or just me in general for any job. (Even as an extra)
    please contact me at : <hidden from public> OR through Facebook at Given Yirenky or Instagram – @itswizardkellyjunior
    Please take me into consideration.

    Thank You and have a fantastic day

    ~Given Yirenky~

  29. Altoria Butler

    Hi my name is Altoria Butler and I’m 12 years old!! I’m a Christian and I have prayed for a opportunity for me to be on a Disney channel show. I’m very glad that you have given me this chance. Thank you! I will be praying that I win and if your having a new Disney show or movie or anything that I can do please contact me at <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> !! Thanks again and may god bless you!!!

  30. Destiny Marie Coleman

    Hi, I’m Destiny. I am 10 years old, my family says I sing AMAZING! HAIR COLOR: dark brown/black EYE COLOR: dark brown ETHNIC/RACE: african american

  31. Jabarie Campbell

    I could go on about how great of a fit I would be to be on the cast and how you can utalize my talents into making the show more versatile but I would rather show you. My enthiusiam, over all personality and mindset is what makes me stick out from the others
    Age: 17
    Height: 5″9
    Weight: 135
    Email me for more info, Thank you

  32. Claudia

    Yo I’m Claudia! To make this short I would really like to be part of any show or movie, and to answer your question, yes I’m an awesome actress but if u don’t believe me , well then I guess you’ll never find out until I audition! Thnx!

    Oh and I’m not the crazy kind like omg there’s Selena Gomez I’m gonna DIE!

  33. Chantelle

    I should be considered because i really want to be an actress(which everyone says) But i really mean it ,and honestly i don’t know what else to put , so here are some facts about me..
    I Love Acting..I Spend Most Of My Time Working On Songs And Singing
    I Can Memorize Things Easily
    Ethnicity: Hawaiian And Filipino
    Height: 5’2
    Hair Color:Dark Brown With Highlights
    Skin Tone:Tan
    Eye Color: Dark Brown

  34. Atalay kurt

    Hello my name is atalay I’m 15 years. And i live in a small town in Germany but I have Turkish roots. I love to sing, acting and watching the Disney channel i hope Disney can my dream
    to a singer and actor make true

    Thank you

  35. Jasmyne

    Name: Jasmyne Joy Acosta
    Skin: mixed
    Hair: dark brown/ curly
    Eyes: medium brown
    Gender: girl

    Can I …
    Can I sing? Yes, very we’ll ( in choir and in all talent shows
    Can I dance? Yes, but I can sing much better
    Do I have any experience in acting? Yes, I was in ALL of my school plays and stared in all!
    In the wizard of oz I was dorthy
    In the sound of music I was Maria
    In Annie I was … Annie
    In Peter Pan I was Wendy
    In Aladdin I was Jasmine

    Hope this works out I’m just very happy to be writing this :) thank you very much and have a great day!!

  36. Maria Paul- Douglas

    Hi ! My names maria I’m 11 ( going on 12 on sept. 6 ) I think I’m highly multi-talented!!!!!
    Talents: I’m advanced competitive dancer, I think I can sing, I can act ( since age 7 ) , model ( since age 10) I’ve been loving to write for about 5 months now, I can also do makeup & hair well!!!
    Personality: I’m kinda shy when I first meet some people, but I’m usually myself!! I’m pretty confident when you start to get to know me , I’m sweet but not too sweet, I’m hyper active at times ( not always ) I’m a sweet charming lovable fun girl & highly intelligent ( I’ve been told by friends & my mom )
    Fist my height: 5″4
    Hair color & length: I have really long hair & really poofy Mexican hair my hair is brunette!!
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: brown
    My race: I’m mixed with up 12-13 things idk which #!!

  37. Sadie Humphries

    Hii , my name is Sadie :D I always wanted to be an actor since I was little , I been in plays like Beauty And The Beast, The word Beware and other plays :) … moving on ,,, I’m 11 years old , I’m tall , have dark brown hair, my hair is wavy ,I’m a girl , my birthday is Sept 3rd 2002 , I love art, I’m very creative , I’m nice , kind , I love singing but I never been in singing lessons , I’m Aboriginal / First Nation , next year I’m willing to be a hoop dancer or a pow wow dancer :D if u want more info or want me to audition email me :) Thank you – Sadie :p :) :D :3

  38. Cheyenne Lehman

    Hi, im cheyenne isabel lehman. I Have always wanted to be an actress, but everywhere i go there is a scam and i know for sure that disney is real so im trying at this.

    Name: Cheyenne

    Age: 10

    Hight: 5ft

    weight: 103.4 Ibs

    Traits: (Im taking a quiz for these answers bit i will seperat the real answers and the quiz)
    1. Smart 2. Creative 3. Shy 4. Genius 5. Underestimated 6. Nice 7. Loving 8. Hopeless romantic ;) 9. Sweet 10. Nervous 11. Lonely 12. Nerdy – not always a bad thing ;) 13. Careful 14. Intelligent 15. Strong – emotionally 16. Ambitious 17. Generous 18. Loving 19. Determined 20. Talented 21. Awkward 22. Cute 23. Under-rated 24. Annoying – not always a bad thing either 25. Ignored
    1. stubborn 2. childish 3. sympathetic 3. I know it sound like i am but im the oppisate of cocky, arrogant or proud. 4. Cheeky 5. forgiving 6. prankster 7. loyel 8. lovable (As ive been told) 9. aware. 10. not very trusting AT FIRST

    looks: Dark barown hair with blond highlights, it also has a slight curl wave to it. I also have bangs. My face is oval shape.

    Sickness: none, also no alergies

    Skin: white yet slightly tan

    Style: Im ok with wearing anything but my style it eather relaxed or milatary.

    I hope u pick me, bye!

  39. Christina Danielle Cianciola

    Hello! My name is Christina Danielle Cianciola. I was born November 29, 1996. I know I am an older teen but it’s still a dream if mine to work on the Disney Channel. I act, sing, model and some dancing. I have done a couple plays in church and schools. Also I have participated in singing as far as choir and voice lessons. My reason for thinking I would be a great addition to the Disney Channel team is because I would do anything in my power to do this. I’m the type of girl who will work hard to achieve any goal I set for myself and I won’t stop until I achieve it. So if given the opportunity to audition, you best believe I will dedicate all my time and energy into being the best that I can be and I won’t quit until I’ve accomplished it. Thank you for your time and I hope to work with you all. :)

  40. Destiny Smith

    Hi my name is Destiny Lashae Smith I am Zhenelle Winston’s younger sister. I am 13 years old and am an aspiring singer and actress. I have created songs with my older sister and my best friend Mckenzie Freeman. We have created a girl group called 3AC. Our website is I am a very intelligent and talented young girl. I watch Disney as much as I can and hope you will give my sister Zhenelle and I the opprotunity to work with you.

  41. Zhenelle Winston

    My name is Zhenelle Winston. I am a singer, songwriter and aspiring actress. I have danced for multiple orginizations and school productions. I am 14 turning 15 on November 11th. I am stay focused on my studies no matter what I am involved in. I spent most of my childhood watching Disney Channel and writing songs that I hoped to sing on Disney. I have a Youtube Channel where I post videos of me singing and dancing. I want to become an actress and singer when I get older and hope to start on Disney. It would be a pleasure to work wih the producers of Disney. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you!

  42. Kirsten Razo

    Hi my name is Kirsten Alyza Razo but you me kira for short.My nane is Kirsten because of tge actress Kirsten Dunst and my middle name is after Alyza in the wild thornberry’s.I like acting and singin im 11 year’s old.Im that awkard girl that like’s old movie’s and new movie’s i like tge twilight saga Im not a smart person but im smart enough to pass to another grade i live in Edinburg Texas. I think you should pick me because im a great singer in my opinion and a over dramatic person im good at acting in my opinion again…so pleased contact me <hidden from public>

  43. Trinity Sampson

    Hello my name is Trinity Nicole Sampson i am a 14 year old African American girl i am a actress, singer,dancer and writer. I am a huge fan of Disney and and it is a dream to be on Disney, i would do anything to prove that i have what it takes to be on Disney. I have been in many plays, song, and danced so many places i cant keep count. I am a fast learner so i assure you that i will catch on to scripts, lines, songs, dance moves ANYTHING really fast. I am often told that I am a fun, silly, kind person and a great actor, and that i need to start auditioning for things so you are my first start. i am an on time person im never late and can be a fun great person to work with, i am NOT difficult to work with at all. I love to entertain a crowd or anybody just to see them smile and laugh. i hope that you consider me to be on Disney to show you all of my talents i promise you will have no regrets. if you need anymore information from me or anything here is my email (<hidden from public>) thank you so much.

  44. saliha

    hi l’am saliha i m from turkey im live in turkey in istanbul my hobbies listen to music and dancing iam 12 years old im I grew up with Disney movies to this day my dream was always to be aktiris but I do not think it would be because of the financial situation, but I still like to send My account is not face to be okay, I hope I wrote my twitter account

  45. Pablo

    Does anyone have sactistits about relationships and marriages that begin under unorthodox circumstances?I am looking for actual sactistits concerning three different circumstances under which relationships and or marriages begin AND THEN the actual sactistits I am looking for concern the success or failure of those new relationships.1. I am looking for stats concerning relationships and marriages that begin as affairs on a previous spouse or significant other. What are the stats on success or failure of these new relationships and marriages when they begin as affairs? After 3 years? 5 years? longer?2. When one spouse meets someone new, leaves their marriage for that new person and the new couple marry within 6 months to a year of having met each other?3. Finally I need sactistits on marriages that take place within 6 months or a year of having divorced a former spouse AND stats concerning when one of the two in the new marriage are getting married for the THIRD time.PLEASE no anecdotal evidence. If you don’t know what anecdotal evidence means, it means that you want to tell me about your situation or someone you know who was in one of these situations. Anecdotal evidence is NOT evidence.I need these stats for a paper I am writing and I am having a difficult time finding such specific stats.If you know these stats, would you please post links to your sources so I can quote from them in my research?Thank you! Thank you! Please NO personal stories!

  46. Hannah

    Hi my name is Hannah I’m 11 years old I love singing and playing soccer and it would be amazing to be apart of something like a show!
    Green and brown eyes
    Brown strait hair
    Ps. I will try my best at anything you tell me to do!
    Please pick me:)

  47. Summer Schmiedebusch

    I am a female, who is 5 feet tall, 11 almost 12 years old, I live in Ohio, and I think I am very talented. I am a brunette with short, curly hair, I have brunette eyes that turn from brown to hazel, and everyone that I have met have said I am very respectful and kind to others and their feelings. Ever since I was about 4 I was in love with singing, I cannot dance or play any instruments,when I started getting older I started acting with some friends, it never was official but we all still had lots of fun acting. I’ve been through some hard times too, my parents got divorced when I was at a young age, my mother has been through a fight with stage 2 cancer, thankfully she won the hard and long battle. My zodiac sign is cancer ( what a coincidence), Therefore i was born June 25 2002. My current music inspirations are Little Mix, Cody Simpson, Laura Marano, One Direction, R5, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Becky G, and Debby Ryan.

  48. Jahbari Draft

    age 5

    my sons says he think you should pick him because he wants to be a Disney Start. He funny smart and handsome. Very energetic more than a normal Five year old…He speaks corewct grammer very well for his age.He know his numbers and counting.He can speak in Spanish.. Hes just very awsome.He has modling experience as well as he’s played tball

  49. Kara Pietila

    I am a dark haired green eyes girl from Pinckney MI. I am 5’1 and have long hair. I have been told to be a model or actor because of my personality, laugh, and mostly my eyes. I am 20 years old. People assume I’m 15-16 because of my height and face. I come from a small town with few stores and people. Everyone knows your name and story. I’ve had a rough life, but a lot of people have. But that gives me no reason to be a bully or hate the world. I believe I can make a difference in the world. And this might just be my step in. I come from a family of 5 siblings, mother, abusive father. I’ve pretty much raised myself. Full time college student and full time worker. I promise you, if you let me have this chance, I would show you how much it truly would mean to me.

    Thank you.

  50. Rebecca Anton

    Hi my name is Rebecca I normally learn acting, piano and singing plus experience in gymnastics
    I’m american
    Height 5 feet and 3 inches
    Skin white
    Eyes normally green but change into blue outside
    11 1/2 years old

    hope you respond back Thx

  51. Maria

    name:Maria Muhareb
    Race:Egyptian yes i speak both english and arabic
    Body structure: i kinda look 15 or 16
    Eyes:they change color a lot but mostly hazel and green
    Skin:lightly tan
    Hair:long almost knee length wavy light brown hair that looks blondish in the sun
    Where i live: Mendon MA near Boston
    Heyyy i am maria and i love singing dancing acting and writing music i love disney and i grew up with it i always watch disney it has always been my dream to act i love acting because it gives me a chance to be whoever i wanted to be and whenever i wanted to be it and to act on diseny would be the greatest honor to deliver enjoyment to little kids like me when i was younger i know disney is all about dreams coming true it always gave me hope that my dream of acting would come true some day i know my application/comment isn’t special and that’s ok but i hope that you would take it into consideration so please make my one dream come true and i will forever be grateful :)

  52. Deonta Donald

    Hi. My name is Deonta Donald I am an experienced actor and a singer. I have acted in plays and sung in them. I live in Ruston, Louisiana. I have starred in plays such as ” The king and I” “Olde folks” and original play writes such as “Quality of beauty”. I love the stage and I love the spotlight. I am 16 years old and I have the skills and talent. I love acting to the fullest and everything that comes with the territory. And one day I will devote my entire life to acting in the spotlight. I hope that you’ll consider how my talents can benifit the both of us. Please notify me of auditions I always give it my all and I never been a quitter.

  53. Ena

    Hello guys :D my name is Ena. I am 15 years old and I am from Zagreb,Crotia..
    I have been acting for 8 years and in the country I live I will never get the opportunity to show others what I can do. If I will not pass that is okay but all I want is one chace.
    Thank you.. :P

  54. chanonne

    hey ! My name is Chanonne I am 15 years old and I think that I should be considered because ever since I can remember I have wanted to be on Disney. I am very talented, I play the trumpet and I sing a little. Sadly I’m not as fortunate as others to have had acting or vocal classes, but I don’t want to be chosen based you feeling sorry for me, I want to be chosen because I believe that I have what it takes to being a great asset on Disney. I started playing the trumpet in 6th grade at the age of 11. I was in band at school ever since then because that was the only place that I could learn about music and be musically active, and now I love it. I also sing in the youth choir at my church. I love Disney so please help me to find out who exactly I can be in the world.
    Thank for taking time to read my comment. :)


  55. Alayna Carrillo

    I am the mother of Alayna, a very dramatic, sweet, outspoken 5 year old. She tells me how much she wants be an actor like tho kids on TV. Random people and friends always say she should get into it as well and how she would make a good lil actress. She has an extensive vocabulary for her age. She is very dramatic and outspoken and the only time she takes direction well is when she’s making a video or taking pictures which is a plus for this haha. I think she’d be great at this and apparently so do others, and hey she wants to do it so why not give her a shot? She’s very photogenic and loves to act for the camera. So try her out I’m sure you won’t regret it if me, her, and everyone else sees potential then there has to be something there. We live in Houston, Tx. She’s originally from Phoenix, Az.

  56. miah dominguez

    hello my name is Miah Dominguez i am 14 (turning 15 in november) i live in NY,ny i believe would be a great consideration for any role because i have experience in acting and in singing though my acting wasnt on media it was more like plays at my local thetre playing the principal roles in a few plays in english and fluent spanish i have gained scholarships while acting because of my work ethic i am mature and very determined to get things do right when it comes to being serious i can play different roles and i am great at doing accents please email me if you are interseted or have any questions
    height 5’3
    eye color:dark brown
    hair color:dark brown with natural highlights
    skin color :caramel
    language: english and spanish

  57. Marshell Gates

    Howdy! I am Marshell Gates and I’m 13 years old. I was born and raised in Tennessee. I am multi talented and always excited to try new things. I write music , sing , act , and dance.

    One reason I think that I should be chosen is the fact that I’m trying to chase a dream. Ofcourse there are many other people out there that have the same dreams as I do. So the big question is , “What’s different about me?”. Well the answer is , I am determine! I strive make it to the top and I WILL make it to the top. So I will give my all into making my dreams into a reality.

  58. Autumn Davenport


    My name is Autumn Davenport.I am 14 years. I am a young actress looking for my big break in movies or TV shows.I would love to have a shot at this because i love being an actress and since i was little i always wanted to be on Disney and i always loved the Disney shows to. Also if you give me a shot i will promise you won’t be sorry. I got some experience at John Casablanca’s school of modeling and acting in Denver Colorado.I really hope that you email me back.
    Hair color-Sandy brown
    Eye color-Dark brown

    I really hope you email back,
    Autumn Davenport

  59. Spencer Shelton

    Hey! Spencer here. When I was a little kid I used I get bullied a lot, it felt like no one was listening or doing anything to help so I started to write and perform. I have been acting with my church and school, been in choir at my school, on the dance team at my school, and have been writing poetry since I was a little kid. Performing and writing really helped me during my toughest times and helped me realize that, it’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my like, if I’m able to of course. I want to not only act but inspire people to let them know no matter your past you can achieve your dreams. I have been cheering and running track since I was six years old. I would love if you would give me the opportunity to show you want I can do. Thanks!
    Name: Spencer Shelton
    Height: 5’0
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

  60. Mishianie Sterling

    Okay I’m a 14 year old African American female. I’m pretty sure I have typed on every other Disney channel audition page. So I act and sing I’m in highschool. I think it would be an honor to be on Disney I have wanted to be on Disney ever since I was 9. Which is around the time I started taking singing and acting classes so I can audition for Disney. I also think that Disney should have more kids and teens in the minority categories. No offense also I have a passion for acting and singing I already have my college down and a few others. I go to a Christian private school called Liberty Christian Prep. Being on Disney would be life changing. Please choose me. Help me reach my goals in life. Which involves acting by the way. Thank you for your patience Ma’am or sir.

  61. tomide

    Yeah my name is tomide and I always wanted to be an actress on bdisney , not just to shine but to go for my passion which is acting.I have registered for an audition , but I had no means of getting to America cos I live inNigeria and it is a big task.well I love disney channel, I watch it almost everyday at home, and want to know more of it.I know I canstill not give up on my dreams and continue to become who exactly I want to be.Thank You.

  62. tomide

    I love disney
    I have always wanted to act on disney channel, well I live in Nigeria so its kinda hard, but I wish I could get an audition done in london or u disney.

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