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  1. Marie Ostrout

    when my husband and I met he had one son I had one daughter…20 years later we have a 30 year old a 22 year old a 17 year old and a7 year old and a grandson.He’s 54 I’m 40 and we both have great sense of humor…you have to in our house. my hair changes color week to week and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you had us on your show:-) we both work at our church and spend all our free time with the kids and grandkids…please, give us a break from them, lol :-)

  2. Lucretia Reddick

    I love Craig Ferguson, I love all the celebrities on this show and me and my daughter are superior goofball nerds. I think we would ace that show and have fun, because every day I watch it, I am cracking my sides. I LOVE this show and Courtney and David could not have found a better host. Please give us a chance to come on this show. My daughter is 19 and I am 44 and we could definitely get some bonding going on with this experience before she goes back to The University of Michigan on a full scholarship (that was just my own little plug lol ” :).
    Please consider us, it would be fun. And as far as the celebrities, I love them all , so we will not be picky who we play with. Contact number <hidden from public> , just in case.

  3. Jane Andrews

    My daughter melody 15 and my self are so anxious to be a part of this show. Apart we are really great but together we are adorkable!! 😉


    My friend and I would love to audition for your show!We watch it every morning,love Craig,funny as heck, and an old diehard’ friends’ fan, were funny ,too,please consider,thanks!

  5. Corinne and Alicia Robinson

    We are twins that would love to be on your show, we watch it everyday!
    We are very competitive
    Age: 21
    Hair: dirty blonde
    eyes: green

  6. Lasheekas Beebe

    I have watched the show since it first came on. It’s so funny and the celebrities are so down to Earth. I would love to have fun and win money, besides I get all the answers at home, lol.

  7. Margaret Luna

    My bestie fiend Shelley and I would LOVE to be considered for this fab show! We are two brainiac, don’t give a thought women who would make your show even more fun!

  8. Scott S. Schultz

    if you are interest in having a 59 year old energetic person who loves the show and can’t think of another way to make money and have a lot of fun playing a cool game that I would be good at….please contact me and I’ll be there at the drop of a hat. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

  9. Skye Morgan

    I love Craig, that’s why :))
    Me and my brother would love to be on the show.
    Have been through some hard times financially and me beating breast cancer and my son kicking Crohns Disease butt.
    Just ready for some fun in life because life is too short.
    And honestly the money would be a HUGE help!
    Please pick us :)))

  10. Oliva Lewis

    I would love to be on the show. Please and I will get you the information you need. Thank you!


    My husband and I would ROCK this show…….We would love to be teamed up with Donnie Wahlberg, or Jennifer Love Hewitt. LET’S DO THIS!!!

  12. Jessica

    Me and my boyfriend would love a chance at something new. We had twin boys almost 10 months ago and can use the money for thier medical needs and for their first birthday coming in July. Or for bills and personal stuff for the whole family.

  13. Abrianna Nasir

    I love watching game shows and i think that i would do exceptional. Also im 10 but that doesn’t matter right??

  14. kimberly

    I have never even thought of trying out for a game show, but I love Craig & I think I could do a good job on this show, with my pal Wendy. We have been friends about 40 years so it might be frightening what comes out of our mouths!

  15. Adam M

    Pick us, we love TV, movies and we love the camera. We will not disappoint.

  16. Carrie N Virg

    My sister and I are nuts over this show. It’s hilarious to watch Craig’s reactions to the contestants clues and body gestures. We would have a blast acting a fool on TV. Please pick us!!!

  17. Betty-Jo

    love the show, very funny and looks like a lot of fun. i would love to be on the show,, just to have fun and enjoy being on:)

  18. Saralyn Dunphy

    Why would I be a great choice? My center stage now is my desk and my audience is the patients that come in to our office everyday. My humor probably needs to be shared on a more global network, and plus my work still will not consent to the disco ball and theatrical lights I have been requesting for years. They are a must have for when I walk through the door each day with my theme music, is that too much to ask for? Thanks for letting me take your time for a second. Sara

  19. Diana regan

    My hubby and I are so frustrated to watch people not getting or giving the clues. We are the couple to recking with. Nobody wants to play with a us anymore.
    So mister “scotty” beam us up to your show.

  20. laquia lanette barnes

    Well hello I love your show my brother and I would love to be a part of your show and kick some famuse name game but we are funny and beautiful in and out we get carded alot I’m 32 my brother is 26 and we still have to show our I.d,s every whear we go but we get a kick out of it we come from a proud family of 7kids and I’m the oldest 3 boys and of 2 girls and our family is one of the largest in Portland Oregon I hope to hear from u back so my brother and I caN dance all over the floor

  21. Manieka Stokes

    I absolutely love this show. Craig Ferguson is Hilarious, that one episode of him acting like he was Beyonce dancing, oh my goodness. I DVR the show everyday because I have to work mornings and dont want to miss the show. I think that me and my sister would be awesome for the show. We love TV so I know we would do great. If the opportunity came, I would love to play with Vivica Fox (she’s pretty good), Michael Eily (he’s pretty cute) and most if all, I would love to see and play with comedian Kevin Hart. I really hope auditions come to Raleigh, NC and I get the chance to play because that would be so awesome and believe it ir not, a dream come true!

  22. Chrisy Mullins

    My mother and I would love an opportunity to audition for this game show.

  23. Joe Coppinger

    My daughter and I watch the show apart everyday and we love it. We think that we would do great and are very outgoing and enthusiastic which would make the show a lot of fun.

  24. denise & alliyah

    We would love to be contestants on your show we believe it will be fun as well as challenging to our minds especially when you give the clues I don’t see how anyone can’t guess it


    I need twenty grand and a couple of laughs
    While trying to get it even if we don’t win
    Hey atleast we had the opportunity to me u

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