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  1. Gregg Donovan

    As the former official greeter/ambassador of Beverly Hills for a decade and have met so many celebrities duing that time.Also former personal valet to Bob Hope.I am born and raised in Los Angeles and I am currently working for a Hollywood tour bus company LA City Tours.Last August 2013 Los Angeles Times called me the unofficial greeter of Hollywood.You can google my name (Gregg Donovan Beverly Hills Hollywood)..Also met with the crew of the show on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Roosevelt Hotel for the commercial and was quizzed by Craig Ferguson a couple of months ago.I was wearing the red coat and black top hat.Most of my answers were correct.I would be honored to be a contestant for Celebrity Name Game since I’ve never been on a game show before. Bottom line I have a great knowledge of celebrities,movies,etc.Either way I’ll look forward to seeing your show this fall.
    Kind regards,
    Gregg Donovan

  2. Felix Perea

    I should be considered for this game show because I am a game-show-a-holic. I have a joyful personality, I am fairly amusing and I think rather quickly. I’m not camera shy at all. I don’t get nervous in front of large crowds. So take a gander at me please. I’ll make you laugh. Hopefully.

  3. Ebone' Moore

    I should be considered for this because I AM a self proclaimed “TV HEAD”. A lot if not most of my spare time is spent watching tv/movies, catching up on pop culture, & listening to music! I should be considered because something like this is MADE for someone like me!

  4. Enzo

    My name is Enzo. I will love to be considered for this show. It sounds like a show i and my partner can handle. We have huge personalities, hilarious, and are also smart. Will Smith and Jada will be one couple to get ahead of for sure.

  5. Lyn Macomber

    I’ve got a lot of useless (?) celebrity name/face recognition trivia in my head and now I have a place to put it!! Thank You!!! I have a fun energetic personality and would love the opportunity to show how much fun it is to have all this information in your head.
    I look forward to meeting you.

    Mahalo Nui,
    Lyn M,

  6. matt

    I think that a show of this caliber is what the fans need. Not only would they have fun answering some questions they already know, but this would also open them up to new celebrities they don’t know as well. I would love to be a contestant on this show because I feel like I am quite knowledgable about celebrities and would love to learn about the ones I do not. My ideal celebrity that I can see me playing the game with is someone like Charlize Theron or Mark Wahlberg.

  7. Shalonda Green

    This sounds like a great show and definitely something I would love! Great way to put all those years of television and movie watching to use. I would love to audition! Looking forward to more details.

  8. Jesse Hayes

    Hi my name is Jesse Hayes i’m outgoing, i’m charming and i have a great personality and i would like to share it with the world! I’m very driven and will strive and work hard to be successful. My talents are i’m athletic, i’m artistic (sketching, graphic design, pastels), dance (swing dancing, ballroom dancing, free style), and magic. My interests are anything to do with TV, movies and sports, chess, video games, exercise and weight lifting…….and of course looking good!…..oh and modeling. :)
    The reason you should choose me for an audition is because if you give me the chance i’ll put a 150% of time and effort into learning my part and i will not disappoint! Thank you!

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 131
    Age: 14
    D.O.B. 8/17/1999
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Grade: 9th

  9. Tyriana Terrell

    Age: 12
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Additional Comments: Hi, my name is Tyriana Terrell I will be in the 7th grade when school has started again. And if you were to know me, you would know that I am a very creative and spontaneous little girl who really is very competitive but not to were things would get
    out-of-hand competitive. I would love to be given a chance to audition for any sort of show or movie. I know almost every single celebrity in the book well Disney channel celebrities but if you choose me to be apart of you’re game show I will try to learn them all. Even though that’s probably impossible. Thanks!!!

  10. Katherine Felton

    Age: 55
    Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    Hair color: blonde brown,, what ever the mood and bottle directs me.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Occupation: Postmaster
    Family:divorced and mother of two smart wonderful young women
    Home Town:Born in Philadelphia and live in NJ for the last 38 yrs but seems like yesterday_-)
    What I do for fun: I like to mine for gems. Have emeralds , rubies , sapphires and other semi precious gems. Tried for diamonds but so far no luck.
    Highlights of my life.. besides my two daughters, bowled for a million dollars but lost.. (still got a trip to Reno out of it), Love to travel but connect it with digging for gems or auctions. Love to make people laugh as my customers in the Post office have witnessed. After asking the boring questions I ask ” Ok, who wants to go for drinks and lunch” , or “who wants me to do their laundry? ” Everyone is shocked and then raises their hands and laughs.
    Would LOVE to have my whole office on the show or at least in the audience.
    What would I do if I won? Go to down under to mine for black opals. Call me baby I am ready to play.

  11. Catherine Bennett

    Oh my goodness! This sounds like such a fun and high energy show!

    Age: 26 (will be 27 August 24th)
    Height: 5 feet and half an inch (that half inch is very important!)
    Hair color: Ummmm…..brownish blond? light brown I guess that would be light brown….
    Eye Color: Blue
    Occupation: Part-time Mary Poppins (aka a nanny)
    Family: I’m not married, but I’m the 9th out of 10 kids and an aunt to 10 kids (in December it will be 11 ^_^)
    Home Town: Bremerton, WA (The only people who know of this town either live in this state, or are Navy brats, like me. ^_-)
    What I do for fun: Community theater (right now I’m stage managing the Kids for Kids show. I have to keep track of 42 kids, aging from age 8-19), reading, hiking, running, puzzles, and singing! La la la la!
    Who I want to play with: If I could pick a fictional character, that would be Sherlock Holmes, I’ve loved those stories since I was about four or five. (By the by, Benedict Cumberbatch is my second favorite Sherlock portrayer. Basil Rathbone is number 1!) But since they have to be a real person…… anybody! I just love to play games and have a good time. I get along with everyone I meet.
    What I would do with the money: Pay bills and move out of my parents’ house! ( I pay them rent really cheap, because I can’t afford to live on my own anywhere else around here.)

    To whomever read this comment: I hope I didn’t bore you! Pick me please!!!!!!!

  12. Hanadi

    Hello, I am Hanadi Richard. I am 15 years old. I have been told that I could be a wonderful actress and it is my dream to become one. I am spontaneous, smart, confident, fun, loving, and outgoing. I am very flexible and fit.

    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 28, 1998
    Height: 5’2
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Cajun French/Palestinian
    Eye Color: Hazel Green
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Hair color: Dark brown
    City: Carencro, Louisiana

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