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  1. Brad Bright

    My wife and I love the show watch it all the time, we try holding our hands to cover up the core and try guessing who it is. Craig is funny, the show is awesome. We have to record it because it comes on during the day when we work. E wound love try out for it sometime, we live in Orlando, Florida. Thank you!

  2. David Derglin

    My fiancée Paige & myself would be great because we love game shows & Craig Ferguson. We are very upbeat & fun, and are quite into competitive quizzes. We met in a karaoke bar in Charlotte, NC & have no issue being in front of crowds.
    We currently live in Palm Desert, CA so we’re not too far away from Hollywood & could be there pretty much any time :)

  3. Melanie Walsh

    Judging by the amount of people who are interested in this show I’m guessing it will be tough to get an audition. With that being said, my sister and I would be so good at this show and we live near Chicago, which would be a great place for a casting call. Everyday at work my co workers tell me I need to be on a game show because my vast knowledge of useless information. Good luck in your selection, hope you choose us!!!

  4. Lagi Tali

    I love this show. I never miss an episode, if I do, I make sure to record it on my DVR. I’ve been with my fiancee for almost 10 years and this would give us a chance to finally have our dream wedding. Plus we are polynesian, whens the last time you had a pacific islander on the show? :) please, please, please pick us.

  5. Michael Davis

    I been wanting to get on this show since last year. I have a partner who would love to be on there also. But I’m not go tell her unless I’m excepted. I love the type of questions you ask. I never been on TV and would love to do this before I turn 60.

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