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  1. Jessica Giacoletto

    My sister and I would love to play!! We are game players and we have so much fun together. We have never had the chance to participate in any thing like this before and we would love to give it go!! Thank you for your time and consideration!

  2. corie ratliff

    I think that my boyfriend and I would be great at this game. We watch it every day and we even have game nights where we play a version of it. We are so in sync that we can guess the answers off of a little clue. It would be a great opportunity to try and win some money.

  3. Lauren

    to dance better than the lady currently dancing on the show.
    And to meet Craig Ferguson.

  4. dana

    I WANNA GO ON THIS SHOW!!! I play these kinda games with my family all the time I would definitely pick my sister to go on . We think along the same lines!. I think I would be good but sometimes my brain farts because I have a lot of kids and I’m not as sharp as I used to be. I like to watch the show and tell at the contestants. Like they would actually hear me ! Hahahaha it would be cool if I could go on.

  5. brian seitz

    Just a fan of the show and would love to give it a shot plus winning some money for my 3 month old son would be great. Thank you to whoever reads this

  6. Lasheedah

    I would to be on your Show I’m a game winer love a chance.
    I love tv & and game shows please let me be on your show

  7. Allison Whitaker

    Because I am awesome and would kill it. I can spell. It doesn’t matter who my teammate is because it doesn’t matter who my teammate is, because I am awesome. Pop culture is my b*tch. Thank you, and goodnight.

  8. Audrey Miller

    I love this show and know a lot about the content on the show! It would be a dream come true to be on this show! I come from Tuscaloosa, AL where nothing happens at all and this would be a major milestone in my life to be on this show! My mom and I would be perfect contestants on it and would love to meet Craig! I loved his movie where he was a hairdresser and think the world of him! Please consider my mother and I for this show, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  9. Michelle McDonald

    I record every episode of this show…..and I save bits from various episodes to show my husband & daughter. I began watching mainly because I knew it would be incredible…..with the charming & humorous Craig Ferguson hosting. I grew to love Scotland after visiting with my mom & aunt back in 1999. My mom introduced me to Craig’s “Late Late Show.” One of my dearest friend’s husband is a Glaswegian like Craig. He’s 45 now & came to U.S. at age 19. We moved 6 years ago, and I don’t see my friend & her family very often now. I miss them, but watching Craig on Celebrity Name Game helps with my “favorite Scot withdrawal”!!!! I’m not sure whom I would bring with me to play the game, but I’m beginning to think on that now. I’ll pick whomever would be able to travel to play, is generally knowledgeable on celebrities……and when paired up with me, would blow everyone’s minds with our “entertaining intelligence” & clue-giving! It would be an incredible experience [actually — a TOTAL BLAST!] to be on the show. I’ve seen a few contestants who have seemed to know a few answers I didn’t, but overall…..I rock at knowing a lot of the info I’ve seen so far!!!! I’ve also learned a little —- which I didn’t know previously.

  10. Genice Hollins

    I was born to be on this!!! I’m the biggest movie watcher I know!!! I. Knows the characters and the people that hat plays them by names!!! Acting and government names!!! Please consider me!!!

  11. Carley scheffert

    My best friend Taylor and I Would rock that show! We play taboo all the time and everyone fights to have one of us on their teams and when we get to play on the same team were unstoppable. Please let us play!!! She and I are both31 years old and we need this chance Craig Ferguson. Your’e the mannn!!!!

  12. Mindy Anderson

    We love movies and TV. My husband thinks he’s so good at impressions but he’s really not. Haha. We are a silly couple and love playing games. Car rides are a blast. Lol


    I have been watching the game since it premiered and I love it.. the host is super funny and the guessing game is even funnier…. I think I could contribute to the funny aspect of the show and I would Love to meet a celebrity and I would definetly love a chance to win some extra money!!

  14. Rita Welton

    I would love to be a guest on Celebrity Name Game. I love watching Craig Ferguson, Courtney Cox, and David Aquette. The show is awesome. Me and my husband play right along with all the contestants.

  15. Edgar Jones

    My name is Edgar Jones and I am a 7 year NFL Vet. I was born in Rayville, Louisiana. I am 29 years old and am looking to retire at 30 from the NFL. I am African American, 6’4, 250 lbs. I entered the NFL in 2007 as a un-drafted rookie.I have played for the Baltimore Raven, Kansas City Chiefs, and Dallas Cowboys. I am looking to expand my options and look forward to my next career.

    Myself, along with some of my NFL buddies would love to partake in the show!

  16. Alex Ditmer

    My whole family loves watching this show!! If I had to pick a celebrity I would pick Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey or Kaley Cuoco.

  17. Damontez Blue

    Myself and my younger brother would love to be guests from North Carolina to have a chance on your game show… It will be a great honor for me to meet Mr. Funny man; himself… Craig Ferguson… Great Idea

  18. Jamie S.

    I apologize I got cut off from my message. I just wanted to say if chosen to participate in this adventure, We would love to play with Tom Aronld. There’s nothing better then getting to play with a man who is just as silly and spunky as ourselves. We would love to have the opportunity to be on your stage. We are ready when you are. Let’s play!!

  19. Jamie S.

    Hey there Celebrity Name Game! Jamie and Dani here from the high desert here in southern California! We are two insanely energetic, outgoing, random,giggly best friends. We have been best friends for over 8 years. We have a bond that makes it seem like we are synced and wired to the same brain. We both happen to love fun competition amongst others. Love meeting new people and going on adventures together. Being considered to be a contestant on this awesomly addicting show would be an honor and an amazing experience and memory to share for more years to come. I couldn’t picture doing this show with anyone else. Together we have an encyclopedia in our minds pertaining to music, movies, tv, celebrities, iconic places and company’s. Dani happens to be the genious and artistic one,while im the random dreamer. Since we both are very spunky and love to laugh and have a

  20. Latrice Terry

    I watch the show and I would love the opportunity to show that alllll the tv shows and movies I watch serves a greater purpose other than my entertainment. My boss and I would make a great team because together our knowledge of celebrities are vast and together we look like the female version of the odd couple.

  21. anthony mcdowell

    I would love the show,im very energetic and I will win

  22. Corina Bakke

    This is by far the best game show I’ve ever seen! And it’s one of the only shows that we know most of the answers! Love the host, love the game.

    Would love to go on with one of my favorite meteorologist friends as my partner. We would rock it! Please let me know what I can do to be considered further!

    Please, please, please put us on the show!

  23. Ava McNeil

    My Sister & I would be an awesome duo to add fun & excitement, as we luv that a fresh new game show has graced the tube! My older brother & sister gets a kick out of me cause I can relate a movie or show to a conversation or topic of discussion. Which gets their minds ah pondering on a little trivia :) .. You’d just luv us, our personalities & big smiles won’t let t.v. down .. yasssss!

  24. Cassandra Destin

    What what?!? Finally…I have waited for a gameshow like this for so long! I’m so excited that there is a game like this where people can put all of their “useless” knowledge to the test for being able to put a name to a face/thing/etc. It’s always been a game between my husband and I anytime we watch something, to guess what someone is from and we ALWAYS get down whenever we play any kind of trivia or charades. Everyone says I remember everyone I see in everything (remember he was in….) lol-my kids think I know it all and I’m cool with that!! We would LOVE the chance to find out just how much we both know and maybe win some cash in the process ;-> My hubby is a HUGE goof and I can be a little competitive. So no doubt, we would have a lot of fun!!! Please tell us how we can become contestants?!?

  25. Chris Moore

    Me and my father like to consider ourselves as the “Minnesota Twins” Two rugged, handsomely, intelligent men. We watch the show together and haven’t missed an episode yet. I think we would be good at the game because the whole family has been raised on movies and pop culture. My father started with a VHS collection of over 2000 movies….. and has since switched over to about 1300 DVDs which may give us a leg up on the competition. Not only would we be entertaining, we could also really use the money!!!! Not to vacation on… Not to go out and blow… but to actually catch up on some bills…. Finally be able to have our heads above water for once! This would be an amazing opportunity, and wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for the chance! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon!

  26. Amy Polk

    Can we think fast?…Does Craig Ferguson have an adorable Scottish accent? YES!!!
    Do we know more than the appropriate amount of celebrity info?…does Craig Ferguson make us laugh? YES!
    Do you need my friend Cynthia and me as contestants on your show?…does this list of questions start to get annoying after a while? YOU BET!!!
    Amy and Cynthia are two funny “leave an impression” Texas ladies. We would love the chance to show our stuff on Celebrity Name Game in the future. Thanks.

  27. John Boyd

    Well I’m the best of the best when it comes to games. If I be on the show I’ll turn that joint operation out.

  28. Samantha Musumeci

    Hey! My boyfriend and I would be great for this show! We watch every week and even re-watch episodes just for the heck of it! We are both outgoing people and are are crazy about celebs, watching TV and more importantly screaming the answers at the tv during the show . My boyfriend even covers his eyes during certain rounds and guesses right along with the contestants. We NEED to be on this show, not only would our antics make for good tv, but we are pretty confident that we will make it to the end to battle it out for 20k! PLEASE PICK US!!!

  29. richard Boseley

    Well im 52 yrs old. I have been a trivia buff. Since ??early part of my life. In all catagories.general knowledge music outgoin good vocabulairy and got that gift of gab. !! To really see how much i know. an to be able to give hints or take hints to get an answer. Is wat i like. I would be a great contestant. Lol in my world !!??… i am a celebrity please consider my team .love to give it a try. Richard boseley. Aka high velocity <hidden from public> .


    Ohhhh please pick me and my mother for your show, we live vicariously through the lives of celebrities because we are very boring people, with not that much going on in our lives. She recently moved in with me so the cash could get her out of my house that much sooner!

  31. Alex Zack


    Here’s the thing. If you’re looking for two fun, outgoing, entertainment news junkies than look no further than me and my best friend Taco (real name Meredith but no one calls her that).

    We are HYSTERICAL, I mean, we can provide a list of references if need be but trust me, we’re funny. Taco’s been the yin to my yang since we were both in the same 3rd grade class and she complimented my Lizzie McGuire notebook. The rest is history…

    We LOVE celebrity news an insanely large amount. For one thing, we both have perez hilton as our homepages on our computers and we check other celeb news outlets on a regular basis. We subscribe to many a magazine (sup People, Cosmo, O, etc…) and watch just about any TV show out there.

    Celebs are our thing. We each have 10+ celeb crushes saved on our phones. SERIOUSLY. We’re both in our early 20s and for my 18th birthday we took a trip to LA to see Craig Ferguson’s show and be in the audience it was AWESOME WE LOVE HIM!!!

    PLEASE CONSIDER US!!! Let us show you how awesome we are!!!!!!

  32. Jasmine j

    My Bestfriend & Myself would be perfect for your show one because we watch it everyday & always get it right .

    About us we have been friends for likeee 5 monthss & we are total opposites , shee loud & crazy . & im quiet & laid back .

    please pick us its worth thee wild .

  33. Darryl Cairns

    I think my friend Pat and I would be great on this show. Our personalities are polar opposites which makes for interesting interactions. I am Canadian and he is American. We get along great and are very outgoing. We know our celebrities quite well and I would love to meet Craig Ferguson. Please let us have the opportunity to be on your show.

  34. Lelea Nichols

    HEY! Me and my best friend April would be perfect for this show!

    We are entertainment junkies! We both subscribe to Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. :)
    Our friends are amazed how we can go on and on about celebs, movies, tv without missing a beat.
    We would truly love to be picked for this show. And of course we would love to meet Craig Ferguson!
    My dream celebrity is Nathan Fillion!
    April’s dream celebrity is Amy Poehler

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Laya and April

  35. Estella Perez

    I would do very well at this game…it’s very similar to Taboo, but with a twist (entertainer’s names) ;-)

  36. Richard Fork

    My great friend, Gilbert and I watch the show every chance we get and we figured that because him and I are from such different backgrounds and still get along so good, that it would be a hilarious, and a good time for all to give your show a shot.

  37. Anissa Ryan

    My friend and I would love to be on this show! Marika and I have been friends for 20 twenty years and are huge movie lovers. We are both up on current and past events. We know we would do great on this show. Our big sense of humor and out going personalities are just what the show needs. Oh and winning big money would be good too! Marika just got married and 2 of my children are in private school so we could both use some extra support! Thank you and I hope to hear from Celebrity Name Game real soon!!!!!!

  38. Michelle Kinley

    This show is hysterical and I want to be on it!!!! I have a girlfriend that would be a perfect fit for our crazy antics on this show, and we would kick some serious butt! Wow, I wish I would have seen the casting call a long time ago!

  39. Jenna

    Ill make this short and sweet–First time I heard the commercial pilot for this show, I answered EVERY. SINGLE. question before the contestant. I could soooo be the Ken Jennings of this show! : )

  40. Jerry Pienta

    I love game show’a and have plethera of useless knowledge rolling around in my head .
    I would really, really love to be a part of the game show

  41. Rashira Johnson

    I love the show, and My husband and I love to play the game of Taboo, which is basically the modern format of the show, but with celebrities. We always sit and play games that’s makes you
    use your brain to like the 5th power, but of course in a fun based way. Occasionally we even do game night with family and friends, and him and I are up against each other. It is super funny to see each other crumble.

  42. Linsie

    I think that my mother and I would be great contestants on the show because we are both movie fanatics and love playing games. This would be a fun experience for us and a once in a life experience that we would both be greatful at the chance to participate in.

  43. Mitchell Winkelman

    First off, I love Craig Ferguson, I watch his show every night! I also love this game show!! I work at a TV station so I watch it everyday and I want to win it all (Because I told everyone at my station I would WIN) I also just graduated college and need to pay off all my tuition!! Please pick me, I also bring a lot of swagger!!

  44. Foster and Richard Nelson

    Well I deeply believe me and my Irish twin brother can bring our outgoing personalities to your new great and sooo funny game show celebrity name game!! with the worlds funniest man Mr.Craig Ferguson who I would love to meet and tell him to his face he is the MAN!! So we will be waiting for that chance to be on that great show.Thanks.Bbless.

  45. Samantha foster

    Would love to be on Celebrity Name game i would being my husband we always try to catch each other on who’s the actor when we watch movies and TV shows especially reruns or older movies where the Stars were not as popular as they are now. We would love any celebrity to play with.

  46. Eliany

    Me and my wonderful husband absolutely love this show and record every episode on television…we get extremely excited watching the show we would love to be contestants…we are extremely silly and work well as a team!

  47. Lara Iozzo

    Me and my sister Emily love the show and would love a chance to get on the show because it would help pay for college if we got the chance to go on Celebrity Name Game, Andre just love the show, and Craig Ferguson

  48. Anela Mehau

    My family is obsessed with the game Catch Phrase, which is played in much the same way as far as far as the way clues are given . My daughter and I would be excellent contestants because entertainment and pop culture is always our best category .

  49. Stephen and Holly Zampieri

    My wife and I would raise your ratings bc we are very entertaining and have a lot of SPUNK! Too many people get on the show and are timid. We have no fear! I was in the Marine Corps. And worked on set of Extreme Home Makeover. She is a nurse and deals with death everyday so we both live life to the max and love challenges. Thank you.

  50. Motey Refael

    Me and my sister would b great at this I feel like this is right up my alley please put me in coach I can do it….I live for the this kind of game

  51. jo

    My mom and I would rock at this game! We have the same explaining skills haha

  52. Rhonda Oglesby

    My sister Alluson and I woykd be great! We both have gret knowledge of the entertainment workd! We bith have outgoubg personalities! She is 25 years younger than me but we have so much fun together!

  53. Stevie Smith

    My mom and I would be the PERFECT team to be on this show. I am obsessed with movies and my mom is full of knowledge about music and tv. Between us, I can almost bet there isn’t someone we don’t know. We are both very competitive and hate losing. We both work well under pressure and would just love to have and experience like this. :))
    Please pick us!!!!

  54. Michelle Gordon

    I would love to be on Celebrity Name Game because I have a great fascination with pop culture and very good at it. In fact, close friends and some family members ask me questions about certain television shows and music and can answer them. I am also a big fan of reality television shows, music documentaries, and celebrities living or dead. Please pick me. I think it would be a lot of fun. Thank you.

  55. Susan Downes

    I would be SO perfect for this game – I know my celebs – I even worked for a very famous paparazzi photog. Whenever my friends cannot remember the name of someone, I get a call or email. I watch ALL the celeb news shows like EXTRA & E! – love, love, love the famous…..

  56. Brandon hicks

    I think me and my brother n law Derek should be considered because we would definitely take home a much needed 20 grand for our family. We are giant Craig fans and have to watched every episode of celebrity name game thus far and are convinced we would have annihilated all the other contestants! We are giant Hollywood buffs and would absolutely take home big money!!!

  57. Loura Williams

    I know for sure that my daughter and I would be perfect for this show!!! Okay, maybe not perfect but very good!!!!! Our favorite past time is watching movies and TV. In fact I would say it’s more of a job for me!!! I LOVE this show!!!! I would be happy with any celebrity. ( but if you can get Trace Adkins, SCORE!!!!!!!)

  58. Vonceil Nelson

    Mother & Daughter team, we know alot about movies and shows. Being that i (am from the 60’s) and my daughter is from the late 8o’s. We would be a perfect team.

  59. Denise

    would love to be on =)

  60. Heather Gaston

    My fiance and I would be perfect for two reasons:

    1. In love as we are, we’re also very different. He can never remember who that guy in that film was, and I usually can. He’s pretty shy, and I’m a huge ham. Having two clones on each team is so boring, isn’t it?
    2. We’re not picky. We take direction like most people breathe. If we don’t know of the celebrity, we will be gracious and probably check out their work afterward! If we need to bring our own water, that’s perfectly fine! If you need us to stand over there, we’re en route!

    The only potential hiccup I can see is our location in Oklahoma, but with enough advance notice, that’s nothing at all. We’re big fans of Mr. Ferguson’s work, we love the game, and we’ll travel any distance we can to help this show succeed!

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