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  1. Denise

    would love to be on =)

  2. Heather Gaston

    My fiance and I would be perfect for two reasons:

    1. In love as we are, we’re also very different. He can never remember who that guy in that film was, and I usually can. He’s pretty shy, and I’m a huge ham. Having two clones on each team is so boring, isn’t it?
    2. We’re not picky. We take direction like most people breathe. If we don’t know of the celebrity, we will be gracious and probably check out their work afterward! If we need to bring our own water, that’s perfectly fine! If you need us to stand over there, we’re en route!

    The only potential hiccup I can see is our location in Oklahoma, but with enough advance notice, that’s nothing at all. We’re big fans of Mr. Ferguson’s work, we love the game, and we’ll travel any distance we can to help this show succeed!

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