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  1. john powell

    hey everyone this might concern .i can name that celeb in four letters …with a hint .. lol…feel free to consider me ciao: expecting to hear from you soon team.

  2. Julie Minshall

    I luv cocshows

  3. Julia E. Torockio

    I have been trying for years to get on a game-show in which I could win some money to pay off some debts, buy necessary things I need for my home, and take a nice vacation; but, more importantly to be able to have my own office with a computer that actually works, so, I can work on my writing goals more, and pay for legal copy-writes for my poetry, songs lyrics, etc.
    Anyhow, they sure don’t make it easy for you to even become a audience member, let alone a contestant on these game shows; “Do they?” Anyhow, I am good with trivia and puzzles, so, that is type of game show in which I’d like to be a contestant on! Like for instance, I know I could probably, and most likely, win at least $1000 easily on Millionaire.Anyhow, I’d be happy being a contestant on your new game show, as it seems like it may be a lot of fun. I love to make people laugh and am told that I am funny at times as well! Julia E. Torockio

  4. Gina

    Hi, my name is Gina and I would LOVE the opportunity to be on the show. I am a trivia FANATIC.
    I will challenge myself to any question posed to me. I am also very cute, funny, outgoing and bubbly. Please, please, let me audition!!!

  5. Corey Peoples

    My name is Corey, and I am a 24 yr old US Army Veteran who dreams of becoming a big time actor. My girlfriend and I would make great contestants on the show for two reasons. One is that my girlfriend watches almost every reality show on tv, and I have an uncanny talent for identifying actors on tv and in movies. Seriously, its just weird. The second reason is that I really want to meet Craig. I found his show on the Armed Forces Network while in Iraq, and he changed my life. He helped me get through that deployment, and I’ve been watching him ever since. However, if I was going to pick a celebrity to team up with on the show, it would be either Kevin Bacon, Ron White, or Ryan Reynolds. Please grant us this opportunity to crush the competition and possibly, just possibly, get my name out for the world’s greatest casting directors to see. Thank you for your consideration.

    Very Respectfully,
    Corey Peoples

  6. paula correia

    Hello my name is Paula. I’m 38 years old, Me And My brother-inlaw would be great for this show. I have always love tv and movies It was a way for me to excape the stresses of life.
    My love of tv and movies i feel will help me in the Game. I’m very funny person and have been told that i’m one of a kind. I always make people laugh even when i’m not trying.
    My Bother-inlaw has extensive knowledge of movies new and old. He owns 2000 dvd’s . His name is victor and he is 41 years old. i think with how many movies and tv shows we have seen we would be perfect for your show.


    craig ferguson is awesome.! best and funniest late night talk show host around. Also Id like a shot at being on this game show. Im a male 24 in DC area. im a channing tatum look alike. thx

  8. Sirena Morse

    I am a 25 year old single mom looking to break into the entertainment business. I should be chosen because i have experience in the acting field and i love it. I will always put my best foot forward and work my hardest to accomplish what needs to be done. I love to have fun on a daily basis so i’d love to get paid for having fun working alongside any celebs that also love to have fun.

  9. Timothy Grady

    I am 15 years old in California . If you let me be on your game show we will have so much fun and trust me when I get comfortable the crowd and viewers will be laughing the whole show I have history for being a class clown to be it was a good thing but mom and dad didn’t always think so . I tend to make a lot of people laugh on accident , I can do it on purpose to . I guess what I’m saying is give me a chance and you won’t be sorry I’ll be on the news YouTube everything I’m going to make my mark!.

  10. Miranda Cisneros

    I live in Virginia and being on a game show seems like a lot of fun!

  11. Annie Orington

    Hi, my name is Annie Orington and I am 19 years. I am 5 feet tall and weigh 100 pounds. I have long, curly, red hair and freckles. I love Game Shows and Celebrity’s and would love to get involved with Celebrity Name Game. I currently live in Phoenix AZ but would be willing to travel. I am friendly and outgoing and enjoy laughing with family, so I hope you chose me.

  12. Stephanie Oneal

    Hey y’all I’m Stephanie The show is of uber-amazing amplitude!! I should be on the show for my charismatic personality, my LMAFO sense of humor, and my movie-star quality good looks (not really). Oh, and i’m pretty smart! So pick me pick me pick me! And I will play with anyone! My first choice hands down would be Billy Idol but his UK accent may not mix well with my deep southern accent. C’mon ….lets play Celebrity Name Game!!!



  14. Scott

    Ive always wanted to be on a game show and i defeat everyone in home trivia games. This sounds like a lot of fun and I would love to compete! lets do this!!

  15. Alyssa Hoag

    I am a 19 year old Canadian living in Australia, very fun and outgoing and would love the opportunity to be on your show.

  16. Ashley. Pannell

    Hi I’m Ashley I’m 23 I live in Virginia . i think i would be good for this show because I’m good at naming celebrities. all i do
    most of the time is watching tv lol

  17. alicia hernandez

    Hello, my name is alicia hernandez. I think this show is going to be a hot show of the year! It already sounds so much fun and exciting! I know i would love to be on the show just as much as my husband would!! Were both excited just to even see the show if were not able to get on the show. Both of us would be happy as long as one of is got chosen :) i know my DREAM celebrity to play with has to be VIN DIESEL oh my goodness would he be perfect! I just love him!! My husbands DREAM celebrity would be between KATY PERRY (shes his favorite) or SCARLET JOHANSSON. thank you so much and i hope one of us gets chosen!!

  18. Patti Crawford

    I have always dreamed of being on a game show!!! I met my best friend Tracy over 25 years ago while working in a daycare center. I have been doing daycare ever since– 27 years if caring for and having fun with children from 2 mos to 10 years !!! They make me smile every day!! My best friend us happy, bubbly and we both LOVE wine!!
    We talk almost every day and love having game nights– I generally host with a small group if 18-20!!! As my email says, I love to cook and often have dinner parties and have a yearly Cinco de Mayo party!!! We are both humorous , fun loving, middle aged ( ugh that sounds terrible!) women that know how to have a great time and be there for each other!!
    We would be a great duo!!!

  19. Wendy Loose

    There isn’t a celebrity I can’t name (ok, maybe one or two) and I love movies! I had plenty of couch potato time going through chemo, surgeries and radiation to beat cancer and become the freak about pop culture that I am! I’m spunky, a mom of 6 and carry a positive outlook always.

  20. Justin Chandler

    I am always winning the WHO IS THAT ACTOR arguments. Most of the time at least. I would love for a shot at this!

  21. marcus victor

    I should be on the show because im me, how could you not want me on the show. I am world famous not just locally but globaly baby…lol. Seriously though, I have charisma quick wit, fantastic sense of humor, I would definitely win, my brain is chock full of useless knowledge about celebrities and what not. Also (even though this has nothing to do with anything) I can do impressions as well as almost any accent, which i consider a fine useless talent. thank you and i look forward to hearing from you.

  22. Michael Bronke

    I think the concept of the show sounds amazing and something thay could be a hit. I print the newspaper and am literally up to date with every facet of entertainment and everything else happening in the world. Im a good looking man and my personality lights up the room and will make for great television. I have the ability to become best friends with anybody any race any ethnicity rich or poor immediately. My dream celebrity to work with would be Leonardo DiCaprio. HHey grown into an amazing actor. To be honest any celebrity would be a great experience and I would treat them like exactly who they are, just another human in this world that wants to be loved and laugh.

  23. Desmariah Salazar

    Hi i think my twin sister Danielle and i would be such a good match for the show! I mean c’mon twins?! How cool would that be? We have a lot of energy and this would be a good opportunity for us. And our dream celebrities to work with be Drake, Dylan o’Brien, Dave Franco, Crystal Reed, Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart or Seth Rogen. But i would be just fine to work with anybody!

  24. Harry and Candi

    Me and my wife Candi would be great for your show. We both enjoy our game nights and can not live without of movie nights. Seems like a match made in heaven. I am 25 and shes 29. She loves her chck flicks, I love comedy but we both agree horror is the best. We are very competitive but put us on the same team and other players beware. We will win.

  25. Stephanie

    My name is Stephanie I am Energetic, fun female 28 years old, loves movies and tv shows and knows a lot about them! Would love to be on this game show

  26. Courtney Aubert

    My name is Courtney Aubert and I am 31 and am slightly pop culture obsessed. I am quick witted and pop culture savvey. And would love the oppurtunity to use my pop culture talents.

  27. mona

    I would be a great fit for the show ! I would definitely bring my A game . I’m young independent beautiful smart success full women from Miami Florida

  28. Adrianna White

    The whole concept of the show sounds just as brilliant as any other successful show, which has already appeared on tv. For this reason and a host of others, my mother and I are perfect candidates for the show. We are the kind of girls who are made for tv. Our beauty, whit, pop culture knowledge and great personalities should put us first in line for the show! As for our dream celebrity, I would be truly amazed by any celeb who could donate their time to want to play with us honestly. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

  29. Marcus espinoza

    Hi!My name is Marcus I’m 17 years old and my best friend Baylee who is 18 and I would the love chance to be on this show! We’re just small town Colorado kids with big city dreams. Fashion and pop culture is our life!we would love to work with any celebrity! But some of our role models are Lady GaGa,Rihanna, and anyone from the cast of american horror story:coven. This opportunity Would make our last year of high school even more rememberable

    Thank you so much for taking us into consideration!

  30. Selena Parker

    I am a fun and outgoing person. I love to meet new people and try new things. I’m the Oldest of 5, love Purple, love speggetti, and Love Celebrities. I Know Almost Everything about the Stars.i Hope I get Picked to Show Everyone my Celebrity Know-It-All Mind.
    Eye Color:Brown

  31. Jerry Neubauer

    Hi, I’m a 48 year old male who has a very decent knowledge of pop culture. I live on Long Island who enjoys Bowling, Golf and anything that gets me out of the house. And that includes the opportunity to get on the show, have a few laughs and take my shot at winning some money. I am a mailman, and during every holiday in the calendar year I walk around delivering mail dressed up for that respective holiday. People on my route get a big kick out of it. Now I won’t show up wearing any holiday costume if I get contacted to be on the show, but it will be a lot of fun if I get there.

  32. Lianna Benjamin

    Hi I’m lianna. I’m 12 years old but act like I’m 16. My family would be perfect to compete on this show. We are like comedians to tell you the truth. My family is always cracking jokes and everything. We would be perfect for this game show. If I could compete with any celeb it would have to be Nina Dobrev. I’m a huge fan of her and I always wanted to meet her. If you give my family a chance we won’t disappoint.

  33. Christina Haskins

    A recent divorced and start over mother of 2 daughters and am 31 years old. I originally landed on East Coast with my husband and after divorce decided to rebuild my life here despite him moving to Seattle.
    It’s bed difficult humbling and has taught me inner strengthin the times of uncertainty.
    Would love some excitement in my life. My dream guest would be music sensation drake!
    And be able to interact with my biggest celebrity artist as a die hard fan!

  34. Kathy Marinacci

    What? You say your looking for two hot thirty year old woman who are witty, full of personality and knowledgeable about pop culture? Can one of them have Narcolepsy??? If so, add thirty years to the age and me and my best friend of thirty-five years are your girls. We’ll take on anybody. I love this idea for a game show. The only way it could be better, is if you put us on it and gave me a few weeks notice so I can shed ten pounds.

  35. Darbi

    This show sounds awesome! I think my sister and I deserve to be picked because we are very competitive and always have a fun time when we’re together! I would love to play with Sandra Bullock because she is my favorite actress!

  36. Tre Clark

    Hi my name is tre clark and like wow i would love to be on this tv show im a poor kid from gainesvile fl who want to be and actor i am currently homeless and would love to have an opportunity to have a little fun for once

  37. Bonnie Covalt

    Me again, I am hot grandma of 8, where a size 2 cloths. BAMMMMM

  38. Bonnie Covalt

    I am a game show junkie.

    Tried Price is right 4 times,Name that tune,(many years ago) ,Card sharks, almost made it, Wheel of fourtune., also FamilyFfued

    I,m 56 years young an full of lots of goffy knowledge. Win or loose it is on my bucket list an I am getting old. Raise 4 wondeful children as a single mom. Best thing I ever did. I speak english an American Sign .a.s.l.

    Truly hope to hear from you,

    Bonnie Covalt

  39. Itzel Vasquez

    im 18, im outgoing, fun, energetic, funny, awesome and not afraid. :D

  40. Hrishikesh Patel

    Hello my name is Hrishikesh but you can call me Rush, I am 14 years old and I’ve been acting since i was a kid. I was in a lot of lead roles in theater and i can remember all my lines fast.

    Height: 150cm
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown

    I live in Edmonton, Alberta right now but i’m am extremely talented and I would love to be working with you guys! Email me anytime :)

  41. Alfred Chavez


    My name is Alfred and I currently reside in Boston. I work in a retail store that caters to the most popular trend items to date. I’m very knowledgable about movies, TV shows, music and current trends because of the work that I do. I have a BLAST meeting new people and an even BIGGER BLAST meeting celebrities. I am very outgoing and humorous and I KNOW I’d be an ideal candidate for this show. Test me! It’s a dare!

    My ideal partner would be my co-worker friend, Mara, who has likeminded knowledge of movies, TV and pop culture. We would make the most daring duo. And we are both willing to travel for exposure. All in the name of fun and fandom!

    I greatly hope you will consider us for this. We won’t let you down. Hope to hear from you soon!

    All the best,

  42. Andrea

    My husband and I are very quick witty and hilarious as team. We also are very knowledgeable about stars and movies. There is no doubt in my mind that the audience would enjoy watching us and that we could outplay an other contestants and win. We are the ones you are looking for; the perfect match for this show :)

  43. Jamar Yarbrough

    My name is jamar I’m a 34 yrs old dad/ coach of two straight A students, I think I would be a good fit for this show because as a kid my mom wouldn’t let me go outside so the television and movie summer at my dads house was all I knew as a kid so some of my best close friends were the people and personalities of those I watched on television or movies I had watched, till this day no one makes shows or movies how they used to be back in the day. Playing along side tv shows at home I live for and would love to be a highly energetic quick witted individual on the show., my favorite celebrity to play the game would be the guy from the clear eyes commercial Ben sty lol or Kelsey Grammer side show bob , fraiser, or bill nye the science guy or my professor

  44. Shenika Hill

    Hello my name is Shenika and I am a 33 year old female. I think this would be a great opportunity for myself because i’m outgoing,fun,and energetic. The person I would bring with me on the show would be my cousin Eboni. For years we have watched movies, sing songs, and always compare and discuss celebrity gossip and news. So what better way to put us to the test than by selecting us as great contestants. We would have the most fun ever!!!

  45. Kelsey

    Hi my name is Kelsey and I am ten years old I love acting PLEASE CHOSE ME.

  46. Danielle Aker

    This is my game show dream come true!!!! I have always been teased for my extreme fascination with all things celebrity related. This may finally be my chance to use all this knowledge and to get back at everyone who always thought it was funny that I know too much about too many celebrities. I am a 27 year old female from RI who runs a fence company with my boyfriend of 6 years. He would be my partner, it seems like he always knows the things I don’t. We make a great team and are both enthusiastic and full of life. This would be ideal !!!

  47. Jesse Farmer


  48. Benjamin Borchardt

    Hello there, My name is Benjamin, and I think my partner and I should be considered because we would rock it!!!1 We play along to numerous game shows and have no shortage of intellectual know how! Plus we’re not too hard on the eyes!!

  49. Richard Rose

    One ”I’m not shy like the band!, Two I can speak my thoughts unlike the horse and three, I don’t need a plug like geoff” four I feel like I’ve known Craig all my life I’ve got a friend that’s dead ringer for his actions an thoughts…all said with three rings of the bell!

  50. octavia holmes

    Interested, fun, & energetic 32 yrs old female

  51. Jacob Strom

    My name is Jake. I’m 21 years of age, have an associates degree in art and live in Temple, TX.
    The show sounds like a lot of fun and I think it would be a really awesome life experience!
    The person whom I would chose to be my team mate would have to be my dad Terry.
    We’ve been best friends as long as I can remember. We’ve been fishing together for 18 years, skiing/snowboarding together for 15 years, playing guitar together for 8 years, and living together for…umm…21 years….but I digress…I feel that we’d make a great team for your show!
    As far as which celebrity I’d like to work with, someone like Seth Rogan or Will Ferrell would be pretty incredible, but I’d honestly be happy to work with anyone!
    Thank you for your consideration!

    - Jake

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