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  1. Beth Ann Sands

    Ever have a memory for useless facts and all things Pop culture & never know what to do with it? My friend and I have this dilemma and we need to be put to good use! It would be a dream to put our skills to the test on this hilarious show!

  2. Holly Jacobs

    I would be ecstatic to be selected to be on the Celebrity Name Game! I watch this with my parents, family and friends all the time. I have always been an avid game show watcher but this show has me so smitten that i figured, why not! Maybe something i can add to my before the big 3-0 bucket list. I’m great at pop sulture and quick on my feet… or so I think. My brother is also great at this stuff and i would love to get a chance to play and maybe win some money to spoil my sweet little niece. If i got a call that said, ‘Holly, come to CA… You’re going to be on the Celebrity Name Game,’ aftrer screamin til my voice was nearly gone, my phone would be left in the dust and I’d be on a plane within the hour…or two.

  3. Phebe Wells

    I looooooooove this game show. It is fun, funny, and exciting. Me and my family play this game at home and we get so loud and emotional with all the anticipation of the the partner guessing the name until we end up laughing so hard. I have a partner that we would be grateful to get on your show. I want to win the big bucks do we can have a family vacation. We have not had a vacation in about 15 years. All we do is work abd come home and play games to entertain one another. Ok, I’m choking up now tears forming. Anyway I would love to appear on your show to experience the rush of the game and win the big money yeeeessssss.

  4. Sylvia Norman

    My daughter and I are game show lovers and would sooooooooo love an opportunity to be on Celebrity Name Game! What an amazing, exciting show! I know we’d be great contestants! We live in Los Angeles and can’t wait to be contacted for an audition, so give us a try! We have a long list of celebrities we love, so we’d be happy with whomever you chose to be our “surprise celebrities”. Thank you so much for your consideration!

  5. Robert Friedman

    First of all we are obsessed with this show. There is not a day We miss it. My wife Viki and I have been married 43 years and are very active. We used to own a Video store so I am pretty knowledgeabl on pop culture and Celeberties. I know we would do well and would love to win $20,000.00 We would love to go on a Cruise.. As for what Celeberity would we wish for is Tom Arnold (who is so intense and I love it) or another wish list is DJ Quales.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Bob and Viki Friedman

    PS. We love Craig Ferguson

  6. Walter

    Now that I’ve had a chance to watch the show and how the game is played,I feel I can entertain the idea of an audition & hopefully an actual appearance on the show to play the game.

    As far as celebrities and show business go,I’ve watched TV shows dating from the 19548 to pretty much the present day,seen many movies in nearly 40 years and know the top 40 (music) dating from 1950s to early 2000s.) I’ve followed the biggest ofstars to the flash in the pans. (Or Icons to one hit wonders musically.)

    I’ve a quick wit and sharp mind when it comes to this. I live in Arizona and I’d certinly like to go to CA to take part. i thank you for your consideration. Sincerely ,Walter from Phoenix.

  7. melissa wall

    My husband and I love the show and we would have loads of fun!

  8. Mackenzie

    My college bestie and I have been friends for 12 years. Our energy is so in sync, that we’re constantly mistaken for sisters. What’s more – we love pop culture and would rock this show! I’ve never applied for any television show before, but Celebrity Name Game looks so fun that I just can’t help myself. It’s the perfect show for us. Plus I’d love to hear Craig’s charming Scottish accent in person!

  9. Tina Waters

    I would love to make it on the show with my bestie….we are pretty sharp on entertainment trivia and we are quite entertaining ourselves…Please pick us…I Dvr the show everyday…Love it!!

  10. Timothy Asbill

    Yes Craig, I love your Celebrity Name Game. Winning money on your show would be great, all for answering questions. I have always liked you and the celebrities you have on your shows. I would like, and hope to be chosen as a contestant on your game show. So thank you for the consideration and hope to hear back from your staff.

  11. Carmelita

    Me and my sister will not only kick butt on your show but we will also provide the best entertainment guarenteed! We both are very lively, funny and energetic as well as competitive! We would love the chance to not only have fun but also win money to help provide for our families! Also visiting California wouldn’t be so bad either lol

  12. Michele Fritts

    So glad day time TV doesn’t suck anymore!! This show is so entertaining and could only get a little better with my added charm

  13. Jasmine Pruitt

    Me and my partner will be good for the show be a use we are energetic, funny, and grew up in different decades so we have a common knowledge for just about any celebrity there is to know. If given a chance we would be a great duo and have a great time on the show and would love to meet Courtney Cox and David Arquette they were my 90s horror in the Scream Series

  14. Sheila Gibson Caballero

    Hey there!! I’m Sheila and my sister Geri and I would be AWESOME contestants on Celebrity Name Game. We are fun, funny, bright, and energetic. We LOVE pop culture and have been dvr’ing Celebrity Name Game since Season 1, Episode1. PLEASE contact me and let us know when we can audition. Thank you!!

  15. Madison

    My sister and I are a bada$$ duo who can not only play Celebrity Name Game without default, but also provide loads of fun, humor and entertainment. What more do you want from a game show? She is an burrito-rolling artist living in the mountains of Montana and I am a yoga-instructing journalist currently residing in Washington, DC. Plus, we’re smart AND pretty to boot!

  16. Shantiha Kennedy

    I would love to be on the show I love playing games I love guessing games I think that will be perfect to be on there with me and my mother who had so much fun to be a great experience and very fun i’ve never been able to travel or go places and I think for my first time ever being able to travel this will be awesome to do so please consider me I also believe this will be a great experience for me and a memory to have with my mother whether we win or not the experience is wat I look forward to even though it would be nice to win

  17. Faith Bertram

    My best friend and coworker, Mary, and I love your show. We have added it to our bucket list to be on. You could make that happen for us. I would hate to be unable to cross it off the list. We of course would love love Johnny Depp to be our celebrety partner in crime. I’m sure we would be willing to settle though.

  18. Megan Sweet

    My sister and I are popular culture experts who would totally win the show! Please pick us!!

  19. Beth Melton and Billy Gusta

    I love the show. I have been watching it since the beginning. I feel that my friend and I would do great on the show because we know a lot about shows, celebrities, etc. Oh and I do know who Craig Ferguson is as well as the executive producers David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Thank you for your time.

  20. Migdalia ocasio

    I would like to be on celebrity name game show. Because I am a movie fanatic. I live and breath movies. I’m tha person peolple come to so that I can explain plots and details of movies.i am a big fan of this show. Being on this show would be amazing.

  21. Nan

    Hi! Being on this show would allow me to help raise money for Memorial Children’s Hospital, in South Bend, Indiana. As the mother of a micro-preemie, I owe them a debt of gratitude that I will never be able to fully repay. Plus, I think it would a hoot to meet Craig. Thanks!

  22. Tony Floyd

    Hi I love this show because Courtney Cox is a woman of my list of celebrities I am wanting to meet someday I also wwatched her in every episode and season of friends which is my favorite tv show I have the perfect partner in crime who would love to join me on this wonderful show

  23. jeffrey Huff

    Being on the show with my very smart and Pop culture Nephew, would be quite entertaining as we are from different generations. I am 50 and he is 29, we are both password ( the game) fans and also like to play Jeopardy, and Family feud on the computer. I often find myself playing a home version of the game with my friends where I make cards and categories and also play the show host. its quite fun and I can never be in the games as my team always wins. ( also since I write the cards it wouldn’t be fair. Having an opportunity to pit my skills against the other contestants would be something I could add to my bucket list of great achievements. On another Note both me and my nephew are considered handsome and I feel we have tv friendly faces and exuberance.

  24. Kat Haines

    My daughter and I love your game show and Craig Ferguson is hilarious. We are very competitive and great a celebrity name game.
    We are full of energy and would love to have a chance to be on your show. Thank you for your consideration I look forward to Keating from you.

    Kat Haines
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  25. Toni McNair

    Please contact me. Me and my friend would LOVE to be contestants on your show.

  26. Ayesha Cathlin

    I’m interested in being a contestant, along with my friend Toni McNair. Please CONTACT us!

  27. Michelle Tablada

    My sister and I are theee absolute best at this game and we love love love it…

  28. Ronald wheeler

    I am a fun and energetic person to begin with.i was in army for eight years and I have a bachelor’s in criminal justice. I currently work at a casino in Louisiana as a black-jack dealer.I love game shows and I believe that my personality and the fact I’m very competitive and want to win .Please give me a chance to shine on ur new show and also I can use the money to help my mother who has helped me with everything in my life

  29. Misty and Adrian Sevallos

    My fiencie and I really big movies fan and love the show we play along
    Our self we just had a beautiful baby boy so of course the money is
    Needed also to I believe the audience we love the personality we will bring
    To the show we both love to have a great time everywhere we go and always
    Love to bring smiles and laugher to others so good luck with you decision I’m
    Sure it will be hard and thank you for your time

  30. Natalie

    I love this new show and watch it every day!!! I would love to audition for this show and believe I would be great at it! Not only am I cool and hip, but I am fun, energetic, AND I am THE pop-culture trivia queen!! I love movies, music, and tv! I think me and one of my girlfriends. I live in SE Michigan, and would LOVE a chance to be on this awesome game show!! My top 5 celebrities that I would like on my team would be Ellen Degeneres, Keith Urban, Pink, Jimmy Fallon, or Jennifer Anniston!! Please pick me!! I need the $29k really bad! Thanks!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :)

  31. Brad Bright

    My wife and I love the show watch it all the time, we try holding our hands to cover up the core and try guessing who it is. Craig is funny, the show is awesome. We have to record it because it comes on during the day when we work. E wound love try out for it sometime, we live in Orlando, Florida. Thank you!

  32. David Derglin

    My fiancée Paige & myself would be great because we love game shows & Craig Ferguson. We are very upbeat & fun, and are quite into competitive quizzes. We met in a karaoke bar in Charlotte, NC & have no issue being in front of crowds.
    We currently live in Palm Desert, CA so we’re not too far away from Hollywood & could be there pretty much any time :)

  33. Melanie Walsh

    Judging by the amount of people who are interested in this show I’m guessing it will be tough to get an audition. With that being said, my sister and I would be so good at this show and we live near Chicago, which would be a great place for a casting call. Everyday at work my co workers tell me I need to be on a game show because my vast knowledge of useless information. Good luck in your selection, hope you choose us!!!

  34. Lagi Tali

    I love this show. I never miss an episode, if I do, I make sure to record it on my DVR. I’ve been with my fiancee for almost 10 years and this would give us a chance to finally have our dream wedding. Plus we are polynesian, whens the last time you had a pacific islander on the show? :) please, please, please pick us.

  35. Michael Davis

    I been wanting to get on this show since last year. I have a partner who would love to be on there also. But I’m not go tell her unless I’m excepted. I love the type of questions you ask. I never been on TV and would love to do this before I turn 60.

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