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  1. Ashley

    My name is Ashley and I live in Saco, Maine. I met Damian when I was 17 years old (now 27 years old) in a yahoo chatroom. He lives in Effingham, Illinois. We’ve known each other for 10 years and I’ve never had the chance to meet him! We talk on the phone for hours but, this past year he went to prison for a while and I lost contact with him, thinking he didn’t care about me anymore. Now he’s out and we picked up where we left off but one thing’s off. He looks totally different now from the pictures he’s shown me. This guy has been there for me through crappy relationships and hard times and vice versa. He’ s everything I could ever want and it would mean so much to me if you could help. I want to see if this is real and if not, it’ll help me move on with my life. I’ve had a son and he’s had a couple kids too but we always seem to drift back to each other. He knows me better than I know myself. So please help me NEV!!!

  2. Lisa

    I wanted to further inform you that I have since found out that I have been scammed by the individual I wrote to you about. I discovered this by going under this person’s name and finding complaints filed against him. I am devastated and feel sooo embarrassed and hurt that I went as far as telling my daughter I was right and she was wrong about his true identity. I am pursuing a legal investigation myself to ensure this individual is prosecuted and money I had wired fully refunded!!!

  3. William Besaw

    Well, I met Megan on this site called meetme. I have never met her and we have been dating for almost 4 months now. But since I started working nights and she has gone back to school we don’t talk like we used to. She says that it’s getting hard, but I am hoping that through an opportunity with this show that maybe if we meet then it could save our relationship. I know it seems a bit out there, but please, she means everything to me. I love her more than anything and I can’t lose her.

  4. Laini

    This is a kinda strange long term on going friendship. I met Dave online over a decade ago..yes more than 10 yrs ago in a rockabilly chat site…(this is really going to show my age haha). It was the summer I was 14. That chat site shut down and we continued to talk about life, and music and cars on msn messenger. When i was about 16 he asked my permission to start dating this girl he met. You see I lived in florida at the time and he lives in canada…west canada. Theres no way I could say no and have him wait for me.. he was my best friend and all I wanted was for an amazing guy like him to be happy.Throughout the years we”ve talked on and off about life, careers, school, relationships, we’ve been through marriages and divorces, heart break and happiness. We’ve always wanted to meet but somewhere between finances and circumstance its never happened. We’ve chatted online, texted, talked on the phone and facetime. No matter what we’ve found ways to stay in touch and remain bestfriends. Honestly I havent had too much to doubt him about.. but if possible Id love to meet him … just to know if this past decade has been real or only make believe.

  5. Tiffany Harris

    Hi Nev, my name is Tiffany from NC… And I’m currently talking to one of the Arizona Cardinals…Darnell Dockett via Instagram… But i must say after watching ur show…I’m very suspicious of my conversations online…. Plus Darnell seems to only contact me around the same time each day… And he keeps the convo short and blunt…. On top of that…when I finally asked him if his account was fake and to give me a call so I could recognize his voice….he immediately stopped writing back or checking any of my messages …idk.. .if i offended him, or he lost interest or I called him out on a lie…what ever it was…. I must know if it was really him or not? So Nev this is a job especially for u and Max! Plz help!*

  6. Travis D.

    This guy started pursuing me on a gay jocks dating and socializing site nearly 4 years ago. I was with someone at the time so I politely declined, although I was attracted to him. He was dating a girl at the time and had been for a couple years. He’s continued to pursue me on and off since then. About 2 years ago, we were both single and I decided to give it a go with him. We have become very close and at the moment express to one another that we are in love with each other and want to spend the rest of our lives with one another. We text everyday and talk for an hour or 2 at a time at least 3-4 times a week. I have pushed off dates and other possible relationships in order to be loyal to him for nearly 2 years now. He has asked me to cam a couple of times, but usually when I’ve been at work or school. When I became available, then he’d say he wasn’t able to cam any longer. I have seen numerous pictures of him and ran a name check online to verify the pictures and the name match up, and they do. I have had my suspicions of him being who he says he is for some time, but had chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him. He would never let me know his address and about a year ago, when he and I decided I’d come visit him (I’m in Wisconsin, he’s in Colorado) I spent around $500 on a plane ticket and car rental and about 3 days before I was to go, he told me he had too much going on and I couldn’t come out. Recently, I used the internet to find his address through voter registration and I ordered him some lunch and had it delivered there. A girl calls me and asks me who I am. I told her and told her who the pizza was for and asked how she knew him. She said she’s been dating him for 3 and half years and they are engaged and getting ready to buy a home together. At first she and I thought this guy was leading a double life, but it turns out that whoever I’ve been talking to for the last couple of years is not who they say they are at all and they have been using this girl’s fiancees’s facebook pictures to lure me in. I have no idea who the guy is that’s been pursuing me for the last 3-4 years now and that I have shared intimate details of my life about and that I had fallen in love with. I asked this girl to send me a picture with her and her boyfriend in it holding a paper saying my name on it and the date and she did so immediately. So I know for sure that the guy I fell for in the pictures, isn’t the guy I’ve been talking and texting with for years. I don’t really know how to confornt this situation so as I can find out who’s been doing this to me and why without him just disappearing off the face of the earth and leaving me with no answers.

  7. Teagan Hjort

    Hi, my name is Teagan from Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. I’m aware this is quite out of the way for the show but it is worth the time. A situation has recently come to light within my family that my cousin (about to turn 18) has been lying about a number of friends/boyfriends for the last five years. While all of these people have/had facebook profiles, the 15 or so of them were only friends with/communicated with each other. As myself and some other family friends’ discovered, these profiles used pictures from all over the internet, including a missing person’s photo and photos of famous skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and his brother as children.
    However, this story cuts deeper than another facebook scam. Over the course of these last five years within this scam circle, there has been 2 deaths due to brain tumors, another death from a car accident and 4 suicides. She used one of these fake personas to break up her best friend’s real life relationship and claims to be self-harming over her devastation at the death of these people. All of these events coincided with my cousin failing to be the centre of attention at any given time. These people she has created have long been a part of everyday conversation and many people have become very emotionally invested in their lives. I am devastated to now realise that this has been a ploy for attention and I have serious concerns for the toll it must be taking on her to keep it up for this long. As experts in this area, you may be the only ones to be able to help us sort this out before it can get worse. For the full story, email me at: <hidden from public>
    Thankyou and I look forward to hearing from you, Teagan.

  8. Jessica

    I met this guy on instagram because he liked my feet. Lol we first started chatting on kik and then Skype. We’ve been talking every day for a little over a month. I know it’s not long, but he says he’s fallen in love with me. He has paid a few of my bills without me asking and he never asks for money, but I still feel weird about it. My sister is concerned and she told me about your show. I live in Michigan and he lives in Florida. He entered cadet school to become a pilot for the air force. I’d like to know if it’s worth feeling the way I do. I’ve been hurt by two guys before and I couldn’t take another one. I’d appreciate any kind of help if any.

  9. Jacob miller

    My name is Jacob miller I live in Pittsburgh PA and I have been dating this girl for almost 9 months and have only seen her once she lives in monongahela pa and me and her love each other but we’re not aloud to see each other because her parents don’t like me and I’ve tried everything to get on there good side but nothing seems to work if I saw her it would be a dream come true she’s my everything I need someone to show me if this is true love or if it’s not worth trying for. Jacob

  10. Chrystal fleming

    My name is Chrystal fleming i live in rome georgia, an the girl I have been dating long distance over the phone and Facebook for 8 hears lives in Detroit MI. I have never seen this woman I day in my life but yet she has my heart and she will forever I can see me spending the rest of my life with this woman . We text and have phone conversations daily all day everyday but everytime the conversation of video chat comes up it never happen . I’ll call she never answers . A few time she has answerd but either it’s been dark or she had had the camera point the opposite way . Nev I really need you and your teams help to find out once and for all is this relationship another intertwined catfish or true love . Thankin you in advance . Chrystal

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