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  1. Lakota McDermitt-Bailey

    Dear, Max and Nev

    My recent boyfriend and I have had a quick and strange relationship that pushes things to the “crazy” side of the relationship gauge. We met on Instagram with some casual talk about just stuff. Soon we started flirting a bit. After a while I asked him to be mine, and we were “official boyfriends”. We were planning to meet on July 10th in Ohio, where he lived. However something came up and we had to change plans so he was going to come down here, the South-West. A death in the family made him travel to The Czech Republic though… His friends tell me and he has told me that he has been living with Stage 3 Colon Cancer for 5 years, but was not ready to tell me earlier, understandable, but he WILL NOT be coming back to the United States. I believe everything he says, and I want to be there to take care of him but many of my friends and family doubt his story. Please E-Mail me for more information, we have a limited time though because the doctors have givin him less than 6 months to live, and I have Hip-Hop Internationals in Vegas from about the 3rd of August to the 11th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me actually meet him and trump my family/friends doubts! I want him to pull through, but I go crazy everyday knowing he is in pain and I can’t do anything to help him.

    Lakota McDermitt-Bailey

  2. Kayla McGee

    Hi, my names kayla and I’m from Oklahoma, I’ve recently had someone made a fake Facebook of me. My story is a little different, but I think you guys are my only hope. The person who made the fake Facebook of me refused to tell me who he or she was. That fake account was taken down. The same person made a fake Instagram of me. She or he continued with their drama. A girl named shante lachele is the one who told me of the fake Facebook in the first place. I believe she has something to do with it. I can’t prove any of it though, she also gave me the password the fake Instagram? Shante then tells me who made the fake account, the two girls accused have no idea who shante even is. I’ve blocked shante and since then I had to change my number because somehow she got my number and put it on the social media. Please help me. Kayla.

  3. Tyler

    2 years ago I was talking to this girl on a website chat room thingy and we use to talk of Kik and txt and stuff but she would never video chat but she would talk on the phone. She sent me pics and idk if it’s really her. We’ll we stopped talking for like 2 years then one day She randomly popped up on this message thingy so I texted her off this app to see if it was really her. She acts weirder then what she did when we first started talking. I would really like to find out if it’s really the person I was talking to before or if it’s just someone fucking around with me. Thank you

  4. jacqueline pierce

    I know all your people are young am an older woman and really need the help its tearing the familt apart I love this man and the think hes scamming me they say he not who he says he is he is in Africa we talk on the phone and yahoo he does have an accent but says he Russian he does wanrt me to send him money my familt went in to my yahoo and read all we talked about he says he want to come home from his job so we can get married but wants me to send the money for him to come home I have givin him a lot of money he tells me so he can eat and get phone cards to call me but when he does its from a few diff numbers he told me he got me a ring and showed me on yahoo things don’t seem to add up some times but I still trust him my family don’t I really need to find out please please I really need the help like I said I know the people aer young you pick and I am not young but really need to know if hes real your not PLEASE HELP ME thank you

  5. Nicole

    I really need help trying to figure out who is trying to tear my family apart. In March I received a letter in the mail from someone named Kristy Simpson. Attached was a Facebook message print out between this girl and my fiancé (he’s the father of my daughter). The conversation on fb was between my fiancé and her. Basically saying he’s been cheating on me with her for about a year. And she wants him to chose me or her. This was a huge shock to me because I never had any feeling I was being cheated on. We have contacted the police and they can’t do anything. I feel harassed because this person knows where I live and will not confront me and her profile looks very fake. We did investigate into it as much as we can but are stuck. I believe my fiancé did not cheat or have this conversation on Facebook because we looked into it. The profile picture that was up during this conversation was not his picture when this conversation supposedly happened. It was a doctored conversation that was sent to my home. This letter caused unbelievable chaos in our household. Especially exposing the anger and arguing in front of my 2 year old daughter. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t care as much as I do because someone is trying to break up a family and it’s not right. It gets weirder that a girl Jessica Smith aka April Collins tried to friend me on the same day the letter was sent. This only struck weird to me bc the only mutual friends were my fiancé and father. So it was bizarre to me. I asked my fiancé who she was and he said 5-6 years ago she messaged him on fb and they talked for around a year. They had an online relationship but he never met her. I really want to know who this person is that’s stirring up turmoil in my home. Is it an ex of his? A random crazy person? It’s become an issue in so many ways in our life I really just need a resolution. These fake profiles, a letter to my home, makes me incredibly uncomfortable especially with a young child. She could be an obsessed crazy person, he is/was cheating on me or just someone who gets joy out of messing with people. Either way I need help to find out who it is because I just want peace in my life again. Please help me resolve this. I’m begging!!

  6. kennedy campbell

    Hey my name is kennedy but everybody calls me kenn i been in a online relationship mentally physical and emontially for a 1year and a half his name is derrick but get this we stay in the same ciry just different parts we are both from nemphis tn i stay in frayser and he stays in sourh menphis everytime i ask to see him its an excuse i only have his facebook nane i never seen a real picture of him never video chatted or nothing ive only talked on the phone with him a few times he ilder then i am hes 43 am 19 but i love him deatly what can i do to finnally meet my prince or is he a cat fish please help me am in need !

  7. Laurel

    I met a guy when I was in 6th grade. I am now a Junior in high school and I live in Texas and he lives in Georgia. He never video chats with me or snapchats me..

  8. Shyla Campbell

    3 years ago I met a guy on a dating website. He lived in Tennessee and I live in an extremely small town Idaho. It was an instant connection! Talking everyday via texting, email, or phone calls. We were on a romantic level for a minute but we both proceeded to have our own lives dating other people but still talking everyday. We had several plans to visit each other but it always fell through :(. I fell in love with his charm instantly but not only that, he very quickly became my BEST FRIEND. I told him everything and he did the same. A month and a half after I started dating my current boyfriend I got pregnant and he didn’t really seem to be ok with that. After that we slowly stopped talking. I’m asking for your help because I think of him everyday but he is nowhere to be found. His facebook was deleted, his number disconnected, no Twitter, nothing. Please help me find and finally meet my best friend. I’m begging you!

  9. Tiana Taylor

    I’m not sure if you will help me but I hope so. I watch every show every season and I’ve never seen and international episode…..especially one like this.

    I think I am being catfishes by……my biological father.

    My mom and dad separated and my mom went on a trip to Italy and met this guy……hooked up with him and ended getting back together with my dad. I did not find out that the dad raising me was not my biological father until I was 16!!!! I found out in a sucky way and demanded to know who my real dad was.

    My mom had little contact info and I contacted him once but it was very strange. He said he owned a yacht and private jet company in ITALY and he could not meet me. He found out I was getting married and offered to pay for 1/2 of the wedding.

    I was very excited even if I couldn’t meet him that he would help me so much. He even told me I had a 1/2 brother !

    A few days before the wedding he went MIA. Leaving my now divorced mom with the entire bills from all the vendors.

    I have only heard from him once since via email saying he had cancer.

    Is he my real dad? What happened with my wedding? Why won’t he meet me? Is he real????

    Please Max and Nev HELP!

    Hoping for answers,

    Tiana Taylor<hidden from public> 

  10. Paul D. Feltovich

    My name is Paul Feltovich, and I’ve been communicating via Twitter and e-mail to Asian Super Model Akira Lane. We have a lot in common, and yet we’ve never had the opportunity to meet one another. She’s very nice, intelligent, and is a great cook to boot!

    I live in Houston, TX and Akira lives in Laguna Hills, CA. We both can be found via Twitter and FB (our real names), as well as YouTube (I have several piano videos).

    I’d really like to spend some time with her, and see what she’s really like in “real life.” Maybe she’s “the one” for me and vice versa.

  11. Shekia S

    I have been talking to a guy I met on the internet 4 years ago and have yet to have the opportunity to meet him. Every time we planned on meeting he always had an excuse and we could not meet. I even drove to see him and he refused to see me. I tried to break it off and just move on and accept the fact that he did not want to meet, but I have been unsuccessful in making that happen. Last year I found out that he had a child and we stopped talking for a while only to start back talking on and off. We have continued talking and our relationship seems to be getting better but before we we move forward I do need to see him. We have talked on the phone, texted, and sent emails for 4 YEARS. I can not stand to go any further until I see him FACE to FACE.

  12. melinda

    A couple months back I went to a car meet in Austin Texas and I saw this guy so I decided to look through all the car meet pics to see if I could find him. I happened to find him and from that moment on we talked every single day! I came to find out that he is from San Diego Cali and his crew decided to drive out to Texas for the meet. to me the distance didn’t matter, his words captivated my heart and I felt like he was by my side even though he was in a completely different state. Im not going to lie, I fell hard for him I never thought I could feel this way again. He always told me how much he loved me and how he wished he could see me. Now he says the distance is too much for him to handle, he wants to break up! I’m considering leaving my life here in Dallas Texas to start a new one in Cali to fight for him. I still love him immensely and I don’t want to lose him, I need to see him in person and see if I can get him to change his mind before I make a huge decision! Please help me, I love him.

  13. Michelle Vickers

    I met a guy while playing Scrabble online. We started talking the very same day i downloaded the game(he downloaded the game the same day). We hit it off and exchanged phone numbers that night. We talked everyday all day. We ended up falling in love (so i thought) he asked me to be his girlfriend in March and i couldnt have been any happier. I bought a ticket to go visit him back in February. I called him in the beginning of April (like i did everyday) and he told me to not come to see him that i should stay in Massachusetts (he lives in Texas ). We made future plans together and i really love this man still. I just want to know what happened i have been trying to contact him since April. Please help!!! You guys are my last hope at meeting the man of my dreams

  14. Kiaya

    Hey guys. The reason why I should be considered is because at this point I am very confused. I have been talking to this girl named Asiia for about a few months now but turns out , it isn’t really the actual Asiia. I have contacted the real Asiia already and we came to the conclusion that I had been catfished and we decided to reach out to the best people to solve this problem , Nev and Max. We haven’t skyped, ooVoo, or any of that stuff but she says she’s ready to see me and this and that. We met through the social messenger app Kik and have been kikn every since then. She sends me pictures of the real Asiia and when I asked her if it was her she said no I have been confronted about this on various occasions I apologize for your inconvenience but that isn’t me. I just need closure to who this person is.

  15. kelsey

    The reason why. I wanna be on catfish is I been talking to this boy name Christian on Facebook when every time I ask to get on Skype he up stuff saying he don’t have airtime I think he is fake.

  16. Tiana L

    Hey guys ! I think I should be considered because I’ve grown to fall in love with a HOT NEW RAPPER from NY … He use to live down the block from me and we know the same people but yet in the 2 years that we’ve been talking I’ve never met nor facetimed , Skype . NOTHING !! We only speak when he calls .. I wanna know if he’s real or are people just trying to find out personal things about me and destroy my reputation .. IM TIRED OF BEING LOST

  17. Ann

    I am not usually one to do these kind of things, but I am seriously desperate. In the year 2010 I set up an account on a site called Teenspot. I met and fell deeply in love with a boy who claimed to be someone he wasn’t. At the time I believed him, not because love makes you blind, but because love gives you an option to ignore your gut feelings. As our relationship progressed the more serious things got. A very good friend I met on that site found out that “Dunken” wasn’t who he said he was. When confronted he admitted to showing me fake pictures and supposedly sent me real ones – it went on and on and on. This literally happened, at least, 4 or 5 times. Always fake pictures, sometimes it was his age that changed, where he lived – and this time it was not only fake pictures, but his name. Every time I tell him he needs to videochat with me he claims he doesn’t have the capability to do that or he tells me i just have to trust him. I am still so in love with a guy I don’t even know for sure is a guy or if his name is really Kyler. I just want to stop wondering. Almost 4 years and I still don’t know who he really is. Can you please help me?

  18. Meredith

    Oh boy, here we go. I’m 28. Single mom to two beautiful and smart little girls. I live in a WELL KNOWN small town where basically everyone knows your business. I was contacted on Facebook 3 years ago by a handsome guy asking if I was a single mother.. and he shared with me that he is a single father. We hit it off right away, and started talking on the phone and texting each other A LOT. We shared everything with each other (including HUNDREDS of pictures – I sent some good ones – of ourselves and our daughters) and I was completely honest and open with him about every aspect of my life – Id like to believe he was with me too. I felt like I really got to know him as a person. However, several red flags have come to my attention. We’ve shared I love you’s, slept on the phone together at night and made plans for the future… and I believe that his feeling are real, but I am not sure he is who he says he is. Now, I have done A LOT of research on my own – so have my parents, my brother and my friends – and have made several findings. Something is up; a few pictures he sent me can be found online and are different people. I have searched phone numbers that he has used and came up with some interesting findings. There are several other lies I have proved to be just that, but I believe it was based on insecurity, not maliciousness. I had a huge blowout with my parents over this and how i’m wasting my time. I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN all of this before I created a connection with this person, because now that I have, I can’t simply forget it. I have gone months without speaking – and almost not thinking about – him. I have been in other relationships (and almost got married) and he says he has too… only to come right back to each other and pick up right where we left off. I have tried to Facetime him, and a few times i thought it might actually happen. It hasn’t. He is actually supposed to be visiting me RIGHT NOW… but again, he flaked. I have been looking for love for so long and I was hoping this was going to be a crazy love story. At this point, I don’t believe its possible. But. I have to know who he is or I will wonder, my entire life. My family is well off and all but there is NO way they would give me a blessing to go on a “wild goose chase” to find this person ( i have a VERY good idea of where he is). My family has told me several times to “get over it” and that I am a fool. Trust me, i have tired. And then I tried again. We have a connection that is undeniable and unforgettable. I NEED YOUR HELP NEV. I don’t care who he is…. I just have to know so I don’t have to push him away. Whoever he is I want him to be in my life, even if its not romantically. Please, even if you don’t use it for the TV show… please help me. I’m desperate.

    Thanks for your consideration <3

  19. Mindy

    Hi. I’m Mindy. I’m reaching out to you in the hopes you may be able to help me meet my soul mate. I met the most wonderful man online 18 months ago. He and I hit it off right away,and fast became friends,over time our feelings for each other deepened, he and I fell in-love. We keep in touch every day via phone,lengthy facebook and skype conversations. I truly believe in my heart that this man and I are meant to be together. So when he asked me to marry him I said ‘yes’ the problem is he lives in Tunisia and I in the U.S. I had planned to visit him awhile back but was unable to go last minute. Both he and I were devastated by our plans falling through. Now we have become more determined to meet and marry then before. It may seem crazy that I accepted a marriage offer from a man i’d never met in person..and I would of agreed as well before I met Hamza. I feel that strongly for him. I love this man more then I can expression in words. We’re both miserable without each other, being apart is painful. We have such wonderful plans and ideas for our future..though without the other our futures hold only loneliness,but we don’t lose faith or determination our motto is ” Challenge The world,I love you more” Closing the distance between us is our challenge,one we have yet to solve. with your help we may finally be able to do so…are you able to take hamza and I from the virtual world,to face to face..I hope to hear back from you soon.

    Best Wishes ~ Mindy ~

  20. Emily Verbeek

    Hi my name is Emily and I am 24. I am from a very small town in Ohio. I do not think I am personally getting catfished, but there is an outbreak of what seen to be fake profiles taking over Facebook that all seem to start in my town. This person is creating profile after profile getting people to fall in love with this make believe people and it has got to come to an end. This person has even went to the extreme of using pictures of other people’s sick children to play victim and have people sympathize for her and fall in love with this fake account. I speak for about a dozen people in my town when I say that we just want the truth.

  21. Amanda W.

    Please Help!!! I don’t know what to think anymore!!!

    I know season 3 just started on TV and I have watched both previous seasons and like the show because I relate so much just like everybody else you guys have met and helped.

    My name is Amanda, I’m 24 years old and I am from Minot, North Dakota. I have been in and out of a relationship with a man named Adam Loran from Bloomingdale, New Jersey for about 8 years now. We talk non-stop as much as we can either through phone calls or yahoo messenger. We both have expressed deep, strong feelings towards each others including saying “I love you” to each other. We have tried to meet over the years at least once every year by him coming here to Minot but it has never worked out. The plans, our plans have always fallen through at the last moment and at least one of us was left very disappointed. I’ve tried to forget about him and move on but I don’t get to far before going back to him and it seems like I cannot connect with any body else the way I’ve connected with him.

    I applied for the casting call of season 2 last year but then when someone got back to me I wasn’t able to get a hold Adam…..he sort of vanished for a little over a year and he just got back in touch with me and I still want to meet him very much because I think he could be “The One”. I believe this needs to happen right now, this year because who knows how long this will take to happen and I don’t want to spend the majority of my life stuck like this, wondering if these feelings I’ve had all this time are true and have always been true. I would be very grateful if you guys could help me out. Thank you for you’re time.


  22. Tiffany Mac

    I would love the opportunity, I can submit all my information email per request. Thank you

  23. bonnie

    Hi…i luv this show by the way….watch it all the time as a matter of i really should know beter..there is this guy i have talking to for a xcouple months whrn i no longer felt like talking to him ..i noticed he drinks a lot he would call and start calling me named if i didn’t wana talk..or if i didn’t answer hr would leave me awful messages and text messages.well finallt i told him. i was done and ofcourse he didn’t like that to much and really started in on me sent pictures out of me saying I’m single ..then u started getting texts from random people called my children bad names…i seriiusly just stepped away from the whole thing.and know he texts mea

  24. Tyler West

    SAG-AFTRA actor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Study: Beverly Hills Playhouse
    Film- Kicking and Screaming Featured
    Film- Bad News bears Featured
    Commercial-Nissan Main Actor
    Commercial-Scott Paper Towel Main Actor
    Commercial-Downey Main Actor
    Print- Six Pix Game Mattell
    Print-Macy’s Catalog
    Print-Target Catalog

  25. Erastus Karani

    am 19 years old from Kenya.all the way from Africa,i wanna be part of the cast.have gotmy story too.

  26. lexi

    My name is Lexi I’m from Michigan. Mine isn’t a relationship… someone made a fake account of me and the police an my school said their is nothing they can do. I have a lot of info already about the other person, but their ruining my life an I need help! Please help!!!!!

  27. candace

    hi my name is candace i live in wilmington delaware i am 18 years old i met this guy name amir on facebook and i like hime alot but i just dont understand him all we do is tex i new him for a mouth now he dont call me i called him and it went right to voice mail and he tex me and said did i call him i told him to call me he said his phon was off he just make excuses he sent me a picture and it did not look nuffen like him on facebook i told him that and he said it was his cousen i told him to send me a real one he sent me one off of facebook i need help i want to ment him because i really like him my name is candy checkonit walker on facebook his name is allthegirlslove amir on facebook please help me find this boy

  28. K g

    Just wondering if Max is single. Seems like he has a great personality and would love to talk to him.

  29. Sharrica

    I am 20years old and my girlfriend is 18years old turning 19 in March. I met her online in 2012 two days after I graduated high school. I lived in Florida and she lived I Michigan. We dated online for 5months and then I moved to be with her. We would love to meet you guys and tell you more about our story if you’re interested please contact me through my email. Thank you

  30. nakishajamison

    i really wanna be on y’all show cause i never watch catfish on mtv but i’m willing to learn & follow though cause its maybe a lot of work but i’m willing to step up & learn so i’m 34 years old & i’m 5-5 & i weight 120 pounds light skin tone body i hope y’all make me auditions for this show cause i wanna follow my dreams & i never act before so i hope i take a chance at this tho so i’m from chicago

  31. alexus Wilson

    Hey nev and max my name is alexus and my older brother homer has been talkn to this girl named Amanda he met her off tagged she is amazingly beautiful but she has been giving my brother the run around we are starting to think she is not who she says she is. she claims to live in Atlanta ga now as do we bt in the stone mountainous area my brother has asked on numerous times to meet and she always makes up excuses my brother is falling in love and he doesn’t deserve to be hurt so nev and max please help him !!!!!!

  32. Harvey Reed Jr.

    How you guys doing.
    My name is Harvey Reed I’m 29 yrs old and I live in Killeen, Texas and I have been wanting your help for a while. Let me tell you my problem. I’ve been dating this girl I met online on the website tagged it’s been a little over a year. Her name is Jennifer Cooper she lives in LA, Califonia she is originally for Manila, Philippines. I know alot about her she gave me her address in Los Angeles and when I looked it up it was real but when I try to call her she doesn’t ever answer, she says she sold her phone to help her mom who had a heartattack I could believe that. How could you sell your phone and we text all the time. I don’t know where she works or what college she goes to she just says she is working for a degree in Culinary Art. I love her and she loves me to but who ask for money and we haven’t met in person yet. She wants me to send money to her father back home to help her mom I didn’t send the money so she stop talking to me. Now we are talking again and she asking for more money. She ask me do I trust her. I do but not to send money and I haven’t talk to you or seen you in person. She says she really wants to meet me and I wanna meet her but she never wants to set a date to meet. I’m tired of waiting I wanna know is the person I’m talking to real or not so can you please help me find her.

  33. Lacie Riggs

    Max & Nev,
    Please help me find out who I am really in love with. I met this guy on an online chatting sit, and who knows he may even be real. I have my doubts and that’s why I am reaching out to you guys. I suffer from depression and not knowing the truth makes me ache on the inside. When I started to talk to Jay we got close. I told him my darkest secrets and memories. Right now he is my only real friend. Yet all of that might change if we don’t meet soon. I am moving again. Back to South Carolina from Missouri. He said that he lives in Ohio. I’ve talked to him on the phone twice. I have genuine feelings for this guy, yet I barely know him. It’s a strange world after all. I just want my dreams to come true and find out that I am really loved by somebody. I am so anxious and nervous. PLEASE help me.
    ~Lacie Riggs (15)

  34. Angel

    Nev & Max,
    Hi My name is Angel i am 22yrs of age a young bright female with a lot of dream’s and hope!
    to find true love i been trying to get a hold of you guys after i saw your movie. I been trying to get on season 1 & 2 now i am hoping season 3 will be my dream come true! i need you guys to help me find faith in my self and show me what i been working for for the past 3yrs is really real let me explain. I been in an online/phone relationship for the past 3yrs with a guy name Dillion that is a fb famous he is really big online with so many girls on him we been talking off in on for 3yrs now! what i mean off in on meaning yes we have had are fights of me being jealous of all the girls on him and us not being able to be with each other i think has a thing with it. so we quit talking for a month or so but for some odd reason we always come right back to each other saying we miss each other and we love each other and how we can’t live with out each other. He choose me out of (11,000 Girls) that want’s him now wait here is the prob he lives in Panama City and i love in Myrtle beach . we are far a part with not the money or the car to meet each other at the moment and well there is times when i went to tampa where i could meet him but he always told me he was with family or could not meet up for some reason! i tryed to webcam with him but he told me he did not have one so we always kik or tweeted each other or talk on the phone or facebook i did not want to keep bringing up the hole webcam thing cause i don’t want to loose him and with so many girls on him for some reason i really think he is real and being real with me all the way i fell in love with this boy and i want to make a life with this boy so i beg i am getting on one knee and being you to make my dream my faith in me to believe i really found true love i found someone that loves me for me that want’s to be a part of my life and not use me i feel like he is the one wait wait i know he is the one SO PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YOU!!! MAKE MY DREAM TURN INTO REALITY

  35. destiny

    Hi nev and max,
    My name is Destiny, and I believe my friend is being catfished. She says she met him on tagged 2 years ago until he deleted it because a girl started stalking him, but he didn’t want to lose her so they’ve been talking and texting ever since. She says she’s asked him a few times if he was real or not and his reply has been “If I was fake, would I be talking to you?”
    But my real concern is because of more recent events. She was supposed to visit him for her vacation and she invited me along. I told her I didn’t have enough money to go, but she said he told her he would pay for MY ticket as well as hers. But when the day came he did not answer his phone or reply to texts. And the crazy thing is, this isn’t the first time he’s done this.
    So im asking for your help PLEASE! I don’t want to see my friend get hurt anymore.

  36. Roven Matilla

    I JUST WANT TO MEET HER! Hi! More than a year ago I met this girl on Twitter. Kaitlyn. At the time she was a teen mom. At some point we dated for awhile. We broke up. I found out she was pregnant. She even let me name one of her twins. Months ago, she got in a coma, & we never kept in touch again. She would never text me back. I’m not even sure the number that I have is the current number of Kaitlyn. She is now married. The last time we texted, she lived in Texas. I just want to meet her. I want to be good friends with her.

  37. Ajah

    Hi there!,

    My name is Ajah Reese and I have been in an online/phone relationship for the past couple of months. I guess I should start with a little about myself. I am a 19 year old college student from Atlanta. I currently attend Georgia Southwestern State University for Biology. Others call me a cool person, I call myself awesome though! Anyway, I met this amazing man on His name is Dayvid Thomas. Now, the thing is, he is kind of a famous (sort of) R&B singer. He has done a few videos and made a few songs that I adore by the way! We have been talking for a few months and everything about him just appeals to me. Almost like he is my own personal brand of man! From his hair to his toes just calls to me and he had me at hello. However, I am kind of weary because I have never actually SEEN him. I see pictures yes, but I’ve never met him. He wants me to trust him, and I do! However, I’ve had my heart broken twice and I just cannot do it again. So Niv, I am coming to you for help! I need to know if he is really who he says he is so that I can give him my heart without any doubts! Please help me.

    Thanks a bunches!,
    Ajah Reese

  38. Elizabeth (Bre) Lunsford

    My name is Bre, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Texas. I met Mack who lives in California playing online poker about ten months ago. We were just friends at first, but it eventually became more. When we first started talking i was very depressed because i was struggling as a single mom. I have two small children aged 3 and 5. It is very hard for me because my ex was abusive and he refuses to pay child support. I am currently staying with my aunt. Mack has been a big help in giving mebthe emotional support that I need as I have no family or friends I am close to. I have also been able to give Mack emotional support in return. His dad pasted away last year on his birthday. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. We have talked about these and a great many other things. We can talk about everything and anything. I have never connected with any one like him. Unfortunately he is not very internet savvy so we have never video chatted. Int fact he doesn’t even have a Facebook page. Please Catfish help me to meet Mack. I am ready to meet my boyfriend for the very first time. He is a very big part of my life and I am ready to take our relationship to the next level. Even if I don’t get on the show please help me to find out out if he is real or not. I need him in my life right now and it sucks to be so dependent on someone who could possibly be lying to me. One of my biggest concerns is that we only ever talk on the phone at night. He claims he is busy during the day. I am terrified he’s going to turn out to be married or in a relationship. I’m scared that I’m gonna get my heart broken again. I don’t know what I would do if Mack wasn’t in my life. Please help me find out if he really is who he says he is. Thanks. You can contact me by email: <hidden from public>.

  39. alysia collins

    I would like your help in my Catfish problem. Well I have been single for the last year and a half ( mostly by choice). See I started using this online dating website POF. I met this guy on there that i was very interested in. We messaged each other back and forth on POF for about 2 months before we exchange numbers. Once we he had my number he called minutes later. I answered and we spoke for about 3 to 5 mins before he said he was sleepy. I didn’t think much about it .Here is the thing we both attend the same school. He also works there too. hE KEEPS MAKING PLANS TO MEET UP BUT WE NEVER DO. Can you guys help me?

  40. Elizabeth

    Name: Emma
    Age: 1 year
    Height: 2 1/2 ft
    Weight: 18 lbs
    Hair: Brown/Wavy
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    We are in Arizona.
    My daughter is absolutely beautiful and has quite the personality. I have no doubt that she will be great at this. Please consider. Thank you.

  41. Sandi Evans

    Hi, I’m Sandi,

    I’ll start off with a little bit about myself first. I’m from Asbury Park, NJ but I’m currently residing in weston, PA. I work over nights at wal-mart stocking shelves. I’ve been an assistant manager at domino’s pizza for the past two years, I recently quit. I was also a tattooing apprentice, so I’m pretty well set up for a twenty one year old. I come from a pretty big and spread out family.
    I’ve been ‘dating’ this guy named Eric Raffy for almost four years now. We’ve never met and I’ve never actually seen him other then pictures. I ‘met’ him on myspace way back when it was still pretty active. We’ve been on and off because of the mere fact I know he’s a fake. He claims to live in Pittsburgh, PA which I know is a total lie also. I never know when he’s lying or when he’s telling the truth. He claims to live with his best friend and his best friends girlfriend. One night though when we were on the phone I heard his mom bust in his room to yell at him, at that moment I KNEW he was lying about something or everything. Maybe he is who he says he is, but maybe he’s lying about everything else. He claims to have a five year old named Kaylin, in which I’ve never once saw a picture of the little guy or even heard him in the background. I’ve tried to do background checks or at least try to find the ‘real’ guy in the pictures I’ve been sent but nothing has ever come up. Eric doesn’t have one single social networking site anymore, I’ve checked. I’ve also searched like crazy for the guy in the pictures I’ve been sent. His name is real but I’m curious as to if the pictures he’s sent me are in fact him. I haven’t come up with anything, I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or he actually really is who he says he is. We’ve spoken about marriage and a kid of our own for the past year. I take things as they come with him because like I said, I don’t fully believe him. We’re pretty invested in each other, sadly even though I have my doubts I’ve fully fallen in love with his personality. He’s honestly the best thing to ever ‘walk’ into my life. I’d really like to be apart of this show and finally find out the truth about him. I’d really like to believe he hasn’t been lying all these past years, but it’s hard to believe. If I could be apart of this that would be most excellent. Keep me in mind, please.

    Thank you,
    Sandi Evans

  42. Vivian

    Hey my name is Vivian please just HELP ME!!! I’ve dedicated most of my time to this guy that I don’t even know is legit the way we met is very sketch to me now that I look at it. He is amazing to me and I just want to know if he is real. I live in South Carolina and he lives in Houston Texas. I just need help please I’m being called crazy and stupid I just want the truth and to prove people wrong that a fairy tail can come true I just need your help please. I’m scared that I’m going to be hurt so badly in the end cause of all of this I need to know. I’ve tried to do my own detective work but I’m not getting anywhere. Please help me.

  43. Shelby

    My name is Shelby, I am a 21 year old living in DE. Me and Damik met on the summer before I went into 8th grade, so almost ten years ago. He told me he was only two months younger then me and moved from Florida then Georgia and now says he serves in the marines out in California. We were in a “serious” relationship when we first met that was full of lies. After time we realized how much we truly related and came clean about almost everything, it just seemed magical. We have talked about meeting so many times but he has always had an excuse. We have never video chatted either. He would text me pics and I would do the same. I truly at this point in my life can not even imagine being with another man. I have a daughter now that he knows about, he found out through my facebook. We still talk after all this time, I just need to know if the man I have always dreamed of is truly the man of my dreams. Please give us a shot. I feel like he is my only chance at a happy ending, I always go back to him <3
    Thanks for your time! If you would like anymore info PLEASE let me know

  44. Zide

    Me and this girl have been talking for 6 months. She lives in San Antinio and I live in Houston. We are now in a serious relationship although we both work in busy fields. She works as a nurse and I work in the automotive industry. Every time I try to drive out there she gives me a run around. She was supposed to visit me In Houston a couple times but she either makes up a small emergency or has an excuse every time. I try to FaceTime her all the time but she says “omg I look a mess, I don’t want you to see me like this”. We have discussions of marriage one day and children but I’m starting to feel stupid because I’ve never seen her in person. There are more details to my situation. Contact me through email

  45. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily, im 20 years old and I have been talking to an Italian boy who’s 18. He found me on Facebook one day and we have been talking everyday since…that was about 6 months ago. He lives in Italy and has the cutest accent and the sweetest compliments. I really really want to go to Italy to finally meet him! I feel like we have so much in common, even though we live so far away. He speaks fairly good English so the language barrier is not that huge, but I think the culture difference between us is. I need to go to Italy to meet him and experience his life there with his family and his dog and the beautiful, romantic area. I think we’re meant to be together, money is just a major issue..but I can’t wait any longer!


    MY EMAIL IS <hidden from public>

  47. Dora

    I have a friend named Myranda, she met a man named Michael online about three years ago , he lives in Ireland Myranda is very much in love with Michael, even though she has never actually seen him! He is a part of her everyday life as if he were here. Her friends and family have reservations about him and are concerned that he is not as committed as she is. For the year and a half that I have know her she has been trying to save the money to go there. Several times Michael has said he would try to come here but something has always come up .We would like to find out if he is who he says he is and if he is as committed as he tells her he is!!! Before she continues to invest time, energy, and emotion to this relationship!! PLEASE HELP MY FRIEND!!!!!

  48. Donetta

    Hello my name is Donetta and I’m from Wilson NC. I been talking to this man that lives in Accra, Ghana. We text and talk everyday. and we both are in love with each other. I really need your help, I need to see him, because we thinking about marriage so he can come down to USA. Please help, thanks

  49. Dylan F

    My name is Dylan, I met a girl about a year and a half ago playing online poker. We have grown to be best friends, who love and care very much for eachother. She lives in Australia and I have a trip planned to go visit and see the country in 2 weeks. My friend, Aurelia has been wanting to come visit here and see me for monthes…and instead I’m going there. Now that I have booked though, she has closed her FB and says she will be back on there soon. I haven’t heard from her now in almost 3 weeks and I’m wondering if I will be meeting up with her at all. In the past we have of course kept on touch by Facebook, email and Skype…yet on Skype we only voice chat, but she says we can video chat ‘soon’. I know it is very last minute and would be a big international trip but if you could give me some assistance is tracking her down and getting to the bottom of this, I would be extremely thankful. Any guidance or advice would be appreciated as well, thank u catfishers!

  50. adp

    5 years of connecting and getting to know someone can be an emotional roller coaster. its only hard when you realize that the person who you have never physically met can connect with you on a spiritual level . As time pass you grow apart and meet others , but those moments when you find each other , reaching back out to each other . What started out to be just an online friendship and now 5 years later still wishing that fate will one day allow us to finally meet.

  51. Timothy Hinga

    Hello, I am a young man of 19. My parents are dead, besides my family is a poor family. I have the talent of singing but I have no money to make it real. I have composed so many songs so far so if any body is willing to help, I’ll be grateful and God will bless the person.

  52. Cameron B.

    I have known Elena Scott for about 7 and a half months. I loved her. We talked about 5 hours a day. Things were so well. I was going to move to Deleware to see her. She was my everything. I saw her in my future once I finished college. She was so sweet and beautiful. About 2 months ago, Elena complains about a chest pain. She got it checked out. After days of getting it checked out, I hear the news. She has Ewing’s Sarcoma. It was so heatbreaking to hear, because my cousin died of Ewing’s Sarcoma at 14 years old. She always asked me. “What if I die?” I promise her I will make sure she gets the best help. I could never talk to her mom because they are strict. I have mailed stuff there before and she has taken a picture with it. Things started changing once she found out the news. All our plans of being together during the summer changed. She said she was acting silly before and it would be ridiculous to change her life over someone she hasnt met yet. I have been willing to meet her, but she says she is dying and doesnt want me to see her like this. Yet, she has an internship and is going away for college.
    Her brother actually had Ewing’s Sarcoma, I am sure of it. He had to get his leg amputated and is currently cancer free. He had to go to a community college and stay home due to all the drainage of the chemo. Yet she is going through “chemo” and is leaving.
    The story has many more details. Her mom is supposividely a docter and her dad is a lawyer. Her mom “texted” me on her phone saying, she knows fully what is going on and chemo is starting soon. I am 19, and elena is 18. I gurantee this will make high ratings. Not that I care, I cant live knowing the girl I love, is dying, or lying. Call me, email me and I can share tons more brutal details on this story. I really need your guys help, its all I want in life is the truth. I will do anything for someone to expose the truth, because I cant live with this feeling. I appreciate it so much

  53. Kayla M

    My name is Kayla, and I’ve been in a relationship with my girlfriend Ellie (this is a nickname, don’t want to reveal her full name to the public) for a few months now. We are both 17. We met, however, three years ago in a chatroom on Teenspot.

    Her and I have both had very hard lives and have supported each other emotionally every since we met. I love her with all my heart and she loves me, but like anyone in a LDR, I worry she hides things from me because the distance lets her do so.

    We text and facebook mostly and have talked on the phone a few times. Never video chatted, though. help me meet her!

  54. Michelle Arroyo

    I have been on and off on an online relationship and I would love to be a part of the cast of CATFISH . My story is very emotional since it can relate to teens who are open about their sexual orientation to their friends or at school but at home they are in the closet. This is my case. Not being able to have a relationship out in the open drove me into being in a “long distance relationship” with someone I’ve never met who I suspect is using a fake twitter profile. I would like you to help me meet the person who I still think I might be in love with. Finding out if she’s real or not will decide our fate.
    Hope to hear back soon
    -Michelle Arroyo

  55. Angad Chawla


    I would love to be involved in this show in any and every way possible.
    I am of Indian descent and can help provide any/some kind of diversity as well, if you would like.
    Please contact me soon as I would love to make it into this business. Thanks.

  56. mario clay

    Consider me MTV i was in a two month relationship with a ppurteo fffff
    a beautiful women she was puerto rican and had tatoos all over
    She was a rn nurse had her own house and she stayed in muskegon
    Michigan and i stay 3 hours away in detroit oh.. Btw and she was FAKE
    I found the actual girl i thougt i was talkin to on facebook
    So i told her the real her and she was mad i cant believei
    I got fooled smh. Two whole months i put my all into
    Her and she was a fake. Consider me MTV I want ny STORY heard
    And I wanna expose the fake. I found the fake on facebook btw

  57. Catherine Teimoori

    I would just like to say i am not writing this just so that i can be a part of the MTV series Catfish, although i wouldn’t mind.But I am simply writing this because i want to share with you guys a mind blowing thing that i went through. Ever since i dated my ex of 3 years, he had this gorgeous friend named Kristin. Absolutely stunning, a little bit too stunning to be talking to my ex. I always had a feeling there was something fishy about this girl, unfortunately due to the fact that i cared about my ex so much at the moment i let him to continue talking to her. He mentioned to me that they never met, but he knows that she is real because she has video’s of herself on her page, and that they talk on the phone for hours. She lives 45 minutes away from him yet they have never met. I did my research on her and figured she was real due to the fact that she literally had every type of social network, that were actively updated under the same name. “Kristin Sadusky” Me and my ex really grew fond of this girl because when we found out she was involved in a car crash under a coma (about to be let go) we cried our hearts out. Long story short me and my ex have fought many times over this individual and ended up ending our relationship for good. It’s about to be a year now that we have been broken up. Little did i know that Kristin is a fake account and has been faking it for 5 years. I know this because i saw the real account named “Jessica Zlattos”. I was always fond of catfish, but id never thought in a million years that i would fall for such a thing. I would love to see who is behind all this. This girl is tricking all these poor people into falling for her, when shes not even real. She did such a good job of creating such a fake character that now when i look at the real girl jessica, i am not able to feel like iv been talking to her for 3 years. She is completely different than how Kristin presented her. I am dying to find out who is behind this girl!

  58. Small Town Girl


    I met this guy one time for 5 minutes, 3 years ago. I was renting a house from his partner and he happened to accompany his friend to sign the lease. It was instant fireworks for me but I tried to extinguish them thinking someone like him would never be interested in me. Little did I know in that moment, the feelings were mutual. We chatted via text and phone at the start and it was FANTASTIC, just like how it would be at the start of any relationship. He claims to be a very wealthy investor and even arranged for me to drive around in a Mercedes. I resisted him at first because I am from a very modest background and I wanted him to know it was him I was interested in, not his money. He is of a certain background and initially claimed a lot of family dynamic reasons for us not meeting and went through an entire ‘emancipation’ of sorts, to remove himself from the family wealth and dynamics to be with me. Long story short over the course of 3 years we have arranged for many drive bys, where he will drive by me and we will wave at one another. Every time we have arranged to meet (I’m sure this is hundreds of times now) he has a different excuse. I know he is afraid, of what I am not sure. He sends me pictures of his kids, and other things in his life, but never of himself unless its like his foot to see his tanlines or the top of his head to show me his grey hairs. One time we arranged to meet at a mall and by total fluke I parked beside his truck. He happened to be in it. My gut said it was him, but since I only saw him for 5 minutes I couldn’t be sure. He got scared and backed up and drove away. I couldn’t believe it! He keeps talking about how fate will bring us together ‘one day’, but if that wasn’t fate I don’t know what was. Short of hiring a private eye so I can plant myself in the right place at the right time, I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to stalk him tho, so I haven’t gone that route. I’ve told him about this show but surprise surprise he doesn’t like the idea. Well too bad for him, I do. I have a boyfriend now but I still feel connected to this other man. I need peace so badly. 3 years of this not knowing is killing me. Even if its just friends, I am prepared for that.

  59. yolanda

    I love this show! I would love to be on it but it wouldn’t be to help me findsomeone I met on a social network. THANKS for putting me up on the game. I didn’t realize people would use someone else pics. to get attention knowing it’s not them. I would be crushed if that would happen to me. Thanks for the great show! I could be on there to help out or be yal assistant. I’m trying lol……..Big fan

  60. Jquay Toliver

    Hi my name is jquay Toliver I am 21 . I am a GSU panther and frat boy. I am an outgoing talkative guy with a very colorful sense of humor. I am a fast learner, I am dedicated and hard to discourage. I come from a Christian home. With great successful parents that push me to be the best I can and follow my dreams and this is exactly it. Thank you so much. I would love to pursue this dream.

    6 foot
    Blk hair
    Brown skin
    Brown eyes
    180 lbs
    Athletic body type

  61. Aletha Gomez

    My names Aletha and I’m 19 years old. Just like the rest of the people who have replied I would love and appreciate the chance to be apart of the Catfish program. I meet who i believe is the love of my life 5 years ago online. We tried the long distance thing before and it just didn’t work for us. Most likely because we were really young. But ever since then we’ve never lost contact with each other. The older we get the stronger our love seems to grow. Our life’s have not been easy to say the least, but having one another has made our hard times a little less difficult. I live in California and my love, well hes in Texas. I know he is who he says he is, we’ve talked on the phone, txted, emailed, you name it but, recently we got video chat and now i most definitely know he is real. We have just never been able to find away to meet, and its really unfortunate. I’m afraid that if we wait to long both of us will find our self’s with someone else. I don’t know if i could live a complete life knowing we never got a chance to see if our love was meant to be. So please I ask to consider helping me.

  62. Brie Keefe

    I’ve already been called and considered to be on the show, but it didn’t work out because my “other” lived in Europe. But, I recently found out that my “other” is a fake and I really want to be able to tell my story since it lasted for 5 years. I was wondering if there was a blog or if you’re going to start doing a show that involves people telling their story.

    Please let me know!


  63. Clifford Pringle

    I got a friend that has a real life stalker from a girl he only talled to online. She goes around her city saying she is pregnant and engaged to my friend yet they have never met. There are more stories involved with this and it is a story that should not be missed. I am currently trying to get omy friend on your show or Jerry Springers. Please contact for the true story of a lifetime. I

  64. Eurie

    my name is Eurie. Im from California. I’ve talked to this guynamed Jordan for a year but he lives in Ohio. We try to set up a day to see each other but we never have time because he travels to state to state to look at schools on where he wants to go to college. I really feel a connection with himwhen we talk, and I hope he feels the same way about me. Im eighteen years old and so is he. I really feel true love when I talk to him. But im afraid that because we young he would just forget about me. He is different. MTV production please consider me as a candidate to your catfish show

  65. Amber

    My friend is slightly obsessed with a girl, whom he has never met before. My boyfriend was the first one she tricked, until someone who happened to be at her house exposed her. The thing is she then moved on to his friends( the two are brothers). I have looked extensively into her Facebook profile and found most everyone who comments on her posts or pics is created by her. The few that aren’t are guys that are friends with this fake person. She will talk on the phone but won’t text pics. She had been doing this for at least six years now. Let me know if you are interested. I want her to be found out. She claims she has had 5 babies two that have died. She uses other people’s children’s pictures as her three children she had that are alive. There are no pictures of her and the kids together.

    It could be interesting.

  66. Annie

    I know you get millions of people everyday telling you that they are interested in acting and want to be an actor and to your “surprise” i am going to tell you the exact same thing. I am interested in aacting and would love to play this sort of role. I am very athletic, have been a gymnast for 9 years. I am also a dancer. I have taken several acting classes and have entered in film festivals for home made movies. I am 15 years old, hazel brown eyes, 5.3, 110 pounds. Thank you for wanting our reasons for being considered

  67. Teari Bey

    Name: Teari Lee Bey
    Age: 18
    Weight: 172 Lbs
    height: 6”1
    Education: High school student
    Hair color: Black
    Talents: Modeling – Acting – Hip Hop – Songwriting – Sports(Basketball-Lacross-Fottball)
    Location: Pa
    African American –
    I Have a Clean Record – Never been to jail before or had court cases –
    I am a nice outgoing person who likes to express his feelings acting or In My music that I make. I am a bright teenager who wanted to step into the Acting scene since Age 7.

  68. Cheyenne Setzer

    Hello. I believe that I should be considered because I’ve had an online relationship with this guy. We’ve had a relationship that has been going on for a year. We’ve never met in person yet we have planned on. When we have planned on it events have occurred that kept it from happening. We’ve have problems in our relationship but we believe that meeting in person could solve those problems. The main reason that we hadn’t actually met is because of our age since I’m 17 years old and he’s 18 years old. I honestly don’t know if who I am talking to is being completely honest with me since we met on a texting application that you can download on your phone. I would be honored to be considered to part of the show.

  69. jailene

    my name is jailene reyes . im Dominican . i was born in NY . in 17 years old . i want to be an actress .
    *im short
    *i have long dark curly hair
    *im bilingual
    * i have tanned skin color
    *i have dark brown eyes
    * im very funny .
    * im from new york
    please contact me

    thank youu and ill be waiting for responses ♥

  70. Lucy Lee


    I am 15 years old and I have a slim body.

    I am 5’7 and I weigh 114 pounds.

    I really want to be a part of this show, Catfish!

    I have had many experiences in acting.

    I have been in school plays such as Bye Bye Birdie and Charlie Brown.

    I will work harder than anyone and will act my best at any role.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  71. Kayla Gidley

    Me and my friend Taylor have been friends for almost a year now. We met on a online game and ever since we talk at least once a week. We talk everyday know and have hinted at meeting up. Taylor was thinking about how he wanted to visit me in December during the winter break. I’m going to Florida which is around 2-3 hours from Taylor.
    My wish is to meet Taylor in person. And go on a real date with Taylor. Taylor has expressed his feelings to me that he’d like to date. And I mainly don’t want to date because 1. We have never met, and 2. He lives in Florida and I live in Iowa.
    Please use us for a Catfish episode. I’d like to surprise visit Taylor, He doesn’t know I am auditioning for this.

  72. Zach H

    I gratefully ask that your casting office/production company over at MTV may be able to consider me as a cast member for lead or supporting role in the upcoming television series— Catfish.
    In the event that I am not chosen, I hope you may be able to refer me for other film projects or television series so that I as an actor may become a superstar within the near future. I am currently represented by a SAG-AFTRA agent. My hope is that you invite me for a casting call on SKYPE/YouTube, as I am not currently living in the greater LA area.
    Ultimately, I endeavor to make my ‘big break’ in lead or supporting roles (ideally by the summertime). Should you have questions, comments, or in need of additional information—feel free to reach out to me at your convenience.

    Thank you for your help and consideration.
    With continued interest,
    Zachary Isaac Haskins
    Emerging Actor, and Student

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