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  1. Paul Zecharia

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of my new favorite shows. The acting, the comedy, the timing, everything about this show works.

    Name: Paul Zecharia
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, can pass for Latino or Caucasian
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 168 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

  2. Priscila Abigahil

    My name is Priscila Abigahil. I’m 14 years old turning 15 this October 5. I’ve been in the highest drama class for 3 years. My teacher Nancy Anaya (Drama teacher at Utterback Middle School) moved me instantly after I performed my first monologue. I’ve been in 5 plays and one short film. My friends say I’m a “Down to do Anything” type of person.

    My favorite actors:

    Ladies: Chloe Grace Moretz and Melissa McCarthy
    Men: Jake Abel, Logan Lerman and Will Smith


    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 102
    Hair: Medium brown, long, curly/wavy, perfered straightened
    Eye: Brown
    Race: Mexican/American

    Info: I can dance. My mom perfers this talent over all the ones I have ever since she first saw my performance in school about bullying, I have a video. I don’t know if you want to watch it. But dance isn’t my biggest passion. It used to be singing, but I used to be bullied in school so I got insecure. When I started acting in 6th grade it built confidence for acting and dancing, but I’m a mute when it comes to that subject. I’m not that flexible. I can do the Scorpion and the bridge, but I’m working on gymnastics.
    I was never popular in school, but I knew a lot of people. Though it was like they didn’t know me. Drama was always a place to be myself and imagine I’m someone else. My drama teacher says that I sometimes get carried away with my character. I prove her wrong when I’m always the favorite character in our plays. Sometime I would even have a small part like a maid, yet everyone loved me.

    I guess that’s it for now. I mean if you like me and want to get to know me more, I would be more than happy to tell you more about me.

    Twitter: _Percy_P_
    Instagram: _Percy_P_
    Wattpad: PercyBieberxD (I Like writing stories)

    I hope you guys like me. Bye.

  3. Sabrina Adams

    My name is Sabrina Adams, I have always had a passion for acting. My father has been seen in many reenactments on ID Discovery. His roles have led me to become very interested in the acting world and I would like to pursue my own career. I should be considered for this show not only because the plot sounds entertaining but because it could help me pursue my life goals. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5’5″
    Hair Color: Dark/Medium Brown
    Skin Tone: Fair
    Eye Color: Brown

  4. Crystal

    Hello my name is Crystal Cassinelli I am a Hispanic 16 year girl who has a dream to be a comedian actress. I love Brooklyn Nine Nine and would love to be in the show. I am 4″9 and weigh 110. It would be the honor of you chose me for your

  5. Crystal

    Hello my name is Crystal Cassinelli I am a 16 year old hispanic girl who has a dream to become an actress. I love Brooklyn nine nine and I would love to be in the show.
    i am 4″9 and weigh 110 and I live in new York.

  6. Jesse Hayes

    Hi my name is Jesse Hayes i’m outgoing, i’m charming and i have a great personality and i would like to share it with the world! I’m very driven and will strive and work hard to be successful. My talents are i’m athletic, i’m artistic (sketching, graphic design, pastels), dance (swing dancing, ballroom dancing, free style), and magic. My interests are anything to do with TV, movies and sports, chess, video games, exercise and weight lifting…….and of course looking good!…..oh and modeling.
    The reason you should choose me for an audition is because if you give me the chance i’ll put a 150% of time and effort into learning my part and i will not disappoint! Thank you!

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 131
    Age: 14
    D.O.B. 8/17/1999
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Grade: 9th

  7. Tarjie MCCausky

    hello my name is Tarjie Mccausky i am ready for this i was born for this its what live sleep and eat acting is my life my desire, i realize that i was made for this when i was 12 years old just by being around my friends and family by acting all silly and playing around when we were bored i used to get in character play crazy /fool / silly / stupid whatever it was at the time i would impress my friend with my sense of humor just by being someone else at time i find joy and happiness doing what i do, i also do plays i have a play on youtube if you would like to check it out and see me in action, that was my first time ever performing on stage infront of 50 people i thought i would be nervous but i was so calm and excited to just be on stage, i didnt eve think of being nervous my focus and determination and pesonality wise,i was ready like it was just a class speech i was getting prepare for at the time, my play on you is call, im your daughter too i dream of acting anglea and tarjie, acting is my ever thing i just wish i could get the opertunity to take my skill to the next level and show the wolrd what i can do im just i a girl from the caribbean which is jamaica trying to prusue my dream my desire to become the next big actress i look up to kerry washington so much i try to watch her as much to learn from her she came along way to what she is today, i love her work ethic and her sense of humor and most of all she is good at what she do, i would love to get the opertunity to be in this movie to not just show my skill but also to become better at what i love to do, im looking forword to be that girl you choose/ get a audition to be apart of this movie

  8. Mary Linder

    Other than being the biggest fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine, I am also an improv student at Second City Chicago! I would honored and humbled to be a part of this show, it is a dream of mine.
    I am funny, positive, easy to work with and have the perfect balance of college, work experience and now second city experience.

    I am an Italian American woman, can hip hop dance, and my favorite karaoke song to sing is Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley. I hope this makes me a shoe in.

    Thank you!

  9. Yana Mack

    Race: African American
    Height:98 lbs
    Location: Kennesaw,GA
    Body Type: Fit/ Athletic
    Hair Color:Bkacj

  10. Tyler Daniel Muncy

    Hey, I’m Tyler Daniel Muncy and I’m an 18 year old guy who is about to graduate high school in a couple days. I have been in a couple small church plays but besides that I don’t have an major acting experience. I’m a laid back guy but I love to have fun and make people laugh. I have plans to go to college to study ecotourism and adventure traveling, but I saw this and thought what the heck. I love watching this show, and lastly I would like to say: Hey Andy, how’s it going? Cool me to. Anyways, it would tickle me pink to work with you, let alone just to be able to meet you. Stay classy my friend.

    -Love, Peace and Hair Grease
    Tyler Daniel Muncy

  11. Jarod Rouleau

    I’m Jarod Rouleau and you should select me because I have experience in acting through high school, as well as college. My dedication to the role will make me a valuable asset to your team. I can take on any role with confidence that I will perform beyond your expectations.
    -Age: 22
    -Ethnicity: caucasian
    -Gender: male
    -Height: 6’3″
    -hair color: blonde
    -eyes: green
    -weight: 175 pounds.

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be in contact with you shortly.

    Jarod Rouleau

  12. Cassidy

    Name: Cassidy Trouth
    Age:13(soon to be 14)
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown

    Above are some of my info. Hopefully I am a prospective candidate for this project.

  13. Maya

    I love Brooklyn 99 I am 13 almost 14 in 8th grade black and always wanted to do television

  14. Rachael Kigbu

    I believe I should be considered to be part of this because I am a 27 year old Nigerian (African) with a gift / desire for acting. I was born of an eggon ethnic tribe royal family, raised by a military Dad & a politician as a mother. I have a B.A in Linguistics and Communications. I speak English ( Fluent), French ( Fluent), Arabic (Non-fluent), Pidgin (Fluent), Hausa ( African Dialect – Fluent) & Yoruba ( African Dialect- Fluent). I was a billboard model back in college in Nigeria & can sing too.
    Height- 5″4
    Weight- 160
    Hair color- Brown [naturally curly but now straightened]
    Eyes- Brown
    Thank you

  15. Roxanne McBrayer

    Love to make people laugh!

    Full Name: Roxanne Marie McBrayer
    Age: 53
    Gender: Female
    Ethnic Background: Caucasian

    Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 5’4” Weight: 155
    Coat Size: 12 Pant Size: 12 Pant Inseam: 28
    Shoe Size: 7 Bra Size: 38B Shirt Sleeve: 32
    Shirt Neck: 12 Blouse Size: 12 Dress Size: 12
    Waist: 36 Hips: 40 Hat Size: 24 Bust: 38

    Union Affiliations/Contracts or Agreements: None
    Training/Special Skills/Languages: Vin Morreale Acting Workshop
    Attended Workshop on 3-9-14
    Love to make people laugh!

  16. Matthew Maheras

    I would love to work on 99 because I’m funny, and not fake. I have natural humor and enjoy making people laugh. Its the greatest feeling to know that people are not thinking about life because they are listening to me tell jokes. I work hard and play harder.

  17. danielle castro

    seriously im just a good actor and it would be a honor to work with the great andy samberg

  18. DeAngelo Blake

    My name is DeAngelo Blake and I am interested in Brooklyn 99 because I am confident in my ability to play any role you give me. I just starred in a Ten Minute play festival so I know I’m still fresh on my acting skills. I’m 20 years old also 5’8 and I live Annapolis, MD. Also Andy is one of the funniest actors of the 2000′s. Hilarious man! The play festival was at Bowie State.

  19. geovannie rivera

    5’10″ /140lbs/spanish/brown hair and eyes/athletic/queens, NY/21 years old
    always been into comedy , I could totally do this, my facial expressions voice and body language suits the comedic style so I believe I could play a character that would spice up the funny in the show .

  20. Misty Ferguson

    My biggest flaw in life was being born awesome. It’s like having perfect hair. Everyday. Sometimes I wake up and wonder how and then shake my head and mutter something incoherent. I think it’s important for me to share my awesomeness (you’re welcome in advance) with the world, or with as many people as possible if for nothing more than to show them that ‘yes it is possible to that awesome’. Personally I think it’s something every girl should strive for.

    Now I’m not trying to insinuate that Andy and I have had….intimate relations but I have momentary lapses of cognitive function where I picture him dancing on that back of a whale wearing nothing but a speedo and starfish pasties. That said I am quite positive that we will have good chemistry.

    Here’s a little tid bit about myself

    A measly 5′ 5”
    Body type is spherical. I’ll admit, its probably not what you would typically look for, but a.) who wants to be typical and b.) great things are round: e.g the earth, the sun, cookies
    Hair color is brown
    Eyes are also yellowy brown
    Age is only a number so I’ll describe my age as fun, splashed with a side of amazeball’s dipped in a flirty sauce and sprinkled with a dash of slut. (Just Kidding, I’m 25).

    Thanks so much, and I hope for your benefit that you read all of it and it made you giggle so hard you farted a little bit.

    **All phrases have been copyrighted and are not subject to use or reproduction without the written consent of the author (that’d be me).

  21. Howard voight

    I have really great comedic timing and I love making people laugh. I have always wanted to work with someone from SNL. I’d be a great addition to the cast!

  22. Trisha Ritzenberg

    Brooklyn 99 is my favorite TV show. It’s very hard to wait a week to see the next one! My name is Trisha and I am 55 years old. I have blonde hair, am 5″5′ and weigh 109 lbs. I acted in high school plays. I went to The Debbie Reynolds School of Acting during college at USC and studied The Stanislavskee system last summer in Bethesda, MD. I can play any kind of part. It would be such a thrill to have a part on your wonderful show!!!! Thank you, Trisha

  23. Melissa Van Valkenburg

    I would love to be apart of this series. My name is Melissa Van Valkenburg and i am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I would love to show you what Canadians are made of. Just to put yourself in that characters shoes and to learn where they com from is just so fascinating to me.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 160lbs
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Ethnicity: Greek/Dutch
    Race: White
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Green
    Body Type: Athletic

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