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  1. Brody Horning

    To whom it may concern,

    Passionate? Driven? Resume to the T with loads of experience? Cheers to that…That’s not me. Why should I be considered? – Because mentally I am already burning from within, looking to light my depiction of a foul Irish mouth, ready to bear the recklessness and firm stature of a tight-fisted outlaw as the tune Shipping up to Boston triumphantly unfolds. Being from the Greater Boston Area, my eyes are quite familiar with the history hiding behind those street signs leading to Southie or Charleston. On a scale from Chris Evans to Bill Burr, I’m ready to take any number when it comes to embracing a role in Black Mass.

  2. Patrick Caldwell

    Hey my name’s Patrick Caldwell, I’m 19 from Perth in Western Australia. To put it bluntly, I’ve studied drama for 15 years, mostly stage, and I just feel that TV/movies are for me. I’m young, fresh-faced and ready. I understand the struggles of having little due to living with a man with a brain disorder due to drinking too much when I was 12 and due to that I’ve been exposed to such a high level of legal, political and dramatic battles that no 12 year old should had to of experienced. Through it all though, I’m still smiling, laughing and just enjoying life. I’d say my sense of humour is somewhat ‘taboo’ as I say the first things on my mind (it’s a blessing a curse, believe me). At the same time though I know when it’s time to mess around and time to work. I’m not saying I’m the guy for this movie or that I’ll get you guys an Oscar, what I’m saying is, I can give you reality.
    All I ask in return is a chance.

    Follow my twitter @rckcldwll11 I won’t let you down.

  3. Samantha Larivee

    Height: 5″2
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Very long, brown
    Eyes: light brown
    Ethnicity: white
    email me for headshots.
    Hi, my name is Samantha Larivee, Sammy for short. I’ve preformed in a number of musicals and cabarets on the professional level, and am looking to break into the television/movie spectrum of acting. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, just a short drive from Boston, and am in love with the rich history that it has to offer. I think that a role in this film would be the perfect way for me to start off a career in film acting and am exited to be given the opportunity.

  4. Isaiah Kershner

    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair: black
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 157lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Please E-mail me for pictures
    i have been a part of 4 theatrical productions with my high school, 2 musicals and 2 UIL competitions. I am also a member of the International Thespian Society.
    I am Awesome with accents and can perfectly replicate British, Cockney Australian, country(u.s.), Russian, Irish, and Scottish.
    i plan on pursuing acting as a lifetime career, i would be honored if you would consider me for this role.
    thank you.
    p.s. im really exited for this movie it seems like an amazing concept

  5. Emily Murphy

    Hi. My name’s Emily Murphy. I’m a 14 year old ballet dancer, equestrian, writer, musician and artist. I am no professional actress, but I might be one of the most mature, empathetic and creative adolescents you’ll come across. I’ve had my eyes on the world of performing and entertaining since I was a small child, and now, though i am young, i am determined and ambitious. When I care about something, I pour my entire life and soul into it, and that’s what I intend to do with performing for the rest of my life. I can play multiple instruments including piano, violin and guitar. I carry myself far differently from many 14 year olds and I have a lot of emotional and life experience that I would love to be able incorporate into something much bigger. I am a very diverse soul and I believe with a lot of hard work I will be able to do what i love for the rest of my life (entertaining) and I would be so incredibly honored to be offered a place in this movie. Yes, I’m young, but I am ready to start my career and build myself up to my full potential. I believe my personality would fit quite well in a role in this movie. I can be a charming, loving and caring person, but I can portray almost all emotions and personal traits as if I were much older or wiser. I truly believe I can do this.

    Thank you for considering me, and maybe giving me a chance.

  6. liberty

    Hello, My name is liberty i’m a 12 year old looking for something to do in drama and films! I read this book and it was awesome! I know im a little tiny and young but i would love to be in this.

    NAME:liberty hall
    HEIGHT: 4 9
    WEIGHT: 75 lb
    HAIR: brown (if you need different color i do die my hair)
    EYE: blue

  7. Neil Brownlee

    47yr old male , muscular type tattoed born, reared and lives in northern ireland, 3 imdb credits
    apc stage combat qualified weapon and unarmed ,
    worked s battle extra on HBO Game Of Thrones ,

    not afraid to work long hours or get firty
    finished introduction course tp stunt work with Britains Rocky Taylor and Tony van Silva
    have good set knowledge and can take direction easily and deliver lines when acquired to do so
    can work short notice and travel

  8. Fabrizio Aldrette

    I’m Italian 43 5’8″ own my own Business in Long beach Cal love the romance of Italian mob movies and I feel I can do this , I want to try something different.

  9. Molly McDonald

    Hello, I’m Molly.
    I’m 18 and I’m from a suburb outside Lowell MA. I feel like I’m qualified for an audition due to my real life experience, with darker aspects of life. Everyone goes through problems, I get it. I’m an open minded amateur comedic actress who performs at improv boston. I’ve also have performed in multiple community theaters, dramatic/musical theater experience also. my greatest trait to bring for any role, is my intuition. I’ve been through hell and back, but I’m no tough cookie. But I know the emotions of one very well. I also adore cynical roles, and I would love to be apart of this production. I’m easily adaptable, ambitious, I listen and take in what others are saying very well. Also, I know a lot about the Bulgers, I’ve read a couple books and my family has followed it my whole life.

    Physical traits.
    Hair: reddish brown curly
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 5’7
    Build: plus size.

  10. Vicki Zazzetti

    Hi. My name is Vicki Zazzetti

    From: Chicago/Los Angeles
    height: 5’0
    Weight: 118
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    skin: fair
    age: 55
    Dress size:6

  11. Eden Lannon

    Being able to build a career off of a film just as this one would be nothing short of an absolute honor. This project seems to me like it will be a major blockbuster, especially since the producers involved have amazing work tied with their names, and Johnny Depp, of course, being an amazing actor will only add more credit to this film. I am the kind of actor who strives to be exceptional in not only acting, but all areas of my life. Being an actor takes dedication and hard work, both physically and emotionally; and I am not the type to work any less due to a lack of motivation or receiving criticism. I believe I am a flexible actor and can portray characters in any genre of movie, but if you decide to call me in for an audition, I’d love for you to decide that yourself.

    Age: 15

    Height: 5’6

    Weight: 131

    Race: Hawaiian/Caucasian

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Green and brown

  12. Joshua Titter

    Im 25 years old, 5’9, white mail with alot of tattoo work done to my body and i can play the part of a criminal very easy and look the part. I got alot of street smart and im very talented and im looking for a chance to prove to the right director that i have what it takes to make it if interested in giving me a shot u will not be disapointed.

  13. Luaishca leon

    I am Luaishca leon I am a 14 year old Hispanic. I love to get the taste of drama and acting and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. I’m about 5’1 long black hair and brown eyes. I have previous acting before I really hope you consider me. Thank you!!!

  14. Annie

    I just want to be over dramatic and over exaggerate but in life you can’t do that unless you are on set.. I do it anyways and that’s what makes people laugh and convinces them into listening to my stories.

  15. Miranda Faith Anderson

    Sex: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 115
    Hair: Blonde
    Eye: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hello lovers,
    My name is Miranda Anderson. I am originally from Baton Rouge, LA; however, I have lived in Owensboro, KY nearly my whole life (which is surprisingly the birth city of one of my all-time favorite actors- Johnny Depp). Everyone’s childhood dream is to be famous, so why not apply for a once-in-a-lifetime chance like this to land on screen?

    To state a few things about my personality:
    1.) I am always in a good mood.
    2.) I make EVERYONE feel comfortable.
    3.) Hard-working blood pumps through my veins.
    4.) When it comes to obeying orders, I am the perfect slave.
    5.) You can definitely call me “competitive”, because I will stop at nothing to finish first.

    To learn anything more about me, feel free to email!
    Hope to hear back from you all soon, and thanks for the opportunity…

  16. Patrzia Putz

    Hello, my name is Patrizia Pamela Putz and i’m living in german state Bavaria where I study Multimedia & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach. At the Age of 15 I played a little role in a Bavarian Film Production which was called “Rock it!” and it could be seen in theatres all over Germany. I’m a flexibel Person and I’m looking for new experiences. So It would be my pleasure to hear from you soon.

    Eyes: middle brown
    Age: 20
    Height: 5”7
    Hair: dark blonde
    Built: normal
    Act: yes
    Dance: a little bit
    Sing: not that much

    Best Greetings from Germany

    Patrizia Putz

  17. Raquel Garcia Cruz

    Perfect for any part!! My name is Raquel Garcia Cruz I am a Hispanic 27 years old living in New Haven, CT. Ever since I was a young girl I always wanted to be an actress. I’m sure you get this all the time but I absolutely admire Johnny Depp’s work. I believe that even as an extra I would stand out in this film. If you need any head shots please feel free to contact me at my email <hidden from public>. Please consider me for this I will not disapoint. By the way I also sing. Singing and acting have been my passion for years. It would be a dream come true especially to work alongside Johnny Depp. Thank you!

  18. Constance C.


    I am Constance, 29, and I have lived in MA (near the cape) for almost all my life. I would love to have the opportunity to be able to be a part of this film in anyway. I have a flexible schedule and would be most happy to be selected. I have a limited experience with acting, outside of doing school plays and theater acting as a child, but would be whole heartedly willing to learn.
    Thank you for your time.

  19. Shella

    I have a passion for acting and a fiery ambition that is well complemented by my Irish-American appearance (red hair, fair and freckled skin, blue eyes). I look the part; I’m strong-willed; and I know that I have what it takes to bring a role in this movie to life. All I need is a chance.

  20. Guy Davies

    42 year old Boston born and raised, younger looking than most in my peer group. 5’11’, 175-180lbs, athletic, agile, no smoker, brown hair, (military cut) Blue eyes, no visible tattoos if in a tee shirt, Irish, Norwegian descent, slightly average looking facial features,
    Versatile, well versed, intuitive, humorous, witty, capable of character empathy, able to mimic various accents, pick up and deliver mannerisms, and impersonate voices.
    Under direction, capable of delivering what is expected of a certain character.
    Having a sense of what is “over the top”, and being mindful to character quality, and believability is paramount. Flexibility, and knowing when to ‘turn it on’, or leave it at the door is only limited to what is allowed by those directing.
    12 years of military experience, Boston Police brat, travelled many parts of U.S.,
    Absorbed a lot in life, able to reflect that in a work.
    No special niche, no type cast, no formal training. No ego, just honest work ethic.

  21. Akeem Milton

    Hi my name is akeem and im 15 i will be a good person for this film because im from boston and i always wanted to be in a movie and this could be a good start for me

  22. michelle ferro

    Hey there! After browsing the previous comments I felt nothing but repeated words & boredom. I’ll keep it straight forward, honest and simple. I was made for this just lacked the confidence in my younger years. If given the opportunity I’ll show you why. I have a fire inside of me, I’m not average. If you want to know more you have my email.

  23. Vicky


    my name is Vicky, I am 25 years old and from Germany.
    I am half german, half greek and currently in New York to make my first experiences in acting.
    Height: 5’7
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    I hope to hear from you!

  24. isabelle

    Hey there!
    My name’s Isabelle, I’m 17, 18 in about a month. Of course I’ve always had dream of acting, just like many people out there. Can’t really say that there is anything specifically special about me, because there isn’t really anything special about most people, just depends on who gets picked. But if chosen, you’ll come to see that I’m very fun, energetic, ready to work, serious about the industry, and very hardworking.Here are some stars about myself:
    Height: 5’3
    Hair: brown/ombre and long up to my butt
    Eyes:dark brown
    Dress: 2
    Also I have attended a modeling school back when I was a little old preteen, so I definitely know how things need to be done, and would absolutely love to put some of that knowledge to work, it would be about time! If interested, please contact back, would love to hear from you.

    Isabelle (:

  25. Rochelle Baranski

    Hi. My name is Rochelle and I’m 15 years old. I would like to start off saying that I am not just another person writing a comment, I hope to stand out and get your attention. I like to stay positive and say that I AM open minded and creative, and to my family, I have “a unique aditude” to me. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of being in a movie. It wasn’t because I would be famous it was because acting as a natural talent for me and it’s what I do best. I have been in a recent movie “wishin’ and hopin’ ” as an extra, but that wasn’t enough for me. I like to push myself towards my dreams and being able to experience being in an audition, and that would push me to that next step. So what I guess I’m sayingis that I’m a girl that has been dreaming for an opportunity like this, and would love for my dream to come true. I hope I have stood out to you and didn’t waste your time. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day.

  26. Nichole Elizabeth Deas

    My name is Nichole and I am 45 (people don’t believe that). I have always always had a desire to act. This is corny but I feel alive when I see a trailer. My heart races, goosebumps and all. I am a gypsy at heart… I would travel the world and work with talented artists in the industry in a second’s notice if I could. I feel I have yet to blossom Or come out of my shell so to speak. I don’t want to wait any longer or make excuses for not pursuing my passion which is acting. I have done extra work and would love the opportunity to grow in the industry. -Thank you

    Height: 5′ 8″
    Weight: 160
    Age: 45 (9/25/69)
    Ethnicity: Heritage: Jamaican/French and Native American/German
    Hair: Light brown/red
    Eyes: Brown
    Hobbies: Upcycling, Swimming in the ocean

  27. Shaheed Purnell

    My name is Shaheed Purnell, i am 18 and i am an African American whose passion is acting. This would help me to enhance the gift that i have and to experience all of the nervousness, challenges and preparation it takes to act.

  28. ileana gongora

    hi my name is ileana sarai flota gongora i think i should be considered an actor in this movie because i can play any role i like to try different thing and i work hard at them i’ve always wanted to act since i was little and use to watch movies,plays,disney and this would be my dream come true i like to act i practice all the time and i can really make y self cry get angry im a really fun and outgoing person that’s why I should be considered.

    Age : 16 1/2
    Birthdate : april 28, 1998
    height : 5’2
    weight : 120
    body type : average
    hair color : black
    eye color : brown
    ethincity : hispanic
    languages spoken : english & spanish
    Place born : Merida, yucatan, mexico
    Teenage Mom Of A Beautiful princess Thats 1 Yr. And 2 Months

  29. Margaret Elizbeth Garcia

    “With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.” Johnny Depp
    I don’t know what part of myself I will uncover if I get the opportunity to be part of this project but I am willing to take a risk and find out. Are you?
    Margaret Elizbeth Garcia

  30. Mary Aguilar

    Hi my name is Mary Aguilar. I Live in LA and I’m 18 years old. I would love to take part and help with the new movie that is going to be produced. I love to be funny and very serious when it comes to acting. It would be a shot of a life time to be given the time to audition for the movie.
    I’m 5’6
    I have show brown hair that I like to style
    I have brown eyes
    And I have an edgy look, buy I love to change it around

  31. Maggie Michael

    Hi my name is Maggie and I’m 16 and I heard about this film and was so ecstatic because I am a huge history buff and have always been interested in whitey bugler and other members of the mob due to the fact that I have had family members in the purple gang. I am a theater major in school and have been acting since I was 8. I was very interested in becoming an extra because I have always loved acting and want to see the difference from theater to screen .

  32. James Carl

    My name is James I am 21 years old and live 30 minutes from Boston. I am a MA native and would love the opportunity to play a role in this movie. I know Boston very well and think I could fit in well in a scene. I am 5’8 158 lbs white with blue eyes and light brown hair also have a tattoo on right arm

  33. Alicia

    Hi, my name is Alicia. I’ve always liked movies that are based on a true story. I am also a huge Johnny Depp fan. I would love the opportunity to be part of your movie. Even an extra would be wonderful.
    I am 37 years old Female, but I look way younger
    Big, Dark Brown Eyes
    Brown Skin
    Nice Smile
    and a Lil Fluffy

    Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to hear from you.
    Take care

  34. Finlay Keenan


    My name is Fin and I am 13 years old. I was asked for a proper appointment from Dixie Chassay casting company to audition for the upcoming movie Peter Pan. I do have some acting experience and would like to take my acting skills one step further. According to my mum and other people, they believe I look a bit like Johnny Depp but younger! I have dark Brown hair(Medium), Brown eyes, olive skin, I weigh 5 stone 7 pounds, I am 5ft 3 inches and would like to take a child as my role. Finally, I am Caucasian. It would be a pleasure to work with you and I hope to hear from you soon! If you want pictures of me then send me an email at <hidden from public> and I will send you a photo. Thanks!!!

  35. Caitlyn

    I’m Caitlyn Bryant. I am from Tennessee, and I’m of average height.
    Age- 15
    Hair color- blonde
    Eye color- brown
    Skin color- white
    I’ve acted on stage before, but never in a movie

  36. medina yaya

    Hi my name is medina im 24 years old and I took
    Up couple of acting class I feel pretty good about my actingskills.
    I would like a Chance to be apart of your upcoming movie .I did a movie in the boston area it was local but this would be big experience for me thank you

  37. Bobbi Combs

    On April 21, 1986, Geraldo Rivera hosted a 2 hour LIVE television event about a vault/safe of Al Capone’s. Although it was a total bust, yielding only dirt and liquor bottles, it piqued in me an interest in mob life. My next school report was on the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which ultimately led to an English teacher mentoring me to becoming an English teacher. To be in a mob movie would close a circle for me!

    Age 42
    Height 5’8.5
    Weight 133
    Amateur Radio
    “Miles Ahead” 2014
    “The Blunderer” 2014

  38. Corinne Callahan

    13 years in UK, 13 years in New England. Worked for the Railway, overhead lines and all. Learned to shunt trains. Now I work in a Level 5 Trauma Hospital. Work alot with families and sick people. Petit, blue eyes, attitude, intelect, funny, fresh, sassy, am living a colourful life by the seaside, love a pint, and a very good laugh. Work with famous and not so famous. Have met alot of characters along the way. I have an accent from both sides of the pond.
    Looking for adventure in the great tin can. Ta.

  39. Chris O'Brien

    21 years old
    No real experience apart from life.
    Mundane job & I want to act.
    I have a wide range of voices & a striking resemblance to Chris mintz plasse

    I am 6ft tall . 5ft11 officially.
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    Slim build
    & an unsuppressed ability to out perform expectation

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Thank you for your time

    Kind Regards


  40. Thomas Tropea

    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 175
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Sex: Male

    20 years old with a slim athletic build, Italian American. I can be anybody from an innocent by stander to getting punched or hit by a car as being a stuntman. If you are looking for acting roles i would be glad to tryout as well. Acting is like lying with expressions and emotions, it’s extremely fun. especially comedies. looks like a great project with me or without me. Thank You

  41. Ami Pancholi

    Born in Bombay, India. My dad moved to the states to provide a better life for my mother two siblings and myself. With dad being gone for several years only made life harder lonely and very confusing. When I was seven/eight years of age, when we would reunite with dad here in the USA. Boston was my new home. A home with endless possibilities. Possibilities which led me to modeling for magazines worldwide, pictures by Freddy Granda in Teen/Teen People Magazine (2009-2010) . I just want more , I need to feel a greater sense of accomplishment. I have a great personality I feel the world can relate to. I’m ready to step out of my shell and let the world know me.

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