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  1. Kyleigh rigney

    Hi I really want to do this I’m 12 I think Austin and alley would b a good show for me to audition for I don’t care wat show I just always dreamed if doing this I’m a. Good actor I use to act but not anymore we had to move plz do this for me I’m the type of girl if I have a dream I follow it here is how I act like I can play different typed of peril like country sassy tomboyish girlie I really want to play on one where I can b sassy diva like and girlie if u I really want to make something out of myself I want to acually be seen or when I get older I can play in other movies

  2. Maya darby

    Hello my name is maya darby I am currently attending the Brit school . I have been doing singing ,acting (lots of acting) and dancing for the past 6 years I hope you consider me as one of your future actors on Austin and ally!
    Thanks maya darby!

  3. kiara

    Hello i am kiara i live in slovenia ( europe) i am 162 cm tall i have Light brown hair and i can sing really well and act too i am singing and acting about 7 years my family doesn’t have a lot of money so i probably coudn’t fly to america but it is worth to try i woud love to be in this show and i woud love to finally get a chance to finally become an actor if i get this part please mail me on <hidden from public> ow plus laura marano is my life and if you coud make this happen i woud finally meet her that woud be my dream ow and i am 12 years old and i can dance really well too

  4. Jamie Colwell

    Hi I am jamie I am 11 years old I was inspired to start acting at age 8 and I have always had a dream to act on disney channel I love singing and being in choir I would love to have a chance I think I can really do it thank you,

  5. Darlin Santana

    Name: Darlin Santana
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black

    Hi I’m Darlin I always had a passion for acting and singing I’ve always seem to be singing something around my house and many times I’m acting I be pretending I’m someone from a Disney channel movie or show and act exactly like them. I’ve always been a shy girl that has wanted to show people who I really am and what I really love and prove them wrong and show them in worth more than they think

  6. Olivia

    You are the best show ever I love you guys you make a good couple:)

  7. Tai Collins

    I am african American. I sing, dance, act, model and draw. I’m very enthusiatic. I love working with others. I’m very ambitious. I’m very fashion forward. I am 16 years old. 5’1 and I 114 pounds. I am very petit.

  8. zakashiahuggins

    i will be happy to join im very interested

  9. Malachi Eyerman

    Hi everyone at disney channel my name is Malachi and I always wanted to be on Disney channel and I love Austin and ally and all of the disney characters have inspired me to be an actor especially Ross lynch. I would really appreciate it if I could be on this show it would be really awesome and would make my dream of becoming an actor come true :) thank you for your time here is my information so you kind of get a feel of what I look like

    Name:Malachi Eyerman
    Area:Sacramento California
    Hair:dark brown
    Hair length: medium
    Face:no freckles

  10. Olamide Ayeni

    Hi my name is Olamide and I am a 13 year old girl and I have an explosive and funny personality. Im an honors student and I love to write songs and fashion is my kryptonite. Ally is a very relatable . I have expirience and I give 110 percent effort in the role I get and take the opportunity very seriously. I have alot of character and I am very good at comedy acting. I am 5’10 and I have black brownish hair and dark brown hair. I think I am different than every one else. Im not just in it for the fame. It would be an honor to be in the disney family. Thank you very much this could be my big break!!!!! My modo is: always be different;)

  11. Manuel

    name: Manuel Morales Jr.
    Age: 8 years old
    Appearance: black hair, dark brown eyes, skinny

    I have very little experience with acting but I would love to learn I have always been a big fan of Austin and Ally. I have always wanted to be on Austin and Ally. I am a fan of Austin I love how he is a good actor and has such a good heart. I am a fan of Ally because she is so nice and loving to kids. Please get back to me I’m always available . Thx bye

  12. Traevon bogan

    I think i should be considered because i am a great dancer , I’ve been dancing all my life and im 19 years old . Austin and ally is a great show and i feel as though if you give me a chance to show off my dancing skills and my inability and will to act and you wont be disappointed

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