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  1. Kim Roshaine

    Hi I’m Kim Roshaine Castañeda… I’m 13 years old turning 14 in January 18… I’m 5’3… My weight is 90 pounds… I’m from the Philippines.. I like/love singing… I have a bit of the personality of Ally here… I sometimes have stage fright and I’m a bit shy… And like Austin, I also have passion for singing… I hope and pray to be a part of the Disney family… I hope I’ll be one of those you choose to be a part of Austin and Ally… Thanks :*

  2. Luísa Guidi Garcia

    I want to make Austin & Ally because I like music, I can play keyboard singing and dancing
    Age: 11 years
    size: 1:41
    physical characteristics: blonde with blue eyes, do not wear glasses or apparatus
    shoe 31 32
    residence: Brazil, Minas Gerais, Inconfidentes

  3. Maniche Gauthier

    I’m 24 I’ve been singing since I could talk I would like to be a main character on one or two of your shows. It will be a great experience for me and will help me with my singing please call me <hidden from public> 

  4. Rosemary

    Hi my name is Rosemary Bagaric, i’m 13 years old from Victoria, Australia. I have always wanted to be an actress since i can remember. I got the lead role in grade 2 and i instantly fell in love with acting. Acting on disney channel would be in my craziest, wildest dream and if i got the chance i could be so, so, so happy! I can also sing, play the drums and the piano. I always make movies or little performances that my cousins and I perform. And I guess what is left to say acting is my dream I don’t care if you made me wear a potato bag and have me run around like a monkey. I will put my heart and effort into this. Thanks Rosie xoxo

  5. Dajanie Burnett

    I really love this show alot this show shows that if you believe in believe in your friends your dreams are already there this show is really cool in I would love to be apart of the disney channel family my name is Dajanie I am unique I sing I dance I act I love music alot this would be great way to show there world bout new inspiring talent

    – Height 5’4
    – Age 16
    – weight 120
    – birthday june 28
    – thanks hopefully I join the Disney family ♡

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