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  1. april b

    . I like to sing and dance and I’m 11 years old. I’m quirky and I kind ofish like an adrenaline rush!!!! Thanksemail meeee



  3. Queen

    Hi my name is Queengirl but everyone calls me Queen I’m 13 years old I love austin and ally I’ve been watching it since I can remember I would like to be on on the show because I’m very active out going ready for anything that comes my way and the show really inspires me the show tells me that you liking your boy best friend is ok and I enjoy the show it’s the best

  4. Aleemyoung

    Yes I want to be on Austin and Ally

  5. tailhades

    Hi !

    My name is marie i am 19 years old i am passionate vocals since i have 10 years i took singing lessons and there this year i’ll me subscribe to the AICOM (International Academy for Musical) i’m really passionate about this universe i’m a fan of the series austin and Ally and will be an honor to work with this team ! this year i dedicate myself to music i have plenty of draft and i would like to be part of that one ! i am motivated more than ever ! i wish also to live a unique experience with actors, discover this musical universe and i hope that i will make party !

    thanks for everything !


  6. jayvon

    hello my name is Jayvon and i think you should pick me to be on Austin and ally because i have a great talent and i am not afraid to show it, my talent is acting and dancing i think i would be good for this season of Austin of ally and i am most certainly not shy i promise i am not shy i really do want to express my talent and show it to the world i would be a good influence to others out there who also would like to express themselves so you can definitly depend on me to do the job please consider me doing the job thank you for your time.

  7. Ekponoabasi

    Hi, am Ekponoabasi and am a really big fan of Austin and Ally. It would be a great honour to work on the set of austin and ally. I hope i get even though its one episode but it would be really great if i get it. I actually love singing and dancing , i cant think of a day i never danced no matter how short it is and the same goes for singing as well. I really hope i get in.

  8. Maritza Sandoval

    Hello. I’m Maritza Sandoval. I’m going to be 12 on November 21. I really want to be on Disney channel it’s been a life long dream since I’ve been around 5-6 years old. I really love austin and ally. I love to sing. I love Laura Marano. And Ross Lynch to <3 <3 :) Please I would LOVE to be on it. At least one episode. Thanks. My # is <hidden from public> .

  9. Eric Martinez

    Hi my name is Eric Martinez and I’m 14 years old I wanted to be an actor when I was small. I know. You probably get this a lot biut I would really really want to be apart of Austin. and Ally. Well I hope you do pick me

  10. Anastasia

    My name is Anastasia. I am 9,10 in December. I am interested in starting my acting career. I have been a fan of Austin and Ally since the 1st episode. I have blonde hair, blue/green eyes. I am a funny,outgoing girl who loves to perform! I enjoy making people laugh and I love to sing. I have wanted to be a singer/actor since I was 5.

  11. Alicia Velasquez

    I am 13 years old. I love to sing and i know piano. I love this show and i know all the songs. Call me at <hidden from public> . I live in horn lake mississippi. Plzz give me a chance.

  12. asia ogletree

    Hi my name is asia i absoloutely love acting and singing and i also really love austin and ally, i love the cast of the show becux they are super awesome and enthusiastic and ive always wanted to be on austin and ally and meet the cast becux there just so awesome and it looks really fun to be on the show.
    I also think disney channel is the best channel ever.

    Info about me…
    Name: asia
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: dark brown
    Birth date: october 8, 2001
    Hobbies: singing, dancing, acting, flexability
    -asia ogletree
    Hope u like it
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: dark brown

  13. Baileigh

    Hi my name is baileigh I am 11 1/2 years old I have benn singing ever since I could talk when I feel down or sad singing makes me happy it’s a really strong feeling that you should hold in too! I would love to be apart of disney channels Austjn and Ally I live the show and everything about it! It’s been my dream to become famous and get to meet all the wonderful other actors!

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