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  1. Siarra Rayne

    Hello, my name is Siarra Rayne, I am Caucasian, Indian, German and Italian, I’m 5’4 and I am from Michigan. I’m a 15 year old teenage girl that is wanting to make a career out of acting, I’ve been trying to get a role in movies/shows since I was 10 years old, I’m very interested in trying to get a role in this movie.
    Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this!

  2. Alex Santoyo

    I am a fifth grader and it’s been my dream to be apart of a us in ally every since I started watching the show. I’m a very good actor and I think I have a pretty good singing voice and I dance in my room when I’m bored. And I think Ross lynch is cool an I would love to work with him. Thanks. Just send me an email if you think I can be on the show. Here Is My Email. <hidden from public>

  3. subena richards

    Hello ! My name is subena richards, I am 16 and I have moved to Atlanta. I am orginaly from England, London and I have watched Disney Channel ever since it was aired ! I have a divalicious, wonderfull and supportive attitude with extreally eccentric and sassy style. I can dance and sing and I believe I will be a perfect candidate because I am confident, supportive and not to mention I have a great British voice that stands out which would be super duper amazing! I love to work as a team and also as an independent, I know this will be an amazing opportunity as I can now experience the American lifestyle and it’s wonderfull people !

    <hidden from public>

  4. Alexis

    Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m from Illinois and I don’t have experience with acting but I would really love the opportunity and chance.
    gender: female
    height: 6’1
    age: 14 soon to be 15
    skin: white
    ethnicity: white and Puerto Rican
    hair: really curly
    hair color: brown
    eye color: brown
    weight: around 185-195
    Additional info: I played basketball, im trying out for the volleyball team this upcoming school year and maybe try basketball out again. I have a B average and im just really excited to get an experience!!

  5. Jacob Tobin

    My name is Jacob Tobin I live in Orlando Florida and I am looking to be on my favorite disney show Austin and Ally
    I am 13 years old
    I’m in 7th grade going on 8th grade
    And I was looking to impress all of my friends by having the opportunity on being in Austin and Ally
    I could act and everything I just can’t sing I hope you choose me on Austin and Ally my email address is <hidden from public> please give it a try

  6. Steven Ulch

    I have been in Theatre for 1 year now. I have done 4 plays with 6 different roles. Characters I have acted out range from 2 featured roles, and 4 supporting roles. I am looking to add to me experience and expand my horizons.

  7. Chelsie Lee

    Hey. I’m chelsie and I’m 15 years old:) I’ve been interested in acting and modeling and things such as that. I don’t have experience but I’d love even to just be an extra. Thanks.

  8. Kailey Klahn

    Hello my name is Kailey and I go by K~Bug I am fun and funky loving and very sweet! I am a 5th grader with straight A’s! I am very involved in my community and school sports! I play softball wrestling (yes a Girl can wrestle) cheerleading and volleyball! I listen to direction very well and give everything 100% and Never give up! I don’t have much experience with this but I am always eager to learn new things and meet new people! I have been told that I am the candle in the crowd and that people are drawn to my personality ! I’m always up for a new challenge no matter how impossible it may seem and think this would be a great possibility for me! I have starred in many school plays typically landing the lead role! I’m not afraid to stand up in front of a crowd and let my light shine! I am 11 yrs old and am very mature for my age and would be a great asset to your company!!! Thank you for reading!

  9. Chelsea

    I’m interested in a role in Austin and Ally. I’ve watched it from the beginning. Getting to work with such talented actors would be amazing. I work very well in a team and I get along well with people. I’ve been told I can sing also.

  10. Gabrielle Serrano

    Hi Disney Channel the reason I am asking to get into a Disney show is because I think that it would be a great chance to make new friends and it could be a new lifestyle for me and my family. I am 12 years old and I think that I would be happy as just an extra if you have enough important roles. Thank you for reading my reply and I hope you consider me as one of your choices.

  11. Kevin latore

    Hi good night my name is kevin latore i am a 16 year old experience actor and singer who lives in kingston jamaica and i would be honoured to be be apart of austin &ally season 4. Please help me make my dreams come true thank you very much.

  12. sammar fawaz

    I am interested. I have both acting and modeling experience. Been in a commercial. I am really interested in being apart of this hit TV show.

  13. Viridiana Espinoza

    I’m 15, live in Denver,Co
    I also have a twin
    We sometimes get along but if we don’t its war.
    Don’t have any acting experience but Ill work very hard on whatever
    Role is given to me.
    I’m a very generous person and an opend minded. I would love it if I got a role.

  14. evette

    hi im Evette.
    I’ve always been interested in acting and singing. I also play tons of sports. I have been offered a spot in John Robert Powers company but i was kind of nervous for all the auditions but I’m sure now and i know that i would be a great person to film on disney chanel. I also do really good in school a’s and b’s. I am a very fun and friendly person to be around. I can have an attitude but i am really nice and bubbly. I have been to many streamings of disney shows so i get a look on how your shows work I’ve been to girl meets world liv and maddie and i didn’t do it

  15. Elysse Byer

    Hi my name Elysse Byer, I love Disney and I love pretending I am a character on the show here is some information about me:
    I love Disney, I have tried out all my school plays. I was a main character on our schools Disney musical of Mulan last year. I have been acting ever since I can remember. I have been singing since I was five. My inspiration is Sabrina Carpenter, Rowan Blanchard and Peyton List.
    I live in Sydney Australia but have no problem travelling the world to fulfil my dream of becoming an actress. This Would be a huge opportunity for me and I would treasure it forever.
    Age: 13, 3/5/02
    hair: dirty blonde or brown with natural blonde highlights.
    eyes: Hazel
    Live: Sydney
    I love music an acting

  16. Brandon

    hi my name is brandon wygal and i love austin and ally i watch it all the time its oin right now and i would love to be a pat of this season because i love this show

    my height is 5’10
    my weight is 374 lbs
    hair color is black
    eye color is blue
    willing to change hair color if needed
    my favorite thing to do is sing im no good at it but i love to sing.

  17. Chanel

    Hello I’m Chanel I’ve never had really much acting experience but I have loved Disney channel my whole life and it would mean so much to me if I get to be on Disney channel it would be a dream come true especially on Austin and ally facts about me are

    I’m 11 (12 in September)

    I love Disney

    I hate wearing jeans

    I love pretending I’m on shows and acting like those characters

  18. Shynn

    Hey! The name’s Shynn and I absolutely LOVE Austin & Ally! Especially the episode with Owen flying out of his cage and Dez being stuck on a date with this girl named Mindy! It’s hilarious. I’m an Asian from Singapore, my friends say I have an American Accent, and they also say I sing quite well! I love writing my own lyrics, and it’d be a dream come true to be part of Austin & Ally! Email me if I ever get the part! -Shynn

  19. Jane Gorman

    My name is jane Gorman. I am a out going girl! I love to talk and dance around. I have been a fan of this show. I love acting and hope to be on tv! I am Asian and have black eyes and brown hair. I am 5′ 1
    I am 90 pounds
    I have glasses and braces but I am getting braces of and contacts!
    I hope I get the part!

  20. cameron lee amesquita

    Name:Cameron Lee Amèsquitą
    Eye color: my eyes are kind of cool they change
    During my mood ex. Brown happy blue exicited
    Hair:blue black
    Hobbies:basketball,football and soccer.when I’m not doing this
    I love singing in my room
    I won first place in my one act play and best actress
    I hope you really like my bio and I get the audition it would
    Mean the world to me if I did.And if I do I would thank radio Disney
    For the rest of my life.

  21. Allison McDonald

    It would be a dream come true to perform on Disney Channel. I have been dancing professionally for six years and have danced for the Walt Disney Company. Dancing or acting on Disney Channel would be the ultimate dream job!

  22. Monica Santa Cruz

    Hello , my name is Monica Santa Cruz . I understand thousands of people would want this opportunity , but not everyone can have it . I know it will be hard to choose but I would be absolutely grateful for this opportunity due to hard times at home because of income . I’m tired of seeing my family struggle and I believe by one opportunity like this can change it all for my family here at home .

  23. Kat

    Hi, I’m Katarina and am a Canadian 12 year old that loves to act and model and sing! I absolutely love all Disney Channel and it would my dream to adleast be in one show! I have lots of experience as Vancouver, auditions and many more! I don’t live in Vancouver but alberta! I started when I was 6 and have been in love ever since! If yoy ever need an experienced client please let me now!

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