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  1. Dayeshka

    Hi my name is dayeshka.I am 8 years old.I have gold and brown hair.I have brown eyes.I love to sing and dance and act.I go to dance class.I am a good dancer.I am at singing and dream Is to be a acters and a singer and dancer.oh and I am a girl.I love the austin and ally.

  2. Jasmina

    Hello. My name is Jasmina and I am a 14 year old teenager who loves acting. Acting is my passion since I was little. I have watched Austin and Ally all the way through and I love it! I play on the ukulele and I had acting experieces before, for example I performed in theatre for about 2 years. This opportunity would mean the absolute world to me! Please make my dreams come true! Thank You for reading. Jasmina.

  3. Sarah

    My name is Sarah, and I’m 12 years old turning 13 in July. People say I look and act a lot older than I really am. I’ve never been to acting school or in any plays, but I want to audition for this. I can sing, and I think I can act as long as I have a script. And I say think because I don’t believe my family. Family always tells you what you want to hear. I’m shy but I can overcome that if it means I get to audition for this.
    I’ve always wanted to be an actress. Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are my inspirations.
    I’m white, 5ft 6inches tall, green eyes and some shade of (medium length) brown hair.
    I live in Illinois and don’t have a lot of money so I hope it’s not to expensive to do this.
    Thanks for at least considering me,

  4. Faithangilina Scott

    Hello, I am Faithangilina Scott. Some people call me faith. I am a 11 year old white female. I am so excited to actually be trying to get an acting career. And I hope that I can be apart of the Austin and Ally show because I love this show so much. I love music. I know how to play the recorder. Contact me if you have an open spot or something! Keep being great Ross and Laura!!

  5. Katlyn

    I am a girl. Brown hair. 10. black eyes. Tall. Part american. Part chinese. Loves Disney.Watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Loves to sing. Loves to act. plz email me if you get this PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ

  6. Ronysha m.

    hi,my name is ronysha m. and i would like to participate on this show.i would even be grateful to be on DISNEY CHANNEL.the reason i want to be on this show is because i want to start a positive route to my career not just as a fashion designer but also as an young actress.i am 12 and petite and i am currently 4’8 and i would love to meet celebrities and get to know last reason for acting on austin and ally is because i want to lean how to become a successful actress and come out of my very little shyness and this would help me express my feelings trough my talent and help me come out my comfort zone and try new things.

    thank you, and it would be wonderful to accept this opportunity.

  7. collin muhirwa

    Hello my name is Collin Muhirwa I am a 17 year old black male who would love the opportunity to be apart of the Austin and Ally crew.

  8. Rearabiloe Bhala

    Name -Rearabiloe
    Nickname – Trigger
    Birthday -27 November 2000
    Talent -public speaking, singing
    Hair Colour -Black
    Eye Colour -Brown
    Born and Raised Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
    Race -African

    Pliz take this into consideration

  9. Brianna mason

    Hi my name is Brianna and the reason I should be on Austin and ally is because I have watched that show sences ep1 season1 and I have done theater work and acting classes I can sing ok at dance and the biggest reason is because it would be a dream come true I live in Wa an my phone number is <hidden from public> pleases pick me and u won’t be disappointed trust me hope to work with u soon
    Thank u

  10. Etheldra Mays

    Hello Disney casting crew I have a ten year old who’s interested in the opportunity to be on Disney. She been interested in Disney auditions for awhile she’s motivated, eager, and ready to explore her unseen talent to the world. She never had any acting classes or a coach her acting skills are just natural. Her name is Raven she always ask me to sign her up for Disney auditions. I really would like you’ll to give Raven a chance to show her talent to you’ll, you may feel free to contact me by email listed above. Thanks in Advance for the opportunity..

  11. Sarah wilcher

    Hi I am well, Sarah wilcher
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnic: Native American ,Dutch,German,Irish,and half Korean
    Skin tone : perfect tan (naturally)
    Age :11
    Height :5 feet
    Weight : 92 pounds
    Hair: 4 feet long and golden brown
    I am a singer with a coach .i play drums,piano,violin,recorder,and learning/medium guitar.
    I am a song writer my dad is a musician he used to produce dub boys records. I have experience with acting . I had a family tragedy at age 5 my nicest sister/best friend died slowly and pain fully.
    I play sports such as, volleyball,basketball,soccer,tae-know-doe,baseball,golf,Tennesse,bat mitten,football,and cheerleading.i am very energetic and persistent I have starred in most if not all of my sports and talent shows . I have a history of trophies 5 gold medals and 6 honor rolls (all a’s and b’s). I go to a gifted and talented school sidener academy ,a blue ribbon school ,top school out of public school in indiana /good as a private school only more hard work. I live in Indianapolis,Indiana. I have been selected for all but, one art competitions at my school and old school out of 300 students. Also I Live in Indianapolis, Indiana.frankily I like warm weather.

  12. Patricija

    Hello, my name is Patricia. I want to be an actress for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I was a part of drama club. I also dance since I was 4 or 5 – used to train, now just in free time. I also trained gymnastics for a couple of years. I live in Slovenia and there is not a lot of options, not even oportunities, so I am hoping to get a part in some movie or series to ”get out” of the country so I hope to hear from you.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5″3
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: brown
    Experience: little
    Weight: 53kg
    Origin: Slovenia
    Living in: Maribor, Slovenia
    I’m finishing highschool in 2 months

    Hope I get the role!
    If I convinced you or you need more info please contact me via email address

  13. Alexandrea Evangelista

    Oh my g!! Hi!! I’m a huge fan of Austin & Ally. I know a lot of their episodes and also their biography!! I really wanted to be a part from it because my dream is to become a shining actor of Disney and i’ll do whatever it takes just to be a part from it. I know how to act, sing and dance. My hobby is singing.
    Thank you :)

  14. Michelle Atieno

    Hi my name is Michelle
    I am 15 years of age.
    Born 31st August 1999
    I am 5’6
    I am black
    I would love to be apart of Austin and ally. Hopefully you can give me a chance to share my talent with you.

    :) :) :)

  15. Raeann Murillo

    Name: Raeann Murillo
    Age: 9
    Height: 4’3″
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Copper (red) (Long)

    Hi, My name is Raeann, I from New Mexico. I am extremely, interested and excited about your casting call. I am dependable and a very quick learner. I have an amazing GREAT ATTITUDE about everything in life. I am not shy, I have a large voice or quiet voice and I am beautiful inside and out. I would bring happiness, fun, laughs and joy to the show in any character I would play. I am a very big fan of Austin & Ally. I will watch for updates.

  16. Keyshawn Allen

    Hello Disney, MY name is Keyshawn and im 14 years old from Florida. I can sing and dance and also, i write song lyrics. I alway dreamed of being on a Disney channel show. You can contact me at <hidden from public> 

  17. Victoria campos

    Hi my name is victoria campos and im 18 years old i really am interested in being part of austin &ally season 4 casting its my dream to get the role of austin & ally im been doing acting at my high school plays and i been doing talents shows if you have any thing for me please be free to call me or text me at <hidden from public> or email me <hidden from public> ill be waiting for this dream to happen thank you

  18. Lasyah Nichols

    Hi…I think I would be perfect for Austin and Alley! I’m 11, and the camera loves me. I’m also pretty tall for my age. My doctor said I’ll probably he at least 5’9 (model status)

  19. Louie Flaugher

    Hi my name is Louie Flaugher I am 14 and I love to sing and act I have been wanting to be apart of Disney Channel for awhile now I’ve always wanted to have that experience from Disney Channel before I get my start anywhere else because Disney is so amazing and so funny I have not been in any other Movie or T.V show and it would be awsome to be apart of my own show or even a guest star. I wish I could meet the cast of any Disney Channel show but if I could meet or be a guest star on one show it would be Girl Meets World and I really want to meet SABRINA CARPENTER she is so amazing and my second choice would be Austin and Ally and I really want to meet ROSS LYNCH he is also amazing and an awsome singer so is Sabrina Carpenter I wish I could be as good as them some day so thank you for giving me the chance to have this special opportunity to be apart of your guy’s wonderful family.

  20. Amelia Cunningham

    Hi, my name is Amelia Cunninghamn and I LOVE DISNEY CHANNEL.I would love to play a part in Austin&Ally BECAUSE Laura Morono is by idol.I have been acting since I was 4 years old and I will be taking professional singing lessons very soon.I am 9 years old and I will be turning 10 in May of 2015.So I hope you consider me for a role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!

  21. Linh Le

    My phone number <hidden from public> 
    Hello , my name is Linh Le and I would love to be a part of this , it is like a dream came true. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Disney Channel even though I’m 15 years old. My desire is to be a singer , an actor , and a model . Although , I don’t have any experience BUT that doesn’t stop me from trying out. This is my dream and I hope that this might be a chance for me to show people what I can really do . Please , give me a call

  22. Israel Davison

    Hey Disney Channel my name is israel davison i am 15yrs old and i can sing and dance i want to be part of disney channel and be on a tv show if you are interested in me please message me at my email

  23. Brian Harrington

    Hi Disney channel my name is Brian Harrington I live in Ireland but I was actually born in America. I am 13 years old and I am in secondary school or as u call it high school. I have blonde hair and brown eyes and I’m a bit small. I have loads of experience of acting I have been in loads of famous plays in Ireland like titanic,Annie,Oliver twist and Ghost the musical. I was also in a series of Roy which is a famous comedy in Ireland I left cause of a family matter. By the time I went back they cut off my character. Anyway I love if you gave me an opportunity on Austin and Ally it would start my career off for me again. I love Austin and Ally I watched very single episode and series of it and recorded very single one. I would do anything to work with Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez they are spectacular actors and actresses maybe the best in Disney channel. With Austin and Ally together since series 3 and now in series 4 I would love to get in on the action. I hope you pick me for the new series cause Ross Lynch is like my role model he inspired me to play guitar and brake dance if you pick me or don’t please let me know on my contact number thank you Brian

  24. Rashad Bailey

    Howdy! I’m Rashad. I’m 24 from Texas! ( If you can’t tell lol). I am very unique,diverse, and versatile. I am of mixed descent (African American with a mix of other ethnicities).I already have a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and am currently working on my Masters of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. It is no walk in the park but I have a “never give up” attitude that sets me apart from others. I have always wanted to be an actor and have been a disney kid since birth and still to this day watch disney channel, and I’m proud to admit it!I took martial arts lessons as a child and am musically inclined along with a host of other talents from horseback riding to sports to being multi-linguistic. Did I mention I have a great sense of humor and have been told I am very charismatic and the “life of the party”! =)

  25. skylar

    Hi I am Skylar I am 10 years old I have no experience acting I can move my body in different ways wich is kind of CREEPY but I’m very flexible I go to fairland rec for gymnastics if you ever get a chance to read this wich you probably won’t choose me! Only if you want to

  26. Erin Edwards

    I am a determined 12 year old girl, my name is Erin Edwards. I am 5’1″, dark brown long hair. I would love to be blessed to have the opportunity to act along side some of my favorite actors. I am currently in acting classes.

  27. Shelby Coleman


    My name is Shelby Coleman im 13 and Live In The state with some of the worlds greatest Snow Utah!

    I was getting ready to start auditioning for movies and tv shows in 2011 but then tragedy struck my family. My dad passed away, he had cancer for most of his married life and was fianlly cancer free when he got a blood infection and was sent to the hospital where he sadly passed away after 12 days of suffering.

    When i was younger i would always put on shows for my mom, dad, and younger brother and they would always record me, it was just like being famous! Ever since i was about 4 or 5 i have wanted to be an actress or singer. I would always joke with my mom & dad and say “Mommy & Daddy one day i’ll be just like Hannah Montana and ill get lots of money and put on lots of shows and make everyone smile.” Even though im 13 now almost 14 one of greatest dreams since childhood is to an actress. I don’t just want to be in one movie or tv show i want to continue throughout my life.

    I have a very very good memory sometimes my mom can’t believe what i still remember from childhood. I have never been in a tv show or movie but i have been in many plays and musicals. I love to dance and sing and i took drama my first year in junior high And I LOVED it! I just want to grow up with a job my dad would be proud of me for having. He used to say to me “work hard and your dreams can come true” i believe that statement so much and i hope it can be right:)

    I look at you disney stars like Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard and think to myself “Man what the life, i wish i was them” and also stars like Zac Efron, he started small in hsm and became a huge sensation! I just want to be like them.

    Im 13 ill be 14 In August
    Im about 5’1
    I love to sing, dance & of course act.
    I have shoulder length brown hair
    Blue Eyes.
    I just got my braces off so yay for straight teeth!
    And I hope I can get from nowhere to soemwhere big and become someone the world knows.
    the experience is always better than the money

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