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  1. chevon

    hello i am a 28 years old black woman who loves to model i am 5’9 and have been modeling for some time now i just recently just moved from a small twon name toledo ohio to follow my dream now i live in florida so far with this move i have gave up a lot but when it comes to my dream i dont mind. i love walking the run way and showingthe the world different types of beauty. weight: 156
    hair: black
    eyes: brown
    skin: black

  2. barbara

    Hello,my name is Barbara I’m from Vallejo Ca I’m 26years old weight 127lbs height 5’9 Email:<hidden from public> I am very interested in participating in Americas Next Top Model Auditions I know I have what it takes modeling is a pashion for me ,taking pictures is Art its brings out a part of life that u don’t talk about I’m very fierce, sassy,soft all of thee above I’m very strong mineded and a fighter I know I have what it takes most definitely!!!!!!!

  3. Makea Cornelius

    135 lbs
    23 yrs old
    5’9″ Tall
    35, 34,40
    Hello, My Name Is Makea. It Seems Like Every Since I can Remember I Have Been Watching ANTM. It Inspired Me And I Want The Chance To Pursue My Dreams As America’s Next Top Model. I Want The Opportunity So Bad But Where I’m From Your Lucky If You Make It Outside Of Poverty And The Violence. I’m Tired Of The Limitations I Have Been Given And I’m Ready To Make My Mark In This World And I Know If I Give It My Best, I Will Be ANTM.

  4. Alex Jamal

    Alex Jamal , Syrian & Armenian, Aspiring model from the Lehigh Valley Area. Age 18, 5’10”, 165lb.
    Modeling is something typically everyone wants to do, having a passion and dream for it is what really makes the model a model. -Alex Jamal
    Facebook: Alex Jamal
    Instagram: Ayejamall
    Email: <hidden from public>
    *Been wanting to be on the show since it first aired as a child, and now a grown adult with the series still continuing I must be on the show and show america who Alex Jamal really is, a hard working aspiring model & actor.

  5. wayne

    height: 6″5
    nationality : jamaican polish irish german
    age: 23
    location : hollywood CA
    Tattoos : yes
    body: slim

  6. Krystal Cierra


    Hello America! This is Krystal Cierra – Facebook Me
    I have raw hard talent that the modeling/commercial industry are finally ready to get blown away by. I am soul surfer and a lover of the earth with a super charged personality that I love to share. I will kill my opponents with kindness. I have watched this show since it first started and I’ve known that this is my calling. I keep life interesting but hopeful no matter what crazy background history I have gone through. I am a diverse and open minded young woman starting my “Grown and Sexy” phase and you need me on your new cycle of Americas Next Top Model!

    Location: Columbus, OH
    Sex: Female
    Age: 23
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 138
    Body Type: Athletic / Lean
    Hair: Blonde/ Curly or Flat-ironed
    Eyes: Brown
    Completion: Tan / Brown
    Ethnicity: African American / Italian

  7. deven lockhart

    Hi there I’m Deven Lockhart and I’m from prentiss, Ms but I been Living in Dallas Texas for 2 years now. I’m 21, African American, 5’7, and I’m transgener. people probably would describe me as fun happy caring fashion forward humorous free and confident.the reason why I be perfect for cycle 21 is that I know that I can bring something forward far as diversity, and I can help other LGBT individuals feel comfortable with following there dream and being happy.

  8. Keith Engelhardt

    Hello! my name is Keith Engelhardt, you are looking for male models, Well here I am (o: I am 47 year old model and have been modeling for almost 6 years. It’s FUN, EXCITING & BLESSING to be a male model.

    My Stats, Reels, Resume and an Online Lookbook for your convenience are available at:

    >>> Portfolio password is: devilbiss

  9. Lisa Bernard

    My beauty, humor, and spirit appeal to every age. I may not be convinced , but everyone whom is drawn to me says “Im smokin hot”. Its probably true. People say i`m intimidating, but i just want to own the room.

  10. Jazmine

    My name is Jazmine I am 22 years old and I’ve worked my butt off my entire life to get to where I need to be. I finally live in 90210! I’ve always believed in myself and I want this so badly! If given the opportunity I will climb my way to the top!

  11. Jessica Skinner

    I’ll be showing up to auditions in Fayettville, Arkansas this December. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  12. Santasia Taylor

    Hello, my name is Santasia. I have always wanted to do modeling. I want to be able to do something in my life , where my family would be proud of me. I am 5’7, but I am a plus size girl. I want to be able to show other girls who battled with insecurity issues, like myself that they can be just as beautiful. So if I am given this opportunity, I want to show the world what I can bring to the table .

  13. Kemp

    Honestly …….. I gotta get out of this imprisonment of my mind …I gotta shake this fear of being shy …. All my life they said I’m to dark I’m to short to be a model but I feel if everyone got to no me like my family knows me I could make a difference in someone’s life that’s just like me ….. I just need a shot I’m 27 I need one wish and one dream to come true

  14. Amber Lewis

    My name is Amber Lewis
    SEX: female
    AGE: 17
    HEIGHT: 5’2
    WEIGHT: 105
    RACE: African American
    HAIR TYPE: curly
    HAIR COLOR: black
    I’m a singer, actor and model .. I haven’t had that much experience but I’m very confident and good at what I do and I know that I may be a little shorter than the average model but I bring a lot to the table . Beautiful smile , clean and clear skin , great listener , confidence , long legs , nice style , good attitude and a lot more ! Getting to audition would be a dream come true and I will do any and everything to accomplish my dreams !

  15. vejay Mason

    My name is vejay mason and I think I will be perfect for this season of Americas Next Top Model. I’m 5’9 1/2 and I’m 24 years old. I know that’s a little older to be start modeling, but I’m perfect. I’m a young confident, determine young lady. I’ve always love the thought of being a model. Every since I was a little girl people has always told me I should model. I mean it always seem like its was something I would like to do, but was never given the opportunity. And I’m telling you oxygen, Tyra whoever if I get opportunity like this I’m going to make it worth it!! So if your looking did something new fresh wonderful I’m your girl!!

  16. damascus williams

    My name is Damascus Williams.Im 25 always wanted to be a model. I always watch americas next top and I love Tyra Banks. she’s my favorite model I was always told I could model

  17. shanicka kinnard

    Hey my name is Shanicka Kinnard. Im 21 years young! Im 5’7 I weight 119 pounds! Im very slender.I enjoy life and construct the constructive criticism given about my life. Why I should be considered? I have a stunning personality,my confidence is concrete and I have the most potential to become the perfect model. My flaws are better than my beauty and I love it. my toes are ugly and I don’t have beautiful teeth but I am a beautiful person and perfect candidate. I want to prove my mother wrong,because she told me “You would never amount to anything no matter how hard you try” and being told I cant do something builds me faster and better than anything.So I just sit and question myself “why shouldn’t I ?

  18. Lorena Martinezs

    Hellow my name is Lorena Martinez I’m 22 years old
    my height is 4’10’ and i weight 107 i know I’m very short but just love the idea of modeling and i would love to represent short girls and prove that short girls also have talent:)

  19. Tyriana Terrell

    Hey Tyra Banks I know this show is only for people 18 + but i was thinking you can do a kids edition! For next season’s episode! Thank-you hope you consider my opinion!!!!!

  20. Miriam

    I’m Miriam from New Orleans Louisiana and I’m an aspiring model I am getting no where in this city I’m looking forward to good news and I’m willing to work my butt off to be Americas next top model.

  21. Alexis Jack

    Hello I’m Alexis jack , from Manhattan New York , I am a black girl!! I stand 5’9 & 120 pounds , I’m Lightskin . Short cut hair style . I think I’m perfect for this . Because I work hard and this is my dream , every person I meet tells me I should be a model . I really do wanna model & be the next Tyra Banks!!!!!!

  22. Laquasha

    My name is Laquasha, I have always been passionate about modeling. Being from a small, country town in SC, there aren’t any oppurtunites. America’s Next Top Model is my favorite show. I have always been inspired by Tyra Banks! This has always been a dream for me and even though it seems like I let to much time pass, I’m still determined. Why should I be selected? I have a great personality, outgoing, determined. I do well with getting critique, there is always room growth in each and everything we do.

  23. alexie

    My Name is Alexie
    i’m an aspiring model, actress, singer-song writer. I’m from Houston Texas where, “Stars are Born” & if i’m chosen i would reassure you that i would deliver the up most best!
    HT- 5’5
    skin tone- chocolate
    eye color- brown
    hair color- black/brown

  24. Douglas Bonner

    Hello my Names is Douglas Bonner.Im a inspiring male model and i would love to be apart of this show

  25. Jose Castaneda

    How about a new 21st edition unique Americans next top model season. By that I mean having unique stuff like for example smaller guys I would Love to be a part of this, and open opportunities and doors for those short people to be models! And on top of that I’m latino born in Mexico but raised in the United States. I would love to open doors and opportunities for short males, Mexicans (Latinos), and gay males. Those are the main 3 biggest problems here in the U.S today in 2014. I am a 22 years old gay male and my height is 5 feet 5 inches. I would love this opportunity and you wouldn’t regret making this choice. Let’s make a change and be a proud community with equality. Thank you! :)

  26. Shaparis Mims

    Hi my name is shaparis I’m 20 and I wanna be considered because I always looked up to models and I wanna prove to myself that I am beautiful and that I can be a model even if I’m short

  27. Katie

    America’s Next Top Model should have another season for short and/or plus sized girls! I’d love to apply!!

  28. rickeshia blackmon

    Hi my name is rickeshia blackmon im 21 this is my dream passion i live for this everyday i love taken pic of myself everyday im 5’4 i weigh 125pounds i know im short but i have alot of confidence in myself i know for a fact i can do 10times better has the tall models trust me when yall choose yall wot reget it and my email is <hidden from public>

  29. Ka'Ron Bryant

    Age: 19 ( Almost 20 )
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 166lbs
    Waist: 32″
    Body type: Slim
    HAIR COLOR: Black
    EYE COLOR: Dark brown
    SKIN TONE: dark brown

    Hi, I’m Ka’Ron. I’m a college student at Wright State University. I’m majoring in Nursing because i love helping people. I’m a very athletic person, I swam & ran Track & Field in High School. I want to be the next top model because you don’t usually see tall slim slinky 6’4″ men modeling. With my personality and my determination to be the best that I can possible be i know that I will be the next America’s Next Top Model

  30. sadracke

    hello my name is sadracke 24 and modeling is my passion
    i stand 6 feet tall and 175 pound im from cameroon and i speak french.
    when it comes to modeling i definitely bring something new and different to the table

  31. laporsha

    Hello my name is Laporsha lowe I’m 23 I jave four kids I have dreamed of modeling since I can remember but cause of yhe fact that I have lost everyone close to me I havr no support system beside s my kids n there dad I lost my mom last year n every since I just destin to be successful in life I lost my self as a woman but I just want young women to kno life isn’t over cus we have kids these r our motivation to have more to do more in life I get told at least once a day in public areas how beautiful I am I smile say thank I but inside I feel like a troll I just wanna kno I’m beautiful even as a mother we to can be models

  32. Ashley doherty

    I wish they would have another show for short beautiful girls like me ,Ashley Doherty ,Asheville nc

  33. Nautica

    I’m sixteen I’m African American I’m cool, bright, smart I’m have a dream to become a model that’s always been my dream, I live in Detroit MI, I’m 5″9 I weight 120 I have Brown eyes, black hair, I know what to do when I get in front of a camera. Don’t you wanna see a girl dream come true. I would love to have the opportunity to live my dream!!!!! :-)

  34. Ryon Trcka

    I would be great for this show because I not only would offer a distinguishable and different good looking appearance for modeling but I would also be a model for good morals and christianity which brings great inner beauty that enhances outer looks. I also model hardwork and determination from my own personal and very successful transformation story. Overall just be a model for good. I think I would be the x-factor or game changer or least of all be someone different. I would be a very interesting and eye catching contestant.
    Im 6’2″ 195 lbs
    Dark brown hair and blue eyes
    I have a great build and I have the ability to gain or lose weight as needed easily.

    You definitely would not be dissappointed to give me the opportunity. Please contact if anything is needed.

  35. isha

    Height 5’5″ age 20 weight 52 kgs bust 32 weist 26 hips 34.i want to be the Americas next top model coz i am born for modelling.i enjoy it and live it.i haave a walk to die for

  36. Katlego

    I would love to be part of the show and i know my odds of winning would be good but I am not an american. :(

  37. Spenquez Stringer

    Hello, my name is spenquez Stringer. Im 23 years old and will not be 24 until July 16th. Im 5’9, 155lbs and athletic/toned body type. Love to stay in shape and eat right. Ive been modeling since 2010. When I first stated, I placed 2nd runner-up in a model call and has never been turned around. Not bragging but I know what I want and know what I was born to do. Modeling is my life and would have a photoshoot everyday if I could. Everytime im around a camera or camera phone, I pose for the camera. Ive been watching Americas Next Time model ever since I was a little guy…I love it, love the ppl and challenges. I know I can do it and would love to give it a shot. Please email me if you need more info. Thanks.

  38. Kyairra Johnson

    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3-5’4
    Race: African American
    Hair: Short Very
    Eyes: Brown
    my life): Writing Music , Rap , Sing(try), Skateboarding
    Contact :
    Dream: To achieve all my goals while im young

    My name is Kyairra C. Johnson,
    my communication is great I have been told my personality is very cool and laid back. I am a hard worker as well as understanding. Things I love Music ,Poetry Skateboarding (9 years) ,Photography, Journalism, Architecture, Video Production, Working out, Writing Songs , Cooking and Baking. So as you can see I like a wide variety of things that I will love to do and have a specialization in. I am a fast learner and I can keep up with what ever’s thrown at me.
    the motto “Learning is Earning , Never chase the money , chase something else and the money will come.” I have constant self-motivation, knowledge, and looking for many opportunities

  39. shawntay

    Im always told simple things such as , ” u have a greatness about u ” . And its that simple.

  40. Krystal

    Somehow i always miss when you guys come here. My name is Krystal, and i would love to be
    apart of this. I haven’t had any big jobs, so this would be an experience of a lifetime. I love to make jokes and have
    fun, but i also have a serious side. I don’t
    have a large amount of experience, but I’m
    willing to learn. I’m not asking for a hand out,
    I’m just asking for a chance. Here is a link to
    my website Thank
    you have a nice night.

  41. Josefine Ahlin

    Hi, my name is Josefine and i’m 16. I’m a model from sweden. I would love to be a part of this! I love modeling and always have.
    Height: 169cm

  42. martina matthews

    Hi my name Martina I’m 5’6 I’m 30years young a proud single mom from the inner city if Chicago Illinois modeling is something I always had a passion for but nerve really tried it and I still have a passion for it being a single mom I always ask my kids what they wanna be when they grow up and when they tell I always you can be it just get a education and never give up on your dreams and I think like I tell my kids to chase their dream but put minds on hold for not believing in myself I know that I can do it because it’s something I think about everyday so if I had the chance I will do my best and make my family proud with the accomplishment I’m working to make because I’m a winner and winners never quit

  43. cedric shaffier jr

    Heylo .Im Cj Or Cedric I Am 6’4 And In Shape And Ive Always Dreamed Of Being A Model And I Simply Just Need A Way To Do This ..And Why Not Try Out For This Awesome Show ..I Love It And I Know You Guys Will Love Me :D …And I Know Ill Win

  44. Krystal Morales

    Hello! Not sure if anyone reads these but I will try anyway. My name is Krystal and I am a 21 year old that’s currently living in Salinas, Puerto Rico. I’m roughly about 5’10 and weigh 150 pounds. I’m also a bit on the curvy side. I can’t help it I’m latin. I also have a strong jaw line, almond shaped eyes, medium toned skin and exotic features. I also have a good amount of visible tattoo. I know what you’re thinking. So no not on my face, hands or neck. I’m tattooed not crazy! But enough about appearances let me give you a quick peak at who I am. Well I guess I can begin by saying I grew up watching Americas Next Top Model. I was like any other kid sitting in front of the tv set mesmerized by such relatable women who were the living the dream by getting a shot to actually be on top. Every year I’d count down the days until I would actually be old enough to audition. Hearing day in and day out that modeling would be a suitable career for me from complete strangers, photographers, and even scouts. But when the time rolled around adulthood caught up quickly after and it wasn’t really about chasing dreams but rather living out reality. Life was difficult growing up, it was just tragedy after tragedy, and dreams really didn’t seem attainable at the time. But after every storm there’s a rainbow. And its time for me to collect my blessings. And I believe ANTM can be one of them. I’m ready for this experience mentally, spiritually, and physically. An I think Americas ready for me to! Right America! I just need the chance.

  45. kearra brown

    hello my name is kearra I am
    34D bust
    I have been watching antm since I was 14. I love to take pictures and my family says I have a walk to kill for. I know im not that tall but I feel like I can do this. I have been wanting this for so long. I don’t have children I am 22 years old and I just finished school obtaining my cna. I really think I have the potential to win and go far in the industry. I want this so bad if given the opportunity. so please take a chance on me and will show and prove I can do this. I know I am model it is what I was born to be!!!

  46. Autumn George

    I am almost 20 years old and I have been into modeling and fashion since I was 5 years old, I went to a modeling school in 2010 and I also had a Model Mayhem account to model for fun. I have tried to get agents but a lot of it was scams. I love this show I always watch it and I think it is amazing and inspiring. I plan on going to school for fashion designing. I have a lot of self-confidence, I believe I could make it to the top. Even though I am only 5’3 I think height shouldn’t have a limit on writher I can model or not. I also want to strive to do my best in this industry.

  47. Christopher Dent

    Well my name is Christopher Dent but I go by Pariis Brooks Im apart of a drag family and I LOVE modeling i’ve been watching this show since I cant even remember and I love tyra, a lot of people say I remind them of her when it comes to modeling I took a lot of advice from tyra from just watching the show and I feel like im a perfect fit for this show. I always have wanted to audition for this show but as It turns out my dreams cant never come to reality but im not giving up I want to be Americas Next Top Model and I wont die until I become it. This isn’t a hobby this is a passion and I love modeling I feel free in front of the camera, on the runway. I wont stop until im chosen to be on a cycle and win. this is my chance. I am a male but I usual model as a female and if I have to be apart of the males I will do so. but the females might want to watch out cause im versatile.

  48. Armen

    I am the next big thing in the movie industry whether you like it or not if I don’t get picked it’s fine but I’m not gonna sit here and explain my life story cuz I don’t really think that interest you but what I do wanna say Is I put my fears to the side and I’m headed to the moon light if I miss I’ll land among the stars. the industry is blowing up as well as Armenians and as you can tell there’s not that many Armenian actors or celebs besides Kim k I am out for opportunities and I hope I get this one if I don’t get this one is fine life goes on to the next chapter and all I hope for is a chance a chance to prove who I am and what I’m capable of Maybe it’s time to give back what you received a chance it’s life everyone needs one I’m gonna make a change in the industry and a change in my Armenian-cultural I will pass that rough road I will be successful and I will be famous and I will prove everyone that nothing is impossible doesn’t matter what background you are from or how hopeless you are I am the next ⭐️ God bless and happy holidays…..never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about !!!!!!!…

  49. Andi Dunn

    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 135lbs
    Bust: 34″
    Hips: 38″
    Waist: 26″
    Email: <hidden from public>

    Being able to have the chance to prove myself on a show like America’s next top model would be just breathtaking to me. Having each role model judge me and give me constructive criticism to help further myself image and career is something I look forward to the most.
    We all have the potential to be great all we need is that little push to help us out and ANTM would be a great start!

  50. Adrian Karee Smith

    :) my name is Adrian Smith and I want to become America’s next top model. I loved the show I used to watch it as a little girl. Now that I just turned 18 I feel that its my time to shine. So by me being on the show and actually winning is my dream. Im ready to make my dreams come true! So choose me and I will not let you down, I will be the world’s greatest American’s next top model. I will motivate and inspire all girls to chase after their dreams.
    PS: I have a brother who is trying out too his name is Curtis Rice and he will be a good look on the show as well. Consider us please!

  51. Elishea Graves

    I happen to like show because it gives people a chance that they wouldn’t have or would be much harder to get without this show. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I just believe that it’s my time to shine. I went to the audition in Ottawa yesterday and let my nerves get the best of me. I know that I can do it and that this is my shot…I hope that you all see some potential in me and give me another chance so that in the second round I can show you what I’m made of. I should be America’s Next Top Model because of my eagerness to learn and to transform. This is more than a modeling competition to me, it is a way for me to grow and to learn to step out of my comfort zone!!! I know that this show could potentially mode me into something I never thought I could be!!! I would like to wish everyone else the best on their journey as well!

  52. Barbara shelton

    Hello, My name is Barbara Shelton 25years old from Vallejo Bay area Ca 94590 #Height 5’9 #Weight 126Lbs #Waist Size 27 #Nationality Creole im a Mother to a 5year old Boy My occupation I work for Oil Refinerys.I believe that i am a great choice for Americas Next Top Model and I say that. Because I am Ambitious, Motivated very Energetic unstopable ive always wanted to model ive always been great with the camara very photogenic im so Humbled full of life Daring!! Always willing to go for something new, different im a genuine woman I no I have what it takes to become a successful Americas Next Top Model My attitude towards it als crazy because I am beyond ready!!!! So i pray that I get the chance to become the number 1 of Americas Next Top Model Thank you and I hope to hear from someone soon! :)

  53. Jerome Scott

    Sex: Male
    Weight:150 lbs
    Height: 5’8
    Hair: Black (Short)
    Eyes: Brown

    Hi, I’m Jerome. I’m a college student at St.Cloud State University. I’m majoring in Theatre, because I love acting. I’m very passionate about performing arts, whether its dance, acrobatics, or acting. I’m an amazing acrobat, I have been a gymnast all my life, I also performed in a circus called “Circus Juventas” located out in east St.Paul Minnesota, and got an interview with the Star Tribune News Company for being the best acrobat at Circus Juventas. I’m a very athletic person, I have competed in Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, and Cross Country, as well as Gymnastics, and performing in circus. I would be perfect for this show because I have a very cheesy, positive, funny, animated, respectful and mysterious personality. I love making friends, and meeting people, I’m very easy to get along and work with, and I keep a positive attitude about everything, no matter what the situation is.

  54. Amber Lee Saxon

    Amber Lee Saxon
    22 y/o
    hazel/green eyes
    gold/brown hair!/amber.saxon.315

  55. Raul Rodriguez

    I know I’d be a great fit for America’s Next Top Model because I believe it already that I can be that Male Model that will stand up proud and inspire thousands of people. Ever since I was little I would hope that one day male Models would be on that stage…on that runway…on that show, and it’s time to grab on to this opportunity and become America’s Next Top Model!
    I’m local to Palm Springs CA, and I will be there on Decemeber 15th!
    -Raul Rodriguez

  56. Janeene D. Williams

    Hello Everyone

    Name Janeene D. Williams – America’s Old Next Top Model
    Age 44
    Height 5’6
    Weight 120
    Eyes Hazel
    Hair Color Brown
    Race Black
    Hometown Cleveland, Ohio
    Education AA, BA, MBA
    Why not try? If given the opportunity, I think it would be great to be part of America’s Next Top Model.

  57. kelvin collins

    am attractive 5’9 African American male, with a muscular build
    I have a masters degree in business.
    I am very professional with a big personality. I love modeling and help others understand the inefficiencies of the world through humor and visual arts. I am from los angeles and Dallas texas due to my split intermediate family. The value that I add to the show is that I know myself and I am willing and ready to face challenges and take direction as I sharpen my acting skills. I love this show because of the variety of contestants that experience growth in beauty and character through each cycle. My instagram is @perfectly_Hu_Man

  58. Kara Black

    What is the minimum age to audition ?

  59. Nicole

    I’m just a friend trying to help a friend live a dream. She lives 2 hours from Atlanta, and she’s a freelance makeup artist.

  60. JoNathan Rodriguez-Piceno

    Hello, ]

    My name is JoNathan Rodriguez-Picêno i submitted an application to be on the show. wondering when call backs would take place.

  61. Natalya

    height: 5’8
    weight: 118
    body: slim
    race:african american
    hair type: short brown
    skin tone: brown

  62. Natalya

    My name is Natalya, I am 21 years old. I love fashion, modeling and making unique things with clothes shoes etc. I am currently in college for fashion and retail management. I love watching antm on cw i have been watching it since cycle 6. All of the girl had different personalities and body stucture. I believe I can bring new things to this show. I always wanted to become a model and be that new face every little girl or some young lady wants to be! Becoming a model would mean the world to me…..i can show many classmates and family members that it is possible to achieve your dreams and become something real. I would do my hardest and do what ever it takes to become a model and support designers of their clothes. I would not disappoint anyone!

  63. cassandra roman

    My name is Cassandra Roman and I have dreamt about modeling my whole life. This show makes me think that following your dreams can be possible. I was always told that your dreams won’t pay your bills, but I would rather be doing something that I love and be happy then something I hate and be wealthy. I have taken photos with a few different photographers and many of them say that I have passion inside me and thats why they want to shoot again. Let me prove to you and everyone else that I can do this.

  64. Kelvin Collins

    I am an attractive 5’9
    African American male, with a muscular build.
    Age- 27
    Brown eyes
    Great smile straight teeth! lol
    I have a masters degree in business.
    I am very professional with a big personality. I love to act as well as debate and help others understand the inefficiencies of the world through humor and visual arts. I am from los angeles and Dallas texas due to my split intermediate family. The value that I would add to the show is that I know myself and I am willing and ready to face challenges and take direction as I sharpen my acting skills. My instagram is @perfectly_Hu_Man!/kelvin.collins.52

  65. LaQuenal Taylor

    My family has encoureged me to model for years, and I’m finally @ a place mentally & physically. So look out world here i come . Dreams only become reality when you make them so !

  66. Dustin Sullivan

    Name: Dustin Sullivan
    DOB: 11/30/1994
    Age: 18
    Sex: male
    Height: 6’1″
    Experience: I have had the leading role in 6 school productions which include the following: “Highschool Musical 2″ (Ryan), “Dracula” (Harker), “Into the Woods” (Jack), “Arsenic and Old Lace” (Teddy), “Black and Blue Friday” ( The Father), “Sussical the Musical” (Cat in the Hat)

    I sing, act, dance, I am in gymnastics, I play soccer, volleyball, I have done competitive swimming an diving, and modelling

    I would love to be apart of this movie because acting is my passion. I love being onstage and perform in front of people. I work hard for what I have and strive to be excellent in everything I do, whether on stage or off; on field or off. I will work as hard as humanly possible for a role in this movie/short film/ modelling agency, whether small or big. I am an outgoing person, I love making new friends, and I am very easy to get along with. I take direction well and if rejected I look at it like this: maybe I just wasn’t what they were looking for but I will keep trying.

  67. Ryan`Jordan Reed

    AGE: 19

    SEX: Male

    CURRENT NUMBER <hidden from public> 

    CURRENT RESIDENCE: Atlanta GA (BuckHead) 30309

    NAME: Ryan`Jordan Reed

    ETHNICITY: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    RACE: Islander

    HOMETOWN: Boston Massachusetts

    HEIGHT: 6ft 1in

    WEIGHT: 189 lbs

    BODY TYPE: Athletic

    HAIR TYPE: Curley

    HAIR COLOR: Dark Black

    EYE COLOR: Brown

    SKIN TONE: Redish Tan

    CURRENT OCCUPATION: Model/Actor/Music Engineer&DJ/poet

    LATEST GIG: Abercrombie & Fitch

  68. Alleana

    I’m Alleana and Im 17 years old. I have been watching ANTM since the first cycle. This has always been my dream. Everyone in my neighborhood always tells me ” Ooh girl, you should be a model” and my answer has always been “Im going to try out for ANTM when I turn 18.” Well im 17 at the moment but by the time the season starts I will be 18. I would probably go crazy with excitement if I even got an audition. Modeling is my dream, my heart’s desire and i couldnt imagine not giving it a try. My mom always says to me “Well what about college?” In my opinion college can wait because this is a once in a life time chance and I wouldn’t dare not take it.

  69. Melanie Picha

    I am 24 years old and have been in college for 5 years… still no degree and 3 more years until I can make that possible. I have been doing things backwards and a little too late. I moved/transferred from Ohio to Georgia for love, took 2 years off school and I am now married. Now, I am back in school and life seems to be flying by and my opprotunities to pursue dreams are becoming more and more limited. When we do decide to have children I want them to know that life is about going after your goals, not giving up on them. I’m not going to be young forever and I don’t want this to be something I look back and wish I would have done. It will also be nice to prove to my husband that I can step out of my box, sucka!

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