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  1. Amber bynum

    hello my name is amber I love to model, act, sing, and dance. I’ve modeled for 4 years and I would love to have a bigger experience with modeling, I need something to push me and I would love to show the world the art of modeling. modeling is a dream come true for me my mom settled me for modeling when I was 5 years old and I now in 15 wanting to live up a dream that im ready for. I don’t care how long it takes for me to be Americas next top model but I know I’m gonna push and push tell I get it and be chosen. IM READY, hope to see you guys soon. thank you so much

  2. Alex

    my name is Alex and I’m 26 years old all girls at work looks at me and they all agree with one think “so sexy & funny” I’m not just good looking I’m smart too. I’m doing my PhD in Computer Science.
    I know if I’m in I will be the last one to go :)

    hope every one will get a chance to see what I got :)

    I look forward to see you all there :)
    good luck to every one


  3. Anzhelika

    My name is Anzhelika, 24 years old.
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 128 lb
    Dress size: 2-4
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue/green

    Originally, I’m from Russia and I moved to America with my dream – to become a supermodel.
    People always telling me that I should be a model, Victoria’s Secrets model 😉
    I would love to be a part of this project!

    Thank you.

  4. Maria

    Hello my name is Maria and I am a seamstress and up and coming model and I heard alot about you so I just wanted to reach out and see if we could collaborate in any way. Feel free and call or text <hidden from public> 

  5. Kimberly Quisenberry

    I would like to be considered because Im the true epitamy and testament that woman over 30 can still be considered beautiful with hard work and dedication to self.


  6. Santia Lee Zamora

    Hello my name is Santia Zamora, I am from St.Louis Park, Mn.I have always dreamed of being a model. I also want to be in fashion designer industry…I would sincerely love the opportunity to be apart of Americas Top Model.

  7. Manuila Gala

    Being the youngest of five children, growing up wasn’t easy. I can relate my life pretty much to Tyra Bank’s teenage years. I’ve been watching America next Top Model(ANTM) since I came in the United States the year 2004(at the time I was 9). Now I am 19 years old and currently a freshman student in college. I believe I have the ability and confidence to do modeling. On a daily basis I get random comments from strangers telling me to go into modeling. I never really took the comments serious until I was 14 years old (5 years ago). I met a girl name Alejandra( which is my best friend right now) during my freshman year in High School. Everything has chang d since I met Alejandra. Honestly she is the most amazing, motivational, loving , and caring human you’ll ever meet! I started to realize that I was underestimating myself worth. Day to day, Alejandra would encoruage me to go into modeling and so forth. Soon enough, I started to believe in those words she tells me! I’d be a perfect fit as a candidate for ANTM because modeling is pretty much what I want to do as a career. Being on camera just feels right because it’s what I chose as a career wise. I’d also be a perfect fit because hopefully one day I’d be motivational to young teens that whatever you want to do in life, go for it and don’t give in.

  8. William Rivera

    my age is 13 I like basketball but I want to be the America next top model

  9. Maria Winston

    Hello my names maria I absolutely love every aspect pertaing to the modeling industry. I’ve always imagined myself participating. The show is great and I would love to at least have a chance. To explore a life long dream of mine…

  10. Valerie Ospina

    Heyy my name is Valerie Ospina I’m not the usual type of girl you would have on this show I haven’t been model my whole life actually I have never really modeled at all. Still I love your show and it has shown me that anyone can do anything no matter where you start out from. I was born in New York and I live in South Carolina and I’m half Colombian and half Peruvian so I’m more exotic looking than a lot of girls, but I would love to be on y’alls shows. Thank You for the consideration. XOXO

  11. Alym

    Hi my name is Alym, I’m 25 years old and im a boy live in Turkmenistan Ashgabat City. It’s been my dream to become a model, and what better way then auditioning for Americas Next Top Model? pls Tyra help me…….. =(

  12. Malique Mitchell

    Hey my name is Malique im 21 years old i love your show because it really inspires me to strive for my dream & never get up . Ive always pictured myself being Americas Next Top Model & as i grew people always told me go for it being a model is something i was born with ! i belive in myself & i do believe my dream will cone true one day !

  13. Lauren grace smith

    Hello my name is Lauren Grace Smith, I love modelling and photography. I feel an overpowering great feeling when I step in front of the camera like Im someone else, I forget everything else. It has truthfully been my dream to become a model since I was a little girl, Ive dreamt of this many times and continue to chase my goal everyday. I love Tyra and her show, Tyra is absolutely amazing and has been my role model since day one. To have this chance would be life changing and something Id never forget. Please take this to consideration, I can promise I wont let you guys down!

  14. Lauren grace smith

    Hello! My name is Lauren Grace Smith, I live in Ontario Guelph and modelling has been my dream since
    I was a lite girl and started watching Tyra’s show!Tyra has been my role model since day one
    and if you were to consider me I promise I wouldn’t let you down. I’ve been working hard to practice and find the right research, please take me into consideration.

  15. Ieisha Thomas

    Hi, my name is Ieisha Thomas. I am a 27 yr old working mother and wife from Philadelphia but currently reside in Sharonhill, Pa. I’m super excited that you guys are seeking a fresh new look with no height requirements because I know you would totally have fun molding me into the ideal model. I don’t have any professional modelling experience all I have is a dream, and unsuccessfull attempts at actually becoming what I already am in my own mind. My signature features that I trust can serve as a natural highlight & will compliment your brand will my dazzling dimples, and flirty freckles lol . Not to mention my slender proper proportioned figure. Listen .. All seriousness, no one could dream and hope for something that seems so impossible until now, more than me. I’ve seen Top Model make alot of beautiful women dreams come true, can I have a pleasure of witnessing the surreal experience those beautiful women have. It would be a chance for me to prove to the doubters, believers, myself and you that I have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.

  16. ebony davis

    My name is ebony davis I’m from Winston-Salem NC south baby . I’m 20 years young and all my life people have told me I’m to short to model but i saw Eva and she did it so i know i can life is all about experience and besides you only live once . I’m a role model to many most importantly to my Sisters and brothers i want to show them you can be anything you set your mind to I love my encouraging other . I think I’llbe a good ccandidate because my mind frame is strong I’m openingminded I have ggreat ideals I LOVE fashion playing with colors I’m strong I believe that I can go beyond what my mind and body tells me I want to put faith on other females like myself but most of all I have what it takes to be AMERICANS NEXT TOP MODEL . LOVE EBONY D

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