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  1. Jena Rashid

    I am 15 years old.I have been in debate and theatre classes offered at my highschool for two years now.I have won a couple awards in competitions.I have black to blonde ombrè hair,tanned skin and brown eyes.I hope to start an acting career.

  2. Jasmine Dutton

    Hi I am Jasmine Dutton. I am 13 years old and I am interested in an acting career. I can sing, act, dance, model, play piano, and I am good at almost all sports. I have always enjoyed Disney shows but being on a Disney show would be a dream come true. Please contact me if I have a chance being on this show. Thank you.

  3. Terrell Hart

    hi i am terrell hart and i would love to be on the show i am fun and can act and wan’t to start an acting life

  4. yasmin

    I love to act i have a good voice i could memorize things quickly and i am perfect for the part

  5. Gloria Sukidi

    Information below
    Race-African American
    Eye Color-Brown
    Birthday-May 29 2009

    Hi im Gloria and im a young dancer and actor its always been my dream to be on disney i remember when wizard of wavely place was on tv i would get a stick and wave it around saying spells from the show that Alex/Selena Gomez would say and i wiuld be ao happy.I really want to be on disney channel i been building up my dancing and acting skills so much and i think i can make on disney.I can play a few insturments like a recorder and drums and i really want to lesrn how to play the guitar.I would love to be on disney channel abouslutly love too but sometimes my parents cant take me it makes me very sad but when i dance it makes me so happy it makes me feel like abouslutly no ones in the room.

  6. Taylor Gomez

    Hello, my name is Taylor Gomez. I am from west Texas (Lubbock Texas) and I am a singer, flutiest, cheerleader,softball player and dancer. I sing and play flute at my school and I’m in the 6th grade. I auditioned for intermediate choir and I made it. I am the only 6th grader In LISD to be counted as a 8th grader in flute playing. When I was 5 years old I would watch youtube tutorials on how to dance. Finally, when I was 8 years old I signed up for dance at Christmann academy of dance and that’s where I took hip hop, jazz and ballet. When I was 9 years old I started cheering. I went to raider xtreame for about 2 years and that’s where I took cheer, tumble and hip hop. When I was 10 years old I started playing softball and I was in the LYS and this year I am doing softball again. But my life is complicated, I have scoliosis and asthmaI’ve been watching disney Channel ever since I was in pre k. I fell in love watching Hannah Montana and singing along to high school musical songs. China Anne McClain is my role model. She gave me more confidence and it would be a INCREDIBLE honor if I got to work with her. Please reply back and I hope y’all all have a wonderful day and god bless y’all.

    Taylor Gomez

  7. T'mya

    Hi, my name is T’mya Hebb and I would absolutely love to be in this show. I love to sing and dance, My only talent is really acting and singing but I’ve never had a chance until now, please just give me a chance and I won’t let you down.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American

  8. Timberly Smith

    Hi I love to sing dance and act so I think I’m ready please give me a email I’ve watched you all every since I heard about you

  9. Carina Casillas

    Hi im carina and i am 13. I grew up watching DisneyChannel and i fell in love with it . Iwill be honest i cant really sing or dance but one thing that i found inside me Is acting. Acting i.s my dream and i will not give up on it i would take any oportunity to acomplish it . So i if this is an oportunity for me then consider me.

  10. Serena

    Hi, My name is Serena and I’m 12 years old. I’ve been singing since before I could talk and I love it. I tried out for America’s got talent and I’ve been in 9 competitions. I’ve won 1st & 3rd places and won the American mall model search. I’ve always loved acting and I always watch any farm, but I’m not like other kids. I’ve always had a dream of being famous. I want to be the next big thing on Disney channel and it is just my dream, so if you could give me the honor of being on ant farm and following my dream, contact me, please. thank you and I hope I can be the next big thing on Disney channel and a fantastic actor on ant farm and all of the other shows. I’m

  11. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    Me and my brother love watching ant farm. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  12. K. Alexandra MacDonald

    Hi my name is Junia I am 10 years old and LOVE the show A.N.T Farm! Ever since I could speak i’ve been singing. I am a lot like Chyna always singing and smiling I play piano and flute. I am 5 feet and 1 inch and have brown straight hair. when ever I watch A.N.T Farm I sing along and I have the album and know all the songs by heart me and my friends love singing them together!!!!!!!! I have lots of acting and singing experience I have been in many school plays( which I have acted and sang in)
    I would love to be part of A.N.T Farm

    with hopes Junia

  13. Bryce Pickett

    Hi my name is bryce pickett I would love to be on this show traveling would not be a problem for me my best talent are acting and singing I have good grades I am 13 I am 6 foot tall I would love to be given a chance please so give me a call or text I have been in manny school productions I am in 8th grade so please give me a chance.

    Phone <hidden from public> 

  14. Jadyn Taylor

    Hello. My name is Jadyn. I am 9. I love to dance and act out the tv shows. I have always wanted to act. I will never stop trying.

  15. Samantha Becvar

    Hello! My name is Samantha Becvar and I am 12 years old. I was born in July, 2002. I live in Napa and Solano County.
    I have done auditions when I was younger and have been in one school production.
    I love to read, sing, act, write songs/scripts, and I love to play softball.
    I am about 5 feet 3 inches. I have brown hair with blonde and red highlights that are faded. I have hazel-green eyes.
    I am a full time student in middle school. 7th grade. I do well in school and have kept Straight A’s for all the time I have been at middle school. I have been on the Principal’s Honor Roll for all trimesters I have been in middle school also.
    A special talent I have is being able to shake my lower lashes. It’s weird.
    I hope you consider sending me and email. Thank you.

  16. Megan Fowler

    Hi my name is Megan I am 12 years old and will turn 13 in April.I have always wanted to be an actress. I can sing and dance a little bit. I am about 5’7 and I live in Mississippi. I would really love if you would email me if u have any questions or if you are considering me. Thank you!

  17. Arianna

    Hi my name is Arianna Wallace
    I’m 14 years old .
    Im very talented
    Im a singer
    I love to dance
    Im an African American
    I might not have the best response for being
    on the show but Im worth it .
    Im a cheerleader
    I really dont travel that much
    So I dont know if your going to pick or not but youll u won’t doubt it

  18. precious

    Hi my name is precious
    I’m 16 years old and I from south Africa
    I’m really interested in acting
    I’m an out going person who loves having fun nd love jokes
    I would really love to get the opportunity to act in A.N.T Farm
    It will really be lovely to travel and meet new people
    I always watch Dstv I’m a huge fan of China
    She really inspires me because she shows us teens that no matter how young you are you still able to do anything
    So please give me a chance to prove to myself

  19. Makayla Robinson

    Hi , I’m makayla and I’m 12 years old , I would love to
    Be on ANT FARM or just any other show because I would really love to jump start my career at a young age and I have been waiting for something like this for a long time
    Please email me

  20. michee brika

    Hi my name is michee I am 12 years old ant fram has always been my favorite show I miss it so much I have never been in a Disney channel show audition so there is a 50/50 chance I might not get the part its hard for me the do this like this because my family and I don’t have much but that don’t stop me I enjoy singing dancing and acting I also love to go to school everyday my favorite subjects are math and social studies thank you

  21. Carli-anna reeves

    hi im Carli-anna reeves
    I am 11 ,12 in April
    I have ADHD but its not a bad thing
    I live in northfleet and love to act its a part of my life I also love to dance but if you ask me to sing I sound like a drowning Cat :-) any way if I get this part it might boost my confidence and help me achieve my dream I know the chance is minor but I am hoping that it will happen…

  22. Charisma Johnston

    Hi I’m Charisma
    I’m 12
    I’m 4’7 (( with Turner’s syndrome))
    I have always wanted to act and I thought I would finally have my chance with one of my favorite TV shows contact me if you are considering me

  23. Nickolas Finney

    my name is nickolas finney I am 14 and I’m trying to start my acting career if you have any questions please contact me

  24. Robert Williams

    Im am an 12 african American boy who is looking to be something and provide for my family i had an audition for the celebrity experience but my mom didnt have the amount of money needed to proceed in C.E i make good grades and i have plenty of experience so just let me know if i have a chance to be apart of the show

  25. Dakota Hamlin

    Hi, my names Dakota Chyanne Hamlin. Im 14 years old.I love Disney amd i love to sing. I live in marion ar.i have blonde with blue and purple hair. Blue eyes. Im a fun spirited person.i play the flute.and I would love to be apart of the Disney family.

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