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  1. elijah daniels

    i would love to be fletcher because we are both great artist and i’ve always wanted to be him ever sence i saw the first A.N.T farm. Thanks i realy hope i get the part.

  2. soleilah menelek nosifort

    Hey, my name is Soleilah I am 11 years old turning 12 in October 14 2002. ANT F.A.R.M is my favorite show China is my favourite character and I would love to sing and I would love to be in the show. The reason why I would like to be in the show is because the character China made me understand if you want to do something that you are good at or love or passionate about that you should go get it. China is the one who inspired me to do that and I want to show my talented to the world, instead just staying their and hiding in my corner, and I want to inspired these children to do what they love or talented at .That’s what China inspired me to do. Thank you very much.;)

  3. Ashlynn Moore

    Hi my name is Ashlynn Moore and I have been watching ant farm since it first came out. It taught me two things: never give up and believe in your dreams and make them come true so that is what I’m trying to do. I watched all episodes and been there through bad and good. I felt like I was there with them. I am powerful singer and a I believe good actor. I was sad and happy like everyone else when fletcher left. I have half brown hair half red hair. Brown eyes. I am 5″2 inches tall. I am white. My birthday is December 14 2001. Please help my acting dream. I love sports, fashion, singing, working, and drawing. I can give ANY information you need. I’m in love with your show. I would give anything to be on it. I am good with working with other kids/ people I am and will be professional worker being serious yet still having a blast. I am not one to nag or be like ‘oh I’m better than you’ that’s not me. So if you do pick me I can wait to hear from you!!! I look forward to meeting the cast and crew and director. I look forward to working with you if I am chosen

  4. Nathan

    I am a big fan of ant farm. The 3 characters i like are china fletcher and angus.
    Ant farm is really cool and amazing.

  5. Baranie Lewis

    Name: Baranie Lewis
    Age: 17
    Height: 5`8
    Weight: 130
    Gender: Female
    Instagram: @baranielewis
    I am a Junior in High School, I live in Texas, the Dallas area. I have brown hair, and Blue/Green eyes, and I am Caucasian. I love working with new people, and seeing new places. My personality is outgoing, and friendly. I have always wanted to be an actress, and having this kind of opportunity would change my life.

  6. Frank

    My stepdaughter Kayla, I believe deserves a chance to audition for the show. She us just a natural actress. She has that natural ability to change moods in a heartbeat and goes that extra in everything she does. She loves attention and loves to be around people. Born in Gary, IN and now residing in Nashville, TN. She gets good grades and loves to have fun. Again she is very outgoing and maybe just a natural.

  7. Simran

    omg i woul love to be part of ant farm. ive been watching it since i was 8. i love it soo much. and love it mor if im in it.
    D.O.B – 19/06/2002
    Hight – 5ft 7
    Hair colour – dark brown
    Eye Colour – brown
    Skin colour – mixed
    Age – 11 turing 12
    Weight – ???(i dont weigh myself soz)

  8. Allyce Flanagan

    Hi, my name is Allyce Flanagan, I am 13 years old, I have hazel eyes, blonde hair, I am 5’10″ and I live in Australia. I love acting, and I have always admired Disney because they are always finding young new actors. I have always wanted to be in a disney movie, and ant farm sounds like an amazing opportunity and a fun movie to be in. I am ready to make my acting dream a reality, and I can not even tell you how much i want this it is my absolute dream to be an actor. acting is my passion that makes me happy. If you are intrestread in me please email me at or call me

  9. Lily Holmes

    Hi my name is Lily Holmes and I would love to be apart of A.N.T FARM, Disney. Im 12 years old and turning 13 this year on May 17th. I live in the Gold Coast, Australia. I love acting and I would love it to be apart of my life. My talents are singing, dancing, acting, swimming and I adore sports, fashion, make-up and motorbike riding. At the moment I am doing Singing lessons and about to and Gutair lessons. I used to do Dancing lessons at Dynomight studios Australia and I have performed 3 times on stage in an audience over 500 people.
    My dream is to act and to be a singer so I am trying to live my dream. I understand if I don’t make the part because their are a lot of other people applying. If I do make it I can’t wait to meet all the cast.
    Information :

    D.O.B – 17/05/2001
    Hight – 5ft 7
    Hair colour – Blond
    Eye Colour – Hazel
    Skin colour – Medium/Tanned
    Age – 12 turing 13
    Weight – 47.4

  10. Ebony

    Hi! My name is Ebony, I’m 12 years old, and I’m 5’2 inches tall. I always wanted to be an actor/singer ever since I could talk. I was taught to follow my dreams and never give up, so that’s what I’m going to do. A.N.T Farm is an awesome show. I’ve been watching it from the beginning. It always has new and surprising events happening and I would like to be part of that. Being part of the cast would be so fun and it would help me achieve one of my life goals. China Anne McClaine is my idol (that’s my age). I hope I can be part if the cast!

  11. Annabel Ruiz

    Hello my name is Annabel Ruiz and I’m in love with acting. I am 11 years old so I am still young and little kids or mid-teens like seeing there own, little kids. So I also have experience in acting and I know that you have to be dedicated to your work and if you choose me I will be more than dedicated I would be honored. I think that your show is a hit because I like watching your show. I also think it is really funny. Everyone wants to know this how are your grades, well my grades are great I have 4.0′s And if you choose me you won’t be disappointed. I’m ok if i’m a extra because you have to start from the bottom to get to the top. And if you need ideas I have many of them. I know that there are many people auditioning and trying out for roles but please give me a chance If you ever read I am very thankful but please give me a chance. Thank you for giving me a chance. Oh ya and please contact with my email. Thank you.

    -Annabel Ruiz

  12. Victoria Bolaños

    I’ve been watching A.N.T farm from the start and that show told sent me a message: to never give up. I love that show and making everyone smile their biggest I’m always happy and the song Happy by Pharrel Williams describes me so much I’m SURPRISED that its not about me. The show is halarious and I want to be part of that and what Chinna,Sierra, and Jake were part of. That show has inspired me to go after what you want and when people say you can’t do it you can if you believe so I want to inspire others like Chinna, Sierra, and Jake inspired me. If I don’t get the part than its OK I will understand because not everybody can make it andpeople have to sacrifice things for this so thanks anyway:-) :-D :-P

  13. Victoria Bolaños

    I’ve been watching A.N.T farm from the start and that show told sent me a message: to never give up. I love that show and making everyone smile their biggest I’m always happy and the song Happy by Pharrel Williams describes me so much I’m SURPRISED that its not about me. The show is halarious and I want to be part of that and what Chinna,Sierra, and Jake were part of. That show has inspired me to go after what you want and when people say you can’t do it you can if you believe so I want to inspire others like Chinna, Sierra, and Jake inspiredme. If I don’t get this part I will understand and try again later thanks:-D :-P ;-)

  14. deshon perry

    my name is Deshon
    i am 11 years old i am a girl i love watching ant farm i have been in school talent shows and i also love drama class. i live in Wendell NC i have been dreaming about this when i was a kid. so i hope you can grant me my dream.


    i way 120
    short hair
    dark brown eyes
    love Deshon

  15. Nisha

    Hi my name is necia(pronounced Nisha)i would realy like to be on ant farm i love acting im 13 but its hard for me to audition for roles nd stuff like tat because i live in south africa(in port elizabeth tats in eastern cape)but i would realy love to be on ant farm please please pllleeeeeeeaaaaasssse put me on i promise u wont regret it

  16. Sandra

    Hi my name is Sandra and I’m 9 years old turning ten on August 20th and I love Disney channel and ant farm, I’m really good at memorizing lines and I’ve been in 2 plays. I think my voice is good and it has been my dream to be famous for a long time, sincerely Sandra

  17. Trisha Adzosii

    Hi I’m Trisha and I am 12 yrs old and I would love if you considered giving me a part. I have done acting before in many plays. Personality wise I’m very talkative, I have a sense of humor, I’m athletic and even though I’ve been told I’m confident I love to sit in my bedroom with my headphones and either sketch, paint or read. I know there must be many people hoping to get a part but I hope you will consider. I have long brown hair and I am brown. Also I wear black glasses from the company read or dead. I’d love to start a career and it would be an amazing opportunity to be part of the cast.
    Kind Regards
    Trisha Adzosii
    Please Email me on <hidden from public>

  18. Peyton

    Hi, I’m Peyton I am 9 years old i will be turning 10 June 2.I think i should be on at farm because it is litterly my favorite show and i remember lines quickly and i’m so talanted name it from sewing to gymnastics.I just think it would be a chance in a life time to be on ant farm!Besides if i can atleast get a chance it would be amazing beacause my friend Faith is adisioning for Jessie and it would be fun to see her sometime.So i just wanted to comment this becuase it is my dream to be an actor so if i can thank you so much.

  19. ceandra stokes

    Hello, my name is Ceandra I’m 11 years old. I love angst e farm. I am a good singer. I got into a performing at school. I know I’m good enough to get on the show.

  20. Ingra Lemelle

    Hi, Im emailing in reference to my daughter Amori Lemelle. My daugter is 6 yrs old, turning 7 May 5th of this year, and super talented in so many ways for her age. She has a beautiful high pitch voice, very talented at doing movie getures from singing songs off her favorite movies, and loves to paint and draw. Her favorite movie now is Frozen , and she will blow you away with all the songs she sings off that movie, you would think its the person singing it. I would love for her to get a start somewhere at a young age at something she really loves and enjoy:-) Thanks.

  21. Christian harris

    Hi my name, is Christian Harris from Montgomery al. The reason I think I would be great for this show is because first off everyday I’d come in I would give it 100% all the time . I am also a good singer I’ll never give up if their is anything I needed to work on I would come back the next day trying even harder than the day before I’m a respectful person I have an attitude that lights up that lights up the whole room if somebody’s feeling down I just smile and their happy to so this why I would be a good chose to be on the show as an character thank you for your time.

  22. Tiana Swircenski

    hi i am 11 years old and i love ant farm.i am really good at acting.i can do a lot of different emotions and expressions.i have long-ish dark brown strait hair,brown eyes,4 feet 10 inches(about).i hace ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to be on t.v. and i am sooooo good.if you pick me i will be :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) if you don’t i will be :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( .so PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE PPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE PICK ME WITH A HUGE HUGE HUGE RED YUMMY CHERRY ON TOP.PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE.I BEG U.

  23. Destiny and Desiree Hall

    Plz help us be on t.v. We are 10 and 8. We Enjoy watching the show. Plz call me at <hidden from public> . Or email me. We would love to be on the show. We love the show so much it’s a lot of fun to watch.

  24. toniesha

    Hi, my name is Toniesha and i’m fourteen years old. I think i would be very great in this show because for one i love this show and i love to sing so i think i would be great for a part in this show. Also i think it would be very awesome to work with the cast of A.N.T Farm. So please consider me in being a part of this show. Thank you :)

  25. Trenton Abair

    Hello, my name is Trenton Abair. I am a male 12 year old. Acting has inspired me to do so many things like dancing and sports. I would be thankful of you if you audition me. I will travel where and when ever you want me to, I’m able to do so. I once modeled before and it was fun. Please find my comment and email me if I can audition.

  26. Christina Rao

    I am 5’5 and 13 years old I am also Chinese and I figured that the Disney crew would like someone like me to be in the market. I am multi talented- I have been a daner since the age of four and I have also been a musician since the age of 6 , I play the piano flute and am a beginner at guitar( teach myself) and my other main instrument is my voice. I’ve been a huge fan of all things Disney since forever . I have been told that I am very funny and a little dramatic which makes all of me hilarious. If ou need any more info on me please contact me or if you’d like , I am also currently signed with John Casablancas model and talent agency so you may contact me through Maria Seibert at <hidden from public>  :) thank you for you’re consideration.

  27. Jordan Paul

    Pleased to meet you. My name is Jordan Paul. I think Disney channel is a great place for a first acting job, and this show is one of the best. I’ve seen almost every episode, and know the names of all the characters, and basic layout of the show. I’m 15, and that might be a bit old, but I’m short and have a young face, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. This show is also the kind of place I’d fit in very well. No matter what part you have open, this would be a great opportunity. Thank you for your time.

  28. zoë

    Hi I am zoë I am ten years old I’m the youngest of four kids I live in a small apartment and I’m live in a poor family this would be a incredible chance to shine I have been auditioning for may thing I think I would be perfect for the ant program I can make songs up out of my head about anything in a second.this is how i look
    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color:brown and green
    Weight:52 pounds
    Height:4 foot 3

    I do wear glasses and I am a tom boy so I refuse to wear dresses and skirts.
    Please accept my request please. Sincerly zoë

  29. cailin

    hi my names cailin irish for colleen im from ireland and im 14 I love singing and acting my mum always tells me Im such a drama queen aha I would love to be on disney channel my dream has been to be a singer or and actress this would be and amazing experience im not the skinniest person but I am who I am and I wont pretend to be somone diffrent to try and please them I will be myself. I have long brown hair green eyes thanks

  30. Arianna and Olivia

    I am young and hopeful. I have always dreamer of becoming an actress, yet my dad does not have the money to go there. I plan to find a way thoe. I should be on the show because…..I mean we… should be on because we are the best of friends. We like to watch this show a lot.

  31. Erika Jackson

    Hi my name is Erika. I am 12 years old. I live in the state Pennsylvania. Flying to a specific place will not be a problem. School is almost over and my parents are very understanding and are very encouraging in my goals. This would be a dream come true if I made it as an actress. I am African American and I would really like it if this dream/ goal became true. Though, I am very short on the other hand. I think I am about 4’6-4’8. I understand that my height is not compared to Zendaya, but there is passion in my heart that has passion of being an actress. I haven’t been in any acting classes, but I do know that this is a passion of mines. I could practice and practice to prove this is not something so silly I thought of. I would really do my best and show you the talent I do have. I am good at remembering things and I don’t give up. I have good grades in school. I would like advice if I am not good for the role. Thank you very much for your time and I would gladly appreciate if you could contact me at my email address. Bye!

  32. WINNER OMOYEMWEN OMOREGBEE name winner also known as wina.i geuss i’m average in height and body structure i’m a funny and happy person at times but i luvvv POPCORN i geuss i jst hav to say that bye.

  33. Nikita Ganji

    Age: 13(I look pretty small for my age)

    Hi! This is some information about me, my name is Nikita Ganji. I would like a role in Ant Farm, if you want to contact me or know a bit more about me, reply to the comment or email me.

  34. Trinity Curry

    My name is Trinity Curry and I am 13 years old. I would love to be on A.N.T.Farm I am a huge fan I can model and I like pretending that I am a photographer because I love taking pictures of people. I would do anything to be on the Disney Show A.N.T. Farm.

  35. Tiana Stroet


    My name is Tiana stroet, I’m 14 years old, and in september (3) I become 15 :D I live in The Netherlands, (female) and my parents let me fly everywhere and everytime, so flting won’t be a problem. I also do bilingual education so my english is propper. I have light brown/dark brown hair, I have a normal white skin (just for you to know) and I have big brown/blue/green eyes. If needed, you can cut my hair anyway you want!
    I’m always really enthousiast, and I’m really good at learning scripts, so that’s no problem either! I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old. I builded my way up from mini musical, to leads in musicals and performans. I’m in singing lessons since I was 7 years old. Currently I’m doing the lead in the musical ‘Beauty and the Beast’ !! Super awsome movie!!
    I really really want to join this show, and if I’ll be chosen, I’ll be in this for 100%!!! And that’s a fact! Sometimes I do some model jobs (mini model). I’m 1.65 (in meters) andmy size is 34/36/37.(eu) my shoe size is 37/38 (eu size).

    I’m really exited and enthausiast, so maybe we can mail sometime? Thanks for noticing me between these 10000 of comments :)


  36. nicola

    hi my name is Nicola, I am 12 years old when A.N.T farm premiered on May 6, 2011 as a special preview and continued as a regular series on June 17, 2011. I was so happy I am in a lot of plays at school I have had experience in acting I enjoy acting I no this might sound corny but my sister and I act out the lines and we pick characters I always choose china because you are my role model china i would love to meet you in person because you are beautiful and very talented and so are Olive and Flecher just to have this privilege would be amazing so plz plz think about <3

  37. Senia McClure

    Hi My name is Senia McClure. I’m 15 years old and I live in San Francisco California. I love to sing, dance, and act. I have been in multiple shows and concerts. I have a youtube page(Loveisara ) that ive sang and dance on with my sisters. I think I would be really good in the show because it’s about talent and I’m a singer and dancer so I’d fit Right in. I hope you contact me because I would really love to be in the show.

  38. Jiah Roberts

    I honestly think i should because i have been searching for some way to be on tv . Even to get noticed . Ive never found a real program that could let me . I want a oppurtunity so bad . Probably more than anyone else . I am 13 , female . Not really sure about my height but im short . I believe 5 foot even .

  39. Lily Penner

    Hi my name is Lily and I absolutely adore ANT Farm! My talents are sports, piano, reading, writing, and singing. I would love to be on the show because ANT Farm is one of my favorite shows. I really hope you choose me because I’m funny, cute, sweet, intelligent, outgoing, and nerdy.
    Here are some facts about me:
    Hair color: Light brown(in summer a little gold at the tips)
    Eye color: brown(sometimes hazel)
    Skin color: tan
    Height: 5’4
    Age: 12
    Weight: 61 lbs(embarrassing!)
    Heritage: Japanese-American and Caucasian
    Other: I have been wanting to be on a show for as long as I can remember!

  40. Alyssa Hartfield

    Hi I’m Alyssa . I have actually tried out for a commercial and made the call back as the bubble gum girl. Sadly the contract wasn’t exactly what my dad was hoping for . I am a black girl and am 12 but have been told to look 3 years older and sometimes younger. It depends on the what I’m wearing.Anyway I love music . It makes me feel happy and strong. When I listen to music my whole world transforms around me. When something recently tragic happens to me I sing and act to express the way I feel .Life is where you choose how you want to change the world. And I want to be a role model. I was a little 7 year old girl watching Hannah Montanah and jumping in my bed singing the best of both worlds. And when sad things happened I would be crushed my parents wouldn’t know it was only me who knew . It was killing me. Bur when I was sad or mad I would run into my room and look up the song “Who cares ” by Hannah Montana .And I had went to a school ,because of my race this boy was afraid of me and awhile back at my first year I felt out of place so I would sing Ordinary girl. And also act out goofy scenes. Anyway I want to be a role model inspiring a little kid that would be signing a song that I wrote and that song strengthening that kid through her rough journeys of life . Like me. And I’m still in a journey now . Praying hoping for god to bless you to give me a chance to act .So I hope this has inspired you I mean I really hope for this to be my first step for inspiring a little girl or boy . Email me .And I hope to be on the cast . God bless you all ! HOPE TO SEE YOU ON SET. Bye!

  41. Jordan walker

    My name is Jordan Walker. I’m 15 years old. A.N.T farm is my favorite show on Disney channel. I should be considered because I have what it takes to be on A.N.T Farm. I can sing, and dance. But I mostly make people laugh and have a good sense of humor and I know what it takes
    To be on a popular show. Thank you!

  42. janela

    Hi my name is janela I am 12years old Turninig 13 on may 30th and I am black and Puerto Rican. I love ur show I watched like every episode and every season buh it would be my dream to be on your show. My momthinks iI am a gooGood Singer and dancer (it’s true I am Lol ). But please call at <hidden from public> and thank youvery much iI would hrhe haphappy if u put me on the show buh please call at that number and thank u very much

  43. Jamel beall

    My name is Jamel im12 years and I can sing and act.

  44. Tatiana Eason

    Hi my name is Tatiana Eason , I live in Hoover, Alabama I am a African American I have long dark brown hair and I am 11 years oId I am in 5th grade going into 6th,Ive been dreaming to be on this show me entire life especially A.N.T Farm and Jessie. I love to sing,dance,act . I would love to play the role China Anne McClain AKA:China Parks because I feel like I am just like China not exactly like her but I feel like I meet her Personality. I sing, dance, and act. So I would really want this role and I would love to be apart of this show.

  45. Aamiah

    Hay my name is Aamiah and I love love love to sing dance and model and helping and encouraging others to be a great role model I love to read,math,science learn I’m home schooled and I would love the chance to audition and I live in AZ I am 8 years old and I have been wanting to be a movie star since I seen my first movie so please please please pick me and I am a girl

  46. Rebekah Lemus

    I’m 12 years old turning 13 in November and I have dark brown curly hair.
    I have a house in California but I live in Texas. I play the alto saxophone and sing. I would be great because I’m the right age for an A.N.T in Ant Farm and I have some qualities. Thank you and if you need to known something eels just email me.

  47. Shannon sedgwick

    Hello! My name is Shannon Sedgwick and I am 17 years old! I currently live in Denton, Texas. Located about 45 minutes outside of Dallas. I recently graduated from high school and it has always been a dream of mine to be on a Disney channel tv show. Ever since I was little I’ve been watching disney. It started with the old kid shows like the that’s so raven and before I knew it I was 12 years old watching Hannah montana. As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the thought of being on tv and the idea of being of disney channel makes me nothing more than ecstatic. One of the few reasons why I want to be on this show is that I love children and the thought of being looked up to by millions of young kids fills my heart with happiness. Another reason why I think you should consider me to be on your show is that I have an outgoing optimistic personality and I love to make people laugh. I have no problem being silly and embarrassing myself or just having fun while doing what I love. I love to sing and perform. I used to cheer at my high school where I was one of the captains of my team. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I hope to hear from you soon!

  48. Alyssia Olmos Bogarin

    Hi my name is Alyssia Olmos Bogarin I am 12 I have always loved A.N.T farm I would love to be on this show my talent is I can sing and I have a little bite of dance experience from my sister I have always wanted to become a super star and I will do anything to start off I love singing and I really hope you can give me an email

  49. Catherine Arillo

    Hey, my name is Catherine Arillo. I love the show A.N.T Farm so much!

  50. Kasie Brooks

    Hello, I am from Pittsburgh PA. I am an actress I have been acting for around 4 years. I was just recently in my schools fall show “Radium Girls” I had to memorize two parts. I am very good at memorizing lines and the blocking. I love to act, I can play any part you would want me to. Acting is my life, I take drama on school, so we do 2 skits a school year, and in between we have the Musical and Fall show. I have great posture and emotions when it comes to acting. I really get into the character and express very well.
    Thanks for your time.

  51. Bianca Page

    hello,im bianca page. i would LOVE to be apart of a.n.t farm or disney! ‘ive been a HUGE fan of disney from the mickey mouse club,to ‘thats so raven to a.n.t farm. im very outgoing,love to joke and laugh. i’m very musically inclined though i dont write much music, i do love to write and read. i reside in Cincinnati, Ohio were i’ve lived all my life. to just be a part of disneys lagacy would complete one of my biggest dreams. if i could please be sent information on how i may apply, i would appreciate it.

  52. Marci Rodriguez

    Hello my name is Marci Rodriguez and im 12 going to turn 13 aoon im tall 5,5 and I love to act thats my life I love to make people laugh and entertain them im from a small town so I dont get a lot of chances to become famous but I dont think about that I just want to have fun and to show people that I can do something great I love to dance, sing and watch ant farm it so cool and fun I just imagine my self on therw while I watch it and my family isnt as perfect but I want them and my friends to look up on me and say I know her or say good job so If you pick me I wont ever let you down and that oje email you send me be the best day of my life(:

  53. Aaliyah

    Heey (; my name is aaliyah and I would love to be on ant farm , it would mean the work world if I did

  54. Marisa Avila

    Hi! My name is Marisa and I have been singing, dancing, and acting since I was 4 years old!
    i have been in 2 productions of San Francisco Musical Theater where I preformed in front of 3,000 people where I sang, dance, acted in 19 scenes!
    I am in love with the Disney Channel! I have always wanted to be apart of the Disney family because all I see is fun and kids and adults doing what they love to do!
    If I got any part in the show or any show, I would be the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!!!
    A,N.T. Farm is my favorite show on the disney channel because it is HILARIOUS and it is so unique because there is nothing like it on T.V. !
    I hope get any part! -Marisa:) I live in San Francisco!

  55. Elijah Hargrove

    Hi my name is Elijah Hargrove. I am a black 5’3 athletic and outgoing teen (15) that lives in Nashville, TN. I would love to be on this show because not only am I smart talented I would be able to play a perfect role in any part you star me as.

  56. Tamera

    Hi my name is tamera I I’ve any farm and WACTH almost every eposode lol i can sing kinda I can act lol and I WACTH dinsey every day lol

  57. Isabel

    I’m Isabel I am 8 years old i was in a movie called corners it is a local movie and has not come out yet ant farm Is my favorite so and the cast members seem so nice it would be a dream to meet all the characters

  58. Jared Marks

    hi my name is jared marks i would love to be on ant farm cause both of my favourite actors are on this show jake short and china anne mcclain. i really want to be on this show because each one of them have talent and i have talent to i play guitar and sing a little. i watch this show a lot too so thats another reason i want to be on this show so please contact me please.

  59. Grace E.

    Hi! My name is Grace-Anne( a.k.a. Gracie ) and I think I am your next big thing. I am thirteen-years-old and I am bi-racial, Filipino and Cameroonian( African ), like Roshon Feagan. I am 5′ 3 1/2″and live in sunny Los Angeles, California. High School Musical, Let It Shine and Camp Rock were all amazing movies produced by Disney Channel and I believe I would be a wonderful addition to this channel! I have brown, beautiful curly hair, like Maddison Pettis( at the shoulders when natural if ever straightened,my hair would fall right above the stomach), medium skin( buff beige or honey beige in foundation colors), brown eyes, long eyelashes, and nice, straight teeth without ever wearing braces ( awesome right)! My parents are very supportive especially with school and my career. I love to sing, dance, and act. I have starred in almost all of my school productions from The Little Mermaid to Peter Pan as supporting characters. I am also an outstanding student, with straight A’s and great participation. I am currently my school’s 7th grade class president and a member of my school’s student council as Commissioner of Public Relations. Music is a big part of who I am; my father a musician/ singer/ songwriter and my sister a singer/ guitarist/pianist. I play the violin and am teaching myself piano. I grew up listening to Stevie Wonder , the Beatles , and a few Filipino artists like Amelia Paupins( you might want to search her up:). I am currently in my schools competing choir and have been a part of it for 4 years. I have been in every school year’s talent show since second grade singing one of the latest songs by artists like Rihanna, Ingrid Michelson, and Sara Barellies. I have always dreamed of being on Disney Channel and pursuing a career in either acting, singing, or even modeling! I hope you take me into consideration when reading these many comments. Have a great day! ( I have stated my mother ‘s (Ellen) email if you would like to contact me)

  60. Michelle

    Hi my name is michelle I would like to be in this show because I being wishing for this moment if you could give me a call at <hidden from public> please and talk about this in person we could meet somewhere and I hope this could be my chance thank you.

  61. Italyaa

    hi my name is Italyaa Russell and I am 10 years old turning 11 this year on July 19. I would LOVE to be on your show A.N.T. Farm with my favorite actor China. I have my own talent like China I play the violin, a little bit of piano and I sing too!!! I would love to be in the group with China, Olive and Flecher. PLEASE LET ME ON THE SHOW A.N.T. FARM. I would love to be with you. : ) ; )

  62. Kimberly Freshwater

    Hi my name is Kimberly Freshwater and I would like to be on ant farm or either Jessie because I am young smart and love to have fun I always watch these two shows also good luck Charlie and live and mady .If you want to contact me call my mother juanita freshwater at <hidden from public> I think I have the wrong number on the Jessie comment but this one is correct thanks and bye

  63. Jasmime Chapman

    Hey mam,am or sir I am a African american with median long hair and im 12 I love ant farm and I’ve watched every episode and love the show . Every day I think of how COOL it would be to be on that show and spend time with them and get to know them if I was on the show my life would be amazing.I should be on it because I AAM very talented I play the cello piano sing a little and I can act (very well)because I have taken chorus and strings and drama.and I am very funny my friends say so.and make A’sandB’s in school .plus to be on my favorite show with my favorite people make me happy .just like I said I am multi talented. If you would please email me back .:) and I have wanted to be an actor ever since I was 2.

  64. Sharon

    Hi my name I’s Sharon and I am 20 years old I know
    What your probubly thinking oh she’s to old she probubly
    Drinks and smokes but the answer I’s no I do not smoke
    And I’ve only drank a total of 4 times I’n my life I
    have been told several times I look like I’m 15
    It was so bad because When I was I’n school kids would even ask
    The teacher how old I was because the kids didnt believe me about
    How old i was and they used to call me a lier but I
    Always enjoyed seeing the reaction on the kids faces when the teachers told them how old I was it was just priceless lol I am five foot three
    And I love acting Because I love getting a chance to be someone I’m
    Not and It just so happens that ant farm I’s one of my favorite shows I also love singing I love
    it so much that I spent 3 hours a day practiceing
    Just me my kareoke machine a microphone and my voice and of course a
    Bottle of water I used to record music aswel it went something like this lol
    Practice a certain song then finally record it then play it back and then
    Look at my faults or were I could have done better then recored the same song again I find I am like china because i love writing my own songs I can spend hours righting songs the minute I Get a insperation for a song there goes 3 hours of my day createing a song lol I know I am such a dedicated person and man let me tell you there I’s alot of inspirational things every minute of the day to right about I know lol I am also outgoing and energetic and i love the spot light being on me like china and I am good at acting as when I try acting I give it my all I would also like to be a part of the show because I would love to be a role model for kids as I feel that it I’s the number one most important thing I’n acting and being a star I’s to set a good example we don’t wanna be setting bad examples because we all know kids copy stars that’s just what they do and as a actore it would be iresponsible of me if I didnt set a good example for the kids it would mean the world to me if I got a part I’n the show

  65. Adam Hollis

    Hi my name is Adam im 15 and I live in Pittsburgh, pa. The reason I would love to get into acting because my mother loves the show and I would want to do it for her in june we will be celebrating her tenth year of surviving breast cancer. We are all happy for her to still be here and she would think it would be a great idea for me to try to audition for a part.

  66. Ziza

    Hi my name is Ziza Russell and I am 5 years old. I would love to be on your show A.N.T. Farm. I’ve been dreaming of this moment my hole life. I’ll love to be on the show with China, Olive and Flecher. I would love to be part of the group!!!!!!!!

  67. Italyaa

    Hi my name is Italyaa Russell, and I’ll love to be on the show. I’ve always been watching A.N.T. Farm on T.V. but this time I want to be on T.V. So can you PLEASE let me be on the show I’ve been dreaming of this moment my hole life ! My favorite character on A.N.T. Farm is China. I am so looking forward to be on the show. I play the violin and a little bit of piano. I would so love to be on the show A.N.T. Farm with the group China, Olive, and Flecher. I am such a big fan!!!!!!!! I would do anything to be on the show A.N.T. Farm.

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