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  1. Ariyanna Smith

    I believe I should be a part of A.N.T. Farm because i would be a good asset to this show. I have dreams of becoming a professional singer and actress. This will give me the opportunity and experience that I need, as well as open doors for me to follow my dreams and better my talent. I cant forget that I absolutely love this show!

  2. Georgie

    Hi .im Georgie and i live in London. And i am 16 yrs old. Since ive been little i loved to act sing and draw . Even my play times involved acting and singing.i have watched this show and
    literally loved it.It would be amazin if I could play at least in one episode of A.T.M as i could show what i can do and also try something as new as this.
    I like to try new stuff and take in a challenge.You never know if you never try .Give it a shot and at least you know that you tried.
    Hair : colour -dark brown
    Talents: *singing
    I also can play a bit of guitar and piano

  3. Shannon Wills

    I am very ready to be a professional singer

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