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  1. Yessenia

    Hello, my name is Yessenia and I have watched Disney Channel ever since I was little. I still remember watching my favorite show Rollie Pollie Ollie. I am 20 years old and I am from San Francisco, CA. I am Hispanic and my height is 4″11. I have always been interested in acting and always dreamed of one day being on tv especially on such a great network such as Disney Channel. I am a very friendly, outgoing, cheerful young woman that would love and really appreciate to have an opportunity to audition and hopefully act. Everything I do, I do for my family because my mom is a single parent to my siblings and I, and I would like to give back to her one day for sacrificing her life in order to give me and my siblings everything. Please, all I need is a chance and I promise I won’t disappoint you.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4″11
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

  2. silindokuhle

    Hi my name is silindokuhle I live in gauteng joburg the reason why I should be considered is because I’m a very good singer, I can act in front of people, I read fast and I can do expression. ever since I was 9 years old it was my dream to live in america what I want to do there is sing, act but I can’t dance but I want to learn it and I want to do instruments if you choose me it would be so nice and if you don’t ill understand .

    Name: silindokuhle
    Age: 12
    Race: black
    Gender: girl

  3. Tyshawn Gutierrez

    Hi disney um my name is tyshawn gutierrez i am a 12 year old male
    I am darkish brown skinned
    My height is about 4:8
    I love to act sing and dance
    Ant farm is my #1 show i always watch andvill love just to become part of it if i could i would really appericate it if i.could
    I have good grades
    I could speak spanish
    I smart and handsome
    I really funny
    And this would just mean alot if i could nbe apart of ant farm i learn really quickly also
    Its what i always dream of and i hope i could be part of it

  4. Alexia

    Hi my name is Alexia. Im 11 going to 12.
    I love all kind of acting! Ive been singing,acting , dancing since i was 4
    I love to interact with different people! Ive been following this program!
    I just love it !
    Ive been accepted as the main character of several school plays!
    I would love to become an actrice .
    I already got chosen for a commercial and i would adore to live that experience again.

    I have dirty blond hair
    Gorgeous bleu eyes
    I weight 89 pounds
    Im 5’2 tall
    Im a female

    Thank you very much for your help

  5. Katie

    Hi my name is Katie, I can sing, draw, and act. :) (though I guess drawing isn’t related to being on a show) It’s been a dream of mine to be on disney, and this would be a dream come true! I am 12 (look like 12 – 14) I have brunette hair and blue/gray eyes. I’m in 7th grade right now and live near by Washington, D.C.! :) I hope you can think about this. Thanks.

  6. Anisa

    Dear, whoever it may concern

    Hi, I am anisa. I am 12 years old and it is my dream to become an actress. I’ve always loved acting weather it’s in a play at school or just dancing with my sibling at home.
    My role model is zendaya from disney channel. My librarian has always told me that I should be an actress because I have so many personalities fun, happy, sad, people I know, and even voices of people like queens and kings for example. If u don’t pick me I understand but if your looking for a second Marilyn monrow then here’s your best choice.

    Sincerely, ( your best choice ),


  7. olowu oluwasayo

    hi,am sayo,am 13…i would love to be on ant farm,it will be a dream come true if am on the show,am a great singer,i look a lot like chyna,am chocolate in complexion,dark eyes,brown hair…please pick me…

  8. Kerryn Lagerwall

    Hi my name is Kerryn Lagerwall, im 14 years old and live in Durbanville, Cape Town. When i saw this casting auditon ad i knew this is what i had to do. I absolutely love A.N.T Farm i think it has a really cool feel to it and it is really well planned out. I do quite a few drama plays at school etc. I am also a model for my sister and i’s clothing line called S a l t y Clothing. I do hip hop and am currently 1st in South africa with my team. I really hope you give me a chance because i am a really hardworker and i can promise you now, i WILL NEVER dissapoint. I really want this opportunity to show you and the world what i’ve got. I have blonde hair and bright blue eyes i’m not tall and i weigh 43kg and am white. I really hope you can just give me a chance to even audition because i guarentee you, i’m what you are looking for.

  9. Julia Garrow

    Hello. My name is Julia Garrow. I am a 13 year old vocalist. Singing has been my passion and all i have wanted since i was a year old. We have home tapes of me singing and performing for my family. It is my life long dream to sing and act for people. I am always complimented on my voice and told i should post youtube or instagram videos. So i did. I posted an instagram
    Video and got nothing but positive reviews. I am
    In chorus and piano and guitar class. I sing all day long every single day. The only times im
    Not singing is when i physically have to stop. I remember i used to watch A.N.T. Farm all the time and id always just sing the songs everywhere i went. I always watch tv shows and movies and concerts and all i think about is: that is going to be me. Im also an artist, i am very good with makeup and hair, and i love to draw. But most importantly, i love to sing. Singing is literally my entire life. Please consider me to be on the show, sincerely,
    My email: <hidden from public>
    Instagram: julesmarie_42

  10. Telisha Voges

    Hi, my name is Telisha Voges. I am 15 years old and live in Cape Town – South Africa.
    I watch Disney Channel everyday and I’m very familiar with its shows. I have many talents. My interests are: writing poetry & lyrics, reading, singing… I can also play a little bit of keyboard and guitar.
    I am at a stage where I should start to plan my future and acting has always been my biggest dream. I have to start somewhere and I would appreciate it if you would consider giving me this opportunity.
    I have experience in acting. I am a model at an agency: Kidz Models 2000.
    I am average height, have dark brown eyes and blonde hair.
    I hope that my comment will enjoy your considering.

  11. Aimee

    I want a audition

  12. kyla knebel

    Im 12 13 in oct 16 its my dream to act I been in school plays I sing alot im good with my exspesions and I’m good for any type or role I put feeling in my acting and I hope someone will give me a chance to prove im worthy of acting on tv accomplish my dream and not being poor any longer and have a bigger house with a better town and I hope u can let me accomplish my dreams
    Im white
    Dark brown hair thats short
    Light brown eyes
    Freckles and glasses
    Medium body type

  13. alexis williams

    Heyy my name is Alexis Williams I’m am 13 years old and I think I should be on A.N.T Fram because I’m ever funny and I dream that I want to be on A.N.T FRAM is like a dream come true and A.N.T fram is like my best show on Disney and I think I can be funny acting

  14. Stanislav

    Hii!!! My name is Stanislav. I’m 16. I’m in Bulgaria. I’m a white rase boy. Sky blue eyes color. Dark brown hair color. I realy realy love dancing and acting. I’m hip hop dancer. I am acting in lot of theathers. I’m playing basketball. My only dream is to be in disney chanell’s sitcome or original movie. I am taking every oppotunity i have. If you give me a chance i’ll show my skills. I love showing my skills. If you give me a chance i’ll give you 1 000 000% of me every day. Please let me show you what i can and i’m sure you won’t be sorry. Please!!!

  15. Lamees Sema

    I accidentally deleted this part
    of my comment :
    I do a lot of charity *& community service in *& around of south Africa.
    I really enjoy helping out the less fortunate simply because, I believe that no one should go to sleep with a empty stomach.
    But there’s only so much a 16 year old *& her mother can do.
    I know every year we raise money *& make Santa shoe boxes for little ophaned kids. But for being a middle classed family it does get a bit pricey, So if I do get chosen I will do my best to help out as much less fortunate people out there; *& hopefully when I’m older I’ll be helping out not just south afrika but maybe the whole of Africa or around the world.
    Well that’s it for me..
    Lamees Sema – 16 years old
    Dark brown to black hair – could be a Selena Gomez look a like
    From South African – Johannesburg.
    Thank you… #fingers_crossed

  16. Lamees Sema

    My name is Lamees *& I’m 16 years old.
    I really love acting *& being really dramatic..
    Infact I take drama as a subject at school.
    I feel that I need to put myself out there, *& show the world that no matter what, don’t give up, chase your dream *& soon you’ll get there.
    AND_thats’s exactly what I’m doing, chasing my dream of becoming an actress
    I am experienced *& I would really like to grow, *& I see this helping me with my future…. I am 100% dedicated to acting *& jump to get every opportunity I’m offered.
    So, please allow me to live my dream by choosing me.

  17. ronesha

    HI my name is Ronesha Orelien im 10 years old and i would would like to take part in this action to be on ant farm i like how it is formed and have good things and i like there show there funny and exciting and i would love to be one of the china and olive and i just like it. email me back if i got the team and if not don”t even worry bout it well see

  18. kelan brown

    I love music. I watch the show alot. I catch on fast and am willing to learn. I also have a good memory.

  19. Tyla Seethal

    Hi my name is Tyla. I eat,sleep and live music.I have for as long as I know watched and mastered almost every song on ant farm and watched every disney Chanel kids production. I have never been given a chance to have voice training, or dancing lessons. But I have had good response from those I have danced and sang for. They inform me that I have what it takes to succeed. And I believe I can do what ever I put my mind to. I have a dream and that is to become a star. Not for any other reason besides loving singing and dancing. If you give me a chance to audition I promise to share all I have with you. I can and am willing to sing any Disney Chanel song requested from me. This is my dream and I believe I have what Ant farm is looking for. I will be 13 in 3 months time and can grow and am willing to learn. Please consider me.

  20. Fatiema Petersen

    Hello I am Fatiema Petersen, recently turned 21 Cape Town girl, but actually look 15 because of my small stature. Music has always been a significant part of my life, having talented parents. I sing (have done my own recordings and performed at various events), dance, play piano and drums, and being an actress is one of my biggest entertainment aspirations. For more information, feel free to email me :) Thank you

  21. Antavius pritchett

    I think ant farm provides kids and teens to show the world everyone has talent

  22. Christina Mlungi Buberwa

    I’m a fourteen-year-old girl who’s dark skinned and always desires acting honestly and my talent is singing.. I’m charming and funny naturally. By the look of my face, I’m really funny and also my laugh/smile also looks funny. Please accept me as a comedian who will act maybe as China’s twin because I a bit look like her, dark skinned and my talent is singing too.

  23. Janet Jacobs

    I think ant farm is really awsem it shows
    That we al have great talents

  24. Kiiurstian Foster

    I mean I’m 16. I’m a Very funny girl , so I’ve heard. I enjoy making people laugh. I have a great memory. I like to bring something different to Disney Channel. I rap about Disney things that I find interesting and this show just happens to be something that I love to rap about. I mean come on, I can act , rap , and I have a great memory a well as sense of humor. So a better question is , Why wouldn’t I be the me addition to the show???????

  25. Selali Potakey

    Hi,I believe that I should be on Disney because,I have always wanted to be on it since I started to watch it.The reason I do is because I love to make people laugh and I just love to see people so happy.And with your help I know that I can.My hobbies and talents are singing ,and acting .I am dark colored with dark hair that can be styled in confirmation with my parents(whose email address I have put).Plus I am very loyal and will play any part you want me to.I am eleven years old ,thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity,and please email my parents to learn more about me and possibly video chat with me.Again thank you.

  26. okoh kelvin

    Hey, am kelvin, 14 years old,
    I would love to be on the A.N.T farm cast.
    Am good at acting, sports and using the computer.
    I hope i would be considered and hope others too would be considered. Thanks for all support.

  27. Aleemyoung

    Yes I want to be on ant farm

  28. maya

    I love acting
    I am 12 from india and a girl
    please pick me to audition

  29. cambrya rossell

    Let me just say that I watch it but i would love to be on it also so if you ever get a chance to see this comment and contact me i would be so very happy and that’s all i have to say, Thank You for viewing it!! :) :) :):)

    Hair Color:(Dyed) blondish
    Skin Color: Tanish
    Ethnicity: Black,White,German,Mexican
    Eye Color:Dark brown


  30. Justin

    My name is Justin and I am 8 years old. I love the disney channel and I love to be around people I think it will be fun.

  31. Jada

    Hey guys!
    My name is Jada, I’m 11 years old and I think I would be good for A.N.T. Farm because I’m different from everyone else. I’m wuirky and weird, but confident. I have curly brown hair and brown eyes. My race is African American and American. I’m a mix I guess. Take me into consideration. I sing all the time. I’m actually pretty good!

  32. Shannon Cofield

    I love Disney and am very talented. I dance, sing and act. I am 13 and am funny but smart. Please reply

  33. Robin Towner

    I’m just perfect for Ant Farm. I sing and act. I go to a local performing arts school where I get to do what I love every day at school.

  34. Makayla Green

    Can you tell me when a opening is good to go?

  35. sara

    I would like my daughter to audition in ant farm and give me ur number or tell me how much it costs

  36. Ariyanna Smith

    I believe I should be a part of A.N.T. Farm because i would be a good asset to this show. I have dreams of becoming a professional singer and actress. This will give me the opportunity and experience that I need, as well as open doors for me to follow my dreams and better my talent. I cant forget that I absolutely love this show!

  37. Georgie

    Hi .im Georgie and i live in London. And i am 16 yrs old. Since ive been little i loved to act sing and draw . Even my play times involved acting and singing.i have watched this show and
    literally loved it.It would be amazin if I could play at least in one episode of A.T.M as i could show what i can do and also try something as new as this.
    I like to try new stuff and take in a challenge.You never know if you never try .Give it a shot and at least you know that you tried.
    Hair : colour -dark brown
    Talents: *singing
    I also can play a bit of guitar and piano

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