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  1. Ahtum Mitchell-Brost

    Hello my name is Ahtum and i love this show it is my fav show on family channel and yes i do still watch and love family at 13 years old.
    I have been in one play and i played a teacher ironically i was the youngest one out of the group
    I had 74 lines and i had them all memorized within a month of having the script so i can easily memorize lines.
    I get very into my characters i guess you could call me a mini female Johnny Depp although I’m not very tall i am still extremely confident, witty and can get down to business when needed.
    I have blond hair blue eyes and braces I’m not very tall and I’m quit thin kinda like violet in the show ohh and I absolutely LOVE to sing and like china said i too would usually sing at the drop of a hat I rally hope you would like me on the show and might i say it would be an honour to work with China Anne McClain for she is one of my idols and lust to work with the entire cast would be amazing

  2. Luísa Guidi Garcia

    I want to do antfarm because my parents and friends say that I am very talented
    Age: 11 years
    size: 1:41
    physical characteristics: blonde with blue eyes, do not wear glasses or apparatus
    shoe 31 32
    residence: Brazil, Minas Gerais, Inconfidentes

  3. amiyah

    l will like to be on ant farm because it was my dream and I love to sing.


  4. Grace

    Hey how is it going?
    I have seen all of the episodes there are on Netflix! Olive are you really that smart? Anyway, I love to sing I have sang my whole life. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a passion for singing and acting. I am 9 years old in 4th grade and always loved to watch Chyna, Olive, and that Fletcher guy. I would love to be on this show! See u there well if I get picked.
    xoxo, Gracie (Grace)
    P.S. I sometimes write my own songs, too.

  5. Tamerra Williams

    I don’t do this much, so uhm.
    My name is Tamerra Williams. I’m 16, 5’6″, and fun to be around. I sing, I’ve playes violin and taught myself to play songs on piano. I’ve had auditions with other acting agencies but due to family issues, had to relocate. If I get a call, travel or relocation is not an issue. I know there are hundreds of other people asking for a chance. I promise, however, if I get a chance, you will not regret it.
    Thank you for your time,

  6. kimberly

    Hi my name is sariah and i would like to be on a.n.t farm and. why because it will be my dream .

  7. Megan

    Name: Megan Ellwood
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’0″
    Eye colour: hazel
    Hair colour: medium brown, straight
    Grade: 8
    I live in: Ontario Canada

    Hey! I’m Megan and I have been watching the disney channel for as long as I can remember :)
    I first wanted to be an actress when I saw Harry Potter for the first time (5yrs old).
    My role models are: Emma Watson, Selena Gomez
    I really want to be on the disney channel because it would be a really fun experience and comedic too.
    I’m pretty shy but once you get to know me, I’m a pretty adventurous and cheeky girl :)

  8. william sanchez

    I want to be in Disney channel ant farm it my dream to I am from El Paso tx please call me

  9. Nadine Castillo

    Hi my name is Nadine Castillo la Torre

    Age : 11 years old
    Hight : 1.65
    Eye colour : dark brown
    Hair : curly
    Hair colour : light brown / dark brown
    Hobbies : singing, drawing and acting

    I am currently living in England I know I live here but I still think I can do it
    I really would like to go on a.n.t farm that would be my dreams come true .
    And if you like me please contact me .

    thank you for your time

  10. Alexis Kassandra Cortez

    Hi my name is Alexis I’m 14 years old and I want to be an actress on A.N.T Farm. I want to be on t.v because I want to have fun and to impress my family and children around the world so I can show them being an actress is great and exciting.Also being an actress helps my family have a great life than they did before and I want to change to making them have a better and wonderful life.So please contact me at this number <hidden from public> please call me to see if I can be on t.v. Thank you!

  11. Angela Tostado

    I live near San Francisco and I have always loved on being on a tv show. I have seen Ant Farm several times and I love the characters and the plot for the episode. I am 12 years old and I’m 5’3. Acting has always been my dream and if you have me a chance it would mean the world to me! I am easy to work with and I would love to have this chance and get an experience for my later acting career. Hopefully you consider me to be on the show. Thank you for reading this. And I’ll hopefully be able to work it the cast.

  12. Stephanie Flores

    Name: Stephanie
    Age: 13
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brunette
    Grade: 8
    Height: 5’3
    Hi! As you know, my name is Stephanie. Ant Farm is my favorite show! I’ve loved acting ever since I was younger. Being an actress is one of my life goals and it would be amazing if it could happen. It would be a great experience and opportunity to be on the show. It’s my dream to act and it would be awesome if I get to do it. I hope you consider me, thank you.(:

  13. laquinta mckinney

    Hi my name is LaQuinta McKinney and I love acting and singing regularly. I act for my school Whitehaven high school for legally blonde and more shows and I really would like a chance to be part of ant farm.
    I am 14 years old and I am 5’3 and I am an a and b honor roll student. I also have natural, puffy, curly hair and my skin is brown and I have been dreaming of being on Disney channel since I was 8 and I hope you can make it come true.
    I live in Memphis, TN. I have auditioned for Disney channel before but I was considered not ready but with all the practice over the year I think I am ready now and would like to prove it by being able to try out for ant farm. I don’t wish to win if I don’t deserve it so I wont beg, just please let me try out to show you what I can do.

  14. carlo lujan

    name:carlo lujan
    age: 13
    height: 5 ft 5 inches
    eye color: green
    hair color: brown
    live in el paso

    good at improv and can be learning to learn anything

  15. Taylor Bills

    Hi, I’m Taylor Bills. I am 12 years old. I really want to have fun and inspire kids like the Disney Channel did for me. I’m currently taking drama classes and can memorize lines quickly. I also work well with others. if you pick me I’ll show you acting like you’ve never seen before.

  16. timaya sims

    I am good at acting and I have hair like chinas

  17. Briasia mcnulty

    I am briasia mcnulty , I’m 13 years old and I am currently living in Shreveport , Louisiana .
    I was born in San Diego , California . I’m tall and skinny if it occurs. I would love to star on
    Ant Farm as an actress and singer , perusing my dreams . China Anne McLain and her sisters are my idol and I would love to work with her. I think I should be on this show because I am an ANT. I can sing just like china. If you don’t think so , call me and you shall see. Thank you .
    Call <hidden from public> .

  18. Emmanuel Joseph

    Helo, am Emma i live in Nigeria, am age 18 and am a good actor being featured in just a local movie, i’m also a rap artist, i’ve been writing and acting school drama’s am looking foward @ selling my scripts 2 a producer, however if pleases disney i can write free scripts 2 d company for ant hill or shake it up till when they find me as an asset.

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