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  1. Tyreik

    Hi I’m tyreik cardinal I’m 12 years old and a boy I loved ant farm and to be apart of it is a dream for me I would love the chance to work with disney and with the other actors I would be working with. Please consider me for a role of a funny lovible character but any character would be fine

  2. Iyanna Branch

    Hi,my name is Iyanna I am 9 years old. I’ve always wanted to be on a Disney channel show such as Ant Farm and Good luck Charlie. I am very curious to learn what it would be like to be on a Disney show. I would love to meet Chyna and the crew, she encourages me to be like her one day. I am a very hard worker at any project that I do, my family is behind me 100% they inspire me to chase my dreams. If picked for an audition it would be greatfully appreciated. Memphis,Tn

  3. Megan Talikoff

    Hello, I’m Megan. I watch A.N.T. Farm almost every day over dinner, and it is my absolute FAVORITE! I think if I was added to your team, I would get along really well with other actors and actresses and would try my best to improve anything I could (in relation to acting skills). I love acting more than anything else, but I also really like to sing. I have had a fair amount of acting experience; 2 musicals and 3 plays, not counting workshops and the skits I do with friends. Below is a bunch of stuff about me….. Any part would bowl me over with gratitude! Thanks for reading!
    Age: 11, but most people assume 12-14
    Height: 5′ 4 1/2 ”
    Weight: Around 105 pounds
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel

  4. Isabelle schoorl

    Hey i’m isabelle and i love acting and modeling
    Age: 13 age
    Eyes: blue green
    Hair: blond/dark blond/light brown (all natural )
    Length: 1.66
    Weight: 41
    Passion: acting and dancing and modeling
    Sport: gymnastics, beach tennis and dancing
    I I was a model but then I Stoped and now I wanna start again
    I speak: Dutch, a bit Spanish and of course English
    I hope I’m in xxxxx isabelle email: <hidden from public>

  5. Diego Garcia

    Hi my name is diego garcia i like to watch ant farm and i will like to be in the program i like to sing i play the drums and the guitar and i like to sing a lot i im 12 years old and im 5’3 feet tall

  6. lillian

    Hi I’m lilli and I would love to be on ant farm my favorite Disney show

    I’ve been going through depression and this would give my life more light

    Well about me i’m going it to 6th grade i’m 11 and my Hobbies or sing and crating and inventing but more singing I live in Tennessee and I go to croft middle school

    ok so I have a good sense of humor i’m a nice person I like the cast and I think they would like me

    I follow directions an orders and I would be thrilled to play a roll and I just love acting so yay

    I will do anything to get on your show so yay pick me if you want I will be waiting

  7. Aisha

    I’m 11 going to be 12 on August the 24
    I have great hobbies like singing dancing and acting
    I’ve use to be apart of a drama school in the United Kingdom called hopefull monsters
    I love to hang out with my friends but mostly go to school and go into the dance studios and just dance I’m in yr7 next September going on to being I. Yr8 plz give me an opportunity I love ant farm I have little rely been waiting for it to come back on to disney channel I would love to work with the directors and everybody there so plz give me this chance and I won’t disappoint you at all trust me

  8. Trinity Sampson

    Hello my name is Trinity Nicole Sampson. I am a African American 14 years old female and my talents are singing, writing, dancing ,and most of all acting it is a dream to work with Disney. I have been in many plays and I have acted, song, and danced many places I cant keep count, and I do it because I love it and I try to do things to help my family and to help my mom out around the house whenever I can so I looked at this Disney audition and decided to take a chance. I would be a very good person to work with on set and off. I have been told that I am a very sweet and hilarious young lady and I here that a lot so I guess it is true. I love to entertain people anywhere I go because I love to make people smile and laugh. I am a fast learner when it comes to business and making thing good and I promise I will do any and everything in my power to be on Disney and to make you proud you will have absolutely no regrets at all I hope that you consider me. email me at () thank you.

  9. cynthia ahaneku

    M fanatic with acting.i started singing,acting and dancing since i was five in school,church and at home.A.N.T farm is my best t.v show and i love all casted in the play.acting is my career and i want to show the world what’ve got. M a Nigeria comming to america on feb.plz dnt disregard me coz of my background.

  10. Makaylah Hurst

    Hello my name is Makaylah Hurst I’m 13. I was born March 14,2001. I am African American. I am graduating next year out of 8th grade in May or June of 2015. I have three younger siblings who are girls. I watch Disney with my sister Makyah she is second eldest. I never have auditioned to be a part of Disney. I’ve always wanted to be an actress it has been my dream since I was a little baby even though I still am myself. It would be a great opportunity for me to make something of myself and out of life. Thank you.


  11. Torrance George

    What u can give me a call at <hidden from public> 

  12. Maliya Marie LaVette

    think of myself as a triple threat I can sing , play sports, and act

    age: turning 12 August 22,2014

    grade: going the 7th grade

    from: BAVER FALLS , PA

  13. Jada dubique

    I would luv to because I like watching the show and I luv acting and it’s always my dream to be on Disney channel

  14. Andrea Salcedo

    Hi my name is Andrea Salcedo, I am 10 years old, live in a city near San Francisco called Foster
    City. I love to sing act and dance, and I would like to be on Disney Channel.

    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 4.10
    ( I am latin/american)
    Thank You!!!

  15. Thimna

    My name is Thimna. I love to sing and ANT Farm is one of my favourite shows. I always download the songs from the shoepw so I can sing them myself. To get a part in this show this
    Would make my acting dream become a reality

  16. Ellie-Rose Fitch

    Hi, my name is Ellie-Rose and I would love to be in ant farm as an extra or even having a part. I enjoy acting and got *’s in my school report for drama.
    Age: 12
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Thank you very much love Ellie

  17. Kerry

    Love to dance. Love to act. I think that I will be a great asset to your team.

    Born & Raised in New Orleans, LA
    Currently live in Richmond, VA
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 130 pounds
    Size: Average

  18. Troy Rothwell

    This could be my chance to start my career in my dream job. I absolutely love acting, along with directing and music. I also play piano and drums. Along with singing and beatboxing. I aspire to become a professional actor and I will take any chance to further my career. I’m 17, 5’8″, brown hair, hazel eyes, and weigh 140lbs. I have a lot of acting experience with my high school along with some Stage Manager experience with other productions. I would really appreciate it if you would even read this comment and consider making my dream a reality. Thank you for your time!

  19. Berdell Willis

    Hi my name is Berdell Willis and I want to be on the show of ant farm I’m 14 years old going on to 15 and I want to meet China Anne McClain because I like her as a friend

  20. ramiyah rice

    I’m Ramiyah Rice. age: 11 height: “5,0″ weight:90 lbs talents: gymnastics,sing,and dancing I know i have what it takes to be a star ….i Am a very talented singer…….this is what i love doing i hope i given a chance to prove my self to you……..this is a very great oppurtunity to show The world The greatness in me …..if only you give me This…..

  21. Porter Sherrit

    Hi I am porter sherrit.I’m from Macon georgia and I’m 12 years old. I love ant farm. It is my favorite Tv show. I t has kids that are my age. Or at least close to my age. Singing and acting is my life. It expresses the way I feel. If you dont want me I understand

    Sincerely porter sherrit.

  22. Jayla Elise Burt

    Hello i would really enjoy having fun because i love to sing and im 12 everyone tells me im very talented for my age but im not doing this to get the money and for popularity but to have fun thank God for my gift and try to repay my mom and dad for buyin me things and loving me thank you for your time if u would like to hear me sing my number is <hidden from public> 

  23. Antonio Pannell

    First off I’m determined and motivated to acting and it’s not just a job it’s a career. The difference is a career is doing something you love and acting is what I love. Hope you consider me I’m energetic, positive, and everything is a learning stepping stone. I’m 18 just graduated and willing to travel and have some experience with acting. Contact as soon as possible <hidden from public> . Thanks for considering me.
    Age: 18
    Race: African-American
    Height: 5’11
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black

  24. Markeiyah

    Hi my name is Markeiyah and i would like to be on antfarm
    because i have been singing and dancing every since i was 2 and everyone said i was great so i thought id try and some people said i was so good but it never really happened i hope i can be on antfarm

  25. mia danea adderley

    hi my name is mia adderley
    i am ll yrs old
    i have a great personality i live in the bahamas my favorite subject is spelling i graduated from grade six am know going to grade 7 i born january 11 2003 in Nassau ,Bahamas in princess margret hospital i like to draw ,sing and dance the last couple of years have been hard or me trying to sign up i hope this get trough i start singing when i was 5 i start to write my first song in grade 5 and i love the mcclain sisters they are very amazing of what they do and all of the people of ant farm and as im writing i am crying right know cause i litteraly try my hardest to get on this show and this show really inspire me my mom say the first word i say was mickey mouse and disney i really love this show and i will like if i get a chance to act on it really its something on this show that just inspire me and i will not give up on trying my hardest to get on this show

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